Arsenal (2017) Movie Script

Someone once asked me
why I stick up for Mikey.
They clearly don't
have a brother.
It could be
any other game, honestly.
You'll beat me on any game?
' - Yeah.
- ' Really, now?
I don't think you
understand I own the arcade.
No, you don't, but I do.
- I own every game.
- Let's prove it.
I'll beat you on every game.
Here, take it.
- All right.
- Take all these quarters.
- You think you're gonna win?
- Yeah.
Hey, can I get some quarters, Mikey?
No, get your own money.
Aw, don't cry.
Little bitch.
Hey, guys,
what can I get for you?
- I'll take the baseball cards.
- Okay.
Come on.
I'm hungry, Mikey-
Come on.
Here, go play some video games.
Do you want some or not'?
Take it!
Why are you still standing
there like a fucking retard?!
Go to the arcade!
In the beauty of
The lily
Christ was born
Across the sea
With a glory...
Open your fucking mouth.
Open it.
Open it.
Open your mouth.
That's it.
Bite down on the pipe.
Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
His truth is marching on
Glory, glory, hallelujah
His truth
Sneaking around?
No, I'm sorry.
I was looking for you.
You found something else,
didn't ya?
What'd you see?
- I didn't see anything.
- Come on Mikey, what did you see?
Something that's beautiful?
- I swear.
- That's good, kid.
That's how you stay quiet.
He didn't stay quiet, Mikey.
Didn't stay quiet.
Catch it, JP!
Come on, come on, you can do it.
Yes, JP!
Good job, JP!
Working for Eddie
is my thing, okay.
Stay away from the arcade.
Look, Eddie's been giving me
more and more work though so
I figure I ain't got no more time to mow
Miss Cindy's lawn no more.
Go ahead.
It's yours if you want it.
But you gotta put gas in it.
You gotta mow it every week and...
sweep all the grass
off the driveway but,
if you do all that,
it's your job.
It's your money.
I don't know what to tell you.
If you can't handle it,
I'll find someone who can.
I know you can do it,
come on, get out there.
Apply yourself, huh.
- JP.
- Yeah?
- We need to talk.
- Sure.
Alright, Rob, talk to me.
Everything going good?
Well, we're behind
on the office building job,
'cause some of the guys
have been texting on site.
Well, tell them to stop texting.
They're here to construct, not text.
I mean, Rob,
you're my partner right?
- Yeah.
- Alright, then act like a boss.
- Implement a no texting policy.
- You got it.
- Hey, you coming back later?
- Maybe.
You're late!
Please. I am prompt,
present, and prepared
to beat your ass my friend.
Bring it.
- Right over the plate.
- Let's get into it.
Come on.
Ball outside.
We want a pitcher,
not a belly itcher.
We want a pitcher,
not a belly itcher.
Come on.
Oh, yeah!
Whoo! Slamma, jamma,
ding-dong, baby!
Slamma, jamma, ding-dong,
- Come on. Oh yeah.
- Yeah!
You go get it!
You know, Mikey,
I have a job for you if you want it.
It's just sitting
there waiting for you.
Don't worry about me.
I'm just trying to help out.
I know you've been having a hard time
since you got back so...
Alright, see ya tomorrow.
- Okay?
- Yeah. Alright.
I've got an excess of glocks
right now, Mikey.
Can't do a thing with this.
That's not all I got.
What in the fuck is this?
- That's a flashbang.
- Flash what?
Flashbang, stun grenade.
It's what SWAT uses.
That's James Bond
shit right there.
Alright, so what
do you want for it?
A couple hundred bucks?
The city pays like 6,000
bucks for one of those.
Ain't gonna find them
anywhere on the street.
Yeah, but I don't have anybody
coming in here asking to buy'em.
Because they don't think
you have one, asshole.
Mikey, I got guys coming
in here wanting protection
from sheet holders,
or carjackers, or an ex.
What in the fuck are they
gonna do with a... stun grenade?
Tell you what, man.
For you.
Six hundred bucks.
High as I can go.
Six hundred.
Why don't you take that 600
and go buy yourself
a gold dildo,
and stick up your ass.
Get the fuck outta here, Mikey.
Next time bring me
something I can sell.
Come on, baby,
what's the matter?
- Hey, Sal, you ready for today?
- Hey. Naw, I'm gonna skip today.
- Aw, that's too bad.
- I fucked up my wrist.
- Hey, Sal.
- Hey, baby.
Listen, I need to talk
to you about Mikey.
Yeah, sure, what's up?
I was gonna confront him myself,
but you know he goes deaf
every time I speak.
- Yeah, no, I know.
- Right.
He bought a package.
- What?
- Not just to snort.
- H... how do you know?
- Come on.
It's always something.
Man, I don't even know where
he got the money to buy the shit.
I'm not worried about
him getting busted.
I'm not gonna bust him.
But he's gonna get
himself killed.
- Alright, I'll talk to him, yeah.
- Alright?
- Thanks.
- Alright.
- Yes, yes!
- Excuse me.
You made it. Come here!
I didn't think you were gonna make it.
Of course, man,
I wouldn't miss it.
- Where's Lizzie?
- Uh, she's parking the car.
This kids going to get a hit. Watch,
watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch.
Let's see it man...
Me on second, you on the base.
- Gasps' third, me gasps' fourth.
- Hell yeah, what would Lizzie do?
She'd be our manager.
Would you manage us?
Why don't you and your little gay friend
sit down. Your team fucking sucks.
Why don't you shut up,
Mr. Clean?
- Mikey, leave it.
- What are you a Jacksonville fan?
- Mikey
- You guys always lose.
I mean you've been
losing year after year.
Your like an evolution of losing.
They've actually accepted
being fucking losers,
that's why he doesn't shoot himself
in the fucking head.
- Look at him.
- Man, fuck you.
- No, fuck you, man.
- Hey, Mikey, Mikey.
Sit down, sit down.
Look man, y'all even got
tickets to be sitting here?
- Why don't y'all get outta here?
- What are you security now?
- I could be.
- Relax.
Hey, why don't you teach
your bitch how to cheer for a real team.
Hey, hey, come on that's my wife.
Don't start with her.
Man, fuck you.
I'm cool.
Stop! I'll shoot.
- Where is it'?
- Where's what?
You know why we're here.
The coke. Where is it'?
Oh, the coke.
The coke, it's in the fridge.
Make another joke
about the coke being in the fridge.
Come on.
Give me some crayons.
I can draw you a map.
The coke's in the fucking crisper.
I got it, let's go.
That stupid mother fucker.
Your brother's always
getting into trouble.
You know he can't control himself,
and he always has your attention.
somebody else
has already got my attention.
- Babe, your clothes.
- I don't care.
I recognized your car, shit tard.
I was on your softball team
four fucking years ago.
Remember? Remember?
- Where is it, where is it?
- Fuck, fuck.
Where the fuck is it?
- I don't have it, man.
- Bull shit.
See if this jogs your goddamn memory.
- You don't understand.
- What don't I understand, huh?
Well, help me understand.
Fuck, CJ Clout.
We weren't stealing for ourselves,
Clout made us do it.
Fuck, fuck, man.
Yeah, he made you do it, huh?
Fuck, fuck, man.
It's not about the ten or 20 grand.
He doesn't like people
stepping on his turf.
Yeah, well, he's stepping
on my fucking turf.
Where's my goddamned coke, huh?
Where is it?
Ethan does all that.
We don't handle his drugs,
we're the money men.
- Vicki, you want a beer?
- Uh, yeah, thank you.
They're a little warm.
That's fine.
- You want warm beer?
- I want a beer. Thanks.
Alexis? Eyes up, honey.
You're here with family.
Seriously, would you put
your damn phone down.
Do you have it or not?
- Do you or not?
- It's Independence Day, relax.
So the fuck what?
The judge said you gotta pay.
He didn't say, "Oh, you
gotta pay it this often
except for mother
fucking Fourth of July."
Yeah, the judge doesn't
know about my fucking pension.
I don't get any fucking health,
and you know that! So shut the fuck up!
Why does she have to be here?
The only way he can eat with Alexis.
You know that.
So why can't they go
somewhere else together?
He's my brother. She's my niece.
They're harmless.
I don't think you understand
the meaning of the word harmless.
You know, if I could get away
with killing you, I would.
That's lovely, honey.
They're gonna ruin dinner.
Get a fucking job.
- You get a fucking job.
- I work.
Yeah, you spread your
legs for a fucking living.
Now the baby's crying.
- Fuck you, you're a pig.
- And you're a fucking whore.
No, no, no, no.
- Damn it.
- Okay, I got it, it's okay.
How's school?
It's fine, I guess.
How's your grades?
Pretty good.
How's your mom treatin' ya'?
You know, I'd really like it
if you'd come stay with me for awhile.
I know, Dad.
I'm just busy right now.
We've got a...
one medium-rare
burger there for you...
Oh, wait, hold on.
Alright... no, Mikey, don't eat yet.
Lizzie wanted to say a prayer.
Mikey, come on,
you're a caveman.
And no one wants you here.
Ask Lizzie if she wants you here.
- Go ahead ask her.
- Hey, Mikey, come on, please.
- I'm gonna go.
- What? No.
Uh, uh, you ain't going anywhere.
We haven't eaten yet.
- I don't eat meat anymore.
- Sit your ass down.
- Alright, you know what,
- Come on, Alexis sit back down.
I can say the prayer.
Lizzie's been making me
go to church and what not,
and even though
we didn't go as kids,
I remember there
was this one time,
when I was coming home
from school on Market Street.
I was about, I don't know,
five years old.
And there was this homeless guy
preaching on the street,
next to the Dollar Store.
You know he had his Bible
and he was going on and on.
At the time, I didn't know...
he was a crazy homeless guy.
He was so passionate.
I thought he was some kind of preacher.
So I got caught up listening.
There was some people there,
maybe five or six,
and he was going on and on,
he's saying, "He loves you.
He doesn't think about himself,
He only thinks about you.
He would do anything for you,"
and as I said
I didn't go to church,
so I didn't know what he was saying,
I didn't know what he was preaching,
but I started figuring
I knew who he was talking about.
He's saying, "He will do
anything for those that follow him.
He wouldn't think twice
about dying for you.
He would die for you,
he really would."
So after about 15 minutes,
the crowd sort of scattered and...
Man, I'm five years old,
and I walk right up to him,
and I say,
"How do you know my brother?
How do you know Mikey?"
To my big bro.
Aren't you supposed
to say amen at the end?
That was a toast not a prayer.
Alexis... shut up.
No, no, fair enough.
Dig in.
Thanks for having us.
Hey, hey, Mikey.
Is it true what I heard?
You took my ten G's
and you bought some coke,
and you wanted to flip it?
What do you want me to say?
I loaned you that money
so you could pay for rent.
You said Alexis needed braces.
Well, the girl,
she needs braces.
She needs a lot of
things that I can't afford.
That's why I took the ten,
and I tried to turn it into 20.
So you're a drug dealer now?
It doesn't matter.
It's all gone.
- What do you mean it's gone...
- I got jacked.
I'm out all ten.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Mikey, you...
you have a daughter.
I'm a fuck up, man.
I'm a fuck up as a father.
I fucked up with the Marines.
I'm not perfect like you.
You perfect son of a bitch.
Perfect business, perfect fucking wife.
Perfect fucking life.
You can't blame me
for your behavior.
You can't blame the Marines
for your bad conduct discharge.
- You can't...
- Just shut up about that.
I'll never ask
for money again, okay?
Fuck it.
Gonna buy me a shot'?
Hey, look who it is.
If it isn't little Michael.
Mikey's in town. Have a seat, kid.
Sit down, let's talk
for old times sake.
So what's new?
Where you working at these days?
I'm between jobs.
Sounds like me talking to the IRS.
What's it been,
six, maybe eight years?
Didn't you owe me some money?
Didn't you though?
Yeah, you did owe me some money.
You were supposed to come through
on something for me
right around the time you quit.
I figure we're even.
Oh, you think we're even, you and I?
What'd you ever do for me?
I did everything for you.
You want me to make lists?
I got you a job.
I got you laid when you were 14.
Gave me my first line at 15,
that was a great habit.
Look at you,
you turned out all right.
So, let's talk about that brother
of yours, you know, I read about him.
Mister Entrepreneur,
the blue collar American dream.
"I make money,
I build jobs for my community,
blah, blah, blah..."
how's he doing?
He's good.
How come you guys
aren't still close?
What do you mean close?
We... we're brothers.
Well, that's funny because
you were practically like a father
to that kid,
and he hasn't ever
done shit for you.
Well, it doesn't look like
he's done shit for you.
Which brings me to my point.
You know, Mikey,
I think I know of a way where
we can both earn
what we deserve.
And I'm talking
six figures each.
Six figures?
I thought you'd never show up.
Jamie Lindell?
- Yeah.
- You have four days
to deliver $350,000 cash,
or your brother dies.
Who is this?
Mikey? Hello?
Get the cash together.
We'll be in touch.
- Who is this? ls this a joke?
- No police.
Four days.
Get the money.
Wait, who is this?
Mikey, it's me, JP.
Give me a call
when you get this, huh?
It's, Sal, leave a message.
Sal, call me
as soon as you get this. It's about Mikey.
Vicki, uh,
have you heard from Mikey?
- I ain't seen him since the other day.
- What about Alexis?
She's been hanging out with these
meth head losers in Plum Orchard.
I haven't seen her either.
Alright, call me
if you hear anything, okay?
The last thing the guy says on the phone
is don't contact the police.
Oh, yeah.
And you don't
recognize the voice?
No, he sounded like Darth Vader.
He had a voice disguiser
or something.
It wasn't Mikey just fucked up'?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, it just...
I wouldn't think twice
if it wasn't Mikey, you know.
Jesus Christ.
So what do you think?
Hang tight, he'll probably...
roll in hungover or something.
I'm hoping.
Hey, I figured you'd be in here as soon as
you saw how much that mutual fund dropped
- but I don't want you to worry.
- Rob,
how much money can I get my hands on
in the next few days?
I don't know, ten grand.
Ten grand? No, more.
- What's going on?
- Mikey.
He's fucked up.
I got to put together 350 grand.
Oh shit.
Is this a joke?
You're not kidding are you?
I... I need you to start
liquidating everything.
Use property as collateral
against some cash loans.
All of it.
Rob, do you understand?
Yeah, yeah, no, I'm just...
I'm just worried about you, man.
Obviously something must be wrong.
It is, I just told
you it's fucking wrong.
It's my brother.
I just, I'll handle
the business later.
Just start putting
the money together.
Deal with it, alright?
That's Gus Wylan.
He's been undercover
for a solid year.
You think this guy can help?
Look, he agreed to meet you,
that's all I got.
- You coming?
- Yeah.
Hey, man, thanks for meeting me.
That'll take the edge off.
I don't normally do this, but me and Mikey
go way back a ways.
- He was friends.
- He bought a package.
He was trying to turn it
and he got jacked.
Who jacked him?
Some red-headed guy named Rusty.
Yeah, I know that ginger bitch.
I'll run down Rusty,
see what I can get outta him.
Thanks, man, let's go.
That's it?
Hey, buddy, you home?
What's this.
Easy, man,
that's a stun grenade.
What's he doing with it?
Relax, he wasn't gonna use it.
- You gave it to him?
- He came by it.
He came by it and he said
he could move it,
- and I was doing him a solid.
- He was gonna sell it.
What you looking for?
I'm a friend of Mikey's.
Yeah, why didn't he leave you a key?
Why you breaking in?
He wasn't home
so I was just looking for food.
You looking for coke?
You know where Mikey is?
Huh, do you know where Mikey is?
Nah, he...
Don't fucking lie to me.
Where the fuck is he?
I don't... I don't know.
Get the fuck outta here.
Fucking junkie.
The guy that kidnapped your brother,
is not gonna come back
to the house looking for him.
Oh, hi.
- Yeah.
- Hey, buddy.
So Gus found this guy, Rusty.
He said he's an asshole,
but he's not smart enough to be
involved in anything like this.
I'm not convinced.
Yeah, let's get you convinced.
Rusty, open up.
- Can I help you?
- I need to talk to you again.
I already talked to your...
What the fuck?!
I already talked
to Gus. I didn't fucking kidnap him.
Rusty, Rusty, look at me, look at me.
Are you lying to me?
I'm not lying, I'm not lying.
I jacked him for his coke.
I didn't fucking kidnap him.
You hadn't seen JP
or Mikey in a long time.
They come back on your radar,
and you think his
brother's a good mark.
No, no, well, yeah.
Everyone knows JP
crawled out of a good egg.
Still doesn't mean
I fucking kidnapped him.
I jacked him for his coke, man,
I jacked him for his coke.
I fucking killed a guy once,
man, that was six years ago.
The cops never
found out about it.
Fuck, fuck, okay.
I'm not lying.
I'm not lying, I swear, I swear.
I'll tell you about it.
I swear to god, man,
I'll tell you whatever.
I don't know anything.
I'll tell you wh...
I swear, fellas,
I haven't seen him since then.
Wasted, at the... the fuckin...
At the Biloxi bar, man.
I swear, fellas.
Excuse me, miss.
Were you working here
two nights ago?
Yeah, 'till around midnight.
Who closed?
Can I help you gentlemen
with something?
His brother's missing,
apparently he was here.
Yeah. His name is Mikey.
- Don't recognize him.
- Well, then your vision must be terrible,
The guys been drinking
four nights a week for a decade.
- Come on.
- Sorry.
Sorry for refusing to help us
or sorry you don't recognize him?
I'm a cop, don't fuck around.
Just a regular night.
And like I said,
I got out at midnight.
But around 11,
Eddie King rolls in with a posse.
Settled into the back
booth near the bathrooms.
- Eddie King?
- Mm-hmm.
So you're saying you think
Eddie King kidnapped your brother?
Yeah. He was in the bar where
my brother was last seen at.
But you don't
know that for sure?
What am I missing here?
There's not real mob here in the swamp.
But Eddie King is the closest thing
this place has.
He's got ties in
New Orleans and New York.
- Exactly.
- But folks that are connected,
they don't do this kind of shit.
It's too risky and it's flaunty.
Too much of a stretch.
You don't think he's involved?
The only way I could see that,
is if Eddie King
and your brother,
grabbing a drink,
catching up on old times,
and decided to take you
for a few hundred grand.
Fucking bullshit,
my brother would never do that.
How do you know
how much you're worth?
How'd they know to ask for 350 grand?
We gotta find someone else,
someone more connected than Gus.
- There's nobody more connected then Gus.
- He's not doing shit.
What do you think,
he's gonna blow his cover,
- for your fucking brother?
- I don't know.
You think anybody
in this fucking department
gives a fuck about
your deadbeat brother?
- So there's no one else?
- No.
What do I do?
What do I do?
You gotta face it.
The police aren't
going to help you here.
I'm going to get all the information
I can on Eddie King.
- Okay.
- We're just going to have to
handle it ourselves.
I need your help here, okay?
Has he been talking about Eddie King,
mention him, anything?
Yeah, yeah, Mikey
talked about Eddie King
probably if he was like...
drunk and on a rant or something.
Do you know if he's
seen him recently?
No, I... I don't know,
he doesn't tell me shit.
JP, look, I... I wanna help I do,
but I'm concerned about Alexis.
She needs me. If Mikey's fucked,
he probably fucked himself.
It wouldn't surprise me
one bit if he were in on it.
I'm just saying,
my mind's on Alexis. I...
She keeps running off
with these stupid friends,
and I just don't want her
to make the same mistakes I did.
Vicki you're doing
the best you can, okay.
- Who's she been running with?
- I don't know, some punk kids.
This kid is your best
shot to finding Eddie king.
Now you're going to have a much better
chance if I don't go with you,
'cause they're gonna
make me for sure.
How do I find them?
On the back, that's his hang.
I love you, man.
What is it?
Buddy's here.
Buddy's here.
My brother? Really?
Well, what does he want?
Wouldn't say.
Should I tell him you're not here?
It's good to see you.
Came for a little chit chat.
A little surprised to see
you outside the Big Easy.
I'm not feeling too peachy keen
being in Biloxi, Mississippi.
D... did you lose your phone?
It's been awhile since you made the trek.
Get in the car.
What is this
a brother bonding moment?
It's a little late
for that don't you think?
Get in the car.
We'll talk while we're driving.
Where we going?
Here. Have a pecan,
they're good for ya.
I don't want it.
You should go.
My mom's already gonna freak out
on my ass.
You should smoke this first.
Smoke it, bitch.
Where the fuck
you think you going?
You wanna hit my niece?
Huh, you wanna
hit my fucking niece?
Stop, stop!
Uncle JP stop, let him go.
I'll go.
Aw, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy.
Why'd you do this to us, Eddie?
You never could set the table.
- What are you talking about?
- What are you ignorant?
Talk travels fast in New Orleans,
just like tourists do.
What, Buddy?
Extortion? Kidnapping, ransom?
I mean really?
What the fuck
were you thinking, Eddie?
No one gives a shit about this guy.
- Nobody.
- Doesn't matter.
What, it doesn't matter?
It doesn't ma...
Is that how it's gonna be?
After everything
I've done for you?
Everything you've took from me.
Now you wanna take my life?
- Oh, you're good, Eddie.
- Buddy!
You're really good.
You're better than me.
Please, turn around.
Turn around?
What are you gonna fuck me first?
No, you're the fuck up,
you fucked up royally.
Look, I know the idea
sounds crazy, okay,
but it's the context of the thing
that was the no brainer.
This guy's kid brother is,
he's loaded, he was going
to pony up $350,000 in 48 hours.
- The cops don't have shit.
- It's too late.
Fuck you!
Mr. Kuchar, we're finished here.
My brother's trying
to kill me, man!
And before
I'll be a slave
I'll be buried in my grave
And go home to my Lord
And be free
For freedom
Oh, freedom
Oh, freedom
Over me
And before
I'll be a slave
I'll be buried in my grave
And go home to my Lord
And be free
Oh, freedom
Over me
And before
I'll be a slave
I'll be buried in my grave
And go home
To my Lord
And be
Oh, freedom
You don't even know me.
Oh, you know,
you and I think the same, Mikey.
Yeah, you and me,
we think the same.
JP, he's different.
He's good.
We're both fuck ups.
You think I'd fuck
him over for a pay out?
There's no amount of
money in this world
that I would do that for.
So fuck you, Eddie.
You owe me!
You owe me! I made you!
You got no respect,
no appreciation for your roots!
Try to bring you with me.
It's not too late.
You really wanna pass this job up?
Six figures,
easy money, no risk.
Mikey, it's no risk, it's six fi...
Go get him.
Boss has been difficult so, uh...
we can't just send
a proof of life.
We gotta send a message.
I feel bad though.
I've known you for a while, Mikey.
Fuck. Fuck.
We gotta do this.
Are you sure you're
doing the right thing here?
No. I don't.
Mikey has a tendency to get into trouble,
you know that.
Don't start, Rob.
He put the lawnmower in my hand.
Don't you get that?
I owe everything to him.
He didn't have
the big brother I had.
What's taking this so long?
You said this would take a couple days.
What's going on, Rob?
I need a few more days, okay.
Well, we don't have a few more days.
- I kn... I just need...
- No, no, no.
Did you do something
with my money?
- I knew I could make you more.
- More?
What are you saying?
I put it into a house,
okay, but listen to me.
It's a great fixer upper
in a Gert Town.
My cousin's a construction manager.
I'd make you the same return...
Do you know what
you're saying to me'?
Do you fucking know
what you're saying to me?
You going to prison
doesn't do shit for me.
I don't give a fuck
how you get it.
I need that money by tomorrow,
or that's exactly
where you're going.
You know something, Mikey.
I know something you don't know,
and that's that you're lucky.
You wanna know why?
Because tomorrow
when we do the exchange,
you get to find out how much
your brother really loves you.
- Fuck you, Eddie.
- Yeah.
I could probably learn
something from you and JP.
You know, how close you are.
I had a brother once.
Did you know that?
Yeah. I was just writing him a letter
in the car ride on the way back.
You got a minute? You don't mind
if I read it to you.
Maybe you can offer
me some suggestions.
About how to be good brothers.
"Dear Buddy, sorry about today,
but you know you always
were the creature
from The War of the Gargantuas
when it came to me!
But you remember
when we were partners?
Had a little carjacking operation.
When we were teens.
Cops were on us one day, we ran.
You got away, but I got caught.
I was 17!
They offered me
community service,
all I had to do was give up
my accomplice, you, my brother.
But, no, I took the years.
I got out in three.
You had promised my share
would be waiting.
Then I got out, there
was nobody there...
to pick me up.
I took a goddamned bus
from the prison!
You had taken my share.
Gone to Florida.
And set up the business
in New Orleans!
With my money!
You fucker!
And I never got those three years back.
Love, Eddie."
What do you think, any good?
Should I send it?
Well, I can't send it 'cause I fucking
killed him today, alright.
I hate you.
I hate both of you.
You're... you're so lucky
'cause you had each other!
Well, that's the King brothers.
That's why I can expect
something different from you.
Aw, Jesus, man,
I did that to you?
No, I did it.
For you.
It's all there.
Hey, Luca, talk to me a second.
Man, we've known each
other like 16 years now.
Mikey, don't start this shit, man.
I ain't letting you go.
Eddie'd kill me
and my baby girl.
I know, I'm not asking
you to do that. I understand.
It's just this,
this not knowing.
I just...
Not knowing what?
Did you see his face?
He said he killed his brother.
He's never gonna give up.
Even if JP pays,
he's still gonna kill me, right?
Mikey, man, I gotta go.
No, look,
I can't change anything.
I can't do anything about it.
I just... I need to know.
He's gonna kill, me and JP,
after he gets the money,
isn't he?
Is he?
Tomorrow. Five PM.
We'll call you
15 minutes before.
You come with cops, he's dead.
I'll have the money by then.
Wait, put him on the phone.
I wanna talk to him.
If he's alive
I wanna hear his voice.
Otherwise the deal's off.
We'll call you back.
I know that JP and I didn't go to church
when we were kids,
but we didn't know any better.
I know that I'm still alive,
for some reason.
So if you,
help me get outta this,
I promise I will go to church
with Lizzie, JP...
I'll get my little girl an education.
And I'll keep trying.
You hear about
that little boy in Jackson?
Yeah, his genius parents
poured Drano in an old soda pop bottle,
the boy found it, drank it,
guess what happened to him?
Burned his esophagus.
Puked up black blood
and bits of his stomach.
He vomited so hard
his eyes hemorrhaged,
and his stomach
actually dissolved.
You tell JP not to pay,
or you say anything wrong,
this is all going
down your throat.
- JP.
- Mikey?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey, listen,
I got the money, okay.
Did they fucking hurt you again?
Don't worry about me.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Just pay him and when this is over
we'll go play some video games.
On me.
- Ye... yeah, okay.
- Alright, that's enough.
Video games?
You were always a pussy.
Wait, why would he say that?
What did he say?
Video games.
He's trying to tell me something.
Like what?
- Sure you wanna do this?
- No.
I'm still stuck
on this arcade thing.
I don't think that meant anything, man.
- He said, "On me."
- Alright, where does that lead you?
Mikey used to always go
to an arcade after school.
And he'd throw quarters
to his friends sometimes too,
but he never gave me any.
Except this one time.
When my Uncle Rich
killed himself.
Came home from school and he'd
shot himself in the face.
Mikey he didn't want me to see,
so he gave me some quarters,
told me to go to the arcade.
Alright, so,
what does that mean?
I don't know. I...
I think he's trying to tell me,
something bad is gonna happen.
Like they're gonna kill him anyways,
just stay away.
Fucking-A, they're gonna kill you both.
Mikey, fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Mikey got out of his chair.
Look, he's passed out right now,
but he stabbed me
a bunch of times, man.
I'm bleeding pretty bad.
Okay, okay, yeah, yeah.
I'll tie him back up.
Money in a suitcase.
Bring it to 4150 South Street.
There will be a phone there
waiting there for you in Wendy's bag.
I'll tell you where to go next.
If we think you're
coming with cops,
we'll fucking shoot you.
I wanna talk to him
one more time.
- No more stalling.
- Put him on the phone.
We already gave
you proof of life.
It's time to make the trade.
Fuck you, put him on the phone.
You're worried about getting
stabbed by a little scrub,
meanwhile $350,000
almost walks out the fucking door.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So, what do we do now?
What do we do?
We raise the stakes.
Don't talk, bitch.
- Come on.
- Dad, what's going on?
- Alexis?
- See what you made me do, Mikey?
If you'd just stayed in that chair,
none of this would have had to happen.
You're a dead man,
you mother fucker.
A fucking dead man.
- No, no, no, let me go!
- It's gonna be alright.
Everything's going
to be alright.
JP Lindell.
I work for Eddie King.
Mister King would like to have lunch
with you today.
Yeah, what the fuck does
Eddie want to see me about?
He has a solution
to your problem.
Ronnie's Barbecue, 1:00 o'clock.
That's why it's lunch
at a public place.
See, he knows you can't touch him there.
- I'm gonna fucking kill him.
- And you're gonna get life.
You can't do shit.
What does he want?
How the fuck should I know?
Just like you can't touch him,
he can't touch you.
- Not at Ronnie's.
- Fuck.
Hey, you made it.
Come on.
It's time to settle this.
You need to take this opportunity now
to free your brother, once and for all.
'Cause he ain't gonna make it
if you don't.
Fuck you, Eddie.
Uncle Eddie, and there's no reason
for that kinda talk.
Didn't your mom teach you boys
to speak with distinction?
Now I'm here because a long time ago,
your brother and I were friends.
You were never friends.
You used him up.
You fucked the bulk of his life
before he had a chance to live it.
What do you want?
Well, I heard about what
happened from some cops,
who all said to pay that money,
the 350 large.
You're worth a lot of money, JP.
You probably owe some
of that to your brother
for making sure
you stayed on track.
Yeah. I do.
What the fuck do you want?
Well, your brother
owes me his life.
I made him, he made you.
So I figure you owe me.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Well, with that kinda money,
you should pay some respects.
Some tribute.
You want me to just
hand over $350,000.
Two hundred
and we'll call it even.
Go fuck yourself,
I don't owe you shit.
You know the secret to making
a great Bloody Mary?
You gotta have the right
amount of Worcestershire
to the right amount of celery.
JP, Have you seen
your niece recently?
What did you say?
Yeah, your junkie niece,
what was her name?
I heard she went missing.
You know with Mikey tied up,
you're probably the only thing
that girl's got to a father.
So you might wanna
look into where she is.
What the fuck
are you telling me?
Maybe check with her junkie friends.
Not that I wanna tell you
how to conduct your business
but she is a pretty little girl.
A little trashy for my taste.
A little young.
No, actually, she's a good age.
Are you threatening to hurt my niece
you fucking piece of shit?
I'm just encourage you to find out
where she is.
The street's a dangerous place.
Alright, look, I'll be at the back
of Bones Billiards tonight.
You ask for Luca
at the back door.
And you make sure that
you bring the money,
that your brother owes me,
and then you will fix this.
Alright, now I'm not
hungry but...
lunch is on me.
Alexis, it's your uncle, JP.
You gotta call me, okay.
As soon as you can,
I'm really worried about you.
Please, please call me.
Vicki? Vicki?
Oh, fuck! Vicki?
Lizzie! Lizzie!
What's going on?
Quick, get a bucket.
- Get a bucket.
- Okay.
Vicki, Vicki.
- Vicki.
- We gotta flush her out.
Okay, come on.
Wake up, come on.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Wake up. Okay, she's breathing.
Quick hurry.
There you go.
They took Alexis.
They're gonna kill her.
What are you doing?
JP, you can't just give it to them, okay?
The cops aren't going to stop them,
somebody has to.
And you're gonna stop them.
What are you going to do?
You're telling me the world wouldn't be
better off without Eddie King?
Oh, shit, come on.
He's not going to stop, Lizzie.
First it was Mikey, then Alexis.
Who's next, you, the baby?
- Let's just go.
- Go?
Yes, let's get outta here.
Leave the city.
- Go where?
- California?
- France, anywhere.
- And run? Hide?
No, this is my home.
This is our home.
Katrina didn't run us out;
neither will Eddie King.
I'm gonna get my brother back.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
And what are
my options, run, hide?
It's a better option than
trying to kill Eddie King.
You want me to just
give him the money?
He still might kill you anyway.
He's always got muscle around him.
What are you going to do?
You gonna kill
three, four guys
just to get to him?
Yeah. You're right.
Hey, Sal.
Thanks for everything, huh?
They took Alexis.
You gotta get outta here.
If you gave him that money,
they were gonna
kill the both of us.
He will hunt us down if we run.
You know that.
Look, I tried to protect
you from all of this.
It's my turn
to protect you, big bro.
We're gonna kill
those mother fuckers.
I got no problem with that.
You made the right decision.
It's all in there, 200 grand.
But I need to know that
you're going to stay away from my family.
That includes Alexis,
my baby, my wife.
Stay the fuck away.
If there's 200 Gs in there,
then you have my word.
What's the combination?
Two, one, five.
I should be a celebrity chef,
and these barbecued ribs
should be on my show.
- Need any help?
- No, I got it, thank you.
I really out did
myself this time.
- Looks good.
- Who's hungry?
Get 'em while they're hot, people.
I can help.
Oh, you're eating meat now?
I thought you were a vegetarian?
I could get you a tofurkey.
Some mung bean?
Why don't you quit
giving the kid a hard time.
Alexis, where's your dad?
Yeah, where is that chump?
It's the year I was born.
I never told ya
how proud I am of ya.
You got an arm like a cannon.
Yeah. But I could never
quite hit like you.
Wanna try?
Turn around
Don't follow me down
From here...
See what ya got.
Take a breath for...
- Get out there.
- I'm going.
I'm starting to disappear...
Hit that train, you ready?
Come on, put it right there.
That was a strike.
Day by day.
Through the night...
Oh, baby, go, go, go, go.
I fucking did it!
Turn around
Don't follow me down
From here
Take a breath
Forgive and forget
I'm starting
To disappear
You and I
We have been
So far.
Holding on
To lies
That won't
In a beast
Are far making
Turn around
Don't follow me down
Don't follow me down
From here
Take a breath
Forgive and forget
I'm starting
To disappear
We should take
A minute and try again
Before we get stuck again
So we can both rise again
All's not lost
Just trust me and
Turn around
Don't follow me down
Don't follow me down
From here
Take a breath
Forgive and forget
I'm starting
To disappear
Turn around
Don't follow me down
Don't follow me down
From here
Take a breath
Forgive and forget
I'm starting
To disappear