Ardaas Karaan (2019) Movie Script

"He keeps troubles
away from the kids."
'Life is precious.'
'Filled with joys and sorrows.'
'Begin your journey,
your feet await path.'
Oh God, keep the evil spirits away.
Oh God, keep the evil spirits away.
Oh God, keep the evil spirits away.
Oh God, keep the evil spirits away.
...the tradition of
lighting lamps during Baisakhi...
...was started by an elderly
sage from our village.
He used to say...
...that every individual should celebrate
every festival with fondness and light.
Fondness makes one strong...
and light spurs progress.
These lamps look so beautiful.
What are you thinking, son?
You are neither looking
at the lamps nor at your meal.
Why aren't you eating?
Have you injured yourself?
Son, you need to
open your mouth to eat.
Eat... eat!
Or do you want me to find
an auspicious hour when you can eat?
Oh God, keep the evil spirits away.
What are you chanting?
Ratan said that ghosts...
There, definitely, are good and
bad people in this world...
But, there is no such
thing as ghosts, son
Such chants cannot
Exorcise the ghosts
Because ghosts just don't exist, son.
It is just a delusion.
The Pundit's son Ratan
says that ghosts exist.
World makes a lot of claims, son.
And tells a lot about
what is right and wrong.
Believe in the truth...
not lies...
What is truth?
A crop growing out
of the soil is the truth.
Bread cooking on
the stove is the truth.
Your mother's sigh out
of concern is the truth.
Your father's worry while returning
from the fields is the truth.
And yes, a person who doesn't
hurt anyone honest and genuine.
Everyone's friend.
So, that means, Ratan and I
Have a true friendship?
And what is a lie?
Ghosts and spirits are a lie.
Chants are a lie.
Miracle is a lie.
Study hard.
Read books.
Then you will come
to know everything.
Books are the gateway to wisdom, son.
Our Guru's Bani is the truth.
Our Beloved True Guru always
holds the hand of an honest being.
Our Beloved True Guru?
"He keeps troubles
away from the kids."
"He always dwells in our heart."
"He walks with us,
doesn't let us a stray."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"If You are by my side..."
"I have nothing to worry about."
"You have entrusted
everything to me..."
"...when I became Your slave."
"Every ruin what you have by getting
jealous of someone else's progress."
"Our Gurus have taught
us to always share."
"Always share."
"He imparts knowledge
to those who are unaware."
"True Guru makes you
meditate on His Name."
"If He decides He can
even make the mute sing."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"He is the one who
spreads True Happiness."
"True Guru,
my Lord, is very Generous."
"He is very Generous."
"He is the one who
forgives our mistakes."
"He can be found everywhere."
"He keeps the darkness away."
"He even gives a second chance
to those driven by ego and pride."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
"Our Beloved True Guru."
Make sure you don't fall, Pundit.
Sit tight.
"Everyone visits
the fair all decked up."
Amar, please ride carefully...
Why are you scaring me?
Now you know that
one's own deeds are the true ghosts.
- They keep scaring others.
- I said I won't give that away.
- Hey?
- Yes?
Shall we scare Lambar's father?
Oh God, keep the evil spirits away.
Stop chanting Pundit,
just wait and watch...
You'll get us in trouble...
they are with their sticks.
It's okay, kiddo.
What goes around comes around.
Youth quickly passes away
while old age seems to last forever.
He nearly killed us!
This is a limit.
What kind of a joke is this?
Amar Singh,
As you sow, so shall you reap!
Do you remember Lambar's father?
He was right.
Youth quickly passes away
while old age seems to last forever.
A lot has changed.
Nothing has changed, brother.
Everything is just the same.
You met Azan Lahori (talking about himself)
in a sawmill in the year 1979...
He is still the same
Not much has changed
for you two either.
Everything has changed, my friend!
The one who would listen to me,
understand me, scold at me... wife passed away.
I too am not the same
person I used to be.
Now I feel like passing
on to the other world.
Everyone has to die one day.
But no one is able to take
control of one's own death...
My wife too passed
away around 10 years ago.
I used to say that
I'd die without you.
I didn't die.
Pundit, you killed your wife with
your talismans and sacred threads.
If you want,
I can use a few chants to kill you.
Don't you dare say another word...
I'll punch your nose hard enough
...that you'll end up,
straight, in Lahore.
Causing additional 5-6 casualties
It is pointless to
discuss this pundit...
Because, nowadays,
you eat unsweetened rice pudding
And today is Friday which you
don't consider good day for yourself
Bye, my friends.
See you tomorrow then.
We shall shake hands tomorrow then,
for the last time...
Ratan Sharma, have you forgotten?
You were the one who used to say... shouldn't ask questions
while one is departing.
Dad, can't we even
ask about your whereabouts?
Binder, my child, people
of my age just sit back and relax...
Whereas I, on the other hand...
wash my own utensils.
Do the laundry
drop Jhanda to school.
pick him up as well.
feed him after he returns.
And just when I'm back
you're questioning me...
...where was I all day long?
Dad, I asked because I was worried.
No one is idle here.
I too work for 10 hours.
I bear half the
expenses of this house.
I don't understand
why are you overreacting.
What is your problem with me?
I have a problem with you?
Or you have a problem with me!
What do you mean?
Dear, I mean you feel that
you are the one who's most distressed
And I feel that I have
no happiness in my life...
Only after I die,
I think, I'll be happy.
Don't exaggerate the matter, dad.
You are wise...
Oh, so I am a fool, here!
Binder, you too are wise
Khushwant, this is between me and
my daughter-in-law
How does it confirm
(mispronounced by the child) you?
It's how does it concern you!
Yeah, same thing!!
- Dad, I...
- I guess you didn't hear what Jhanda said.
Jhanda said, this is between me and
my daughter-in-law
- Right, Jhanda Singh?
- This is too much now.
I know you purposely
Call Agam as Jhanda... Jhanda...
To irritate me.
This is a limit, dear.
No it's not!
It has crossed all limits...
Just can't take this anymore.
It's for the last time.
You know what dad?
I cannot argue with you every day
Okay, dear.
If you cannot tolerate me anymore...
I have explained you several times...
Don't light these incense sticks.
This is Canada, not India.
Do we worship another God in Canada?
Earlier I used to pray inside.
Then started doing it in the garage.
Now I am sitting out in the open.
I am your father.
But I fail to understand you have
problem with these burning incense sticks
...whereas your own
temperament is so fiery
Very well said, my father-in-law.
What did you say?
Say that again.
I was just saying that
I pray for you both
Once God blesses
you two with a child...
...I'll happily depart
from this world.
Papa, I don't want anything.
Just stop interfering in our life.
Your life is my life.
God will definitely answer our
prayers by blessing you with a child
The Doctors have given up.
There is no chance of a baby.
You will,
definitely, be blessed with a child.
God is miraculous, Leela.
I am your daughter and not a son.
You know what your problem is, papa?
You don't know how
to live in the present.
- And these incense sticks?
- What are you doing?
This is the last
time you're using it.
Do you understand, papa?
Last time.
"When getting into the
palanquin Heer screamed..."
Well done, grandpa... well done!
When getting into the
palanquin Heer screamed...
...she said,
father give me some cash...
...I have paid off all
the instalments of your loan.
Entire day, you keep cracking silly
jokes, humming useless poetry...
... telling irrelevant stories
and laughing without a reason.
Act your age, father!
Smiling and being happy
is a form of worship, Shaizad.
And father, if Lahoris will
stop cracking jokes and laugh...
...then the world
will come to an end...
- Am I right?
- Right.
Just like your grandfather, either eating
or wandering around, aimlessly, whole day.
I worked all my life, Shaizad.
And Shabnam too works
besides studying.
He is right.
Shameless girl,
sitting there without any shame.
[Sarcasm] She isn't sitting,
she is standing.
It is getting difficult
to keep you with us.
Keep me if you want to.
Otherwise, I'll rent a
basement and start living there
And will marry beautiful English girl
And the invitation
will be on my behalf...
"It's my grandpa's wedding..."
Shut up, Shabnam.
This is the last warning, father.
If you want to stay with us
then you'll have to mend your ways
Shaizad, you are my son..
..don't try to be my father.
I am not warning, just cautioning you
If you don't want a foreigner
to be your mother at this age...
...then stop troubling your father
You are right.
Shabnam, you also
remember one thing.
Don't always say yes
to whatever your grandpa says.
Respect your parents.
I can very well understand
the pain of parents'..
..when children start
disrespecting them.
Would getting annoyed
reap any benefit?
One builds a home
once in a lifetime, son
Also, settle down
in married life once
Mom, you think about
tying me up in a wedlock
Whereas, I plan to live
a free life after my wedding.
I have no objection to it, son.
But your father has, openly,
rejected that teacher's daughter
I can't keep requesting your father,
for this!
What is wrong with Sukhdeep?
She is educated.
Shehas cleared her IELTS,
and is going to Canada
People are ready to pay millions
to marry a girl from Canada
Neither you like the
girl nor her family...
Only because she doesn't
belong to the same caste
On one hand you preach
that our Gurus have taught us...
That everyone is equal irrespective
of their caste, and creed
Sehaj, I had once brought
home some clay to make a peacock.
I kneaded the clay,
brought colours too...
...but I couldn't manage
to turn it into a peacock.
I got tired and started
crying sitting next to...
the scattered clay and coloyrs.
Then your grandma came to me.
She told me that the peacock
shall be made only..
..if you'll be persistent
and passionate to make it...
Then what happened, mother?
Then what?
I succeeded in making the peacock
If you want, I shall again
try speaking with your husband
My husband won't give in.
But if you keep trying with determined then
your father, surely, would get convinced.
Okay mother,
but this is the last try.
Come what may,
I am only going to marry Sukhdeep.
I'll talk to father one last time.
If he doesn't agree then
I won't try again.
Here, have some hot bread.
Can I say something?
That teacher's daughter is beautiful.
- And these caste differences...
- Enough!
Don't say another word.
I know what's going on here...
If you aren't happy with me, I'll build
a shelter in the field and stay there.
She always keeps talking nonsense.
She always has to go against me.
Don't you dare enter
Ranjeet Kaur,
if he comes inside then I will leave.
- Know that.
- Father...
Do I need to close the gate
or will you leave on your own?
Sehaj Singh,
Sohan Singh is dead for you.
He is dead.
Brother, I think you are drunk.
Anyway, people from India's
Punjab get drunk quiet easily.
He is not an idiot like you.
This is about something else.
- Today is a Saturday.
- Yes.
I think Saturdays
cast a bad effect on him.
Look at him even I cannot
be too heavy for him.
Let him live in peace.
Why are you making him Pessimistic
about Saturdays and Sunday?
- Who does one live for?
- For his family.
What's the point of living
for a family that doesn't respect you?
For yourself.
A person who doesn't respect himself
doesn't get respected by others.
Now should I stand before a
mirror and show to my respect myself?
Not a bad idea.
By the way brother,
death isn't the solution for this.
We have helped each
other a lot in life.
Now I need your support.
Tell me, should I drown
or eat something which leads to death?
[Laughs] Just eat and drink well.
Brother, those who don't eat
well should anyway drown themselves.
I want to die at any cost today.
You both just tell me how!
Listen to me.
Stars are not in your favour.
You should start amending
that from tomorrow.
Now the only way to amend
this is by ending the game.
I was a hero and now I am a zero.
Brother, no one is always a hero.
Every individual has an evil side too
One doesn't become
a hero by killing oneself... is rather possible
by killing the ego.
You mean I'm egoistic? I am a villain?
Oh God!
Brother, committing suicide is evil
By the way, suicide is a sin.
Your soul won't rest in peace.
It's not like my soul is in peace now.
Leading a gruesome
life is also no virtue
'Maybe this old man,
before he dies, is of some help to me.
What are you thinking about?
Tell me?
Will you support me?
Do you have any suggestions for me?
I have a suggestion.
My suggestion is that
You should have fun...
...Enjoy your life,
see the world and then die.
Have you seen Victoria?
We haven't gone out of Surrey
ever since we have come here.
- We did.
- Surrey.
We used to go to
pluck berries... remember?
Do we need to tell him that?
Go away, kiddo.
I came to suggest on how to die...
...forget saying thanks,
he is instead getting angry.
- Bloody old man. - Don't you dare!
Who did you call an old man?
I'll break your nose.
Don't break my nose,
break your chain of thoughts.
Die! I am not stopping you from dying.
But, I suggest, before dying...
live your life to the fullest
...that when death approaches you... says he is the one
who saw heaven before he died.
I've visited so many beautiful
places that if I am to die today...
... I won't seek
suggestions like you are.
I would want to die at Banff lake.
You'll meet the heavenly angels
even before you jump.
Get out of Surrey.
Have fun then go for death.
I like his suggestion.
Leaving home at this
point would be a bad omen
How can we just leave?
Without giving it a thought.
Without having the need to travel.
Without informing your family.
You are great. You can
think about committing suicide...
...without there being a need,
without giving it a thought.
And you're having second
thoughts about how to live?
Were you going to inform
your family before committing suicide?
My number is on this card.
Call me if you set your
mood for a trip, I'll take you
I'll charge 2500 dollar to guide you,
in addition to other expenses
I'll hire a reasonable
and well maintained car...
With an excellent driver
who is known to me.
If you wish to commit suicide
on the way then you can...
Else, when you return to Surrey...
Jump into the river Fraser...
...and I guarantee you
that you won't come out alive.
Either you alone or
all three can jump into it.
No, no, no. He will jump.
See you.
Daddy, why aren't
you answering the call?
Oh hi.
Sat Shri Akaal
Good, good.
Of course, we will.
Me, Agam and Aswant
Who, mom and dad?
They don't go anywhere.
They hardly make it to the park.
Right. Okay.
Okay, bye.
Binder, who told you
we hardly make it to the park?
Come on, daddy, Mrs.
Dhillon had called
You don't like her husband.
So how can you go out with him?
But you all will also be there.
It's not like I'll travel
while sitting on Dhillon's lap.
Daddy, I hope you don't think that
I don't want to take you along?
No, you wanted to take
us to the reception, also, last week.
We are the one who
refused to go there.
Daddy, we were only going
to give the gift and come back.
That's why we didn't
ask you...
I haven't complained about it either.
When you had gone to your
Parents' house for barbeque...
...along with Aswant and Jhanda...
Perhaps we had forgotten to go along
You are the one who keeps saying that
you get bored at my parents' house.
I won't go to Victoria,
you go, instead
You shouldn't say such things...
- Jhanda's mummy...
- Number One!
- Jhanda's daddy...
- Number One!
- Grandma and grandpa...
- Amazing!
- Jhanda is at the top...
- Everyone else is down.
- Jhanda is at the top...
- Everyone else is down.
You rule the town,
everyone else is down.
- Jhanda is at the top...
- Everyone else is down.
- Everyone else is down.
- Come on, son.
- Grandma!
- My son is back.
Here you go...
What is this, grandma?
Always keep this with you, son!
It'll always protect you against
negative thoughts, and tough phases
- All right?
- Yes, grandma.
- Hello?
- Dad, can you pick...
Yes, I have picked up Jhanda.
Not Jhanda, dad, Agam.
Please listen to me.
He is Jhanda for me.
Tell me what else can I do for you.
You shouldn't interrupt me, please.
Dad, Binder had called.
Please feed Agam some pasta
and ask mom to chop the vegetables.
And you do the laundry.
And yes dad,
don't feed him your leftover.
And also don't interrupt
him every time.
He minds it and it also
affects the child's growth.
Sorry dad, I gotta go. Bye. Bye.
Aswant... hello?
He asks me to not
feed him my leftovers.
But he doesn't mind
me cleaning their leftovers.
We shouldn't cut in
while they are talking.
But it's all right
to cut vegetables for them.
When I go to pick and drop their
child; it doesn't affect their...
What was he saying?
How do you know that, son?
I know my parents.
My mother used to say that sharing
each other's food makes love blossom
Making me work is a far cry...
My mother didn't even let me even
open a tap, till I was in tenth grade.
Neither my father was
a king nor a landlord...
But he treated me like a prince.
- By brave boy! - When I stepped
out of my village for the first time...
For my paternal uncle's wedding...
My mother had washed my
hands and legs with raw milk.
And she gave me a blessing
that I go around the world.
May, my son,
go around the whole world!
Your son got stuck
in a whirlpool, mother.
No one talks to me.
No one talks to me.
The story ends when a sandals'
heel and a man's ego is broken.
Father, by deciding
to go on this fun journey...
you have taken a big leap.
Whom are you addressing as father?
Address me as sir or mister, son.
Don't try to get close
or build any relations with me
He's more short-tempered
as compared to my father.
Anyway, I just need
to use these old men.
Why should I bother?
Sorry, sir. Please forgive me, sir.
So much respect?
You either say sorry
or seek forgiveness.
How about if I say I love you?
I love you? Who am I, your girlfriend?
Then pack your bags and come quickly.
I am getting ready.
It's 7:45 am.
You shouldn't leave
the house at such a time.
Fine, you can come after
the bad time has passed. See you.
Magic, what kind of a person are you?
Your life is coming to an end.
I am telling you that
you don't have much time left.
And you are laughing
and saying thank you to me?
Gentleman you know, you are an
intermediary between my life and death.
And the intermediary
doesn't hide anything.
You are unaware how
much these self-proclaimed...
...godmen tend to fool the people...
Yet people worship
and surrender to them
You are telling me the truth.
From a distance of three feet,
can't I even thank you?
Thank you so much, gentleman.
Magic, this is about
your life and death.
Your life is short
It doesn't matter how
long or short your life is;
what matters is how you live
I'm going to make the most
out this remaining part of my life
That's why I agreed to take this tour.
Why don't you understand?
You shouldn't be working anymore.
You should...
Lie on a bed in your
house and wait for death?
Why, is death a relative of mine that
I wait for it, at home, to arrive?
I want to lead my life normally...
Who knows, death might just walk
past me without even recognising me.
And I get a few more days to live.
That means, you won't listen to me.
I'll listen to you.
But tell me one thing.
Do you know whether you'll
live to see another day?
- I don't know.
- Then I am lucky.
I, at least,
know I have 10-12 days of life left.
- What you say...
- Magic, try to understand...
Wait, wait, wait.
Another gentleman on phone.
Hello, gentleman!
Leave the gentleman aside,
tell me where are you? Dead or alive?
I am still not dead, my friend.
- Death is on the way.
- What do you mean?
Some things become meaningless
when intended to explain.
- I'm coming there.
- Come quickly.
Okay, I'll take your leave.
Just keep praying for me...
...that this tour of mine goes well.
Keep... keep calling me, Magic.
Doctor, you too keep telling me how
many days and hours are left with me.
I want to live each
equal to a year of my life
God, too, should wonder that he was
blessed him with 40 years of lifetime
he has lived for a 100 years...
'He is embracing his life.'
'While cancer has embraced him.'
'But I think his embrace
is much stronger.'
I'll check.
Look at this.
Check the other one.
Wish you a happy journey.
Thank you.
Hi guys, grandpa is going on a trip with
his friends for the very first time.
Grandpa, what would you like to say?
What do I say?
You can go on as
many trips as you want.
But you shouldn't get
caught in a whirlpool.
I'll recite a poem.
Make your character a
strong pillar of your life.
Don't give in to the
situation and comprise.
'My dearest,
I never got weekends off.'
'So now I am going to spend a few days
with my friends to live as I please.'
'Don't wait for me.'
'Maybe we might never meet again.'
'May God be with you.'
'I shall always pray
for your wellbeing.'
'Amar Singh.'
'The one who once used
to always do as he pleased.'
"Your mysteries are hard understand."
"People have turned
You into a business."
"Why do You give us different fates..."
"...when we are all
made from the same clay?"
"I share my pleas with You, O' Lord."
"I share my pain with You, O' Lord."
"I share my pleas with You, O' Lord."
"I share my pain with You, O' Lord."
"Some don't have a place to stay."
"Some even give up thrones."
"Some stay back because of love."
"Some yearn for better days."
"Some have a life
filled with happiness."
"Some are burdened with sorrows."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
you should keep this with you.
It will keep you away from
bad thoughts and bad phases in life.
Do come back.
Who told you that I won't come back?
Your Jhanda knows everything,
my friend.
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
Hello everyone,
gentlemen, please accept my greetings.
My name is Magic.
I don't know why and
who all calls me Magic.
But I know a lot about
a lot of special things.
Sehaj is a jack of all trades.
He is a bitter-sweet friend of mine.
Why are you still standing there,
my dear?
Come give me a hug and a kiss.
Do one thing, take each other's
bags and keep it in the car.
We often always carry our own bags.
It is more fun to carry
someone else's bags.
So gentlemen,
before you sit in my car...
...let me tell you some of
the ground rules of my car and me.
Rule number one,
never cut me up while I am talking.
Rule number two, those who
cannot laugh cannot sit in my car.
I laughed because I don't
want you to throw me out of my car.
Rule number three,
no backbiting and no abuses.
- Rule number four...
- So many rules?
I told you about my first rule.
Never cut me up while I am talking.
Rule number four...
...with politeness, I can even
sing the verses of Mirza for you
But if you are rude, Then you
won't even get an apology from me.
- Shall we leave now?
- Don't be rude to me.
Got it?
Keep the bags in, gentlemen. Let's go.
- Come on, keep them inside.
- Come on, keep them.
Keep this one as well.
Hello? Hello?
Hello? You're not audible
I am at work.
All right!
So, let's start from Victoria.
- Start driving.
- Whatever you say, my master.
We might reach there somehow...
...but looking at the plight of his car
I doubt we'll return safe and sound.
We haven't even left as yet,
...and you are already
worried about the return?
There is just one
mantra in Magic's life.
I live in the present.
Believe in what is there right now.
Neither am I silly nor am I wise
Don't die before
you are actually dead.
Say good things, son.
Sir, my words don't
make any difference.
The Lord Himself is absolute,
the One and only...
...but He Himself is also
manifested in many forms.
Whatever pleases Him,
O Nanak, that alone is good.
Let's talk to PM Trudeau and ask
him to make the days a bit longer.
24 hours in a day aren't enough
to live in a place like Canada.
We will ask him to increase
4 to 5 hours at least.
The air, water and land
here is so pure. Right?
Air is the Guru, Water is the Father
and Earth is the Great Mother of all.
It was our Guru who had said it, but
only the foreigners respected His words.
Hello, gentlemen!
You are standing as if
in the middle of the night...
the orders of demonetization
have been passed.
Or else people feel this dejected when
their visa for Canada is rejected.
You are already in Canada.
You should have some fun.
This poor guy can only offer best
wishes and shower some words of love
Would you like to taste some,
You talk a lot. Don't you get tired?
One should keep talking
till God lets you talk.
Talk a lot, but say only
things which touch people's heart.
And not something that hurts someone.
Where do I turn you off from?
...only God will
turn me off when He wants to.
- "No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
- Come on, guys.
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
This one is packed.
- Shall we go somewhere else?
- Let's go.
Come here, brother.
You are leaving, brother?
No, I am not leaving.
But I can if you want me to.
You look like you are from Malva.
A Malvai?
How did you know?
Only people like us talk like that.
Tell me, what would you like to eat?
We will manage our own orders.
- Thank you for giving us a place to sit.
- Yes.
Gentleman, first of all tell us,
why do you look so sad?
Did you end up having
a fight with your wife?
No brother,
Whenever I feel low, I come here.
By the way, I stay close by.
Please give your orders.
What would you like to eat?
First order is mine.
I want a beautiful smile on your face,
Always be high on life.
Ups and downs are a part of it.
By the way, my name is Magic.
I don't know why and
who all call me Magic.
Because more knowledge more tension.
A person can die
but his wants never die.
And why wants don't die? That's
because every person wants that...
"This should be mine
and that too should be mine."
"That too should be mine."
"Why don't you understand
that nothing here belongs to you."
"That nothing here belongs to you."
"This should be mine
and that too should be mine."
"Why don't you understand
that nothing here belongs to you."
"Use whatever you get
and be grateful to Him."
"Use whatever you get
and be grateful to Him."
"Why have you made
your life so miserable?"
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"When you will have
to spend your life alone."
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"When you will have
to spend your life alone."
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"Life ends but work never ends."
"Within a moment the
whole business ends."
"Life ends."
"You shouldn't be sad,
you should be always happy."
"You shouldn't be sad,
you should be always happy."
"Who knows how long
you have got to life?"
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"When you will have
to spend your life alone."
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"When you will have
to spend your life alone."
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"What will you do with
the money if you are not happy?"
"These moments are very precious..."
"Don't waste them on worries."
"You have to cry in
the end so why regret it?"
"You have to cry in
the end so why regret it?"
"When you don't get the
life you had wished for..."
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
"When you will have
to spend your life alone."
"When you will have
to spend your life alone."
"Oh my dear, you will cry..."
Good morning, lovely guys.
Good morning.
I've made strong piping
tea for everyone.
As per your instructions, less
milk and more sugar and tea leaves.
Here your tea, Amar uncle.
And some biscuits made
from pure clarified butter.
And this is your tea with no sugar,
Mr. Sharma.
After a long time I have got
a chance to look after the elderly.
My parents passed away
when I was quite young.
I am a sacrifice to Your creative
power which pervades everywhere
Your limits cannot be known.
Mr. Amar Singh,
this is a great location.
We are at a good height
and there is a river too.
I suggest you go for it.
- Jump down.
- Shut up!
I am in Vancouver.
I am driving.
I'll call you when I'll pull over.
She's after my life.
Mr. Jagdeep,
since when are you in Canada?
Uncle, I was born and brought up here.
- My father was a very religious person.
- Okay.
He is the one who
had planted this forest.
He came here in 1975
with just 10 dollars.
- That's all?
- Yes.
- My sister Jaggo and I...
- Breakfast is ready, brother.
Come over.
Coming, Jaggo. Let's go.
Let's have some breakfast first.
Please eat.
Nice name, dear.
Her name and beauty match her nature.
May God bless her with
all the happiness in the world.
Your sister is very talented, son.
Fate is smiling upon her.
My sister is...
No, she is now our sister as well.
This is the first time I
am eating such a delicious meal.
I deserve another
stuffed bread, sister.
Like you are sated, gentleman.
I have asked for my third one,
you are already on your forth.
Right, sister?
He's just stuffing them in.
You shouldn't count when eating,
Count? He doesn't even chew them.
He just stuffs them in.
Careful, brother.
You've just had half a bread.
Don't throw that up as well.
Have another one, father.
Don't address him as father.
He minds it.
You never know, he might just
stop eating and leave the table.
Shut up. She can say it.
God bless you, dear.
Have a happy married life.
May your family be filled
with kids and happiness.
Jaggo is two years younger than me.
A year ago... a road accident...
...she lost her husband and her child.
A person's mistake ruined her family.
I don't know why I wasn't
with them on that day.
It would have been better
if I too had died that day.
Even though I resisted,
brother brought me home with him.
And sister-in-law's
family didn't like this.
That's why her parents took her away.
She wanted to leave.
But I didn't let her.
In just one moment,
everything came to an end.
No, my brother.
How can everything come to an end
When you are still breathing?
Sorrows break the
spirits of an individual.
People break just like things do.
What breaks can be mended and healed.
But to heal oneself after breaking...
...and putting your
life to a better use...
...depends on an individual
And this also decides our future.
Brother, it only takes
a moment for a person to break.
But sometimes...
...even a lifetime
isn't enough to heal.
That day, my husband was coming
back after finalising a property deal.
We were planning to
build an orphanage there.
A home of God's children.
Never leave your Ardaas
(prayer) incomplete, sister.
Courage, enthusiasm and
curiosity keep the life going.
If every sorrow and incident
takes a lot away from us...
...then they also give
us something in return.
People become anxious,
when something unexpected happens.
This is the way of the world,
O Nanak...
...nothing is stable or permanent.
Focus on completing
what you two had started, sister.
This is great.
You were strangers when we met.
But while seeing you off, I
feel as if I am seeing off my family.
Tears of sorrows get
dried with rays of courage.
One, himself, has to perform surgeries
on their problems.
You are right, Lahori uncle.
I keep telling Jaggo that
courage is the best healer.
My teacher had once told me...
...that what happens is
in the control of the Almight.
No individual can take charge of it.
You should start
Donating things on Tuesdays.
Mr. Sharma,
you are offering dark glasses... the one who wants to
enjoy watching the beauty colours?
These inauspicious hours and days are
only for those who worry about them.
- Right?
- Absolutely.
Date and day, the Yogi knows not...
...the season or month none knows...
...the Creator who decorated
the Universe, only He knows.
All right gentlemen, congratulate me.
From now onwards, I too have a sister.
Life is like a daughter
of happiness and desires.
Life is a friend of hope.
That which cannot be
borrowed from any one is life.
You should...
Finish what you started, my sister.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Let's go, gentleman.
Keep this with you.
It will protect you from negative
thoughts and tough phases in life.
Long live life!
- See you.
- Goodbye.
When Mr. Amar Singh
said 'Long live life'... sounded like the British sloganeering
'Long live revolution' with Bhagat Singh.
Who is it?
Sukhdeep, you?
This naughty fellow has saved
your name as Gabbar in his phone
He's with me,
here, in the car, sleeping
We are coming from Victoria,
now in Ferry
Oh really?
Do one thing,
Hang up and wait for Magic's magic.
Where have you brought us?
Have you lost your memory or are
you coming here for the first time?
It is your own house.
Have you lost your mind?
Mine is fine,
Need to set someone else's right.
You brought me to my
house without even asking me?
- Are you a human or an idiot?
- An idiot.
Because idiots can
do what others cannot do.
Come on, boys.
Tonight, we are going
to stay with Mrs. And Mr. Sehaj
Mind it. Magic.
Some things sound better
only when said in English.
Get up, guys.
Gabbar is there.
Let's see what's
in store for you Kalia?
Okay, so I am Gabbar?
If I were Gabbar then
I would've chopped off...
... your arms like that of Thakur
and would have made you sit at home.
Forgive him, Gabbar.
He has been loyal to you
Let go of your anger, girl.
He gets infuriated
on trivial issues...
As if Mahatma Gandhi offered
you a diploma in peace!
We are going to sleep in a while...
You can, then, set him right.
Stop behaving like kids.
The child in you should never die,
We're capable of forgiving anyone, as
long as we keep the child, in us, alive
Because children never form enmities.
They only spread love.
Don't you think you preach a lot?
Mr. Sharma spoke my heart out aloud.
You think the universe
revolves around you?
And you are wiser than wisdom?
Mr. Sharma,
now you are hurting my weak spot.
My neighbour's cat,
took away my wisdom,
as if it was its offspring
Cat? How can a cat take your wisdom?
When the stars can take
your fate away, Mr. Sharma...
- ...then why can't a cat take away
your wisdom? - Right.
What right?
Why are you wasting time with him?
Come on, let's go to sleep.
You haven't faced
a difficult time as yet.
Such people tend to get admitted
in hospital when they get a head ache
This is the reality.
Sometimes, one has to hide realities
It is better to ignore the realities
which fades the colors of happiness away
On a full moon night,
when you shall come to me...
I shall wait
for you with open arms... my life!
Those with lack of courage,
won't stand beside you
come to me, my life;
I will wel... [coughs]
I love you, life!
Well done, prince.
You said something as beautiful
as the morning in Lahore.
Whether good or bad ones,
Mr. Khan...
One should never refrain
from having conversations
A home where people don't talk... like a mobile with no network.
If you like what I said, let's
end our conversation and go to sleep?
Yes, my intermediary?
I had discussed your reports
with my team today.
You don't have much time left,
my friend.
I don't want to waste
my time thinking about death.
I am very happy.
You should go to sleep.
Good night.
Magic...Magic, listen to me...
What sort of a person is he?
Even a slight fever
is enough to scare people...
And he is playing around when
his death is right at the threshold
Amar Singh?
You are thinking about dying now...
...whereas I have been
dying since my childhood.
Lahori, how have you
been dying since childhood?
Don't ask, sir.
In the ninth grade, I was always
dying to fly a kite and have sweets.
After that, I was dying to get
my hands on Chaudhary's new Mercedes.
Oh my...
Between 16-22 years of age,
Salima, Miriam, Nanjo, Phato, Jamila...
And many other beauties I've died for.
After that, I felt that I died
after getting married to my wife.
Then I wondered what have I done.
Then I slogged for my family.
...for my child.
Then Amar Singh, for you...
Stop your nonsense, Lahori.
Being my friend,
you are making fun of me?
Why would I make fun of you, Sardarji?
You are my boss.
Had my aura been intact,
like that of a boss...
...then why would I decide to die?
Committing suicide,
for a Sikh, is criminal and sinful
Right, Pundit?
It's not,
suicide is a boon for Pandits
What chapter is this?
What is going on?
We are driving down to places in your
car, because... Amar Singh wishes to die.
He was asking suggestions
on how to die.
Then we met Sehaj.
He said have fun before dying.
- He said he has been to a lot of places.
- Sehaj.
He has been to a lot of places?
I sought suggestion because
I considered you as my friends.
But you are acting like
foes and making fun of me.
Say whatever you want to only to him.
Why are you dragging me into this?
What does he want to die?
Sometimes, people are
fed up of their gloomy life.
Unable to get accustomed
to circumstances...
...hence decides to take this step.
You are the master
of your circumstances.
Either make them or break them...
"Some are seeking something."
"Some wish to give it all away."
"Some are seeking something."
"Some wish to give it all away."
"Some plant petals on your path."
"Some want to remove the thorns."
"Everyone thinks differently."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
"No one knows what You will, O' Lord."
Who did you ask before
Bringing Sukhdeep her along?
I asked Sukhdeep.
I begged her to come along.
Look, one tend to be more careful
when a woman travelling along...
By the way, why do have
a wrecked expression on your face?
Smile please.
Distances seem to get
shorter with just one smile...
And a person who always frowns...
...find the distance between
his bed and the washroom... be as far as
Delhi is from Lahore.
They think it is better to die than
to go to the washroom with such mood.
Whom is this targeted at?
I sometimes like to preach myself.
I live in the present.
believe in what is right now.
I consider myself
neither stupid nor smart.
Don't die before
you are actually dead.
Hope you didn't feel
that this was intended at you?
Your behavior is childlike.
Where when one is injected,
the other screams
So I scream, right?
Pullover, my prince.
Look at this beautiful view of nature
Look at it, it's wonderful!
Stop the car.
Can't you hear me? Are you deaf?
I'll stop.
This isn't your Lahore
that I can stop anywhere.
I'll stop at a wider
road after this hairpin bend.
The wind,
like, drenched in a mother's love embracing us
And the sky is looking like father
It is so calm,
peaceful and serene here.
praying at such a place...
...chanting your mantra
Shall make one free of all problems
Mr. Sharma, it is freezing here... that
you won't survive till evening even
Hence, all problems will,
permanently, come to an end
Come on, let me click
a picture of all of you.
- Yes, come on.
- Smile. - Come on.
Okay. One more.
One more.
Nice photo.
Your phone!
Keep it, I don't need it.
Oh no!
Sehaj! Sehaj!
- Amar Singh!
- Mr. Amar Singh!
- What are you doing?
- Mr. Amar Singh!
- Amar Singh!
- Wait.
Don't come near me...
It is a very beautiful place.
My time has come.
Mr. Amar Singh...
Please forgive me if
I've hurt you in any way.
Continue with your tour.
You are getting a call.
Whoever it is,
tell him that everything is over.
It is some Jhanda's call.
Jhanda's call?
How are you?
I am good.
But I had a bad dream.
You are dreaming at daytime?
Now I go to sleep after
coming back from school.
It's not like you are at
home that I can play with you.
I dreamt that you
met with an accident.
Grandpa, it was
No, don't cry, my boy.
Like you died.
No, I am absolutely fine.
We are sitting in a restaurant.
We are having a lot of fun, son.
You are lying.
No, wait, talk to the waiter.
- Hold him.
- I am fine.
How do I explain to Jhanda that I am...
Daan, will you two
be able to explain Jhanda?
Meaning, you are determined
to commit the mistake
which you attempted a while ago?
Gentleman, people who keep
repeating their mistakes...
...starts living a life
full of disappointments.
Ask people whose days are numbered
... the value of life.
Oh my mind, you are the
embodiment of the Divine Light...
Recognise your own origin.
Oh my mind, the Dear Lord is with you...
...through the Guru's teaching,
enjoy His love.
Sardar, you are like the sun.
I am not the sun, I am darkness.
And darkness is not good.
The sun rises from darkness.
What have you gotten yourself into?
It's a vacation,
enjoy yourself.
I want to leave this world!
When I, a six feet tall man,
Look at myself in the mirror...
...I see myself as a dwarf.
I have become a puppet for my kids.
I won't be able to survive with
this baggage of their favours onto me
I cannot stay imprisoned
in my own house.
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
Brother, have you seen him anywhere?
No, brother.
Let us know if you see him anywhere.
His name is Karam Singh.
- We've mentioned the phone
number below. - Okay.
I want to live like a human being.
And not as a pet animal.
Sardarji, man is a social animal.
That means an animal.
And there are two kinds of animals.
Tamed and untamed
What kind of an animal you want to be... is completely up to you.
By the way,
it is tough to be an animal.
You need to have a heart full of love
and 100 percent dedication.
"This world is a complicated place."
"You should think
before you take a step."
"You will earn love."
"You should always accept
everything with a smile."
"Keep your heart open."
"And always accept the truth."
"Water never questions you."
"They never you for
your caste or creed."
"Tears of regret will fill your eyes."
"Oh Man..."
"Oh Man, the decisions
shall be made at His place."
Build such relations, with people,
in this world, o fakira
That people laugh when you laugh...
And cry when you cry
Always be ready to get
humiliated by your children.
They think this old man is selfish
He doesn't think about anyone else.
I am not angry.
It's just you are not happy
with me and I am not happy with you.
I am not happy with you?
Introspect, for once, honestly...
I face humiliation while praying for my daughter
and son-in-law be blessed with a child
Children these days are impossible.
And people think about dying for them.
So why can't we think about
living for your children instead?
And if you feel like a servant While doing
the household chores in your own homes
...then all of us are servants.
Getting to play with your
grandchildren picking them up...
...and dropping them off to school...
Is a chance which only
the fortunate ones get...
It's okay.
You'll understand this
when you'll be at
this stage of your life
A child is like a
crop nurtured with love
It needs to be showered
with water of wisdom
This is just 100% generation
gap and nothing else.
It's just that times have changed.
These children are surely ungrateful.
A person agrees to everything
That his child says.
But does that child listen to you?
listen to you?
They make you do what they want.
They order you.
They consider themselves as perfect
Gentlemen, you must have also considered
yourselves as perfect at some point of time
And I think you all still do
Try and retrospect, how much
did you respected your parents' words?
Did you ever follow
the path they had shown?
Did you ever stop
when they wanted you to?
Gentlemen, if a book gets old,
the story inside never changes.
Take a trip down the memory
lane someday, and relive your past
You will remember a lot of things.
Don't stop me, mother.
I cannot stay here anymore.
Please don't, son. Don't be so stubborn.
What will you gain by going abroad?
What are you lacking over here?
What do I have here, mother?
Your youth will get ruined in Canada.
I'll have a better life, mother.
You, just, tell
father to give me my passport.
At least think about us.
Then when will I think about myself?
You have spent your
life struggling here.
I won't be able to do that.
What is it that we didn't give you?
Why are you wasting your energy?
Here's your passport!
Take it and get lost!
But remember one thing...
If you pick this up...
Then you won't lend your shoulder
to carry the bier of our mortal remains
God bless you, son.
Enough, that's enough.
That's enough, Mr. Amar Singh.
I bowed my head before
my mother just once...
...and I could hear her blessings
till the end of the lane.
But I could never hear her sighs.
I cannot live anymore.
I have lost.
Gentleman, One becomes
successful by beating the failure
No, I cannot live anymore.
I made my parents cry a lot.
Let me die!
You are impossible to understand.
Sometimes you say you want to
die because your children make you cry.
Today you say that you want to
die because you made your parents cry.
Clearly tell, before dying, why you
want to die?
Mr. Sharma,
how about you laugh a little as well?
When you plant flowers,
but all you get is thorns
Then it becomes impossible to laugh
Crying won't turn the thorns
into flowers either, sir.
You'll understand my pain
when your son...
...and daughter-in-law will make
you go through the same.
This Sardarji keeps reciting a Shabad.
I thought that I was in trouble...
...the whole world is in trouble!
When I climbed up the
roof and looked around...
...I saw this fire
in each and every home.
I think you forgot this Shabad.
Like you have never heard it.
But I have learnt a lesson from it.
There are problems in my life too
But I've never let you know of it
I've felt this burn many times
But I keep subsiding
it with jokes and laughter
And I keep smiling.
But I never thought
about committing suicide
You must have killed your pride.
I cannot kill it.
Gentleman, this is called
killing the ego and not the pride.
Don't exaggerate the matter, you fool.
I am not as shrewd as you...
You didn't tell me the agenda
behind this tour before we left.
Just like the car's hire
price inflates during weddings
...I too will charge higher.
This Sikh man,
too, is all set to tie a knot with death
Uncle, talk to him.
Don't call me uncle!
You are difficult to understand.
You get irritated if I call you father.
You get irritated if I call you uncle.
Shall I address you as Bholu Kaka?
- Aswant?
- Yes?
I have been calling dad for a long time
He keeps disconnecting my calls.
I don't know why he is disconnecting it.
What state must he be in?
You should have cared about him earlier
Shut up.
Take my name and leave a message.
Say that Jhanda wants to talk to him.
Your name is Agamjot.
Okay, fine.
I had called him, secretly
From our landline.
It is saved as Jhanda in his phone.
Call him. He will answer it.
That means I hold no value.
I am so worried for him over here.
Fine, will you call him using my phone?
Kiddo, next summer,
we both will come on this tour together.
So sweet of you, grandpa.
Next time not just the two of us,
But the three of us will go there.
You should find yourself
a beautiful old white woman.
To be my grandma.
Oh God!
Now my daughter Shabnam
too will underestimate me?
I am still not dead.
Why are you troubling me?
Sorry buddy, I was missing you.
Oh Jhanda, you?
I too miss you a lot, buddy.
You are lying.
Why didn't you call
me if you were missing me?
Forgive me, I made a mistake.
I accept any punishment for it,
my master.
- [Saza]?
- Oh Punishment.
Oh, no punishment.
I love you, buddy.
Love you too.
Love you...
I love you, grandpa.
A lot.
I love you, my children.
What sort of irrational
behavior is this?
Mr. Sharma, this is called
an affectionate battering our Lahore.
You anyway, are a vegan
And a very fussy eater.
You are making fun
of my religious beliefs.
Oh Good God, such a grave accusation?
Here, eat it.
- Now I don't want to eat it.
- Why?
You can make a Muslim
your friend and hug him...
...but you cannot eat something
he's already taken a bite from?
Come on, you can take mine.
It is vegetarian and
I haven't had it as yet. Here.
It's not about that.
Mr. Sharma,
this is a result of your superstitions.
I was just kidding.
Lahori, I don't like jokes.
I'll thrash you!
Come on out Jeona Morh of Moud Mandi!
- I'll end him!
- You... - Hey!
You'll see me dead if you
blow this out of proportion.
We are anyway going to see
you dead as you have decided to die.
But about him...
Hats off to you!
For a moment you two were
scared of father's threat!
Sorry, I just said it without thinking
- without thinking?
- Yes.
It's okay, you can call me that.
Live long, gentleman.
Seeing you all laughing and fighting
like this reminded me of my childhood.
Nothing can be compared to the
fun we used to have in our childhood.
Well said.
This girl is right.
Nothing can be compared to
the fun we had in the childhood.
This songs suits me better, I think.
- It's not like we are divided.
- Why not?
The countries are divided.
And so are its people.
But our songs are not divided.
The love isn't divided.
Our hearts aren't divided.
"Kotla Chapaki, it's Thursday today."
"The one who looks here and there,
shall be punished."
"Marbles, tying the monkey,
hitting the ball with a stick..."
"We spent a good time
playing hide and seek."
"Marbles, tying the monkey,
hitting the ball with a stick..."
"We spent a good time
playing hide and seek."
"We have a lot of fun in the pond."
"Nothing can be compared
to the fun we had in the childhood."
"Nothing can be compared
to the fun we had in the childhood."
"I won't able to forget the
free snacks taken from the store."
"No longer will the
ink leak while writing."
"I won't able to forget the
free snacks taken from the store."
"No longer will the
ink leak while writing."
"I used to pluck a flower
every day from the garden!"
"Nothing can be compared
to the fun we had in the childhood."
"Nothing can be compared
to the fun we had in the childhood."
"Nothing can be compared
to the fun we had in the childhood."
"Kotla Chapaki, it's Thursday today."
"The one who looks here and there,
shall be punished."
"Kotla Chapaki, it's Thursday today."
"The one who looks here and there,
shall be punished."
Mr. Karam Singh?
- Sehaj!
- Yes?
- Sehaj!
- How?
The lost man.
The missing person
pamphlet that you have.
Stop, brother.
Wait here, we'll go after him.
Where do you want to run and go?
Wait and listen to us.
Stop, brother.
What is this, Magic?
How easily did you say that
the cancer is spreading in you.
And that any moment... you...
Couldn't you have told me?
Come with me to Surrey right away!
I thought you are my friend.
But you are my enemy.
I am your enemy?
To the one
who can live for hours...
You're telling to die within seconds.
This disease has been
with me since past 4 years.
And since many years I know...
...that I don't have
a enough time left with me.
That's why I didn't get married.
My dearest friend,
forget about what I've told you
You don't know anything.
Like you were unaware
until a few moments ago.
If you can do something, then do this
Give me a tight hug.
Come on give me a hug!
Later you are only going
to get to hug my dead body!
"Where did you go, gentleman?"
"Oh Magic..."
I got a call.
A moment please.
Hey Mr. Middle Man?
Magic, tell me, are you alright?
I could answer the call
only because I am fine.
But I think the day of
my Big day is nearing.
The quantity of blood
in my cough has increased.
Magic, your time is coming to an end,
my brother.
God is in a hurry, I guess.
Doctor, honestly speaking...
...I don't feel like leaving.
Magic, you don't have a few days left... you have only a few hours
left to live. So please, brother...
You mean I'll be married
Before my birthday?
Game over.
I wanted to celebrate my
40th birthday before my wedding.
Take care, doctor.
What is wrong with you?
Have you gone crazy?
Good, at least to talked to me.
since the time grandpa has left...
...I feel as if this
house is no longer alive.
Shut up! Mind your language.
You should call papa.
He didn't take his phone with him.
He knows no one is going to call him.
Mr. Amar Singh!
Amar Singh!
Mr. Amar Singh!
Amar Singh!
Mr. Amar Singh!
Amar Singh!
Mr. Amar Singh!
- Uncle!
- Uncle!
- Amar Singh!
- Amar Singh!
- Where the hell are you?
- Amar Singh!
Mr. Amar Singh!
Over there.
Come on.
Mr. Amar Singh!
I think... Mr. Amar Singh
has done what he had intended.
You should be adamant to live.
I live every day
like it's a celebration.
Every morning a new life begins.
You need to live by killing your ego...
...and understanding
other people's need.
Sardarji did get a chance to
look at life from a new prospective.
I thought Sehaj showed
up like an angel at the shore...
...and his death got pushed away.
No, I didn't show up as an angel.
I showed up with evil intentions.
I was sitting at the beach
thinking of ways to make a quick buck.
And how do I get away from Sukhdeep.
That you when we fought...
I too am made of flesh and bones.
I am not a machine.
I too am a human being
and not a video game...
...which you control.
Had you been someone whom I could control
then you wouldn't have been idle...
...that too in Canada!
I'm not fond of sitting idle.
I cannot tolerate anyone bossing me.
That's why I left those jobs.
I was going to drive
a taxi but it didn't work out.
I had thought I'd go to Canada,
have lots of fun and enjoy life.
How can you think about not working...
And still enjoy, Sehaj?
You had told me that life
in Canada is very beautiful.
You can do what you think of.
I'm still firm on it
But mere thinking about it won't help.
Think about working
and progressing
...and only then will
your dreams come true.
- Without working...
- Stop it.
You will see when one of
my schemes work.
I will have my own business.
I will hire white men and women.
You have to mend your ways
to get a job and a social life.
Stop making schemes.
Jobs are for people like you.
I will do business.
I will roam around
Canada and earn dollars.
What do you think, you'll be able to
do a business by mere talking about it?
Not by talking, by scheming.
This attitude of yours
is what stops you from working.
You know I also work for 11 hours.
You are not doing anyone any favour.
Yes, I am not doing any favours but
at least I am not a burden on someone.
Oh I see. So I am a burden.
You are a burden.
Then I'll unburden you today itself.
Sehaj! Sehaj!
I've never gone anywhere.
Ever since, I've come to Canada,
I never stepped out of Surrey.
So, you planned to fool use.
I was just trying
to get what I want.
Made this decision by mistake.
Our friend didn't decide to die on a whim.
Sir, who are we to
decide upon our death?
Can we decide when should we be born?
You know a lot about birth and death.
Brother, if we could choose
where you we could be born...
...I would have been born
to the Queen of England.
If one cannot make
a choice about their birth...
...then why make
a choice about when to die?
- Because many time, one cannot
live as they wish to. - Uncle!
Where were you?
Earlier I had to inform
my parents before I used to go...
Then my wife.
Then my children.
Now, do I have to inform you all too
before going anywhere?
You sometimes feel
like meeting yourself.
I was here only.
In the forest.
After I leave you all to Surrey,
I'll come back here to die.
Why do you say such things, sir?
I'm not strong at heart.
I'm a Pigeon-hearted person
If my heart fails,
our travel game will end right here.
Look at them laughing.
Look, if something happens to me,
don't cremate me.
I have donated my body.
You anyway become
dust after you die.
So why not be of help to someone even
after you die! What more can one ask for
They will perform a few experiments.
What else?
Well, I shouldn't stray
from the truth before I die.
And Guru's Bani is the truth.
True Lord always supports the truth.
My mother used to say these words.
People who forget what their
mothers and Gurus have said...
...they forget how to live.
Magic wouldn't be your
real name, son, I'm sure!
Tell me your real name.
Let me make your horoscope.
Also tell me your date
and place of birth.
[Laughs] Place of Birth?
Sir, I don't even
know who my parents are.
I lived in an orphanage
in India till I was nine.
They used to call
me Jadoo over there.
Mr. Dreamer adopted
me and brought me here.
And here everyone
started calling me Magic.
Mr. Dreamer used
to call me Magic...
...and I used to call
him Mr. Dreamer.
Mr. Dreamer didn't cut my hair... I suffixed 'Singh' with my name.
Magic Singh.
Mr. Dreamer passed away and
Gave me this truck as a remembrance
I love you, Mr. Dreamer.
Shabnam, my child.
You are sitting all alone here.
I know you are missing your grandpa.
Don't you miss him?
I miss him a lot, my dear.
Mummy, grandfather is here.
Did brother or
sister-in-law say something?
I'll talk to them.
Binder, at this age everyone
likes to sit back and relax
But here,
I have to wash the utensils.
Do the laundry, drop Jeeti
to school then pick her up.
I also have to feed her.
Moreover your sister-in-law
will come back and ask...
...where have I been all day long?
Papa, are you facing
Any problem at home?
I have a problem?
Or do they have a problem with me?
What do you mean?
Dear, she feels that her
life is filled with sorrows.
And I feel that I don't
have any happiness in my life.
Why haven't you told sister-in-law
what all you do?
Just like your father, I too
have a lot of responsibilities.
But I cannot do so much work
at this age...
As much as my son and my
daughter-in-law expect from me.
Your sister-in-law also
works for 12 hours.
She bears half the
expense of the house.
We had an argument in the morning.
I thought I should come
here till she calms down a little.
How are you, Agam?
Where's brother?
Where's your grandpa hiding?
- Mummy?
- Yes?
- Grandpa...
- Agam?
Grandpa is going
to come back, right?
- Grandpa is going to come back, right?
- Agam?
When is he going
to come back, mummy?
Let's go inside,
see if you want something.
You came from India decades ago.
You still keep converting
dollars to rupees?
You shouldn't look at this so carefully.
You might end up
spending a dollar or two.
Don't you think you
are getting too friendly?
Daan, hold him.
Beat him up well today.
Please beat him up with care.
See, even this lady didn't stop you.
She too wants you
to service him with care.
How about you saying
your darling husband?
Look at her laughing instead.
Darling husband?
Like you do a lot for her.
You have such a nice family.
Bless you all.
Thank you for blessings, sister.
This family was formed
only a few days ago...
...that too in a haste
This is what happens
when things are done hastily.
Let me go, buddy.
Buddy? Like we played
together as kids, mister?
- I'll do whatever you say.
- Come on, say sorry.
Kiddo, you shouldn't take time
to thank or apologise to someone.
Right, sister?
Not sorry.
We need homemade tea.
My stomach is upset after
having coffee on the way.
Like my aunt stays here.
This great saint wants tea.
Again rude!
Daan, catch him.
No don't,
I'll make you some tea.
You all seem like family to me.
Tell me,
who all would like to have tea?
Everyone except him.
Why won't brother drink any?
He will drink something
else with me in the evening.
Here I am folding my hands.
I don't want to drink alcohol.
I want to drink some more.
I will drink all night long.
I have given my word.
And I am not a leader.
You want to offer him some more?
You have invited trouble
for yourself here.
You won't drink anymore, gentleman.
I am not gentleman.
I am bad man.
Okay then bad man, go to sleep.
Bad man?
Who are you to call
me bad man, Mr. Daani.
I would have held you by your neck.
You're saved because
you don't have a neck.
You have your head
stuck on to your shoulders.
He is elder to you.
Give me your glass.
Oh I see.
So now you will drink with me?
This is what I've been waiting for!
You Indian woman!
You are trying to imitate the foreigners?
Son, why are you blabbering away?
- Please keep quiet!
- Nope.
Look, you are under
your mother's oath.
I swear upon my mother?
I don't haven't earned that level yet.
Had I rested my head
on my mother's lap...
...then she would have lived for
another four years at least.
Uncle, you shouldn't have
reminded him of his mother.
I haven't forgotten her.
I have troubled her a lot.
You know, I didn't even
attend my mother's funeral.
If I had paid off my father's loan
then he wouldn't have strangled himself.
My father doesn't pay
me a visit even in my dreams.
I would have sought his forgiveness.
But, I used to love my father a lot.
When he used to come back home...
...I used to pretend
that I am sleeping.
But, I used to
sleep only after had returned home.
Father, I have always wanted to say
this to you when you were alive...
...but I couldn't say it.
I love you, father.
Please forgive me.
I love you, father.
"What will be the use of the
palaces you filled after you are gone?"
"All the dreams because of which you have
forgotten God will remain unfulfilled."
"Only your near and dear
ones will pray for you."
"But everyone's..."
"My dear,
your fate will be decided by Him."
"My dear,
your fate will be decided by Him."
You have never lost someone's heart...
"You will have to tell Him everything."
"You might have a lot of
regrets in my heart in the end."
"But everyone's..."
"Everyone's fate will be decided by Him."
"My dear,
your fate will be decided by Him."
Sorry, for last night.
I was getting furious when
you were drinking.
Then why didn't you stop me?
Because I was loving listening to
what you were saying.
My mind never let my heart speak.
Sukhdeep, I never knew it is. You feel
good when you let your heart speak.
How nice would it have been
had your heart spoken up sooner.
Then perhaps my parents wouldn't have
been so sad when they left this world.
You know what?
I am so happy today.
Sehaj, who used to love
me from the bottom of his heart...
...has come back to me today.
And Sehaj too has learnt
that you shouldn't...
...let your mind handle
your relationships.
You should handle
them with your heart.
"Only fortunate ones
get this opportunity."
- There he is.
- "I decorated my wedding headgear."
"I decorated it with
flowers on my own."
You have got all your stars
under control in this get up.
You have opened the path
to long life and wealth.
Give the groom some ornament to keep
him protected against the evil eye.
Anyway, let's leave this discussion.
All of you say
'Happy Birthday' to Magic Singh...
...because today
is my happy birthday.
- Oh really?
- Happy birthday!
"Happy birthday to you!"
- Happy birthday to you!
- "Happy birthday..."
Thank you, guys!
But a wedding dress?
Just a rehearsal.
there is a good news for you guys.
I'm getting married soon.
Hurrah! [Applause].
So I am doing a dress rehearsal
for it on my birthday.
Oh, then we all should have a party.
I'll throw a party for your birthday.
You'll only have do it, father.
I am an orphan.
Don't you dare call
yourself an orphan.
- I am here for you.
- No!
How long would you be
here, gentleman?
Only for a day or so!
I want a Father who's going
to live a long life
Then call me your father.
I'm not
going to die anytime soon.
No, this old man
is very superstitious.
He will get me involved
in spells and talismans
Mr. Khan would be good.
At least he is jovial like me.
Mr. Khan...
Would you like to be Magic's father?
Mr. Khan, holding you in my arms...
...will make me feel as if
I've embraced the entire Lahore.
Brother, you have decorated your
turban on your own today but...
On the day of your wedding,
I will decorate it for you
Done deal.
Okay guys,
quickly finish your breakfast.
There's surprise party for
my birthday somewhere...
We all have to go
Come on Sehaj, let's keep the bags.
What's your problem?
What are you trying to prove?
The same thing I want ask you...
That, what are you trying to prove?
I just want that let me face
what is destined for me
What do you mean?
When I am the one
who is going to die...
Then why do you have a dreadful
expression on your face?
Are you really that brave...
...or are just pretending to be?
Life... is sweeter than honey.
And I am not dying by choice
Life is getting rid of me.
I can clearly hear
death walking towards me.
if it finds me in tears, will I be spared?
You have made yourself so strong.
When I couldn't do anything about
it I accepted it as God's will.
The world is afraid of death...
...that death fills
my mind with bliss.
It is only by death that perfect,
supreme bliss is obtained.
Sehaj, can you stop me from dying?
Then don't stop
me from living either.
Till the time I'm alive,
let me live fully, my friend.
Come on, buddy.
Come here.
Come on.
Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Yeah!
Happy birthday dear Magic!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Thank you all!
With Magic's inspiration
and with the love of you all...
We have made, Ardaas: home of god's
children, functional from yesterday
Thank you all for being
a part of our lives.
when I met you at the store the other day,
...I didn't know
we would ever meet again.
When I heard Magic say
that you shouldn't take time
To thank or apologize to someone...
...I immediately called up Jagdeep...
...and told him...
'I am sorry, Jagdeep.'
'Come and take me with you today itself.'
My brother Magic has
made me reconnect with life.
You have lit a lamp
which had extinguished.
By staying with these kids...
...I can keep my deceased
family's memories fresh and alive.
Now I know that life
doesn't mean stopping... means one should keep going.
All thanks to you.
You gave me an opportunity to
meet such beautiful creations of God.
So ladies and gentlemen,
now we can say, life is beauti...
Hello, children.
Come, come...
Come, come, come.
Mr. Sharma,
God sometimes sends us gifts.
They are usually close to us,
we just need to recognise them.
And accept them.
Come on, kids!
Everybody, sing with me.
Twinkle twinkle little star!
- How I wonder what you...
- Stop, stop, stop.
Follow me only.
Twinkle twinkle little star!
Twinkle twinkle little star!
I am happy, how you are?
I am happy, how you are?
Live in the present, leave the past!
Live in the present, leave the past!
Meeting you...
And this tour...
Is no less than a pilgrimage.
We will now travel
with you every year.
This boy knows how to
play the game called life.
He can play alone and give
the feeling of being a team.
Love you, Magic. Love you.
No, Sardarji.
The real fun of playing
the game is with a team.
If you want to play a good game...
...then you stop thinking as if
you are the one plays the game best.
Well said, prince.
I'll sing at your wedding.
"O groom, you are incomparable."
"You look very good in this dress."
"God had personally designed you."
"You are our friend,
you are a pure soul."
"Your eyes are filled with love."
"You are surrounded
with delicacies."
"You embrace everyone
and spread love."
"For me you are
a blessing from God!"
Well said, Mr. Khan. Well done.
Mr. Khan should speak at my wedding.
Come on, drive the car.
I'm handing over the
steering wheel to you.
Gentlemen, I am feeling sleepy.
Although exhaustion and tiredness
aren't a part of Magic's dictionary.
Just for a change.
For a good sleep.
Come on, gentleman.
Come on,
everyone relieve yourselves.
Let's fill up the car's tank and
empty our tanks. Right, gentleman?
Wake up, Magic. Fill the tank up.
- Let's go.
- Let him sleep.
He is tired.
I'll fill it up.
- Sehaj? Can you go and pay up?
- Okay.
you have maintained the car well.
It's very clean, just like you.
Sorry, I hope I
am not disturbing you.
Come on, Magic, wake up!
Time to move your chariot.
Hello, sir!
- Magic!
- Magic!
- What happened?
- Call an ambulance!
Ambulance! Magic!
- Magic!
- Hello!
This is an emergency.
Please send an ambulance.
- Don't do this, buddy!
- Mag...
- Wake up!
- Please, it's an emergency.
Sent it, please.
- Magic!
- What isn't he waking up?
- Get up, Magic!
- Magic!
- Magic!
- Magic!
- Magic!
Here is petrol pump.
Oh God...
Couldn't you have told us
when you learnt...
...that Magic doesn't have
much time left with him?
Magic wanted to
live life to the fullest before he dies.
He said, if someone close to
him learns that he is going to die...
...then it'd be worse than death for him.
I'm sorry, we have some bad news.
Magic had donated his
body for cancer research.
So, we cannot take his body.
Doctor has asked all of us
to pay our last respect here itself.
A body can...
... sometimes help even after death.
To think about one's own death... like betraying yourself, brother.
"O groom, you are incomparable."
"You look very good in this dress."
"God had personally designed you."
"You are our friend,
you are a pure soul."
"Your eyes are filled with love."
"You are surrounded with delicacies."
"You embrace everyone and spread love."
'Come on give me a hug!'
'Later you are only going
to get to hug my dead body!'
"Where did you go, gentleman?"
'Brother, you have decorated
your turban on your own today...'
'...but I will be the one who will
decorate your turban on your wedding day.'
'When you'll come
to meet me on a full moon...'
'I shall wait
for you with open arms, My life .'
'those with
no courage be by your side?'
'Life, come here, I will wel...'
What kind of a game is this, God?
The one who wants to die is alive...
...and the one who was
full of life is dead...
This is life.
Life and death aren't
in our hands, Sardar.
Magic used to live in the present.
And we are still stuck in the past.
'Always keep progressing ahead...'
'...and accept God's will and enjoy life.'
'Children need to become
their parents' friends.'
'Children and their parents will have to
become each other's friends, gentlemen'
'Those who try to stubbornly
enforce their decision on destiny...'
'...can never live a good life.'
'I was destined to have cancer.'
'But it didn't make me sad.'
'Instead I was happy that I got a chance
to live in such a beautiful world.'
'I felt elated to dress like
a groom and celebrate my fake birthday.'
'Because sometimes you need
to create your own happiness.'
'Embrace life live in the present.'
'Be grateful.'
'Bid goodbye to your grudges.'
'Life doesn't become beautiful
By mere sloganeering Long live life'
'And yes, if you see anyone
running away from life...'
'...then show them the right way to live.'
'Help them befriend life.'
'And gentlemen,
plant a sapling in my name.'
'So that I can grow up to
be a tree and enjoy many seasons.'
'There is a video on my phone.'
'You should play it
at my funeral meeting.'
'And yes, don't miss me.'
'Feel me.'
'I am always with you.'
'Goodbye, my friends.'
'Yours' truly, Magic Singh.'
"God, I make a humble prayer to You."
"May everyone get together..."
"Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian."
"Let there be no poison
in anyone's heart."
"Let the feeling of destroy
anyone should come to an end."
"Let there be no poison
in anyone's heart."
"Let the feeling of destroy
anyone should come to an end."
"I pray."
"I pray to God."
"Let there be love between
parents and children."
"Let respect always prevail."
"I pray."
"I pray to God."
"Let the weak and the strong, parents
and children support each other."
"The one which would shake
the soul and take you far away..."
"...may no one ever see such a night."
"Let no son be bad."
"Let no parents lose their children."
"I pray."
"I pray to God."
"Give us the strength
to meditate on God's name."
"Every hour and every
moment of the day."
"Give us the strength
to meditate on God's name."
"Every hour and every
moment of the day."
Amar Singh...
Get up and thank all
those who have gathered here.
- And say a few words about Magic...
- No.
I am not worthy enough.
And Magic had considered
Lahori as his father.
- Yes.
- Get up, my friend?
I? But I am a...
Magic had explained to
you what Guru Sahib had said.
Hindu Muslim, Sikh, Christian...
all are the same.
In a Gurudwara, everyone
belongs to the same caste, uncle.
Daan, come on.
Everyone present here,
you are all a form of God.
I greet and bless everyone.
May Waheguru, Allah and Bhagwan...
...give us all a beautiful
and a healthy life.
We lived one of the best six
days of our lives with Magic Singh.
He was a very lively person.
A prince of life.
He lived a very beautiful life.
Come on, let us all... our lives
Beautifully before we die.
I thank everyone present here.
And before I leave,
I request you all to meet Magic Singh...
...through the video which
he had prepared for us.
The video.
You should hold such a
place in the society, o' fakira...
...that when you laugh,
people should laugh with you...
...and when you cry,
they should cry with you.
Hello everyone, I am your Magic...
Oh sorry.
I was your Magic Singh.
So you saw my magic?
Until yesterday I was with you...
...and today I simply disappeared.
All of you will perform
this magic one day.
Because my Baba had said:
Whatever has been created
shall be destroyed.
Many of you must be crying.
Don't cry, instead talk about me.
Don't think about how little I lived.
Think about how I lived.
How I controlled the untamed horse
of life with the whip of happiness.
And how I used the reins
of courage and raced it.
Oh yes...
One of our friends has
decided to die tomorrow.
Death is an offering from God which
will be granted to everyone one day.
If you want to fix something
then fix your life.
Fix how you will live before you die.
And everyone, before you
perform the magic which I just did... think about whether
you have made your life...
...a slave to your desires,
grudges and sorrows...
...and already put an end to it?
Our wealth, jewellery and land
makes our family fight each other.
If you want to bequeath something...
...then bequesth how much
Happiness one should inherit...
...and who gets what share of laughter.
I am leaving my creative
thinking behind for you all.
And as I leave,
I pray for everyone's betterment.
O Nanak, those who know their true
identity live in excellence and ecstasy...
...through the power of your Bani,
may everyone be blessed this way.
I made this video so that you
don't remember me as a still face...
...but as a smiling face.
O Kabira, when I came into this world...
...the world rejoiced and I cried.
Now I leave doing such deeds
that I rejoice and the world cries.
As Magic leave,
you have to laugh with him.
You are laughing a lot.
Who are you connected to?
I'm making a video, gentleman.
- A video?
- Whose?
It's a surprise.
Are we in it?
Come here!
- We are here!
- You too join in.
Include us so that the one who you
are making it for can see us as well.
- Congratulations on having a
daughter, sister. - Thank you.
- What name have you given her?
- Gifty.
Papa says that God is miraculous...
...and I became a mother
because of His miracle.
- A gift from God.
- Yes.
- Agam!
- Yes?
Let Gifty also play with you guys.
- Come here!
- Come here!
- Go.
- Go there.
Grandpa, I am not going to play.
Sister isn't passing the ball to me.
- Sehaj?
- Yes?
This boy has taken
after his grandfather.
Learn to take the ball back, buddy.
Don't complain, Agam.
- Thank you. - Daddy, he won't
listen to you if you call him Agam.
Call him Jhanda.
Jhanda, if you want to play
the game then play it from your heart.
- Get involved.
- Okay. Then watch me now.
There it goes!
Pundit, what are you doing?
Jumping into the sea along
with the sacred threads and talismans?
If you don't have the courage tell me,
I'll push you.
I am not out of my mind.
Moreover, the one
who has such a beautiful...
...and loving family can
never have a bad fate.
Isn't he the one who went missing?
- It's him!
- Yes!
Catch him!
- Brother!
- Then catch him!
- Brother! Brother!
- Catch him!
- Brother! Brother!
- Catch him! - Hello!
- Hello!
- Stay away from me!
- Brother!
- Let me go!
- Brother! What are you doing, brother?
- Let me go!
What family are you talking about?
I am not going to go back home.
- Let me die!
- Your family is looking for you!
I don't want to go home! Let me die!
Hello, it is a sin to commit suicide.
Your soul won't rest in peace.
It's not like my soul is in peace now.
Dying a little every
day isn't good either.
Brother, why don't you have some fun,
see the world and then die?
- Have you ever been to Victoria?
- Yes?
Winnipeg? Ottawa?
I am not stopping you from dying.
Enjoy life before you die.
- Don't die when you are sad.
- Here's my number.
Call me, we will take you on a tour.
You should enjoy your
life once before you die.
But why do you want to die?
A year ago I did an accident by mistake.
Uncle, accidents happen by mistake only.
What had happened, brother?
In that accident a man
and his child lost their lives.
I cannot carry the burden
of their deaths anymore.
Where did this accident take place?
Do you know anyone from their family?
Guru's Bani gives shelter
to those who seek refuge.
And, what you cannot borrow
from any one is called life.
That's why don't give up on life.
It was an accident and not a murder.
Therefore, don't murder
yourself by fearing accidents.
Take this.
Keep this with you.
It will keep you away from
Negative thoughts and bad phases in life.
Engrave this on your heart.
I am a mantra of happiness.
And I am an instrument of friendship.
I will pray for your long life.
You should pray.
But not for just one person,
pray for everyone's wellbeing.
And gentleman,
do remember Magic's mantra.
I live in the present.
I only believe in right now.
I consider myself
neither stupid nor smart.
Don't die before you are actually dead.
"You can even touch the sky,
you just need to have the passion."
"If you want to face the heat of trouble,
your blood should be boiling."
"The one who make their courage
their wings are the ones who win."
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win."
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win."
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win."
"You will win if you are adamant."
"You need to be positive,
if you want to reach your destination."
"You need to be positive,
if you want to reach your destination."
"Those who are born in
summer don't fear the heat."
"Those who are born in
floods build skyscrapers."
"Those who make the darkness
disappear are the ones who win."
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win.
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win.
"You will win if you are adamant."
"You need to be positive,
if you want to reach your destination."
"Those who don't fear death,
they aren't easy to kill."
"Those who have Guru Gobind Singh's
blood in them, they aren't easy to scare."
"The one who finds the destination
without a map is the one who wins."
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win.
"Those who make bravery their
support are the ones who win.
"You will win if you are adamant."
"You need to be positive,
if you want to reach your destination."
"You need to be positive,
if you want to reach your destination."