Arrowhead (2016) Movie Script

Two generals claim the power. Lang wins
the war. Hatch is hiding in the shadows.
Once a year, on Liberation Day,
victory is celebrated slowly.
Many of Hatch's followers
treason executed in public.
Rumors making the rounds, Hatch was
attacking those prisons to free his men.
His place of residence is unknown.
Rumors making the rounds, Hatch was
those prisons to free his men.
His whereabouts are unknown.
-It's time! Fix this!
-It's dead!
-Can you fix it?
-We need him!
-Do you know how to fix this?
So fix it!
Back to war!
Back to war!
-Get down!
Get down!
Does anybody else
want to try that?
-You know who I am?
-You're Gray Cortland's kid.
Your father and I took
down three of prisons before ???
This was the first one
we weren't prepared for.
That fail safe device?
It's just the start.
This might hurt a little bit.
Give me your head.
If we're gonna win this war,
I need information.
-What's that got
to do with me?
-It's on a ship.
We're leaving tomorrow.
You know it.
-Do I?
The same crash ship you
flew in when you leaped guard.
They caught him, Kye.
Your father.
You're gonna make an
example of him.
-Where is he?
-New Holland.
On Liberation Day
the ax falls.
But I promise you, Kye.
We can stop that ax from falling.
-Last time I saw my old
man he had a 3 minute window to talk.
He was paranoid.
He kept looking over his
shoulder every 15 seconds.
Just in case he was being watched.
Is that the kind of
guy you think I am?
One who enjoys looking
over his shoulder?
-You know what I hate about prison?
You throw a wolf into a cage
and all you are going to
get is an angry wolf.
throw a man in with the whole pack?
They just make each other worse.
if he comes out of
there, clean,
you think that means he was fixed?
It means he didn't belong
there in the first place.
You see, the real bad wolves,
they can't be fixed.
-Maybe you want to tell
me what it is you're getting at.
-You get in,
get the goods,
and I pick you up.
No one gets hurt.
Then we go to New Holland
and we swoop down there
like angels into hell.
And we get your old man out.
Arrowhead class.
Model B.
I think it suits you.
-Killing us?
-I have a few tricks to hide
You ready?
I'm good.
-That's the back-end
of the whole system.
All you got to do is plug in,
and your wrist link
will do the rest.
-A lot of it has
been updated
But not all of it.
This is new.
-We got to down some
systems to get access.
It's temporary.
Just confirm.
-This doesn't feel right!
As soon as that
transfer's done,
it will all start to back up.
Is it close?
It's moving.
-There's some kind of
storm out here!
We just took off
the ship's raincoat.
-Warning, unstable
electromagnetic activity!
Final systems offline.
-Transfers done.
What next?
-Send that data across to me.
-What do you mean,
just send it to you?
-It's pretty unstable
out here, kid.
Trust me on this.
-Now what?
-Shuttle deploying in...
-Welcome, guest.
-Hatch do you read me?
-Let's log in.
Preliminary readings indicate a
native toxic atmosphere.
Prolonged exposure might cause
paralysis or death.
-How we doing?
We got power?
-I'd be happy to answer that.
Let's log in.
What is your name?
Let's log in.
-Just let me think for a second.
-Understood, guest.
I have knowledge.
-Please seek alternative oxygen source.
-How long do we have?
-I'd be happy to answer that.
Let's log in.
-Attention, survivors.
This is Oleander.
Crash site is visible.
Get there as soon as you can.
I repeat: get to the
main crash site.
-I'm going out there
and drag back someone
you will talk to.
-Good luck, guest.
-Yeah, I won't hold my breath.
I'm not seeing from
the ground, Hatch.
Let me know how
you want to handle this.
Let's log in.
It's okay, you
don't need it.
shuttle breathing at 12 %.
- 12 % won't last long.
So what are you?
-You don't know the shuttle,
Your uniform isn't within regulation
and I'm pretty sure I
didn't see you at the launch pad.
-Welcome, guest.
Let's log in.
-And I guess you
didn't get a log in.
-Welcome, Tarren Hollis.
Locate the the Arrowhead wreckage.
-Arrowhead wreckage not in range.
-It's a big planet.
If you want to spot
your ship,
Now you get to high ground.
-Well, the escape pods are leaving
and I'm not going to
be here when they do.
Data's safe, buddy, I
can't send it from here.
Where the hell are you?
-It's a moon.
-It's not a planet.
It's a moon.
How do you know?
-Because that is a planet.
And we're on its moon.
-You really have time
for a science lesson?
-It's a research probe.
We deployed in advance.
We're gonna collect it.
But I mean...look at it.
We sent it out just
four hours before the crash.
-This thing looks 50 years old.
Exact model number,
the exact same probe.
-We should keep moving.
-It's completely oxidized.
If this is what the
atmosphere did to metal,
imagine what it's
doing to human tissue.
Let's keep moving.
-Now, this...
This is what you're looking for.
That's our cue.
-I don't know.
It wasn't there before.
-You sure?
-It's definitely new.
-It's a rock.
Kye, lesson's over. Let's go.
-Welcome, guest.
What is your name?
-What's this for?
-Just in case.
-Just in case what?
-We both know they are
not letting me on these escape pods.
-Yeah, not dressed
like that, maybe.
-No. Not with this face,
not with my name,
my record,
I'm not getting off this planet.
Not with you, anyway.
There's something I got
to do for someone and...
I don't have much time.
The crash?
it was Hatch, wasn't it?
You know, this isn't the
first time he attacked us.
Before attacking prisons,
he was raiding convoys
and colonies.
He kills a lot of people.
It's what he does.
Or did he fail to
mention that to you?
-The truth.
I'm your only way out.
I'll give you a fair trial!
-No one gets that.
Anything from the silver seat?
-I'm sorry. I did not.
-We're flying out of here.
How long will we last
out there on 9% oxygen?
-Possibly enough to reach an
outpost station where we could refuel.
Would you like to abandon
your distress call?
We're out of time.
Let's just fly this thing.
Can I get some power here?
-What do you mean "No"?
You just said we could fly.
-Tarren Hollis is not authorized
to activate flight systems.
Let's log in.
Earlier you mentioned Silver Seat.
Would you like to explore?
-The Silver Seat is a prototype
lightweight battleship
designed by Hollis industries.
This prototype was abandoned
during hatchling conflict
which General Tobias Hatch
was forced into hiding.
And the Silver Seat
was never deployed.
Tell me more about Hatch.
-I have knowledge!
Would you like to explore?
-The following is a confessional
video featuring general Tobias Hatch.
Shortly after his capture in Alander,
before his brief incarceration.
-State your name.
-Tobias Johans Hatch
-State your crime.
-Multiple accounts of
anti-government aggression,
and instigation of revolt.
-Please state specifically
your most recent crime.
-Planting of powerful materials
inside government ships.
Sabotaging four terrorist operations.
-No, the record states
that your original confession
refer to the sabotage
of scientific voyages.
Do you reconfirm this amendment?
-I confirm the amendment.
-Do you confirm or deny
that you have formed
an underground movement
codenamed "Redheads"
to rally against General Lane?
-I confirm.
-And do you confirm
or deny your public
accusation that General Lane
plans to orchestrate
an experimental prison that
allegedly code named Carshera Tempest?
-I confirm.
-Do you now confirm or deny
this concept as a complete
falsehood fabricated by yourself?
-I confirm.
-Please state specifically.
-I confirm Carshera Tempest
as a falsehood.
-Wait, take that back.
-I confirm.
-You got any more
on this Carshera Tempest?
-I'm sorry, that is classified.
-You were just starting
to get interesting.
-Attention, any survivors come in.
Please make contact.
Evac in 30 minutes.
-You Okay?
-I heard from the ship.
They're leaving.
-So are you coming?
Are you?
Not leaving without Datas.
-I meant what I
said back there.
About your clothes?
They see you like that
they shoot you in the spot.
-What happened to ???
Let's go.
-This is the final call
from Arrowhead.
The escape pods are ready for launch.
If there is anybody out
there, we are leaving.
-They can't hear us?
-Arrowhead, do not leave!
-Hey! Wait!
No, no, no,
no, no!
-I have knowledge!
Are you listening, Tarren Hollis?
-I'm listening.
-You mentioned Symbiosis.
Would you like to explore?
You know what? Don't prompt
me. If I want to know something I'll ask.
-Yes, that makes sense.
Welcome, guest!
-So how did it feel?
-Like I was asleep.
-How does it feel now?
-Like I'm awake.
-So you mean feel fine?
-I feel cold.
I feel heavier.
But I feel good, I...
can't explain it.
-I kept going.
After you were taken.
Made it to the Arrowhead.
Any food?
-Any escape pods left?
How long was I gone?
-Almost four days.
Still got time.
-For what?
-That thing
you had to do.
-Time yeah.
Options no.
Unless you figured out
a way to get this shuttle in the air.
-We can't fly it.
But we aren't the
only ones still here.
Are we?
-You wait here.
-Scan error.
Welcome, Norman Oleander.
-Son of a bitch!
How long to Liberation Day?
-76 days until Liberation Day.
-You hear that?
We're getting out of here.
-What about Oleander?
-Can't come with us.
-I remember you.
You were in the early
guard protecting my father.
I know.
-You weren't gonna say anything?
-What's the point?
I don't know you.
You don't know me.
Not really.
You're not a kid anymore.
You're old enough
to protect yourself.
-I'm not asking you
to protect me.
I'm just saying.
The man I remember wouldn't
just leave somebody to die.
-You don't know anything about me.
-But I do remember
that you used to be funny.
You used to smile
at us just to see us laugh.
I'm looking at you now,
Kye and
your eyes,
they're different.
And you've got this
scowl that drains the mood out of a room.
And your hands...they
shake when you think too hard.
Do you even remember
that man I'm talking about?
-If I let your
friend on board
I'd jeopardize my only
chance to get to New Holland.
And I lose the last person
who means something to me.
-And Oleander?
What happens to him?
-I don't know if
I can protect you.
-Yes, you can.
It's what you do.
-No, no, no, no
no, no, no no,
no, no, no, no
no, no, no, no....
No, no, no, no...
-Are you okay?
-No, no, we can't be here.
We can't be here.
I'm not okay, I'm not okay.
We can't be here!
You think you know him,
you think you know Hatch,
you think you know him.
-Just lie down.
-Now do something!
He'll come after you!
He'll come after you and
there would be no place for you to hide!
I can tell he's getting closer!
I mean, he won't stop!
-We can't be here!
-Calm down, just calm down.
-They're gonna destroy you heart!
-They're gonna destroy you heart!
Find a heart!
Find a heart!
Rip it out!
-Hey, hey!
-What happened?
-The engine was left running
and eventually it burned out.
I'm sorry.
-How long was I gone?
-Would you like the
figure in hours or days?
How long?
-Liberation Day?
-There are 42 days until Liberation Day.
-This can't happen again.
Whatever happened,
it can't happen again.
When I lose that time.
I lose my father.
-I have knowledge.
-I must warn you
while you were gone,
I detected the heartbeat
of Norman Oleander
approaching the shuttle.
-REEF, did you hear something?
-No, Kye.
I sense a significant
heart-rate change, Kye.
Are you troubled?
You must restrain yourself, Kye.
What's happening to me?
-You will endanger the shuttle.
You cannot stay here.
You know what triggers it?
-What is your question?
-I don't have a question.
Whatever this is,
I have to get rid of it.
You have to cut it
out of me, REEF.
I can't have it inside of me.
We have to get rid of it.
We have to get rid of it.
We get rid of it.
-We have to get
rid of it.
-Please, Kye...
-I have to get rid of it.
Before Liberation Day.
-You mentioned Liberation Day.
May I say something, Kye?
-I have to get this
shuttle started.
I have to get this
shuttle started.
I have to get this
shuttle started.
I have to get this
shuttle started!
I have to get this
shuttle started.
You mentioned Liberation Day.
May I say something, Kye?
Liberation day was celebrated
two days ago.
It's time.
It's happening.
-Kye, your routine
should not be broken.
You must stay within
the perimeter today.
-No way I'm missing it again.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
-I'm sorry her ID badge was taken.
I know what it means to you, Kye.
-It's just as way to pass time.
-You look quite unhealthy, Kye .
I've been wanting to
speak with you about
a theory regarding your condition.
-You just spoke.
-This is a new theory.
I believe that the creature could
in fact be a reborn Norman Oleander.
And I believe that you and
he share the same symbiotic condition.
Only his transformation
seems to be a permanent one.
If I were to obtain a tissue
sample of the Oleander creature,
perhaps by baiting and trapping it,
I believe I could help you
overcome your condition.
Or has that slipped your mind?
-No, it hasn't slipped my mind.
It's the only thing on my mind.
-Have you considered a greater sacrifice?
-You mean death?
The death of this body.
it is possible that death is
now a part of your life cycle.
Three years ago you
destroyed Norman Oleander.
His skeleton remains,
yet it seems
his consciousness somehow lives on
in a new, replicated body.
Though there is a distinct possibility
that you could return in
permanent creature form
as he does.
-You're gonna wake me up,
transform me back.
-I will try.
-You will try.
Why don't you try dying?
See if you feel like
yourself when you come back?
I'm not killing myself just so
I can fight it with a fresh coat of paint.
I'm doing just fine.
-I'm rarely wrong, Kye.
Kill yourself.
-Come to me.
Come on.
Come on. Come to me.
Come on...
Come on...
Come on...
You damn genius.
We should talk more often!
-This is interesting.
I have cross-referenced
the Arrowhead crew medical records
and the tissue sample
does indeed match
that of Norman Oleander.
Although these cells have been
reproduced from a single source
most likely his original body.
Perhaps this strange sound could
lead you to its location.
-It was the same sound
the night I killed Oleander?
You heard that before?
-Yes. I also heard it
when you slit your own throat.
It seems as if something on this moon
is responding to your deaths vocally.
As if it were a mother
mourning the loss of its young.
Its power to recreate you is
activated each time you die.
Why does your hand shake?
-It's fine.
-Your body has been regenerated.
All of your physical elements
have been erased.
But the shake in your hand is consistent.
I would like it if you told me why.
-I don't know. I'm not...
I'm not a biologist.
-I have knowledge!
You mentioned biologist.
May I suggest a related topic?
-I apologize, Kye .
Will I really get a chance
to speak about her?
I've been wanting to speak
to you about it.
But I cannot, without being prompted.
-Yes, REEF, what is it?
-Here is some suggested material.
Would you like to explore?
-Am I gonna like
what I see?
-I don't know.
-You recorded this?
-Hey, Hey!
-Kye ?
-I don't want to hear this.
-Please, Kye .
You did not transform
that night, Kye .
This was your first death.
Two deaths, two bodies.
-Holy shit!
-If I skip forward by a few
minutes, you will see that
Tarren Hollis is very much alive.
At least, she was at
this point in time.
Her elevated heartbeat
moved away and then simply vanished.
-She was alive?
-There is more we can
learn from this recording.
Oleander suggested that
we find the heart.
Perhaps if we find
and destroy the heart,
we can put an end to
his and your suffering.
-And you knew?
This whole time?
-I can only share
knowledge when prompted, Kye .
I'm sorry, but this is my design.
To put it simply,
-I didn't ask.
-You didn't ask.
son of a bitch.
I didn't ask.
Of course...I didn't ask.
And you knew.
I figured you were getting
sick of staring at that wall.
-You did this?
-I fixed you.
-I used the levitator from
the old research probe.
Rewired it to your system.
You got direct control.
-This is very resourceful, Kye .
-Sometimes you have to
break something to make it better.
Sorry I switched you off.
Haven't been myself
in a long time.
-I know, Kye .
-Your heartbeat.
It disappeared.
Can you tell me where?
The heartbeat disappeared
four kilometers west of here.
-Then that's where we're going.
What are you hoping to find?
-And Tarren Hollis?
-I don't really have
that kind of luck.
-How'd she get out?
-Perhaps she went
through the tunnels.
-Are you scanning there?
Is there a path through
to the other side?
-There are several tunnels.
One of them might lead through.
Start mapping.
Are you okay?
I'm picking up strong
electrical-magnetic interference.
It appears to be emanating
from deep caves.
-Can you handle it?
-This way.
-You smell that?
Turn on something bright.
-Something bright?
-The brightest thing on
your display right now!
Turn the sound off!
Take it!
Not going back!
-Goodbye, Norman Oleander.
-Is this it?
Something launched here.
She made it here.
And she launched it.
She took it.
-This is good news, Kye .
-She's alive!
She made it!
Don't move.
This is a pulse grenade.
This is what's causing your interference.
it's what always caused it.
-Why did you carry a
pulse grenade inside your foot?
-I never would have
made it anyway.
The escape pods.
They launched three years ago!
Why are they crashing?
-There is more to be discovered here.
-They were shot down!
-It is strange, isn't it?
-I saw these!
Frozen in the sky, every day!
How's this possible?
-I have knowledge!
Would you like to explore?
Our prison system is fundamentally flawed.
But tomorrow is always another day.
And that day is the day
of Carcere Tempus.
Our scientists believe they
wield the power of time dilation.
Effectively creating a
facility within which
time moves faster than
the outside world.
Imagine our rehabilitated prisoners
being put to use by providing
years worth of scientific
research within seconds.
One-hundred men go in.
And mere moments later, an
entire fleet of brand new ships
Imagine the manufacturing power.
Our arrowhead science vessels are
launching soon to scope out
the perfect location for Carcera Tempus.
Paving the way for a quieter tomorrow.
-I thought that was classified.
Isn't that against your rules?
-Sometimes you have to
break something to make it better.
-I was up there for a few minutes
wondering what to do,
after you crashed.
But then this came
from your wrist link.
I slowed it down.
-I'm not seeing from
the ground, Hatch.
Let me know how
you want to handle this.
-It's all you.
Years worth of recordings.
All hitting me within
a few minutes.
I guess all I can really say is
sorry I'm late.
-You shot him down.
All of him.
-You have no idea what
they're trying to do.
-No, I get it.
They're building a prison.
-Building it?
-They're not building it.
it took this recording to
make me realize what's going on.
Carcera Tempus.
Time dilation.
It's not something they built.
They found it.
And we're on it.
The gist of it is, kid
as if for the three years you've been
down here you're learning how to breathe.
It's only been twenty minutes for me.
And I am sorry about that.
That is not what I intended.
All I wanted was the Arrowhead data.
-You're gonna kill me for it.
I just always have a "plan B".
Research data, Kye.
Where'd you dump it?
-it's on the wrist link.
In the shuttle.
-Wrong answer.
You know what I
don't like about you?
You're stubborn.
Like your old man.
He had a soft side.
Which I could handle.
But at least he didn't lie to me.
-You killed them all.
Not all of them.
There was one more pod.
After the others.
I was tracking this.
So I thought that was your pod
and decided not to blow it up.
Lucky for me.
Kye, I'm gonna make this simple.
It's not there,
the data,
so where'd you dump it, huh?
-Are you okay?
Look at me.
Look at me!
We can stop lying from
developing this hell you've been living in.
We'll know their every move!
You can do this with me.
-When I saw you were
destroying science ships,
I hid it.
-Well, then,
I start undressing her.
Do you like that?
I'm telling you I
haven't imagined it.
Down here alone, all
these years?
I'm sure your mind
wondered more than once.
Sitting here alone...
Thinking about her soft skin.
those blue eyes.
Undressing her in your mind
sounds like the highlight of your day.
Only I'm not talking about
the same kind of undressing.
All I want to take off
is that breather on her face.
Tell me.
How long do you
think she will last?
How many more breaths will we get to
listen to coming out her pretty mouth?
People like her don't
deserve to die.
You need to go after land???.
You committed mass murder
in the name of an idea.
You're smarter than that.
Mass murder, genocide,
whatever you want to call it.
I call it preempted bail.
Now where is it?
It's in the probe.
-The research probe.
-Kye ?
Are you there, Kye ?
I need you to come outside.
I know you're inside.
I need you to come outside, Kye.
I need you to wake up.
-Kye ?
Kye ...
Look at me.
You can control it.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
-You got through
to me.
-REEF did most of the work.
-He said he tried.
-Look at you!
You still can't get
this through your thick skull?
This place...
we can't let it fall
under the wrong hands!
We're gotta do this together, Kye!
But you're weak!
You're nothing!
This war has no place
for people like you.
-Yeah, well...
You're recruited Mason???
-Are you bringing my ???, Kye?
-We'll get you a better one.
-New Holland is a long way!
-I know, REEF.
But we got time.
-Are we going to save your father?
I'm gonna save...
The end