Arjun Suravaram (2019) Movie Script

We want Justice!
Arrest Arjun, immediately!
We want Justice!
We want Justice!
Sir, reporting from Commissioner Office
Sir, many people have gathered here to protest
Is media there?
A lot of media is present.
I need extra police force, sir.
Give me permission for lathi charge sir.
Iathi charge?
Yes sir.
Lathi Charge in front of all the media
will be very damaging for us
But the situation here is getting out of hand Sir
Listen to me, they will shout for a while,
tire and leave Do not take unnecessary risk
We want Justice!
Arrest Arjun immediately!
Sir, Arjun is here
To prove a lie as truth is easy
But to prove truth is difficult
My name is Arjun Lenin Suravaram
My job is to place truth in front of the public
Reporter Arjun has surrendered
This case is now handed over to
Special branch officer Vikram Kumar
I told you I am on leave today.
Why did you still disturb me?
DCP Sir specifically asked for you
Here is the case file Sir
Is the case big or small? It is a big case Sir.
You will earn praise if you solve it
And would we get money if we let him go?
Yes, Sir
What is his name?
Arjun Lenin Suravaram, Sir
Is there any link between his
righteous sounding name and his deeds?
Did anyone come for him?
No Sir
What does your father do?
Hello and welcome to Doordarshan News
My name is Suravaram Chandrasekhar
Today's headlines
Education Minister Gnananandam has submitted
his asset details to election commission
He has properties worth 8.5 Million rupees
8.5 Million! His car itself is worth 20 Million rupees.
See, how they cheat and loot the public
Government has confirmed 19 dead in a road accident in Himachal Pradesh
This news is old. It was on Facebook yesterday
Yes Sir, I saw it too, on Twitter
Shall we watch a TV drama instead?
News is that popular Bollywood
actress has reached size zero by dieting
Huh! Half the population in the country is forced
to diet due to poverty. This is hardly newsworthy
It is such a shame
You always carry your office frustrations home
If you do not like the news you read,
why don't you just tell them so?
I did tell them!
Mr. Suravaram Chandrasekhar,
what is this nonsense since the last 15 years?
We must show news that is useful to the society Sir
Why do you harass us even at this retirement stage, Sir?
Do your job if you like to, else resign and leave
If any lovers are seen in parks on lovers' day...
Back in the days, there were morals and ethics
in journalism. Now, there are no such things
My grandfather was a noted reporter for Swadesi Mitra Patrika
My father followed his footsteps and
I inspired by my father became a Doordarshan News reader
While People inherit wealth,
we inherited ideals
Huh! What's the use? They just bring trouble
Do you know my only reason
for happiness amidst all these problems?
My son, at least,
has not entered this media field
That was not by his choice. You forbid it
Whatever be the reason, he is happy, right?
How can you say he is happy?
As his father, wouldn't I know that?
Following my advice, he is in a comfortable IT job
Do you know what have I always prayed for?
He should never touch the camera
He should never hold the mike
He should never enter the media field at all
Pub culture in on the rise in Hyderabad
Among the popular ones is Nectar pub.
They are illegally selling drugs here
This club is run by a powerful politician
And that's why Excise and
Police departments stay away from it
Many innocent minors are getting
addicted to drugs and ruining their lives
They don't come for coke but for cocaine
They don't take a peg, they want the drug
Exclusively for TV99 viewers with Cameraman
Rambabu, this is Arjun Lenin Suravaram
Is it recorded? Yes, Come on
Why do we risk our lives for this unpopular channel?
Hey, you should join a devotional channel.
You will be a perfect fit
Sure, that devotion is better than this nonsense.
Also, you know, I'm expecting some good news today
I forwarded one Sai Baba message yesterday
to 30 people on whatsapp
It will work dude
Do some real work for now
Oh no, poor girl! She is using an injection.
Maybe she has fever
That is not a medicine
It is MDMA, Methylene-deoxy-methamphetamine,
a psychoactive drug
It is also called a recreation drug
why take such risks for recreation?
Why not drink some alcohol,
eat biryani and sleep?
I do the same
Oh no!
The camera has fallen down
Oh no!
The camera has fallen down
Let me go and get it before someone finds it
Hey, don't tell them it's me.
Hi - Hi
I am Arjun
What do you need?
That car key is mine
I know
How do you know it is mine?
I know this is not a car key but a camera
Bro, did you take the car key?
It's BMW, XYZ series
Let's go dude, babes are waiting
I cannot wait any longer
Your covering is terrible.
She knows that's a camera
Sorry madam
Why did you put the camera?
Did you come to shoot the girls here?
There is not a single figure here worth that effort
Is it so? If I give this camera to the bouncers,
they will tell you who's worth what
No! Hey, go man
Hello madam, excuse me
Hello, just excuse me
Listen to me
I will explain
They are supplying drugs in this pub
What, I cannot hear you
They are supplying drugs in this pub
I still can't hear
we are doing a sting operation
They are selling drugs in this pub!
That's how you must say for her to hear!
Why is everyone looking at me like that, dude?
You said it loudly enough for not just her, but everyone present!
Why is he walking towards me?
Hey, I have a plan. There is an exit on the right side
I will run first and then you follow me
Why did boars come into this pub?
Sir, Have you seen my friends?
Don't you know?
Oh no
No exit here or here either. How do I get out man?
Run fast.
Fast? This sting operation has stung me hard.
Oh no, stop guys. I am done
Which channel do you report for?
How do you know that I am a reporter?
I got a doubt when you identified the car key as a camera
And now you just confirmed it
Oh! I am a journalism aspirant.
I studied in the UK
You work at?
Yeah, BBC
What's BBC, dude?
We must not reveal our channel's name in a sting operation, Is it?
Looking at you two,
I can hardly believe that
We too can't believe it!
I mean, we joined just this morning
TThat is British broadCast?
Hey, where is my bag?
What bag? Isn't it enough that I managed to escape
Hey, laptop and all the footage we shot is in that bag
All our effort is wasted,
Sorry dude
Will this be useful?
Are you really from BBC?
Trust me
Hey, you won't say even the truth so convincingly!
Anything for breaking news!
Let's Dance
Night's sleep is in
patches Life in the midst of
back breaking tiredness Relentless race for the
sake of news Feet won't pause for a moment
Scanning each detail
Can not leave out anything
Stories of sorrow and grief
will make it difficult to swallow a morsel
Every living human
has shades of good and bad
when examined closely
Journalists' heads go spinning
My dear colleagues, good news for you all!
Our channel ratings have risen to 46th position from 48th position.
What happened to those two channels?
They shut down after the Elections.
Facebookers, Tweeters driving people mad
vicious messaging on whatsapp
dawn or dusk, twilight or wee hours
never know what news will break
Joyous or Tragic, each news item we add flavors
and fragrance and still wonder if we did enough
Hey Arjun, hi.
What are you doing here?
These guys work for BBC
Arjun, can I have your number please?
Number it seems, give it
Wolves in sheepskin
Nothing escapes our eye,
Truth may lie in the darkest corners
But even when we bring the truth to light,
not sure how much of it reaches the public
until we see it on TV screens
and then our heads start spinning again
When will you solve the RTC strike issue?
When are you going to address the Sand shortage?
Hey Balaji
Hello Uncle
Where are you these days? Not to be seen?
I am a lawyer, Uncle. It has been hectic
at the court with too many cases to handle
But your dad said you are not going to the court at all.
Is that what he said?
Even if you do go to the court,
who is stupid enough to trust you with their case?
A peculiar case of a son cheating his father has come
Should I tell you about that uncle?
A son cheating his father? Sounds interesting,
Tell me more.. Balaji, The son is a journali...
Arjun is waiting for you
Well, the case is postponed uncle,
I shall talk about it some other time
Same to you, aunty
Oh dear one, my dear secret friend
Oh no!
Your broom, Thanks Lawyer sir,
It is my duty
Lawyer Sir, I wished you good morning on
Whatsapp and you didn't reply
I didn't check
Such a lie! I did see two blue ticks
You caught me there, you naughty!
I miss you!
I need to leave now
Shall I tell you what I feel when I see you, Lawyer Sir?
Your fragrance is like the smell
of a mop drenched in phenyl
Wow, that makes my day,
- But you cheated me
Me? Swear and say Did I ever even touch
you in my life? You just did
Even her compliments stink.
You need a shower dude
So, BBC is your dream?
You know what is my dream?
Everyone must have problems
everyone should then need lawyers
and everyone should come only to me
I will then become a great and famous lawyer
It is in your hands to turn my dream into a reality
In my hands? Yes - How?
Make me sit as a panelist in just one LIVE debate
show on your TV channel and that shall be enough
What is the relation between a
debate show and you getting popular?
Crazy man!
Popularity that we do not get by arguing any number of cases in court,
we get by sitting in just one LIVE debate show
It will make me famous
People will recognize me, take selfies
and my Twitter followers will increase too
Hashtag with my name will go viral.
Please, please dude
Ok - Ok?
Did she play them or did she get played?
Let us see who used whom on our big debate
Today's panel members are Pavitra, our victim
Sakunthala madam
Instead of saying that girl has been exploited,
it sounds better if you say she played them
See, it is a completely negative mindset.
I cannot support her argument
Who the hell are you to support and decide
what is positive or negative? Who the hell are you?
Sakunthala madam, please calm down,
What? Madam, please show some respect
Oh no - I've become so by giving respect to all
Cry, cry now
Do not cry dear. I am here for you,
Everyone's watching, this is broadcast live
How long will you use girls like this?
For how long?
What is your worry, idiot?
What is it?
Do not point a finger,
I will when I am frustrated
Talk carefully,
Do not point your finger
Talk properly, What is this?
Styling your hair with gel doesn't make you a gentleman.
Hey, why are they fighting like this on a LIVE show, dude?
You wanted to become famous right?
THIS is your chance. Go, Slay!
Ok, I will take care of it now
Hey, stop it,
For example, when milk is overflowing on the stove,
one must turn the gas off
But if you only blow at the milk instead,
it will rise up and fall over
Similarly, go to a Police station if you have some problem
Go to the court if you need a solution
There will be many efficient lawyers like me
Is Constitution of India dead?
Those fighting on the streets behave better than you,
You should have some basic sense
What is this sound pollution?
What you said is correct Sir,
I do not have the energy to talk with you sir
Talking to you increases my stress levels Sir
Not that Sir... - Do not point your finger Sir
See sister, he is accusing me,
You wait
Please calm down,
Why are you preaching like a holy saint?
I am holier than that Pavitra
- Is it?
Yes, My foot
Damn! I don't want to put my mouth in your mouth
Mouth to mouth means lip kiss, right Sir?
What did he say?
He is talking of a lip kiss
Oh no! On Live television,
you dare ask me for a lip kiss?
Madam, that is not what I meant,
You rascal
Madam, this is a live show,
I do not mean to argue with you
Hey, she is actually beating me!
Shakuntala madam, please
Please madam
I will not let you get away,
People like you make this world a filthy place to live in
What happened, man?
Oh no! Kavya dude - Kavya
Hi Arjun - Hi Kavya,
where are you?
I am in TV99,
Oh, what are you doing here?
I mean, what are you doing there?
I will start as a reporter here
Hello, hello
Give me some space
Where are you?
I am at my channel's office
Oh, are you in BBC? - Yeah
I was thinking of calling you and you called me instead
Shall we meet in the evening?
I feel it is wrong to lie to her
I will meet her this evening and tell her everything
Hey, lie as much as you want to girls and they would still believe
But try telling the truth for once and they will never believe that!
They are sadists dude,
What shall we do now?
I am wondering too
How do I get out of here?
Hey, are you still alive?
Sakunthala bust my arse!
Please tell me the way to exit.
Hi Kavya - Hi,
When did you come? - Just now
What is wrong?
I am going to share some happy news,
with you all. Come on
A new reporter is joining our channel from today
Welcome Miss Kavya - Thank you
One second! I have yet another small surprise
Miss Kavya is my daughter,
Daughter of CEO? - Daughter? - Daughter?
Is that a big deal? Come on
Hey Lawyer! - Sakunthala is coming
I will kill you. I am coming, you rascal - Oh no, I am terrified!
We share the same feeling.
Is the game not over yet? No
It is dangerous for us to be here
Come Kavya, let me introduce you to our staff
Let us leave from that door. That door seems a little too far.
Rama, program producer - Hi Hi Vijay,
camera operator - Hi - Hi
Hello, He is Jayanth, editor.
And this is our Technical staff
This is news reader Ramya, Hi,
Hi Composer Manikyam, Hi
And this is all our Marketing staff - Hi
Mounik - Hello
Vishal and your name...
Shhhh... Be quiet
Kavya, If you want,
we can hire extra resources
You idiot...
We have been exposed, dude
I pulled the door instead of pushing it open, sorry
Who are you?
I am Arjun's friend,
these are visiting hours I presume.
Arjun, they have seen your back enough.
Turn around now.
Oh, it's you Arjun!
Why are you standing there? Come, come
Kavya, he is Arjun, a senior reporter in our channel
He is Rambabu, our cameraman
Hello madam, nice to meet you.
Since how long has he been working here?
He is working with us for the past 1 year,
Arjun has immense respect for me and our channel
Kavya - Huh - What?
Kavya, stop
Kavya - Don't you dare touch me
I can't stand the sight of you.
Why are you making such a big deal out of this?
Is this a small matter?
You thought I would fall for you because you said BBC?
How could you think so low of me?
I am not angry about this lie Arjun,
I am angry about you being such a dishonest person
If this is the situation due to a small lie
imagine what will happen when your father
gets to know that you are a reporter
Lawyer Sir,
you spoke so well in the TV debate
Did you watch?
Oh God! She saw me being beaten up.
What's this?
My heart
You idiot!
Here he comes
I cooked for you at home and you are eating here!
Come, sit
That is I exactly why I am eating here
Don't you have any shame?
This is my friend's house
You should be ashamed coming to My friend's house
Your friend's son is my friend. You do know that, right?
When you come home for breakfast tomorrow,
I will replace the chutney with poison and feed it to you
Both taste the same anyway, Subba Rao
See, he addresses his Dad by name
What is the problem between you two?
He studied law,
But has he ever gone to the Court?
He sits at home all day and watches TV
You go to the Police station every day
Have you become the Police Commissioner yet?
You are after all a Constable
You idiot
I've had to mortgage every asset I had for you to
become a lawyer, but I have not traded my honesty
Go to the Police station, open my locker and
see how many cases I have solved
Only then will one know of my achievements
But I don't do this for a promotion,
It is for my own satisfaction
Hey Balaji,
your dad means well for you.
He is the only one tolerating your tantrums
Had it been me,
I would have thrown you out of the house long ago.
I need to attend to some urgent work
I have some work too, I'll come along
Why do you need a fruit,
when you have all your honesty Subba Rao?
See, whenever I wish to speak
on a matter, this is how they escape
Bujjamma, what is for breakfast?
Heart idly, father-in-law
Why haven't we telecast the Pub footage yet?
It is not mentioned in this week's program list either
Arjun Sir asked us not to telecast, madam
- Arjun!
What is this?
Previous work footage shot by
Arjun for our channel, madam
Why are you editing this now?
He has applied for a job at some other channel madam
CEO Sir has asked us to edit this and give
Where is Arjun?
Why did you call us here?
We recently did a sting operation in a pub
We found some students from schools
and colleges taking drugs there
Upon further investigation, we came to
know they are your children
Play the footage
Don't worry
My intention is not to scare you.
Then why have you called us here?
To extort money?
How much do we need to pay up to stop this telecast?
As much as you will need to help your kids transform
Be assured
this footage will never be telecast
You are spending all your money on your children,
please spend some of your time too
Hitting or scolding them will not make a difference.
Instead, sit with them, talk to them
Spend some time with them. Please
He's always like this, dear.
Arjun once asked me,
if I need four days' worth of sensational news or
would I rather save four lives
I agree with his school of thought
Since he was not supposed to name the channel during a
sting operation, he must have lied to you about being a BBC reporter
Working at BBC is his dream.
He told me so when he joined this channel
That's why I agreed to give him the work
footage for his application
It's ok if we can't help him,
but let's try not to come in his way
interview for the post of investigative journalist in British Broadcasting
Corporation, that is BBC,
We have sent a formal email to you
May I come in Sir
Yes, please come in
Have a seat
Thank you
Mr. Arjun, this opening is for an investigative journalist
It's all about how deeply you can investigate
and how well you present the case
Mr. Arjun,
we have a case for you to analyze
It's a case of a young lady,
her name was Christine
She was found dead having fallen
from the eighth floor of her apartment building
The door was locked from the inside and there were
no traces of any visitors on the security cameras
You need to investigate whether this is a
suicide or a murder and as an investigative journalist,
how you will present this news in a sensational manner
Sir, one more time please
What? One more time?
Is this a movie to show you again and again?
It's an interview man. You have a language problem
That's the reason for your hesitation and fumbling
People like you do not understand unless
A girl died falling from the eighth floor
Main door is locked from inside
There is no evidence in the security cameras of anyone visiting her
As an investigative journalist,
you should find out whether this is a murder or a suicide
And how are you going to present this case
as a sensational news
These South Indian reporters are not
capable of presenting in English Sir
What's happening in whose bedroom...
Christine, the victim,
was found dead, jumping from the
eighth floor of the City Tower Apartment
However this is considered to be a suicide by the City Police
But, we do have a few clues, that'll prove this
was not a suicide but a very well planned murder
The victim Christine had freshly painted toe nails
As you can see all the toe nails on the right
leg have been painted
But on the left leg, only three of them
have been painted, leaving two unpolished
Also the nail polish bottle has been left open
on the table in her living room
Nobody would even care to paint their
toe nails before killing themselves
Reports suggest that there were no traces
of any visitors in that apartment
But there were two cups of coffee on that table
Which shows us the victim was not alone but had company
And this person would've been a friend
As you can see, the door was also locked from inside
Which clearly tells us a fact that he or she was not just a friend,
but more than a friend to her
And surprisingly if you all notice,
the security camera footage was all deleted
And even more surprisingly,
there was no sign of any struggle at all which leads us to the conclusion
that this was not a suicide but a very, very well planned murder
This is Arjun Suravaram, reporting for BBC news
English is just a language Sir, not knowledge
Mr. Arjun
We been Selected
Thank you sir..
Thank you
One Second, One Second
- Thanku Sir,
You made our TV99 proud
If tomorrow, someone asks you which channel
did you work for previously, you must say TV99 - Claps - Sure Sir
Congrats, you achieved it
He should be your role model, understood
Got it, Sir-Yes Sir
Kavya is the one who sent your work footage to BBC
Thank you for sending across the footage, Kavya
Please keep your 'thank you' to yourself
Are you still angry with me?
What I said to you is no more
a lie, but a reality now. A lie is always a lie
Correct, but hiding the truth is equally wrong
No one here is hiding any truth
Is that so? Then why did you chat with me at the ice cream store?
- Because I knew you
You asked for my phone number.
- Because I had some work
You call me every day?
- Because I don't have anything else to do
Why did my lie make you cry?
I need to go
Where to?
What personal?
None of your business
BBC cake, dude! Cut it Cut it!
What are you waiting for? Cut it
My heart has been craving
for a loving heart
It wants me to share
these ways of the heart with you
How can I bare what's on mind
and say those sweet nothings
How can I bare what's on mind
and say those sweet nothings
How can I tide over
this friction within
Something unfamiliar
unseen, only today
I have known this feeling,
as new horizons beckon new beginnings invite
Something melts within
Yet something feels heavy
Silence breaks
and signals it is time to spell it out
The moment I blink
I dream of you
Looking at you
I forget the whole world
The moment I blink
I dream of you
Looking at you
I forget the whole world
Why won't you share
what is on mind?
Why would you hide, pretend
and shy away from confessing?
The rain drop and a light beam
converge to make a rainbow
when the time comes
the colors will present their beauty
Slowly.. Bit by bit
our paths became one
this delightful feeling
made me traverse the skies
my solitude
senses it's end is coming
May be let your
lips do the talking and not the furtive gazes
The moment I blink
I dream of you
Looking at you
I forget the whole world
The moment I blink
I dream of you
Looking at you
I forget the whole world
Kavya, I want to tell you something
But, I don't know how to say it
You can tell me whatever it is
I want to tell my father that I am a reporter
Is this why you brought me to this coffee shop?
No Kavya,
it's just that I am not sure if he will understand
He is your father Arjun
He will understand a few things only if you tell him
Those who love us, understand even the unsaid, Kavya
Hey, drag him out
- Ok Sir
Hey, get up
Get up, move idiot
Sir, where are you taking me?
- Move
I think it's a mistake Sir
Sir please - Move idiot Sir,
what did I do? Keep moving.
Sir... Sir, please say
Sir, please... Sir
Why are you arresting him without any reason?
He forged his Degree certificate, he's a fraud
What should I do if not arrest him?
Exchange love notes with him like you?
Sir, stop Sir. You can't go in without permission Sir
Hey... Sir, please stop
Who's Karthik here? Stop Sir
I'm Karthik Sir
Rascal, all your misdoings... Sir?
Put him in the Jeep
What happened, Sir? Sir
Move rascal, move
Sir, why are you taking me Sir? Please Sir
Sir, don't hit Sir. We know nothing Sir Sir,
please don't hit Sir We don't know Sir, really
Please don't hit Sir!
You rascals, how dare you?
Excuse me Sir
Who are you?
My name is Arjun Sir. I've nothing
to do with the forgery case Sir
What is your profession?
I work as reporter in TV99 Sir
What, reporter in TV99?
Why didn't you say so before?
I would have shown double the respect to you
We don't take such complaints madam
FIR number 225
I'm receiving obscene messages Sir
Why are you hitting him Sir?
You have no right to hit without a reason
Who are you?
I'm a lawyer and this is my ID card
I'm Arjun's friend
Who are you?
I'm Arjun's father, Sir
What's the reason to arrest them Sir?
Education loan forgery
These five idiots cheated banks
and took education loans
They submitted fake documents to prove they are studying
MBA and MS in London's Cambridge University
These guys individually have cheated five different banks.
Not one or two rupees but a total of 13 Crore rupees
13 crores?
They planned and looted
Sir, I haven't taken any loan in any bank Sir
Hey, do not interrupt when sir is talking
Sir, what proof do you have that they are the culprits?
Hey, get the documents
These are the documents they submitted to the bank
Duplicates that look exactly like the originals
Fake Degree Certificates, fake school certificates,
fake passport, driving license, PAN card, ration card...
They didn't leave anything out
They made all fakes and cheated five banks
My certificates, my ID proofs and my signatures
All these are mine Sir
That's why we arrested you
Sir, those education loans must have been
transferred into some bank account
Did you check those account numbers?
All those accounts are on their names. We couldn't trace them
so far as wrong addresses were stated in those bank accounts
Three days ago, as part of BBC's background
verification process, his address was provided to us
That's how we caught him
Using the same method,
we collected the details of all those whose background verification
was done in the last one year, from all Police stations in Hyderabad
And that's how we caught hold of all these guys
my son works in a software company
He has nothing to do with BBC Sir
There's been some mistake somewhere
Software Company!
Do you know where he works?
In Infosys Company Sir
Huh! It's been one year since your son quit that job
He joined as a reporter in TV99
Father is not even aware of what the son is doing
Sir, please
Not just the banks but he cheated even you
Is this true?
Please don't judge them as criminals
based on these papers alone, Sir
these very 'papers' are proof whether a person is dead or live,
educated or not, is eligible to vote or not, Sir
Hey, book an FIR and put them all behind bars
- Sir, please Sir
Sir, he may have just told a small lie
He wouldn't have done all this, Sir
He wouldn't have cheated Sir. Sir please Sir
You came with the lawyer, right? Settle it in court
Please sir, tell them not to file the FIR
Please Sir, tell them
Take your hands off me!
Please sir. Take your hands off me
You dare hit my father?
Rascal, how dare you kick a policeman!
Sir... - Beat him up
Will you hit the police, rascal?
Sir, please ask them to stop sir
Sir, he's kid Sir
I beg you Sir. Leave him Sir
Go, Please Sir, Hit him
At least you tell him, Subba Rao
Please Sir, -ask them to let him go, Please Sir, leave him
Beat him up!
- I beg you Sir
After examining the preliminary evidence,
it is clear that these five conspired and cheated the banks
With no fear of law or punishment,
such crimes are on the rise
This crime cannot be excused
they are sentenced to one year of imprisonment under section 120B of IPC
and another six years under sections 417 and 420 for cheating the banks
In total, they shall be sentenced
to seven years of rigorous imprisonment
This special court orders them to deposit
the loot amount of 13 crores within 10 days,
To discourage anyone from attempting such forgeries in future,
this special court issues an interim order to cancel the certificates of the accused
The court is adjourned
I didn't commit any mistake Sir
Sir, please Sir
Sir how will you recover the 13 crores? Did they commit this crime
together? Are you going to get the money from them or not?
What action are you taking to ensure such
crimes do not occur again?
Move aside, move
Move aside, move
Hey, get in
Move aside, move
Stop, come on stop
In a few minutes, our names will appear on News Channels
After that, no one will believe us
Can I please call my mother?
For what?
Can you please lend me your phone for one call sir
Shut up-Sir
I'll rip your skin off, rascals
Sir, my dad is undergoing by-pass surgery
My mom is waiting at the hospital for
me to arrange the money for the surgery Sir
I need to inform her Sir
Where are your parents?
- In Chittoor Sir
Do they know about your arrest?
- No Sir
Hey - Please Sir
Hey, give him the phone
Hello - Hello - Karthik - Mummy
Karthik, where are you?
- When are you coming?
How is dad?
We are waiting for you, son
Did you get the money?
Did your office give you the loan?
I cannot arrange the money for the operation
What is wrong, son?
Why do you sound so desolate?
Tell me son, what is the matter?
Police have arrested me, accusing me of cheating
banks with fake documents, mom
Court has cancelled all my certificates, mom
My life is over, mom. I am ruined!
What are you saying, son?
I don't understand what is happening
When will you deposit the surgery fee?
How long can we postpone the operation?
Is this a charity home where you can stay free of cost?
No sir, my son will come today for sure
The chief doctor has asked us to discharge your husband,
if you don't pay the money by tomorrow
Why don't you go to Government hospitals,
instead of troubling us like this?
Why do you come to harass us?
You took great troubles to educate me, mom
But, I am of no use to you now.
- Don't say such things, dear
No mom, it doesn't matter if I live or die
My life is a waste, mom
Who is that on the phone, Lakshmi?
Is it Karthik?
Ask him to come fast. I long to see him
What is wrong, dear?
Why are you crying?
These five idiots cheated banks and took education loans
It is clear they cheated banks with intended conspiracy
Education loan forgery, To cancel their certificates
Passport, driving license, PAN card, ration card, do not leave anything
What have you done with the 1300 crores you stole?
Will you recover money from them or not?
This special court issues interim orders
Are their parents involved too in this cheating?
Karthik, Is it justified to betray meritorious
students for your greed?
Hello, Karthik
Karthik, come to me dear,
I am very frightened
Come to your mother
Karthik... Karthik
Damn! Hey, clear this first
Move, move
what happened son?
Why don't you talk, son?
There has been an accident at Punjagutta centre
Accused Karthik spot dead
Accused Karthik spot dead
Karthik... Karthik... Oh no!
Oh no, my son! Karthik...
We often see Chit fund and Credit Card scams but
the new scam on the block, is Education Loan forgery
Is making news.
Police have arrested the five graduates behind this scam
One of the accused died trying to escape by
jumping out of the police van
After this incident, the other four have been
granted a conditional bail with self guarantee
Police are now also questioning bank officials as a bank Manager is
reported missing. Looks like this case is getting more and more complicated
No BBC nothing,
I just need my son to stay safe with me
This incident leaves parents worried
about the future of their children
Take these house documents,
Sell this house and everything in it at whatever
price and get the money we need
Take this and Let us pay the court's fine and be done
Let us not stay here anymore.
Let us go to a place where no one recognizes us
Hey, what is this senseless talk?
Will selling the house or
paying the court fine solve our problem?
We will achieve nothing
All the education you provided to your son
with such great difficulty, is now void
The Court has stamped your son's certificates as fake
Your son today is as good as an uneducated idiot
He will never get a job in his life
He will have to beg or live as a daily wage labourer
You have to submit all your certificates in a week
You are aware this is an international channel
If all documents and procedures are not perfect,
we will not confirm you for the job
Its in your hand.
these are the case details I have collected
In this case. Along with five of you,
there are four youth in Khammam, four in Rajahmundry, two from Nizamabad
and two more in Guntur who have been arrested under similar charges
And we don't know how many more
out there have been arrested
these documents tell us the students
are from different cities and different colleges
They have no link to each other
But they are all tied together by
the same conspiracy
Arjun, we need to find out who is behind this
Do not think link a victim Arjun,
think like a reporter
What happened Arjun?
The photo on this original certificate and on that fake
certificate in the Police station is the same
Not just that, in fact, this same photo
exists on all the loan papers as well
Do you think the certificates and
photos were leaked from your college?
It is highly impossible for such a leak to
occur from a Government College
If not from the college, then where?
Leak from JNTU means...
Balaji, in addition to my certificates,
I did use this same photo at another place
DoT consultancy
Hey flower - seller
What, Sir?
This consultancy office is closed,
When do they open?
No idea Sir, it is closed since a long time
Hey, I am trying to find out and
why did you have to break the lock meanwhile?
There will be trouble if someone spots me in my uniform here
If this is closed from long as she says it is,
why is this lock so new?
It means someone is coming here, on the sly.
Hey, you stand guard outside,
Let us go inside
Hey, won't this shutter go any further up?
Why is the place so big, dude?
Look thoroughly everywhere
We should not miss a single paper
We have searched everywhere
and cannot find a single clue
I didn't find any clue either
I already told you Arjun,
the certificates must have been leaked from your college
Listen to me and let us quickly get out of here
What is this Arjun, looks exactly like an original certificate?
Oh My God!
B Sc, B Com, B Tech, MBA...
All kinds of certificates are here
Hey, this is an MBBS certificate dude!
I think I have seen this Doctor somewhere
Arjun, look here. Holograms of all Universities!
The holograms are original. To print these,
one must definitely have Government license
Arjun, look so many stamps here
Nagarjuna University, Osmania University, JNTU, Andhra University,
Kakatiya University, All the Universities! Stamps of every University are here
But these certificates are not enough to get a loan from the bank.
One will need more documents
There are only certificates here.
I do not understand this Arjun.
Don't you still get it?
As we suspected, they are not just taking education loans based on
fake education certificates. They are even Selling these fake certificates
This is a BIG scam
Now, I remember. Last month I had gone to this guy for
Malaria vaccine and he injected here instead of giving it here
I had such a big swelling, I was suspicious then itself.
At the outset, this Consultancy seems like it is aiding students
But in reality, it is only ruining their lives!
Just like it ruined my life,
Frauds! Rascals!
Then there must be so many fraud Doctors
and fraud Engineers all across our society
We should somehow get a hold of this, Arjun
Yes, there are photos on the certificates
We can trace them and know who they are
How will we trace them with just these photos?
How will we know where and which department they belong to?
This is very tough.
This is practically impossible
It Is possible
Including our channel, there are 44 satellite channels in total across
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Of them, 17 are News channels,
where we know reporters and these reporters know,
friends, their friends of friends...
There will be at least one person we know in every channel,
We should take their help
Kavya, email these fake certificate details to everyone.
Just ensure the News must be telecast on all news channels
on the same day, at the same time and in the same manner
Why at the same time?
We will be safe only if we do so
Won't there be a problem if news is
unofficially telecast in this manner?
I am counting on that. For only when
a problem arises, we find a solution
Ok dude, but what news should we telecast?
In the raids by special task force in Hyderabad,
many fake certificates have been seized
Many of those imposters may be employed in
Government and private sectors
We are now going to show you their details
His name is Ramakrishna and is 32 years old. Obtained
a fake MA certificate in 2003 from Osmania University
Name Syed Akram, age 29
Hello Dear, your photo is on TV
What are you talking about? - Yes,
they are also showing your certificates.
Name Jeevan Kumar, age 33, College Narayan Rao
University, MBBS certificate of year 2002
Name Venkatesh, age 30, Kakatiya University,
MS certificate, year 2005
Name Srinivas, age 29, SV University,
BA certificate, year 2002
The fake certificate news is being shown on
not just one but all channels
I have no idea how this leaked to the media
A man named Karthik was found dead yesterday
Looks like the matter will escalate
Everyone working with us in our fake certificate
offices is worried and repeatedly calling to ask about this news
They are concerned about this information leak
If they get caught, we will be traced too
Suresh Babu, age 29, Kakatiya University,
B Sc certificate of year 2004
Raghu, age 31, Nagarjuna University,
MA certificate of year 2003
How many in total?
52 members
Who conducted this raid?
The police did not do this raid
Even an FIR has not been filed
Then this must be fake news
We do not need to worry about this
No! If this is fake news, then we should worry for real
Do these 52 people have any link with one another?
All are working in different departments
They would have never met or seen each other
Which means, we are the
Only common link between them
Check which consultancy branch did these
52 certificates, leak from?
All certificates are from our Ameerpet branch, Pa
Who is In-charge of that branch?
I am that branch's in-charge,
but I have no connection with what has happened
Wait a minute. Not 52 but 51
One certificate does not match in any of our branches
Whose is that certificate?
Name Balaji, age 28 and year 2012,
Mahatma Gandhi Law College
Tikka Sivakumar, age 32, Venkateswara University...
Oh my dear God! My life is ruined. - Hey, shut up
Phani Kumar, age 29, Andhra University,
MA certificate
Did you take the certificate to show it on TV? This is bad, dude
I am going to get to them with your help,
You are my trump card
You will say anything, Trump card, Obama card, Bush card
Didn't you find anyone else?
No dude, I am scared
Do not fear. You will have no trouble
I am here for you
OK, that is reassuring
She is on her own trip.
Name Balaji, age 28, 2012 pass out,
Mahatma Gandhi Law College
There is some one behind all of this
We can reach him by following this guy
Arjun, I have reached. I am on the road opposite
my office Tell me what do I do now?
Do not get anxious after listening to what
I am about to tell you now
They are going to kidnap you in some time
What? Kidnap? How are you saying this so casually, man?
Sir, a life of royalty shall commence from today for you
Sir, glorious fortunes will embrace you from today
They have already started. You please leave
What now?
Yes dude,
Only when they kidnap you,
I can follow them and know their hideout.
We can catch the entire gang together
But they will not kidnap you until I come out
They will just follow you
Follow me?
- Yes
What is this, dude? How do you know
all this without being here?
On your left in 30 feet distance, there is a man inside
a grey building wearing a blue color shirt. Look at him
Behind you, at 20 feet distance,
there is a guy wearing a black colour cap
Two people on a bike at 40 feet distance are on your left
A guy in pink shirt and red cap is on your right
All of them are stealthily following you
Ok, but where are you dude?
I am following you too
Opposite you at 50 feet, I am in the red car
Thank God!
Looks like he is talking to some body
Why is he talking on the phone outside
without going into his office?
Maybe he is meeting someone,
Wait for my order
Ok, what should I do now?
I am sure you have a plan, right?
There is a guy in blue shirt, sipping tea, sitting on a bike,
on your left. Yes
Sir, I really recommend this policy Sir
Go and keep talking to him. Wait for my word
Excuse me,
Is this tea nice, Sir?
It tastes just like my wife's tea
It is that good?
You clearly aren't married then!
No Sir, how do you know that?
It does not seem like he is talking to a stranger.
Looks like he is talking to someone he knows well
I am suspicious about this
I asked you to wait, right?
Hey, give him your visiting card
Where is this address Sir?
Will you take an insurance policy
from me if I help you? Of course, I will
What a fool! Agreed to take a policy in return for an address
This idiot is believing my offer
I will give you benefits which I have never offered to anyone
He has given him a piece of paper and is talking to him.
I think he is the one we are looking for.
Can you also get your family and friends to take policies from me?
They will take it right away Sir,
In fact, should I share some shocking news?
They are right here
Shall I show you? That guy in red shirt is my brother,
He will take a policy
That guy in pink shirt and red cap is my co-brother.
He will also take one policy
Those two, sipping tea on that bike.
They are our step brothers
They will take two
- Two - Yes
That guy talking on the phone, up there
He is pointing at our boys. Surely,
he is the one we are looking for.
Three policies?!
Three! Sir
Sir, you are God sent for me!
No, they will only send you to that God
Keep the visiting card in his pocket and Move
Keep this card. Bye - Sir...
You had asked me for this address and are now
leaving without finding out?
That is my card and I am that lawyer
You? - Yes
I don't understand, Sir
You will understand everything in some time
What does that mean?
What next?
Thank you Sir
He is leaving from here. He is leaving
Go get him guys
Come on Sir, give me your Aadhar cards and ID proofs
Oh no! Hey, no!
Oh no,
who are you guys?
Did you check his bag?
Brother, he is an insurance agent
An Insurance agent?
Hey, that lawyer is playing around with us. Finish him off
Ok brother
Why did you beat me so much for just
asking an Aadhar card?
Hey, our plan worked well,
They are following me
They have changed their plan now,
They are not coming to kidnap you
They are coming to kill you
What? Kill me?
Do something, dude.
What's taking you so long?
What should I do now?
Push him in guys
Arjun - Hey
Hey Arjun, please save me
Arjun - Close the door
Hey please, I have nothing to do
Beat him up!
Bring that fellow
Sir, please Sir
Lock it
I am sorry Sir
Sir, please Sir
Bring him in
I told you to deliver the goods quickly, didn't I?
Shabana, get inside now
Pa, we kidnapped that lawyer.
He wanted to trick us and escape
I felt like killing him right there,
But someone came to save him
That's why we kidnapped and brought him here.
Idiot, you did not kidnap him,
instead he tricked you into this kidnap
You should have brought that guy instead
What he needs is evidence,
He will surely come looking for it
Before he reaches, Kill this fellow
Make sure he does not get any evidence. Burn everything
Hey, tie his hands and legs
Throw in all the files and burn him along with them
Let him and the evidence turn to ashes
Let's have a drink? What?
A Drink dude
Police raids are on at various places
across the state, in connection with this scam
Crime branch officials have sealed all branches of Dot Consultancy
They are going to investigate the case
Officials have begun investigation into those involved in this scam
All students with original certificates
fear they may be pulled into this scam
It is now confirmed that Dot Consultancy is
involved in the Education loan scam
Four branches of Dot Consultancy have been sealed
Banks have decided to temporarily keep education
loans in abeyance because of this scam
What is the update on the scam, Sir?
Has the body found at Dot Consultancy been identified yet?
Our investigation reveals the deceased's name is Ram alias MK
He migrated from Burma to India.
We do not have any further information at this time
Sir, do you have a picture of the man found dead?
Here is his picture
Hey, That photograph is
of somebody else!
This man was not even present there, at that time.
They have meticulously planned the dead body swap.
Who is this man?
What happened to the actual dead body?
Have you identified who the 52 fake certificates belong to?
All 52 certificates alleged by TV channels,
to be fake have been proven to be original in our verification
Here is the evidence
We suspect someone is intentionally
feeding fake news to media
If any news channel engages in such fake news
broadcasts again, we will take legal action
Thank you
Sir, sir...
Please Sir
Stop Sir,
We need an answer
Please sir, tell us
Arjun, how did all those fake
certificates turn original suddenly?
Something is not right
I can vouch a genuine background verification was conducted
They did call up every college to check authenticity.
All certificates are original
I feel we are barking up the wrong tree
If that was so,
why did they kidnap Balaji?
And the evidence?
Why did they burn all the evidence?
Why did they change the dead body?
There is a huge network behind this
And there will always be ONE mastermind for every network
The man killed in Dot Consultancy
must be some one important for them
That must be the reason they switched the bodies
He will definitely come looking for us
No matter who he is or where he is,
I will show him hell
After pulling off a Rupees 9000 Crore scam,
Vijay Mallya too left India peacefully
What is your scam compared to him?
And yet, how hard are you trying, weaving stories of murders,
changing dead bodies and so on? What are all these scripts for?
Leave it Sir, you will get angry If I say something
I will get angry even if you do not say anything
There is no logic in what you are saying
You say that your certificate was leaked from Dot Consultancy
All the other 52 certificates were also found at the same Consultancy
If your certificate is original, then those 52 certificates can be original too, right?
Who is there?
I am asking who is there?
Why don't you speak?
Did you find any evidence?
Police checked everything and
they found no evidence of who had broken in
No evidence even in the forensic report.
It is very clean
There should definitely be finger prints of our men, at least.
If even those are missing in the report, he must have erased it all
No matter how smart someone is, he will certainly
commit a mistake. Search this entire place
Motion capture camera
180 degree motion sensor and 3 frames per second
Whoever moves in front of this camera,
it automatically clicks a picture
He put this camera here to find out who we are.
Now this same camera will lead us to him
Arjun! Arjun
What happened?
What happened, brother?
Son Arjun
Arjun, My son
Arjun, My son
What happened to you?
Police came exactly at 4:21pm
How did the Police get to know?
The control room got a call from an unknown number
Police acted on that tip off.
He escaped in a Police jeep,
he may be a Cop, right?
If he was a cop he would either work for money or fame. If he wanted fame,
he would have bragged about it on TV, if he wanted money, he would've come to us.
He is not a cop.
If he is not Police, how come without an FIR, news about fake certificates
was telecast in all the channels, at the same time, in the same manner?
Same time?
Yes, all channels telecast the news at the same time.
But that is common, right?
Name Ramakrishna - Age 32
Name Sukumar, age 33 - Sagar, age 27
It is common to be telecast on the same day,
but not common if it comes at the same time
He should either be wielding influence in the media or
should be someone working in the media. Maybe he is a reporter!
It was telecast on 13 channels in total,
how will we know which channel does he report for?
Collect details of all the reporters who telecast
this fake news. I will find out who he is
Dear husband
How are you feeling?
What are you doing son?
Mom, I need to go
Where do you have to go, son?
You may be fearless,
but you should think of your parents too, right?
Arjun, it is not safe for you to go out at this time.
Kavya, they can say something like that because they do not know.
But how can you say that too?
What is there to understand?
What if that bullet had not missed its mark?
Can you imagine what could have happened?
I always told you that not to take up this reporter's job
This society does not need the good you do, son.
Let us leave the good and bad to the public, Let us just tell them the truth
Truth! Huh, do you know what the truth is?
In the last 10 years, 73 reporters like you were killed
in this country, trying to expose some scam or the other.
Not even one case has been solved. No body has been punished,
No body remembers even the names of those journalists
This is THE truth here
That is why we fear for your safety, son
I understand your pain father
but I need to go
You all have gone mad behind TRPs.
Trying to sell the news, you are selling away your souls.
What you are doing is not journalism but prostitution.
After my release on bail,
I started collecting all the news on fake certificates.
Separately each of these instances
may look like just another news item.
I did not understand till I collated
all the news articles and I found that this is a huge scam
Look here.
Almost 15 Lakh students are passing out every year in our Telugu states
Just 6 Lakh of those students are getting jobs
The other 9 Lakh students are ending up on streets,
The reason for all this is each of these
fake certificate guys in this room
you are feeling bad about the 73 reporters who died
But do you know how many people died
because of just this one fake engineer?
Stop stop stop,
Yes, I stopped
Brother Vamsi
Yes dear?
Is the new school building inaugurated yet?
Not yet dear, we are all waiting for MLA sir
Is it?
Yes Sir
who is he?
He is the Engineer who constructed this school
Is it?
Sir, hello Sir
That is fine dear,
why did your teacher call me?
Nothing Dad,
she has a small doubt
What is the doubt?
To know whether
you are the one who signed my progress report or not
Yes, I did not sign it right?
I signed it.
Why did you sign dear?
Did you get less marks?
No Dad, I always come first in my class
Then, why did you sign on my behalf dear?
All my friends are making fun of me looking
at your thumb impressions on my progress card, Dad
Yes, MLA sir is here
Dad, you come too
Careful dear
Where are you, man?
Sir, I have come to drop my daughter at the school.
I will be there in half an hour Sir
Workers are waiting, come fast
Not just here, but we will construct such high quality
schools in all districts. Hey, what?
Our Government's main intention is that
Here, see Sir
Oh .. This is just an air crack and
is very common in any new building
Thank God, I was worried Sir
Don't worry
These kids are our future...
I will meet you later
Sir, they are small kids.
Better we alert them right away and send them out Sir
They will thrash us if we tell them now
Let us come in the evening and get it repaired
go out. Fast, fast. Move fast kids
Come on. Go!
Oh no! Come out fast,
Ramu Come fast, come out
Chinnu, move
Get up
I always come first in my class
All my friends are making fun of me looking
at your thumb impressions on my progress card, Dad
Baby Divya
That day along with Divya, 43 other children
got crushed and died under the rubble, unable to breathe, Dad
What was their mistake?
Not just fake Engineers, Doctors, College Professors, Railway Engineers,
Bank managers, Pilots, Software Engineers, Lawyers, Builders, Police Officers...
There are fake certificate employees in every department
When so many lives were snuffed out because of just this one fake Engineer,
how many must have died because of all these people here?
Then isn't the prostitution you mentioned better than all this, Dad?
It is terrible that the Engineer was arrested
but walked free in just two weeks
I was angry because of my love for you
But now, after listening to what you said,
I am angrier at these people.
If an individual makes a mistake, only he may be ashamed
But when such large number of people
commit a mistake, the whole society stands ashamed
In my service, I have only seen reporters
who toe the boss's line, but for the first time, I see a committed reporter in you.
I feel very proud, son
Do not leave any of these criminals.
Whatever happens, I will stand by you.
Yes, I was the one who dealt with that school collapse case
In any case, usually, we get some small evidence
at least. But, we didn't get any clue in this case
Even that Guru Murthy's
certificate passed the background verification
What's this Sir?
Can't we do anything when so many
innocent kids have been killed?
Law doesn't care for emotion my dear,
It cares only for evidence
Get some evidence
and I'll ensure justice.
There are only two things for us to do now
One is to get hold of Guru Murthy or
to prove his certificate is fake
When there are so many 'fake' idiots,
why are we only targeting Guru Murthy?
Because Guru Murthy's certificate
is one of the 52 certificates we found at Dot Consultancy
But where will we find him?
A guy who gets away with a crime shall
certainly commit the same crime again
Hey, Uncle and you go and find out
if there are any new constructions underway, in his name
We'll find out how is he passing off his fake
documents as original
Metro rail project!
Its raining revenues for Metro rails due to
the ongoing RTC strike.
Trains are all looking overcrowded with passengers.
Who gave the news of fake certificates,
telecasted on November 27th?
Tell me
Bang Bang
NTv reporter received the news from ABN channel's reporter.
I had to tell your name in connection with the fake
certificate news telecast on November 27th. Be careful
Hello Fatima
Sakshi channel's reporter Swetha gave me the news
Don't get caught lest you suffer,
Bang Bang
Will get you dragged on a leash should you run,
Bang Bang
If I get my hands on you, you will be history
Bang Bang
You will be beaten black & blue
Bang Bang
Sir, where is Mr. Guru Murthy?
No idea when he comes or where he is
Wait right there till he comes
This building is also his construction so I was too
scared to stand under it. I'd rather stand outside.
Whichever remote corner you may be hiding in
I shall lay a trap to uncover you
As per Government rules, every Degree certificate should be
29.7 centimeters in length and 21.5 centimeters in width
It should definitely be printed on Tivec quality paper
Paper thickness should be 0.156 mm
Every letter should be printed only with German ink
The secret symbol in this certificate is visible
to our eyes only when seen under UV light
Physically, everything in this certificate is perfect
Wow, 362434. It's perfect
Sir, has Engineer Sir Come?
- No, he hasn't
Every certificate will have a unique number
That won't repeat in another certificate
Why wouldn't they verify the photo on the certifcate, Sir?
He must have been 20 when this photo was clicked.
By now, he'd be 45 years old
He also won't recognise himself unless we tell him..
Correct Sir,
My photo on Aadhar card looks like Prabhas!
See, the certificate you gave
matched in our University database
This certificate belongs to Mr. Guru Murthy
This is definitely an original certificate
Sir, has he come?
No, man
I'll tell
it's the TV 9 reporter
Tyvek Paper, Germen ink, one can somehow
source all these from black market,
But how can a fake certificate made by a random
guy get validated in back ground verification.
Damn, What skill! Made a perfect match like
Keerthy suresh to Savitiri!!
This looks more than original
Canot find the one I am looking for.
Don't even know,
If he is the one I should be looking for
Only one person is the the solution to all this
Hey, he hasn't yet come and
I will tell you when he's here
It's almost done Sir
You are the puzzle I shall never get tired of cracking
You shall be my trophy
Cheers - Yeah
Who are you?
Hey, go
Hey, who let you inside?
Do you know who I am?
Why are you hitting me?
Do you know who I am?
It hurts! Give a reason and then hit
Who gave you the fake Engineering certificate?
What fake, it is an original certificate
Guru Murthy, B Tech and 82%
Is it?
Spell Engineering
Engineering spelling... E N J...
Y... Buddy, it seems like he didn't even clear Class 1.
You don't even know how to spell Engineering and you
construct buildings? Idiots! All my certificates are original.
Are they original?
No! No! Fake only,
fake for sure
Listen to me carefully
I need the name and address
of the guy who gave you the certificate
No! Abdullah,
SAS Computer center, Ameerpet
Abdul, fake certificates
Tell him we're coming for a certificate
Guru bro, after a long time.
How are you?
I'm fine. My person is coming,
give him the certificate he needs
I can't hear anything bro,
seems like bad signal?
Why don't you come out and talk?
I can not come any more out than this
Cool, cool bro! I'll give for sure.
Who is he, by the way?
My brother-in-law!
I have done everything you asked. So,
please leave me now. Please
These are the problems you get
If you don't study
In such times you should say 'save me',
not 'leave me'. No!
I am coming for you
will catch you no matter what, will not leave you.
Can you stand up to me if you meet?
Will not be scared of you.
Hey, who do you want?
I came to meet Abdul
Can you stand up to me if you meet?
Will not be scared of you.
Can you stand up to me if you meet?
Will not be scared of you.
Mr.Guru Murthy sent me
Which certificate do you need?
BTech Computer Science
It costs Two Lakh rupees
Come after two days
Two days! That means they're definitely not printing the
certificates here. They're printing them elsewhere
I need it urgently, Sir
What's the urgency?
I'm leaving to Dubai tomorrow early in the morning
Show me the flight ticket
Flight ticket... is in the mail
He has no brains at all
How will a flight ticket come into the mail
just like that? It's unnecessary risk
I would have dealt in some other manner,
you know?
Balaji, do you have a Credit card?
Do I have a Credit card?
Of course I do. Platinum Credit Card,
Only for VIP customers, you know?
Arjun, manage for two minutes
Password Sir
Anyway, why do you need the card?
So I can book a ticket to Dubai and
immediately email it to Arjun
What happened?
I forgot the password Sir
One minute Sir
Go, Go
Balaji, you received an OTP on your phone. Tell the OTP.
54... Huh!
Tell the password, otherwise,
you can't leave from here
Did you forget THIS?
My memory is a bit weak Sir
Oh no, 75000?
Did you book a ticket for yourself too?
Business class
Does he need business class now?
Cost will go up if it is needed immediately
I'll pay once my certificate is given
Srinu, I have reached safely. You go carefully
I'm searching and I will catch you
We shouldn't bring outsiders here,
but since you said it's urgent
I'm not doing it for money,
but only to help you
Such a big setup! Is this a mansion or the Bigg Boss house?
Hey, open the gate
Hello brother
Sir, please stop
CEO is on leave and I'm the CEO for today
Sir, I request you Sir
You're entering without permission,
You think this is a TV studio or a tea stall?
What do you need?
I need information
If you need information, you should be calling JUST DIAL,
You get all details from a Sub to a Pub.
Nice Chemistry, man
If you stay here for one more minute,
I'll shoot you
Oh no!
I didn't mean shooting with a gun
But only with this mobile camera.
I was just kidding! Just for fun
Hello Dina bro
His name is Arjun
I am checked his flight ticket..
He needs to leave for Dubai tomorrow morning
for a job. Very urgent, bro
Hey, I said not to bring any new people here, right?
Why did you bring him?
He is not a stranger.
He is Guru Murthy's brother-in-law.
If Sarkar gets to know, he'll slaughter you
Hey Suki, come here
I'll go down and get a certificate print
Keep an eye on him
Drop all your phones here!
You also, keep your phone here and step back.
I'll ask you three questions
I'll let you go, if you answer even one
Will you let me go if I answer, Sir?
Deal ok Sir! Please ask
Who stole certificates from Dot consultancy?
This question is a pass... Oh no!
Who's the reporter who gave the 'fake' news
that was telecast on November 27?
Ah... This question also I choose to pass Sir!
Who killed my son?
Is your son dead Sir?
Oh.. So sad... RIP!
It's very secure here
That means they are hiding something here
Hey, pass me a cigarette
Who is that?
Oh no, so many SERVERS! Is he just selling
certificates or running a software company?
So many servers means,
they may be maintaining a BIG database
Let's see what all skeletons
will tumble out of this cupboard?
Oh my god, so many certificates?
They're storing every certificate they sell
Why are there so many certificates for the same name?
What do you understand by this?
52 certificates said to be fake are proven to be
original in our department's verification
This certificate of Mr Guru Murthy is indeed original
How did the fake certificate turn original?
If my guess is correct,
they're collecting original certificates
from students and selling the fake certificates by matching the names
Don't you understand?
What's your full name?
Addala Balaji
Ok! There are 104 Universities in total in the States of Andhra
and Telangana put together. There are about 3400 Colleges under them.
About 15 Lakh students are passing out
every year from these colleges
There definitely will be a guy named
Addala Balaji among these 15 Lakh students.
Yes buddy, there are a few 'Addala Balajis'
on Facebook too. I hate them
If I match his name to your certificate,
he will become a lawyer too.
Oh yes!
See those two certificates, same name,
same serial number, but different photos
That means they are Cloning the certificates
Even if they call the University / College,
for background verification, all details will match
Arjun, I have a doubt,
What if the names don't match?
If the names do not match,
it is not possible
What's this name, Arjun Lenin Suravaram?
It sounds rare
No one would have such a name,
it won't match
He is paying 3 Lakhs,
let's try once
Ok, give the details
But for them to do all this, they need
certificate of every student passing out every year
How can they get hold of Lakhs of certificates every year?
That's closed, right?
Not just Dot Consultancy, Balaji,
look here
They are running numerous consultancies
in different names in every district
So, that's how they're getting original certificates from students
If we bust this, this will be a bigger scam than VYAPAM!
He's a lucky person. There is a match for such a
rare name too. That too with 81% marks from JNTU
Yes, why wouldn't it match? After all we are in this business
for the last 17 years. Any name will match
Hey, what happened?
Name and surname matched! That's fine,
but how can the date of birth also match?
Is it?
Is his photo there?
Let's check the original certificate
Kavya, we can prove the scam ONLY when we have
all this data with us. I'll transfer the data to you
Connect to the system in the OB van
Damn! Both are the same
I swear I know nothing! I got greedy,
please forgive me brother
I really don't know any details Sir, please leave me
I have no more patience.
All of you don't choose to die for just one guy
We are all media people.
If something happens to us, You can't escape
You say. Your time is up!
Pa, a guy has come for a certificate. But he came to take
his original certificate pretending to ask for a fake certificate!
What's his name?
Arjun Lenin Suravaram
Arjun Lenin Suravaram
I think, I have heard this name before
Check, if his name is there on our education loans list
send me his photo immediately
Ok Pa
Check if the name Arjun Lenin Suravaram
is on the channel's staff list
His name matched in the previous education loan list.
The name matches, Sir
He's just a bloody kid!
He should not escape from our mansion
Ok Pa
Hey, all of you come
they know where you are!
They barged into our channel and attacked us
100% downloaded, you hurry out now
No matter what, this evidence must reach the public
Kavya, it's dangerous to go to the
channel now. Go to Subba Rao uncle
And you?
I can't come out right now
No, I cannot leave you behind like this..
Kavya, just GO
Stop it
What happened, Kavya?
Sudden power outage means something is wrong
Go and check
Come on,
Hello Balaji, where are you? Buddy, I left with
the hard disk but Kavya has gone back for you
who's that?
I know you are here, come out on your own,
else you will meet your end.
You cannot escape.
Switch the power on
Sir, Madam has been constantly calling
Say something and manage
Ok Sir
These days, even if a normal person finds any evidence,
he's immediately posting that on Social Media
And you have a TV channel with you
Why wouldn't you put out all the evidence in the open?
Why all this drama?
I really wish what happened
that day was a mere drama Sir
Hey, are you fine? I am ok,
but where is Subba Rao uncle? He has not come here yet.
He still hasn't reached?
One moment
Hello Uncle.
Where are you?
I am at the Police station.
Where is the hard disk?
It's safe with me, you don't worry
What is your plan?
I'm going to tell this directly to the public.
What do you wish for me to do?
Come to the rear gate of the office with the hard disk
I will be there in an hour
Sir, ACP Sir is calling you urgently.
What is the matter? No idea Sir,
he has asked you to bring that Dot Consultancy case file
Subba Rao Sir
Do me a favour
Please tell me Sir
We have found a small clue in our Constable
Chalapathi murder case at that Dot Consultancy
What clue Sir?
He must have seen the CCTV footage
This guy's name is Arjun,
I guess, you know him well
What's his link to that place?
Why was he there?
How would I know Sir?
One minute
Subba Rao
Does this video remind you of anything?
Criminals can run away at the sight of Police,
but Police and criminals should not run away together
what's happening?
What are you hiding?
If you don't tell, I'll have to take action on both of you
Sir, no Sir. Please listen to me Sir
Sir, one minute
I have some evidence to prove that
I have done no wrong. Come with me
To Arjun's house
Why would ACP go to your house?
To check the evidence?
Seeing all the material you have gathered,
ACP will only support us
No Buddy,
On that day at DoT Consultancy,
Tura Sarkar's gang was also present
But the CCTV footage has only me
Why is their footage missing?
Something is wrong
Is there no one at home?
No Sir,
I sent all of them to a safe place
Sir, please come
Sir, please come
All these are proofs that..
Welcome Subba Rao!
Seeing all this, I am impressed how
I managed to create so many fake guys
I hope now you know who I am
I am Thura Sarkar,
where is my hard disk?
What is this Sir?
Restoring a lost item to the owner is Police's job
Isn't it justified to give back his lost item,
Subba Rao? Give it.
Sir, this is wrong.
This is ONLY correct
If you don't give the hard disk,
you can't leave from here,
Hey Subba Rao,
What happened to Subba Rao?
Where is he?
Is he in the room?
Subba Rao!
Sorry Sir
Your friend's son is my friend too,
Subba Rao. See, he calls his dad by name
When I called you Subba Rao,
you would ask me to call you Daddy, but I never did
Now, when I'm calling you Daddy,
you are not listening
Daddy, just once Daddy...
Arjun Lenin Suravaram
how are you?
Who is this?
Tura Sarkar!
The Department did not reward Subba Rao for his sincerity
Hence I did the honors
A constable nearing retirement,
a useless lawyer and a worthless channel...
This is your network, but my network...
It is the whole system
Do you have a TV around?
Go and watch it
Arjun Suravaram found to be the master
mind in the fake certificates scam
Shocking facts are emerging in this case
loaded with dramatic twists
Police sources have gathered that Arjun who was originally
arrested for an education loan fraud, has continued his
activities, upon getting bail
Police have raided house of the accused Arjun,
who in the garb of a reporter, cheated banks
In the raid, police found incriminating
material of his activities.
Arjun clandestinely got thousands of jobs
to unqualified people
He is the alleged culprit behind the murder of one Ram K
at Dot consultancy and is also responsible for a Police
Constable's death at the same premises
He even murdered Police constable Subba Rao
who is his close relative, in his desperation to cover up his crimes
ACP Sharrif has ordered immediate arrest of Arjun
Police is on the look out for Arjun
You love breaking news on channels, don't you? And Now,
YOU are the breaking news on all channels
What will you do now, will you try to stop me?
Or will you save yourself?
You search the other side
Lock the doors
Unemployed youth are protesting outside Commissioner's
office demanding Arjun's arrest in the fake certificate scam
Unemployed youth are protesting outside Commissioner's
office demanding Arjun's arrest in the fake certificate scam
Riots are breaking out at many places too
Police have intensified search to nab
the absconding Arjun Suravaram
Journalist Unions have revoked Arjun's primary membership
He's also one of the graduates,
who is a victim in the fake certificate scam
I was arrested a year ago for no fault of mine,
my certificate was also cancelled
I was arrested a year ago for no fault of mine,
my certificate was also cancelled
Though I studied Engineering, I am forced to work in a petrol bunk
for a meagre Rs.150 per day, as I could not find a job
Just with one fake certificate, they are easily stealing jobs,
without any talent. The reason for all this is Arjun Suravaram
Just with one fake certificate, they are easily stealing jobs,
without any talent. The reason for all this is Arjun Suravaram
Arjun Suravaram should be punished
I am not the only one affected by this. Many students have suffered.
Arjun Survaram must be brought to justice.
Arrest Arjun!
We want justice!
You had escaped from the Police at the Hospital,
then why did you surrender now?
For evidence
What evidence?
There are so many proofs to say that you are a criminal
What evidence do you have to prove that you are speaking the truth?
Evidence collected from Burma Mansion
Where is it?
Tell me
It is right here!
I don't believe you.
Don't believe me
But believe your dead Constable Subba Rao
Open his locker and check
I'll KILL you if this turns out to be a ploy
Leave the room
Go to the Police station and check my locker, how many cases
I have solved. Only then you will know my merit
Where is the Interrogation Officer?
He has gone out, Sir
Sir, he is in the locker room
Vikram, what are you doing here?
I came to check the case details Sir
Did he disclose anything?
Don't worry
criminals can never get away
I will go and take care of him Sir
A cop is trained not to believe
things that he sees with his own eyes
When so many people are involved in this scam
why did you believe that I would get the hard disk
from the locker and give it to you?
I could be a corrupt officer too, right?
No corrupt officer will send their kids
to a government school, Sir
I know Sir
your son was also among the children
who died in that school collapse
How did you know that I will be on duty today?
I'm a Reporter Sir, Can I not find out that much?
Hey, where's that fellow?
Rascal! He hit me and escaped from that AC duct Sir
But don't worry,
criminals can never get away Sir
How could he escape through such a small hole?
People like you can't fit Sir,
but guys like him can
Che Guevara... Che Guevara... You are Che Guevara today
For the sake of truth... For the sake of society
Your anger burns like the Sun
Sarkar, he just fled with the evidence
Seeing your ferocity
Anger is drying up the heart
For unmasking the malice
Courage is your light
To defeat evil and the bloodthirsty
You are waging an unending war
Anyone can become a Doctor, Engineer or Government
Employee without ANY qualification, with just a fake certificate
We now have the full details and undeniable
evidence about the gang behind this fake certificate scam
Behind every student, there is a
mother's dream, and a father's hard work
Certificates that we earn with
great hard work are not just pieces of paper.
It is our identity
Some guy is robbing our identity without our
knowledge and is selling them off to some undeserving people.
Hey guys, watch this
Not just our hard work but
they are also looting our dreams
Lives of thousands of students are
in a terrible quandary because of this 'fake' mafia
It is forcing many to commit suicides
They accused him of forgery and now
he is the one presenting evidence.
Only once the evidence comes out,
will we know if he is guilty or innocent.
Whatever is the age or epoch,
Final victory always is of Truth
Catastrophe or Apocalypse
can never blow the light of truth
Earth may shatter or Skies may fall
Those fake certificate imposters maybe working alongside you
He maybe the boss commanding you
Not just that, he may be sitting
in a position where you should be
We will show all their names and pictures to you now
Unmask them to this world. Every one committing this
horrible crime must be punished. This is our goal
Never stop, Never quit, Only victory is your destination
Never stop the hunt, Not even in your last breath
Every heart beat is only to uphold the truth
It would take 3 more minutes
to link up with satellite. Manage until then.
Each dawn, each ray tearing the curtains
of darkness is the arrow of truth
This is an eternal war
Go on you relentless warrior
your life and your journey is only for the sake of Truth
Arjun, you have proved you would stop at nothing
to seek truth! Good job Arjun! You are an inspiration for us.
Telugu states woke up with a shock
Numerous agents involved in this case and many working in
and Private Firms with fake certificates, without actual
qualifications are being arrested nationwide
It is shocking that Government doctors, Engineers, bank
officials, school teachers,
college professors and Police officers are among those
getting arrested.
Some of them are also working abroad
There are fake driving licenses too in these fake certificates
A minister is also found to be involved in this racket.
This explains how deep rooted and powerful this mafia is
The Police department has paid tributes to the
services of Constable Subbarao
The main accused in this case, Tura Sarkar suffered severe head injury
while trying to destroy all evidence and is undergoing treatment
He is under tight security
My dear colleagues, I'm going to announce some good news
Our channel has risen from 46th position to 3rd position
Come on, let's give ourselves a big hand!!
You are the reason for this achievement today
You joined us when no body knew about TV99.
Today everyone knows us, ONLY because of you
And you leaving us all at this time makes me sad
But I am sure BBC suits you better
I am not joining BBC Sir
It doesn't matter where we work Sir,
but what we do alone matters!