Armored Car Robbery (1950) Movie Script

MAN 1: Los Angeles Police Department.
MAN 2: Los Angeles Police Department.
MAN 3: Los Angeles Police Department.
MAN 4: Yes, sir. Wrigley
Field, front of stadium.
Correct. We'll take care of it.
MAN 5: Los Angeles Police Department.
MAN 6: Captain Anderson? Just a minute,
please. Just a minute, I'll connect you.
WOMAN: I will give you Information.
Cordell, Homicide.
Wrigley Field?
Don't tell me somebody held up the ball park.
Robbery and shooting.
Don't give you a chance to digest your lunch.
CORDELL: Come on, you work
better on a full stomach.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Baker gets the
ball, whips it to the second baseman.
It's going to be close. There
goes Williams. He slides.
He's in there. Safe.
That brings Desmond to the plate.
Hudson pitches, it's low and outside.
There's the throw trying
to pick off Williams.
But he's back in plenty of time.
Desmond steps out of the batter's box.
Back at the box.
He's all set.
Here comes Hudson's next pitch.
Desmond swings, he hits it
right through, it's a hit.
Here comes Williams.
He's rounding third. He's heading for home.
Here comes the throw. It's going
to be close, but it's cut off.
Throw in second, trying to get
Desmond. He slides. He's out.
That makes two outs and three runs in.
- What's happened, Evans?
- Nothing, lieutenant, it was a false alarm.
- How do you like that? Another one.
PHILLIPS: Some crank is having fun...
...with the taxpayer's money.
It's a grounder. A grounder for shortstop.
He's up with the throw to first.
He's out.
Sides retired.
- The Bijou Theater on Main Street.
- That's three runs, four hits and one error.
MAN 1: Whoo! Whoo!
MAN 2: Whoo-hoo!
- Hello, Dave.
- I figured I'd find you here.
I thought you told me that you're
all washed up with this dame.
- Unh. Other way around.
- What are you hanging around for?
Dave, I know she's strictly
high-rent and I'm broke...
...but I can't forget her that easy.
- You've really got it bad, haven't you?
- Yeah, bad.
I loved her enough to marry her.
I still do. Can you blame me?
Well, I suppose some guys might go for her.
Some guy did, behind my back.
I don't know who the creep is, but
I'd sure like to lay my hands on him.
Yeah, I know. You better lay
your hands on some money first.
That'll take care of some
of your problems, anyway.
That'd take care of all of my problems.
Come on, I wanna talk to you.
She comes high but she's worth it.
Yeah, let's go.
How about those guys you were gonna line up?
I got them, two of the best.
- How much did you tell them?
- Nothing, just that it's big.
Have them at your place
tomorrow night, 10:00.
Okay, I'll try to set it up. If
anything goes wrong, I'll call you.
- I'll have a new number.
- You're gonna move again?
Yeah, tonight.
The Valley Motor Court.
Sunset 7
- 2131.
I'm registered under the name of Martin Bell.
Don't write that down.
I don't wanna forget it.
You move so often.
I don't like things written down.
Memorize it.
Sunset 7
- 2131.
Okay. Okay.
Yvonne. Wait a minute, Dave.
Baby, I want you to meet a
friend of mine, Dave Purvis.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- The wife.
- I've gotta get back, Benny.
- Nice to have met you.
- Don't rush on my account.
I was just leaving anyway.
- See you later.
- So long, Dave. Oh, please, baby.
- I wanna talk to you. Sit down.
- I told you it's no use, Benny.
- Talk is no good.
- No?
What would you say if I hit the jackpot?
I wouldn't know what to
say, it'd be such a shock.
Well, I'm onto something real big.
If you'll just be a little patient.
See what I mean? Talk, talk, talk.
For Pete's sake. Why don't
you stop bothering me?
Now, just a minute.
You seem to forget that we're still married.
As if I could forget.
Mind if I come in, honey?
What do you think?
I see you're moving again.
That's right, tonight.
Why do you move so often?
It's a habit with me.
Like you are.
Say, these are good-looking shirts.
Why do you cut the labels off?
Same reason I keep moving:
I don't like labels.
No loose ends, baby.
- You're the careful-type guy,
aren't you? - Yeah, real careful.
And clean as a whistle. No record, baby.
Not even a parking ticket.
And this time, I'm gonna be extra careful.
This is the big one.
I think I like the careful type.
What are you doing about Benny?
At the moment, I happen to need him.
But he's expendable.
You're not.
I'm sorry I can't stay, Dave.
I'm late for the show now.
I better leave.
- Won't be long till we're leaving together.
- Getting impatient?
You bet I am.
So am I.
BENNY: Come in.
- Hello, Benny.
- Hi.
Meet the boys. These are the
guys I was telling you about.
- AI Mapes, Ace Foster.
- How are you?
- Have a seat. Let's get acquainted.
- Come on over here, fellas.
BENNY: How you take it?
Straight or with soda?
FOSTER: Straight.
- Okay.
- I think we'd all like it straight.
- He doesn't mean the whiskey.
I've been a little stingy with the words.
Stake we're going for is about
a half a million bucks, cash.
Only, it's a one-shot deal.
All or nothing in three
minutes after the strike.
Never mind the buildup. Benny gave us that.
You, uh, planning on grabbing
this dough from a bank?
You might call it that.
Only this bank happens to have
wheels under it and very few guards.
Sounds like an armored-car job.
I could be wrong.
You happen to be right.
Doesn't sound good.
I don't like the odds.
Yeah, you can count me out too.
- I'm not ready for a fast 60-buck
funeral. - Just a minute, Ace.
A guy got away with it back in
Chicago about three years ago.
Yeah, I remember that.
But that happened to be Chicago.
And that was a Dave Purvis job.
Let me ask you a question.
Supposing it was Dave Purvis figuring
this strike, would it sound better?
It'd sound better coming from a
guy who knows the ropes. So what?
Don't you get it, you clucks?
Dave Purvis is figuring this job.
How about the odds now, Mapes?
They sound much better. Keep talking.
You better know that I'm taking
half of everything we get.
The rest of you go in
equal shares. That clear?
Check. Where do we go from there?
I can show you better than
I can tell you. In here.
This is the layout, Wrigley
Field, where we pull the strike.
Plenty neat.
Why Wrigley Field? They
haven't got that kind of dough.
That's a good question. The dough we
pick up at the ballpark's not important.
What we're after is the load on that truck.
The cash receipts from bank
transfers, markets and theaters.
Wrigley Field happens to be
the last stop on their run.
Also, it's the easiest
place for us to operate.
You can take my word for
that. I checked them all.
We're still listening.
We've got three minutes
to pull the whole deal.
Someone is gonna spot
us and send for the cops.
I've already timed that.
Suppose we haven't finished and
there's still dough in the truck?
We leave it.
I don't want anybody to get sticky-fingered
after the time is up. Is that clear?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- When you figure on going on this?
- Next Tuesday.
We've got a lot of work to do.
You boys are gonna study this
routine until it comes out your ears.
Now, the armored car
will be coming along here.
Police Department?
I wanna report a holdup, Wrigley Field.
Units 27 and 28, in 45 District.
Investigate a 561.
District, investigate a 561.
The ballpark again?
You know what they say about lightning.
But I could be wrong.
Six will get you a 10.
PURVIS: Cops. Something went wrong. Get out.
Special unit 12, Cordell.
Code three.
Officer needs help, Wrigley Field.
A 211 major. Notify all units.
CORDELL: Be on the lookout.
- Black '46 sedan. WOMAN: Black '46 sedan.
License, California.
First three numbers: five, Jason, eight.
Heading east, 41st Street at central.
Instruct all units, these
men wanted for armed robbery.
And set up immediate roadblocks
on all main arteries from city.
I'd like to see Lieutenant
Phillips, if I may go in.
Are you a member of the family?
I'm from police headquarters.
Lieutenant Cordell. He's a friend.
Just a moment, lieutenant.
I'm Dr. Leslie.
Go ahead. Tell me.
We couldn't save him, lieutenant. I'm sorry.
Was anyone with him?
His wife. She's in the
waiting room. In there.
Thank you.
Tough break, Marsha.
For you too.
I know how you feel, Jim.
You were partners for years.
Yeah, you kind of get used to a guy.
I know.
Marsha, I just wanna say...
Well, if there's anything
you need, you know where I am.
Thanks, Jim.
- How's she taking it?
- She'll be all right.
What do you want, Ryan?
We found the getaway car.
They ditched it underneath the Slauson
Avenue Bridge near the riverbed.
- And I'd better tell you the rest of it.
- Well?
I've been assigned to
work with you on the case.
- So you're replacing Phillips, huh?
- Yes, sir.
That's just dandy.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: 327 Empire Drive,
see a woman about a broken window.
327 Empire Drive, see a
woman about a broken window.
- What did they leave us besides the car?
- Quite a bit.
Gas masks, painters' coveralls. Looks
like they changed clothes down here.
- What about fingerprints?
- Some smudgy ones that nobody can read.
But whoever was wearing this
got plugged. Note the hole.
I see it. I put it there.
Hey, lieutenant. You better take a look
in here. Somebody lost a lot of blood.
Not enough to suit me.
We found some more blood
over here, lieutenant.
Apparently, whoever got shot
rested against that wall.
CORDELL: That's bloodied up, all right.
Somebody must've lifted him.
There's two sets of prints.
Footprints end over there, where
they had another car stashed.
Seventy-one and 78, clear.
Numbers 1 and 2, no warrant.
- Did we get a rundown on
the second car? - Mm-hm.
178 Sanchez and Cloverdale.
Tread quite worn. Front and rear wheels...
...116 inches apart. Measuring
the indentations on the ground...
...I'd say the weight was around
3000 pounds. That's a small car.
FOSTER: We gotta do something
about him. He's conking out.
How is it now?
Gotta get patched up, Dave.
Can't we stop someplace?
We'll stop when we get to
the shack in about 10 minutes.
Hey, there's something up ahead.
That's a roadblock. Slow down.
- I'm not going through any roadblocks.
- Keep going.
And get nailed? Not me. I'm turning around.
What's the idea? You can't turn around here.
I, uh, didn't want to get
mixed up in that traffic.
Uh, you see, we're a
little late for our shift...
Get in that line and keep moving.
Nice going, you knucklehead.
Now, keep in line.
We'll never get through that,
they'll spot Benny in a minute.
Come on, snap out of it.
- We're all in a jam. Do you hear me?
- It's no use, Dave. It's no use.
PURVIS: Come on, pull yourself together.
We gotta bluff this out. All of you.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: 502, 948 Lemoyne Street.
948. A 502.
Hey, Purvis, he's folding.
Benny, hang on.
Okay. Okay.
131-A, Wilshire and La Brea.
Forty-two, did you receive your call?
- What's the matter?
- Where you heading?
- Terminal shipyards.
- Trunk open?
- I don't know.
- Let's have the key.
Anything wrong?
16-T, phone your station.
One thirty-four, okay,
set up. Nineteen, roger.
What's this all about, officer?
You looking for something?
132-T, notification has
been made. Thirteen, come in.
- All right, move along.
- Thanks.
Come on, step on it.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Attention, all units.
New bulletin on armored-car bandits.
Description of car being used now as follows:
Small sedan, standard-made,
license not available.
- All units, attention.
- Hey, Rhodes, what's that on your leg?
RHODES: Must've come off
that car we just checked.
Say, that's blood. How do you like that?
Hey, Chandler, that black sedan
is the one we want. Heading south.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Unit 11, roger.
That's your seventh cup.
You'll be awake for a year.
Just put some fire under
the pot. This is cold.
Yes, sir.
- Hello, Lieutenant Cordell?
- Yes?
My name is Bronson.
I represent Pacific States Insurance Company.
I looked for you but they told
me I can find you down here.
What's on your mind, Mr. Bronson?
Well, you see, my firm has the policy
on the L.A. Armored Car Company...
...we stand to take...
- Worried about your money, is that it?
Uh, that's it exactly. If
they collect their insurance...'ll be the biggest claim
my company has ever had to pay.
That's quite a coincidence. A
friend of mine, a police officer...
...he had insurance too. His
widow is gonna collect it.
I heard about that. I'm sorry.
But as I was saying, my company
stands to put out over $400,000.
So you see, we're more
than anxious to cooperate.
Uh, isn't there something that we can do?
- There is something you can do.
- Really? What is it?
Get out of our hair, let us work.
We're doing everything we can.
Anything develops, we'll let you know.
- lf there's anything...
- Good night, Mr. Bronson.
Good night, lieutenant.
Sorry I brought it up.
That makes two of us.
initial is O for Oscar.
What's his trouble?
- Money. What's yours?
- Lack of it.
They're bottled up inside that
circle. There's no way out.
Not unless the car sprouts wings.
I know for sure they couldn't get
through San Pedro or Long Beach.
Or north or east.
- Well, the next move's up to them.
- It's all right.
Take it easy.
- How's Benny?
- Not so good.
Come on, let's take a look at him.
- He's worse, Purvis. He needs a doc.
- I don't care if he needs a hospital.
All he's gonna get is first
aid. Let's get out of here.
Dave, listen, I can't go with you
like this. You gotta get me a doc.
I told you that was out. Forget about it.
We'll get you patched up later.
Get him a slug of whiskey.
We're wasting time.
Here, Benny, have a drink of this.
- AI, talk to Dave, make him get me a doc.
- Yeah, I will.
- Make him.
- You take it easy, I'll be back.
- I don't think he's gonna pull through.
- That's his tough luck.
He knew the chance he was
taking. We've stalled long enough.
We could've been halfway to Mexico and
out of trouble if it hadn't been for him.
- I don't...
- Will you quit holding a wake for the guy?
If he kicks off, we'll bury him at sea.
- You can do your moaning then.
- Don't move, any of you.
I'm gonna get me a doc.
Don't try to stop me, Dave.
Hand over my share of
the dough. Hand it over.
PURVIS: You're making a bonehead play, Benny.
They'll pick you up sure,
you'll get us all in a jam.
I'm in a jam now. I'm
dying. Hurry up. Hurry up.
PURVIS: Okay, Benny, anything you say.
You'll get everything you're entitled to.
What are you staring at? Pick him up.
- What'll I do with him?
- Put him in the car.
Gotta get rid of it anyhow.
It's hot and so is he.
- No loose ends, boys.
- You're gonna ditch the car with him in it?
Maybe you'd rather bring
him along for company.
Come on, don't be all-night about it.
You better stay, Purvis has got the dough.
- Get back as fast as you can.
- All right.
PURVIS: What are you doing?
Thought you're gonna help Foster.
Oh, he can handle that alone.
Besides, I wanna find out something.
- Yeah?
- What about Benny's cut?
What about it?
Well, uh, he's out, so I
figured we'd split three ways.
- Well, you figured wrong.
- Oh, I did? Well, give me a good reason.
I can give you two good reasons.
First, Benny had a wife and I'm going
to see that she gets his whole share.
Well, ain't that just dandy?
Big-hearted Purvis playing
Santa Claus to his pal's widow.
A burlesque
queen. Ha-ha-ha.
You got a big mouth, Mapes. I
don't like your conversation.
Oh, I hit the bull's-eye. You know,
she is a pretty slick number...
...and I understand her heart
didn't exactly belong to Benny.
Maybe you owe her that dough, huh, Purvis?
I told you how it's gonna
be. Get used to the idea.
Wait a minute. You said
there was another reason.
There is.
Want any more reasons?
- Chester Avenue, in the alley of 307.
573 Dorchester Avenue in the alley of 307.
no make.
Eighty-seven, 4577 Hamilton
Way. Need an officer.
- Come on.
- 4577 Hamilton Way. Need an officer.
to control. car 6 to control.
Go ahead, Car 6.
We're down at Pier 5. A
car just went off the pier.
- Can you describe the car?
- A small black sedan.
Stand by. We'll be right down.
WOMAN: Special Agent 11,
repeat the 2nd Street only.
RYAN: Do they match?
Well, for my money, they do.
What do you think?
Well, they turned in here.
- Follow these tire marks. Not
too fast. OFFICER: Yes, sir.
Kill the lights.
Hold it.
PURVIS: Come on.
We gotta make a run for it, one at a time.
You go first, Mapes. Get to
the boat. Foster, you go next.
Now, be ready. The minute you see
me, start the motor. Get going.
Notify the harbor patrol.
MAN: Morning paper. Read
all about the big robbery.
Morning paper. Read all
about the big robbery.
- Just came in, Miss Le Doux. The midnight.
- Thanks.
MAN: Morning paper. Paper, mister?
Read all about the big robbery.
Morning paper.
- Hello, baby.
- Everything all right, Dave?
Yes and no. Did you read the papers?
Was it anybody I know?
One of them was.
I'm afraid to guess.
How does it feel to be a free woman?
Just the same. Where will I meet you, Dave?
The new place.
Take good care of yourself, honey.
Good to see you, baby.
- Tell me what happened.
- We had more excitement than we planned.
- Long as you're here, that's all I care about.
- I brought a little something back with me.
It's sort of a souvenir.
Pretty, aren't they?
These are the prettiest
pictures I've ever seen.
Yeah. There's an awful lot of them too.
You made up well with your end of the deal.
As a matter of fact, that
was the only end of the deal.
- Don't tell me there wasn't a split.
- We planned to have one.
We just didn't seem to get around to it.
And you know? I completely forgot
to give Mapes my forwarding address.
Who is Mapes? One of your partners?
Yeah. You might say he's
my only remaining partner.
I sure feel sorry for him.
Yeah. I bet your little heart is breaking.
Well, here's to money.
And time to spend it.
Too bad Benny won't be around
for the big payoff, huh?
- Yeah, isn't it?
- What's the matter? You look worried.
We've gotta be awful careful from now on.
They've got nothing on me, but you
might have a few uninvited guests.
The kind that wear badges.
- Check up on me through Benny?
- They probably will.
I can't risk seeing you anymore
till we leave town together.
- When do you get through at the theater?
- Two weeks.
- I have to give notice.
- Don't. Wait until the last minute.
I'll tell you when.
I hate to say this...
...but you better start
getting used to being lonesome.
Hi, lieutenant. Here is
the stuff you wanted to see.
Criminal record of the late Benjamin McBride,
now cooling his heels in the county morgue.
Meet Benny.
"Age 35. Wanted in Seattle, grand theft auto.
Wanted Portland, robbery
warehouse, two priors, same city.
Warrant issued, San Diego,
assault with deadly weapon."
- You want the rest? We'll be here all night.
- Spare me.
Be interested in this too,
William "Ace" Foster...
...before he was air-conditioned.
Well, that's two out of the running.
This one is still running.
Albert Mapes, alias Rocky.
Benny's sidekick, Foster's pal.
They served time together...
...worked on jobs together.
He'd be worth questioning.
Okay. Send out an all-points
on him. Pick him up right away.
You don't seem very pleased. I
thought my hunch on Mapes was good.
Wanna call an obvious conclusion
a hunch, that's your business.
- I figured...
- Sonny, these are petty hoodlums.
These Benny, Foster, Mapes.
A job like this was over their heads.
They need somebody to think for them.
That somebody is our fourth man.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
But he's a complete blank.
Yeah. He's liable to remain
one, unless we get lucky.
Start with Benny.
- Local boy, huh?
- Yes, sir.
Let's check some of these addresses.
Aged in the glass bourbon.
- These friends, how many would
you say? PAGE: Couldn't say.
Just last week, the place was full of
them. Talking and drinking until all hours.
RYAN: Hey, lieutenant, can you
step in here a minute, please?
Looks like Benny really was living.
- "Your loving baby."
- Nice, huh?
Ever see her around here?
No. I've never seen any women here.
- Theatrical photo. Should be easy to trace.
- Give me. That's my department.
Give it a rundown with casting
officers, booking agencies.
RYAN: I guarantee good results.
Wait a minute.
Yes, sir?
Put in a call for the fingerprint
crew. Get them up here.
Yes, sir.
What happened to the shade? It's gone.
Well, that's funny.
He never told me it was busted.
He never told you a lot of
things, Mrs. Page. I wish he had.
Well, I asked him what
he had done for living...
...but he never told me. He was
awful private about his business.
I'm sorry, lieutenant,
the place is so untidy.
He wouldn't let me in lately
or I would've cleaned it up.
Cleaned it? Ha, ha.
Mrs. Page, I'm glad you didn't.
MAN [OVER PHONE]: valley Motor court.
Valley Motor Court?
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I think he's in.
I didn't see him go out anyhow.
MAN: Mr. Bell?
Mr. Bell, are you in?
There's a gentleman out
here, wants to see you.
- Use your pass key.
- Yes.
This guy just checking
in or just checking out?
Neither. He's been here about three
days and he's paid up for a week.
Did he have a car?
No. Said he didn't drive. Always used cabs.
He checked in about three days ago?
- I think. I can look it up.
- Do that. I wanna look at the register.
- Get that while I'm looking the room over.
- Yes, sir.
The man who wore this stuff is
about 5 feet, 10 or 11 inches tall...
...blond curly hair,
weighs around 175 pounds...
...wears a size-9C shoe.
Pretty good dresser.
Doesn't mind putting out for
shirts and socks at any rate.
What about this lipstick smear?
From its grease content,
looks like a theatrical brand.
There are only a few makes. I'll
try to identify the manufacturer.
Marshall speaking.
Yes, he's here. For you, lieutenant.
CORDELL: Thanks.
- This is Cordell.
- We hit pay dirt, lieutenant.
The gal is Yvonne Le
Doux, a burlesque queen...
...working out of the Bijou
Theater. But that's not all.
She is also the widow of
the late Benny McBride.
- Benny's wife, huh?
- You should see her in her working clothes.
Imagine a dish like this married
to a mug like Benny McBride.
- The naked and the dead.
- very funny.
Okay, Marshall, I guess that's it.
- You think it's theatrical
lipstick, huh? - Mm-hm.
You know, that's an interesting idea.
- See you later. MARSHALL: All right.
Well, there she is, with bells on.
And very few bells.
That's a lot of woman.
She'll be on another five
minutes. Wanna kill time?
You're twisting my arm, lieutenant.
- Danny.
- Yeah?
Isn't that Al Mapes?
- Yeah.
- Easy. Take it easy.
Don't move until I get to
the other end of the aisle.
- Excuse me.
- You got the time, mac?
Yeah, five minutes...
- Hello, Mapes. MAPES: You're
making a mistake, mister.
You make one sound and I'll break your arm.
MAPES: Take it easy.
CORDELL: Come on. Let's go.
RYAN: Let's move him.
The penalty in this
state for murder is death.
When you kill a cop, they cut a few corners
to see that you get there in a hurry.
How many times do I have to
tell you I didn't kill anybody?
CORDELL: This cop that was killed was knee
- deep in friends.
It just so happens I was one of his best.
I made myself a promise...
...that I'd go all out to see
that the murderer get paid off.
This face familiar?
Yeah. He's the guy that
drove the getaway car.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
The other fellas were
wearing painters' outfits.
Well, that does it, Mapes.
His identification, plus your fingerprints
in Benny's apartment is all we need.
You took your first step to that gas chamber.
Why don't you knock it
off and stop saying that?
What do you want? You want me to
say I was in on the holdup? I was.
That you can pin on me,
but I didn't kill the cop.
Well, who did?
Who killed him?
Dave Purvis.
- Purvis? Did he ever go by the name of Bell?
- He could've had a million handles.
I know him by the name
of Purvis. He's the guy.
Where is he?
I don't know. Think I'd have been
hanging around that theater if I did?
I was looking for his dame,
hoping maybe she can tell me.
- You mean Benny's wife, don't you?
- Listen, cop, let me tell you something.
Maybe it was Benny's wife, but there was
plenty going on between her and Purvis.
Why did he wanna give her
Benny's cut of the dough?
- How do you know he did?
- I don't, but that's what he said.
Look, that's the only line I had on Purvis.
I thought maybe I'd introduce myself and
beat the truth out of her, where he was.
I earned that dough fair and square.
There's some question of that, Mapes,
but I see your point. Take him out, boys.
That's the truth. If I knew
where he was, I'd tell you.
Get him out of here.
RYAN: What's our next move, lieutenant?
Anybody here know Purvis?
The girl does, that's for sure.
- You wanna pick her up?
- No. No good.
She'd never crack, not if it involved Purvis.
We gotta catch her off base.
- Johnson. JOHNSON: Yes, sir?
Send the dictograph crew
up here ready to work.
- I want her followed day and night.
- Right.
It's okay.
Testing, testing.
Mobile Unit 12 to relay car.
[OVER RADIO] Picking us up okay?
You're coming in strong.
We're a block away on
Flower Street, moving south.
You got your microphone covered?
I'll put it behind the fabric.
- Now, how do I sound?
- Great.
We'll be right back. Stand by.
I won't ask you what's new. I can tell.
She comes in, hangs up her
coat, puts on her makeup...
...takes off her clothes.
- How do you know that?
- The zipper makes the noise.
She's back.
She just finished the show.
She's taking off her headdress now.
There comes the beads.
Clicking sound is her bracelet on the table.
Now, she's gonna put on her street clothes.
This is the kind of stuff you televise.
KIMBALL: Open up, Yvonne. It's me, Kimball.
Can you wait a minute?
What's this I hear about
you quitting the show?
Nobody told me about it. What's the idea?
I'm quitting, that's all, as of tonight.
can't a girl quit if she wants to?
Now, wait a minute, Yvonne. Take it easy.
You just can't up and quit me with
no notice or anything. I'm in a spot.
Sorry. My contract's up tonight.
All right, let's talk
about a new deal, as of now.
You know me, Yvonne. I'm reasonable.
Are you? Well, I'm not.
KIMBALL: Now, wait a minute,
Yvonne. You can't do this to me.
There's our break. Follow her.
She'll take us right to Purvis.
Maybe. Maybe not.
If she starts traveling over the border,
we'll have a rough time tailing her.
- What are we gonna do? Let her walk out?
- No, no, not exactly.
- Maybe we can force her hand.
- How? You can't hammer it out of her.
- Mapes was going to, remember?
- Yeah.
He had the same problem: find Purvis.
- Isn't that what you'd do in the same spot?
- Sure, lieutenant. But I'm not Mapes.
Yeah, but she doesn't know that.
I see, you want me to make
like I'm Mapes? Go undercover?
Why not?
- What do you think?
- I think it's a great idea.
- Go ahead. What do we got to lose?
- Nothing.
Only me.
- What's the idea?
- Take it easy.
I'm a friend of Dave Purvis.
I don't care who you are. Just let me alone.
You ever hear of Al Mapes? He and Purvis
and your husband pulled off a little deal.
- Why tell me about it?
- Need your help to get in touch with Purvis.
He owes me dough.
I feel real sorry for you.
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
Okay, if that's the way you want it.
I'll call him for you.
That's better.
Why the sudden change?
Maybe I really am sorry for you.
What do you care? You
want me to call him or not?
But look at me good. No tricks.
I'll be just as close to you.
- Hello?
- Dave, I'm glad I caught you home.
- What's wrong, baby?
- A guy here says you owe him money.
Al Mapes. He wants to see you.
Listen, baby. Don't lose your head.
That guy is not Mapes. That's a cop.
What do I do?
Now, listen, stall him as long as you can.
Then go out the back way and go fast.
There are probably cops
out front. You got it, baby?
Yes, I have it.
Okay. Start stalling.
But, Dave, I told him I
didn't wanna call you...
...but he kept insisting.
Uh-huh. All right.
He says it's okay. He'll talk to you.
Here he is, Dave.
- I said no tricks. I said
no... PURVIS: Don't move.
Hey, up.
Turn around.
Around the car. Get in the front seat.
RYAN: Hey, look, mac... PURVIS: Shut up.
Keep your hands down.
Put your hands on the dashboard.
Take the alley. Get going, baby.
MAN: Lieutenant.
The girl's car just started,
I'm picking up engine noises.
They've gone out the back
way. This deal's working.
- You mind telling me where you're going?
- That's Purvis. Something's gone wrong.
It was a nice try, copper.
You almost got away with it. Almost.
Beat that signal. It's gonna change.
RYAN: You're in a hurry,
why did you take Figueroa?
PURVIS: Shut up. Nobody asked you.
Figueroa? That's for our benefit. Hit it.
Next corner. Follow that truck.
Why did you take Jefferson?
You don't live here.
No cracks, copper.
Jefferson? East. Kid's all right.
YVONNE: You think they're after us? PURVIS:
I don't know. I don't trust this guy...
...or this car either. We're
gonna get rid of them both.
Get off this street and don't talk.
What'd she turn down the alley for?
That cuts us off. They've stopped.
Car 22. Code 3.
All units stand by.
- What's the matter?
- Gotta ditch your car, get a cab.
- Where are we going?
- Metropolitan Airport. I've got a plane.
Sorry you won't be going with us, copper.
- Walk.
- Honey, don't do it.
You're over your head
now. This isn't gonna help.
Shut up and walk.
Dave, stop it, please.
No loose ends, baby.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Ryan. Code 3.
[OVER RADIO] city Lumber company.
- You heard him. Get going.
- Yes, sir.
Danny, it's me, Cordell.
Hi, lieutenant.
An ambulance is on its way. Don't talk.
Purvis and the girl...
...Metropolitan Airport...
...chartered plane.
I got it, kid.
I got it.
Stay with him.
Car 22 at 221 Major.
Contact Metropolitan Airport. Keep
all private planes on the ground.
Dave Purvis attempting escape.
PILOT: Cleared with customs? PURVIS: Yeah.
- I can lose my license.
- They'll never know we're aboard.
Anyway, you're getting paid to
take the risk. Come on, let's move.
Fasten your seatbelts, please.
Tower to 12 on runway.
Are you carrying passengers,
a man and a woman?
1-2 to tower.
Yeah, I guess I am. Something wrong?
They're wanted. Police
instruct us to hold your plane.
Pull into the east runway.
Stand by for orders.
- You stopped. What you waiting for?
- Orders from the tower.
You're taking orders from me.
Get on that runway and take off.
There are wise to you, mister. I can't do it.
You heard what I told you. Take off.
Tower to 12. Craig, keep that plane off
the runway. You're disregarding orders.
Tower to 12. Pull her up.
Another plane coming in on main runway.
- Now, what are you doing? - See
for yourself. Want a head-on crash?
Dave, look. The police.
Purvis, look out!
- Oh, Miss Paxton. PAXTON:
Oh, hello, lieutenant.
- How's he doing today?
- You'll find him in there, on his own power.
We put him in a wheelchair this morning.
- Oh, better and better.
- He sure is, lieutenant.
He gets more mileage out of
that thing than I do on the bus.
Hello, Jim. What's doing?
- I can see you're back to normal.
- Well, I'm trying.
You got quite a write-up, Danny.
How does it feel to be famous?
- What page?
- Thirty-seven.
It's not often they pay a police
officer a tribute and a rookie at that.
But I don't see your name. I don't see mine.
- Look. Here. At the bottom of the page.
- Oh, yeah. Right.
"This case was solved by Lt. James
Cordell, Los Angeles Police Department.
He was assisted by Officer...
...Danny Ryan."
- US - SDH]