Arctic Apocalypse (2019) Movie Script

- It's a beautiful day
out there,
hope you are enjoying
the weather.
But I have bad news from
our KCDF weather center.
They're telling me there's
a major storm front on the way,
but I'm sure it's gonna pass
and soon we'll be back to our
beautiful California weather.
- As temperatures continue
to spike downwards,
federal agencies have yet
to release official
fatality data in connection
with the weather changes.
Mandatory evacuation measures
have been implemented--
- There's still no answer.
- I'm sure Brie is fine.
- Mark, we haven't heard
from her in two days.
- She'll be okay.
Brie's smart.
Sometimes I think she's
smarter than her parents.
Okay, well,
maybe not smarter than you.
- Yeah, right.
- Oh! Faster, Mark!
- Yeah.
- Faster!
- Hang on!
- Look out!
Over there!
- Hold on!
Piece of cake.
- What?
- Nothing. All good.
- GPS is down.
Storm tracker's down.
- Well, good news.
Storm's still here.
No need to track it.
- Just keep driving.
Oh, we're in the middle
of a whiteout.
Let me try and see if
I can get more of a signal.
- Brie! Whoa!
- Sorry.
- What are you doing?
- We only have a few more hours
to get to my parents!
We need to give them this data!
There's no one else in
the storm that's gonna help us!
They're all--
- More safe in
a bunker underground?
- I mean, it's gotta.
Just you and me.
We're gonna save the world.
- Yay.
We get to fight a huge storm.
- Oh, no, look!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Can you reverse the car?
- All right.
- It's collapsing!
What'll we do?
- Open the door! Slowly!
- It's not working!
I'll try the window!
- Go! Go!
Take the phone, here.
I'm coming!
- What is it?
Come on!
- My foot, it's...
I'm stuck!
- Get a knife from the console!
- Come on!
- I got it!
- Come on! Come on!
You got this.
Come on, this way.
- Are you sure we're going
in the right direction?
- Yeah. Only a few more miles.
We've got be be closer.
I just need to find reception.
- I don't think we need that
phone to know a storm is coming.
- We'll be inside soon.
In the meantime, we just
need to figure out
the storm information as soon
as possible so we can...
- So we can what?
Beat this thing?
Fine. I mean, the entire
world is on lockdown.
But you and I, we're gonna
solve this problem
with a smartphone from Wal-Mart.
- Hey, I didn't ask
you to come with me.
- I know. I'm sorry.
It's just freaking me out,
the storm, the whiteout,
all of it.
People are dying,
the world is dying.
It's a lot.
- I know.
- You promise to save the world?
- I promise.
It's from Best Buy.
- What?
- I bought the phone
from Best Buy.
- I hope the warranty
is still good.
What are you doing?
- Here.
I am trying to find a signal.
There's a break in
the mountains here!
- How can you tell?
This isn't a wolf's
natural habitat.
Migration patterns
must be changing.
Well, I gotta put
my environmental science degree
to some good use, huh?
- I knew I brought you along
here for a good reason.
- It wasn't just the witty
banter and charming personality?
- No.
- We gotta go. Come on.
- Hey! Hey!
- Hey, down here!
- Down here!
Damn it!
- We gotta go.
We gotta go.
- This isn't a field.
- It's a lake.
Do you think
it's frozen solid?
- Seems to be.
It's still our
best direct route.
Let's just take it slow.
- Okay.
What is that?
- Tyler?
- Oh...
- What is it?
Come on.
- Ah!
- Oh! Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Maybe we can
take a quick break.
- No, no.
We need to get inside.
Look, I know we're
building up a sweat,
but the temperature's
dropping as it gets darker.
It's dropping fast.
Did you hear that?
- Yeah.
- They're all around us.
Do we run?
- No, no, no. Move slow.
If we run, they'll chase us.
- Okay.
There! We need to get there!
Come on!
- I'm just gonna go
check over here.
Brie! I think I found
a way inside.
It looks like a camp,
or a school.
- Okay, I'm going
to try my folks again
and let them know
where we are.
- Hello? Brie?
- Mom? Dad?
Can you guys hear me?
- Hello, Brie!
Honey, we're here!
- Mom! Dad?
- We can hear you, Brie!
We can hear you, sweetheart!
- I've been trying
to get hold of you.
But even with
the satellite phone,
the storm has been keeping
me from getting a signal.
- Tell us where you are, honey.
Are you close?
- Tyler and I were coming back
from our trip.
But the car got stuck
and they closed the roads.
It's okay. We found shelter
at this community college.
- Community college?
- Listen.
I don't have much time.
I think I might lose connection
to the satellite.
But I think I've perfected
the remote sensor prototype
from your research notes.
- But that schematic
was months off.
- But I think I should be able
to gather the weather patterns
and calculate
the algorithms faster
than anything else I've been
able to come up with.
But in order to
take the readings,
I need to take them
somewhere where I can access
the satellite
while still avoiding
interference from the storms.
- Then we're coming to get you.
- But, Dad--
- What's the college, Brie?
What's the name of the college?
- It's Red-- Community--
- Brie? Can you repeat that?
We couldn't make it out.
- Red-- Community College.
- Brie?
- Dad? Dad? Are you there?
Mom? Dad?
- Brie!
- Careful.
I've been hearing dangerous
things other than the storms.
- Brie! Brie!
- Hello? Dad?
Dad? Are you there?
- It's okay, it's okay.
We're gonna find her,
I promise.
- Hello? Dad?
Damn it!
- Larry?
- Yeah?
- Oh, there you are.
- Hey, Mark.
- Hey, good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Love the dcor.
- Yeah. I call it
arctic doomsday chic
with a hint of lavender.
- Hey, Helen.
- Hi, Larry.
- Hi.
- It's not looking
so good, is it?
- No. We lost the generators
about an hour ago.
And, even worse,
we're down about three degrees
across the board.
- Three overnight?
- Larry, where are those maps?
- Maps? Like paper maps?
- With GPS and cell towers down,
we gotta go back to the basics.
- I don't know.
They're somewhere over there.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, look.
I think we've reached
the point of no return.
- The final
cold snaps coming in,
these storms are only
gonna get worse.
- Yeah.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm all packed.
I'm heading to
the air force base.
I'm hoping that
my family's there.
More importantly,
the military
has set up a
communications array.
We've been talking to scientists
all over the world.
But the problem is
we don't have enough data.
We just don't
understand these storms!
We can't figure out--
- Found them!
- What are you doing?
- Brie is trapped with
her boyfriend, Tyler.
We have to get them.
- Okay. Where are they?
- At a community college.
- Which community college?
- Red...
- Red Community College?
- It can't be far from where
they were going on their trip.
- How many colleges can have
the word Red in the name?
- Here! Here!
Redwoods Community College!
That has to be it!
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, see that main road
right there?
We can take that and,
even if it gets rough,
we'll make it with the truck.
- Then what are you gonna do?
- We'll meet you
at the air force base,
but we have to get them.
- All right.
You guys give 'em hell, okay?
- We'll see you soon... somehow.
- Yeah. You save those kids.
Hey, by the way, you know what?
You should take whatever
you want from the lab,
anything that you think
is gonna help you.
- Okay, Larry. Thanks.
See you later.
All right.
See what you can find in here.
And I'm gonna take a look around
and see what else we can get.
- You mean steal?
- It's not stealing.
I'm the boss.
- Okay, boss.
Okay, this'll help.
- How's this for prepared?
- TAC, Badger.
How do you hear me?
- Badger, TAC, your signal
is weak but readable.
I say again, your signal
is weak but readable.
- Copy. Probably the storm.
Descending to 4000.
We have visual
on what looks to be
recent movement on the ground.
Require permission to
investigate for survivors.
- Stand by Badger,
that is a negative.
You are to return to base
due to inclement weather.
I say again, you are
to return to base
due to inclement weather.
- TAC, we have
confirmed visual
on what appears to be
Acknowledge, we have
confirmed visual on survivors.
Request permission to check
low at Tango 0916.
- Roger, Badger, I say again,
Return to base. Immediate
execute, return to base.
- Unable, TAC.
Unable. Out.
- Badger, what's our play?
- I'm going on, the rest of you
are free to head back.
- We're with you, sir.
- All right, men, let's go.
- Excuse me, sir?
- You're too late.
- No.
- Sorry if my hands are cold.
- Cold hands, warm heart.
- Yuck.
Would you like some wine
with some of that cheese?
- How's it looking out there?
- Well, the teacher left.
- Left?
What do you mean, left?
- Tyler, he just walked out.
- Uh, yeah.
Things aren't great.
We're almost out of supplies.
It's just about all gone.
There's only enough food
to last us a few more days.
- The others need to know.
- Brie, these kids
got left here, trapped.
We have no idea what to do.
- Kids?
They're like two years
younger than us.
- And if we hadn't shown up,
who knows what kind
of shape they'd be in?
Did you get hold
of your parents?
- Yeah, but I could barely hear
them over the cloud cover.
They said that they were
on their way to help us.
- Your dad won't
let anything get in the way
of saving his daughter.
I'm sorry our trip
got cut short.
I was having a great time.
- Me too.
But, Tyler, we need
to help these kids.
- Oh, kids?
They're kids now?
- Tyler... we need
to help them.
- Brie, everyone out there
is on the edge right now.
If we tell them that
we're about out of supplies...
Some of them are liable
to go off the deep end.
- Then we'll tell them
help is on the way.
My parents
should be here soon.
Hopefully, they can get
the van running
and we'll be out of here soon.
Look, I know it sucks and
I know you're all scared.
So am I.
But what we have to do now is...
- Uh, excuse me?
I don't remember anyone
electing you as spokesman
or leader or whatever the hell
it is you think you are now!
- Roger, don't.
- Besides...
You don't
even go to school here.
- No one elected anyone
to do anything.
Tyler and I are
just trying to...
- We have a van out there.
we just need to get it running.
- That's enough.
- Tyler... I got this.
So, Roger, right?
Am I pronouncing
that right, Roger?
So what's your plan?
- Hey, you're the one
who appointed yourself.
You tell me...
- No, go on.
You're in charge now.
So do you have the mechanical
ability to get the van running?
- That's not what
I'm talking about. What...
- And once you get it running,
do you know how
to clear the roads
and figure out what to do next
and where to go?
- Okay--
- Yeah, we feel it.
- What's happening?
- I don't know,
but I don't think
it's gonna be anything good.
- Guys?
- Is it an earthquake?
- Not an earthquake!
- Hey, guys!
What's happening?
- Oh, everyone inside now!
Get down! Get down!
- What? What's happening?
- Everyone get down
and take cover!
- Guys, what's happening?
- Get down!
- Aliyah!
- Aliyah! Take my hand!
- Aliyah!
- Take it.
- I think it's stopping.
- Aliyah,
Aliyah, are you okay?
- Aliyah, I think it's over,
I think it's over now.
- You're okay.
- Help!
Pull her out!
Pull her out!
- Oh!
- Reports have been coming
in from London, England
and Paris, France.
Communications have
been spotty.
We know these storms
are hitting worldwide.
We have reports from Europe,
Asia, and the Middle East.
Destruction on a scale
we have never seen before.
All modes of public
transportation are closed
after countless trains
have derailed.
I'll stay on the air
as long as possible.
But for right now all
I can tell you is
find shelter and stay indoors.
And may God help us all.
- We're staying ahead of
the worst of it pretty well.
Should have a gap of a couple
of hours before it hits us.
- Yeah. We should be at the
college within an hour
if conditions stay the same.
- Hey!
Hey, look at this!
- I'm kind of driving.
- Right. Sorry.
Listen then.
There's a strange anomaly
not too far from here.
- Anomaly?
- Yeah.
It doesn't seem to be
affected by the storms.
- Are you sure it's not
a malfunction
or the satellite being
affected by the weather?
- It might be,
but if it's not...
Mark! Slow down!
- Hello! Anyone in there?
- Yes! Thank God!
Please help us!
We can't get out!
- Okay, hold tight!
We're gonna try to pull you out!
- Oh!
- Sorry.
- It's okay, okay.
Thank you.
- You're gonna be fine, okay?
You'll be back
to class in no time.
- You know, I think school might
be canceled for a little bit.
- So how long have you
been going to school here?
- Two years.
I get my certificate
in administrative support
in the fall.
- Nice!
- Thanks. It's just
a secretarial degree.
Do you go to school?
- Graduated, but I go back
to grad school soon.
How did that feel?
- It's okay.
Can I take it down?
- Damn.
- Yeah. These doors have
seen better days.
- Well, let's try
and get them open.
- You sure about that?
- We still need
to get out of here.
All right.
Give me a boost.
- Yeah?
- What do you see?
- Nothing.
We're completely trapped.
- God! Are you kidding me?
We're trapped in here?
- Well, that's not
our only problem.
- What is, then?
- When help arrives, how do
they know how to get us?
- How can you stay so calm?
- Well, I was raised by
a couple of scientists.
I was raised
to think analytically
and assess situations
before panicking.
But, yeah, we do need to hurry.
- Well, my parents only taught
me how to change my oil.
- Well, that's handy too.
- God...
- Look, let's
not panic just yet.
Maybe let's split up.
You know, find any
other exits and windows
and see if there's
another way out.
- And if there isn't?
- You able to put it in neutral?
- Hang on!
Okay, got it!
- Okay! Hold on!
We're gonna try to pull you out!
- Mommy, I'm scared.
- It's okay, baby.
- Sure this is gonna work?
- It'll work, it'll work.
Start it up.
Give it everything it's got.
- Come on, come on!
- Keep going.
All the way down.
Floor it. Keep going.
Don't stop.
It's working!
Yes. Come on! Come on!
Good job.
Good job.
- You two saved our lives.
Thank you so much!
- Where are you headed?
- Mathers Air Force Base.
The bunkers are there.
Is that where you
guys are headed?
- No. We gotta find our
She's at
Redwoods Community College.
- Oh.
That's only a few miles
down the mountain,
the first building
at the entrance.
- Well, we both better
get a move on
if we want to
reach our destinations
before the storm hits.
- Okay. Are you sure you don't
wanna go to the bunkers?
You guys gotta get to safety
before it gets
too crazy to be out here.
- Yeah, we're sure.
We gotta get going.
I mean, get your son to safety.
- Watch those icy patches, okay?
There's still time
to drive safely,
but you need
to leave right now.
- We will.
Thank you so much.
What do you say, baby?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, buddy.
Take care of your mom.
- Be safe.
- Let's get going.
- Where do we find that?
Do they have a gym here?
- Do I look like
I go to school here?
- Well, maybe in
the teacher's lounge or...
- I doubt we'll find one
in the teacher's lounge.
- I've lost ground visual.
Descending to three thousand.
- Copy. Descending
to three thousand.
- Badger, I'm picking up
intermittent heat signals
on infrared.
- Copy, Snoopy. Let's move
in for a closer look.
Could be survivors.
Descending to two thousand.
Looks like we've got
some heavy cloud cover.
Snoopy, I've got multiple
bogies on my 12.
- Badger, do you have visual?
- Negative, Snoopy.
Check your high low, everyone.
Anyone have a visual?
- I've got bogeys
on my screen as well.
- Hey!
- Shouldn't we have visual?
Clouds aren't that thick.
Doesn't make any sense.
- Stay on course,
it's gotta be the storm
screwing with our instruments.
- I can't see crap in this.
If our instruments are
giving false echoes,
we need to abort, Badger.
- Roger that.
Wait, what's that?
- Badger! Badger is down.
I say again, Badger is down.
TAC! Mayday, mayday, mayday!
- This is Snoopy.
We have lost Badger. Request--
- So now we're really
sealed off from everything.
This ice has got to be
at least six feet thick.
- Maybe we can build a fire
and burn our way through.
We have scraps.
We can use those as kindling?
- I doubt we can make a fire
thick enough
to break through this ice.
Then it will take,
what, 12 hours?
- And we don't have anywhere
near that kind of time.
- There's gotta be
something in here we can use
to dig our way out.
- We haven't searched
everywhere in the building.
Still some time left.
Take a break and
come up with a plan.
- You don't get it!
- Dude, what is your deal?
- Calm down!
- We don't have any time at all.
Who knows when another avalanche
may come right on top of us,
maybe even a bigger one!
- That's enough.
- We need to do something now!
- What is that?
- Where'd you get that from?
- I found this in
the janitor's closet
along with some
tanks of propane.
Stack them up against the doors
and use this to set them off!
- You have been watching way
too many shark movies.
- We blow it up so you
can get the van running.
If not, we start walking
to find help.
- I know it looks pretty bad.
But I don't think
it's a good idea
to blow up our only
shelter from the inside!
- Look, I just can't be
in here anymore.
- Look, the avalanche
hasn't buried the roof yet.
We still have that
beacon up there.
- Stupid beacon!
- Yeah, stupid beacon,
but it's big enough
to be seen from miles off.
And we were saving it
for last resort.
- So how long are we gonna wait?
- Look, all I'm asking
for is two hours.
I'll go up to the roof,
light the beacon and,
if no one comes
within two hours, then fine.
Explode away.
- Brie, are you sure about this?
- Of course, I'm not sure,
but I think we're running
out of options.
Do you have any ideas?
Two hours?
- Two hours.
- Tyler, help me
with the beacon.
- You got it.
- It's picking up out there.
We still doing good?
- I'd say we got about
an 80-minute buffer.
But, Mark, the anomaly
isn't going away.
I don't think it's a glitch.
I think it might be real.
- Where is it?
- Just a few miles east
of the school.
- Damn it!
We got a flat tire.
I'm gonna go take a look.
I'll make this quick.
- Mark?
Mark, hurry up!
- All right.
- Okay, hit it with
the lighter fluid.
There you go.
- I hope it works.
- Me too, but
I don't want to have to let
Roger blow up the building.
- It's actually
kind of romantic.
I was gonna wait until
we got to the cabin,
but this seems like
a better time than ever.
Brie Jacobs, will you marry me?
- Absolutely!
- That has to be it!
The plateau!
- Hands on the wheel!
I don't get it.
Why would a plateau not
be affected by the storm?
- It must interrupt
the flow of the weather.
The shape and the altitude
create a pocket
where the storms
just go around and over it,
thus leaving the area
protected from the elements.
It's like, um...
It's like a concrete
post in a river.
It just diverts
the current around it.
- And over it?
- Do you want to argue
with what we're seeing?
Oh, I wasn't ready
for that one.
- It's getting insane out here
even more than before, I mean.
I got more bad news for you.
- What? We're losing ground?
- I don't think
we're losing ground.
I think the storm
is picking up speed.
- I think if we can just get
Brie's device to that plateau,
we can get the data that
we need to send back to Larry
and the military to learn how
to deal with these storms!
- The world's never
gonna be the same.
We can't stop this.
- No, but with that data, we
can learn to adapt as a species.
Just wish we had any idea
where we are right now,
how close we are to the college!
It's just white out!
- We should be here.
I don't understand.
If I just had a landmark,
something would help!
Anything, rock slides or...
look out there
in the distance.
- Is that the school?
- Good job, Brie.
- Here. Drink something.
- Thank you.
- Stop looking at the time.
I know I'm on the clock.
How are you doing?
- I've been better.
- We're gonna
get out of here soon.
- We turned the place
upside down.
Couldn't find anything
that would make a difference.
No knives, nothing
we can pry loose
and use a makeshift pickax.
Roger, I don't suppose you'd be
willing to give us an extension?
- Sorry, guys.
We made a deal.
I expect to be taking care of
some ice pretty soon enough.
Just all at once.
- You just wanna use
that gun, huh?
- I'm just excited to get outta
here one way or another.
- Did you guys hear that?
- I didn't hear anything.
- It's getting cold.
Let's bunker down
and conserve some heat
before my mom and dad get here.
- This is insane.
- Just keep your eyes
peeled for a way in.
- Stop! Stop! Stop!
I see something. It's small,
but I think I can fit.
- Good eye!
- Yeah.
- Most importantly,
take one of these.
- If she's in there...
- If she's in there,
you'll find her
and you'll find a safe way out.
Just focus on that.
We don't have much time.
Try to use the hammer to break
up some of the blockages, okay?
And hurry up.
We don't have a lot of time.
I love you.
- I love you.
- Mom? Dad?
It has to be them!
- Oh!
- I'm in.
I'm in.
- That's great, honey.
Okay, radio me as soon
as you find anything,
get back out here
as soon as you can.
- Nice doggie...
Scientist one, wolf nothing.
- No.
- It's okay.
- Anyone want a ride?
- Mom!
- Oh, thank God!
I knew you'd be okay
when I saw that signal fire.
- No one would have
thought of that but Brie.
Am I wrong, Mrs. Jacobs?
- Tyler, I think you definitely
have to call me Helen.
Oh, okay.
So maybe you should start me
calling me Mom from now on.
Hey, I found everyone!
Brie and Tyler are
here with some others.
- That's great.
We might have another problem!
- What do you mean,
the crack is gone?
- The rubble shifted,
sealing it off!
You're gonna have
to find another way out
before this storm hits.
- Any ideas?
- Maybe.
Dad? Hello?
Are you there?
- I'm here, sweetie!
You okay?
- I'm fine, Dad.
It's good to hear your voice.
- You too.
Everything going okay in there?
You guys need to hustle
your way out here.
This storm is gonna be
bad news for everyone.
- We're working on it.
Should just be
a few more minutes.
- Shake a leg, hon.
- Hey, Dad, what side of
the wall are you on?
- East. Why?
- Just making sure you're
clear of the blast radius.
It shouldn't be an issue.
- Blast radius? Brie...?
- No, we've got it
all under control.
It's fine... I think.
Brie out.
- Brie? Hello? Brie?
Have kids, they said.
It'll be fun and
fulfilling, they said.
- You sure about this?
- Don't back down now, man.
You got this.
- A lot that can
go wrong here
if it blows in
the wrong direction.
- Yeah, but we're kind
of out of options.
You got this one.
- This is crazy.
This is crazy.
- Get down. Get down.
Here we go.
- It worked!
- Dad, we're heading out!
- I'm on my way!
- Van's ready.
How's your leg?
- It hurts, but it's okay.
I can make it.
- All right.
- Oh, guys, we're gonna go home!
- Hey, Brie?
What do you say we go
to college here next year?
- Yeah, I'm really
excited for grad school.
- Hey, thanks for saving us.
- It wasn't me.
It was Tyler.
- Yeah, you guys are all set?
Van just had
a loose battery wire.
I told you my parents taught me
a little something about cars.
- I'm, uh, gonna make sure
we didn't leave anything.
- I think my gunplay
days are over.
The van's all loaded up?
Routed to Mathers
Air Force Base, right?
- We're not, actually.
- That's the only place
that's safe.
That's where we we're supposed
to go when the roads are clear.
- We need to take
care of something.
- You get yourself
to Mathers Air Force Base.
They'll take care of you.
- Right. Good luck.
- You too.
- I'm gonna go help Tyler.
- You saw?
I thought you liked him.
- I like him.
I just don't want him
to know I like him.
Oh, our little girl...
- Oh, he's a good guy.
She'll be happy, okay?
Don't worry.
- Get up.
Come on, come on!
Now we're talking.
All right, how hard
can this be?
Uh, air speed, altitude,
fuel... fuel, right.
It worked!
Air Force Base, here we come!
- An anomaly?
- It makes total sense!
The wind patterns
are being diverted,
creating an area safe
from the weather.
- Mm-Hmm.
Yeah. It's like an oasis.
The plateau's protected
because of its position
like the way air flows
over an airplane wing.
- I'm not sure I understand.
- You better get
used to it, Tyler,
if you're gonna marry into
a family of scientists.
And congrats, by the way,
but we're gonna have
to celebrate later.
- The plateau is not too far.
- I can get the readings
and take them back
to the scientific community.
Dad, can we get there?
- Depends on the storm system.
How bad is it?
- As bad as it gets, but we're
right on the edge of it, though.
So we can stay in front of it
if you can drive like hell.
- I'll do my best.
- Mr. Jacobs?
I mean... Dad?
Just let me know if you
need me to drive or...
- Whoa!
Engine trouble now?
- I don't think
it's engine trouble.
I think it's...
- Oh, no! Look!
- There!
A side road down the hill!
- I see it!
Hold on!
Hold on!
- Mom?
- It's okay.
- Mark!
- Hold on, guys!
- Faster, Mark! Faster!
- Okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Looks like
there are more storms on the way
and they're growing.
- The plateau
won't stay protected.
Eventually, the storms
will be too powerful
if we don't get the data
before that happens.
- This truck isn't
gonna make it.
I don't care how good
Tyler is with cars.
What'll we do?
- I have an idea.
- Oh, I know that sound.
When's the last time you
gave this thing some oil?
- I think the
transmission's blown,
and not a minute too soon.
There's the outpost.
They decommissioned it
before I took over.
so I have no idea
what's in there.
Minimal power for automated
experiments and data,
but my key card should
be able to get us in.
- Well, it's better than nothing
and we can come up with a plan.
- Whoa, whoa!
Explain to me what
you think you're doing.
- Look, if we don't go out
there, they're gonna come in.
Maybe we can reason with them.
- Reason with them?
- We don't have anything
they want, but be ready.
- Didn't take long for mankind
to fall apart.
- Howdy.
- Howdy.
- Looks like you ran into a
little bit of car trouble.
Unfortunately, the local auto
shop is closed for the season.
Y'all should have
stayed indoors today.
There's some mighty
ferocious weather coming.
- Yeah, we were just
passing through.
The car's busted.
Do you know where
we could borrow a car?
- Borrow?
Well, even if I did, I'm not
really much of a borrowing type.
What's in the bag?
- Nothing that should
interest you.
- Oh, you'd be surprised
what interests me:
stamps, English literature.
What's in your bag?
- We don't have time for this!
There's a storm coming,
a massive one!
- You are correct.
- Look, I'm a scientist.
We need to get to shelter!
- I. Don't. Care.
We're gonna take what we want,
everything we want.
And that'll be that.
First, I'll be taking that gun
I saw peeking out
from under your coat.
Get the bag.
- Not. A. Chance.
- Run!
- Come on! Come on!
Here's the door!
You have to jump, honey!
Come on!
Yes, please!
You have to jump!
- I'll catch you!
We got this!
- Throw me the bag!
Throw me the bag!
Throw me the bag first!
Come on!
- Let's go!
- Ah!
- Tyler! No!
- Sorry, but we have to go!
We have to go.
Got it!
- You doing okay?
- I can't believe
how close we came.
The plateau, I could see it.
It can't be less
than five miles away.
May as well be a thousand.
- It's no over yet.
We're still together, right?
- We have a window, Mark.
Can you believe it?
In about five minutes,
we could get out of here
and be halfway to the plateau.
But according to these readings,
after that the storms
are so strong
that they could
last for months.
We're done.
Brie, me, you.
- We're gonna
figure something out.
- Yeah, and even
if we do, then what?
We learn to live
with these storms?
What kind of life
is that for us? For Brie?
When the world's populated
by people like those guys?
- It's a life.
That's what's important, right?
We stay alive and we collect
as much data as we can.
And that might allow us
the possibility
to create the technology
to divert these storm patterns,
maybe even control
and stop them.
Who knows what mankind
is gonna come up with?
But you need to believe, Helen.
You need to believe.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Hi, honey, how are you doing?
- Hi, sweetheart.
- We're so sorry.
We're all gonna miss
Tyler very much.
- We know how much
you loved him.
I'm so sorry.
- You missed one of your
dad's motivational speeches.
Oh, did I?
- Yeah. It was
a pretty good one.
- Motivational speeches
always remind me of
our board members,
Andrew Capello.
Holy crap!
Andrew Capello!
- Dad!
- Larry told me that
Andrew parks his SUV up here!
I don't know if
he's trying to hide it
from his wife
or it's a tax thing.
But I know he parks it
in the storage building.
There's got to be
keys here somewhere!
Got 'em!
- That's not the storm.
- Get ready to run for the car.
- You killed him!
- He'll get his.
- You!
- Brie, come on!
It's the opening
between the storms.
It's not gonna last.
We have to go.
- Hmm.
- Wait! What about Dad?
- You should know your mother
better than that, all right?
Get it started.
We will be right out!
- You need to stop this and
just let us go, please!
There are bigger things
at stake!
There are lives at stake!
- Yack, yack, yack.
- Hey!
Nobody messes with my family!
I found the back door.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Anybody need a ride?
- Mathers Air Force Base,
come in!
Mathers Air Force Base!
This is... me.
Where are you?
Mathers Air Force Base!
Please come in!
Mathers Air Force Base!
Please reply!
- Unidentified aircraft,
this is Mathers Air Force Base.
Do you copy?
- Hi! Hi!
I mean, copy! Copy!
I'm trying to get to you.
Where are you?
- Unidentified aircraft,
we're gonna help you out.
Do you copy?
- Copy that!
Um, I might have a problem.
My wings are freezing over.
- Mathers is straight ahead.
Just keep your wings level
and you should see
the airfield any moment.
Land on Runway Number Six.
- I unders... Copy, copy.
I understand.
I can see the field.
Think I can make it.
- Negative, aircraft!
Wrong runway! Six!
Runway six! Six!
- Whoa!
That wasn't so hard.
Who needs a pilot's license?
- Oh, the storm's
right on top of us.
- Everybody, hang on!
I can do this.
I can do this.
I got this!
- You're doing good, baby.
- I got this! Come on!
- Hold on.
- I got this.
I got this!
- Keep going!
- I can do this!
I can do this!
I can do this.
I can do this, I can do this.
- Good driving, Brie.
- Thanks, Dad.
Here goes nothing.
Something's wrong.
Needs more power
to push through!
- May I see that?
- Here.
Mom, what are you doing?
- If I wire this
in series with my tracker,
it should give us
enough power, right?
All set.
Try it now.
- It's working!
It's gathering the data
any minute now...
It's analyzing the systems!
It worked!
- I knew it would!
- You did it, sweetie!
- Transmitting!
- They did it.
They did it!
Guys, they did it!
- Look, even more safe zones
are showing up!
- The world will
never be the same.
- No, but we'll adapt.
Society will have to change.
- And we have hope.
- Always.