Archenemy (2020) Movie Script

My city was named chromium.
It had a halo.
But it was full of devils.
I could soar through the cosmos,
gathering light from my city,
but there was always someone
who wanted to destroy me
just because I could fly.
My archenemy, Cleo vantrik.
[Both scream]
On that day, she was going
to destroy the city,
kill everyone,
annihilate all flesh.
She called it the void machine.
[Alarm blaring]
I stopped her.
But it was
the last thing I ever did.
I punched through the molecules
to create a vortex.
I detonated it in the silence
between space and time.
And I grabbed onto
any reality that I could.
This one.
[Car alarm blaring]
I smashed my way to this
bullshit reality
to save chromium.
You saved the fucking world.
I did.
That one, anyway.
You still got them superpowers?
Bartender: The power to drink
a fifth of whiskey
and not pay it.
Hey, he paid for my drink.
He gets the story.
I sure do.
How about another one?
To chromium.
Man: To chromium.
Man: 15 over here, man.
Best on the block.
Max: Here.
Man: Hey, good looking, man.
I'll see you soon.
I'll be here.
Yo. Bro, show me the watches.
Show me the watches, bro.
Come on, dawg. Back up, bro.
- I'm not fucking around.
- Street like a thug.
Bro, don't call me a thug,
first of all. Back up, bro.
It's gonna go... it's gonna go
crazy on trendible, son.
- Come on, bro.
- Yo, what you selling?
- Get out my...
- What you selling?
Dude, what the fuck is wrong
with you, man?
- Man: Look, sorry.
- You broke my phone.
Ain't nobody buying your shit
anyways, man.
Man: Buying my shit?
You... you tripping.
What are you talking about?
Hey, Melissa.
It's hamster.
I want to do stories
for you guys.
Look, I have a lot of creatives.
Everyone's a creator, love.
You don't have anyone here
who's from my world.
[Chuckles] Where are you from?
I'm from crazy town.
I'm from the streets.
I can show you hamster's world.
- Hamster's world?
- Yeah.
Alright. Alright, show me.
Easy. Check this dude out.
Who's that?
He's a local drug dealer.
I report on the grit,
the human story from the inside.
This majestic bitch
is 12 years old,
and she's already playing
the pan flute.
- What else you got?
- Okay, what else you want?
I'm hamster, Melissa.
I can dig it up.
I can make it happen.
I mean, come on,
look around you.
Look at the damn cat with the...
What is that? Laser cats?
That shit ain't real.
This is not the world in here.
I think trendible's 50 million
unique visitors per day
would say otherwise there,
Oh, please, I can get you
15 million more viewers.
[Laughs] Really?
And I can show you
the real city.
Hamster's city.
Can you see it
in your mind right now?
You see it?
Tell me can you see it?
Alright, alright.
We'll set you up with
a temporary creator account.
Show me something cool.
And if it works, we'll hire you.
Really? Okay. Okay.
Hey, look, see,
now you in hamster's world now.
I won't disappoint you.
I promise.
I will shake you up.
Every story is coming to you.
[Indistinct conversations]
Man: O-74. O-74.
O-63. O-63.
Go ahead.
I'm not fucking stupid. Okay?
A bitch can't have
personal protection?
Okay, maybe when I'm mute,
bare-handed killer
like your crazy ass,
I won't have to weaponize.
Indigo, my little
blue raspberry.
How's business?
Business needs to get better.
Here's what I'm thinking.
I think we start dealing
to the little ones.
The preschoolers.
The fucking sippy cup crowd.
They're old enough to download
porn onto their iPads.
I think they're old enough
to get high.
What do you say, huh?
Throw on a little Princess
outfit, get on the corner.
I'm fucking joking.
Lighten up.
Did I ever tell you
that I wanted to be a musician
when I was younger?
- No.
- Manager: No?
Yeah, I wanted to be a singer,
actually. Yeah.
I even got a gig once.
Worked out five little songs.
Puked after two.
Got paid 7 bucks.
I figured there's got to be
a better way to make a living.
So now, when I want
to hear people clap,
I just say clap.
They can never say
you didn't crack the code, huh?
I crack fucking skulls, too.
You wanted to see me
about something?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
I make money for you now.
But I want to make you
even more money.
I was thinking I can
carve out larger parts
of the neighborhood.
I can oversee people.
Who are you going to oversee,
The fucking ice cream man?
[Both laugh]
They are slacking
on those fucking blocks.
They are just waiting for
the money to fall from the sky.
Not me.
See, I want to make it rain.
You give me more blocks,
I'll turn them around.
We should be expanding.
We should be going
viral with it.
- Viral.
- Mm-hmm.
- You want to go viral?
- Mm-hmm.
Manager: Hmm.
You know, I've always liked you.
You work hard.
Fucking smart.
I'll tell you what.
I'd like to try you out
on something.
Now, this may surprise you,
but I've got a boss, too,
and the boss likes to know that
things run smoothly around here.
I got to make sure things
are in tip-top shape.
I want you start
with Jimmy krieg.
- You know Jimmy krieg?
- Yeah, I've seen him around.
He's a player, whatever.
Don't act all fuckin blas.
I think you know as well as I do
the Jimmy krieg is a high roller
and a fucking psychopath.
I didn't ask for a job
at the team biscuit shop.
Go to krieg.
He's got money of mine.
Or at least he fucking better.
You pick up the money,
bring it back to me.
But I want him to trust you
and I want you
to report back to me
does he say anything weird?
I appreciate the opportunity.
Manager: I've always been
good to you, right?
I can't jump high
but I hear all the notes
Manager: To you and your family.
Guess who's trendible's
newest star reporter.
- Yo.
- What?
Where the fuck you been, hams?
Making moves,
trying to get paid.
Don't make moves, okay?
I make moves.
You keep safe while I make them,
[Scoffs] Come on, man.
And you cracked your phone.
You're so clumsy, kooky kid.
I know, okay?
Look, just give it back.
It's okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why are you sharing photos
of drug dealers?
- He's just my boy.
- Can you imagine
what would happen if this
gets back to the manager?
It's just stories, indy.
I'm trying to
put something out there.
But you wouldn't know shit
about that.
So you must think that
I like this shit...
Acting hard,
dealing with these people.
Listen to me.
I'm trying to get you to college
like dad wanted,
and then I'm out
of this hell game.
I dropped out of high school.
Now, how you expect
to put me in a college?
Do you not watch the news?
It's a fucking scam.
You give them enough money
and they let your ass in.
You're getting
college scam money?
- Yeah.
- This is my life.
Life ain't no
crime reporter bullshit,
because that's dangerous.
A lot of people
want to keep a low profile.
I know I do.
A woman who wants
to keep a low profile
doesn't wear her hair
that color.
I can't help that
I'm a sugar plum fairy
interstellar Princess.
That's who I am.
And this is who I am.
Dad was a storyteller.
You remember that shit?
He would come up with
crazy stuff to tell US.
I wish I could remember.
He had this one ongoing saga
about these two ravens
that would fly around the world,
picking up tiny gold chains
out of jewelry boxes
because they were
building a golden nest.
Maybe that's where
you get it from.
See, it's in our blood.
We're fucking storytellers.
- Okay, Shakespeare.
- You... you just did it.
- Come on.
- Whatever, whatever.
I made you something.
It's a recipe I cooked up
because I love keeping
my little brother alive.
Hamster: Okay.
That looks... what?
What is that?
Indigo: Spirulina balls.
It'll keep you hyped.
Tell me I'm the best sister
you ever had.
Keep the change.
Good night, amigo.
[Max grunting]
I can see right through you.
Hey, yo, uh, what'd the wall
ever do to you, man?
Bet it owes you money, huh?
The wall is an asshole, man.
Look, it deserves
what's coming to it.
I used to punch holes
through space-time.
Hamster: Oh, really? Oh.
- Hey!
- Oh!
Hey, I heard about you, man.
You're the dude who says
he's from another planet.
You got superpowers, right?
It's not a planet. It's a city.
Hamster: Yeah,
I seen you around.
You say you can fly.
Come on, I just want to hear
your story.
I'm a writer.
Listen, man,
the people want to know.
Hey, man. Hey.
Get off the street.
Are you still alive?
Oh! Oh, no.
Whoa, come on, man.
I was trying to get you
out the street.
These dicks were going to
run over your head.
No bueno.
Man, you going to be okay?
- [Vomits]
- Hamster: Shit.
We need to get you
to the hospital.
They don't understand
my biology.
You got to drink this.
Need to hydrate.
Max fist.
Hamster city's cosmic crusader.
We don't know
what he's fighting,
but we know he's lit.
On the streets, on the rooftops.
Fist is fire.
Hamster city heroes.
- Max.
- [Gasps]
Who the fuck are you?
I found you, man.
I brought you some stuff, man.
Check it out.
Got some coffee, some beer.
I know you like beer.
Hey, I paid for that.
I got some food in there, too.
Figured you'd tell me your story
if you had a snack.
- [Max burps]
- I guess beer's the one.
You know, I used to sit on top
of the highest buildings
in chromium,
thousands of feet up,
and look down like a god.
Hell, I'd hover on the edge
of a black hole
and dare it to pull me in.
Here, I'd crush myself against
the earth with one wrong twitch.
So that's where you're from?
What are you,
some kind of kid reporter?
I bring it to life.
Hey, you ever heard
of hunter Thompson?
I don't think we had one of him.
Hamster: He fully dove into
the worlds that he wrote about.
I mean, he was crazier than
the crazies he was profiling.
Yeah, we had a guy like that.
The spider.
He could beam crime scene
investigation reports
straight into your brain.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's splash-worthy.
- Splash-worthy?
- Hamster: Yeah.
I'll tell you what, you get me
something to eat
and some whiskey,
I'll bring it to life for you.
So my archenemy, Cleo vantrik,
she had a doomsday device
called the void machine.
It was going to kill everybody.
And so I did the only thing
that I thought was possible,
which... you... do you know
anything about string theory?
Okay. Uh...
Alright, look, do you have
any superpowers at all?
You know anybody that does?
Look, kid, the source of
my power doesn't exist here.
It's not like it's
like a billion miles away.
It's... it's imaginary.
The square root
of negative one...
Fucking impossible.
Wait, imaginary
like it's not real?
Not real here.
You understand me?
Bartender: He could fly.
He could punch.
He could shoot elephants
out of his ass.
Why you got to fill
the kid's head with bullshit?
Come on, man. Look, just keep
his fucking glass filled.
So you were super strong,
but what could hurt you?
They had to invent things
to hurt me.
Solar guns,
intelligent asteroids,
big fucking killer robots,
whatever Cleo could
come up with.
Even the whiskey's weaker here.
That's why I can drink
so much of it.
Space whiskey.
So were you always like that
I started out normal.
I worked for a task force
that managed the cosmic blood
and monitored cosmic events,
threats we didn't know
how to handle.
Because of supervillains?
Say super one more fucking time.
But that's what you mean, right?
No. You have to understand
about the cosmic blood.
See, it was just starting
to leak in at that point.
Hamster: What does cosmic blood
even mean?
What does that...
What does that mean?
It's the difference between
chromium and this shit hole.
The cosmic blood...
It came from something called
the cosmic source,
which is a black hole
the size of 12 billion suns
hovering on the edge
of my universe.
It started making people weird.
Ah, fuck it.
You can't even understand it.
This place, your...
Your gravity,
your dirty atmosphere,
it's added 15 years to my body.
Imagine what it's like to wake
up one day and just be old.
Man: I need you to secure
the reactor.
Man #2: There's something
right here.
[Radio chatter]
Fuck there's a...
Get out of the source!
[Indistinct shouting]
Oh, my god.
The power coursing
through my molecules.
Cleo: Max.
Max: The crystal fist.
It chose me so that I could
help them defend chromium.
Then Cleo tried to kill everyone
with the void machine.
And I wound up here.
So could you find chromium
on, like, a map
of the universe or something?
I didn't fly through space.
Came through the membranes
of reality.
Same planet, different universe.
This is a dimmer
fucking universe.
Did you guys have, like,
the Grand Canyon
or did you have McDonald's
or something?
I got to be honest,
I haven't done
a lot of exploring
of your grim rock.
Theoretically, it should all be
the same up to the divergence.
Okay, so if it's basically
the same, right,
then we should
be able to find it here.
Like if you could give me
coordinates, we could see
- if the crystal cave is here.
- Yeah, but it's not the same.
Okay, but if it was the same,
we could see exactly
where the crystal cave
would be here.
- There's no chance. No.
- Hamster: Well, then, listen,
let's just pretend
for a minute that it's possible.
It's not fucking pretend, okay?
You're recording me,
but you're not listening.
You don't...
You're not hearing me.
[Muttering indistinctly]
I wasn't trying to upset you.
[Glass shatters]
[Crowd chanting "Max fist!"]
Max: I am here today
not because you love me
but because I love you.
I love chromium,
and I will never leave you.
Krieg, it's indigo.
indistinct conversation]
Yo, krieg, the manager sent me.
They sent you?
The manager.
- What?
- The manager sent me
to pick something up from you.
Oh. I thought you were here
to kill me.
Come in.
Quick, quick, quick.
- You smoke?
- Nah.
- You like pills, right?
- Nah.
Yeah, I don't know what it is
about this fucking town,
but every time I'm here,
I get this irresistible urge
to just get fucking wasted.
Yeah. Imagine growing up here,
you know?
- Let me tell you something.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, you don't fuck
with people, okay?
I didn't fuck with anybody.
This is not my job.
I'm here to make shit go cool.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Alright. I'm not dying
for anyone's sins, okay?
I'm not dying for anyone's sins.
Not here.
You know,
it's like... like snakes.
Here's the thing about snakes.
They only live within
a five-mile radius
of where they were born.
Did you know that?
Yeah. Check this out.
Bam. [Chuckles]
Snakeskin boots.
That way, I'm always home
even when I'm out of fucking
town in this shit hole.
I thought you was from
around here.
Want some?
What the fuck, a'ight?
I offer you something.
I offer you something
in my house,
and you should take it.
Okay. Fuck.
Now... now here's what
I don't understand, though.
You said that you thought
that I was from here,
which means
that you put thought into it.
About me.
Should I be worried?
Relax. It's my job.
- Your job.
- Mm-hmm.
That's my job too.
My job to worry.
Okay. Okay,
we'll try this again.
You want some?
I'm good, man.
Okay, well, then we're going
to fucking play a game.
Alright, Johnny, what do we got?
No. Don't be fucking wack.
Here? Here? [Laughs]
Am I wack?
[Gun clicks]
No bullets. You should have seen
the look on your face.
Look at that. No bullets.
I got you.
No, no, no, no, no.
Now, this, this is a bullet.
[Cylinder spins]
No, man.
At this point,
you got to fucking do it.
Or I'm gonna think this whole
goddamn thing is a setup.
Then I have to get angry.
- [Laughs]
- No. No, no, no, no, no.
I want you to put it
to your head
and pull the fucking trigger.
Come on.
[Dog barking,
indistinct shouting]
[Gun clicks]
- Indigo: Oh, fuck.
- [Laughs]
Fucking shit!
Good fucking shit.
Did you see that?
God damn it. [Laughs]
You actually did it.
Girl, you are fucked...
What's your name?
- Indigo.
- Indigo.
Fuck, indigo.
Indigo, you are
a fucking crazy bitch
because you were just
sitting here like
"I'm just gonna put this gun ..."
- [Gunshot]
- [Screams]
[Pounding on door]
[Indistinct shouting]
[Muttering indistinctly]
Cleo: [Echoing]
Does the kid know
you're just a schizophrenic
that lives under a bridge?
You'll never be free of me.
You'll never be free of me.
You'll never be free of me.
Like I'll never be free of you.
And I'll never be free of you.
That's why I'm building
the void machine.
So we can get back to
who we really are.
[Max screams]
She's here.
Police are all over the place.
Couldn't even get near it,
you know?
- And I just, uh...
- Okay.
I don't understand
what you're telling me.
Krieg offed himself.
And you know that for a fact?
A guy dies with $300,000
of my money missing,
and we assume that the cops,
law-enforcement officials,
are a trustworthy source
of information?
Well, it's not...
I got the police report
right here.
Manager: Police report.
You got the...
Give me that.
Come on, let me see.
Let me see.
Oh, here?
Right up in there.
Open your mouth.
I said open your fucking mouth!
What did indigo say?
- Who?
- Manager: Indigo,
the nutty broad with the hair.
She was supposed to go meet him.
If krieg came to town
without my money,
that means I got to send
you guys to kill his guys.
So before I do that,
talk to her.
See if she knows anything.
- [Cellphone ringing]
- Okay.
Well, hello.
Glad you want to visit
our little nook.
It'll be nice
to finally meet you.
Well, that's much sooner
than I had expected.
Is there some kind of a problem
bringing you here?
Of course.
[Lighter clicks]
Who the fuck is Max fist?
Fist fact 15...
Max's crystal fist
was stronger than a diamond.
Fist fact 57... chromium was
powered by the cosmic source.
Fist fact 23... Cleo vantrik
was the smartest person...
The longest Max traveled
at one time was 200...
Fist fact 100... on chromium,
Max's blood was blue.
Hamster, the Max fist posts
are getting insane numbers.
Melissa: Keep this up and
we'll bring you on full-time.
Hey, why don't you
fight crime here?
I've been through the fucking
cosmic tendrils of time.
Seen the universe through the
prism of 11-dimensional space.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Yeah, yeah, I get what you mean,
but, you know, you did
punch a lot of people too.
I mean, you killed all
- the bad guys, man.
- No, I didn't kill anyone.
That was a rule.
I inspired people
with my strength.
Hamster: That's beautiful, Max.
The crystal cave was the source
of Max's power on chromium.
But there's got to be
something on earth
in the same coordinates.
I don't know what it is,
but I know
it'll be splash-worthy.
Fucking shopping mall.
It's a different
parallel world, right?
Cemented over the crystal cave
with a fucking shopping mall.
[Engine revving]
Let's just get some shovels
and dig this shit up.
I'm so sorry.
[Hip-hop music playing]
Sorry. Sorry, I just...
I just wanted you to see.
It's beautiful.
- It's just...
- [Horn honks]
- What the fuck is with this car?
- Asshole.
Man: Fuck you!
Yo, what you gonna do with that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get out the fucking way, man.
He's a hundred,
gonna break something
he's a hundred,
gonna break something
he's a hundred,
gonna break something
[Max grunts]
Fuck you! Fuck you!
- [Retches]
- Hamster: Are you okay?
- [Coughs]
- Do you need water?
Do you... okay, do you need any
space whiskey?
Come on, man.
Max fist versus car.
My man faces down a metal beast
in the savage land.
Now that's the heart of a hero
right there.
Oh, my god.
I got that on video.
[Knock on door]
Finn: Indigo, it's Finn.
Manager sent me.
Finn: Mind if we come in
for a quick chat?
Cute place. Really cute.
- You need anything?
- No, I'm good.
I like your pants.
Hey, Decker, how about
this "Alice in wonderland"
thing she's got going on?
Isn't it beautiful?
So... so, what do you know
about krieg?
I was supposed to get something
from him for the manager.
But I haven't yet.
Do you want something?
Water, beer?
You didn't have a chance?
When I went to the hotel,
he didn't answer.
'Cause he was dead.
Come here.
Come, come on, come over here.
Don't worry.
I'm not here because I think
that you did anything.
He killed himself.
Strangest goddamn thing.
Indigo: Shit.
Finn: And I just don't get it.
You know, I mean,
you live this gritty life.
I don't know, like this life...
of violence is meant
to deflect away
from, like, the agony of self,
you know?
so I just wanted to know
if you knew anything about it.
You don't think he was
stealing from the manager or...?
You look worried.
Are you worried?
It's just weird.
Yeah, that's what I thought,
too, you know.
We're going to take off.
Now, do me a favor,
keep your ear to the ground,
- okay?
- Yeah.
Manager's going to
fuck me in the ass
if I don't come up
with an answer.
You know, he's got somebody
coming into town or something.
Hey, can I use your bathroom?
Dude, you're a monster.
Man, how do you survive
getting hit by a car
and then just keep rolling?
I've faced down fast-moving
certain death a thousand times.
Just stay calm and jump.
Look, check this out.
"Max fist versus muscle car."
A lot of people see those?
Hell yeah.
Like, people all over?
Dude, you're going to be famous.
Come on, man.
You must've scared everybody.
No, I had to scare Cleo.
She had to think that I was
a force that would never stop,
Oh, this is you?
Yeah, man.
It's the hamster nest.
Oh, stay calm.
And jump.
Did the manager say
anything about me?
Like about a promotion or...?
When did you say
you went to the hotel?
[Door opens]
She had it.
[Breathing heavily]
- You took the money?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.
Wait, wait, wait!
Finn: You took the money, huh?
Tell me you took the money!
Say it! You took the money!
Say it! Say you took the money!
Yes! [Crying]
Finn: God damn it.
Decker, put him down.
- No! Stop! Please!
- Indigo: No, no, no! Please!
Indigo: Hams! Hams, help!
Finn: Get off of me!
Indigo: Hamster!
[Glass shatters]
[Finn grunts]
Hamster: Behind you!
[Neck cracks]
Indigo: You grab the money.
- We got to go.
- [Retching]
Hamster: I thought
you didn't kill people.
[Engine revs]
Indigo: He's gonna send
more people.
Max: The manager.
The manager. That's his name?
What are his powers?
I mean, what's his
threat level assessment?
How can you be
a so-called fucking superhero
and you don't know who runs
crime in this town?
- I'm not a fucking superhero.
- He's not a superhero.
We should camp here.
Give US time to strategize
before we go back after them.
We're not going after anybody.
We're running. Come on.
W... where are we going to go?
They're just gonna hunt US down.
Max didn't have to do
any of this to help US.
You're risking our lives to
hang out with some homeless man?
You don't know him like I do.
You're the one
putting US in danger.
I'm just trying
to keep US alive, okay?
- I don't know what you're doing.
- We don't have time for this.
I just had a gun put in my face.
How are you keeping US alive?
You wouldn't last two seconds
in the real world.
- No, I'd last longer than you.
- No the fuck you wouldn't.
- You're a fucking drug dealer.
- [Gunshot]
Indigo: What the fuck?!
You cannot run.
Hey, I don't care what you do.
You make bad choices,
you live with them, that's fine.
But the kid deserves
his own chance.
If you run, they will find you,
and they will kill him.
So what are we supposed to do?
You stay and you fight the war.
Hamster, don't engage
with the troll.
Fight the war?
How are we supposed to do that?
Don't undersell yourself.
I'm here with you.
I fell through a black hole
to get here,
and I never knew why until now.
It was so I can help you,
both of you.
When our folks died,
I decided that all I want to do
is make my brother happy.
And I got this money,
and we were ready
to make the move and...
We're still here because of you.
I'm here to help you, indigo.
I'm going to kill them all.
I'm going to annihilate
every last one of them.
So that you and your brother
can be free.
The manager was never
going to let me go.
[Indistinct conversation]
Hamster: You look insane.
Max: This cape, this suit.
It's all I have left
of another world.
You're what's left.
Everything else is bullshit.
Fuck the past.
- Max: Fuck the past.
- You got this.
Max: Let it burn.
Let it burn.
We'll clean up this city.
We'll start over.
[Gun cocks]
Hamster: Holy shit.
You're a monster.
Max: We can finish this.
Are you ready?
"H" for hamster.
Yeah, it's beautiful, Max.
- Super modified.
- Oh, shit.
You catch somebody with that,
it's pretty severe.
You push that button,
and then you'll always know
where you are.
Thanks, Max.
Dude, how did you make this?
This is like a real weapon.
Wait, are you serious?
What, do you think it's easy
punching your way
through gunfire?
Dude, you cannot let indigo
see you do that, Max.
There's a fragment of the cosmic
blood in this.
It's a synthetic analog,
but... but... but a scent.
A memory.
A molecule.
Oh, fuck. [Groans]
Oh. Oh, fuck.
I was given power,
power to experience,
the universe for everyone,
all of the timelines,
all at once.
Oh, coursing through my mind
so that I could save them all.
Are you saying that
the cosmic blood
is fucking methamphetamine?
Maybe I haven't tried
hard enough.
The cosmic blood...
- It allows me to ripple through.
- Hamster: What?
Ripple through the molecules,
do you understand me?
Hamster: Max.
Lets me ripple
through the molecules.
Hamster: Max.
Hey! Wait, wait, wait!
Hamster: Stop it.
Max. Max, don't.
[Glass shatters]
Max, no!
- [Grunts]
- Stop, stop. That's enough.
Look. Look.
You can see between the worlds.
Hamster: It's just another room.
[Guns cocking]
[Man groans]
[Gun cocks]
Absolutely. Of course.
Boss is coming.
Like, imminent.
[Breathing heavily]
[Gun clicks]
Wait, wait, wait.
Come on, man, get out of here.
[Gun cocks]
Go! Go!
[Engine revving,
tires screeching]
Man: Hey, I'm coming,
I'm coming, I'm coming!
Go, go, go, go, go.
[Tires squeal]
This is fucked up.
What have we done?
The field has changed.
We need a new strategy.
Max, you've got to stop
killing people.
Indigo, I need to know
about the manager's boss.
- That's the key.
- It's the key to what?
She's going to kill you.
Who is, Max?
Who's going to kill me?
When the manager escaped,
it was with Cleo.
She must have fallen ahead of me
through the vortex.
This whole time, she's been here
running everything.
Man, that's just
crazy talk, man!
There's no crystal cave.
There's no blue cosmic blood.
You just put US all in danger
because you think
your archenemy, Cleo,
is runnin' shit.
She's here. She's here.
She's real!
Don't you get it?
Everything I said is true.
I can't do this
with you anymore, man.
I just can't.
Come on. I'll get US a car.
We're leaving tonight.
Hamster, it doesn't matter
what you believe.
You're going to be safe.
Cleo: Hallucinations, delusions.
Hearing voices.
Isn't that what
you're telling me?
Man: No more fails!
Cleo: Just stop, Max.
Just stop, just stop, just stop.
He destroyed all of them.
Just like you destroyed US.
Come to me.
Just come to me, Max.
Hamster: Max fist.
Broken hero.
A man alone.
A dream that never ends.
Goodbye, Max fist.
Hamster city is closing down.
I got to sleep for, like,
an hour, hamst.
I'm exhausted.
[Sighs] I feel you.
[Cellphone buzzing]
Melissa: Oh, good.
I got you.
You've been tough to track down.
Wait, it... it's kind of a
fucked up time for me right now.
I can't really talk.
Melissa: I know
you're in trouble of some kind.
You do?
My boss, she wants to help you.
She's setting up
a brand-new office.
She's very powerful,
and she loves your work.
Let me just wake up my sister.
Melissa: Let your sister sleep.
By the time she wakes up,
this will all be settled.
Just relax.
I'm gonna pick you up.
- How do you...
- See? Here I am.
Get in.
Come on.
You know, while we're waiting,
I thought i'd
pitch you on something.
I think we make
a pretty great team.
You know, I really appreciate
all your support.
You're really bailing me out of
a pretty fucked situation here.
And I've been making a lot
of money for you
from the...
From the neighborhood.
But I want to cover
the whole country, city to city.
I want to go viral.
- You want to go viral?
- Yeah, I want to go viral.
You know, you already perform
an important service
to social order,
to business owners
who want to get through a day
without a riot erupting.
If it weren't for you,
those people passed out
in the shadows on fentanyl
would be running around
smashing windows,
burning down buildings,
stealing babies,
whatever they do.
You keep things quiet.
But I built this organization.
I penetrate
every level of society.
I'm in the cells of it.
You want to go viral,
I am the virus.
And you're the carrier.
Well, I don't see myself
that way.
You see, I see myself
sitting on a balcony
at my beach house in Malibu,
calling out all the key moves
while I'm watching the waves
roll by, and right beside me,
I see...
Well, I see someone
very special,
someone who can hang with
that kind of energy, you know?
I wanted to be the greatest
scientist in the universe.
I taught myself the fabric
of 11 dimensional space
and how to manipulate it.
I wanted to explore.
But then I spent all my time
building weapons.
And robots.
And traps.
All of my intimate knowledge
diverted to one man.
So the answer to your "pitch"
is no.
Go get the mouse.
Hi, I'm Melissa.
It's amazing to finally
meet you.
I am so excited
to introduce you to hamster.
I just wanted to let you know,
you know, sometimes he can be
a little bit moody.
I mean, obviously he's a genius,
but it might just take some time
for him to get into it.
Do you know what I mean?
I doubt it.
[Gun fires]
Cleo: Max, you're in so much
pain, and so am I.
But I'm going to set US free.
With this.
I call it "the void machine."
- It's a weapon.
- You think everything's
a weapon, but it's not.
When it detonates, it will
disrupt the cosmic source.
No more hyper-human powers,
not for you, not for anyone.
Back to humanity for all of US.
Especially US.
Used to be so hard
to keep track of you.
Now it's a bit of
facial recognition software
and a teenager with an iPhone.
Put down the gun, Max.
- You okay, kid?
- I don't know.
- You here to rescue me?
- This is adorable.
It's like adoption day
at the fuckin' kitten farm.
Toss the gun, Max,
or the kid dies.
Don't do it, Max.
Okay, okay.
Are you happy to see me?
Come on, Max.
At least recognize
what this means.
For the kid.
Get on your fucking knees.
[Tires screeching]
Get on your goddamn knees,
Max fist.
You fucked up my entire city!
You cost me millions of dollars.
And for what, huh?
I think this has
gone on long enough.
Cleo: You need to deal
with your employee.
My what?
The sister.
She's downstairs. Go get her.
- [Sighs]
- Now, please.
I've been here for so long.
Building an empire,
getting ready for you
to come back into my life.
Look at you.
On your knees.
Max, get up.
Get up, man.
It's everything I always knew.
Without the cosmic blood,
you're just...
Another worm.
So in a way,
the void machine worked.
Let the kid go.
I didn't think
that you'd make a friend.
You seem to care about him.
You do know that he's a lying,
psychotic animal, right?
You don't know
anything about him.
I have a private army of
200 people with assault rifles.
And he gave you this
to defend yourself.
He must not care
about you after all.
[Elevator dings]
God damn it, indigo.
I had plans for you.
What did he tell you about me?
You want to tell him the truth?
I don't know the truth.
Well, then, let's...
Let's try and walk through it.
Was that your wife?
Were you the hero of chromium?
A hero that nobody wanted?
A hero whose rage and violence
destroyed an entire city?
He doesn't want to answer that,
but the answer's yes.
Get down, get down,
little Henry Lee
and spare a kiss or two
with a little pen knife
held in her hand
she plugged him
through and through
Cleo: You remember this?
He did this to me.
I have this theory.
Something that would happen
when you and I are in proximity,
a sort of physical reaction.
And since I'm a scientist,
I need to see for myself.
Aah! [Groans]
[Gun clicks]
Oh, fuck.
Where's my brother?
[Max groans]
It's true.
I'll be damned.
This is so strange, isn't it?
You and I are from
another place.
We're aliens.
Maybe our biology
wants to connect.
Maybe it wants to intersect.
'Cause you and I were always
so special together.
That's my guess anyways.
[Grunts, gun clicks]
He was here six years
before you.
And I built an empire.
And all that time I was thinking
that I was wasting my time
worrying about how I could
hurt you as badly as possible.
[Gasps, coughs]
I couldn't take away your
powers there, but here...
Fuckin' bitch, what I said!
- [Grunts]
- Aaah!
I've got you, Max fist.
I never wanted to do this shit!
I never wanted to be like you!
You lose.
[Wind whistling]
I got you.
Even without powers.
All I want is to see you bleed.
[Breathing heavily]
What's that? What's that?
Hamster: Indi!
Look at you!
You're going to be okay.
Hamster: I met a guy
who I'd like to say
was from another planet.
He thought this city was a trap.
He thought it was the end.
You know, you never really know
why it chooses you.
It just does.
This is hamster city,
And now it has new heroes
to protect it.
You feel me?
Yeah, I know you do.