Around the World in 80 Days (2021) Movie Script

[water rushing]
[marching band playing]
After a lifetime of
preparation, this
is the day Passepartout embarks
on his journey around the world
in 80 days, no less.
[laugh] Here comes the
world-traveling, manly man now.
[music playing]
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
[breathes deeply]
My sweet little baby
boy Passepartout
going around the world?
I don't think so.
That's mommy to you,
little baby boy of mine.
And what are you going
off exploring for?
You know mommy's rule--
do nothing until
you're fully prepared.
But I am fully prepared, mom.
Look-- look how overstuffed
this backpack is.
I've been preparing for
this moment my whole life.
So why did you forget
to put your pants on?
[tense music]
My sweet little baby
boy Passepartout--
Open up.
It's mommy!
[music playing]
Um, be right there.
Someday, we'll go.
Don't make me break
down another door.
[breathing heavily, knocking]
Good morning.
Just checking and make sure
my sweet little baby boy is--
[nervous chuckle]
What is this?
Some forbidden imagery!
I can't believe my
boy is looking at--
[gasp] exotic posters?
Mom, it's just a fantasy.
That's the first
step towards reality!
Never leave me.
This is why we moved
away from the jungle
when you were just
a wee baby monkey.
All you wanted was
adventure but not here.
Just look at it.
There's no chance of
adventure or sunshine
and no chance of you
monkeying around either.
There's not another
monkey for miles.
Can I at least go outside today?
No going outside
until you're what?
Fully prepared.
[door bangs]
[music playing]
You'll get your money for each--
Uh, afternoon Agent Fix.
No time to talk.
I've got my eye on
some shady characters.
Well, they are
standing in the shade.
So we're all in
for 100 clams each?
[clears throat]
What are we betting on again?
How long it'll take him to
make the weird monkey cry?
Oops, sorry.
Uh-oh, Agent Fix.
You want in on
this monkey action?
Guys, when I'm on the
clock, I enforce the rules.
Make my job easier and leave
the weird monkey kid alone!
Weird monkey!
Listen up.
I got a bet to win.
So you can either start crying,
or I'll make you start crying.
[nervous chuckle]
Although it does seem in my
interest to simply just start
crying, I don't make it--
Yeah, can't support.
Well, your big word's
making me confused.
I'll just get right
to making you cry.
Hey look, a surfing frog!
You're just trying
to do me a distract.
No, it's really a surfing frog.
[music playing]
(SINGING) When I do
my swagger, buddy, I'm
the king of the tide, everybody.
Check out my style
and my wisdom.
And no one's gonna
stop, gonna stop me now.
Freestyle flow, everybody.
Come on, everybody!
When I'm doing my swag--
He's going to be bird food.
Who wants to bet he gets
eaten before he comes ashore?
(SINGING) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ooh, a crowd.
[laugh] It's show off time.
Eat them up!
Eat them up!
Eat them up!
Ah, they're eating it up.
And this is only my
tea-level material.
(SINGING) I love to jump
I've got real class.
Ah, who-whoa!
[laughing, cheering]
(SINGING) Love singing.
[laughing, cheering]
(SINGING) From the East to
the West, call me Billy.
[tense music]
Just stand back, everyone.
I know mouth to mouth.
Travelers Survival Guide--
survival, volume 2, chapter 4,
survival edition.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, oh.
[sniff] Do I smell shrimp?
[bird squawking]
Why, hello, everyone!
[clears throat] I'm
sure that looks pretty
rough from where you were.
But I can assure
you, I am 100% fine.
I, uh-- no!
My baby!
Don't worry, I will fix
this, my dear sweet Boardy.
Your board's name--
[snort, laugh] is Boardy?
Yeah, that's her name.
What's yours name?
I ain't got one.
I ain't got one.
Oh I see, but he's got opinions.
So I bet this guy's
always like this, huh?
OK, everybody, disperse.
I'll handle the
mysterious stranger.
Move along, nothing to see here.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, what's up?
Who are you?
And more importantly,
when are you leaving?
As soon as possible.
Name's Phileas.
I'm a world traveler.
And what about you?
Name's Fix, Agent Fix.
Agent, huh?
Real estate or insurance?
Law enforcement.
Oh, yeah?
Well, it's a good thing I--
I did nothing wrong.
Well, that's wonderful because
I've got my eye on you.
And the other eye, too.
And they're both
at the same time.
So are you really
a world traveler?
Uh, you better believe it.
I'm going to go try too,
Phileas just as soon
as I'm fully prepared.
I've had my backpack
ready for years.
Eh, preparation is overrated.
Nobody is ever fully prepared.
I got two mottoes.
One is don't
prepare, just start.
What's the second?
Add bacon.
I can't believe I met
a real explorer just
like my hero, Juan Frog de Leon.
Ah, why you're wasting your
brain on that pompous old hack?
Surely you'd agree,
Juan Frog de Leon
is the greatest
explorer of all time.
What's he done lately?
Well, he discovered none other
than the lost city of Maroubra
and the lost tribe of
Maroubra and the lost
temple of Maroubra.
And who could forget
the gold coins he found
in the lost couch of Maroubra?
So he found a bunch of stuff
all sitting in the same place.
And he holds the record for
circumnavigating the world--
around the world in 90 days.
Well, that's a terrible title.
And he's going to be awfully
embarrassed when I break
that record in way less time.
89 days?
Around the world in 80 days--
it's a way better title.
I had a dream I went around
the world in 80 days.
80 days?
[laughs] That's impossible.
Yeah, um, I mean, I tend to
avoid arguing with people
who can and has beat me up.
But if I may--
uh, let's see.
According to my recreation
of Juan Frog's journey,
I have calculated that by going
through the deadly Toruvian
jungle, across a barely
held-together rope to Umka
and through the Bog of Doom from
which no mortal has returned,
Juan Frog could have
actually done it in 81 days.
Ugh, bet you I
could do it in 80.
Did you say you
want to make a bet?
You heard me.
I will gladly bet
you and any of you
other fine-educated, not
at all backward specimens
that I can go around
the world in 80 days.
Put down the clams
right here and--
Hey, 400 on the Frog.
I got 20 clams from
Jimmy the geek.
I got 500 from Zitter.
60 from Shibster.
Everyone loves clams.
I love it!
I got more clams!
Give me that.
50, 2, 3, 9, 7,
10 million clams!
[music playing]
Hey, hey.
Hold it!
I don't think this surfing
frog has any intention of going
around the world in 80 days.
Excuse me?
Like what?
Like I was just going to
skip town with all the clams
and then move on
to the next town?
[groans, murmurings]
Oh, I don't trust that guy.
Oh, that guy's done for.
[blows raspberries]
Yeah, well, that is
not the case at all.
You keep your clams.
They'll be mine once
I see you in 89 days.
Huh, 80 starting when?
Right, OK.
80 days!
That's it!
With me as his trusty assistant.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
I travel alone.
Not anymore.
And you got to
send us shellfies.
I want shellfie evidence.
Goes without saying, that's what
my trusty shell game is for.
Yeah, yeah,
shellfies, of course,
from the places we stop.
I know all the stops.
Oh, there's South
Rodentio, which
is just below North
Rodentio, which
is the West of East Rodentio,
which is confusingly named.
Hey, the monkey knows his stuff.
We're going to
shatter that record.
Yeah, run.
No way anybody can survive 80
days with this weird monkey.
I'm going around the world!
I can't believe it!
I'd never have a secret plan to
leave you behind or anything,
so hey, I got to find a
place to stay tonight.
Show me around town?
Of course.
Right up there is my house.
Ah, it's perfect.
I'd love to stay there.
Stay with me?
Yeah, sure.
Thanks for offering, Specs.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We can't go in there yet.
Not until we-- and by
that, I mean, you--
are fully prepared.
Fully prepared for what?
Your mommy?
She can't find
out we made a bet.
Oh and we need to get
those handcuffs off.
[gasp] Oh.
Don't tell her
you're an explorer
or that we're leaving
tomorrow to go around
the world in 80 days, or
she'll never let me go.
You're welcome to
stay, so long as you
don't rob us in our sleep.
[chuckle] Don't worry.
I'm a good guy to Specs, mom.
Just a wild adventuring
explorer who's
leaving tomorrow to go
around the world in 80 days.
Oh and I'm bringing
your son with me.
No sweet baby boy
of mine is going
around any world in any day.
[door clanks]
[locks clinking]
[music playing]
Say your goodbyes then hop off!
Oh hello, Mr. Traitor Pants.
Sorry, I told your
mama that stuff.
It's just I explore alone.
[sob] I need to win
this bet at any cost.
And I need to
explore at any cost.
I am-- I'm tired of
living in a shadow.
You know what, Specs?
I'm tired of living
in a shadow, too.
How about tomorrow morning,
I break you out of this crib,
and we get on that early ferry
and go win this bet together.
[nervous chuckle]
And leave mommy behind and risk
everything to circle the world?
[music playing]
I'll do it!
Oh, it is scary and
uncertain, but it's my dream!
And plus I'll be with
a world class explorer!
Oh Phileas, I'm so glad
you changed your mind.
Yeah, I just need a few more
clams for the boat tickets.
Oh, I got it.
(GIGGLY) Finally,
this is the day!
[glass breaking]
Is that enough?
Should be for the tickets.
Not sure about the
taxes, though, but--
[scoff] don't worry.
This should do the trick.
I'll pay for the
drinks on board.
Don't thank me.
Good luck, travel buddy.
Around the world we go.
Around the world.
[music playing]
After you.
So middle-of-the-night
break in, huh?
That's right.
Nobody saw anything.
This guy was a pro, all right?
How much did he get?
10 million clams.
Aha, only a seasoned
criminal could pull this off,
a seasoned amphibian criminal.
How do you know it
was an amphibian?
Leave the detective work to me.
Hey, Shrimp.
[gasp] Where's the frog?
(NERVOUSLY) I didn't--
I didn't-- I didn't
see anything.
[boat whistling]
All aboard!
Last call for the ferry.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
[bell ringing]
Remember, you only win the bet
if you're back 80 days from now
to the second.
And send proof!
Oh, wait.
Wait, wait!
[wheels whirring]
Where's that frog?
Look out!
Oh, wait!
[breathing heavily]
You lied to me!
No, no, it wasn't a lie.
Just a thing I promised
to do and then didn't do.
No, oh!
Serves you right!
I would never leave
someone behind!
How could you, Phileas?
Look, I'm sorry, Specs.
It was wrong of
me, but I honestly
was afraid that you just
weigh me down, you know?
And that's not body shaming.
I was just afraid you
weren't cut out for it.
I thought you thought that.
But now-- now I know different.
You do?
If you weren't cut
out for it, you never
would have bowled your
way through that crowd.
Oh, you saw that?
Well, I heard the bowling
pin sound effects.
Look, I don't know, OK?
Maybe you were right to
leave me behind, Phileas.
Maybe I can't do this after all.
Get back here!
On second thought, I got this.
That frog!
Where is he?
Going around the world.
In 80 days.
I wouldn't bet on it.
[music playing]
[sigh] If it's all
right, I'd like
to write in my
journal for a bit.
I'm keeping an
account of our trip,
so I can write a book
about it like my hero--
the great Juan.
Juan Frog the loser?
[blows raspberries] Guy
plans out every last detail.
Where's the adventure in that?
Where's the fun?
[chuckle] He breaks
a lot of records.
Well, we're going to break
an even bigger record, Specs.
Dream big, man.
You can do it.
Wow, Phileas.
That is so inspiring.
I-- oh.
Ha-and-- that is, ugh, so gross.
Oh, I think I'm going be sick.
And that is so gross.
I'm going for a walk.
See you later.
[music playing]
Bring my baby home.
Hello, mama's boy!
Agent Fix, what
are you doing here?
Taking your little green
friend into custody
on charges of bank robbery.
And if you don't take
me to him right now,
I'm charging you
as an accomplice.
But I, uh-- di-distraction.
[grunt] Huh?
[breathing heavily]
Excuse me, Phileas.
We've got a problem.
Um, I know.
I didn't order a mocktail.
It's Agent Fix.
She's on the ship.
She said you robbed a bank.
Do I look like the
type of amphibian
that would rob a bank?
Of course, yes.
Freeze, frog!
You're under arrest!
You have the right
to remain si--
[screaming] Oww!
Ooh, uh.
Oh, this feels so right.
Come on, Specs!
Is Agent Fix OK?
Should I be worried?
She's fine, and she's lying.
Did you have a big lunch?
It's my backpack.
[music playing]
[gasp] Specs!
Specs, where are you?
Oh, whoa.
Oh no, my backpack!
[chuckle] What's the big deal?
It's just a bag.
I've been packing that
bag my whole life and--
wait a minute.
If you're innocent, why
are we running away?
Because we've only got 79 days,
21 hours, and 46 minutes left!
[music playing]
You know, I didn't think
there'd be so much water.
[music playing]
You know, I didn't think
there'd be so much sand.
[music playing]
Is my face sun-burnt?
I can't tell.
My eyes are sun-burnt.
Instinct, sorry.
Can't help it.
Oh, I'm so dehydrated.
Oh, is everything about you?
I'm an amphibian,
90% water-- or used
to be until I drank
most of myself.
We can still reach
South Rodentio on time
if we got out of
this desert in--
three days ago?
Oh, no.
Listen, Specs.
I know things seem a
little desperate right now.
But when the going gets
tough, the tough get--
Not where I would have
gone with it but--
[music playing]
Traveler's Guide to Survival,
volume one, chapter 6--
if lost in the desert, you
can get water from a cactus.
Did you pack any straws?
That would be ridiculous.
But I do have this little bit
of ocean garbage I snagged.
You owe me big.
[music playing]
Welcome back to earth.
Hello, you peoples.
We do not take kindly
to strangers sucking
our "cactus-sisiesisies."
[chuckle] Um, I believe
the plural is cacti.
So we have a cactus-sucking frog
and his grammar police monkey.
Where's your little siren,
that goes whoa, whoa.
Stop with your whoa-whoas!
You are trespassing
on Scorpion Turf.
And now, this is
the time when you
pay for the water you stole.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, Mr. Scary.
Uh, we didn't steal anything.
We're not thieves.
At least, I'm not.
Nor am I, which is why I
insist on paying for the water.
Those are cards, not money.
You wouldn't be pulling
my face off, would you?
I believe the expression
is pulling my leg--
Whoa, you!
The expression police now?
Where's your little siren
that goes whoa, whoa?
Whoa, whoa
Do not whoa, whoa!
[chuckle] Hey, pick a card,
any card, and see what happens.
[music playing]
Hey, look.
They give up.
More, more!
Look at them waving goodbye
because they know we
escaped in an awesome manner.
Because we're so awesome.
And they're so lame!
Now, the last thing
we should do is panic.
Let's go.
Time to wax our enemies.
But boss, this is the best part.
I said it's time to wax!
I'm sinking.
I'm sinking.
You panic, you sink.
That's how quicksand works.
Don't panic, and
don't move, Specs.
Trust me.
[cricket chirping]
You know what would
be nice right now?
Moving a muscle, just one.
Only if you want to sink.
Also, say cheese.
[camera flash sound]
[insect buzzing]
[gulp] Now that's a last meal.
Hey, I could use a last meal.
You want?
Nope, no, I'll just eat
sand in a few minutes.
Wait, Phileas, how far
can your tongue reach?
Focus, Phileas.
You got this.
You got this.
It's OK.
Come on, big guy.
Get into it.
Farther, Phileas.
We're you even
listening, even farther.
More tongue.
And farther.
Come on!
You call that far?
One frog would do
it twice as far.
[music playing]
[laugh] You did it, Phileas!
My Boardy!
My sweet, sweet Boardy.
Oh, there, there.
I'm sorry, Phileas.
I know how much
you loved Boardy.
She was a good board.
The best.
Thanks, dude.
No one's ever hugged me
before, probably because I'm
poisonous to the touch.
[gasp] Oh, I knew it.
I knew it.
I can feel the life being
sucked at me right now.
I should have
never left my home.
This was supposed to
be the time of my life.
Instead, my backpack
is gone forever.
And there's sand in my butt!
Hey, it's all part of
the adventure, Specs--
even the butt sand, my man.
[music playing]
Well, well, what
do we have here?
You're on Scorpion
Turf, my furry friend,
and we do not give
away water for free.
So pay up before we get angry!
Are you attempting to extort
an officer of the law?
[laugh] No, I'm attempting
to exterminate one!
I'm on.
[music playing]
South Rodentio.
It really is
magnificent, isn't it?
[hair ripping]
The people of South
Rodentio don't trust a man
without a mustache.
Just a tad more
of your butt hair,
I look great with sideburns.
No sideburns.
Shellfie time!
And cheese!
You know, your butt really
looks great on my face.
[music playing]
We just got a hop on
the northbound train,
and we're golden.
[gasp] Wow!
Oh, cool.
[suspenseful music]
Here froggy, froggy, froggy.
Oh, oh.
Oh, wow!
Ah, here we go.
You looking for this guy?
He's in town.
[coins clinking]
[crossing bells ringing]
This was everything!
I got this spinning thing.
Ooh, an oil lamp, this marvelous
plate-- oh, mom would love it.
And then this cute little
towels, some slippers,
and the squirt gun
that shoot jelly.
Ah, I'm good.
And you think the
fly thing is gross?
[train whistling]
Good luck.
Get him!
His mustache smells
like monkey butt.
That's the con artist!
Don't let him get away!
Over here!
Um, Phileas?
Wait for me!
This way!
Get out!
[music playing]
Come on!
[train whistles]
Phileas, uh, the
train is leaving.
This way!
Come on.
We're going to die!
We're going to die!
We're going to die!
[music playing]
Throw me!
[breathing heavily]
[music playing]
Well, you have to admit, that
was some fantastic teamwork
right there--
a little jumping, a little
climbing, a little rugged
But, um, what was that
all about exactly?
Why were they chasing us?
OK, Specs.
I'll come clean and tell
you the whole ugly truth.
But are you sure
you want to hear it?
I want to hear it.
Spill it.
I just want to be sure
you want to hear it.
Are you stalling?
Is this stalling right now?
Sometimes, the truth
is painful, Specs.
You see it--
Just about to sit.
Oh, one second.
Please, ma'am, have a seat.
Oh, man.
Can't be direct with
a stranger around.
Guess it'll have to wait.
Juan Frog's book.
You're reading it!
[sigh] If I have to hear about
Juan Frog one more time--
Am I right?
Which is the part when he
gets stuck in the cave--
Ma'am, would you
mind distracting him
while I walk away?
--and he has to cut
off his own baby toe.
And oh, did I just
blow the ending?
[music playing]
Huh, you have the
right to remain silent.
Cuffs go so well with your eyes.
[breathing heavily]
And then the part where Juan
Frog and the evil bandit
fight on top of
the moving train--
[laugh] it looked like it
was the end for Juan Frog.
But he's not one to go
down without a fight.
Face it, Phileas.
It's all over.
I didn't Rob that bank, Fixy!
Doesn't matter.
You're going down.
[music playing]
Juan Frog inspired
me my whole life.
I mean, that's why
I'm on this journey.
Right, Phileas?
Pardon me a moment, ma'am.
Would you excuse me?
Thank you.
[music playing]
Could your book club maybe wait?
Hey, Fix.
Kiss my ax.
[music playing]
[screaming] I can't swim!
This is not over, frog
beast and mama's boy!
Is adventure always
this painful?
Welcome to the life of a
globetrotting adventurer.
Maybe if you weren't on the
run from the law all the time--
Hey, I didn't do
anything wrong this time.
Now, how far ahead of
schedule are we, buddy?
Just one sec.
I, uh-- OK.
We're in the Toruvian
jungle [stuttering] where
countless people disappeared.
You mean like this guy?
[chuckle] Too bad for him.
Now, let's mark the
occasion with a shellfie.
[music playing]
How on Earth does it
even get delivered?
It's a mysterious
miracle of nature.
[music playing]
Oh my sweet, sweet baby,
where in the world are you?
Will you ever make
it home, so I can
hug you and congratulate
you and ground you,
so you never leave me again?
He ain't making it home.
He's shark food by now.
Face it.
Mama's boy is helpless
without his mama.
My precious little baby
monkey is not shark food!
But he is a mama's boy, which is
exactly why he's going to win!
Yeah, right.
If them two was
going to make it,
we'd have got some
shellfies by now.
You make a good point.
[sniff] Who knows?
Maybe he is shark food.
[music playing]
Did you see that?
I saw it.
Don't know what it
was, but I saw it.
Uh, did I scare you?
No, not scared.
Not even a little.
No way through.
I'll find us a way around.
Give me the map.
Well, I-- I kind of ate it.
You ate the map?
I was hungry.
No big deal.
We'll just use the,
uh, backup map.
The-- the-- that
was the backup map.
What kind of world class
explorer eats the map?
I never said it was
an explorer, OK?
The truth is I washed up in
your village by accident.
And I wish I never did.
Before I met you--
[chuckle] I had the life of a--
Con artist?
Something like that?
I'm starting to get
offended, pipsqueak.
I ought to just turn you
into Agent Fix right now.
I'd like to see you
try, "Passe-fart-tout!"
I trusted you, Phileas.
And you lied to
me because you're
nothing but a-- but a liar and--
and a thief and a bad friend.
I landed on my keys.
[music playing]
Like the sound of those drums.
Ah, oh, some tribes--
angry head hunters?
Aggressive mariachis.
[music playing]
Uh, so just to be
clear, you think
you need to throw
me into a volcano
to appease your smoky god?
Oh, just it sounds
perfectly sane, everyone.
Ever heard of airplanes?
(SINGING) 1, 2, 3,
and baby, you and me.
Oh great and smoky
god of flame and lava,
we offer you this flying witch.
If you want us to sacrifice
her, send us a sign!
[groaning] Hey!
[chuckle] Ah.
Uh, what happened to the music?
Let's get that
music going again.
Hey, snail guy.
I'm Phileas.
Nice to meet you.
Em-- hmm, no arms.
[chuckle] Well then, I heard--
[chuckle] by
accident that you're
going to throw this
frog into a volcano.
You know, I'd like to suggest
that perhaps you reconsider.
Catapult him!
You just can't talk
to some people.
This is a job for the chief!
[music playing]
[drums slowing down]
[sigh] On second
thought, carry me.
After him!
And who are you?
We're here to rescue you.
Thanks so much for
coming, you guys.
[tense music]
Think it's-- ah.
Would one of you
untie me, please?
Happy to help, ma'am.
And if I may say,
your eyes are--
You may not say!
Now untie me, or we're all dead.
This might end badly.
[music playing]
Don't like them.
Good work back there, team.
[chuckle] I'm Passepartout.
You're hero in the making.
And frog?
The name's Phileas,
Phileas Frog.
Well, you're an As
at untying knots.
I've got a few of
my combat boots,
you can work them out later.
Well, excuse me.
Who even are you?
What's your name?
My name?
The frog that saved your life.
That's my name.
Well, that's also my name,
and it was mine first
because I saved your life first.
So meh.
OK, we got to move.
What brings you two into
this jungle of death anyway?
We had this stupid idea of
beating Juan Frog de Leon's
By walking?
[chuckle] How old school.
Oh yeah?
Well, how would you do it?
By flying.
[laugh] Frogs can't fly.
Frogs who build planes can.
You build planes?
I had to get out
of Akita somehow.
Oh, you're from Akita.
Well, technically, I guess,
I'm the Princess of Akita.
Name's Aouda.
And unfortunately, I
need to get back there
and make a new plane,
so I can get out again.
Oh, what?
[chuckle] How exactly
does a precious princess
know about air's sciencey stuff?
Oh, it's a fascinating story.
It's this magical
thing called books.
Now, let's get you to Akita.
You can catch the ferry
there and finish your trip.
Follow me.
[music playing]
(SINGING) When we are
together, my friend,
I'm always feeling fine.
The river keeps washing
the troubles away.
The wind kept singing
along the day.
I look at the bright side.
I look at the sun.
When we're walking on clouds,
nothing seems to fall away.
Everywhere is the right place.
Every moment is a good time.
When we are together, my
friend, I'm always feeling fine.
I'm always feeling fine.
The mountain is growing,
and we're on our way.
I don't see any clouds.
The rain is for another day.
Everywhere is the right place.
Every moment is a good time.
When we are together, my
friend, I'm always feeling fine.
Everywhere is the right place.
[insect buzzing]
Miss it once more,
and it's mine.
It's all yours.
So being a princess isn't
as fun as I imagined, huh?
I don't know.
How often do you imagine
being a princess?
I, um-- well, as
often as anyone?
[laugh] Well, it's more fun
to just do my own thing.
And what is your own thing?
I like flying and
being on my own.
This is actually the first
time I haven't traveled alone.
Oh, really?
And how's that
working out for you?
[whimper] Juan.
You know what?
He isn't so bad.
We make a good team.
Me, brave and stupid.
Him, nervous and too
smart for me to understand
most of what he says.
Ah, it's always nice when
you just click with someone.
Don't you think?
When you're totally in sync.
[music playing]
Uh, uh, uh.
Well, I am exhausted.
I'm going to go to bed.
You saw nothing!
Where am I?
Don't eat me.
I have come so far
to catch this frog!
Ah, ah, OK.
Mama, I'm going
to need your help.
Pretty good.
Welcome to Akita.
Ferry's that way.
Well, it was fun saving
your lives, guys.
[chuckle] Right back at you.
Hey, maybe save a
fly for me next time.
You'll never get the fly.
[music playing]
Not even a goodbye?
Wait, no goodbye hug?
Don't do them.
But maybe we'll say
hello again sometime.
Oh and watch out
for flying frogs!
I already miss her.
[gasp] I don't believe it!
Neither do I. Isn't
she unbelievable?
Hey, Specs.
Where are you going?
[music playing]
Juan Frog de Leon's
Museum of Me?
Oh, wow.
Oh, wow.
How did I never
know this existed?
Because it's a
dumb tourist trap.
Can we go break that record now?
Just five minutes.
Specs, are you for real?
We're almost home.
Come on!
It's literally day 79.
Isn't that what you wanted?
You can't even let me have
this one thing after everything
I've done for you?
It's just that that guy--
I just want to break
the record, OK?
And we will.
Meet you at the ferry.
I hope it leaves early.
[gasp] I can't believe it.
[gasp] There's the map Juan
Frog used on his journey.
[gasp] And his
personal canteen and--
[gasp] Juan Frog's shoelace.
Oh, Juan's tax return and--
[gasp] oh and his
name is spelled
out using his baby teeth.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
Oh and this.
This must be what he
ate for sustenance
on his record-breaking journey.
It's his lunch.
Juan Frog de Leon?
Specs, hurry.
It actually is leaving early.
[tense music]
Oh, it's you.
You look good.
And you look self-absorbed
as always, dad.
Juan Frog, the great
explorer who never
bothered to see his own son.
That is not true.
I am far better than great.
Yeah, well, I'll let
you get back to that.
Come on, Specs.
Let's catch that ferry.
No, no, Phileas, wait.
If I can just say one thing.
[music playing]
Put down my boy!
Eat my fur, frog.
Bye-bye and kisses.
Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah!
Fly us away from here, mama.
Come on.
We got to do something.
She's got a seagull,
and frogs can't fly.
[gasp] That's not true.
Let's go.
You're making a mistake, Fix.
I didn't rob any bank.
Oh, I know.
No, you got to believe me.
I didn't rob the bank.
Wait, wait, wait, what?
You know?
Of course, I know you didn't
rob the bank, Phileas,
because I'm the one who robbed
the bank and framed you for it.
[cackle] Yep.
Planned out every last detail,
when I was off the clock,
of course.
[suspenseful music]
You-- you're setting me up?
Pinning it all on
an innocent frog?
You're a heartless
con artist which
makes you the perfect
fall frog for my plan.
Everybody's going to be
waiting for the big explorer's
triumphant return, and then I'll
show up with you in handcuffs.
You're going to lose
your stupid bet,
then they'll all cheer my name.
And we'll have a
big dance sequence.
[music playing]
Dance sequences are cliche.
You're a monster!
Ah, there we go.
Ugh, there we almost.
Princess, where are you?
We need your help.
Same here.
Hold this in place.
Phileas got--
Phileas got what?
Aouda, he got--
He got--
[grunt] Would you stop that?
I'm trying to finish this thing.
Finish it, finish it.
I'm sure Phileas being kidnapped
by a corrupt cop riding a train
frog-hungry seagull can wait.
That's right.
What I just said.
Please, princess,
help me save my son.
[chuckle] Phileas is
your son, and you are--
Juan Frog de Leon.
Pleasure to meet you.
Well, do we want
to save Phileas,
or do we want to stand
around admiring me all day?
Princess, do you have a way
to catch a gerbil and a frog
on a seagull?
I got a way to catch the sunset.
[music playing]
Wait, how does that do anything?
Oh, right.
(SINGING) Break the chains.
B-b-break the chains.
B-b-break the chains.
B-b-break the-- yeah.
I find everything by myself.
See I count on me
and no need to pray.
Freedom is my luck.
Try to catch me.
See what's left in your hands.
Enjoy freedom freedom freedom
freedom freedom freedom.
Enjoy freedom freedom
freedom freedom.
Break a chance.
Freedom freedom freedom
freedom freedom.
Enjoy freedom freedom.
It's so terrifying,
I might throw up.
Break a chance.
It's so incredible,
I might throw up!
Oh, the sign of a true amateur.
We're doomed!
Engine stopped working.
No need to panic.
Don't you just hate it
when the engine stalls?
There we go.
[music playing]
Great flight, huh, frog face?
I can't believe I won't
make it in 80 days.
Yeah, probably die too.
[music playing]
Hop on, quick!
Come on!
Not until Juan Frog
the jerk hops off.
Phileas, be reasonable.
It's either me or
the crazy gerbil.
At least the crazy
gerbil won't abandon me.
Yeah, she'll kill you!
Fair point.
Prepare to croak, frog.
Oh yes, I am.
[fabric tears]
And then I'm going to win that--
I'll never leave you again, son.
Please, don't jump next.
[music playing]
I'm not talking to you!
Look, I'll admit it.
I was a bad father.
But come on, I jumped
out of a plane for you!
Well, maybe you could have tried
being a good father earlier
than moments before our death!
Hey, better late
than never, huh?
You are unbelievable!
Good catch!
And thank you!
I always get the
frog and the fly.
[music playing]
And, uh, thanks for jumping
off the plane for me, dad.
Dad, you OK?
I'm more than OK.
I'm about to be the second
greatest explorer of all time!
[music playing]
Wow, it's so huge!
Wow, there could be
anything out there.
Oh, I bet I pretty much
seen it all by this point.
[gasp] What is that?
It looks like a new world!
[gasp] I stand corrected.
[music playing]
Passepartout, you just made
the discovery of a lifetime.
Do you realize what this means?
You are a world class explorer.
[music playing]
Sweet, sweet, darling
angel baby, (ANGRILY)
how could you leave me?
But I just know you'll win the
bet, my furry little monkey
No chance.
Only five minutes to go.
They'll never make it to shore.
That money's all mine.
There they are!
Are they flying?
[gasp] They're flying!
No, no, no!
Wait, what is that thing?
It's a bird.
It's a plane.
It's some bird
attacking a plane!
[cackle] Shark food.
One minute left.
They're never going to make it.
Hey, look!
[gasp] Is that--
[music playing]
(SINGING) To the feel!
Shine like the sun, yeah.
Show your skills.
You're the best,
you're the bridge.
Now feel--
5, 4, 3, 2--
80 days, we made it.
[sniff] Do I smell shrimp?
[band playing]
We made it!
We won!
We won!
We won!
We won?
Around the world in 80 days!
[gasp] That's the title.
Hey, no, wait!
This frog should be arrested.
Just make it easy
and come clean.
I would never attempt something
like stealing 10 million clams.
That's a furry lie,
gerbil, and you know it.
Oh no, it's not.
You put on that frog suit.
A frog suit worn by a frog.
You stole those clams then
you hid them right here.
She's nuts.
Yeah, nuts, man.
Think about what you just said.
Plank on.
Did I just say frog suit?
Did I say fog suit?
I think I said frog suit.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Wait, did I just say--
A frog wearing a frog suit.
Yes, you did.
Ah, schnuts.
This isn't over, frog face.
One day, you'll be
sorry you ever met me!
So you're not a con artist.
Well, let's just say
I'm not a bank robber.
I've never made this
much without stealing.
It feels good.
[cheering, applause]
I'm proud of you, Phileas.
You know what?
You get the next fly.
No, not really.
You never get to fly.
Everyone, listen.
I discovered something
on our journey.
The world is much
bigger than we thought.
So that means we have much
more world to go around.
[sniff] Do I smell a bet?
We can't do any of that yet.
We're clearly
forgetting something.
[chuckle] The final
dance sequence.
Dance sequence!
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
[music playing]
(SINGING) But to move, yeah.
Raise you head,
shake your hands.
Say your name,
and play our game.
We don't feel no fear, no shame.
There is no rules in this
place but to move, yeah.
Come join C-L-U-B move to
B-E-A-T. Enjoy T-R-I-P party.
[music playing]
(SINGING) I am going to get you.
Ha ha ha.
I'll get you, get you, get you.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha.
[bone cracking]
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh yeah, that's not good.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ah!
That's my back!
[music playing]
(SINGING) Raise your
head, shake your hands.
Say your name and play our game.
We don't feel no fear, no shame.
There is no rules in this
place but to move, yeah.
But to move, yeah.
But to move, yeah.
But to move, yeah.
Come join the
club, but we reign.
We don't feel no fear, no pain.
I offer my turn, no brain.
We're gonna, gonna,
gonna, gonna dance.
Raise your hand,
shake your hands.
Say your name and play our game.
We don't feel no fear, no shame.
There is no rules to this
place but to move, yeah.
Bass to the snare to the
ride to the kick, to the bass
to the snare to the ride to the
kick, to the bass to the snare
to the ride to
the kick, to the--
--bass to the snare to
the ride to the kick,
to the bass to the snare
to the ride to the kick,
to the bass to the snare
to the ride to the kick,
to the bass to the--
Kick, bass, snare, ride.
This is a sample, fat rhymes.
Chord, hooks, drums, rap.
Focus your back, the top line.
Break, flow, hit, hat.
BPM rhythm, punchlines.
Mad crowd, fat sound.
Shout to the beat.
Shout to the beat.
Shout, shout, shout to the beat.
Shout to the beat.
Shout, shout to the beat.
Break the chains.
B-b-break the chains.
B-b-break the chains.
B-b-break the chains.
I learned everything by myself.
See I count on me
and no need to pray.
Freedom is my life.
I don't give that watch.
Try to catch me.
See what's left in your hands.
Enjoy freedom freedom freedom
freedom freedom freedom.
Enjoy freedom freedom
freedom freedom.
Break a chance.
Enjoy freedom freedom freedom
freedom freedom freedom.
Enjoy freedom freedom
freedom freedom.
Break a chance.
Enjoy freedom freedom freedom
freedom freedom freedom.
Enjoy freedom freedom
freedom freedom.
Break a chance.