Ardennes Fury (2014) Movie Script

Attack front!
Macht schnell!
Let's go!
Macht schnell!
Go, go, go!
Move it up!
Let's go!
Gun's down again!
Engine's still
locked up, Lance!
Go, go, go!
We're getting our asses
kicked here, Lance!
We have to hold the line till
phase two of the aerial bombing,
and we can't even
get in the fight!
Afternoon ain't
coming soon enough!
Long as we're
long gone before then!
Sarge, we can leave
anytime you give the word!
I hate to say it,
but I'm with CK on this one.
We need to advance to
the rear and regroup!
Negative, Sergeant Rose!
Move up! Move up!
We hold them here!
Move! Move! Move!
Get on your feet!
We push through
until air support comes!
Aw, for hell's sake!
We're surrounded
by Nazis!
Doesn't matter if we go
forwards or backwards!
McNay, get us around those
tanks over there! You copy?
Copy that, Sarge!
We're mighty low
on fuel!
We don't get
around those tanks,
fuel's gonna be
the least of our concerns!
Copy that.
Come on!
Does anything
on this tank work?
Gunner's always
ready and willing!
Oh, well, let's just
take out those tanks
and keep advancing,
We got one ahead!
Rose and I
will take it out!
Rest of you,
sit tight!
Watch our six!
Sergeant Lance Dawson
playing hero again.
This thing
goes sideways,
you keep
this thing moving.
You don't
stop rolling
till you
see friendly faces
or Saint Peter's
Copy that!
Well, at least this crate's
not a burnin' Sherman.
- Let's do this!
- You'd better be quick.
It looks like we're
going to get some rain.
Plan, Sarge?
The basic rodeo roundup.
I'll go to the left.
You catch 'em on the right.
I've known about
the rodeo roundup
since the 761st,
Sergeant Dawson.
Any problems there,
Never a problem!
I just want
to be able to see
my wife and kids
again just like you!
We don't have any kids!
Not for lack of trying!
Let's go!
Hey the Rain's
letting up, let's go!
Oh, hey.
Good to see you guys.
- Miss us?
- Ah, getting bored.
Ready? Move her out!
Back to American lines!
Forward ho, Sarge!
Lance, we're cut off
from the column.
Freddy, how we doing?
We're mighty low
on fuel!
Let's get
as far as we can!
Well, you guys
better hit the ground!
Now, soldiers,
we're well over enemy lines,
so get into tank formation,
and be on the lookout.
Keep your eyes peeled
for the enemy!
Piece of junk!
Looks like
we're all clear.
For now.
Well, I guess that's
the end of that.
Can it, Private.
Bad news, Lance.
We're dry.
Yeah, Sarge?
Where's that fuel point,
Radio confirmed
a supply truck
about a kilometer
east of us, stationary.
All right.
We'd better
get a move on, then.
Take him out.
mission first. Then check the girl.
Shit. No go!
We're gonna have
to carry it!
Are you okay?
We got company coming!
We gotta go!
Come with us!
Come on! Come on!
Let's go!
For once, I'm glad to see
you guys can't follow orders.
Sergeant McNay thought
you could use some help.
He was right.
Private Sommers,
let's make this quick.
Turret's jammed,
and the breach
is stuck again!
Griffin, get these cans
back there.
Get this beast fueled up.
Get this thing
fueled up!
You get
this beast moving!
Let me get
the radio!
Give me a hand clearing this damn thing!
Almighty, Almighty,
this is 3-6 Actual
air support. Over!
3-6, this is Almighty.
Negative on air support.
Maintain radio silence
now forward.
3-6 Actual. Out.
Copy that,
Almighty. Out!
Another minute,
All right, listen up!
We have to move
to rally point two ASAP.
When we get there,
we're gonna stay put
and maintain
radio silence.
- You speak English?
- I do.
What's your name?
- Sister Claudette.
- Sister?
Are you hurt,
Sister Claudette?
No, where do we go?
We're going to a military rally point,
where you'll be relocated.
You're safe as long
as you're with us.
I must get back!
Calm down, Sister.
Hey, get down!
Watch the fire, Griff!
Sommers, we don't
have that much time.
30 more seconds,
The children,
they need me!
What children?
I run an orphanage
with Mother Mary Ellen.
There are many orphans!
They must be saved!
I... I live with
the children.
Kids? What kind
of nun has kids?
Nuns run orphanages,
you dumb-ass!
Orphans, yes!
I must go!
Hey! Hey!
You can't make it
back to the orphanage
by yourself!
I don't know how
you got this far alone.
I had
an American escort.
American escort?
They were executed
by the Germans.
Freddy, give me the map!
Watch... Keep your head down!
We're here.
Where's your orphanage?
that's three clicks east.
Rally point's
five clicks north!
Almost there, Sarge!
We don't have a lot of time
to get to that rally point.
We're already a
kilometer off-course.
Three clicks east,
pick up a bunch of kids,
then hike back
to here,
plus another
five clicks north,
and that's pretty
shaky ground, Sarge.
Rose, what if we
go straight there?
Well, we got a...
a chance of making it
to the rally point
before the bombs fall.
What kind of chance?
A slim one!
But it's...
it's better
than the chance
that those kids have making
it through the operation.
One more can!
One more can, Sarge!
One more can!
We can't risk it.
- I'm sorry, Sister.
- No!
Sarge, Sarge,
I don't think you heard me.
I heard you
just fine, Sergeant.
I said a slim chance,
you know, but...
Yeah, I'm aware of that,
Well, holy shit!
I'm with the Sarge on this one!
What did your father
used to always say?
If you're gonna die,
you might as well
go ahead and die...
Doing the right thing,
And in my eyes,
this is the right thing.
I usually back your play,
but look at her!
This is not a damn vote
at the Rotary Club, Sergeant!
What you're saying could get us all killed,
kids included!
I say
we get the kids!
At least give 'em a chance to
make it through the operation.
Look, they may
not be our kids,
but they're
someone's kids.
All right,
that's it!
Good to go!
Put your head down.
Put your head down.
Get ready!
Lance, you better
cover your ears!
Freddy, you get this beast
to the rally point.
You gotta
be kidding me!
Am I the only one
thinking straight here?
Look, I feel
for those orphans,
I really do, but you
said it yourself.
We barely stand a chance of
making it in one piece now.
I don't see how having these
kids die with us is gonna help.
Now, look, Sarge,
I know that you got a lot on your plate...
CK, Rose, Griffin,
we'll be on foot.
Hey, we'll be
able to hit
a few of these
rough shortcuts
you can't navigate through,
all right?
We pick up those kids,
we'll come out here.
That's right along the route.
Give us one hour.
If we're not there,
you keep this beast moving,
and you don't stop till
you hit that rally point.
I'm not leaving you,
That's an order,
Copy that.
Rose, you take point
for now.
Sister, show him the way.
All right.
We'll be looking out
for you, Sarge!
You better be!
If the Krauts don't get us,
Dawson will.
Come on, Griff.
Back me up
on this one.
Hey, look, uh, Sarge,
um, how we know she ain't leading
us into some kind of trap?
That sounds pretty unlikely,
I... I just ain't
buying it. I mean,
what the hell's a nun
doing out here, anyway?
She don't even
sound French.
I just ain't buying it.
CK, if it is a trap,
a pretty weak one.
Get back
in formation.
Sergeant's right, CK.
We're behind
enemy lines.
We're trapped already.
I wouldn't expect to see any
friendly faces anytime soon.
We still need
to do this, Sarge?
They may not be our kids,
but they were someone's.
You should have been more cooperative,
shouldn't you?
I lost six good men,
Because your brother
helped the Americans,
he is now dead!
I want to know everything he told
you about the American plans.
But I... I do not know.
H-He never told me anything
the American spies told him.
You lie!
No, it is the truth!
He never
told me anything!
I think you lie.
No, no!
I don't know!
I don't know!
Tell me everything!
No, no.
This is my family.
This is my family!
No! No!
I find you peasants
hard to believe.
No, it's true.
No, my family.
tell me
of the American plans.
I want to know now!
That's not too far
from here, Sarge.
Hey, no matter what happens,
stay here.
Stay low.
- No, I must...
- Ehp! Ehp!
You stay here.
Wait for me.
This is what you get
for helping the Americans.
I want to know everything
they told your brother.
I know nothing!
- And I want to know now!
- Nothing!
Sarge, we got
a problem here.
clear the front
so we can get
to that officer.
CK, take out
that vehicle.
I could take
the first one,
but the officer's
too close to the woman.
Ah, shit.
We got dead civilians out there.
Some of 'em are kids.
I see it.
Take him, Rose.
Hold your fire!
We have you
Your vehicle
is disabled!
Surrender now!
We have a woman
in here, a civilian,
an innocent woman!
Come out
with your hands up!
You send the woman out
without any further harm,
I promise that you
and your men
will be treated
as prisoners of war
in accordance with the
Geneva Convention!
Sarge, I say we fill
that house full of lead
while we still
got the chance.
Just sit tight,
They've got
a grenade on her, Rose.
Let the woman go!
Let the woman go
Your nine! Officer's
heading into the woods!
Hold your fire, CK.
Ah, shit!
Secure the area now!
Hey, we got
a survivor, Sarge!
All clear!
Goddamn animals.
Want some water?
Come here.
How you doing,
Some more?
Aw, come on!
Hey, want some more?
It's all right.
There you go.
What the hell are you doing,
Stand down!
I said stand down!
I don't know how you did
things over in the Pacific.
But over here, we don't butcher helpless,
unarmed soldiers,
even if
they're the enemy,
before we've had
a chance to ask them
some questions
and get some intel!
We should have killed 'em all
when we had the chance.
Think the kids might have
appreciated that?
Or even our dear
sweet Sister?
Screw your head on
tight, soldier!
Want to save
your goddamn kids or not?
I told you to stay put.
We have to go, Sister.
We must bury them.
There's no time
to bury the dead.
I'm sorry.
in God's hands now.
Let's go save
your kids.
Major, what about
the Americans?
They're most likely
an advance squad
in preparation for their
up-and-coming operation.
I want to capture
one of their commanders.
I need to know what
their objectives are,
how many men and when.
We need more of our men,
It's been a long time since I've
had to travel this far on foot.
Are you going weak
on me, Gretsch?
Like the Fatherland?
Like the Fatherland,
are you
turning weak on me?!
In this time
of crisis,
we need all the
intelligence we can get!
And if we need to walk,
we will walk!
Unless you would care for
me to end the war for you
right here, right now!
You can sleep for the
rest of it and forever.
Do you want that,
No, Major.
It's one of ours.
Are you going
to help them?
Sarge, CK and me
can get down there.
Too far away.
We can't.
I know.
It's our own guys!
It's over.
Let's get those kids.
take point.
Come on, Lance.
Where are you?
I don't think they're
gonna make it back.
Sarge says we stay,
we stay.
Well, I say we go.
What do you think,
Thanks a lot
for the support.
We're not taking
a vote on this!
The Sarge says we stay,
we stay.
He's got an hour
to get back.
Why don't you
make yourself useful
and do
a perimeter check?
Be back in an hour.
You are surrounded.
Drop your rifle.
Good morning, Private.
We need to have a talk about
your operations, hmm?
Private Scott Sommers...
your up-and-coming
the objective?
Private Scott S...
Now, Private,
how old are you?
18? 19 perhaps?
We can communicate!
Indeed, a young man.
I've lost
many young men,
15-year-old boys,
to soldiers
just like you.
You see,
you will tell me
everything you know
about your operations,
or I will cut pieces
of you until you do.
The operation,
what is your objective?
Tell me!
An hour and 10.
Sommers has
been gone too long.
I need to go
check on him.
No, sir. Someone needs
to hold this tank,
and that someone's you.
Roger that.
I'm going anyway.
Uh, Freddy,
we got a problem.
You see something?
Holy shit!
They're not gonna miss
once they get that close!
Gonna get an A.P.
Get a good mark!
Mark set!
this mission's FUBAR.
I don't even think
Kilroy's been here.
We should talk
about this later.
How many grenades
do we have?
Light 'em up!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Move, move, move, move!
All right, let's go!
Come on!
He was a member of an
American tank crew.
They have their tank
near here.
he did not elaborate as to where.
He knew nothing
of their plans.
Shall we find the tank?
I don't give a damn
about their tank.
I want
the tank commander.
And thank you to our
newfound friend in there,
our late friend,
I know
where they went.
Doesn't look like
an orphanage to me.
Oh, thank God.
It's ours.
Who here
is in command?
That would be me.
And now
it will be me.
Turn this thing
Everybody out!
See, children?
I told you your mother would return safe.
Mama! Mama!
Mama! Mama!
She's their mother?
Let's talk.
It's time for the truth.
Those kids
called you Mama.
I am Sister Claudette.
I don't think so.
You ain't French,
and this ain't
no orphanage.
I think you're
a desperate mother
who'd do anything
to save her kids,
and you suckered us
in here.
I am not a nun.
I am from Portugal.
My husband was
an American ambassador,
and we almost escaped.
No more lies!
And what about Sister
Mary what's-her-name?
She is a real nun.
She has been our savior.
And this, uh, orphanage?
No orphans.
I'm not gonna get my men
wrapped up in this matt...
Get down!
Rose, you see anything?
Not yet!
Pinned in
a goddamn orphanage
with goddamn nuns
and kids.
Private Griffin,
you okay out there?
Fine, Sarge!
Just enjoying the view!
Coming your way!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's a hell of a time
to pull a John Wayne move,
you stupid bastard!
Shut up.
There's no need for
any further bloodshed!
Sounds like that Kraut officer
that killed those kids.
Griff, can you move?
I... Hurts pretty bad,
but I can move.
If you surrender now,
I assure you
that you will be treated in accordance
with the Geneva Convention!
Oh, bullshit.
Claudette, get the kids
ready to move now.
I say we stand
and fight, Sarge!
It's not your call,
If you
are concerned
for the lives
of the children,
I promise you they
will be treated well
if you come out now
and surrender!
We're wasting time.
CK, damn it.
That's enough, soldier.
It's not too long
till the operation's bombs
start falling.
Stop! Stop!
Stay with Amelie.
I will protect Pierre.
Nuts. Claudette,
you and Sister Mary
get those kids
ready to go now!
CK, you go
with those kids!
Pierre has run away!
Aw, come on!
You gotta be kidding me!
Do it!
All right, let's go!
Come on. Let's go!
Move, move, move!
Move, move, move, move!
Come on.
- Come on!
- Pierre!
Griffin's been hit!
Come on! Come on!
Pierre! Pierre!
Shut up.
Shut up, lady!
The Krauts are
gonna hear you.
Pierre went
in the woods.
Stop him, please.
Find him!
H-He's just a boy.
He's just a boy!
Oh, Pierre!
Oh, God, Pierre.
God in Heaven.
Pierre. Ohh.
CK, get your ass
back here now!
I could follow him!
Negative! We gotta go!
CK knows where
the tank is, all right?
He'll have to catch up.
You get Griffin,
and you follow me,
all right?
- Pierre!
- Shhh.
Sister, listen.
We can't run fast enough,
all right?
CK will find the boy.
He'll save your son.
I promise.
- Gotta go.
- Go.
Move, move,
move, move, move!
- Let's go.
- Go, go.
Move, move, move, move!
Move. Move. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go.
Kid, what the hell's
the matter with you?
Come on now, kid.
Come on now. Hey...
there's no need
for that, all right?
Oh, no, no.
Come on.
Ah, stupid!
We will find Pierre soon, okay.
- Damn.
- Sir! Sir!
I'm fine, Sergeant!
I'm fine. Just...
Just a minor misstep.
Let's take a minute
and catch our breath.
Said... I said I'm fine.
We're a few clicks
east of the tank.
- CK...
- Will be fine,
or they won't.
We've got a bigger
immediate problem.
not doing well.
Right. We don't
have the time
or the manpower
to go back.
CK and the boy.
It's not good.
No. No.
No! No! No!
Oh, God.
No. No.
My baby. No.
Where were you?
Where were you?!
Where were you?!
Claudette, quiet.
She's quiet,
or we're dead.
My baby!
German bullet.
I let my guard down.
Rose, you and Griffin
get them.
Get out of here.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on. We gotta go.
We're gonna have to bury
the kid shallow.
That should have
been for me.
That kid just...
He just...
Let's just get this kid
buried quickly.
A.P. loaded! Up!
Load it up! Quick!
Do those help, Sister?
Heh. I never been much
for religion.
Starting to figure maybe I
should start thinking about it.
Thank you.
thank you.
- Merci.
- Oh.
Heh heh ho ho ho.
Hey, CK,
looks like I finally got one thing right
in my sorry-ass
G.I. life.
Doesn't seem like a necessary firefight,
Let's find
another route.
We have to get
to the tank.
This is
the quickest route.
None of us are in a position
to fight right now.
We could find
another way around.
Might take a little
longer, but...
How much longer?
About 20 minutes.
That's time
we don't have.
That's time
Griffin doesn't have.
CK, you get Griffin
and the civilians.
Take 'em about 20 meters
in the woods.
You hide 'em
as best you can.
Then you get your ass
back here ASAP.
He's right, Sarge.
We got no chance of
making it through.
Let me draw fire.
You guys get the
civilians through.
Griffin, I am not sending a
wounded man out to get cut down.
It's for the best,
Griff, you been losing
a lot of blood.
You don't know
what you're saying.
It's the only way,
and you know it.
You all know it.
No. We stick to my plan,
and you go
on my signal. Move out.
All right,
let's go. Come on.
Come on. Griff,
you're with me.
Griff, let's go.
All right.
keep your eyes open.
I gotta go
for a bit.
Buddy, I need you
to keep breathing.
All right?
Now hey. Hey.
All right, now you
see a Kraut helmet,
you just start
shooting, all right?
All right.
All right.
- Hey, CK?
- Yeah?
Get the hell out of here.
Can't you see I got
civilians to save?
You Okie son of a bitch.
All right,
you wait here for me.
You copy me?
I copy, man. I copy.
You stay here.
Wait here.
It's okay,
Amelie. It's okay.
Just look at the lights
through the trees.
Look how beautiful
they are.
The hell with this.
Damn it.
Get the civilians.
That was Griffin.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
On the double.
Griff ain't there,
Gotta get
to that tank, soldier.
That's him, Sarge.
We gotta back him up.
He's saving our ass
right now.
Let's not let that
go to waste.
Let's move.
Amerikaner! Amerikaner!
Hande hoch!
Hande hoch!
Hande hoch!
Hande hoch,
Well, what do
you know, Sarge?
Looks like I had
one extra after all.
The operation's breathing
down our backside, Gunderson.
Only one real round
left, Freddy.
I don't like
the sound of that.
You finally
get to use Stella.
Load her up.
Run like hell.
back inside now!
Hey, let's take a minute
and switch off.
Rose, stand guard.
CK, with me.
Thank you, Sergeant.
My daughter
needs a rest.
Get down.
Get down.
On the double, soldier.
Are you on board
with the mission at hand?
I'm sorry Griffin and that kid died,
I really am,
and I need you
thinking straight.
Do your duty.
Griffin did his duty.
This kid is safe.
We're done, hmm? Sir?
Don't call me sir!
I work for a living.
You need to get
your shit together,
because you are
compromising my team.
We should have been at the
rallying point an hour ago,
but we ain't,
'cause of them.
the compromise.
We are soldiers!
That is our job!
That what you're gonna tell
yourself when you're thinking
about killing Griffin
and this whole team?
Listen here,
you son of a bitch!
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Leave it be!
Clock's a'tickin'!
We need
to get moving now.
CK, on point.
Yes, sir.
There are many tracks on the road,
and now this.
They're still nearby,
Herr Gretsch.
We are looking...
for an American G.I.,
a woman
and some children.
Our lines are nearby.
We can use
some more help.
Ja, Major.
Y'all have
to come see this.
Some kind
of Nazi scarecrow.
Check it out.
Sniper in the woods!
You are one lucky
son of a bitch.
Tell me about it.
Rose, get up here,
and get me eyes on that shooter!
You see him?
A couple yards to the
right of that scarecrow!
Ain't wearing a uniform.
There are poachers
in these woods.
They will shoot
either side.
They do not care
where a bounty is from.
Think I see him.
Got a shot?
All right, we're
gonna have to...
gonna have to go
around this field,
use those trees
for cover.
It's gonna cost us.
That tank'll be
a sight for sore eyes.
A.P. loaded! Up!
Come on, Sarge. Hurry up.
CK, you remember Omaha?
Man, I never thought I'd
have to do another Omaha.
You're gonna do
an Omaha!
With gravy?
No gravy!
We're out in the open.
- Freeze!
- Freeze! - Freeze!
- Freeze!
- Freeze! - Hold it!
Ah, hell.
I know that sound!
Who was it?
Which one? Who?
Take her. Be safe.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
All right,
do not move!
Don't move.
What are you doing?
No! Do not move!
Stop! Stop!
All right.
All right,
you're gonna do that.
You're gonna walk
right to me.
Take it slow honey.
- Slow down.
- Go to CK. - Don't move.
All right.
Slow down. Easy.
Slow down.
Stay calm.
God be with you.
All right, take small steps.
Just right here.
Now, when you
get here,
you're just gonna hand her
right over to me, okay?
I'm right here.
Right here.
I'm gonna take her
from you.
Just slow down.
Slow down. Nice and easy.
Nice and easy now.
All right,
I got her! I got her!
Oh, God.
What the hell
are you doing?
I'm getting my way into
Heaven by saving a nun.
We both know
that's a mine out there.
Hey, can't
let you do that.
The hell you can't.
Lance, take care
of the kid.
Maybe it was
just a dud.
Maybe I can still
get her off.
Nathan! Look...
It's settled.
I'm so afraid,
so very afraid.
Be strong,
Mother Mary!
I wasn't expecting to be
visiting our Father so soon.
Oh, Mother.
We gotta go.
We gotta get
to a safe distance.
- Move, Sister!
- All right.
Come on.
- Move!
- No!
- Come on.
- No!
You know,
normally, Sister,
I'm not a praying man.
I promise you I'll do
my best for you.
I seem to remember
my... my Catholic friends.
It's a prayer.
Hail Mary, full of Grace.
Bless you, my son.
Amelie, come back!
Sarge, we got
a problem here!
He's gone, Sarge!
Amelie! Ohh!
Where are you?
Oh, Amelie.
Raus! Raus!
American commander!
I have something
you want!
American commander!
I know you are out there!
Sarge, he's gonna do it. You know.
You saw what he did back there.
Yeah, I know.
I propose a trade!
Come on now!
We have no time to waste!
We've already lost
one kid today.
Let's not lose
another one.
You hear this?
These are my men,
and they are
closing in!
It would be a shame if I
had to kill these people
so you could go on
playing soldier!
The clock is ticking!
Show yourself!
Let her and the kid go.
You are alone?
Are you, now?
you're a liar.
How could I possibly
keep my word to a liar?
Don't touch her!
I'll kick your teeth through
the back of your neck!
Greetings, Sergeant.
We need to talk about
your upcoming operation.
Staff Sergeant Lance Dawson,
United States Army.
Serial number DL3268.
Yes, you are.
Earlier today,
I met one of your young privates.
Tank soldier.
Didn't know much
about your plans.
He did tell me
what he knew...
But you,
you are a commander.
You know all your plans,
and you will tell me
everything I need to know.
Staff Sergeant
Lance Dawson,
United States Army.
- You...
- Serial number DL3268.
This means
something to you.
Your father's,
grandfather, family?
It's very nice.
you will tell me everything I need to know,
sooner or later.
Staff Sergeant
Lance Dawson,
United States Army.
Stop that.
Serial number DL...
Now you're going to tell
me about your plans.
Staff Sergeant Lance Dawson...
We need to know units.
- United States Army.
- I want to know.
I want places.
I want numbers...
Serial number DL326...
- an objective...
You are not telling me
what I want to know!
Service number 375...
Gretsch! Stop playing.
The American passed out.
Bring me this one.
Ja, Major.
And these two
in 10 minutes.
Going to clean up.
Ja, Major.
Leave them alone.
You smell pretty,
Leave them out of it,
you coward.
Gretsch, now!
He needs water!
- You don't look so good.
- Get back!
You look like you could
use some mashed potatoes.
With gravy.
I am glad to see you.
Sorry about that, boss.
Hey, you know how
to drive this thing?
Sergeant Rose taught me
everything I know about driving,
so yeah.
All right.
All right.
Now, how do I
start this thing?
- Bring me mein Panzer!
- Schnell!
We'll take the shortcut.
Where are we going?
As far away from here
as we can get,
toward American lines.
We have to get out of here before
these bombs start falling.
Schnell! Schnell!
I'm out of ammo.
CK, does this thing
go any faster?
Might not matter if
the airdrop's on time.
We gotta find some cover.
All right.
Check under
the blanket!
Mommy, I'm scared.
Slow down!
Slow down!
So this is
your operation.
Ah, nuts!
Faster, CK!
Sarge, I think
the fuel tank took a hit,
'cause we are
losing petrol fast!
We need to outrun
that tank,
or it's gonna plow
right over us!
I'll get us as far
as I can, but, uh...
That ain't good.
There it is!
I see American flags
one click ahead!
Ah, ah, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
Come on, baby!
Not now!
We try to coast,
that tank's gonna run right over us.
We can make a run for it
if we stop!
Copy that!
- Help them down.
- Come on. Come on, honey.
We gotta get
a move on CK.
Operation's Big Bombs are
going to drop any second.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
CK, we lost Claudette!
Take her.
I'm going back.
I'll meet you
at the rally point.
Yes, Sergeant!
Looks like we both lose...
you Nazi son of a bitch.
At least I get
to watch you die!
Claudette! Hey!
where is...
CK has her.
Get up.
Come on.
It is too late.
- Come on.
- All right.
Come on.
Come on.
You can make it!
Come on, Sister.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Hey, get down.
Hey. Hey. Sarge?
You still with me?
Come on now.
Stay with me.
Staff Sergeant
Freddy McNay!
What happened
to y'all?
We got ambushed back there, Sarge!
It got too hot!
Had to get
out of there!
You're too late,
of course.
This is the final part
of Operation
Ardennes Fury, Sarge...
bombs, tanks,
and one last push across
this damned forest!
We're gonna blast those Nazi
mothers with everything we got
all the way to Berlin!
We're close
to base camp, Lance.
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna get
some rest now.
Negative, Sergeant!
This is no time
for laying down
on the job!
You read me?
Are you giving me
orders now, Private?
You stay alive, Sarge,
I'll sign those
court-martial papers myself.
Oh, Amelie!
Thanks for saving us
back there.
What time you got?
Doesn't matter.