Around the Block (2013) Movie Script

Yo, yo
I remember being younger,
I used to jam on that mic
Rock, rock, rock, rockin'
Around that clock
up on a Saturday night
Man, it was fly
gettin' them people
Do their dance on the floor
See, I was never
a fan of the hype
More concerned
with having a ball
Slowly the phony
Would choke
and go creepin' home
But you could catch me
with my cronies
Doing the d-d-do-si-do
A philosopher once said,
"One is not born a woman,
but chooses to become one."
I've always wondered
if it's the same with freedom.
It's real, we're real,
so real
Done deal
Think together
we're the struggle to feel
All the same
think to feel
So why are
the black people
And white people
Our heroes,
our people?
Being from town
all over the place
We can't stop them,
but it's all about our race
We gotta stand up, speak up
Be a preacher
with this hiccup
Keep up,
become a teacher
Come to Aboriginal
We do not choose to be born,
but can we choose to be free?
Is anyone really free?
Run, run, run!
And never ride it out
Never run out when they
just wanna make you stop
People gonna
bitch about you anyway
Tell them how it is
we'll sway them anyway
I'm gonna go ahead
and say it anyway
Just to get
the pity pennies made
Man, it's not
a lemonade stand
How was training, bub?
All right.
Liam, fuck off!
He's useless.
He's useless.
Hey, babe.
That's it, boy.
Where's the defense?
Push him.
Push him.
Holding the ball.
Push him.
Tackle him.
He's open.
Tackle him.
Kick it.
Hey, how'd it go?
Baby, did you shoot that?
That's amazing.
Ah, sorry.
It's okay.
They'll be gone.
It'll be finished soon,
I promise.
You're beautiful,
and this is amazing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I should be...
You go. Go.
Got to go.
What's a fella gotta do to get
a feed around here?
You've got two hands,
haven't ya?
You coming?
Where to?
Down the Block.
Hey, Woody.
You know Jacob?
Came down from Moree.
Hey, bud.
What's up?
This is my little brother,
Hey, how's your old man?
He's all right.
Let's have a kick.
Eyes closed
and shouting right now
Lights turn on
and the dark turns up
Side by side dream bigger,
next in line it's late
Now this is all me
Now this is
all me
Lights turn on
and the dark turns up
Side by side
dream bigger
Next in line it's late,
now this is all me
TAMIKA: Oh, look out.
Now this is all me
(Siren wailing)
TAMIKA: Hey, don't touch him.
What'd he do to you?
(Indistinct chattering)
Years 7 and 8 English,
Elective drama
years 9 and 10,
And 3 unit
English year 11.
That should keep you
pretty busy.
Know anything about fish?
Not really.
Must be some kind
of a lurgy.
Our year elevens
should be
Onto their high school
certificate texts,
Which this year
I believe is...
Revenge tragedy.
Revenge tragedy.
Look, the school's
more likely closing
Before the end
of the year.
And these kids
would be unlikely
To move over
to Endeavor High,
So do what
you can, eh?
Have some fun with them.
I was thinking of having them
perform one of the plays.
Help them comprehend
the story.
Ah, well, my girl,
you do what you can.
If they pass on attendance
alone, I'll be a happy man.
These students are what
the state calls "kids at risk,"
So don't expect
too much from them.
So if you've got
no more questions,
Margaret in the office will
fix you up with the keys.
Thank you, sir.
Not sir, Bill.
You're the teacher,
What brings you to Redfern?
Half your luck.
Oh, shit.
Hey, Uncle Rex.
I'm Dino Chalmers,
teaching English and drama.
What happened to you?
The cops raided the Block
again last night.
Hey, bro.
You got a stick, bro?
Hey, boys, teacher!
Let's split, boys.
Let's go!
CHALMERS: Who is that boy?
Liam Wood.
He and the others are supposed
to be in this class,
but they never come.
(Bell ringing)
CHALMERS: Dancing boy.
I saw you dancing
at Newtown yesterday.
You missed
my class today.
Not cool.
Bring it to class tomorrow.
A bunch of books
arrived for you.
I'll get those out
of your way.
Doesn't bother me.
I must say, though,
interesting choice for a play.
England's most celebrated
Don't you just
love Hamlet?
You do realize over 70%
of the students
In this school are indigenous,
Maori and Pacific Islanders?
I'm aware of the student
population, yes.
And the other 30%
are Lebanese,
Vietnamese, oh,
and Caucasian.
It's in the curriculum.
So is Captain Cook.
night's raid in the notorious
Everleigh Street in Redfern
has resulted in three arrests.
Violent resistance is said
to have taken place
As police vehicles
entered the area
Known by locals
as the Block.
Two policemen are also being
questioned over the incident.
Did ya hear that?
To sport, the Manly Sea Eagles
Continued their winning
streak, defeat...
STEVE: Bullshit.
Are we going?
Get Liam, will ya?
Jeez, look at your eye.
Said I'm a night owl
Flying above the city
after lights out
'Cause my thoughts
are clearest
When the noise dies down
So while you sleep
I'm up late
Working on my escape plan
So take my hand 'cause
we're leaving right now
And you can march with me
or you can move aside
Whether you a true doogie
or you just cruising by
Forget the do or die
Just loosen your suit
and tie
They too concerned
with being cool
I'm concerned
with losing mine
Hear the stomach rumble,
it's running on empty
But still I break bread
with those
Who trespass against me
'Cause even angels tell lies
on their bad days
Tryin' to navigate a world
that's man made
But the forementioned
Who inhabit
my shoulder blades
And both claiming
they know the way
with my poker face
But I'm feeling like a pimp
so I'm gonna brush 'em off
Look 'em in the eyes
when I tell 'em straight
Welcome overstayed,
truth be told
Truth be told
Let no man be afraid
to speak his part
But let it come from
the heart and the soul
An alibi's just a lie
in the absence of proof
Above all
let the truth be told
Hi, how are you doing?
How are youse?
All right.
Where's your mum?
She's just signing in.
She'll be here in a sec.
Hey, what happened to you?
Cops were down the Block
again last night.
You all right?
That's good.
Big game on the weekend.
Paper reckons Chicko might get
a run with the Bunnies.
I know who screwed us.
You know how the coppers
knew about that hotel room?
They knew about
the whole bloody job,
Thanks to Barry Griffen.
You serious?
Your Uncle Charlie'd still be
here if it wasn't for him.
That dog!
Hey, keep it down.
That was his cousin
down at the Block.
Tamika's mate.
We'll fuckin'
show them!
Settle down, Steven.
Now you don't do a fuckin'
thing unless I say so.
Do you understand?
Do you understand me?
How's your mum been?
She's all right.
Just give us a bit of time
when she gets here, eh?
That sneaky fuck.
How did he think he was gonna
get away with it?
Is he fuckin' stupid
or what?
Oi, shithead!
Did you ever do Hamlet
at school?
What the fuck
has Hamlet got to do
With that prick
who killed Uncle Charlie?
It's 20 years, Jack.
Fifteen years if you stay
out of trouble.
If you stay out of trouble.
So what are you saying?
How are we supposed
to survive?
Steve's doing all right.
Liam's a smart kid.
He can get a job.
No. He's
finishing high school.
I don't know how long
I can keep doing this.
I'm the one who's fucking
stuck in here, okay?
I can't see my boys,
I can't see my family,
I can't see...
Your girlfriend.
That's it, is it?
You listen to me.
Don't you fucking turn
those boys against me.
I mean it.
Come on.
And don't say
anything to Mum.
CHRIS: Here's to our
new regional manager.
Thank you.
ALL: Cheers.
Thanks, Julie. Cheers.
So Dino, Chris tells me
you're teaching in Redfern.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm surprised the Abos
turn up to school.
I'm allowed to say that.
I'm one-eighth Aboriginal.
Is he? You really? Are you?
You didn't tell me that.
Well, it's not something
I brag about.
I guess there aren't many
Aborigines in America.
Oh well, actually,
I grew up
Next to a Navajo
Oh my God, Adam!
What are you doing here?
I didn't know you were back.
Yeah, a couple
of months now.
Have you seen Kate?
She's working in the deli down
the end of Queen Street.
She'd love to see you.
Hey, where have you been?
I got some shit
to sort out.
Gonna be laying low
for a while.
No time for me?
It's family business.
Come to the jillawah.
JASON: Hey, bro.
Watch my drink, eh?
We've been mates
a long time, eh?
So I can trust you, eh?
I found out who screwed
over the old man.
Barry Griffen.
Fuck, I knew
he was dodgy.
I need someone to help me
sort him out.
Someone I can trust.
Yeah, course, bro.
I don't want no one else
knowing anything until
it's done, all right?
Liam's the only one else.
How much did you
have to drink?
What's up, bro?
Lookin' good?
You look like shit,
Did you go out
last night?
Nah, I was up
reading, eh.
Yeah, I'm thinking
of auditioning
for the school play.
Ah, gonna be
a big movie star, Woody?
Nah, it's just
a school play.
Like your
Uncle Charlie, bruz.
He was a deadly
actor, hey.
Okay, settle down.
Get into pairs
and just read over the scene.
Girls, some of you may
have to play Hamlet,
As there aren't
enough boys.
Don't worry, there was plenty
of cross-dressing
In Mr. Shakespeare's day.
Take a role each,
and discuss the scene
In the context
of the play.
Just read it aloud and discuss
how they were really feeling.
Is Hamlet hot
for Ophelia?
Is she keen on him?
Have you got a partner?
You want to pair up?
Here you go.
I already know all my lines.
I was with Jonathan,
but he's chickened out.
Everything okay?
Yes, thanks, Miss.
Come on.
"I have gifts of yours"
That for a long time
I've wanted to return.
"Please receive
them now."
"No, not I.
I never gave you them."
Your line.
"My honored Lord,
you know right well you did."
And with them you wrote
such beautiful words
"As made the gifts more rich,
but now their beauty is lost."
"Take them back,
for to the noble mind,"
Rich gifts become poor
when givers prove unkind.
"There, my Lord."
"Are you honest?"
"My Lord?"
"Are you fair?"
"What do you mean,
my Lord?"
"That if you're honest
and fair your"...
"That if you're honest
and fair your honesty"...
This is crap.
All right,
great job, guys.
(Bell ringing)
I'll be putting a callback list
on the notice board
In the English block
This will be for the roles
of Hamlet,
Claudius and Ophelia.
If you don't see your name
on this list,
It does not mean
that you won't be in the play.
Also, rehearsals
will start next week,
So be sure
to let me know
If you won't be able
to make them.
Your book.
What did you think?
It's all right.
I hated Shakespeare
until I read Hamlet.
I was drawn
to his darkness.
He's just messed up
like the rest of us.
My Uncle played
Horatio once.
He always wanted
to play Hamlet.
Reckons he was
the deadliest character
written by a white fella.
So what's stopping him?
He's dead.
O, that this too,
too solid flesh would melt.
Thaw and resolve itself
into a dew.
Or that the everlasting
had not fixed
His canon 'gainst
Found out where that
Griffen's livin', the dog.
Over the eastern
suburbs there.
Reckon he got himself
a nice deal with them coppers.
What's doin', boys?
There's talk
of another riot, eh.
Rocco's still in a coma.
Got a smoke?
You coming to class
this afternoon, or what?
You're not worried
what they'll think, are ya?
I didn't peg you
to be like that.
I'm not.
I read an article
about your uncle.
He was part of
the Black Theater, right?
Must have been
an amazing time.
He was deadly.
He went to America too.
Got a scholarship
at an acting school
where Robert de Niro went.
I really think you should
come this afternoon.
I dare you.
"I say we will have
no more marriages."
Those that are married already
all but one shall live.
The rest shall keep
as they are.
"To a nunnery, go."
Thank you, Matthew, Willie.
All right,
last up for today.
Do you need a minute
to look over your script?
No, it's okay.
"To be or not to be:"
That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
to suffer the slings
And arrows
of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms
against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them?
To die.
To sleep.
No more: and by a sleep
to say we end the heartache
And the thousand natural shocks
that flesh is here to...
The heartache and the thousand
natural shocks
"That flesh
is heir to tes..."
What's he feeling, Liam?
What's he feeling?
He wants to get away.
CHALMERS: Away from what?
He's sad.
Show me that.
Show me that sadness.
"To die..."
Or to sleep.
To sleep, perchance to dream,
For in that sleep of death
what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off
this mortal coil.
Must give us pause.
There's the respect that makes
the calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips
and scorns of time.
Th' oppressor's wrong,
the proud man's contumely,
"With the pangs
of despised love..."
"And lose the name of action."
"Soft you now."
LIAM: Hey.
You were good in there.
I was shamed.
You weren't shamed.
You were good.
You make it look,
I don't know, easy.
They had drama
at my old school.
Who do you reckon's
the best Hamlet?
Mel Gibson or Ethan Hawke?
Denzel Washington.
I got to go.
Who do you reckon's
the best Hamlet?
Her face when you were
lookin' for a while
Without a trace that we're
underneath the weather
And I tried to let go
and she slipped away
Like a little girl
But I really wanna
make her mine
My girl would
never say
What I need to hear
to make it all okay
So we try to make nice
so the kids won't know
For a little while
But it really
doesn't make it all
Find you alone a while
With a heavy hand
and a darkened smile
Let her find
time to regret
But I still don't know
And I really want
to make her mine
She wants to know
just who I am
She wants to know
just who I am
She can make you work
For the worth
that she has
She wants to know
just who I am
I'm guessin'
that it happens
All of the time
Through no
fault of mine
What are you
so chirpy about?
Well, I've got
some good news.
Guess who's got a job
interview tomorrow?
Well, you don't have
to sound so surprised.
Here, come and help us
practice the interview, will ya?
Like what?
Just ask some questions.
What's your name?
Christina Wood.
How old are you?
Who's your
favorite singer?
Oh, not those
sorts of questions.
I'm going for
a job in sales.
Have you ever had any
experience in sales?
Next question.
Nah nah nah...
I'm still working on that.
Next question!
(Knocking on door)
Is Steven Wood here?
No. Why?
We're hoping he can help
us with some inquiries.
Has he been here
at all today?
I don't know.
I just got back home.
What's your name?
Liam what?
Can you get him to contact
the Redfern police station
when he gets home, please?
So there'll be maintenance
in the science block
To fix the damaged roof
next week.
So if you all check with
Margot for room relocations,
Which, uh
brings us to NAIDOC week.
As we all know, this
is likely to be
The last NAIDOC week before
the Endeavor merger.
What's NAIDOC week?
National Aboriginal
and Islander Day.
And once again,
we have one time slot
To showcase a cultural
activity to the community.
One time slot in case
The Honorable Minister
for Education
Decides to show
up this year.
Brent, I suppose
you propose
The city versus
country football match?
We have a seconder
for that?
Every year, we host
a football match
To celebrate
and showcase the school.
Are there any
other proposals?
What about the year
eleven play?
The students would love to
perform in front of an audience.
We host the footie
match every year.
Exactly. So maybe
it's time for a change.
Why would you change it?
The community love it.
All right.
Let's vote.
Those for the city versus
country football match?
And for the play?
Uncle Rex?
You got
the deciding vote.
The play it is, then.
It's fuckin' Hamlet.
Are you sure they're
ready for this?
I'm sure.
Bit of paper in,
we'll bark it up.
Put some leaves on top.
See that? Down here.
That's it.
You need a light?
No, I'm all right.
Better watch out, they'll have
them firemen fellas down here.
They've already been.
You do good
with that teacher lady.
It's shame.
No shame.
That's in your
blood, boy.
Long line.
MAN: Two dollars, mate!
Who's that?
Those developers reckon they
can make some money here.
You think they might
buy my car, too?
I reckon.
Catch ya later,
Ah, see ya.
Hello, lady.
How're you doing?
I'm doing pretty well.
What are you reading?
It's for my year
11 drama students.
We're performing Hamlet
in front of a big
audience for NAIDOC week.
Oh, you...
Oh, it's good.
It's good.
It's really,
it's great.
What were you
going to say?
Ah, nothing.
But just that, um,
Didn't you say that your
students were Aboriginal?
Yeah, and Islander
and Maori.
So how are they going
to understand Shakespeare?
Baby, hey, hey,
hey, hey,
I'm not being racist.
I just...
You just what?
I don't want you
to be disappointed, okay?
And I know how hard
you're going to work, baby.
Sometimes you
are so Aussie.
Does that mean we're
not going to have sex?
Yes, that's
what that means.
Okay. I'll just
read my book.
settle down.
Listen up!
I have some
exciting news.
JOSEPH: We get to watch
movies all day?
How would you guys like
to perform at NAIDOC week?
Are you serious?
Do you think we'll
be good enough, Miss?
Well, it's going to take
a lot of work.
And we're really going
to have to trust each other,
So it's your call.
I'm willing to put
in the work.
What do you think?
You want to do this?
ALL: Yeah.
Is it a custom?
Ay, marry, is't,
But to my mind,
though I am native here.
To the manor born
it is a custom.
Suit the action
to the word, the word...
All right, take five.
So who can tell
me what subtext is?
Subtext is the meaning
behind the words.
It's the most
important question
A performer has
to ask themselves.
What do these
words really mean?
What is this character
really trying to say?
For example, what if
I walk into the room
And I say,
"Good morning, class"?
The subtext determines
how I say good morning.
So what if I say,
"Good morning, class."
What do I mean?
You're sick?
Right, or I don't want
to be here.
What if I say,
"Good morning, class!"
What's my subtext?
You've dropped an E?
That's right, Joseph,
Or I'm trying to inspire
you guys.
We use subtext
all the time.
The same with artists
and musicians.
Who can give me
an example of a musician
who uses subtext?
You guys listen
to Tupac?
Oh, yeah.
All right, well, Tupac
is a perfect example.
In fact, he was
a lot like Shakespeare.
Yeah, right.
No, really, really.
Think about it.
He used poetry,
Rhyming couplets
to express himself.
His rhymes were
a social commentary,
Just like Shakespeare's.
Drew, give me
a rhyme of Tupac's.
"Perhaps I was addicted
to the dark side,
Somewhere in my childhood
I missed my heart die."
Okay, Liam,
read the last two lines
of the scene we just did.
Sit still my soul.
Foul deeds will rise.
All the earth overwhelm
them to man's eyes.
When my mama ask me,
will I change, I tell her yeah,
But it's clear
I'll always be the same
until the end of time.
So take,
these broken wings
I need your hands to come
and heal me once again
You Steve?
Who wants to know?
Jimmy said
you're lookin' to buy.
Not here.
Show some respect.
Hey, Jase!
This time might be
the last time I fear
Unless I make it
all too clear
I need you so
Whoa oh oh
Take these broken wings
And learn to fly again
Learn to live so free
And when we hear
The voices sing
The book of love will open up
and let us in
So take these
Anything else?
Very nice,
thank you.
Wait, one more.
Thank you.
All right, next.
That you're half
of the flesh
And blood that makes
me whole
I need you so
So take these broken wings
And learn to fly again
Learn to live so free
And when we hear
The voices sing
The book of
love will open up
And let us in
So take these broken wings
And learn to fly again
So for Hamlet,
who's still dealing
With the death
of the father...
(Bell ringing)
There's a full
read-through tomorrow.
We'll pick it up then.
Are you doing anything
this afternoon?
Uh, no.
Got a read-through tomorrow.
Just wondering if,
I don't know,
we could go over some stuff?
has my dying voice.
So tell him, with the occurrents
more and less.
Which have solicited,
The rest is silence.
Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night, sweet prince.
And flights of angels
sing thee to thy rest.
What happens now?
You're dead.
You know your lines
all right.
You're a freak.
It's weird, eh,
how much you remember
from when you're little.
What do you mean?
Oh, I used to listen
to my uncle reads his lines
Over and over
when he did Hamlet.
They rehearsed just
across the water.
All that
for his dad, hey?
Oh, he didn't have
much choice, but.
What do you mean?
You know,
duty and stuff.
Don't know if I'd do
the same for my dad.
I reckon you would.
Dying for him?
It's not like it's going
to bring him back.
he wouldn't want me to.
How do you know?
Because I know
he loves me.
I found out
where Barry Griffen's living.
Eastern suburbs.
I'm gonna pay him
a little visit,
and I need you there.
There's talk of another
riot coming up.
That's our chance.
While the cops have
their hands full here...
What about Dad?
This is for Dad,
you dickhead.
Dad and Uncle Charlie.
We gotta show 'em...
we're still in charge.
Then what do
you need me for?
To drive.
You won't even be
in the house.
I don't have a license.
We're gonna go
shoot this fucker,
And you're worried about
not having a license?
Jase might come too,
But I don't what no one else
knowing nothin', okay?
You can't trust anyone.
Don't have a license.
You got a blackfella's
license, don't ya?
Take up the bodies.
Such a sight as this
becomes the field,
But here shows much amiss.
Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
Okay, what do we think
of the end of the play?
CASEY: It sucks.
It totally sucks,
but that's what
makes it a tragedy.
And what about
Hamlet's state of mind?
Do you guys think he was
really mad, or insane?
He... he pretends to be mad
so no one suspects him.
Or maybe so he doesn't have
to take action at all.
Wasn't it only when Laertes
wanted to fight Hamlet
That he was forced
to respond?
In Act 3, the King says,
"Madness in great ones
should not unwatched go."
What does he mean
by this?
There's a reason
for him being mad.
And the king knows it.
That's why Shakespeare has
lasted all these years,
Because he can be
interpreted in so many ways.
Like a deadly MC, Miss.
Open to interpretation.
That's exactly right.
Or any great work of art.
It's through art
that we can escape,
That we can experience
a sense of freedom.
People use art to try
to effect change.
used the theater
To express his view on
Morality, beauty, politics.
Other artists use music,
Photography, painting,
Even movies.
Okay, today,
I want each of you
to write a letter
To someone important
in your life,
A special guest
that you'd like to invite
To come and see our play, okay?
It can be anyone, sports star,
a politician, your mom, dad.
I'm going to write
to the Minister for Education
as my special guest.
If you don't know
the address,
You have two days
to get them to me.
I will be sending
these letters out
with invitations on Friday.
Dear Prime Minister,
I am 16 years old,
Of Kamilaroi
and Wiradjuri tribes.
I am writing
to invite you
To our school's production
of Hamlet,
Which will be performed
at our NAIDOC week.
DREW: I play football
for the Redfern All Blacks,
And I am your biggest fan.
I am writing
to invite you
To our school's production
of Hamlet.
All right,
when you're ready.
JOSEPH: Dear Mum,
I'm not sure
where you are right now...
But I would like to invite you
as my special guest.
I miss you so much.
Dear Minister Johnson,
I am a descendant
of the Gadigal
and Arinda clans,
And a student
at Redfern High.
We are showcasing a Hamlet
performance at NAIDOC week,
And I want to invite you
as my special guest.
You still looking
for a house, Simo?
Mm, we are mate, yeah.
We can't afford anything
in Sydney, though.
Prices are out of control,
you know, so...
You should have a little look
around the Block in Redfern.
All the Abos keep
the prices down.
Dino, you'd be used to it,
teaching all the Abos at school.
Hey, how do you, ah,
keep them from sniffing
all the petrol from your car?
Stop it!
Shut up, Chris.
Baby, he's only
mucking around.
Oh, and that makes
it all right?
Yeah, I'm allowed to.
I'm one-eighth Aboriginal.
Yeah, and seven-eighths
You might wanna keep
a little eye on your missus, Si.
Think she might be
rootin' a blackfella.
Chris, I think...
I'm so sorry, mate.
Dino, baby!
Hey! Why are you
walking so fast?
Come on.
Forget it, Simon.
Just leave me alone.
Hey, hey hey.
He's hammered.
He's hammered.
He didn't mean it, okay?
Since when is that an excuse
for becoming a racist prick?
It's not, but he's
my boss, so...
And you can't have
a mind of your own?
No, it's not like that.
You laughed.
You laughed.
Oh, I can't...
I can't do this.
What can't you do?
What are you talking about?
Come on, what?
No, I don't...
I don't want this.
I don't...
I don't want this life.
Dino, come on, baby.
No, I can't be
your little missus,
And go to lunches
and barbecues every Sunday,
I don't belong
in your world.
I'm sorry.
Wish me luck!
What's that sound?
Step up or step down
you left fronting?
You're bound
to be a letdown
You call that killer shit?
We call that killing time
It's AC Kween G
and the Sunshyne
Dinner time
for these flesh-eating MCs
Shit's so tasty,
fresh and tempting
Hey, Miss?
Just wondering if the boys
can do a piece.
Some paintings.
Help us with the sets.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, come on in.
You too, Uncle Rex.
Come on, help out.
Ah, yes, well, you got
that right
Everybody likes music
But they've got their type,
mine is good music
What about you, miss?
The type of music that
moves and uplifts?
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
Where you at?
I'm right here
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
Where you at?
I'm right here
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
Where you at?
I'm right here
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
Where you at?
I'm right here
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
Where you at?
I'm right here
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
Where you at?
I'm right here
Where you from?
Where you going?
What's that?
You really gonna try and
pull off this Shakespeare
thing for NAIDOC week?
Why are your expectations
so low?
Do you know anything
about these kids?
I know that it wasn't
that long ago that
I was in their shoes.
You think you've
been in their shoes?
You know what?
I don't have to
apologize for who I am,
especially not to you.
If I want to help
these kids
By offering them another
alternative, I will...
What makes you think
you're helping them?
What am I supposed to do?
Give up, like you and everyone
else in this place?
I can't tell you how many
Gubbas have come here
With a grand vision
for how they're going to help.
And now Shakespeare?
Some of these kids
are on the edge already.
The fact that they turn up
at school at all
is a fuckin' miracle.
I'm not the enemy.
(Engine starts)
So you watching
the game on Sunday?
I suppose.
Dad used to play
for the Bunnies.
You don't talk
about him much.
Oh, you don't talk
about your family, neither.
There's not much to
talk about, really.
Just a boring family.
Mum, Dad
and two-and-a-half kids.
Mum's pregnant.
You wouldn't even know
we're blackfellas if Dad wasn't
On every Aboriginal committee
ever invented.
I wouldn't know
you're a blackfella?
You know what I mean.
(Car approaches)
I'll see you tomorrow.
In a dream
I was untrue
Shouted in sweats
And I knew it was you
All the while
As I traced your spine
Tearing my hair
As my peace of mind
CHALMERS: Double vodka,
straight up.
You don't mess around.
Gross day.
Can't be the same
Where you from?
Your virtue's my vice
In the night we are one
'Til the moment is gone
'Til my race has been run
And if you breathe in
And I breathe in
And slowly let go
If you need it
Then I need it
Only we'll know
And those sorry words
Me not know my mind
And they're so afraid
for use
And if you breathe in
I'll breathe in
I don't want to know
how you did it, mate,
but it worked.
"The Minister for Education
would be delighted to attend"
The Redfern High School's
"Of Hamlet
for NAIDOC week."
That's great.
My girl, there's still
some fight in us yet.
(Engine sputtering)
Pop the bonnet.
It's fine.
Come on, no, it's not.
Fan belt's cactus.
I can fix it till you get
to the garage, if you want.
Take off your pantyhose.
Excuse me?
Trust me.
Are you going to tell me why
you've got it in for me so bad?
Well, you can't blame me
for thinking you're
just another idealist.
We get a lot of them
through here.
And you're the only
true savior?
Well, I'm no tourist.
I was born
and bred in Redfern.
Well, thank you
for having me on your land.
It's not my land.
It's Gadigal land.
Tell me, what's a Gubba?
A Gubba?
It's a whitefella.
You and me,
we're Gubbas.
The way you said
it the other day,
You made it sound
like a dirty word.
I suppose it depends
who you're talking to.
So what's your story?
How'd you end up
in Redfern?
The first time I came here
for college.
The second time,
I came here for a guy.
How'd that work out?
It's complicated.
I guess I'm not
the relationship type.
So what, you're just
going to give up
Like everyone else
around here?
You gotta practice
what you preach, teacher.
What do you know
about Liam Wood?
The Prince of Redfern?
It's heavy.
His old man's locked up
for twenty years,
so they reckon.
Silly bugger tried
to rob the casino.
I suppose he got off
easy compared
To Liam's Uncle
Charlie, though.
He was an actor, right?
Yeah, he was.
Yeah, he should never
have been there.
You think it was
really suicide?
Two white cops
and a dead blackfella.
Who would you believe?
Hey, give that a shot.
Happy birthday, old man.
Happy birthday, Dad.
How's your mum?
She's all right.
She's got a job.
She got a job?
That's good.
I'm gonna get Griffen.
There's shit going down
on the Block tomorrow.
Especially if that
copper gets off.
Jase reckons...
What the fuck, Steven?
Who else knows about this?
Jason's all right.
I'm going to the toilet.
Hey. Who else knows?
Just Jason and Liam.
I think you should wait.
I can do this, Dad.
Trust me.
STEVE: Make sure you're
around Wednesday night.
I've got rehearsals.
It's the last one.
For what?
Just a play.
I need you to drive.
You heard me.
We're going to Barry's.
It's all sorted.
All you have to do
is wait in the car.
When you see Jase
and me run out, we take off.
Couldn't be
more fuckin' simple.
Since when have you been
into plays, anyway?
Not long.
Well, try acting
a little more interested
When we visit
the old man, eh?
Oh, lighten up, would ya?
Fuck me dead.
I'm closing up.
I was wondering
if we could talk.
Um, I...
Yeah, yeah.
Just um,
just give me a second.
KATE: Are you still making
those crazy videos?
I'm teaching drama
at Redfern High.
I think the students
have taught me
More than
I've taught them.
We have a performance
tomorrow night.
You should come.
What are you doing?
Simon and I broke up.
What do you want me to do?
Launch into your arms?
What, congratulate you?
I just want you to know
That I never stopped
thinking about you.
Doesn't matter.
It was such
a long time ago.
You don't seriously think...
Oh, Dino, we can't go back.
I don't know what I thought.
I just...
I'm just sick of pretending
to be something I'm not.
What we had was real.
I know that now.
What we had
was five years ago.
Just tell me
you don't feel it anymore
And I'll walk away.
I chose to stop feeling it.
(Gun cocking)
(Knocking on door)
STEVE: Are you ready?
You know what you gotta do?
JASON: Yeah, sweet as, bra.
When you hear the shot,
start the engine.
(Gun cocking)
Stop looking
so paranoid, will ya?
In this day
and age it seems
You're either old
or original
Chase the dream
an eager bold individual
Can change the scene
even roll with the pinnacle
Raise the stakes
allocate the cream
STEVE: Stop here.
All right, same as when
we checked it out before.
Side path to the back.
JASON: No worries.
Ye who creates the means
leaves me to pay the fee
And I ain't sold
on make believe
And I was told don't fake
the steez I uphold
My brain is free
I ain't cold or cynical
My soul is spiritual
ain't false or critical
This pulse be living proof
Being a busy bee trying
to keep my cool
Check my stash
of party hats
Carton of heart attack
snags for the artery fat
Sorry but I'm sharper
than that
Pardon my rant
This isn't a BBQ rant
Start a revolution
in the backyard
With Julian Assange
and a couple rap stars
Tell me what the facts are,
don't start with stats
Unless you wanna
grab a gas mask
Check, check, check.
One two wuddup
Check, check, check,
one two wuddup
Check, check, check.
One two wuddup
Yo hey y'all
You can catch me
on the fly
I'll be flying
We ain't sitting
on the fence
We ain't sitting pretty
Mother's crying
Ask anybody type a shout
Reach out wanna
grab everybody
You can catch me
on the fly
I'll be flying
We ain't sitting
on the fence
We ain't sitting pretty
Mother's crying
Ask anybody type a shout
Reach out
Wanna grab everybody
Yo yo, I can stun
a disbeliever just by
Writing this song
The type to revitalize
your vital signs
While vibing along
It's the eye of the storm
upon this mic
It's like a midnight
atom bomb
Bomb diggedy
Despite of it
all come on
You can catch me
on the fly
I'll be flying
We ain't sitting
on the fence
We ain't sitting pretty
Mother's crying
Ask anybody
Type a shout
reach out
Wanna grab anybody
Go. Go.
Hello, Barry.
Hello, Steve.
Did you think
we wouldn't find you,
In your stuck-up
new neighborhood?
You know why
I'm here, don't you?
I've got a vague idea.
A vague idea?
You fucked
with my family!
You don't have
to do this, mate.
I'm not your
fucking mate!
GIRL: Daddy, I'm home!
Now say it!
Steve, wait!
Dad! Dad!
Come on, let's go.
Let's go!
Come on, let's go!
That one's for
Uncle Charlie.
We're not going
to hurt you!
JASON: What the fuck
was a kid doing there?
STEVE: No one was
supposed to be there.
What happened?
The whole thing fucked up.
We broke the code, man.
What the fuck
were you thinking, Liam?
Aboriginal youth
Continue to gather in numbers
around the block in Redfern.
Local authorities have closed
the Everleigh Street entrance
To Redfern Station
and additional officers
Have been called
to help contain the crowds
Who are throwing bottles
and bricks at police.
Groups are gathering in protest
to violent police raids
Said to have taken place
on the Block
Over the last three weeks.
One of the raids...
Riot police have been called
to the Block in Redfern
As the protest from
the local Aboriginal community
Has turned violent.
Redfern railway station
is on fire,
And a full-scale riot
has broken out
As angry youths continue
to throw bricks, bottles,
And explosives at police.
Three officers have
been injured so far...
(Siren wailing)
You been walkabout?
There's a blanket up there.
(Helicopter approaching)
GRAHAM: All ready
for the big night?
If our Hamlet hasn't
been arrested.
You haven't seen him?
He was supposed
to meet me an hour ago.
You're not thinking about
going out to the Block?
Have you seen my keys?
Dino, you don't
even know he's there.
A man has been shot dead
At his home in Sydney's
eastern suburbs last night.
The execution-style shooting
Was witnessed by the man's
six-year-old daughter,
Who is now
under police protection.
The man is believed
to be Barry Griffen,
A key player in Sydney's
underground crime scene.
An investigation
is underway...
What are you doing here?
Are you okay?
What time is it?
Ah, almost 9:00.
Where's Uncle Rex?
I don't know.
We just got here.
Listen, don't worry
about being late for school.
If you want to get ready now,
we can give you a ride.
I'm not going back.
I'm not going back,
to school or the play.
Take it easy, mate.
Don't tell me what to do.
What the fuck
would you know?
Listen, we just wanted
to make sure you were okay.
The riots have nothing
to do with school
Or all the hard work
you've put into the play.
I have to stay here.
My family need me.
Where's Liam?
What have you done?
Steven, answer me.
Where's Liam?
You bloody idiot.
I'm gettin' out
of town for a bit.
You killed him, didn't you?
You bloody killed him.
Where the fuck is Liam?
He's just a boy.
He's just a boy!
He's just...
Where the fuck
have you been?
Just leave him alone!
Get off me!
Look, Jason's on his way.
Get your shit together.
We're going now.
I'm not going.
Oh, for fuck's
sake, Liam!
We don't have time for
any of your bullshit!
I'm not going!
You are fuckin' crazy,
aren't you?
It's already on the news.
Okay? She saw us.
I don't care.
I'm not going anywhere.
You are mad.
No, I'm not.
The cops'll be
here any second.
Are you comin'?
What happened to my boys?
I'm still here, Mum.
I'm still here.
I'm sorry for swearing
at you.
It's okay.
I've heard worse.
But thanks.
Do you know about my dad?
A little.
You must miss him.
For what it's worth,
I lost my dad too
when I was your age.
I want to do the play.
I finished my letter.
Will you help me deliver it?
You okay?
Do you want me
to come in with you?
They won't let me see him
unless I'm with someone over 18.
How are you, mate?
What the fuck are
you doing here, Liam?
I wanted to see you.
Where's Steven?
He's gone.
Jesus Christ,
you shouldn't be here, Liam.
I'm in a play.
It's on tonight.
My teacher says
I'm pretty good.
Have you ever read Hamlet?
Well, I'm playing Hamlet.
It's a big part.
Main part.
My teacher told us
to write a letter, too,
So we could invite someone.
I wanted to invite you.
I knew you couldn't come.
Just read it to me.
Just read it.
Dear Dad...
I'm writing to invite you
as my special guest
To our school's
production of Hamlet.
The story is about
a young prince
who has to find the man
Who killed his dad
and take revenge.
Kind of like you, me and Steve,
except we're not princes.
I wanted you to come
so you can see
That I'm going to do
something with my life.
I'm not going
to be like you.
I'm not going
to be like you.
Never will.
You should have
said something.
I guess I won't be seeing you
for a while, eh?
I'm not gonna be
like you.
Not now, not never.
I'm not gonna be like you.
Hey. You're not
like me, mate.
You'll never be like me.
What does it mean?
The tatt.
It means freedom.
It's kinda old.
You like it?
My uncle always
used to say,
With freedom
comes responsibility.
He sounds like he was quite
the existentialist, your uncle.
Exer... what?
It means someone who believes
in personal freedom.
You choose your own path.
Sounds like
my uncle, all right.
What happened
to your dad?
You said you lost your dad
when you were my age.
He lived his life according
to other people's expectations.
You know,
got sick of it,
couldn't see a way out,
So he chose to end it.
Killed himself.
Oh, it's okay.
It was a long time ago.
You okay?
Are you?
Get your programs!
That's Liam's mum.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ah, Christine. Chrissie.
I'm Dino.
I'm Liam's drama teacher.
I'm so glad you
could make it.
Thank you.
Let's get you inside.
Get you a good seat.
After you.
Hey, Liam.
This is to say
"break a leg."
I didn't get you anything.
Shut up.
CHALMERS: All right, guys.
Ten minutes to curtain.
(Playing didgeridoo)
distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to begin
By acknowledging
the Gadigal people,
The, uh, traditional owners of
the, uh, country here,
And the land on which
we gather today.
Ah, I'd also like to, uh,
Welcome you to this, uh,
Very special
NAIDOC week event.
The play you're
about to see
Is probably one of the most
famous in the English language,
And, uh, many of the performers
in the cast
Are descendants of the oldest
continuous living tradition
Of performance
on the planet.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
Would you please
put your hands together
For the year 11 students'
Production of William
Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Who's there?
Nay, answer me.
Stand, and unfold yourself.
My God.
How weary, stale,
flat and unprofitable.
Seemed to me
the uses of this world.
Do not as some
ungracious pastors do,
Show me the steep
and thorny way to heaven.
To be or not to be.
That is the question.
Whether it is nobler
in the minds
To suffer the slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms
against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them?
To die,
To sleep.
To sleep perchance to dream.
From that sleep of death
what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off
this mortal coil.
It must give us pause.
There is the respect that makes
calamity of so long life.
For who would bear
the whips and scorns of time.
I fucked it up, eh.
You broke the code, mate.
The fucking code.
No kids.
I know.
She wasn't supposed
to be there.
Just don't end up
in here, all right?
I don't know
if I can protect you.
(Siren wailing)
The point envenomed too!
Then venom, to thy work.
Drop your firearm!
Put down your weapon!
Bear Hamlet,
like a soldier to the stage.
For he was likely
had he been put on.
To have proved most royally...
And, for his passage,
The soldiers' music
and the rites of war
Speak loudly for him.
Take up the bodies.
Such a sight as this
becomes the field
But here shows much amiss.
Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
in foreign language)
(Cheers and applause)
You were deadly.
We don't choose to be born,
But we choose to live.
Some of us choose to love.
And some of us,
Only some of us,
choose to be free.
He'll be back, bub.
From where I stand
Rhythm and flow
Rhythm and flow
in the minds
And the hearts of the ones
that we stifle
Rhythm of life
Rhythm and flow
Flow into dignified death
in a cycle
That keeps on repeating
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
Silent and strong
Rhythm and flow
Telling the lives
of the ancients
They learnt
from experienced poets
Rhythm of life
Rhythm and flow
Hoping experienced poets
can teach them
About their survival
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow
I hear the flow,
I hear the flow
I hear the rhythm
and the flow