Arjun Patiala (2019) Movie Script

Total Five Songs. Five.
Is it a female-orientated film?
No, sir. It's a complete
male-orientated film.
Is there a female-lead?
Of course.
He means is she young,
dynamic, romantic...
It's all there, sir.
Well, I don't like to brag but...
you won't stop laughing.
We have five villains.
And they are definitely not as extras.
You can have all the action you want.
- Sunny...
- Yes, sir.
We will shoot during summer...
in broad daylight.
Sunny Leone.
Well, you don't need to ask twice.
I'll create a situation...
you just take care of the budget.
You are on.
We start shooting tomorrow.
- Action.
- But you haven't heard the story yet.
I've been making
films for 3 generations.
And never heard a single script.
I nearly starved for
three years to finish this script...
Please, sir.
Listen sir.
Go ahead.
- You mean it?
- Go on.
- Okay, sir.
- Go ahead...
So the story begins...
Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen...
Welcome to the National Judo
Championship 2018 North Zone finals.
The winners in their weight category...
will be recruited by the Police Force.
As a Sub-Inspector.
Allocated from the sports division.
Here comes my boy.
Before we begin today's
wrestling competition...
I would like to request Inspector Gill,
who also happens to be popular wrestler...
to address the crowd.
"All play and no work
makes Jack a dull boy..."
I've issued a non-bailable warrant
against whoever perceived this saying.
Because... I was recruited
on the Force through Sports.
Focusing on your studies is important...
but sports is just as crucial!
- Hello, sir.
- Congratulations.
- Bravo.
- Smile, please...
Sir, where am I getting posted?
Soon. Soon.
Sir, where am I getting posted?
Your posting.
You want to know your posting.
Ask your coach.
Sir, where am I getting posted?
Sir, I...
Jai Hind, Inspector.
Officer-in-Charge, District Ferozpur.
- Sir.
- Congratulations.
"Paaji Cool..."
"Paaji Cool..."
"Paaji Cool..."
"He's so cool."
"He's a classic hero..."
"and all the girls hover around him."
"Paaji Cool..."
"Paaji Cool..."
"He's so cool."
Cut. Cut. Cut.
And now a word from our sponsors.
Five... six... seven and...
"He's a lover..."
"He's a lover..."
"He is..."
"Paaji Cool..."
"Paaji Cool..."
"He's so cool."
"Paaji Cool..."
Jai Hind, sir.
Head Constable, Prem Lal.
what do you think of your new Inspector?
Looking fine, sir.
Looking okay.
Honestly speaking...
I've seen inspectors come
and go in my 40-years of service...
but never seen anyone
as dashing as you.
And you never will.
- Attention.
- Yes, sir.
Easy bro, easy.
Take One, Clap.
And Action.
Sir... slow motion, please.
Slow... Slow...
Take two, clap.
And Action.
Greetings, Mother.
Look at you, son.
God bless.
The world's filled with cunning people.
Worse than you.
We don't need to meddle
in anyone's affair.
- Understood.
- Really?
But I am the Police.
The Police mean nothing,
the nonsense of the past tense.
It takes hardly a
minute to lodge a case.
Do you want me to resign?
No need my naive son.
Just... Mr. Patiala.
Your son's just got a permanent job...
don't make plans to
go on a permanent vacation.
In excitement.
- Good one.
- Come on.
Your son needs your blessings.
Here you go.
You call this a blessing.
People give solid advice,
but I gave him liquid.
Because winter is coming...
and he will need time to scout
all the wine shops.
- Right, Patiala.
- Can I leave?
The Police job is permanent, isn't it?
Yes. All the more reason
to find a beautiful wife.
If I was just a guard, then I would've
ended up with someone like this.
Is this what you've been teaching him?
That reminds me...
I forgot to give him my advice.
Go ahead... the one with Alexander.
Try to win people's heart, son...
because even Alexander died
alone after conquering over the world.
Amazing, father.
I never heard such
sound advice before.
Another one...
The poor wait all their
life awaiting judgement.
Try to ensure that they justice on time.
Arjun Patiala is now in the house.
No more waiting for judgement.
Justice will be served.
"Make a large..."
"Make a large peg for me..."
"Be my..."
"Be my sweetheart... forever."
"And I'll celebrate... like
it's Diwali."
"Take a good look at me,
and my efforts."
"I am naive and my
intentions are clear."
"I've been waiting for ages."
"Make a large..."
- Bro...
- Yes.
She is fully ripe.
Should we grab her?
My thoughts exactly.
But you see...
I can't drink on the rocks.
How about we add some water?
Go ahead.
- What happened?
- He poured water on me.
That was fun.
Enough, sir.
Your ration, sir.
We've been robbed.
We've been robbed. Police. Police.
Sonny boy, he is the Police.
Don't call him back.
Gunnu, what's the rate of your chicken?
110 rupees a kilo?
Really? Is it really that cheap?
Are you going to pay?
Of course... not!
You misunderstand.
Can't a guy even ask?
Not the door again.
Here's your early bird...
Will it be sauted or with gravy?
Make whatever you like...
just make it lavish.
- I think you got extra this time.
- Okay, sir.
The Police always get a little extra.
The new inspector is arriving today.
Tell me something I don't know.
I've seen inspectors come and go.
What do we do with her?
Kamraj sir,
I don't care who the Inspector is...
but Onidda's buffalo
is staying right here.
- Yes.
- Right, Victoria.
She is a lucky buffalo.
Jai Hind, sir.
They are HK.
Haram Khor.(RASCALS)
Yes, sir.
Tie 3.2-kilo bricks around their neck.
- And make them clean the place.
- Yes.
Introduce yourselves.
She is one of us.
And you are...
Your head constable, Onidda Singh.
You see, my three older sisters
and my mother wanted a TV set.
And back then Onidda was
the most recent television set.
Mother used to stitch
clothes for a living...
and saved the money in a piggy bank.
We were only 400 rupees away
from buying a brand new tv set.
But my father was unemployed.
And completely useless.
One day he broke the piggybank
and splurged all the money on booze.
That same night my older sisters
went over to my uncle's place.
Dad was drunk and couldn't
control his feelings...
and they had me instead of a TV.
And mother named me
Onidda after her favorite TV.
Very sad story
but there was no
need for an explanation.
Now show me around.
Follow me, sir.
These are our guests, sir.
Junkies, alcoholics, thieves...
Beg your pardon, sir.
Bad Characters.
- Where is my room?
- Upstairs.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Your personal computer, sir.
Yes, my personal computer.
Do you know how to use it?
- Like the back of my hand.
- Come on.
- Sir, just turn that switch on.
- Yes...
Get up.
Turn the switch on...
I'll turn you own.
Don't you know how to, sir?
Of course, I do.
The Boss only press "Enter".
Like this.
What else do we have in our area?
It's a very small area, sir.
There are 5 banks.
Those 5 banks have 15 ATMs.
10 restaurants...
out of which 3 serve vegetarian
and the rest serve non-vegetarian.
How many wine shops?
And three out of them
are government approved.
How many illegal?
I think sir is weak in maths too.
Oh, no.
I think she is in some kind of trouble.
Then she is the
government's responsibility.
Call her up...
And another thing...
Breathe out.
I rented out my shop to some people.
In New Market.
- And we also had an agreement.
- "Just like one needs to breathe..."
- We had an 11-month agreement.
- "Just like one needs to breathe..."
- " stay alive..."
- I even put up a board there.
But they are refusing to leave.
- The agreement is over, they should leave.
- "All I need a sweetheart to fall in love."
Please tell me... can you help?
Please tell me... can you help?
Madam, can you please repeat.
I have a shop in New Market.
And I let some people
rent it 14-months ago.
I see...
We had an 11-month agreement.
The agreement's over,
and so is my course.
What course.
I was doing a beautician course
to start my own beauty parlour.
That's exactly what I
was planning to do... in my shop.
But they are refusing to leave.
They say that I should
file a case instead.
There won't be any court cases.
Only justice.
Myself, Arjun Patiala.
Baby Narula.
- Nice to meet you, Arjun.
- Same here.
- Onidda Singh.
- Hello.
Baby, your number.
9211... 84... 86... 88...
Okay, see you.
See you.
- See you later.
- Definitely.
Don't you think you were too direct?
Where is my tea?
What about them, sir?
You said tie bricks around the neck
and make the clean the Police Station.
3.2 Kg...
Healthy Baby weight.
When it's time for delivery.
I am sure you two weighed the same.
Tired already?
But I am sure your
mothers didn't get tired.
They bore you two for 9-months.
You should have thought of her and
dropped the idea of teasing that girl.
Women should be respected...
they are not some object.
Look wise guy,
even I have a heart...
I am vigorous.
Be polite with her.
But if she ignores,
then stop right there.
Sorry, sir... Sorry, sir...
When you really feel
ashamed of what you've done...
then you can take those bricks
off and go back home to your mothers.
Straight from the heart.
Get out.
Hurry up. Quickly. Now!
- But I have an agreement.
- Those sir's orders.
Get out now, now...
And now, sir...
for absolutely no reason.
Item Number.
"She parties all night..."
"parties all night."
"She parties all night..."
"She parties all night..."
"Looks like a hottie."
"She parties all night..."
"Looks like a hottie."
"She breaks hearts..."
"She breaks every decent guy's heart."
"Makes them spend all their money on her."
"O, my sweetheart..."
"stole heart."
"My beloved..."
"robbed me clean."
"O, my sweetheart..."
"stole heart."
"My beloved..."
"robbed me clean."
"Hair like gold dust..."
"but heart like a stone."
"Tasty like sweet porridge..."
"her beauty pierces my heart."
"Hair like gold dust..."
"but heart like a stone."
"Tasty like sweet porridge..."
"her beauty pierces my heart."
"O, my sweetheart..."
"My beloved..."
"She breaks every decent guy's heart."
"She spends faster you can think."
"She breaks every decent guy's heart."
"Makes them spend all their money on her."
"O, my sweetheart..."
"stole heart."
"My beloved..."
"robbed me clean."
"O, my sweetheart..."
"My beloved..."
Careful. Careful.
Seems like a busy day.
Mr. Chopra,
meet our new station in-charge.
Arjun Patiala.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Can I interest you in
something for sister-in-law?
You seem to be in a lot of hurry.
He's still single.
See you.
Can I pack a pair for sister-in-law?
Even you seem to be in a hurry.
He's still single. Understand.
Make the next one spicier.
Madam, what's the time?
Only a minute before you get a slap.
Let's go.
Did they comment on you?
This is serious?
Are you feeling okay?
I noticed that those boys
were passing comments on you.
- You can always tell me...
- Yes...
Because I am very short-tempered.
Our boss is always is first to
arrive wherever there's trouble.
Our new station in-charge.
Unbelievable, sister.
Since when did the Police
start recruiting handsome men?
Myself Sub-Inspector Arjun Patiala.
National Level Judo Champion.
With you... For you... Always.
It's our slogan.
It's written on our car as well.
Myself, Ritu Randhawa.
Faster than lightning.
I am a journalist.
You see... even our slogan's
printed on our vehicle.
I see...
What's the hurry, Inspector?
You can have my number later.
No... SSP sir is calling.
- I see...
- Answer it.
Yes... Of course.
Jai Hind, sir.
I can see...
- It's ringing.
- I won't spare them.
I mean your phone's ringing.
Look at this.
SSP sir is calling again on my number.
Can't imagine the urgency...
Jai Hind, sir.
Hold on, sir...
You seem to be on an important call.
So... it's goodbye from me.
- Okay...
- Okay... That was too soon.
Sir, I think we'll have to revisit
the jeweller and shoe shop pretty soon.
Anything else, sir.
What can be better than her?
"Just like one needs to breathe..."
- " stay alive..."
- Onidda...
have you ever been in love?
I mean did your heart
ever beat for anyone.
That was rude.
This is all your fault, sir.
You struck a raw nerve.
I've been in love
more than a dozen times.
My heart's like the
red signal on the street.
Everyone breaks it.
Do you know why I go to weddings?
So that the groom's father
will ask for more dowry...
and the bride's family
will come up to me and say...
"Only you can save our honour."
Imagine my plight...
whenever I make a call,
it's always a guy who answers my call.
Hello. Hello. Hello...
I think for me finding a
girl is as difficult as...
getting the witness
to court safe and sound in old movies.
That was a very sad story.
But there was no
need for an explanation.
I have an advice for you.
Don't stop going to weddings
and don't stop calling.
Who knows when your
prayers will be heard...
like my has been.
Sir... that reminds me,
the DSP is arriving in the morning.
DSP who?
DSP Gill.
No one's above me, Onidda.
Sir, I think you're high.
I am in love, silly.
We'll find out in the morning.
- Maintain one arm distance.
- Yes... Yes...
Sir, I am sorry about last night.
- Okay.
- What for?
I got too emotional and
made you make drinks for me.
That wasn't right.
Doesn't matter.
Last night we were
just emotional and drunk.
Not Inspector and Constable.
But, sir, who was emotional
and who was drunk?
We already put that up once.
How many times are
you going to put that up?
- Take it out.
- Oh yes, sorry, sir.
- SI Arjun Patiala.
- Yes, sir.
- How was your experience in this area?
- It was fine.
He has been extremely productive.
He's the constable, sir.
Look Patiala,
maintain peace and order in the area.
Yes, sir.
Bring some tea.
When I was younger,
I thought I could change the world.
But as I grew up, I realised it takes
almost a lifetime to understand this world.
Now I have only one
dream Crime Free District.
My father had only one dream...
To see me as a Police Officer.
And you deserve all the credit
for making his dream come true.
Good, Patiala.
Your parent's dreams came true.
And now it's time to
fulfil my idol's dream.
You want a crime-free district,
then consider it done.
It's easier said than done, Patiala.
Many years ago,
I was exactly where you are...
and my senior gave me this same advice.
It's easier said than done, Patiala.
Maybe, but it's not impossible.
Don't worry.
The Police won't have to work hard...
but your dreams of a crime
free district shall soon be fulfilled.
What happened to you?
I was at the tender opening venue.
And a fight broke out.
I tried to break the
fight but they attacked me.
And said that I only break the law...
and don't remember them.
It's okay, sir.
I'll take him to the doctor.
Done. Done. Done.
- Mic.
- Hold the mic higher.
Do you want me to shove it up my nose?
Is this okay?
Come on.
As always,
the mighty are calling the shots...
and the Police are helpless.
And my cameraman has forgotten
to turn on the camera...
and I am tired of this.
Because someone must be standing
behind me, like they always do.
Who is this idiot? Get lost.
As always,
the mighty are calling the shots...
and the Police are helpless.
And as you can see,
Baldev Singh Rana and his henchmen...
are waiting for
the tender announcement.
And his terror has reached such
a level that even in broad daylight.
Boss... he's the new station in-charge.
Come along.
Since when did the Police
start recruiting kids?
who attacked the Police?
this cat and mouse
game is filled with risk.
You look like a good boy.
And good boys become Doctors,
Engineers, MBA...
You are absolutely right.
Good boys become doctors and engineers.
And do you know what bad boys become?
To keep the good boys safe.
He is still breathing.
Put him in the back of the jeep.
But don't report him yet.
This conversation isn't over yet.
The guy has got guts.
Didn't seem like it.
The Police has taken Baldev
Singh out of the equation...
- before he could cause trouble at the venue.
- Onidda, we are late.
Whether Baldev Rana wake up or not...
but the government
has finally woken up.
This is Ritu Randhawa,
with Cameraman Yash.
Tezz News.
Got it. Let's pack.
- Come on, wind up, wind up.
- Okay yeah.
Oh my, God. Oh my, God. Oh my, God.
What a surprise?
It's you.
By the way, I was looking for you.
I can see that.
But it seemed like you were
looking in the wrong direction.
I was here all the time.
I am so sorry.
Doesn't mind.
It's pretty common with you.
Sir, can I interest you
in something for sister-in-law?
How cute.
You will have your chance.
- You should keep more red bangles.
- Yes.
You are a big dreamer.
I have very big dreams.
One should have dreams, you know.
They come true.
- Then my dreams will come true too.
- Of course.
What is your dream?
- Do you really want to know?
- Yes.
A young, handsome, dynamic officer,
who floored a 6'4
guy like a bag of wool...
Is it possible?
Of course.
But an interview sounds really boring.
How about a conversation?
How did you decide to take
action against the contract mafia?
You see, they grabbed
one of our policemen and...
And said that we are
not scared of the Police.
So I gave them a reason to fear us.
I like your attitude.
So which crime are
you going to target next?
Well... just like a mother never
distinguishes among her children...
same with the Police.
We will treat all
of them in the same way.
Like a mother...
And a crime-free district
is my DSP sir's dream.
And... we...
I mean we will fulfil their dream.
Like a mother...
Crime free district is just not yours,
but our dream also.
That was sub-Inspector Arjun Patiala.
With you... For you... Always.
- Correct.
- You forgot something.
Ritu Randhawa, faster than...
This is Ritu Randhawa,
faster than lightning.
Faster than lightning.
That's what counts.
So its a goodbye.
When can we meet again, Ritu?
Keep... catching bad guys,
and we'll keep meeting.
Okay, fine,
What am I hearing, Onidda?
Are the Lawyers here?
They have, sir.
And they are already leaving.
There are your lawyers...
getting Baldev Rana out on bail.
If this continues, then we'll
have to let all the bad guys go.
No, Onidda. That's what they think.
Come on.
Actually, tell me about
all the criminals in our area.
Veterans, seasoned and amateurs.
Meaning International league,
IPL league, and Local ones.
- Ohh... I get it.
- Come on.
But sir, if I do all the job...
then what is sister-in-law for?
In the end, it's all
about loving your family.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Who gets married at the age of 31?
What 35?
You don't remember my birthday.
Sir, may I come in?
I don't care if everyone
likes my picture.
So sorry, but you know my mother...
By the way, what is your opinion?
Should I get married?
Did you call me for my opinion?
Your interview of SI Arjun...
Great coverage. Great rating.
Thank you, sir.
Anything else.
My feelings...
You know what I feel about Bhavna.
She has no focus on her work.
Her performance is
really bad this quarter.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll talk to her right now.
- Yes...
- Ritu.
Mom is making something special tonight.
I was thinking of throwing a small
get-together with the office colleagues.
Who else is coming, sir?
My mom...
Me of course.
And you...
Sir, I think you should get married.
And don't forget to invite me.
I'll get to meet your mother as well.
The Police are not worth being trusted...
but I am trusting you.
Don't break it.
This is three years of my hard work.
A database of all the main
criminals in this district.
Villain no. 1; Baldev Singh Rana...
The guy you recently knocked out.
First got addicted to drugs.
Then he made a business out of it.
And now he supplies
drugs all over the world.
Moving ahead... Dilbaug Singh.
If Baldev Singh Rana
is the king of spades...
then Dilbaug is the king of hearts.
Dilbaug Singh is in jail...
but he's calling the
shots from behind the bars.
The uncrowned king of crime...
Dilbaug Singh.
He's refusing.
One second.
If he's refusing, then just shoot him.
Yes... Not, you just...
Did you shoot him?
Huh... did you shoot...
You shot him too.
Have you two lost your minds?
Do you want to drive me out of business?
All okay, sir?
So much pain...
plus no hemoglobin.
And these two are sworn enemies.
To become the Alpha.
Any new talent.
You are the new talent on the block.
These guys are criminals.
There is a guy.
Stay back. Stay back.
Don't touch.
It's a touchscreen.
My father bought this for me.
Give me back my phone.
Who were you?
You don't look like
you belong to this school.
I belong to every school and college.
- Is this WhatsApp?
- That's Snapchat.
- The one with cat and dog emojis.
- And rabbits too.
- How about a pig?
- No.
Let me show you how.
You don't know me, but I do.
You are Mr.
Ahuja's son, who lives in Hari Nagar.
Is your father's number saved in it?
What did you save us?
Papa or daddy?
"Od man."
You save his number as "Old man".
Let me talk to him.
Hello, Mr. Ahuja.
Listen to this...
Listen carefully.
That's the apple of your eye screaming.
- And this is Sakool on the line.
- Papa...
Recognise me.
It's nothing serious?
Just a little cut...
with an icepick.
Return the money that you owe me.
Otherwise next time
the cut will be bigger...
and you won't be able to patch him up.
It's not that serious now.
Let me take a look. Be quiet.
He will be fine with a couple
of stitches. Bring the doctor along.
You see Mr.
Ahuja, never try to cheat Sakool?
And why did you buy such
an expensive phone for your kid?
Can I keep it?
Even I am like your son.
We'll chat on Snapchat using emojis.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Come on.
Sakool and his younger brother Anda.
Anda is a frequent visitor
to jail for petty cases.
And currently,
he's doing time for blackmail.
Basically, together these two
are as good as a small criminal gang.
So that's it.
I've seen good story-tellers.
But even narrate facts so well.
Thank you.
Everything is clear.
Thank God.
Go on, sir.
You know, Mr. Kumra. ASI Kumra.
Her daughter is getting married.
I would be really pleased
if you could come over.
Invitation from the Police?
No. The bride's brother.
You see, the bride's my neighbour
and also my childhood friend.
So I'll come on my own.
So Baldev Rana is in
the International League.
Dilbaug is in the IPL.
And Sakool is the emerging talent.
how about we pay him a visit?
"O, Sweetheart..."
Welcome, madam...
Welcome, madam... Please...
MP sir was on the line.
He wants you to arrange for
50 million rupees for party fund.
Bhatia sir, you're such a... loser.
Tell him that only corrupt
people give donations for party fund.
- I am a public servant.
- Yes.
- Daughter-in-law.
- Yes.
The fritter stalls are on that side.
Ask them for the recipe.
Yes, mother-in-law.
Your's don't turn out so good.
- Patiala.
- Sir.
- Come here.
- Sir.
What took you so long?
on our way here, we had a couple of...
Jolly good.
He was taking care of some
ruffians even on his way here.
Meet Patiala.
I was telling you about him.
Let me introduce you...
She is the MLA of our area.
Praapti Makkad.
- Oh... Property Makkar. (CHEATER)
- Hey...
Those are the local
boys with chalks and coal.
And they are getting
too creative these days.
We'll arrest all of them, madam.
Good for nothing.
Very cool.
Madam, he's a very talented officer.
He's been chasing after
bad guys since day 1 of his job.
- Thanks to your love and support, sir.
- That's all. Stop it.
Continue cleaning my path...
and even I will give you lots of love.
I mean... clear the streets.
Look, there is he.
Bijli se Tezz... channel's editor.
Hi sir.
"Check. Check."
"The beauty spot on your cheek..."
"your attitude steals my heart."
"My heart's in a dilemma..."
"come and see me tonight alone."
"The beauty spot on your cheeks..."
"your attitude steals my heart."
"My heart's in a dilemma..."
"come and see me tonight alone."
"My sweetheart..."
"Hear me, my love..."
"My sweetheart..."
"Hear me, my love..."
"Why is my heart in
a condition like this?"
"Because I am crazy for you..."
"Crazy for you..."
"I am an old lover."
"Crazy for you..."
"Because I am crazy for you..."
"Crazy for you..."
"I am an old lover."
"Crazy for you..."
"My sweet angel..."
"your body shines like a diamond."
"One in a million, baby girl."
"You make my heart skip a beat."
"My sweet angel..."
"your body shines like a diamond."
"One in a million, baby girl."
"You make my heart skip a beat."
"My sweetheart..."
"Hear me, my love..."
"My sweetheart..."
"Hear me, my love..."
"Why is my heart in
a condition like this?"
"Because I am crazy for you..."
"Crazy for you..."
"I am an old lover."
"Crazy for you..."
"Because I am crazy for you..."
"Crazy for you..."
"I am an old lover."
"Crazy for you..."
"I can even befriend the moon for you."
"And call him in our
backyard whenever you want."
"She speaks volumes from her eyes..."
"looks cutest among the lot,
that's my baby girl."
"She makes me restless..."
"grab my hand and let's go."
"You're crazy about me..."
"Crazy about me."
"You're my old lover."
"Crazy about me."
"Because you're crazy about me..."
"Crazy about me."
"You're my old lover."
"Crazy about me."
Sir... I can see your dreams
are on the verge of coming true.
How about we start making
DSP sir's dreams come true?
Hello, Sakool.
Come down.
Look who is here.
Sir, every inch of
this place feels blessed.
You bake bricks too.
I heard a lot about you.
And feel so blessed to finally meet you.
Greetings. Come. Please.
What would you like to have?
Never had Tea, coffee, canned juice.
Get some buttermilk.
Bring two buttermilk.
The government has
developed some bad habits.
- Bring more buttermilk.
- Of course.
Sir, everyone calls him Sakool.
But he looks more
Like play school to me.
- Hurry up.
- He's stupid.
- How much more?
- Can he do it?
Don't know.
But start preparing.
- Do you remember his order?
- Of course, I do.
The regular. Bring his order.
- Two whole chicken and fish fry.
- Almost done.
Mushroom Masala and Peas.
Please take my order first.
My mom's waiting.
Calm down, son. Calm down.
Or you might never make it home.
Look behind you.
It's death himself...
Oh, God... isn't that Baldev Rana?
Please introduce me to him,
I want to take his blessings.
Are you out of your mind?
Get lost.
Of course not, sweetheart.
Baldev Rana sir...
I feel blessed.
I am a big fan.
- Give me some advice too.
- No... Listen...
- You're such a big gangster...
- Billu... get rid of this runt.
I was saying you're
such a feared gangster...
- why are you still alive?
- Listen...
You bloody...
So... do you want to be a gangster too?
Brother, one should never
encourage such gangsters.
They put a bad impression
on school kids.
Is my order ready?
Sonny... bring his order.
Here it is.
I only have 2000 rupees.
"As we met..."
"Love blossomed..."
"There's nothing more I want from life."
He is still breathing...
"As we met..."
"Love blossomed..."
What film is it?
What film is it?
Good choice.
"You showered me with all
the love in the world."
"As we met..."
"Love blossomed..."
"There's nothing more I want from life."
"Nothing more..."
He's dead, sir.
Call the headquarters.
- Oh...
- Sir...
Sir... Vodka,
Local brew...
So many bullets.
Prepare a report.
- I've a question, Patiala.
- Yes, sir.
Why do weddings and accidents
happen only at night?
Some occasions feel better at night.
But... next time we'll
plan this in the morning.
- Bravo.
- Thank you, sir.
Our dreams are beginning to come true.
Yes, sir.
You continue, sir.
Sir... slow motion.
Because its time.
What's happening?
What do you mean that
there are no witnesses?
My foot.
Something's definitely fishy here.
Stop. Stop. Let's take a look.
Bhavna, I'll talk to the owner.
You cover the rest.
Harman, take a POV of
the crime scene and come soon.
- Patiala.
- Yes, sir.
- This is unbelievable.
- Yes...
- Listen to me.
- Yes.
Are the people going to make a scene?
- Not at all.
- Smile, please.
As long as the criminals
are dying and the innocent are safe...
everyone is happy.
That's true.
Maybe I spoke too soon.
Is she final?
Yes, sir.
Bravo. All the best.
- Go on.
- Thank you, sir.
I didn't come here
to sing a duet with you.
I clearly said this
is an official meeting.
Fine then,
let's write an official complaint.
Go ahead.
The other day I gave you
a rap-sheet of all the criminals.
I hope you're not cooking up something
by making them fight among themselves?
The Police always arrive late at the scene.
I know they are always late, but...
sometimes I feel it's intentional.
And what if it's true...
Then I'll have to be honest as well.
On TV, in court.
Court is the best
way to scare the Police.
This is the Court. Imagine...
And this is the Police.
So the Police can never do anything
wrong as long as they fear the Court.
The criminals are
fighting among themselves.
You don't worry.
Are you sure there's nothing else?
I must answer this.
- Hello, mom.
- You never call.
You don't write...
What is wrong with you?
Greetings, mother.
I am coming over tomorrow.
How is dadupapa?
He stole some kid's toy gun again.
And kept playing with it all night.
Tell him that his son's
bringing a real one tomorrow.
Really? Okay. Okay. Okay.
One more thing...
Give your mother a kiss.
Come on, son.
I am on duty right now, mother.
I am on duty.
Is it a crime to kiss your mother.
Now hurry up.
- Are you doubting me again?
- No.
This time I am assured.
That you must have a cute family.
That's true.
I am going to meet
my cute family tomorrow.
Come along if you want to.
- When are coming back?
- Same night.
I do like cute people a lot.
Fine, I'll come along then.
Then you must like me too.
My mom says I am very cute.
Let me see...
I can handle everything...
except for cuteness.
Let it be. The moment's over.
Honestly... the Police are never on time.
"I was walking down the lane..."
"where I met you."
"As our eyes crossed..."
"I fell in love with you."
"Let me say..."
"Let me say... what's in my heart."
"You are the only one I love..."
"For you, I fend against the world,."
"May we never part ways..."
"that's all I pray to God for."
"Come, sweetheart..."
"Let's go..."
"Let's go..."
"Let's go far... far away..."
"I was walking down the lane..."
"where I met you."
"As our eyes crossed..."
"I fell in love with you."
"Let me say..."
"Let me say..."
"Let me say... what's in my heart."
"Let me say..."
"Let me say... what's in my heart."
- Mother.
- Here we are.
- Hello, mother.
- Greetings.
Come here.
I must talk to you right now.
- Come with me. Come inside with me.
- Let me catch my breath.
Where is dadupapa?
To hell with your dad.
Come inside.
- Poor thing is trying to say hello...
- Come with me.
I've been waiting so long for you.
- Gun.
- No one listens.
Hold this.
What is your name, dear?
Ritu, what?
Uncle, please...
Actually, your hands are shivering so...
That's because I am happy, dear.
Look. She owns a beauty parlour.
Don't ruin my life for free pedicures.
That gun might misfire, uncle.
Let me take that.
This one is a national judo player.
I've quit judo, mom.
Come here.
What about her?
- Doesn't matter.
- Arjun.
Few months on a healthy diet
and she will be absolutely fine.
Look at her.
Look your hands are shivering.
Don't be scared.
He only plays with it, he never fires.
Maybe today is the day.
This rose will look
better in your new home.
But don't put on weight
after the wedding.
I won't put on weight, aunty.
I'll make your son run after me forever.
And you can give me some tips too.
- You don't look like one, but you are smart.
- "You are the only one I love..."
"For you, I fend against the world,."
"May we never part ways..."
"that's all I pray to God for."
- No, thank you.
- Go on.
- Come, I'll show you.
- No, Arjun.
I don't think your
intentions are any good.
You are very naughty, Ritu.
- This is my school.
- Your school.
I've such beautiful memories about it.
You are just...
Come, let me show you.
I used to sit back here.
I knew you were a backbencher.
How did you like my cute family?
Very cute.
And your papa...
- No.. No..
- Dadupapa...
He's cuter than you.
So when are you introducing
me to your cute family.
Even I vaguely remember them.
The people in my village would
draw guns over every trivial matter.
Bloodshed was common.
I was only 8-year-old...
when my uncle shot my
mom and dad for a piece of land.
I was very scared.
And ran away.
I couldn't even...
- You made me cry.
- I know, sir. I know.
It's straight from my heart.
I just realised,
Ritu, you're like a coconut.
Soft on the inside,
and hard on the outside.
I mean... sad...
Could have been a little romantic?
Oh no.
Sir, I think Dilbaug's right
hand Jamun and Baldev's Left hand Billu...
should play the quarterfinals.
What about the venue?
Enough blood has been spilt
on the streets and restaurants.
This time let's play
at our favourite spot.
That's right.
Inform Billu where to
find Kala Jamun and gang.
And inform Kala Jamun
and gang where to find Billu.
And what time?
What's our off time?
Sharp 10 'o clock.
So make it before that.
So store Jamun and Billu's number.
And we'll call them.
Why didn't you write
these numbers in the capital letters?
How can anyone write numbers
in capital letters?
But it's not a crime to write
in big and bold letters?
Come on.
One... Two...
Sir, you proved a point today.
Even Police have a heart.
Who can tolerate so many
alcohol bottles getting blown up?
I cannot see this.
Onidda... I was thinking...
these guys emptied an
entire magazine on each other.
You must take one.
You deserve at least one.
No... no... what are you saying?
We've already used the "Police
arrive late" excuse twice.
If anyone gets suspicious
about our crime-free state plan...
- then it will never come true.
- No... No, sir.
I don't even take vitamin pills...
- and you want to shoot me.
- Listen to me.
Don't you love your country?
People get bored even when
stand up for the National Anthem.
And you want me to take a bullet
for the country. Count me out.
The media will be here soon.
What are you doing?
- Not me...
- Hold still. You're wasting my bullets.
For my sake.
Fine, I am taking this risk for me.
But if anyone ever finds out
about our crime-free district plan...
then I won't listen.
And shoot you in the heart, understand.
We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it.
So the contestants still left
are Dilbaug, who is behind bars...
Sakool, and his brother Anda.
- Right?
- Yes.
Anda's brother will
pay him a visit today.
Can this really be possible?
Patiala sir is on our side.
We're the king,
the prince, we'll build our own gang.
Meaning finally I'll
have hair on my head.
People won't call me Anda anymore.
Listen to me... Anda...
- Thank you.
- Anda...
Anda... Listen to me.
This is Patiala's popular burger.
Not for you, it's for my brother.
He loves them. Please give it to him.
Why didn't you give him yourself?
I never break the rules.
"Why didn't I give him yourself?"
Here you go. Especially for you.
From Patiala.
I am loving it.
Time to bring his glass of juice.
Carrot, apples, beetroot.
Let's go.
- Don't forget the spinach leaves.
- Yes, boss.
Did you bring my pills?
Give it.
You don't need pills,
you only need prayers.
You stabbed me.
- With a fork.
- You know my hemoglobin is low.
- This is Cheating.
- Yes.
Couldn't you think of something new?
You could've dropped a bomb on me,
or ordered an air strike.
You should have thought of
something unique. Looked up on Google.
- Bloody unprofessional...
- Stop talking, Dilbaug...
Fork you.
Ohh... Lord...
What an irony, Lord.
Boss... Boss...
- Boss...
- What happened?
What happened?
Boss... Ambulance.
Are you all deaf.
Eyes down.
You are the king here.
Talk to them.
I am the king.
- Bring my food.
- Yes.
Sakool... case closed.
Now the fork will be
recovered from my cell.
And they will take me to court.
And you can break me out on the way.
Do you know what this is called?
Eyes down. King. King.
What happened? What happened?
What happened, Anda?
You cannot leave us.
I want to die too.
That's Dilbaug, Anda's on this side.
- Take me with you.
- Go lie down with him.
Brother, I am famished.
- I'll go get something to eat.
- Go on.
Destiny is inevitable.
What kind of fork was it?
It was dipped in poison.
The fork was ours, but Dilbaug's
henchmen killed your brother.
You must take revenge, Sakool.
Soon we will arrest you
for a high profile murder case...
and send you to a high-security prison.
Then you can take your revenge.
But who am I going to murder?
Hello and welcome.
The hot topic of the day...
is that the criminals of
Ferozpur are killing each other.
And the Police are taking no action.
We want to know what
the Police are doing about it.
As you can see...
we have Arjun Patiala
and Constable Onidda.
Don't you think that the
criminals are killing each other...
and the streets are
getting rid of criminals.
The Police are sitting idle.
I mean what are you doing?
What do mean we're sitting idle?
Do you really believe
this is a coincidence?
Do you know how hard
we had to plan for all this...
- Sir has more plans up his sleeve...
- No... we are sad.
We are very sad.
Very sad.
Very-very sad.
You see madam,
we don't do our job for the salary...
we do it for the love of our country.
It's not our fault if they are
not dying by the hands of the Police.
They are fighting among
themselves and drying.
Correct. Destiny is inevitable.
Yes... But this
interview can be averted.
That's the end.
Jai Hind. Goodbye.
Where are you going, sir?
As you can see... the Police
left without giving an answer.
Why is the Police trying
to dodge the media's questions?
The situation is pretty tense.
Sooner or later the
Police will have to answer.
This is Mohit, with cameraman Rahul.
Those are shoelaces
and not your drawstring.
- Hello, aunty...
- Hello...
How are you, dear?
Are you coming over for Diwali, dear?
- I don't know, aunty.
- What do you mean?
Even I don't know what I mean.
My heart says this is wrong.
But my mind is saying
I should ignore it.
What should I do?
Look dear, always listen to your heart.
Just like my heart's saying...
I should throw your stupid
dadupapa out of the house.
Have you lost your mind, old man?
"I saw a shooting star..."
"and it reminded me of you."
"it reminded me of you."
"Can't live without you."
"and it reminded me of you."
"it reminded me of you."
Nice weather, right.
But couldn't we meet some place better?
I mean this railway track, the bridge...
All this reminds me of the film Deewar.
Like... even brothers part way on bridges.
Like lovers go separate ways.
Our paths were always separate,
But it can converge...
if you tell me the truth.
Why so serious?
What truth?
Let's stop pretending now.
Where Two fight, the third one wins.
That was your plan all along, wasn't it?
Crime Free district.
Even if it was, were you
planning a sting operation on me.
I am not sad those gangsters are dead.
Dead or murdered?
This was a murder.
Can anyone prove it?
I will.
Look, I...
I trusted you.
You were right, Arjun.
This is were paths separate.
"I saw a shooting star..."
"and it reminded me of you."
"it reminded me of you."
"You can break my heart..."
"Break my heart..."
"the more I love you."
"You can turn your back on me..."
"Turn on me..."
"the more I love you."
"Tears in my eyes... and
memories on my mind."
"You are my God..."
"who is going to hear my prayers."
"The more the world taunts me..."
"Taunts me..."
"the more I love you."
"You can turn your back on me..."
"Turn on me..."
"the more I love you."
This is evidence... of true love, madam.
Your rose has changed its colour.
Due to his alcohol.
Even nature is bowing before him.
What nonsense?
Have you lost your mind?
People in ordinary
love with ordinary grief...
turn to alcohol for support.
But won't you call
this extraordinary love.
He has quit drinking.
Do you know how frustrating it is?
No, sister-in-law.
Don't call me sister-in-law.
And if your boss really loves me...
then tell him to stop this bloodshed.
'Sister-in-law knows everything.'
Yes, I know.
I am going to cover Sakool's statement.
He might say something against you guys.
And then...
How can you think of taking
Sakool's help when I am still around?
I should die.
No more crimes.
I will take the blame for everything.
And you know... I am still unmarried,
a bachelor...
and jail is as good as marriage.
So done.
I will go to jail and you're
going to Patiala for Diwali.
You won't get a better
offer than this one.
Look... I know you're an emotional guy.
Don't get carried away.
Save your sacrifice for some decent guy.
Your boss has no regret.
I won't stop until he
doesn't admit his mistake.
What if I make him admit to his crime?
That is never going to happen.
What if we both give a statement?
Let me speak to him.
This is going to take some time.
But I will let you know very soon.
It's no one.
Such Bajwa...
The apple and orange flavours are nice.
But the cardamom flavour has a no kick.
Put more kick into it... or
your sales will plummet.
Sit. Sit.
- Try this one.
- Fine, let's try.
So, Mr. Editor.
Look, I've explained Ritu.
But that station
in-charge Arjun Patiala...
is in love with her.
And that Onidda is
trying to ruin our plans.
If Arjun stops midway
before killing Sakool...
then how will
you become the only Don?
Don-ation diva... or something.
I've already arranged
someone to stop Arjun...
and Onidda is no big deal.
Arjun and Onidda are one.
No one can stop them.
Catch him.!
- Let's go.
- No... Come on.
Catch him.
MLA madam.
Media guy...
Feels like I am watching
some regional action film on TV...
where a good Police officer
is going to get in trouble.
Patiala... snap out of it.
And look.
- And this one too.
- One minute.
You will get tired.
- Climb on.
- Catch him.
- You know...
- Yes...
Retail crime is very messy.
And these days Malls are the new trend...
where one can find
everything in one place.
So... who has power?
I do.
So whose responsibility is it?
If people have questions,
who is going to answer them, Mr. Bhatia?
Forget it.
Me of course.
- Now... who is the biggest villain?
- You.
See... that's timing.
I couldn't control myself, madam.
All I wanted to say was...
these people are criminals after all.
And they cannot be trusted...
because they are
capable of doing anything.
If I send them to jail...
That's the condition of our jails.
And they will escape.
And if we kill them in encounters,
it will become controversial.
The media's here for it.
Turning a mole into a mountain.
That's our job, ma'am.
Check that side.
Look down... I'll look here.
He must be hiding somewhere here.
Gill sir.
- this way.
- Yes, ma'am.
Explain to him.
Of course.
He's a smart kid, madam.
He doesn't need any explanation.
He will kill him.
Look Patiala, you've to kill Onidda.
And Ritu doesn't have
any concrete evidence.
I cannot tell him to kill Ritu.
They are in love after all.
Logic doesn't work here...
Let it be.
Last time you visited us...
the rate of crime had plummeted.
But now it's on an all-time high.
It's the system, Patiala.
Ups and downs are a part of it.
Hello, sir.
Sir, I've terrible news.
Imagine the Police has to hide.
Meet me on the bridge
over the stream in one hour.
Along with cocoa-cola and soda.
We'll solve this problem
over a glass of alcohol.
Okay. Over and Out.
- What a smart kid. What a smart kid.
- Very smart. Very smart.
Well madam, now that I'm in deep waters...
I am not a crocodile hunter
to lock horns with a monster.
Sir. Sir.
Sir. Sir.
Looking awesome.
Sir, you will never believe it.
There is a bigger game at play here.
Did you get the stuff?
- Come on.
- I was following the editor...
and do you know where he led me to.
To the MLA's house.
Where is the soda?
You can't stop thinking about soda?
Do you know where I saw him go?
Even DSP Gill is a part of them.
- He's calling the shots.
- Who?
You didn't bring the soda?
Here. Who is behind this plot?
Sorry, Onidda.
Done, madam.
Not yet.
I just completed the front side.
I still have to knit the arms,
and the neck.
If you want another star here...
then that will
cost you two dead bodies.
Onidda and Sakool.
And with evidence.
That place where you keep dead bodies...
- The morgue.
- Yes.
- That's where I'll come down to see.
- Of course.
- Good.
- Very good.
I'll finish this,
and you finish your job.
- Right?
- Yes.
Come on.
Why isn't Onidda answering his phone?
People found a dead
body near the river stream.
Did they identify him?
They are saying it's some constable.
Go on, go on.
How else will you sleep tonight?
This is what happens?
While you're shedding others blood...
you don't realise
when you kill one of your own.
When I am drunk, I start slurring.
But don't be under the impression that
I will spare you because Onidda is dead.
I have enough evidence.
Now ask your soul whether
what you did was right or wrong.
Ask your soul.
Are you serious?
Damn serious.
So tell me.
What should I do next
after killing my friend?
Take revenge for your friend's death.
But how?
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
But why are you slurring?
When the guy is slurring,
the spirit has no choice.
You are right.
The spirit won't have an option.
So... should I call Sakool?
What was his number?
Dial his number.
It's ringing.
You got my phone all wet...
- Hello, Sakool.
- Who is this?
This is Arjun Patiala speaking.
You wanted to know whom
should I take revenge from?
So I want to tell you
who is behind all this.
Now listen to me carefully.
Tell me, sir.
You tell me.
You called me, I didn't call you.
But you called me.
Why would I call you
in the middle of the night.
Stop slurring first.
- And tell me who I've to take revenge from.
- MLA.
Yes... I am telling you.
Why do you have to interfere?
If you interfere again,
I will shoot you.
Sorry, sir. You speak.
Your remaining enemies
are in the bigger jail.
And no one can stop you from
going to a high society prison...
after committing
this high profile murder.
Come down to the morgue tomorrow.
And take everyone by storm.
The place where they
keep dead guys like you.
Tomorrow the crime rate will go up...
and also sink forever.
Patiala... don't talk about drowning.
It will drown a little later.
We already have a guy who has drowned.
I am hanging up now. Bye.
This Sakool is such a talkative guy.
Patiala, can I leave?
Of course, swim away.
Faster than lightning.
I thought you are the smart one.
But no...
Why couldn't you figure out...
that the Police used you to
kill Baldev Rana, then Dilbaug in jail...
then your poor brother.
And next...
Make a wild guess.
Come here, let me show you something.
Come on.
Is it stinking?
I've been surrounded by
this stink for the last 18 years.
I reek of it myself.
But this doesn't stink
as much as your society.
You figured out that
the Police are behind it...
but, do you know who
is actually calling the shots?
I won't tell you,
otherwise, the nine o'clock news will be...
"This is Ritu Randhawa,
with so-and-so cameraman."
No, I won't tell you.
whoever is calling the
shots won't survive for too long.
And all the Policemen who know
about it are going to die as well.
Now that get recorder
out of your pocket.
Come on.
Sit down.
Now you have all the evidence
and witnesses against Sakool.
And you've also recorded
our little conversation.
So... now you will have to die.
We will keep this personal.
I will stab you only twice.
This is no fun at all.
I've 12-years of experience
behind me with guns and knives.
I promise you it won't be painful all.
Ritu, people make mistakes.
But it can't be death for one mistake.
Arjun was right.
People like Sakool
don't understand words.
Not your pen.
The number you're calling
is showing attitude.
Bloody attitude.
Hello, aunty.
How are you?
Are you coming over for Diwali?
I will if I make it out alive.
You told me to listen to my heart.
But now I am in deep trouble...
But that was just a stupid rant.
I brought the old man
back home soon enough.
The heart is only
good for pumping blood.
Always listen to your mind for advice.
What is your mind saying now?
My mind's saying run Ritu.
Then stop wasting time. And run.
Yes... Okay.
Madam... Listen to me.
- Drive. Drive.
- Stop.
Just play my conversation,
and I will handle the rest.
Come in.
- It's really cold.
- Honestly.
Is it your first time here?
- Okay Are they all dead?
- Yes.
I see...
Oh my, God.
- It's really cold.
- God bless you.
There is no one except for us.
It's Diwali after all.
Everyone's gone home.
I am here to welcome you.
As well as Onidda
and Sakool's body inside.
And they are not going
anywhere for Diwali.
Here you go, madam.
Check the presentation.
What kind of bed is this?
He looks fresh.
Yes, he's fresh.
Where is Sakool?
Where is Sakool?
Here is Sakool Show me.
This is Sakool.
Where did he go?
Come here, Patiala.
You're a bad student,
fumbled on the last day.
May I come in, madam?
I am deeply thankful to all of you.
For gathering around in one place.
Otherwise, I would have to find
each one separately and kill them.
Correct. It's too tiring.
So... who wants to go first?
Patiala, of course.
But I am on your side.
And DSP will shoot him next.
And I will put you
two to rest next to Onidda.
"Meet me on the bridge over
the river stream in an hour."
"With coco cola and soda."
"Cocoa cola? Soda?"
"But we never use soda with our drinks."
"Something is wrong."
"I think sir is in trouble."
"I got it."
The bullets are not real,
please don't over react.
Sorry, Onidda.
With you, sorry, always.
Run, Onidda.
What are you doing, sir?
- Bringing the temperature down.
- Minus 20...!
Minus 40... have you lost your mind?
We left our guy inside.
- "Tell me one thing, sir."
- "Ask."
"The Police are in synch..."
"but, what about the Politicians."
"Never son, never."
"We'll have to fool those as"
I got it. Correct.
Patiala sir...
Patiala sir...
With you, For you... Always.
They are all in this together.
sir, the district's now crime free.
You know its Diwali.
I promised my dadupapa
that I will come home.
- Can I get the day off?
- Nah...
I've done such an important job.
We respect you a lot,
but such an attitude is not good.
Onidda, this is not attitude...
- it's the freezing point.
- Yes.
Day off. Day off.
I won't spare him.
It's open. It's open. Come on.
Let it go now, Ritu.
We only played this charade
to fool Property Makkar.
And from today we'll do
everything according to the rules.
- We're going triple seat.
- Listen to yourselves.
It's a romantic ambience,
we're heading to Patiala...
say something romantic to each other.
Sorry, I think I said too much.
Doesn't matter.
Everything is fair
in love and friendship.
Where are you?
Ritu, the love part is for me, right.
You first.
You said it too.
She really is fast.
You want to hear it from me, don't you?
Well, it will be a pretty awkward
situation if I'm in love with Onidda.
Absolutely right.
But why are you blushing?
- I am not blushing.
- You are blushing.
- You took over the house on day 1.
- Really...
I wish someone would slap me too...
I can take it all my life.
You can get lucky too.
I had chosen a girl for Arjun...
and they are coming over today.
I'll tell them that he's a constable.
You will have to adjust.
Aunty, its a yes from me.
Don't want it.
Sakool, trying to be over smart?
You're a bachelor and look at yourself.
You can kill me,
but don't hurt my feelings.
Sorry, bro. Sorry.
- Listen to me.
- Hands up.
What happened?
He doesn't know how to.
Crazy guy...
Kill him.
- What are you doing?
- I will show all of you.
- Are you mad?
- I will show all of you.
I will show all of you.
I will kill everyone.
Get up.
You will have to get up first.
You are on top of me.
Put your romance on a hold for now.
You are going to die today.
Mark my words.
Your father should know about this.
What are you doing?
How are you, aunty?
There he goes.
Let's light the lamps until then.
Here, light the lamps.
Don't use too much oil.
It's very expensive.
- Don't you know.
- Expensive.
Dadupapa, you're great.
He finally fired.
Give me a hug.
You had to learn to shoot today.
Hands up.
Not you.
Help me up.
I am never coming back here again.
These people write Property
Makkar on my posters...
- Don't spare them.
- Certainly, madam.
- You must punish them.
- Certainly, madam.
I am okay.
- She is very nice.
- I have surrendered.
Come see me in jail.
- Let's go.
- Yes, madam.
Come on.
Well done, guys.
Congratulations, Inspector.
Who could that be now?
I just solved a case and girls
are already queuing up outside the door.
Let it ring. I will find a better girl.
It's possible
that I might learn to fire a gun...
but you finding a girl.
That's a stupid thing.
What do you think?
Is it going to work?
Mind your own business.
Don't try to be a critique.
Bless your son.
He will need time
to find bars in Patiala.
Great Dadupapa.
"I feel the world's round."
"She takes few sips,
but drinks the entire bottle."
- How many bars?
- Four.
"She takes few sips,
but drinks the entire bottle."
Repeat. "Make a neat peg..."
"and gulps it down."
"Look at all these alcohol bottles
getting wasted. Who can endure this?"
"I am gonna take a few sips,
but finish the entire thing."
"Everyone mixes it with something,
but I drink neat."
"Everyone make way,
because I am high on the beat."
"I'll finish the entire bottle
and be ready to party."
"I won't go home, and sleep right here."
"Open the bottles..."
Go ahead,
or else you won't be able to sleep.
"All those scattered around,
bring them closer."
"I am in a naughty mood..."
"come on make me do something."
"I am gonna take a few sips..."
"I am gonna take a few sips..."
"I am gonna take a few sips,
but finish the entire thing."
Get two glasses of water and peanuts.
"Make a large..."
"Make a large peg for me."
"Be my..."
"Be my sweetheart... forever."
"And I'll celebrate... like
it's Diwali."
"Take a good look at me,
and my efforts."
"Smile on me and change my fate."
"I am naive and my
intentions are clear."
"I've been waiting for ages."
"Make a large..."
"Make a large peg for me."
"Be my..."
"Be my sweetheart... forever."
"Let's change this relationship..."
"Make a large..."
"Make a large..."
"Make a large peg for me."
"Be my..."
"Be my sweetheart... forever."
"And I'll celebrate... like
it's Diwali."
"Take a good look at me,
and my efforts."
"Smile on me and change my fate."
"I am naive and my
intentions are clear."
"I've been waiting for ages."
"Make a large..."
"Make a large peg for me."
"Be my..."
"Be my sweetheart... forever."
"Let's change this relationship..."
"Make a large..."
"I've been in love before..."
"but never anyone like you."
"Its true, you can ask around."
"Whether you ask my friends, family,
neighbor or my distant uncle in Canada."
"Your mother, your sister..."
"Your sister's friends that
keeps texting me I love you."
"But I don't respond,
nor do I flaunt."
"Every morning I pray..."
"and request for you..."
"I request to God only for you."
"Have mercy on me Lord
and make her mine."