Armed Response (2017) Movie Script

How was last night?
Yeah, good times.
-You doing okay today, buddy?
-Yeah, I'm all right.
- Smart to come?
- Yeah. Gotta keep the peepers open.
You know...
You know what? I'm just glad
to be back on friendly shores.
-Nothing like winters in the Hindu Kush.
Proximity alert.
Back to work.
No fucking way.
All right, people.
We're on the clock.
Stack up and move out.
Let's go. Move, let's go.
Come on, let's go, move!
Alex. Stack.
Help me.
Who's there?!
Damn it.
I'm going to beat you!
God! I'm hurting!
I'm hurting!
Doing good, kiddo!
You're so slow!
Here comes papa bear!
Here comes papa bear!
You'd better start speeding up!
You'd better start speeding up!
-Danielle, use your brakes!
-I can't stop!
-Brakes! Danielle!
-Help me!
Hey... Isaac.
I could have killed you.
Sorry, I'm...
been preoccupied.
I understand
better than most.
All right, so what broke?
- That obvious?
- Yeah.
After all these years?
Well, we lost contact
with site nine.
Who's inside?
Thomas, Rainier, Alex...
O'Neill, Tilson.
Any alarms, distress calls?
Quiet as a church mouse.
And the feed was clean
before it cut off.
No, no, no, Langley can
remote-access that.
We tried that.
Completely offline.
Temples don't go offline.
-But no system is perfect, Gabriel.
-Mine is.
It has to be.
But your boys
need your help.
I need your help.
He got him.
Hey, Riley.
-It's nice to see you.
-You, too.
We weren't the same
without the big brain.
Sorry I didn't
return your messages.
You have nothing to apologize
for. Glad your back.
Thank you.
It's nice to be back.
-Brett, what's up.
Nice to see you.
Paul Orniaz.
Paul's been helping out
since you were...
- rotated home.
- Okay.
He has
a particular focus.
-Which is?
Okay, we ready?
Let's do it.
Let's go, we have a three-hour
ride ahead of us.
I've read every one
of your tech briefs 10 times,
but I've never seen
a Temple in action.
They really are
giant lie detectors.
Calling a Temple a lie detector
is like calling the space
shuttle a Cessna, kid.
We built the first in Taloqan.
-Now there's 12 around the world.
Beijing went online two weeks ago.
I just can't believe there's
one here on American soil.
Bad guys don't
just work overseas.
You can beat a polygraph by sticking
a tack in your shoe,
and enhanced interrogations
take too long.
Suspects lie.
Computers don't.
Watch and learn.
All I need
is the account number.
If I knew it, you would have it.
He's lying.
He's visualizing
a series of numbers.
It starts with three...
So there's nothing you can tell
me about account number 3794?
So when is the attack
going down?
Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?
Come on, talk.
Thursday? Thursday?
It's Thursday.
Every time you say Thursday,
-his readings spike.
Temples expose patterns
that we can only theorize about.
I mean, they're not available
to the naked eye...
until now.
Tyler, Saeed,
how we looking?
Free and easy.
Not a creature stirring.
All clear.
Genius, you made it look
just like a prison.
It is a prison.
Ran out of funding
right after it was finished.
It's perfect for our needs.
The Temple in Vienna is inside
an abandoned opera house.
We've had one cruising the
Mediterranean for three years.
See, Temples are systems.
They can be applied anywhere.
-Good to see you, Gabe.
-Welcome back, Gabe.
-You're up, Gabe.
-All right.
That's strange,
the cameras are offline.
All right, it should be synced.
Gabriel Arkona,
director of science
and technology,
72 Byron Hastings.
Keep your eyes open.
Okay, let's suit up.
Let's do it.
Left flank,
right flank, on deck.
Say "on deck," Thomas.
Alex, Rainier, Tilson,
do you copy?
Clear it!
Access denied.
No, I'm not getting access.
We gotta get to command and control.
Let's move it.
Temple power inaccessible.
This place
is a ghost town.
We find our team
and get out.
did you train
with that gun?
Of course.
Well, it works better
with the safety off.
Strange, they wouldn't
just abandon this place.
It wasn't abandoned.
They have to be here.
Tyler, Saeed,
hold this section.
Where is everybody?
Okay. What's going on?
What's going on?
Okay, we're functional,
but this...
-This is strange.
The power is below ten percent.
The Temple's running on fumes right now.
It's dead.
Don't waste your time.
Signal's jammed in here.
-Have any idea what drained it?
-I don't know.
How do you not know?
Backup generator engaged.
Got the emergency lights on.
That's all I can do from here.
Okay, we do it by foot,
two by two.
Paul, you stay here.
Gabe, you stay here, too.
No, sir, I need to get utility and
figure out this power situation.
Cap, I didn't come here
to sit on the sidelines.
Stay here.
Take it slow.
You ever gonna to stop
being my TO?
Never if you're lucky.
Find something?
I'm not sure.
I found Alex.
He's dead.
Keep searching.
Move out.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Temple tower inaccessible.
Come on.
They got O'Neill.
She's gone.
Found Thomas.
He's gone.
What do I
tell Shelly?
Or Anne.
Or O'Neill's husband.
Last deep sea-run, Alex told me
he was getting engaged.
Asked me to be
his best man.
What the hell's going on here,
What's that?
-Let's go.
- Temple lockdown commencing in ten...
Paul, it's locking down!
It won't let me reset.
Come on, hold it!
-Gabe, talk to me.
-I'm trying to override it.
It won't let me reset!
Temple locked down.
The interior systems are active, but
all external protocols are offline.
-In English, please!
We're trapped.
Gabriel and Paul,
meet me back at command control.
The rest of you, keep searching.
Figured out what
dropped the power?
Not what but when.
Last night, a huge surge
in the system.
What's that?
Sensory deprivation.
We use it to subdue subjects
and reduce mental defenses,
but records say that one's
been auto for months.
Did you check the tank?
Get your hands up!
Hands up! Easy.
We got a bogey.
A team, B team.
What are you doing here?!
-Get the fuck out!
-Get out.
Hands up.
-Weapons down.
-Hands up!
-Riley, what the hell you doing?!
-You don't know who this is?!
-Stand down.
Everyone, stand down,
stand down.
All of you.
Feruz Ahmadi, number three
on the FBI's most wanted list.
Number one in Afghanistan.
And he was ally
during Enduring Freedom,
but his methods
were unacceptable.
He used the war
to eliminate his rivals
and solidify his power.
Five years ago,
he went on the run
and has been a ghost ever since.
So how does one of the world's most
wanted war criminals end up on our shores?
He flew.
Found it in the evidence.
Prague to Heathrow to MSY.
That's impossible.
You check the wire
On my day off?
TSA issued a memo.
Facial recall went offline
three different times.
-MSY, Heathrow, Prague.
All of Ahmadi's connections
at the exact same moment
he was passing through.
All right, we're ready.
We don't have a lot of power,
-so let's make this quick.
-Riley, you're up.
All right, we should have just
enough power to break him down.
He's got an itch.
What? Where?
Right there.
Otherwise right now,
he's flat.
At least we know who's
Do we?
What, he kills everybody and
then locks himself in the tank?
Makes no sense.
I should warn you, everything
you say, do, think or feel
can and will be
used against you.
Pretty impressive,
taking out a place like this
on our own turf.
It's a tad more difficult than
gunning down unarmed citizens.
Watch your tone.
English, pig Latin...
you can't hide in here.
The fuck was that?
What was that?
I don't know,
some kind of electrical surge.
Now you torture me?
How did you find this place?
I followed your instructions.
What the hell
does that mean?
All readings indicate
he's telling the truth.
Is there something
I should know, Isaac?
Only what's in
this asshole's head.
I was sent coordinates.
I followed them to here.
Don't play games with me.
I'm not the one playing games.
And I tire of yours.
Go, go, go.
Release me now or she dies.
Let her go right now! Right now!
You've got three
fucking seconds, guy!
Release me now or she dies.
Release me now
or I will kill her!
Can't do that.
Can't do that.
Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Stop, stop, put them down!
-Who are you?
-I'm the guy who built this place.
And I know that
you're telling the truth.
You didn't choose to come here,
did you, General?
You were delivered.
And you want to know by who
just as badly as I do,
and because they found you once,
they're gonna find you again,
which means
there's nowhere to run.
I need you.
I need you to help me figure out
what has happened here.
So put it down.
Put it down.
Fucking mutt.
Now what?
Now we see what the hell
happened here last night.
Temple playback, begin.
How does it know
when to cut?
It's editing logic based
on activity and biometrics.
Look, I know what you're
thinking, okay?
-Just drop it.
-All right, all right.
Don't say anything.
how was last night?
Yeah, good times.
-You doing okay today, buddy?
-Yeah, I'm all right.
Gotta keep the peepers open.
You know... wild man.
You know what? I'm just glad
to be back on friendly shores.
-Nothing like winters in the Hindu Kush.
Proximity alert.
No fucking way.
What the fuck is he doing here?
All right, people.
We're on the clock.
Stack up and move out.
Double-time. Let's go.
You said there were no alerts.
Yeah, there were none
What was transmitted to Langley?
I'm pulling it up now.
Langley feed playback, begin.
I'm just glad to
be back on friendly shores.
Here comes the alarm.
Proximity alert.
You sure you got
the right night?
Yeah, check the time stamps.
The time stamps
are exactly the same.
This is direct from
the servers here in the Temple.
That was broadcast to Langley,
and this is what
actually happened.
Anyone care to explain
how the same camera
recorded different events
at the same goddamn time?
-Who's with you?!
-No one.
How many, goddamn it?
-I am alone.
-Talk, fucker!
You sent a passport and ticket
to my account.
You said the path was clear
and it was imperative
-that we meet at once.
-Nobody sent you shit.
Let's put his ass
in the chair.
Put him in the tank.
-How many, goddamn it?
-I am alone.
Talk, fucker!
You sent a passport
and ticket to my account...
Looks like
he's telling the truth.
- Imperative that we meet at once.
-Nobody sent you...
-I don't know why he's here.
They're just as confused
as we are.
Happens when a monster
pops up on your radar.
Help me.
Something's got them spooked.
We don't get spooked.
Maybe the system was hacked
to change the footage.
Temples don't get hacked.
What the fuck?
Back... back up.
Resume playback.
What's he firing at?
Come on.
Although I walk through the valley
of death, I shall fear no evil.
Yeah. Although I walk through the
valley of death, I shall fear no evil,
'cause I'm the baddest
motherfucker in the valley!
Who's got the goddamn knife?
I mean, this is impossible.
It's like...
It's like we're only seeing
what it wants us to see.
The Temple.
Resume playback.
Help me.
Help me.
Somebody help me.
Somebody help me.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
-Who's there?
-Help me.
He killed her.
Warning, warning.
Temple power system failure.
Power dropped off a cliff.
-But what drained it?
-It's the Temple.
For some reason, it started running a
thousand diagnostics at the same time.
Every command by authorized
personnel is logged...
except the logs during
the attack are empty.
Are you saying
what I think you're saying?
The Temple was issuing
its own commands.
What is she seeing?
My God, please,
please help.
What do you want?!
What do you want from me?
Supposed to be
a cush post,
a reward for
13 years in hell.
Well, hell will find you
I'm sorry I dragged you
into this,
subjected you to this.
I want to find out what happened to our
people just as badly as you do, Isaac.
How do we do that?
Well, Temples were built
to expose the truth.
We just have to figure out how
to get her back to full power.
Find the glitch?
Not sure there is a glitch.
Look, we know how protective
you are of your baby, Gabe,
but I think it's pretty clear
here Hal's blown a spark plug.
Look, Brett, Temples are designed to
reveal activity at a quantum state.
At those levels,
fakery is simply impossible.
Maybe it's time to consider
the impossible.
Saeed, the last thing we need right
now is any of your voodoo bullshit.
Listen, just because
you possess a narrow worldview
doesn't mean that
the rest of us must abide.
No, you're right.
Somebody see if
we got a Ouija board.
Shut up, Brett.
So you believe him?
What about you, Tyler?
Isaac? Anybody?
Gabe, you invented the thing.
You know more about its
capabilities than any of us.
Has anything like this
ever happened before?
No, 'cause it's a hack,
plain and simple.
The bastards are probably watching
us right now laughing their asses off.
-We're cut off.
-As far as he knows.
He knows more than anyone.
-He doesn't know shit!
Look, no offense and he's
your friend at all, Chief,
but he can't even keep
his own family alive.
-What good is he to us?
What the fuck did you say?
You heard what I said.
What the fuck did you say?
Don't put your hands on me.
Don't put your hands on me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Okay, big boy, come on.
You're not used to being
in the dark. I get it.
But whoever's doing this
isn't finished yet.
We still have a job to do.
We do it as a team.
You got that?
-Yes, sir.
-As a team.
We need him.
I want the air, water,
everything checked.
Let's figure out what happened
here last night. Move out.
Air's clear in corridor C.
All right,
655-876-5871 disabled.
Have you tried logging in
with a different interface?
-Yeah, go, Saeed.
Come see me at the loading bay.
Yeah, sure, be right there.
Loading bay!
Loading bay!
Saeed? Saeed?
Goddamn it.
Where you at, bastards?!
Where you at?!
What the fuck
is going on?!
Where you at?!
Who the fuck did this?!
-What the hell is that?
-What are you talking about?
Whoever did this
is still inside.
I say we start blasting
our way out of here.
-It's not a democracy.
I'm not leaving until
we figure out who did this.
Yeah, even if you end up right
next to everyone in the cooler?
Alex, Rainier, Tilson,
Thomas, Saeed, O'Neill,
none of those lives
mean anything to you?
-Not as much as saving my own ass.
-Fucking asshole.
-You think I give a shit what you think?
-Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Riley, come on!
- What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?
-Come on!
-What are you gonna do?!
-Save it.
Save it for the enemy.
If only we knew
who that was, Chief.
Maybe the better
question is why.
The fuck does that mean?
Temples are hooked into the most secure
intelligence systems on the planet
including facial recog
at airports.
You compromise a Temple,
you can travel
anywhere you want.
-It's just like I said.
-No, no, it's not a hack.
And since we're stuck on means and
opportunity, let's consider motive.
Who'd wanna kill
a couple CIA spooks, right?
Can only think of a few
million suspects.
Yeah, but how many are gonna go through
the trouble of something like this?
They're sending us a message.
Well, message received.
Everybody's dead.
Not everyone.
You again.
The builder of Temples.
The architect of truth.
Five minutes, no more.
We're on borrowed time.
There's no way out, Ahmadi.
What the hell's he doing?
You have all those itchy trigger
fingers out there waiting for you.
Tell me what happened.
I was in your fucking tank.
I know.
I heard you scream.
Power's dropping
faster than planned.
Gabriel knows
what he's doing.
It is a devil's house
you've built.
You would know.
Today's ally
is tomorrow's enemy.
Perhaps your past
is catching up to you.
What'd you see in there?
Why don't you ask
your mechanical god?
Very well.
This is what the Temple
saw in your head.
Let's give him time.
He's going deep.
No! Tell me what
Tell me what happened, Ahmadi!
Why would the Temple deliver you
right into the lion's den?
Temple power system failure.
Temple interrogation
analysis complete.
Who is that?
Should put a bullet
in this asshole right now.
Pretty clear Ahmadi's got
nothing to do with this.
Somebody's messing with us.
Means we missed
Let's find it.
Still no luck
on what this drawing is.
Langley's code base would make
this a hell of a lot faster.
We keep backups
in the server room.
-C corridor, room 36.
Yeah, Temples copy down
all DBs every hour.
They'll be as recent
as last night.
You're going to need
a remote unit.
That wasn't
in your schematics report.
An incomplete CIA report?
There's a shocker.
Let's see what's hiding
in your head, Ahmadi.
Facial recognition initiated.
Need more power.
Stay back!
What are you
trying to show me?
There's one second missing.
Who's up there?
What is it?
Nothing, I thought...
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I got to get back
to work.
Go for Isaac.
Come meet me
in the generator room.
Copy that.
Tell me what you see.
I see a woman I recruited from
INSCOM ten years ago being murdered.
But by what?
If I measure the wavelengths
in the room,
there's a range
of colors.
And the only source of pure
blackness is right there.
Now black is
an absence of color.
It's an absorber of light.
It's a void.
And if I isolate
that patch of black...
What the...?
Our enemy is not just
inside these walls.
It's in the code.
O'Neill was screaming
not just for her life,
but at the sight of whatever
was holding her under.
Maybe you should head
back to command
until we sort this all out.
I'm no safer there
then I am here.
Don't you understand
what's doing this?
It's the Temple.
The Temple is a system, Gabriel.
Not anymore.
And it's judged us
deserving of punishment.
The question is why.
Just tell me
you haven't felt it.
-Felt what?
-The presence all around us.
The Temple has reached
a tipping point.
So you're suggesting
that it's thinking for itself?
I'm not suggesting it.
I'm stating it.
There's no more barriers.
There's no dimensions
that it won't expose.
Hey, Gabriel?
Go for Gabe.
Can you come see me?
I think I figured something out.
The cuneiform
is an ancient language,
but it's not a word,
it's a symbol.
Noshaq Mountain
in the Takhar province.
It's the second-highest peak
in the Hindu Kush.
Like Ahmadi, that's another link
back to Afghanistan.
Temple power system failure.
I have to get back
to the generator room.
Listen, keep digging,
find out what's so important
-about that location.
Tyler! Tyler!
Riley! Hey.
What happened?
I thought
I saw something.
-Talk to me.
-No, I'm good.
Just got locked in.
-I'm good.
-You sure?
Keep it together.
Stop! Come back!
Don't shoot!
Temple power restoration
in progress.
Facial recognition complete.
Sensory deprivation
system breach.
What the...?
What the fuck's going on?
I want to believe you, Acum.
I really do.
You know, these guys,
you know,
they're going to need
more verification
to know that
we're on the same page.
What does that mean?
It means we need to make sure
you're not full of shit
and you're not
working against us.
We want to be friends, Acum.
We really do.
But there's a long history of good
friends becoming bitter enemies.
An even longer one of good
people being abandoned by...
I found this in his dwelling!
American issue.
An alliance phone.
He's been listening
to our every word.
Help! Help!
They've been following us,
our every move.
I listen to everyone's move to lead
my people away from the battlefields.
-Where'd you get it?
-Salvage on the M45.
He's talking about
the ambush at Drosch.
We lost ten good men
out there, asshole.
No, no, not by our hands.
We followed the smoke
after it was done.
We have lived
in these hills for decades,
evading oppressor
after oppressor.
We are not your enemy.
Please, we are not your enemy.
We want peace, believe me.
We are not your enemy.
101st airborne is landing
in less than 48 hours,
and I don't want them to drop
into an ambush
like them boys in Drosch.
-Copy that, Chief.
-Why are you following us?!
-Tilson? Tilson!
-Back up.
Calm down! Back up.
-She's okay.
-She's okay.
Control this side!
Get them out of here!
-Get them out of here.
-Control her!
Wait, they're calling for
a service guard. Please!
Please, I can help you.
Now he wants to help?
Please, no one knows
these hills better than we do.
I can track your enemies'
I can give you intel.
Whatever you ask. Please.
Just let my family go, please.
-Stand down.
Stand down!
Everything will be okay.
- You are weak! He lies!
- Please!
No! No!
Hands where I can see them!
No, no, no, no!
Come back! Stop!
Don't shoot!
-What the fuck...?
Stay back!
I said stay back!
Stay back!
Back up, all of you!
Wait, who's he?
- You all right? Clear!
Hold that side!
-What the fuck, Chief?
Clear right.
Clear left.
All clear.
No, Isaac! No!
What's this?
Gabriel told me
to keep digging.
-We've been duped, kid.
-I don't understand.
I know he's your hero, but there's only
one person who could pull all this off,
who could turn this
insane asylum against us.
-He's fucking with our minds.
But why?
I think you know why. I mean,
after all, you're helping him.
No, I don't even know
what you're talking about.
I swear.
-Okay, kid.
I don't need a Temple to see
that you're telling the truth.
Thank you...
Let's move.
Go find Ahmadi and Brett.
I'll locate Gabriel.
Now! Go, go!
Time to blast
the fuck out of here.
I found Gabriel.
Goddamn it, Isaac.
Does he know anything?
He doesn't know shit.
The Temple showed me.
It showed me what you did
to Acum and his people.
It doesn't have to be
this way, Isaac.
Too late.
Yeah, it does.
The Temple's evolved.
It knows all
of our secrets, Isaac.
You did this,
not the Temple.
You still don't believe?
There's nothing to believe.
You're going to pay
for what you did.
-All of you.
-Sorry, old friend.
I don't think it's
gonna work out like that.
How's the exit strategy?
Almost ready, Chief.
I knew when I saw Ahmadi
that somebody was gonna
have to pay for this shit.
Just like last time.
No witnesses.
Pull that trigger.
Let's go home.
-You don't have to do this, Isaac.
-Yeah, I do.
Gabriel, run!
Isaac. Chief?
Come on, Gabe! Move it!
Go, go, go!
Temple power
restoration now available.
Authentication key needed
for a full power restoration.
Awaiting authentication key
for a full power restoration.
Let's finish this.
Don't get in my way, Brett.
The issue isn't
with you, Riley.
Go to sleep now.
Go to sleep.
Awaiting authentication key
for a full power restoration.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come
on. Get us back to full power.
Authentication accepted.
Temple power restoration
in progress.
Remaining power level
at one percent.
Five percent.
Ten percent.
Twenty percent.
Thirty percent.
Come on, come on.
Forty percent.
Fifty percent.
Sixty percent.
Seventy percent.
Eighty percent.
Temple can't help you!
It's just a machine!
Ninety percent.
Temple power fully restored.
What the...?
All systems operational.
What are you doing?
I'm calling in the cavalry.
Whatever you're thinking
of doing...
I'm thinking
it's out of my hands.
Devil's house.
You're safe.
Go home.
I gotta get you out of here,
I'm just gonna
sit here for a while.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I know.
That's why you're still here.
Temple power fully restored.