Arjun Reddy (2017) Movie Script

This is an infinite field full of endless spaces.
Tremors that emerge from this ocean's bellyare reflected in the vast silences of the skies.
Souls that have been touched by this undisturbed
purity can never be cleaved apart by Time,Distance, Circumstances or Catastrophes.
Because, all though these souls may seem separable,Life beats within them as one.
The sages, saints and goddesses, birds andcreatures of the sea..all of them change with time.
None can stop the course of this change.
The why, as mortal humans, are we so stubborn?
Why grieve about situations that wereboth unforeseen or predictable?
In his childhood, there was a doll draped in a white gown.
It was precious to him.
One day, when I woke up in the morning,he had lost his doll and was bawling.
I said, why are you crying so much?I told him I will get you another one.
He was insistent about wanting his lost doll.
He ate and slept while in grief.
That was when I told him this age-old aphorism as a story.
He listened to me entirely and then said,Grandma, grandma..
there are saints and mountains and everything in this story,
but you and I find no mention in it.
That is why, I want you to come help me look for my doll.
In such a young age, he has underlined that hope is good.
True! It is good!
It's been 80 days since he left home dad.
How do we live like this without knowing how he is?
Even if it is eight hundred days, I don't care.
Isn't that such a great love story of his?
What happened to it?
And it's been 82 days, not 80 sinceI asked him to leave this house.
Let me tell you something and remember this..
Regardless of what you choose in life, as you godeeper into it, you will only find nothingness.
And right now, your brother isvery close to that nothingness.
Start that bike.
Yes grandma.
Ey idiot! You've draped my nightie!
Take them off!
That is not necessary. Take those pants off.
Wait wait wait! It wont come off like that.Let me take it off!
My fiance is at the door!
So please leave now!
Why is he singing a song?
I don't want to spoil his mood.
We're meeting for the first time, so please now.
Ey, stay quiet! This will get done in two minutes.
No! Listen, I don't want this now.
So please leave.
Its alright, that guy will wait.
Leave! I said, just leave now.
Take them off!
Take them off!
Take them off!
Take them off!
I will take you to Poona, on my Luna,darling open the door.
Yeah Noorin!Hello sir, how are you?
Ah ok ok listen.
You said you missed my seminar right?
Do you want to come now? Shall I give you my address?
Yeah sir, I'll come to seminar hall.
Hey, not the seminar hall. Come over to my house.
Ey Shiva
Whats up?
When I came to your clinic, you remember there was a girlwho said I looked handsome and enquired after me?
Aah, Deepthi! Our family friend. Yes, I remember her.
If I call her, will she come to my flat?
Rey rey rey, don't do that, please. It'll seem very I introduced her to you. Dont man.
Forget all that, will she come if I call her?
That girl has a boyfriend
and theirs is a very serious love story..Try to understand this, please.
What did I ask you? Will she come? Or no?
Arrey! Are you mad or something?
You are turning into a lout with everypassing day, what is wrong with you?
She won't come! You won't forget Preethiif you keep doing these things-
Ey man! What did you do, piss in here?
My diaper overflowed
You wore a diaper?!
Did you forget about this before you came here?!
Ey Preethi! What are you eating?
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth idiot!
What are you eating? Eeks! Are you eating chicken?Spit it. Out. Spit it out!
Dogs do eat chicken sir.
Dhaneshwari, I've told you this beforeDon't call her a dog.
Sorry sir.
Are you being burdened because of Preethi?
I am cleaning up after her poop and everything right?
Yes sir.
Then what is your problem?
When have you started eating chicken, huh?
You never ate meat earlier, right?
Will she speak to you sir? That is a little too much sir.
I'm just wondering if she'd tell you sir.
Yes, she has. Go mind your business.
Ey! I will wipe that smile and laughter off your face!
Do you see Preethi? Do you see how they laugh at us?
We have a 4-hour surgery today. Please be careful.
Don't get scolded.
Good morning sir.
Good morning sir.
This is a classic case of the angular malunion of the femur.
Uncle, I need you to listen as well. This is for you.
Just like the skin heals after a cut,so too our bones as well.
Last time when you were fractured,
you sought your local doctor's helpand got a crepe bandage, isn't that right?
So what happened is that it healed,but this.
So it affects your functioning.
Which is why it pains.
So what we will do is break it,cut the excess and fix it straight.
We will attach plates and screws and fix it.
The surgery is happening on my leg.
But they've shaved me completely down there.
There won't be any mistakes right, sir?
Has no one prepared the patient?
Yes sir.
We need to clean the surrounding area as well.This is procedure.
Dont worry.
When you play cricket, they dont cleanand graze just the pitch right?
They graze the entire field.Think about this in the same way. Ok?
Yes sir.
Durga, you told me about your fight withthe inlaws. Is that settled?
Yes sir.
Rani, go make bed number18 ready for the Operation Theatre.
Sir, some astrologer said it's inauspicious today.
He said let's get the surgery done tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a Sunday. I'm cant come,
I have to take Preethi to the park.
Then how do we do this sir?
What do you mean how?
Go tell them the entire thigh has swollen up,if they waste anymore time, his crotch will swell up as well.
And tell them the surgeon is a freak,he will chop it off as well.
Rani, go check on the OT.
Aah, what were you saying?
Sir, the MO asked not make an entry into the logbook.
Apparently, your patient count in the last twomonths has been too high.
And if this gets into the log book again-What is with this logbook problem, time and again?
Do what you want to do. Don't bring this to me.
Hmm..Ok sir.
Sorry boys.
Show me your wound.
Where else are you hurt?
Ey wait! Guard it with your hand!If that drips in, your insides will burn.
You'll have to sit it out without yourunderwear or stuff ice down there.
What kind of medicos you are!
You could have brought a first aid kit in your bag, right?
Huh? You think I would've dreamt about oursir here arranging this massive feast for all of us?
Shiva, give me that cigarette.
Hit him and smash this bastard's face.
Is that so? Why don't you kick this freepass?
If you kick a goal, I'll strip naked andwalk around in Balmatta Circle! Come!
Come on Rajay, come on!
Arjun! Super!
Ey Reddy! Thoo!
Come , come , come, come here.
Kamal Leave me..
Ey Kamal don't stop him.
Arjun Arjun! Please man!Another three minutes and the trophy is ours!
He's instigating you.
Even the referee has been fixed.
Please understand. Ok?
Come on boys!
Ey Amith!
Three minutes left for this match to finish.This time too, the championship is held by St. Mary's!
Arjun! Look behind you!
Kamal! Close the gates for me this one time, please !
Please stop it yaar! Please!
Beat him up man, beat him up! Give him a couple more
Beat him beat him beat him,beat his face, break his mandible.
Ey, you...
Just leave that there!
do you know who that guy is?Karnataka State Football Convenor!
Why did he even leave that cup therewhen you asked him to?
Because he knew it was ours anyway,which is why he left it there.
Arjun Reddy! The Dean is calling you.
This is Doctor Arjun Reddy Deshmukh,one of our house surgeons.
All of you must come across a person like this...
..But in managing his anger, he's a failure.
He is a classic example for all of you
In the medical profession, a person who can't handleanger is equal to a murderer holding a surgical blade.
Disliking things, being angry, rush of blood, adrenaline..
All of these are natural for a person.
But only when you ignore them, when you control them,you can be yourself when you treat a person.
If there is no compassion, these degrees are useless.
I can tolerate it if you score less in academicsbut not if you can't control your anger.
Sir, there is a video of the entire match.
I could show it to you sir, if you want..
Ey, go away.
Please continue sir.
Im very disappointed with you Arjun.
Did you atleast think about the reputation of this college?
Write an apology to the Sports Board, immediately
And one to the college i.e; me.
I want to see two photocopies along withyour signature on the notice board.
And one month's suspension.
Or you may leave this college and go your way.
Football is a violent sport Sir.
Striking into the opponent's area with a goaland then blocking him when he gets here.
that is the kind of football I know.
Are you teaching me about the sport?
No Sir. I'm only expressing my reservation.
There is self respect in this sport.
A war-like feel in that chaos.
And the reason for that feeling is our college.
I thought only about our college Sir. A lot.
Which is why I controlled my anger for a long time.
I have no regrets Sir.
This is how I am
I couldn't take it easy.
Because, if I did, it would've become a habit.
Not just in the field, but in life as well.
What habit have you formed now? Beating up people?
There was a bloody satisfaction in the fight.
And you and the fear of losing thatchampionship is nothing in comparison to it.
If I had passed time for three more minutes then,there would have been a grand felicitation by now.
Right here.
I don't need that. Nor does my college.
I have no need to ask you to listento my version or watch that video.
And you don't have any intention to do so.
I will leave this college tomorrow at exactly this time.
You're going to leave this college?
What do you hope to achieve in life with all this anger?
You won't understand Sir.
You are the Dean of this college.
An employee doing his duty
And I am it's student. This is my college.
Song coming from FM Radio
What's up, has the raging class started yet?
Ey! Pink scarf!
Listen up,
I have come to tell you something important.
Just so your professor won't understand,
I am speaking in Telugu withouta single word in English, so listen carefully.
A girl has enrolled in your first year's batch.
I like that girl.
You are strictly forbidden from oilingtheir hair or making them walk barefoot or..uhh..
Aah, yes. Or asking them personal details.
DO NOT DO any of these things.
That girl's name is..
She is decked in white clothes.The upper garment is rose pink in color.
These are your clues. Understood? Is that understood?
Leaving aside that particular girl, the rest are all yours.
Don't be greedy,
as the classes keep progressing, new enrollmentswill take place and you will have new opportunities.
Especially, for you boys..
See how he is intimidating us?
I am not intimidating you.Wipe that stupidity off your faces
Your professor is watching.
Where are the girls of your class?
Apparently there is no water in their hostel wing.They've skipped classes today.
Pass this message onto them as well.
And to those who don't speak our language.
And the rest of the students in your academic batch.I can't go around touring all your classes.
I do not want to face any difficulties in this..
In this process.
You see that girl with the pink scarf? That's the one.
Isn't she very pretty?
I think that girl seems embarrassed.Huh? You leave then.
Ey, where are you girls going?Hey, move. Go away.
You see that girl with the pink scarf?
Hey little girl! Get up.
What is your name?
Full name
Preethi Shetty
Shetty? Mangalore?
Settled in Hyderabad,
but uhh..she's from Potthur.
Thirty kilometers from here.
What did she say her name was?
Hey you little one! Tell this Sir your name.
You know our manager Manjunath right?
His cousin's daughter has joined your college apparently.
And you know your college is infamousfor ragging culture right?
He's very worried about her.
He's lingering around, insisting thatI speak to you about this.
I'll talk to her Dad
Dad! Find out what happened to his football match.
Your brother wants to know what happened to your match.
There was a small fight..
I mean, I beat them up a little..
Did you get suspended?
One month suspension. They are going to senda formal letter of concern home, ignore it please.
Everybody's gone to her class and made a big scene there
I think that girl complained to her father.
That man walked into the OPD and is creatingruckus asking for Arjun Reddy.
You're already suspended! Do you need this right now?
You should get beaten up for this Shiva
Is that him Kamal?
He hasn't seen you anyway. So don't react now.
That girl is also coming here man!
I am Arjun Reddy.
You are smoking, despite being a doctor?
690 carcinogenic agents,4 cancer factors, 48 COPD diseases.
I know all this and I still smoke.
It's become a habit.
Does your dad know about this?
But if he asks me I won't lie.
I am Devdas Shetty,
your father's manager Manjunath, he is my first cousin.
Ohh! Uncle! My dad called me and spoke about you.
Nice to meet you.He asked me to take care of your daughter.
She's my daughter
Take care of her, like a brother would.
No no no, I can't be her brother!
I don't have any sisters and I don't even knowwhat that emotional connect is like.
I might take liberty and maybe even admonishher if she doesn't score good grades.
Are you here on the Tulu quota?
She's a rank holder.
Are you here under the management quota?
I stood 17th in KCET. 26th in EAMCET.
I like the oceans which is why I selected this college.
Lets go.
Hello, come in!
Everybody come in!
So, is everyone here?
Alright, take off your clothes.
I am talking to y'all! I said, take off your clothes!
This is how ragging at St.Mary's is!
We are Orthodox..
What did you say? Orthodox family is it?
Like in those films where they wrap a towelaround them and then take a shower?
I don't understand any of that but..take off your clothes.
The sooner you take them off,the sooner you can put them back on.
Come come, get on with it, I don't have much time.
We are all girls no? I think we should.
You're so dead.
Hey you! Whats up with your stupid suggestions?
You're next in line now.
You can look at each other's faces later,take your clothes off now.
Who is Preethi Shetty in here?
Is that you?
Ey, what's you problem, why are you interrupting us?
This girl is Arjun Sir's interest.
Apparently he told us so in our class today.
I am informing people in all the hostel wings.
Ok, I'm going to leave now..Would you like to go around, instead of me?
Hey you, come here.
What is wrong with you? You should have called himyour cousin or boyfriend or something.
The North Indian girls are out playing antakshari.
You go join them.
Don't thank me. Thank him.
If you're ever in trouble again,tell them about Arjun Sir. Ok?
You see how she's flocked her away?
Apparently, he was going to quit college.But after he spotted this girl, he stayed back.
You think she's that pretty?
That remains to be seen.
Ey, why are you standing around.Take off your clothes now!
Having met you
All that longing
in my heart is now fulfilled.
Oh my dearestYou who I have trusted.
You and meMe and youWe are as one
Will you look at that?
How does it feel like here on campus?
Its nice.
Is the mess food alright?
Its nice.
Is the hostel alright?
Its nice.
Good. You were playing antakshari is it?
Did your father..leave?
This is too much.
No one watched us
You can go. Go play antakshari
I just didn't expect this..That he'dspot her in the morning and kiss her by evening.
What is it all happening, no ideawhere is it slipping on the slant path?
What is it all going to happen,which shore would I reach in the river like age?
Preethi this isn't like any normal academic degree.
This is MBBS.
You should be mentally fixed the momentyou join this college.
That we are going to be doctors.
Huh? What are you doing, sitting there?
Fat chicks..
they're warm.
And always loyal.
Normally, two girls can't be friends together.
But have you ever noticed this?
A beautiful girl and a fat girl.
What's your name?
Sruthi - Preethi.
Preethi - Shruthi.
Be friends now.
I will also speak to your hostel admin,so you two can be roommates.
What class do you have today?
What is the topic?
Come with me.
Since Im preparing for my Master's degree,
if I tutor you, I will finish my preparation as well.
Do you at least know?
Do I at least know?
Will the steps still stop?
Let us go whatever may happen.
The moment you stand before,
did I forget every minute I grew?
Did I open up the doors of first class?
Is this true?
How did so many changein my fate in a day after you came?
Hope even that sky does not fit asmy letter to write them all
What is today's topic?
What happend?
Topic is..
Upper thorax.
I will say them all to you,I will daily say even if it is a night
Will the stories still come to an end,shall I come again in the dream?
The moment you stand before,did I forget every minute I grew?
Did I open up the doors of first class?
Is this true?
Why don't you call once more?
What is wrong with you? No patience at all!
Youve been like this since birth!Can't you hold your piss for sometime?!
I called her already, that lazy slob,she's not answering!
Why don't you try just once? Maybe she'd answer.
I called Vidya herself. She hasn't answered.
Why isn't she answering-
Do you know what it feels like to be your friend?
Like pissing all over myself.
It might seem disgusting to those around me..
but only I know the warmth it brings.
They will come here no? In 5 or 10 minutes?
I have, under your name,instructed all the first years in the hostel.
That you should be the first one to pour color on Preethi.
I wanted to surprise you but you're a hyperventilating candidate.
Why are you telling him these things?
What do you want me to do? He is irritating me to no end.
What happened to you there?Just a bruise.
I'm sure she threw this guy against the wall.
You shut up, it wasn't the wall, it was the door.
I just came from the girls' hosteland I saw Preethi in the office.
No one's even wishing her a Happy Holi.
Everyone's been warned properly.
Everything is clear and in place. Ok?
I think I'll go there.
Fine. Go do what you want.
I'll go.Your wish.
Go. Leave.
Look, Kalyan Sir is here.
HI..Kalyan sir.
Hi..hello Kalyan sir.
Hey..Kamal.Kalyan sir.
After so many days! Whats happening?
How are you man?
Kalyan Sir!
After so many days
Happy Holi sir.
HI Keerthy.
After so many days!
Whats happening?
So whats up man? This bloodyDean is screwing up my case man.
That girl Spoorthi is somewhere in Bangalore.
I'm not in touch with her. What's up?
How many more months in Housie do you have?
One minute sir.
What Happend?
Ey...who? wait there.
Who cries about these things?
Go take a shower, go.
Ey, come here.
What were you doing when some studentsfrom another college came into this campus?
Sir..there were 6 of them and they asked..
Tell me exactly what happened?
Sir you remember the fight in the football ground?
6 of them came here.
Asked for Arjun Reddy's girlfriend.When they identified her, they rubbed color all over her.
Tell me how and where on her body did they do it?
Sir..all over her chest..and..her hip.
Sir there were 6 of them but only one guy did it.
He has a sallow face.
We were helpless because we're outnumbered.
No one should be discussing this on campus.
I just don't like it.
Amar! Come out you Idiot!
Touch her!
Touch her now and see!
I will chop you up!
I will chop you up!
Please! He will die if you beat him up anymore.
Please Arjun.
You didn't notice Preethi's clothes have you?
All the places they rubbed color on..
If this is the situation when we are here,
who is going to take care of her after 6 months?
Who will guarantee that this won't happen again?
This guy should give me a guarantee.
Ey Amith! Tell me!
Tell me this won't happen again!
He will die if you beat him up anymore.
Someone give me a cigarette you...!
Let go of me, I won't hit him, let go!
Give us a lighter.
Listen up Amith, I like that girl very very much.
We live in a physical growing world.
Growing up here, I learnt one thing..
if we are affected in any way, if we die,there will be one single person who is most affected
And in my life, it is this girl.
If something happens to that girl,I will be most affected, understand ?
what you've done is very very wrong.
Give me your word..
Give me your word.. I have very little patience right now..
I promise you.
This will never happen again.
I think this guy's gone to a park, let's also go there.
Let's go.
Brother, your friend Arjun got drunkand passed out near the lift.
And yesterday, he slept on the terrace with my mother's nightie.
Hahaha, are you serious? So funny!
Ey! What do you mean, your mother's nightie?
My mother's nightie! If this goes on, thebuilding's management will kick him out.
Ey, you get out first, I'll be thefirst one to kick you out. Get out!
Arjun! Come here!Come here man!
Arjun, meet my brother-in-law to be.A physician from London.
And this is Arjun.
My best friend and a college topperduring our days there.
Today was auspicious so our families metwith a wedding proposal for my sister.
The engagement's slated for next week.
Let me tell you something.
If you shave the hair off my hands and drape me in a saree,I will look sexier than those airhostesses.
Isnt it?
Shiva! Do you think this guy is necessary for Divya?
See how badly he objectifies women.
Think about it man..
Eyy. What is this filthy languagethat you think I have spoken?
Do you want me to speak to your dad?
Ask your sister seriously if she likedthis guy or if she was pressured into it.
What are you thinking about?
I accept that we swear most of the time,
but we don't objectify women with such cheap behaviouror make generalised comments about them.
Ey hello! You think you can be in a live-in relationshipand tell me how I should speak to women?
Ey hello, Preethi is his pup.
His was just a proposal that got accepted.
People like him deserve to be abandonedif the marriage falls through also..
We are being absolutely right here.
who do you think you are?
You know who I am? You know who my father is?Do you know how much PR I have?
He thinks airhostesses must live up to hisstandards of beauty. What a cheap mentality.
So please leave.
Think about it Shiva.
Boss, this is too much.
My mother kept telling me to keepaway from Telangana people.
You're from Hyderabad yourself aren't you, you bugger.
Up until now I've been your brotherinlawand now I'm a bugger huh?
Say one more word and..
Tell him.
You tell him.
Get out
Fight? What fight Maa?
If you keep harping on about wedding proposalsfrom London, this is the kind we'd get.
What a useless guy, such loose talk.
Ey..anyways, I'm at my clinic now, I'll talk to you later.
Are you writing your thesiswhile you're in this mood of yours?
This is when your brain is at its sharpest.
Why did you place those fish in glass bottles like that?
Next door neighbour Peter left them with me.
They keep banging against that glass aquarium all night.
They're very happy during the night.
That's why I separated them.
Do you realise that you're growingmore psychotic by the day?Do you?
You bloody..
Eyy, ey, where are you going?
Stop, you lunatic!
Are you mad or what? Why are running behind her?
You think I scared her?Does she even seem scared?
She broke 10 glasses so far, my golden drop glasses.
You lunatic, were you going to hit her!
She's got a big background in this city man!
How many times do I have to tell her? Smack hera couple of times, that's when she will understand.
What happened?
Sutures? For her?
What do you think her age is?
do you think anyone administers sutures to a 19 year old?It will self-heal.
What were you people doing? Couldn't you advise her?
We just got here man.
Your hands are itching to get into surgerythe minute you finish MBBS eh?
Is she a guinea pig?
Did she even study and pass MBBS?
Get up!
She got cut quite deeply. Bled quite a lot.
Basic first aid is enough to heal this.
It will pain a little, just bear with it.
Shiva, get a tetanus shot ready.
Where are you roaming aroundwithout your slippers on, huh?
Shiva, get a wheelchair.
We'll shift Preethi to the beach house.
I mean..that cut is quite deep.It'll be very difficult for her to move around.
Poor girl, she's a kid..Ah! Kid huh?
Internal exam are coming up. How will she even study?
I am suspended from college..and I am her local guardian anyway..
Even her father insisted thatI take care of her the other day..
Her father asked you to take care of herlike she's your sister.
Not draw diagrams on her body and teach her medicine.
Just go get a wheelchair man. Please.
Where are you going?To the girl's hostel.
How did beer bottles get into the junior's hostel?
Have you all been drinking beer? sir.
Preethi's foot got cut with a beer bottle's shard.
Go pack Preethi's clothes in a bag.
Your warden isn't here.
If she comes around, tell her Preethi's goneto her local guardian's house.
Okay sir.
Are all the underwear and nightdresses in the bag?
They're out on the clothesline sir.
What else?
That one over there.
This moment is sweet oh my dear, this moment is sweet
The sight is sweet oh my dear, the sight is sweet
The feel is sweet, the pamper is sweet
The getting along is sweet, the sensitivity is sweet
The age is into trance with a sweet wind blowing
Guys don't come in. Preethi is in there.
Don't go that way either, her clothes are out to dry.
Don't you you want to go out somewhere?
A cinema? Do you need some money?
Time stopped running and is seeing the beauties
The enlightening in trance is inhaling the fragrances
The wants have overwhelmed the teasing tastes
The heat of breathe enhanced the thirst
Life is become happy drenched inthe sweet showers silently
This moment is sweet oh my dear, this moment is sweet
Isn't this your toothbrush?
What are you looking at?
Listen, I understand that this girl is going to live here.
But if you're going to ask us to go to a park ora cinema everyday, that won't do. Understand?
Is it? Then you and Kamal can shift to the campus.
Dont act smart. We're paying rent here, as well.
What happened Preethi?
To day is my Birthday.
The blowing winds have murmured
The visible smiles have made promises
Sky came down at the doorsteps of owned happiness
It is seen completely in the sea becoming into half
The shore like a knotted thread droveaway the pain in heart
This moment is sweet oh my dear, this moment is sweet
The sight is sweet oh my dear, the sight is sweet
The feel is sweet, the pamper is sweet
The getting along is sweet, the sensitivity is sweet
The age is into trance with a sweet wind blowing
Preethi! Your exams are finished right?Aren't you going home?
We're leaving on the day after tomorrow.Don't you want to start packing?
I'll do it tomorrow.
Arjun, can I stay here for two more days?
Baby please. I can't do goodbyes.
If you are here in Mangalore,I won't be able to leave this town.
Please go tomorrow.
You leave for Mussorie. I'll leave for Hyderabad.
On the same day. Please Arjun.
You're not trying to understand.
Didn't we discuss this already?
Our tickets are all booked. What is this discussion now?
Did you pack your luggage?
This beachhouse, our pastimes,
final year housie,
Mangalore's St.Mary's life,
Kori Roti..All of this has come to an end now.
What has come to an end?You make it seem like a funeral.
What has come to an end?
That fellow's going to UK, I am going toMussoorie and you will start a clinic in Moula Ali.
See how life will turn out three years later.Always bugging people with nonsense nostalgia..
Arjun, try not to get angry.
Can I stay here for another 2 days?
Please? Please Arjun?
let's kiss tonight.
Did I ever call you Kamal?
Climb your first footstepGo crash into that mountain
And kiss her hardYou are the Lord!
Shiva, stop it. Let the kiss,you don't have anyone to do it with anyway!
O Kamal, my dearest! I cannot believe my eyes.
May this Piggy be liberated from this world..
Baby listen!
Arjun, I'll stay for another two-
Why are you constantly targeting my weak point?
I told you that I can't leave this town if you are here.
Youve been bugging me about thissince 2 days now. Am I going to die?
Baby! What happened baby!Who even cries about things like these?
Baby! are you crying?
Look here,
Distance is getting closer,
it grew the fond more
Hurry to meet again and again is driving even the time
Both the sides have become one silently,our places cannot separate us now
Have you gone mad Preethi? How did you even get here?
Look at that,
it's turned red.
Baby, not even 15 days have passed since we moved away.
I feel like it's been 15 years.
Come becoming the Hug....
Hug becoming the breathe....
Come becoming the Hug....
Hug becoming the breathe....
Life is widening the wings,
it comes flying for you to sleep landing on you
It is defeating even the sky
When you are coming to me and me coming to you
This nation and this world have become tinier
Is this your house? It is very nice.
Come inside
Arjun, this is my younger brother Mithun.
Mithun Shetty.
Arjun? Arjun what?Mithun behave..
Amma, Arjun.
Arjun this is my mother. My elder sister.
Aunty, I need to speak to youand Uncle about something. Isn't he home?
Aunty in the meanwhile, can I take Preethi home?
It's my brother's wedding the day after tomorrow,
We will be back in an hour.
Baby you don't scare..
I will talk..
Uncle, I came here to talk about this.
Just because our relationship hasn't beenofficiated yet, don't give that cheap look.
If I was your son in law,you would have left quietly wouldn't you?
Uncle, let's sit down and talk. Listen to me.
Right from the day I saw you in college,I knew you were maniac?
How dare you come here to my house? You cheap rascal!
Don't ever dare come here again!
Preethi, do you want me to talk to him or should I leave?
Baby, he's seeing this in a very wrong perspective.
Sit him down and explain things clearly.
Is that him?
What business do you have on Preethi's terrace?
Ey, come here you.
Why are you looking there?
You! Come here!
You are my brother in law.
I love your sister, do you understand?
Your features are exactly like your sister's.
What grade are you in?
Inter 2nd year.
Leave all this and study well. Do you understand? Ok?
What story did you tell these people to bring them here?
Told them I'd throw them a party.
Here, take this. Go party now.
And, tell your father that I kissed you as well.
What happened there?
Daddy, I've not yet told you but..
No.. Just tell me what happened there?
There is this girl called Preethi and I really love her.
I had not seen her in 6 months
So I went to her house and on her terrace,
we both were in a private space andsuddenly her dad came in from this side and..
he misunderstood the situation and..
Just tell me..What is this about?
Just tell me what happened?!
That is ..
We are meet after 6 months
What is this about?
No dad, we were in a private space andsuddenly her father comes in from this corner and
What is all this? Private space?
Ey Goutham, tell him what private space means.
Daddy, what was your age when you got married?
My age?Yrs, what was your age when you got married?
What has my age got to do here?
Why my age?You say dad.
Ey Goutham, hang on.
Daddy, when you got married, what was your age?
But how is it relevant here?Now tell me what my age is.
No, just tell me what my age is.Ey Goutham, what is my age?
What is this? Why is he talking about age?
No, what is my age. You asked me didnt you?
27. Your age is 27 isnt it?
So please leave.
Dad, you get inside I'll go talk to him. You go inside.
What is this? What is he talking about?
get up. Sit up.
Listen, if you want to get married now, tell your father, Dad I want to get married now.
Isn't it improper to ask your father about hisage when he got married?
When I told him Preethi and I were in a private space,
he dismissed my explanation but keptinterrogating me about what happened there.
What do I tell him then Grandma?
He doesn't understand!
What do you expect him to understand?
When you were in college,love is a space between her and yourself.
But if it turns into marriage, there area dozen concerned people on both sides,
with a lot of people butting in and makingjudgements about what you should or shouldn't do.
But then, no matter how many people turn up,you should always be steady.
That is a relationship
Because you and Grandpa were from the same caste,it worked out easily for you.
Ah, nothing of that sort. Nothing happened so easily.
My mother and aunt both called me a lot of names.
Look at her. We sent her to Delhi to studyand she has ruined our reputation.
This is all common, happens everywhere.
If they said, no matter what you do, we won't agreeto this, then what would you have done?
I would have convinced them!
What if they said we'd never agree, that there's no chancefor agreement, then what would have done?
I would have still convinced them.
Grandma, Preethi's father is an ignorant fool.
If he seems like an ignorant fool to you,he is still her father.
First, I think you should lower your anger.
Hello..Grand Maa.
Come inside, come.
You don't worry
You will be strong, beautiful and happy together.
Do you believe me?
Tell me!
Daddy, he likes that girl very much.
The matter might get more complicated.Let's go talk to their family.
What will you do?
Your wedding is in two days.You think you can go talk to them now?
He has that clarity. That girl is also very clear about it.
Let her family come down and talk to us.
Dad, where is the foolery in any of this?
Arjun, is this your house?
Did you talk to your dad about us?
Good. Don't talk to him.
Listen, I will talk to him about usIt's unnecessary. Leave it.
Did you kiss my brother?
Yes I did.
I will kiss your dad as well. Your mother and sister as well.
I don't understand why you're laughing right now.
Baby, our first night is going to be here right?
FIrst night?
549th night.
Just for fun.. would you say correctly 549 times
How did you know that 549 is the correct number
Here? Now?
Yeah! Nothing will happen.
Stay there. Dont come inside.
Uncle, I'm sorry about what happened yesterday.
But please don't judge us about that incident.
I like Preethi very much.
I will take care of her very well.
Ive also finished my M.S, no matter where I work,I will be paid a minimum of 2 lakh rupees per month.
I think, if both our families could meet once,you too could gain some confidence about this issue.
I know you come from a very privilegedfamily and background.
Uncle, that is not my intention.
I knew you'd use your status to reason with me.
Uncle, I understand that all of this seemslike a child's play to you.
But if you could think about this with an open mind,
you could perhaps understandthe depth between the both of us.
You use such big words boy!
Dad..please let him finish
Shut up you shameless girl!
How dare you bring this boy here again!
Didn't you think about your family at least once!
You listen to me now!
It is my dream, and a matter of pride and honour for me,to get my daughter married to a boy from our caste!
You stop dreaming about marrying her,because it is impossible that I will ever agree to it.
Are you out of your head?
Your daughter is telling you that she loves me.
I am telling you that I love her as well.
And this is how you treat me?
Im a learned man! Not some vagabond!
Didn't I tell you?!
Didn't I tell you this boy has a forked tongue?!
Then I can't do this anymore.
You should've told your dad aboutwhat happened between us.
What is wrong with you Arjun, what is that gesture?
I am not capable of any magical poetry right now.
It's pointless if I do. Because your dad thinksit's impossible for us to be together.
He'd have known if he saw us together.
Preethi! What happened?
Ey, who the hell are you?
Ey, call the cops (100).
Preethi tell them to leave.
I won't, you tell them that.
Cut the call.
Arjun, what does it mean, to deserveor to be respected, when in love?
If you speak poetically now, I will smash your face.
What kind of a man is he?
Cant he understand? Can he listen if I tell him?
What? Huh? Say that again. Again.
Im warning you, I will be lude.
Preethi, imagine we were in the age of kings
Because he stopped us from being together,I would have waged a war against your father.
I would have tied him in chains and caged him.
And then I would've married you.
In traditional Tulu style.
Are you mad? Have you completely lost it?
Ya..I am lost it..I am gone.
Don't everybody in the world keep saying,I was born for you.
And you, for me.
Do you know what I think?
It's not just you,
your parents, their parents,their grandparents were all born for me.
And see what is happening here?
Now, listen to me.
I am giving you six hours' time.
Decide what you want to do in thesesix hours and then call me.
I am ready to do anything in order to live with you Preethi.
But call me only if you're as mad as I am.
IF you don' know me.
Please Arjun, dont complicate this so much.
What got complicated?
You are just being scared.
But what do you think will even happen?They will just get you married.
Go go go. Go get married. Go get married.
Preethi, let me go.
Your bones will get dislocated I am warning you.
Preethi! Look! Look! Your dad is watching us.Your dad is watching us.
Let him.
Baby, don't. Dont. Look here.
Baby, look here.
Arjun, I am not going to leave you and go anywhere
Do you think I can survive without you?
Speak to me baby!
So please leave.
Song coming from DJ (music)
What happened?
What happened? Nothing happened.
Shouldn't I drink in your bachelor's party?
Drink man!What then?
Ey Jagdish!
Get me a paper and pen!
Take this sir.
I have a headache, go get these medicines.
Yes sir!
Arjun! Preethi is here man!
Lucky bastard man!
Who combines alcohol with morphine?What is his problem?
What can we say?
If it peaked another point,he would have been comatose.
Sir, is there any chance he can wake upby today afternoon?
Don't you know it yourself Shiva?
Why do you ask? For his brother's marriage?
His girlfriend is getting married today in the afternoon.
His girlfriend's getting married?! Does he know?!
Is that the same girl, the one fromthe college fight on Holi that day?
Disgusting! That entire town is cursed.
Nobody from that college everprospered in any relationship
Anyway, he won't get up until the next 36 hours.
You give him this good news when he wakes up.
I think I'll go mad if I hang around here.
Such noble doctors you are!
Throw that horrible thing away!
Arjun! Move his hand away from his heart dear,his grandma is still alive!
Grandma, that girl is gettingmarried in the afternoon today.
Does he know this?
He doesn't know about it, if he did,why would he even be here?
Wasn't it just yesterday that I told them, that nothing'sgoing to happen to them, they'll be absolutely fine?
Akka(sister), what happened to him?Why is he asleep this way?
You get out of here first!
Nothing has happened to him, you get out first!
Did you eat, Dad?
Where is my mom? And sister?
They've gone to eat.
Listen , where is your friend?He's absent from this entire wedding.
There is some fault in his system dad.
Is it diarrhoea?
No. Stomach ache.
Drinking? Has he been drinking?Not at all. Nothing of that sort.
Alright, you stay here. I'll be back in sometime.
Ok. You go.
Satyanarayana Vratam recital
Oh, you are awake sir..
Who put diapers on me?
Satyanarayana Vratam recital.
Satyanarayana Vratam recital.
Ey Shiva, give me a cigarette man, please!
Ey, remove this off my hand man, now.
It won't come away like that.You've got to soak it in water for two minutes.
You don't have any patience do you?
If you were patient for at least 5 minutes that day,
there could have beensome communication between you both.
So what now? Is she feeling sad that there'sno communication between the both of us?
No man. She told me about her marriage.
Let her get married then!Let her get married and then die!
Do you think my feelingsfor her will change if she gets married?
She IS married.
This is the truth.
Got married yesterday.
Hey, you can't do anything by going there now!It's all over!
Pan leaves..dates..nut powder
Where are you off to?!
You and your blessings!
Oh my dear..
Arjun, get onto the bike.Get onto the bike first.
Babu! She just got married. Dont, please!
Preethi! Get up!
Get up Preethi!
So please leave.
Brother! Please brother! Don't hit him!
Smash him! Break his back!Make sure he never gets up again!
Uncle..please say..
Cant you understand when I'm speaking?
You bloody...
Smash him! Break his back!
Alright, let him go.
Here you go.
Shiva, is marriage really that powerful?
Can't we do anything about it now?
Should we just shut up and keep quiet?
If I'm comatose for two days,how can she get married like that?
How can they force her when she has no interest in it?
You say shiva..what can I do?
When there was so much ruckus happening,she didn't even turn around to see.
Not once! They give up very easily man!
Maybe she couldn't hear what was happeningbecause of the mantras being chanted!
Ok! What do you want to do now?!
She is my girl.
I'll go get her now, just you watch!
Come out now!
This wont do. Call the cops orsomeone from a mental institution.
Come out now!
Shiva, give me a cigarette man
You shouldn't smoke in the police station!
Your brother's here.
Ey, take him inside through the back door.
What are all those wounds on your face?
Did you go to that girl's house again?
Why do you want to do this here?
Why do you want to do this here?Let him go Ma.
All the guests kept asking your dad about you.
You weren't present in the group photo either!Stop talking sillily Maa!
If you want a group photo, go get it digitised.
Ey Goutham, what's the big dealabout not attending your brother's marriage?
Nothing at all.
I'll leave after the reception.
Reception or nothing..get out.
Daddy, wait daddy!
Ey! Couldn't you have asked him to come inside?
His system's not well Dad. Let him be.
Wait, what? Does he have diarrhea again?
Stop it dad! You're always talkingabout diarrhea, all the time!
But no..listen, I took that quarter whiskeyfrom your almirah. Ok?
He's not eating. Take that plate away.
Whats up?
I got a new job Shiva.
Congrats man.
So you're going to start a new life now.
Did you see Preethi around anywhere?
Did you see Preethi around anywhere?
Didn't you go there to take your bike?
No man, I sent my father to get it.
Oh..ask your father if he saw her around somewhere.
I am at my clinic now, I'll call you later.
Came to know that you are not mine
Came to know that I am not yours
That half of me now does not exist
Shiva, Preethi never even matched hergaze with anybody else in college.
That is when it all started.
What did his father say to me that day?
My caste, my pride! Who taught him all this?Where did this come from?
How cruel is this!
How unfair!
If Preethi and I were together,there would have been a byproduct- our baby!
Is there any love in an arranged marriage?
I, atleast, have no belief in it.
People get hysterical about a couple's first night.
My past laughed seeing me now
That future will no more be there
This moment said so
You are my life, you are my heart
You settled as the fire in the heart
The unexpected has happened , how now?
No more that you can say her now, what is this?
Mistake happened in a fraction of second
It is haunting as a flood of sorrow
I do not exist without you, said this moment
You are my end and you are my challenge
My challenge is worth this universe
It's been 4 months since she got married.
Good or bad, she took a step forward in life.
Look at yourself, stuck in life.
Yeah man! In the practical world, it is a sign of progress.
You've been harping about Preethi'smarriage for 500 times now.
I will harp about it for 5000 times if necessary.
Come here Shiva.
No. You'll hit me.I won't, I promise. Come here.
You know, assume your girlfriend is going through PMS..
I don't have a girlfriend in the first place.
Which is why I said assume you have one.
In that time, will you say,Baby, this pain occurs every month,
just wear it out the next 4 days it'll go away anyway?
Or will you get close to her, let her rest on your thighs..
and my thighs I don't mean itderogatorily you Karimnagar immigrant!
Thighs meaning your lap.
Won't you let her rest in your lap,understand her pain and be attentive?
Didn't we study medicine?
Won't you ask her to flex her hipsand knees and sleep on her side?
Or will you say, Since you're born a woman,this is your fate.
Deal with it!
Listen..forget all that.Why did you have to bring up my nativity now?
What did you even understand man? You dolt!
I understood every single thing you said.
Right now, you need to be treated likea woman who is going through her PMS.
They go through it 4 days a month,while you are PMS-ing all throughout. Isn't that it?
I can't bear your mood swings,I need to go to my's time.
Came to know that you are not mine
Came to know that I am not yours
Namaste sir!
Ah! You're here!
She will work silently from now.
Please put her back to work sir.
Look how he hurt himself after she broke that glass.
She broke 10 glasses till now.
Ill pay you back for all those 10 glasses sir.
No one needs the money!
Did Not Sir tell her to call Preethi by her name?
And yet, she keeps calling her weird namesand that man keeps berating her.
Does she quiet then? No! She keeps smirking !
Are you listening, you devil!
How dare you call his wife such names?
Does anyone in this apartment pay you 2000 rupeesfor the 5-10 minutes worth work you do here?
No one does, Sir.
As if that isn't enough, the moment she finishes work,she goes down and assembles other maids,
turns into a team leader and keep gossippingabout all the people who live here!
Useless gossip, all of it!
Those folks from the managementare breathing down my neck,
asking if Arjun Sir's getting some people over at night.
Why are you bothered about their activities, woman?
Tell me something.How do you look at a girl and call her a case?
Aren't you a woman yourself?Don't you know this basic courtesy?
Is that how you talk?
No, really! I want to know because I'mreally ignorant about this!
But these people are doctors!Why would they do such things!
If something happens to him, who will be responsible?
Huh mister?
I won't say anything to Sir. Or to Preethi ma'am.
Wont gossip anymore. Will just finishmy work here and leave quietly.
Ok, whatever. Go away now.
You're smelling of whiskey.Go pop some mouth fresheners.
m I going to smooch someone in there now?
You always have a comeback readyfor things like these, don't you?
Ey, you think you'd have done it if that DarlingOpen The Door Dude didn't interrupt you that day?
Yeah right! What is this nonsense that you're up to?
Calm down a little man.
How do YOU know about that Darling Open The Door Dude?
Eh, It was I who referred that patient to you!It was that baby haircut girl no?
How did it all start man?
That guy had a radial fracture.
And that girl kept calling me everyday asking if shecould feed him chicken or lentils or god knows what.
What did she think this was, jaundice?
That's when I realised. And I gave her my number.
How shameless you are man!
You went to fool around with herbut ended up shoving ice down there huh?!
Man this woman is annoying meeveryday to shave my beard.
Ey, don't take that seriously.
Listen, you think you can forgetPreethi if you fool around like this?
Snap out of this idiocy first.Look for a nice girl and date her,
why do you need to do all these things?
Are you crying? Stop crying you fool
Do boys cry?
Which is why I said, don't try tobe someone that you aren't.
How can you cry, you of all the people,you with your personality..!
Why do you need to do all this?
Listen, go stand in the middle of Ameerpet'scross roads in nothing but your underwear!
Let us see who wont fall for you!
People will line up for you!Even now this guy's still crying about Preethi..
Sir, heroine Jia Sharma is here.
She's been referred to you apparently.
Why is this so empty?
I am your fan!
I keep watching your movies frequently.You act very well.
If you ever want to shoot in our hospital,you can call me anytime.
I will give you permissions.You can shoot happily.
They'll help you out with anything you need.Free for you!
Take good care of Madam.She shouldn't face any problem.
VIP Patient
Say what happened?
She was dancing and suddenly, her knee got twisted.
It's difficult for her to walk right now.
Durga! Get an ROM Knee Brace!
This should always be worn on your bare legs.Not on your leggings.
Don't forget to take it off when you go to sleep.
Find out the doctor's number.
Don't act smart Lakshman.
Ey! You won't find anything of that sort on me!
Open your mouth! Look at your teeth!What is this?
How much will you drink? What is all this here?
What are you doing here? Smoking weed?
None of that is mine!They're a friend's who lives upstairs.
How are you even living here?
I've come to take you away. Let's go now.
Ey! I'm not coming.
Why won't you come?
I wont, period. I won't.
How many days will you live out your ego trip?Oh you think this is an ego trip huh?
Arjun, listen.
I will make sure dad himself talks to you.
I will set things for you.
Come, lets go.
This is not about Dad. I need some space.
What space man?It's been 4 months since you've come home!
Why do you want to discuss that topic now?
Your favourite is a.. Royal Enfield.. Interceptor isn't it?
I ordered one. It'll be here tomorrow.
Come lets go.
Why do you have so much anger?
I won't come.
Im only asking you to come home,?
I won't come, leave me.
I had a lot of difficulty to find your address.
Who asked you to look for my address? Did I?
I seem fine here don't I?
There is no way I will leave you here now.
Come lets go.
Hey leave me.
Yes alright, it was I who drank all those bottles.
Im smoking ganja here as well.What will you do about it?
It is my wish.
I won't come, go!
You beat up me
Hey leave me..
Leave me you...
I won't leave you..
No matter what you do, I won't come.
Ask to come..
Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Why is that?
Since you went into exile..
how would I go?
Does that mean, you folks have not done..?Ey! Nothing of that sort!
So when is the good news then?
Haven't thought about it.
Thinking of planning it in the next two years.
You're planning it?
Does anyone plan these things out?It has to happen, in the flow.
What plan?
Would you like to drink some tea,coffee or juice?
Do you have any juice?Yes sir.
Get that.
Madam is busy in a shot, she'll be here in 5 minutes.
Jia, I am going to tell you a story.
When I was in college, there was a girl.
We lived together, almost.
She got married.
I keep trying so many things to forget her,but it's not working out.
Ayyoo..Im sorry.Dont, dont, dont!
Listen, I don't want these feelings.
Can you help me out..physically?
I can bring you a medical certificate if you want.
Let's keep this open..raw.
Our wish.
Just you and me. Tell me?
Do you need time to think about it?
Tell me Jia.
What happened man?
Jia, that's my friend.
Ey Shiva! Sit.
Ey Kamal! How are you man?
When did you come here?I just came today in the morning. what's happening..oh by the way,what happened to your license?
Got cleared!
So whats happening?
Same old man..Keerthi said she'll speakto her parents about our marriage.
So, thats why Im here in India.
Was yours such a serious relationship?
Man, listen to me. There are caste fanatics everywhere!
Just be guarded.If it works out, it will.
Otherwise you'll turn out to be like me.
What miseries do you have man?Hanging around with heroines.
The both of you were in some seriousconversation when we got here.
Did you set her up, you dirty fellow?
No way man. Just came here to talk to her.
What did you want to talk to her about?
The same thing..
Told her about Preethi and asked her if shecould help me out, in a physical sense.
Physical help huh?
So what did she say?
I'm sure she'll come around, but what about you?
What about me.. Im casual, as usual.
How many more days will you sit in that clinic?
Breathe in..paracetamol calpol prescriptionsDoesn't that bore you?
You stop hanging out with thoseidiots in those cafes in Moula Ali.
Become serious about your job.
This fellow acquired his license,it's been 6 months since I passed my Masters.
How many more days will you sit in that clinic?
Man! Did you see his clinic?
Go see his clinic sometime!Show him your clinic man!
Is that even a clinic, you donkey?
Do you know who his patients are?
You know those people who have no problem in lifebut just keep walking into clinics right? Those kinds.
How many people turn up at your clinic everyday?
3..or 4?
And to top this, he is always worrying about goingto his clinic, getting late to his clinic, clinic, clinic, clinic..
Who am I speaking to, who am I meeting,what am I doing.. How is this any of your concern?
Kamal, this guy is a sex freak man!
Yeah sure. Me. A sex freak. Definitely true.
It's time you became serious, became a surgeon.
Cut a body. Get some blood on your hands. That is fun.
If I wasn't hungover about Preethi,I would've cracked neuro by now.
Let this get done. I will show you.
What the hell is wrong with him?He is speaking like he's in some trance or something.
Your new company started like anew address of happiness strangely
Bonding is loosening and it is not a mistake, right?
Your new company started like a new surprise
Ey Shiva,what is wrong with this girl,she is ironing my clothes.
Jia Sharma.
And where are you?
At her house. Just got up.
Oho! So this matter's gone to that level now huh?
Ey, nothing has happened yet.
Yeah right. Don't tell me.You're not the kind to let go of such situations.
There's nothing of that sort happening.
What do you mean, nothing of that sort?
Listen, I read that girl's Wikipedia page.
This girl passed out of IIT Ahmedabad.
Her father retired as the Delhi High Court's Chief Justice.
Do you understand? You won't find a better match.Figure something out and settle down.
Don't you understand? If she's ironing yourclothes, she's really into you man..!
I don't like it when people do these things for me.
I would like to do it for people I love.And I felt this way only with Preethi.
Man! That is all over now man! That girl got marriedand left! It's time you got out of that chapter!
How many more day will you goaround crying Preethi,Preethi, Preethi..
If you keep drinking this way everyday,you will die you fool!
When did you come Dad?
Just now.
It's been 5 minutes. Come, sit.
What happened? Your friend hasn'tcome out of that phase, seemingly?
They were a strong couple Dad. Very strong.
It lasted 4 years! It won't getsolved that easily now, will it?
True. Correct.
You know these therapy sessionsfor cancer survivors,right?
There is one of a similar nature called 'Love FailureSupport Group' in Basheerbagh started by some guy.
What he does is he gives youa questionnaire with 10-20 questions.
What would you do if you met thatperson you love in this particular situation?
The participant must choose fromthose options named A,B,C,D,E..
Based on the answers you've selected,
he will assess you, your pain and your situation.
he will assess you, your pain and your situation.
Our Sir topped that exams as well.
He topped that exam as well!
That guy called me up and says,Sir, I come across a lot of hundreds of cases everyday
but I have never seen such a case like your friend's.
You please take back your moneyand your friend as well.
So what now?
He has all kinds of habits. All kinds.He brings ladies home at night.
What are you saying?
Yeah! You think I'm joking? It's the truth Dad!
But you know, he doesn't do anything with them..physically. No touching or anything of that sort!
He just sits them down and explainsall kinds of big fancy theories.
And listening to him, these women go home bawling!
Bawling till their faces turn red!
But their cries have no effect on him!He is just carried away in his own trip
I've stopped drinking with himbecause of this very reason!
But you know, their business is running great!
They listen to his stories but they take his money and gohome happily, this guy keeps telling them more stories..
You know, for anybody else, speaking their heart outlike this helps them out emotionally, but in his case,
it just aggravates him!
And when it's time for festivals, like Krishnashtami,Dussehra, anything..Bonalu or whatever,
all these women get decked upand turn up at his place like one big tribe!
And they feed him biryani, pongal,sweetmeats..what not! Full enjoy!
Tickle tickle laugh laugh, selfies.. No end to their festivities.
Don't laugh Dad? Why does this seem funny to you?
Who won't laugh when someone is enjoying like this?
The folks from his apartment's management call me up
and keep telling me that this friend ofyours is up to all these activities here,
are you going to ask him to clear the place or not?
Oh and you know something else?
There is a chief woman who heads all these women right?
You they are shown in filmsbig, chewing a paan,
yeah yeah, that woman.
Now whenever she falls ill, or someone she happens toknow falls ill, they all get together and visit Dr Arjun Reddy.
Because me, our neighbour Srinivas uncle, we're no doctors.
Because there is no other doctor inthis city apart from Arjun Reddy right?
Hmm..true, Arjun Reddy is the only doctor in town.
Even now, just before you came here,we were discussing the same thing.
There's a film heroine Daddy!
That girl likes him a lot!
But even there, nothing will work out for him, becausehe has decided to sink and swim in that pain and grief.
Look. The same gossip. It's even out in the newspapers
What is this place that you brought me to Madam Heroine?
What if someone sees us?
Lakshman will take care of it.
Madam..madam, you please sit inside madam.Get off.
I told you off twice about this lovey dovey nonsense.
All of that won't work out for me.Why are you mixing this with love?
You have intelligence right?I am not going to meet you, you don't either
Sir, this is Durga from the hospital!
Sir, there's a case from Prabhu Sir.
Durga today is my day off. Put the phone down.
Sir, please, there is no one here.
Durga, I am in no state to conduct any surgery.Cut the call.
Please sir! I could give you some all-pax if you like!
There's been a lot of blood loss.
Put the patient on a ventilator. I'll be there
Ok sir, I'll get that done right away.
What happened?
What happened?
This is a matter of prestige for Citizen's Hospital,
I will get his license cancelled come what may!
I'll go to any length! Tell your favourite surgeon,I will see him in the court.
What happened?
Shiva, there comes a time in your life when your bodyrings a warning bell saying its capacity is over.
That is when you should stop everything.He should stop everything right away!
He is not listening to anybody sir!
He has to! Otherwise he'll die!
How did you get so dehydrated Arjun?
Have you been drinking everyday?Have you not quit your bad habits?
Yes! Im drinking everyday! So what now?
Mummy, this is just a phase in my life, understand that.Don't ask me trashy questions.
This hospital and mine have a lot ofpatient exchange programs.
The minute I came here I spoke to the Director.He is not listening.
Says he will speak to the police professionallybut he isn't agreeing to anything.
Says he will go to any length to see this through.He's acting all psyched.
Says your friend belongs in the jail.
Apparently, this matter's gone all the way to AIIMS.
Did you see that ?
You know what that means right?
This guy.. He has a knack for rubbinghimself exactly with the wrong kind of people!
What is with your 2008 St.Mary's batch?
I've never seen a batch worse than yours.You, him!
How dare you dont shave and come to the hospital!
No matter what we do, our appearance has got to be neat.
Shall I tell you something? Thatmorphine episode was his personal shit.
But this is now professional!The entire country is watching man!
It's a big deal!
He had anger issues. But alcoholism? Drug addict?
Grandma, up until yesterday,you kept asking me where he was!
Now you know where he is! But you won't come! Why?!
I cant see him in these circumstances.
Don't then!
But at least call him and talk to him!
Grandma! If you call him, he will come home!
There is a difference when the people we love dieand when they leave us and go away.
In the first case, our minds and hearts adjustto the fact that the person won't come back.
Like me.
In the second case, it doesn't fade away that easily.
Just like him.
I can help him out anyway but I can't share his pain right?
So what are you implying? That we leave him to his fate?
Vipul is a successful lawyer.
He will handle your case.
First of all don't call it a case.
It is not even my case.
Because there wasn't anybody in the emergency,I had to go handle it.
Anyways, the patient is still alive isnt he?
In cases like these, it is secondaryif the patient is alive or dead.
the case rests upon how much alcohol the surgeon hasconsumed and if it's above or below the permissible limits.
Basically, this is a criminal and medical negligence case.
So tell me Dr.Arjun, how much did you drink?
Goutham, do you even know in what stateI went to the hospital?
I had no motor control.
I was only being able to speak.
I sat in the chair and guidedthe head nurse to complete the surgery.
We have heard all this, and have understood it as well.
Goutham, is this guy even on our side?
Then why is he speaking like this?
Arjun, this case has gone too far.
Even the IMC is now involved.
The entire hospital is trying to prove you guilty.
It is all over the news already.
Arjun, are you listening?
Just bear with some presence of mind.
This is material from the eye witnesses.Your patients have signed here
saying you are a wonderful surgeon.
And these are a total of 484 radiographs.
There are 300 entries of surgeries underyour name in the hospital log-book.
A couple are not available, since they are out of station.
So, even if the log book seems like a farce,your radiographs cannot be dismissed.
Because all of them are embossed with thisReferred by Dr. Arjun Reddy Deshmukh.
The point here is, the patient isnt dead. He's alive.
So we can pay him off with some amount of money.
The problem lies with the hospital managementwho collected your blood samples.
And it shows that your alcohol level is above 140and also you were high on cocaine.
So what do we do now?
They use a preservative to test that sample.
We can prove that the fermentation levels were offand that the readings were not right.
Plus, there aren't any entriesfor 184 surgeries that you have done
If you raise this point.. Im sure the hospitalmanagement will plead guilty.
The hospital's director is being very stubborn.
Which is why we are preparing all this.
I think in another week,we can arrange for an in-house court hearing.
Arjun, listen to me.
Get a neat shave, dress up well and come along calmly.
Whatever you are going to say that day,keep repeating that constantly.
We've sealed every hole properly.
My only worry is your brother's unconventional mindset.
Goutham, in a democracy,this level of free spiritedness doesn't work!
You will have to take care of it.
And no matter how much money you pay them off,
if you put up that expression on your face,it won't augur well.
Oh man! This guy is drunk again!
Shiva, pull that chair!
Listen, I'll call Ankit and get some stuff.
Arjun, you're getting late for the court hearing!
What is that?
What are you doing man?
Be quiet
Why do you need this now?EY! SHUT UP!
What's the status?
He is normal now.
Your brother has arrangedan in house court hearing for you.
For god's sake, try and be normal.
Are you going to teach me howto be normal after drinking?
Ah alright!
Wear your pants and come out.
Ma'am, this person has a drinking problem.
I realised that very late.
Even the nurses got intimidated by himand served liquor in the hospital.
We found a lot of drugs in the surgeon'sdressing room as well.
The court rejects emotional statements.
There are 300 recorded videos andtestimonials on behalf of the patient.
Shiva, do you remember the oathwe took during the convocation?
Listen, the case is moving in your favour,don't mess this up now.
But this is wrong!
Give me the statements and materialproofs from the accused.
Goutham, what is all this man?
How much money did you pay them off?
Look at our Dad once. He doesn't like all this.
Shut up man.
I claim my career as the only thingI have ever made for myself.
And the only thing I like about myself is my profession.
Don't corrupt it man.
Goutham, I can't live my life begging people like this.
Are you worried about your reputation if I go to jail now?
Tell me Goutham. Is that what you're thinking about?
I am not being able to understand anything.What are you talking? stop it.
I will go, please.
Dr. Arjun, if you speak now,it will be admissible in the criminal proceedings.
Nodding your head isn't enough.
What time did you attend your surgery?
Dont remember.
While conducting the surgery,you lost control of your sense and fell down
but being half-conscious you directedyour nurse and stabilised the patient.
Did you consume any alcohol?
Yes, I drank that day.
I drank the earlier day.
Ive conducted all my surgeries while being drunk.
I am drunk right now as well.
But it didn't harm any patient and I'm proud to say it.
But I broke that trust that a patient has on a doctor.
There is no relation to the hospital with this episode.
Dad, I'm sorry.
What did I say and what have you done?!
Ey Vidya! Has it been 2 years sinceyou got married you woman?
How come you aren't pregnant yet?
How long do you want to continue like this Arjun?
There has got to be some thought about your future right?
By this time, next year, where will you be, how will you be,what will you be doing? There has got be a plan right?
Ey Kamal! Did you guys come together?
Arjun, my marriage has been fixed.
Wow! How normal you seem,as if nothing ever happened!
Come..lets drink.
Didn't I tell you that Keerthi's father wouldn't agree?
Who is this girl anyway?
He is getting married to Keerthi herself!
Are you going back to London again?
I have a month's time left right?I'll go and come back in time for the wedding.
Arjun, Keerthi and I are getting married.This is my invite. You have got to come.
EYYY! What is this nonsense formality?How many days has it been since we all met?
Won't you take us out for a dinner at least?
Oh yeah.. This fellow even suggested a dress pattern.
Cream color sherwani.
Oh. So now you're going to buy clothesfor me for your wedding huh?
Remove that Dr in front of my name.
What happened?
In my opinion, I believe you are still a doctor.
You think you're Hippocrates to certify me?
What happened to him man?
What do you think I've been telling youabout him all these years?
This is the first clinical sign of an alcoholic.
He has no problem with waiters in a baror street food vendors.
But he has a problem with us- his friends and family.
Look at that device. Who builds such a thing?What the hell is that thing anyway?
So what do we do now?
Move out of the way, I'll go talk to him.
Have you started smoking beedis now?!
Whats wrong? They're very nice.
Did you sell all your stuff because you're broke?
Yeah, sold them off for your grandfather's funeral.
EY! It's hurting.
If you needed money, you could have asked me couldn't you?
Here. Take this.Shiva, dont give me any.
How many times have I not borrowed any from you?Think of this in the same way.
I ate and slept at your house one day right?Think of this as payment.
This is too much! Take this money!
Why couldn't you just congratulate himwhen he gave you his wedding invite?
Why are you behaving like this?
People could think you're being jealous.
Shiva, you remember my house in Mangalore?The mattress used to be on the floor sometimes.
Sometimes on the cot.
I don't know, ever since Preethi started living there,I didn't come there much.
You must have noticed when the maidwould move it aside to clean the floors ?
I don't know. Maybe. But why do you ask me that now?
Every time Preethi and I had a small fight,
we'd have a lot of ego about who should speak first.
She'd wait and wait and waitand then lay the mattress on the floor.
Which meant..she was ready to make love.
Do you understand?
You'd probably understand this won't you?
What more understanding couldthere be in a relationship, than this?
And in this scenario, when things didn'twork out for me, how can he get married?
Tell me!
You have an answer for everything don't you?
Alright. Yours is a benchmark lovestory.
While mine just worked out in fluke.
When you told him that your marriageproposal worked, what did he say?
Mama, good things happen to goodpeople! Didn't he say that?
That is exactly what he said.
But you know what he told me?
Mama, it's only the good people who suffer in life.
I always think your happiness' and sadnesses are mine.
Go die, you losers
Thank goodness,you don't think our women are yours as well.
Do you have any shame? This is his state Vidya.
It's been 7 months since Preethi got marriedbut he is still living like this.
EY! Showtime's up. Get out.
Leave, all of you. Move.
Are you going to attend my marriage or not?
He won't man. He won't. He didn't attend hisbrother's marriage, why will he attend yours?
Shiva, wait.
What happened Arjun? Why don't you want to come?
Vidya, wait. Arjun, I'm asking you for the last time.Are you going to attend my marriage or not?
I won't.
What makes you think you can get a love marriage?
You're an unworthy candidate for it!
If you don't come, I won't get married!
Come, let's drink together. Come come come.
Kamal.. what are you doing
You've finally proved that your education andyour background has been completely useless.
I feel ashamed to call myself your friend.
Be ashamed then.What did you say?
Why do you have such a low opinion about him?!
When we were in college, don't youremember all those wounds on his arms
Did he ever tell us about it? At Least once?
No matter how much Keerthi tortured him,did he ever come to us and complain?
He put up with her madness over and over and over
and now she's managed to convince herparents to get married to him
He is a true man! And now look at yourself!
He's not an unworthy candidate.You are. Which is why Preethi left you.
Where is my fridge?
My AC? Where is all my stuff?
I read all about you in the newspaper.
Get out of here. If you stay here one more minute,I will complain to the police!
I will show you a spot, you sleep there tonight.
I'll look for another one by tomorrow.
Sleep here, I'll come tomorrow morning. Alright?
Brother! Money?
Shut up! Write that into my account.
What headache is this , early in the morning?
Brother! Did you see a guy witha beard walking his dog around here?
Excuse me brother! Did you see a guywith a beard walking his dog around here?
You didn't?
There will be such a day in your life.Just like Rajkumar and Vyjayanthimala.
Song Humming
What the hell are you doing here?
I've been roaming the streets everywhere,asking people if they saw a bearded guy with a dog!
Ey, get out of here!
Get out.
Listen...grandma's dead.
Get up. Everybody's waiting. Let's go.
Is this when you come! My sister...died early in the morning. In her sleep.
Go, go inside and see her.
Why are you sitting here Dad?
Dad, I can understand how you feel.
You're the one who grieves the most for Grandma.
I came here only to see you.
We don't even think that such a day as thiswould come by sometime, don't we?
How funny is this!
Being born, being in love and then dying..These are just 10% of the important moments in our life.
The rest are just reactions to these moments.
Dont sit here like this Daddy,
this is an important moment in your life.
There are a lot of people waiting to meet you inside
Dad! Please Dad! Let's go inside.
Get up Dad!
Get up Dad!
Please get up Dad!
Grandma's favourite song.
Be careful with the body!
Who the bloody called this a body?
I had this habit, long long ago in college. Been a long time.
Arjun, there is a saying in English.
I think the time has come for you to understand this.
Daddy, I'm sorry.
I will stop all these bad habits from today.
What are you thinking about?
You shouldn't be this way for a long time.
Once you come back from your trip,we'll begin work on your marriage.
Take a U-turn.
The breathe is suddenly stopping so
I am going spell bound seeing you so
Your thought does not leave like a shackle unbreakable
The wants with no borders have become more
How did this incomparable andunidentified become a bonding?
It is become a vacuum eitherI see opening the eyes or close, how?
My steps have stumbled,which shore would this journey reach?
This time has done a mistake byseparating you and me
Why has a new disturbance landed in this heart today?
Sorrow has owned up and may not leave and go like a shadow
Did you give me the right address?
Maybe no way out to stop in this magical path
Maybe time is running all thisand maybe this is the death
Silence and vacuum have covered me and you completely
Won't you call me once after coming to Europe? Huh?The city I live in is two hours from here.
You don't answer your phone.What are you doing here man?
What are you doing here withyour wedding slated in three days?
Come. Let's go inside. Kamal?
Yes, tell me.
I saw Preethi on my way to Italy.
She's a woman now. With an 8 month old stomach.
She isn't happy.
That is for sure.
I will ask her to come away with me.
You think she will if you ask her?
She will.
She is my girl. I am not happy, she's not happy.
How can you tell that she's not happy?
I saw her and I could understand.Don't you know if Keerthi is upset?
Alright. She got married without her consent.What about her pregnancy then?
Yes, she's pregnant so what?
What do you mean so what?
She is my girl, man! Same girl, same Preethi!
Marriage and pregnancy doesn't change a thing.
Alright. Now you need to takepermission not from her dad,
but from her husband.
Who is he to permit?
What do you mean 'who is he to permit?'
Arjun do you understand what you are saying?
I'm going back to Hyderabad tonight.
Back then, she got married when I wasn't in my senses.
Now I'm completely conscious.There is now way I'm letting her go.
But this decision will causeyou a lot of problems in the future man!
I'll take care of them.
But, all these months, when I am not happy,how can she be happy?
I was angry because she got married.
That is it.
I will come to your marriage Kamal.
I will bring Preethi along with me.
Driver, stop here to the left!
Listen! It's been 9 months since she got married!
Her system is completely different now.
Don't jump on her and talk to her, like you did earlier.
You see those women there? They will kick you this time.
Preethi, I need to talk to you.
Preethi, I need to talk to you.
Preethi..are you listen me
Preethi, I need to talk to you.
Preethi, I came here to talk to you!
Baby, look at me once!
Amma, can you give me some water?
Preethi, please look here once.
I have to talk to you.
Alright, fine, don't talk to me, but just listen to me.
What should I listen? What should I say now?
I spoke to you for such a long time that day!
Did you listen to me? Anyway,why did you even come now?
Go away Arjun. Go.
I didn't come here to go away Preethi.
I've come here to take you with me.
Do you have any shame?
That is all immateria..
Baby, what is all this baby?
We are not happy.You come with me. We'll live together.
How can you decide whether I am happy or not?
We can't be apart and be happyat the same time. I know this.
I'm fine.
I curse you to get marry a thulu guy
What else? Everything turned out like you said it would.
Go away Arjun. Go.
Baby, don't just keep saying go go go all the time.Come, lets go.
You gave me 6 hours time that day didn't you?
That was it?
Is that how you'd leave me?
Women have restrictions at home Arjun.
But you don't have any sisters do you?You won't understand.
I came to your house that night.
I waited hoping you'd come.
When did you come?
After everything was over. 2 days later.
What did you do until then? Did you sleep?
He had no idea that you came that night.
Promise. I told him about this a few days ago.
Because you didn't call him, he went crazyand injected himself with morphine.
And overdosed on it.
He woke up after 2 days.
And in the meanwhile, your marriage, his brother's marriage.all of this happened so quickly.
The minute he woke up, he learnt about your marriage.And was in front of you the next moment.
His Dad kicked him out of his house.
He lived alone, while working in the hospital.
He went back home when his grandmother died recently.
I am telling you all these thingsbecause you need to know!
Because he'd never tell you these things, otherwise.
Ill leave you both to your conversation,I won't disturb you anymore.
That day, despite me travelling so far to see you,you didn't even turn around to look at me.
How far? Was that as far as the Himalayas?
Banjara Hills to Marredpally.
Why should I have turned around?
But why did you come anyway? To get beaten?
ust go away Arjun!Preethi calm down please.
I won't show my face to you ever again,
but I'm just going to askyou one last question. Give me an answer.
What is stopping you now to come away with me?
Is that it?
Oh is it?
Preethi, believe me.
I will handle things.
I will handle things. I'll take care of allthis- these families, friends, society.
Don't think about this anymore Preethi.Come away with me, Preethi.
Alright. If I come with you now,when this baby is born, who do I tell is his father?
Show me to the baby.
Why do you need all this now? You have your heroine.
You have your liquor to forget people.
You have even habituated drugs for yourself haven't you?
Go die, just like that.
Preethi, there was nothing between the both of them.
Ey stop talking Shiva.
Preethi do you want me to go talk to him?
You tell me. Do you want me to go convince him?
I will go talk to him. Tell me Preethi,
I will go talk to him and come back.
Just nod your head, I'll go right away.
Come here.
Come here.
Sit here.
Baby! How have been all these days, without me?
Tell me?
I left that place on the third day of my marriage.
I didn't feel like coming to you at all.
I didn't even visit my parents.
I've been living in a hostel while working in a clinic.
My anger subsided after a few days.I thought of getting back to you.
And then, I skipped my periods.I got to know that I was pregnant.
And then I had no inclination to see you.
A few days later, I wanted to see you again.
But then I read about your affair withthat heroine in the newspaper.
I waited all these days, hopingthat you'd come searching for me.
I didn't let my husband touch at least my little finger.
Now listen to me clearly.
I am telling you Arjun..
This is your baby.
I thought of telling this so many times.But I've never told anyone about this.
Tell me.
This girl has no one in her life.Not even a family that meets her.
Maybe she's an orphan.
That is how people used to think of me.
But that lady over there took care of everything for me.
Thank you very much aunty.
There was not a single day that girl didn't cry.Take good care of herself my boy.
I thought of never forgiving you, not in this life
But when you came and stood before me,
anger worth 9 months of my lifecouldn't last for more than 9 minutes.
Arjun, marry me.
Today, right now.
Your remembrances filled in the hearthave become my breathe all these days
Your face I filled in my eyes becamepacification all these days
Let me say that heart cannot withstand your separation
Let the unsatisfied wish be fulfilled
Your remembrances filled in the hearthave become my breathe all these days
Let my life feel happy joining feet in your stepsLet me be satisfied getting along with you
Let me become your shadow notleaving in any turn of the path
New mornings clearing the darkness
When life missing out reaches back its shore
When a pleasant sweet rain poured so in the smile
By telling it all filled in my heart today
Im sorry I didn't realise how pureyou people were for each other.
I couldn't see it, its my mistake, forgive me.
I have not come here to separate you again.
God bless you, stay blessed my dear child.
Everything now is a hug driving away the distance
When shown all the love filled in the heart today
Let this world be lost in the smilesmaking the separation into trance
Heart is a garden of flowers as hopesto become as better halves
Let the tides sing lullabies and drive away the tiredness
Let dreams become true getting into your lap
When the heaven is reached in the rainbow formed
When shown all the love filled in the heart today
I told you a 100 times not to plan a beachsideprogram when the baby's around. Do you listen to me?
I must have told you 200 times that if I grewmy moustache, Id seem like you're father.
I grew them, didn't I?
Everything now is a hug driving away the distance
When shown all the love filled in the heart today