ARQ (2016) Movie Script

You okay?
That guy you fried
with your clever little trap?
- That was our cousin.
- Cuz.
That's Brother.
You can call me Father.
And you two?
You two are the kids.
- What do you want?
- Speak when spoken to.
Where are your scrips?
No need to rush, Brother.
Let's eat first.
- We shouldn't linger.
- We haven't eaten in two days.
This fool and his money
aren't going anywhere.
He's got apples.
Nobody has apples anymore.
He does.
Okay. All right.
Go on.
Were you brats playing doctor?
You touch her and you die.
Give me your scrips.
But hold back on me?
You got five minutes.
- Who are they?
- They followed you.
No one followed me, Ren.
- I made sure.
- Nobody knew I was here except you.
You show up late last night,
then those guys show up?
You found me.
Ren, shh.
You told me to come.
That's not what I meant.
It's not your fault.
What are you doing?
They had you under surveillance.
I should've known.
What? Who?
Ren, you're gonna get us killed!
Be careful.
- We don't have much time.
- Time for... for what?
Those guys want more than just scrips.
What? Ren, listen to me, okay?
There's three of them,
and they've got a gun.
- Do you recognize him?
- No.
I think he was there
when Torus tried to arrest me.
Don't! Don't touch it.
It's rigged with 20,000 volts.
It's how this guy died.
- What is it?
- The ARQ.
The ARQ?
Arcing recursive quine.
It's what they're after.
No, they're starving like everybody else.
So unless this thing is a food processor,
I doubt they give a shit about it.
No, Torus sent those bastards
to take it back.
This is what you stole from Torus?
I didn't steal it.
I built it.
What's it do?
It's a hyper-efficient energy turbine.
A generator. That's it?
I know that look.
You're not telling me something.
- Lock the door behind me.
- Ren.
Ren, don't go.
This door is reinforced.
It would take ZMPs to break it down.
You're gonna get us killed.
I shouldn't have contacted you, Hannah.
Don't say that.
I just needed to see you again.
- Stay here.
- Don't go.
...the so-called Energy Wars,
dominate headlines worldwide.
...citizens and non-citizens celebrate
the reunification of Los Angeles Island
with Torus Corporation.
The island signed a treaty
that cedes all resources and citizens
to the conglomerate's
North American division.
The reunification comes six days after
the island's only remaining
nuclear desalination plant
was destroyed by Bloc missiles.
Bloc drone missiles.
More Torus lies.
...Bloc paramilitaries
over the Great Slave Lake Oil Refinery.
The refinery borders
the Arctic Parallel neutral zone.
Torus executives...
Man, why you always gotta listen
to this propaganda, huh?
Know thy enemy, my brother.
Yeah, well,
the Pope tells it like it really is.
Those who can't remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.
Torus execs claim that the energy crisis
threatens humankind.
I agree.
- Torus claims to be humanity's savior...
- You cut that into four pieces?
- So?
- There's three of us.
...our executioner.
Listen to the mad words of a wise man.
"What if a demon crept after you
one night, in your loneliest...
The eternal hourglass of existence
is turned upside down again and again,
and you with it, too."
- Get up, Hannah.
- What? Why?
They're coming.
Were you brats playing doctor?
Touch her and you die.
So menacing.
Give me your scrips.
But hold back on me?
- "You have five minutes."
- You got five minutes.
Who the hell are they?
Ren? Ren?
Stop. They'll be right back.
- We've got time.
- What?
You're gonna get us killed.
Okay. Hannah, listen to me, okay?
Right now, this very moment,
it's happened before.
Twice, I think.
- What are you talking about?
- Shit.
What the hell are you doing?
Ren, you're going to get us killed.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Okay, listen to me. There's three of them,
and they've got a gun.
Hannah, listen to me.
Today is repeating.
Tell me you remember.
Come on, you have to remember.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
- No. No.
- What?
I think... I think the ARQ
is causing time to loop.
Okay, Ren, you're talking crazy.
No. No. No, no, no.
I remember.
Okay, this guy, um,
he's got a big scar across his face.
Prick who calls himself Father...
Uh, brown eyes, a little bit of stubble.
The big guy?
Brother? Dark hair, baby face.
Full beard, shaved head.
How did you know that?
Because it's happened before.
Don't touch it.
What else do you remember?
except that Father guy killed me.
Well, how come you remember and I don't?
I don't know.
Oh, and what about those idiots
with the code names?
- They don't remember either?
- Just me.
Hannah, you don't have to believe me,
but I need you to trust me.
Torus Corporation's
global military operation
against rogue states
and Bloc coalition terrorists,
the so-called Energy Wars,
dominate headlines worldwide.
On the West Coast,
citizens and non-citizens celebrate
the reunification of Los Angeles Island
with Torus Corporation.
...borders the Arctic Parallel
neutral zone.
Torus executives...
Man, why you always gotta listen
to this propaganda, huh?
Know thy enemy, my brother.
Yeah, well,
the Pope tells it like it really is.
Those who can't remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.
What are these for?
- Cyanide gas.
- So you're gonna kill them?
- They'll kill us first.
- You don't know that.
They already killed me.
I'm gonna crank up the thermostat.
As soon as the furnace turns on...
Your furnace works?
Okay, nobody has that much electricity.
Not around here.
The ARQ powers the house.
The second the furnace turns on...
pull this pin,
dump this canister into the chute.
It feeds the entire house.
They won't be safe anywhere.
They have masks.
Air masks.
They need gas masks.
You ready?
Is it painless?
It's quick.
"The eternal hourglass of existence
is turned upside down again and again,
and you with it, too.
Would you not throw yourself down
and gnash your teeth,
and curse the demon..."
The only species left for us
to destroy is ourselves.
If the Bloc and free states
don't surrender to the Torus Corporation,
what happened to continental Australia
will happen to the entire planet.
It will be 10,000 years
before anyone can step foot
on that radioactive rubble again.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't do it.
Mask off and lose the glove.
I wasn't lying when I said
we just wanted your scrips,
but here you go and try and gas us.
This kid's got a mean streak.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Where are your scrips?
Just tell them.
- I have a safe.
- See how easy that was?
- Cooperation makes the world go round.
- And money?
Where's the safe?
Hannah, it's gonna be okay.
Thirty thousand in StomaChem scrips...
Environ, sixty-five thousand...
Over a million in Torus scrips.
We're gonna have ourselves
a good time, boys.
- It's for the cause, Brother.
- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
But we're gonna get a finder's fee.
You got what you came for.
Now go.
He can identify us.
Give me the gun.
I'll shoot him right now.
Nobody gets hurt.
Are you sure, Mother?
I wasn't too rough, was I?
He used to work for Torus.
He still might.
We're the Bloc.
We don't kill civilians.
All right.
Looks like it's your lucky day, champ.
Take anything you can hock.
See if you can find some mask filters.
We're running out.
The Bloc needs your scrips, Ren.
I'd have given 'em to you.
I'll be back.
So what's that thing do anyway?
Besides fry people.
It's just a science experiment.
That's right. He used to be
a military engineer for Torus.
So is that a weapon or something?
No, it's not a...
Jesus Christ!
What the hell are you doing?
You got five minutes.
- Who are they?
- You don't know?
Stop it! Stop it!
You're gonna get us killed.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Well, finally!
What happened to you
after Torus tried to arrest me?
I told you last night.
Tell me again.
Now? Why?
Ren, untie me.
Torus agents interrogated me
for three days.
Then what?
Uh, they let me go
after they knew I had nothing to do
with you stealing their scrips.
And that you left without telling me.
Listen carefully.
Torus... Hannah!
I got this!
Ren, un... untie me.
What is it?
And Torus let you go?
Just like that?
Not just like that.
They took away my citizenship, our home.
They put me in a refugee camp
for six months.
I didn't know if you were dead,
or if you had just left me for dead.
I spent a year torturing myself,
feeling guilty that I got away
and you didn't.
They have a gun.
We should do what they say.
I already tried that.
Up north, Torus
security forces battle Bloc paramilitaries
over the Great Slave Lake Oil Refinery.
The refinery borders
the Arctic Parallel neutral zone.
Torus executives
accuse the Arctic Parallel
of providing a safe haven
for Bloc leaders.
Man, why you always
gotta listen to this propaganda?
Know thy enemy, my brother.
Yeah, well,
the Pope tells it like it really is.
Those who can't remember
the past are condemned to repeat it.
Are you okay?
Those guys hurt my back.
There's a bag up there.
Can you reach it?
Yeah, sure.
My supervisors called me a fraud
when I told them the ARQ
was generating limitless energy.
I couldn't really blame them, though.
Perpetual motion's a myth.
Then Torus seized the ARQ.
Now why take something that didn't work?
Because it does.
They want it back.
Torus wants the ARQ for their war machine.
You're crazy.
You've gone fucking crazy.
It doesn't mean I'm wrong.
I know everything, Hannah.
Your boyfriend,
stealing my scrips for the Bloc...
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Are you really working for the Bloc,
or did Torus turn you?
We don't want your stupid machine.
- We came for your scrips.
- Right.
Sorry. You're a freedom fighter now.
I'm just some fool engineer
trying to solve the world's energy crisis.
And all this time I thought
you were just a self-serving thief.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Yeah, that's right.
You don't.
Because you got away.
They kept the lights on
while I tried to sleep.
Kept me in darkness while I was awake.
They played the same Christmas song
over and over.
It never stopped.
I'm sorry.
You don't get to be sorry.
- You're too late for sorry.
- I never...
I never stopped thinking about you,
Hannah. I looked for you every day.
I hacked into every database I could,
tapped every network,
monitored every registry.
Finding you was the only thing
that kept me going.
I still hate you.
So you're just gonna kill us now?
- Just them.
- Ren, please.
Nobody has to get hurt.
We do it my way.
...what happened
to continental Australia
will happen to the entire planet.
It will be 10,000 years...
- Jeez.
- What the hell you doing?
...before anyone can step foot
on that radioactive rubble again.
Shoot me, we all die.
They're bluffing.
Hannah, baby, don't do this.
I trusted you.
Ren's keeping half his scrips.
We get the other half.
- Nobody gets hurt this way.
- No, wait.
Come with me.
We can start over.
Okay? Do it right this time.
We'll head north.
No Torus, no Bloc.
Just us.
You should eat.
There's food in the kitchen. Just...
Just think about it, okay?
aren't we just one big happy family?
You killed me.
You punched me in the ear.
I meant... I meant to hit you in the face.
Huh, like this?
Hannah's coming with me.
Giving us your blessing?
- She won't go with you.
- She will.
I know Hannah.
Then you also know that she hates you.
I need a few hours
to download the data and pack up the ARQ.
You can't go with him, Hannah.
His mind's gone sour.
We'll hook up with a migrant caravan,
head to the Arctic Parallel.
I can hack weather drones
so we avoid flash...
I can't go with you.
I can't.
I'm keeping my scrips.
That wasn't the deal.
Well, the deal's changed.
Ren, please.
This is bigger than us.
This is about winning the war.
The war is over.
Torus is gonna win.
The Bloc is doomed.
And you are wasting your time.
But I have to try.
We need your scrips.
All of them.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You're right.
You're just being ridiculous.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Just...
I shot you.
Wait, you remember?
Were you brats playing doctor?
Oh, yeah.
All night long.
Give me your scrips.
But hold back on me?
You got five minutes.
You do remember.
Is this a dream?
It was a dream, right? Or...
is this a dream right now? I...
It's not a dream.
- No.
- Today is repeating.
No, I have to get out of here.
- Ren, I can't. I...
- Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Everything's gonna be okay.
How is this happening?
The ARQ.
How many times do you remember?
Just one.
But it feels like more.
That's because it is.
Okay, you see these time logs?
These are the four loops
we've gone through.
They always begin at 6:11
and end at 9:25.
And this last time log,
that's happening right now.
So we've looped five times?
- Yeah.
- How? Why?
Okay, if, uh, this line is time,
this is when the loop begins.
At 6:11 a.m.,
Cuz electrocuted himself on the ARQ.
This caused forward time
to bend back on itself,
creating a closed-time loop.
And the day repeats.
Time resets every three hours,
14 minutes and 15 seconds.
How does the ARQ work?
Um... Okay.
I mean... I mean, essentially,
these fuel cells power the ARQ.
In turn, the ARQ recharges the fuel cells.
It never needs an external power source,
but... how it's looping time,
I have no idea.
An unlimited energy machine
that also produces unlimited time?
No wonder Torus wants it back.
Not unlimited time.
The same amount of time over and over.
The loops always reset at 9:25.
What happened
when the previous loop reset,
shortly after you shot me?
- It was an accident.
- What happened?
I untied everyone, uh, a gun went off,
and then I woke up in bed next to you.
That's it. That's all I remember.
Sonny probably shot you.
Or maybe your boyfriend.
Grimm wouldn't do that.
Do you love him?
Grimm was the one who helped me survive.
I owe him.
So he's the reason
you joined up with the Bloc?
Five months in Torus custody
was pretty convincing.
Ren, it was my idea to rob you.
I was angry.
But I also wanted to see you.
To make sure you were okay.
That's the truth.
Hannah, just come with me.
Ren, there is a war on.
You come with me.
Oh, my God.
To the Bloc? Come on.
You say you wanna solve
the world's energy crisis,
- but you just wanna run away.
- Yes, with you.
No, it's time we end this.
Fine. Fine.
- Fine, shut down the ARQ.
- No.
No, not until we're in control.
If we shut down the ARQ
and Sonny kills either one of us...
- We're dead for good.
- Which is why we need to kill them first.
No. They're not murderers.
Sonny is. He will shoot me.
That's how it plays out.
Then I will make sure that he can't.
They're my subordinates.
Ren, they will do what I say.
Even Sonny?
Ren, please.
I don't want anybody else to get hurt.
This is gonna work.
Just not too tight, okay?
Trust me.
Hey, guys!
Get in here!
What's going on?
I know where his scrips are.
Untie me.
That was easy.
Does he have any more apples?
So you broke cover?
Betraying me for money?
You're pathetic.
I want him to know the truth.
Say cheese, bud.
Check 'em.
All right, let's move. I don't wanna
be stuck in Torus territory after dark.
What about lover boy?
He's seen our faces.
No, he won't say anything.
I guess it's your lucky day, champ.
Everyone search.
Take anything we can hock.
And look for air mask filters.
We're running low.
What about the Cuz killer?
We could probably strip it for parts?
Hey, genius.
What's that thing do anyway,
besides fry people?
That's right.
You were a military engineer at Torus.
So that's why it's
like a weapon or something?
We're taking it with us.
What's it do?
We'll find a use for it.
Listen to me, Ren.
I'm sorry, but it has to be this way.
She didn't tie your legs back up.
Do you know you're still on Torus payroll?
Torus didn't want word getting out
that you disappeared
with their most valuable possession.
Whatever the hell that is.
What's that thing run on, anyway?
My grams always used to say
that love made the world go round.
But then, she was sick in the head
with the kuru virus, so...
Mobius Common.
Identify yourself.
Ouroboros forty-six clear niner-four.
Request recon crush-down
for Operation Riverrun. Over.
Triangulating coordinates.
Stand by.
ZMP fiver-Delta is in proximity.
Drop time imminent.
Copy. Out.
Did Torus promise your freedom
if you found me?
You know they're lying, but I can help.
Is that the best you got?
That'll smart.
How do I disable it?
I use that?
What's the login?
What's the login?
Well, I guess that's romantic.
I get paid whether I bring you back
dead or alive.
What's the login?
You're running out of time.
Is that the best you...
Hannah, wake up.
Sonny shot me.
- Sonny's a merc. Torus sent him.
- Torus?
What do we do?
Play along.
Did he just say "play along"?
I don't know.
I was asleep.
You idiots scared the shit out of me.
You're four hours early.
Cuz is dead.
He got electrocuted
by some crazy machine in the garage.
- Did you fuck him?
- No.
The plan, remember?
- Get Renton to let his guard down.
- Yeah, but not your guard.
Stop it.
We fell asleep after talking all night.
That's it.
Then... what?
Give me five minutes alone with Renton.
Leave you two alone together?
Yeah, that won't look at all suspicious.
Just go to the kitchen and eat.
That's believable.
We're not here to eat.
He has apples.
Nobody has apples anymore.
He does.
Okay. All right.
Go on.
Were you brats playing doctor?
Just leave us alone.
Give me your scrips.
You got five minutes.
You're not taking the ARQ.
We need to tell Grimm about Sonny.
I don't trust him.
I don't even trust you right now.
Renton, if Sonny's a merc,
we need all the help we can get.
The air is too toxic to breathe.
Our water, a poisonous ink.
Summer is cold. Winter's hot.
And now that the birds are extinct,
the only species left...
You know, I heard this broadcast before.
- Must be a repeat.
- That's because Torus have her.
You got a real negative attitude,
you know that?
...what happened
to continental Australia
will happen to the entire planet.
It will be 10,000 years
before anyone can step foot
on that radioactive rubble again.
What's that?
It's ours now.
Torus will plunder.
The company will consume
until there's nothing left to consume.
Torus claims they're humanity's savior.
Take them true for what they really are,
our executioner.
You cut that into four pieces?
So there's three of us.
- Yeah, well, Hannah makes four.
- Oh, don't say her name, dummy.
Where'd he go?
He escaped while you idiots
were stuffing your faces.
- It was your idea.
- Yeah, well, you took too long.
He's probably long gone.
The scrips, too.
- Nah, he's still in the house.
- How do you know?
You two search the main floor.
Me and Grimm will take the basement. Go.
- We should stick together.
- Go.
- What are you doing?
- We need to kill Sonny.
Don't look at me like that.
Why would Torus care about
a few thousand scrips?
No, they don't care about the money.
They care about this.
What's special about this thing?
It's a time machine.
At 6:11, Cuz was electrocuted,
which shorted the ARQ
and caused time to loop.
- A time loop?
- Yes.
And Torus sent Sonny to take the ARQ back.
- Hannah, Sonny's a friend.
- Some friend.
He's already killed you once.
Probably more.
Did you find him?
No... but he killed Brother.
He's lying.
Where'd you get that?
- Where is he?
- He's gone.
Aw, and he left you here all alone?
No. Renton only cares about himself.
And the ARQ.
Is it over?
Let's shut this damn thing down.
Is the ARQ spinning faster?
I have no idea.
September 19th.
That was the last time we saw each other.
If I could relive one day,
Oh, my God. He's alive.
Grimm. Grimm, look at me.
Look at me. You're gonna be okay.
Get a first aid kit or something!
Oh, fuck!
- What are you doing?
- Stand back.
We don't have air masks.
- Why is this loop different?
- Sonny's aware of the time loops.
- Sonny's aware, how?
- I don't know. How did you become aware?
- I just woke up and remembered.
- Me, too.
- So is remembering just random?
- No.
No, no, no, no.
The ARQ emits electromagnetic frequencies
that could affect memory.
We're farthest away from the ARQ
when it resets.
Yeah, which is why
the effect wore off on us first.
And now Sonny. Shit.
Data's still the same.
Loops begin and end at the same time.
Then everything resets.
Why doesn't the data also reset?
The time logs are housed
in the ARQ's core structure, above the...
fuel cells.
The loop ends at 9:25 'cause that's
when the power source runs out.
When the... the fuel cells go dead?
When the loop resets,
the fuel cells are still charged.
The ARQ isn't producing unlimited energy.
It's just using the same energy.
Okay, that's great, but what about Sonny?
We stop Sonny
before he calls in the ZMPs.
No sign of Sonny.
We should go while we have the chance.
- And take the ARQ to the Bloc.
- Oh, come on.
- Just hear me out.
- No.
Any battle the Bloc loses with the ARQ,
they'll be able to loop back in time
and fight again...
until they get it right, until we win.
- You don't know that.
- Neither do you.
But if Torus gets the ARQ...
they'll be unstoppable.
Torus can't get the ARQ,
but neither can the Bloc.
You would rather keep it to yourself.
You haven't changed.
- Still selfish and...
- I'm selfish?
All I care about is you.
All you care about is the Bloc.
Ren, there is a war on.
I don't have time for us.
Then what are you fighting for?
The ARQ is dangerous in the wrong hands.
I don't trust the Bloc.
Then trust me.
Look, if Sonny gets me before I get him...
He won't.
You can't let him take the ARQ.
You have to destroy it.
Enter the self-destruct prompt
into the user ID.
It'll wipe the system,
melt the circuit boards,
the cylinder will spin out of control.
Everything will be lost.
What's the prompt?
- This is a last resort.
- I know.
What's the prompt?
Just before we were separated,
I gave you a code word.
- You mean before you left me.
- Do you remember?
I remember you acting paranoid.
Hannah, I was trying to warn you.
Hannah, open the door!
You checked the wrong pocket.
- Mobius Common.
- Identify yourself.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Ouroboros forty-six
clear niner-four.
Request recon crush-down
for Operation Riverrun. Over.
Triangulating coordinates.
- You don't know what you're doing.
- Oh, you got that right.
I was ordered
to recover an energy turbine.
Apparently, it's a time machine.
ZMP fiver-Delta is in proximity.
Drop time imminent.
Copy. Out.
You're nothing to Torus.
An expendable pawn.
Like you are to the Bloc?
If Torus gets the ARQ, they'll kill
millions more than they already have.
People have been killing each other
since the dawn of time.
Because of people like you.
You misunderstand me.
This war kills us all.
I don't want that.
So you're giving the ARQ
to the bastards who started the war.
Better that someone wins
than everybody dies.
What's the login?
We've been here before.
How does it end?
You shoot me in the face.
- Well, I guess history does repeat.
- Okay. Okay.
I'll shut it down.
Why didn't you destroy the ARQ?
We need help.
We need to tell Grimm.
- We tried that. It didn't work.
- We try again.
Do the same thing,
expect different results?
Do you have a better idea?
Hey, he wasn't moving
for a second. It was crazy.
Sonny saved your life, man.
You were being electrocuted, dude.
You were like...
He was crazy.
He didn't hesitate.
He just jumped in, kicked you off.
Now you're back.
You all right?
Just dj vu.
All right, change of plans?
This is it.
What about the target?
Is he here?
We gotta disable that
before we take him down.
How well do you know that Cuz guy?
I don't. He's Sonny's guy.
He's quiet. He didn't say much.
You're sure this is safe?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
The ARQ is speeding up.
The faster it spins,
the faster time moves.
Why are we doing this?
Don't be mad now.
They'll die before the ARQ resets.
Okay? It'll work.
In the last loop, before the ARQ reset...
What? What happened?
It's not as if something happened...
it's more that everything
stopped happening.
Hannah, the ARQ is dangerous.
You should have destroyed it.
And let you die?
It's safe.
Cyanide did this?
No. Sonny did this.
Were the loops making him crazy?
No. No, he probably did this
just to slow us down.
Because ZMPs are coming.
We gotta move.
Okay, I'll download the data
and dismantle the ARQ.
And take it to the Bloc.
- Hannah, not this shit!
- Ren, wha...
We can end the war.
What? A few rebels defeating
the largest corporation on Earth?
Yes, it can happen.
Torus has standing armies, okay?
Fighter drones, ZMPs, fucking nukes!
And the Bloc would have the ARQ.
- Forever the idealist.
- Forever the pessimist.
Realist, okay? Evidence and facts,
not wishful thinking.
- I call it hope.
- When did you become so naive?
Oh, God damn it!
Fuck you!
Oh, my God.
Listen carefully. Torus... Hannah!
- I don't remember that.
- Neither do I.
This was recorded
just before the loop resets.
The crack.
It's different.
- What does it mean?
- I don't know.
Oh, shit!
- We gotta get out of here.
- Okay. Okay.
- Grab scrips, supplies...
- Yep.
I'll lock it down.
There's something in his mouth.
Our code word.
- What?
- Sky.
No! Hannah, don't move!
No! No. Shit!
No. No.
No. No. No. Fuck.
Come on, Hannah.
Hannah, come on, breathe.
Hannah, come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Come on.
Hey. Hey.
You okay?
What happened?
I'm sorry about what I said.
I was wrong.
It's okay.
Stop! Stop.
What? No, don't!
Where's Sonny?
Where is he?
There goes the plan.
Sonny just stopped Cuz
from being electrocuted, didn't he?
Did you tell him?
No. Well...
sort of.
- What's that mean?
- Sonny and Cuz are mercs.
Come on.
Torus sent him.
They want Renton's machine.
- That thing in the garage?
- Yes.
What about it?
It loops time.
We've been reliving the same day
over and over.
Oh, brother!
If you don't help us, we're all gonna die.
Us? Liar.
I remember.
Prove it.
Grimm, what do you remember?
I had a dj vu and Sonny shot me.
- Then you, too.
- Right.
- So this is for real?
- Yes.
You gonna help us?
What do we do?
You all are sick with the kuru virus,
you know that?
Sonny shot you because you were aware.
If he knew you were aware,
why would he send you to get us?
Sonny would expect him to betray him.
You two really are mercs.
Go on. Kneel down.
Kneel down!
Kneel down.
Down on your...
No. No, not you.
Everyone kneel but you.
You sit down.
Go to hell.
Now, at the risk of repeating myself,
what's the goddamn login?
Don't fucking tell him.
No! Don't! Don't!
September 19.
September one-nine.
Enough! September 19!
September one-nine.
Well, isn't that romantic?
How do I disable it?
Command F6.
Now go touch it.
Then I'll throw you.
It's safe.
Oh, will you look at that?
My brother, you don't need me.
So I'll just go.
He's right.
We don't need him.
It's still spinning.
There's a manual shutdown.
Then fucking disable it.
It's not mine.
Come on.
All right. Okay, go.
Go, go, go.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Take it.
It feels petrified.
What is it?
I think it's a boundary.
The time loop ends here.
So only time inside the circle
has been looping?
Hannah, there's a safe house
two blocks north.
It's marked as contaminated. It's not.
I will meet you there.
You're coming with me.
No. I can't let Sonny take the ARQ.
Renton, listen to me.
You can't go back inside.
The ARQ is off.
If you die, you die forever.
I won't leave you.
Go, go, go!
'Twas in the moon of wintertime
When all the birds had fled
That mighty Gitchi Manitou
Sent angel choirs instead
You must recognize me.
- He tortured me.
- Hey. Look at me.
Listen, you're okay.
Jesus your King is born
Jesus is born
Tell me you haven't forgotten.
You're okay. You're okay.
It's over. Okay? It's over.
It's over. It's over.
Sonny turned the ARQ back on.
He must want the loop to reset.
It's okay.
Come on.
Come on.
ZMP fiver-Delta is in proximity.
Drop time imminent.
Sonny called in ZMPs.
We download everything.
Burn it all.
There isn't time.
Take the ARQ to the Bloc.
If there's no world left,
there's no hope for us.
- What?
- Oh, my God.
These time logs are the nine loops
we've gone through.
Nine loops makes one sequence. There's...
There's more sequences.
So we've looped more than nine times?
How many?
Ren, how many times have we loop...
Maybe... maybe more.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, this can't be happening.
The last timeline
in every sequence is broken.
It's... it's when I shut down the ARQ
and Sonny rebooted it.
When the ARQ reboots,
our memories must reset.
That's why we don't remember the video.
The video was recorded
in the last sequence.
It was a message to us.
And a ZMP stopped the message.
They're in the house.
Damn it!
If Torus gets the ARQ...
they win the war.
We have to destroy it.
God damn it!
- What are you doing?
- We let the loop reset.
We try again.
We've tried already, thousands of times.
We send a message to ourselves
in the next loop.
Hannah, you were right.
We have to try.
Listen carefully. Torus...
The message!
Torus found you.
Take the ARQ to the Bloc and trust Hannah!