Arrhythmia (2017) Movie Script

Why are you lying?
Why? Oleg, she's lying.
Her EKG is better than mine.
Listen. You are not a doctor.
He's a doctor.
I'd donate you to science with
those weird symptoms of yours.
I have heart attacks every day.
Did the shot work this time?
Feeling any better?
I think I am...
Not sure.
Come on. Send her to a district doctor.
I'm ready to go to hospital.
I have everything packed.
You won't be admitted. Trust me.
Okay, then. Get dressed.
But first, you'll have to sign a paper.
Your consent to recently
introduced regulations.
And then we'll go.
Here you go. Write it down.
I, Valentina Nikolayevna...
...have read...
...and agree to...
...have my head shaved.
Today's date and signature.
What's that?
They have introduced new sanitary
regulations for admissions offices.
They shave patients' heads
to prevent infection.
That's nonsense!
I'm not signing this!
You have to.
They make no exceptions.
I'm not going anywhere!
How are you doing, guys?
We're wrapping up.
Leaving in a minute.
37 Radischeva St., poisoning.
Got it.
Oh my...
I'm feeling sick.
I'll probably have to
call an ambulance again.
Ma'am, will you please stop
calling an ambulance?
You are slackers!
You are not treating me!
I want them to send someone else!
Maybe they'll treat me!
My God!
Oh, my God!
You know what?
I have an incredible pill, made in Germany.
Ever heard of nanotechnology?
Yeah, I think I did.
They've invented a pill
that cures everything.
I brought it for my grandma, actually.
But if you're feeling this sick...
Terribly sick!
Here it is.
You have to suck on
it for two weeks.
In two weeks, you'll feel
like a million bucks.
But you'll have to be patient.
My goodness!
Go ahead, put it under your tongue.
Come on.
That's it.
You better lie down.
I don't get it.
Hold on. I'm in the park, right.
What's around you?
Do you see the bags store?
Hold on. No, don't go anywhere.
The park is right behind me.
Oleg, you are on the opposite side.
I'm crossing the road.
No, don't move the car.
What a distrustful moron. That
was clear right from the start.
Were you drinking?
Are you gonna drive like this?
What were you expecting?
Come on.
Well, good for you.
What about him?
Did he get better?
No way!
Come on, you are shitting me!
Katya, can you pull over?
I gotta take a piss.
Katya, let's stop by a store, okay?
I'll buy a box.
Can't you wait a bit?
You'll drink there.
Come on. I haven't been
drinking for half an hour.
Is this one okay?
Hey, Mom.
Yeah, hi.
On our way.
We're on our way.
Mom, what do you want me to do?
We'll be there in 20 minutes.
Mom, I can't talk right now. I'm driving.
See you in a bit.
...and not once...
not that I know of, at least,
did our dear Mikhail Sergeevich give up.
You see what I mean? That strength...
Hey there!
Finally they are here!
Dear Katya, finally!
I'd like to finish my toast.
Sure thing. Sorry.
Oleg, you may sit there.
Come on, let me finish the toast.
Where was I?
And one might think that this person
was just born with all these talents.
Just like that.
But that's not true.
I know how hard he had to work.
He worked really hard
to get where he is now.
And when someone says,
"It's so easy for him"...
That's nonsense. That's not
how it works in our field.
You can't do a sloppy job.
Well, you can, but you won't last long.
You will get squeezed
out of this profession.
In order to keep up with the high
standards, you have to see so much blood!
To see so much...
Kids, pardon my language!
I'm telling it how it is!
To be honest, Misha, I regard
you as the best among us all.
In all areas!
I'm being serious right now.
Thank you.
Well, Misha...
I've been jealous of you for many years!
Come on!
Uncle Kolya has confessed!
Then, I realized there was
no point in feeling jealous.
One should learn from such people.
One should use them as role models.
Am I right?
I want you all to stand up.
Go ahead.
Let's raise our glasses!
Bottoms up!
So well said!
I'll have to keep the bar high.
Happy birthday!
Please help yourselves!
Shashlik is almost ready!
Katya, why did it take
you so long to get here?
Dad, I had to work.
You said you were leaving at 6 pm.
That's when they brought
in a stroke patient.
I was the only available
doctor at the moment.
I had to take care of her.
Seems like Oleg was having fun today.
Dad, we were both working.
So good!
Pass it over.
Katya, let me pour you some.
Which one?
I'll drink the red one.
I'll drink this one, too.
Oleg. You hear me?
How about taking a break from it?
How about some tea?
I don't want tea.
Dad, let's drink to your health.
Dad, I love you very much!
I love you, too!
Really glad that you came.
Come on. We'd never miss it.
You never know.
Misha picked these mushrooms
himself last year.
They are really good!
Oleg, take a clean one.
It's okay. I'll wipe it with a napkin.
Go lie down for a minute.
I'm not tired.
There's a sofa in the veranda.
Go rest a bit.
Misha, take it easy.
Leave him alone.
Go lie down! You hear me?
Dad, come on. That's enough.
I want to help him.
He's not feeling well. He should go and...
Dad, you want us both to go?
We will.
Stop it.
Go on, eat up.
Katya, Mom baked a cake!
Yes, I did.
We should get divorced.
I'm off to bed.
Oleg, put something on.
Katya, I say you take it all off.
Put something on or I'll leave.
Have you read it?
I have.
Why didn't you reply?
I should've replied?
Yeah, it would've been nice.
I should have texted you back?
Well, you could've reacted somehow.
Katya, that's bullshit.
Oleg, it's not bullshit.
Getting divorced through texts is.
Don't yell.
They'll hear us.
Let's keep it down.
You're mad because I got drunk?
That's not it.
What, then?
Why are you mad, then?
Oleg, do you love me?
That's a very dumb question.
I do.
I don't think so.
Here we go with the whining.
I've already made a decision.
Well, good for you.
Do you agree?
I don't.
So, you don't, and...?
And what?
You've already made a decision.
Go ahead, get divorced.
What should we do about the apartment?
I'll move out tomorrow.
Where are you moving out to?
You won't find an apartment in one day.
Let's say we move out in a week.
You'll find an apartment, I will, too.
You'll sleep in the kitchen for now. Okay?
As you say.
Let's not tell anyone.
We'll tell them after
we've separated for good.
Is there an accident or something?
What's the problem?
Nikolayevich, turn the siren on.
The siren will do jack shit.
Why did you park the car like that?
Well? Is that better?
Let's take the waterfront.
You think we'll squeeze
in between the trees?
Tell her to go to her room.
She won't listen to me.
Did you sleep well last night?
No, I didn't.
My chest hurt, or maybe my stomach.
Right here.
I threw up, too.
I think it's poisoning.
What did you do yesterday?
We went to a friend's party.
There was a lot of food.
Fat stuff.
Did you drink?
I did.
Did you throw up more than once?
Just once, but I'm feeling nauseous.
It must be food poisoning.
Marina, we got a heart attack.
Take her to the Central Hospital, there's
no angiography in her local hospital.
Any drug allergies?
Nitrospray under the tongue.
Acetylsalicylic acid, 300.
Clopidogrelum, 300.
And Heparin, 5000, intravenously.
I can't go to hospital, I got
no one to leave the child with.
Open your mouth. Lift the tongue.
Where's your phone?
Got a husband?
Mother? Neighbors?
Here you go.
Can I stay at home though?
Don't take my Mommy away!
Why are you crying? Come on.
Stop that spectacle!
Call a friend or a neighbor.
You'll be back with your kid in no time.
Katya, a heart attack.
Tell the cardiologists to get ready.
Okay, I will.
What do you mean?
You see the line is distorted?
Yeah, there is an abnormality.
You should check the Troponin level.
Stop playing smart, we
are doing it already.
What's bothering you?
I have a stomach ache.
Troponin: negative.
Well, it's like this
during the first 6 hours.
- Does it hurt?
- It does.
Take her to her local hospital.
It's pancreatitis.
What if you're wrong?
Oleg, you are overdiagnosing again.
You're using old cardiographs.
A heart attack patient every 5 minutes.
She's 30, what are you talking about?
Besides, she drank alcohol. Did you?
I did. It must be poisoning.
Get the documents, take her
to the local hospital.
Our surgery ward is packed,
we can't take new patients.
Now you believe me?
You can't be that stupid.
She's got all the symptoms: EKG, pain.
Katya, you should take her
for an ultrasound scan.
Ultrasound scans are for emergencies only.
Take the patient back to your car.
What is it, then?
A heart attack, but they didn't
believe you because you threw up.
It can't be heart attack.
The doctor said that's
impossible at my age.
Is that true?
I'm feeling better.
Well, let's take a ride, then.
We have plenty of time.
Give her Dopamine, just in case.
Heart attack, that's
what I said right away.
Why the hell did you bring her here, then?
You know we don't do angiography!
Make a note that you rule out pancreatitis.
Wasn't that obvious?!
Write the diagnosis down,
stop yelling at me!
We've been driving her
around town for 2 hours!
Write down the diagnosis,
I'll take her back.
Is that lunatic around?
Tatiana whatshername.
Give her the phone.
Come on.
Katya, let me speak to her.
Hello, yeah.
Mironov speaking.
I have a question for you.
How valuable is the time spent on a heart
attack patient in relation to their recovery?
Get the table ready,
we're taking her back.
There are serious complications.
Try not to kill her.
Magnesia, Mexidol...
3 and 1.
It's all here: Atropine, Adrenaline...
Right, 2 of Adrenaline.
So, it's not all there.
Why are you still here?
I thought you left.
We came back. It was nearby.
Hello, Gennady Semenovich!
- What did you give her?
- Who?
The old woman. What did you give her?
She filed two complaints.
What happened?
She says you gave her a
banned pill from Holland.
Nearly killed her.
I gave her a toy gun bullet.
To suck on.
I thought she'd get off our backs
for a day. She'd be busy sucking.
You want another fine?
I got plenty.
How about a bonus one?
Please don't!
- How are things?
- All good!
Is this pillow okay? It's small.
It'll do just great!
You could use the turtle as a pillow.
No, thanks. It stinks.
Wow, it's all covered in dust.
Could you close it?
Check it out.
Is it comfortable?
Look, I can eat lying down.
Would be bad if I stepped
on your face at night.
Need a hand with the sheet?
I'll manage.
Okay, I'm off to bed, then.
Katya, where do we keep the tomato paste?
What paste?
I need a chaser.
Found it!
Okay, bye.
Oleg, what's your problem?!
Get out!
Katya, I'm late for work.
Don't look at me.
I've seen your tits a million times.
You won't ever see them again.
Katya, your ass is out.
Screw you!
Get her passport, insurance papers,
hospital certificates, if any.
Things that she might need.
We're taking her to a hospital.
Could you explain the situation first?
Intestinal bleeding. We're taking
your mother to intensive care unit.
Why intensive care?
She needs observation...
Blood transfusion?
Please get her ready, we have to go.
No, we can't...
We can't do blood transfusion.
You won't have to do anything.
They'll find you a donor.
Mom, we are not going.
We refuse to go.
What do I have to sign?
Miss, I don't mean to scare you...
But in 2 hours your mother will
be dead unless she gets help.
- Let's go, darling.
- Take it easy, Mom. You're not dying.
We'll call our doctor.
Are you out of your mind?
- You are going to kill her.
- No, I'm not.
We can't do blood transfusion.
Witnesses or something?
Yes, we are.
Witnesses of what?
It goes against their religious beliefs.
Okay, let's not waste time.
Ma'am, listen to me.
Margarita Ivanovna, do you hear me?
I do.
Do you want to be hospitalized
in order to save your life?
I do.
Mom, we can't do that.
Go wait in the corridor.
- Dima, let's use the blanket.
- Sure.
Guys, don't touch her,
she's not going anywhere!
You try that again, I'll
hit you in the face.
Grab her legs.
"Yesterday we called an ambulance
for my mother, Margarita Melikhova.
"I did not remember their names.
"The doctors were being rude, they
did not take their shoes off.
"They were being insolent, they were drunk.
We weren't drunk.
"They ignored our religious
beliefs which deeply insulted us.
"We refused to be hospitalized
on account of having a personal doctor
"whom we were going to call.
"But these so-called
doctors grabbed my mother,
"nearly dropping her on the staircase,
"and dragged her out against
her will, laughing."
"When I made an attempt to retrieve my dear
mother from these so-called doctors,
"I was hit in the face.
"After that, the thuggish
one said he'd break my nose
"if I tried to approach
my dear mother again.
"He was swearing which insulted me as a
religious person for the second time.
"I'm demanding their dismissal
on account of incompetence."
What are we gonna do?
Write an explanatory note.
I did push her hard.
Why would you do that?
That was the right thing to do.
You're telling me it's all true?
No, everything else is not true.
"...grabbed my mother, dragged
her against her will..."
It's not true.
"...didn't take their shoes off..."
Well, yeah, we didn't.
Write it down:
The patient gave her consent
to hospitalization...
in a critical, life threatening condition.
Let's omit the push and
your shoes, okay?
We're ignoring that?
We are.
Do you think it'll help?
I don't know. That's my
last week on the job.
I'll try to take care of this.
If I don't, I'm sorry.
You'll have to take it
to your new boss, then.
No idea who he is and
what his methods are.
Oleg, wake up!
Hey, get in here.
Who's that in the kitchen?
He works in the trauma unit.
What the hell?!
Katya, go to sleep.
Oleg, leave my bed now!
Katya, cut it out!
I'm not leaving the bed.
Go to sleep.
What the...?!
Are you mad at me?
Come on, what's wrong?
Give me a break!
I haven't gotten laid in a week.
What's going on?
What are you up to?
Did I offend you in some way?
You did not, Oleg.
It feels like you live
in some other galaxy.
I'm tired of trying to get there.
I've run out of fuel, water, food...
Moreover, this galaxy doesn't give
a shit if I ever get there or not!
It just doesn't care!
Even if I get there, I don't think
this galaxy will even notice that.
I have no idea what you are talking about.
Leave the room.
I want you to leave me alone.
Keep your eyes open. Look at me.
- I can't breathe!
- Come on, that's not true.
- Let me go!
- Where are you off to?!
Take it easy!
- I'm dying here!
- Shut your mouth!
Don't speak, just breathe calmly.
That's it, great job!
Look at me.
Cut it out! Take it easy
and breathe calmly!
Your X-ray is almost ready.
Take it easy! Breathe!
That's it! Good job.
Look at me. Good boy.
You won't feel a thing
during the operation.
It'll be over in a second.
Saturation is decreasing.
Put the mask on.
Oleg, you either come in or leave.
Katya, can I have a word with you?
Take him to the operating room.
Yes. The lung is pressed down.
What is it?
We have to talk.
Right now? I have several patients waiting.
I'll wait here, then.
Is it urgent?
It is.
I'm working overnight.
That's okay. I'll wait here.
Then we'll talk.
Okay, fine.
Easy, easy!
You are doing great!
They'll get you fixed.
You'll walk home after that.
In three weeks or so.
Katya, you got any smokes?
The last one.
I'll go buy some.
I could've been asleep.
Nothing much, just hanging around.
Where you guys at?
I can drop by for half an hour.
Yeah, I'll have to come back here.
Gotta take care of something.
See you in a bit.
Hey, Katya!
Katya, I saved you some tequilla!
There's none left.
No tequila, then.
We have cognac.
Hey, guys!
I'm sorry, guys. I'm nodding off.
I can't join you. I'll go to sleep.
Katya, hold on.
Oleg, let's talk later, please.
I'm really tired.
Katya, I'm really sorry. I
was going to wait for you...
Oleg, I really don't care what happened.
Are you mad at me? I'm an idiot!
I'm not an idiot, I'm just drunk.
You have the right to
be mad at me, I agree.
Can you leave? I don't want
to talk to you right now.
I'm not leaving until you forgive me.
I forgive you. Are we done?
I are too serious, I don't
think you meant it.
Forgive me.
I forgive you.
Let's go drink a quick one.
- I'm really tired.
- It means you didn't forgive me.
I'm very tired, can't you understand that?
Please leave! I forgive you!
- Please don't be mad!
- I'm not mad!
Okay, I'm leaving. You
can sleep all you want.
You don't have to yell.
- He forgot the money.
- Buy some cigarettes!
- Hold on!
- Throw in some change to make it heavier.
Do you promise to come back?
This summer, the clouds are
going to be especially pretty
Being there for you is what
left-handers are known for
Did I scare you?
I'm sorry.
Katya, I don't remember anything.
That's great.
Let's talk.
- Oleg, we did that yesterday.
- Let's talk again, I'm begging you.
- I don't remember what we were...
- I'm gonna be late for work.
I'm working overnight again.
I'll go with you.
I know why you hate me so much.
I'm a good-for-nothing.
I don't make a lot of money
and it pisses you off.
I'll never be able to make a lot.
I'll never have a real career.
Meanwhile, you will be
evolving and improving.
And I'll just be an emergency doctor.
I make you feel ashamed
before your parents.
Probably before your colleagues, too.
That's what I'm like.
I'm a total failure.
You hate me and I deserve that.
Maybe you shouldn't be with me after all.
Maybe you'll be better off...
With someone who's smarter...
more successful...
I can't!
- Calm down!
- I just can't!
Don't fucking touch me!
Don't ever touch me again!
Do you really think I'm
that fucking shallow?
Katya, hold on, please.
Don't you touch me!
- Take it easy.
- Don't touch me ever again!
- Katya.
- What the hell, Oleg?!
Do you really see me this way?
Oleg, are you that dumb?
Katya, I really love you. Honest.
Get out of the car.
Katya, listen to me. Wait.
Where are you going?!
Is everyone present?
Close the door, please.
Hello, everyone.
My name is Vitaly Golovko. I am the
new head of this emergency station.
I'm sure we'll have a chance to
get to know each other better,
but right now I'd like to discuss
our work process in general.
I'm sure you are aware of constant changes in public
health service. We have to adapt to these changes.
Changes for the better?
Of course, that's why I'm here.
Don't worry, we'll make it all
work smoothly in no time.
First thing first.
I'd like to open this meeting...
with my favorite rule of 20.
It's as simple as that:
your trip to a patient mustn't
take more than 20 minutes;
working with one patient musn't
take more than 20 minutes;
and, finally, the number of
processed calls during one shift
must not be less than 20.
These are old rules and they
are impossible to follow.
Excreting urine in 20
minutes is impossible.
We'll make it possible.
Emergency medicine implies a
quick response and treatment.
Anyone in need of help should receive it.
But that's virtually impossible.
There's no point in calling something "impossible".
Anything is possible if you work hard.
Okay, moving on...
Next change: from now
on, you'll be required
to report to a dispatcher during a call.
To avoid any improvisation.
Is that clear?
A report right during a call?
That's it. Right during a call.
You'll have to keep a dispatcher
informed about any progress:
applied medicine, its quantity,
your next destination, and so on.
And most importantly: you'll have to follow
a dispatcher's instructions no matter what.
From now on, their instructions
are of utmost importance.
Let them take the calls, then.
Why would they need us?
That's what they have been doing
in Moscow for a long time...
Alyosha, we are not in Moscow.
Excuse me, you'll have a chance to discuss
the way our Moscow colleagues work later.
Let's move on. From now on, we'll have
a distinct classification of teams.
The dispatchers will make
sure that certain teams
take care of certain patients
according to their qualification.
Should I explain?
If you could, it's not clear.
Okay, what's the situation now?
The closest team gets the call, right?
As a result, resuscitators
treat alcohol poisoning...
pediatricians take care of some bums...
and paramedics have to
deal with gunshot wounds.
As a result, numerous fatalities.
That's unacceptable. From now on, each
team is appointed to their specific cases.
Is that clear, guys?
What if I'm passing by
someone else's patient?
You ignore it and keep
going to your patient.
In other words, we don't give a
shit about the patients, right?
Listen, you'll be there first, but
you won't be able to help a patient.
What's the point?
In these cases, we normally
call for a second team.
Which brings us to the
most unpleasant part.
The last rule of the downsizing
plan goes as follows:
one team cannot call for
a second backup team.
We'll have to make it work in order
to process as many calls as possible.
What if it's a critical
or more than one patient?
Drive them to the hospital, then.
What about the downsizing you mentioned?
It's coming, but that's not up to me.
Okay, the meeting is over.
Have a great shift!
- Finally, we've been waiting for you.
- Let's go.
- Come here.
- Dima, what is it?
Come here for a sec.
We have to go to another patient.
- What do you mean?
- No idea, that's what I was told.
Gimme that.
Excuse us, we are not pediatricians.
We were sent here by mistake.
Is it about your child?
- Yes, the child is feeling sick.
- Pediatricians are on their way.
We are outside the patient's apartment.
That's not your patient.
Go to Gavrilova Street.
What are you talking about?!
The pediatricians weren't
available, now they are.
That's bullshit!
- You bastards, we've been waiting for so long!
- How can you treat people like that?!
How can you leave a sick kid like that?!
Dima, let's go.
- Floor number?
- Four.
Oleg, we got another patient!
- I don't give a shit.
- That's more like it!
When are you moving out?
Are you even looking for an apartment?
- Katya, why are you yelling?
- I'm not yelling.
I'm moving out tomorrow.
Is that okay?
You can move out when you
have a new place, okay?
Get out of my room.
Did she have breathing
problems in the past?
We've been using the Ventolin spray.
Did a doctor prescribe it?
No, a woman in the
drugstore recommended it.
Open the window.
Nina, you should lie down.
Let's leave the recommendations to me.
Nina Petrovna, you should remain
seated, put your hand on your knee.
Dima, get the wet oxygen mask ready.
- Could you get the cat out of here?
- Sure.
- I'll take her to another room.
- You better lock her in the bathroom.
Try to breathe smoothly.
Oleg, she's getting worse.
Could you answer it?
You should wrap up.
We can't, we're not done yet.
Report on the situation.
- Marina, is that you?
- Yeah.
What are you talking about? What report?
We're giving her shots,
monitoring the condition.
Oleg, you should already be
going to another patient.
Marina, you are impeding.
- You should've been done already.
- Marina, extend the call.
Is she going to be all right?
- You should get rid of the cat and all the carpets.
- Okay.
Wet cleaning twice a day.
I'll contact your district
doctor right now...
- He'll come as soon as possible. Ask for a hospital referral.
- Thank you.
Nina Petrovna, look at me.
That's better. There's the sparkle.
You can't use Ventolin without
doctor's prescription.
We've been using it every day.
That's the result of Ventolin addiction. It
does not heal, it suppresses the symptoms.
It doesn't make the illness go away.
- Is that clear?
- Yes.
Nina Petrovna.
That's it. That's better.
Let's leave it on for a bit, shall we?
That's the spirit.
Marina, can you hear me?
- Yes.
- What's up?
- Thanks a lot, the other team didn't make it.
- What?
- You are the closest ones, go there.
- What's up?
The patient died.
- Hello.
- Hello. Please come in.
- Volodya, stop it!
- You bastards!
- My God!
- Where is she?
In the room back there.
I need one of you to come with me.
One of you. One person.
Vera, you go. I can't take it.
What took you so long?
She might have been alive.
- I'll need her documents.
- It's all on the table.
How old was she?
She was 74.
- Why did you call an ambulance?
- She's been having a heartache all day.
Did she have any chronic diseases?
She had a cardiac defect from birth.
Done with the examination?
Can we take her away?
- Sure. I'm getting the papers ready.
- Should we dress her in something?
A sweater or something?
We'll cover the body. Got a sheet?
Vera, go get dressed. You
should come with her.
You don't have to go anywhere.
They'll contact you.
You'll take the body when you're
done with funeral arrangements.
Hey, Mr. Doctor.
Tell me, is your mother alive?
She is.
You should pray to fucking God...
that she doesn't get
this kind of treatment.
- You killed my mother!
- Volodya, calm down!
Who gave you this right?!
Bring her back!
Let's go, man.
You scared me.
What are you doing?
I'm just... Grabbing my passport.
- Where are you off to? You are working tomorrow.
- I'm leaving already.
I'm really sorry.
Let's pretend I wasn't even here.
Why aren't you coming up?
Katya, I want you to listen to me.
I'm just...
I want you to just listen to what I have
to say. Don't get mad, just think it over.
I'm not mad at you.
Let's stop that.
At least, for a couple of days.
Let's stop torturing each other.
I can't...
I can't take it.
Can we do that?
Can we...
not make any serious
decisions at the moment?
Can we just take it easy and...
I don't know.
- Sleep it off.
- That's it, sleep it off.
Take a break from all this.
Can we do that, Katya?
We can.
Thank you.
Can I give you a hug?
Just a hug.
May we come in?
Go ahead.
Take your seats.
Anton, could you grab a chair
from the reception desk?
I'm listening, colleagues.
How can I help?
- I'll start, maybe the guys will add something.
- Okay, good.
It's about the new rules that make
us work our asses off, pardon me.
We know you didn't make them...
They are part of the
long-running medical reform.
- We know that.
- What is it, then?
We have to be reasonable about those
rules, and it's not even about the fines...
Excuse me. It's about the fines, too.
I haven't had a single fine since 2010.
Got two in the last week.
As I recall, those fines were
imposed by the insurance company.
That's why those calls
will not be paid for.
- Why on earth not?
- Vanya, let's not change the topic.
The thing is...
Let's take our patients.
Each case is unique, we
have to remember that.
That's why your 20-minute rules are faulty.
They disregard the individual
approach to patients.
- The human factor.
- That's right.
These rules were set a while ago.
But nonetheless, our former boss
understood everything and made it work.
We can't always go by the book.
You can't follow the rules at all
times when it comes to saving lives.
We used to do it our own way.
Also, our dispatchers never
bugged us this much before.
They are getting on our nerves.
I'm busy, the paramedic is trying to work and
she's constantly yapping over the radio.
We want things to be the
way they used to be.
We are no robots, we are human beings.
Is that it?
Everything you just said...
You can't be serious.
I'm really surprised that the human
factor is put at the heart of the issue.
I can show you what the
human factor looks like.
Here it is.
A sloppy doctor.
Took the liberty of ignoring the
dispatcher's instructions...
by taking out the radio's battery, so
no one would "bug" him, as you put it.
As a result, a person died.
Because of the human factor.
I couldn't have left the patient.
I'll tell you what you should've done.
Did you use Aminophylline?
I did. But it doesn't work instantly.
Listen to me. You injected it...
Observed the patient's condition.
If it started stabilizing,
you should've called the district doctor and that's
it, that would've been his job from then on.
Or you could've taken her
to the hospital, if necessary.
Instead, you spent over an hour
trying to cure all of her diseases.
Meanwhile, another patient was dying.
That's what your "human factor" leads to.
Excuse me, that won't do.
Let's look at it this way:
had he listened to the dispatcher
and abandoned the asthma patient,
she could have died as well.
I work on my particular calls, am I right?
The only thing that matters is that the
patient doesn't die afterwards, right?
It matters that no one dies
while you are treating them.
Let them die when being
treated by other doctors.
Your goal it to take a
living person to hospital,
or to their district doctor. They can
die after that all they want.
Okay, I got your point.
- Did you call the cops?
- We did.
Back off, everyone!
Dima, looks like a stabwound.
Tell Nikolayevich to bring the stretcher.
- Nikolayevich, get over here.
- Why?
- Multiple victims.
- Roger that.
Send a resuscitation team, ASAP.
What's going on there?
Looks like a mass murder.
- Send them, quick!
- They are on a call.
- Send a second team, then!
- Oleg, that's against regulations.
Lyuba, what the hell?!
There's a bunch of victims here!
- I'll see what I can do. Are they done fighting?
- No, still at it.
The cops are still not here,
I'm not going there without them.
Take this one away.
I'll take care of that one.
Hey, cut it out! Hands off!
I'm a doctor!
- Happy holiday, doctor!
- Same to you!
Hey, what are you doing?!
Hand off!
- You good?
- Got the catheter in, finally.
Hook him up to the Ringer's solution.
We're doing...
just fine!
Open your eyes.
He's got rapid pulse, that's Atropine.
Is he gonna die?
You want him to?
I don't give a shit.
- Has it kicked in?
- It has. We're doing fine.
Oxygen saturation is 99%.
He's having a ball.
- Hold the mask.
- Got it.
Look here.
The pupils are dilated.
What were you smoking?
Through a pipe or through a can?
Some strong stuff, anyways.
Got you really baked.
- The hell are you doing?!
- Get back down!
Stabwounds here.
- What's the situation?
- Did a drip for this one.
There's two more, alcoholic intoxication.
Get over there!
My boys have arrived.
Good afternoon.
Bloody hell!
Why'd you tie his hands up?
They're all blue.
We had to. He wasn't really collaborating.
- Having fun, aren't you?
- You see anyone laughing?
- Who applied the catheter?
- I did.
Look at this mess!
What am I supposed to do with this?
Ever tried applying one in a moving car?
Vitaly Sergeevich, I get it, you are trying to keep
everything under control, but you are impeding.
A bad workman always blames his tools.
I'm in a store, why?
What guys?
No, it's fine. Bring them over.
Okay, see you tonight.
- Who's such a fan of squash spread?
- That's me.
Once you open it, everyone jumps on it.
Wanted to make sure I get some.
You can have it all.
No one likes it, anyways.
Already at it, guys?
I gotta catch up, then!
Don't you wanna give us a hand?
Lena, come on!
Enough is enough!
I have a day off tomorrow!
I'm getting pissed!
What a nurse you've got!
Sly as a fox!
I know, right?
We've got the best nurses
and the shittiest doctors!
Our nurses don't get
along with the doctors.
- What about me?
- You are an exception!
We've got a lot of new ones at work.
We are so polite, saying hi to each other.
You should see how pretentious they are!
- Oleg, what did you call Tatiana Mikhaylovna?
- When?
He said over the phone,
"Let me speak to that lunatic!"
Yeah, she got tumbleweed rolling
around in her head, for sure.
Gimme a hand! I can't open it.
Check this out! They've banned
romantic relationships at work!
That's great!
How are they going to control it?
For real, that's official.
Didn't know that.
So, was everyone...
okay with that?
Hold on, let's be serious for a second.
How am I supposed to find a husband now?
I'm practically living in my office!
What do I do now?
- Comrades!
- Comrades!
You are lucky, you started dating in the
University. Been together 5 years, right?
- You should date your patients!
- Are you serious?
They see you just once!
Like this guardian angel!
Then they are rolled away to the ward.
Dating a patient is dangerous.
What if you catch something.
Zhenya, are you serious?
Time for some adolescence tunes.
It's a great song!
Hold on for 3 minutes.
I'm timing 3 minutes!
Ice is slowly covering the puddles
Do you remember how we were...
Kissing night after night
To the sound of breaking waves
We can't bring that summer back
I know it
But whenever I am feeling blue
It all comes back to me:
The yacht
The sail
You and I
Are all alone in this world
You and I
Are so in love
Take care, man!
Keep it down!
You'll wake the neighbors up!
- Let's go have a drink.
- All right.
- Shall we open a new one?
- I guess.
Yeah, it's almost empty.
- Katya.
- What?
- Don't move, okay?
- Why?
You are sitting on a knife.
Want to lose half of your ass?
- You'll sew me a new one on.
- You think?
You might look better without one.
You jerk!
What if I got you pregnant right now?
You didn't.
Just imagine.
That would be cool.
Do you want kids?
You never mentioned that before.
That's a given.
When people get married, they are
supposed to have kids later on, right?
Yeah, I guess so.
- Imagine I just knocked you up...
- No, you didn't.
- How do you know that?
- I just do.
Are you on the pill?
Oleg, I've had a coil for 6 months.
My God...
There's no point in any of this.
They're at the end of the street.
She was playing by the fire
and a wire fell down.
They've cut the power already.
Make way! Get away from her!
- Go home, folks!
- Back off!
Back off now!
- I'm her mother.
- Okay, go stand there!
Back off! There's nothing to see here.
Move further to the gates!
No heartbeat, she's not breathing.
Okay. Dima, let's try it this way.
- Should we take her to the car?
- There's no time.
Yagushkin, Mironov team. Calling for
a resuscitation ambulance.
- They are stuck in traffic.
- We got a dying kid here!
They are on their way.
- Done.
- Get the catheter ready.
- Back off!
- Clear the area!
Adrenaline in.
There's no heartbeat.
Get the defibrillator. Set it to 40.
Here you go.
I'll get the mask.
Set to 40.
All set.
- Get up.
- Got it.
We got a hearbeat.
Where are they? Where's the ambulance?
Stuck in traffic, they are not moving.
She won't make it. The clothes got scorched,
her chest shrunk, she can't breathe.
- Wait for them!
- There's no time!
Is she going to be fine?
Please do something! You are doctors!
Oh, my God!
Dopamine in.
Get the scalpel.
- Is she going to be fine?
- Stop asking that! Get here!
I'll make an incision, right here.
A small one.
It'll only affect the skin.
She'll be able to breathe.
At least we'll have a chance
to get her to the hospital.
Okay, back off now!
Oleg, what incision?
What are you talking about?
Can't you see she's dying?
Oleg, it's an operation in the field conditions.
Give me a break, Dima!
Are you nuts?!
Give me the scalpel.
I got the mask.
She's breathing.
- Blood pressure is rising.
- Good. That's good.
And it's gonna get better.
The stretcher!
- Did you defibrillate her?
- We did, got her heart beating.
- What's that?!
- An incision. She wasn't breathing.
Who made it?
I did.
Put her in. Connect her to the
monitors and the incubation machine.
You're a real damn hero!
What am I supposed to do with her now?
Do you want me to use magic?
The girl is alive, so you
better shut your trap.
Let's go, guys.
You let us all down big time, morons.
Me, your colleagues, those
poor resuscitators.
Let's pray the girl lives, otherwise
her mother will put us all in jail.
- She won't do that.
- Don't say a word.
Everything you say sounds stupid.
Do what your colleague does.
Keep quiet.
From now on, you keep me posted
about every single thing you do.
Now, both of you write a
leave request and go home.
Don't even think of drinking, you should be
ready to come to a questioning at any moment.
Is that clear or not?
I'll see what I can do.
Get out of my sight!
You're off your shift.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.
My poor girl.
They have been operating for an hour.
Do you know anything?
They aren't telling me anything.
They told me to calm down and go home.
Come back tomorrow.
That's it.
- Nothing certain.
- Listen.
Your daughter's skin was severely burned.
They are removing the affected tissues.
Parts of her coat and so on.
The thing is...
she has lost a lot of blood.
They don't normally operate when
the blood loss is that big.
But they have to operate. It takes time.
I made the incision... Do you remember that?
She's lost a lot of blood.
Because of it.
Her condition is very serious.
There's a lot of overlapping factors.
I see.
It all depends on the girl's health.
- She's a very healthy girl!
- That's good.
I see.
That's good.
She's been transferred to intensive care.
You should go home.
- May I see her please?
- You can't right now.
Just for a minute, please!
- Do you have a smock?
- No, I don't.
We'll find you one. Let's go.
Been sitting here long?
Didn't think you were that dumb.
My name is Vitaly Sergeevich, I am
the head of this emergency station.
How is she? What's the situation?
My God... She's lying there, all pale...
What does the doctor say?
He said it's bad and I should
be prepared for the worst.
Is she past the crisis?
I thought they'd operate and it
would be clear, but it's not...
Even if she survives, there's still
a lot of operations to be done.
That's a really tough situation.
Any statements or claims that you may
file will be thoroughly inspected.
If she survives... We really hope she does,
social services will take away the child.
If there's a claim against a doctor
or anything like that, they will.
They will see you as a negligent parent
who didn't pay attention to the child.
I say we wait it all out and
don't involve the authorities.
We can't rely on our justice
system, do you agree?
Stop that.
Go back to your chair.
- I mean it.
- Oleg, don't interfere.
Beat it!
Will you excuse us?
Where are you supposed to be right now?
I thought I told you to
go home, you imbecile.
You damn...
You are done for!
I found a new place.
You can stay here if you want...
or find something cheaper.
I can't live like this anymore,
I'm sure you feel the same way.
Well... I think...
we should get separated and
stop torturing each other.
Oleg, wait!
I never thought...
I could lose you...
so easily...
Lose you...
for good...
I'm so dumb...
I know that you are the
most precious thing...
that I have in my life.
I need you.
I can't afford to lose you.
I really mean it.
I need you so much!
Please say something.
Have I... lost you already?
I'm sorry, I'm such an idiot!
I'm here, I'm with you.
I'm with you, it's all right.
- I'm not letting you go!
- I'm not going anywhere.
80 over 60.
Stay awake!
Sir, stay with us!
What's troubling you?
- It's hard to breathe.
- Does your chest hurt?
Another dose of morphine.
You're gonna feel better in a sec.
- Breathe calmly, relax.
- Morphine in.
Look at me.
- Nikolaevich, why aren't we moving?
- The whole lane is fucking packed.
Here we go.
- Hold on, I'm going there!
- You're gonna feel dizzy, that's okay.
Get in the lane, come on!
Move to the right lane!
Clear the way!