Army (1996) Movie Script

Till when will we have to
stay here, brother Khan?
Till things don't cool down.
Keep brushing your moustache
with coal, it will grow.
Kartar, I feel
suffocated over here.
Don't worry.
We'll escape as soon as it is dark.
As it is, we have to leave
this city anyhow today.
Kishan, where are you going?
I want to enjoy the
freedom outside.
Kishan, you will
not open that door!
We are badly trapped, brother Khan!
- What happened?
- The cops have surrounded us!
Kabir, it's the cops!
- Let's get out of here.
- Yes, run.
lam very disappointed, Ranbir.
And I am astonished.
Its the first time that someone
has escaped from your prison.
And that too, not one
but five prisoners.
Well done!
You have achieved the impossible.
For the first time in life,
without my permission...
. Somebody has managed
to go out of the prison.
Had we taken your permission
would you've allowed us to go?
No! It wasn't my
idea... They told me.
Henceforth, not only you will
stop thinking about escaping...
No prisoner will ever
dare to think about escaping.
lnspite of being the
public prosecutor...
What prompted you to
resign all of a sudden?
You did not answer us.
Have you resigned...
Because you lost
that case of homicide?
Madam, please answer our questions.
You are wasting my
time along with yours.
lam not interested in
answering any questions.
I wanted to resign and
I've done so... That's all.
What did the doctor say?
He wants Gayatri to be put in a
mental asylum for a few days.
That won't be necessary,
we can take care of her at home.
Of course we can... You've ample
time now that you've resigned.
I had never contemplated, Geeta.
Someday you, a devotee of law,
will consider it your enemy.
Who made this devotee
of the law, it's enemy?
You know the answer...
The law itself is responsible.
N0!... Save me!
lam being hanged.
lam dead.
I don't want do die, I want to live.
lam being hanged.
- What's wrong with you, Kishan?
- I am being hanged... Help!
Hey, get hold of yourself, Kishan.
I was dreaming.
lam alive!
The rasca | 's always crying.
If you are to be hanged
then you will be hanged.
Stop dreaming about it
28 times in 24 hours.
It seems the cops have falsely
implicated them in a case.
These eunuchs don't seem to be
capable of murdering somebody.
- You dare call us eunuchs!
- No, Kevin, don't.
Let go of me!
I will teach him a lesson.
I will kill the scoundrel!
Listen jerk, they didn't kill
their wive's lover like you did.
Do you know why they killed him?
Tell him.
The three of us are orphans
belonging to different religions
We grew up together.
We shared whatever food we got.
And do you know what accusations
were made against us?
That we were responsible for the
religious riots in our territory.
We saw devastation all around us.
We saw huts being burnt.
We saw tears.
Widowed women, orphaned children
Can you see that?... You can't!
The woman whom we
used to call mother...
Had committed suicide.
Because She was raped!
That's when we decided...
That we'll kill the man clad
in white whom you call leader.
We killed him, we
cut him to pieces!
Were we wrong?
Speak up!
ls it a sin to cleanse society?
If it's a sin then yes,
we are guilty, we are criminals.
Till such a leader is not
killed during these riots.
These riots will not stop.
These riots will happen forever!
Rubbing out these lines on the
wall won't change your fate.
And counting days
won't increase them.
The 1st of January will
come when it's supposed to.
Neither a day earlier,
nor a day later.
I don't want to die now.
I don't want to die... Why now?
I don't want to die, ever.
I don't want to die!
We have hardly seen
anything in life.
You are right.
We have just come of age...
and are about to die.
Do something, brother Kabir.
- Atleast you do something, please!
- Hey Kishan.
lam as helpless
as you are, get it?
Just think.
If I c0u | d've done something,
I wouldn't be sitting here.
The jailer has taken strict
security precautions.
He has strengthened every
wall and door of this prison.
It's not only difficult,
it's impossible get out of here.
But I can make the
impossible... possible!
Because doors of iron may
not break by sheer strength.
But can surely be opened
by using a bit of wit.
I will save you from death
and give you a new lease of life.
But, in return, you
will have to do my work.
lam not obliging you in any way.
lam helping you because
I need your help.
Consider it to be a deal.
Of your helplessness and my need.
Can I know why you
need... convicts like us?
I will let you know that
when the time is ripe.
Right now I will tell you that.
On every 2nd October, there's
a celebration in this prison.
This year, it will be
your last day in prison.
"Wide streets are absent"
"Away from the
tumult of daily life"
"Nor are there any skyscrapers."
"No arguments or fights"
"There's so much of silence here"
"No riots or fights here"
"People may call it a jail
but we are happy here"
"Come on, give me a hand"
"People laugh at us"
"They don't value our words either"
"Nobody knows what brought us here"
"We need money to survive"
"We need money to
keep ourselves alive."
"For a job, the
government demands money"
"Even you friends need money"
"The constable demands
money if we drive the taxi"
"At home, your family
needs the money"
"l don't have an account
in any of the banks"
" Neither does anyone
give you food in charity"
"We would say, life is
better inside this jail."
"Here our life is just
devoid of tensions"
"Everybody gets a job here
even without a degree"
"So do we get the money
as soon as we do the work"
"So do we get the food on time"
"Everyone gets an equal share here"
"Neither do we have to pay
the rent for the rooms"
"Everybody finds a friend here"
"Today is an auspicious day"
"There's a need for people
like you in the outside world"
"Go and convince
the people outside"
"Teach them how to lead their life"
"The one who goes out
will repent for life"
"There's just hatred out there"
Kishanl... Let's go get him.
- Where's he? There he is.
- Over here.
Why did you eat the sweets, Kishan?
- Lift him up.
- Come out I will..
- I want more sweets.
- I will give you sweets too.
- 'Give me a clap'
- I will give you a clap too.
I will give you a clap.
Inspector, not a single car
should pass unchecked, get it?
Open the gate first.
Constable, open the gate.
What! They are in a police jeep.
Constable, get the
car, follow them!
After so many days,
for the first time...
All of us can breathe freely.
God forbid that jailer should
never be able to catch us again.
You are right... If the
jailer doesn't catch us.
With God's grace we can live a
pleasant life, right friend?
Come along, Kishan.
This is the perfect place
to hide from the cops.
Nobody frequents this
place even during daytime.
The locals say that this
place is haunted by ghosts.
Haunted by ghosts!
lam very scared of ghosts.
In this world, no ghost,
no wild animal...
ls more dangerous
than the social animal, man.
Only human beings cause
loss and suffering.
That is your room.
I've made arrangements
for your food and drink.
You just have to cook it yourself.
One more thing. I've got everything
I might need in my room.
You need not worry about me.
Does this not look like a set
from the movie 'Bees Saal Baad'?
I just can't understand.
What's the big secret?
Why has she brought us here?
Please explain it, brother Khan.
She wants to put up a
factory to make peppermint?
What was that?
A peppermint factory!
What' | | we do in a
peppermint factory?
You fool.
The woman who has taken...
such a big risk
and brought us here.
This place, the f00d.. Remember
the car hidden in the shrubs?
She's planning something big
and it isn't very simple.
I think she has saved
us from being hanged.
So that she can get us
killed in this open air.
- You are right, Kabir.
- Get up.
I think she has planned
something dangerous for us.
She has planned
something... Not us.
Who's that in my truck?
Chotu, check who's there in the truck!
Hey... Stop!
- Somebody took our loaded truck.
- Where have they gone?
- What's this, Kabir?
- Grenades, Kishan!
Open the other box, check it out.
These boxes contain the
solution to all our troubles.
This gun, so many grenades!
Nobody can touch us now.
Stop talking rubbish.
If the terrorist to whom
this truck belongs...
finds out what you are doing,
then we have had it.
You are right, Kevin.
If we fall into the
hands of terrorists.
While trying to escape from the
cops. We will be in deep trouble.
Don't shoot!
Run Kishan!
Come... Hurry up!
Check everywhere.
They have escaped...
Let's take the truck back.
So you've returned.
Do you think that
because you've escaped...
you've left death far behind?
Perhaps you don't realise that...
Death still looms
large over your head.
There are only two ways
to escape from here.
One road leads to prison.
Where the cops are searching
for you like hunting dogs.
And the other road leads to death.
There's so much illegal
activity going on here.
That a stranger is shot at sight.
If you desert me.
Then life will desert you.
I freed you from prison
and brought you here...
.80 that I can achieve my goal.
I promise you.
After I've reached my goal I'll
see to it that you are set free.
Give me that gun.
We will need it in near future.
By agreeing to an
engagement, immediately.
You've won the game of marriage.
I can't help it. I pity my brother's
plight as well as yours.
You can wed my brother only
after I've married your brother?
lam telling you, forget
social work and get married.
Else you will remain a
spinster all your life.
I want to get married.
lam just waiting for...
that dam to be built
in Dhanakpur village.
The work which I've undertaken
should be completed.
Stop talking now and come
out the guests are waiting.
I can understand why you are
hastening things, brother.
But... Atleast let me get dressed.
No. I am asking you to hurry up as
the guests are waiting for you.
So that was the only
reason why you came here?
No... Besides that
I also came here.
To check whether the Major has
come hereto meet my sister.
I was under the impression that
military men are very punctual.
What's the time?
Where's the major?
What happened to Arjun?
What's wrong with the Major?
- Get the doctor... hurry!
- What happened, brother?
Tell me, brother... Blood!
How did this happen?
- Talk to me, brother!
- Gayatri... My sister.
Ramdheen, get the car. Come.
- Come, let's go to the hospital.
- No... No, Jailer.
It's too late now.
Come here.
Geeta, who can change destiny?
Stop hitting somebody
who's already dead.
Major Arjun's won't die that easily.
lam a gallant man.
And the gallant will
take the bride with him.
Come... Come into my arms.
lam feeling cold.
Arjun, how did you become
a major in the army?
You would be better
off in the theater.
Forgive me, Gayatri.
I beg your forgiveness, Geeta.
I bow to you.
Please forgive me, Geeta.
I couldn't help it.
I would've come on time but
some terrorists confronted me.
And I knew that all of you will
be very upset because I am late.
Soto reduce your anger
I enacted this scene.
Please forgive me.
Look, everybody is watching us.
Let's get on with the
engagement formalities.
If you ever play such a joke again,
I will never speak to you.
Why are you staring at
the ring repeatedly?
lam feeling proud of my fate.
That I am engaged to a sensuous
and beautiful girl.
Arjun please speak quietly.
Why should I speak quietly?
lam not a Parsee.
Do you consider us
Parsees to be cowards?
Can't you see I am
the father of three!
He's telling the truth,
you are scared of mom.
lam afraid during the night,
not during daytime.
I just can't understand howl
landed up with somebody like you!
That's because you are lucky.
The thing is that there are
very few valiant men like me.
Look at that, praising
your own self!
I will get it done by others.
Why don't we ask the people here?
Everybody is here, we'll ask them.
My fiancee wants to know
whether I am handsome or not.
You are very handsome indeed.
Did you see that? We will ask him too.
Please tell her.
You get drunk after having
only a glass of beer.
It's your beauty
which intoxicates me.
Stop trying to be too romantic.
Take your seat.
TryingH am a passionate man.
I've been romantic since childhood.
And remember, I'll sing this
song for you when I am eighty.
Sing with me.
Why are you feeling shy?
You are beautiful indeed.
As they say in Punjabi.
What do they say, sir?
- A beautiful babe!
- Right on! Beautiful babe.
'I am a crazy boy and you,
my beautiful babe'
"lam a crazy boy and you
are my beautiful babe"
"O my love, don't
steal my heart so"
"Why do you stop me on my way?"
"And tell me why
you are so stubborn?
"Why do you always follow me?"
"You are crazy.
You make life difficult for me."
"How gracefully you walk?"
"Your beauty makes people crazy"
"And your intoxicating eyes"
"She seems to be so
innocent at times"
"I've never ever seen
such a crazy man"
"Who makes a blunder
every other time"
"He's unaware of my desires"
"He never listens to me"
"He teases me on the roads
on some or the other pretext"
"Oh...she's such a sweet girl"
"How long will you
remain a spinster?"
"I'll come as your groom"
"I'll make you my bride"
"I'm all yours, O my love"
"I'll be the woman of your dreams"
"Don't be in a hurry.
Don't be so restless"
"l have to spend my
whole life with you"
- What's this? Let me go.
- I have married you.
You aren't the first man in
this world to get married.
So what if I am not the first,
this is my first marriage.
Leave me, let me get dressed.
Why? Where are you going?
I ain't going anywhere,
someone is coming.
- Who is coming?
- Why should I tell you?
- Who is coming?
- Somebody my own.
Your own! Who's' it?
Someone whom I've
started loving a lot.
Loving! Who's it, Geeta?
The one whose fragrance
has filled me.
ls this some kind of a joke?
And what if I tell you
that it's not a joke?
Then I want to know who it is.
I won't tell you.
- Tell me.
- Shall I tell you?
What?... No.
- Really?
- Yes.
Let me see.
ls it true, Geeta?
Let's try once more,
we might get twins.
Hail Lord Shiva!
May you live long.
May you prosper.
- Bless me, Uncle.
- May you live long, Rahul.
- My greetings, sir.
- Hail Lord Shiva.
Mr. Nagraj, My son is very sick.
The doctor advised me to take
him to the city for treatment.
Rahul, give him ten
thousand rupees.
Something was wrong with
the roof of your house.
Has it been repaired?
Who can tamper with those
who are protected by you.
Your men came and repaired it.
If we did not have a generous
man like you in this village.
Then who knows what our
plight would've been.
Look Bheema, I am not God.
lam an ordinary man like you.
All this is by the
grace of Lord Shiva.
He's the one who gives,
I just distribute it.
You aren't that generous with me.
If I could get some finance.
I'd convert my small
hotel into a bigger one.
This small hotel of yours is
not a hotel, it's a tavern.
The smaller it remains the better.
Don't hesitate to come when
your daughter is to be married.
I will send her off
as a father does.
You will have to do the same
for this child too, sir.
She has grown-up... I was
thinking of getting her married.
That's my problem you
shouldn't worry about it.
Just find a suitable match and
start preparing for the marriage.
- Yes Sir.
- Rahul. - Yes, Uncle.
Rahul, give him twenty
thousand rupees.
Take this.
What's the matter?
I don't see you around nowadays.
Come soon, RahuL.
I've to go to the neighbouring
village for prayers.
lam coming.
Take this.
Hail Nagraj!
I hope you had no
trouble in getting here.
Nothing untoward happened.
Rahul, show them the sample.
Take a look.
How many of these
guns can you supply?
He's the top supplier of arms
in the international market.
If he wants, he can give
a weapon to every one.
You may deposit the advance.
You'll get the goods
by day after tomorrow.
Pancham, did you get any
information about the boys...
Who tried to hijack our truck?
No, I think they were some small
time crooks. They escaped.
All this happened because
of the truck driver.
I was bringing him to you.
But fearing your wrath he
shot himself on the way.
And you came to me alive.
To get the goods to
the warehouse safely
Was your responsibility,
not the truck driver's.
I pay you such a
big salary for it.
I've made a lot of sacrifices
to make this place my fort.
And those who make mistakes
have to pay the penalty too
Pancham, get the corpse thrown
to the other side of the border.
Rahul, you have to
go to the airport.
- Will you not ask why?
- Why?
Bobby is returning
from America today.
Hey you monkey!
What pleasure will you get
from staring at me? Get lost.
Brother monkey, I was just joking.
Did I hurt you?
I just played a joke on you and
you are playing with my honour.
Please forgive me.
Give me my clothes please.
N0!... Give me my clothes.
Where are you going?
I will feed you a dozen bananas.
How dare you remove the
scarf from her head!
It's not out of courage or heroics,
I did it under duress.
You will become helpless when
Nagraj breaks your limbs.
Take him away.
Where are you taking me?
Let me go!
Do you recognise me, Madam?
Please save me.
- Who's this reprobate?
- Dad...
He's the one who
removed Bobby's scarf.
I did not do it intentionally.
Sir, I think you are the
most benign man here.
Before that butcher,
Nagraj, cuts me to pieces.
Please save me from that demon.
I beg of you.
Please save me.
Break his limbs and throw
him out of the palace.
Yes my boy... I am Nagraj.
Take his full name.
Take him away.
This is injustice, it's atrocious!
Will you break my
limbs for a scarf?
Madam, please tell them not to.
What are you doing, Dad?
The position he was in at that
time, he had no other option.
Don't break my limbs.
Please let him g0, dad.
I will leave him
because you say so.
Let him go.
Then what happened?
What happened! Both of us
were staring at each other.
She came near me and said.
Stop bluffing.
I ain't lying.
They were throwing me.
I mean... They were
throwing me on that girl.
I was tried to get up but they
forced me to sit near her.
I got bugged... I
was about to leave.
Where are you going?
What happened next?
- Do you know what happened?
- What?
That girl, in her house,
in front of her dad.
Gave me her scarf as
a token of her love.
This is that scarf!
All that's fine but
where's her house?
- What was that?
- Her house.
Follow me.
House... Come here, Kartar.
Call it a mansion... A palace!
- Do you want to see it?
- Yes.
Look there.
One day the four of you
will come to meet me there.
My life is well set now.
Kishanl... You will never
go towards that mansion.
Why not?
That foundation of that mansion
is laid on the corpses of the poor.
That isn't light,
it's the blood of the poor.
You will never go towards
that mansion again.
Never... Remember.
What a girl!
Brother monkey, will you stop
eating bananas and help me?
Look, it's not very difficult.
Just as you stole Kishan's
clothes yesterday.
Similarly, you've to
steal her clothes today.
You steal her clothes
and I will get mad at you.
I mean I will act like I am mad at you.
Don't get upset.
I will get what I want.
And I will pray to God that you
find a sweet and beautiful mate.
He seems to like the idea!
My clothes, hey you monkey!
My clothes!
Where are you going? Stop!
St0p!... Where are you going?
Although a monkey,
you do the work of humans!
Stealing the clothes of an innocent girl!
Give it to me.
You dare tease the girls of
the village while I am around!
Here you are, wear your clothes.
I will tie this sari here.
You may change over here while
I take care of the monkey.
ls that okay?
I have never seen you
in the village before.
Are you a foreigner?
Yes I am... I had
come for an outing.
But now I am planning
to settle here.
Because this village
is very beautiful.
And the people here are
even more beautiful.
Come... I will accompany
you to your house.
No, if someone sees us together
people will start gossiping.
And my dad might even shoot you.
What if I went and asked
for your hand in matrimony?
I will surely make you mine.
I like your family very much.
As all of us are present why
don't we finalise something.
Isn't it, Reeta?
- Who's it now?
- Go and see.
- Who are you?
- DhanajiRa0 BhikajiRa0 Patil.
But who are you?
Me!... Don't you recognise me?
lam Kevin's father.
Doesn't even recognise
the father!
It's you, Saku!
My lord!
O God you are still alive!
And did you think that
I had gone to hell?
- What are you saying?
- That's why you got married again.
Isn't it?
What can I say?
We got separated because of
the cyclone twenty years ago.
I was left all alone and
I was carrying your child.
To nurture whom god gave
me a husband like James.
Because of him I got respect in
society, he gave me his love.
He took great care of me.
If it wasn't for
him I would be on...
...the streets along
with your child.
Hey Sakubai... Queen of Kolhapur.
That's enough.
You thought you could fool
me once again, did you?
What do you mean, Pascal?
Take this, hold it.
What are you doing?
Can't you handle one orange?
How will I get married now?
A gun!
Speak up now!
This is a gun, it's
not meant for kids.
If it goes of it can
make a hole in your head.
I intend to make a hole in
a head, not in an orange.
Drop it quietly.
The thing is that our friend
loves your daughter.
We don't want you to create
trouble, get it? Let's go.
Here are your grapes.
This wasn't my idea.
Please forgive me.
That's strange!
They came to ask for my daughter's hand
and they intimidate me too.
Brother, I am writing this
letter to you because...
The festival of 'Rakhi' is near.
I know that you must
be very cross with me.
Perhaps you may not
accept my 'Rakhi'
But you are aware.
What prompted me to help
your five prisoners flee.
But I promise you that...
If I am alive after
mission is successful.
Then I will surely hand
myself over to the cops.
Your unfortunate sister, Geeta.
Where have these fellows gone?
This file contains
sufficient evidence.
To prove that your sister
helped those prisoners flee.
And you helped her in it.
Jailer Raghuveer,
you aren't fit
to hold this
responsible post any longer.
What are you doing here?
Get lost!
lam not going to fall for
your tricks like those two.
Get lost or I will bash you up.
So that's it.
Some girl seems to be in trouble.
You scoundrel!
Leave her alone.
I said leave her alone!
Who the hell are you?
Get lost... Don't you know me?
You don't know who I am!
lam not interested in
knowing who you are.
Thanks a million.
You came in time or else.
You were fortunate,
therefore I came.
Else I had no plans to help you.
- Then why did you?
- I may be malevolent.
But still I can't bear to
see injustice being done.
Who says that you are bad?
For me, you are no less than god.
"Somethings begun to
happen in my heart"
"Let it happen"
"I've begun to lose my composure"
"Let i1 go"
"My youth has filled with love"
"Everything seems so beautiful"
"The cold winds sent a
wave of heat through me"
"O this romantic weather!"
"Somethings begun to happen..."
"lam your lover,
you are my beloved"
"l will roam the streets
as your lover dazed"
"Where can one find
such a crazed lover"
"Put sense into him,
he may go crazy"
"l will do whatever you say"
"l can even give my life for you"
"This is the moment of consent"
"Somethings begun to happen..."
"lam star number one,
why do you consider me zero"
"You are my heroine,
lam your hero"
"Stop being obsessed about films"
"Neither am I an actress,
nor are you an actor"
"My destiny will shine the day
I meet a film producer"
"l assure you that, my beloved"
"Somethings begun to happen..."
"I'll hold you in my eyes,
like my kohl"
"l will keep you close to
my body, like my clothes"
"These magical eyes,
this beautiful face"
"l don't like this
distance between us"
"l love your romantic talks"
"How do I spend my nights alone"
"Please take me in your arms"
"Somethings begun to happen..."
What's the matter?
You are partying during the day?
Our friend, Kartar was
planning to leave us.
But he won't now, that's why.
Take this.
Hey, what's all this?
You have returned back to my pub.
You snatched my gun
that day, but today..
Pascal, we are not here with
a proposal today, get it?
We are hereto have a few drinks
and we will pay cash, get it?
Cash!... You will pay
me cash, will you now?
You don't need to
pay me cash today.
Today all the drinks
are on the house.
So that everybody drinks
throughout the year.
And thus I get all their cash.
Therefore I forgive my
enemies too on this day.
- You mean, you've forgiven me too.
- Yes.
You mean you accept our proposal
But why is this day special?
What a stupid question!
Today is the first day of the year.
- ls it?
- It's the 1st of January.
Keep drinking, you don't
know anything about time.
The 1st of January!
Yes, the day we were
supposed to be hanged!
What would have happened
if we had been there today?
Nothing... We would've
been drinking in heaven.
That's fine but... Our
life would've ended.
You are right, Kevin.
We should be grateful to Geeta.
From today, as long as we live,
we should be grateful to her.
But I won't give you a chance to
repay this debt of gratitude.
Beware!... Nobody
should try to escape.
Did you think that
I will let you go?
I would've come to get you
even if you had hidden in hell.
The uniform which was my pride.
Which meant more to me then life.
I had to remove it because
the five of you fled.
And now I will wear it
only after you are hanged.
Sir, will you kill the five of
us just to wear your uniform.
Where's my sister?
I don't know.
You don't know... Well, no problem.
I will make you tell me
once we reach prison.
Now, move it... Move it!
Why are you pushing us?
- Open the door.
- I will open it.
- Get inside.
- Shall I close it?
Kartar, the jailer has vanished.
Kevin, open the door, quick.
Beware... Don't you try to flee.
Sit where you are.
Yes Jailer, go ahead and shoot.
But remember who ever gets
shot will fall towards you.
And if the weight on
your side increases.
Then the van will
fall in the canyon.
I don't mind losing my
life while doing my duty.
Today is the 1st, the day you
are supposed to be executed.
And you will die today.
Your death may be by hanging
or by falling in this canyon.
Kevin, open the door,
he won't shoot.
Kevin, open the door!
What nonsense!
If you don't believe me
ask your man, he was there.
I have made investigations.
They are the same five who
tried to hijack your truck.
And one of the five
took Bobby's scarf.
And Rahul too was beaten
up by one of them.
They are dangerous criminals
who escaped from prison.
They have been sentenced to death.
It means that the
crazy woman Geeta....
...br0ught them here after
helping them escape from prison.
So that she can take her revenge.
A woman craving for revenge is
similar to an injured snake.
Before that poisonous
snake tries to bite us.
She should be crushed.
Where had you been?
How many times have I told you
that it's dangerous
for you to roam around.
What' | | you do if somebody
recognises you
or the cops spot you?
You may even lose your life.
I've been waiting
with this letter
and none of you are to be seen.
Letter, whom have you written to?
To my brother... The festival
of 'Rakhi' is on Sunday.
Don't worry, I haven't
written the address.
Post it from some other place.
Take this.
Where should we post
this letter from?
So that it may reach the Jailer.
I don't know what to do.
Geeta, come down quietly,
the game is over.
Guys, I think there's
trouble outside.
We have to stop them.
Are you coming down
or should I come up?
Madam, throw the gun down!
Throw the gun, Geeta!
Throw the gun, Geeta!
Where are you, Geeta?
You scoundrel... I will kill you!
You will be fine, don't worry,
nothing will happen to you.
No, brother Khan!
Get out of my way, Kevin.
- No.
- Let me g0, Kevin.
Who does she think she is?
Are we her puppets?
Aren't we humans? Does our
life not mean anything to her?
Khan is right, Kevin.
We will teach her a lesson today.
- No.
- Get out of my way, Kartar.
Can she do anything with us?
She can leave us unarmed against
enemies so that we die like dogs
And we shouldn't retaliate!
Have you gone deaf, you coward?
We have shouted ourselves hoarse
Does she not hear anything?
Does she take us to be
lambs meant for slaughter?
Today I will teach you a lesson.
That you will never
play games with men.
Why did you stop?
What do you intend to do?
You want to kill me!
Do you want to kill me or rape me?!
Do it!... Do whatever
you want to!
You will never get a better chance.
When can a woman be so vulnerable.
I should be punished for
saving you from the gallows.
It wasn't cowardice,
it was my helplessness
That stopped me from
helping you today.
I was about to give
you the gun but...
But at the same time.
Don't come near me!
I brought you here considering
you to be humans, not criminals.
The two of you have
broken my faith.
I don't want to see your faces.
Go away... Get lost!
Her condition is very critical.
We've to get a doctor
or a midwife soon.
Are you hurt?
Does it pain a lot?
- What makes you so happy?
- Who, me? I am very unhappy.
- Then why are you laughing?
- Laughing, who me?
I am crying, do I look
like I am laughing?... No.
You see I've a
problem with my face.
When I am laughing,
it looks like I am crying.
When I am crying it
looks like I am laughing.
My face is like that.
When I was born people said....
What a strange boy!
He's laughing instead of crying.
But actually I was crying.
But whatever happened to you is
too bad. Does it pain a lot?
They will face much more then
what has happened to us, get it?
Surround them...
Nobody should escape.
Dad, there's nobody here.
It seems they have fled.
Blow away the place.
Perhaps it's fate.
If Pascal hadn't informed
us and brought us here.
Then we too might have
been blown to bits.
It would've been better that way.
Atleast we wouldn't have
to live with such contempt.
Our anger and emotion has made
us commit a grave mistake.
We've made a very big mistake.
See how both of them have
started staying away from us.
Kishan is right.
They are very repentant
for their mistake.
Pardon them now.
Forgive them, how
can I forgive them.
I'd never thought...
that they could commit such
an ignoble act... Stoop so low.
We know that they acted
in the worst fashion.
But to err is human.
Yes I thought they were human,
so I brought them here.
To seek vengeance from Nagraj.
Nagraj ruined my happiness.
I lost all my peace
and joy because of him.
After marrying Arjun...
I was so happy.
I was so happy.
Give me half a kilo each of
brinjals, carrots and cabbage.
Won't you buy some pumpkins?
Buy some... Major Arjun
Singh likes it a lot.
O wife of Arjun Singh, buy it.
My darling, I love you a lot!
Are you crazy?
If not the pumpkin at least take
me instead... Oh my sweet-heart!
- Mother.
- It's not ma, it's grandma.
I know that Arjun
likes pumpkin, right?
Hello! How are you?
lam your lover.
You may take this pumpkin for free.
Take it away.
Look at what you've done!
All the pumpkins have fallen down!
What' | | I tell my wife now!
Don't touch me.
My wife will bash me up if
I don't feed her pumpkin!
Who's this Arjun?
I don't know any Arjun!
- Friends please tell her.
- Don't you know Arjun?
I will never speak to you again!
I was just joking.
Sorry guys, Please leave,
she's my wife.
Go and have your fun in your house!
Why create a ruckus in the market?
Don't go away.
That was the Brigadier.
He must've asked you to
join duty immediately.
Fine, you may 9-
Hey love...
Do you think that I feel
like going away from you?
What can I do?
Terrorist activities in
Dhanakpur have increased again.
And they have called me urgently.
My love...
If you get distraught
I won't be able to go.
Look, I will try to
be back in a week.
Come now, give me a smile.
That's better...Take care of my.
Achiku, 'Bachiku' and
'Kachiku' while I am gone.
What's this Achiku, Bachiku,
and 'Kachiku'
These are the code
words of military men.
'Achiku' means good, like me.
'Bachiku' means a child, like him.
And 'Kachiku' means the
most loved one, like you.
Enough ofjokes, get serious now.
What's it?
For many months now Gayatri
has been in Dhanakpur.
I hope my brother doesn't become
an old man waiting for her.
As you are going there, tell her...
that if the dam
has been made....
then she should
come back home soon.
Don't listen to her.
You stand to lose
everything you have.
And listen to me, girl.
There will be no dam
built in this village,
understand this properly.
A dam can't be built!
After days of hard work...
I've procured all the
documents from the government.
And you say that the
dam can't be built.
Why not?
Don't you want this
village to prosper?
The land to yield more grain.
The farmers get better homes
instead of the huts they stay in.
Factories to be built here
and everybody gets jobs.
Nobody is denied a means of income.
Do you mean to say that the
people here aren't happy?
Cool down, Rahul, be calm.
I understand perfectly
what you are trying to say.
For the prosperity
of this village...
if I've to
demolish my palace...
I will do it unhesitatingly.
But I won't allow this
age old temple
to be destroyed at any cost.
But the temple is on a hill-top,
how can it be destroyed?
I've no objection to a dam
being built in this village.
But do you know what' | | happen
if the walls of the dam cave in?
The force of the
water from the dam
will wipe out
the entire village.
This temple will drown.
Everybody will be annihilated.
Do you want this to happen to you?
No, we don't want the dam,
we want the temple!
Yes, we want the temple!
- Hail Lord Shiva!
- We want the temple!
Why are you standing here now?
Did you hear their decision?
It's no use breaking
your head against a wall.
You will only break your head.
Go away now.
If I feared for my head then I
wouldn't have taken up this work
Remember this...
if it's easy to provoke
the innocent villagers...
then it's not a difficult
task to make them see reason.
A dam will surely be
built in this village.
Let go of me... I
said leave me alone.
By sending these ruffians to
forcefully bring me here...
you've changed my
doubt into conviction.
That you are no saint...
but a devil in the
guise of a saint...
who for his own gain
did not let a dam be
built in this village.
You speak a lot.
But I am sorry to say that
lam not a good listener.
lam the third eye of Lord Shiva!
And when the third eye is
opened... Life turns into death.
Teach her such a lesson that
nobody ever dares such impudence
Build a dam, will you?
You want the welfare of the
village at our expense, do you?
Don't cry, Gayatri.
Your brother is here now.
This military man puts his
life at stake on the border...
...protects the honour of mothers
and sisters in this country.
You dared to molest the
sister of that very man!
Don't cry.
I will spare none of you.
Brother, you don't know Nagraj is.
I know it... I know it now.
He's that traitor...
That terrorist...
whose men carry on smuggling
activities on the border.
You are not only my sister's...
you are my mother's
perpetrator too.
The mother whom we
know as Mother India!
You scoundrel!
You abuse the very womb
which gave birth to you!
Hail Lord Shiva!!!
Don't move!
Else I will put a bullet
through Nagraj's head!
Don't move else I will kill him!
Killed him!...
They have killed my brother!
Nothing will happen to me.
Get away from here,
get going, run, run away!
You want me to hand over the
terrorists to the police,
don't you?
- Yes.
- They harassed you so much.
Go and get the cops.
Nothing will happen to me,
I will be fine, just go.
I am fine, go and get the cops.
I will not die.
- Yes, I will get the cops.
- Yes, go.
They killed my brother!
Nagraj, don't move.
He seems to be dead.
Go and check.
Check him out... Go.
He's dead!
Throw his corpse on the
other side of the border.
A true soldier
has become a martyr while
fighting with terrorists.
Hail Lord Shiva!
The moon is not to be seen today.
It just won't come
out of the clouds.
You should be ashamed
of playing such a joke.
He has a habit of harassing me.
It's 'Karwa Chauth today.
I've been fasting since morning
and praying for his long life.
And all of you too have
joined in his pranks.
There's a limit to playing pranks.
Come on get up Arjun,
enough of your pranks.
Arjun, please get up.
I'd told you that if you
play such a prank
I will never speak to you.
What's all this?
Come on get up.
I will leave if you don't get up.
It's 'Karva Chauth today,
please don't do this today.
I will start crying now.
Arjun will never get up again.
Brother... You too!
lam not going to
fall for your tricks.
- No, Geeta, it's true.
- Enough... You too.
I can't bear it anymore, Arjun.
Come on Arjun.
The deceased, Major Arjun Singh
was murdered in Dhanakpur.
But his corpse was
found on the border.
Then how can you say for sure
that he was murdered by Nagraj?
Do you have an eye witness
or any concrete
evidence to prove it?
There's proof... This girl.
She saw Nagraj
murdering her brother.
My lord, perhaps counsel
doesn't realise that
the court doesn't approbate
the testimony of lunatics.
And I've already proved
that this girl is insane.
That's a lie.
She wasn't insane.
But the murder of her brother
has turned her insane.
It's a lie!
The court isn't concerned
with whether she was
or she became insane.
You just state whether
this girl is insane or not.
No, Gayatri.
But this girl can't say anything.
Her plight says
everything, my lord.
But the law doesn't
examine her plight,
it looks for conclusive proof.
The public prosecutor has not
shown any concrete evidence...
which proves that Nagraj
murdered Major Arjun Singh.
Therefore this court
dismisses the case.
This is injustice!
This verdict is wrong.
Will you teach me the law?
If I wish to, I can dismiss you
from this profession right now!
That won't be necessary!
Your decision has broken
my faith in the law.
Before you can dismiss me,
I myself resign
from this profession.
Calm down, Pancham.
She's a wild cat... She's
bound to use he claws.
She has slapped you today.
But after a few days
she will slap herself.
Why waste your youth behind
somebody who's already dead?
Marry me... I will
make you my queen.
Don't be happy about
your false victory.
You may have escaped
from the court of law.
But in my court you were
and are a criminal.
Perhaps this court has
failed to do justice...
so that I can deliver a
verdict only you by myself.
You will not die in
any other manner.
I will kill you.
Only I will kill you!
Are you in your senses?
What are you doing?!
- Leave me.
- No, Geeta.
- Leave me.
- Your husband is dead.
You can't use this
Vermilion... You can't!
Those demons have snatched
my husband's body only,
not his memory.
He's alive!
He lives in my heart,
my breath, my soul.
In every part of my body.
Do you know what the
people will say
if you wear your wedding chain?
And if I don't wear it the
very people will say...
that you're young and beautiful,
you need support.
Be my mistress.
Yes, brother.
Seeing me widowed has corrupted
the minds of those sinners.
And till I don't kill the
people who killed my husband...
I will not remove
this wedding chain.
I will not remove it!
I still feel the fire of my
husband's pyre in my heart.
And now I will not let
it be extinguished.
I swear by you today.
I swear by our child.
I will reduce those sinners
to ashes with this fire.
I will incinerate them.
I wore the wedding chain
inspite of being a widow.
And swore to kill Nagraj.
I saw the five of you in prison.
I found that you
too were victimised.
You hate outlaws.
I saw a ray of hope
in the darkness.
I felt that if my intelligence
could combine with your strength
Then we will be an army.
A powerful army.
With which I can combat that
demon, fight him, break him.
But these two broke me.
Fate defeated me once again.
Fate defeated me.
That woman can prove
to be dangerous for us.
Do anything... But find
out as soon as p0ssible...
where the hideout of Geeta
and her accomplices is.
"Achiku, bachiku, kachiku"
"You are the best
baby in the world"
"The moon has come down on earth"
"And brightness' spread everywhere"
"The day is over,
night has begun"
"O moon, come!
Feed us sweet milk"
"Something new happened today"
"Make mummy dance,
you dance for her"
Look, my dear
you have cast
a spell on everyone"
"Achiku, bachiku, kachiku...."
"You are my image, fair like me"
"l will be like papa one day"
"He is with me"
"There is no other toy like this"
"Having got you, I have
found all happiness"
"l have no control over myself"
"Achiku, bachiku, kachiku
I understand the fact...
that Geeta hates us.
Therefore she keeps
that child away from us.
But I don't understand why
you're so fond of that child?
I've never wished to
hurt anybody, Kabir.
I've considered truth and
honesty to be my religion.
I used to drive a cab.
I was happy with whatever I earned.
I just wanted to see my child.
I was taking my wife
to the hospital.
All of a sudden they
attacked me on the way.
Because I was going to testify
against them in court.
That they murdered Uncle Shankar.
They cruelly murdered my
wife in front of my own eyes.
Yes Kabir... My world was
shattered in front of my eyes.
They killed my child
in his mother's womb.
I killed those rogues!
I avenged the death of my wife.
I handed myself over to the cops.
I got the death sentence
but I wasn't unhappy.
I had never been as
dejected as I am now.
I see my child in this child.
I get furious when that woman
doesn't allow me to touch him.
I don't know what to do!
Am I so bad that I can't
even touch the child.
No, Khan.
Calm down.
Get a hold of yourself.
You are not a bad man.
lam a bad man.
I used to deal in
death to earn money.
I used to sell bombs to
terrorists and enemies
of this country.
And one day they used
the bombs made by me
to blow up the
area in which I stayed.
And the first house
which blew up was mine.
There were thirteen
people in my house.
But not a single corpse was found.
Then I realised for
the first time...
how it feels when
one of our family dies.
If we want to we can
embrace this child.
We can play with him.
How can we do it?
Tell me once... I can lay
down my life for this child.
You don't need to lay down your
life, you have to kill somebody.
Let's go.
Don't move!
You will not escape now.
Shoot him, Khan!
Shoot them!
Kill both of them!
Run Khan... Run!
I had removed the
bullets from your gun.
Because that devil will
be destroyed by me.
Only I will kill him, not you.
Get in the car.
I want Geeta and her
five companions
in front of me within 24 hours.
Or else I will be furious.
And you know very well...
what happens when
Nagraj is enraged... Go!
Oh God, this is outrageous!
Who's this woman who's broken an
age old tradition of the village
Yes, for many years
now only Nagraj...
and his ancestors have
offered prayers at this temple.
Nobody can save her from
the wrath of Nagraj.
Hail Nagraj!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Who are you?
Who dared to step in
my ancestral temple
without my permission.
Yes, it's me.
Remember I had told you that you
are destined to die by my hands?
That day is here.
You forgot what I told you.
Those who try to kill
Nagraj certainly die.
You don't know that Nagraj has
the blessings of Lord Shiva.
And you came to the temple
of Shiva to kill Nagraj?!
I have chosen this place
for you to die so that...
the villagers may
awaken as soon as you die.
And they realise that the one
who they considered
to be a great devotee...
was in fact a sinner
and an immoral person.
Arrest this woman.
I won't spare you!
Take her away!
I knew that this woman will
definitely come here, sir.
Therefore I came
here fully prepared.
You dare attack a benevolent
person like Mr. Nagraj.
You are the murderer of
those four bodyguards.
You can't escape from here.
Take her away.
Think yourself to be fortunate
that you are saved today,
but remember... |
will not let you live.
You will die at my hands,
you scoundrel!
Imprison her!
Leave with all the
policemen immediately.
I want the police
station to be empty.
Geeta and her aides are
my offenders first,
then that of the law.
We will settle our
score with them first.
They will be punished
for their infringement.
And that punishment will
not be given by the law.
I will punish them... With my
own hands I will punish them.
A woman is my weakness.
But I won't treat
you with affection.
I will shower you with my hatred.
If you are man enough
just release me once.
You will find out....
whether woman
is your weakness...
or you are weaker then a woman.
You bitch!
Our Mr. Nagraj...
Do you know who he is?
The topmost terrorist
in this country.
The biggest dealer of
arms and ammunition.
And you tried to attack him!
The wounds which you
inflicted on him...
I will give back those
wounds to you, with interest.
Tell me, where are the other
members of your team...Speak up!
Here we are, you swine!
Geeta, the child is all alone.
You saved the child
from being orphaned.
Don't you want to embrace him?
Have you forgiven us?
If I don't forgive you now
...G0d will never forgive me.
What happened?
Why're you crying?
Today I've come to know what
type of a person my father is.
Perhaps to hide this from me,
he kept me away from
him since childhood.
But till date although
I stayed away,
I was not as far
away from him....
as I am from him now
although I stay with him.
I can understand your grief.
But perhaps this is
what's known as fate.
That the person whom one
can't bear to stay away from.
It often happens that one has to
stay away from the very person.
Did you see it, madam?
See how happy he is.
He's happy because... For the
first time his army is ready.
Perhaps he feels for
the first time...
that his father's assassins
will surely be punished.
This isn't a smile...
It's a declaration of war.
The war which was started by
his father, Major Arjun Singh.
And we will finish it.
"Our Army is ready!"
"Our Army will not accept defeat!"
"Our courage is explosive"
"Our breaths full of fire"
"Life was unfair to us"
"But death indulged us"
"Our Army is ready!"
"Why are you sitting dejected"
"Smile, my friend"
"Pick up a musical instrument"
"And sing a new song"
"We can stop a storm,
divert a tempest"
"We can defeat the whole world"
"We will always walk ahead!"
"Our Army will never stop"
"Our Army is ready!"
"More dear than our life
are dear the
lives of each other"
"We will sacrifice our lives
for each other"
"We have a dream"
"And courage in our hearts"
"it's a night of joy"
"We are all in a daze"
"It will never turn back"
"Our Army will return
victorious always"
"Our Army is ready!"
- Beware!
- Don't move.
The boy looks exactly like his father,
he looks like a Major.
Daddy, I warn you, don't even
think of harming this child.
A foreign education doesn't mean...
that you forget your manners.
Take her away.
You instigated my
daughter against me.
You killed my friend's son.
Now it's your son's turn.
If there's a single
scratch on my son's body...
...then I swear by god,
whose devotee you are...
I will give you such a death...
that you will die hundred
times before you pass away.
Those who try to kill
Nagraj themselves die.
Tie them up and attach
a time bomb to them.
Throw the others in the
dark cell, Bobby too.
No dad, let them g0, please.
Just shut-up!
If I could get my hands free...
Then I will blow Nagraj
to bits with this very bomb.
Man proposes...
God disposes.
you're alive!
It's my good fortune and
your bad fortune that I safe.
I have fought death to stay alive,
you scoundrels!
And wanted to live
so that I could bring
scofflaws like you to justice.
We are prepared to hand
ourselves over to the cops.
But remove this bomb first,
which has been
placed here by Nagraj.
We've to save Geeta and her child.
- Geeta's child!
- Yes, Geeta's child.
The place where Geeta's
husband met his death...
at that place,
was born a child...
a symbol of her
husband's love.
Nagraj has kidnapped
Geeta and the child.
We don't have much time, jailer.
We don't care about our life.
But in this war...
The devil, Nagraj, will die,
not Geeta and her child.
No, not Geeta and the child!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Your army is annihilated.
But I will find peace...
Only when she too is
destroyed along with her army.
I will squeeze the life out
of her with my own hands.
Calm down, Pancham.
You will get your chance.
You will kill her.
But it will not be a simple death.
We will torture her to death.
I want to see...
for how long a
mother's affection...
can protect the child
from the wrath of Nagraj!
Get her ready and
bring her to my court.
"It's an old story"
"Our enmity is age-old"
"l have to douse this
fire of vengeance in me"
"Our enmity is age-old"
"You have made me cry,
you have tormented me"
"l will humble you"
"l will burn you alive"
"That's a vow I've taken today!"
"Our enmity is age-old"
"l have vowed, and even
your time has arrived"
"No one will save you,
you will die!"
"l have to cremate you"
"Our enmity is age-old"
Hit him, Khan!
In this war, this child won't die!
You scoundrel,
you killed our friends!
We won't let you live anymore!
You will not kill him.
I will kill him at any cost.
No, Geeta... He has killed
our brothers, Khan and Kabir.
I will not spare him!
Nol... No, Kartar.
Get back.
Those who try to kill Nagraj,
themselves die.
What can a vulnerable woman,
a helpless mother, a widow do to me.
Nobody can face the
wrath of Nagraj!
I've the blessings of Lord Shiva!
I will kill you along
with your child today.
This is the sword with
which he killed my brother.
You cannot escape today.
You are an imp0st0r...Y0u don't
have the blessings of any God.
I will offer your
head to God today.
Nobody can stop her today.
Now this young Major
is your responsibility.
Make him fearless
and courageous like Arjun.
You were disgraced because of me.
lam your culprit,
please forgive me.
My mission of killing
this Satan is over.
Today I hand myself
over to you and the law.
How are you, my friend?
Come my queen!
Munna, that's your mother.
- Don't you want to meet her?
- Yes, I want to meet her.
Then go.
What happened?
What happened, Munna?
Don't ever play such a joke again.
I will never speak to you.
Don't ever do it again.
'Achiku' 'Bachiku' 'Kachiku' Mother,
you are the dearest.