Are You Scared? (2006) Movie Script

Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone there?
Is this part of the game?
This is kind of weird, you know?
I don't wanna mess
anything up...
but maybe...
I should just go now.
Welcome, Tara.
Are you ready to play...
for the chance to win
a modeling contract?
I thought I was, but-
You'll have 60 seconds
to complete the task...
or pay the price.
The price?
There-there's a-a bit
of a mistake.
There are two buttons
in the next room-
red and green.
It's your task to push
both of them...
in sequence, opening
the case...
that contains
the modeling contract.
Red, then green.
In 60 seconds or less, Tara.
Fifty seconds.
Fuck! Where are you?
Where's the red button?!
This can't be right.
You don't expect me
to hurt myself, do you?
Forty seconds.
Thirty seconds.
Ten seconds.
Tara, are you scared?
Fuck you!
Beginning to be the boy
that cried wolf, detective.
Yeah, well, maybe
if you'd gotten here...
a little sooner.
You still wouldn't
have taken him down.
He was long gone.
This is a crime scene.
I'm gonna have to
ask you to step out.
Special agent Christine Robison.
I assume you got the paperwork.
Yeah, they said they were
gonna send a headshrinker.
I don't know why.
I never asked the feds for help.
Criminal profiler.
And, no, you didn't ask
for help.
And maybe that's why...
this guy's been
able to run these shows...
for the past two years.
Go on, detective.
Blind me with your insight.
I'm here to help,
Detective Bowman.
Nothing more.
This is still your case.
I've seen crimes of passion...
there's crimes of hate...
profiled guys that couldn't
control their urge to kill.
This guy...
this guy's methodical
in his planning...
ruthless in his execution.
You saw the files on this case?
How? They weren't even-
The FBl's been keeping
track of this case.
How'd you find the place?
Call came in to me.
We're here because he
wants us to be here.
He wants us to know something.
That the game's started again.
Is anyone there?
Can anyone hear me?
Anyone there?
Hey. Are you ok?
Who are you?
Calm down.
How did I get here?
I swear I don't know, all right?
I just woke up myself.
But the last thing
I remember is walking home.
Oh, my God. What is this?
Is this some kind of a joke?!
Look, I don't know.
But it better be.
Did you just hear that?
Tell me you just heard that.
maybe you should go
check it out.
Maybe you should
go fuck yourself.
Oh, this place is unbelievable.
What a shithole.
Hey. Somebody's watching.
No, this dump's been
abandoned for years.
There's no way that
camera still works.
Man, this place is
messing with my head.
Why the fuck am I here?!
Why did you bring me here, man?!
Whoa, take it easy, man.
We didn't bring you here.
Hey! Calm down, all right?
We're just trying to figure
all this out right now.
Calm down. Who are you?
Jason. You?
I'm Brandon. Hey, nice cage.
Fuck you, man!
Hey, I'm kidding.
Come on, man.
We'll get you out of here.
Hey, you get cut?
Oh, my God. No.
Man, I ain't down with that.
Come on!
Somebody jammed the handle.
Thanks, man.
Sure thing.
Oh, great. Just great.
Another dead end.
Man, quit your bitchin'.
Ain't nothin' keeping me here.
I think it's just best not
to touch anything right now.
Ya think?
Fuckin' anybody?!
We thought we were
the only ones here.
What's going on?
How did we get here?
I have no idea what's going on.
Yeah, Hansel and Gretel.
What, you lose your breadcrumbs?
This your little handiwork, son?
Huh, partner?
Look, it's Dylan and Cherie...
and no, we had nothing
to do with that shit.
Jason, relax.
Lay off the coffee, man.
All I know is I better get...
a bang-up explanation
for this shit...
or I'm going to Norfolk
ping-pong them motherfuckers.
How did you guys get here?
We went for a couple
beers after work...
and then we woke up here.
Man, what I know is...
I'm smokin'
a blunt in my house.
Next thing you know,
I'm in this shithole.
Hey, if you guys are
finished getting acquainted...
maybe we could try to find
a way out of this dump.
He's right.
- He's right.
- Ok.
Honest Christian motherfuckers.
Oh, God. Do you see her?
Do you see her there?
Hey, are you ok?
Ah, hell, nah!
It's ok. Are you all right?
Hey, we're not gonna
hurt you. I'm Brandon.
Yo, ice princess.
What's up with that?
He was just trying to help you.
We're not here to hurt you.
Welcome to "Are You Scared?"
The reality show?
This is it?
So we're on TV, like, right now?
Aw! Jesus.
Put that on prime time.
I fuckin' dare you.
I applied months ago.
I never even heard
back from them.
I thought the whole
thing was bullshit.
I just was in it for the money.
We never signed consent forms.
They can't do that. Can they?
I mean, we're here now.
Clearly there's a way
around the paperwork.
No. My mom's a lawyer.
She'll know.
Oh, my God! My cell phone.
My cell phone's gone!
I hope you kept the receipt!
Who's doing this?
Let me explain
the rules of the game.
You'll each face
your worst fear...
and if you complete
your challenge...
you'll go through
to the final showdown.
This is live TV at its finest.
There are games for all
and prizes galore.
Nobody leaves here empty-handed.
Your family and friends
are watching...
so do them proud.
Challenge yourself to
conquer your innermost fears...
and one player will walk away
with the ultimate prize.
If everyone's ready,
let the games begin.
Jason, please join me.
Yeah! Let's rock this mother!
See ya at the showdown!
Yeah, boy! Time to make
that money, baby!
So, what are you afraid of?
I told them I was shit-scared
of the dark, you know?
Something's not right here.
Something's totally not right.
You know, I probably
should've made something up.
Don't you think? Told 'em...
like I was afraid of
sex or something?
So, what are you scared of?
If you grew up with my dad...
you'd realize there's not
much left to be scared of.
All right?
Ok. Sorry.
I didn't mean to be personal.
No, it's ok.
I'm just here for money...
so me and my mom
can move, again.
I told them on my tape
I was scared...
someone would find out
my secret.
Your secret? What is it?
It wouldn't be a secret
if I told you, would it?
That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, can't sweat it, dog.
Can't sweat it, dog.
Hey, yo, man, I must say...
I love what you did
to the place, man.
Extra dusty.
Just the way I like it, man.
You know what I'm sayin'?
So you know...
what you want me to do?
Like eat some
worms or somethin'?
Oh! What is this? Oh!
Oh, yo! This is tight,
though, man.
This is ill though, man.
Oh! This is a sexy man,
though. What!
You want me on your show.
You need me on your show...
because I'm
a freakin' superstar.
Look at me out there.
Jason! Yeah!
And to answer that thing
y'all had to ask...
like what am I scared of?
All right, I got this thing
about being, like...
awake during an operation...
you know. That'd just-
freak the living crap
out of me, man.
Are you ready to play?
Oh, fuck, yeah, man!
Oh, this here's
on delay, right?
'cause-'cause I
just said "fuck. "
You understand that?
Face your worst fear, Jason.
Yo, man, put it
on the table, Jack!
Here's how the game works.
There's an explosive
device in the next room.
A what? An explosive?
Come on, you're shittin' me.
Ok, you can't do that
on TV, can you?
You have one minute
to find the only key...
that can stop the countdown.
Whoa, whoa. Whoa, man.
I'm not going in there.
Man, you can't make
me go in there.
Shit! Shit!
You could've burnt me, man!
That was fuckin' outrageous!
It's nitrous oxide.
Inhale enough, and it'll
put you right to sleep.
Too little, and you'll be
awake, but paralyzed.
Too much, and you
won't wake up at all.
What the hell is going on?
You don't expect me to put
myself to sleep, do you?
Man, what kind of fucking
reality show is this?!
Forty-five seconds
to find the key...
and stop the countdown.
Man, oh!
Shit! Shit, shit!
I'm suing someone! Anyone!
Oh, no. You gotta be kidding me!
You sick bastard!
Thirty seconds.
Where is it?
Twenty seconds.
Might be time to start
the anesthetic, Jason.
Ten seconds.
The first cut is
the deepest, Jason.
I'm not doing it.
I don't wanna play
this fucking game!
You can take this bullshit show
and stick it up your ass!
Time's up.
Thank you for
playing, Jason.
They've all been
reported missing today?
This morning.
The game's started.
Well, we're set up for
a trace when he calls.
And he'll call.
He always does.
He records everything.
Relives their pain
over and over.
Maybe he's in pain himself.
Jesus, I hope so.
He's trying to teach
them a lesson.
A merciful death is better
than a life of pain.
Tough lesson to learn.
Give it time.
We haven't gotten
any physical evidence...
from the crime scenes.
Not a partial...
not a fingerprint, nothing.
He led us this far.
He wants us to know what
he's doing. He's proud.
He's a crazy fuck.
He's patient,
analytical, thorough...
You sound like you wanna
start his fucking fan club.
Let me guess. Nothing?
Maybe not.
Looks like...
A shipping number.
What happened to Jason?
How come he's not back yet?
Cherie, you're doing
that thing again.
What thing?
That whiny-ass thing.
Time for round two.
Who's next up?
I don't wanna do this anymore.
I want out.
I think I wanna leave now.
I say we all agree that no one
accepts another challenge...
until we talk to
whoever's in charge.
Second it.
Is this like that island show?
Secret pacts and truces?
I don't vote you off,
you don't vote me off.
Is that it?
I have a terrible feeling
that this isn't a game.
Of course it's a fucking game!
Jesus Christ! Cherie, come on.
Let's get this over with.
Dylan, I think we should wait.
All we have to do is
talk to the producers...
and make sure
everything goes ok.
Fuck! Why did we apply?
The show is called
"Are You Scared?"
I mean, what did you
expect from this place?
Aw, fuck it. I'm ready.
Excellent, Dylan.
But for your challenge,
we need you and your sister.
Come on, sis.
Don't pussy out on me.
Look, we're this far. Let's go.
We're doing this.
You don't have to do this.
I do.
Dylan, I really
don't wanna do this.
What are you
gonna do, Cherie?
You gonna stand here...
till I agree to
go home with you?
Ok, look.
Do you remember the first time
we ever got drunk?
We were, like,
and we stole that peach
schnapps from the kitchen.
You remember that?
You got so sick.
You threw up all night.
You thought you were gonna die.
And I stayed up with
you, and I promised...
I was gonna take care of you.
And I did. Look, I'll
promise you right now...
I will take care of you.
Nothing is gonna happen.
Let's go.
Do you remember the next
day when mom found...
the empty bottle and she
blamed it all on me?
You know what? I told you...
I would take care of you
that night.
I never said you
wouldn't take the fall.
No shit! Holy shit!
They're not fucking around here!
Dylan, I don't think like this.
You wanna go home?
I think we should.
No! We're not going home.
Come on. I think we should go.
That's a good-looking man.
What's up? My name's Dylan...
and this is my sis-Cherie.
We're twins, but we're
not the identical kind.
Duh. They can see that
we're twins. Fuckwit.
That's what got us the audition.
That's what got us here.
I'm not really
scared of anything...
but I think your
show sounds sweet...
so I wanna give it a shot.
I'm scared of losing
my brother...
because he is the
closest person to me.
You're a dork.
That's pretty much the lamest
thing I've ever heard.
Please, enter the game.
Let's go.
Dylan, this is too much.
I can't do this.
Oh, Cherie, for fuck's sake.
We're doin' it.
Failure to take
a seat would result...
in automatic disqualification.
No choice.
Dylan, let's go home-now!
Now attach the handcuffs
to your left wrist...
and the collar restraint
around your neck.
Cherie, sit down.
We're doing this.
I don't think we should be here.
Kelly, I'm telling you to stay.
Let go.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go find out
who's in charge.
You don't know how to find
out who's in charge.
I don't care. I'm so tired
of standing around here.
But-but we need
to stay together.
I'll be right back.
Hey, I got a light!
That's it, Cherie.
Cherie and D.
On the way to victory.
Let's do it!
You in, Cherie?
If you'd both reach
under the armrest...
with your right hands...
Dylan, please
press your on button.
Holy fucking shit!
As I'm sure you're
already aware...
you can stop your drill
at any time...
but one of them
will always be working.
Make your choice.
We really shouldn't
be doing this.
We could be disqualified
from the game.
What's that noise?
What is it?
Get out of there, guys!
It's not worth it!
What the fuck is going
on in there, you guys?!
Dylan, I won't
let you do this. No!
Get out of there!
For the love of God, stop this!
Cherie, drop the remote.
Just drop it, please, for me.
Please drop your remote.
Get out of there!
Cherie, please, for me,
for me, drop the remote!
No! No!
Drop it! No!
Please, Cherie. Cherie,
you have to drop your remote.
No, Dylan, no! I won't
let you do this! No!
I won't let you. Oh, God.
Turn off the drills right now.
Turn 'em off!
Do you hear me?!
Cherie, turn it off!
Turn it off!
No, I won't let you.
Please, for me, drop it!
Drop the fucking remote!
Please. Do it now.
Oh, no!
Shit. Oh, God. Oh, fuck!
Thank you for coming
down here so late.
Somebody from the station said
you needed some information...
about a glass shipment?
Yeah. A small case...
no more than
There's a glass tank on it...
with a green button
on the bottom of the tank?
Yeah, yeah. I remember that.
Costly job, as I recall.
Had to special order the glass-
Who ordered it?
Here you go.
Just like I thought.
You got a name?
Nah, nothing.
We're gonna need
to keep this receipt.
Be my guest.
If you can think of anything...
that could help us find
whoever ordered that case...
please don't hesitate to call.
We had a problem...
with another order
this guy made.
We had to special order
a drill...
that he wanted mounted
on a track of some kind.
He called us a few weeks
after that piece was due.
He was mad as hell.
Gave us an address
to send the drill to.
Said he was gonna finish
the job himself.
You have his address?
Right here.
Cherie. We're gonna
get you out of there.
Just sit tight, ok?
We have to leave.
No. Not without her.
We'll go get help
and come back!
She's right.
We can't do this on our own.
We have to get
the hell out of here!
Cherie, do you hear me?
We're gonna be right back, ok?
I promise.
I'm not gonna leave her.
I'm not gonna leave.
We have to.
Go get help.
Fuck. Oh, God.
As long as
I have my lighter on.
As long as I have
my lighter, I'm ok.
Oh, my God.
If I have
my lighter, I'm ok.
It's ok. As long as I
have my lighter, it's ok.
It's ok as long as
I have my lighter.
As long as I have
my lighter, I'm ok.
- Oh, my God.
- It's a dead end.
There's no way out.
There's no way out.
So what next?
There's no way out!
Oh, my God. Oh, shit!
Run, little piggies.
Get me out!
Get this off me!
Get this off me now!
I'm gonna get you out.
Get it off me.
Hold still. Ok.
Get me out now!
Hold still.
There's no way through.
You promised you'd
get me out of here.
You promised!
I will.
Ok. I'll go-
I'll get the window...
you take the fire escape.
Laura, you gotta
work with me here.
I can't!
My hands. It burned my hands.
We're trapped!
We're trapped.
Try, try, try again.
Hold close along the stairs.
Oh, God!
There's no way out.
- There has to be.
- No.
The show must go on.
The game is far from over.
It is for us!
Yeah. We don't want
to play anymore.
We're leaving right now.
As you wish.
He's letting us go.
Oh. Wait.
Your exit.
What if it's a trap?
But what if it's not?
Ok. You go first.
No, you.
Laura, listen,
if I don't come back-
No, don't say that!
It's a way out. Right?
I think it's gonna be ok.
Ok. Ok.
Don't move.
Get this off of me!
All right. Ok.
Ok. I'm gonna get
these off of you now.
Oh, my God.
I'm not leaving him. I can't!
Let me get these off of you.
I have to get these off of you.
I know.
You don't understand!
I killed him!
You didn't do anything wrong.
You have to be strong right now
so I can get you out of here.
I killed a part of me!
You will never understand
how that feels!
I know exactly how that feels.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Oh, my God.
Please! Help me!
Jesus Christ!
Please help!
Hey. You can't do this!
Hey. Let me out!
I'm just scared, ok?
Ok. You got me!
I'm pissing my pants, all right?
Now let me out!
Oh, Christ.
So, yeah, your shit sounds cool.
I'm into being on TV, I guess.
Turn it off.
Oh, my name's Brandon. That's...
Oh, wait...
I'm 22 and I'm
in between work and shit.
That's not funny.
I don't know. What else?
I guess if I was-had
to be afraid of one thing...
I'd say it'd be the dark.
I mean, I used
to wet the bed
a lot when I was a kid,
but-oh, wait.
You can't put that
on TV, though.
The fire exit downstairs
will be open for one minute.
Come on. Thank you.
There's a remote light switch
at the bottom of the stairs.
Oh, God.
I can't. Oh, please.
Oh, please, God. I can't.
Don't do this.
Please don't do this.
No. Oh, God.
Oh, please.
Please don't do this.
Please! No.
Oh, God.
Let there be light.
Jesus fucking Christ!
Better find that exit.
I can't see.
I can't see anything!
You have the remote
and 30 seconds.
What the fuck is that?
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit!
Conquer your fears, Brandon.
Go towards the light
before it's too late.
My office will call the judge.
We'll have a warrant
in a couple of hours.
You police?
Yes, ma'am.
You know the man
that lives in here?
He keeps to himself mostly.
You know his name?
Nope. Don't care to neither.
Looks like bad news.
Why do you say that?
Well, all he does is sit there
and watch TV all day and night.
So loud, we have to call
the manager sometimes.
You should probably
go back inside now.
There's nothing
to see out here.
We know why he's not home.
Let's get that warrant.
Let's get that warrant.
It's called
breaking and entering...
in case you didn't know.
Home sweet home.
Don't touch anything.
A merciful death is
better than a life of pain.
You're gonna want to see this.
Jesus Christ.
Not quite.
Make the call.
They're dead, aren't they?
We're gonna get out of here.
You either play the game,
or you face the consequences.
Your choice.
So what's it to be?
Are you ready to play?
Are you?
Any camera you see,
go take it down.
Game's over, you sick fuck.
Where are you hiding?
The show is cancelled!
Is that you?
Please don't kill me.
Get away from there!
Oh, my God!
That hurt.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Brandon.
Don't touch anything, ok?
Just keep breathing.
I'm trying.
Oh, God.
I didn't know!
Oh, God.
Ah, the intrigue.
The end fight.
Cherie is already
in the showdown.
Now we're just trying
to thin the herd.
The game is still on.
You're out of your mind.
We're done
with your sick game.
Is the game over, Laura?
Help me! I'm dying here!
Hi. I'm Laura...
and I'm 20 years old.
I work at a bank but I'm
not gonna work there forever.
It's just a first-rung
thing, you know.
I really think that I should-
no. I want-actually, I need...
to be on this show because
I have a real phobia.
I'm really afraid of germs...
and I think-I mean,
I really need to face my fears.
One minute to inspire us all.
Go find Laura.
I can't!
Just go do it.
Where are you going?
To find this bastard.
Free those delicate
little fingers, Laura...
to call the police.
Don't worry. They'll be able
to trace this call.
I can't! I can't do this!
I can't!
There are 12 pints
of blood in the human body.
You can lose 6
without consequence.
After that, you risk all
manner of complications.
I know you have the guts
to overcome your fear.
Help! Help me!
Help me!
Laura, I'm gonna get
you out of here.
Get out of there!
Get out!
Come on!
Fucking dead!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone.
You want to call SWAT?
I'm all out of favors.
I'm the boy that
cried wolf, remember?
If he's in there-
Look, the game's
already started.
You said so yourself.
If he's in there,
he'll be ready for us.
We wait for backup,
do this right.
Oh, God. Thank God.
Get out of the car.
Come on.
Come on, please...
Come on...
This is Special Agent Robison.
Put me through to
the ASAC's office.
Sir, I'm at the old Harris
Plant on 5th and Willow.
Jay, wait!
Sir, I'm gonna have
to call you back.
Somebody help me!
Somebody help!
Police! Stay calm!
I'm in here!
Oh, thank God!
It's all right. It's over.
It's gonna be ok.
Face your worst fear.
I don't have one.
Sure you do.
You don't know how long
I've worked on this little...
reunion special.
Please. One last game.
For Christ's sakes, Kelly.
Get out of here now.
What is happening to us?
We deserve this.
What are you talking about?
What we did to him.
We deserve this.
Ok. I never thought
I'd do any stupid shows...
but we need the money,
and my name is Kelly.
I just turned 21,
and I live with my mom...
in a crappy apartment.
My dad is not on the scene.
Am I scared? Every day.
I'm scared someone
will find out my secret.
How did he find us?
I don't know.
Two years
I've been searching.
Two years I've been waiting.
Two years I've been planning.
Why did you bring
the others here?
They never did anything to you!
I'm trying to teach
you all a lesson.
What fucking lesson?
In order to get what you want,
you have to suffer.
Living with you,
we suffered every single day!
But you took your
revenge, didn't you?
How long did it take
you to plan it?
My whole life.
A merciful death.
You thought I fell asleep
on the bed that night...
didn't you?
You thought I couldn't hear
you as you went to the door...
and lit your little fire.
Please don't do this.
I heard every single
word you said to Kelly.
Are you scared?
And I told her, not in
the fucking slightest.
one for the door.
Go to hell.
I'm afraid that's
where you're going...
but there's always a chance that
you'll survive like I did.
Are you scared?
This is punishment
for what we did to him.
He deserved this.
I should've gone
to the police.
Mom. You did.
Don't you remember?
How many times can you get...
a restraining order
against a person?
We deserve this.
We tried to kill him.
I'd kill him again
in a heartbeat...
and again and again! And again!
Are you listening?
Do you hear this?
I would kill you in a heartbeat!
For God's sake, Kelly.
Get the key
and get out of here!
- Ok.
- Go!
Go to hell!
Play the fucking game!
You're ruining my grand finale.
Very clever.
Now where's my daughter?
Leave him!
You can't do this to me.
Not again.
Hey, dad?
I'm not scared anymore.
Ok. Let's go this way.
No. It'll never be over, Kelly.
Not after what we did.
How do we explain this?
We don't have to
explain anything.
We're gonna keep on moving,
just like we always do.
Come on.
The accident occurred
shortly after midnight...
and the entire freeway
was closed down...
while crews worked
to clear the wreckage.
And in other news...
Hurry, Kelly.
The train leaves in an hour.
Just give me a minute.
Police and firefighter
investigations last night...
when a fire broke out
in the basement.
The firefighters quickly
controlled the blaze...
but a gruesome discovery was
made in the charred remains...
of the building.
There were 6 bodies found...
All pronounced dead
at the scene.
It can't be.
Nothing. No signs of a body.
Like a phoenix
from the flames.
Not exactly.
Leads down to
the sewer system.
Where he belongs.
Officials have
confirmed fatalities...
but it is still unclear if they
were victims of the fire.
Standing here in front
of the fire station...
I talked to
investigators inside.
They are entertaining
the possibility of arson.
There are two suspects that are
being sought in connection...
to this investigation...
but they have not
been named as of yet.
This is Barbara Wintergreen
for NB TV.