Arrest Letter (2017) Movie Script

Turn off your lights, sir.
-Peace be upon you!
-And you!
-Where are you coming from?
-The North Coast.
-Driver's licenses and IDs.
Yes, sir.
DOKKI DISTRIC ...these terrorist bombings
target Egypt's security and stability.
Godless sons of bitches!
-What do they want for the country?
-And they claim to speak for God!
God help us, the protector!
Your anise tea, Mr. Khalid.
Good morning, Minister.
Good morning, Mr. Kamal.
Sit down.
Mohamed Abdel Aziz,
the minister asked for you by name.
It's an honor, sir!
What do you think about what happened,
It will keep happening
unless we control the situation.
Why can't we control the situation?
The advantage these people have over us
isn't intelligence or strength.
Their advantage
is the element of anonymity.
These are people we are in the dark about.
We, at Interior Affairs,
have fixed locations, checkpoints
and uniforms that make us an easy target.
They know us. We don't know them.
We do know them, Mohamed.
Everyone knows them, sir.
But there's no evidence.
There's no incriminating evidence.
They make people think
that we overreact in our responses,
or break the law
by keeping them in custody,
or that we blame any security flaw on them
to justify our bad management of things.
My apologies, sir. I'm obviously
speaking from their perspective.
What's your plan, Kamal?
Arrest all Brotherhood leaders.
Excuse me, Mr. Kamal,
but it would play out like it always does.
They'll be out in a few days,
a year or two at most.
What's your plan?
I wanna catch just one of them
in the act confessing,
videotape it and dispel all doubt.
If we agree on that game plan,
we'll then proceed as Mr. Kamal suggested.
Arrest and interrogate their leaders,
then release them,
keeping them in the dark
about this game-changer.
What do you think, Kamal?
If you were a less competent officer,
I would've doubted your plan.
You've taught me well, sir!
-Peace be upon you!
-Peace and blessings upon you too!
The Brothers' respect for you increases
every single day, Khalid.
Where's my money?
You "love wealth with excess", Khalid.
I'm obeying Allah and his messenger,
fighting in his way.
"Money and children
are the joys of this life."
I'm single with no children.
To have no money and no children
is regrettable in the eyes of God.
Where's my money?
It was placed in your car trunk
before I even got here.
Are you going to continue to be childless?
Is your cousin the only one
you wish to marry?
Dr. Fatima, are you angry with me?
Any more talking in my lectures
and you're out.
I'm sorry, it won't happen again. Okay?
All right.
Should a professor like me be waiting
outside your door for 30 minutes?
-Why were you waiting there?
-Should I interrupt your class
and ask you if you've told
your father yet?
I would've said, "Not yet."
If you don't get me an appointment
with him, I'll come over unannounced.
It'll be up to you to let us in
or turn us away.
We'd turn you away.
"He who is dissatisfied with my rule
or impatient with the trials of life
can leave my Earth and my Heaven
and find another god."
Could you leave his Earth and his Heaven?
If you could, go find another god.
We have a call.
Amira from Monufia.
Go ahead, Sister Amira.
Sheik Mustafa, what do you think
of the terrorist attack yesterday?
Excuse me?
What do you think
of the terrorist attack yesterday?
I denounce and condemn it, Amira.
I denounce and condemn it!
Praise be to Allah. We praise him
and seek his help and forgiveness.
We seek refuge in him from the evils
of people and their wicked deeds
May God grant peace and honor to Muhammad
among the early generations,
and among the later generations,
and among the Exalted Assembly of Angels
-until the Day of Judgement.
-Peace be upon him!
Ja'far Al-Sadiq detailed that the Prophet
sent a detachment to war.
When they came back,
he said, "Welcome are you
who returned from the small holy war
to join the great holy war."
He was asked, "What's the great holy war?"
"The battle against the self," he said.
So, Brothers, there are
two types of holy wars.
The first is the small one.
It is armed fighting to uphold
the message of Islam.
-Allah is great!
-To uphold its rituals.
-Allah is great!
-To institute Islamic law.
Allah is great!
Allah said...
"Fighting may be imposed on you,
even though you dislike it.
But you can dislike something
that is good for you,
and you can like something
that is bad for you.
What you don't know, God does."
What we've done
has shaken the whole country.
Interior Affairs know for sure
that we were behind it.
It is expected that we'll be arrested,
one after another.
It'll be okay.
The punch we threw at the government
was a bit too heavy.
You all understand,
no matter how large the pressures are,
or how bad the torture is,
we are to respond in only one way.
God bless you all.
Yes, Sheik Khalid?
Where's my brother, Ahmad?
Attending a lecture with Sheik Mustafa.
We do not mean a specific government.
We're speaking generally.
For example, when Imam Ahmad
was asked about Al-Ma'mun
-and accused him of infidelity--
-That's not true, Sheik Mustafa.
Imam Ahmad never accused him of that,
or called for rebellion.
Is it okay to interrupt the imam
in the middle of a lecture, Sheik Ahmad?
A man interrupted Imam Al-Baz
with a question once.
He might have thought
that that wasn't acceptable.
That man who interrupted Imam Al-Baz,
was his ringtone as cheerful as yours,
Sheikh Ahmad?
Let's go, Sheik Mustafa.
In a severe blow, a security source
at the Ministry of Interior told us...
In a statement from
the Ministry of Interior...
The Public Prosecution Office stated...
National Security services continue to...
Why don't you listen to me?
I told you never to attend
Sheik Mustafa's lectures!
What if they had arrested you
and thrown you in some detention camp?
Why are you so afraid
of Sheik Mustafa's lectures
when he has a hundred TV shows
that millions of people watch?
If what he taught in those lectures
was the same as what he said on TV,
I wouldn't mind.
Why don't you want me to be like you?
I pray that you would be like me.
I'm just a devoted man of religion.
So, all the Brothers are liars, then?
You have a stronger sway over the Brothers
than Sheik Abdullah himself now.
Stop treating me like a child.
Yes, sir!
Take Ahmad to Sheik Samaha.
Keep him there until I say otherwise.
Tell me you're not the commander
of the Brotherhood's military.
I swear I'm not the commander
of its military.
God forgive me.
What about your cousin, Khalid?
I can't believe
you're still talking about him!
That same lying, hypocritical Khalid?
The reason we've been in police stations
and subjected to investigations
our whole lives?
Khalid, who's kept
me imprisoned my whole life,
as if he was my father,
and not you?
I swear to God, it's not fair!
Some of your men already admitted to it.
For 30 years,
the authorities have asked
the same questions.
Babbling away.
You should make some changes.
I have nothing to say to you.
You're wasting your time with me.
I think we're gonna be here a while,
so let me request something.
Have them bring me a pack of Marlboro Reds
and a couple spoons of sugar for the tea.
A famous preacher like you should
be smarter than to ask such a question.
Fine, I won't ask why I've been arrested,
but if you'd allow me
one simple question, Mr. Kamal...
You've been investigating me for 30 years,
asking the exact same questions.
Why, today of all days,
do you think I'll give you
different answers?
There's no god but Allah.
We won't get anywhere with these people.
Why are you so hopeless, Mr. Mohamed?
Should we not question anyone at all then?
We should question the bombers themselves.
You're free to issue an arrest warrant
for Khalid Eldigwy if you like.
I don't understand
why we let him run free.
I'll tell you why over a cup of tea.
What does that mean, Uncle?
I don't know what to do, Khalid!
You're not being fair to her, Son!
I want to talk to her.
You've talked to her
a hundred times before.
This will be the last time, God willing.
I know that our situation isn't normal,
but no one gets to choose their luck.
I don't fear for myself.
I'm an old man.
I don't need a bullet
from Khalid to kill me.
I fear for you.
Khalid is not stable.
His heart is filled with cruelty.
The things he's suffered in life
have turned him into stone.
I could see what his life would be like
before he was even born.
His father was Ismail Eldigwy.
He was a simple man...
working as a servant for Sheik Abdullah,
and for his older brother,
Sheik Marwan, before that.
One day, Sheik Abdullah decided
to wed some of his men
to some poor village women.
My brother, Ismail, married one of them,
but he was unlucky.
She ran away on the day she gave birth
to Khalid without even breastfeeding him.
They said she was bitter
about having married a servant
while her friends had married gentlemen.
Khalid grew up in his father's care.
He accompanied his father like a shadow.
Allah is great
There's no god but Allah
May Allah grant you peace and mercy.
Khalid has always been proud.
He cared deeply for his father.
Perhaps that's why he aimed
for such prestige among the Brothers.
Ismail remarried and had Ahmad after that.
Ahmad's mother died after some time,
and Ismail followed.
Khalid raised his brother.
He managed to take care of his brother
and study at the same time.
He graduated from
the School of Engineering with a B.
Many of his actions qualified him
to be commander of their military wing.
Khalid is nothing like his followers,
who are obsessed with Jihad,
and who have been brainwashed.
He is a gangster.
Yes, I rebelled against you,
Sheikh Abdullah.
Not showing strength
is not a sign of weakness.
It's a sign of poise.
As Abu Hurairah described...
the Messenger of Allah said,
"For he who rebels against his ruler
and abandons the Muslim community,
his death will be as though he died
at the time of Jahiliyah.
You're corrupt and a liar.
Khalid is more dominant among the Brothers
than Sheik Abdullah himself.
I've arrested him twice before.
But he walked out.
He walked out a free man.
No evidence was found against him.
He filed a case at the State Council,
won, and went back to work.
People like him would turn down
the presidency if it was offered to them.
He wants to be a peacock.
A peacock among the Brothers,
so they keep admiring
his colorful feathers and how sharp he is.
And if they mention Ismail Eldigwy,
they won't say "the servant,"
they'll say "the father of the peacock."
Ask yourself, then...
how I could marry someone like that.
Don't you fear for me?
I would've protected you if I could.
Khalid is a tyrant.
I fear for you and for your brothers,
abroad with their families.
We were all distressed that
he fell in love with you, of all girls.
I seek refuge with Allah!
You act like you've seen a ghost.
Have you had breakfast yet?
How does one find an apartment like this?
My monthly rent is just 16 pounds.
-How are you, sir?
-How are you, Sheik Khalid?
"Sheik Khalid"?
Did I teach you the Qur'an
as a kid, or something?
Not even as an adult?
Why are you here?
-Don't you know what's happened?
Don't you watch TV?
I don't watch TV, Mr. Mohamed.
Not because I'm austere or rigid.
It has amused me before.
The Egyptian media made me hate it.
I threw mine off of the balcony.
Sheik, what's the difference
between truth and lies?
I told you, I'm no sheik.
Go ask Moez Masoud or Amr Khaled.
I'm asking you.
Truth is like me sleeping
in the safety of my own house.
Lies are like you breaking in
and waking me up.
Didn't I tell you?
No, you didn't.
I'm arresting you.
Aren't these types of arrests banned,
or is the emergency law back in effect?
Consider it back in effect.
But that's not the problem.
I won't be able to arrest you right now,
because I'm taking my wife to lunch.
If I don't take her, well,
you know how women get.
I'll be waiting for you in my office,
tomorrow, 10:00 p.m.
"Do they not travel through the land
so their hearts may learn wisdom
and their ears may learn to hear?
It is not their eyes that are blind,
but the hearts in their breasts."
Oh, dear, Officer Mohamed
has converted to Islam.
I don't get it, sir.
Why didn't we arrest him?
Different men require
different measures. Let's go.
What's wrong, Sheik Ahmad?
You've been in a bad mood
since you arrived.
-Why do you hate the Brothers?
-Because they're bad people.
Why are they bad people?
Because they mix religion with politics
and bloodshed.
Is my brother a hypocrite, Sheik Samaha?
"Hypocrite" is so strong!
You use such big words, Sheik Ahmad.
Call him a "thug." That suffices.
Now, tell me, why do you ask that?
"They've made their oaths into a cloak,
and thus obstruct men from the way
of Allah.
-Surely, they have been doing great evil."
-Almighty God has spoken truly.
Do you understand what "hypocrisy" means?
Ibn Kathir defines hypocrisy as a display
of goodness while harboring evil intent.
Allah says, "The hypocrites will be
sentenced to the lowest pit of Hell,
and you will find no one to help them."
What did your brother do to be sentenced
to the lowest pit of Hell?
He perjured himself, Sheik Samaha.
He lied.
His eyes were stone cold.
They displayed no remorse as he lied.
Come, tell me everything over a hot drink.
So, you still haven't told him?
Fatima, do you not want me to propose?
What are you talking about, Sameh?
That's not true.
It's just that my father
is going through something.
-That's why I couldn't tell him.
-What is it? You never told me.
How could you show up at my workplace?
Your coworkers should know
that you have a family...
and people who care about you.
-Besides, I'm not a stranger.
-Nor a relative.
Aren't you tired of this?
I want you to truly know me, Fatima.
It wouldn't feel so unfair
if you refused me after knowing me.
I do know you.
And that's the problem.
"You know my thoughts, but I do not
know yours. You know every secret."
Almighty God spoke the truth.
How well do you know me, Fatima?
Do you know what I like and what I hate?
How should I know that?
Listen, Khalid.
If you thought showing up here
would scare me into doing what you want,
and that your message would be delivered,
then you don't know me at all.
I only fear God.
We all only fear God.
I'm the last person who could be fooled
by this mask you're wearing.
Excuse me, I have a lecture to give.
Are you gonna go?
You should know me by now.
Which Brothers are still detained?
I'm the only one who was released.
Tonight or tomorrow morning, Sheik Mustafa
will be released. The rest will follow.
It's the same old plan, as usual.
I wanted to give them
a little present earlier.
One that delivers a clear message.
Arrest half of us, or even all of us,
we always get our way.
But that officer disrupted my plans.
We have to put everything on hold.
Rest assured, Sheik Abdullah,
nothing needs to be put on hold.
God bless you, Son.
Hi, Fatima.
Good night, Dad.
Sit down, Fatima.
I want to talk to you.
-With your permission, Uncle.
-Haven't we talked already?
Must we repeat ourselves?
This conversation has become tiresome.
Which conversation do you mean?
The one you don't even want to have?
Please, sit down.
I won't preach again, so you won't repeat
what you said this morning.
There's a saying that goes,
"You might say you know someone...
but if you've never lived together,
you don't know them at all."
You know, there's another saying.
"Shyness killed those who had it."
Is there anything I can have
with the tea, Uncle?
Of course, there's plenty.
No one is completely bad...
or completely good.
Everyone has their flaws.
I swear to God, if I could, I wouldn't
subject myself to your harsh words.
Tell me, Khalid.
Do you ever wonder why I keep saying no?
Do you ever wonder
why I hate hearing you speak?
Think. The answer ought
to change your mind.
It makes no difference to me,
but it might to you.
It might help you be a normal person,
not one with a million faces.
Fatima... I'm in love with you.
What's wrong with you? Are you stupid?
Do you have no decency?
I've never loved you, and I never will!
If you have any dignity,
you'll leave and never come back!
-What's happened?
-Leave me in peace, Khalid!
For God's sake, leave me be!
I can't, Fatima.
I wish I could.
Sir, we've released everyone
except Khalid Eldigwy.
He'll stop by tonight.
I'll question him and let him go.
I'll make him feel like
we're still operating in the same way.
Just like I did with the rest.
After that, we start phase two, sir.
-We'll see, Mohamed. It's us or them.
-It's us!
God willing, it's us.
So, you're staying with Samaha?
Your brother has got to be kidding.
Why do you hate Sheik Samaha?
Is anyone who knows a couple
of chapters of the Qur'an called a sheik?
He's an uncommitted man.
His religious views are not firm.
Anyway, what did you want to talk about?
-Give us a moment, Shawky.
-Okay, Sheik Mustafa.
I want to participate in Jihad.
I don't want Khalid to know,
because he'll stop me.
You kept your word, son of Ismail Eldigwy.
I thought you were full of it
and that you wouldn't come see me.
How could I not, Sheik Samaha?
I warned you about them.
Now, Ahmad is giving you a hard time.
Where is he?
Where's my brother, Ahmad?
-Was Sheik Mustafa released?
Bear witness to my words, Sheik Abdullah.
At least greet us in peace.
-Or even "welcome back"!
-I told you to stay away from Ahmad.
I don't want him attending your lectures.
I'll repeat this before Sheik Abdullah,
-I swear to G--
-Take it easy, Khalid.
Take it easy, Son.
Tell us, what's bothering you?
Ahmad can't go down the same road.
I won't hear another word
until you have some dried dates.
These are from the city of the Messenger.
Peace be upon him.
He's all I've got.
The things you say in your lectures have
driven him in a direction I don't like.
You'll regret continuing
to push my brother down that road.
You want me to ban him from my lectures?
-Don't even answer his calls.
-Do I turn away a seeker of knowledge?
Either turn away a seeker of knowledge,
or lose Khalid Eldigwy.
We turn away a seeker of knowledge.
We only have one peacock.
Calm down.
Everything will be okay.
You've become a big man, Khalid.
A big man who thunders around,
without caring for the presence
of anyone around.
With God as my witness,
I've delivered my message.
Peace be upon you.
-Peace and blessings be upon you.
What was that all about?
When was the last time
you saw his brother, Ahmad?
-When he was a newborn.
-Ahmad today is a fine young man.
Is this worth making an enemy
of Khalid Eldigwy?
If you want to control Khalid Eldigwy,
you need Ahmad Eldigwy on your side.
Khalid hates us, Brother. He hasn't
forgotten that his father was our servant.
-No kidding!
-He's loyal to neither religion nor us.
He's loyal only to himself.
To control him, you need to have
someone he cares about in your hand.
He cares only about two people:
his brother, and the cousin he can't have.
I don't agree, Mustafa.
Brother, Ahmad is honest.
His heart is truly in Jihad.
It's not just some inferiority complex.
What heart, Sheik Mustafa?
May your heart be at peace!
May Allah guide you
on the right path, Sheik.
Let's get back to business.
You've driven me out of my senses.
Mustafa, try to love Khalid.
Even if he hates you.
You were chosen by Khaled, fool.
Officer Mohamed Abdel Aziz.
Do you have an appointment?
I was just close by and wanted to say hi.
You probably do have one.
Go ahead.
Khalid Eldigwy has an appointment
with Officer Mohamed Abdel Aziz.
Khalid Eldigwy for Officer Mohamed.
Come on in.
Peace and blessings be upon you.
Hello, Khalid. How are you?
-I'm okay.
-Come on in.
Right on time, Khalid.
I won't say "sheik," since it upsets you.
I can't be upset
with the authorities, sir.
-Would you like a drink?
-No, thank you.
The arrest warrant you gave me.
Since I read it, I haven't known whether
to call you "sir" or "Sheik Mohamed."
"To you who has faith:
if a wicked person brings you news,
you must investigate that news, lest you
commit injustice out of prejudice
and become sorry for what you have done."
What is this? Nobody move!
Who do you think you are? I could
end you with a bullet, you piece of shit!
-I don't know anything, sir!
-What the hell happened, Ibrahim?
Ask Ibrahim what happened!
Has my visit brought bad luck
to the National Security Agency?
I could end this now
with a bullet in your head!
What have I done? I've been here with you.
I don't know anything.
Is the country in chaos?
Did ISIS enter Cairo?
You treat me like this,
just because I'm a man of God?
No, it's because
you're a destructive bastard,
a wretched terrorist who kills people!
Oh, dear God, I was with you, sir!
I could've died in there myself.
Would I plan to get killed?
I'm a civil servant.
I had nothing to do with this!
Open the gate!
I ask God to be merciful with me.
I ask God to be merciful with me.
Why did you kill those people? Why?
You've lost your judgement, sir!
It's a difficult situation.
May Allah help you!
Because if you had
one shred of evidence on me...
you'd be a lot calmer.
You're foolish if you're trying
to make us believe that you have no fear.
This is all in vain.
You think we'll just drop dead,
but we'll stay alive.
This country produces
the best fighters on earth.
You cannot take it down.
This country is mentioned in the Qur'an.
How many times
is it mentioned in the Qur'an, sir?
There's no power but that of Allah.
-It's nice to have you back, Mustafa.
-Thank you, dear brother.
-Do you think they'll arrest us again?
-I don't think so.
They'll look like fools.
Sir, you choose me for this case
knowing that I love my job
and I love my country.
I swear, I haven't even slept
or seen my wife or kids!
Please don't stifle my ambitions.
Let me carry on with my original plan,
which you agreed on.
Okay. What's next, Mohamed?
If you, sir,
and Mr. Kamal would allow me...
I'm going to release Khalid.
Almighty God has spoken truly.
Peace be upon you.
Peace and blessings be upon you.
Why did you leave Sheik Samaha?
I got bored.
Where are you going? Out?
Why do you still keep
this District Council job?
It's better than no job, Ahmad.
People dream about government jobs.
A fixed salary.
It disappears before it
gets into my pocket, but it's something!
End-of-service benefits,
insurance and a pension.
-To be dissatisfied would offend God.
-Khalid, are you a hypocrite?
Because I'm protecting my younger brother?
I want you to have a good life, Ahmad.
To love, get married and have kids.
Devotion to God is necessary.
God says, "Do not be brought to ruin
by your own hands."
I fear for you.
If every man said that to his brother,
who would be left to die
in defense of Islam?
Is Islam waiting for you
to defend it, idiot?
I don't want to hear of this ever again.
Now, let me get dressed.
Will we be sitting alone for much longer?
Of course not.
It'll be okay.
Why are you blaming me?
I was surprised by their visit,
just like you.
It doesn't matter now.
He's out there with his family.
I've got nothing to say to them.
You must figure out
how to turn them away.
Okay, Dad.
I'll tell them to go.
Take your family and leave, Sameh.
-Good morning.
-What do you want?
I want to talk with Mr. Salah.
Dad isn't here.
And what is there to talk about?
You've been talking to us for years.
What good has that done?
Because I'm always lied to.
Then why keep coming down
and bothering us?
Do you like hearing lies?
Can I come in?
Tell me, Fatima.
Does Khalid still love you?
-Why does it matter?
-It matters.
At work, among your officer colleagues,
are you considered a success or failure?
Because you always seem to put
your efforts in the wrong place.
Such as talking to a girl who knows
less about Khalid than you do,
or talking to her father, who would never
hurt him because he's his uncle.
-His blood.
-You're right.
But why did you say
that your father would never hurt him,
but didn't say the same about yourself,
his cousin?
Let me tell you something
I know for sure is true,
even though you think I'm a failure.
You and I both want the same thing.
We have the same faith,
but we can't help one another.
The solution is in your hands, not mine.
When you think about what I've said
and figure out that I'm right,
you'll have two options. Either call me...
or choose not to.
Fatima, you are free.
You can make a choice.
The Messenger of Allah said,
"A man should not make...
a higher offer on something
that his brother wishes to buy,
or propose to a woman another man has
already proposed to,
unless he permits it."
Well, I didn't permit it, Professor.
You're interpreting it wrong.
Iman Malik said this was conditional on...
the woman's consent...
and the agreement of a dower.
Everything up to the signing
of the marriage contract.
Only under those conditions
would I need permission.
You're making your own interpretation.
Kids usually run to their parents
when something is taken from them.
But when something is taken from me,
I beat up the guy who took it.
Are you crying, Professor?
Does she know that you cry like a bitch?
His phone is ringing.
I wanted to know
what made you so much better than me.
But you turned out to be worse.
I swear, by he who raised
the heavens without pillars...
if you so much as think about her,
you won't be alone.
I'll get you here naked
with your parents and sisters.
And they'll leave without you.
The person you called is unavailable.
He hasn't been taking my calls since
this morning, and now his phone's off.
That's the least he should do
after what you did.
-Are you trying to provoke me?
-Should I lie to you?
You kicked him and his family out.
I have a lecture. I don't wanna be late.
I'm shocked, and sorry
that this was all because of me.
I thought that when I met a man who
loved me, he'd be able to protect me.
But it doesn't matter.
My father is an old man
and could never protect me from him.
I thought that when I got married,
if Khalid rang our doorbell,
my husband would stand up to him
and threaten to cut his legs off.
I thought that, someday,
I'd find someone who could set me free.
Go home, Fatima.
Dad, I will marry Khalid.
You'll go away for a few days.
Abu Musab has asked to meet you.
So, Abu Musab only asked for Khalid?
-Didn't he ask for anyone else?
-No, he asked for Khalid only.
He refused when I suggested that
we both go. He said to send Khalid only.
I don't mind you going in my place,
Sheik Mustafa.
But I have to ask you,
before the Brothers...
will you be able to do
whatever Abu Musab requests?
Our operations require fitness
and good health. You're an old man.
-You're hilarious!
-Peace be upon you all.
Peace and blessings be upon you too.
Laugh and make jokes all you want.
Do you think I'm jealous of him over this?
Brothers, I am only concerned
for the future.
Khalid is arrogant.
And Abu Musab is treating him
like he's a leader,
as though he's Sheik Abdullah,
or Sheik Tuhami, or Tawakul, or me.
You're in denial, Sheik Mustafa.
Khalid commands the military wing.
He's certainly a leader
of the Brotherhood, if not the--
-Oh, dear.
-Finish your sentence, Tawakul.
What you say is true. He's the most
important leader among the Brothers.
Khalid Eldigwy is our Defense Minister.
Dealing with the Defense Minister
requires tactics that I won't get into.
You know them well.
I've told you a thousand times,
your hate for Khalid will destroy us all.
"Defense Minister"!
Khalid Eldigwy is the son of a servant
and will always be just that.
-Peace be upon you.
-Peace and blessings be upon you too.
You're not even a...
May Allah grant us forgiveness!
May Allah grant you his blessings,
and bring you together in goodness.
Praise be to Allah. Congratulations.
Congratulations, my dear.
Tell me, Khalid.
Which of those two buildings
do you prefer?
This one or that one?
Allah is beautiful. He loves beauty.
The new one of course.
But you should know that
the new one
would never have been
built so beautifully,
if the old one hadn't fallen apart.
Let's listen to something.
I might be cross with you...
Allah grant us forgiveness.
Good morning.
Your new home.
I know that you married me unwillingly.
I know you don't love me.
I thought I just needed
to get you to say yes...
and then work out
how to turn your hate into love.
-Do you still think that's possible?
-It is.
I swear it's possible.
I'll do whatever I can to achieve it.
-Peace be upon you.
-Peace and blessings be upon you, too.
You're the only person
who doesn't kiss the ring.
Well, to be completely honest,
you and my father.
I would kiss your hand
if I had ever kissed my own father's.
Let's not talk of that anymore.
We have more serious matters.
I'm not satisfied
with the situation in Egypt.
Why not?
Do you know that our smallest
achievements are in Egypt?
I want your people to focus more
on the dollar in this next stage.
Buy it, regardless of the rate.
I want to collect dollars from Egyptians
inside and outside of the country.
We've been working hard on this,
achieving significant progress.
The dollar is about to hit 3,000 pounds.
The dollar is the Egyptian economy's
point of weakness.
The Egyptian army is strong.
Our people at Sinai are trapped.
If there's some economic pressure,
the regime will be busy with the people,
and this will create gaps
for our men to take advantage of.
I want you to focus
on forced disappearance reports.
This might make Egypt subject
to international sanctions.
Focus on social media.
Get your people to spread news
that would escalate the friction
between the people and the regime.
If you don't mind me asking, sir...
-Why do you hate Egypt so much?
I'm just like you, Khalid.
I neither hate nor love.
You mean to ask,
"Why do they hate Egypt so much?"
I'll answer you.
People only fear the strong,
and Egypt is strong.
Khalid, I've decided
to replace all the leaders in Egypt.
What leaders?
Abdullah, Mustafa, Tawakul, Tuhami,
all of them.
Take your time, think, make a decision
and give me your answer.
Because our pledge is based on loyalty
and obedience only.
I know it's a sensitive
and difficult decision,
so take your time,
think about your decision,
and give me your answer, Khalid.
I was worried about this plan with Fatima.
To be honest, me too.
-Ra'fat, find out who that is.
-Yes, sir.
We need to make some calls
to the Lebanese Government.
Can we pinpoint the location
with these cameras?
No, sir. It just records.
We'll find out where they are
from what we see in the video.
-Go back to the road.
-Yes, sir.
But, sir, on the road he took,
there was a bad signal reception,
so the feed isn't consistent.
We can't determine which road he took
based on the picture.
Follow me, Mohamed.
What are you having?
I hope you like it.
Your wedding gift.
We'll have a big wedding
when we get back to Egypt.
Why do you kill people, Khalid?
I wouldn't hurt a fly, Fatima.
My only crime is being a Muslim.
A Muslim is one whose speech
and actions ensure people's safety.
In Egypt, they take anyone with a beard
for a terrorist.
How did you pay for this gift, a house
and a car when you're a civil servant?
Are you an embezzler, Sheik Khalid?
An embezzler and a killer!
Allah's punishment
keeps me from wrongdoing.
You're blessed with his guidance,
Sheikh Khalid!
You well know that I'm the last person
who would fall for that.
You know what your problem is?
You're incapable of seeing me as honest.
Before you dragged me
into this conversation,
I was gonna ask you
about your zodiac sign.
May Allah forgive us.
There's no power but that of Allah.
Abu Musab asked Khalid
to rebel against us.
-Did Khalid tell you this?
-Khalid didn't even mention it.
That's the problem.
-The guy I planted with Abu Musab told me.
-Do you believe me now?
What do we do now, Abdullah?
He was given a few days to decide.
We can't move now lest they work out
that we know their plan.
We wait.
We'll see what Khalid decides.
Do you think the servant's son
will agree to do it?
Don't you have friends?
Who do you turn to when you need to talk?
-Do you think I lie or tell you the truth?
-The truth, of course.
Pictures, Fatima.
I've talked to pictures all my life.
Don't laugh.
I spoke to this one in elementary school.
To this one in middle school.
To this one in high school.
And to this one in college.
Now, I talk to this one.
I can't tell you what I used to tell
these pictures of you.
Between me and these pictures
are the stories of a lifetime.
I wish I could tell you them all.
Would you believe me
if I said I didn't care about them?
Or would you continue to live in denial?
I found two new details
while I was going through the videos.
I thought you should see.
-Is he still standing in place?
-Yes, in place.
He's been standing like this
for more than an hour now, sir.
-Is this what I came down to see, Ra'fat?
-No, sir.
-Hussein, show us the video.
This was this morning.
About three hours ago.
I knew you'd say yes.
May Allah bless you, Khalid.
Take a look at this, sir.
There's a mirror,
and the fool appeared on camera.
I need to understand something.
After removing and killing
the Brotherhood leaders,
how long until the new leaders
are appointed?
It's too early to make
new allegiances, Khalid.
The situation in Egypt
won't allow for that now.
After killing the leaders,
I need you to carry out some operations
to create chaos.
Like what we did recently?
Bombing security directorates
and embassies?
Operations of that sort,
or something else?
You'll know everything in time.
I'll take your word for it
that the killing of the leaders is halal.
-May Allah bless our endeavors.
-I have to stay on for a few days.
-I'll execute the plan when I get back.
I swear that God is rewarding us
for being good sons to our parents!
This is major progress!
Do you understand?
Of course, I understand, sir.
I'm the one who called you.
I just hope the second video doesn't
dampen your happiness about the first.
-Hussein. Hussein!
Play the second clip.
-The second one?
This was taken before
he started standing like a statue.
There it is.
-Tell me what you told the pictures.
-Where do you want me to start?
The elementary, middle
or high school picture?
I thought she was tricking him
into disclosing things,
until he started telling the stories
and flirting with her.
He said things to her that made
me and Hussein feel like stones.
-That's true.
-He's unbelievably romantic, sir.
We'll show you
what we saw after that, sir.
Go on, Hussein. Show us that clip.
That's the one.
Sir, I don't think this is
just a casual smile.
Khalid said yes, Brothers.
The only problem greater than Khalid is
that this was ordered by the leadership!
Let's focus on Khalid for now.
We need to rebel against him, Abdullah.
Why do you think I came to you, Mutasim?
I have no idea, Sheik Abdullah.
Whatever the reason,
I'm honored by this meeting.
You're silver-tongued.
I've been told that you're the most loyal
to Khalid.
I'm loyal to Allah and his Messenger.
I'm loyal to Khalid
in accordance with that.
That's the issue, Mutasim.
Khalid is breaking with Allah's orders.
Khalid married his dream girl, Mutasim.
I said to him, "Peace be upon you."
He rudely replied,
"Bonsoir, Sheik Abdullah."
-But Khalid is a strong believer.
-These days...
he most devotedly believes...
in love.
We're going through a difficult time now.
-Allah's Messenger said...
-Peace be upon him.
..."The believers, in their mutual
kindness, compassion and sympathy,
are like one body.
When one limb suffers,
the whole body responds
with alertness and fever."
As told by Al-Bukhari, Mutasim.
We've decided to remove
the commander of the military wing...
and put someone else in charge.
That someone must have two things.
Strength, which you certainly have.
And loyalty to those in charge,
not to any other followers.
I nominated you, Mutasim.
Think about it and get back to me.
-Sheikh Abdullah--
-Before you say anything,
a gift of three million Egyptian pounds
comes with the new position.
In the name of Allah.
Praise be to Allah
and the ultimate victory of the righteous.
Maybe she's baiting him, Mohamed.
She knows she's being watched.
She installed the cameras herself.
Let's not fool ourselves.
A guy like that can brainwash men
into committing murder,
bombings and suicide.
Would it be hard for him to brainwash
a naive girl like Fatima into loving him?
We already have enough evidence.
We have on-tape confessions
that can condemn them
and loop the ropes around their necks.
That can show the whole world
their ugliness.
I'm stopping the operation
and arresting Khalid Eldigwy.
I'll need your help, sir, in collaborating
with the Lebanese to arrest him,
and to locate Abu Musab
from the images we have.
-Peace be upon you.
-Almighty God spoke truly.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
-Is everything okay?
-God willing, it will be.
Do you still want to take part in Jihad,
or did you change your mind?
-Welcome, Brother Ahmad.
-Thank you.
Sheik Mustafa didn't tell me anything.
He said you'd explain it all.
Don't worry.
I'll explain everything to you.
Officer Mohamed...
I don't know if you can see me or not,
or if this is recording.
I'm trying to do what you wanted me to do
with Khalid.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.
I'm trying to make him talk, but I can't.
I still remember what you said.
That he's smart, and that I can't call you
because he'll find out.
If you find where I am,
please let me know.
I can't take this anymore.
Officer Mohamed?
Your father is on the phone.
I'm coming.
Hello, Daddy. How are you?
-I'm okay. Are you all right?
-Yes, I'm fine.
I'm happy to hear your voice.
I've missed you.
-When are you coming back?
-I don't know.
Soon, I hope.
I'm trying to do what you wanted me to do
with Khalid.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.
I'm trying to make him talk, but I can't.
I still remember what you said.
That he's smart,
and that I can't call you,
because he'll find out.
If you find where I am,
please let me know.
Send me a message. Do something.
Take care, sweetie.
-See you soon.
-Take care.
Sorry for your loss, Khalid.
This is your wedding gift
from Mustafa and I.
We greatly appreciate
the son of the servant!
Our condolences.
Officer Mohamed,
my cousin Ahmad was killed.
Khalid is probably dead too.
The men are after him.
Try to find me, please.
Officer Mohamed!
Why, Fatima?
Because you're a terrorist, Khalid.
Your heart is black.
You live with the purpose
of hurting people, even your own brother.
I did it to save people from your evil.
My love for you is the true evil.
I expected everything from them...
except that they would take advantage
of my love.
That they would use you.
You married the person you hated most
to help them?
Let them bring you back, then.
-He got away?
-Yes, he got away.
He killed them and ran away.
He saw his brother's head, they couldn't
kill him, and now he's out there?
What great news, Mustafa!
"Do not betray God and the Messenger,
and do not betray those who trust you
now that you know."
He was a traitor.
He told Abdullah
everything you and I agreed on.
And for that, he was fairly punished.
I can fly back to Egypt.
I need your help to get back.
And I'll make sure you get good news.
Calm down. Everything will be fine.
Hello? Yes.
Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Abdel Aziz
from Cairo.
Officer Mohamed?
Yes, Fatima.
Don't worry.
Just do as they ask.
-You'll be back tomorrow.
-Will you really bring me home tomorrow?
I want you to go home and get some rest.
I thought you'd fallen for him.
Well, not "fallen for him," but I thought
he'd maybe got into your head.
After I got your message,
it had already been done.
-I couldn't find you.
-I didn't fall for him!
It's just that you left me alone there,
recording him.
I couldn't get anything useful out of him.
I thought I'd treat him nicely,
then maybe he'd talk.
If I was sure he wouldn't kill me
if he found out,
I would've called on day one.
At times, I wanted to bash my head
against the wall.
I was scared I was ruining things.
Far from it. You're the one
who's helped me most.
I don't know how to thank you.
Have you arrested Khalid?
Almighty God spoke truly.
My beloved Fatima.
-I've missed you.
-I missed you too.
Where is Khalid?
He dropped me off
and went to take care of something.
Welcome home. I'm sorry for your loss.
-Where are my men, Saad?
-Theyve betrayed you, Sheik Khalid.
Sheikh Abdullah put Mutasim in charge.
We'll stay here tonight.
We'll see them in Jayara tomorrow.
-Peace and blessings be upon you.
-Peace be upon you, too.
Welcome home, guys. Come on in.
Sorry for your loss.
I don't want condolences.
Sit down, guys.
We didn't betray you, Sheik Khalid.
We were waiting for you.
When Saad called us, we came running.
I asked Saad to call you,
because your loyalty is not in question.
Where's the bathroom?
That way, on the right.
This is the address.
Khalid killed your men in Lebanon
after one hell of a fight.
And I still had faith in you.
You got a new look,
money has started to change you.
And I still trusted you.
But if Khalid isn't sent
to his grave tonight,
my trust won't be the only thing
you'll lose, son.
That's a smart question, Zakaria.
Why did I call you?
I want you to listen to me carefully.
Wait for me here, Sheik Abdullah.
There's five minutes until Sheik Khalid
finishes off Mutasim.
Then we'll see about you, Sheik Abdullah.
God bless you, Son.
Take it easy.
Remember what you said to me
when you hugged me after my father died?
"Every soul shall have a taste of death."
Almighty God spoke truly.
You started it, Khalid.
-When you sold me out to Abu Musab.
-Because I'm a traitor?
You shouldn't be so surprised.
I learned from you.
I deserve it.
-For God's sake!
Now you remember God?
God, whose words we use for personal gain.
Whose Heaven and Hell
we invoke to deceive little kids.
We take a kid of 13 or 14 years,
and tell him that if he wants heaven,
he must press a button
and climb into the sky
to find his fair maidens waiting.
God, whose Heaven and Hell we use
as a weapon to manipulate millions.
Heaven for our followers.
Hell for our enemies.
God has disowned the likes of us.
-Khalid, son! I wanna tell you--
-I've heard enough!
Sheikh Abdullah was killed in Jayara.
It had to be Khalid.
Khalid is back in Egypt.
What brought him back,
despite all the damning evidence,
is the prospect of revenge
for his brother.
We located Khalid Eldigwy
in an apartment in Nazlet El-Semman.
The place is empty, sir!
That bastard is a ghost.
He won't stay in one location,
no matter what.
I had him. I told you he'd be back!
Check these phones and their serials
and find out which ones are working.
It might be working with him now.
The SIMs, too.
Where's Sheik Mustafa?
-Giving the Friday sermon at--
-Sultan Hassan's Mosque.
Praise be to Allah, before whose might
faces are humbled,
heads are bowed,
and eyes are flooded with tears of awe.
I testify that there is no god
but Allah alone, with no partner.
All kingship and praise belong to him.
He gives life and causes death.
And he is omnipotent.
I testify that our Prophet Muhammad
is the servant and messenger of Allah.
Dearly beloved, today,
we will talk about the fear of Allah.
I chose this topic to tackle
what we are witnessing nowadays:
people drifting away from God
and opposing him with sins,
sins committed in the first place
because they have little fear of God.
The fear of God is one of the most
important pillars of worship.
The more fear of God
a Muslim holds in his heart,
the less daring he'll be to sin.
Some people have so little fear of God
that they dare to commit grievous sins.
You should observe God and fear him.
Do not fear anyone but him.
Servants of God,
a fear of God is an understanding
of his might.
Dearly beloved, reverence
is a higher degree of fear.
People differ in their fears of God.
Those who are most knowledgeable
revere God the most.
This is because their fear of God
comes from knowing him.
"The people who truly revere God
are those who are knowledgeable."
Reverence is a higher
and more exceptional degree of fear.
Our honorable Messenger said,
"I am the most Allah-fearing,
and I know Allah better than all of you."
-Traffic light, sir.
Servants of God, remember him
so he may remember you.
Ask for his forgiveness
so he may forgive you.
I call you to prayer. For prayer
prohibits evil, vice and transgression.
"He enlightens you
so you may take heed."
God is great
There is no God but Allah
Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
-Hasten to prayer
-There's no god but Allah!
It is time for prayer
There is no God but Allah
-God is great.
-God is great.
Praise be to God, Lord of the universe
Most gracious, most merciful
-God is great.
-God is great.
-God is great.
-God is great.
Peace and blessings be upon you.
Peace and blessings be upon you.
God, whose words we use for personal gain.
Whose Heaven and Hell
we invoke to deceive little kids.
Whose Heaven and Hell we use
as a weapon to manipulate millions.
God has disowned the likes of us.
Subtitle translation by Ahmed Khedr