Ares 11 (2016) Movie Script

Deploy S-band antenna and
confirm activation.
Roger. Circuit
breakers off.
Going with heat up. Stand by.
Initiate transceiver powerup and checkout.
Route BGA through Node 1 to PVCY.
Roger. Powering up.
Channel select at 2. RNDZ at
half duplex. Routing BGA.
Deploy indicator on. ORU
performing power-on self test.
De-multiplexing on.
Pulse code modulation at interleave.
Standing by to receive, and loading.
Thank you. Alright, listen up people.
Let's see what they have for us today.
What do you wanna bet it's
another thermal scan?
You think? It's not like we've
had four therms in a row or anything.
Interplanetary strategic reconnaissance.
In space, no one can hear you yawn.
Yeah go ahead and play it Tess.
Here it comes.
Good day. 32 hours ago, our
monitoring station on Quad-L
detected a transmission in an unregistered
frequency emanating from the asteroid Vesta.
Our analysts have not yet determined
its nature, but in all likelihood,
it's probably just radioactive venting
from beneath the asteroid's surface.
Normally we classify this as an
anomaly and give it no further notice.
However recent intelligence indicates
the Confederation may be developing a
transmission protocol that disguises
itself as natural geologic emissions.
On the off-chance this
is such a transmission and the
Confederation has established a base
on Vesta, we need you to swing by
- And do a complete thermal scan.
- Thermal scan.
Of the asteroid's
This is probably nothing, but we
need you to take a look anyway.
You folks are doing a great job
out there. Keep it up. That is all for now.
Nova initiate an OMS Gimbal Test
and prep for burn.
Mid-deck retract solar arrays
and stow your antennae,
And switch to sub-M
telemetry. You copy that?
Roger that. This whole thing is a
god damn milk run. I hate thermal scans.
Just once I'd like to do a
radioactivity spectral scan... anything.
Or a - a subatomic
probability fluctuation comparison.
That would be sweet.
You know, instead we get submantle
magma farts. It's getting really depressing.
I just wish we had some
excitement on this tour.
Yeah well careful what you wish
So one day, Jesus says to
his disciples,
the kingdom of heaven is like
3-x squared plus 8-x minus 9.
One of the disciples turns to Peter and
says, "What the heck does that mean?"
Peter says, "Eh, don't worry. It's just another
one of his parabolas." Get it? Parabolas?
I think I've heard that one
Did you hear the one about
the quantum car?
These two are wearing my last
They're just horsing around lettin' off
some steam. It's the end of a long tour.
I understand but when people get too familiar,
people start slackin' off, taken' liberties.
So the kings decide to send
their knights out to do battle, right?
But at the camp of the third king,
there's only one knight and his squire.
So the squire decides to
take a large pot,
and he hangs it with a looped
rope from a tall tree.
I suppose. I just remember when
I was down there, I used to-
There are two kinds of leaders. Those
that lead by being everybody's best friend,
and those that lead by being
a little bit of an asshole.
You like to be everybody's
I, on the other hand,
am an asshole.
Because when push
comes to shove,
a crew will always do more for
an asshole than a buddy, hm?
So that just proves that the
squire of the high pot and noose
is equal to the squires of the
other two sides.
Get it? The squires of the
other two sides?
I don't get it.
What the hell is this?
We've been targeted.
We've been targeted by a Class-N
spinner launched from the surface.
Goddamnit! Uh, Evasion Sequence!
On it.
Tessa, give me the
Speed 25,000, Distance 120
kilometers and closing.
100 kilometers.
100? How did it get so
It came outta nowhere.
I got a sequence. TR-1-1-5
Initiate Evasion sequence
A plasma signature.
80 kilometers and closing.
Close off the injectors and
do a cooling wash on the nozzle.
Injectors closed. Coolant wash
Where is it?
We've got a slight
deflection, but still closing.
Speed is now 30,000, distance
70 kilometers.
It's gonna plug us. Stow the
antennas and - and retract the solar panels.
Roger. I'm so not in the mood
for this right now.
Come on, deflect! Deflect
Distance 50 kilometers.
Intercept probability.
90 percent.
Shit. Full lockdown. Do an SSME propellant
dump and prime the fire suppression systems.
Arming freon extinguishers.
30 and closing. 25. 20.
Strike probability at 97
percent. 10. 5.
Brace for impact!
Where'd it go?
I think he missed us.
We took a hell of a hit. I got off-scale
lows on all sensors aft of the mid plate.
Needles are buried and I've got
Orphan Annies on all telemetry.
Switching on auxiliary,
diverting power to system recovery.
How we doing down there?
We got a fire here in the
electrical distribution assemblies.
Detectors are in alarm
here and in the equipment bay.
I'm reading flow imbalances in
the xenon chamber.
I've also got pressure drop in
A-3, A-4 and A-5 cryogenic O2 tanks.
I'm initiating an emergency shutdown
of those tanks and sealing the valves.
Otto, can you grab a
foamer and help me out over here?
I'll be right there.
I can't correct this spin.
How's the pressure on the RCS thrusters?
Must've hit the main
gyro. Switch to backup GPC.
Switching to backup GPC.
Damnit, I can't fire the mains until
we straighten out of this yawl.
Point yours over there!
I got it.
Can we crank up the fans and see if
we can get some of this smoke cleared?
It's already at full.
All right, we're out of the
Initiate a five second plasma burst. Get us the
hell out of here before they hit us again.
Xenon flow at full, ion injector
ready, plasma burst go!
Out of missile range.
Main engine shutdown.
Okay, I think we're out.
Good. Otto, open the cabin
vent and increase pressure to 16 PSI
and do a leak check. Tessa,
start a full diagnostic.
Uh-oh. Hey uh, we got a pretty
major drop in atmo going on here.
How major?
Major, major. We're at 13.9 PSI and heading
south. We've got a pretty nasty leak somewhere.
Hold on, I'm looking.
Seal the hatches to the crew compartment
and fire the chemical oxygen generator.
O2 generator fire.
Negative on the generator. Pin did not fire.
It could have bled its charge when we got hit.
Come on, come on. Otto do you
see anything?
Look, there.
It's somewhere down in the
equipment bay. I'm gonna go check it out.
Have you got it?
Yeah. We think so. Otto's
heading down the equipment bay.
Tess, keep your eye on
the Constituent Analyzer,
and let me know if there are any
changes to the mix.
Copy that. Wait, what's
that smell?
Does anybody else smell that?
Shit. We've got a rupture in one
of the ammonia boilers.
Go down and see if you can help
them out.
All right, what have we got?
Otto's in the equipment bay
checking for a leak,
but we've got a break somewhere
in one of the ammonia boilers.
All right, let's start ripping up
this floor. We've got to find that leak
or else these controls panels are
gonna start overheating and shut down.
Where are you Otto?
I'm uh, in the forward section of
the mid-fuselage. I can hear the leak,
but I can't see anything yet. I'm
gonna try to shimmy up to the manifold.
Keep us posted.
This one's fine. Next.
Ugh. We found it.
I'll vacuum this up if you
can switch out the can.
Hunter, do you read?
I'm here. Go ahead.
I'm underneath it now. Yes
there's a tear along an I-beam
About 15 centimeters up
near the bulkhead.
I think I can repair it with
the Dux Seal in the IFM repair kit.
Hey, I... I just had everything
go off up here.
The avionics is overheating. They're
shutting down because they're overheating.
Hurry up with that repair.
Are you good? Can I put this in?
I will be. Just get it out
of the box so it's ready.
Copy that.
Almost there.
If this box would open!
Come on.
Don't break it.
Shit. Come on. Open.
Ugh. Okay. We're there when
you're ready.
Almost. Finally. Okay,
here it comes.
We're in.
Hunter, we're in!
Telemetry is back online.
Communications, navigations are
Whoa. I'm feeling really dizzy.
We're still losing pressure.
Otto, what's the story?
Hey, this polymer isn't gonna cut it.
Can someone get me the fix-all?
Here it is. Take this down.
Avionics is back up. Good work
guys. Where are we on atmo?
Still below ten. We don't
have much time.
Is this what you wanted?
When in doubt,
- Duc it.
- Duc it.
I think it's stabilizing.
PSI at 11.3 and climbing.
Ugh. Let it rest at 14 for a
while and then do a leak check.
All right, I uh, I can't make any
promises about how long it's gonna hold,
but nothing else I can do here.
Hunter, you okay?
Hunter, do you copy?
I'm heading up there. Assemble the
flight data and do a system check.
Lean against this.
I'm okay. What's this for?
- Are you injured?
- Oh shit.
I don't think so. I'm
fine, really.
How is he?
He's fine.
You have them pulling all the
Yeah they're on it.
I didn't like the sound of those
pressure drops in the cryos.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, next we want a DC voltage
amperage check.
Uh, let's see. main bus tie is
set to off position.
DC indicator select set to main
All right. Confirming
battery relay at -
4.1 volts and uh, AC -
at 117, all phases.
We have anything yet, Tess?
No. Nothing yet.
Well when did we send it?
Almost two hours ago.
All right, uh,
let's just keep going. Um, FC Pumps off.
FC Pumps off.
It's here.
All right everybody. Uh,
listen up.
Modulation at interleave.
Data packet banked.
Verification complete.
All right let's hear it.
Good day. The craft status
data you transmitted has been analyzed,
and the news is not good.
You have complete loss of pressure
in your A-3, A-4, and A-5 cryogenic O2 tanks.
Under normal conditions this leaves you with
approximately 60 hours of breathable air.
Unfortunately, our most favorable
calculations estimate that you will meet up with the
Rescue craft at not sooner than 91 hours.
We've gone through the numbers repeatedly,
But we keep coming up with
the same inescapable conclusion.
You will run out of air
before we can reach you.
However, it is
important for you to realize
That these figures are
based on four crew members.
If in the next 30 hours the
number of crew members were reduced by two,
The survivability of the
remaining two is highly favorable.
Let me state it more
bluntly: if within the next 30 hours
Two of you have not ceased consuming
oxygen, none of you will survive this mission.
Thankfully, if you do decide to
reduce your crew size, we can assure you
The crimson capsule that each of
you carry in the pocket of your flight suit
Offers an instant and
painless termination of life functions.
As to determining which
two of you, if any, survive,
That's a choice only
the four of you can make.
In that time, we will need you to
burn off the rest of your hydrogen propellant
To maximize speed, further assuring
the safe return of the surviving crew.
We await notification
of your decision,
That our thoughts and
prayers are with you.
All right, let's uh,
let's just take a moment here to
collect our thoughts a minute
before we figure out how we're
going to do this.
So everybody just remain
calm, maybe have a drink of water-
Uh, excuse me Hunter? Do
what exactly?
I think it's pretty
obvious from that message that
we're gonna have some very
difficult decisions to make.
I'm sorry um, can we just take a minute,
uh, and - and maybe discuss this for a second?
I don't think the situation leaves
us much to talk about, do you?
So what, no discussion, no
Well what is there to discuss?
I don't know about anyone
else, but I sure wouldn't mind
taking a minute to discuss
our options here.
Yeah, I need a moment or
two to absorb this.
Well unless someone knows a way of coaxing
a metric ton of vented oxygen back into a
ruptured oxygen tank, I don't
know what you expect us to do.
No, I'm sorry. Look, we gotta do something.
We could - we could do an EVA.
Go outside, maybe go back to the service module,
and see if we can repair some of the damage.
I don't like this any more than
you do, but there's nothing we can do.
And an EVA isn't gonna
solve anything. The air is gone.
And the sooner we accept that, the better
off we'll be. I mean we don't even know
- The condition of the other tanks.
- I'm going crazy here.
It's me, right? It's - it's - it's all me?
I'm go-I'm the crazy one?
Look, as I was saying, we don't
know the condition of the other tanks.
And we could lose another
one before this is all over.
And for that reason, whatever
decision we make, we need to make it fast.
That's why we should do an EVA.
I'm sorry, but once the crew cabin is sealed,
it is against regulations to unseal it.
Regulations? You're gonna quote
regulations at a time like this?
Regulations are regulations for a reason. If
the airlock is damaged and we can't reseal it,
We could lose all the
air we do have.
And I - I'm - I'm just
asking questions here, all right?
We're still allowed to do that right?
Ask questions? This isn't a dictatorship?
Questions. Like how did a
class-N spinner get within
100 kilometers of us without
anyone noticing?
Hunter, this isn't the time.
Whoa, whoa, wait a second here. Are you
trying to say that this is all my fault?
No this is crazy, cause I was
sitting right there at my station
- Looking directly at the scopes.
- Okay, let's just
stop right here, okay? Pause.
Everybody just settle
down for a second.
Now I understand Hunter's point. I
totally agree about the EVA. Gone is gone.
But with all due respect Major,
I'm not sure this is a situation
in which the most conservative course
of action is the most appropriate.
I don't see any reason why we
can't take a little bit of time,
and double-check all of our figures.
Explore all of our options.
What's the point?
The point? The point is we'll
I'd hate to make it back home and not be
certain that I did everything I could to make
sure that the most amount of
people made it back alive.
I say we go over all of our
numbers, double-check our math,
do fault checks on - on the
sensors and the monitors,
make sure that we are operating from a
reliable and accurate source of information.
- That's all I'm asking for.
- At the same time-
we recognize that we need to set
a time limit.
We don't wanna compromise whatever
cushion we have for those making it back.
How does that all sound to you,
You have an hour.
An hour.
One hour. Okay. Okay, that's
good. That's enough time.
Okay then, Tess, I need you to
run redundant checks on all the sensors
to determine reliability. Otto, start
redistributing all the oxygen into the good tanks.
And check out those chemical
oxygen generators that didn't fire.
Hunter and I will go over our consumption
numbers and see what we can come up with there.
No rock left unturned.
That's what I'm saying.
We're getting dead readings on A-3 and
A-4, so we know there's no oxygen in those.
But we're only getting an error on A-5.
So we don't know if it's empty or not.
Although it most likely is.
What's the error?
SN-909. General sensor error. Could be
the valve, could be that it's offline.
The tank could be full of O2?
Well I doubt that. I mean it is
right next to A-3 and A-4,
so most likely it's vented out
along with those.
Well yeah, but we don't know. The only
way to know would be to go out there
and do a visual check. To put a gauge
on the release valve and check it.
You heard Hunter. No EVA.
I know, I know.
[WHISPERING Did you hear what
she said?
When she was talking to Hunter,
she said she wants to know
that we did everything we can to make sure the
most people make it back to base with us.
She said "we" as in
her and Hunter.
I don't think she
said that.
No, she definitely said "we." Now it
might have been a slip of the tongue,
but I think that's what
she's thinking.
- What are you talking about?
- Don't you see it?
See what?
Are we taking into account whatever
extra oxygen Otto can find?
So they're figuring 240 man-hours of air.
That's where they get the 60 hours from.
- 240 divided by 4, but for 3 people that's
80 hours. - So nothing's changed.
I'm sorry Hunter, I get the
impression that you're angry with me.
I didn't think that I was-
HUNTER: I'm not angry.
I - I just think that when we
have discussions with the crew,
we need to respect a proper chain of command.
You sort of painted me into a corner there
by suggesting that we jump through
all these hoops and getting
everybody's hopes up for what
appears to be little use.
Hunter, I'm sorry but right now
there is no chain of command.
There are four human beings
fighting for their lives.
There is always a chain of command. Without
a chain of command we are just animals.
We're not gonna make it, you and
me. I don't trust those two, those lifers.
They always stick together.
I bet you right now
they're up there trying to plot
how to get rid of us.
No, come on. Don't do that.
Are you kidding me? You think two majors are
gonna let two captains get out and not them?
Come on, you've seen how they are,
the way they protect each other.
No, I don't. You are just going to make
the situation worse if you act like this.
Look, I don't know what you want me
to do, but we all need to trust each other.
We can't assume the worst in
each other now.
I hope you're right. But I just want
you to know that if any shit goes down,
we have to have each other's backs.
We have to stick together.
Yeah okay.
They sure are being awful quiet
up there.
What do you think they're up to?
I don't think that they're up to
Hey guys.
Yes Otto.
What are you guys uh, talkin'
about up there?
We're just - we're just talking,
going over our numbers.
I don't have any good
news, unfortunately.
Us either.
Hey, I just thought maybe we should
uh, keep our mics open?
You know, no whispering
or private discussions?
That way everybody
is part of the conversation.
Uh, everybody's
kept in the loop?
Yeah, that's good. Absolutely,
Uh, no one has secrets
around here.
Yeah that way no one gets
True. Um, there's something else
that would be a good idea.
Um, now that it looks like we're getting
closer to the time we have to decide things.
I think we should start thinking about taking
precautions, you know, for our safety.
What kind of precautions?
Well first thing is, I think
that we should um, disarm our weapons,
Pull the clips, put them in
a place where they're inaccessible.
Not - I'm not saying that I
think things are gonna get weird,
but I don't know, I just think
it's a good idea.
I don't know how I feel about that.
If the enemy intercepts us,
we're gonna need to
protect ourselves.
Yeah, but what are the chances?
Well nobody can say, but I don't
feel comfortable.
Well I think if you weighed the safety and
security of the crew against enemies unknown,
I think the safety
has to win out.
Wait a second. You guys
carry the AL-4's, right?
Yeah right.
We carry the AL-2's. Why don't
we just swap ammunition?
You know, we can't fire with your
cartridges, you can't fire with ours.
But at the same time, they're
still accessible.
All right. That sounds good. Okay?
Um, let's pass each other our ammo.
Now we're running out of
time to decide. It's up in -
Well it expired about
two minutes ago.
So we're really doing this, huh?
I guess we are.
Yeah. It's about that time.
So how are we gonna do it?
I don't know. There's - there's
no procedure for this sorta thing.
Hey um, look I just don't want it to be
done by any kind of competition, you know,
like a - a chess game or tic-tac-toe or
anything, cause - cause I suck at that shit.
No, we'll - we'll do it completely by
random. We'll uh, flip a coin or something.
Well maybe not a coin,
but something with two different sides.
Uh, that way everybody will
think it was fair.
This is crazy. I can't
believe this is happening.
I can't believe this is my life.
It just doesn't seem real.
But it is. And we know that.
And we can't deny our situation any longer.
Okay. Um,
I really hate to say this,
but I think this is - it's a good idea at
this point if we want to record a message
For anyone back home,
that we do it now.
We don't know how this is all
gonna turn out,
So I say that everyone does one before
we do anything, before we make any decisions.
Otto, what are you doing? Otto.
Hey, what's going on down
I'm hanging this is the
That way nobody can close the hatch
shutting us both in down here.
Otto, this isn't a time to
get paranoid.
We're about to decide which two of us are
gonna kill themselves. And if you don't
think things are gonna get pretty goddamn
weird around here pretty quick, you're nuts.
Hello Joannie. Um, by the time you see this,
I'm sure that you will have been briefed
as to the events that occurred
during this ill-fated mission.
I will be brief as we have very
little time.
Please give my love to Sarah and Jake,
and tell them that I'm proud of them.
You are a strong woman and I - I
know that you will do a fine job
managing in my absence, uh, as
you always have.
Thank you for your support
over the years.
I'm sorry that we will not be able to
retire to Olympia as we had wished.
I love you.
Message end.
Hey dad. Um, I didn't know who
else to call. Is that weird?
I was just sitting here trying to think
who of my friends to call and well,
I thought of you. You know,
I always thought we were pretty close,
and we know a lot of the same
so I just figured you could let
them know what happened.
I don't even know if you're listening
to this. I could've made it back okay,
but if I didn't just let Cindy and
Tony and the others know I said hi,
and you know, goodbye
and everything.
Well I don't wanna take up too
much of your time. I miss you all.
Message end.
Hey Stan. Um, there's been an accident. We
were hit by a missile in orbit around Vesta,
and um,
we're needing to make some
really terrible decisions.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna make
it back or not.
So just in case I wanted to say
goodbye to you and the girls.
I love you. I - I
love you so - so much.
You are such a great man.
You are my soul, and I have loved -
I have adored every last second of
the last 12 years I've spent with you.
I'm sorry.
Otto, what are you doing?
I love you all so much.
I'm sorry.
Otto, your turn.
I'm not doing it.
You don't have anyone you
wanna say goodbye to. Your son?
Just in case.
I don't care. It - It doesn't
Okay. Otto doesn't wanna do one.
But that's okay right?
Otto, honey, are you sure?
You don't wanna say anything
to your son or your girlfriend?
It might be the last thing
they have of you.
Can we not talk about this
I've made my decision,
would -
would you please
just respect that?
Of course. You could always make
one later if you changed your mind.
Okay, I guess it's time to
do this.
So in terms of how we're gonna
do this, I have a few ideas.
I've been thinking about
that too.
Okay, go ahead.
Well since we're all out
of fuel,
and we don't have any propulsion
or even reaction control systems,
there really isn't a need for a
pilot or a navigator.
Just the mission specialists to monitor
the mechanical functions of the ship.
Just kidding. Just seeing what
you would say.
Very funny.
Do you guys still have the backgammon
set down there or is it in the galley?
We have it.
Good. I'm gonna need the pieces from that. But I
need to find a bag or something to put it in.
What do you have in mind?
I'll show you in a second.
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
I have one bullet. If I lose control
- if either of us loses control,
I'm going to force them down
here and then you and I
are gonna go up to the flight
deck and lock the hatch.
And then what?
We shut off their air.
And they'd do the
same to us if they had the chance.
Okay I found one.
So where do you wanna do
There's more room down here.
Come on down.
Okay we're on our way.
I can't believe we're about to
do this. It's crazy.
I know right?
Whatever happens, I just
want you to know it's -
It's been an honor
flying with you.
You too.
Okay so um, I have this bag, and what
we're gonna do is, we are going to -
A barf bag? Really?
It's the only thing I could
So what we're gonna do is we're gonna
put two white checkers into the bag,
and we're gonna put two black
checkers into the bag.
And then we're gonna reach into the
bag, and whoever picks a black checker,
well, it's a black checker.
You get the idea.
Sound fair? Sound fair?
Okay good. So um, who's
gonna go first?
I'll go first.
No big surprise there.
You're next.
- I can go next. I don't mind.
- No, no. Otto's next.
- Otto.
- No.
I'm so sorry.
Wait a minute. Black is good
right? Right? That means I live.
What? You never were exactly clear. You didn't
say the black one was the bad one. You-
Goddamnit, Otto.
What? She wasn't clear, I
misunderstood, let's just start over again.
You're not pullin' this shit,
What? I didn't understand, now I do.
Let's just - one more time, all right?
I will break your fuckin' arm
right here, I'm not kidding.
And I will blow your
fuckin' head off. I'm not kidding.
Put that fuckin' gun away before
I shove it up your ass.
You don't think it's
loaded, do ya?
Course it's not loaded, you asshole.
Now get it out of my face!
Look, you're not pickin'
a new checker. You're done.
It is my duty to inform my superiors
that Otto has a loaded weapon I think.
Is this true? Otto! Is
this true?
It's not loaded people!
Are you willing to take that
He says he kept a
cartridge from one of the clips.
Did you check their cartridges
when they handed them up to you?
Maybe not I don't know.
Everybody get over there.
Now! Go!
So he only has one cartridge?
That's what he said.
Then can I ask you what your
plan is here?
Let's say you have one cartridge.
There are three of us.
Yeah. Is one of you willing to
take one for the team? Hm?
Well whoever you shoot, the other two
are gonna stop the shit outta you.
I'll take my chances. I put the
gun down, and you make me take the pill.
Either way I'm done for.
Please put the gun down.
I know this is crazy. We're all
confused, but this isn't helping anything.
Put the gun down, and we can
talk about this.
I'm sorry, I can't die. I
have to see my boy.
I know.
I know, I feel the same way
about my daughters. But you're right.
It wasn't clear.
Let's do it again. Put the gun
down, we'll draw again, we'll start over.
No way!
Now I'm going up this ladder.
And if you're nice to me,
and don't try anything stupid,
I'll let one of you come up with me.
I mean it! I'll shoot!
Then shoot me.
I'll do it! I - I really
will! I'll shoot you!
This is your last chance, Otto. Put
down the weapon, and let's work this out.
Last chance, last chance for
what? What are you gonna do?
I'm out! I'm out!
Drop the gun!
Check the gun.
Stupid son of a bitch! You could've
killed all of us firing that gun in here!
You get off of me!
I'm not getting off you till I
know you're not gonna do anything.
I'm done. I'm done. Just go ahead
and kill me, all right? Just do it!
No, we're not doing it this way.
Oh this is exactly
how we're gonna do it, you idiot.
We're not dying like
Just be calm. Be calm.
We're going to help you through this.
I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed.
Hunter. Come on, you can get up
off of him now.
- No way.
- You heard him.
No way.
You can't sit on him
Look, I'm gonna get off
of you now. But I warn you,
If you try anything, I
won't have a choice.
Let me go! Let me go! You have to let
me see my boy! You have to let me see my boy!
Otto, stop! Stop it!
You're choking me.
You're choking me. Please don't kill me.
Don't - please. I
don't wanna die.
Somebody put a pill in his
Come on!
Ah! I - I - I - I dropped mine!
I need someone else's!
Just shove it in his
Ugh, he's gonna bite me if I put
it in there.
That's it, sit on his
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
It won't be much longer.
Take his pulse.
It's racing.
It takes a few minutes.
There we go. It's slowing.
Goddamnit! Does anybody
have any ideas here?
Would you just kill me
Is everybody okay?
I just wanna go home. I just
wanna go home.
Give me that thermal blanket from the
cabinet there. Let's cover him up.
I'm not staying down here with
No. We'll all go up to the flight deck
together and we'll finish things up up there.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, I can't believe
I didn't fucking check! So fucking stupid!
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Stupid, stupid. Ugh!
It's done.
But look. We've probably used up
a lot of oxygen down there.
So we have to keep
this thing going.
Did either of you bring
up the bag of checkers?
No way. We are not doing that
again. I can't die.
I'm sorry but if you have
to kill me then kill me.
But I can't pull another checker
out of the bag, I just can't.
It's the only way to do it. I mean if
we have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.
I do have an idea, and I should've
done it from the beginning.
I'm putting on a flight
And I'm going back into the
service module to check the air in A-5.
I can't allow that.
Like I give a shit.
We are strictly and
clearly prohibited from going down-
Oh would you knock it off
with that already?
There's rules and then there's
real life Hunter!
You'll endanger all our lives.
What lives? You mean sitting around here
playing eenie-meanie-miney-fucking-moe?
You're not going.
What are you gonna do? Kill me?
This is a waste of time,
At least we'll know.
We're taking a big chance
if that hatch doesn't close.
I'm aware of that.
Okay, I'm pressurized.
You have 15 minutes for
a visual inspection.
After that, no matter what,
you come back in.
Okay. I'm going into the
Be careful Tess.
Roger. I will.
Okay, I'm in the airlock.
Sealing the hatch.
Pressure seems to be
We're lucky then. But
let's not push our luck.
Just a quick look, and
let's get you back up here.
Okay, I'm in.
How's it look back there?
Really bad. Lots of damage.
Massive ruptures A-3 and A-4.
Looks like they took a
pretty direct hit.
What about A-5?
Uh, let me get a light on
Looks all right. No
visible damage.
Do you see the PR-O2 sensor? It
should be right next to the supply valves.
I see it. Looks fine.
All right. So it's not the sensor.
So let's go ahead and probe it.
Uh, see what the
cryo-fluid level is.
Roger. Let me get a little
Okay, uh, so you're looking
for the cryp-tap feedthrough.
Looks on here like it's right below the
crossover manifold. About halfway down-
Yeah, I got it.
Let me know when it's
Have you thought about what I
I can't, Hunter.
Think about this for a
Okay, it's in. Did one of you
switch off your mic? I heard a click.
I don't know what that was. I - I
heard it too. But can you hear me all right?
Okay, I can hear you.
All right connect the tail to
the avionics box.
Okay. Done.
Power up the box.
Powered up.
Press "tank volume," scroll down
to the - did you get that?
Tank volume.
Scroll down to O2 A-5.
Press "select."
Then press "menu."
Select. Menu.
Choose probe
Probe optimization.
Select "existing CFD."
Existing CFD, roger.
And then press
Did you copy that?
Press calculate.
I pressed it.
What's it read?
It's empty.
That's what I thought.
There must be a rupture
somewhere. I just can't see it.
Well we all knew it would be a
long shot. At least we tried.
I suppose.
Well there's nothing left for you to do
back there, so might as well come back in.
Roger. Tess out.
She has no family.
No husband, no boyfriend, no child.
It wouldn't be right.
What does that even mean? Who's
to say what's right or wrong?
A half hour ago, all you were talking
about was regulations and procedures.
Hey, it's up to you. I've
already picked.
I picked the white checker.
It's between the two of you.
She's not gonna wanna pick from
that bag.
All the more reason then.
She volunteered. She volunteered
to go back into the -
to the service module to
save our lives.
No. She went back into that service module
because she didn't wanna pick a checker.
And at the same time she-
TESS: Okay, I'm in.
She jeopardized the safety of you
and me just to satisfy her curiosity.
I wouldn't be able to face
Every time you hug your children,
you'll know that what you did was right.
She has no family. If
she didn't make it back,
it would affect a handful of people.
Acquaintances. Co-workers.
You have two young daughters, a husband.
Your mom is still alive.
Weigh all of those
things together.
All right, I'm back on the deck.
I'm coming up and we'll talk about this.
Hunter, do you copy?
Hunter? Nova, do you read?
Hunter, do you copy?
No, no, no, no. Hunter? Nova!
Guys, answer me! We all
had a deal!
Hunter! Open the hatch!
Open the fucking hatch!
Let me out of here!
I know you can hear me!
You can't do this to me!
Hunter! We had an agreement! We
were going to pick checkers!
Let me pick a checker!
Look, the checkers are
right here, still in the bag.
I'm going to pick one. And no
matter what I pick, I'll stand by it!
Okay, I'm gonna pick.
Ah, I picked a white one! I
picked a white one! See?
Guys, I'm begging you.
You can't do this to me.
I went back into the service
module to save everybody.
How can you do this to somebody
who did that?
What is she doing?
I don't know. Do you think she's
taking her pill?
I hope so. That's the smartest
I mean she has to have
figured out that -
that we're taking the air
out of that level.
I mean there's no other option.
How much air is there in that
A minute? Minute and a half?
She doesn't have long either
Poor thing.
She opened the air lock to
below deck!
What the hell is she
going back down there for?
The cartridges.
I can't open the hatch because
of the difference in pressure.
She's unlocked the hatch
to the service module!
The hell is she doing?
She's gonna fire at the O2
What? You can't fire a handgun in a
vacuum! You need oxygen for the powder to ignite!
Are you sure?
I'm positive. It's not gonna
discharge without oxygen.
- Oh no.
- What the fuck?
Holy shit, she's doing it.
She's firing at the O2 tanks.
Tess, no!
What's going on?
Electrical fault in the A-1
tank gauge. Switching to backup.
No level drops in the A-1
or A-2. Pressure holding steady.
Yeah, let's hope it stays that
Tessa! Stop!
She can't hear you!
Tessa, stop! We can talk about
She got 2. Fuck!
- How is everything else?
- Hold on.
She took out a whole array of batteries
and some of the redundant systems.
How bad is it?
What about A-1?
It's maintaining levels,
stabilized pressure for now.
Is A-2 completely gone?
Nothing. No reading.
Shit! We're totally fucked! That
was half of our air supply!
This is all your fault! If we had just let
her back in, none of this would've happened.
Don't put that on me. That was your
decision! You decided to lock the hatch!
You pressured me into it. I didn't wanna
do it. Why did I ever listen to you?
Since when did any of you listen
to me? If you all had just done
what I told you to do from the very
beginning, we wouldn't be in this mess.
My command was
subverted at every turn,
and now there's only enough
oxygen for one of us!
So now what? Play a game? Rock,
paper, scissors?
Well we're gonna have to do
I am not playing rock, paper,
scissors, Hunter.
Why not? I mean who gives a shit
how we decide?
We can thumb wrestle for all I
care, but we have to decide somehow!
Will you kill those alarms?
Shut 'em all down, I don't need
a reminder of how screwed we are.
Nova, are you ready?
This is gonna be the best two out of three.
I am not deciding this on one draw.
Agreed. And no redos.
No redos.
The decision has to be final.
If you lose you can't say like uh,
let's make it the best
three out of five.
- Are you ready?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait,
let me just think of what
I'm gonna do.
Okay. Okay, let's just do it.
Okay. We'll go on three.
- One, two, three
- One, two, three
All right. Let's just
keep going.
One to nothing.
You okay?
I'm fine. Ready?
- One, two, three
- One, two, three
Fuck! Why did I do paper? I was
gonna throw rock again! Why did I do paper?
It's tied, 1-1.
This next throw is the
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait. I just need a second.
Nova, are you ready?
I don't think I'm gonna be able
to do this.
You have to.
I can't!
Do it!
Fuck you!
Nova, don't do this. We have to
finish the game.
I refuse.
This is insane! Do you
want us to both die out here?
I don't care!
Nova, you're - you're making me
very angry!
Finally. A real emotion
from Hunter. Well how does it feel?
Look, you have a 50-50 chance.
One of us is gonna survive this.
But if you don't finish the game, you're gonna
force me to do something I don't wanna do!
And what is that?
Don't do it.
Get away.
Mine's bigger.
This is ridiculous. You're a
reasonable person.
Let's just put the tools down
and - and talk this out.
No way. You're going to attack
I'm not going to attack you.
Put yours down first.
We'll do it together. On
- One, two, three
- One, two, three
I thought you were going to drop
I was, but you didn't drop
This is insane. We're better than this.
It doesn't have to be this way.
It is this way.
Well, we've got 20 hours. You're
gonna have to sleep sometime.
So do you.
Stop it.
Stop it.
I'm sorry, is my singing
bothering you?
Rockabye baby in the treetop,
when the wind blows the cradle will rock.
When the bow breaks the
cradle will fall,
and down will come baby, cradle and all.
Rockabye baby-HUNTER: Rockabye baby
- in the tree top
NOVA: In the tree top
When the wind blows-
The cradle will rock
When the bow breaks
The cradle will fall
And down will come baby
Cradle and all.
Rockabye baby in the treetop
When the wind
blows the cradle will rock
When the bow
breaks the cradle will fall
And down will
come baby cradle and all.
What's going on?
Constituent analyzer.
We're about to run out of O2.
How long were we asleep?
I don't know.
What are we gonna do?
This is it?
We're gonna die now?
Yeah. Pretty much.
Why am I laughing?
Hypoxia. The brain is starved
for oxygen.
[LAUGHING Oh good.
I thought it was
something serious.