Armaguedon (1977) Movie Script

Einstein, Einstein!
Einstein, Einstein,
I just got 250,000 bucks!
My brother was in an accident,
he had a life insurance policy.
- Tonight I'm quitting this stupid job!
- Your brother?
He was on vacation in Italy
with a girl, they both died.
It happened 2 weeks ago, I just heard.
250,000 bucks, you hear me?!
- Hey, butt face!
- I shit on all of you!
I came to say goodbye.
- You're leaving?
- This is my lucky break!
But you'll come visit, right?
See ya.
What are you gonna do?
Starting tomorrow,
I'm gonna finally make the headlines!
Alain Delon and Raymond Dan on present
Alain Delon and Jean Yanne in
Adapted by Alain Jessua, from the novel
by David McCord Lippencott
Renato Salvatori
A film by Alain Jessua
Produced by Alain Delon
That's the Prime Minister.
- Hello!
- Hello!
It's going pretty well.
And what's more, we're succeeding.
Mr. Prime Minister!
Where, where is France?
Thank you.
Warm welcome for the Prime Minister
yesterday at Porte de Versailles.
An enthusiastic visitor shakes
the Prime Minister's hand.
The TV's broken. I'm sorry.
Here. It's the real deal, it's yours.
I'll show you how it works.
I'm gonna need you.
We'll travel together. Somewhere nice.
Like it?
- Yeah!
- You can quit your job, Albert.
And here's your luggage.
- Pack what you want.
- My ties!
But I got you some clothes.
You're gonna see a lot of countries, Einstein.
All of Europe!
So now try the flash
like I showed you before.
But make sure I'm always in the picture.
Always be alert!
I'll move right, left, everywhere.
Let's go!
Go! Get me, get me!
Here I am!
Follow me, follow me!
Back, back, back!
Me! Me! In the picture!
That's good!
Don't do that! I don't do that!
I'm telling you, you'll see.
Take our picture.
No thanks.
C'mon, be nice.
My fiancees like photography.
- C'mon, you can have a drink with us.
- No, no!
Give me the camera, I'll do it myself.
Fucking ape, I'll show you.
Einstein! Einstein!
It's his fault, not yours.
His fault!
He wanted to take my camera!
C'mon, quiet down.
We have to find a way
so that people ignore you.
"The moon will not give its light."
"And the stars will fall from the sky."
"I am the alpha and the omega."
"The First and the Last.
- "The Beginning and the End."
- Keep it down, Einstein!
"But outside are the dogs,
the sorcerers, the sexually immoral."
"I have given him a white necklace.
"On it a new name is written."
"The wrath of the gods."
"The final punishments and judgments.
What are you reading?
It's incredible.
A beautiful story.
The war of Armageddon.
The battle of the just
against the world.
And the unrepentant are cast out.
"God's wrath and punishment.
Above all, don't listen, don't respond
if anyone tries talking to you.
You're a deaf mute, got it?
Arrival of Air France flight 950
from London, Gate 5.
Mr. Minister, Mr. Minister please!
Oh, I'm all too familiar with
the questions you want to ask me!
But I won't answer them.
As you're aware, there's
a long-standing agreement
to establish a new type of
petrochemical complex
that could involve companies
in both our countries.
Congratulations, Minister.
I'd really like to speak with you.
Genoa, Italy
September 30th, 11:45 a.m.
To London, England, signorina.
Four thousand lira.
Continue, I can hear you perfectly fine.
Yes, you're right.
He seems imaginative.
I was certain it would interest you.
I'll send you
the photo overnight to Paris
and the rest by mail
with a copy of the cassette.
Interpol has been alerted.
On that, your strangler
was caught in Biarritz this afternoon.
I didn't sleep for 2 weeks,
but I was determined.
Thanks again.
We'll talk soon.
Nice, France
October 2nd, 2:10 p.m.
- What are you doing here?
- I need to speak to you.
But obviously without him.
- I'm listening.
- Sit down. Don't be angry.
I don't know what you're up to,
but I'm sure I could help you out.
I like guys like you.
I've got friends all up
and down the coast.
- So?
- Gotta say, you're not very lucky
'cause I discovered you
visited a good friend of mine.
And you asked him for fake passports
and fake IDs.
So I'll go 50/50 with your plan
and keep my trap shut.
And if not?
Sorry, a lady's waiting for me.
Come find me in my room at 6 o'clock.
Think it over.
Do you need something?
You okay?
I feel like crying.
You just don't understand.
Everything's fucked.
We won't make it.
Because of that asshole.
We're really having fun.
It's all over, you hear me?
We'll have to go back home.
You'll go back to picking up garbage.
No, no Louis!
Running water.
He's back.
He's taking a shower.
- He's the one who started it.
- Yes!
He's a deaf mute.
It's his first time on an airplane.
- Very good.
- Thank you.
Swissair flight 751 to Zurich,
now boarding at Gate 10.
Telex Interpol Paris.
We've received pictures
and threats in Italian on magnetic tape
addressed to the Governor
of the Bank of Italy.
A photo taken in Zurich during
an international monetary conference.
Shipped from Strasburg.
This is Armageddon.
You're deferring the release
of my reproductions.
You're making a mistake.
You'll have to do it,
sooner or later.
Telex to Interpol Paris.
Received photo with cassette tape
threatening singer Mick Jagger.
Photo taken in Brussels
during a studio recording session.
This is Armageddon.
You're getting to know us.
If I target Mick Jagger,
I'll spare 1 million people.
Rome, October 8th, 11:15 a.m.
I want to live naked.
Free and naked!
You can't stop me.
You filthy animals!
Do you want to shit on me too?
You filthy bastards!
You just want to fuck me.
Every one of you!
Don't say you don't.
I know all about you.
I know you so well.
You can't even live the life
that you truly want.
Quick doctor! On the roof!
You hypocrites! You half-beasts.
You suck! You all suck.
I'm the only one who dares
to live freely.
Free and happy.
There's even our kind doctor here.
You want to fuck me, too, right?
You're not too fashionable
to act like a pervert?
Quiet, Gabriella.
Come here.
- Is every day like this?
- No.
No, not every day.
Follow me.
They resist coming here for treatment.
Especially leaving their
familiar surroundings.
- But you have to keep them out of jail.
- Yeah.
But it's very hard on them.
You have to be very strict.
Good to see you again!
I was going to Rome, but...
I wanted to ask your advice.
If I had killed the Governor
of the Bank of Italy,
it would have been all over the news,
but only for a few days.
That's why I'll carry on with
my research.
Armageddon has all the time in the world.
You don't. Goodbye.
This is Armageddon.
You're getting to know us.
If I target Mick Jagger,
I'll spare 1 million people.
I don't want to do this.
When you know what Armageddon will do
completely alone,
you won't be happy,
but it will be too late. Bye.
What do you think?
He's clever, cocky.
And equally aggressive and unhappy.
Is he very dangerous?
His appetite for fame
is what concerns me.
He's ready to do anything for attention.
What about his using
the biblical name Armageddon?
He's justifying his nihilism by
randomly citing the Bible.
He feels uniquely chosen...
for a greater purpose.
No thanks.
- Really?
What exactly do you want from me?
That you help us.
You're much more familiar
with guys like Armageddon.
Is that a personal or a formal request?
The Italian police and
Captain Sampieri are in the loop.
I think I can convince him.
Can you give me a copy of the cassette?
This is Armageddon.
I have some big news.
I now know my destination.
It's not the general manager
of Mercedes.
He has a factory where slaves work,
but he is not even able
to repair his car.
I can do it and I know a lot of things
that can bring down governments.
We just received this one.
We've identified the
type of recorder he's using.
It's a model sold in Belgium
and northern France.
Your thoughts, Sampieri?
We've assembled quite a
large team to track him.
Nothing yet.
We've tried to establish
a composite.
But these are just hypotheses.
Nothing more.
From the start,
Armageddon might have been disguised,
made up in a sophisticated way.
Perhaps he's wearing a toupee,
and under his glasses contact lenses.
What's more, there's contradictory
testimony about his accomplice.
Le Liard called me
this morning from Wiesbaden.
The Mercedes matter was quite serious,
the authorities have sprung into action.
Frankly, I think we definitely
need a non-traditional approach.
- [unintelligible]
- Yeah?
The world has forgotten me.
completely alone.
It's clearest in the Italian text.
You see this sentence,
"It's your turn to act.'
'It's up to you to'
- What do you think?
- You're right.
And in the German text,
there's another Gallicism.
Paris, October 13th, 11:40 a.m.
So we'll have this box,
the second door from the aisle.
We're going to Orly now.
Orly South.
You know my linguistics professor
friend who I told you about?
I spoke with him,
and he did a detailed study.
And Armageddon's nationality is clear.
- He's French.
- Are you sure?
It's rare for a Frenchman
to read the Bible.
- What about the accomplice?
- He must be a weak, gullible sort.
Fully under his sway.
Armageddon is a loner.
The accomplice simply follows orders.
We might be able to get the upper hand.
To anticipate his next move.
- What's your idea?
- Call me tonight, I'll explain.
Hello, Alessandro, how are you?
London, October 13th, 3:20 p.m.
Hi, hello Madam,
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'd like to speak to Miss Valin
on behalf of her nephew.
Hello, Louis?
Where are you?
Hi Auntie, I was wondering
if you could do me a favor?
Could you send me all
of the childhood photos?
They're in the bottom drawer
of the dresser in my room.
Yes, I know. How are you?
And I'd like you to send me
the short film dad did
the year before he died,
in Malo Les Bains.
So put it all in a package
to me in Paris,
as held mail,
Rue Balzac, 75008.
Yes, I've got it.
Will we see you soon?
Soon, yes. But I'm counting
on you for the photos and the film.
Because that brings back happy memories.
I understand, Louis.
Where are you?
It's a long story, but
traveling is doing me some good.
I can assure you that
it's time to act.
He must be able to transfer
all of his hatred on to one person.
But will the person in that role
understand the risk he's taking?
Of course!
If we've got an accurate
profile of Armageddon,
he'll most definitely react and kill
him, regardless the consequences.
Exactly, that's my plan.
Tell me, Michel.
Why are you taking this risk?
Why do I do this work?
Who knows, if I were in his shoes,
I might behave exactly like him.
I promise I'll do everything I can
to make sure he agrees to your plan.
It was definitely the same day.
Lambert? It's Vivien.
Calling to confirm that the Paris
Conference is starting on the 7th?
The 7th at 11 a.m., thanks.
The European heads of state
and the American President
will be meeting for 3 days in Paris.
Armageddon will have no choice.
Where did you take that picture?
Madame Tussaud's in London,
Wood gave me a heads up.
Armageddon minus 14
This apartment isn't the one
that we had in mind.
There's a lot of noise during the day.
But at night it's quiet,
and the neighborhood is practically empty.
Even so, it's a dangerous situation.
Here we are.
The owner began renovations,
but couldn't finish them.
The kitchen's brand new.
This works, it's fine for me.
I'm skeptical that the Europeans
will agree to make this matter public.
The Paris Conference starts on the 7th,
we must apprehend him by then.
The media will have
a field day with this.
We must avoid panicking
the general public.
Armageddon must know
that we're talking about him.
Everyone concerned is still
opposed to this kind of operation!
I'm putting an end to things like this
that expose us to incredible danger!
Dr. Ambrose is an eminent specialist
in criminal psychology.
At his Rome clinic, he
successfully treats young delinquents.
Believe me, he knows exactly
the risk he's taking with this plan.
Last year,
during the Rome/Paris Air Show,
you recall we used Dr. Ambrose.
His involvement saved 200 lives.
For every stage of the operation,
his analysis was flawless.
For this type of thing in the U.S.,
we're always working with him.
I must say
he provides excellent results.
And if your respective ministers agree,
I must alert the Foreign Affairs
Commission of the European Community.
No, I don't see anything here.
Oh wait, I found it.
Threatening electronic letters:
The latest news from Europe.
His name is Armageddon.
He chose his name from the Bible.
He's French.
He's ready to threaten
famous personalities
in business, the arts, and politics.
Numerous European police have received
his letters written with cassette tapes.
In breaking the news,
Interpol has not ruled out a connection...
I want to listen to the news!
Yeah, you could ask nicer!
Never mind, it's not important.
- The eight [unintelligible].
- Let me off here.
Dinner is ready.
It's hot!
- Aren't you eating?
- Yeah, I'm coming.
Is that your mother?
She was pretty.
Armageddon minus 12
Do you understand?
Shoot Paris and I together.
If only someone had a big accident!
We've got no time to lose.
You'll be appearing on TV tonight.
Did you have a nice trip?
Do you think committing this crime to
validate themselves really works?
I'm afraid so.
In our society, it's very hard for
anyone who's alone to redeem themselves.
Failed education, professional failures,
all going in one direction.
For instance, there's a case
right now that really interests me.
This man who's sending threatening
letters using cassette tapes.
And who calls himself Armageddon.
Yes, that's a striking example.
So using him as an example,
can you describe
who he is, what's he like?
this shouldn't surprise you,
I think he's very unhappy.
He's in pain.
All the time.
Everything hurts him.
He's sought help his whole life,
and no one has responded.
It's a simple process.
Once he's engaged
in an extraordinary mission,
he's not very intelligent.
And he's not up to
the demands of his goal.
Of course this underscores even more...
I couldn't help it.
It was the only way to get him to act.
Don't worry, it's fine.
We're talking about someone who's sick.
A man who should hospitalize himself.
For his own good.
Generally, with people like this,
it affects every area of their lives,
including the sexual front.
On the sexual front, we must
be prudent about hypotheses.
But the person we're talking
about has an abnormal sex life.
He's probably incapable of having
normal relations with anyone.
Men or women.
Did you hear what that
asshole said about me?!
Thank you, Dr. Ambrose.
Next week on this program,
we'll be discussing
the family in Black Africa.
Right, so now you're sentenced
to spend 3 days with me.
Give me a scotch.
I'm a little embarrassed.
I was too wimpy.
I didn't have a choice.
If we back down, the plan will fail.
I've gotta make a big move, right away.
- Should I come with you?
- No, it's too dangerous. He'd escape.
Be careful.
Thanks, Einstein.
Hi, I'd like to speak with Dr. Ambrose.
Is he in room 312?
Dr. Ambrose?
He's in room 544.
I'll connect you.
That's all he said?
Thank you, Miss. Let us know
if there any further communications.
A man in beige,
who mostly meets the description,
just entered door no. 3.
Over and out.
- He's such an ugly guy, you know?
- Get out!
- So, the taxi comes, and...
- Dear God!
Man in a beige raincoat,
meeting the description,
going toward the lobby.
A man with glasses meeting the description,
entered through door no. 1.
- Who told you to come here?!
- [unintelligible]
- What's happening?
- Are we in trouble!
Man in beige raincoat
just bought a book.
He's leaving through door no. 3.
Nothing suspicious.
I have responsibilities!
The Prefecture justifiably doesn't have
the manpower to protect Dr. Ambrose.
- Look, haven't we gone over this?
- I know.
But I can't stick my neck out
and ask for anything further.
If there's anyone really sticking
their neck out in all of this, it's me.
I wanted to help track him
without exposing myself.
If you don't wise up,
you could completely fail.
Over the next 3 days,
I don't want to see your men at all.
Concerning your responsibilities
with the Prefecture,
I'll take care of that.
Dr. Ambrose is my friend,
and I don't want to lose him.
Armageddon minus 8
Nothing to declare?
Anything to declare?
Welcome to Belgium.
And safe travels.
We're passing through Dixmude where
from 1914-1918
the glorious and tragic conflict unfolded.
We'll arrive in Ostende in an hour.
On the only vacation
that I've ever taken
my brother chased hookers.
And I took a bath.
I came here a lot.
I could spend hours watching the sea.
I was never so calm.
My brother was like the others.
Couldn't talk to him
Fucking, fucking and all that.
Do you want to go to the movies?
Okay, let me get you a ticket.
Hey, sweetie, wanna come with me?
Do you have any rooms?
More than one?
Two. Adjoining.
I have rooms 32 and 34.
Check them out.
Go on! You're so cute!
Dr. Ambrose is intelligent, even nice.
He seems like someone
who could put you at ease.
I think if we could talk
we'd get along.
Does the mirror look okay?
Very good.
It's really too bad.
A smart guy like him and me,
that we're obliged to be at odds
and destroy one another.
You stay in the other room,
with the door closed.
When I knock three times,
come with your camera
and everything.
"Psychiatry and Criminality"
by Michel Ambrose
You mustn't go out alone!
It's dangerous.
There's no point. He won't come back.
He'll kill someone.
I hurt him, and he'll kill someone.
You silenced him.
Listen, Michel,
I'm the one who's responsible.
No, I'm all too familiar
with this kind of mistake.
Will your buddies
tail us for much longer?
I'm less and less concerned.
There's Armageddon and the others.
I'm about as lost as they are.
It's pointless.
Conversely, at every moment,
I have to give them an answer.
I try to soothe their nightmares.
Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
Sometimes even I want
to cry my eyes out!
I also have vertigo!
I also have to deal with
my own anxieties and doubts!
When I finally understand
that I'm hurting,
I'm all alone.
I immerse myself in
other people's fears.
One moment, a young woman
is smiling at me.
And I'm totally somewhere else.
I'm sorry. But I really
needed some air.
What are you going to do?
We know how old Armageddon is.
Same as you.
Listen, based on the words
he's been using in his messages,
this guy has definitely spent time
in a well-known coastal area.
Either in France or Italy.
And put as many men
as you can on his trail.
I'm counting on you.
Nothing still in the south,
it's truly baffling.
Conversely, the Germans have
an exact description of the accomplice.
- I also have some cold meat too.
- No thanks.
So what about this accomplice?
He's a big guy, with a baby's head.
He's silent, at least in public.
- Obsessed, huh?
- He's sick.
Sicker than the one we've already met.
His weakness is his vanity,
he takes himself very seriously.
Even so, everyone has their good side.
To look at the future
while having fun, being a voyeur.
Well played, great.
You wanna come with me?
Sure. But for how much
would I have the pleasure?
Five thousand Belgian francs.
Let's go.
It's not for me, it's for a girl.
Can you do it with a girl?
For 5,000 francs, I'd do it with a goat.
Wait here.
Are you free this evening?
It's not for me but
a friend who likes to watch.
5,000 francs.
And what's underneath that?
You'll need to wear a costume.
My friend who'll be watching
through this mirror
will be wearing a mask and gloves.
What are all these wires for?
They're microphones so
that my friend can hear you.
That's how he gets off.
He's completely crazy, your friend.
You ready?
We'll start any minute now.
Take the pictures!
Take the pictures, good god!
Good god!
C'mon hurry up!
We've got a lot to do.
That's enough, that's enough!
I'm sorry, Louis.
Come in, I'll make coffee.
A telegram for Dr. Ambrose.
From Armageddon.
Dr. Ambrose,
Hotel St. Jacques, Paris.
I came to your hotel.
A ridiculous trap.
You underestimate me.
Check out the Hotel Dindon Bleu.
Room 34.
Ostende, Belgium.
He must have that to be reassured.
- But don't you want to go up a size?
- No, that's perfect.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah.
Buy a shirt too.
Do you want a butterfly?
C'mon, perk up!
We'll have some more fun.
If you listen to me carefully,
Einstein, we'll make a lot of money!
- I'm through with Einstein.
- Why?
It's not my name. I'm done with it.
Look, Albert, be reasonable.
If I call you Einstein,
like the great scientist,
it's because you're smart too.
You're a reader, like me.
That was too much, Louis.
That boy, that girl.
- You shouldn't have.
- I had to.
I won't do it again.
How's your cake?
There's not much more to do now.
Once we're done, we're going
to a country very far away.
Is it near the ocean like Nice?
Yes. The sea, clean, clear,
with beautiful golden fish.
Always beautiful.
We won't need anyone else.
And you'll be with me, Louis?
Don't worry.
He was away a lot.
But as he paid up in advance, I didn't mind.
- How many doors are there per room?
- Two.
I see two guests
in your log on about the same date.
Yes, they were in the room adjacent.
Do you know Mr. Tukker?
- Yes, I have seen him.
- Does he come here often?
Look what he's up to now.
Ah, that's nice.
He sent erotic pictures to the papers
and announced that he'll strike even
harder in 6 days. And he mentioned you.
It's aimed at you once again.
The only thing we've got on him.
You're not alone because you
need me in order to get him to stop.
You still want to
continue with all this?
Yeah. But for
different reasons than yours.
You still think you can save him?
That's the main difference
between you and me.
You see Jacques,
even if he's a hopeless case,
I must treat him as if
there's still hope.
All my life, I've wanted to
believe in hope.
And ultimately, I do believe in it.
This could be him,
but he had different hair.
And he was clean shaven.
No. The eyes were bigger.
His nose
was flatter.
But we don't know who he is.
He used an assumed name at the hotel.
Here, this is your Armageddon.
We have to disseminate
this picture throughout Europe.
Put out a call for eyewitnesses.
Have we identified the plastic bag
that was covering Bob's head?
Yeah, it was from a factory in Amiens.
I've already sent a team out there.
And anything on the accomplice?
Based on what we know,
the description is accurate.
But we still need more
info to do a composite.
Make way!
We've got nothing new to announce.
Dr. Ambrose!
What do you have to say to Armageddon?
Contrary to what he might think,
I don't and would never judge him.
I'm ready to talk with him
at any point, anywhere.
It's why I decided to stay in Paris.
Listen carefully. Take the first
right and go straight to the theater.
- Yeah.
- Be careful, it's for the last time.
I'll put it on you.
These plastic bags are used by
a dry cleaning chain in northern France.
Launch a red alert.
Our men will comb the area
with photos of Armageddon.
We'll soon have new things to do.
Doctor, the man we're hunting
has chosen the date
that relates to his name.
The opening of the Paris Conference.
Do you think he has a
hidden political agenda
in what he intends to do?
Certainly not.
I agree with your bolstering security
for the arriving heads of state.
He might want to
take a hostage, but that's it.
He considers himself greater
than any politician.
He hates them too much to kill them.
So you think he'll
strike somewhere else?
It's quite possible.
He might take advantage
of other events in Europe.
But above all, he must validate his
personality in the eyes of the world.
He'll only use political, artistic, or
other events to achieve his lone goal.
That would just be a pretext.
Have you come up with
a list of upcoming events, Sampieri?
Yeah, the same day there's
a rock festival on the Isle of Wight,
a women's rights conference in Vienna,
and a competition for the
cutest baby in Europe in Copenhagen.
It's why I decided to stay in Paris.
Do you have anything to add, doctor?
He knows that I'm not his enemy.
On the contrary, I'm the rare person
who can understand him.
My only intention
is to help him if he needs me.
Too late!
We've learned of
even more tragic news.
All police throughout Europe -
These people talking about us!
C'mon Albert, we still
have more work to do.
I need your opinion, sit down.
He looks familiar.
Simone, c'mere and have a look!
Do we know him?
Uh, yeah! It's Miss Valin's nephew!
He's a nice boy who could never do that.
I've known him and I raised him
since his mother moved to Canada.
When was the last time you saw him?
It was about a month ago.
He's left his job.
He received his late brother's
life insurance benefit.
He packed his bags and left.
And you haven't heard from him since?
Yes, he called me one day.
From which country?
He didn't say.
He asked me to send him
some family photos
- and a home movie.
- Where did you send it?
To Paris, as held mail.
Which station?
You know, he's such a smart boy.
He learned five languages
in the evening after work.
He couldn't associate himself
with bad people or dealings.
He came to get a package addressed
to him but nothing since.
Armageddon minus 1
We've installed bullet-proof windows.
Here, we've installed
a radio-magnetic filter.
It's impossible to plant a bomb here.
I remember him.
We even argued almost.
He wanted to listen to the news.
I changed it to Radio Balzac.
Where did you drop him off?
In central Paris,
near Boulevard Sebastopol.
Get the champagne from the fridge,
and clean 2 glasses.
Here, take your jacket before drinking.
Above all, don't touch anything.
The batteries will set off the alarm.
You're really in for a good joke.
They're really idiots.
To your health, Albert.
To your health, Louis
So now you have to go, it's time.
Above all, stay put.
Hide until I get there.
- Certainly.
- Don't listen to them, you know them!
And afterwards we'll leave the country.
What we talked about. The fish.
I know, I know, Louis.
Don't worry. I'll wait for you.
Stop, stop!
I remember the way I went now.
Take the first right.
There! That's where I dropped him off.
- So?
- He crossed and went that way.
Right now, I've got 400 guys
combing the neighborhood.
He lives right in the middle of Paris.
A number of local merchants
recognize him.
There's just one building
that we haven't covered yet.
He'll be arrested in 3 hours.
Arrested on the night
before his big strike.
Armageddon's cornered.
- You think?
Here, it's a profile of
one Louis Carrier.
My men put all of this together.
Is it interesting?
His father died in a
work accident, silicosis.
His mother, a tramp,
ran off with a British-Canadian.
He was timid and unassuming,
and grew up surrounded by girls.
He was afraid of them.
Armageddon just told the front desk
that he'll call in a minute.
The aunt's statement:
Gisele Valin.
Louis first learned English at age 13.
He wanted to find
his mother in Canada.
Yes, all of that.
- Hello?
- This is Louis Carrier.
But you probably know me as "Armageddon.
Indeed, hello.
Doctor, I'm afraid I've
tricked you about the countdown.
Armageddon day isn't tomorrow.
It's tonight.
- Right now.
- What do you mean?
Listen, doctor.
I'll only say this once.
First, don't waste time
trying to trace my call.
I'm using a device
which blocks the origin of the call.
- Do you hear me, Ambrose?
- I'm listening, Carrier.
Here are your initial instructions.
First, get a hold of three TV sets.
Next, alert the pyrotechnicians
in Milan, Italy, to be on high alert.
Finally, alert all TV and radio outlets
that the U.N. Secretary General
might make an important speech.
Make the necessary arrangements
and I'll call you in exactly 18 minutes.
" our competition,
Musical Showcase!"
Nothing on Rue des Graviers.
Okay, go to Rue de Montmorency.
Mr. Hessen please,
who's coming here with the
others from the Commission?
There's some important
decisions to be made. Yes.
He's one minute ahead of schedule.
- Yes.
- This is Louis Carrier.
- Do you have the TVs in front of you?
- Yes.
Turn on Channel 1.
Do you see "Welcome to Life", broadcast
live from the Thatre de la Renaissance?
Numerous explosives
have been placed in this theater.
And they're controlled by a
radio transmitter that I have here.
You'll set the cameras to show
whomever might be leaving the theater.
If a single person among the 800 leaves,
I'll immediately detonate the bombs.
- The Embassy -
- Understood?
A package for you, doctor, is now
at the front desk of your hotel.
Have someone get it and take
it to the Thatre de la Renaissance.
It should be given
to the show's producer.
It contains instructions
of what I'm trying to communicate.
It's essential, doctor, that my orders
are followed to the letter!
I'll call back in five minutes.
So what gives?
Too much noise on the frequency.
Impossible to locate the call's origin.
- No way to trace it?
- None.
Your turn to try your luck, Eric!
Very kind of you to
wish me a happy birthday.
But what I really want is
for you to give me what's there!
The one that's hanging, concentrate!
Once more!
He won!
The winner of the first round!
Okay, you sure? Alright.
- What's wrong?
- We're in for a helluva night.
I'll explain later. But put camera 2
on the theater exit every 15 seconds.
So you heard, you still have time! over! For the pool...
Get Dupr for me.
What the hell are they doing?
- Hello?
- Doctor?
- Speaking?
- You're getting the hang of this.
Here are my orders.
The top French TV network
must be rebroadcast
on all European channels.
- Are you kidding, Carrier?
- You know very well that it's possible!
Then, put a camera on the
Paris Eurovision dispatch booth.
Be ready to broadcast
this on the second channel.
The third channel should
show the theater entrance.
Of course you'll wait for
my further orders to begin.
- Hello? Hello?
- We have to draw the line here.
My hands are tied.
I have to alert the minister.
They're looking for a guy based on this description.
We've got to find him.
Hurry up! I'll call you.
Before anything else,
we must know the film's content.
Stall for time somehow.
The producers are looking at it.
They'll let you know later.
Slide, slide into our world of wonder!
Oh, that wonderful foam!
Are we having fun yet?!
Francois! [unintelligible]
and in the bath.
Valrie is showing us
our friend Pirot with his feet!
- Dr. Ambrose, please.
- Hello?
- You have the films, doctor?
- Yes.
- So start playing them.
- We're having projection issues.
We need 10 minutes more.
- I'm disappointed!
- I've never lied to you.
- You lied about me in your interview!
- That was my trap.
Don't worry.
Okay, I'll trust you.
Ten minutes, not a second more.
The German and British
TV networks have agreed.
His accomplice must be in the audience,
with a radio-activated trigger device.
Yeah, he bought a portable TV set.
Not this model, we had to find it.
He paid, someone got it the next day.
A big guy.
- He shirked my husband's offer to help.
- Which way?
- Toward the Bastille.
- The Bastille?
For reasons outside our control,
we must interrupt our normal programming.
An explanation will
soon be provided on Channel 1.
- Anything we should know about?
- No, completely unimaginative, a hack.
A total amateur. Please excuse me.
- Thanks very much.
- A maximum of [unintelligible].
- Carrier, a French national...
- What should I tell them?
- Be direct.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we must conclude this program
as originally intended.
Another show
will now be broadcast.
A film.
A man, Louis Carrier, has forced,
yes, forced us to show
his method of expression
and his life story.
Ladies and gentlemen, particularly
those who are here in person tonight,
I ask that you remain through the end,
and quietly watch it without reaction.
Please do not leave your seats.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're being held hostage.
Remotely controlled bombs
have been placed in this theater.
If you try and flee,
they'll go off. Please!
Stay in your seats, don't move!
It's about your and everyone's safety!
Why the fuck are we showing this?
Focus back on the stage!
Bravo, dear audience!
Be an example.
We're being simultaneously
broadcast on Eurovision.
We're on every channel in Europe.
Be strong!
There's no room for cowardice.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's show
he who's stooped to such criminality
what real courage looks like.
- Thank you.
- This is his best ever! No. 3 please.
My real name is Louis Carrier.
I've used the name "Armageddon
in communicating with the authorities.
Most of you judging me tonight
are simply ordinary people,
neither winners nor losers,
privileged nor forsaken.
You all know that you're part of the
mediocre masses, and in a ravenous world
that should judge itself as such.
- Yeah?
- Thanks, doctor.
Now alert the U.N. Secretary-General
to be ready to speak in 20 minutes.
I'll dictate the text of his
speech after my film is over.
You've gotten what you wanted, Carrier!
Don't push it!
You know very well
that he'll never do that!
He will! I demand it!
- Look, you're smart, you couldn't have--
- You're trying to play me.
You normally rank who has power.
And for once I'm in charge!
- Louis.
- Don't call me by first name!
I can be your advocate
as long as you don't harm anyone.
I've done all of this
to not harm anyone!
Think about it.
Alert the Secretary-General,
or 800 people will die!
I'm asking you all to wake up!
To awaken from your safe slumber!
To acknowledge
this exceptional individual.
Here's my father, my mother.
My brother. A normal family.
In school, I was always
among the best in my class.
Yeah, I know him.
So what did you say?
A big guy with a baby's head?
They've lived in the building
for about 2 weeks.
On the fifth floor.
They're renters, in Building D.
During a long period of unemployment,
I stopped biding my time.
At age 35, I finally woke up.
- My life was being stolen from me.
- Up the stairs!
Try exiting from the roof!
Cages, camps, blocks everywhere.
And everyone remains locked up
in their own individual prisons.
You told Radio Lille, and you knew him?
Yes. Carrier was in a
contest to become a newscaster.
He stammered and
was immediately eliminated.
Everyone forms an immense family.
A real family.
Happiness will reign on earth
as all will then abide by pure values.
People will cease their selfishness,
instead become innocent and tender.
Everyone will have
the same opportunity.
The playing field will finally be level.
Geniuses will finally stand out
- from the pack.
- We found him, let's go!
- Can he call us?
- There's a line near my car.
Great. The first group
to Stairway D. Quietly!
When I saw his picture on the news,
who didn't believe me? Hah!
- We must all reclaim that happiness.
- We've got to find a pretext on TV.
If they continue humiliating him,
he's liable to do anything.
Humanity where mothers
are real mothers again.
Women will set the example.
Man's older sister.
Man needs something
from women other than bestiality.
Because man remains as innocent
as the child that he once was.
Stop here on the sidewalk.
This better world...
I've had a hard time finding you.
You're still trying to trace me.
Stop my film, Ambrose,
and connect my phone directly to Channel 1!
You want to speak live?
Yeah, did you hear me?
I want to respond to them.
Hold on, I'm going
to see if that's possible.
...most of [unintelligible].
We must fight...
- You still there?
- Yeah, I want to speak to them.
Don't take it personally.
One day, they'll understand.
For the moment, it's just a few of us.
That's all that matters.
- In one minute.
- You'll be on Channel 1 in a moment.
- Thanks, Ambrose.
- Go ahead.
From where we are,
I'd prefer wrapping this up ASAP.
In a few generations,
people will excel in all disciplines.
You didn't like it?
You're afraid, right?
You understand fear!
But I just need to press this little button
next to me to kill all of you!
It's not funny anymore, huh?!
You're listening to me!
You're listening because you're afraid,
and you know that I've killed before.
Yes, I killed, I killed because
because I want to speak!
But you don't want anyone talking to you!
At least the way I've been, huh?
You bother people,
and that's what happens!
You don't know how to listen!
You're blind! You're asleep!
Your tears! These big ascetics.
These great ascetics everywhere
who punch and feast,
who capitulate! That's what you are!
Those big tears!
And me, who tried to awaken you!
So leave, you infants!
Laughing your asses off!
And you dare to judge me?! Me?!
Do you have human eyes?
Tell me who judges me!
And you're just going
to sit there and do nothing for me?!
I tried to do something!
I tried doing something,
by myself, and no one,
no one can stop me!
And you just sit there like that!
- Everything ready?
- Yes, we have over 50 men on the roof.
I killed and I may kill again!
In twenty seconds.
At every point in your lives
you devour, and devour, and devour.
But you're all the same,
and you're ashamed!
I was crying and creating,
and no one listened to me!
But look at your eyes,
your empty, dead eyes!
Dead eyes, like you!
I hate you, I hate you!
There's no radio-activated device,
it must be a time bomb.
The theater could blow up any time now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please leave the theater.
Louis Carrier is in police custody.
Ladies and gentlemen, please!
Maintain order
as you have up until now!
Your accomplice?
Where's your accomplice?
Can you hear me, Carrier?!
Let him alone.
I think I won after all.
Yes, Louis, you won.
Ladies and gentlemen, don't panic!
Please, everyone can leave!
Okay, let's find the accomplice.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll now return
to our regularly scheduled programming.
How can you die if no
one knows you are alive?
I'm waiting for you, Louis.