Arizona Sky (2008) Movie Script

Hey bud. You know I was gonna
pick you up at your place.
Yeah, my mom and dad are acting
kind of weird right now,
so I figured I'd meet you here.
Oh, okay...yeah. You okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
You sure you still want to go?
Gonna be pretty nice tonight.
Maybe a little cooler.
Yeah...let's just go.
It's about ten miles up the road.
You think this is far enough?
Yeah. I think so.
No one really comes out here.
We've never been out here before,
have we?
How'd you know about this place?
I used to come out here
to get away from my dad.
You could've come to my house.
I couldn't get you in the middle
of all that. You remember how mean he was.
You remember when he broke my arm?
Yeah, I remember.
I was happy for the day he left.
Let's unpack, get a fire started.
Get some supper.
(boys laughing)
You remember that time the
scorpion bit me on the hand?
That scorpion bit you so bad.
It was good I was there to tell
you what to do!
You pissed on my hand!
That's what you're supposed to do!
It gets the venom out!
Yeah, sure. Whatever. (laughing)
Think everything's okay at home?
I figure it is. Told my mom I was
camping with buddies.
They don't ask too many questions
if I stick to the rules.
I got a summer job.
Yeah. It's not that big of a deal.
Working at the diner.
Helping in the kitchen.
Cleaning tables, you know.
At least I can help my mom, now.
That's good. About the job.
The extra money will help.
So I guess you'll be leaving
in a few weeks?
Be kinda hard not
having you around.
I really don't want to move, but
my dad has to take the job.
I was hoping he could've waited
until summer was over.
We've been best friends
for a long time, huh?
Six years.
Be kind of hard
getting around without you.
Not gonna be easy
finding a new best friend.
I really wish we didn't
have to move.
We'll keep in touch, right?
Yeah. Be really nice.
I wish I could call you sometime.
If it wasn't so expensive.
I mean, I guess I could
call you sometime.
You could come visit me.
I could take a couple days
off work. A weekend or something.
You could borrow your mom's car
and come see me!
I don't think she'd go for that.
I barely have my permit.
Maybe I could. Maybe next year.
I'll try.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll try to see you, too.
Sure is dark out.
Yeah. Desert is the darkest place.
It's kind of scary.
All the animals out there.
It's the coyotes we've got to
keep an eye out for.
But the fire should keep them away.
You think anyone knows?
I uh...
I don't think so.
No one can ever find out.
I mean it.
If they do, my life will be over.
I would never tell anyone.
Yeah. I know.
You want...some more chili?
No thanks. I'm fine.
Well...I'm getting kind of tired.
Oh. Okay.
I guess...
I'm going to head to bed.
It's getting late.
(distant coyote sounds)
I want to...but I'm so afraid.
It's okay, Kyle.
People in a small town, they have
a way of finding things out.
You'll be moved away,
and I'll be left here alone.
People won't understand.
You know I...I care about you a lot.
I know.
I'm really gonna miss you.
My best moving away...
(Distant voice) You okay Jake?
What's that?
We were just talking
about the sci-fi thing.
The sci-fi thing...
The movie? We're in preproduction.
The alien movie?
Right. The movie.
(Shocked) Holy Shit!
This is one of your little aliens.
Should I come back after?
No. We've got to
get this done today.
This needs to be approved.
Tim said you wanted to see it today.
Right. The little aliens.
They start shooting in a week.
Much better than the last ones.
At least these ones are
Until you realize that they're
just puppets.
They have to make fifteen.
Wonder how much
that's going to cost me?
Tim keeps asking me if there's an
official title for the movie.
He's not sure what to tell people.
He can tell them it's untitled.
How about ''The Monsters
That Ate Bakersfield?''
Why did I agree to do this movie?
You like making movies. You feel
rewarded at the end of each day.
Maybe after this you can take a
Take some time off for yourself.
For your life.
Hmmm, life. Now where did I put that?
They don't tell you it's ten percent show,
and ninety percent business.
Brian, save yourself. Find
something you love, and do that!
I think it would be cool to be
the big producer man.
In charge of it all.
Me and a buddy are working on a
short film.
It's gonna be about twenty pages.
My brother has a traumatic brain
He was hit one night by a drunk
driver. Messed up his life.
Anyway, I was thinking of doing
a story on that. A scripted story.
Get some good actors to help out.
If you want to chase your
dreams, then do it.
But make sure it's what you want
to do. And stay true to yourself.
Don't take any crap from anyone.
(cell phone rings)
Definitely. He was supposed to
get that to you yesterday.
Call the film commission. We need
to have the insurance on papers on file.
I don't know! Just by tomorrow!
Call me back when you know for sure.
I guess I have to babysit everyone!
(stress attack, heavy breathing)
You okay, Jake?
I'm fine. Let's get this done.
(front door opens and closes)
(clears throat) Fire!
You just woke up, didn't you?
I guess I passed out.
Deal with it!
Ain't someone little miss sassy
pants. And a little bit sad.
I'm awake. Ready for a fun
filled evening.
I got pizza, beer, a Family Guy
marathon! Come on, get up!
Come on, get up. Come on!
Right here! Hit it, smack it!
Hit it hard!
That's good energy. I like that!
Rough day, huh?
The usual. It was a stress day.
No kidding, man? Me too. I met the biggest
freak in the world.
Bigger freak than you?
(sarcastic laugh) Yeah.
This man barges in, demanding
help. Total jerk-off.
Anyway, he starts on about how his
account needs to be fixed.
How he's an American, and the
foreigners are taking over.
Dude, can you give me a break?
No problem.
Thanks for the beer and pizza.
Here, take it.
I'm fine.
Come on, man. You like things in
your mouth.
Dude, eat your own pizza! Okay!
You're welcome to tell me about
it when you're ready.
It's just life, business...
Sounds like you're ready for one
of those padded rooms, man.
I've been having these...I don't
know..anxiety attacks?
Really? Kind of a serious issue.
Might want to go to a doctor or something.
For what? He'll just tell me not
to work so hard. Take some time off.
Then he'll push drugs on me.
Well what?
Maybe you should take some time
off. Get the hell outta here.
Find that life you've
been talking so much about.
It's been a long time coming.
What has?
I've seen a difference in you
lately. Your life...or no life.
You're depressed or something. Well
maybe depressed isn't the right word.
You're definitely not happy.
Well, I think I am.
Oh really. You work your butt
off for years.
To climb that all too-tall
showbiz ladder.
Just to find out it's all work
and no play.
You hardly ever date. You never
go out, and you're always tired.
I don't have time for anything.
You work, come home, eat. And
not very well. The double chins!
When was the last time you had
sex, for God's sake?
Can we just have our pizza
and watch television?
All I'm saying, is there
anything that will make you happy?
Is there something you can
change? It's up to you, you know.
God you're sexy when you're
about to have a stroke!
Come here, big boy!
Stop it! Why do you have to
tease me! You're straight, dude!
I just can't resist a boy whose
days are numbered.
Okay, man. Let's just figure you
I think the last week I had off
was when I graduated high school.
Wow, that was what, forty years
That's what I feel like. Life is
just passing me by.
I'm having al these past
thoughts about when I was a kid.
My best friend.
So you feel like you didn't
find what, closure?
Yeah...yeah. I think so.
I knew this guy once. We were
buddies in college...
We were jacking around. And, uh
he pinned me against the wall.
And he had his hand on the
button of my 501 jeans.
And he just, stopped.
It's funny. I never thought
about it much over the years.
He was trying to get in my pants!
Great story, dude. What's your
My point is, he was too afraid
to take that chance.
If my 501 jeans hadn't been so
damn tight to get into...
Who knows what would've happened.
Gay! Gay! Gay! (Steve laughs)
Look, don't overthink it. Just
do it.
You know what I think? Little
Jakey needs a break from life.
You know what that means!
-No, no, no, no, no.
Oh yes, it's gonna happen!
Just back off, mister! I know
how to use this pizza!
Okay! Okay! I'll get a life!
No more wire hangers! I
promise! Stop! Stop!
I know. Find out if we need a
new location. And fast!
Send Scott over there! See if
they'll do it with more insurance!
If we don't get that location
it's going to screw us up!
Okay? Later.
(cell phone rings) Oh boy.
This can't be good.
Hey John...yeah. Yeah. I did
hear something about that.
Uh-huh. Yes, we have two weeks
Uh-huh. But John you have to
John, are you going to listen
to me? John? John! Listen to me!
I don't care! You signed a
contract! It was spelled out!
You were going to get lead
credit with Susan!
And that's what you're getting!
You know, I am sick of the
whining and complaining.
Am I getting paid enough? I
don't like craft services! ...
Do I look young enough on film?
Come on!
You know what? You're either
on board or not!
I want you on set, on time!
I don't want you hung over
from partying every night!
You can do that on your own
(door heard opening/closing)
Alright man, I'm here. What's
the big news? Sounded urgent.
Uhh, why do I get the feeling
you're leaving me?
If you are, I get the kids. a trip.
Getting away from it all.
What, like a business trip?
Personal life trip. You were
I need a break, and if I don't
do it now...
Then...I'm gonna be trapped
here, forever.
You're...really gonna do this?
I'm really doing it.
Dude, look. You're my best
friend. I really appreciate...
You helping me figure this out.
Figure what out, man?
This! Me! At least what I can
do to change things.
Try to find some answers.
I feel like part of me is
Like...I'm somewhere else.
Okay, you're not like, having
a breakdown on me are you?
You're not like...
going Stepford, are you?
I don't want that stroke...
you know.
You want to feed me in my
Yeah, I didn't think so.
I going back to my
You're really gonna do it?
Good for you, man.
I think this is exactly
what you need.
Hey, you want to come with me?
On your little journey? It's
a little short notice.
Oh come on. Can't you get off
for a few days?
I don't know.
Ah, okay. So when was the last
time you had a vacation?
Lived a little?
There was that time in Vegas
but I had to pay for that.
And she didn't even kiss me.
So, uh...
I don't know, man. You sure
you want me to come with you?
Isn't this something you
might want to do alone?
Uh, it's not like you'll be
in my way, dude.
You can do your thing, and I
can do mine.
Besides, you've always been
there for me, you know.
Well somebody's got to.
You're just like a little puppy.
All cute and sweet!
We leave tomorrow morning.
Alright man. - AM. AM, right.
You have to buy the coffee.
That's how it works.
- Always.
You're driving, too.
I'm driving.
To the airport. Wherever
we're going...
Yeah, yeah !
Weird trips. Packing flannel
(travel music)
(travel music)
Can't believe we have to
share a room, man.
And you literally got like
the smallest room.
You can honestly touch me
from where you are.
Oh, knock it off.
What're we gonna do for dinner?
I'm sure this town closes at
You know, maybe that little
diner I used to eat at...
is still here.
The one where Opie would go
every day after school...
for his rootbeer float.
Shhh, hold on. I'm looking
someone up.
Yeah...did you find your long
lost friend?
No, but I think I found his aunt.
Oh, good. You found his aunt.
Oh...good. Well, maybe she has
some food we can eat!
You know, maybe he doesn't
even live here anymore.
Maybe he died, man.
What? It happens.
Okay. I'm gonna call her
Yeah, I'm gonna call tomorrow.
Well you get on it. I'm gonna
hop in the shower.
When I get out, I expect some
food. Okay?
I'm kind of nervous. You know.
Seeing these people after all
these years.'re such a little
Man, you left like fifteen
years ago.
No one's gonna recognize you
now. You're old.
Dude, I speak the truth, man.
Get on it! I'm frick'n
It's not like a prom date!
Food! Food!
Okay, okay.
I'm hungry. Hungry.
Thank you...
It was nice of you to look
me up.
I wasn't sure I should bother
you. It's been so long.
It's no bother.
What brings you all the way
out here?
I just had to get away.
You thought you'd check up
on the old place, huh?
Maybe look up some old friends.
Yes, Ma'am.
Well, welcome back.
It's nice to be back.
Wish I could remember back that
I was about fifteen.
I'd probably still be living
If my dad hadn't taken a job
in the city.
Well, the town hasn't changed
that much.
I bet you could find a few
people you used to know.
I don't expect many of them
moved away.
Actually, I was wondering about
What he's up to these days?
I wasn't very good about
staying in touch.
You sound like a man with a
I...when I left he was working
part-time at the diner.
He still cooks there in the
mornings. The breakfast shift.
He also has a little business
with his cousin.
They fix cars and tractors.
That kind of thing.
Plus, he helps out at the
local horse ranch.
Wow, he never left town.
He's a sweety. He stops by
every day or two.
He brings supper. We watch
Wheel of Fortune.
I thought he'd be doing
something else by now...
or moved away.
He worked in that diner after
and on weekends all the time
growing up.
He worked hard to save up for
He was always taking about how
he was going to college.
He wanted more than a cowboy
He worked all those rodeos just
to get more college money.
When he'd rather be doing
something else.
I expect with all those jobs he
does, it earns him enough.
There's nothing lazy about Kyle.
He's had a pretty rough life
growing up.
We've all had our tough times
I expect.
I'd like to see him get out
more, but...
I guess that's not easy in a
small town.
Not like the old days. Mostly
pool halls and bars now.
He just lives a few blocks
from here.
He has a small place, but he's
made it real nice.
He's usually home, or at his
cousin's place.
If you see his old pickup
you'll know he's there.
I bet he'd be real surprised
to see you again...
after all these years.
He could use a good friend.
I think he gets lonely
(train whistle, signal)
(footsteps heard)
Hello. Yeah, I'll be right with
Need some work done?
Uh, no. I'm a friend of Kyle's.
I'm looking for him.
Uh, Kyle's inside ordering some
You're welcome to go in and
Well, I'm Kyle's cousin, Heath.
I'm Jake.
Wow! Pretty busy, huh?
Yeah, yeah. Makes us a little
Good for bars and women.
You're from the city, huh?
Yeah. How'd you guess?
I see you were smart enough
to get out of this town.
Oh, I don't know. I kind of
like it.
People are a lot friendlier.
Yeah. I reckon that's true. No
car jackings around here.
(knock on door)
(knock on door)
Yeah, it's Kyle. Just checking
on that heater core I ordered.
So it'll be here by Friday?
Sounds good to me. Alrighty. you doing?
Great, thanks.
Sorry about the hand.
You need some work done? Can
probably get you in tomorrow.
Well, this is gonna be a
shock to you.
Don't I know you?
It's me, Kyle. Jake.
My best bud! From when we were
kids! Oh my gosh!
You need to sit down...
I wasn't sure I should be here.
But I wanted to see you.
Sorry to give you such a shock.
Oh,'s just been such
a long time.
Well, uh...let me give you a
hug, buddy.
Can't believe you're standing
Thought I'd never see you again.
Yeah, me neither.
Little Jake. Standing right
Well, what brings you back here?
I wanted to see my old buddy.
Just needed to get back to
where I was raised.
Well can I get you something to
No, thanks. I'm fine.
Well uh, what are you up to
these days?
I work in the movie business.
Movies huh? Well, good for you.
Never thought you'd wind up in
that business.
Bet it's a lot of fun.
Oh, it's okay. It ages you.
Your aunt was telling me you're
doing well for yourself, too.
You've got the business here.
Still working with the horses.
Doing some cooking...
Oh it's okay. Keeps me busy. I
like to stay busy.
Well it's sure good to see you. staying for a while?
Yeah. A few days. want to get together
I mean, unless maybe you have
other plans.
I came to see you. I'm free to
do whatever you want.
We've got a lot of years to
catch up on.
I'm sure sorry to hear about
your mom.
Oh, uh...thanks.
I always liked her.
Yeah. She was sick for a while.
It just finally got to her.
You know, I...still think
about you, sometimes.
I wonder what you're up to.
Hope you're doing okay.
Hell, I just thought I'd
never see you again. you are.
So yes. Maybe getting together.
That'd be great. Maybe I can
cook us some supper.
Get me a good home-cooked
meal? Sure.
So...about seven sound good?
Yeah, uh yes. Seven, sounds
It's really good to see you
It's really good to see you
again, Kyle.
So uh, I'll see you later
tonight, then?
Yeah. Seven. Supper. Here.
Alright. I'll have it ready.
Well, I'll be seeing you
See you later!
(door closes)
Wow. You did all this for me.
Oh, it's nothing.
I could've picked you up at
your place.
I'm just a few bocks away.
I enjoyed the walk.
I really appreciate you
having me over for supper.
I miss those days.
It's all different when we
grow up.
I haven't had a meal like
this since I left here.
It's a regular okie supper.
You've made a real nice
place here for yourself.
I like it...a lot.
It ain't much, but it's home.
Don't you eat at home?
Buddy, this is great fixins.
This whole day is great.
So you're staying for a while.
Then it's back to Hollywood?
Yeah. I guess so.
Maybe I could show you around
town. How things have changed.
Yeah, that would be great.
I see you still have the same
old pickup truck.
Lot of memories with that
Oh...around here I don't need
anything to show off with.
Don't know what I'd get. New
trucks are so expensive.
Uh, anything fun go on around
here. In small town America?
Not much anymore. I just do
my thing.
I get together with the guys
We shoot some pool. Have some
I visit with my aunt a few
times a week.
I might have a friend over.
Rent us a movie.
Hang out with my cousin
Heath, mostly.
Hell...I was even gonna get
married there for a while.
You look a little surprised.
Uh, no...I You
were gonna get married.
Good for you.
I guess it wasn't supposed
to be.
She went to the market one
day and never came back.
She did leave me a letter on
my windshield though.
Hell, I probably shouldnt
even been getting married.
To her, anyways.
I did try to find you.
So I could make you my best
You did that for me? Sorry I
wasn't around.
Oh hey. That's no big thing.
It is to me! We were best
We were gonna grow up and
see the world together.
I don't know. I just got so
caught up in life there...
I kept saying I was going
to call or write or...
It wasn't fair to you.
You know, I had these
feelings. I was a kid.
Maybe, maybe I didn't know
what I was supposed to do.
I had these feelings about
And I...well I just left
that all back here.
I think about this place.
This life. Us, as friends.
You ever think about moving
back here?
Getting outta that noisy city.
Sure be nice having you back
here again.
But I, guess that's where
you have to be.
'Cause that's where the
movies are made.
Yeah...most of the time.
Hey, you want another beer?
Oh, I don't know.
I just had to figure things
weren't gonna be different.
So what about college. You
never got to go?
With mom getting so sick...
There was just too many
things that came up.
I said I'd put it off for a
year to take care of her.
Work all I could. Help pay
the bills.
After a year she just got too
weak, tired of living like that.
I couldn't blame her for
wanting to go.
I know I couldn't live like
that myself.
She really liked you, though.
She talked about you all the
She always said there was
something kind about you.
Anyway, I was left with all
those medical bills.
It was such a mess.
Thousands of dollars.
I even had to sell the family
house to pay off the bills.
I rent this little place
right now.
Don't know if I'll ever
get 'em paid off.
I do what I can. dream of college...
That other life, outside
this place...
It just wasn't gonna happen.
Anyway...I do what I can.
I'm just a cowboy.
(turns engine off)
Thanks for a great time, oh and,
thanks for bringing me back.
You're welcome. I couldn't let
you walk back in the rain.
Man, I have not had that much
fun since I left here.
Yeah, it was kinda fun.
Anyway, it was a nice thing
to do.
Be a lot more fun times
if you could visit more.
Oh yeah, I will.
Or maybe I could come visit
You in the city, Kyle?
I don't know.
I... don't think you'd
care much for it.
Yeah. Probably not.
Heck. Been here so long I
wouldn't know what to do.
So many people try to run
from their small town life.
You know.
They think there's always
something better.
You know, I was thinking about
all those years back...
How we were becoming more
close as friends.
Shoot. That was such a long
time ago.
(nervous ) Yeah, well it's
getting late.
we can talk tomorrow.
Maybe you can show me around.
Sure! That'd be okay. Whatever you
want to do is fine by me.
Well, I guess I better get inside.
I know you've gotta
get up early and all.
Yeah. That 5 AM does come early.
Man, all these years. Early
everyday, huh?
Yeah...all these years.
Well thanks again, buddy.
See you tomorrow?
Hey, Jake...
Are uh, are you...uh...
uh...sleep well, bud.
Yeah. You too.
Sorry to leave you alone again.
Hope you're finding things to do.
No worries, man. I'm kind of
digging this vacation thing.
And this town has some history, so...
Not every day I get to hang out in the country
with my best friend, so it's not bad.
I'm gonna be hanging out with
Kyle some more.
Oh yeah?
Nice! Don't worry man, I've got it
covered. I figure dinner and dessert...
Some beers down at the local pub.
You know, shoot some pool.
Maybe uh...
find me some cute local girls.
You know how I do it.
Yeah, right. Alright. Just,
you know what? Be careful, alright?
I don't want you to end up in
the hospital.
Some of those girls... Just make sure
they don't have boyfriends.
You're so lame, you know that?
I mean you're just no fun, whatsoever.
If it'll make you feel better
I'll just have a few drinks...
Stare at some people...
Come home, jerk-off on your
If I meet some hot local chick...
I'll make sure she's unattached.
You happy with your life?
- What?
- Are you happy?
The choices you've made. The
day to day routine?
I think so. I mean, I'm not sure
anyone is truly happy.
Yeah...I'm content.
That makes me think. What's
the meaning of life?
Most people just take from the
world. They never give back.
In the end, you're just left a
shell of a man.
I don't want the last line of
my life to be...
Why do I feel like there's
something missing.
I want to say I did good in
life. I made a difference.
Like my grandpa. He was a
simple man. Raised poor, but...
I used to always tease him.
About driving around town with
coupons, just to save a few cents.
But he'd always come home with
a trunkful of food...
More stuff than we'd need. I
never understood why.
One day I was riding my bike
down the street...
I see him walk to this house
where some poor people live.
He has this bag of groceries.
He hands it to the wife.
She starts crying, man.
Yeah...I think that's the
meaning of life.
It really is that simple,
isn't it?
Yeah. Yeah it is, man.
Beautiful isn't it.
Sure is.
I used to get up here a lot.
Get'n away from everything
helps me think.
I don't get up here much
I hoped to build a house
here sometime. I don't know.
Maybe someday.
Oh, there's still time.
Oh I guess. Maybe so.
You know, I was thinking
about all those years.
Each of us not knowing what
each other's life was like.
How we could've helped each
other out.
Guess I think too much.
Thinking's good.
Growing up I was always late
on taking chances.
I guess we're all a little
afraid at times, I reckon.
Yeah, and then when we
figure it out, we're old.
I'm gonna be a terrible old
I'm gonna be one of those
That talks about the past all
the time, you know, that says...
''I had to walk ten miles just
to get to the train station...
to ride it into town to get
a sack of tater chips.
Then I'd get 'em home, and
they'd be the wrong brand.
It's nice to see you laughing.
I feel like you don't get to
do it that much.
It's getting kinda late. I
think it's gonna rain.
We'd better get home. It's gonna get dark.
I know you don't like the dark much.
I still think about those
Yeah. I didn't want you to think I
forgot about those days.
That night.
That's okay. That's in the past.
No, it was part of our life then.
and I know with me get'n married and all,
you must be wondering.
Yeah. I kind of wonder.
That's what you were gonna ask
me last night.
If I was a big homo?
I didn't exactly think that.
We still know each other
pretty well.
Ahh. What do you say we go cook us
an Okie supper?
Sounds good to me.
(rain pouring, door closes)
(rain pouring, door closes)
Holy cow, it's coming down!
- Yeah, man!
Here you go.
These thunderstorms come up
I'll get us some clothes.
Now I'm getting cold.
Here you go.
This gets warm in a hurry.
I don't remember it being this
cold this time of year.
Didn't used to be. Last few
years it's been getting colder.
Yeah. It even snowed
around this time last year.
Really? In October?
Yeah, everyone was really surprised.
You warming up?
Yeah. I'm gettin' toasty.
How's your friend Steve get'n
along? He's welcome here.
Thanks, you know, he's...
He's sleeping in a lot.
Gets out, gets dinner, checks out the town.
Goes to the bars.
I think he's looking for a
little lady, you know.
Told him just make sure she
doesn't have a man already.
That's good.
He's a tough guy, but I don't think
he'd fair too well against good ol' boys.
You were close with your mom?
Oh. Yeah...
We'd spend hours together sometimes,
just talking about anything.
Probably nothing that mattered.
but, we did have some good times.
Sometimes I'll go to pick up
the phone to call her.
But then I remember, I can't.
Or I'll be driving. I'll drive
by the house...
like I'm gonna go see her.
But I can't do that either.
Someone else living there.
It's okay to be sad sometimes, you know.
Life just sucks at times.
I'm sorry that, you know...
That I wasn't around when your
It's gonna bother me that you had to
go through that alone.
Nobody should be alone.
Yeah. No one should be alone.
It's been a long time since
that night we went camping.
I wasn't sure you remembered
or cared to remember it, but...
The day I left here, I uh...
I really did leave a part of
me, and uh...
I don't know if you...
I can't know for sure how you feel or...
If you feel about me, the way
that I feel...
The way I feel...
You know what, I'm sorry.
I should go.
No. Don't go.
I really don't ever want you
to leave.
It's just been so long since
I was never with any man.
So I'm...not sure
what to do here.
Look Jake. I can't offer a
person much.
You deserve better. Well I...
(anxious, nervous)
I forgot to get this stuff
to my aunt this morning.
I'll be back in a little while. I'll make us
some supper when I get back.
(door closes/raining)
(door opens/closes )
- Kyle, that you?
- Yeah, it's me.
Brought your things by.
Thanks sweety. I'll put 'em
away tomorrow.
What's going on around here?
Just the usual. Your friend
still visiting?
Yep. I think he's heading back in
another day.
I'm gonna cook us a late supper
when I get back.
You can take the rest of the cake.
It's been out long enough.
How you two getting along?
Oh, it's fine. Having him back
here has been real nice.
He seems like a good man.
- Yeah, he is.
I think it's wonderful the way he came
all this way out here to see you.
Not much fun to do here.
I'm trying to keep him from
get'n bored.
I'm sure he's not going to get bored.
He just likes spending time with you.
You seem like maybe
something's bothering you.
You know, you can talk to me
about anything. I'm happy to listen.
I guess at times, I could talk
to someone about things.
I guess I worry about you.
Promised your momma I'd look
out for you.
and I know how you miss her.
The talks you two used to have.
We all need someone to talk to.
I still miss my little William.
But I talk to him everyday.
Life has to go on. A person
has to be strong, I reckon.
I was hoping now that you have
your friend back...
You'd have some fun in your
There I go again.
Interfering in your business.
No, it's okay. I could use some
advice sometimes.
I just never talk about much.
Who's William? I don't mean to
pry, but I...
never heard you talk about him.
You don't want to hear about
my past.
Sure I do.
Well, I was married a long time ago.
I was only 16. William was his name.
He'd get teased because he was
short. But he was a tough man.
He was always after me to
go out with him. All the time.
He'd send me flowers and candy.
Life was so much better then. It was simple
People were more decent then.
Or maybe I was too simple a
person to see the bad.
Anyway, I finally gave in to
him chasing me.
He courted me for a few months.
Everything was like a dream.
It would only be better if he
would ask me to marry him.
He asked me one beautiful
Saturday afternoon.
We were sitting on the porch swing,
watching the neighborhood children.
He gave me a ring, right there.
I hesitated for a few moments.
He thought I was gonna say no.
His face got so sad.
But I let out a big yes!
- You really had him going.
- I sure did.
So we got married. Practically
everyone in town was there.
Then came the children.
We had two beautiful boys.
I feel so bad. All these years...
and I never asked you much about
your life.
We all just stay too busy.
Those days are long gone.
But you've lived alone ever
since I can remember.
That's what the war did to me.
It took my William away from me.
Nothing would keep him from
protecting his country.
I never wanted to marry again.
He was my only love.
My best friend.
Then the Vietnam war
came later.
Took one of my beautiful sons.
He was my little William.
Dear God, I hate these wars...
But I'll see them both again
Kyle McAllister, you listen to me!
You've lived your alone time
long enough!
I want to see you happy.
You understand me?
Yes Ma'am.
Every day that goes by, is a day
that's gone forever from your life.
I want you to start being the
man you really are.
You're like a son to me.
I'm gonna make darn sure you
grow old a happy man.
Life's gonna kick you in the rear,
but you have to go along with it.
To hell with what people
might think!
So, you do know about me?
I guess you've known for a
long time, then.
It's just been so hard
hiding it.
I've tried to find a way to
live with it, but...
You listen to me.
That's just who you are.
You be proud of that.
And you make
your momma proud.
That she has
such a sweet son.
who's turned out to be
such a wonderful man.
Well, now that that's over with,
you'd better get that supper made.
A man doesn't like to be
kept waiting on his food.
(knock on door)
(knock on door)
Come in. It's cold out there.
I'm sorry to bother you.
- It's okay. Kyle's not here right now.
- Oh.
Oh, uh, yeah. I can come
back by later.
You're welcome to wait.
Can I offer you some coffee?
Oh, no, no thank-you .
I shouldnt be here long. Umm...
Is there anything I can help you with?
Kyle will be back shortly.
He was gonna leave me
something. A box, or a sack.
He just gets things for me
at the end of each week.
Oh, know what,
it could be in his truck.
Oh, okay umm. Well, I guess
uh...that's okay.
I could come back tomorrow
or, I could come back later.
Are you okay?
Oh yeah. No, I'm fine. It's
just been a rough month.
Is this it?
Yes! Oh...thank you so much.
I don't know what I would do
without Kyle.
Been kind of rough, huh?
This really helps out me
and the kids.
He's been a good friend.
Well, umm...
I guess you're visiting Kyle?
Yeah. Visiting from the city.
Enjoying the few days that I've been here.
I guess it's different from
the city, huh?
Yeah, it is.
I almost moved once.
Well, married. Had
You know...
uh...things didn't work out?
Well, no. He left us a while
He' a new family now.
The new family gets a the
benefits of a better father.
The old family gets nothing.
I do what I can. I have two
The boys work after school.
We do okay.
Especially with
friends like Kyle.
I guess I'd better get going.
Didn't mean to bore you with
my life.
No, no. I enjoyed listening.
You seem like a nice person.
Thanks. You do too.
You sure you're okay? You
need a ride?
Oh no, no. I'm fine now.
Thank you, again.
Uh wait. Wait one second.
I don't want you to think of
this as charity.
Just one friend helping
What? No! No, I can't take
that! I can't. (chokes up)
It's okay. Just put it away
for when you need it.
It's a gift, okay?
Thank you...
Well was nice
meeting you...
It's nice meeting you, too.
Maybe I'll see you again.
You never know.
Life has a funny way of
working out, doesn't it.
Thank you...thank you.
- Thanks again.
- Night.
Here you go, sir. I'll
get supper going.
I can help with supper.
Something I need to say.
Look Jake, I know I can
never be the man you are.
I'll never be as smart or
the same level as you.
I don't have good taste
in fancy clothes or furniture.
I'm just a poor country
man who can't offer much.
I can cook, fix cars and
ride a horse.
But that's not really
the person you need.
And I know you're gonna
be leaving soon.
And I'm gonna miss you.
Don't know if we'll ever
see each other again.
Maybe if you come visit
now and then.
But I know how I feel now.
I know how I always did
I was always thinking
about you over the years.
Wondering what would've
happened all those years ago.
I just hurt so bad when
you left that day.
So if you ever did
decide to move back here...
I'd try to be the best
person I could be.
But I know that ain't
Well, I guess that's all
I had to say.
I've thought about this
every second.
You know. How I've felt
since I've been back here.
All those years...
Going through my life
every day, and you...
Never knowing how much
it hurt to leave you.
You are perfect. Just
the way you are.
And don't ever let
anyone tell you you're not.
I'm no better than you.
We've just lived
different lives.
I'm still that same
little kid...
you used to go swimming
That you used to go
riding with.
If I could live here...
I would.
So, that's exactly what I'm
gonna do.
Move back here. And live with you.
Where I belong.
You'd do all that just
for me?
What can I say. You can
What about your job?
It's the modern age, you
I can make movies
anywhere, even here.
That's what planes are
So it can really work?
My friends will all think
I'm crazy.
But it'll work.
I love you, Jake.
Hey Kyle, you up yet?
You gonna seep all day?
Man, you should have seen this
girl last night.
She comes right up to me
and grabs my ass...
I don't remember much
after that. (chuckles)
How come you're not up?
You sick or something?
Let's go.
Holy fuck!
Oh my God! You're a big
fucking homo!
Let me explain!
I don't need you to explain.
Just stay away from me!
Can't we just talk!
Heath! Wait up, man!
Heath! Wait up, man!
I don't need you to
explain to me.
I might just be a dumb
country boy.
But I know a fag when I
see one.
I know what this is about!
That fucking man came here
from the city!
It's not like that!
Just the way things always
were with me.
No Goddamn way!
You and me were best
Everything was fine 'til
he showed up.
So don't tell me you was
always like this.
- Get your fucking hands off me!
You some kind of, what!
What are you, huh?
Is every cowboy now one
of them broken back cowboys!
Jesus Christ Kyle, what's
gonna happen to you now?
You're the only family I
We're still cousins, Heath.
We're still best buds.
I guess it'll take a while
'till we can work things out.
Guess you feel better, now.
Yeah, a little.
This ain't the way it's
supposed to be.
There ain't no easy thing
about this.
You don't know what it was
like for me all those years.
Keeping it a secret.
Afraid what people might
I still got some good life
ahead of me!
And I ain't gonna waste it
You don't understand. I was
never really happy.
I had no life!
Well, what's gonna happen now?
I'm still me!
I'm still gonna live my life
like I always have.
Maybe this time, I can live
a little better off.
Oh, I don't know, man...
It's gonna take a while to
get used to it.
I don't get it. You're a
regular tough cowboy.
You could have any girl in
They're always asking about
I guess you are kind of
Don't you make me fucking
I got a gun in there. I'll
kill you dead right now!
Whatever you say.
I gotta get home.
Me and Jack Daniels needs
some alone time.
You ever wonder what it's
all about?
The world. The universe.
Why we're here?
Yeah. Every day of my life.
Wondering, are we in the
middle of space?
Just to be alone?
Yeah. Are we alone? Where
do we go from here?
The big question.
Ever hear from your dad?
My dad?
I was hoping to forget about
that part of my life.
He showed up at mom's funeral.
All those years later.
But he was never there for me
as a kid.
And after the way he treated
me and my mom...
I couldn't see any reason to
start being buddies now.
So you'll be leaving tomorrow
Yep. Get'n on the road early.
To get things started as soon
as I get back.
A lot of people are gonna be
They won't understand how I
can leave it all behind.
But you know what? It's okay.
They don't have to understand.
We all have our way of
thinking about life.
It's up to each person, to
find what makes them content.
You know...
What they can get out of life.
We're stuck with the life we
I guess it's up to us to
make the best of it.
And by my calculations...
I've got probably another 38 years...
Before I move on to the great
You're keeping a calendar of
it, huh?
Oh, I just figure if I'm gonna
make the most of my life...
I'd better make it all count...
from now on.
That's a good way of thinking
about it.
(Jake sighs)
(Kyle sighs)