Ariel (1988) Movie Script

No point trying to earn your
bread around here anymore.
Don't stay here
to piss around.
Won't do you
a shit's worth of good.
You'll drink yourself silly
and just get frustrated.
Take the car keys.
It's your inheritance.
You always liked it
better than the others.
They're no good anyway.
If they don't stay here,...
...they'll go hang
themselves down south.
I've had it with this shit.
But don't follow my example.
This is shit too.
- How much?
- All of it.
74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79... 8,000.
The evening comes on
with a low sigh
Lights come on
behind the windows
No one else
stays behind in the dark
As the lights drive away
The shadows of the night
I don't turn the lights on
I don't think
I need them now
You're my brightest light
Even brighter than I deserve
A hamburger.
Nice set of wheels.
What sort of eggbeater?
The engine.
I don't know.
Pop the hood.
Let's check it out.
Forklift drivers will be
Salminen, Niskanen,...
...Mattila, Tallstrm, Pesonen,...
...Laine, Markkula,...
...Jokinen, and Vaisanen.
And a few
not on forklifts:..., you, and you.
- Name?
- Kasurinen, Taisto.
256 marks.
Whose is this?
I found it on the trash bin.
Makkonen's. He got run over
by a forklift. Keep it.
Where do I sign?
We borrowed your radio.
That's okay.
You know anywhere
I could spend the night?
I do.
- Give us a ride?
- Sure.
- Got any room?
- Bed or mattress?
- What's the difference?
- A bed's 30 marks a night.
A mattress is a little less.
You get no sheets.
A bed.
Hey, gimme
the funny pages.
Make up your mind.
I gotta go.
Good afternoon.
- Who do I complain to?
- To me, personally.
Is there anything I can do
to expedite this matter?
A dinner wouldn't hurt.
Fine. Let's go.
Not while I'm on duty.
I'll have to quit first.
It was a stupid cap anyway.
Thanks for the evening.
My first time in a convertible.
- The top doesn't work.
- I know.
It's dark.
Want to come up?
If it's not too much trouble.
Coffee's all I've got.
Coffee's fine.
I'm divorced.
- Don't let it get you down.
- I've got a kid too.
Gives us a head start
raising a famiIy.
Are you always so confident?
No, this is the first time.
- Just don't make any noise.
- No one will even suspect.
I hope I won't regret this.
Nice to meet you.
I think we've met somewhere.
I saw you once in a bar.
Do your friends call you Tasi?
I have no friends.
Everybody has friends.
I'm from the countryside.
That's different.
Now you get the picture.
Was your husband a drunk?
No, he found someone else.
I don't remember.
The whole thing was a mistake.
I hated him from the start.
That's unusual.
That's what you think.
Will you disappear
in the morning?
No, we'll be together forever.
I start work early.
Good night.
Toast or crispbread?
It's broken.
Mother said to call her.
Aren't you going to work?
I can't come right now.
Come meet me here at 4:00.
Found anything?
No. I'll have to keep on
at the docks if there's still work.
Can I see you tonight?
- No, I'm working.
Bank of Finland,
as a night guard.
I need the money.
The whole apartment was
furnished on installments.
You still owe a lot?
Nah, I'll be okay
in a couple years.
Nice wind.
I lost my dreams
and everything in life
I lost my dreams
because of you
Now I'm lost in my dreams
I hide from the world
I look out the window
and watch the rain come down
I miss you, my love
You owe us for four nights.
I know,
but I have no money.
Go and get some.
How much do you want for it?
At least 20,000.
That's all?
Nobody'd give any more
for a heap this old.
All right.
Leave the car here.
I'll have the money in the morning.
This court sentences
Mr. Kasurinen as follows:...
...for the crimes of assault,
attempted robbery,...
...possession of a weapon
and resisting arrest,...
...all combined, one year and
11 months' imprisonment,...
...minus 30 days spent
in custody pending trial...
...per Penal Code
paragraph 21 , section 5,...
...paragraph 31, section 1,
and paragraph 16, section 1,...
...and Weapons Code
paragraph 6.
The sentence will
begin immediately.
Mr. Kasurinen will be sent to
Helsinki prison to serve his sentence.
- Religion?
- None.
- Occupation?
- Miner.
Place of residence?
- Married or single?
- Single.
Closest relative?
- Prior sentences to state penitentiary?
- None.
- Other imprisonment? Hard labor?
- No.
- Penal servitude?
- No.
- Juvenile reformatory?
- No.
- Weight?
- 154 pounds.
One watch...
Orient brand.
One cigarette lighter, silver.
One wallet...
...with driver's license...
...and social security card.
No money.
One belt, one shirt.
Good night.
- What were those?
- Sedatives.
What for?
Ask me again in a year.
What do you do normally?
What do you mean
by ''normally''?
I've always been here.
What will you do
when you get out?
You have a visitor.
Hello, Tasi.
How are you, Tasi?
All right.
I've got a job.
- Go and play somewhere.
- Where?
In the hallway.
- Will you marry me?
- Here?
No, on the outside.
All right, but how?
You take care of the paperwork.
I'll come when I can.
You can't.
Listen, Mikkonen.
I don't think
I have a choice.
I'm thinking of getting
out of here soon.
I see.
Don't know yet. Somehow.
Getting out is no big deal.
Lots of guys have done it.
But they were brought back...
...and ended up doing twice
as much time as before.
They stayed around here,
or went to Sweden,...
...or headed to the nearest
bar and got loaded.
You've got to get further away.
Italy or Africa,... least for a while.
I've been thinking
about Mexico or Brazil.
Even better.
But that takes money.
You think I haven't planned it
all a hundred times?
First you need three grand
for a passport,...
...then ten more for the seamen
to hide you in the cargo...
...and let you off...
...somewhere around the equator.
But it's dangerous.
If the cargo starts
to shift in a storm.
Lots of guys
have died that way.
You gotta go underground...
...until you get a passport
and find the right ship.
How many years
do you have left?
Eight, for manslaughter.
But I'm innocent.
Are you?
At least in God's eyes.
In a way I did kill him,...
...but the truth is I didn't.
The result was the same:
He died...
and I was sent here.
AII right, let's go then.
I'm 37 now.
Eight more would make me
about 43, more or less.
But I won't last three hours
outside without killing somebody.
You can take that mop
to bed with you tonight.
Pretend it's your wedding night.
Kasurinen, Taisto.
You can't see him now.
He's in solitary.
- Why?
- For violent behavior.
He's not violent.
The guard whose jaw
he broke disagrees.
- It wasn't him.
- Come back Sunday.
He'll return to his cell tonight
if he calms down.
It's his birthday.
Would you give these to him?
Happy birthday.
I didn't mean
to start without you.
Age has given me
a sweet tooth.
But nobody sends me anything.
It's my own fault.
When other boys had their eyes on
girls, I sat in juvenile prison...
...for taking an old
crippled granny's sleigh.
It's not my birthday.
It's in the winter.
The deal's off.
- You can't do that!
- Why not?
I hear bitter laughter
echoing in the darkness
Tonight I won't accuse you
of anything
Because for you I would walk
through a desert haze
On this autumn night
my mind is blue
Tonight no stars shine
to comfort me
I guess it's useless
to hope for anything
Best to drown myself
in the night
Where's the other witness?
There is no other witness.
I'll get someone.
Before these witnesses,
I ask you, Irmeli Pihlaja.;
Do you take Taisto Kasurinen
as your awfull wedded husband... sickness and in health?
I do.
You having both answered
yes to my questions,...
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
Dad, the cops are coming.
Four thousand... each.
That's a lot.
There's not much competition.
All right.
Where will you get the money?
Don't you worry about that.
We could help you.
All right.
Get us a car and a gun.
What's our cut?
The passports are part of the deal.
A quarter...
Regardless of the take.
Half. And you can sleep here
before and after the job.
- And if we get nothing?
- Every business has its risks.
When will the
passports be ready?
In the morning.
All right.
We need a car
in the morning.
Give me the gun.
Let's go.
- How much did we get?
- Enough.
I'll get the passports.
You wait here.
I don't trust them.
How did it go?
Where are the passports?
- That car was a piece of shit.
- I know.
It wouldn't go in reverse.
Let's split the take.
I think we'll take it all.
You're a risk to me.
If you get caught,... might sing.
The other one's still outside.
Go get him.
Take the money
and disappear.
I have to go, and
I can't take you with me.
Be a brave boy
and wait here for my call.
Meanwhile you can pack
your littIe suitcase.
Put in everything
you want to take along.
We're going on a trip.
- Irmeli.
- What?
Be sure to call.
We have to get him
to the hospital.
I know.
Stop it.
The ship's called Ariel.
Tonight at 10:00
off Hernesaari Point.
Bury my heart at the dump.
What's this button for?
I understand.
There's a package for you.
Over here.
Where's Mikkonen?
He won't be coming.
But there's three of us.
I'd like to see the money.
All right. Let's go.
- Where's the Ariel headed?
- Mexico. Didn't you know?
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams
that you dare to dream
Really do come true