Archana 31 Not Out (2022) Movie Script

"Hey red hawk, are you there
anywhere on earth"
"Did you see the girl donning
leaf earrings somewhere"
"Hey red hawk, are you
there anywhere on earth"
"Did you see the girl donning
leaf earrings somewhere"
"There are silk garments
with gold threaded borders"
"There are silk garments
with gold threaded borders"
"Hey red hawk, are you
there anywhere on earth"
"Did you see the girl donning
leaf earrings somewhere"
"Carrying a flowery palanquin,
come and welcome our darling"
"Carrying a flowery palanquin,
come and welcome our darling"
"She smiles like a blooming golden lotus"
"Like a flowing wild brook
is her dark black hair"
"Did you see the girl
who keeps weaving dreams"
"Are there anyone who forgot
themselves in her eyes"
"Did you see the girl who
even colors the moonlight"
"On the banks of the rain soaked
field, a rainbow like girl"
"Hey red hawk, are you there
anywhere on earth"
"Did you see the girl donning
leaf earrings somewhere"
"There are silk garments
with gold threaded borders"
"Hey red hawk, are you there
anywhere on earth"
"Did you see the girl donning
leaf earrings somewhere"
"Carrying a flowery palanquin,
come and welcome our darling"
Aswathy, 24 years old.
- Masters in...
- No, no!
This is Maya.
She's just 22.
Does she have any 'dosa' or 'koottu dasa'?
Not at all.
The boy would die if there's 'koottu dasa'.
- What's her qualification?
- Bachelors in Computer Science.
No need.
Not this one.
This is Archana.
Bachelors of Education.
She's teaching at a private school.
28 years old.
The match is 8 out of 10.
There is no other issue.
Looks good, right?
Isn't she?
This road belongs to the local body.
Then what's the problem with this old hag?
Starts squabbling right from the morning.
My fate!
What's it, Sumitra? Folk dance?
- Where are you off to?
- Going to make payment at the society.
Hope the accounts are correct.
It's correct only.
Mind your own business.
I don't understand why
these people are like this.
Vanitha, don't trust her with money.
- Get inside you old hag!
- You get lost!
Madhavan Chetta, your phone is ringing.
They haven't come yet, right?
Well, they won't be coming.
You could have informed this earlier.
I got to know only now.
Can't trust these people
who don't keep their word.
Anyway, leave it.
Didn't I say that one family
would come from Vandithavalam?
They will be coming on Tuesday...
No, they will come on Friday.
Ask them to come on Saturday.
Archana, do you know how
difficult it is to find boys?
Please don't change
the date in between that.
Anyway, let me talk to them.
Broker, can you get me a girl?
But aren't you married?
So what? That doesn't
mean I can't marry again.
Are you serious? Let's try then.
One tea please!
Unnikutta, don't talk to him.
He'll get you married.
They are not coming.
He could have told this earlier.
I've kept it outside.
You know Shantha, right?
She's been doing it for ages now.
Well, I didn't say much
since you all are a family.
We only worsened it by
saying Archana is for him.
Since Archana was not interested
we didn't take it forward.
It's good that you dropped it.
Well, he likes us a lot.
Calls us every now and then.
But his mother Shantha is poisonous.
I think they have come.
I'll talk to you later.
They haven't come, right?
I'll have to walk till
the junction today also.
- Why don't you take an auto-rickshaw?
- No.
Anyway, I'm late. So I'd rather walk.
At least eat something.
Then I'll miss the next bus too.
- Why am I preparing all these then?
- You have it.
I've kept money for cable
rent and the gas cylinder.
What about father's medicine?
I've given the money to Shibu.
He'll buy it.
Don't forget to take your medicine.
Listen, shall I get you a
receipt for 500 rupees?
500? For what?
It's for the cricket tournament.
No way. Go!
Why are you so stingy?
It's not possible.
- Hey!
- What's it?
- Is there fiber in your paint?
- What?
Is there fiber in your paint?
Get lost you crock!
- Run!
- Stay there...
Let's go!
- Teacher!
- Yes?
I thought you people were responsible.
What's the matter?
You haven't understood the matter yet!
Then how can we send our
children to school trusting you?
What happened?
What happened!
Dear, you wait outside.
Let me talk to her.
My dear teacher, please don't feel bad.
The thing is...
She's my niece.
I run a light and sound business.
She made a scene at home yesterday
saying someone hit her at school.
The problem is she has
hidden my shop key somewhere.
Got it?
So unless I come here and shout at you,
she said she'd throw the key into the well.
Please don't feel bad.
Where's she?
Listen, I've solved the problem.
It's all over.
Where's my key?
When did it get over?
- Come on, uncle.
- Where's the key?
I'll give it. Now come with me.
Tell me the truth.
Is it in the attic?
- Is it?
- No!
Please give me my key.
I want the book when I ask.
You can hit even if they say 'suthrika'.
If they are going to be like
this, I'll tell my parents.
My hand has turned red.
- 'Ma- suthrika' or 'Pa- suthrika'?
- Ma.
You'd be hit if you say 'ma'.
- Hey, didn't I ask you to be quiet?
- He hit me.
Abhi, go and sit there.
Give me your book.
Who hit her?
See, no one hit you.
Give me the key.
What's the issue?
Why are you late?
Ma'am, while coming...
Go and sit.
This is the last warning.
If you make noise once again,
you'll see my real face.
Vipin, show me your book.
What have you drawn?
I'll show you.
Call Anu.
Call Anu.
He's calling you.
Wheres the key?
Where the heck is the key?
Don't play with me.
- Hey!
- Oh no!
What do you want?
Teacher, can you ask her where the key is?
Yes, the key.
My shop's key.
Ask her where it is.
Anu, tell him where it is.
It's inside the coop. Take it.
- Inside the coop?
- Yes.
Oh no!
Thank you, teacher.
I'm fed up with this.
There's no other place left for me to go.
There's a good physician at Thirunelli.
Tinku's ancestral house is situated there.
- Tinku?
- My husband.
Why are you late?
Some parents had come to meet me.
What happened to that proposal?
They didn't come.
No solace.
What's this? Beans?
- Sir, wait there...
- Sir, you be quiet.
Why did you shout at them?
How can I stay calm?
How can they fire me all of a sudden?
What kind of rule is that?
It's because no one would question them.
What happened, sir?
They are laying off the temporary staff.
Will Justin sir lose his job?
Not just Justin sir.
Many are going to lose their jobs.
On the phone.
I know that.
Is he trying to kill us
by honking the horn?
I'm talking on the phone.
- It's so hot.
- It's the engine box. Not a refrigerator.
Look who's here!
- Aren't you Rugmini's daughter?
- Yes.
What's happening with
the marriage proposals?
It's going on.
Your had mother told me.
It's difficult to get
a boy once you turn 25.
I know a contractor from Ottapalam.
Doesn't this boy look like him?
Sasikala, right?
Your son is an engineer, right?
What's he doing now?
He's looking for a job.
Didn't he get a job yet?
There is a company in Bangalore.
This bag is from there.
How's it?
It's good.
I'll call you later.
Who else is there to take the ticket?
Someone hasn't taken it.
Who's it?
Oh no! I haven't taken it.
Ramakrishna, wait.
Let me finish.
You wanted a boy who lived close by.
Didn't I bring one?
No glass or money. Simply...
He has got a govt. job
and a five figure salary.
This is all I can do.
Now they have to adjust and live.
If something happens
now, it's not my headache.
Give me the glass.
- Coming back from school?
- Yes.
Wait, I'm also coming.
He left?
Archana... wait there...
I'd gone to Leela's with a
proposal for her daughter.
How did it go?
The boy met the girl.
Now the horoscopes have to match.
The boy who was supposed to come
and meet you was a great guy.
Bad luck!
Got 600 rupees with you?
I'd given it to my father.
Yes, I got it.
I just forgot.
So many marriages.
Don't worry. I'll get you a groom.
When everything else falls in
place, horoscopes wouldn't match.
What to do?
Move aside!
Who the heck are they?
Kids are better than them.
Listen, I got to tell you something.
That family from Vandithavalam
won't be coming.
They said they don't need a
girl from a rural village.
As if Vandithavalam is
some kind of Japan.
Oh no!
Don't you want the glass?
I'll show you tomorrow.
Hey, look at me.
- Go and build it on your father's chest.
- Oldie, don't change the topic.
I'll beat you to pulp.
Come on. Come and hit me.
Oldie,who gave you permission to
throw empty bottles inside our house?
Did you see me throwing bottles?
Talk to me properly.
- Don't you dare to play with me.
- Then where did this come from?
Throwing garbage stealthy.
You're crazy. You old hag!
Get lost you scum!
This woman...
Are you jobless to sit here
and listen to that ruckus?
Shut up.
Shibu, keep the glass
inside after drinking tea.
Sitting simply and gawking!
Did you buy the medicine?
I've given it to him.
Call and see.
Let go of the fence.
Don't touch my fence.
If you touch my fence...
That idiot broker of yours...
I'll smash his head if he
brings proposals for Anju.
Her mother will be smashing your
head, if you go behind her again.
Forget it. Her marriage has been fixed.
What! Marriage?
How's it possible?
She's getting married?
Who told you?
That idiot broker.
I mean that broker.
Brother, it's me.
One family might come tomorrow.
They just called me.
- Tomorrow?
- Yes.
She has to go to school tomorrow.
Didn't we tell you to bring
them during the weekend?
Brother, have you heard of 'wedding bells'?
Weekends do not matter to it.
See you tomorrow.
See how he's talking when I
manage to bring an alliance.
I called you many times.
They haven't come yet.
She's getting late for work.
What? They won't come?
I'm leaving.
You people do whatever....
Ouch! My leg!
Mother has started to bring
marriage proposals for me.
You please get married first.
- Should we go to the theater or park first?
- What?
Where should we go first?
Let's go to the park first.
After that we can go for a movie.
Hey, brother!
Wake up. This is your stop.
I forgot to call you.
"In search of faraway
places and shores,"
"Who's it that's going?"
"Looking at the times,
shifting the seasons"
"Who's it that's flying?"
"Up in the sky, from the night"
"Falls down a star"
"In the breeze that
comes humming on its own"
"Vanishes many rhythmic paths"
"Hey button flower, can't you bloom?"
"It's been so long"
"Don't you have water
and soil to help you"
"Do you have sweet dreams?"
"In search of faraway places and shores,"
"Who's it that's going?"
"As the summer fondles gently,"
"My body starts to swelter"
"The glass door closes by itself"
"Come closer to it"
"If the snow falls inside,"
"The memory of the pain,"
"A journey without a destination"
"Clouds conceal the red sky"
"Valley is drowned in the sludge"
"Doesn't it simmer or hurt?"
"The fire blazes with the tongue"
"Clouds conceal the red sky"
"Valley is drowned in the sludge"
"Doesn't it simmer or hurt?"
"The fire blazes with the tongue"
Why didn't you write it properly?
How many times should I tell you?
- Archana Teacher...
- Yes?
- Just a minute.
- Coming.
Write this properly.
- What happened?
- Did you talk to Principal?
Justin sir had called me.
Your name is also there in the list.
This job...
Let's find a solution.
If my salary stops,
I won't be able to manage.
Teacher, it's a free period.
Can we go and play?
No, I'm coming.
Just talk to them.
Let's see.
I'm going to the class.
Okay, see you later.
Let go of my hair.
Shut up! Else I'll beat you all to pulp.
Did you hit her?
Oh no!
Teacher, just a minute.
Get lost!
- You!
- What's it?
Leave her and go.
Teacher, please ask her where the key is.
Can't you keep it somewhere safely?
Please try to understand.
She finds it no matter where I keep it.
Be it the attic or the almirah.
She easily finds it.
Can you please ask?
Where's the key, Anu?
Where's it?
Answer her.
Where the heck is the key?
What was the ruckus in your class?
One of the student's uncle's key...
- Key?
- Yes.
Sit down.
Well, I hope you know that our management
has decided to lay off temporary staff.
There's a vacancy at Shalom.
Apply if you're interested.
I can refer you.
PSC (Public Service Commission)
exams are coming up.
That's good.
This month is almost over.
So you can relieve yourself of your duties.
I don't support this lay off.
But I'm helpless.
Don't feel bad.
Jesus is calling you.
You're walking towards hell.
I'm coming.
Hell is calling you towards it.
Praise the Lord!
What happens to you in the evening?
You devil!
Why do I need your flowers
when I have a garden?
Don't get on my nerves.
I'll throw this.
She's here.
Go get ready fast.
Shiney, get me that glass.
- Should it be washed?
- Yes, make it fast.
This is the boy.
Have tea.
Nice tea.
This photo was taken sometime back.
He looks better than this now.
We were about to leave.
We'd seen your photo.
Now got to see you in person too.
She is superb. I liked her.
She's good.
All good, right?
He won't be there for the engagement.
- Won't he come for the wedding?
- No.
I mean he'll come for the wedding.
So shall we fix the engagement date?
We can finalize the wedding date
according to Prasad's leave.
If you are okay then we can keep the
engagement in April and the wedding in May.
We'll let you know.
That's okay.
- The old hag has come again.
- I've come to measure your fence.
Who are you to measure my fence?
Let us know.
Okay then.
Archana, we've taken
your phone number.
Prasad will be calling.
See you.
- I liked her.
- Who?
- The girl.
- I hope Prasad likes her.
I'll manage it.
The boy is working in Dubai.
In airplane, right?
Not in airplane.
He's working at a travel agency.
What shall we do about your job?
They have got only a son and a daughter.
The boy's name is Prasad.
What was his sister's name?
- Praveena.
- Yes, Praveena!
Why don't you talk to the Principal?
It's of no use.
I'm thinking of applying for PSC.
You'd be going abroad
once you get married.
Why do you need to apply for PSC?
What should I tell them?
Tell that we're interested.
- It's me Prasad.
- Who?
My family came to meet you today.
Where are you now?
At home.
I'm at my office. Akbar Travels.
Didn't Praveena tell you?
What's the name of your school?
Parly Higher Secondary School.
Well, I lost my job today.
That's alright.
We can look for another one.
If you want you can try in Kerala.
Else there are better opportunities
for teachers in Dubai.
Had dinner?
No, we're about to have.
What about you?
No, it's not dinner time here yet.
I've to go to my room and cook something.
By the way, I cook well.
Hey, come for the meeting.
Listen, I've got an important meeting.
If there's anything you can call Praveena.
We don't believe in horoscopes.
We can conduct the marriage next week.
But we need 100 sovereigns
and 2 lakh rupees as dowry.
You know what happened?
The boy happened to see
Vasu's daughter on the way.
Now he wants only her.
They are at Vasu's now to fix the marriage.
I'll let you know after
discussing with his uncles.
She's not good enough.
Don't fall into trouble knowingly.
Well, I never raise my voice at home.
But when she opens her
mouth earth trembles.
What's the use?
They are always quarreling.
You old hag!
Stop there.
They want to reconsider their decision.
I didn't like her.
Oh no! This is not the house.
This place is not up to the mark.
Yes! The horoscopes won't match.
We don't need this alliance.
He has already got two wives.
I got to know only yesterday.
We're interested. Let's fix this.
Switch it on.
It's been an hour.
Don't distract me.
As if you're a scientist.
It's me.
Yes, tell me.
Listen, one family will be
coming next week to meet her.
What about the alliance
you'd told earlier?
This one is better than that.
Don't bring anyone anymore.
Why is it so?
I'll definitely bring someone.
No need.
Last week one family came.
With whom?
But I didn't send anyone.
I don't know that.
They have already come, right?
So let this family also come and meet her.
No, we have fixed her marriage.
Engagement is in April.
Oh God! Brother...
It's a good family.
What happened? Fuse blown?
To hell with your fuse.
Dad, I'm leaving.
Where are you going?
I need to collect my relieving letter.
Okay, bye.
Leela madam, is there
salt in your toothpaste?
You crock! How many times have I
told you not to call me madam?
Dear, is there fiber in your paint?
Little bit.
Leela madam, there's fiber in the paint.
Heard your marriage got fixed.
We want a treat.
"Gazed from top to bottom"
"A weird gaze"
"Someone I've never seen
before said something"
"Why don't they look at the
time, these village folks"
"These weird folks"
"Taking my hand they asked something"
Sir, I came to clear my table.
- All the best.
- Thank you sir!
What if you lost the job?
Now you can go to Dubai.
How's he?
- Does he call you?
- Yes, he'd just called.
"It's wedding time"
"Time flies as someone burst crackers"
"It's wedding time"
You're walking towards
heaven, yes to heaven...
- Can you give your old phone to me?
- No!
Keep it here.
- Then give me the new one.
- No way!
"My heart pounds when I think of that day"
"Nights rush for days
with pending work to rise"
"Looking all over the villages and houses"
"I'm also dashing"
"The expenses are driving me crazy"
"Everywhere is drowned
with wedding invitations"
"People are coming from all over"
Should we give them tea or coffee?
Let's give them 'rasna'.
"People I haven't met
before are smiling along me"
"Like a kite wandering aimlessly"
"Time flies as someone burst crackers"
"It's wedding time"
One week?
But the wedding is for only one day.
But there are lots of
functions after the wedding.
Okay, sir.
See you after a week.
Did you invite Leela aunty?
Did you?
Where? Anju's house?
You look gloomy. What happened?
It's so hectic here.
It's not like teaching children.
Come here and try teaching.
You'll understand then.
That cousin of yours...
- Who? Satheeshan?
- Yes.
He has sent me a friend request.
- Don't accept it.
- I already accepted.
He's an irritating character.
I got away from him somehow.
Good that you got away.
That's why this...
That's why?
Tell me.
"The one as white as milk"
"Aren't you smiling like
a milk bread inside?"
"In the midst of the party"
"Shine brightly my dear"
"Until you got dressed in your clothes"
"Didn't you run around
looking for a mirror?"
"Until you're adorned in gold"
"Isn't there a rhythmic chime inside you?"
"Erect a stage shining brightly"
"As the sun rises and party begins"
"The feast should be ready"
"Come, get together and take gifts"
"Celebrate together"
"Take photos, cheer loudly"
"I need to move up"
"Time flies as someone burst crackers"
"It's wedding time"
"It's wedding time"
Shibu, go and check what he's doing there.
- What happened? Fees blow?
- It's fuse. Not fees.
Looks like he'll ruin everything.
What happened?
It's electricity.
I'm playing with my life.
What did you do?
- I knew that he'd ruin it.
- Don't set the house on fire.
I knew it!
Hey, be quiet.
What happened?
- What's the matter?
- It's nothing.
Just a blown fuse.
They are talking as if I set
fire to the power station.
Leave if you don't know how to fix it.
- Shut up.
- I only said the truth.
Who the heck said that?
What was the noise there?
See if you can do something.
Move aside.
Where have these kids come from?
- Baby...
- Yes?
- What's that noise?
- Nothing?
Bus? No need for a bus.
Move back.
- Hello...
- How are the preparations going?
Going on.
- Sister, where should I keep it?
- Give it to Shibu.
- Where's your husband?
- Over there.
My aunt is down with measles.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Did you have anything?
Yes, we are leaving.
Superb disco.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
So, all the best.
What is going on there?
- Disco. Haven't you seen it before?
- I didn't feel it as disco.
We call this disco.
Should we eat from here or at our house?
Let's eat from here. That's better.
Have you eaten chicken sambar?
- Chicken sambar?
- Yes.
Chicken mixed with sambar.
Can you give me a chicken piece?
There's no piece. How about gravy?
It's already flowing here.
Were you people standing here?
- Nice watch.
- It's foreign.
Shall we have a drink?
- Come on.
- I don't want.
Four bottles for three oldies.
This is not enough for four bottles.
Buy whatever you can with this.
Make it fast.
It'll take time.
- How's it going?
- Looks like this has no end.
If the banana leaf gets
over use paper plates.
Use the paper plate if the
banana leaf gets over.
Did you pay advance
money to the decorators?
- No.
- They have asked for it.
How much is it?
Leela madam, heard your
daughter is getting married.
It's 5300 rupees.
5300? Ask them to reduce it.
I'll talk to them.
Stay here.
I'll get the money and come.
Listen, don't pay the caterers now.
Else it'd become like
the wedding at Vasu's.
There won't be any
breakfast in the morning.
They'd get drunk and pass out.
Will they cause trouble?
I've sent Unnikuttan to
get the items for them.
They will pass out once they get it.
Only his mother is there at home.
His father passed away
a few years back.
- He has one sister.
- Good.
One of my relatives has been
married off to their family.
So you are already related.
Did anyone come from
Satheeshan's family?
Ask her sweetly.
- Sweetly?
- Yes, go and ask.
Don't eat it raw.
- It's not good.
- Sister...
- Yes?
- I was calling her.
He's calling you.
- What about the milk?
- Baby will bring it in the morning.
What about the money?
Let me ask Archana.
Don't finish the rice.
It's all raw.
So which color saree are we going
to wear tomorrow? Blue or violet?
Does the colour matter?
Listen oldie, she was
talking to us youngsters.
Old hag, you think you're a youngster?
I'll smack you with this spatula.
Old hag!
Dear, eat it.
I've been walking behind
you since seventh grade.
You have never shown interest.
Heard that you're getting married.
I am not upset about it.
True love has never won.
Can you serve me pickle?
What's it?
Shut up.
Wheres the bottle?
I've sent Unnikuttan.
No need to call me every now and then.
Why did you have to send that thief?
I was distributing juice.
Uncle, what are you doing?
The girl and the bun belong to me.
Get lost!
He's crazy.
- How about some rice?
- Yes.
Is it enough?
Put the piece.
Put the chicken piece.
Let me see.
Who is that?
Satheeshan, where have you reached?
Have it.
Hold it.
Pass that.
I brought thirty alliances for her.
I have got the list. Want to see?
They weren't any mediocre boys.
Where is this guy from? Dubai?
What's he doing there?
Leave it.
Don't be upset.
I will.
Do you know how difficult
it is to find boys?
You're correct.
Sumesh, didn't I get you a nice girl?
Yes, I'm adjusting. No issues.
Broker, can you get me a girl?
You've been asking me
this for so long now.
I'll definitely conduct
your marriage tomorrow.
He's already married.
That doesn't matter to me.
I can get him married right now.
Are you a match fixing machine?
What's happening here?
- What?
- Is this some festival?
It's a wedding. Let them celebrate.
What are they doing in
the name of a wedding?
Have this in one swig.
No, no need. I'd told you earlier.
- Talk to them. It's regarding the bus.
- Archana...
- Archana...
- Coming.
- Archana...
- Yes?
- Did you pay them the advance?
- Yes.
Your uncle and aunt have come.
Show them the ornaments.
Mom, please show it to them.
- Don't you want to put mehendi?
- Wait. Let me give him the money.
There she goes!
Hey! Kunja!
Don't play inside my room.
Go out and play. Run!
Some Dinesh is calling you.
Dinesh? Who told you to take my phone?
Uncle, can you give the phone?
- For what?
- To play.
To play? Go away!
Get lost! As if it's an iPhone.
Kids these days!
They need mobile
phones all the time.
This is Selena, my friend from college.
And this is her sister Jesna.
Want rasna?
Does anyone else want jesna...
I mean rasna?
Have one more.
Have it.
Just one more.
So this is what you were doing here?
Where's the money?
Aunt was talking about
paying the caterers.
Don't pay them no matter what.
Give it in the morning.
Don't spend much on liquor.
I'm only giving it since it's
a custom to treat the elderly.
Miser! It's easy for you to say so.
Booze is necessary to get them going.
Kunja, didn't I tell you
not to enter my room?
You can easily say so.
I've lost my job.
I have to cut down the expenses.
Is there enough food?
Somewhat. We can manage.
Let's see.
Listen, an old man has been hanging
around outside for some time now.
We haven't invited him.
He didn't say anything when I asked.
I guess he came to have free food.
Where's he?
Give me one piece.
Looks like Sudeesh is busy.
Yes, kind of.
Has your father come for holidays?
No, he'll come next month.
Heard you didn't serve chicken for our boy.
There wasn't any chicken left.
Then what's this?
Don't feel bad.
You people are having fun there.
But some of us have got work here.
So we might get more than you.
Sometimes, you might not even get.
Is it even a problem?
Get up!
Uncle, leave me.
Stop it. I'll fall down.
Just for fun, guys.
Uncle, I'll get you chicken
even if I've to take a loan.
- I don't need your loan.
- Where are you taking me?
To graveyard.
Where are you taking me?
Let me eat first.
Who are you?
Didn't you hear? Who are you?
Has anyone invited you to this wedding?
What happened? Want food?
I'll take it.
Oh God! Come fast.
Hey, what's it?
Pass the information about the
missing person through the wireless.
You inform them of this.
I'll do the rest.
Okay, sir.
Archana, you've got a call.
- Did you pay the decorators?
- Yes.
Brother, I can't hear you.
Just a minute.
Yes, tell me.
I tried calling your father.
Is it?
What happened?
Nothing. Can you give
the phone to your father?
No, you can tell me.
I'll pass it to him.
Did Prasad call you?
No, it's been two days.
I've been busy with the preparations.
Only I'm there for everything.
I was at the police station.
Oh God! Police station?
What happened?
Prasad has been missing
since morning.
We got to know that he eloped
with his former classmate.
We've been searching for him.
Babu, fees blow again.
It's 'fuse'. Not fees.
- This is not the real game.
- Yes.
- Babu...
- Yes.
You remember the time we used to go
to Vandithavalam to play cricket?
Good old days!
Do you know who all were
there in our team back then?
Myself, Satheeshan...
- Satheeshan from Dubai?
- Yes.
Rajan, Bineesh, Kunjan, Archana...
- Archana?
- Yes.
- Haven't you seen her playing cricket?
- No.
She was the best player of our team.
If she had played properly, she'd
have got selected to the Indian team.
Indian team?
Well, Kerala team at least.
Rajan, hasn't she played in sub-
district level while in school?
She's been to tournaments while in school.
Yes, now listen to this.
There was a guy in the Vandithavalam team.
His bowling was outstanding.
He took all our wickets.
Somehow we managed
to score 20 runs.
We needed 30 runs to win the game.
Not 30. It was 31.
Yes, 31 runs!
And then Archana entered.
- Who's it?
- Isn't it Unnikuttan?
- Unnikuttan!
- Why is he running?
What happened to him?
Leave it. Let's go.
And Archana?
- Shibu...
- I'm coming.
- Did you get it?
- Yes.
I'll come in the morning.
Keep it there.
Hey, will I get the bottle anytime soon?
Go and sit there.
I've sent Unnikuttan.
He wants kerosene when there's no light.
Hold this.
Connect this over there.
Keep a safe distance.
Pull it.
Pull it once again.
Once more.
Why are you sitting here?
Watch your step.
Let's put mehendi.
Want a slap?
Did you see my son?
Just a minute.
I'm feeding the baby.
My wedding won't take place.
All my money...
My wedding won't take place.
What shall I do now?
I have an idea...
How come they are our relatives?
Whats the use in pouring water
if the pot is kept upside down?
Just keep the pot straight.
Where's the water then?
What happened, dear?
What happened?
Tell me. What's the matter?
What happened?
What happened, Archana?
Dear, tell us the matter.
Stop crying and tell us what happened.
Dear, tell me what happened.
Come on. Speak up girl!
Simply bawling.
Prasad has gone.
He ran away with some girl.
Oh God!
Oh no, what happened?
Please move back.
Everyone, move back for God's sake.
Let him breathe.
Nuisance! What are you looking at?
Get out from here.
What shall we do now?
What's there to be done now?
Anyway, the boy is lucky.
He managed to escape.
If he'd married her, he
would have got trapped.
We've been trapped.
Military is available.
Her mom!
She'll definitely get a good boy.
Who needs such men?
My daughter's fate.
What sin did she commit for it?
It's only for her good.
This will pave the way for another one.
What happened?
Paved way already?
No need.
Wedding would turn into a funeral.
Rugmini, your daughter is
going to jump into the well.
DEPTH- 31 FEEI won't let you jump.
You old hag!
How come they are our relatives?
Whats the use in pouring water
if the pot is kept upside down?
Just keep the pot straight.
Where's the water then?
Did you see my son?
Sister, don't shoot.
Keep quiet.
- Did she leave.
- Be quiet.
Come on girl!
Whom are you trying to scare off?
Shoot me.
My wedding won't take place.
What shall I do?
Aren't you married yet? Sad!
Everything is good except the horoscope.
What to do!
He said your name is there in the list.
Talk to the Principal.
You'll be going abroad after marriage.
Then why do you have to apply for PSC?
My marriage won't happen.
What shall we do now?
What? Come here.
Don't you want to sleep?
It's already late.
The womenfolk are wearing
blue colour saree tomorrow.
I said okay.
But I'm going to wear the violet saree.
They will be shocked.
After all, I'm the bride's mother.
Why do you look so gloomy?
Are you not liking what I'm saying?
Are you sick?
Get some sleep.
You've to wake up early in the morning.
The caterers want an advance payment.
I was sent to show the ornaments
when I came to tell you this.
Subhadra was saying she had 100
sovereigns during her wedding.
Give it to them.
The caterers.
Get to sleep.
Did you see my son?
He's there somewhere.
Where did that pest go?
This boy!
Did you see my son?
Don't play with me.
Yes, 31! And Archana entered.
Then what!
We won.
Archana 31, Not Out!
We got to know only now.
They got married.
What are you going to do?
I'm also going to run away.
What else should I do?
We understand your situation.
But we never thought that
scumbag would do this.
Did you inform your family?
It isn't any good news to inform them.
Oh God! Haven't you told them yet?
Then I'll call them now.
Don't inform my parents for God's sake.
But what are you going to do now?
Don't inform my parents.
That's all!
Stop it.
Let's find a solution.
Sudeesh, take them from here.
What's this? Give them the booze.
Please try to understand.
The bottle smashed into pieces.
How can it smash?
Why don't you understand?
Where did it happen?
Nothing. No problem.
Give them the bottle. Problem solved.
Give it back to them. Stop playing.
The bottle smashed.
Don't you believe me?
Something came after me.
What's the matter?
Just fighting over a bottle.
Shibu, what's the matter?
Please go inside.
Get inside, old hag!
Aren't they leaving?
They won't go until they get booze.
I'm coming.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- What happened, Shibu?
- Nothing.
What's the matter?
- Did you see my son?
- No.
Don't know where this
boy has gone.
Why are you late?
The traffic was horrible.
It's easier to come from abroad.
- Satheeshan...
- Aunt...
- Did you eat anything?
- There are lots to do before that.
Take it.
This packet.
- Where's Archana?
- Inside.
Look at you!
Keep this inside.
It's my laundry.
Keep it somewhere inside.
Hold it.
Give it to your husband
if you don't want it.
Tell that it's from your ex-boyfriend.
Just a minute.
I'm not at all happy about your marriage.
I know it's all because of my character.
But still...
I'm not happy.
Okay, see you.
Who's it?
Sing quietly.
Get lost!
If you sing quietly,
I'll give you something.
"There is a jasmine flower"
"The flower has a fragrance"
"Listen to the fragrance"
"Listen to my song"
This item is good.
"Pine flower sways in the breeze"
"There are mango flowers like pearls"
"She has the colour of rainbow"
"Her beauty is world known"
"She has the colour of rainbow"
"She has doe-eyes"
"She has doe-eyes"
"Hey girl, you are awesome"
"Listen to the fragrance"
"Listen to my song"
"Jasmine flower..."
"There is a jasmine flower"
"The flower has a fragrance"
"Listen to the fragrance"
"Listen to my song"
"Radha ought to accompany Lord Krishna"
"He should carry a flute"
"Hey girl, are you coming
to the garden of my mind"
"Hey girl, are you coming
to the garden of my mind"
"The groom is awaiting
you carrying a garland"
"Listen to the fragrance"
"Listen to my song"
"Jasmine flower..."
"There is a jasmine flower"
"The flower has a fragrance"
"Listen to the fragrance"
"Listen to my song"
"Listen to the fragrance"
"Listen to my song"
- Did you eat anything?
- Yes.
Is something bothering you?
Why did you ask so?
I just felt so.
As if something is bothering you.
You can tell me whatever it is.
No, I was simply...
I'll have to leave you all and go, right?
You only looked after
yourself all this while.
I couldn't help you
because of my ailment.
Renovation of this house...
Your marriage...
You only spent for everything.
I know you very well.
Tell me.
It's nothing.
Well, you never share
your problems with anyone.
Oh, did I sit on your phone?
- Did anything happen to it?
- No.
Who's calling at this time?
It's Prasad.
Talk to him.
I'm going to bed. You also sleep.
You've to wake up early tomorrow.
It's me Prasad.
I know that you're furious with me.
I know there is no use
in apologizing now.
Because what I did is unacceptable.
Did you call now to say this?
I know the situation at your house.
I also know that you won't
be able to handle it.
I'll talk to them if you want.
No need.
Archana, try to understand.
Things there...
I know to take care of the things here.
You mind your own business.
It's not what you...
Heard that you women are
wearing blue tomorrow.
No way! I'm wearing my wedding saree.
The violet one.
I'll be in violet when
everyone else wears blue.
How's the idea?
Should I wear blue or violet tomorrow?
Aren't you all going to
be blue flowers tomorrow?
No, I'm going to be a violet flower.
Goddess, show me the right path.
Sumitra, you're so clever.
Who's that?
Old hag! Don't you sleep at night?
- Damn! It didn't hit her.
- I know that.
I've looked for him everywhere.
Don't worry.
He'll be playing somewhere here.
I don't know what to do.
Please move.
Take it and leave.
It's been so long.
Come here.
I've got to tell you something.
I got to know everything.
Who told you? Did they call?
As if they inform us before fleeing.
- How did you get to know then?
- Leave it.
- When I went there...
- When did you go?
Just now. Didn't I tell you many
times not to pay them tonight?
What was the hurry?
Why did you have to pay
them now itself?
When I went to the cooking
area, there was no one.
Let's keep an empty plate
in front of everyone tomorrow.
Let everyone bring their own breakfast.
Don't utter a word.
You don't know the value of money.
They will be lying
somewhere unconsciously.
I should go now and wake them up...
Don't say anything...
Why do you need breakfast
when there's no wedding?
There's no wedding?
It's all for nothing.
What are you saying?
Say it clearly for God's sake.
Prasad got married.
He eloped with some girl.
Did anyone get to know about it here?
Shouldn't we tell them?
I don't know.
No one needs to know this.
Please don't tell anyone.
If we don't tell it now, tomorrow...
Nothing will happen.
No one will get to know.
What are you saying?
I've a plan.
Please stand with me.
You're crazy.
You think it's possible?
People will think you went
crazy when the groom ran away.
My dear sister, it'll become
a big problem.
We'll be humiliated no
matter what you do tomorrow.
Because there is no groom.
If we tell them today, everything
will get over by tonight.
No, I won't tell them.
I won't tell them tonight even if I die.
Why can't you?
I don't know.
Something inside me is not letting me.
What the heck are you saying?
There's no other way.
We'll be in trouble.
You don't understand its seriousness.
We should definitely inform them.
I'll tell them.
You leave.
But you shouldn't tell this to anyone.
If I had the courage for it
I'd have gone and killed him.
Damn him!
I'll tell them.
Don't be tense.
I'm going to go somewhere.
This marriage won't
take place tomorrow.
No wedding.
You! Where have you been?
Do you know where all
I looked for you?
Come with me.
Guess what!
There is no wedding today.
No one knows about it here.
My parents wished only for one thing.
They just wanted me to live
happily with a nice person.
And they did so many things for that.
Renovated the house
despite not having money...
Bought gold...
I lost my job also in between that.
When I was totally shattered,
I got a marriage proposal.
We fixed it.
Stage, food...
Photo, video...
Arranged every goddamn thing.
And then...
The groom got married to someone else.
Forget my pain.
He didn't think of them.
All this while,
I've been doing so many
things for their happiness.
It all ends by tonight.
Anu, how come you're here?
What's it?
Teacher, wish you a happy married life.
Listen, I'm a human being.
See, let me finish.
You can do whatever you want after that.
Do you remember the day
you lost your job?
When I got to know of it,
I couldn't even sleep at night.
I felt bad since someone lost
their job because of me...
I didn't lose my job because of you.
Let me please finish first.
- Where were we?
- She lost her job.
Yes! I couldn't sleep since someone
lost their job because of me.
And as I kept thinking about it...
I fell in love with you.
I don't know how to be cheesy.
So when I decided to come and
meet you with my family...
I came to know that you got engaged.
Do you know what all offerings
I made to stop this wedding?
Leave it.
I know you're getting married today.
But I need to say this to you.
I loved you a lot.
I wished to marry you.
It's to say this that I came here with her.
"What's going to happen..."
"What the future has in store..."
"It's time to don bridal
attire and ornaments"
All set, right?
"Here I come as fiery wind"
Didn't you say there won't
be any wedding today?
Ask him.
Brother, will she get married today?
Of course.
See, she is ready.
"What's going to happen..."
"What the future has in store..."
"It's time to don bridal
attire and ornaments"
"This path engulfed by rain
clouds, leads somewhere"
"Here I come as fiery wind"
"What's going to happen..."
"What the future has in store..."
"It's time to don bridal
attire and ornaments"
"This path engulfed by rain
clouds, leads somewhere"
There are only four people to serve.
Why are you both sitting here?
We can go after the marriage.
Start after half an hour.
I'm coming only after the ceremony.
Where should I connect this?
Connect it somewhere.
Give it to me.
Give her the mic.
She's going to sing.
Listen, she's going to sing.
Yes, dear! Sing a song!
I'm standing here to tell
you all an important matter.
The thing is...
Prasad, who was supposed to marry me,
eloped with his girlfriend last night.
I got to know of it yesterday night itself.
I didn't tell this to anyone.
Not even to my parents.
I didn't want to ruin
everyone's happiness.
You start from there now itself.
You might be wondering whether
I've been affected by it.
If I had married a man
who didn't want me
I would have become miserable.
I'd have had to live feeling
miserable for the rest of my life.
What was the match between us?
8 out of 10?
8 out of 10.
An astrologer, who knows nothing
about me, decides how I should live.
My mistake is that...
I allowed all this to happen.
I'm not ready to do it again.
No astrologer or broker
needs to decide on my life.
This is my life.
I should only decide for myself.
Today we're going to celebrate here
the wedding that has been called off.
Awesome dear!
Did you start? Wait.
There's a small program here.
"This season shall pass,
a new world shall rise"
"You too shall reign"
"Casting an evil eye doesn't matter"
"Shedding tears is prohibited"
"I can live by myself"
"Hey girl, you're precious"
"Not interested in naive ones"
"No need of irritating ones"
"Let's play the drums and celebrate"
"For the girl who's like
a lightning bolt to dance"
"Clear the thorns from the ground"
"At the time we tie the
kite made from clouds"
"Come, flutter with this"
"Let them see, let everyone see"
"Let them come along, else run"
"Let them see and dance along"
"Let everything vanish"
"Let's gather and celebrate"
"Let them see and dance along"
"Let everything vanish"
"Let's gather and celebrate"
Come here.
I'll come.
No. It's alright.
- How's the sound quality?
- What?
Sound quality is okay, right?
What about what I said yesterday?
Since I don't have a job now,
I'm considering marriage
only after I get a job.
Is it?
So it'd take you at least a year to
crack the test and get a job, right?
Well, there's a good coaching center
inside the shopping complex in town.
Venu, above our shop, right?
It's a good coaching center.
Hey, Leela Madam....
Who told you my marriage has been fixed?
Everyone is saying so.
Let them marry then.
I'll only marry the person I like.
My uncle passed away.
Uncle passed away.
Oh no! Eating the feast of a
wedding that never took place.
What nonsense Pappi!
Isn't there anyone to question this?
How about we all sit together and pity her?
Oh God!
How about some hot payasam?
Pour it inside her mouth.
"Let them see and dance along"
"Let everything vanish"
"Let's gather and celebrate"
Well, there are two reasons
this wedding didn't take place.
First reason...
Oh God! Bless me.
Are there any offerings
which can stop a wedding?
Uncle, aren't you ashamed?
Shut up and pray.
God, please help.
Please stop Prasad's marriage.
Please sort out the issues between us.
Give me the courage to blackmail Prasad.
Please help me God.
Second reason...
"I won't dance to others' tune anymore"
"The spectators need not decide"
"I'm not a swaying branch
for you to climb up"
"Gone are the days when I took the blame"
"The door opens wide, the
world awaits to embrace me"
"The door opens wide, the
world awaits to embrace me"
"For the girl who's like
a lightning bolt to dance"
"Clear the thorns from the ground"
"At the time we tie the
kite made from clouds"
"Come, flutter with this"
"Let everything vanish"
"Let's gather and celebrate"
"Let them see and dance along"
"Let everything vanish"
"Let's gather and celebrate"
"Let them see and dance along"
"Let everything vanish"
"Let them see and dance along"