Area 51 (2015) Movie Script

Reid, Ben, and Darrin and I,
we've been friends for a while now.
They were just normal guys,
you know, like, everyday,
the kind of guys, you know,
you would just
go watch a football game with
or, you know, have a beer.
They're not crazy people.
They're just regular guys.
Um, and it's not like
them to just take off.
Reid was the best brother
anyone could have.
He always took care of me.
This is the old Reid over here.
He was really great at sports and
really liked to play the guitar.
And then this is
the new crazy Reid.
All this crazy reading
material about UFOs,
weird DVDs and maps.
Reid stopped
returning my phone calls.
And then I got really scared
when he got fired.
As I said, he was
a great, great, uh,
asset to the company.
But about three months
before he disappeared,
he had a real change
in attitude.
He came to work late.
He spent a lot of time on the Internet.
Stuff that we found
in his desk after he left,
a bunch of color pictures
of UFOs.
My brother wouldn't
just disappear.
Three people aren't just
gonna disappear.
Something is going on.
And the fact that nobody
knows anything,
nobody will talk to us...
Everybody's avoiding us.
For what?
Somebody knows something,
and they're not telling us.
I would think that a person
who tried to sneak into
Area 51 and get video,
even a person who succeeded
in getting that video,
would be in serious trouble.
The camera's the girl?
The camera is the girl.
Like, practice with it.
Like, what do you say to these girls?
Hello. My name is Reid.
What's yours?
And then we'd start
a conversation
about, you know,
what the other one does...
This is like a brand new...
It's like a...
I might try this tonight,
I don't know.
This is a new thing.
It's revolutionary.
We just need Ben
not to screw it up.
Oh, I will not screw it up.
You are a massive cock block.
- I am not a massive cock block.
- Yes, you are.
I am a good friend
that just tries to
encourage his roommate...
For the record, I will never block
another man's cock, all right?
Says the man in
the sherbet cardigan.
Okay, first of all,
this is not sherbet.
This is a salmon-colored
You looked up the def...
- Yeah.
- Great, let's hear it.
It's a picture of
your face, man.
Reid, I don't see
any houses up here.
Oh, here we go. Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Rub my stomach?
What happened to, "Hello, Reid"?
- First, bar. Then beer pong.
- Done.
Shots, shots, and shots
and then beer pong.
See you tomorrow.
Take one.
Oh, Jesus.
Thank you. Thank you.
Take one. Pass it down.
Take one. Pass it down.
All right, cool,
just don't drop it.
All right. My babies.
If we win, you have to jump
in the pool naked.
You know I like being naked.
I'm not worried about that.
I was talking to Danielle,
but if you...
I'll make that
bet for both of us.
You have to sing karaoke.
You have to rap.
Danielle and I are
the ultimate partners.
We're gonna be here all night.
Son of a bitch!
Damn it.
Chug-a-lug, Reid.
You know what this means?
You know what this means?
It's karaoke time.
Yeah, buddy.
Just warming you up.
My friend, Darrin.
Oh, shit! Perfect!
- Hey, how are you?
- What's your name?
Monet. Monet?
Of course it is.
- Self-proclaimed...
- Party whore.
What do you do?
How much?
I'll give you
a slice of pepperoni.
- Darrin.
- What?
Look at Reid, man.
Really? We're doing this?
You like my B? This is my B.
Oh, you wanna do this?
All right.
And she's gone. Okay.
Do it!
Follow me.
- Drop the beat. Give me a beat.
- Help me out.
Yo, my name is Reid
I'm here with Darrin
He likes his cardigans
Looking like an orange
What? Reid!
Fucking pussy, he left.
Now that really killed
the party.
Where is Reid, man?
Do you see him?
I have no idea where he is.
All right, this is Michelle.
Michelle is...
Nicki. Nicki is from...
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Look, dude, it's Reid.
- Is he really?
- Reid.
Reid. That's what
he was wearing. Reid. Yo.
You think he's got
a girl with him?
That's trippy...
He's just drunk.
Don't worry about it.
He's not responding, man.
Well, text him again.
Did you see Reid?
Reid, where are you?
Reid. It's not Reid.
Sorry, I'm sorry. Ben.
Come on, already. He probably
just went home or something.
So much fun, man.
Dude, did you see my cannonball?
Look at this road.
We're, like, in the middle of nowhere land.
That's what I was
saying earlier.
I don't know
where the fuck I am.
Maybe you shouldn't
have gotten...
What if Reid's lost
in the forest?
I think he is lost
in the forest.
So I was trying to
fucking look for him.
I think he's loving
a woman right now.
I don't know where I'm going.
I need to make
a booty tex-age.
Oh, shit!
Dude! What are
you doing, man?
What? What?
Is that Reid?
That's fucking Reid.
Fuck. What is Reid doing
in front of the car?
What's going on?
Hey, you all right, man?
Are you stoned?
Did you get really
fucked up at the party?
I thought you were with
that girl this whole time.
Reid, what happened, dude?
Let's go home.
Why are you in the middle of the street?
Are you all right?
Okay. Let's go.
This night's fucking over.
Here we go. Here we go.
You're ready to go?
Yeah, I'm good.
You boys ready to
get this started?
Ben, have you packed?
I'm good.
Ben, is that really
all you're bringing?
It's all I need, gents.
Suitcases are overrated.
Let's see. Cowboy boots,
bandanas, and a pink wristband.
You're good to go.
All the necessities
of life, man.
Put it in your bag.
- You wanna borrow?
- No.
I like my trash bag.
I think it's classy.
I could have made this website.
You're packing a lot of stuff.
We're gonna need
all these suits.
Yo, Darrin.
I wanna show you something I found.
A little story for you guys.
Iraqi insurgent thinking,
"I'm gonna do some terrorist
activity here against Americans."
Uh, they think
no one can see 'em.
Where are you going with this?
So, I think they remind
me of you and Reid.
"We're fine. It's
nighttime. You can't see us.
"Who can see at night?"
"No! What's happening?
No! Run! Run, Ahmed.
"Oh, Ahmed, you're dead too."
And that,
my friends, is what happens
when you fuck with
the American government.
They fuck you up.
They're not gonna
be able to see us.
'Cause we got these.
I have a plan.
There's always a plan, Ben.
Sure, there is.
Got to take this.
No, we're going out of town
for the weekend.
Secret mission.
Yeah, that's right.
Hey, is Ben still on the phone?
No, I cannot tell you
where we're going.
It's a pretty good opportunity
to try this thing out.
Sure. I don't
think girls...
I'm just
gonna find his frequency.
What? Really?
- Ready.
- Ashley?
Told you it would work.
All right,
I'm going to cut it off.
Let him get back on the phone.
Hey, sorry,
I don't know what happened.
Yeah, we'll definitely...
Mini-golf date is set.
God damn it.
Stupid phone.
What are you guys doing?
The jammer works.
We need flashlights.
What are the tennis balls for?
Don't worry about it.
Four cameras. Yes.
Six batteries.
Two, four, six, yep.
You really need four cameras?
Wearable. So we can attach to our
clothes whatever, under our arm.
Comes pretty handy.
And, as you can see,
that is you.
- Sweet. There I am.
- There you are.
It will come in
handy at some point.
There's so much
cool shit on this table.
Ben, be careful with that, all right?
Just don't drop that.
Okay, pills.
Just three, just three.
Okay, I'm good.
Darrin, where are you?
Dude, we got to get going.
Come on out, buddy.
Dude, those ammonia pills
are brutal.
You're doing a lot
of work there, Darrin.
It's an essential
part of the trip, Darrin.
Hey, when did we get this?
Taser gun?
Taser. God, I love America.
Don't mess with that thing, all right?
Careful, dude.
You can shock yourself.
Do you really think that
can fuck someone up, though?
Come on. Come on,
let's get packing.
Dude, are you all right?
Okay, that hurts a lot.
Are you okay?
Oh, man!
Oh, that will work.
That will take someone out.
Feel like I'm more of a man now.
It does really work.
That's what you
look like right now.
Never leave dangerous toys
around children.
Let's go.
You nervous?
We're doing it.
We're doing it.
It's gonna be awesome, dude.
This is what's gonna happen.
We're gonna drive
up to the border,
or wherever I'm dropping
you guys off,
uh, say our goodbyes.
You're gonna get out of the car,
Reid's gonna get out of the car.
Walk about 15 feet,
and then you're both gonna be shot
in the head by snipers in the hills.
And I'm gonna be
crying in the car
because my two
best friends are dead.
We're not gonna
get shot, all right?
You'd cry for us?
The worst that could
happen is we get arrested.
And we're not gonna get arrested
'cause I got a plan.
It would be easier to rob a bank
than to break into Area 51.
And people that
rob banks get shot.
That's 'cause a bank
expects to be robbed.
Nobody expects anyone
to break into the base.
That's because it's impossible.
Ben, look at this.
Look at all this
land mass here, okay?
How are they gonna patrol all that?
It's not possible.
This guy we're gonna
meet tomorrow, Norio,
walked across at daylight.
It's the size of Connecticut.
You can't patrol all that.
It's a top secret
government base.
There's probably a bunch of
other things happening...
There's no way they have dudes
all around this circle.
Yeah, there's motion sensors,
there's ammonia sensors.
There's all kinds of security measures,
but we're gonna get around it.
You're gonna get around it
until you're shot in the head.
You guys are all talk.
This is never gonna happen.
I understand that
Reid's gone a little crazy
in the last three months.
No offense, Reid.
Who wouldn't want to see this?
You wouldn't want to see footage
of Area 51 inside of the base?
I don't understand why you're
so confused why I wanna go.
Because this has been,
this has all happened very quickly,
and suddenly we're going there.
And I don't know why
you have just accepted it.
All I know is that no one has
ever seen footage of the base.
No one's ever been there.
No civilian's ever seen it.
We could be the first ones to do it.
That would be the biggest...
What could be bigger than that?
Really good job
manipulating Darrin, Reid.
Just drive us
to the border, okay?
Hello? We're, uh, about
a couple hours from Vegas.
Yeah, he's talking
to that girl again.
She's not crazy.
You've never met her before.
Yeah, but he hasn't either,
man. He trusts her.
He already told her what
we're doing and everything.
I don't know why he thinks
this girl's so legitimate.
You know, her dad worked there.
No, her dad wrote a book
and claims he worked there.
You guys don't know anything
about this chick.
You're just trusting her.
I can make a fucking website.
Even if she shows up,
Reid doesn't really know
anything about her.
What's the deal, dude?
We're good.
She's gonna meet us tomorrow.
Just because
someone wrote a book...
If he went to MIT and did work
for the government,
it makes sense that he'd be able to
write a legitimate-sounding book.
That doesn't mean
it's legitimate.
Well, that's what
we're trying to find out.
And then he killed himself,
so he's clearly stable-minded.
You don't have actual...
Ben, Ben, Ben, okay.
We know how to get past the
security measures outside the base,
but we don't know what to do
when we get on the base.
I need his information.
She's the only one who has it.
So if she is full of shit,
we can go home?
If she's full of shit,
we gotta find another way.
You don't have
to say anything to her.
Oh, I'll say something to her.
Don't. Don't do dick.
Please don't.
There we go.
I talked to, uh, Glenn Campbell.
The guide,
and he's gonna
show us this, like...
Who are all these people
you're talking to?
Cameras, wearable cameras.
I'll wear one,
and you wear the other.
We'll check for night vision.
There's no way I'm wearing one.
You can get that shit
into a strip club
and the bouncers and all that...
There's a lot of security at strip clubs,
I know, trust me.
And if you can get
that shit in there
and no one finds out,
you're gold.
Okay! Vegas!
Enough Area 51 talk!
That's the least I've ever been
excited about going to Vegas.
Look at this.
Just like Candyland.
Look at that.
Take a picture of that beauty.
- Hi, guys.
- How you doing?
How are you?
We're gonna check in for the Hooters.
Oh... Wow.
Kidding me? No way.
Dude, this place is ridiculous.
There's a pool table?
There's a pool table!
Reid, what are you doing, dude?
Check it out.
This is what I was telling you
about. It's JANET airlines.
You guys kidding me right now?
We're in heaven.
Going to look at boobs.
What are you doing, weirdo?
Dude, check out this thermal
feature on the camera.
Let me see.
See, it's picking up your heat.
I got an idea.
Let me know if it picks this up.
Oh, God!
This is not gonna be pretty.
Now look.
That looks like boob prints!
Those are my blueprints!
Seamless Gentlemen's Club.
We good?
Can't see anything.
Dude, move.
You're blocking my view.
Let's go in the private room.
Nice. Night vision.
Better get some
ladies in here soon.
I'm gonna be doing
this the entire time.
- They coming in?
- Yeah.
They better come in soon.
Ready for some fun?
Hello, hello.
Yeah, I think
he needs a lap dance first.
That guy needs
a little bit first.
This guy?
Do these guys first.
I'll go after.
All right, all right.
I'm not gonna complain. That's fine.
You know, I'm happy regardless.
You are a gentleman and a saint.
You are a gentleman.
And a very good friend.
Hope you have
a good view over there, Reid.
I am looking at it.
Looking and experiencing
are two different things.
See, Reid, it's a...
I don't know, but that was the
greatest moment of my life.
Do you know how much trouble we
could have gotten in for this?
To Vegas.
To Vegas.
To best friends.
To the trip of our lives.
Rise and shine. Ben.
Get up.
What are you doing?
Oh, man, you look beautiful.
Why are you recording
me right now?
Look at all the fun we could be
having walking down the strip,
drinking some beers.
She's there. She's texting me.
She's not crazy.
How do you know that, man?
'Cause I've talked to her.
We have no idea who we just
sent our best friend to meet.
Let's hope she
can help us, right?
Yeah, what if this is
a setup or something?
Does he know what she looks like?
How is he gonna...
I don't know. Oh, wait, that's her.
Shaking hands.
- Have you zoomed in?
- Yeah.
What does she look like?
She doesn't look crazy.
Does she look crazy?
Are her eyes glowing?
No, she doesn't look crazy.
She looks normal.
Well, hopefully,
she's not legit or he freaks her out.
And then we can go home.
He's pointing at us.
Should we wave?
She has something.
She gave him something.
She gave him papers
or something.
Yeah, he's bringing her
out here.
Okay, dude, just act normal, all right?
Don't be a dick.
It's gonna be really
hard not to be a dick.
He's bringing her out here.
She's looking all sketchy.
They both look real sketchy.
So this is Jelena.
What's your name?
- Jelena?
- Darrin.
Hi, I'm Jelena.
Nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
All right, guys. Uh, follow me.
Just like that?
She's not shady.
Is she, Reid? Yup.
Well, apparently,
we're going into storage.
'Cause nothing good happens
at a storage facility.
Case in point,
have you ever seen Silence of the Lambs?
It's one girl, okay?
She could very easily kill us.
And store our bodies.
We can take her.
Well, I know if a gun
gets pulled out, I'm running.
He became really paranoid.
He kept talking about how
our phones were tapped
and how there were
people following him
and all kinds of
crazy stuff like that.
And he made me promise that if
anything were to happen to him,
I would move all his stuff
to a storage facility.
Somewhere secret that no
one would be able to find.
He was extremely adamant
that I did it right away.
So the night that he died,
I brought his stuff over here.
And, it's crazy, literally within 24 hours,
our house was raided.
They want what's here.
He was fired for asking
too many questions.
I was the one that found my
dad in the garage that night.
Look at this.
They ruled it as a suicide.
He would have never killed himself.
This whole thing's
been redacted.
I know.
- Your father?
- Yeah.
Looks like a nice guy.
Yeah, he was a really good guy.
Holy shit! This is a timeline
of all the employees.
This is incredible.
Thousands of people's
medical records.
Malignant prostate?
I don't know why he'd have that.
- Come here.
- What?
Yeah, these are my dad's
maps of the base.
Of course, he wasn't
allowed into all the buildings
but this is what he's got.
Everything above
ground is just a front.
The real base is
a mile underground in S4.
He wasn't allowed in there.
Marked different
staircases and elevators.
That could be how
you get underground.
It would be real helpful
when we get to the base.
Even if you make it on the base,
this isn't going to help you.
You need fingerprints.
You need a badge.
They have access codes
that change every day.
Well, your dad didn't have access to it,
so he obviously snuck in.
Yeah, and my dad's dead.
You really want to
go through with this?
Yeah, I don't have a choice.
Looks like your dad
was able to get into S4
but just not, sort of, parts...
Well, he was following someone.
This guy, I know I have his
picture in here somewhere,
who did have full S4 clearance.
And I know that my dad
was following him.
There we go. The guy.
I don't know his name.
I just know that that's the
guy my dad was following
and the reason why he got fired.
Well, if he does still work there,
I think we could find him.
He probably lives
in or around Vegas.
Reid, if this is for real,
this is what got her father killed.
We'll be careful.
Hi. Norio?
So let's say we get to the top
of the ridge here,
say I want to do more
than just look at it.
Say I want to get down into S4.
Get out of the car and just keep
walking along this boundary fence.
Most of the heat sensors
and motion detectors
are along this
Groom Lake dirt road.
There are no motion
sensors over here?
There are very little.
Yes, there's rattlesnakes
all over.
S4 is down here, right?
S4 is down here.
Can we get over that mountain?
As long as you're not detected.
The JANET airlines.
The terminal.
737 outbound jets right there.
The one with the red stripe?
In fact, you can see
the parking lot over there.
Darrin, I think
this is his flight.
How do you know?
The tail numbers.
We gotta go.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
We got to get there
before they deplane.
I'm going as fast
as possible, man.
Take a right, take a right.
Am I going in there
or what am I doing?
This is it. This is JANET terminal.
This is JANET?
There's a lot of cars.
The dude could be anywhere.
So they fly the employees in
and out of this base every day?
Yup, every day.
Who's JANET?
Uh, it stands for Just
Another Nonexistent Terminal.
That's the rumor.
It's a stupid rumor.
I think I see him.
Can you see him on there?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm zooming in.
White hair, glasses,
getting in a small black car.
Oh, shit.
Reid, Reid, it's him.
Right there, right there.
Follow him.
Give him a little space though.
Put it in drive.
Here we go, here we go.
All right, go.
So I'm just following this guy?
Can you zoom in on him?
Yeah. It's him, dude.
It's definitely him.
I can see him in his mirror.
He's wearing black glasses.
White hair.
He's the exact guy
in the picture.
So do you have a plan though?
I got a few ideas.
Would you like to share them or
are we keeping that to ourselves?
What if he's a janitor?
He's got to be
a high-level employee.
What, are you just gonna
hit him over the head?
Dude, don't lose him.
I'm not losing him.
Speed up a little bit.
What if that guy knew that
Jelena's dad was following him?
What if this is the reason
Jelena's dad was killed?
I suddenly don't
like this idea anymore.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you.
It's almost like you've
done this before.
I actually might
take up a new career.
Stalking people?
Following people?
Uh, PI. Thank you.
You don't see anything?
Dude, put the camera down.
Put the camera down.
All right, stay back, stay back.
Let some cars get between.
Stay a good, like,
50 yards behind him.
More than 50.
Whoa, whoa.
You want me to
just drive past him?
Drive past him.
Drive past him.
- This is his house.
- Go, go, go.
- Put the camera down.
- Relax, relax.
Go down the end and turn around.
So what's the plan,
this stakeout?
We wait.
For how long?
We gotta stick around
to see if he leaves.
Food in here, man?
Definitely did not plan
this stakeout very well.
Supposed to have coffee.
Supposed to have donuts.
Darrin, make sure
the camera is on that house.
- All right. I'm on it.
- Any movement.
What do you think, dude?
If he doesn't leave, plan B?
Yeah, what is
the plan here, Reid?
No, no movement.
Shit! We gotta take
those pills again.
Any food or anything to go with this?
I mean...
Sorry, man.
Here, man, I have food.
Beef jerky? Why would you not
tell me you have something?
Because you're gonna
eat the whole fucking bag.
I'm not gonna eat the whole bag.
I don't remember if
you guys were there or not,
but I think I've told you
that we were making out
and I thought there was a chair
behind me and I'd sit down...
- And it was a...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Reid, where the fuck,
where are you going?
Reid, where...
Where the fuck is he going?
Shh, shh. Wait, wait.
Holy shit. He's leaving.
What is he doing?
Just wait, just wait.
Holy shit. Where is he going?
Come on.
Darrin, what the fuck
is he doing?
Hold on. Oh, my God.
What is he doing?
He's breaking in.
Darrin, we can't let him break in.
I'm gonna go help him, okay?
Just relax, relax.
Look, take this.
Call me if you see anything, okay?
Darrin, you can't just
fucking go in there, man.
Let's do this quickly.
Dude, I can't see shit in here.
No lights.
Use the night vision.
- This is his office.
- Yeah.
Fuck! It's locked.
We gotta break in.
What the fuck was that?
You hear that?
Go check it out.
Oh, fuck!
Help! Reid! Reid!
Help, Reid.
Throw the jerky.
Throw the jerky.
Fucking A.
Just feed her
something real quick.
- She's nice, she's just...
- Okay.
Let's keep looking.
See anything?
Darrin, I'll keep looking down here.
You go upstairs.
Toys, toys, toys.
Reid, you find anything?
- No. You?
- No. Nothing, man.
Keep looking.
All right.
Okay, come on.
Come on. Master bedroom.
- Ben?
- Darrin, they're home.
What? What, are you
fucking serious?
Dude, get the fuck out of there.
Dude. Reid, Reid.
He says they're coming back.
He says they're outside.
What? Wait. I could have sworn
I fucking heard something.
Fuck! They're back.
They're back. You go hide!
Fucking hide.
Go fucking hide, man.
What the fuck! Fucking shit!
You are so good...
Yeah, you are.
Fuck it.
Good girl.
Let's go brush your teeth.
Yeah, right here. Come on in.
Hey, where's my toothbrush?
Right there.
One more pass.
One more pass of the
toothbrush, please.
You're tired.
Okay, here we go.
You're tired.
All right, say goodnight
to the elephant.
Bye-bye, all right.
Goodnight. Let's go.
Come one, let's go night, night.
Dad will come in and say
goodnight in a few minutes.
I haven't heard anybody
move in a while.
We shouldn't have done this.
This was dumb.
Shh, shh.
Let's get the fuck out
of here. Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Look.
I think he's got it in there.
I gotta go look.
It's his fucking bedroom.
It's okay. Just relax.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Shh, shh.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Start the car.
Start the car.
Go. Go.
Shit. Holy fuck.
I fucking got it.
What the fuck just happened?
We got it. We got it.
Got the badge.
I don't give a fuck
that you got the badge.
I mean, you just fuckin'
broke into someone's house.
No. That was home invasion,
breaking and entering, robbery...
We got what we came for.
- They didn't see us.
- Yeah.
He works for the government.
Okay. But they
didn't see us.
It's 10, 15 years in jail.
What if they woke up?
Look, they didn't see...
They had a kid!
We're fine.
We're totally fine.
What if one of the neighbors
saw my license plate?
No one saw you.
How do you know that?
- They didn't.
- No one saw us.
They didn't, man.
We're fine. Yeah.
Look, it's all good.
No. No, it's not.
We're done.
What do you mean, done?
This whole plan is fucked.
I'm going home.
Ben, this was the plan.
No, this wasn't the plan!
Relax. Breathe. Jeez.
We're cool, okay?
Just head towards
the desert, all right?
It's not okay.
It's going to voicemail.
Hey, Jelena. We got...
We got the badge, it's on.
We're headed to Rachel.
Talk to you tomorrow.
Hey, Ben, where's Reid?
Where is he?
Dude, he's over there, man.
What the fuck,
he's standing right by the road.
I gotta go take a piss.
What the fuck's he doing?
You have to help me
talk him out of it, man.
I'm not talking him out of it.
Dude, you have less than a day.
I'm not gonna talk him out of it.
Why'd you come with us
if you didn't want to do this?
I didn't think it was actually
gonna get this far, man.
So you think we spent
three months planning this
and now we're gonna
back out? Come on.
You really ready
for the consequences?
We have a plan!
Like last night?
And that worked.
Now we have everything we need, okay?
We're here.
This is happening. This is our chance.
Look where we are. This is it.
Base 5 is right over
those mountains.
We're ready.
All right.
It's all set.
See those mountains over there?
On the other side
of those mountains is Area 51.
That's super cool.
We're literally in
the middle of nowhere.
This is, like,
where people get killed.
Little A'Le'Inn.
Oh, that's so clever.
It already looks
like a major downgrade
from the Hooters'
presidential suite.
Straight out of Psycho,
I do not wanna go in there.
What the fuck are we doing?
It could be worse, dude.
What are you talking about?
This is awful.
This is where people make meth.
It's not terrible.
This would be a good home base.
What, it's just
a couple of days.
Hey, you think we could talk to
some of these locals real quick?
Talk to a few people.
Yeah, quickly.
All right.
Let's do it.
Look at this guy.
This guy is hanging out
by himself.
We should definitely
talk to this guy.
Hi, gentlemen,
how can I help you?
- Hello, how are you?
- Hi.
- Yeah.
- What brings you here?
Well, what brings everyone here?
The aliens.
That's why you guys are here, right?
With your cameras and...
Here we are, you know,
trying to pretend they don't exist,
and I just don't understand why.
The evidence is obvious.
I mean, it's even in the Bible.
It's in Ezekiel.
You know,
"The chariots in the sky."
Why does America deny UFOs?
There's other countries
that don't deny UFOs,
why does America deny UFOs?
Stuff like in Mexico City...
Sculpture where the guy's
sitting in the chair,
it's like he's sitting
in a rocket,
and he's got controls
in front of him,
he's got the breathing
People don't want to look.
People don't want to know.
Roswell, 1947, right?
The crash.
They move all that
stuff here in 1951.
We're reverse engineering
the spacecraft right now,
right over there.
What you see on a map?
That's just what the governments
are willing to let you see.
Our government does
nothing in front of us.
And so, there's a lot
of hangers,
a lot of infrastructure
I would be skeptical, too,
if I thought there were these
comic book little green aliens.
They're not these furry,
little sweet creatures,
they're scary, man.
The one that he saw had rows of teeth,
you know, like, several back...
The eyes, black.
Just endless black pit.
It's like white blood, you know?
They shed their skin.
He's like a snake,
but these giant patches...
It's not just your body that they probe,
they probe your mind.
They can control your mind.
Throw you against the wall
out of nowhere.
You can tell when
they're around, too.
You get these
migraine headaches.
I mean, beyond anything
you could ever imagine.
You get nosebleeds.
You hear about those people having
those near-death experiences,
and the whole thing about,
"Walk into the light! Walk into the light!"
That's what that is.
It's almost like you cease
to exist for a bit.
You have no idea
what happened at the time.
It's just white.
Like eternal endless white.
You can't see where the floor
stops and the ceiling starts.
How do you even know
you were on the ship?
You don't.
Experimentation, the dissection,
everything we've done to them,
it's Guantanamo Bay, man.
You just better hope
they never get out.
They have their own
police department,
they got an underground
transportation system,
and they have
their own government.
Area 51, man,
it's the 51st state.
Here it is.
It's right up there on the left.
This is a little creepy,
man. What if this guy's crazy?
He's fine.
He's totally normal.
Yeah. You Reid?
Nice to meet you.
Reid's finally found
his best friend.
- Hey, what's up, man?
- Where are we going?
I guess you're coming
to Area 51, eh?
This road will take us
down to the border.
It's one of the main
access roads to the base.
What kind of security
might we run in to?
At the border, always
on the same hill.
You see the camo dudes,
you see two guys
in a white Jeep Cherokee.
They're always there,
24 hours a day.
I'll drive along with
the little frequency detector
and when this thing pops off,
it tells me,
"I just ran over a road sensor."
Slow down. Slow. Slow.
Look around in one of these
bushes and see if you can...
- Right there.
- Okay.
Oh, yeah.
If you didn't know this was here,
this would look like
a plate of grass to you.
There's your antenna.
There's no way you'd find this
without some sort of electronic aid.
Look at that
"US Government Property."
We're on public land, mind you.
All right, there we go.
This was gonna
send out the code 022.
The camo dudes are gonna
come along and investigate,
and see who's
approaching the border.
This is the simple stuff
we find outside the border.
Inside the border,
you may have your ammonia sensors,
you may have your heat sensors.
If you can defeat this unit
out here on public land,
you'd probably be able to
defeat what they have inside.
There's a car over there.
That's them.
That's the camo dudes?
Those are the camo dudes.
I'm not gonna get a sniper bullet
in my head right now, am I?
Just pull over on to the side
of the road, right here.
Just pull up to that area.
Is there a guy there?
Can you see?
You got a, uh,
telephoto on that?
Yeah, I zoomed in on him.
Can you see if there's...
They even got the
binoculars on us right now.
Two guys, right? Yep.
Up there in that ridge,
there are two tripods.
There's one.
One of them is
pointing toward us.
And there's
another one right there.
The other one is pointing toward
the road we just came down.
So, if you have a vehicle,
there's no real sneaking in.
We're really getting out
of the car right now?
These are your
camo dudes up here.
Are you the happiest
human being ever, right now?
- Yeah.
- This is amazing.
Right over there.
Everything you've ever wanted.
This is almost as exciting.
This could be used against you...
If I had a choice,
I'd be at a pool in Vegas right now.
We made it to the border.
Oh, there's another one.
We're tourists, guys.
So, what brings you out here?
Oh, work.
So, I'm really just out here.
Since I was close,
I decided I should
come by and do
the touristy thing...
You guys have fun.
Okay. All right. Thanks.
Here's a guy with no license plates.
Yeah, you're a tourist. Sure.
That guy is
a security guard, huh?
Just don't do
anything stupid, okay?
You got it.
Thank you, Glenn.
See, I told you he wasn't weird.
Right over there.
It's so close. I can taste it.
- Now let's go talk to that guy.
- What?
Huh? Let's go talk to this guy.
Come on.
Hey, uh, sir, what are
you looking for?
See anything?
You think I wanna come out here?
They make me come out here!
Okay. All right.
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
Don't talk to the locals.
Ben, don't antagonize
strangers like that, dude.
What? I didn't know
he was gonna be crazy, dude.
The door's open.
Did you leave it open?
No. We have all our
stuff in there.
I didn't leave it open.
Dude, open the door.
You kidding me?
- Hello?
- Fuck.
Anybody here?
It looks the same.
It's all here, I think.
It's everything.
What if someone fucking
bugged the place.
What the fuck?
- Oh, my God.
- Jesus Christ!
Dude, are you...
I knew you'd get here.
Hi, guys.
What are you doing here?
Yeah. What are you doing here?
We gotta get moving.
Let's go.
- I'm coming with you guys.
- What?
I asked the guy up front.
They've got ammonia sensors
all over the base,
so these neomycin pills
will mask our ammonia levels.
Darrin and I have been taking them
for a few days now,
so we're gonna have to triple your dosage.
Well, are they gonna work?
Hopefully. Might have to test
your levels before we leave.
Keep moving.
We have a lot to do.
Terrible idea.
Darrin, you need to take two.
Say something, man.
You shouldn't...
I don't know what that is.
Just tell him that
it's not okay with you, dude.
Maybe we don't
bring her with us.
We shouldn't bring her.
We don't need her with us.
What are you talking about?
She's gonna get us caught.
She's not gonna get us caught,
we have the Freon suit.
So what? That's not a good
enough reason, okay?
Dude, we can't tell her no,
okay? She's helped us out,
she gave us all the stuff,
she gave us the maps.
Okay. Well,
the ammonia pills, okay?
The level's gonna
be way too high.
I know, all right?
We'll test her before we go,
if it doesn't test out,
we won't bring her.
Darrin. Look, I'm
trusting you guys
with everything my dad left me.
This is all her stuff,
we wouldn't be able to do
any of this without her.
Look, you guys have
your reasons, all right?
And I have mine,
and I need to do this.
I just... I don't want
to be here
if you really don't want
me here.
I think she could help us.
You really think so?
I know I can.
Ready for a 9-mile hike
there and back?
It's 11 miles. And, yes.
We good?
It's fine.
- Is it in?
- Yeah.
Like an actual motion sensor?
Like, we went to
the border and took one.
You're kidding.
There she is.
All right, we jammed the signal.
It changes frequency
after, like, 30 seconds.
What does that mean?
It means we have
to detect the signal,
jam it, and then disable it
before it changes frequencies.
Look, nobody said
it was gonna be easy.
So, this is the access card we
got off your dad's friend there.
And that...
This is his cologne.
There you go.
Did you get it?
Can't tell.
Look in the light.
Yeah. There it is.
Yeah. There she is.
That's a good one.
You see it, Darrin?
You guys, there's someone by our car.
What? What?
There's someone
sneaking around our car.
Where is he?
Dude, he's right there, man.
There's stuff in the car.
Doesn't matter, it's not...
What do you mean,
it doesn't fucking matter?
Come on, we gotta keep moving.
We got stuff to do. Let's go.
Where is he?
I don't know.
I don't see him. He's gone.
Keep going. Just keep going.
He's messing with us.
Thermal cameras
all around the base,
and they pick up your body heat.
So what we're gonna do is,
we're gonna pump Freon through this suit.
Fit in right here,
and that'll mask our body temperature.
Darrin, turn on the Freon
and put on the thermal?
Yep. Good.
All right.
- How's it looking?
- It's looking good.
You can see the Freon
coming through.
I can see your body cooling
down, it's kinda cool.
Only problem is,
it's escaping through your head, so.
All right.
Let's try the mask.
All right.
It's helping.
There we go.
Hey, hold on.
Let him just tie it off.
It's sweet.
- Coming through her whole suit.
- It's coming in?
Her whole suit
looks pretty good.
It's like it is matching
the outside.
All right. It should
all work then.
We should probably
bring along boots.
Hold on to the ammonia sensor,
we gotta check Jelena.
Let's do it.
Dude, let's go.
I'm not doing it.
What do you mean
you're not gonna drive us?
I'm not gonna drive you until you
tell me why you're doing this.
You know why we're doing this,
they're hiding secrets out there.
I need a better reason
than that.
I'm not gonna drive you there unless
you tell me why you're doing this.
You said you would do it.
Yeah. I didn't know we were
actually gonna get this far, Reid.
I thought you were
gonna snap out of it.
You saw a light at a party,
that's all I know.
I don't really know.
Something happened to me
that night, all right?
I just... A whole
bunch of missing time,
and I get these flashes, and...
I don't know, something is
pulling me towards the base.
I can't explain it, okay?
I just have to do it.
I do. And I can't
do it without you.
So, please,
can you just help me?
Please, help me.
Let's go.
It's close, but I think
you'll be good.
Take this for your walkie.
- You guys in?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I hear you.
Now watch out for them, man.
Don't let them do anything stupid.
No, I'll be fine.
All right. I'll be here.
All right,
guys, put on your masks.
All right.
Yeah. You see the Freon
pumping through the suits.
Good luck, man.
Thanks, man. Appreciate it.
I'll be here in the morning.
We'll see you then. Be safe.
I'm gonna head this way,
over that hill.
All right, guys, this is it.
Let's do it quickly.
Holy shit. We're doing it.
We're doing it. We're doing it.
Guys, this way.
Wait a minute.
Guys, there's a fence.
There's a fence.
Yeah, right there.
Straight ahead.
- You see it?
- Yeah.
Shit. It's coming up
all hot in the thermal camera.
I think it's electric.
It's on the way? Shit.
We gotta go that way.
You serious?
This fence goes all the way to the
right and all the way to the left.
We gotta find a way under it.
Let's keep looking.
Look for a low,
like, a ditch or something
like that.
Right here.
I think we can get under it.
All right, you're through.
- Nice, okay.
- Ready?
Stay low, Reid.
Am I clear?
Yeah. Just stay low.
Let's keep moving.
Let's go. Let's go.
Okay. Everyone, stop.
Everyone, stop.
You see that? The light.
It's a car, we're fine.
Look, they're just
driving along the road.
If we tripped their sensor,
they'd be on us.
Check the GPS.
Okay, it's this way.
Hey. Hey.
It's okay.
Just keep breathing.
Are you okay? Can you breathe?
Come on, let's go.
What are you doing?
I think we'll be getting
close to the motion sensors.
About six miles from the base.
Jelena's right,
we're getting close.
stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Twenty seconds, Stay there.
Stay there.
I think I got it.
Come on. Come on.
Reid, 15.
Moving too fast.
- Reid, hurry.
- Five,
four, three, two, one.
All right.
I think I got it, guys.
Did you get it?
Yeah, I got it.
All right. All right,
let's keep moving, guys.
It's three miles that way.
Almost there.
Wait, guys.
Stop. Stop. Shh, shh.
You hear that? You hear that?
What is it?
Are those camo guys?
The camo.
You can tell.
That doesn't look like them...
Holy shit! It's a helicopter!
Get down! Get down! Get down!
Keep your head down.
They can't see us
in the thermal suits, okay?
Stay down! Stay down!
We're gonna be fine.
Jelena, keep your head down.
Stay low. Don't move.
There's a snake.
It's okay.
It won't hurt you.
Stay calm. It doesn't even
know you're here.
Is it gone?
It's going away.
It's going away.
Relax, relax. Try to breathe.
Just breathe.
You guys, the helicopter,
it's coming back.
All right, guys, stay down.
Be still, okay? Stay down.
We're not gonna get caught.
Stay low.
Look, they're just
doing a routine check.
It's a standard procedure.
God damn it.
See? They're gone.
Still, they definitely know
we're here.
No, it's a fly-over.
They would've flown down on us.
We're fine.
They do it all the time.
It's right over that ridge.
There it is. Look.
We fucking did it.
- I told you we could do it.
- We made it.
We did it. We fucking did it.
Reid, you were right.
I mean, this is
Area 51. This is the base.
Darrin, you getting this?
This is a huge area.
You see that area down there?
That's where we're going.
We gotta get down there
and ditch the suits.
There it is.
We made it.
I can't believe we did this.
You sure we're okay
without our suits?
Yeah, we should be fine.
They shouldn't have heat sensor
cameras this close to the base.
And security?
Security should be low
this time of night.
Let's get inside there
and get some footage.
Reid? Reid?
Reid, you all right?
You good?
Yeah, let's go.
Looks like we're good here.
But I'm gonna go up to the
fence and check it out, okay?
Do you realize what
we're doing right now?
I know.
Do we just go? All right.
Wait. He's over.
He needs to signal us
or something.
No, no, no.
Just wait. Just wait.
He's almost over.
Come on, hurry up.
Here we are on the base.
This is incredible.
Darrin, check that way,
I'll check this way.
All right, Darrin,
please get down.
There's people everywhere.
Stay low.
Let's get over there.
It's a car.
Reid, you see that?
- Fucking...
- Damn it.
Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Fuck.
Just keep it down.
Keep going. Keep going.
Right. There's the split.
All right, keep a look out,
I'm gonna check the map.
It's hangar number nine.
Guys, we're fucking here...
It's the hangar
on the east end...
East end?
Let's get to that fence
and don't freak out.
- We're so close, all right?
- Okay.
- We gotta hurry.
- Go.
You need to get in the shadow here.
Come get in.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Can you see 'em?
Their backs are turned.
Now's time for us...
What's the plan?
Okay. You go left.
Okay. Okay. Going.
All right.
It's nine down.
It's there?
It's JANET planes.
Shit. Shit.
Okay. Okay.
- I think they're leaving.
- I think so.
He's taking the car.
He's taking the car.
All right.
I can't see anything.
Look for a light on the wall.
Here, I found it.
Nothing in here.
Look for doors to other rooms.
You guys, this one opens.
Oh, Reid, it looks like...
Does this thing open?
We use the fingerprint.
Why isn't this working, come on.
Maybe it needs my body heat.
Go. Go.
Stay behind me.
The door just closed on us.
Fuck. It's okay.
Just keep going. Keep going.
Level 40-A.
We need level 40-A.
Got it.
I don't see anything.
Where is it?
Okay. Okay.
There's a guy out there.
He's at his desk.
He's by himself. Okay.
We need to get to a stairwell.
All right.
- Dude, he's gone.
- What?
He's fucking gone.
I have no idea where he is.
- Did you see which way he went?
- I have no idea...
Come on.
Come on. Let's...
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up...
What the fuck?
Okay, we're good. We're good.
What is this?
nonresponsive behavior,
marks on necks and arms?
What the fuck.
You guys,
we got to get out of here.
Shh. It's okay. Just...
He didn't notice us.
He's wearing headphones.
Okay here. On 10.
Yeah. We gotta find a way.
We gotta get to a stairwell.
Okay. There's
an exit over there.
There's an exit over there?
Behind you, behind you.
It's a dead end.
Get down. Get down.
Okay, we're clear. Get down.
Shit. Shit.
Go, go, go, go.
Fuck, that was close.
Dude, it goes way
the fuck down there.
This is Stairwell B.
S4, it should be down there.
- Let's keep moving.
- Yep.
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.
Reid, he's coming. Reid.
Reid, he's coming.
There's a locker room.
I think it's empty.
He didn't see you, did he?
No, no, no, no.
I think we're good.
Jesus Christ!
Just wait it out for a minute.
Let everything pass.
- What the fuck is that?
- Did you hear that?
Must be automatic.
What's that?
- What is that?
- Yeah.
Where is it coming from?
- What is it?
- I don't know.
What the fuck.
It's still here somewhere.
It's here.
They might be useful
to know where the guards are.
Also got some kind of suit.
Bulletproof vest, almost.
- What the hell?
- Look at this.
What the fuck?
Are you okay?
Dude, your nose
is bleeding, are you okay?
- Hey, let's go.
- You okay?
Jelena, put it back.
Let's go.
The stairs. Let's go.
All right.
I think we're good.
Dude, what was that noise?
I don't know.
Let's keep moving.
I can't see anything.
This is it. Level 40.
Where are you going?
This is fucking...
It's huge.
Look at this.
It's fucking... What is this?
Are these cages?
What the fuck?
Yeah, they look like
holding cells.
Oh my God, it's weird.
Oh! They're hot,
they're hot.
Dude, it's fucking warm.
That's weird.
Darrin, check this out.
Holy shit.
What is this?
That's weird.
What do you think's in there?
It's like they're
getting sucked in.
Come on. We gotta keep moving.
Let's go.
We gotta get through the lab to
get to the access point for S2.
Oh, fuck. Go hide.
Get down.
What's he doing?
I think he's going to the lab.
Is he still out there?
I don't know the code.
It's not a card.
I have an idea.
With the thermal.
Okay, now.
Maybe the thermal...
What do you mean?
Watch. I turn it on.
Now, the last button he pushed
would be the warmest.
Eight must have been pushed first,
and then the seven,
and then the three,
and then the four, okay?
So that means what?
4-3-7-8. Right.
Fuck! You're a fucking genius!
It's a lab.
My dad always
talked about these R&D labs.
- Look at this shit.
- Whoa.
- My God.
- Whoa, this is...
Holy shit.
Look at this.
This is huge.
I knew it.
My God, I knew he wasn't crazy.
- My dad was right.
- I knew it.
Why are they hiding this here?
Dude, there's white blood in there.
We gotta go.
We don't know that it's blood.
I know,
but remember the guy
at the bar mentioned that.
Yeah, maybe that's it,
I don't know. Okay.
Guys, we should get moving.
- No.
- Where?
Reid, this is
the first thing we've seen.
- Let me get some footage.
- Hold on a sec.
There's more over here.
Jelena, look at this.
There's more over here.
What the fuck?
Are you seeing this?
It's the craziest shit
I've ever seen in my life.
Look at this.
Reid, come here, man.
Check this shit out.
Darrin, come over.
Check this out.
Guys, you gotta come see this.
Guys, this thing's going crazy.
Reid, look at this.
Look at this.
What the fuck?
I don't know.
What was that?
You guys, we gotta
get the hell out of here.
You all right?
- Shit.
- Reid, we need to go.
What was that?
Someone heard that, right?
You all right?
We gotta get out of here, come on.
Guys, we gotta go, yeah.
Let's go.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
Come here, come here.
Darrin, come on.
That thing just flew.
The rock flew?
What the hell was that?
Holy shit.
Darrin, Darrin.
Look for a door.
No fucking way.
Holy shit.
- You think it's real?
- Look at this.
I don't know.
I gotta get a closer look.
Holy shit.
Wonder how long
they've had this here.
That's crazy.
Do you realize how many people
would want to see this?
I can't believe I'm
filming this right now.
Look at this.
This is incredible.
- So how did they fly this...
- Guys! Guys!
Come, check this out.
You gotta see this,
this is crazy.
Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
That was incredible.
It's definitely not...
From this planet.
That's incredible.
It's not doing anything for me.
This is not military technology.
This is something else.
Dude, I gotta get in here.
Hold on, I think
there's an opening up here.
I'm gonna go in.
Reid, you don't know what's in there.
It's okay. I'll be fine.
Okay, just be careful, dude.
Easy, easy.
Holy shit.
- What?
- Jelena, it closed.
What do you mean, it closed?
I mean, the door,
the hatch, it closed.
Just, he climbed in and
it closed right behind him.
I don't...
It's just not there anymore.
What are they?
They look like sleeping pods.
There's like nothing in here.
Why there's, like,
no controls or anything?
I can't believe I'm
in an alien spacecraft.
Check this out.
My God, it's completely soundproof.
This is amazing.
Well, is there, like, a...
Like, a button or something?
I don't know. It's just... It's all smooth.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
Come on, what the fuck?
What is he doing?
Hey! You guys!
You guys, this is amazing!
How did I do this?
You all right?
Darrin, man, you gotta get down here.
- This is amazing.
- No, we gotta go, man.
No. I'm not leaving.
Could you guys see me?
- No we couldn't see you.
- Reid, come on.
Dude, the whole
thing went transparent.
No, man, it was
completely soundproof.
All right, we gotta go.
Reid, if that door closes again,
we're stuck here. Let's go.
All right.
Here. Here.
You okay?
I told you guys it would be here,
I told you that.
Let's go, Reid.
There's gotta be more.
- I was just inside that thing.
- I know.
We got it all on tape.
Let's go.
They definitely heard us.
They're gonna seal that shutter down.
What the fuck was
that back there?
Think about it.
That was definitely not from this planet.
I know. Exactly.
We have enough footage.
We have to look for an exit.
We gotta keep going.
This is what we talked about.
You're talking way too loud,
someone's gonna hear us.
Careful, careful.
- Here, come on.
- Guys, we can't stop.
I know, I know.
Check them out.
Somebody's gonna see us.
Check it out.
It's this way. Let's go.
Go, go.
Reid, look up.
Are you okay?
Come on.
Darrin, you with us?
Yeah, it's all right.
Let's go.
Come on,
we'll be running for miles.
Just look for an opening.
This is that.
Holy shit, you're right.
Come on.
Let's go.
This is gotta be it.
- You good?
- Come on, Darrin.
We're clear.
What's up?
Wait. Wait.
What's wrong?
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
We gotta go, we gotta go.
Come on. Keep moving.
You okay?
- We're close.
- Okay.
Dude, stop.
Reid, there's a fucking camera.
There's someone here, come on.
Reid, this is bullshit.
We gotta go.
Come on, we gotta go.
Darrin, I'm not leaving now.
We've come this far.
Come on, we'll get the fuck out of here.
My God, man.
Security's gonna come
down here and see us.
It's the fingerprint scanner.
Hurry. Fuck.
Okay, it's okay, Darrin.
It's gonna detect my pulse.
Go, go!
Come on, follow me.
- Fuck. Fuck.
- Okay.
- What was that?
- It's a failsafe.
Someone has to
turn that thing on.
I'll do it, I'll do it.
All right.
Jelena, come on.
- Go.
- Come on.
What the fuck?
Darrin, come on. Darrin!
Okay, what do I do?
What do I do?
- Listen, are you okay?
- Go!
Go, they're coming!
Get out of here!
- Fuck. Fuck.
- Hey!
- You! Freeze!
- Shit, shit.
- Get down! Get down!
- Freeze!
Oh, God.
Security breach S4.
Security breach S4.
Get out!
Security breach.
Security breach.
Dude, I can't see anything.
Hold on.
Let me get the flashlight.
What about Darrin?
He's going back to the car.
We'll meet him there.
What? What the fuck?
What's going on?
Don't go over there.
They're just hanging there.
Just hanging, they're not real.
I don't get it.
They're rubber.
Maybe... Maybe they wear it when
they go out on Earth, I don't know.
You know, like,
an astronaut wears on the moon.
They're not real.
It's moving.
Where the fuck are we going?
God, I can't believe...
And it's not opening,
that's great.
That's fucking creepy.
What is this place?
Your dad talked about this.
He said they had all these
tunnels down here.
Oh, it smells down here.
What if there's someone
down here?
Okay. Let's try to
keep quiet.
There's nothing in here.
Wait, why are these, down here?
Oh, my God. Glasses.
It's a little girl's shoe.
- Oh, my God.
- Reid.
Why are there clothes down here?
What are they doing here?
This isn't right.
Come on, stay close.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
This is fucked up.
It's like some
fucking twisted playroom.
Oh, God.
I used to have this doll.
Why do they have this shit?
They bring them...
I need to get out of here.
Jelena, hold on.
Stay close to me.
Oh, my God.
There's fresh blood.
Oh, fuck.
Don't look in there.
Can we get out of this room?
I think I need to get out of here.
Oh, my God.
We gotta find another way out.
Maybe there's another way out
through this room.
These are the same pods
that were in the spacecraft.
Do you think
we should be in here?
Oh, my God.
There are dozens down here.
There could be
a whole colony of them.
Reid, one of them's open.
We need to get out of here.
Oh! Fuck.
Come on, run, run. Go! Go!
Find a place to hide!
What? What?
Do you hear that?
- You don't hear that?
- No.
Shh, Shh.
Let's get out here.
Let's go.
Come on, come on. Go on.
Come on, come on.
Come on, hurry.
Hurry, come on.
We gotta go.
We gotta get
the fuck out of here.
What the fuck?
What was that?
We're going to get out of here.
Flashlights not working.
I'm gonna try on night vision.
What is this?
We gotta find a way.
This is nothing, it's a box.
What is this thing?
What? Don't...
Don't... Don't touch it.
What the fuck is this shit?
Pull that, pull that.
- Fuck. I can't hold it.
- Okay.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, leave the hatch open.
You okay?
I just wanna get
the fuck out of here.
We're gonna have to rely
on the night vision, okay?
There's gotta be
another way out.
- Oh, my God.
- God.
We'll go out this way.
Let's go.
We need to get out of here.
Come on, follow me.
You okay?
Okay! Okay, I've got it.
Move, move, move!
Freeze! Turn around!
Whoa, whoa!
Hey, it was chasing me!
- Put your hands up!
- Turn around!
It's chasing me, it's right behind you!
Turn around!
Fuck. Okay.
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
- Damn.
- Shit.
Where are we going?
Just keep going.
Just stay close.
Point the camera over there.
'Cause I can't really see
where I'm going.
Yeah, yeah.
What? What?
What is it?
Go back that way.
Back that way, please.
Oh, my God.
Hold on.
Jelena, hold on.
What? What's wrong?
The floor.
What about it?
I got you. Damn it.
Where is this?
What is this place?
Oh, God.
God, I don't like this.
What is this stuff?
You, what?
This one seems fresh.
We need to get out of here.
I can't see anything.
Reid, what's that noise?
Come on, give me the camera,
stay behind me.
We'll get out here,
stay together.
Where is that sound coming from?
Come on!
Run! Run! Run, run!
These symbols on the wall.
Do you see them? Look.
Stay behind me.
Look at this.
These are the same symbols
as the ones your dad drew.
Do you see them?
What the fuck?
Jelena! Jelena!
Jelena! Jelena!
Okay. Okay.
Fuck. Fuck.
Oh, God.
I don't know... I don't know
where the fuck they...
I don't know where Ben is.
Jelena? Jelena!
Come on, where are you?
Jelena! Jelena!
Jelena, come on.
Jelena, we gotta get out
of here, come on.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
No! No, Jelena!
No! Jelena! Fuck!
Ben! Wake up.
Start the car!
Star the car. Come on, go.
Go. Go. Go.
Darrin, what's going on, man?
Where is Reid and Jelena, man?
I don't know, man. Just drive, dude.
Wait. What? Hold on.
Someone was chasing me.
They're behind us?
Yes! They're after us!
Okay, I'm fucking going!
We have to go!
What... Can you tell
me what happened?
We were there
and then the alarm went off,
and started getting chased.
And, so we split up.
We were there, we made it.
To the base?
We made it to
the lower levels and...
You got inside?
And we hit an alarm.
Did Reid get caught?
We got split up. I...
I don't know. Okay?
We got...
What are you doing?
I'm not doing anything.
What the fuck?
Dude, I'm not.
Calm down.
What the... What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Get back in. What is...
Darrin... What are you...
Darrin, get in the car!
Darrin, get in the car!
What are you doing, man?
Darrin, get back in the car!
No! Fuck!