Area of Conflict (2017) Movie Script

It was one of those days.
It was definitely
one of those days.
I hate those days.
Was yesterday your birthday?
Looks more like your friends.
Well, you threw a party.
Watch this.
- The party's over.
- Let's go.
Eagle's Nest.
This is Archangel.
Do you copy?
Did he put you on hold?
ETA over
head, one minute.
You said that an
hour ago, you ass.
Sorry, Archangel.
I'm gettin' a little
tired of this shit, Skip.
You know what our
problem is, don't you?
Please enlighten me.
We keep comin' back.
But I like that part.
Archangel, heavy
load inbound on mark.
Negative, not on mark.
Cossidy, five,
zero, zero, over.
Traffic load on mark.
In five, four, three, two.
Archangel, come in.
Archangel, come in, over.
Well, he's here.
What ever gave you that idea?
You know, it's
a soldier thing.
I can sense it.
Roger, honey.
Will you make the
bad thing go away?
Don't worry, Mindy'll get it.
I thought you were Mindy.
Oh, hi Tony.
Roger's asleep.
He told me to tell
you he's not here.
My bad.
God, what was I thinking?
It's like the crack of three.
Come in.
Eyes above deck, soldier.
We're here, you know,
when in Rome.
Oh, you poor bastard.
You must hate your life.
Hey, Tony.
It's time to wake
up and go to work.
You gave me two weeks off.
Yeah, and it's
been three weeks.
Whatcha been up to?
Yeah, all play and no work
makes for bad business, buddy.
Time to go.
Who invited us to what dance?
The question I've been
waiting for you to ask.
Your ex-uncle.
- What?
- Don't worry.
There won't be any army brass
or any politics, I swear.
We don't...
Just because we're
not working for them
doesn't mean we
can't take referrals.
Tony, you really should
come visit us more often.
There's a good idea.
Five minutes.
He say five minutes?
That is
not long enough.
One of them's
like the good one,
and one of them's
the evil one, right?
You got a guy here who's
on his third divorce.
She took everything fun from me.
I live vicariously through you.
That bitch actually
took the ice cube trays
from the freezer, didn't she?
Ah ha ha.
Who's the guy we're meeting?
His name is Carter.
He works for a big
military subcontractor.
He's a problem with
one of the countries
we helped liberate
a few years ago.
You may have to narrow
that down a little bit.
It's north of the Stands,
west of the Iron Curtain.
Think Kosovo.
It's civil war, genocide,
under duress, the usual shit.
- Oh yeah, one of them.
- Yeah.
Oh, thank you, darling.
Thank you.
When in Rome, go with it.
You had enough.
All right, it's
time to shape up.
I'll handle the
introductions, okay?
Anthony Carter,
I'd like to introduce
you to Roger Steinrich,
and of course, you
remember the delightful
and lovely Heather.
Yes, Miss Cartwright.
Pleasure to see you again.
Good evening, Mr. Carter.
It's good to see you.
I've heard a lot about you.
You seem like you might be
the right man for the job.
You have a little
problem for me to solve.
I'm sure your colleagues
have already briefed you,
but yes, my company was
contracted by the local government
to assist in setting up a
certain infrastructure, security.
Some folks used to call
it nation building,
before those became dirty words.
The past six months,
a criminal gang has knocked off
quite a large number
of our people.
And the local UN can't help?
Well, they're just
there as observers.
The blue hats,
they don't like to shoot guns.
And you thought
it a brilliant idea
to outsource this little
problem to us, because?
Because the lovely Miss
Cartwright did a good job of
selling us on your team.
Did she now?
That woman will say
the strangest things.
Are there any more questions?
When do you need us to leave?
assuming the captain
isn't too hungover.
I'm good.
Or as soon as you
can round up your team.
- All right.
- Time to go.
Any chance we could just start
by hiring the bad
guys like we used to?
Yeah, no problem.
Have a good evening.
Here you go, guys.
- Thank you, miss.
- You're welcome.
Here's your ginger ale, hon.
Thank you, darlin'.
Ginger ale?
Hold it. Wait, wait, wait.
What exactly in this
good book of yours
is to say you can't drink
with your buddies no more?
Remember the bond, the
brotherhood we had?
We used to tear this city down.
It's not that specific, Red,
and besides,
there's drinking,
and there's gettin' drunk.
Aren't you the intellectual?
You guys, what's the
matter with Blondie there?
Can't hold a beer anymore?
Don't you still
need a training manual
to hold your pecker?
At least I don't need a
penicillin every month to hold it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get out of here, Newbie.
- Just a kid.
- You're right.
Maybe it's something
that we say?
Hell no.
Not at all.
Oh, they're not even fighting.
- Thank you, but...
- Give it time.
Give it time, we just got here.
Always a show.
That's what I like to
see, a little conviction!
Look, if you're
trying to piss me off,
you succeeded.
Congratulations, you did it.
Leave me alone.
Blondie, I was tryin'
to see if you still
got the balls to do what we do.
Trust me, Red.
You don't.
Why is that, altar boy?
Hey, Chase.
Hey, sweetheart, how are you?
Better now that you're here.
Told you.
- Some things never change.
- Never do.
Oh, there it is.
Oh, I told you it wouldn't
take longer than two minutes.
It took them
longer than usual.
- They're maturing.
- They're getting better.
It's on.
Come on, fuckin' jar head.
You need to watch your ass.
I'm a ranger, tough guy.
What are you gonna do?
That's what I'm gonna do!
Get off him!
Dumb son of a bitch!
Shall we get the car?
- Come on! Who's left?
- Oh yeah.
Frickin' Newbie.
What's up, Blondie?
- Hey, Skip.
- Hey, boys.
- Hey, Skip.
- Hey, guys.
We thought you were gone
playin' with the twins.
Thanks, Doc.
If you gentlemen are
done playing around,
we got a little work to do.
Pile up.
All right, guys,
you heard Skipper.
Get in here.
All right, Newbie's
first bar fight.
Popped his cherry.
Just gettin' warmed up.
Where we headin' next?
Twist him like a jar head.
So long, boys.
And remember to stay clear
of the Danish UN contention.
Always room for
one more, brother.
Part of me misses this.
Roger that.
Roger what?
He stepped on landmine.
I need help.
Can anybody hear me?
Play something a
little more cheerful.
We're not going to die.
So, we back out here to get
the same ole bad guys
as usual or what?
It's what the man said.
So, back home in
time for supper?
- What?
- Hoorah?
I don't
know about you kids,
but I hope we get to
stick around a little bit.
I wanna play.
Too much violence
in civilian life.
Well, I'm with
Blondie on this one.
I just wanna go home.
Let's get this thing done, yeah?
What, are you
gettin' old, Skip?
Yeah, a drunken,
oversexed lifestyle.
It's rough.
Wakin' up in a puddle of
your own vomit every day
is hell on the feeding, Bill.
Better to burn up,
then fade away, brother.
I was thinkin' maids
in shorter skirts.
Brother, what kinda operation
do you think I'm running here?
My maids don't have skirts.
You guys are foul.
Who the fuck says
"foul," Blondie?
Okay, that's repulsive.
Is that better? Is that okay?
Well, you guys, actually,
you are a little foul.
You got that right.
We have dry feet.
One minute to drop.
Showtime, boys.
sure hope you
brought God with you,
'cause I don't know
if you looked down,
because he sure as
hell ain't here.
There, Chase, there.
You know these
things will kill ya?
What, do you
wanna live forever?
I couldn't stand the company.
Hey, y'all smokin'
back there in my bird?
God damn is it hot.
Gosh darn.
Don't take the
Lord's name in vain.
Well, he did pick the biggest
God damn gun in the arsenal.
It's the best thing
the German's ever made,
granddaddy of 'em all.
You'll be thankin' me later.
What you got, Skip?
Two clicks that
way over that hill.
Seems to be where all the fun
happenin' to be happenin'.
Let's go say hello.
Let's go say hello.
Lead the way, kiddo.
What do you got?
I don't know,
but I feel like
something's watching us.
How long?
Not sure.
About an hour,
hour and a half.
Up there on the ridge.
Hey, what are they doing?
What do you guys
think, ambush?
Who in the hell's these
guys think they are?
No, no guys.
What's out there ain't no man.
We're all gonna die.
Come on.
Get where?
Backtrack, thinking.
Roger that.
Come check this out.
Booby trap.
Doc, how's he doin'?
He's messed up, skip.
Patch him up, ready to travel.
What do you got?
It's gonna sound crazy,
but I smell soap.
Yeah, soap.
Please, don't
lose it on me here.
Brother, I'm tryin' not to.
This way, 3:00.
Go light.
This way, on me.
Blondie, go top side.
You got 'em.
Doc, get him moving.
Come, we gotta get
out of here, man.
Hey, good boy.
What the fuck happened?
There was an IED.
Keep with us, buddy.
Good call.
You think?
Everybody okay? Anybody hit?
I'm good.
I'm good, Red.
Son of a bitch!
Fall out.
Right, go left.
Okay, Skip.
You're the one supposed
to patch us up, Doc.
What the fuck is this?
What'd you find?
It doesn't make sense, Skip.
I found tracks.
They were small.
Kinda like a 90
pound little kid.
We saw child
soldiers in Africa.
This isn't it.
These guys are too
clever for that.
I don't want to
think a bunch of kids
are gettin' the
best of us, Skip.
What's up?
I smelled soap
out there again.
All right, I believe you.
You got this?
Yeah, I got it.
All right.
Criminal gangs
aren't this organized.
Really, these
motherfuckers were trained.
This shit just
doesn't make sense.
Not a body,
Hey, listen, we ain't ever
lost a man in a mission.
We put everything
we had at 'em.
Hey, Red, can
you look up there?
Lone sentries,
no mercy one,
radio check, over.
These mountains are
blockin' my signal.
We gotta get outta here.
Our guys aren't gonna last much
longer if we don't get help.
All right, tomorrow morning,
you and I go top side.
Call in for a pick up.
You take the wounded
out to the LC,
get them out of here,
and then we get
these motherfuckers.
- Hooah.
- Hooah.
Shit, move it!
Red, top side.
There's a small motor round.
Those fuckers are close.
Chase, Thor,
Get these out of here.
Relocate them to map point 12.
Come on, Newbie, get up.
Newbie, we're gonna go home.
Let's go, Doc.
Come on, Doc.
Stop, Red.
- What?
- Stop. This is not the way.
There's only one set of
tracks, I swear to Christ.
No, this is wrong.
No, we're goin'. Let's go.
This is not right.
Something's wrong here.
What the fuck is this?
All right.
On three.
Shot in the ass,
what the fuck?
Red, you good to go?
Can you guys make it to the LC?
Yeah, we can get there.
I'm gonna kill all of them.
I'm planning on it.
We will come back for him.
You know that.
So, you guys, top side, yeah?
So, what do you think, Skip?
I think this is
somebody who grew up here,
who knows everything we know.
Why us, though?
We've come to
kill 'em, didn't we?
You actually sound like
you admire these guys.
We're pretty good at this.
We're really fuckin'
good at this.
Damn right.
Somebody got all of us,
without us even
getting a visual.
I'm dyin' to meet these guys.
Let's kill 'em and stuff 'em.
- All right, ready?
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, God.
I got you.
I got you.
Skip, I didn't
see him. I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Don't you worry.
I'm sorry I didn't see it.
I'll get you out of here.
Fuck, no.
This is the road to the
Valhalla for me, captain.
Only one.
Oh, fuck.
Get these guys, captain.
Fuckin' get 'em.
Last time, we go home.
- No.
- Soldier.
No, saw a lot of
bad shit in my day.
Better to burn out
than fade away, right?
take this.
Get out of here, captain.
This was it.
All right.
Now, it's my turn.
Now, I do it my way.
That's the soap.
Who the fuck are you?!
You have got to
be kidding me, lady.
Yeah, go over there, cowboy.
Say goodnight, lady.
So, what is your story, anyway?
Oh, you're gonna tell me why.
What'd you tell them, Alex?
Perhaps this will help.
I'll take her life away.
Nice and young still in body.
Look over there.
Look at them.
What the fuck did
you tell them?!
I told them nothing.
Think they're all lying.
Maybe we should just kill them.
Put your gun
down, little girl.
Get the hell away
from my family.
You're a little farm girl.
Put the gun down.
Come to work for us.
We'll do this your way.
I'm ready.
You shot up my team.
Lady, you started this war.
You killed my family.
I didn't kill your family.
We've never been here before.
Okay, then, cowboy. Shoot me.
I don't shoot unarmed women.
Who says I'm unarmed?
You Americans come in
here trying to make peace,
and all you do is
leave death behind.
What the hell's that
have to do with anything?
That's not who we are,
and that's not what we do.
You seem to know how the
world works, my friend.
All right then, cowboy.
Pull the trigger if you can.
They were my friends.
What is wrong with you?
You can't do it, can you?
Stop it. Enough.
I'm not here for you.
I'm here for some bad guys.
You are the bad guys.
I'm not.
Listen, I lost my
family, too, okay?
We do stupid things, yeah?
Listen, I'm just a guy
trying to figure this out.
Things happen.
You wanna tell me about this?
You're pretty handy
with that thing.
My dad taught me.
I'm sorry.
Son of a bitch.
He's out here.
I know you.
Weak little girl.
Too much for the big gun at her.
Let me get a good look at her.
It's the girl
from the village.
Ah, yes.
I do know you.
Thought we killed you.
Well, then,
I guess it doesn't matter what
we do to you now, does it?
You cost me a lot of men
and a lot of money
there, sweetheart.
Gunnar, take her back,
find out what she knows,
and this time,
make sure she's dead
when you're done.
Take her to my office.
Is there anything
I can get you?
My knives would be nice.
Is Katje still alive?
Let's talk about Katje.
How would you like to
be with Katje again?
You and I could let
bygones be bygones.
Work for me,
I can get Katje back for you.
My family is not a bygone.
Don't you mail order bride
me, you son of a bitch.
Three feet above your head
is where your sister hung
and bled until she
was so fucking rotten
that the dogs wouldn't
eat her fucking corpse.
It's me.
Let me have her first.
Maybe you'll do
better than I did.
She's all yours.
At least you get to know
that your sister's still
alive before you die.
Time to get to
know you better.
Oh, little, little girl.
Such a shame that
I must kill you now
before I have a
chance to fuck you.
Little girl.
Why are you helping me?
Let's get this
off of you, okay?
You look like you could
use a little help.
I don't remember
asking for help.
Revenge is not a good thing,
but it may not be
a bad thing either.
Just don't get in my way,
Whatever you say, cupcake.
before my sudden
headache set in,
I believe you were
about to tell me
what was going on around here.
They came with the local
militia after the war.
Lied to some girls,
force others to work.
I heard my father told
some of the UN soldiers
the girls that left
never came back.
Big guy with the
hat caught her,
he was here before?
when they killed my family.
Now, I would love to share
that information with
the rest of the world.
Roaming charges may
kill me on this.
Hey, Rog.
What's happenin', man?
What the hell's goin' on?
Did you kill them all already?
It's a she.
No, it's a girl, brother.
Wait till I tell
Carter there's a girl
that's been givin'
you a hard time.
Yeah, I'll be sure
to tell him that
just before I put a
bullet in his head.
Brother, he is gone
way up to his knees
in all kind of shit 'round here.
It's them.
I'll call you right back.
Rog, hey man,
you hung up on me.
Oh, man, we're in a gun fight.
Brother, there's
much I don't know.
I need a little help over here.
Okay, all right,
boss, where are you?
Shit, I'll follow.
Rog, where are you?
Try this.
Look's like you could
use some help up here.
What'd you find?
Traps of the Americans.
One dead body.
Trails of blood headed
through the west,
and two sets of tracks
headed to the village.
God damn, she got 'em all.
And now, she's got help.
We gotta talk to the boss.
What'd you find out?
One dead body,
- blood trails everywhere.
- Shit.
I think she's got help.
All right, here's
what I want you to do.
I want you to go out there,
and I want you to tell
them that we'll pay them
and we'll get 'em a green card
for the person who
kills them both.
You got it?
Green card to the
center of my ass?
To Starbucks.
Everybody loves Starbucks.
Listen up!
$50,000 and a green card
to whoever gets this bitch,
dead or alive!
So, why are you really here?
I grew up in a small
country in Europe,
you know, the kind of
place where your parents
want you to be a doctor,
but when I moved to America,
I thought the right thing to do
would be to serve my country.
So, you a soldier?
Not anymore.
Mercenary, then?
I don't do this for money.
I don't do this
for just anybody.
I have to be a cause,
or a way to do the right thing.
The right thing?
Do you know what that is?
It's a little bit
like female intuition.
Female intuition?
We have that, too.
Your English is really good.
Better be.
My father saved his whole life
to be able to give me the
possibility of complete freedom,
and he sent me a
school in America
and offered me the world,
and wanted me to see it,
and I chose to come
back once he got sick
and watch my parents grow old.
That's a nice picture.
Hey, so, let me
ask you somethin'.
When all of this is over,
then what?
Only American movies end well.
Man, I just don't
understand how our intel
could have been that wrong.
Maybe it wasn't.
I'm not saying that Roger's
been lying to us, Tony,
I have never seen that
man crack under pressure.
He's also never lost an
entire squad to a lone gunman,
let alone a woman.
For a guy like Roger.
I don't know, I
just don't buy it.
Something's fishy.
I'm gonna call a couple
friends of mine in D.C.
and see if I can check
into this Carter guy.
You know what?
I'll do it.
I know some people.
Dinner tonight?
Chow mix's in the kitchen.
Hey there, cowboy.
I thought I lost you.
My name is Roger.
Hey, cowboy.
I say when it's time.
That's it?
In the cities, the
girls jump at the chance
to work in the West,
but here, it is
now like you said.
Trust, there are many
rumors, many stories.
Well the problem with that
bitch isn't helpin' any.
Double the offer.
Tell them we might not
be able to protect them
or their families
for much longer.
This time we will ask
and even say please.
Next time we just take.
What took you so long?
Three guys and a facial.
What do you think?
Smart ass.
So, can I assume you got
everything under control, Smith,
We should be on a
roll in about an hour.
All right, look,
I will take care
of all the loose
ends state side.
Think we can send Gunnar out
to see if we can
find the bodies?
No, who gives a shit?
Dead or alive, doesn't matter.
There are new fields for us to
harvest elsewhere, my friend.
See you in an hour.
I got this.
Are you always such a showoff?
You always wait an hour
before you take a shot?
You always wait an hour
before you take a shot?
So, your name is?
All right.
Get out.
Knock knock.
Welcome to Eastern Europe.
Come on.
Get up.
Come on.
Where are you going?
Come here.
I'm not finished with you yet.
What the hell are you?
Fucking Russians.
I hate this place.
All right.
Baby, don't be shy.
Come here.
What the fuck was that?
Gunnar, get some guys.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Come on, cowboy, stop playing.
You really know how to
get in trouble, don't ya?
More steel.
- Layman.
- Yeah.
Who would've thought one
woman could be such a nuisance?
This is where you story ends.
All right, this is not
how you impress a lady.
So, you wanna do
this right, man?
I am tired of this.
Well, this neighbor
has gone to shit.
I'm so tired of
you fuckin' Russians.
I need this.
I do.
You only think you do.
Do you have a family?
I asked whether
you have a family.
An ex-wife and a daughter.
What do you care?
If someone told you they
had been killed by someone,
someone like you,
would it matter to you?
I haven't seen
them in 10 years.
Why should I care?
Hey, cupcake.
Finish it, okay?
It's finished.
What about him?
Holy shit.
Well, now that place
is really a pile.
Come on.
I see.
You drive like
shit, you know that?
Sue me.
What are you waiting for?
The fire to catch up with the,
exploding things.
Don't worry about it.
There's only so many places
a guy like him can hide.
We'll get him.
So, you still wanna help?
What kinda guy
do you take me for?
You want me to answer that?
First, I think we should
have a little holiday.
A holiday?
Holiday, room service,
spa, massage.
Like in the movies.
Like in the movies, yeah.
Besides, cupcake,
you need a facial.
You look like hell.
Oh, so is that how you get
the American girls
to sleep with you?
It works the time.
It's not gonna work on me.
I hope you know that.
It usually works for me.
Sweaty, dirty, hot.
Sure it will.
The facial won't work.
The dirt is fine.
You could've asked, you know?
Oh, fine, do it your way.
Fine, I'll do it my way.
Don't call me again.
Don't worry.
Really, every time?
Somebody has to help you out.
Let me get one.
I wouldn't say I'm
concerned or worried.
I have my team with me.
They are the best of the best.
So, are you gonna buy
me dinner afterwards?
Real men cook.
You do the dishes.
I can deal with that.
You have a dishwasher, right?
Of course.
Moving target, 10 points.
Let me tell you something.
If I needed to
call the Pentagon,
I'd do it.
If I need to call the CIA,
I do it.
If I need to call
the White House,
he takes it.
Well, of course,
I figured
they'd come after me.
I mean, it comes
with the territory.
What, tomorrow?
We will be ready for them.
You are such a showoff.
This is gonna be fun.
It was a pleasure doing
business with you.
Come on, answer the damn phone.
Probably laying down,
taking a nap somewhere.
You have got to be kidding me.
Just have a great day, prick.
Why don't you
come to work for us?
There's something
I need to do first.
I heard.
Your sister, right?
Maybe we can
help you with that.
That sounds
a little too much
like free work to me.
I'm just kiddin'.
Maybe after, you can
come intern for us.
I heard about that
internship thing.
Is that where I work
and you don't pay?
Don't you Americans
call that sex?
You two have fun
with yourselves.
I got somethin' I gotta go do.
Come by for a
drink after, okay?
Will do.
Be careful.
You have some good friends.
He's a good guy.
Is this where the room
service thing comes in?
Yeah, this is where the
room service comes in.
Whoa, Heather.
Relax, it's just me.
You nearly scared me to death.
So much for
romantic surprises.
Well, a girl can
never be too careful.
So, what are you
doing here, anyway?
I thought you and Roger
are flying in tomorrow.
last minute change of plans.
You know Roger.
So, when are you planning
on moving in on Carter?
We already did.
Stupid bastard.
I bet he never saw it coming.
Probably not,
considering we told him
we were coming tomorrow.
So, you saw me there.
I wasn't sure
until just now.
There's a bag
in the other room
filled with 500,000 good reasons
to forget this ever happened.
Are you interested?
You know me, Heather.
What do you think?
Join me.