Are We Not Cats (2016) Movie Script

[slow intense music playing]
[truck engine whirring]
[70s love song playing]
[woman giggling]
What's up?
Can I come in?
You have somebody
in there? Or...
Are you working right now?
No, I just got off and
I was wondering if you wanted
to maybe take a shower.
You can't just come here
without warning me.
Don't make me turn this
into a legal thing.
A legal thing?
Are you serious?
What are you like
fucking somebody?
Aren't you gonna ask me
if I'm fucking anybody?
I can tell by your body language
that you're not fucking anyone.
[truck honks]
Was it good at least?
Was it worth it?
Listen, everybody wants
to have a woman on their route,
you know what I'm saying.
A girlfriend, you can stop
and get a piece.
But we all can't have it
that way, can we?
Huh? Hello, Eli?
Let's get outta here.
Let's get outta here?
I don't wanna see your face
I don't want you on my truck.
You understand me?
-You had be out here like a...
-Let's just get
in the truck and talk.
No. Bitch upstairs,
bitch downstairs.
I'm not a bitch.
You're a bitch.
You're a sucker.
I don't like it.
You suck, man.
I don't like this.
What's wrong with you?
Huh? What? What?
Oh, really?
[Dennis laughs]
You okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Okay, good.
[siren wailing]
[TV chatter in the background]
You're home.
Hey, Dad.
Do you want to drink?
No, I'm good.
We sold the house.
Goodbye, our house.
But it's not so bad.
They paid...
And they want to move in
next week.
So, your mother and I
are moving to...
[speaking foreign language]
I'll miss you.
Who's gonna drive
the moving truck?
What's happening with
the old truck?
Junk. We'll sell it for $500.
I'll buy.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
If you move everything out
of your room tomorrow,
you take it.
Now you stay
with your girlfriend.
Just remember forever.
I taught you
how to wipe your ass.
Visit us.
[breathing heavily]
[slow romantic music playing]
-[car alarm sounding]
[indistinct chatter]
[Ari] Go away.
It's me.
Dude, come on, it's Eli.
Oh, hey man.
Hey, sorry, we're you sleeping?
No. No. Nikki's here.
I just wanted to ask you
real quick,
I know you mentioned
you had a driving job.
I was wondering if you could
hook me up with that?
Yeah. Yeah.
Do you have a car?
Yeah, I got a truck.
There you go, man, yes.
Let me talk to my boss.
Just lemme know.
We'll keep in touch.
-All right. Yes, bye.
-I'll see you soon.
[upbeat music playing]
So, she left you?
No. No. I broke up with her.
She got a little crazy with me.
It's just... it got old.
It was just too much,
you know, living together.
She was pretty
fucking hot though, man.
Are you sure?
Really, I just wanna shower,
if it's cool?
Yeah, that's fine also,
but you can't use any of
the towels in there.
[water trickling]
[cat moaning]
[slow chiming]
[phone rings
over the other line]
[woman] Bonjour, it's Maddie.
You know what to do.
[romantic song playing]
Yo. What's up.
-What's the word?
-Good news man.
I came through for you.
Ari came through for you.
You want to drive some stuff
We can give you 100 now
and 100 when you get there.
So just make sure
that you get there,
drop off that engine,
everbody's happy.
That's perfect.
Good, 'cause I told my boss
that you were good,
that you were cool,
and so I put my neck
kinda a little bit on the line
for you.
I would ask for a cut
of the money
that you're getting.
'Cause I got you the job.
But I know that,
that's your house.
I think we got it.
There we go. Here we go.
[exhales, coughs]
-Thanks, baby.
That's going to a guy
named Jack.
All right, Jack, got it.
Don't die.
Baby don't take my love
For granted
Now you break my heart
As long as you planned it
But I think you should know
Before you let her go
That true love
Just don't grow
- On trees
- Like leaves
Hey, do you know
where I can find Jack?
Yeah, you got him.
I got an engine for you.
It's about time you showed up.
I got a guy in the back waiting
for you, busting my balls.
Yeah, sorry.
All right. Just pull it
in the back,
I'll check it out.
So, we'll be good to go soon?
What's that?
We'll be good to go soon
with the engine?
Do you know how long
it takes to put an engine in?
I don't know, 20, 30 minutes?
If this is what's gonna happen,
it's gonna cost you ten hours.
You told me that this was
gonna happen... I'd be
outta here by two o'clock.
Do you want this in or not?
Yeah, you know I want this in...
-So, stop bothering me.
-I'm not bothering you.
-I'm sitting.
-Go sit down.
You gotta gimme something
to get outta here in.
Listen, the guy was late.
I had no control over that.
-It's not my fault.
-So please go sit down
and shut up, all right.
If you want it done,
otherwise I'm not doing it.
You want me to come with you?
Nah, wait right there.
Hey, man,
is this your truck?
This your truck?
-It's cool.
-It's dope.
I like this shit man.
I like the shit on the sides.
Okay, cool.
So, listen, you, um...
think I can get a ride,
'cause I've been here
all fuckin' day.
You know, man,
I don't fuckin' know, wait,
you were supposed to be here
like five hours ago.
So, I'm just getting dicked
in every direction here today.
-Which way are you going?
I'm going back the other way.
Thank you very much, here.
-Thanks a lot.
-Thank you.
He's so nice to you.
Look at that, he hooked you up.
Technically, that's my money.
The way I see it,
you kinda owe me a little bit,
so maybe you can gimme
a fuckin' ride 'cause I got
no other way outta here.
You'd do it?
[truck starts]
[heavy metal music playing]
-Whoa. Dude that...
Oh, man!
Yeah, that's good.
I think that's toxic.
Do people drink that?
I said, do people drink
that? Is that a thing?
What you saying,
I'm not a person?
Here, take a sip.
-I'm good, really.
-No, take a sip. Come on.
I gotta drive.
Oh, fuck!
-It's good right?
-Are you kidding me?
[Kyle] You should just
puke it out if it's still
fucking with you.
Hey man, what are you
doing after this?
I'm gonna go home.
I got a new plan.
Detour. Fuck this.
You gotta come with me
to this thing, man.
I was supposed to... I was
going to be bringing
a lumber yard to get my shit
but I don't have to
do that shit today.
I can do that shit tomorrow.
Fucking truck's out.
You know what I think, man?
I'm gonna take you
to this thing man.
Where all the girls are,
you know what?
It's a new plan.
Take another hit on that.
You said that it was
a girl's, right?
[heavy rock music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[out of key piano playing]
Come on, fuck this.
I don't give a fuck about
this thing. Come on, baby.
[heavy rock music continues]
[people chattering]
[Kyle] Think about
turkey sandwiches
or something.
What the fuck is that?
Here, come here.
Look at me. Come here.
Ow! Fuck! Fuck! Kyle, Kyle!
Get that off!
I'm sorry, I'm trying
to disinfect it.
Just fucking sit still
for fucks sake.
[whimpering] Baby, I want
to go home.
[Kyle] Not now.
After we get my truck.
[shutter opens]
[Anya] Hey, man.
We gonna get outta here.
I just wanted to say thank you.
[Eli] Yeah, of course.
What are you doing later?
I mean, what are you guys up to?
I got a lotta work to do
this week.
Where do you work?
Al's Lumberyard.
That's cool.
Yeah, it's all right.
You're welcome to cruse by
or whatever.
[Kyle] Come on, let hit it.
What you are you doing?
Just ask for Anya.
[music playing over radio]
[man] You look tired.
This is just what I look like.
Want soup?
No, thanks.
It's free.
All right.
Your head hurts.
First my hand, then my back
and then my head.
The pain is what
keeps you awake.
[blowing trumpet]
Hey, what's up bud?
-You forget something?
-I don't think so.
What's going on?
-I was here last night.
-It was cool.
-Yeah, it's fun.
So, what's up.
Is there any
cool bands playing today?
No, not really. It's just
a last night kind of thing.
Maybe a couple of people
coming later but...
Oh, cool.
Just, they're doing
their own thing, you know.
If you guys are hanging out,
you mind if I just hang out
for a little bit?
Ah, there's nothing really
going on. Just trying to keep
the people to a minimum.
[girl] What kind of truck
do you drive?
It's a big box truck,
I move engines and stuff.
It's cool.
-It's a pretty good job.
[heavy metal music playing]
[Eli coughing]
[breathing heavily]
[organ squeaking]
[upbeat song playing]
Wake up in the morning
Trying to find my head
I've been sleep dreaming baby
On the dream that we had
I better wash my face
I better brush my teeth
Better hurry and eat
And rush off to school
Hoping for just
A real meal
Yesterday he asked me
If he could walk me home
And like a fool I told him
I can make it alone
I know that I can get
My head I asked to leave
He's my kinda guy...
Yo! What the fuck
you spitting on my property?
I'm bleeding.
Hey, maybe you need a band aid.
Hey, I'm Al.
What can I do for you?
Is Anya around?
You're not...
Anya's working.
And who are you?
-[stammering] Eli.
-You from around here?
No, I just moved.
Why would you come up here?
I'm looking for work.
I'm looking to retire,
you're looking for a job,
maybe we can work something out.
[Al] Hey, how much
you pay for that truck?
My father left it for me.
So did he just
pass on or something?
No. No.
He just moved to Arizona.
Dry heat, yeah.
Hey, you know, there used to be
a beautiful resort up here.
Everybody moved to Florida
or Arizona,
nobody came anymore.
But, I, was a singing star.
Miles between
Us and loneliness
I wish I could be with you
And dreams are better
Than nothing
I wish I could be with you
-[Eli laughing]
-Are you fucking laughing
at my singing?
No, it's good.
It's really good.
Oh, well, yeah, you know...
I was really the Bell-Boy.
Hey, did you ever drive
a logging truck?
[stammers] No.
I did drive a garbage truck.
That's why you fucking stink.
I knew I smelt something here.
Garbage truck, logging truck,
it's a good start.
[Al] Whoa, oh fuck.
[Eli] Sorry.
[logging truck whirring]
[tree cracking]
Hey girl, you can be a lady
Hey girl, you can be a lady
When I first met you, baby
You told me lies
You said I was
Your first love
But I found there were
Other guys
You made me stay to my past
Before I met you
But people only met me
Everyone think I would
Get you
Baby you can be a lady
Belittle my head now
You can be a lady
Belittle my head now
Ooh, let me
Help you, baby
[Al] Let me show you how
to run the truck.
You see these controls here,
watch what I do.
Here, gimme you hand on this.
Pull that one down,
it lifts it up.
You push this to the left...
hey, pay attention,
you watching!
-Yeah, yeah.
-You got it?
Think you can do this now?
[Al] Now you're getting it.
Down! Down! Pull it down,
Come on, pull it down.
[Eli] I didn't hear you, what?
I said, you're an idiot
for working here.
Are you an idiot too?
I'm trying very hard not to be.
How do you do that?
I don't know, I guess
by not getting stuck.
Everyone around here is stuck.
I'm not stuck.
I've heard that one before.
Actually, I just came by
to give you a present.
A present?
I just met you,
you want to give me
a present already?
No, I mean, if you
don't want it,
-I can always keep it,
I like it.
-What is it?
I stole that organ.
You didn't.
You wanna see it?
Yeah, maybe later.
Al will kill me if I leave.
All right, well...
or maybe I could drop it
by your place or,
I don't know what
you're doing later, after work.
-What you doing tonight?
I was actually...
I was actually gonna do a party
in a few weeks.
So, me and Kyle
were gonna test out
the tunes tonight.
Cool, yeah.
Yeah, I'll come by later.
How do I get there?
[knocking at door]
You all right?
You know what,
we're not working tomorrow.
I'm not working,
you're not working.
We got a room in the back,
used to be Kyle's room.
You can sleep back there,
camp out.
Whatever you gotta do.
I'll be all right.
Yeah, you all right?
Yeah, I'll be good.
I'll see you tom...
I'll see you the next day after.
Get the fuck outta here man,
leave me alone.
Yeah, well, I'll see you.
I'll see you in two days.
Hey, hey, hey, hey
-Oh my God.
-Hey, are you all right?
God, you scared me so bad.
I can't believe you actually
took this.
Where do you want this thing?
-Here. Here's fine.
Hey, I got it.
Don't worry about it.
Watch the cords,
they're breakable.
Really... no way.
That good?
-That's good.
It looks good.
It's filthy.
So did you like
make all this stuff
by yourself?
Looks like it moves,
I mean, what's it like...
it's one big machine
that emits colors.
and movements to
the groove of a record.
Red's a shout, green's a scream.
I mean, this thing should be
right at home in here.
Here, let me rig it up
for you.
It's home made so it's
a little tough to get going.
There it is.
[playing organ]
[shirt rips]
You wanna go make a fire?
I don't know, where?
We gotta find a thin wood.
Yeah, I don't think
I've ever chopped a tree before.
-Or wood.
-You were never in
the boy scouts?
Jews don't scout.
This one's good.
I guess it's kinda swaying.
[sighs] Fuck.
Whoa, hey, you okay?
Wow, what happened?
Weren't we
supposed to get firewood?
I thought we should
come back inside, I mean...
-[Anya gasps] fainted.
I did not faint.
I'm gonna get a drink.
I just want to
mention again that,
Kyle and I are
in love so you don't get
the wrong idea.
I'm sure he'd be really proud
to hear you say that.
Why don't we play a new game
where you're not allowed to lie.
-You nervous?
-A little bit.
What is
the last memory you have
of not being totally alone?
All right, you wanna me
to tell you something
or ask me a question?
I don't know, tell me something.
Tell me something
you wouldn't tell somebody.
I am
kind of sort of petrified
I have been feeling
weirdly sick lately
and I don't really know
what's going on.
I mean, I pull my hair out.
All the time.
-And, I
have a really bad rash,
and I just keep scratching it
and it keeps getting worse
and worse.
I don't know
what to do about it.
You have more hair than I do.
Are you sure about that?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Can I see it?
The whole idea was
to have people come
and have their senses
But, with Kyle I'm sure
will just turn into a sex party.
You okay?
That's really cool
with the lights on.
[upbeat funk music playing]
I've got a thing
You've got a thing
Everybody's got a thing
When we get together
Doing our things
In order to help each other
In order to help a brother
[music continues playing]
You don't drink
What I drink
You don't smoke
What I smoke
You don't think
What I think
You don't joke
Like I joke
I've got a thing
You've got a thing
Everybody's got a thing
[indistinct chatter]
When we get together
Doing our thing
In order to help
Each other
So what's up? I heard
you're working for Al now.
Trying that out.
Yeah, he's cool.
You know, you should be
prepared for what you might be
getting yourself into.
-Baby, you want some?
-I'm headed out.
-I want to head out before the
weather gets bad.
Please, I'm pretty drunk.
[Kyle] Go for it.
I'm gonna see you
real soon right?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah, right.
[Anya] Good.
I fucked up.
Thanks for coming over.
[trumpet playing]
[sliding door squeaks]
Good morning.
I should probably go.
You want a cup of coffee?
[Eli] How you feeling?
I'm feeling a lot of things.
You want some of this?
I'm okay.
Come on,
you're gonna feel better.
[mimics car engine]
[mimics train]
[mimics explosion]
I'm just gonna run
to the bathroom real quick.
Wait, hey
Asking, asking, asking me
Why I'm not dying
In a misery
'Cause my baby told me
If I straighten up
And do right
That you love me
Just for me
For the rest of my life
You know I'm straighten up
And yeah, yeah, yeah
You know I'm straighten up
On me I tell you
I ain't gonna cheat no more
Ain't gonna
Lie no more baby
Ain't gonna be mad no more
And I ain't gonna make you
Cry no more
You know I'm straighten up
And yeah, yeah, yeah
You know I'm straighten up
On me I tell you
Right now
[Anya coughing in toilet]
Come back pretty baby
Think I'm gonna go lay down.
[music continues playing]
[engine starts]
[tires spinning out]
[Anya crying]
[Anya whimpering]
Oh my God.
Oh my God. [moans]
Oh my God. Oh my God.
You okay? [whispers]
[Anya shivering]
[Eli] Look at me.
Can you look at me?
[ominous shriek]
Hey. Wake up.
[loud bang]
[dialing, phone ringing]
911, what is your emergency?
Hi, my friend won't wake up.
She's barely breathing.
Okay, tell me what happened?
She ate a lot of hair.
She what?
Do you know the Heimlich?
She's not choking,
she swallowed it a while ago.
Hang on okay.
-[phone rings, beep]
-This is Dr. Moony.
Hey, what happens when
you eat too much hair?
Did you eat too much hair?
Not me, my friend ate too much.
You should tell your friend
to stop because humans
can't digest it, for one.
It's difficult to even cough up
like a cat fur for example.
What happens?
Well, if you eat too much,
it forms a hair rock
in your stomach.
It'll grow and grow
and eventually fill
your entire stomach
and head into your bowls
and clog up your entire system.
There can be
emergency surgery if necessary.
[Eli] You have to cut it out?
[doctor] Keep her vital steady
and we'll be there
in a few hours.
[metal clanging]
It's the power
And the glory
[music continues
in the background]
[soothing music playing]
[Anya shrugs]
[Anya whimpers]
[whimpering, gasping]
[siren wailing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[paramedic 1] Shot's going in.
-[paramedic 1] Pulse is faint.
-[paramedic 2] Let's go.
[paramedic 2] Clear the beads.
[tires screeching]
[vehicle approaching]
-[Eli moans]
Oh. Oh God.
Oh God, are you okay?
Are you...
Where does it hurt?
I don't know.
Oh God, okay.
Okay. Okay.
I'm gonna get under here.
[woman] I'm gonna take you
to the hospital.
Hmm, okay.
You can't fall asleep,
you could have a concussion
or something.
What's your name?
Do you want some sugar slurpies?
- No.
You should eat vegetables,
you know?
Can you, uh...
sing me something?
Right now?
[sings under breath]
Do you realize you could
have been charged
with man slaughter?
And had you waited
like any sane person,
the only one to blame
would have been us or her.
So she's okay?
More or less.
She's got a rather terrible scar
which I hope
is a permanent reminder
of a habit she needs
to discontinue.
Can I go see her?
Not so fast.
Where's the Chuck Beesor?
The hair rug?
I left it there, why?
I've never seen one before.
[monitor beeping]
[knocking at door]
If you see me
On you doorstep right
You're love
Was the look for me
It was all that I had
And since
You've taken it away
I don't believe in men
I remember the good times
And I try not to be sad
But I know that it's true
That you will never love me
So don't be surprised
If you see me
Lying on a railway track
soul music playing]
Thank you for coming
So eager
Thank you for coming
There's a possibility
That I'll submit
To your military
If I am wrong
For all the things
I'm praying for you, somehow
They don't come true
We must go out
If I let you, I burned
To lay my hand
On the bed I made
Yes, I had
And I don't forever start
To get so close
'Cause you're so far
If all the things I planned
Is good for you
Oh, you've got to
Stand by me baby...
To have a drink
With me darlin'
To hold on
A little bit longer
Have a little faith
Have a little faith
Have a little faith
In me baby
Friends of our
Who criticize
But they just don't realize
That I'm all for you
So in reality
I'll be true
If you could
Just stand by me
I'll be ture
Have a little faith
In my darlin'
Hold on a little bit longer
Have a little faith
Have a little faith
Have a little faith
In me baby
Have a little faith
In me darlin'
Hold on a little bit longer
Stand by my side
Won't you please baby