Arrugas (2011) Movie Script

Based on the graphic novel by Paco Roca
To be honest: with your salary,
and your wife unemployed,
it's impossible to give you a mortgage
This is crazy. Jesus!
Always the same shit...
- We do not have time for your foolishness!
- Please, calm down.
- I've been the director for 20 years...
- Dad, you're not in the bank,
You haven't been for years.
I don't want a loan,
I just want you to eat your soup!
But... how come...
Look at the time. We'll never make it.
Call Julian, see if they can give
the tickets to whoever at the door,
because there's no way we'll make it
Xone, don't be like that.
Surely, we can get them at the box office
- What for? We'll only see the end..
- Come on, Xone...
Every day he's worse than the last...
Now you can go!
I'm finished.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you? I'm Emilio.
- How are you? I'm Emilio.
How are you? I'm Emilio.
Look, Dad, you're
already making friends!
You'll like it here with
the other grandfathers.
You'll see, you'll be better off
here than at home.
Okay, we have to go.
We'll visit often.
Take care, Dad.
Goodbye, Emilio, see you soon.
Goodbye, son.
Goodbye, son. Goodbye, son.
Okay, Ramon, we heard you.
You're Emilio, right?
I will escort you to your room.
Okay, thank you.
Let me take your suitcase.
Don't bother, I can take it myself.
It's nothing. It's this way.
It's this way. It's this way.
I want to go with my mother.
Please, come in. I'm gonna find Miguel,
your roommate. Maybe you know him.
Okay, thank you.
I'll wait here.
Hello, roommate.
How do you like our cell?
How many years did you get?
How many years?
Don't listen to me, just a tasteless joke.
I'm Miguel, your roommate.
My name is Emilio, nice to meet you.
You are from Argentina, right?
Well, actually come from Ribadeo,
but my parents emigrated,
when I was a year old.
So you came back to the motherland.
Yeah, because there are
better nursing homes.
No, actually I came back
almost 30 years ago,
but the accent just won't go.
I can tell you my life story later.
They told me to show you the home.
Do you want to relax a bit?
Unpack your suitcase?
No, I'm not tired.
We can go now.
Well, I'll give you a grand tour.
I almost forgot,
There's an administration
fee of 10 pesetas
Give it to me now, I know a girl
who can process the fees in 2 hours
Fee? What fee?
You know, for paperwork.
Don't worry about it. It is better
to pay and forget it.
Man, I was the director of a bank,
I understand fees.
Ah, bank manager, great,
another Rockefeller.
Well, just a branch manager,
so no big shot.
No, the director is the director.
These financial affairs,
I'll explain later.
I don't understand it all,
I'm a real dummy
In any case, it's best
if you just give me the 10 now.
So we don't have to remember.
Sure, I understand.
We'll talk later. Here.
Well, come on, Rockefeller,
I'll show you around.
My name is Emilio!
This is the lounge.
It's the throbbing heart of our home.
Officially called the Glass Hall,
but we all call it The Aquarium.
It looks like a waiting room.
Waiting room aquarium.
Waiting room aquarium.
Ramon, today, you're a poet?
- A poet, waiting room aquarium.
- He was an announcer, he repeats everything.
Yeah, I know him,
we've already been introduced.
Ramon was a presenter on the radio.
Now he doesn't speak, just repeats.
- As if he squandered the words.
- Squandered words
Yes, Ramon.
Let's see the rest.
Let's see the rest. Let's see the rest.
Dining Room.
Bathrooms. Don't confuse them
with the women's, those are next door.
The Doctor is a little gay,
but not a bad guy.
Infirmary, here they make medicines,
to keep us doped up.
- Oh, you scared me!
- Rosi! Hey, how's it going?
Administration, seniors not allowed.
Main entrance.
You can leave that way.
I hope you like watching TV.
It's one of the few things to do here.
I'll be honest, I can't stand
these animal documentaries.
They never put on anything else.
They can't change the channel?
I don't know. In two years, it's been
nothing but documentaries.
Shall we move on?
- I didn't bring a tracksuit.
- No worries, you don't need one.
And best of all - pool.
- I didn't bring a swimsuit either.
- Don't worry, you'll never use it.
The pool is only here
to impress clients
Whoever pays - your kids, government,...
They're the clients. Not us.
The pool is there so when they visit,
they think you're in a 5-star hotel.
What can anyone here do with a pool?
Most can't even shower without help.
I've always liked to swim.
When I was younger,
I often swam in the sea.
And when I worked at the bank,
I went to the pool at least once a week.
Actually, now I really miss it.
So, ask for the key to the pool.
Maybe they'll let you swim.
One day, I'll ask for the key.
If you need anything, tell me.
I can get you anything, even a swimsuit.
Do you know where there's a phone?
Hello, Mrs. Sol.
I have to call my children.
They left me here, but I'm fine.
They have to come pick me up.
Where's the phone?
At reception, Mrs. Sol.
And they'll let me call?
Of course they'll let you.
Pay me and then you can call later.
Okay. See, they have to
pick me up, I'm healthy.
Is it enough?
Yes, of course. Walk this way to
reception and ask for the phone.
Yes, the phone.
I have to call my children to
pick me up, because I'm healthy.
But isn't that reception right there?
It is, but don't worry, Rockefeller.
Mrs. Sol looks for the phone all day,
but she never calls.
When she gets to reception,
she can't remember what she wanted.
So much the better, they'd
never let her use the phone.
Hello? Hello?
I will not! I don't want to!
Ah, Rockefeller...
Sorry, you startled me.
Breathe, Rockefeller, don't have a heart attack
You'd get the record for shortest stay.
Truth is, between you and the
announcer, a fright can't kill me.
Tell me, what is on the topfloor?
Top floor? Assisted living.
- Assisted living?
- People who can't take care of themselves.
Patients dementia or Alzheimer's.
People who aren't right in the head.
Listen, it's better not to go up there,
it's not a pretty sight.
Let's go, dinner is early here!
This is Emilio, my new roommate.
Good evening.
This is Antonia.
Welcome to the residence.
Dolores and Modesto.
Me too.
So, Emilio how do you like it here?
It's modern.
To be honest, I'm not used to it.
It's strange to be here.
That's normal at first.
You'll see that you get used to it quickly.
It's marvelous here.
We have everything!
For example, Dolores
have you signed up for the trip in October?
The casino? Modesto and I were wondering...
Does the price include meals?
Here we go.
Medications for Dolores and Modesta.
Give me something for leg pain,
I could dance with you.
You know that without a doctor's approval,
I can not give you anything. Talk to him.
Pigtails, this is
Emilio, arrived today.
Xoanxo is one of the nurses,
a good guy except for the pigtails.
Dreadlocks, Miguel, dreadlocks.
Well, you should talk to the doctor,
he can cure them.
Miguel, leave him alone,
they look good on him!
Okay, these are for Modesto
yours Dolores, Antonia and
for you, Emilio.
You know what medication I'm on?
Yes, don't worry, your
family informed us.
- Everything here is so organized
- Yes, they know just how to dope us.
Pigtails, you messed up my medication.
You forgot my Viagra.
Flan on the first night,
You're lucky, Emilio.
What luck? It tastes like nothing.
They don't even use real sugar.
Don't listen to him. It's good
and it's so healthy.
Healthy? Why should I eat healthy?
I want to enjoy food, wine, coffee...
- It's important to eat healthily.
- Antonia, but it doesn't matter...
That's better.
- Emilio? Emilio!
- Sorry.
I asked if you're going
to use the butter?
- Take it.
- Thank you.
Look, they still have food in their mouths
and already standing in line for bed.
Every night the same thing.
Why the rush?
They need help getting into bed,
But if there aren't enough aides,
you can wait up to an hour.
Why don't they do something
else while they wait?
What else?
They just eat, sleep, and shit.
Miguel, we're eating!
- Emilio! Emilio!
- Eh?
Do you want your marmalade?
- No, take it.
- Thank you.
- You don't want this tea, right?
- No, no
Look at Miguel,
up to his old tricks.
And now, a nice, hot tea...
Oh, what? She's loaded
and it's all the same to her.
Miguel, you take advantage of Sol because
she's not right in the head. That's wrong.
What do you mean? I'm doing her a favor.
At least she has a way to keep busy.
Of course, all the money you get is
part of the favor as well, I suppose.
Stop it, I don't do anything bad to anyone.
What would happen to the money they send
every month, with her head like it is?
What do you want? Tell her the truth?
"Look, Mrs. Sol, it doesn't matter
if you call your kids because
they'll never come?"
What would that do? I give her some hope,
and I get some help, what does it harm?
Lately I've come to see how
shameless you are, Miguel.
Tell me, what happened to Modesto?
Modesto? the Long Goodbye, Alzheimer's.
Doesn't even know where he is, poor guy.
If it weren't for Dolores, he'd have
been on the top floor long ago.
Dolores is a saint,
how she cares for Modesto.
I heard she only came here because of him,
she's as healthy as a horse.
Stupid! To lose your life for nothing...
Modesto can't tell if she's here or not.
Don't be cruel, Miguel. It may not
look like it but Modesto can tell.
Please, Modesto doesn't know.
I also think that he can sense it.
See, Emilio knows the truth.
Aw, a couple of softies.
And you're bitter.
You're just angry that you're old.
What? Me bitter? I'm glad that
I'm old. It's great!
My whole life, I worked like a mule.
And now that I can't pick up the kids,
my family threw me in a home.
It's fantastic.
Don't say that,
My family loves me.
I'm here because I don't
want to be a nuisance,
They should live their own lives.
Antonia has three sons, two daughters,
and about fifty grandchildren.
But none of them visit her.
Well, one grandson comes occasionally,
but really rarely.
Ah, the tea's already cold
And do you have grandchildren?
Me? Never!
Sorry, from how you spoke...
No, I never married, nor do I have
children, that I know of.
And I certainly do not regret it.
I always did what I wanted.
And look: the only difference is that I'm
not crying for days because they don't come
Well, you're right there.
You spend your life working and then...
You know. Life is crap.
Ah, the tea's already cold
Well, I have to go do a few things.
You coming with me, Rockefeller?
Come meet someone, let's go!
Hello, Mrs. Rosario.
Good day.
Are you also headed to Istanbul?
No ma'am, we are conductors.
Oh sure, come on in.
I'm going to Istanbul to meet my husband.
Lucky you, Istanbul is a beautiful city.
May I see your ticket?
Of course.
Just a moment, it's here somewhere.
Here it is.
- Lovely, I'll return it at the border.
- I understand, of course.
Have a pleasant journey, Mrs. Rosario.
The Carpathians are beautiful
this time of year, aren't they?
She spends the whole day at the window,
She thinks this is the Orient Express
I play along with her,
to keep her happy, poor thing.
Come on, Rockefeller, if we
get caught, we're in trouble.
Daddy, look what I got.
Closer to each other.
Look at daddy.
A little to the left.
No, to the left.
Hold it up.
Where are you?
Wake up, sleepyhead, today is Wednesday.
So, what's that? Something special?
No, Rockefeller, Wednesday's workout.
But I didn't bring a tracksuit.
You said, but as I said,
it does not matter.
Exercise is stupid, there's nothing to do,
we just watch.
I'm sorry, but I do not understand it.
Do not worry, you'll understand.
Have you seen my wallet?
Wallet? No.
I set it here yesterday,
next to my watch.
Now it's not here.
Look closely. Did it fall
between the bed and the table?
No, I there's nothing there.
I don't know. If you took it off
it must be somewhere.
But if you don't hurry,
you'll miss breakfast
And if you want,
I'll help you find it later.
Well, that's how I like it,
see you awake and full of energy.
You see, Rockefeller,
What there is to watch?
Lift your knee and touch it with the
other hand. Do you understand?
Look, just as I do.
What does she say? What should we do?
Speak louder!
What did you say? What should I do?
- You must touch...
- This I must touch?
Augustine may have lost his hearing
but he kept his sense of touch.
Come on, let's go to the next exercise.
Next, we'll do a series of
exercises with the ball.
Pass the ball into the hands of the
person on your right.
What? What does she say?
I can not hear her.
You pass the ball to the right.
What? What should we do?
The right, pass the ball to the right.
What? I can not hear her.
Come closer.
Pellicer, explain please.
You will give the ball...
I heard, stop.
Start Antonia and will do so quickly.
Let's break last week's record!
Here, here!
Esteban, take it!
Here, man.
He is blind?
Yes, he had high blood sugar.
Here, Esteban.
No, no, to the right.
You all right, Eugenia?
Here, Eugenia.
Or you, Dolores.
Dolores, wake up,
it's your turn.
Modesto, you.
Here, Augustine, quickly.
Catch, Augustine.
I'm so clumsy.
Don't worry. Aah!
Well, less than 2 minutes
we beat our previous record.
Applause, great.
And now we do it backwards.
Pass the ball to the left.
You start, Emilio.
What? What?
Emilio, pass the ball to the left.
Eh? What?
- Ball, Emilio, like before...
- Pass the ball Emilio, quickly...
- Rockefeller...
- Emilio, ball...
- Quick, pass the ball.
- Ball...
Phone... Phone...
I have to call the children.
I have to call the children.
How could the poor woman go out
looking for the phone in this weather?
Rockefeller, when there's no fun
you have to make your own.
She has a task, others follow.
Once it was line of five people.
The last one in the line is Carminia.
She's never alone, for fear that
the Martians will invade.
Look Carminia run.
There's nothing like paranoia
to keep you fit, eh, Rockefeller?
I do not like it. It is a cruel joke.
Here it doesn't matter,
Here it's just important not to
fall into depression.
It's not a fox terrier like you wanted,
but you like it, right?
Yes, it is very nice.
Many thanks, Miguel.
Martin, you know that if there's
anything you need, just ask
I can't...
On your feet Martine.
Let's go inside, so you don't catch cold.
- Thanks again, Miguel.
- It was nothing. Merry Christmas, Martin.
Merry Christmas.
- I thought that dogs were not allowed.
- They're forbidden, Rockefeller.
Martin hides him in
room and they'll stay there.
Next week he goes to visit his son.
Ah, but what he will do when
it gets bigger?
Well, Martin is very forgetful
so it won't last that long.
Hey, with the beard you look like Santa.
Rockefeller, you tell me the same
thing all day, now who's forgetful?
But it's true, you're only missing the hat.
Come on, come on, let's have lunch.
Aren't you freezing without a coat?
I'm not cold.
You know what, you could also
have a beard. It'd look good on you.
- But no, it wouldn't suit me.
- Seriously, girls like it.
Rockefeller, you'll get bronchitis
with your pajamas like that.
What? No, I'm okay.
I never catch cold.
Me neither.
We're a couple of tough old guys.
Yes, I always played many sports,
especially swimming.
In the sea when I was younger,
and when I worked at the bank... least once a week in the pool.
Really? That is amazing!
I have to try the pool here.
Tomorrow I'll go and ask for the keys.
Yes, Rockefeller, ask.
Although there may be no time
tomorrow with the Christmas visits.
I guess your son will come visit, right?
I don't know. I don't care if
he comes or not.
Don't worry, relatives are like
Turkish Delight, you go without all year,
- But they never miss Christmas.
Yes, and both give you a stomachache
Yeah, that's true,
they are too similar
Good night, Rockefeller.
Good night.
My watch was there when I went to sleep
and no one else came in!
What will you say?
It grew feet and ran off?
I never touched your watch.
Look carefully,
it must be somewhere else.
Don't look so innocent,
I didn't take it, it had to be you!
Emilio, calm down,
I'll help you find it, but...
You think I'm an imbecile?
How can you help me find it?
Do you think I have not
seen you steal from others?
Careful with the accusations.
You're losing a lot of stuff, that's
your bad memory, not my fault.
You liar, you can't fool me.
Do not touch me.
Rockefeller, are you okay?
Give me my watch, theif.
I told you I don't have it. Look for
your shitty watch yourself.
I do not like this,
I'm going to report you.
Yeah, do it,
you old fool.
Looking for the watch.
Okay listen, Rockefeller.
If you touch my stuff again,
or tell anyone what's in the box,
I assure you that I will
kick the shit out of you.
Do you understand?
Do you understand me well, Rockefeller?
Good day.
Emilio, are you okay?
Emilio, are you okay?
Are you okay?
You didn't come to breakfast.
No, I... I was tired and
so I slept in.
- I'm okay.
- Are you sure? You feel fine?
No, I'm really fine.
I just wanted to sleep late.
Well, do not worry, Emilio.
- Here are your medicines.
- Thanks.
Emilio, why aren't you dressed?
Come on, your family came to visit.
Your family came to see you.
Grandfather, look, look at me.
Grandfather, why are you wearing that?
- Turn off the flash, it's annoying.
- Emi, do not bother Grandpa.
I'm not! Look at Grandpa,
he has on a jacket and a sweater.
Well, because it's comfortable
and I don't have to work now.
Look at the camera I got
it has 10 megapixels!
You can show him later, we're talking.
Go snap some photos, yes?
Okay. Then I can show you
my camera, right Grandpa?
Okay, Okay.
Xone, tell me,
why does my kid call me Grandpa?
Dad, this is my son, Emi, your grandson.
Don't you remember?
But yeah, sure, I remember.
I just was not...
I told you to turn off the flash!
- Leave it alone!
- Emi, put that camera for a while.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, it's nothing, just lately...
Very bright light startles me
I think the cataracts have worsened.
Daddy, are you happy here?
They take care of you okay?
Well... not bad.
Caregivers and other staff are very kind.
The food is good too...
Cooks just like in a restaurant.
And every week we exercise.
Do you exercise? It's a good dad,
you in shape.
Yes. And did you know that
we have a swimming pool?
Yes, it's one of the reasons why we
chose this home.
Yes, now it's too cold, but in
in the spring I'll start swimming.
Most articles are about my legendary
rally, this one is from ABC.
Merry Christmas, Grandfather.
Merry Christmas, Grandfather.
Merry Christmas, Grandfather.
But I cannot change rooms,
even though Felix snores like a saw.
Look, Grandma has something for you.
I kept them for you: ketchup, good tea,
tasty marmelade, soap from the casino...
But Grandma, why would I want those?
Quietly, take it quickly
so no one sees us.
Hello everyone!
I brought gifts.
Let's do it.
You're not sitting in your regular seats,
so this will be a mess.
For you, Dolores.
And for Modesto.
Emilio, you have those big tablets.
Here you go.
Emilio, hang on! You too Dolores.
I was wrong.
Give me Modesto's you and yours Emilio,
I gave you his.
Even though it was pretty close.
Except for the half Aspirin for Modesto,
you have the exact same medication.
Yes, you really are taking
the same medication as Modesto.
That's not possible, it must be a mistake,
because Modesto has Alzheimer's.
Well, Emilio, Alzheimer's
doesn't have a specific treatment.
We are talking about medicines that are
routinely prescribed to older people.
Of course, of course!
I didn't think of that.
I spent the whole night awake,
I was afraid that I had Alzheimer's.
Sure, it's understandable.
Do not worry about these things, Emilio.
I'm here to diagnose and treat you.
Yes, but you know,
when you think of such a thing...
It's a big relief. I am calmer,
when I know that I'm fine.
No! No, I don't. I don't want to!
Leave me alone!
What happened to the
girl on the top floor?
You know who I'm talking about.
The paralyzed girl.
You went up, Rockefeller?
Who is that girl?
Why is she here in a home?
It's madness.
Son of a bitch, bitch, bitch...
After an unfortunate an accident
she was left a paraplegic
No one claimed her and they couldn't find
any family, so she was brought her here
She's just cast aside
up there, like a thing.
We're all just abandoned here like junk.
Nothing to swallow, nothing to swallow...
It must be another way
It must be another way
I told you that it is better
not to go up there.
I have Alzheimer's.
They told you?
They didn't dare to tell me.
But I'm not an imbecile.
You knew?
Rockefeller, I've been here for over
two years, you learn these things quickly
My previous roommate Paco,
whose place you got
also had Alzheimer's.
Paco was a good guy.
He died?
No, not that I know of.
They moved him upstairs.
I think he's still there.
I don't want to end up like that.
Look, Emilio, don't worry too much.
You can live for years with Alzheimer's
and be fine
But when it turns for the worse...
You know, the pills you found.
I'm keeping them for myself.
In case...
That my condition worsens.
But I could get more.
No, this does not seem right.
Nothing seems right to you, Rockefeller.
But moralizing's so useless.
In this case, you have two options.
You can convince yourself
that everything will be fine.
Imagining the Orient Express.
That in the spring you'll swim in the pool.
And you'll end up like the others.
Or you can face reality.
Rockefeller, come out, buddy!
Do not do anything stupid!
Rockefeller, come here!
You've gone mad!
What are you doing?!
Rockefeller, what are you doing?
Come out.
- Come on, get up.
- Do not touch me, leave me.
This is stupid! I'm not dead,
See? Stiill not dead.
I do not know how it will be a year,
but right now I'm alive!
And this is a pool,
and I want to swim here, period!
End of discussion.
And if you do not like it...
Fuck you.
This is what you're doing?
You're swimming?
Of course, what else would I do?
But Rockefeller, you can't swim like this.
If you want to go swimming,
first, you have to undress.
Well, who are you to criticize?
You still have your coat on.
You'll see, the two of us will work it out.
We won't end up on the top floor.
Here, I'll do it. It's important that
you're well dressed, Rockefeller.
Especially today.
The doctor and other staff always
know that our minds go
as clothes go, you know?
Yes, like the woman,
The lady who wore too much makeup.
Yes, like, Mrs. Josefa.
In the morning, when you come out, they can
tell if you awoke with all your neurons.
Okay. Tuck your shirt in well.
Which tie do you want?
The one from always, or the red one?
The one from always.
Are you sure?
The red looks more elegant.
No, no, I don't like the red one.
In fact, I never wear it.
I don't know why I brought it here.
Must be for sentimental value.
Damn, I'm not tying it well,
it never comes out straight.
Well, it's not a work of art,
but there it is.
- Thank you, Miguel.
- Yeah.
Now, your cuff.
No, leave the left unbuttoned,
so you can see your answers.
You remember that I wrote them there?
Oh yes, of course.
The questions are always the same.
So if you can see them,
it's no problem.
You must be careful to keep your hand
near your body so they don't see you.
You're not nervous, right?
Who? Me? No. But it's the first time
I've used a cheat sheet.
Don't worry, Rockefeller,
I am an expert at this.
Your arms go in here.
Do not worry, I'll be at your side
and I'll handle everything.
What makes you so sure that
they'll let you in the office with me?
The office? The office won't be available
due to minor technical difficulties
No, I think we have to call a locksmith.
Someone pushed the gum
all the way to the back.
We'll go to the Glass Hall.
So Emilio, we're going to do the test here
while they fix the lock on the office.
Or we can leave it for another day if
the noise is distracting.
No, it's okay with me.
Okay. One moment,
let me open this program.
That'is it. Emilio, tell me
about dinner yesterday.
I should tell you about dinner?
Yes, for example
what was the main course?
Oh, good.
Main course...
To the main course...
They brought us...
Tell me about anything,
anything you remember about dinner.
- About dinner. About dinner.
- Not now, Ramon.
We're busy.
We're busy. We're busy...
- ...We're busy...
- Ramone, calm down!
Emilio, you feel okay?
- Do you mind the noise?
- No, no...
Go away Ramon, stop distracting Emilio,
we're doing something important.
So Emilio,
Let's start from the beginning.
Tell me about last night's dinner.
Yes, of course, about dinner.
Honestly, I don't pay much attention
to those kinds of things.
The food is always pretty much the same.
Well, I guess you're right, Emilio.
There's not a lot of variety.
Okay, the next question is...
I cut myself on the stupid alarm.
Should I sue them Rockefeller?
I didn't do very well, did I?
No, what are you saying?
It worked very well, you'll see.
Tomorrow I'll keep the Doc busy
with a few backaches, a migraine...
he won't remember you till next year.
Do not worry, Rockefeller,
everything is under control.
Hello Martin, how's it going?
How is Laika? Still biting slippers?
What? So soon?
Well... You could not get me another?
Yeah, don't worry, I'll get one for you.
This time I'll try to get fox terriers.
Age is something natural,
not a national crisis.
we don't want to burden our families,
if we did, they could not work
Don't call us "old farts"
we aren't just bags of bones.
better that you call us older /
And up until now
I can't think of anything that
rhymes with "better and older"
Which is better? "Call us older,
because we're always shaky."
Miguel, always the same.
Or this: Call us older, because
we're always achey
Waitress! Waitress!
- What's going on, Emilio?
- This knife is completely dull.
- What, Emilio, what do you need?
- I mean, that...
Emilio wanted to ask whether
from now we could always get sandwiches?
- Sandwiches?
- Yes, sandwiches.
Just a biteful of sandwich, you know?
Oh, well, it would probably be okay.
You want sandwiches, Emilio?
Well.. yes, yes, I do.
Well then, let me ask
in the kitchen and see what they say.
Thank you sweetheart,
every day you're prettier.
Emilio, why don't you try the knife
that lies next to the plate?
You'll see that it cuts well.
Why do they put so much stuff on the table?
All this crap?!
What they want to achieve?
Confuse us?
Take it easy, Rockefeller, from tomorrow
we will have sandwiches and avoid problems.
What do you say?
It's not a bad idea, Emilio. If it
weren't for the vegetables, I'd join you.
Yes, Emilio.
See, some fell out.
But, I cleaned it.
- What do you say to make him smile?
- Say what, to Modesto?
Yes. What do you say to make him smile?
Oh, it's just a silly old joke.
I call him a cheat!
A cheat? Why?
We have a story from our childhood,
when we lived in a village.
Llisten, I'll tell you.
We were probably about twelve
or thirteen years old.
Loli, would you be my girlfriend?
You heard me. Do you
want to be my girlfriend?
Modesto loves Loli, Loli
Modesto loves...
Well, enough.
Okay, I'll be your girlfriend,
but only if you bring me a cloud.
What are you standing there for, Modesto?
Go look for a cloud for Loli!
- Hey! Watch where you're going!
- I'm sorry!
Loli! Come with me,
Come on, let's go.
Modesto, we're not allowed to go up there!
Modesto, what are you doing?
Don't be stupid, you'll fall.
Don't worry, I've climbed
up here a million times.
Don't be a wimp, come on up.
Give me your hand. Careful.
Don't look down.
Okay, hold on.
Here it is.
So, Loli, you wanted a cloud
and I brought it.
So now you're my girlfriend, right?
You're a cheat!
I don't know if you heard,
but Modesto has deteriorated and Dolores
couldn't take care of him herself
And so this morning, they
both moved to the top floor.
Dolores went too? That's crazy.
It's the same as commiting suicide!
In two weeks she'll be
as crazy as the others.
How could she do that?
You don't understand, because
you've never loved anyone, Miguel.
It's just so screwed up,
How screwed up life is.
What are you doing, Rockefeller?
Well, Rockefeller, what are you doing?
I'm going home, I'm tired of
you stealing my stuff.
What? What are you saying?
What did I steal?
Sure, go ahead, snake.
You know very well. Those black socks.
Black socks?
- Get off me! I'm going home!
- Emilio, quiet, they'll hear you!
I do not care!
I'm going home!
A nurse! Emilio, shut up,
or they'll move you to the top floor!
Hello, Sastre, how are you?
Such a nice day, isn't it?
There is nothing better than
a little workout in the morning, right?
Greet him, Rockefeller,
say hello!
Okay Manuel, I'm not saying that it was
you, but someone is stealing my stuff.
And I've had enough.
I'm going home and I don't understand why
you even want to stay here?
Surely even you would be
better off at home.
Don't you agree with me?
Come this way, come on.
Wait, don't go so fast, with the grass here
I can't go so quick.
- Antonia, lower your voice.
- Well, yeah, okay, but wait for me.
We have to go this way,
so no one will see us.
Yes, how clever you are! And in
the dark, I'll fall and break my hip.
This is what I get for bringing you.
Yeah, leave me here alone,
while you two paint the town red.
Come on, they're waiting, and
be QUIET, please.
Jesus, I almost had a heart attack!
Shh, they'll hear you! Crawl through here.
Come on, damn it!
That's better, Lefty.
We're your elders, for christ's sake.
Emilio, watch your head!
Antonia, you be careful
of the wire on the ground.
Lefty, shine the light down.
Shine it on the ground.
Thank you, pretty boy.
For nothing, lady.
Note that there are nettles.
Damn it, Lefty, I told you red.
Dude, it was so short notice that
I was glad I got a convertible.
But it's newish and runs
like a charm, you see?
Does it have papers and a full tank of gas?
- Yeah, totally full.
- Okay, I guess the color does not matter.
Though I'd rather have red.
Here's the money, Lefty. I'm a little
short, but don't pester me, I'm broke.
Fine, fine, take the keys.
The papers are in the glove compartment.
- At Emilio, you drive.
- Who? me?!
But they took my license away years ago!
Well, at least you've ever had one!
Ahh, by chance, Antonia, do you
know how to drive?
Me? No, but you don't know how, Miguel?
You won't believe it,
but I never learned.
It's up to you, Rockefeller,
At least you look like a good driver.
Emilio! Goodness!
FREE! We're free!
What have you done, Miguel?
You thew out my walker!
You don't need it, Antonia, we're motorized!
But someday we'll have to get out, right?
Don't worry about it now. I'll get
you another, when you need it.
Miguel, put up the roof,
I'm cold.
The roof? You can't be serious.
It's very damp, we'll get pneumonia.
- Well, I'm also quite cold.
- See?
I can't even believe this...
It closes itself?
What do you think Antonia?
High-class technology!
Incredible, like from
a James Bond movie!
That's better. When you see a gas station,
stop and buy water so we can take pills
What do you mean, Antonia? We said we
won't take any, we won't be slaves to age.
Yes, I only brought the ones for
digestion and the my circulation.
I didn't bring the ones for
my stomach, diabetes or arthritis.
What was all that!
Rockefeller, where are you headed?
We're driving against traffic!
I'm not sure,
Let me look.
You could have killed all three of us!
Or worse - hit another car!
You're just lucky that the press
didn't get ahold of the story.
Because a story like that
could close the residence!
Miguel, you must realize the seriousness of
the situation and possible legal penalties!
Are you listening to me, Miguel?
And Emilio? Is he okay?
Emilio is where where he should be
and getting the care he needs.
Don't even think about going
upstairs and causing more problems!
But he's getting better?
Look, Miguel, Emilio lost
consciousness for several hours.
After that, anesthesia and
the confusion of the hospital...
Such events have a big effect on
patients with Alzheimer's disease.
From now on, Emilio will
need continuous care.
So don't make any more problems
than you already have.
And I'm serious, Miguel, if
we have further problems...
Miguel, why don't you eat?
Do you want them to bring
you something else?
Yes, come on in.
Hello, may I?
Sure, come inside. Are you
also traveling to Istanbul?
Yes, I'm going to Istanbul.
How nice, we'll have company
until the end of the journey.
Yes, I don't like traveling alone.
Here, a little bit fell out.
There, isn't that better?
You were really hungry, huh?
And look, you ate everything.
Okay, I'm gonna clean up a little bit
Miguel, turn the fucking straw this way,
the motherfucker turned around on me.
Oh, watch your language!
One day I'm going to wash your
mouth out with soap.
How many times have I told you, Emilio
does not like it when you talk that way.
Emilio doesn't care, the way he is now
he doesn't understand anything.
You're wrong, little girl, even though it
doesn't look like it, he understands.
Isn't that right, Rockefeller?
Dedicated to everyone,
The elderly of today and of tomorrow
Hey, don't make a scene, you know
you're not allowed in the store.
Sit, Milu!
Good girl, you sat well.
Milu! Milu!
No, no...
What a fright you gave me! Come on,
Don't daydream so much.