Army of the Damned (2014) Movie Script

Are you sure nobody's going to see?
I mean, look where we are.
No one's around us.
Don't worry about it.
Relax, baby. C'mon.
Close your eyes.
- What?
Close them!
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
That's twice in one week, pal.
Does Ashley know about this?
Alright, c'mon sweetheart.
Let's put your clothes back on, huh?
And get your asses back to school
Before I call your parents.
I guess we can close the
book on that case, huh?
Welcome to Salem county.
So, uh, are you guys just
in town for the night, or...
uh, tonight and tomorrow.
Depending on how much footage we get.
Oh well, I mean, hey
you're in town, right?
Because I know some great places.
I was just thinking, maybe
we could go get a drink,
Or some food.
You don't date cops.
Donut hole?
I wonder if we'll be able to film a
Segment with them tonight.
I mean, can you believe it?
An episode of the force.
Filming right here.
In Salem county.
And we're cops.
They follow you around with
cameras for five months waiting
For something exciting to
happen, and they end up with 15
Minutes of some fat broad
beating on her husband, smoking
Newports, wearing a tweetie bird shirt.
Trust me.
Nothing happens on this job.
And when it does, you
don't want a camera around.
Would you look at this.
I think it gives people an
authentic, organic perspective
On law enforcement.
Like I said, terrible show.
And what are they doing here anyway?
Detroit, Cleveland, I get it.
But Salem county?
Nothing ever happens here.
Nice people live here.
Nice people don't do shit.
We could use a couple
of bad guys in this town.
Shut up, who told you that?
They told me...
yeah, they showed up
here first. I should know.
They're not here right now,
but they were here earlier.
It's Kayla and, like,
a guy with a camera.
Stan and I watch the show every tuesday.
The point is, I know what Im
talking about, so whoever told
You that, is a lier.
Were you on TV?
I'd be so embarrassed.
Kaylas kind of pretty I guess,
but in real life she looks a
Little trampy.
Suzanne, Ive gotta call you back.
Yeah, Ill try to get you an autograph.
Ok, yep, bye bye.
Salem county police department.
What is your emergency?
This call is being traced.
Hello, can you hear me? Is anyone there?
He's coming. He's coming.
Ok, we have your address.
The police are on the way.
Everythings, going
to be alright, honey.
Just stay on the line with me.
Stay on the line with me, honey.
Anybody up in rustic Salem county?
We got a domestic disturbance,
possible child endangerment
On 101 dean parkway.
Copy that.
Car 3 enroute to 101 dean parkway.
Ten four, back...
Say again.
We're losing you.
Let's roll.
Ok, just be yourself.
Pretend the camera's not even there.
We try to give our viewers
an authentic, organic
Perspective on law enforcement.
I look organic?
Alright, we are now recording.
Let me get some levels
from you, sheriff.
Uhh, what do you want me to say?
Why don't you start off by telling us
A little bit about yourself?
How you got started on the force.
Uh, let's see... how
did I get on the force?
Well, I grew up in this town.
My dad was the sheriff,
so I went to the academy
Right out of high school.
Worked in the city for a while at first.
Did a lot of undercover work.
Uh, homicide, things like that.
And believe it or not, after
all that, I came back home.
Kind of funny. Well
not really funny, but...
my dad passed away a few years
ago and when he was dying he
Asked me to watch over his
town while he was gone, so...
I guess that's what Im doing.
Sheriff bridge, can I just say...
I think it's quite commendable
that you left the excitement of
Big city law enforcement to
carry on your father's legacy.
- Amazing stuff.
That was great. Beautiful.
Great job.
Couldn't of said it better myself.
Holy shit.
I'm gonna get ice cream.
Told you, you're a natural.
No yeah, ok.
I'm sure you say that to all the cops.
No you know, I think you
may have missed your calling.
Well thank you.
I mean, it's kind of fun, you know?
Sure as hell beats getting
shot at, that's for sure.
I just wish there was
something going on, you know?
A good old fashioned bank
robbery, a high speed chase,
Maybe a knife fight.
Get you some of that good stuff.
Excuse me one second.
- Ok.
What's up Carpoza?
get over here.
Alright, alright.
Oh my god.
No shit. Dean parkway?
What's that? You're cuttin' out.
Nah, I got service. It's you.
On my way.
Looks like we got some action.
Police, somebody called us.
Salem county police.
Open up.
I can't see a fucking thing.
- It's like the power's cut.
Let's go around the
house. Let's check it out.
Look at this place. It's disgusting.
Who does their lawn?
Another fucking waste of my time.
I just saw someone in there.
You kidding me?
- No, look!
Salem county police!
Sometimes your eyes can play
tricks on you in the dark.
I saw a fucking kid Carpoza.
We will locate the girl,
and we will go from there.
K? C'mon
What the fuck is that smell?
I don't know.
Do you hear that?
What the...?
Jesus Christ.
I can't... what the fuck was that?
That shit's still fresh.
Whoever did that's still in this house.
Dispatch, come in.
Dispatch do you read?
What the fuck with this thing?
Can you see? I can't see shit.
- No.
Car 3.
101 dean parkway. We're here.
Give me that.
Bridge, we have a homicide.
Bridge, I repeat, we have
an active crime scene.
Do not let that camera crew in here.
Cars 1 and 4.
That's everyone.
We've got five bodies
in there, princess.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
You can come out now, honey.
Everything's going to be ok.
Stay sharp.
Whoever did this could
still be in the house.
This isn't over.
Car 3, come back.
We've located the
juvenile and she is alive.
I repeat, she is alive.
It'll be ok, honey.
Who did this?
Here we go again.
Get her!
Woah woah.
We should wait for backup.
Fuck backup.
Stay here with the kid.
Well, Im going with you.
I said, stay here with the kid.
If you hear gunshots,
feel free to come down.
Salem county police.
So uh, what's your name, honey?
Well my name's Denise.
But you can call me d.
Is this a game?
Like I-Spy?
What do you spy?
Come here, honey.
Where's my partner?
Where's the nice lady?
Where is she?
Stay right behind me.
You'll be ok.
I'm sure you know the drill,
but I have to say it anyways.
We're dealing with some kind
of domestic disturbance, and we
Never know what we're
going to encounter.
So, do me a favor, keep your
eyes up and stay close to me or
Alright, you don't
have to tell me twice.
Policy is policy.
I understand sheriff.
No white balance, here?
How's it going, kid?
Well, at least you get a little
action for your girlfriend over
There, huh?
Yeah, no shit.
Fucking high maintenance on that one.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Jesus Christ!
I thought you were dead.
Nah hardly.
Holy shit, earl.
Jeez, bridge junior.
I haven't seen you since you were a kid.
What are you doing up here?
I live next door.
Taking sandy here for
a walk. We heard a bang.
It sounded like shots fired.
Shots fired?
Dispatch didn't mention
anything about a gun.
Well it sounded like shots to me.
You better get in that house.
You boys stay safe tonight, ya hear?
C'mon sandy.
You know, I wish we would've
stopped because I would've got
More snacks.
I got a good feeling about this.
Bring you're a-Game.
Do that again.
Ain't no fucking shots fired.
Loony toons.
My dad said crazy earl was a
pretty good cop back in the day.
Yeah, til he lost his
fucking marbles and his job.
What's up boys?
What's up fellas?
Wow, you two look like shit.
That's not what your girlfriend said.
What's with the glasses?
They're prescription, asshole.
So, all this for a domestic?
I mean, this is everybody.
You lonely or something?
C'mon bridge, what the fuck?
I mean, we're supposed to be
home like an hour ago, and we've
Still got this fucking
asshole in the back of the car.
Kind of bullshit, no?
Rhodes, can you cut the
shit for like one night, huh?
Carpoza and Lawson are still
inside and we lost communication
You two are coming in with us,
we're gonna locate our guys, and
Then you can go home and
jerk each other offer.
That does sound good.
Ok, have you used Listerine today?
Oh, and our radios are fucked.
That's fucking great.
Well let's fucking do this, baby.
Let's rock and roll.
Guys, this is Kayla and Dave.
Force. We know who they are.
My wife and I are huge fans.
- Thank you.
Sheriff bridge has already
briefed us, so I assure you,
We'll be out of your way.
Alright, here we go.
Me and Grif'll take the point.
Rhodes and Sobecheck, cover us in.
It's been kicked in.
Salem county police.

Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Keep that camera back.
Oh my god.
Keep that camera back.
Carpoza! Lawson!
What've ya got?
I've got bodies everywhere.
Bodies. How many bodies?
Shut that camera off.
I said shut that fucking camera off!
Did you fucking hear me?
Don't touch the camera, ok?
But if you don't shut that
fucking camera off, Im gonna
Kicking your fucking ass.
Alright! It's off. Look!
Oh my god.
Alright, nobody touch anything.
Rhodes, take them out
front. Contact dispatch.
Tell Janice we need backup.
I want state police here, now!
Copy that.
C'mon you two, outside.
You gotta be kidding me?
I said get fucking outside!
Don't touch me.
You too, fatso. Move your ass.
I think Im going to be sick.
I gotta get the fuck out of here.
Ah fuck, no, fuck, no.
Officer down, officer down.
101 dean.
Fucking 23 years old...
she fired off two rounds.
Here's your two shells.
That means she must have been,
uh, she must have been standing
Right about...
right about here when
she let those rounds go.
Well who knows, maybe she got the guy.
Lawson could shoot.
I mean, she was a girl and all,
but trust me if she fired that
Gun, she got the guy.
Alright, let's find our bullet holes.
Guys, what is the hold up?
I've gotta piss.
Shut the fuck up, Donald.
We've got bigger problems.
You're gonna have a
much bigger wet problem
In the backseat in a minute.
You and your little dick are
not on my list of priorities.
That is not what you said last night.
You said you loved me and my dick.
Shut the fuck up.
Officer Rhodes, on scene.
101 dean parkway.
Five dead so far.
Requesting back up from state police.
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Piece of fucking shit.
You gotta phone?
What's the number of
the fucking station?
Oh yeah...
c'mon Janice, pick up.
Get off the fucking toilet.
Punk, mothafucka.
Bring it.
Salem county police department.
Cops calling cops.
I love this.
This is the best.
And to think, I was just
going to let you take a piss.
Just a little peepee.
Shut the fuck up Donald.
If you piss, Ill whip your
ass in a fucking second.
Shut up.
Salem county police.
Show yourself slowly.
Officer down, officer
down, officer down!
Alright, I got you buddy.
I got ya.
What the fuck happened?
it was so beautiful.
It was so great...
Carpoza, who did this to you?
...still in the house.
You heard him.
Assailant still in the house.
We'll go room by room.
Ok, but we stick together.
None of this splitting up bullshit.
Leads to a balcony.
Locked from the inside.
How many doors does this house got?
What the?
What the fuck is that?
Get this.
Some kind of serious electrical
problem going on here.
Let's take advantage of the light.
Pop it.
Oh my god.
Ah shit.
Ok, ok.
Hey, hey, hey.
You're ok. You're alright.
This kid's cold as ice.
You have a name, honey? Huh?
Ok, let's get her to safety, and
then we'll come back and check
The rest of the house.
It's ok, alright? Don't be scared.
We're all here to protect you, ok?
You come with us.
We're good, we're good.
Hey, hey.
You find her?
Yeah, she needs medical
attention right away.
The nearest medical
unit's like 30 miles away.
Are you kidding me?
So Ill take her to the mobile
command unit and give her a
Look, alright?
Mobile command unit?
Hey, hey.
The stupid van.
Where's Carpoza and Lawson?
Where's Carpoza and Lawson?
Are you fucking kidding me?
There's no tracks outside the house.
The only way someone left this
house is if they flew off that
Fucking roof.
I'm going back in there to
get some motherfucking payback.
Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy, Rhodes.
I can't have you just
go running in there,
And adding to the body count.
Look at me.
I want to blow this
motherfucker's head off as bad
As you do, you understand me?
I don't need anything getting fucked up.
Alright, alright.
But I want to get the
fuck back in there.
Ok, Sobecheck you take the point.
Me and Rhodes will cover you in.
And will you two please stay back there
With detective Griffith.
It's really not safe in here right now.
Let's go.
You know what, I like the
little girl angle better,
So let's get plenty of this.
Really going for that Emmy, huh Kayla?
Woo jeez, you are cold, huh sweetie?
Is she ok?
Well, we're gonna take a look.
No visible injuries.
But, you never know what's
going on inside, huh?
Were you a rescue worker
before you were a cop?
Well sorta.
A field medic.
Ok so let's see...
there's no signs of head
trauma or concussion.
That is a good sign.
I'm going to listen right with this, ok?
Here you go.
Warm that up.
One more time.
Can you breath for me honey?
Is everything ok?
Everything is not ok.
What do you mean? She looks fine.
She has no pulse.
No heartbeat.
We're all on the same page here, right?
We all know what's
going to go down, right?
You know Im on the same page.
Nobody's walking out of here in cuffs.
This cocksucker's going out in a bag.
Fuck yeah!
Let's fucking do this.
Will you two shut the fuck up!
All clear over here.
I got nothing.
Copy that.
Let's move.
Let's cut across.
Definitely signs of struggle.
Motherfuckers must have
pulled them right out of bed.
It's fucked up.
C'mon keep moving.
Let's go.
Hey Rhodes...
Remember what you said about
flying off the fucking roof?
You think he trapped himself up there?
I've seen stranger shit.
There's probably fucking
bats up there, man.
I hate fucking bats.
I can't see a fucking thing.
Watch your six.
Clear, right.
It's so fucking loud.
Get this. Get this.
Here it comes.
What the fuck?
I don't think we're alone up here guys.
...many things.
thy kingdom...
... is to be disrupted.
Hey hey!
Get down on the fucking ground.
my glory is not for...
hands on your head!
Hands on your fucking head.
will reign the region...
and short will be the tyranny over us.
I don't want to have to blow
Your fucking head off, buddy.
Turn around now!
only the innocent soul
Can open the door.
The serpent will come.
Blood will flow.
Glory will rise.
Jesus Christ.
Holy shit man.
He's dead.
Ya think?
It's gotta be a cult or some shit.
Did you fucking hear that?
What the fuck was that?
Let's go find out.
Go, move it.
Go, go, go.
I got you covered.
Go, go go!
I think it was the front.
It could be the cellar door.
Carpoza's gone.
I know Sobecheck, I know.
No, he's fucking gone.
What do you mean gone?
As in not here anymore.
No, no, no.
He was fucking right here, man...
he was fucking dead, Sobecheck.
I know.
What the?
This shit aint right, man.
He was right fucking
there, dead as can be.
Maybe he wasn't dead.
Trust me, he was dead.
Maybe someone fucking dragged him away.
Take off your fucking glasses.
They're prescription, asshole!
Come in, Janice.
Dispatch, come in.
Hello, hello, hello.
Come in Janice, can you read me?
Nothing's working out here.
You, hey!
Officer uh biff, Griff...
sir? Please, hello?
What is it?
Come on, please, please, please.
Come on, come here please.
So listen, Ive had to piss for
about two hours now, and Ive
Been a really good boy and
Id really, really, really
Appreciate it if you just let
me go water those bushes over
There, man, please?
Yeah alright, go ahead.
But make it quick.
Yes, yes, yes!
I take it back.
Not all you guys are assholes.
You're a good guy, I appreciate it.
Can you...
do something about these?
Eh, you know, go ahead.
Just figure it out.
It means, look you've got like
a foot and 100 pounds on me,
So, if you try to run, Im
just going to fucking shoot you.
Lawsons gone too.
Where the fuck is Griff?
Fucking hilarious.
I could totally fucking bolt right now.
Then they'll just
arrest me in the morning.
And Ive got to sleep on my mom's couch.
This way I get a bed, and breakfast.
Those powdered eggs I like.
I'm just saying, it doesn't feel right.
Last time I had this feeling,
a lot of people had to die.
Obviously it wasn't my fault.
Excessive force, my ass.
You got your story.
I got mine.
The department didn't believe me
back then, they're not going to
Believe me now.
My point is, this just
doesn't feel right.
What is it, honey?
We were totally just bonding.
Don't take it personal.
Kids are funny like that.
Oh shit.
Let's hang on one fucking second here.
Figure shit out.
We got no tracks, no footprints.
It's like they got up and
fucking walked away, man.
That definitely came from downstairs.
That definitely came from outside.
I'll take this, you take that.
Right on, let's rock.
There's nothing down here, man.
Can't see fucking shit anyway, man.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
What the fuck?
Shoot him, just shoot him.
Shoot the fucking guy!
hold him, hold him!
Sandy, they're back.
I knew this day would come.
That was awesome.
Don't mention it.
What the fuck was that?
I don't know, man, but
that wasn't Carpoza.
His eyes...
they were just black.
That wasn't fucking human.
That took three of us to put down.
He had to be on PCB or angel dust...
No, you guys don't understand.
We found him the house.
Gunshot wound to the neck.
I've seen a lot of dead guys in my time,
And he was fucking dead.
Shouldn't you get some
more cops down here?
Or maybe the fucking X-men.
Where's detective Griffith?
I thought he was with you.
I gotta get back inside.
I still have guys in there.
I'm going with you.
Guys, I appreciate it, but you need to
Stay here with Kayla the kid.
What if your boys are
just like this guy?
Well, then you might be
hearing a lot of gunshots.
Do me a favor, let's
get this guy around back.
I don't want the kid to see it.
Here we go.
Rhodes, fuck.
Bridge, shhh.
Woah man, you don't look so good.
Nah, nah man.
It's not as bad as it looks.
What the fuck happened?
Fucking Lawson man.
She attacked us.
She jumped me, split
my fucking head open.
I went down...
and I don't remember
anything after that.
Where the fuck is Sobecheck?
- I don't know man.
I'm pretty sure he went
back down that way though.
You stand back here and cover me.
Nobody gets by you.
I've got you covered.
Fuck me.
Just be careful, k?
Hey kiddo.
Ok, let's see.
Tell me you got some of that.
Oh I got some of it.
I got all of it.
Eat your heart out dateline.
Lights go on.
Lights go off.
I don't get it.
I mean we just got attacked
by a possessed cop from the
Underworld, and you're
worried about the lights
Going on and off?
It's all connected, man.
You know what, Ill believe just
about anything that you tell me
Bridge is pretty brave
for going back in there.
Yeah, or stupid.
Hold up, hold up!
Fuck you.
Hey! Why?
Get your camera and get in there.
You really want to go back in there?
Oh come on.
What's up, bitch?
C'mon kid.
Back stairwell.
Hey, hang on. Hang on a second!
Lock it up, lock it up.
Lock it up!
What the hell do you think Im doing?
Turn around.
Turn the fuck around!
Get out of the house!
Get out of the fucking house.

Where's the girl?
She ran inside.
Now what?
Uh, here comes the cavalry.
Thank Christ.
Just what the doctor ordered.
You in charge?
What the fuck happened?
What the fuck happened.
Well let's see.
I have at least three dead
cops in there, maybe more.
There's an entire family butchered
At the dining room table.
I have a six-Year-Old little
traumatized girl running around.
Nobody knows where the fuck she is.
And oh yeah, my entire
department has turned into some
Kind of possessed creatures
from the fucking underworld.
Possessed creatures from
the fucking underworld?
You don't believe me?
Come here. Come here.
Look at...
Come here, look.
It took three guys and
nine shots to put him down?
Son, I can buy lenses
like that at CVS for $9.95.
And as far as taking three guys,
Could just be a lack of basic training.
I'd tell you fuckwad, why don't
you sit down, try to relax, and
Stay the fuck out of the way, ok?
We're gonna have the ambulance
and the hazmat here shortly.
And do me a favor.
Tell your people to step the
fuck back behind the truck,
Are you serious?
Is this guy for real?
There's something you don't understand.
There's fucking monsters in there.
Was I speaking to you, freakface?
Stand down and step your
funky ass behind the truck.
Go find a cupcake before
you get yourself locked up.
I already was locked up today.
This guy.
Show him the playback on the tape.
Oh shit, yeah.
Explain this to me. Right?
What is going on here?
Lots of funky drugs.
Probably bath salts or
some freaky shit like that.
Earl, Salem county P.D. retire.
With all due respect, sir.
I've dealt with this
type of force before.
I recommend that you call for
additional backup and proceed
With extreme caution.
I appreciate that, but me and
my squad, we are those guys.
We don't call for backup.
We are the fucking backup.
What the fuck happened to you, though?
Me and you came up together.
You used to be a good cop.
You have no clue.
Look, whatever is up in there...
whether it's gun totin' junkies
or devil worshipping meth heads,
We got that shit on lock.
Alright, Ive got something real special
And tasty for you tonight.
I'm talking about that living,
breathing, nasty, stinkin' shit.
We gonna take their breath away.
We're talking about dirty cops.
My personal favorite.
They're probably somewhere inside.
Armed, dangerous, jacked
up on some real nasty shit.
Now, just for extra
jokes, we gotta little girl
Somewhere in the house.
Local P.D. says that
she's probably still alive.
So, watch your sight pitches
and check your backdrops.
- Let's go. Boom, boom!
Ramon, beefcake, you're with me.
We gotta breach the front door first.
Terry, smith, you take the upstairs.
Remember, radio silence
once we're on the inside.
We're the quick and they're the dead.
Let's mount up.

Terry, smith.
Want me to go first, hardy?
Fuck off smith.
Someone forget to pay the
electric bill in this place?
Smell that boys?
That's blood.
Fresh too.
Alright, let's scope that shit out.
Beefcake, you stay back.
Ramon, you take the flank.
I'm going to grab the hallway.
C'mon, lock up.
I got a bad fuckin' feeling about this.
They shoulda waited.
They should have called for backup.
They're trained for this shit.
There is no training for this shit.
Woah, cuz, you gotta sledge hammer?
I got a fuckin' 12 gauge.
You do the math.
That's not good.
We're wastin' time.
We sit here, we're dead.
Bridge, you hold firm.
I'll be back.
Big guy, you come with me.
Hey, hey.
Where you goin'?
It's ok.
You're safe with us.
So this is why they
call you crazy earl, huh?
They call me crazy earl?
No they don't.

I don't hear a fuckin' thing in there.
I guess they didn't make it.
Hmm. That's not looking too good.
This is sheriff bridge,
Salem county police.
I have multiple officers
down at 101 dean parkway,
Rustic Salem county.
Repeat, multiple officers down.
101 dean parkway.
Rustic Salem county.
I just hope they didn't
hurt that poor little thing.
She's still in there.
Um, excuse me...
I might be out of my fuckin'
mind here but I think that
Little girl is dead.
She has no vitals. No nothing.
Wait, what do you mean no vitals?
Detective Grif, he checked her
out, and there was no pulse,
No nothing. She was dead.
She was cold as ice
too when I grabbed her.
I mean there's no
such thing as ghosts or
Possessed demon children.
You know what honey, before
tonight I might have been with
But something tells me
there's some real life
Dungeon and dragon shit
going on in that house.
Yeah? What are you getting at?
I mean, will somebody please
tell me what the fuck we're
Dealing with here.
Soldiers of Satan.
Pure motherfuckin' evil.
We got guns.

They consume the bodies
of the sick and the dying.
emerges from within.

They're gathering souls.
Adding to the ranks.
Building an army of the damned.
Army of the motherfucking damned, dudes.
Don't touch that.
They've grown stronger
over the centuries.
And the ones that we face
tonight are stronger than the
Ones that I fought two decades ago.
Only an innocent soul can set them free.
Free from hell.
Free to walk the earth.
But Ive got a one way ticket
back to hell right here.
Woah, what are
- What are you doing?!
Holy fuck.
Nice shot.
So what's with the power?
Takes a lot of juice to
get all the way from hell.
The girl!
Let's do this!
You're not coming in there with us.
Well you can't stop me either.
I'm from la motherfucker.

Here they come!
There's the girl.
There she is, get her!
Hey, little girl.
It's uncle Donny, tryin' to find ya.
Save ya from hell warriors.
Come on kid.
We can get together
and watch fragglerock.
I don't know what the fuck you
little shits watch these days.
There you are.
Oh shit.
Uh! Uh!
My god, you are creepy.
Aw honey, you've got bad timing.
They just stopped.
They could have killed us.
They're after the girl.
They went downstairs.
C'mon, up, up, up.
Fuck, earl.
Get the girl.
Get out of here now!
I got something for
the rest, right here.
You fucking bitch.
Got me a gun.
Come on
Jeez, he won't die.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Garage door, garage door!
This way.
See you in hell boys.
One of your fuckin' asshole
friends kicked me off the roof.
I wanna go home.
Woah ho ho, look who decided to show up.
No, no, no we didn't need you hours ago.
It's cool.
People dying here and shit.
Who's taking me home?
Which one?
Fuck all you guys.
Seriously fuck all of you.
What do you say we take this
kid and get out of here, huh?
We can hit a playground,
maybe chucky cheese,
Some group therapy, who knows.
Yeah. Let's go.
Are you kidding me?
We're here at the dean mansion
where a gas main unexpectedly
Exploded in the early morning hours.
Residents of the rustic Salem
county area reported the blast
And emergency response
teams were quick to arrive.
The explosion was fast and furious,
Ripping through the basement.
Fortunately, the home is
surrounded by a thick layer of
Bedrock, leaving the
family upstairs unharmed.
More on this, live at 5,
from rustic Salem county
I'm Patricia Woods.
Looks like a fuckin'
slaughterhouse in here.
We got six bodies
charred to shit from the
Blast in the basement.
We gotta a cop outside blown to
ribbons, and uh whatever is left
Of the camera guy is at
the top of the stairs.
The u of d guys said
that his fucking spleen
Is stuck to the ceiling.
That's enough, Colton.
We got a total of nine dead bodies.
5 swat, 4 local pd.
Didn't the report say something
about a murdered family at the
Dining room table?
What the fuck?
Now if the wind would
stop, it'd be perfect.
I know.
Told you, you're a natural.
You're a good cop.
And Ive seen a lot of them.
Alright well thanks.
I think you pass my test.
You know, this is uh...
this is probably a bad time.
I mean this is probably
a really bad time,
But you never did answer me.
You gotta thing against datin' cops?
That depends.
You gotta thing against
dating single moms?
I've waited for so long
for the innocent soul.
Just like you, bridge.
The serpent is here.
The blood will flow.
The army will rise!