Arranged (2007) Movie Script

We are obliged to
deal with certain challenges.
With different cultures
and its traditions.
It enters the classroom.
Serious mismatches family!
Basically, our schools,
schools of New York City
is a great experiment.
A large laboratory
for what we call:
the American experience.
And as teachers,
we are not prepared
to deal with this great task.
We are not.
This is the sad truth.
So after lunch,
give each exercises
designed to demonstrate
what we all share,
teachers and students.
Because our research shows
to build this common basis
at the beginning of the year, once
the first weeks,
is the key to give everything right.
and, most importantly,
for academic success.
He destroyed me.
On the last weekend, Tom
prepared a delicious sangria.
He made the request?
Ah! I'm not sure, but I think
will be this weekend.
- How do you know that?
- Just feeling ...
How feeling?
Okay. I found
a ring in his drawer.
- I was looking for, but ...
- Liar.
- Okay. I was looking, yes.
- Of course! E. ..?
Big! A hundred and a half,
not seen well because he
was in the bathroom,
but I will look better tonight.
Sorry, it took a while.
How was today?
Was in training.
I believe that we deal with
children from different cultures.
Teaching it in a
day, is not so easy.
- Vai take a week, Matan.
- Still.
Not an easy task.
There are blacks in schools?
Do not use this
word here at home.
And then, not all are
black. Not true?
That is why
need the training.
Orthodox teachers?
Mom said that
would be something normal.
Anybody want
More questions?
I would also
eat something.
I tell you that I spoke with
his aunt this afternoon. You know why?
It was a meeting with
a suitor on Sunday.
Really? Can I go?
What is this?
I said I would
in line, okay?
For the first meeting,
she has a list?
Or they have to
Rochel know before?
What does it mean?
- Why?
- Because ...
No need to worry.
Is one of the most
exciting of his life.
I promise.
Remember that time
fills me with joy.
And you too, huh?
What this!
What this!
- Stop.
- But it is true.
I remember ...
to climb the stairs
the flat e. ..
Looks like it was yesterday!
The aroma, light, color.
I remember that before
hit the green door ...
Green no way,
dark red.
- Red?
- And still is.
Whatever it may be, before
knocking on the door, I had a feeling,
an indescribable feeling,
and when his mother opened the door
I knew.
What this.
We can make a circle
better? Looks like a broken egg.
So is a little better.
So we will continue
to know us.
Say your name and
something that demonstrates
who you are in reality.
Something interesting.
Nobody? Shy?
Have to overcome
that, otherwise,
these children will benefit
advantage of you.
Understand? Am I right?
You are already
teachers for a long time?
I call Nasira
Khaldi was born in Syria and,
I came to Brooklyn with my
parents, when she was five years.
My father was a Hafez, this
is a scholar of the Koran.
And now has a place of
Blackbushe in gasoline.
Not very charming.
It is a serious and well educated person.
That is why the USA did you?
Want to know if I
bound to use it? No.
People ask me
much on this, but ... no.
I decided to use. It was my choice.
As an expression
of my beliefs
and what is written in the Koran,
on the family and modesty.
I do not know if it is interesting,
but it is something.
It is quite interesting.
I think the veil beautiful.
It is in fashion.
And then, I bet it receives
more looks when the USA.
And that is the goal, right?
Maybe. No.
Okay. Beth ...
I think we all know me,
teaching here since three years ago.
I grew up on Long Island,
and still live there.
I hate this neighborhood,
but I love children.
Something interesting?
I have something.
In the summer we went to Europe.
It was my first time there.
And I have to say this,
I found this story a delight
power is of topless sunbathing ..
Very liberating. Really!
Do not release both at recess
or close my school.
Okay. Enough.
Hello, I'm Meshenberg Rochel.
Could speak their
first name again?
It Rochel, but I can
call Rachel if easier.
It is his name and we will learn
to pronounce it. Again.
- Rochel.
- Rochel.
Okay, thanks.
This year working with children
with special needs.
I do not yet know who they are.
Basically this is it.
I have no
confidence to do.
Are you sure?
We always something?
I think everyone has spoken. Good
Welcome to the new school year.
What happened, child?
Do not worry, Dad. I'm fine.
Naturally I worry about.
We can talk later?
OK, or if you want now.
Gotta go now to the mosque,
I have news too
important to give.
On its future.
See you later?
Later, baby.
My youngest daughter.
- Hello, it's ready?
- Can I go too?
- Of course not.
- Why not?
- I want to see how it works.
- And you'll see, soon, soon.
Where is she?
I think she is nervous,
to the stomach is bothering.
- Of course it is.
- It's a great day.
But there is nothing to
to worry.
It is a tradition! A
the best there is.
This is what we were saying.
Can be ordered by some,
but say it is much safer,
in a broader sense.
For a lifetime.
Let those who know
you since birth
to see its
unique personality.
Let them help you find
the companion for life.
And not only for a year until
that passion to go.
I am proud of you.
Stop! Leave to riot.
Okay, come on.
It will be fun.
It will be fun.
His nutcase!
Sensitive, the sensitive type,
is how I rate.
Is finishing his studies in
Ushiba, and probably work
the store's uncle in the street 43.
A good deal.
- Uncle it is very good.
- Very well.
And we always Seth Goldstein.
I know he has a
excellent job.
It is very ambitious,
working with computers.
His mother told me
he plans to open
their own business next year.
But it also means that
not be much at home.
What is good, if he win the
enough to have employees.
And if not so horrible.
Make a date with Elliot
Rebenowitz and the boy Goldstein.
Only two to begin.
You should be open, not
the judge by his appearance.
Stay alert and watch
if there is chemistry.
Here it appears
any sign means?
You are beautiful, intelligent and will
a lucky man very happy.
Very happy.
Trust me, Rochela.
Hello, you Parker, is not it?
Is this your first time?
Hello, Maddison.
Behave yourself well, son.
I Meshenberg Rochel.
You must be Edward.
Eddie, yes. How do I
you call? Rachel?
Sure. Okay for me.
I am very pleased to
work with your child this year.
I hope that works because
he is very busy.
We get along and
also learn much.
Well, gotta go. You okay?
I love you.
Nice to meet you.
Now let's talk about
some basic things
and then, in ten minutes,
we know your class.
With Miss Lisa?
No, actually, you have
a new teacher this year.
Did you know that it does not last.
Can I touch your face?
I see only forms, I feel
seems like my new teacher.
Miss Anna left,
last year.
Can play.
- Are you Elliot?
- Yes
Elliot Rebenowitz?
Yes, I am.
Come, and do not be shy.
My husband is in the room.
You away
my eldest daughter.
- What?
- Nothing.
Sit down, please.
No to worry about.
So ...
I thank you
by chance
to come in your house,
with his family.
This ... wonderful opportunity.
My father wanted you
knew of ... compliments.
Yes, I understand. Take
it my also.
The girl of the moment.
My daughter.
Rochel? What is this?
Is behind you.
Hello .. thanks.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, me too.
It is the first time for you too?
Is beginning
to have their meetings?
Yes, I ...
What planned for tonight?
Well, she said to ...
I thought about going ...
the Rottingers
eat anything ...
tea ...
I think that is good.
This is the end of 1800, soon
after the Civil War ...
The Indian chief is very
proud, dignified, serious.
- It is not the same religion.
- So?
What is the problem, Justin?
There seems to be nothing. Talk.
Jimmy said that you and Miss
Rachel can not be friends because
have different religions, as
if odiassem or something like that.
Why do you think so, Jimmy?
- But are you?
- What?
Friends, because I heard
that Muslims
want to kill all Jews.
You are not Muslim?
You think I kill
you, Miss Rochel?
Of course not.
Yes, Rebecca?
Also heard that.
That Muslims want to push
Jews back to the sea.
Over a billion and a half
of Muslims worldwide,
in different countries,
with different languages,
with different modes
to see the world.
And there will always be people
I hate other people.
And that comes from ignorance, because
feel afraid or feel threatened,
or perhaps just do not understand
where are the others.
So many want
kill the Jews?
Yes, how many?
I have an idea, but will
be for the next lesson.
For the next lesson, I
we all think of a word
that represents.
It could be anything.
As skin color or religion,
team of sports, anything you want.
Everyone heard Miss Rochel?
Remember to make a word
that represents in some way.
He spent the day well?
- It was great.
- It?
- Fun?
- Yes
Mom is here.
Watch the stairs.
- Goodbye, Miss. Rochel.
- I 'il see you on Monday.
I have a good word for
exercise, but if not it.
- No "to" rights.
- I know.
I'm dying to know.
You can come here, please?
Sit back and relax. Relax.
So what happened this afternoon?
What happened?
The Jews forced into the ocean.
Vai all be fine.
We will exercise.
What kind of exercise?
A wheel of discussions.
Okay, just do not miss
much time with it.
They have much to learn.
Look at you.
For me?
You are beautiful. You are a
really beautiful woman,
under these clothes.
Linda, could be a model.
I'm not kidding.
Ah! This is another step.
You can come here?
Sit next to Rochel.
Rochel was telling how it is
beautiful, as it had said.
Come to the point.
You are two of my
teachers smarter.
They work hard, love their children.
Arrive on time, they are creative.
Participants are well
successful of the modern world,
except those
aspects of religion.
The rules, regulations,
the way they dress.
in two, three years?
I lose them.
You to the synagogue,
you to the mosque.
And then, find
weddings for you.
Go! We are in
21st century, my God!
There was a movement of
women, you know? I was there.
I'm talking for nothing. But
you know what I mean.
Well, go home. Better
yet. Go shopping.
Take some money and
buy a brand of clothing.
We can not accept your money.
No, no. Get those clothes
and buy clothes for fashion.
- We can not accept.
- Okay.
Think about what I said.
Can go.
Take a drink, enjoy yourself.
You are very serious.
And I know the
result of this exercise.
Do not expect that.
I know.
I have work to do.
Me too.
I thank you
for helping me in class.
I want you
coordinate the exercise.
Let's see, I learned
a summer camp.
- I hope to give some.
- I.
- Seth Goldstein?
- Okay.
I know your daughter.
They told me that you
waiting in the room. It is here?
Is down, my cousin is
electrician. This room is great.
They say that when there is a
cheap, there are thousands of them.
- There have light.
- Here.
I like to apartments.
What happens to the networks is that
all are there, saturate them.
The opportunities are really
communication via the web.
You know Gerald
Schrazer? It is another genius,
received two
diplomas at one time.
Was with him in the camp of
summer when he broke his leg.
It was the first accident that
happened in the camp,
and ended putting handrails
in all places, hiking,
but because of insurance.
We ...
No, I'm very tired.
- Please.
- Okay.
Will apologize
for this girl.
Hello, sorry,
he has so much energy.
- It's your brother?
- No, my nephew.
I have a brother and
an older sister.
This is my brother,
this is my cousin.
Are you Jewish?
No, Avi. This is Nasira,
she works with me.
- She is Muslim.
- Yes
- It is not polite face.
- No big deal.
- Avi, this is Suher.
- Hello
- Why not play together?
- He's Jewish?
No, but no matter. Go
playing with a new kite.
It will be fun, is new.
- It's a good idea.
- You want to go?
Someone could take advantage and shoot
a commercial about world peace.
I was thinking about that
Ms. Jacoby said.
Yeah, me too.
It was not legal, it was totally ...
ignorant ...
It was arrogant.
Who she thinks she is?
Should have more
account, in her position.
We could trigger it, you Check?
We could, but educate them a little.
This will leave to you.
Look around and we
and see what they chose.
And then I would read
the word in your chest
and say why the choice.
Eddie? Can begin.
I chose 'boricua' because it is
what I am port Rican,
and I'm proud of it.
I like music, dance,
taste of barbecue in the park.
You represent that,
I 'boricua'.
Very well.
Do you think we can
include Eddie in our wheel?
We feel well and
a 'boricua' us?
Yes, very well.
The next. Rebecca.
I chose 'potential' because
my grandmother told me
before he died that
I can be everything I want.
Very nice.
How do you feel having someone
with potential in our group?
- No!
- No!
Why not tell us what is the
his word and that the chosen?
It is what it means,
- What it means for you?
- What does it mean to you?
Justin, I'm warning you ...
The question is how we feel
having someone 'smelly'
in our group. What do you think?
No. No. No.
We must vote. All that
are opposed, raise your hand.
Okay, not Justin
can stay in our wheel.
Is excluded.
Justin, sit down.
Wait, how can you
expel it so? Not fair!
But we who chose
are our friends, right?
Who we want in our wheels,
and when last week
thought Miss Nasira
and I could not be friends,
because she is Muslim
and I'm Jewish.
We all have our traits,
our features.
Our words in our breasts.
But it results in choice,
an individual choice on
who will stay with us.
And chose to say.
If he chose another
word, could return, no?
Maybe. We would have to vote for
and depend on the new floor.
We will choose another
word and go back to the wheel.
Not in time.
- Why not?
- Avi.
I remind you that ...
just want to see the best of
you in the coming weeks.
His face, his skin pink.
I just want to have the best
appearance, only that.
- Well skinny.
- Stop, Avi.
Stop the two.
Dad, can I withdraw?
Yes you can.
She has to care for the appearance.
Remember when I went to
Summer camp?
I remember how you
I like to remember.
Seven pounds in three weeks.
Seven, Matan!
All you send the best wishes.
Of course we all wonder
as you are here in America.
If you are still a religious man.
Sure, always.
I am not a teacher now, but
I am in private activity.
Write, read and debate
with my family.
My daughter is a teacher now.
Dad is talking to you.
Is working on
school? It is now teacher?
Yes, teaching in the fourth
series, but only this year.
Can you excuse me a moment?
Just for a moment.
- Nasira?
- Yes?
- You okay?
- Yes
- Can I come?
- Yes
I know. I understand.
No way,
Mom, no way.
He is a friend of the family of his
father, we just have to be educated.
We represent.
Yes, educated but not
we represent.
How can think that
is a real possibility?
I do not know. We talk with him.
- Not a good start.
- I know.
Wherever possible, I
that is completely integrated,
and he made everything
that all do.
So you want
is at the same time?
Yes, and I thought
transcribe Braille.
Okay. Here is the test, I
could change a few questions.
Need help transcribe?
No, I can do.
I have to go to the dyeing
before it becomes too late.
We finish
prepare in my house.
- If you want, of course.
- Yes, why not?
It seems that is the best
means to do so.
I do not know, not yet
worked very well.
Shadchen is how it is called.
She must know you,
find someone who combines.
It is better than by the father.
Let's see.
We must leave for a
meeting and see how it is
without having the family watching.
The neighbors might launch looks
strange, but why not?
Large family.
Yes, God blessed us.
In my parents.
How many children you want?
Who knows? Let's see!
- And you?
- Depends.
It is difficult in New York,
we need a lot of money.
Could be happy with two.
I thought that
Muslims do not wear ...
Birth Control?
Some, yes.
Hello! I saw her aunt.
Mom, I submit
Nasira, who teaches at my school.
Hello, teaching the fourth grade.
We came to prepare
a test for tomorrow.
His father came home already?
I can speak a second
with you in the kitchen?
Just a second.
You should have asked
first to his father.
Why? There may be repercussions.
The neighbors can see it.
- The neighbors are gossipy.
- Exactly. This is what I mean.
We work together, is a
friend from school, just that.
Should ask her to go and talk
with his father, before he arrives.
I would not say that, but
could undermine his chances.
This is ridiculous.
Perhaps it. But
could, yes, sorry.
Talk to your father.
She does not feel at ease
with my presence, is not it?
We should make a
wheel of debate in the kitchen?
I am so ashamed.
Is not, see you tomorrow.
Who was it? His mother is at home?
Mom! Nina is here to talk
of reducing my chances!
- Who was she?
- Nobody.
What is it?
Has nothing. Whether
eat or drink anything?
A cup of tea would not be bad.
Yes, Nasira?
- You talked to mom?
- Yes
And then?
You must leave
of looking at physical appearance.
Perhaps there are virtues in Bathit.
Not only that, Dad.
We have nothing in common.
He never lived here.
It is twenty years older than me.
I'm not interested in fighting
with you and your mother, believe me.
I just want the best for you.
I want you to have a
home with love, children.
I want you all
what was in this house.
Do you think my union
with his mother a success?
Yes, I think.
So I want the same for you.
This means that ...
He returned to the
Syria on Tuesday.
And not with my daughter
younger and more valuable.
My name is Lionya Abramovich, I
a large community of Harkov,
a city in eastern Ukraine.
I'm the market some years ago.
I have ...
I have gone behind
career of a singer.
I feel very
so comfortable ...
these ... humm ... you know ...
You can do the analysis in
arbitrary groups also ...
I would like to know a
my girl tatarav.
And then you get the signs
those matrices, and then form
the group of characters.
I see in most churches
or synagogues, it is true,
studying, praying, among friends,
is a kind of
mystic dreamer, who knows?
The funny thing with
these characters are ...
I had a tatarav
wife, my tatarav
and she gave him twenty children.
Ten and ten.
Forgive me for all the sweat.
She worked cleaning the
home, making meals.
She slept.
She knitted gloves.
This is a beautiful woman and she
meet the greatest commandment
that God gave the woman.
Because the woman is Jewish
more fortunate of the world.
Because their work is
serve the Jewish man.
And perhaps you would like, because
is very attractive, I would serve.
I like this type of carpet.
Thanks, is the grandfather of
my father was a merchant.
And traveled throughout the Middle East.
Sorry, interrupt something?
Not in any way
it is only reading.
She is studying.
Yeah, okay.
Hi, Mom. This is Rochel,
my teacher friend.
Nice to meet you.
Are you hungry? A bit of tea?
- Sure, we can ...
- No, thanks.
A little water?
Dad, this is Rochel, my
fellow teacher told you that.
pleasure to meet you.
We are preparing
classes for the school.
It is good to be prepared.
You are reminded of tonight?
Especially in marriages.
I guess that sometimes
on religious holidays.
It's a regional thing, not
is so everywhere.
But already shown that the brides
painting the hands and
feet since 3500 A.C.
This is very artistic.
How to learn it?
With my grandmother.
You should teach it
its students in school.
Not a bad idea.
It would be funny see it
painted by them, is not it?
Hello! Rochel, this is
my brother, Ahmed.
Ahmed, Rochel. She works with me.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, I will meet with Hassam,
you want to go out with Asmad?
Within an hour.
What time is it?
I do not know, has a
watch it on the table.
Is that right?
Should be.
My God, I gotta go.
I forgot
to catch my brother.
I'm almost done.
It is late.
We end the
preparation in the morning.
Okay, then.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Do not worry.
I am open to all
options, always was, only that ...
none ...
chemistry of this has not happened
you speak as if ...
Dad hit its
door, that feeling.
And the boy Goldstein?
Seemed to be a good person.
Miriam and I present you
the best parts available.
Are employed,
come from good families.
You wanted to end the
school and finished.
I get a
work and has now.
It's time. This is the time.
What is it in your hand?
I do not know what to say.
Is not going well. If this is
the best there is, I'd rather wait.
I am not interested in dating.
This is not an option.
I'm not sure how this
'Mr Perfect' for you.
But in a year you will ...
Being too old? This is ridiculous.
She is right, Rochel.
Remember the other girl?
- You do not want to turn an old.
- What do I do?
Marry someone who is not
interested in me, nor I him?
Or with someone you do not
I have a normal conversation.
I'm not ready to sell.
I am not there.
Seriously, what
was it in her hand?
He was painting? It is
painting in school?
I don 't know anything.
- Tell me.
- I do not know.
Two hours.
Certainly, around
5 hours. Yes, I promise.
Call a taxi and
you get the corner.
Thank you.
It is part of our tradition.
It is very rare in
reality, but ...
helps me get a perspective.
Next to the left?
Yes, wait for green light.
Have you ever thought ...
may not give right?
In your case is different ...
and if not right?
Vai give.
How can you be so sure?
Maybe this time does not happen.
My father speaks of
indescribable feeling.
It worked for our
parents, right?
They are happy.
I respect the will of God.
And, of course, the wisdom of
my mother and my father.
But also learned to
trust my intuition.
What do I do with it?
How to react to that?
Has a cell phone signal here?
I think we should have
he asked to wait.
If moving to the intersection,
I am sure that
find a taxi.
What time you had to go back?
Are there at 6, but I have to
exchange and this can take hours.
Actually, I thank you.
In fact, I
what you did today.
Your welcome.
I had an emergency with a friend.
I have very
made you wait.
What friend? Why do not you call?
Rochel was.
As I was saying to you, Nasira is
giving lessons in school this year.
Is always busy.
How you doing? A
school is improving?
Sure can
say it is a challenge.
My the classroom is like the UN,
have children around the world.
You serve the tea?
Jamil was part of the UN in school.
But decided that engineering was a
best choice for the university.
As a focus in his career.
Yes, always need to
engineers. Good choice, Jamil.
The lowest unemployment rate
of all professions ...
including doctors.
And near the maximum
in starting salary.
Mom ...
What! The facts are these.
Ahmed studied
engineering computing
university of Brooklyn.
Another good choice.
They are scholars.
One day will be able to
keep us up and old.
One more semester and he will
his diploma of doctorate.
Virginia Tech.
It has a very good program.
He is one of the best three of
its class, the last two years.
Come, Mommy, that's enough.
She can not avoid,
is completely obsessed
with the notes in the university,
though I am your
last child in college.
and still not finished.
Grandchildren have grandchildren.
Rochel, please open the door.
Rochel, you must
call her aunt.
What kind of reputation that
family will have after that?
Rochel, please.
Vai have to knock the door.
This is not good for
the health of his father.
I do not want to press or
place blame on you,
but the doctor said that the
pressure of his father is high,
dangerously high.
- Want me to help overthrow?
- This is the last time I speak.
Mom, if not stop, get out of the house.
Leaving home?
What do you mean?
I want you to call her aunt.
I do not want to do this is not
going well. I will take time.
So your sister pay
the price for this?
If she has a chance,
will have to wait until
you feel ready?
Two spinster in
home, no way!
Matan, help me
with this, please?
His daughter ...
being selfish,
is not thinking of his family,
are not seeing things as they are.
Where you going?
Where are you, Rochel?
Rochel, wait!
Matan, go after her, has to
talk to her, please go.
Where would she say?
Perhaps the house of Muslim,
I saw in there.
Muslim Girl?
Do not worry,
just go after her.
Hello, Leah, Rochel is his cousin.
You're at home?
I would talk to you.
Yes I will be there in 30 minutes.
Well, great, even more.
Do not succumb to pressure, then ...
you do not have to do that.
There is another life, another
Indeed, if you prefer so.
My parents told me the same, you know?
I did not know.
Was very young, began
when he was twenty years.
You have to take a step further,
see a new perspective, decide
where and how we want to live.
But I have to go back ...
well, you did not.
I repent.
Do not miss the family?
Sure, but ...
I love my life.
I love my friends.
my Jewish friends or
no, my gay friends,
My black friends e. ..
I love my job.
Lose this life is ...
had five children
and an obsessive husband.
My friend Eduardo is a party
tonight, you might want to go.
Enter this world by a
minutes and see how you feel.
You want me to borrow
something to wear?
May be how long you want to ...
I want you to know.
I am Matthew.
You must be the press of Leah.
Not give a hand, it is true?
In certain circumstances, it is.
Still, it is a
pleasure to meet you.
Sorry it.
What is your name right?
Well, you is the city or ...
Yes, something, street
Park, you know?
Of course, I have a cousin who lives there.
Unfortunately, I have
could see him very much.
Your drink.
I learned to do it
when they lived in Brazil.
Let me say ... it is the first
as having a drink ...
this is the time it is very good.
What is the verdict?
It is very good.
A little strong?
No, I can not, really.
Come on, sorry, I can not
hear it, there is much noise.
Want some?
It was a pleasure to meet you,
I see her again.
You're good to go?
- Sorry.
- Leah!
I can'tI
continue further with it.
Something will happen that will make sure.
You have to trust
it will pass, no?
I think there is a possibility with
the person I have known.
I do not know.
It was too late, may have
been a total disaster, but ...
I think there is something there.
I am not certain.
God, almost forgot to
ask how it is.
I pretended I was getting
a call and took this picture.
I think he noticed.
It is very beautiful.
Doing the
master's degree in engineering.
But it is not convinced, you know ...
And it has teeth.
What is great, because
the other had not.
I hear many laughs here.
Jess, Jules, stop, children!
I found their religions do not
no longer enjoy life.
Just kidding!
I am very happy in
know they are good friends.
How will the love lives?
Any good party?
No, nothing to say, sorry.
We are prohibited from
think of a man,
unless you give us to eat ...
and the benefit of homes
areas of our parents.
The only thing I can say
is "I love you."
E "hide it."
Very well.
I see them soon. Look at these kids,
do not let it hurt.
I have thirteen opportunities and
she has met with nine.
I told you they were nine.
I thought you were eight.
And if she does not want to know the
other, I do not know how to proceed.
She just ...
was not happy with any of them.
I can not hold them, they are
I have the best parties.
girls would be happy.
I do not mean anything ...
but maybe it is.
And that means what?
Well, she is something special.
Perhaps we should tell her
the perfect man
not really exist.
The 'perfect man', which
she really expect?
What we all wanted, right?
Loving someone.
Someone who will listen.
Someone in
support, a good father.
Continue to make the meetings?
No, until convinced that
is open, to do everything again.
She is stubborn.
As part of the family of the father.
Hello, girls.
The man of my dreams, right?
You will come tonight?
Training, you must
have received an email.
I can not come, maybe
we will take a few beers.
- Maybe I will see later.
- Okay.
Cute, huh?
Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile ...
the more like it.
You think is the perfect man?
Probably my mother.
What is your perfect man?
Well ..
in fact it appeared
this weekend.
I was visiting some friends ...
at least as you said.
You see?
Well ..
It means that I played.
A touch?
He played as?
Thus, no!
He was going ...
had to say goodbye
of my family.
While walked,
your arm on my back.
I think so.
It was like a shock, now
of my arm to my spine.
I have to
meet with my brother
the University of
Brooklyn. Want to come?
Anything, any
thing not to go home.
The climate is very tense.
Sorry to hear that.
I felt very guilty.
My mother continues saying that
the pressure of my father is
too high for me.
Yes, they like to use
this argument. It is universal.
I think all mothers are the same.
Probably, but only
in emergency situations.
Like this.
Yes, for sure.
- One minute, please.
- Okay.
This is the last, okay?
- Yeah.
Remember Rochel?
Yes, hello.
I have to go back,
I have a presentation.
- Okay.
- Well
Who is he?
- Who?
- You know who.
There seems to be orthodox.
It seemed very kind, I
saw him looking at you.
It was not that kind of look.
Maybe good, perfect,
I can not take it
to house and display it.
Perhaps the shock or
any family member.
Tell me more of it,
is the only one that age?
Yes, it is the family.
What is your name? Is
yellow pages?
No, her name is Miriam.
Miriam? Miriam, of what?
Stern. Why?
It is a beautiful name.
Yes, if not gonna work.
It is not a witch.
She is a wise woman who will
that your prayers are heard.
Come on, is already late.
No head and no body in here.
It is a look at consciousness
his. I heard it explode.
This technique only works with you
is to concentrate a little more.
Is stronger, we would do
perhaps a better ceremony.
No, okay.
For today, for today.
If you do not burst,
you can come back.
There is.
Who's that boy who was
with you another day in the library?
Yes, what is it?
What is it?
What he likes?
It is a smart guy,
good people, a little shy.
You can take a picture of it and
get your rsum, because
I think it would be great for Rochel?
No, not even.
Why not?
Because if I put things
him, he is in my meter.
Come on.
No, and furthermore, I
that is dating.
I saw him in a cafe with a
woman last week.
Excuse me, I'm taking
classes in journalism and
're interviewing
people of different religions
and I would like to
ask a few questions.
How long will it take?
Not much.
Okay, sure.
What is your full name?
- Gideon Horowitz.
You can say what their religion?
I am Jewish, Orthodox Jew.
- You married?
- No.
Very well.
You are seeing someone?
Think of getting married?
Yes, but we have a way
special as it happens.
You refer to all
that about a Yenta?
What are you looking for a woman?
It seems strange exit
to dance with a friend?
No, I think is cool.
It is fun to be with family.
This is great, I'm
proud of you.
I like to get along with everybody.
This is very good.
Hello, everyone.
You called me?
I speak to always get the hat.
We were going to the classroom.
What is this?
That in his wrist.
I also saw, professor, you
is love or something?
I know what it is, Rochel.
My tatarav used
do these things
when living in the ghetto
in Eastern Europe.
- There are ghettos in Europe?
- Yes, there are.
Come on, Rochel, you are more
sophisticated than that.
The evil eye?
This protects you from the evil eye?
We also do this, my
aunt grandmother is in Puerto Rico.
Helped my cousin when
he had leukemia.
See? It is this kind of superstitions
we do not want to teach in school.
It belongs to the past.
The past?
Stay here a
instantinho, okay?
What is that traditional
makes sense to you?
Has less value the horoscope
that all teachers read?
Please, are just having fun,
or do not believe for a second.
Yes, they believe.
Why ...
get drunk and sleep with a
man you do not know
as a way to find love?
For someone determined
as we do?
I do not speak it, but
to make choices in life.
- I have one!
- Career choices ...
- And those who love!
- We can all have a choice!
It is different, but I do.
Come on, Miss Rachel,
we arrive late in class.
Put you break, huh!
Always the same thing.
You did right.
- Miriam Stern?
- Yes?
Hello, I know that we know,
I just change, but ...
I have information here on
case of the Rochel Meshenberg.
As an option.
I gotta go, but put
the number of my cell
if you want to talk.
You have not told me your name.
You are the other agency?
Everything is there, but
I have to see my family.
I like this guy.
Not a bad idea.
Not bad.
Why are you so happy?
Why is a happy day.
It? Why?
It is true, and affixed
you know why.
Go to the room.
Nasira, go.
Sit, Nasira.
The two.
- Hello
- Oi.
How were the exams?
Thank you very much.
Jamil came to ask a question,
respect to you.
In all of us, to our families,
but in particular to you.
His family is traveling
and can not come here.
Maybe you already know.
Perhaps you are
exchanging emails, or
talking on the computer,
there is what you do.
I sure did.
And for me okay.
Just wanted to know.
You and Jamil
have my blessings,
the blessings of his mother and mine.
We are delighted.
Thanks, Dad.
Usually it does this.
In your home, of course it does.
But she had no time
on its normal schedule.
Of course, ...
the situation does not seem
good for her too.
She is well?
- Thanks for coming.
- No problem.
Well, I do not have much time.
I have three options to more.
And, of course, even the five that
when we started.
I am in the process of updating my
system to include pictures.
Sometimes this helps.
If you do not like what you see,
can not pass a
single day with that person.
No more, okay.
But I remember them
that may have known
that person in school,
maybe in the summer camp.
Pull the memory, it will
subject for the first meeting.
Leonard Roser.
I am planning
something with it.
Do you know Silvia, his sister.
It is strange as this guy
just appearing in my book.
Last week, a woman
sefaradi knocked on my door.
Yes, beat on my door
and gave me the data.
A strange woman.
It is an interesting possibility.
I mean ...
I like this new system.
Can see they are, by
least for a while. It's great.
Did you know? You know
this ... Gideon Horowitz?
I think he has ...
a nice face.
A kind face, no?
And studies of science
computing, this is good.
I never knew you had my data.
But I do not understand how this
everything works in reality.
But remember that you saw
that day in the library, no?
Well, of course.
That girl was Muslim.
I remember,
not so much of it, but ...
you, I remember.
It was a half
difficult in the Faculty,
almost had to live
library, then
see someone like you ...
Could have been
any other girl.
Of course not.
Anyway ...
Nasira, a Muslim girl,
she teaches me,
and his brother was in
their study group.
- Ahmed?
- Yes
She was his sister?
She told me it was
studying journalism.
A few days later, she stopped
and I interviewed with
a lot of questions.
That does not ...
No matter, right?
I was pleased to
in terms known.
Honestly ...
This is the first time
leave that to someone
and do not feel nervous, embarrassed.
Yeah, me too.
When I think
my eldest daughter
will marry a young
man so wonderful,
I am full of joy,
deep joy.
I hope that
improve its pressure.
I'm sure.
Shut up, I feel that he
is very excited.
All are.
I hope that my pressure improves.
Thanks to all.
Of course I would prefer
they were boys.
Indeed, it was better.
You are right, there is always
what one of machismo.
Name of family and everything.
Have you noticed how men with sisters
older husbands are better?
Yes, noticed.
Are more sensitive.
Because the sisters the
make better men.
- And best husbands.
- Definitely better husbands.
Gideon has two older sisters.
Jamil has only one, but ...
it is out of range.
They are in our hands.
Yes, we can create them
on our way.