Are You Ok Baby? (2023) Movie Script

Has she slept?
- She has.
- Did you come up with a name?
I have one in mind.
- But I don't know if you'll like it.
- Say it.
The "AN" from Balan and "YA" from Vidhya.
- Sounds great!
- Do you like it?
- Anya, my sweetheart.
- Don't say it out now!
We'll have to do it
at an auspicious time.
It's auspicious if we say it is.
Anya! Anya, sweetheart!
What happened?
Take this.
- Hello?
- Hello, sir.
It's me, Ruby.
How many times have I told you
not to call me?
I got the Dubai visa.
I need fifty thousand rupees more.
Could you send it? Please?
Do you hear me, sir?
Fine, I'll send it.
But you should stop calling me.
We've given you a big gift, sir.
- What happened?
- It's nothing.
Come on.
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
"If not for the child,
Are parents not lost?"
"As the bright beautiful moon"
"Shines in the sky"
"This little moon
Tosses and turns in my arms"
"The heart yearns
For her to call me 'Amma!'"
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
"As the tiny fingers
Graze my bosom"
"The joy knows no bounds!"
"What's better than harps and flutes?"
"Your voice, my dear,
Is far more melodious!"
"Come toddling to me, my baby!"
"With eyes sparkling like diamonds!"
"Walk slowly,
Come to me!"
"And kiss me with those rosy lips!"
"Sweetheart, I wish to embrace you!"
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
- Excuse me?
- Madam?
Stop it for a while.
I can't hear anything.
Okay, ma'am.
- We want to child-safe the entire house. Got it?
- Will do, madam.
We want it safe inside.
She'll start walking soon.
- Is that so, dear?
- Isn't it, sweetheart?
- That's why. Look, she's saying the same thing.
- Okay!
Do you want locks only on the door upstairs?
- No, we want it for all doors.
- All the doors?
Yes, of course.
Excuse me?
- Yes, ma'am.
- We want the switchboards moved up.
Can I move it up by four feet?
Yes, four feet should be fine.
What is it?
What do you want to eat?
Aren't you hungry?
Let's eat.
Come here.
Come here, sweetheart.
Where's the food?
Little Anya's going to eat,
tasty, yummy food!
Say "Ah", "Ah"!
The baby shouldn't come out.
There are stairs here.
Yes, they've asked me to put up a child gate.
Yes, the child gate.
- Make it two and a half feet tall.
- Sure. I'll do that.
What do we do after she grows up?
- The height can be adjusted later.
- Is it?
- Make sure it's strong.
- Sure, ma'am.
Come with me.
Look at the phone.
Someone's calling!
Who's calling?
Let's find out.
Who is it?
Who could it be?
- Hello?
- Hello?
Who am I speaking with?
Who is it?
Do you speak Tamil?
I do. Tell me.
This is Rashmy Ramakrishnan,
calling from Sollathathum Unmai.
We have a family here with us today.
They are accusing you
of taking their baby.
They want their baby back.
What's going on?
Please don't disturb us.
Then you should have
adopted legally.
Lights on!
Tell me, sir.
What the hell is this?
I was fixing the sofa.
- We'll have it fixed--
- What do you mean fixing the sofa?
It'll be ready in some time.
Don't just stand there.
Go fix it!
Hey. Come here.
What the hell is this?
Where is the background?
- Brother?
- Do I have to tell you everything?!
Where is the background?
Ask them to put it on.
Where is the logo?
Hey, where is it?
Where is the logo?
Tell them to put the logo!
- Lift that end.
- Sure.
Hey! What are you guys doing?
Ask them to put up the logo there!
Move it! Move the logo!
Why are you unwrapping it?
Where's the platform?
Without the platform, how the?
Take it out!
- Grab it.
- Where is he?
- He'll be here soon.
- What do you mean, soon?
- Hey, where the hell are you?
- Brother
Madam is nearby.
What do you mean, she's nearby?
If she's not here in ten minutes,
we'll pack up and leave!
- She's here. Everything's set.
- Shut up and hang up.
- Tell me.
- Where are you, madam?
I'm on my way.
The car just got here.
The car was parked outside
for an hour and a half.
- Bagyaraj had called me .
- Fine.
- Okay.
- Madam, I'm at the CWC.
Why didn't you say that earlier?
I would've come there
directly from my home.
That won't be necessary.
We'll take care of it.
Please go as soon as you can.
The director is already screaming!
Okay, madam.
Please go as soon as you can.
Is there any issue?
Nothing, let's go.
- Have it.
- Thank you, sir.
Why are you handling cases
with such legal implications?
Why didn't you send it to us?
Madam wanted to help Shoba
and took the risk, sir.
And we informed the CWC
as soon as the episode was shot.
Who are you?
I'm the legal advisor of the
channel, Ramya.
I'm Mysskin.
- You seem to be very young.
- Sir, this is ageism.
No. It's a compliment.
Thank you, sir.
Where is she?
Has she not come?
Sir, she's not in town.
- Mr. Ezhil?
- He's sick.
- By the way, this is Abraham.
- I know. They come here every month.
Shouldn't the enthusiasm you had during the telecast
continue for the follow-up as well?
- Yes, sir.
- You guys should have some responsibility, no?
Sorry, sir.
Did you go through the complaint
Shoba gave us?
- No, sir.
- Read it now.
Sir. We are not to be blamed.
She handed over her baby
eight months before she came on our show.
Madam said she wouldn't get involved
at the end of the show.
But she said if the girl is willing
to take the legal route,
and she'd help her find legal assistance.
- Do you have the DVD of that episode?
- Yes, sir.
Take this.
You can go.
Next time, we want the director and the anchor
to be present during the inquiry.
- Otherwise, a warrant will be served.
- Yes, sir.
Call in Social.
The director should've been here.
I told him. He didn't listen.
Sir? I'm on my way.
Did you notice him?
I'm not surprised.
They're waiting for a chance.
- Hello, sir. Hello.
- Hello.
Why did you fabricate
that complaint?
Why have you lied
that the host handed over the baby?
Isn't that wrong?
Sir, they're supporting
the wrong things.
The baby should go back
to Shoba, by law.
- Are you teaching me about the law?
- Sir!
You leave. I'll take care.
Sir, I handed over three packets of snacks.
It costs three hundred rupees.
There are women who depend on this
for their livelihood.
See you, sir.
Hey! I got insulted,
all thanks to you!
- What happened, brother?
- Don't call me that. I'll get pissed off.
If there's a problem between your channels,
fight it out amongst yourselves!
Why are you dragging me
into your rivalry?
Let's inform the police.
It looks like a racket to me.
Yes, sir.
This definitely the
elements of trafficking.
Call that girl in.
You accompany her and
take care of the proceedings.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
- Hello?
-Hello Am I speaking to Shoba?
- Yes, ma'am.
- I'm calling from the Child Welfare Committee.
We're going to file a police complaint
to get the baby back.
We want you to come along.
Shoba? Hello?
Okay, ma'am. When should I come?
Right away. Okay?
Can you please share
the location on WhatsApp?
- I'll do that. Don't worry.
- Thank you so much, ma'am!
- Come soon.
- Alright!
CWC attempts to rescue
the baby of the woman who participated
in a controversial reality TV show.
The case has been transferred
to the CB-CID.
The CWC has sent summons asking
the show's host, director, and team
to present themselves for an inquiry.
This has become a sensational topic.
With the investigation in full swing,
it is hoped that the mother will be reunited with her baby.
- Good morning, sir!
- Good morning!
- Wear your ID card.
- Sorry, sir!
Hello, sir.
Greetings, sir.
- Morning, sir. Everything is ready.
- Yes, come.
Hello, sir.
Sit down.
They took away my baby
knowing my situation.
If you weren't interested in
giving away your baby,
why did you ask them
to take the baby?
Come on, let me go.
I didn't hold your hands
to let them go.
- The watchman might come. I'm leaving.
- That guy? He's drunk and wasted.
- The watchman might come.
- Why are you so scared of him?
What can he do?
You are my wife.
I don't give a damn!
- Where are you going?
- Let me go!
The dimple on your cheeks
when you smile wow!
- Sister
- Come inside.
- Sister
- What is it?
The doctor said D&C is not possible.
I'm already four months into my pregnancy.
They said it's not advisable.
Yes, how will they?
You'll be weak, physically.
What will I do now?!
How will I go to work?
Mom, sister
I need to pay my house rent,
feed my family
Stop lamenting.
Nothing has gone out of our hands.
You've completed four months.
Just six more months.
Put your baby up for adoption
once you deliver.
Let me know if you are okay,
I'll suggest a way out.
Aren't you working today?
I resigned from my job.
You never told me!
Won't people find out I'm pregnant?
- I feel ashamed.
- Idiot
Alright, give me some money.
I don't have any.
Oh really?
- What are you doing?
- Don't have money?
I need that to buy medicines.
- Same here. See you.
- Give it back.
Park here.
Be patient. Stay calm.
We've reached the hospital.
My shift just got over.
I came to meet you right away. Eat this.
I was starving already.
I was down with a fever all night.
I don't know why.
Did you do what I asked you to?
It was very painful, sister.
The milk will dry up in two days.
Everything will be fine after that.
Sister Can I see the baby once?
No, the baby is inside the incubator.
They won't let anyone in.
Please, I really want to.
Look, they have spent one and a half lakhs
till now to save the baby.
No one knows how much more
they'll have to spend.
If you start about wanting
to see the baby now
They won't like it.
Keep that in mind.
Eat now.
I called him a million times.
But he didn't respond.
Get over that useless guy!
You trusted him and
Even yesterday he borrowed
ten thousand from me.
Can I get some more food?
Here you go.
- Sister
- That--
Senseless girl!
Can I see the baby once?
I really want to!
What are you going to gain from that?
They have spent
two and a half lakhs.
Repay that money.
And you can keep your baby.
Is that okay?
Sister, don't bother.
I have some expenses.
Give me an extra ten thousand.
You both sign the papers first.
Come in.
Sign here.
- Give it to me. I'll count.
- One here.
One more sign here.
Come on, sign here.
- Come on, sign.
- Yes. Go on, sign it.
I went to the media
only after learning
that he is going to
marry someone else.
Who guided you to the CWC?
- Hello?
- My name is Arivanandham.
People call me Social.
I got your number from the
'N' Thamizh channel.
One of my friends saw your show.
If you do as we say, you'll get your baby back.
Along with money to raise her.
This girl is making one
mistake after another.
She's also filed a false complaint
against the host saying she took that baby.
Sir, that man asked me to do it.
How can I accept such
a girl into my family?
Then how did you accept your son?
He's my only son.
I didn't have a choice.
Sir, please help me get my baby back.
If the baby is with me
He'll accept me someday.
Trust me, sir.
I've gone through a lot.
I swear I wouldn't make any more mistakes.
Please, sir!
Anya dear!
That's it.
Like this, dear.
Yeah, right.
- Hello
- Hello, Balan?
I need to talk to you, Balan.
Can you come to the office?
It's urgent.
And it can't be discussed at home.
What happened?
Tell me.
Balan, that girl has filed a complaint.
An FIR has been registered.
We should apply anticipatory bail
Is Madam here?
She went directly to the spot.
The shoot is going on.
We can stop it.
Not a problem.
I want watch the shoot.
What is your name?
My name is Mary, madam.
- And what is your name?
- My name is Selvaraj, madam.
Slow down the track.
- Mr. Selvaraj?
- Yes.
- Mary?
- Madam?
- Is the volume okay?
- There are cameras around you.
- I'm aware, madam.
- We are filming this.
[Indistinct chatters]
- This is floor one, sir.
- Let's go.
'The unspoken truth'
It's just that, madam She called me
around midnight to play a board game together.
And I'd give it my best shot!
- Here you go, sir.
- She lost twice.
After that, I told her to let me go
because I was very sleepy.
Then, she got mad and started a fight
last night, and now here we are!
Annoying us all with these silly stories
Sir? Didn't you ask me to bring
good-looking people?
You broiler chicken!
How dare you talk back to me!
I'll fry you up.
Get lost!
and here she is.
- Then, I am a country chicken. Right, sir?
- You shouldn't get up until I say so. Sit down!
Why are you silent?
Tell me!
What about you?
Standing there like a set property!
It's just that, sir
I thought I'd leave once the show starts.
- What?
- Show
- Jail?! Did he go to prison?
- Absolutely no respect for an EP here!
Why did you go to prison?
That was a murder case, ma'am.
A murder?!
My brother was murdered last year.
So I started scheming.
I found the murderer's brother.
So I killed him!
- Sir, we can sit inside and watch.
- Okay. Let's go.
So, that was not your first?
Well, I've chopped off arms and legs
few times before that
Thank you, sir.
Have you started?
What's the time now?
Your madam came late today.
The technicians have been
waiting for three hours!
Lanka from CB-CID.
Hello, sir.
- How do you do that?
- With hands, of course!
What is she asking?
Excuse me!
How do you do that?
I'd have to demonstrate it to you
if you keep asking me how I do it!
Do you have the stuff here?
Punch it.
She's enjoying it with a smile.
That's how much she likes me.
How do you get released?
There are six attempt to murder cases
under my name.
But they couldn't prove anything!
All those cases are closed!
Only this murder case is pending.
It's no big deal!
It'll be closed in five or six adjournments.
You were in prison, right?
Prison life must be difficult, right?
No way. We live a king's life!
From bed coffee to making the bed!
My guys will take care of everything.
Why should they work for you?
I can get stuff inside
that you don't find on the outside.
It's the
Madam! This is enough.
Let's move to the other segment.
How do you have a cell phone
when you're in prison?
If you bribe them with some cash,
not only cell phones
Email, Twitter, WhatsApp, wine shop,
everything will be on your cell.
Leave it, ma'am.
Convince her, ma'am.
So we can leave now.
Are you ready to go with him?
No, madam. I won't go with him.
Hey! Come with me, my love!
My beautiful girl!
She's laughing!
Those dimples!
I feel like pinching her cheeks!
Look at his laugh.
- Take her with you.
- Let's take a selfie now.
Let's thrash the one who
discovered selfie!
So cute!
Smile wide.
It's a family photo.
- Move!
- Madam.
Sir! The hard disk you asked for.
Looks like it has lots of stories inside.
It's seven-hour footage, sir. Unedited!
You shoot with cuts in between, right?
No. We'll keep on filming and
stop only if we face any technical issues.
You'll telecast after editing,
adding some background music,
some slow-motion, punch dialogues,
and some drama into it!
We have to deliver what the public loves!
Isn't that our job?
Where do you get these kinds of stories?
We won't go searching for it, sir.
You might have seen it downstairs.
The amount of people coming
to us with their problems.
We'll receive around 200 calls
when an episode goes on air.
So you'll choose the one
you want from those.
No sir, we don't select.
It's on a first-come,
first-served basis.
I want a complete picture.
From you, ma'am.
Good morning, madam.
- Good morning!
- Good morning, madam!
- Greetings!
- Greetings to you!
Sit inside, please.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Sit over there.
- Madam! Please help me.
- HEY!
What is this?
Why are you falling at my feet?
Look, lady! Didn't I ask you to sit there?
Go sit!
Madam, please!
Help me.
What happened?
He poured hot water on me, madam.
Who was it?
Did you go to the hospital?
Yes. I came here after
seeing the doctor.
Please help me get my
baby back, madam.
What is this?
She gave up her baby eight months back.
She wants her baby back now!
Madam, please.
They tricked me and took her.
I don't know them.
How did you give your baby away
if you don't know them?
Madam there's a nurse in that area.
This is all her doing.
She has changed her address,
contact and everything!
She's a cunning lady!
Madam, please
Help me get my baby back, ma'am.
My whole life depends on it.
- Madam
- Bring her!
Thank you!
You always roam around
with a book in your armpit!
Do you read it
or is it just to show off?
Ma'am! I read one book a day.
You'll grow your knowledge
if you read a book every day like me.
Only then can you learn
new things every day, madam!
- Madam?
- Come in.
Didn't he just finish eating?
- Brother? Idly or Pongal?
- Nothing. You leave.
- Here.
- Madam
That nurse was working for this agency.
Look! There's their contact.
- Is it Palakkad?
- Yes, madam.
Is it enough if we get
that nurse's contact?
- Shall I talk to them and get her contact?
- Yes. Okay, madam.
It's already late, madam.
It's a very complicated case.
Is it an illicit affair?
She's an HIV patient, madam.
He fell in love with her
despite knowing that.
Then we can't show her face on set.
Yes. Let's talk to her first separately.
Then we can bring her
family and that guy to the set.
- Let me finish this call alone.
- Madam!
The director is pissed
and the girl's family is creating ruckus.
Let's go, madam.
Thai curry.
- Wow. Nice!
- It's nice.
- Have some more.
- No, enough.
A little more.
That's all.
Who is it?
- Hello?
- Who is this?
I got two missed calls from this number.
Is this Suguna speaking?
Yes. And you are?
This is Rashmy Ramakrishnan.
"Solladhadhum Unmai"
Madam! I can't believe it!
Yes. This is Suguna speaking.
Oh God! I can't believe it!
I like you a lot!
I got your number from
Apoorva Nursing Agency.
Are you looking for a
home nurse, madam?
Tell me.
I'll work for you myself.
I'd like to meet you.
It's nothing, madam.
Tell me when and where to come.
I'll be there sharp!
Can you come to 'N' Thamizh?
Madam can I watch the shooting?
You can come and sit inside the set itself!
Oh my!
Madam! I won't be able
to sleep today!
I feel like I just had a
whole chicken biryani!
Okay then.
Let's meet tomorrow. Shall we?
Do you see a black gate?
- Yes. Yes!
- Come inside.
I'm seeing you.
Can you see me?
- Yes! I can.
- Here!
Yes! Come on! Come forward.
- Brother, go straight!
- Come on.
He's standing there! Look!
Brother! I'm going to meet
Rashmy Ramakrishnan.
- Stop it.
- Here! Stop it.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
- How are you, sir?
- I'm fine!
- Is Ma'am here?
- She'll be here soon!
- I--
- No! I'll pay him.
- Really?
- Yes.
How much?
Oh! Is it? Fine!
- Which area, brother?
- She got in at Kumananchavadi.
Mangadu? Okay, brother.
Hey! You
- How come you are here?
- Ma'am! The nurse is here.
Come soon, ma'am.
- Hey! Where are you going?
- You! Get lost!
Susi, Sathya
He fell down. Come on, quick.
Run, guys!
Catch her!
Hey! Don't run!
- Don't leave her!
- Run fast!
- Catch her.
- Go fast.
What happened?
- Madam, that damn lady-
- Give her some respect!
- Please, ma'am! We are already pissed.
- She outsmarted us all and ran away!
- Ma'am!
- Really?
- God! This guy!
- Hey! Go to that side.
- Shall we get her?
- How, madam?
Hey! Didn't she say that
she's coming from Mangadu?
The person you are calling
is not answering.
He is a good person, madam.
He's been doing these things
only these last two years.
- What is he doing?
- He is screaming, madam.
Is anything reason for screaming?
Nothing madam.
Excuse me?
Is anybody here?
- Suguna?
- Is she here?
- She's in Chennai now.
- And you?
I'm her husband.
- Can I talk to Suguna?
- What, ma'am?
I'd like to talk to Suguna.
Can you call her?
Turn that off.
Call her after turning that off.
Can I talk to her?
- Yes.
- Give it.
Yes! Tell me.
Hey! You left without meeting me?
- Ma'am?
- You left without saying a word?
Ma'am, I urgently had to
cater to a patient.
I'd like to meet you.
Ma'am! I'll be late.
You'll come home eventually, right?
I'll wait here.
- Ma'am, that is
- Okay. Let's do one thing.
Tell me where you are.
I'll come to you.
From Mangadu we went to Adyar, Mylapore
And now, here we are at Kilpauk!
It took us six hours!
Ma'am I had to look after some patients.
That's why.
Dressed like this?
Doesn't your conscience prick
when you lie like this?
Didn't you ask me to come see the shoot?
That's why.
How shrewd!
Don't laugh.
Where is Shoba's baby?
Don't you remember Shoba?
Ma'am! That girl
Look here!
She says that you took away her baby
by taking advantage of her situation.
Ma'am! She can't take
care of that baby.
She was suffering and confused
about what to do with that baby.
I helped her.
- Do you know how much money I spent?
- Why should you spend money?
Are you telling me to stay quiet
when you see people who need help?
I bought apples and oranges for her
when she was pregnant.
- I'm very kind-hearted, ma'am.
- Kind-hearted or business minded?
- Ma'am! Don't talk like that.
- Lower your hand.
- It's just that, ma'am
- Look here!
The mother wants to see her baby.
Ma'am! I don't know
where her baby is.
How come you don't know
the whereabouts of the baby?
You are the one who
executed the deal.
Ma'am! Ruby was the one
who brought the other party.
Who is this new character Ruby?
- She left for Dubai.
- Very good.
Then whatever problem may arise,
you'll be the one to get caught.
I'll call the police.
- Hello?
- Abe!
Yes, madam.
I got the contact of the opposite side.
We have the mobile numbers
as well as the landline numbers.
Madam! We'll take care.
It's a highly sensitive issue.
Be careful.
We'll take care of it, ma'am.
You go home and take rest.
We're definitely doing the
episode tomorrow.
Look at that side.
Cross the road.
Go, go!
- Come on, sir.
- Don't touch me. I said I'll come.
- Is this the car? What's this?
- Yes, this is the car.
Please take the back seat.
Come here, sir.
- You get in.
- After you, sir.
Get in, sir.
- What's happening?
- Get in, sir.
What car is this?
It's so small.
This feels uncomfortable.
I'll come in my vehicle.
Sir, please adjust.
I'll bring a bigger car next time.
Next time?
Where are we going?
- To Ramoji Film City.
- Hey, that's in Bengaluru.
- What is this?
- What, sir?
Why have you brought me here
saying it's an audition?
We'll have an audition as well.
Audition as well?
Your girlfriend has told us
everything about you.
This is a wonderful opportunity
to tell us your side of the story.
Use it if you want,
or else walk away.
Use? She was the one
who used me.
Do I look like a fool?
There's so much I can tell about her.
Keep it going.
Don't be scared.
Scared? Me?
One episode won't be enough
to talk about her.
- What is it?
- Consent letter
Give it.
Relax, sir.
Let's sign this now.
- Get this done.
- Come on, sir. Come on.
- Welcome.
- Hello, madam.
Have a seat.
There are cameras all around you.
This episode will be telecast. Are you okay with that?
Yeah. Okay, madam!
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
- So, what do you do?
- I'm auditioning for lead roles in movies.
I also drive auto at times.
Things are going well.
If things are going well,
why is Shoba here?
She's come here without informing me.
I've been searching for her.
- Welcome, sir. Please sit.
- Hello, madam.
So, this is all your work!
Why are you being
disrespectful to your dad?
That's how he is.
We've pampered him way too much.
Are you showcasing all
your drama here?
- Aren't you a theater artist?
- Yes, madam.
Do you earn enough for your living?
No one watches theaters
these days.
I make just about enough
to run my family.
Just about enough to run
your family, is it?
Madam, he used to roam around
in the name of theater.
He'll come home empty-handed
after six months.
Had he earned well,
I wouldn't have to suffer.
When did you suffer?
You sold your baby for money.
He's very talented.
He sings and dances well.
Thyagi! Dance for us, please.
Play a song.
- I should be in a mood for all that.
- What do you want us to do?
- Shall I arrange for a drink?
- Madam
Look at your face glow at the
mention of alcohol!
It's not that, madam.
Alright. Come on.
They brought me here saying
it's your film's audition.
Let's do it.
For how long will the
audience keep watching
an episode of "wife beaten
by a drunk husband"?
Exhibit your talent.
Unveil it!
Play a song!
Which song do you want us to play?
Any song will do, ma'am.
I'll dance.
He's okay with any song.
Play now.
Just a minute.
Let me remove my shoes.
- Madam
- Over there.
What's he doing?
Does he think he's Kamal Hassan?
Sit down now.
He sold my baby.
Girl or boy?
Girl, madam.
You gave away your baby
because it was a girl.
It's our blood, madam.
Don't get into it.
Give them space to lament more.
Weren't you aware that
they were selling the baby?
I didn't even know he had a family.
Everyone said he'll change
after marriage.
We arranged for his marriage
And when she came to us
claiming he lived with her,
I canceled the wedding.
How did you get pregnant
without getting married?
We were living together
for six years, madam.
We were living together for six years
Punch this in.
He'll just stay home
saying he's waiting for an audition.
He eats from what I earn.
Right. Who'll live with you
if you keep bragging like this?
Are you working?
- Did you add ginger? Clove?
- Yes, sir.
I earn eighteen thousand.
Sister is not married yet.
I take care of my mom and sister.
Call Shoba's house.
Madam, please. Don't!
I need to talk to them.
- Okay?
- Madam, this is my life.
I want Thyagi in my life.
And I need the baby to make it happen.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Hello, do you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Try calling again.
Wait, wait, dear!
Look at the phone.
Someone's calling!
Who's calling?
Let's find out.
Who is it?
Who could it be?
- Hello?
- Hello, Who am I speaking with?
- Hello?
- Hello?
Hello, who is it?
Do you speak Tamil?
I do. Tell me.
I'm Rashmy Ramakrishnan
calling from Sollathathum Unmai.
We have a family here with us today.
They are accusing you of
taking their baby.
They want their baby back.
What's going on?
Please don't disturb us!
Then you should have adopted legally.
Listen, I don't even
know who you are.
I haven't seen you.
Please give my baby back to me.
I beg you!
I made this decision at a bad time.
You gave your baby to us
knowing you wouldn't be able to raise her.
It's been a year.
How can we give her back now?
Madam, listen
She's saying you used her situation
to get hold of her baby.
That is not legal.
We did everything legally.
You can talk to my husband about this.
He'll explain it to you.
May I talk to him?
- Yeah, please hold on.
- Okay, I'll hold.
It's been a while since we made
a reunion episode on this show.
People would love to watch
a baby unite with her birth mother.
Give a lead and finish the episode.
We'll follow it up with video coverage.
Relax, sweetheart.
Mr. Balachandran?
Can you hear me?
That girl took money from us
while she was pregnant.
We transferred seventy-five
thousand rupees.
We spent one and a half
lakhs for her delivery.
Baby was in an incubator for ten days.
We brought the baby with us
only after she said
she wouldn't be able
to raise the kid.
Don't lie, sir.
You transferred only fifteen thousand
when I was pregnant.
I don't have to lie.
I have proof to show
how much I transferred.
We have registered the adoption deed.
You took money even while
signing the papers.
You used us to get money
for your needs
But you are asking back
for the baby after a year.
Sir she's the mother.
She's blackmailing us.
She's doing this because
she needs more money.
And by the way, who are you?
Why should I answer you?
Are you the police?
Or a judge?
Very good. You are very clear!
But one thing
You have given her money
in exchange for her baby!
That's not adoption
That's business.
Your adoption deed is null and void.
- Ground floor, sir?
- Yes.
After the episode aired,
ma'am faced a lot of backlash.
No matter how good
our intentions are,
we end up as villains
in someone's story!
Part of the job, ma'am.
You must know that
very well by now
Yes, sir.
8 years and 2000 episodes.
Was your husband with ICOA?
Yes, sir.
Sir, if you hand me the key
Hey, the car is parked inside.
Bring it out.
- Okay. Here, take this.
- Go on, madam.
- Sir?
- Please.
They take care of our computer
systems management.
- Their director was talking about your husband.
- Check if sir's car is here.
- Mr. Ashok Kumar?
- Yes.
He's retiring this month.
- Time flies, sir!
- Sir, your car is here.
Go on, madam.
The car is here.
Make way.
Make way!
Thank you.
- Inform my manager that I'll be back soon.
- Okay, ma'am.
Make way.
There's a car coming.
Make way! Make way!
Greetings, sir!
If you had done only your job that day,
we won't be facing this problem.
I insisted on reuniting the
baby the other day.
Now, you've landed
yourself in trouble!
Now we're also in trouble.
This is my show.
I make the decisions.
Otherwise, things are going
to get difficult.
Okay, you may find someone else
to host the show.
- Ma'am?
- Do you know something?
Do you see that office help?
I can run the show
even with her as the host.
- Madam! Madam!
- Madam!
- Madam, please.
- Ramya.
I cannot continue like this.
Take it from me, ma'am.
Ezhil is fired.
He cannot enter the
premises again.
You don't worry, ma'am.
- Please.
- Ma'am
He's always been that way.
Please don't take it to heart.
You could've done as he said.
- Yes, madam.
- Hey!
Ma'am, come what may,
the channel is with you!
They're saying that the adoption deed
has been registered.
Did you sign any documents?
Did you sign anything?
- Yes, ma'am.
- But you never told us about it!
You come seeking our help.
Can't you tell us the truth
without hiding anything?
They didn't even inform me, madam.
I hid it assuming you wouldn't
help me if you knew.
Do you have a copy of the document?
They didn't give it, madam.
They didn't even let me
see my baby once!
They took her away from
the incubator, directly.
They got my signature,
telling me it cost two lakhs to save my baby.
I was hungry right after
delivering the baby.
I didn't even have anyone to give me food
when I was in the hospital.
Suguna used to bring in some porridge
whenever she came.
Once in a while, the head nurse at the hospital
would buy me food.
I was there like an orphan,
with no one to help.
They got me a biriyani
the day I signed the papers.
Why would he even care?
He took the money and
signed the documents.
Hey! Why do you talk
like you're innocent?
Madam, she has undergone
abortion five times.
Aren't you responsible for that?
What's all this, madam?
This is news to me!
She's undergone
abortion five times?
You good for nothing oaf!
This isn't working out.
She won't suit my family.
I'm leaving.
- Sir! Sir!
- Forgive me, madam.
What's all this?
What does all this mean?
Do you know how harmful
five abortions are to your health?
How much money did he take
the day you signed the papers?
How much money did he take?
He took fifty thousand rupees.
On the day you signed?
Yes, ma'am.
He bought two shirts, a pair of jeans
a bottle of perfume.
And spent the rest on alcohol.
Hey, didn't I get you a tee shirt,
jeans, and a salwar
These are the jeans I bought her, ma'am!
Dressing up nicely for the show, eh?
Can't you see the good
things I've done!
As if I spent all of it on liquor!
- Have I not done anything for you?
- Sorry, I'm not convinced!
- No, ma'am
I take a stand here.
I don't think they'll raise
the baby well!
Sorry, Shoba.
I can't help you.
I will not get involved in this.
You can take the legal route.
We can arrange an advocate if you want.
- Sorry, Shoba.
- Madam
Right on, madam!
That's the right thing to do.
Go ahead. Cry your heart out!
You brought me here and humiliated me.
Go ahead and cry.
- Cry.
- Hey! Hey!
- I'm leaving, madam.
- Please don't leave me!
Madam, I still pay the EMIs for his bike.
You don't have to work anywhere.
I'll take care of you!
Hey! Hey!
Ask her to let go!
Get lost!
I want him in my life.
Please help me get my baby back!
I'll get married somehow, please!
I'm sure it'll work out.
If you help me get my baby back,
I'll convince him to get married.
- Madam, please.
- How can I help?
Living together is fine.
But there should be some awareness!
They don't have any sex education.
They haven't had protected sex.
Multiple abortions.
What is this?
Madam, what did I tell you?
What are you doing?
Sorry, Ezhil.
I'm not your mouthpiece.
I cannot support people
who lack discipline.
I have my principles.
After the Juvenile Justice Act came into effect,
adoption rules have become very strict.
Adoption is a noble deed.
But those who do it,
need to follow the legal procedure.
Or it could lead to
problems like these.
Till we meet again
with another real-life story,
thank you and goodbye.
You better leave in the part
where she scolded the girl.
If you edit it out,
I'll kill you!
- Please.
- Madam. Please, madam!
Madam, I came here
hoping you would help!
Come back, Thyagi!
I can't live without you!
Cut and pack-up!
Bloody bh!
Brother, don't speak like that!
Hey! I'll speak like that!
I will speak the way I want!
She talks like she owns the show!
She's just a host, after all!
She gets paid to do the show.
She's shown her true colors.
She takes the money
and lectures us on principles!
Why is she acting like
she's free of sin?!
Is she some authority to
lecture on discipline?
If she sleeps with 100 men
but lives with just one, does that make her a saint?
Leave in the part where
she scolds the girl.
She deserves to be trolled for this!
Why are you showing this now?
Why didn't you show this on the day it happened?
He's afraid of Ezhil, Sundar.
He told me this only after
confirming that Ezhil left.
This shouldn't happen, ma'am.
This guys gonna face the consequences
This phone stays here.
You can collect it tomorrow.
I will handle this, ma'am.
I want you to relax.
- Ramya.
- Sir?
- Car for ma'am?
- It is ready, sir. Yes, ma'am.
I will escort you, ma'am.
Come on.
- Boys don't usually wear mehendi.
- But I want to, Mom.
[Indistinct chatters]
Come on, come to me.
Are you wearing mehendi?
Do you like it?
Look here.
- Does that look good?
- It looks good.
Is there a nurse named Suguna here?
She moved out of here.
We've moved in where she used to live.
Do you know where she lives?
- She's gone to Dubai, sir.
- Yes, yes.
Sir, they've given away
the baby for money.
That's clear.
But those nurses, Ruby and Suguna
They've escaped.
How is the baby now?
I'm more bothered about that.
From what I know,
they're taking good care of the baby.
This is an ethical dilemma, then.
Is Kohlberg right?
Or is Gilligan right?
Law or natural justice?
The host conveniently said
she won't involve herself in this.
But we have to abide by the law.
This is a sensitive case.
We've got to be careful,
unlike other criminal cases.
We need a lady from you
office to companions
You take care of that, sir.
Okay, then.
We'll proceed.
Sir, what were the two
things you mentioned?
Oh, that?
The wife is sick.
And there is no money in his pocket.
So the husband decides to
break into a pharmacy
and steal the medicines.
Is this right or wrong?
Sir, if medicines were free,
why would he steal?
Do this.
Come sit here.
I'll drive you around.
Get going.
Last June, my mother slipped
and fell in the bathroom.
She needed a minor surgery.
We hired a nurse through a private agency
to take care of her.
That is how we came in
touch with nurse Ruby.
And we got the baby through her.
Unfortunately, it took us fifteen years
to think about adoption.
Going through an agency
adds to the delay.
There is a huge waiting list.
And we are also aging.
And we want to bring
home in infant.
I know.
If the combined age of the parents exceeds 90,
you'll not get an infant.
Does that mean
you'll take an illegal route?
Sir, we've registered the
adoption deed properly.
But that girl has filed a complaint,
asking us to rescue her baby.
We brought the baby home
because they said they couldn't raise her.
Now, she's changing her story.
Did she tell you this in person?
No. Ruby was our contact.
But, we haven't done
anything wrong.
That nurse used to call
and demand money often.
And they pay her.
Look, Mr. Balachandran
Your intension may I have been right
But what you have done
is a series criminal offense.
Sir, you are using the wrong word.
Child trafficking
That was it is.
We'll be waiting for you.
Let's go.
Venkat Lanka.
Good evening, sir.
Advocate Gopika Vijayakumar here.
Mr.Balan's lawyer.
I shouldn't be talking to you
while the investigation is ongoing.
That's okay.
Go ahead.
Sir, how is the child?
- My clients are devastated.
- I understand.
Sir, can you grant permission
for them to see the child?
We'll wrap up the formalities at our end
and shift the child to Chennai tomorrow.
Trained nurses, sisters, and the other
children will be at the home.
They will take care.
You don't worry.
The adoption deed hasn't been
ratified by the court.
That is the only mistake
my client made.
They just admitted to paying money.
After I submit my findings,
your clients will be behind bars.
Alright, I'll hang up now.
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning!
Come here.
- Is the medical test over?
- Yes, sir.
- Sit.
- I'm comfortable, sir.
- Blood test report, sir.
- Okay.
Next is the vaccine report.
I pity that baby, sir.
I heard she's breastfeeding the baby.
How is that possible, sir?
Try googling it.
Science has developed.
Then why don't we permit
to breastfeed that baby?
That's not a decision I can take.
Sorry, sir.
There are a lot of practical
difficulties involved.
Parents are in Kerala but
the baby is here.
We've filed the FIR here.
The biological mother is here.
So, the child must stay here.
Don't you know that?
I understand, sir.
They are educated and are
very knowledgeable.
But they don't follow
the adoption rules.
Everything takes time.
You can't expect to find a baby
the day after filing an application.
We've seen a lot of cases.
They give the baby for adoption
but change hearts the very next day.
That's why we have something
called ratification.
Even if you have an adoption deed,
you need to get it ratified at the court.
Okay, sir. I'll take leave.
- Okay.
- Thank you, sir.
"A mother can have two children"
"But this child!
Oh, she's blessed with two mothers!"
"The mothers want the child
To themselves!"
"Which mother
Will get the child?"
"This world that's seen
So much joy and happiness"
"Holds no promise that
It will last"
"All the happy trails we walked"
"Was it all just in vain?"
"Was our life meant to be
Lived on expectations?"
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
"As the bright beautiful moon"
"Shines in the sky"
"The little moon
Tosses and turns in my arms"
"The heart yearns
For her to call me 'Amma!'"
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
Excuse me for a second.
Yes, Balan?
Sister I don't know what you'll do.
We want our Anya back.
I understand that the child's
custody is important.
But before that we will
quash that FIR
They have filed the FIR
under four sections.
- Moreover
- I know nothing about those sections.
- We just need our baby.
They are four series sections.
If proven guilty,
you could be imprison for a
minimum of 10 years.
Do you get that?
We will try.
We will try.
- You didn't even see me coming.
- Sorry, sir.
- Sorry, sir.
- Hang up now.
- Hang up now. I'll call you later.
- Welcome.
Sit down.
- Sir Yes, sir.
- The court has sent an intimation.
- They've filed a quash petition.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, where is that file?
Sir, it's on the table.
Alright, I got it.
- You continue with your work.
- Okay, sir.
A1 A2.
Adoptive parents, sir.
- A3, R. Thyagi?
- Biological father.
- What about the mother?
- She's the one who's filed the complaint.
So, the biological father and the adoptive parents
have filed a petition together
- to quash the FIR?
- Yes, sir.
When did he switch sides?
They paid him, sir.
This guy and those two nurses
have done a lot like this together.
Where are they?
They've managed to escape to Dubai.
Lovely. You keep sending
criminals like them abroad.
- One small thing, sir.
- What is it?
I had gone to the studio for investigation.
And I saw them interviewing a murderer.
He's openly discussing on camera
how to escape after doing five murders.
- Your reputation
- Alright, I get it.
How involved is the mother?
She says she wasn't
interested in giving away the baby.
But she's also got money
from them, sir.
It's a fact.
Shouldn't you have included
her as an accused too?
- I feel sorry for her, sir.
- Why are you sorry for her?
- Thank God they took her baby.
- Yes, sir.
Do you even realize what that baby
would have gone through in this one year?
There have been numerous cases of child
trafficking reported at your station.
- Yes, sir.
- You can't stand blind on all these.
We have to get a conviction.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, sir.
- Sister! Can you give me that doll?
- I'll give it to you later.
Okay, sister.
- Sister sister
- Come here, dear.
I'm here to see my baby.
You cannot see her
without permission.
Why do I need permission
to see my baby?
Please understand.
You don't have permission.
Kids! Let's go.
It's prayer time.
Come! Come on!
- Shall we go, dear?
- Boys and girls! Come!
Hey! Careful!
Throw it high!
Throw it!
What is it, dear?
Aren't you my sweetheart?
- Sister!
- Hey! You still haven't left?
Let me see my baby once, sister.
Your baby is sick.
She has a fever.
She didn't eat anything.
Let me take her home.
I'll take good care of her, sister.
Whatever it is,
go and speak with the CWC.
- Understood?
- Please, Sister
Please leave.
Get going.
Greetings, sir.
We would like to see
our baby, sir.
Just once!
Please tell us where she is.
We can't reveal that to you, sir.
- Hope you understand.
- Sir, please just once!
We cannot do anything, ma'am.
Help us out a little, sir.
Sir! Please take your wife.
- Please let us see her once, sir.
- Sir!
You both are educated.
There's nothing you don't know.
This case has been taken to the court.
You'll be in trouble
if you don't leave now.
- Balan
- Come let's go.
Vidhya! Vidhya!
Why did you give us the baby?
Tell me!
Now we can't live without her!
She's just an infant.
We've been suffering
ever since they took her from us.
Do you know how much
I have suffered?
She's my baby.
I won't share my baby with anyone.
Nothing is going to change
even if you change your mind.
Everything is over.
The damage is done.
Be happy!
- Why did you do this?
- Come, Vidhya.
What is it, sir?
What is he saying?
- Hello?
- Balan!
What is this?
Why did you go there?
Why did you go there
without telling me?
Okay. Listen.
The first hearing got over.
Now judges summon
both sets of parents.
You both should appear
for the next hearing.
So till then stay back in Chennai.
- Okay. Okay, ma'am.
- I'll catch the morning flight.
How is Vidhya?
- I'm okay.
- She's okay.
And please for heaven sake
go back to your room.
We will.
- I'm scared.
- Don't be. It's nothing.
Stay strong.
What is it, sir?
What is he saying?
She's my baby, sir.
Everything happened with
your knowledge.
You gave them your baby
and got the money, right?
They won't give the baby to them
Or to you.
The baby will stay in
the government home.
Get going.
Look here! You were allowed to see the baby once,
only because of Mysskin sir's request.
Do you understand?
- Please leave. Come on!
- Sir!
Item number one.
Criminal OP number 46426
and Criminal OP number 20462 of 2022.
Council for the petitioners
advocate Ms.Gopika Vijayakumar.
My lord!
This is the petition file to quash the
FIR in crime # 30/2022,
and prime to grand custody of the
child in question to petitioners hearing.
I seek to bring to a law chief's attention
this case has been registered based
on the compliant given by one Shoba,
there in alleging that her
unnamed minor daughter,
but named as Anya by adaptive
parents the petitioners,
has been taken away by the petitioners
hearing without her conserned,
and playing fraud and deception on her.
The two parties were asked
to come to the court.
Are they here?
They've come, My Lord.
All of you come forward.
- You can sit there.
- Okay, madam.
ID card?
Hand it!
Give me the ID card.
K. M. Balachandran!
P. Vidhya!
R. Thyagi!
M. Shoba.
Who is the complainants?
My Lord!
She gave away the baby only after
registering the adoption deed legally.
Shoba had filed a complaint
with the CWC
saying she wants her baby back
despite legally giving her away.
Based on that complaint, they have
filed an FIR under four serious sections
against the petitioners Vidhya,
Balan, and Thyagi.
75 Juvenile Justice Act,
IPC 120B, 384, and 370(4).
This compliant is totally false, My Lord!
I regret to say Shoba's
intention are not known
I object, My Lord!
This is the clear case of
child trafficking.
They made use of Shoba's situation,
and took the baby from her.
Let her finish.
Take your seat Mr.PP
Okay, My Lord.
Thank you, My Lord.
My Lord!
Both of the petitioners have
a very good family background.
First petitioner, Balachandran.
He's highly respected and
has a good reputation in society.
He is the sucessful business man, My Lord!
My Lord!
My learner friend is trying to
introduce irrelevant facts.
She's wasting the court's honorable time
by mentioning things that are not relevant to the case.
Yes, My Lord.
Thank you, My Lord.
Second petitioner, Vidhya.
Balachandran's wife.
She was in a respectable position
in an IT company.
But she gave up her job
to take care of the baby.
In order to experience the motherhood
that she's been yearning for
They waited for a really long time
And their dreams came true
when they finally adopted this baby!
Similarly, in many ways
This is an ideal family.
To shower the child with
care and affection,
Balachandran's mother
stays with them.
The child won't get a better family
or a better environment than this, My Lord.
My Lord!
Third petitioner, Mr. Thyagi.
Shoba has already mentioned
about him in the complaint.
This adoption process
happened with Shoba's consent,
which Thyagi confirms
and has submitted his affidavit.
My Lord!
I beg to submit
Shoba, who filed the complaint.
There is nothing much to say about her.
She's living a questionable life.
That is - 'living together', My Lord.
Five abortions and an unwanted baby.
She doesn't have the resources
and is not fit to raise that baby.
Vidhya and Balachandran are the only reason
that baby is alive today.
Else, this baby's state would
have been the same as those five aborted ones.
We cannot accept this kind
of argument, council.
Argue only with the facts of the case.
You don't have any right
to talk ill about Shoba or her family.
This court won't allow
any personal attack.
As far as this living together is concern,
the Supreme Court and this court
have already passed judgment
on multiple cases saying it isn't illegal.
This court is not happy with your
inappropriate comparison
I apologize, My lord!
Do the petitioners wish to say anything?
I'm searching for opportunities
at the moment, sir.
I won't be able to maintain
a family or a child at this moment.
When are you saying this?!
Don't you have any elders at home?
Yes, My Lord.
It's been ten years since
my wife passed away.
I cannot take care of a child alone.
And you are?
I'm Thyagi's father.
- Sit down.
- Okay, sir.
We did nothing wrong except
taking her home as our own daughter, sir.
She even prepped herself
to breastfeed the baby!
Because we wanted her to
have everything she needs.
Is it possible?
Yes, your honour.
It's called induce lactation
For 15 years, we've been
waiting for a baby.
We tried everything.
By God's grace,
we adopted Anya.
And with the help of my
lactation consultant
I even breastfed my child, sir.
Even if your child wasn't
born out of marriage,
did you know that
she has all the legal rights?
Yes, sir.
Then why did you give up
your baby for adoption?
Everybody is talking as if only I'm at fault
and responsible for all of this.
And the lawyer
without having any conscience
said I killed five of my kids
and would have killed this baby too.
If I ask him to wear a condom,
he'd say he hates wearing one.
He'd force me, sir.
I went to the media
trusting that woman.
She said she'd help me.
In the end, she said she can't.
Everybody looked at me with disgust.
Even my family didn't accept me.
I'm all by myself.
How can I?
I yearned to catch a
glimpse of my baby.
If I had figured out a way,
I wouldn't have
given up my child.
Did they pay you for
giving your baby to them?
Don't be scared.
Tell me.
Take your time and answer.
Did they pay you?
No, sir.
Thyagi and I gave our child
up for adoption legally.
Even the adoption deed
has been registered.
I signed the documents willingly.
They won't give the baby to them
Or to you.
The baby will stay in
the government home.
My baby's future is very important to me.
She should grow up well.
And she should study well.
She should be very successful.
I cannot provide her with all that.
But they can.
That's why I gave my baby to them.
My baby is having a hard time
being separated from them.
Let them have my baby.
Your law chief!
I am sorry to interrupt.
This court should not rely
on her statements.
Shoba filed a complaint against
the petitioners herself.
Now she's saying exactly the opposite.
In an open court, she's sharing
her most private details.
You can judge her character
based on this.
My Lord!
How can this court accept her words?
Mr. Prosecutor!
There is nothing wrong in
what Shoba said.
You can't accept the truth.
That's the problem.
This poor girl does not have
the freedom to choose.
She was not given the right to decide
even on matters that affect her.
Apologize for interrupting, My Lord!
There is solid proof.
And truth is that the petitioner
as illegally adopt the child.
My Lord!
This is queerly cases of child trafficking
She sold her baby.
And they bought the baby.
They are both guilty in front of law.
The child shouldn't be
handed over to either of them.
The child is safe only in the
custody of the state.
This court finds it strange that
despite the strong accusation on hand,
the complainant is
going back on her complaint
And is now giving a statement
in favor of the petitioners.
I have to review the facts
of the case again.
This court will resume after recess
Meanwhile, file whatever Shoba
likes to say as an affidavit.
The petitioner's counsel and
the CB-CID police
have to produce Shoba's affidavit
to the court within two hours.
Yes, My Lord.
Your argument against her so harsh.
That poor girl.
I felt so bad for her!
We need to quash that FIR.
- You want to get custody of Anya, right?
- Yes.
Let me do my job.
I will take care.
You go home now.
It'll take some time to issue the order.
How can we leave now?
It's okay.
Isn't everything looking positive?
Relax, Vidhya.
Take her home, Balan.
Leave now.
You don't worry.
Take care.
How are you, madam?
Hope everyone is doing fine at home.
You should just do your job.
And not go around
giving unsolicited advice.
A few will never get it.
Failures will teach them.
Mr. Ezhil, what's your problem?
I have shared a link.
Have fun watching it!
Bye Iyer woman!
The Madras High Court has condemned
a controversial reality TV show.
The Madras High Court has passed
a milestone judgment in the
child's case warning
Rashmy Ramakrishnan, the host of
Sollathathum Unmai, the director, and the crew.
- Is it the judgment copy?
- Yes, ma'am.
Mr. Prosecutor, CB-CID hasn't
filed a counter affidavit.
Am I right?
My Lord!
CB-CID is present.
But they are not file
any counter affidavit
Please sit down.
Who is going to represent the CWC?
No, My Lord.
There is no direct
representation from the CWC.
I'm representing on their behalf.
I plead this court to dismiss
this quash petition.
They have illegally adopted this child.
This is child trafficking.
If people like them aren't punished,
society will face more such instances.
Please take your seat.
Yes, My Lord!
- Counsel
- Yes, My Lord.
Brief me on this affidavit.
My Lord
Thyagi, the partner of
the complainant Shoba, is addicted to alcohol.
Given their situation,
they couldn't have raised a child.
So, they gave away their child
in adoption to Vidhya and Balan on mutual consent.
In the true sprit
and letter of law.
They executed and legally
valid adaption deed.
Shoba and Thyagi were going through
a troubled relationship.
Shoba was very confused and depressed.
That was when a friend of hers
told her about a TV show,
Sollathathum Unmai.
My Lord!
This show is very famous for a
tempting to solve people's problems.
Shoba participated in that TV show
and this is where the problem started.
That channel, the director of the show, Ezhil,
and the host, Rashmy Ramakrishnan,
exploited Shoba's vulnerability.
They decided to portray a legal adoption
as child trafficking to boost their show's TRP.
They brainwashed Shoba and taught her
what she needs to talk on that show.
They made Shoba say that her boyfriend Thyagi
sold the child for money.
Moreover, when Shoba was
already in a confused state,
they had made false promises
about getting her child back
and money to raise the child.
My Lord!
The episode was telecast
without Shoba's permission
Following this, Thyagi's dad
forced Shoba to get the child back.
She called the child
helpline after all this.
- Please take your seat.
- Yes, My Lord!
This court has had both sides and taking
into consolidation of all records produce,
no doubt the offence is non compoundable
and is a series offence which normally...
...does not require the interference of
the court at this stage.
Since the birth mother
has filed an affidavit saying
she gave her child up for adoption
with her full consent,
this case has a clear ending.
It is the duty of this court
to establish the law.
In every case, judgment is passed
taking into account
the circumstances of the event,
and the underlying reasons.
With the unexpected turn of events,
it is unnecessary to involve the adoptive parents
in a criminal investigation.
So, this court declares this case,
FIR 30/2022 as void.
The petition filed under
section 482 CRPC
relying for the custody of
the child is granted.
Also, considering the child's well-being,
this court orders the child to be handed
over to Vidhya and Balan within a week.
This court strongly condemns
the show, Sollathathum Unmai
for making two families
and an innocent child
go through so much by portraying
a legal adoption as child trafficking
to boost their TRP.
The judgment has been passed
only based on Shoba's affidavit.
They didn't even hear our side.
Basic justice
That itself has been denied to us.
It's Dad.
I don't want to talk now.
Talk to him, Mom.
Tell me.
Lanka is online.
He wants to speak to you.
Not now, dear.
Talk to him, dear
You feel better.
Hold on, I'll add him.
Mr. Lanka, Rashmy is on line.
Hello, madam.
This is Venkat Lanka here.
Yes, sir.
Hello, sir.
I understand
how you would be feeling.
But we didn't find a better solution to prevent
the child from going to a government home.
Sir, I just want to know one thing.
Just one thing, sir.
Suguna and Ruby
How did you let them off the hook?
They escaped from this case.
We looked the other way
for the child's sake.
They'll get caught very soon.
And we'll bring the entire rocket out.
- Do it properly.
- Okay.
- You missed a spot.
- Dad, do my nails too!
Sure, baby.
Come and sit.
He let go of my leg!
Come on, come on.
Come and sit.
Chose your color.
Which one?
- There's blue, pink and white.
- Pink!
- Pink? Alright. Do a good job.
- Okay. Done!
- Here you go.
- Give it!
You read this, Mom.
Again? How many times
will you listen to this, dear?
Go on and read it, Mom!
Read it, Mom!
Shall we?
How does this story start?
Thanks to Almighty.
"Thank you, God."
Isn't your nose like mine?
- Do you have your dad's eyes?
- Yes, yes.
- No
- No
My birth mother loved me
to the moon and back.
- Right?
- Yes.
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
"If not for the child"
"Are parents not lost?"
"As the bright beautiful moon"
"Shines in the sky!"
"This little moon,
Tosses and turns in my arms!"
"The heart yearns"
"For her to call me 'Amma!'"
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"
"As the tiny fingers
Graze my bosom"
"The joy knows no bounds!"
"What's better than harps and flutes?"
"Your voice, my dear,
Is far more melodious!"
"Come toddling to me, my baby!"
"With eyes sparkling like diamonds!"
"Walk slowly,
Come to me!"
"And kiss me with those rosy lips!"
"Sweetheart, I wish to embrace you!"
"What makes one a parent?"
"Is it not the child?"