Arrowsmith (1931) Movie Script

Emmy. you better turn down
towards Cincinnati.
If we could find your uncle.
Ned Arrowsmith.
I guess he'd take us in.
Nobody ain't gonna take us in.
We're going West.
There's a whole lot of new things
I aim to be seeing yet.
And that was your grandmother. Martin.
Fine stock to come from.
Pioneer stock.
Stubborn stock.
That would make a medical man
out of you. if anything will.
It would make a real scientist out of you.
if you live up to it.
- Reading old Gray. eh?
- Yes. sir.
That's right.
Physician's library. Three books...
Gray's Aratomy. The Holy Bible.
Study. Martin.
Someday you may be a great doctor.
Get training.
Go to college before you go
to medical school.
Study chemistry.
Latin. physics. biology.
Be a fine doctor.
- Yeah. well?
- My name's Arrowsmith.
- Arrowsmith?
- Martin Arrowsmith.
I'm just starting medical school.
and I thought I'd like to take
my Bacteriology with you this fall
instead of waiting till second year.
That is. if you don't mind.
Yeah? But I do mind.
Well. I'm not going to be just
an ordinary doctor.
No. I want to be a research scientist
like you. Dr. Gottlieb.
Not as great as you are.
of course. but...
but I'm not interested
in just giving pills to people.
I'd rather find a cure for cancer.
Yeah. if you can do that.
you will be much greater than I.
I really mean I want to
find out things for myself.
I know how little I know.
and I'm not afraid of hard work.
So now we begin to talk sensibly.
M o
To be a scientist.
that is born in a man.
And in very few men.
It may be born in you.
But first. go and be a medical student.
Go learn the names of the diseases.
Learn to work in the dissecting school
without being sick.
Learn to watch the blood flow
without fainting.
Go and get your M.D. after your name.
And then... come back to me.
- All right. Doc. up you go.
- Fine.
- You're new. aren't you. Doc?
- I'll say so. I was born yesterday.
That's why I come along.
These people get kinda excited
down here once in a while.
Does anyone here speak English?
- Tutto. sure.
- Where's the patient?
Well. congratulations.
You're the father of a fine boy.
No. no. I'm the uncle.
he's the father.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Viro? Why. certainly.
You know. Doctor.
he's his first baby.
Well. it's my first baby. too.
- Nurse. I want to find Ward D.
- Do you?
- Can you direct me?
- I could. yes.
- Well. if it isn't interrupting your work...
- This isn't my work.
Nurses aren't supposed to scrub floors.
Superintendent caught me
smoking a cigarette.
You go back for Ward D.
turn right and then left.
I've been informed
that the first duty of a nurse
is to stand
when she speaks to a doctor.
Gee. I've been getting fresh again.
It may interest you to know
that I'm Dr. Gottlieb's assistant
and that I'm on my way to Ward D to take
a strain of a very dangerous microbe.
When I've done what I came here to do.
I shall report you. What's your name?
- What's yours?
- Arrowsmith.
- You're not reporting me. you know.
- Gee. there I go again.
Scrubbing floors
just makes me rebellious.
and being rebellious just naturally
makes me fresh. and there you are.
My name is Leora Tozer.
It's a silly name. isn't it?
What's wrong with it?
I kinda like it.
When can you get away for dinner?
With you?
I've decided to overlook reporting you.
How about tonight?
- Well...
- Why not?
- I don't mind.
- What time?
You will report the patient's temperature
to me every hour.
I'll look in again at 7:00.
At 7:00.
- I've talked too much.
- You haven't bored me.
- I've been pretty technical.
- I liked it. Made me feel intelligent.
Well. at that. you've got to get used
to hearing my ideas.
- I'm gonna hear a lot of them?
- You're going to marry me.
- You don't tell me.
- I certainly do.
Now. you know.
I shouldn't wonder if you're right.
Of course. it's a little early in the game
to be dead sure.
but I shouldn't wonder.
Guess you're pretty pig-headed
and self-centered. aren't you?
But I like you so much.
I'd be a fool to pass you up.
Have you got a nickel?
What for?
I want soft music.
You know. I wasn't being funny.
I didn't think you were.
M oa ovo
M ovo oovo
I hope you mean that.
Because. I warn you.
I'm never going to give you up.
I've found you. My life's begun.
I have sent for you. Martin. to tell you
that I am leaving this place
where I teach young doctors
to kill their patients.
I have been called to
the McGurk Institute of New York
where I shall do only my own research.
The McGurk Institute is the greatest
scientific plant in the world.
I am very happy.
- Yes. sir. I should think you would be.
- And I am happy for you. too. Martin.
I have arranged for you to go with me
as my assistant.
You will have great opportunity there.
You're the greatest man
I've ever known. Dr. Gottlieb.
I'd black your shoes for you.
But I can't go to New York with you.
It is many years since my shoes
have been black. Martin.
Anyway. I was not taking you
as a bootblack.
Why can't you go with me?
I'm going to be married.
And a man can't marry
on what a lab assistant makes. so...
I'll just have to practice medicine
after all.
To give pills to ladies.
to hold their hands for them.
to make their diets for them.
Practice? You?
You. who have the stuff
that makes scientist in you?
I'm sorry. sir. but that's how it is.
Oh. well.
I am too wise to argue
with a man in love.
You will be a bad doctor for a while.
and then you will find your way back to us.
And when you do. Martin.
let me know. and...
I will make a place for you.
Good luck to you.
- I wish you happiness.
- Thank you. sir.
By the laws of God
and by the laws of the state.
I hereby pronounce you
man and wife.
Two dollars. please.
The lady gets it.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Don't mention it. Next.
Well... we're married.
- I don't feel any different.
- I feel kind of flat.
- So. where do we go from here?
- You start practicing.
How does a doctor start practicing?
I've often wondered about that.
Well. I thought you might take a train
with me to my hometown.
- That's Wheatsylvania. South Dakota.
- Dakota?
We got 366 inhabitants
in Wheatsylvania.
And not a doctor in the lot.
Dakota. yeah!
Real man's country.
Frontier! Opportunity!
You're gonna love South Dakota.
Come on. we're on our way!
For what we are about to receive. Lord.
and for all the many blessings
Thou hast bestowed upon our house.
may we be truly grateful.
- I always...
- Leora.
- What is it. Mom?
- Look!
Oh. that.
- That happened day before yesterday.
- This is too much.
- Do you mean to tell me...
- You've broken your old parents' hearts.
- Now. Iook. here. l...
- Martin. please. let me.
I'm sorry. darling. but I've got to
make my position clear.
Mr. Tozer. I've been living alone
and working hard for a long time.
I intend to go on working hard.
But I'm not gonna live alone any longer.
That is. I'm not gonna live
without Leora.
You couldn't have stopped us
getting married.
But you would have tried
to stop us getting married.
And I can't waste time now.
You asked me this afternoon if l...
if I had any money. and l...
If you think for a moment you're going
to get one red cent out of this family
simply because you've butted in
where you weren't invited.
I wanna know about it.
I certainly wanna know about it.
I'm not asking for money.
I'm asking for your good will.
I'm asking you to help me to start
in practicing here. so I can support...
Martin may not be asking
for any money. but I am.
Pa's gonna lend Martin $1.000
to start up an office.
Martin'll pay him interest on it.
That is. if Pa doesn't want to give it to us
as a wedding present.
- A thousand...
- You can afford it. Pa. You know you can.
- A thousand...
- You sit down.
And I don't wanna hear
any more talk about it.
because Martin's giving up a great career
as a research scientist
to be a country doctor
so he can support a wife.
And... and you all ought to just
get down on your knees
and appreciate him
and stop scrapping.
Will you give me a cigarette.
please. Martin?
- Leora!
- You ain't learned to smoke cigarettes?
Yes. I have. And now you can scream
at me for a while and lay off Martin.
Hey. Lee. Iook.
That ought to bring 'em rolling in.
Come inside
and see what I've got.
What have you got?
Wait till you see.
- What's that?
- It's Pa's old Prince Albert.
- What. for me to wear?
- Certainly!
Come on.
Martin. stop. Now. this is serious.
You put that on.
Come on.
- Now. let me see.
- In a Ford.
Well. you're a doctor. aren't you?
I'm a country doctor.
You bet you're a country doctor. Martin.
You gotta to make the young folks
get married when they ought to
and stay married
when they don't want to.
You gotta lecture the big boys
on the evils of drink
and do your own drinking
with the shades down.
You gotta see that
the backyards are tidy.
and the milk's fresh.
and the meat's pure.
That's what being a country doctor
means. Martin.
I'm proud to know you.
Fellow citizens!
Do you realize. fellow citizens.
there are 366 human souls in this town.
and only one man to keep 'em fit?
Leora. sweet.
I didn't know a man could be so happy.
- Is it a patient?
- I think so.
Hello. yes. the doctor speaking.
My little girl. Mary. she's got
a terrible sore throat.
She look bad.
Can you come right away?
Yeah. I'll be right there.
Sore throat.
Might be diphtheria.
- First patient.
- About time.
There's always a time when
things begin to happen.
- Four miles to go.
- Four miles to glory.
Four miles in eight minutes.
Good luck. Martin!
Don't cry. Mama.
Doctor's here now.
She looks pretty bad.
We done all we could for her.
Last night and tonight
we steamed her throat.
and we put her in the new bedroom.
I think it's croup.
A little wider.
That's a good girl.
A little more. That's it.
Croup. huh?
It is diphtheria.
What's that. diphtheria?
I don't know.
You fix her up good. Doc?
You should have called a doctor
before this.
If this were a hospital. I'd operate.
Try and... try and get some sleep.
I'll let you know
if there's any change.
No. Doctor.
Gottlieb was right.
I am a rotten doctor.
Don't say that. Martin.
You did your best.
No. I didn't. though.
I should have operated.
No matter what.
I should have operated.
You have followed me tonight
through the jungles of Africa.
You have seen how David Bruce
conquered sleeping sickness there.
You have waded with me
in the Italian marshes
where Grassi identified and doomed
the malarial mosquito.
I have sung to you tonight the praises
of your four American doughboys
who sacrificed their lives. volunteered
to become human guinea pigs.
that mankind might
be saved from yellow fever.
Here in India. and in China. too.
from where comes the bubonic plague.
I have seen village after village dying.
with no help from no doctor nowhere.
except me.
I sound like
pretty important fellow. huh?
Well. I am.
Not so far ago the whole population
of London was nearly wiped out
because a little rat carried the germ
of the bubonic plague
on a ship from China to England.
Now that could happen again.
I tell you. we don't want
no more old-style soldiers.
We want
new-style doctor-soldiers.
Scientific soldiers. Yeah.
That's all.
- Thank you. Doctor. very nice.
- Thank you. thank you. Yeah.
- And you. you have questions to ask?
- My name's Dr. Arrowsmith.
I thought perhaps if you weren't
due someplace.
you might care to come out
and have a...
- A drink?
- Something of that description. yes.
I just think I would.
You know some nice place.
cool place. here in Detroit...
Where am I tonight?
- This is Minneapolis.
- Min...
Yes. there's a fine beer joint here.
With real beer.
I buy you a drink.
Come on.
I was assistant to Max Gottlieb.
You know him?
Gottlieb! The greatest.
The spirit of science.
I had once the pleasure
to speak to him in New York.
But let us not be serious.
Let us drink. Let us sing.
She's a dark and roving eye
And her hair hung down in ringlets
She's a nice girl...
Yes. I've a new lease on life.
No doubt about it. you can see
for yourself. I'm a new man.
I've been stagnating for two years.
I'm not going to stagnate any longer.
- Have some coffee.
- Thanks.
Bacon? Eggs?
No. thanks.
Have some toast.
- You must eat something. you know.
- I can't.
Lee. sweet.
It's all right. Lee. sweet.
Good babies always
make their mothers a little sick.
Poor Martin.
- You'll be tied down worse than ever now.
- What do you mean. tied down?
I don't have to go to Africa
to save mankind.
Plenty of mankind around here.
We'll see the world yet.
And we'll take the boy with us.
Even if he turns out to be a girl.
we'll take him.
Martin. going places!
In the meantime. you watch me
stand this town on its ear.
- Doc.
- Dr. Arrowsmith.
- What is it?
- It's about Johnny.
- Johnny?
- He wants to get his tooth pulled.
Are you Johnny?
All right. get around to the front.
I guess I can't save mankind
till I've saved Johnny.
Poor Martin.
Come on. Johnny. Stand over here.
and let's have a look at that tooth.
You boys sit on the sofa.
And you better hold that dog.
He might think I'm hurting Johnny.
I wouldn't hurt him.
Only dentists do that.
And I'm no dentist.
Now open your mouth.
Is that the one?
Yes. I thought it would be.
All right. Johnny.
you sit over here.
You can shut your mouth.
Did you ever stop to consider. Johnny... wonderful nature is?
In giving us two chances
of growing teeth?
We get a practice set first.
Just to practice brushing our teeth on.
Then we get a real set later.
And you know. Johnny. somehow...
I don't think you're making the most
of your tooth-brushing opportunities.
Had coconut pie for supper
last night. didn't you?
All right.
Now. Johnny. I'll tell you
what's gonna happen.
The pain is gonna leave that tooth
and it's gonna come all the way
along this... this piece of string
and disappear into something
I've got here in my hand.
Now look out. Johnny. it's coming!
There you are.
Hey. boys. listen.
Here's half a dollar.
That's a soda apiece
and a dime over for gumdrops.
then I can get the rest
of your teeth. Come on.
- Thank you. Doc.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks. Doc.
What's the matter. Henry.
Well. my cattle got blackleg
out by my farm.
- Blackleg?
- Yeah. Half my cows is dead already.
Blackleg. What do you do for that?
- Well. the state "vegeteterian." he come.
- The state what?
The... the cattle doctor.
That's him over there.
Oh. yes. the vet.
Yeah. he's got a needle thing
just like you got.
But he don't do no good.
The poor cows just die quicker.
Come on. let's have a look at it.
Come on. Henry. I'll be turning vet
on you before you know it.
That's a pretty bad swelling.
You better milk her
before she dies on you.
- Hello. Doc.
- Howdy. Doc.
That's my cow there.
I'm sorry. gentlemen. but this corral
has been commandeered
as a state experimental station.
It ain't open to the public.
- Are you the state veterinarian?
- That's me.
Well. I'm Dr. Arrowsmith.
- I don't believe I know that name.
- Well. I'm only a physician.
Well. if you've got any influence
with these crazy Swedes around here...
they seem to think I'm a miracle man.
There's no medicine on earth
that's sure-fire.
- Novak says you use a serum.
- Sure. we use a serum.
I like to fool around
with a microscope. Doctor.
and if you'd let me have
a bit of your serum
and a blood specimen from
one of these sick animals...
just for the fun of the thing.
Why. sure.
You. let me have some of that.
- Great things. these serums.
- Oh. yes. yes.
- What is it?
- Research. darling. research.
Blackleg. cattle disease.
I'm turning vet on you.
Saving cows may not be the same thing
as saving mankind.
but it's a step in the right direction.
Here's the blood and here's...
- Yes. Martin.
- I was right. That serum wasn't any good.
Yes. Martin.
Now. I'm ready to go.
and we'll try mine in the morning.
Yes. Martin.
I'm gonna take it over to Henry's
and shoot all his cattle full.
Yes. Martin.
You see. I'm gonna try a different...
a different strength dose on every cow.
And then we can see which gets well
quickest and which dies quickest.
Yes. Martin.
Darling. are you hungry?
Darling. are you hungry?
Yes. by gosh. I'm famished.
- I'm not surprised. it's after 10:00.
- Well. let's have some dinner.
How can I cook dinner when
you're using the whole stove
to cook your old cow medicine?
We can have some sandwiches.
We've had nothing
but sandwiches for days!
What's the matter
with sandwiches. dear?
Five days. Henry.
and not a new case yet.
Not a one. Doc.
I thought she was a goner.
but she looks all right now.
By golly. Doc. you should be
state's vet in South Dakota.
I'm sorry about that pair. Henry.
You should have shoot
your stuff in them. too.
That's where you're wrong.
Listen. the ones we gave
the serum to are all right.
The ones we didn't give it to
are dead.
Don't you see? You have to try
both ways when you're experimenting.
That's how you find out
which way is best.
Well. I ain't kicking. Doc.
How much I owe you?
Forget it.
It was just for the fun.
Pretty good fun for me all right. Doc.
Next time you see Dr. Arrowsmith.
tell him for me that I don't stand
for this kind of monkey business.
and if he can't keep off my cattle.
he'd better keep out of my way.
I'll run him out of the state.
I'll see the governor. see that
his license is taken away from him.
Hiya. Doc.
How are ya. Doc?
- I've got some things to show you.
- You got nothing to show me.
- You know best.
- Where you been. Doc?
- You're quite a vet. Doc.
- Best in town.
- I'm back on the bellyaches now. though.
- That's where you belong.
- How's that?
- I say bellyaches is where you belong.
I don't want to say anything. Doc. but...
I don't quite like the tone in your voice.
- It's about time you understood...
- What?
Suppose you try understanding
that I've made a blackleg serum
that's better than yours.
because mine cures the cows.
and yours doesn't.
When you get that through your head.
drop over and I'll show you how
to make more like it.
If you think you're gonna discredit me
and then hold me up...
I'm not holding you up.
I'm giving you this.
Well. you see this?
It's what I'm giving you.
If you won't take the serum from me.
you'll take it from the government.
I've sent my reports and samples
in to Washington already.
Now. what was that
you were going to give me. Doctor?
Why. you!
- That's all right.
- You're all right. Doc.
Right on the jaw.
- Dr. Arrowsmith!
- What is it. Johnny?
- They've been looking for you all over.
- They? Who?
Everybody at your house. Your wife
took sick this morning after you left.
I'll have to ask you to be quiet. Doctor.
I'm Dr. Hesslikn. of Leopolis.
They called me
when they couldn't locate you.
The baby?
But you can't blame yourself. Doctor.
You couldn't possibly have foreseen it.
It would have happened anyway.
Well... long as I've still got her.
Thank you. Doctor.
My darling!
Lee. sweet!
My darling.
I'll never forgive myself
for leaving you like this.
Shh. darling.
N o o
Now I can't have a baby.
I'll have to bring you up.
I know.
Make a great man that
everybody will wonder at.
Like... like your... Sondelius.
or your Gottlieb. even.
Don't feel badly. Martin.
Lee. sweet.
If we could only...
Anyway. now we...
Oh. let's get out of this!
Now I remember.
I got a telegram in my pocket
for Doc Arrowsmith
from New York City.
Well. I...
I'm gonna love New York!
- Scares me. though.
- Yeah. me. too.
I guess this is us.
- All of that?
- No. Only the 25th floor.
Way up there?
"McGurk Institute only."
- Did you say 25th floor. Martin?
- 25th. yes.
I'm not going up that high yet.
- No. sir. I've got to get used to this first.
- Right.
Going up!
I'd like to see Dr. Gottlieb. if I may.
Have you an appointment?
Well. he's expecting me.
I wired him I was coming.
My name is Dr. Arrowsmith.
It's Dr. Tubbs you want to see.
Dr. Tubbs is our director.
You may come with me.
- Doctor.
- Martin. my boy! So...
you have come back to me.
as I said you would.
Glad to be with you again. sir.
And you have come back
on your own feet.
without any help from me.
- I am very glad.
- Thank you.
So this is the big cow doctor
from the West.
Delighted to welcome you.
Dr. Arrowsmith.
A most interesting experiment
of yours with the cattle disease.
Yeah. Martin. this is Dr. Tubbs.
our director.
And this is Terry Wickett.
a fine chemist.
You will be able to meet
your other colleagues later.
But. Dr. Gottlieb...
You will leave my prodigal son
to me for a moment. eh?
Let me conduct him to his laboratory.
Do you think I know enough
to work here. Dr. Gottlieb?
Now. let us be clear. Martin.
You will do your own work here
and have no one but yourself to satisfy.
A man should do fine work with all this.
This? This does not make a scientist.
His equipment is here.
And a man who cannot make
his own laboratory
out of toothpicks
and a piece of string.
he should buy his ideas
along with his fine equipment.
God give me clear eyes
and freedom from haste.
God give me anger
against all pretense.
God keep me... looking
for my own mistakes.
God keep me at it
till my results are proven.
...give me strength
not to trust to God.
Winter again.
Well. it was bound to come.
I mean. it always has come.
That's a fine mess of bugs
you got here.
Shove them in the incubator.
and let's go out and catch a drink.
Well. I'll put them in the incubator.
but. if you don't mind. I'm going home.
Martin. for the love of Pete!
I'm sorry. Terry.
but I don't feel like drinking tonight.
- You are in a bad way. So long.
- So long. Terry.
- Is that you. Martin?
- Yup.
How did things go today. any better?
About as usual.
It just scares me to death
to see you this way.
Well. you won't be
scared much longer. Lee.
I've made up my mind to chuck it
before they fire me.
I've been down there two whole years
and haven't accomplished a darn thing.
I'm no good. I'm worse at science
than I was at doctoring.
You mustn't say such things.
I won't have it.
You may be on the verge
of a great discovery this very minute.
I've got kind of a feeling that you are.
No. don't look at me like that.
I mean it.
And you'll feel much better
when you've had your dinner. too.
It's a swell dinner. I bought
a beautiful fish this afternoon.
I wish you'd get that old lab
out of your mind.
I'm through with the lab. all right.
I'm not hungry. Lee.
Neither am I.
I think I'll go for a walk.
- I'll come along.
- In this snow?
I love snow. Come on.
I'll get your things.
We'll hike across the park. Martin.
It'll be like
the Canadian Northwest tonight.
The park's this way!
- Why. Lee. sweet!
- I thought you'd be coming back here.
And you... you tagged along all that way?
You poor kid.
That's all right. I didn't mind.
I'm a brute. You ought
to get a new husband.
- Come inside. I'll get you a taxi.
- I don't want a taxi.
- Let me go up with you.
- But. my dear. l...
- I have to work. It may be late.
- I don't care. I won't bother you.
I promise not to open my mouth.
Only please. don't send me home.
It-it's such a scary night...
- I'll imagine things.
- What things?
All right. Come along.
Well... what...
What is it?
It's got me. Something funny.
I left these three flasks
thick with bugs.
And these two
are still thick with them.
But this one...
They've completely disappeared
from this one.
Nothing ever happened
like that before.
Is that good luck or bad?
I wouldn't know.
I don't know. We're just starting on
something new. it's...
- Then it is bad luck. I'm sorry.
- I don't know that it's bad.
Might be something...
...better than anything.
Quick. Lee. light that...
light the burner.
Give me that stain.
No. the other one.
What is it. Martin?
I was right. They're dead.
Bugs don't commit suicide.
What killed them?
Does it matter?
"Does it matter?"
Lee. I'll say it matters.
Something in this clear flask
killed them.
Maybe it was some fool mistake of mine.
but I've got to find out what it is.
Because it might...
it might just happen that...
...that it turns out to be
the greatest thing...
I won't say it. I won't throw my luck.
I'm going to work it out.
- Tomorrow. Martin.
- No. no. tonight.
Right now. You go home
and get some sleep.
What I need... I've got to have
some of...
some clean flasks.
That is enough of chemistry
for today. Terry.
We go out now. and drink
maybe one glass of beer.
Maybe one. maybe two. Sounds
reasonable. Chief. I'll get Martin.
Where's he been keeping himself lately?
I haven't seen him since...
- For the love of Pete!
- Martin. what is it?
- Been working.
- You look it.
All night long. Two nights.
a couple of weeks. I don't know. Look.
Notes. Wish you'd look at them. Chief.
- Think I may have found something.
- What?
Don't ask me.
All I know is it's...
it's hell on the bugs.
Dissolves them. eats them up.
slaughters them. wipes them off the...
You're groggy. aren't you?
It's all right. Terry. I fancy
I must have been all in...
when I started.
I need sleep.
I need a drink.
Terry. I need that more than anything.
I'll get it for you.
Here. Just wrap yourself around this.
Two shakes of a lamb's tail.
You have a big thing here.
A great thing.
Terry. Iook.
N o
Now you must find out what it is.
How many different kinds of bacteria
it will destroy.
That way you will find out
what it is good for.
You will begin working in earnest.
I am very glad. Martin.
I'm glad you feel that way. sir.
Boy! You are shooting high!
We're gonna celebrate.
I don't care how tired you are.
we're gonna celebrate.
- I always knew the kid had talent!
- Thanks. Terry.
- What do you mean by getting up?
- I got to go back to work.
Look at you!
What's wrong with me?
I shaved.
You promised you'd stay in bed 12 hours.
and you haven't been there three.
I couldn't sleep those three hours.
I'm not gonna have any more of this.
do you hear that?
I'm not gonna stand by
and see you kill yourself.
I'll walk out on you. I mean it.
You mustn't ever say that.
no matter how mad you get.
Lee. I love you so.
Even if this darned work
does tie me up.
I know I've been neglecting you.
But when this is over.
I'll take time off every day.
and we'll go to the movies.
and we'll have friends in.
and I'll send you flowers
every morning.
Nice big red roses.
I'll even learn to play bridge.
Stand by. old girl.
Have some coffee?
You got the nastiest way of treating me.
Martin Arrowsmith.
As if I wanted flowers every morning.
All I want is for you to take care of yourself.
You're a rotten husband.
But I'd rather have you
than all the decent ones in the world.
Please. go back to bed!
What is it?
- Where's my hat?
- What's the matter?
That cheap publicity hound Tubbs
is the matter! Murder's the matter!
Make a cheap fake
out of me. will he!
You wait a minute!
You forgot your...
- Hello. Dr. Arrowsmith.
- How about a picture?
- Very good.
- Is Mr. Tubbs down yet?
Yes. Dr. Arrowsmith.
I'll see if he's engaged.
- No. I'll see for myself.
- Just a minute. Doctor!
- Good morning. Martin.
- Are you responsible for this?
I don't deny the responsibility.
I claim it.
A slight overstatement
to catch the public eye...
A slight overstatement.
You tell the papers
that I can cure all disease
when you know I can't even cure
whooping cough yet.
And you call that
"a slight overstatement."
- I can understand your surprise.
- My surprise?
My only surprise is that
I don't wring your fat neck.
- My husband's a violent man.
- I know your husband.
And I mean the world to know him
and appreciate him as I do.
After all. he's still
got his name to make.
You've done that for me.
You've made my name smell
from one end of this country to the other
as a quack and a faker
and a racketeer.
Call your reporters in
and tell them I'm through with you
and your front page publicity
and your cheapjack institute.
I'd much rather tell them
of the paper I've just signed.
Yes. Dr. Gottlieb.
We are busy at the moment.
Busy turning my friend Martin
into a megaphone.
- That's all right. Chief.
- Something has happened.
But it's something
not altogether bad.
Martin is not the discoverer
we thought he was.
But you don't mean that someone
has stolen...
Yes. A Frenchman. D'Herelle
of the Pasteur Institute of Paris.
He has published his report.
It is the same thing.
You have got into the newspapers
too soon. Dr. Tubbs.
Of course. there can be no talk
of the Head of Department now.
No raise of salary. either.
Well l... I've got to say something
to those reporters.
I am sorry. Martin.
Come to my office later.
I love that man Gottlieb.
He might have gloated.
Three stowaways
in the hold. sir. dead.
What is it?
Come on. Sondelius.
we have a look.
Where was your last port of call?
Blackwater. St. Hubert Isle.
Did you hear anything there
about bubonic plague?
- No.
- No.
These three men
died of bubonic plague.
I tell you. gentlemen.
in West India
is bubonic plague.
Are you certain of this.
Dr. Sondelius?
I have investigate.
If you don't believe me. call up
my good friend Captain Gunnersson
of the steamer Sverker.
He will tell you.
He live by the hotel... What the devil's
the name of that hotel in Hoboken?
My dear Dr. Sondelius.
I'm not questioning your authority.
but it's difficult to believe
that in the West Indies...
Nothing is difficult to believe
where rats are concerned.
I am no novice at rats neither.
Dr. Tubbs.
I am only novice
in scientific institutions
where. all day long. scientists
sit and look through microscopes
and see nothing.
But. my dear Dr. Sondelius!
- In common justice to a fine institution...
- Excuse me. Dr. Tubbs.
Yes. Miss Robbins?
A cable just came from London.
It's from the Colonial Office.
There. Dr. Sondelius.
is your confirmation.
I don't need none.
I should like the Institute
to have a part in this.
Miss Robbins. ask Dr. Arrowsmith if he
can receive Dr. Sondelius and myself.
Yes. Doctor.
Well. what does Dr. Arrowsmith...?
Only one year ago.
one little year. Dr. Tubbs.
you were so excited about
my friend Arrowsmith's discovery.
Oh. yes. to be sure!
But that was...
Only something that killed bacteria.
that is all?
Thank you. Dr. Gottlieb!
- I wonder...
- I think so.
Don't I know that name?
Young fellow? Dark?
Sure! Didn't I got drunk with him
in Montreal?
No. no. Indianap...
Well. well. Arrowsmith.
it is the same.
How are you. my friend?
So. you are become great!
You hold the stuff of salvation
in your hands.
I'd like to believe that.
I can't quite believe it yet. though.
Martin is a very careful fellow.
Dr. Sondelius.
He has only worked
one year on this discovery.
After five years. he may be confident
that he is right.
Five years?
He cannot wait for five years.
In five years. the whole population
of the West Indies will be wiped out.
The bubonic plague
will be raging in New York.
I don't know anything
about bubonic plague.
But I know. I will teach you
what I learn in China and in India.
Give me blood germs.
give me rats.
rat fleas. little jumpy fleas.
I will teach you what I learned
in China and India.
I will show you.
Then I will go with you.
So. you are off
to the West Indies tomorrow.
That's right. sir.
We have called you in. Terry and I.
to give you your final instructions.
What are they. sir?
Can you be trusted. Martin. to conduct
an experiment where you are going?
What is the experiment?
It is agreed that it will be of value to know
what this stuff of yours is good for.
Why. yes. of course.
If you could give injections to. say...
only half your patients.
and sternly deprive
the other half of them...
then you would know.
I certainly would. yes.
That is the experiment. Martin.
I've done that sort of thing with cattle.
but. good Lord. these are human beings.
So. you're just
a country doctor. after all.
Country doctor be blowed.
I've got compassion in me.
These people are gonna be dying
and begging me for help.
It's up to you to stand up
and take it on the chin.
So many men are kind and neighborly.
so few ever add to human knowledge.
It's a good deal to ask. just the same.
Spare your pity
for generations not yet born. Martin.
and you may be
the man to end all plague.
I am an old man. Martin.
I have been an honest scientist
all my life.
I look to you to carry on
my work after me.
Are you going to fail me?
No. sir. no. I am not going to fail you.
I knew.
For the old man's sake.
keep your notes complete down there.
And keep them in ink.
You sound as though
you thought I wasn't coming back.
Don't be silly.
All ashore who's going ashore!
I'm not much
of a seeing-off committee.
but good luck to you down there
and take care of yourself.
- Take care of Gottlieb.
- I will.
Good luck to you. Doctor.
We will drink your health
in good West Indian rum.
It's time. Lee.
Yes. Martin.
We won't say good-bye.
- Will you try not to be too lonely?
- I will.
That's a brave girl.
Excuse me. madam. but which cabin
does the trunk belong in?
- In Dr. Arrowsmith's. of course.
- Yes. madam.
- Wait. I haven't got a trunk.
- Don't confuse him. It's my trunk.
- What do you mean. your trunk?
- You had to find out sooner or later
that I'm going along with you.
- Lee. you're not.
- Yes. I am. in spite of everything.
You'll do no such thing.
Hold that gangplank!
On board?
- What is it. Doctor?
- Get her ashore.
- Have to step lively. madam.
- No. I won't step lively.
I told you I wouldn't let you go there
without me and I meant it.
And you can't put me off. Nobody
but the captain can. I've got a ticket.
- No. Lee. please!
- I love you.
- She stays.
- Step to the cabin. madam.
I shall divide my group into two halves.
To one. I shall give
injections of our serum.
I shall deprive the other half
of any injections whatsoever.
I shall then watch which half
resists the plague more successfully.
When I have done that.
I shall know what our serum is worth.
Good heavens!
The man's a lunatic.
Order. gentlemen. order. order.
I can handle this. Order.
Do you mean to say you can't find
any other way to test your serum?
There is no other way.
You call yourself a doctor
and want to see half your patients die?
No. sir. no. no. The uninjected half
will be fully as well taken care of
as they are at present.
You actually propose
using the inhabitants of this island
as you use guinea pigs
in your laboratories?
Well. you put it unpleasantly. Sir Robert.
but that is what I do precisely propose.
and for precisely
the same benefit to mankind.
Well. we decline the honor
in the name of civilization.
Hear. hear!
Hear. hear!
I think civilization's on my side.
Sir Robert.
You see only this one epidemic
on this island.
I have to see whole continents
and generations of children yet unborn
in China. in India. and even.
it seems. in your own West Indies.
I have to say to all humanity.
"This is the prevention. this is the cure.
"You may count on it as you count
on quinine for malaria
and castor oil for the bellyache."
Because that is
what humanity wants to hear.
Humanity is not going to hear it
at our expense.
Well said. Sir Robert!
N o
While you are on this island.
you stick to your doctoring.
- That is for me to say. not you.
- What the devil do you mean?
I mean that if you
prevent this experiment.
my instructions leave me free to withhold
my serum until you come to heel.
Confound your instructions.
But what...
what are we going to do. sir Robert?
Sir Robert.
hadn't we better reconsider?
Order. order.
This meeting is adjourned.
But. Sir Robert. what shall we do?
Die like men...
before we let these bandits
turn us into a shambles.
If it weren't for the quarantine.
I'd drive them off the island
with whips and scorpions.
Sir Robert is quite right.
I tell you this...
- That was a fine fight.
- If I hadn't lost it.
You didn't mean that.
about holding the serum back?
I made them think I meant it.
Call me inhuman!
I'll show them
what the word really means!
How's that. Gottlieb?
Dr. Arrowsmith.
My name is Oliver Marchand.
Dr. Marchand.
I have my M.D. from Howard University.
I've been listening
to your proposal. Doctor.
I need hardly say
that it has my complete sympathy.
Thank you.
May I offer you an alternative?
If you care to come along with me.
I believe I can provide
the opportunity you're after.
- Did you hear that. Gustav?
- Yeah. I hear.
It will be a privilege to assist you.
And if you succeed. it will be a privilege
for my people to have served the world.
How soon will you be starting?
If you'll come over to my place...
You don't have to tell me.
it came off all right.
For once you're wrong. Lee.
It couldn't have come off worse.
That is. until my savior turned up.
This is my savior.
Dr. Marchand. my wife.
- How do you do?
- Come in. Doctor.
We've got to move fast.
no time to lose.
I'll put my things in here.
Lee. throw some clothes in a knapsack.
- You're going away?
- You bet I'm going.
- With him?
- With him. God bless him.
He had the nerve to take a chance
and let me do my stuff.
Yes. he's a man after my own heart.
Wait. where are you going?
To his district. Island of Carib.
Native population. plague raging.
Ideal conditions.
- Are you going now?
- As soon as we get packed.
Sondelius is out chasing up
his squad of rat catchers.
You might put his things in.
too. will you?
- Excuse me. Doctor.
- I'll wait outside.
What is it. Lee?
Are you planning to leave me behind?
Lee. I've got to.
I didn't come here to be left behind.
I should have choked you
before I brought you along here.
You did everything but choke me
to stop me.
But now that I'm here.
I'm not going to be left behind.
I've come here to look after you.
How can I look after you
if you leave me behind?
- I'll be all right. sweet.
- How do I know that?
lt... it might get you.
And if it did. there's nobody
but me could nurse you.
And even if it didn't get you.
I'd go mad being without you.
Can't you see?
I haven't got any life beside you.
I'm you. and I've got to be with you.
You cannot leave me behind.
Lee. sweet.
Be reasonable.
We don't know where we'll be living off.
what we'll be getting into.
I daren't take you along with me.
It's no place for a woman.
Darn being a woman!
Give me the comfort
of knowing you're safe.
- All right.
- There's a brave girl.
N o
Now. will you help me
with this knapsack?
Will you come in here. Bella?
Bella. I want you to pack
the doctors' knapsacks for them.
I want you to put in their pajamas.
the thin ones.
and their underwear
and their socks.
And. Bella. their razor. toothbrushes.
and toothpaste.
Can I help you. Martin?
I'm all right now. Sorry I cracked up.
That's a good girl.
Now. here we are.
Alcohol. serum...
hypodermics. notebooks.
Yes. they're ready.
- Fountain pen.
- Fountain pen. Thanks.
- How about these? You want these?
- No. I don't want those.
Have you got any water boiling
on the stove?
There should be.
Stick the whole works in. will you?
- I can't leave those around.
- What is it?
Plague virus.
Enough to kill half a dozen armies.
Everything's ready. missy.
All right.
I'm off to glory. Lee.
Wish me luck.
I can't go outside.
Will you kiss me good-bye here?
No. no. Lee. Steady. old girl.
This is only the first of our big hikes.
If I pull this thing off
on Marchand's island.
I'll be a great man in science.
I do love you. Martin.
Wait for me. Lee. I won't be long.
Here's where we land. Doctor.
It's the island of Carib.
You can see the jetty
right ahead of us.
The worst-infected place
in the entire colony.
You'll have plenty of opportunity here
to do what you want.
Their voodoo is just about as effective
as anything we've been able to do.
Yeah. we show them
a new kind of voodoo.
The only thing to do with this place
is to burn it.
- If we can only get the authority.
- We'll take the authority.
General Sondelius is now in command.
We'll get these people out of here
and find them a clean place.
We'll take off our coats and get to work.
We'll get in the supplies.
- The medical supplies.
- And build a hospital.
Sure. we'll kill the rats.
the bugs. the germs.
I'll get these people out of here.
Here. here is food.
canned food.
- Where is the owner?
- The owner lives in London.
- How about the agent?
- The agent. he's dead.
- Who are you?
- I'm watchman.
Good. you are a fine watchman.
Break down the door. Come on.
What the devil is the meaning of this?
You have empty bunkhouses
and beds.
We want them right away
for emergency hospital.
If you think you're going to bring
that filthy plague onto this plantation.
you can go to blazes!
That's just where we are going.
We accept your hospitality.
Martin. move in.
- Come on.
- Hurry up.
- All right. Gustav.
- Yeah. Martin.
Don't forget. half to get the injection.
half to be sternly deprived.
All right. Marchand. let them in.
We're off. Gottlieb.
All right. two lines here.
Right and left.
Go on.
Go on through.
- Don't we get nothing. Doctor?
- Not on the right. Keep moving.
It's Dr. Arrowsmith's orders.
Half to the left. half to right.
You ought to be glad to be hurting.
I'm sorry. I can't do anything
for him. poor baby.
You take him.
Don't holler before you're hurting.
I am clumsy.
That's four hypodermics
I broke this morning.
Get some more
from Dr. Arrowsmith.
Hot. ja?
I think I'll sit down.
Just a little.
I apologize if I seemed to be
unfriendly last night. Doctor.
Didn't know what you were up to then.
I approve thoroughly.
Indeed. it's splendid
what you're doing. Doctor.
No objections to giving us a shot?
We stood in line with the rest.
We'll step over to the other line if you like.
Doctor. this is my daughter.
And this is Mrs. Lanyon.
from your New York.
Marooned here with the rest of us.
That's quite all right if you'll get
into line with the rest.
I didn't mean to be rude just now.
but you took me by surprise.
I wish you'd find something
I could do to help you.
Yes. I feel an awful rotter
doing nothing.
Why? Do I strike you
as being so hopelessly useless?
If I had a twin sister.
I think she'd be rather like you.
That's how you strike me.
That's an original compliment.
That's no compliment.
it's a scientific fact.
Now. would you pass along. please.
and let science carry on?
All right. Miss Twyford.
Dr. Sondelius is sick. sir.
Would you come right away?
Sondelius sick?
What's the matter with him?
Here. Marchand!
You take over for me. I've got to...
- What is it. Gustav. what is it?
- I don't know. Martin.
I'm not feel so good all day.
but now l...
Good Lord.
Maybe the bugs have got me. Martin.
You wouldn't take your shot before.
but you're gonna take it now.
- Quick. bring me one of those trays.
- At my age!
I was just thinking. Martin.
I am nearly 60 years of age.
I could lift weights once
no sailor could touch.
And now... l'm so weak. I...
- Bring me a glass of rum.
- No. Later.
You're going to take this shot now
and go back to Blackwater
and have Leora nurse you.
I. who have quarantined so many.
It is my turn now.
Why the devil didn't I bring
Leora along with me?
No chance?
Steadily worse. I'm afraid.
Thanks. Don't let us keep you.
- Rain.
- Only a shower. I'll take you home.
No. you go. Mr. Twyford.
I'll wait. if you don't mind.
You'll get soaked.
You ever think
the jokes God plays?
The best one is on the tropics.
He made them so beautiful
and so rich.
And then He give them the plague.
All right. I am quite peaceful.
Did you ever see Sto...
You ever see Stockholm?
I would like just once more to see
the Strandvagen at dawn.
with the young snow falling white.
and stagger home through it
with one more last good drunk.
I feel fine now.
I think I'm a little weak.
It's a great life.
You try to save all these poor devils.
Save all of them.
Let science experiments go.
I never knew before
people could hurt me so much.
I think I'll sleep... just a little.
I'm sorry.
He used to troupe all over the country
lecturing on heroes of health.
Now he's one of them. all right.
It was good of you to come.
You take it pretty calmly. Doctor.
When one of your field officers
in the war died in battle.
you couldn't stop to mourn for him.
You must come home with us.
You must let us put you up.
Well. thanks. I...
I'd love to.
But I can't come
till Marchand and I have...
Let me send down two men
to do it for you.
I'd rather do it myself. if you don't mind.
It's little enough.
And then?
Why. then. we...
we carry on. of course.
Lord. Lord
Lord. Lord
Why hast Thou turned
Thy face away. Lord?
Lord. save us
Lord. preserve us
Lord. don't let thy children die
Lord. Lord
Oh. Lord
Arrowsmith. where are you?
Well. there you are.
Your friend Marchand
wants to see you.
Hello. Marchand.
Nothing wrong down below?
I've been called back to Blackwater.
I hope your working with me
hasn't made trouble for you.
The port doctor is down. Seems there's
no one but me to call on now.
You'll have to go. then.
That means I'll have to stay longer
than I expected.
I had intended putting Marchand
in charge of our show. but now...
Well. somebody's got to watch things.
You're welcome to stay here
as long as you care to. Doctor.
- Ten days should do it. Doctor.
- Ten days.
Is there anything I can do for you
in Blackwater?
You might look in
on my wife. Marchand. Tell her...
- Tell her not to worry.
- Certainly.
Hold a while. please.
he'll be here in a minute.
- It's for you. Arrowsmith.
- Thanks.
Dr. Arrowsmith?
This is Marchand calling
from Blackwater.
Yes. Marchand. what is it?
I can't hear you. Marchand.
Are you there. Marchand?
Operator. operator. get me
the Surgeon General's office back again.
Dr. Marchand.
Well. you've got to make them answer.
Then send somebody over there at once.
Dr. Marchand's ill.
This is Dr. Arrowsmith at Carib.
No. I'm two hours away.
Send somebody at once. Anybody.
My dear fellow!
It's Marchand.
It's more than Marchand. it's my wife.
I've got to get her over here. I've got to.
She'll be alone in that hole now.
- Bring her here. of course.
- Certainly. bring her here.
- How soon can I get her here?
- How soon?
What if I start now? Have you got
a boat of some sort?
Yes. I'll get it ready.
You have...
You have...
You have to come home.
Help me. Martin.
Gone. Missy gone.
M goo
M goo
M goo
Lee! Leora. wake up. we're here!
She's dead.
I thought she'd be safe!
But she's dead.
We'd better pick her up.
No. let me.
I'd rather...
I loved you. Lee.
You knew that. didn't you?
Didn't you know
I couldn't love anyone else?
Didn't you know that. Lee?
Give them all the serum.
Shoot 'em full of it.
Come on. open the doors.
let 'em all in!
- Open the doors!
- Come on!
Let them in!
Come. come. children.
Let them in.
Go on. hurry. hurry.
Go around.
Get all your...
Doctor. l... I just...
Great job.
Thank you in the name of the colony.
I'm licked! You never beat me.
but I'm licked.
Go on. line up. get your shot.
Get over there. get your shot.
all of you.
Go on. line up.
Get your shot full of serum.
Kill all the rats.
Burn all the villages.
To hell with the experiment.
to hell with science.
to hell with Gottlieb!
My dear Martin.
There's never been anything like it.
It's stupendous!
Letters from the British government.
You have ended plague.
M oa ca o o
In my enthusiasm of the moment.
I forgot.
My deepest sympathy.
Great story. Dr. Arrowsmith.
Tell us all about it. Do.
Keep on the left.
On the left. folks.
On the left. folks.
You'll have to hurry.
my dear fellow.
My man will take care
of your luggage for you.
- Hold it. right there.
- Right there. please.
That's fine. One more.
Hold still. Just a minute. Doctor.
Right. We'll get another one.
Doctor. Please.
- One more. now. Very nice.
- Right this way. Doctor.
What have you got to tell us?
- Hello. Martin.
- Hello. Terry.
- Sorry. Martin.
- Thanks. Terry.
- How was it?
- Bungled it. Terry.
- Afraid you had.
- What'll Gottlieb say?
You'll find that out.
- How is the old man?
- Well. I'm afraid he's...
Dr. Gottlieb?
Are you ready?
- What for should I be ready?
- For the reception. Doctor.
They're bringing him up
in the elevator now.
He will come to me.
He is my son.
More than my son.
Even if you do make a clown
out of him.
Out of my laboratory with your...
your nonsense.
Dr. Mayne. how d'you do?
Glad you're here.
- Where's Dr. Gottlieb?
- We'll send for him.
- Will you fetch Dr. Gottlieb. please?
- No. please. I'll go to him.
Master and pupil. you know.
I want to confess.
You gave me everything
you knew of truth.
And when you gave me my chance
as well. I betrayed you.
I had an excuse. perhaps.
but I don't want to go into that.
Because whatever I may
have accomplished.
I did not add to knowledge.
I did the humane thing.
I lost sight of science.
Now. say what you've got to say
and throw me out.
Dr. Gottlieb!
Martin. what's happened?
- Dr. Gottlieb.
- He's had a stroke.
This is most unfortunate.
I mean. coming at a time like this.
He's gone down into the darkness
believing in you. Martin.
He never understood a word I said.
Not a word.
No. no. of course.
He couldn't have.
But you really must pull yourself
together. you know.
We've got to get through
with this luncheon.
in spite of Dr. Gottlieb's
regrettable collapse.
But before we go in.
I want to tell you that from now on.
you're department head.
with 15.000 a year.
I guess that ought to buck you up.
How are you. Martin?
You didn't expect to see me. did you?
I know all you've been through.
If my friendship has any meaning
for you. will you take that?
For all it's worth. Martin.
I'm taking him away now.
where he can be looked after.
But I want to tell you
what I'm going to do then.
I'm going to clear out of this swell joint
with all its swell equipment and publicity.
I'm going to build my own lab
in the Vermont woods.
and I'm going to work.
and do nothing but work.
And I wouldn't wonder
if you'd want to do it with me.
because he counted on you
to carry on after him.
If you want me.
you'll know where to find me.
We are ready. Martin.
Joyce. my dear.
Thank you.
But will you try and think kindly of me.
even if you never see me again?
I see. Martin.
M a o o a o oa
Ready. are you?
Well. so am I.
It's all right. it's just a few things
I want to take along with me.
Notes. notes.
where are those notes?
- But. my dear Martin!
- Now. what else? Yes.
Why... what in heaven's name
are you going to do with...
Just an old friend. Did well enough
by me before I came.
it'll do well enough by me
after I'm gone.
- Gone?
- I can't stay for that luncheon after all.
Surely the Institute deserves
better of you than this.
It certainly does. You know
what old Gottlieb used to say?
That the man who couldn't make
his own lab out of a few toothpicks
and a bit of string had better buy
his ideas along with his fine equipment.
- Martin. what are you thinking of?
- The rest of my life. So long. Tubbs.
Hey. Terry. hold your horses!
Terry. wait! I'm coming with you!
Lee and I.
we're both coming with you!