Ardh (2022) Movie Script

Stay away from all these things,
they are not for us.
Kids don't eat corn it makes them
sick and upsets their stomach.
Buy those chips.
You just ate chips
day before yesterday.
You should only eat chips once
a week and not daily. It's junk food.
How much is the papaya for?
Dad buy that toy for me. Buy it.
Please buy it for me dad.
Son these are all cheap
quality breakable toys.
You'll buy them now and they'll
break till you reach home.
All these are completely
useless for you.
You should focus on your studies.
- Dad! Dad! See there's cotton candy.
What's the cost for this brother?
This one is for Rs.150 and this
one is for Rs.100.
Buy it brother I'll sell it
to you at a reasonable cost.
Dad give me this please!
Dad, please! - It will upset your stomach
in the rainy season and give you diarrhea.
- Dad! Let's go!
- One minute son!
Mom must be waiting for us
How much are you selling
these onions for?
Be a little reasonable?
Are you ready to pay Rs.28 instead?
You're doing a huge favour on me
by giving me a discount of Rs.2
Half of it is rotten anyway,
Everything is
so unnecessarily expensive.
Dad buy this!
How much for these oranges?
Rs.40/ Dozen
Dad buy this!
Yes, wait son let me
ask him the cost first.
These apples must be cheaper?
These are Rs.150/kg
- Dad!
- 150!?
- Yes, obviously!
- Dad!
You will not let us live.
- Listen to me at least.
- Dad! Apple.
We will come again
after your exams.
- Hurry up dad mom is waiting for us.
- How much are the potatoes for?
What? You people are
ripping people off?!
- Everything is so expensive
- Dad!
Dad buy me that at least.
Listen you come with
your mother to buy that.
Your mother knows better which one
is original and which one is fake.
You be careful of the things
and don't drop them son!
Son walk carefully don't fall.
Don't fall!
- Oh god what took you both so long?
Give these things to me.
Everything has gotten so expensive
it seems impossible to afford anything.
Yes, you're right.
Give these things to me.
You go freshen up and
I'll prepare food for you.
Chintu, quickly remove your books
Chintu has become so demanding.
He wanted to buy anything
and everything in the market
"You promised to bring happiness.
Now fulfil your promise, oh, life.''
Dad when is your movie
going to be released?
It'll be released soon.
You've been saying that forever!
Even my school friends constantly keep on
asking me when will your movie release?
When will your movie release?
- Is it?
- Tell me dad?
It will be released soon son.
It's a big film.
It takes time to
shoot such a huge film.
Yes, Chintu it will be released soon.
It's a big film.
"I walked on every path you guided
me on. The journey is half done now."
Dad when you win
the award for best actor,
we'll have a party to celebrate
it and eat pizzas, okay?
Yes, we'll have
a party and eat pizza's.
But first it's important
for you to study.
What party?
Your studies are equally important
as the award for best actor.
Am I right?
If you work hard and study well you'll
also win numerous awards in your school.
Wait let me put the lenses first.
Give me a second Madhu.
Is it okay?
Now you can put the bindi.
Give. Look up.
Yes, looks perfect now.
Take care of Chintu. I will see
you both in the evening. Okay?
See you in the evening. Take care.
You too.
This time my brother Shiva is
going to leave Aamir way behind.
Yes, you're right.
He does method acting.
He dresses himself up like a girl for
his role and is working in a huge film.
How are you Shiva?
How are you? Is everything okay?
- I'll see you in the evening.
- Yes, for sure.
- Shiva, my brother, How are you?
- I'm great.
As-salamu alaykum!
- Will you go to Malad?
- Yes, sit.
Let's go.
Brother, stop the auto
a little ahead of the puddle.
Here take this.
Parvati, you're late again today.
Yes, Lakshmi. I know I'm late, can't
help it now. Let's go.
Dear, it's early morning. Time for
the first earnings of the day.
Give something dear
you'll have a blessed day.
Dear... Dear give some money .
God will bless you with
everything you want.
Give me something dear.
Thank you,
may you live a very happy life.
Oh hello Salman!
Give me something dear...
God Bless you.
- Dear, give me something.
- You have change?
Oh, God!
No, I don't have any change.
Hello sister...
Hi madam...
May God bless you with
2-4 of your own cars.
Oh wow you both look like the perfect
pair of Lord Ram and Sita.
You both are looking
amazing together.
May god keep you both
wealthy and healthy.
- Give some money dear...Give...
- I don't have.
Fresh & Crispy green note.
- Have you both gotten married yet?
- Yes.
May god bless you with
a happy family and healthy kids
then we will come to give
you our blessings.
Oh here you are!
Hiding in a rickshaw
my Vicky Kaushal.
Give some money dear, please.n
Dear, give me some money...
I don't have, please forgive me.
Oh Wow! Look at you both looking just like
the perfect pair of Lord Krishna and Radha!
Give generously.
Oh wow! May God bless you both with
a very happy and healthy family.
You, come here! Listen to me!
Lakshmi I'll be back in sometime.
- Where are you going?
- I have some work.
Where do you keep
on disappearing?
I have some important
work I'll be back soon!
My name is Shiva Kumar, age 37.
Height 5 feet 2inch.
And I'm fair.
I'm an experienced theatre
actor for the past 10 years.
My profiles are...
- Ma'am... Can I try once more?
- No, It's done!
- Ma'am I can do way
better than this. - No.
I can try once more ma'am
- Okay fine just one last chance...
- Yes.
I... I am a ragpicker sir I swear
on God I haven't done anything.
Sir, I have not done anything.
I have not seen anything.
I am an innocent man
sir... I am innocent sir.
Yes, okay. It's done... Next!
Thank you.
- Hello brother? Where to??
- Sir has called me.
- Which sir?
- The one who's sitting upstairs.
- Brother I'm in a hurry.
- Oh, hello?
Where do you think you're going?
It's an emergency. I'm in a rush
you're not trying to understand only.
- Yes? What happened?
- Sir has asked me to come.
Which sir?
The one who's sitting inside in
his office to take the audition.
I'm the one who takes
all the auditions here.
Thank you, Sir.
- What happened?
- Please take my audition.
- Yours?
- Yes
Brother this is an audition
for people who are tall.
It is not for short
people like yourself.
Then where are the auditions for
short heighted people going on?
Please direct me to that place, Sir.
Brother you are not fit.
I have always been fit
and healthy Sir!
You can make me jump or make
me swim in order to check.
I can ride a horse
without a saddle, Sir.
Is this your very first audition?
No sir I've been trying
for a very long time now.
- So don't you know how the
procedure takes place? - No
Are you mad?
How are you calling me a mad person?
Oh God! Brother you are not fit!
Go from here!
Who's taking care of
everything downstairs??
How can you judge that I'm not
fit before auditioning me?
Have you medically tested all these
other people for fitness to audition?
All these other people
are fit brother!
-Is there anyone downstairs? -I think you
should get yourself checked by a doctor first.
-How did he come upstairs just like that?
-you look like the most unfit person here.
Yes, it's done.
Madhu don't get more flatbreads.
I'm done.
Here, take one more.
- No I don't want it. I'll have some rice.
- Just eat one more.
- No, I just want to have some rice.
- You want rice?
Chintu, do you another flatbread?
- No.
- Just put a little.
- You want rice??
- No.
Son nowadays you have
started eating very less.
- No, don't feed him rice at night.
- Okay.
- Here, have some sweets.
- Listen?
Where did this come from?
Brother Satya had come to give these,
he's got a new job.
- Yes.
Oh, wow!
Listen, Chintu.
Your Satya Uncle is
a well-educated man.
Now he has a good job.
You should also study well
and aim to be like Satya uncle.
Make him your inspiration
you have to become like him.
But dad I want to be
like Dhoni when I grow up.
First you should focus on
studies. After that...
You can become
whatever you want -
a cricketer or a singer
or even an actor.
But first studies are very important
for you. What is important??
Eat properly now.
Yes? Should I serve something else??
Get me that shirt...
- You finish the rest of my food.
- No, don't get up!
Listen... I'll just take one 'Laddu'
and go congratulate Satya.
You both sit and finish
the food properly.
What's this? Leaving food behind...
You eat in my plate.
I'll be back soon.
You're always in a hurry!
At least you eat your food
properly...your dad has left.
Hey, Satya!
Congratulations brother
for your new job.
Thank you, my friend!
Now even if I don't get
an opportunity for acting,
I'll at least earn something!
Does that mean you won't act anymore
and just focus on this new job?
No, but I won't be just
focusing on acting anymore.
Why don't you consider
getting yourself a stable job?
Till when do you plan to continue
this immoral business of yours?
Immoral business?
What immoral business?
The one that you do on the traffic
signals...dressing up as Parvati.
That's not an immoral business... that's a
blessing from the divine.
Yes, blessing!
Brother Pappu get us the tea.
Yes sir, coming right away.
Tell me something.
How did you get stuck in
this immoral business...
Sorry, I mean, this blessing of yours?
How did I get stuck?
So, what happened was
that Madhu was pregnant.
Deposit Rs.40,000 by tomorrow,
as we need to operate on her.
Yes, I'll deposit it.
Don't worry, I'll ask my theatre
director for an advance.
You can start preparing
for the operation,
but please give me sometime till tomorrow
evening to deposit the money. Please!
Okay fine you can deposit the money
the latest by tomorrow evening.
You cursed man! You're not a husband
but the bad luck in my life.
The neighbour is much better than you.
Okay, so go. Go with him
and spoil your name.
Live with the neighbour only.
Yes, I'll go if you continue to
constantly bark like a dog.
You have ruined my life so I'd rather
go and live with him only.
I control myself only
because of the kids.
I feel like drinking poison 10 times
a day whenever I see your face.
You feel like drinking poison?
- So you want to poison yourself and die?
- Yes! I'll kill myself!
In that case I'll go right
now and get you some poison.
I challenge you to go
and get me some poison.
I'll drink it in front
of you and show you
I'll just go and buy
some poison for you!
- Have it and die!
- Go, get it,
and go to hell!
Cursed Husband!
I hope your life gets ruined!
What kind of atrocity is this?
My husband is a sick man!
Oh, God!
Thank you.
Thank you and goodnight friends!
Let's go.
Hurry up and switch off those lights!
Lightman don't keep all those things there!
We need to empty the entire
theatre in the next five minutes!
Sir, I wanted to talk to you
regarding something important.
Yes? Tell me Shiva?
Sir I was hoping to get some
advance. It's urgent.
Shiva...I was about
to talk to you only.
This was the last show of our play.
- What!?
- Yes!
They are shutting down our theatre.
Nobody is coming to
watch our play anymore.
I'm facing a lot of financial loss because
of it and I cannot handle it anymore.
You mean...
All this is going to shut down?
we will not see each
other from tomorrow?
Yes Shiva we'll not see each other.
But you have always been
my favorite actor.
I'm sorry!
You need to deposit
Rs.40,000 as soon as possible...
We'll have to operate her tomorrow.
I'm going for an interview...
Pray for me !
I couldn't save my first child.
But with the blessing of the divine,
I found a way to earn some money.
And by the way how are you asking
me to find a job for myself?
Who will hire me?
I'm not an educated man like you.
I only get hired for small,
temporary jobs that pay less
and no one asks for
my education qualifications.
Who all know about this
immoral business of yours?
Just Madhu and you.
Chintu...Taai...the neighbours?
They know nothing about this?
Those poor people believe
that I'm doing a huge film.
In which I have to
play the role of a girl.
So I leave home
every day saying that,
I am dressed as a woman
for method acing.
And the people you work
with at the signal?
If they ever find out what
that you're a boy, then?
They will beat you!
What kind of a friend are you?
You doubt my abilities?
You out of all the people are
doubting my skills and abilities?
How will they ever find out?
It's very easy to figure out nowadays.
There are a lot of boys
who pretend and act nowadays.
Such people have been beaten
black and blue by them.
Tell me something. Can anyone
become an actor without a card?
Yes, Sir?
Keep the tea aside.
I'll have it later.
They won't just start
beating me for no reason.
I have them all
convinced pretty well
In that case it's good
that you have them convinced.
So if I ever see you there
I'll have to pretend to not know you.
That means I'll always have
to keep some change for you.
I'll obviously have
to give you something.
You're crazy.
"Fall asleep sweetheart,
fall asleep my child."
"Fall asleep sweetheart,
fall asleep my child."
"The twinkling stars
are watching over you."
"Staying awake till the dawn,
sleep my love."
"The twinkling stars
are watching over you."
"Staying awake till the dawn,
sleep my love."
"Fall asleep sweetheart,
fall asleep my child."
"Fall asleep sweetheart,
fall asleep my child."
Come on! Move it!
Move it to the side!
Parvati, you're not like
the rest of them.
What do you mean?
Your heart is pure.
You're also very nice my child.
Oh Dear, if you give me money,
God will bless you.
Forgive me.
Oh, you seem very angry!
What a pair you both make May
God keep you blessed always.
May you grow a lot in life.
Long live!
Lakshmi what is this nonsense?
Anyway Covid has ruined our business
now the rains are here to make it worse.
Yes, you're right.
But don't worry God will help
us find a way and fix everything.
You are coming tomorrow, right?
For giving blessings?
Tomorrow? What time?
Oho looks like madam is
very pre-occupied nowadays.
No, nothing like that,
I just have an audition...
No...umm... umm...
What is the name of that car?
- Audi??
Yes Audi...
There's an opening for
a new showroom tomorrow.
So the owner has called me to
give my blessings.
So join us in the hospital
as soon as you get free.
20... 30...40...50
Problem? Problem is that...
Brother is this where
the auditions are going on?
Yes it's been going on for so long!
We've been waiting outside in
this heat, get us some water.
I'm not someone who works here.
I have come here to give an audition.
- Audition!?
- Yes!
Why? You want to become an actor?
No, I'm already an actor. I've been doing
theatre since I was a child.
Oh actor...Where are you from?
I'm from Shahjahanpur, UP.
- See I'll tell you something insightful.
- Tell me?
If you want to become
a successful actor in Bollywood,
it's very important for
you to have a good physique.
And an equally good personality.
You need to have a proper set
of biceps, abs...this, your body?
It doesn't work here.
You need to work on your physique
a lot it's not that easy.
It takes a lot of
dedication and efforts.v
So those who don't have a ripped
physique do not become actors?
There are a few like them as well but they
only get small character roles that's all.
Have you ever seen Hritik play
a small character in a film?
Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan?
Have you seen their physique,
their personality their dance moves?
That is what it takes
to become a big actor.
First work on yourself a lot then
come again to audition. Got it?
Oh this is some new information!
We were never told about
any of this in the theatre,
That along with acting,
physique is also needed.
Why the heck you think like
that about me Jennifer?
I love you and I do give
a lot of respect to you, okay?
Why the hell do you think like me...
- Do you remember the lines?
- Yes ,sir?
Okay Action!
Why the hell do you think
like that about me Jennifer?
I love you and I have told you
I have a lot of respect for you.
Don't pull my links...
Don't put my feelings in
the dust a bin...understand?
Say Dustbin...Dustbin
Dust a bin...Dust a bin
This is the oil you've been
waiting for all your life.
It will make each and every part
of your body stronger than ever.
Why are you laughing?
-Go and do it nw.
-Sorry, ma'am!
Ready? Action!
This is the oil you've been
waiting for all your life.
It will make each and every part of
your body stronger than ever...
Sorry ma'am!
- You think it's funny?
You think it's funny?
- One more chance ma'am...
- Out!
Right now! I said get lost!
This is an amazing oil ma'am.
Mr. Yogesh?
Get something cold for me to drink.
Sir? Something to drink? I have
come here to give you an audition.
Who allowed this man to enter?
No, Sir...
I was told to come here
and give you an audition directly.
Bouncers! Please take him out of here.
Sir I'm an actor you can ask
me to do or perform anything.
I used to be a theatre actor.
One minute...sir has called
me to come for an audition...
-Sir, please take my audition.
-Come on.
Hey you get lost! Aunty!
Here. Take...
Blessings to you...
Raju give something?
I'm telling you all
to mend your ways.
If I mend my ways the evil in
the world will be disappointed.
Hey you!
What are you guys talking about?
- Mending and spoiling the ways of living...
- Dad! I'm done!!
Being spoilt reminds me. I think
you people should get married.
Dad! I'm done!
Marriage? Again? You Piglets!
Dad! I'm done!
Why can't you listen to him? He's
been calling your name for so long.
I've been working
so hard and practicing.
I am such a big actor but you
make me clean my son's poop!
If you are done couldn't you wait
a little longer and not shout?
Stand up straight now
and fix your pyjamas properly.
- That's it. It'll be too tight otherwise.
- This is fine, okay?
You go now and don't disturb
me anymore. I'm rehearsing.
O Kiran...I'm telling you
all to mend your behaviour.
Listen! I need an assistant male...?
No not a male, female!
You know me man...
She should be pretty and sexy, okay?
Okay I'll talk to you later.
Sir! Shiva has come to see you.
Who's Shiva?
Sir the guy who showed
up last time as well.
Listen, I have told you so many times
to get rid of him whenever he shows up.
- Just tell him I am very busy.
- One minute! Sir has called me inside!
May I come in sir?
Why are you even asking for my permission
when you have already entered?
Kumar sir I've got some new photographs to
show you I've just got these clicked recently,
It's a new portfolio. Please
have a look at it just once!
How many times have I told
that I don't have work for you, okay?
Kumar sir please just take
a look at my pictures once.
You never know if you end up liking them
and I get lucky enough to get a role.
Please... Sir, please!
- Okay. Keep them here.
- Thank you, Sir!
Sir, please check
them out...I've spent
- a lot of money on getting these clicked
- Very nice!
The shot is ready? Right?
- No sir there's still a little time left...
- No, the shot is ready I know!
Sir please check it out before
your shot is ready.
Sir, let's go, the shot is ready.
- Sir please just give the pictures
one tiny glance - Yes, sure!
- Sure. All the best.
- Let's go...
Let's go
Kumar sir please look at my pictures,
I've put my heart and soul...
If you let this dwarf come in again,
- I will fire you!
-Sorry, Sir.
I'm so sorry, Sir.
I was just looking at your photos.
In fact I was having a look at
them just now...they are amazing!
Thank you, Sir!
See! This man will become a star!
Thank you, Sir!
Mark my words!
I'll call you for sure.
Brother... Shiva,
what am I listening these days?
What? What have you been listening?
It's become very prevalent
in your film industry...
Who? Himesh Reshammiya?
No not him he's been going
on for quite some time now.
Umm... what do you call it in english?
Nepo... Nepo...
Oh! Nepotism.
Oh, yes!
Only the children of famous
actors are getting work in the industry.
That's not true at all.
This is all rubbish.
If this was the case,
then no one would've heard the names of
the great actors like Irrfan Khan.
Nor Akshay Kumar or
Sushant Singh Rajput.
And obviously everyone's
favourite King Khan!
Anyway does your brother look any
less than Shahrukh Khan himself?
No not at all!
My brother you look
just like Shahrukh Khan.
Yes from side look.
Hey! You eat here
and spit here as well.
- What else to do brother?
- What do you mean what else to do?
My shop is standing on
top of sewage anyway.
Hello! Listen!
When I, an actor comes and sits here
you should maintain the decorum
and surroundings of this place.
I'm sorry please forgive me.
Because actors have a certain
type of discipline brother!
- You're right brother.
- Correct me if I'm wrong?
Even if I am a struggling actor that
doesn't mean you spit around anywhere.
Is this entire place your spittoon?
Fix my hair now!
Why are you getting all
this done right now?
I have an audition today.
So I thought I'll get myself
a little fixed and fresh before that.
Yes you told me about that but
isn't that done already? Now what?
Okay brother it's
done this is sufficient.
Keep the surroundings neat and clean.
I'll pay you later... let's go.
Tell me something,
have I ever not paid you?
Has it ever happened
that I have not paid you the money?
You keep a note of how many
times you make my beard 4 or 5 times.
- and I will obviously pay you
for it like always. - Exactly.
No brother. Please forgive me brother.
I'll give you one tight slap!
Ill- mannered!
Let it go brother.
- What kind of a mad person are you?
- You'll get beaten up by me someday
It's because of people like you that the
city keeps on getting dirtier everyday
You haven't learnt the lines yet?
I'm rehearsing them.
You have learnt yours?
I'm ready since I was a child.
Who sent you here?
Excuse me?
I have done the work
you wanted me to do.
- Yes Madam
- Why are you sitting here?
There's a leak in the washroom
and you are sitting here!
What exactly do you think you are
doing here? Get up and fix it now!
- Madam?
- What?
I have come here to give
an audition... audition...
Have you seen your height?
This is only for people who are tall.
Come on don't waste my time.
You are not fit!
What's my height supposed
to do with this?
My mother says I'm a 100 feet
tall since I was a kid.
So? What should I do? Get lost!
But at least let me give
you an audition ma'am.
When I've said you are not fit, don't you
understand what that means? Just get lost...
- But...
- Hello you, let's go!
Wherever I go all I hear
is that I am not fit...
Wait, what is this?
Why are my pictures in the dustbin?
Raj! What have you done to your room?
Why is it so messy?
Both father and son think of me as
their personal maid! Wake up, fast!
Yes, mom.
Madhu! What are you doing?
Your excuses will not work while
you are washing the utensils.
Clean them properly otherwise
the stains won't go away.
Use your hands with
a little force at least.
Yes, I'm doing the best I can.
Listen Madhu!
I will not take your excuses anymore.
Do one thing just leave
these utensils and go away.
I don't want to listen to
your if's and but's anymore.
You'll be your best self.
To ask for money in advance,
ypu work properly for 10 days.
And after that behave as employers.
No need to come from tomorrow.
Madam in that case
please settle my account.
Settle your account?
You want me to settle your account?
Get out!
Get out from here you thief.
What are you doing Shiva?
Do you not know how to do this?
Sorry sir. I couldn't hear you
earlier sir. Let's take.
Should I fire you?
No sir I'll do it this time
just give me one last chance...
Come on!
Sir you can hit me for real this time.
Brother you'll get hurt
if I hit you for real.
I keep getting hurt sir that's not a
problem don't worry just hit me for real..
If you do that we will
get the perfect shot.
- Stand by... Roll Camera
- Ready.
And 3... 2... 1... Action!
What a shot sir!
What a perfect shot sir!
Cut it! Okay!
It's a shot worth Rs.100 crores sir.
It's going to kill it on the screen.
- Shall I get tea, Sir?
Shall I get tea?
- Go bring juice.
Yes get some for me as well.
Okay, I will get juice.
Sir you kicked like
a pro . It will be commended.
You also did well.
Sir, please let
the director know I did well.
Yes, okay.
- Chanting a mantra -
Cut! Cut!
Fix the makeup and clean
the Pandit's sweat.
Wipe it...
Sorry sir, I looked straight
into the camera by mistake.
- Check the focus!
- Good it's happening again...
- Check everything properly.
- You stay at your assigned position, Sir.
Okay now let's take... ready Pandit?
Yes, sir.
- You remember your dialogues Pandit?
- Yes sir I remember them properly.
Roll camera... Action!
- Chanting a Mantra -
- Chanting a Mantra -
- Chanting a Mantra -
- Chanting a Mantra -
- Chanting a Mantra -
- Chanting a Mantra -
Okay now offer the flowers.
Lucky I'm in love with you.
I can go to the moon
and back for you.
All you need to do is say yes.
Rashmi ji, you don't
remember your dialogues?
No Sir, I remember them.
Let's do another take.
He was aiming
the blower right at my face.
- What are you trying to do Shiva?
- No...
Sir I just mis-aimed
it a little by mistake.
Do it properly it's coming on my face.
Okay I'll aim it a little lower.
- Okay let's go.
- Ready sir....
One more sir!
And Roll... Camera... Action...
Lucky I love you a lot...
What are you doing? Are you mad?
Who has hired him?
Sorry Rashmi ji Sorry...
What are you doing Shiva?
Sorry sir last time
I aimed a little higher,
that's why this time I tried
aiming it a little lower.
It got a little messed up.
Don't aim higher. Don't aim lower.
Aim for the centre.
This timeI'll keep it in centre.
Let's go we'll do
it quickly this time.
Sorry sir, once more.
Ready sir
Ma'am should I aim it exactly here?
- Yes, this is fine.
- Roll camera...
Start the blower and action.
Action Shiva!
Lucky I love you a lot!
Thank you.
May you live a long and happy life.
Fresh vegetables!
Rs.10 for a pair!
Brother how much are
these tomatoes for?
Rs.60/kg madam
Will you give 250gm for Rs.10?
No that's not possible
all the prices are fixed.
- Look at this.
- What's this?
I'm telling you, you should
consider doing something like this!
All these people are getting really
famous by making such videos.
And some people consider them more
famous and bigger than Bollywood stars.
What rubbish! You call this acting?
In a room as big as 10X10 you
place a mobile phone somewhere
and add 4-5 filters and do something on
it, you consider that as great acting?
Satya, I have experienced
it myself so many times...
Crowd that's spread for almost half a
kilometre... huge unit... cameras... lights...
About a 100 people
staring right at you.
And in the midst of all this
the director is abusing on the mic .
There are about 10 more actors just
waiting in line desperate to replace you.
You are required to learn lines
that are no less than 10 pages long.
Even the biggest of stars can't handle
it at times and wet their pants...
That! That is called fine acting.
A nd out of all this
a true movie star is born.
Well, I have to agree with you.
But the truth is these
people have started giving
work on the basis of
the number of followers you have.
1 million... 2 million... 3 million...
Followers are temporary.
They are there one day and poof!
gone the next day.
This is the market of entertainment,
just like any other market.
Someone is selling fresh apples and
someone else is selling rotten oranges,
Now you tell me what will you buy?
What exactly out of the two
will you buy is my point.
I'll definitely buy the apples.
That means it's clear, right?
Class is class brother.
And one who has class,
the mass follows him.
The rest are third class!
You're right. You've got a point.
Parvati, you should've been
with us on the train yesterday!
Why so?
It was so much fun.
Tell me what happened?
What was so much fun?
A man entered the train.
A man entered the train!?
What's new in this?
Thousands of men travel in the train.
Yes, but he was
pretending to be like us.
We caught him and took his case.
We eventually ended up
beating him black and blue.
If you were with us yesterday you
would've experienced it for yourself.
how well we taught him a lesson!
Yes, Parvati if you would've been with
us, you too would've beaten him so much!
It would've been so much fun!
Yes... Yes I would've beaten him
too if I was there yesterday.
This is exactly how we should set people like
him right that's how they'll mend their ways.
I gave him a good thrashing... he was
dancing all over the place in pain.
Hello? Why haven't you
recharged my phone yet?
I am so sorry baby...
It completely slipped out of my mind.
- I'll do it right away.
- There's no point in apologising now.
- You always forget everything I say.
- Darling! It's done.
Please don't shout at me now.
Okay fine... but first tell me what are
you planning to gift me on my birthday?
Madhu has never asked for
a single thing from me.
She has never demanded
a single thing from me.
I never take her for outing.
Madhu! Open the door!
Yes, Wait, coming... coming
I'm coming!
What's the rush?
Listen to me,
Let's go out for a while.
- Where?
- Just come with me.
- Okay hold on a second...
- Come fast! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
- What if it starts raining?
- Come fast.
You are always rushing.
I was supposed to pick
Chintu up from his school.
You don't need to worry about Chintu.
I have asked Taai to pick him up
from his school, she'll go get him.
I want you to have
a look at this view.
What is this place?
Come here, I'll show it
to you from here properly.
Oh my! The Sea is so huge.
and beautiful!
This is the beauty of Mumbai,
my love.
People from all around the world
die to come here and experience it...
Come here we'll sit down,
give me your hand.
It looks even more
mesmerising from here.
The waves are so beautiful.
You know Madhu if you observe
the sea as far as you can,
you'll notice it
somehow keeps on growing.
In the upward direction and when
you do the same with a river,
you'll notice it falling
in the downward direction.
Such is the beauty
of miraculous nature.
Give me something, the divine will
bless you with abundance.
Give something dear.
- May you always stay happy.
- Bless her as well.
Your kids will grow
up healthy and happy.
Madhu sometimes I feel
really bad and guilty.
That I'm lying
and cheating these people.
Everyone at the signal also
treats me with so much love...
When you become a big actor just
be honest with these people.
I'm sure they'll understand.
You really think
they will forgive me?
I'm sure they will.
Your intentions were pure
and your heart was in the right place.
I'm sure they will forgive you.
Look, they are selling Gola.
I want to have one.
Can you please buy one for me?
You want to have Gola?
Okay let's go and have Gola.
Hold my hand...
- Please be careful.
- Should I pick you up in my arms?
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
"Ever since I got your companionship
I learnt what love is."
"By meeting you I met myself
The heart wants to have you"
"Ever since I got your companionship
I learnt what love is."
"By meeting you I met myself
The heart wants to have you."
"Love is blessing. Soul is guiding."
"My heart was mine,
now belongs to you!"
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
"My world is beautiful with
you. My soul resides in you."
"You gave me all
the treasures of the world."
"My happiness is in your happiness."
"Love is blessing. Soul is guiding."
"My heart was mine,
now belongs to you!"
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
"The thread of love shall not break."
You are a good boy, aren't you?
Mom! Dad!
I hope you didn't trouble her a lot.
Here comes you father.
What? You think my son can't see that
I'm standing right in front of him
Why are you are giving him live
commentary for no reason at all?
I haven't gone out
to play since morning.
Oh ho! But that's okay you should
focus on your studies first,
you have your entire life to focus on
playing and enjoying life, my child.
Dad this is the biggest
lie in the world.
What makes you think this is
the biggest lie in the world?
Listen, I'm planning to
ask Taai to stay at home,
with Chintu in the afternoon
starting tomorrow
I received a call from
Chintu's school yesterday.
Since we haven't paid
his school fee yet...
So I was planning to start
working in a few more houses.
No, there's no need to do all this.
I'll go tomorrow and pay
his school fee I'll manage.
Why is it the biggest lie
in the world? Tell me?
He's exactly like you.
Obviously He's my son, if he won't
be like me who else will he be like?
- I'm so glad he's not like you.
- Yes you are right.
If he would've been like
you I would've lost my mind.
You're turning me into
a crazy person anyway.
Has the doctor told you yet,
how much longer you'll live for?
So, you want to borrow Rs.8000?
Yes, the expenses are getting
a little out of control nowadays.
This is just the beginning Shiva.
Chintu is growing up.
We have to send him
into a good college,
Then hopefully to America
for his higher studies.
I can't promise to always
be able to help you.
No, I understand that... I just
need your help this last time.
See Shiva, everything
that is mine is equally yours.
You don't even need to bother about
asking me, take whatever you want.
you don't even need to bother about
asking me, take whatever you want
But all I want you
to understand is that,
it's very important for you to
start thinking about your future.
All these small acting roles will
never be helpful in paying your bills.
Acting only seems to be
the suitable option for the rich.
Us, the poor...
we cannot survive on it.
I also had big dreams in life.
But life gave me a harsh reality
check, it shattered all my dreams.
It has started to rain.
Let's go.
Brother, Aadaab... Namaste.
What do you want?
Brother I'm looking for a job.
What kind of work can you do?
Brother whatever work you
think you might have for me.
I can work as a delivery boy for you.
I'll be very efficient and quick.
Yes, I think I can hire
you as a delivery boy.
I'll pay you Rs.250.
Okay brother. I will do it.
Rs.250 per day... Right?
Rs.250 for a month.
Okay brother that works but I just
have one small request from you.
Tell me?
I would need a 2-3-hour long break
since I need to go and give auditions.
So it would be great if you'll
allow me to go for those in between.
You think you'll become an actor?
Yes brother, I'm trying my best.
Hopefully God will be kind to me soon.
You should go. You seem like
a rich spoilt brat to me
- No Brother.
- Go away!
Don't waste my time. Anyone and everyone
thinks they can become an actor nowadays...
He'll become a hero?
God knows where people
like him come from?
Hello, Namaste Kabra sir.
Yes, sir...
Should I come over just now? Thank
you, sir. I'll be there in 15minutes.
- Kabra sir, Hello... Namaste
- Oh, come in.
Sir as soon as I got a call from you,
I came over right away.
Yes, that was the right thing to do because
I'm about to tell you a very good news.
- Yes? - Why are you
still standing? Sit down.
- Sit down, Shiva.
- Yes, Sir.
You've done a great job.
Will you have some tea?
No sir
Okay, sir.
Get a cup of coffee for sir!
Everyone went crazy about you
after watching your screen test.
You know, the director asked me
where did I find a gem like you.
He claimed that finding you was just
like finding a diamond in the coal mine.
Sir... I didn't understand.
Oh God!
What's so tough to understand?
You have been selected for this film.
Sir, what are you saying!?
I am so grateful to you Sir...
Sir what exactly is the role
that I have been selected for?
What is your role?
You are the lead hero of this film.
Thank you sir! Thank you!
Thank you sir! Thank you!
But now your responsibilities
have increased.
Because as soon as the film releases,
you'll become a superstar.
Yes, sir I've become one.
The media will follow
you wherever you go.
They'll click your pictures
and publish them in the newspapers.
People will ask you
for your autograph.
Yes, I'll give them my autograph sir.
- Do you know how to give a signature?
- Yes sir, I can do that.
So your first ever autograph
will be on the contract papers,
that I'm getting made just now to officially
sign you as the hero of this film.
Thank you sir I'll always be
grateful to you for this opportunity.
You have thanked me enough now
The first thing you should do
is get yourself a new portfolio.
Sir I already have a portfolio
No Shiva. I've seen it, not
that one... it's outdated and garbage.
Now you have to change
the way you think Shiva,
you're a hero now.
Do one thing, get yourself clicked by the
biggest still photographer in the industry.
Umm... umm... Abbu,
my friend... get it done from him.
Sir I'll get it done after we're done
shooting, I can't afford him now.
He's way too expensive.
Yes, I agree he's quite expensive.
He charges about Rs.1.5-2 lakhs, but...
Don't worry he's
a very good friend of mine,
I'll talk to him for you and he'll
do yours for around Rs.50,000.
Sir, Rs.50,000 is still
very costly for me!
Oh God, Shiva!
Change the way you think!
Change your mentality!
Rs.50,000 is something you will
have to spend. Give me a minute.
Hello? Kapoor sir...
Is everything okay??
Yes sir,
I've casted an amazing actor sir!
Yes sir...
No that will not be an issue sir.
Yes sir,
I completely understand your point.
No, Kapoor sir it will be done,
your wish is my command.
You can trust me on this
and relax about this situation.
Kapoor sir, I've been meaning to talk to
you about something for the past few days.
But I couldn't find
the right time to do so.
The thing is I'm fed up of this
monotonous job of casting people,
there's no thrill in it anymore.
I wish to become a director someday.
I have some very amazing scripts so...
I'd really appreciate if you consider to be
a director whenever you plan your next film.
Okay? Okay sir... Thank you sir!
Who was it, sir?
Who was it, sir?
It was Kapoor sir.
Kapoor sir, Who?
You're asking me who is Kapoor sir?
Sir, there are so many Kapoors...
Oh, God! The producer of our film,
Mr. Kapoor!
Oh! What was he talking about?
Did he say about me, sir?
What did he say?
Sit... sit!
See Shiva,
I'm sure you know how things in
our industry work... am I right?
I think you should drop this film.
Why sir?
What are you even saying sir?
You just told me you've
casted me as the hero of this film,
how can I leave this film?
Listen to me!
What are you doing?
- Don't touch my feet.
- Sir, you hold my fate in your hands...
My kids will always be grateful
to you, I beg you sir please.
You have no idea how tough it was
for me to get this opportunity sir.
Please... please sir!
Calm down Shiva...
See, you know that I am the casting
director for so many films at the moment,
I assure you I'll give you
a good role in some other film.
But I have to ask
you to drop this film.
You are an amazing actor and I am
going to find another great film for you.
But you have to leave this film.
What is the problem
with this film, sir?
- There is a problem Shiva...
- What?
What is the problem?
Our producer, Kapoor sir... he wants
me to cast his son for the lead role.
He wants me to make him
the hero of this film.
You tell me,
what should I do about it?
I begged him in front of you and tried
to convince him to let you have this role.
But I have my own limits and restrictions.
I cannot fight him over this decision.
He's the producer and he wants
his son to be the hero of this film.
I see...
You understand, right?
You are going to direct his next film,
am I right?
Everything is fare in the film industry and
this is how it functions sir., right?
remove Shiva's name from that contract and
add the name of our producer's son instead
Wake up dad!
Wake up dad!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Happy Birthday!
- Thank you
- I love you
Love you too beta.
Happy Birthday my love.
Thank you... I didn't realise
that it's my birthday today.
You are turning into an old man Shiva.
Yes sure! I can see how capable
you are of handling your youth Taai.
What are you saying?
She's old enough to have one foot in the
grave already and she's calling me old.
You're completely shameless.
Whenever you are around I lose all my manners
and turn into a completely shameless man.
Come on, let's cut the cake!
Taai should I make some tea
to go along with the cake?
No no I'll just take
Chintu out for a walk.
Cut the cake properly and then
share it with the neighbours.
Come on we'll go out
to play for sometime.
Keep a bigger piece for Chintu.
Yes, I'll just cut this into
smaller pieces and be right back.
Yes, cut it into smaller pieces so that
it's enough to share with everyone.
It's so strange that I forgot my own
birthday... What is wrong with me?
I'll give Chintu his share
as soon as he's back.
Listen? You had gone to meet Kabra
yesterday, what happened there?
Kabra had called me,
he was extremely excited.
Said that he
has finalised everything.
He has finalised you? Why didn't
you say a word about it to me?
What would have I told you?
He was talking to me and meanwhile
the producer of the film called him.
I don't know the exact conversation
that went down between the two of them.
He replaced me right
after that phone call.
- Replaced you?
- Hmm...
He said that he will cast me in his next film.
The same producer is producing another film
And he's given Kabra
the opportunity to direct it.
So Kabra will be directing
the next film for sure.
Yes so why don't you ask Kabra
sir to cast you in his next film?
It won't change anything.
There's a chance that
the producer might call him again
and tell him to cast his son as the hero
of that film as well and replace me again.
There is no certainty.
Is his son a good actor?
He doesn't need to be an actor for
him to be casted as a hero in the film.
The producer invests a lot of
money in the film and therefore
whoever he thinks should be the hero,
will be the hero.
That's how things work
for the rich in this world.
Here, take this...
Will you spend the night with me?
Leave my hand! I'll just set you right
and tell you where I'll spend the night!
"Dum Dum Ali Ali is a divine
name Sakhilal Kalandar Ali."
"Jhulelal Kalandar Ali Ali
Dum Mast Kalandar Ali Ali."
"Dum Dum Ali Ali is a divine name
Sakhilal kalandar Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali"
"Dum Dum Ali Ali is a divine
name Sakhilal Kalandar Ali Ali."
"Dum Dum Ali Ali is a divine
name Sakhilal Kalandar Ali Ali."
"Jhulelal Kalandar Ali Ali
Dum Mast Kalandar Ali Alli."
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E"
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E,"
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E."
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E."
"I've been searching myself forever,"
"Asking myself questions."
"I've been searching myself forever,"
"Asking myself questions."
"Whole world is on one side.
And my fate on the other."
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E."
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E"
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum
mast kalandar Maste-E."
"Mast-E Mast-E Dum.
mast kalandar Maste-E"
What happened my love?
Why are you still awake?
Is something bothering you?
Hmm... Madhu I have decided something...
Decided something? What?
I'm going to quit acting.
What do you mean?
I mean, I'm going to stop dreaming.
Satya is right,
acting is just a great
career option for the rich.
A poor man like me can never
be successful in this field.
You're joking, am I right?
What are you even saying?
You... you are an amazing
actor and everyone knows this.
You're wrong. Nobody thinks like this
I know this my love
and I believe in you.
But this is not enough Madhu.
I haven't been any help to you
even by dressing up as Parvati.
I wasn't even able pay
Chintu's school fee.
The expenses are
increasing day by day.
Hence I have decided.
I'm done chasing after my dreams.
I am done auditioning.
It's over now.
I'll do manual labor for 10-12 hours.
Please relax.
What are you doing my love?
Why are you crying? Please don't cry.
You're worried about
the expenses, right?
I'll start working in 2-3 more
houses and do whatever work I can.
I don't want you to
be worried about money.
I definitely don't want you to
quit acting please. Please don't cry.
No, not at all.
You will do no such thing.
Not anymore Madhu.
I can't even begin to express how
grateful I am for all your support.
I have never done anything
for you in return.
What are you saying?
I haven't been able to buy
a big and beautiful house for you,
or a car I don't even have
a stable job to support you.
Everywhere people call me shorty.
I am not fit... not this and that.
I feel that I have failed to
keep you happy all these years.
Listen to me my love,
I am very happy with you.
I am very happy!
I didn't agree to marry you because
I wanted you to buy me a big
house and give me cars and money.
I agreed to marry you because
I know you are an honest
and hardworking man.
And that's all that matters to me.
I am very happy.
You are too...
Listen to me,
you are so close to your destination and
I won't let you quit or be disappointed.
Have faith in God, he will guide you
Are you okay my love?
Hmm... Yes... I'm fine
Wait, let me help you with that...
Look up.
"I leave my house everyday
being hopeful, thinking..."
"I leave my house everyday
being hopeful, thinking..."
"That my destiny will turn around,"
"my heart will hear a good news."
"Didn't know all this was an illusion."
"Now fulfil your promise, oh life."
"You promised to bring happiness."
"Now fulfil your promise, oh life."
Move! Move on the side, Stop!
Oh My God! That's Kulbhushan ji...
Shiva this might be your only chance!
Hello Sir! Many congratulations
to you for your new film sir!
Sir, I'm a huge fan sir.
Believe me sir I'm a huge fan of yours
and I have watched all your films sir.
Sir I don't want any money from you,
please allow me to audition
for you sir, I am an actor.
Sir I'm a man sir.
My financial situations have
forced me to work like this.
Sir I am a theatre actor.
If you give me one chance it might
change things in my life for good sir.
Please sir... Please try
to understand sir... please...
Are you crazy Shiva?
What did you think?
That you'll randomly bump
into a director on a red light,
and he'll sign you for a film?
This only happens in
movies not in real life.
Tomorrow evening 7pm
at Mehboob Studio.
Hey! Are you mad or what?
Madhu you have no idea
what just happened!
What happened?
Satya!! Come fast. I have
a great news to share with you all.
- What happened?
- What happened?
Is there a storm or did
the roof fall on our heads?
You won't believe what just happened.
A very big director has called
me to audition for a film.
Are you serious?
I'm serious.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm serious.
I told you! I told you! I knew you
are very close to the destination!
God was with us all this while
I told you God will help us ?
He has finally answered
all our prayers.
You are right this was God's plan.
Just focus on giving your best.
Don't worry about dropping
Chintu to school tomorrow.
Chintu now I want you to focus on your
studies and work even harder at school.
Satya, I want you to come along with
me tomorrow... I am a little terrified.
Relax Shiva, He hasn't offered you the film
yet he has just called you for an audition.
- Just relax and calm down.
- Yes.
I always knew my Shiva will
make all of us very proud.
Oh, so you always believed in him?
I can't believe Taai had faith
in me and is now appreciating me.
Very nice.
We need to eat something sweet in order to
celebrate this good news,
let me get us some sugar.
Here, have some sugar for good luck
Here, take.
Here, take... I want you to
have it before everyone else.
You have it first.
We don't have any sweets at
the moment but sugar will do for now.
Okay. Fine. I'm leaving now
but I want you to remember one thing,
Neither is this the last door for me,
nor is it my final destination.
I know nobody cares
about my existence.
But I also know that the honesty
in my eyes, it bothers everyone.
What people don't understand
is that I'm like a mirror,
I only reflect what's in front of me.
People can either push me away and
get rid of me or try to destroy me.
But they cannot ignore me.
So many people have lost
their lives in this pandemic.
If I was able to survive it, it's only
because God had bigger plans for me.
He kept me alive so that I can walk on the
path he chose for me and fulfil my dreams.
The madness I have for fame, to always
move forward in life and never give up,
and to face the harsh realities of this
world... this is all a part of my path.
Till I have the courage
to face anything,
and anyone, I'll just keep moving
forward in life no matter what...
I'll just keep moving forward.
Cut! Brilliant.
Thank you, Sir.
Shiva you and performance are like a
storm! Where were you all this while?
I was always here... on the roadside
Shiva, you'll finish
this entire film for me.
You're unstoppable now. Brilliant.
Keep it up!
Thank you, Sir.
Shiva, what an amazing shot brother!
You've proved me wrong.
No, I always used to say that acting
is only for the rich... but you?
You've proved me
wrong... I'm into tears.
You're going to be a star, A Star!
Pack up! Lights off!
Wake up Parvati!
What is wrong with you?
I had told you...
The city of dreams...
There are so many Shiva's in this city...
Who came with some aspirations,
but now are something different.