Art of Deception (2019) Movie Script

He just arrived.
Contact is imminent.
Who are you?
I'm afraid I can't tell
you that, Mr. Hardwick.
Did he send you?
I'm sure you already know
the answer to that question.
What's he paying you?
I'll double it if you
let me walk out of here.
You can't afford
that kind of money
Mr. Hardwick, I've
seen your financials.
I have a nest egg.
Let's be realistic,
Mr. Hardwick.
Even if you could
afford to double my pay,
do you really think he would
let you just walk out of here?
That he wouldn't stop until
he found you and your wife?
No listen!
I'm not here to
negotiate, Mr. Hardwick.
I'm here to complete a job.
You can't complete your
job without your gun can you?
That gun is a luxury.
There are many other ways we
can do this, Mr. Hardwick.
More painful ways.
Do you know how many bones
are in the human
body, Mr. Hardwick?
I know how to break each and
every one of those bones.
A time.
Lucky for you, I don't have
time to demonstrate that.
Where's your wife, Mr. Hardwick?
She's gone.
She's gone, she's gone.
No she isn't.
We've been watching
your house all day.
She never left.
But you were planning
on leaving tonight huh?
Under the shadow of
darkness perhaps?
Maybe sneak out the back door?
Fuck you!
Fuck him!
I was just doing my job!
I won't tell anybody.
Ah, well we can't be so sure
about that now can
we, Mr. Hardwick?
I mean, we couldn't
even trust you
to stay in town after all.
So for the second
time, where is she?
She's gone.
She's gone!
she's gone.
I really don't like to
repeat myself, Mr. Hardwick,
so the third time
will not be a charm,
it'll just be more
painful for you.
Don't hurt him!
I cannot stand by and watch
him hurt you, Malcolm.
Your wife knows what it takes
to be smart in a
situation like this.
So for that, she
will not suffer.
I'm gonna kill you!
I don't think you'll be doing
much of anything, Mr. Hardwick.
Please no, no, no, no!
I've got the bag.
Here you go.
acquired and secured sir.
Clean up crew's in route.
Guess what's almost finished.
The project you've been working
on with Malcolm and Craig?
First thing Monday
morning, Malcolm and I
are going to put the
finishing touches on it.
Then you and I,
my love, we spend
more time together
since our last incident.
Hey, that is great news.
I finally get my husband back!
I can't even
tell you how happy I am.
Oh my god, you
know Director Smith
has been making you work
these really long hours.
Which is a little bit
odd don't you think?
Val, Val, it's my job.
I do what I'm told and
I don't ask questions.
Yeah, whatever.
Maybe it's just me.
You're right, you're
right, what can I say?
I love you, my sexy husband.
Oh my god, I love you.
Well it looks like
Monday's gonna be
a spectacular and
productive day.
Hey, when I'm done
with my workout
with Lucy, let's celebrate.
Perfect. Maybe we can go
out to dinner to celebrate
with Malcolm and his wife Peggy,
Craig and Lucy, perhaps
even Director Smith.
If not, then just
the both of us.
Oooo, okay, I like
the sound of that.
So where's this little hideout
that you're taking us to?
You mean you haven't figured
it out yet, my little GI?
Just cut me some slack,
I'm on vacay mode!
Please don't make me beg.
It has a big house.
A gym, a pool.
Uncle Lou's?
Uncle Lou's!
Woo, yeah!
Oh baby.
So glad to get away with you.
And oh wait, I got
another surprise for you.
You do?
As soon as I get my
raise, this American classic
right here is ours.
Are you serious?
Dead serious.
Anything and everything
for you, my love.
Oh baby, I love you.
I love you!
Woo hoo hoo!
Uncle Lou, I'm home!
Uncle Lou!
But this time we're alone.
Yeeees, Uncle Lou's
Ha ha, baby!
Wait, is that your
way of telling me
to take all the bags
upstairs while you go lay on
the couch as usual,
always, all the time, 24/7?
All right, first
of all I don't
need you to carry my bags okay?
Second of all, I'm
not a couch potato
like you, my sexy baby.
Yeah, but don't forget
geniuses need a lot of rest,
and the reason why I'm so smart
is because I get a lot of sleep.
Wow, how did you fit in here?
I managed.
'Cause your head
is way too big.
Big head on campus.
So you wanna just
get down to that huh?
What, are you afraid
I'm gonna kick your ass?
Well the only
ass whose gonna get
kicked here, Val, is
yours and you know this.
Okay, all right, well...
You're my wife, I don't wanna
kick your ass, but I will.
All right, whatever.
Everybody deserves an
ass kicking a little bit.
Okay, let's bet on this.
I got this.
- Let's bet on it.
- Winner cooks dinner.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah that's right, you know
I'm the better cook anyway, so.
Okay, let's do this.
Come on.
Come on, slowpoke!
I'll still win
with the head start.
Come on slowpoke, what
are you waiting for?
Here I go, I'm coming!
What's taking you so long?
I win!
I win!
If you don't hit me, I'm
cooking my famous dish.
famous baked potato?
Is that all you got?
I win.
Whoa, baby.
I love you, baby.
I win, baby.
All right, you win.
You got me.
Sweetheart, you always win,
but next time I'm gonna get you.
Hey baby.
How's the water?
Feels real nice.
Go in it a little later.
Yeah we should.
Such a beautiful night isn't it?
Hey, what's up?
Are you happy?
I mean really happy?
Of course.
Why would you ask
something like that?
I don't know,
it's just sometimes
I wish that I
could do better for
the both of us like
it used to be before.
Sweetie, you always provide.
And the way it used to be,
we weren't even that happy.
I mean now we love our careers.
We live comfortably.
And look at me.
We have our health.
That's important.
And I love being with you.
I mean we made a decision to
change our lives together.
This is exactly what we wanted.
Even with all the craziness
that we've gone through?
Yes, even with
all the craziness.
'Cause there's a
lot of craziness.
Yeah, I know that.
You truly are the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
I love you very,
very, very much.
I love you too.
So cheer up.
Come on.
Let's celebrate.
We're on vacation.
Okay, cheer up it is.
Cheers to life.
To life.
So you're confident
Markham will
have the situation done today?
Yes sir.
He's putting the finishing
touches on the chip as we speak.
And the virus and serum?
Trials have been conducted
and completed as
of this morning.
Everything works the way
we were hoping it would.
The rate he's going,
he'll be done before lunch.
Should we just cut him then?
Let him finish out the day.
So as not to arouse suspicion.
Yes sir.
You should be proud
of yourself, Stern.
You're about to be
part of history.
History that no one
will ever know about.
You want recognition Stern,
you don't join the CIA.
You go with those
FBI pansies who need
a pat on the back for
everything they do.
Oh I'm not looking
for recognition.
Because we will
always and forever be
the unsung heroes
of this country.
I just mean no one will ever
know what you've done, sir.
The brilliance of it all.
World leaders would
bow down to you.
They would also kill me
to get their hands on this.
Which is why I've
taken every precaution
to make sure that won't happen.
Something on your mind Stern?
Well sir, Markham has
proven to be a valuable asset
since starting his
work on this project.
He's a hard worker, trustworthy,
and he takes his job seriously.
Maybe you should
reconsider his fate, sir.
You've grown fond of him.
When you work day
and night with someone
for a couple years
you tend to bond, sir.
And his wife and mine
have become good friends.
He already knows too
much about the project.
But not enough to
understand what we're doing.
He still thinks the chip
and the virus and serum
are parts of two
unrelated projects.
When this project was started,
you knew all about
the risks, and you
assured me you would
be okay with them.
I did.
I do, sir.
Then you understand
why I can't budge.
Now go on back to the lab.
When he's done, give me a call.
I'll come right down.
We'll test the chip immediately.
Yes sir.
How's it coming along?
Almost done.
Just finished taking off
the excess photo resist.
Now when the chip dries, voila.
You hear anything about Malcolm?
Director Smith terminated
him from the project.
Being so close to the end,
we didn't need both of you.
Gee, that's too bad.
I mean he's worked so
hard on this project,
not to see it to the
end, so many hours.
Just seems kinda odd right?
Deputy Smith is gonna
ask you for the equations.
Do yourself a favor
and hold onto them.
Hey Craig.
You think with all the
long hours and hard work
that I've been putting
in on this project,
and the great job that you're
always saying I'm doing,
perhaps you could put
a good word in for me
with Director Smith
about a possible raise?
I mean of course if
the chip is a success.
I'll see what I can do.
Appreciate that, Craig.
Making some big
plans with this money?
I'm gonna buy a bigger house.
Bigger house usually
means one thing.
No, Val and I aren't pregnant.
Not yet at least,
it's just I'm taking
the first tentative steps.
It's done.
got this Joseph.
The chip will work,
you'll get your raise.
Everything will work out.
Good morning Markham!
Good morning sir.
I understand you
finished the chip.
Yes sir.
Outstanding, where is it?
Deputy Smith, I have
everything all set up sir.
Great, great.
Oh, I'm so sorry Markham.
You're not cleared to
be in here with us.
The nano chip is embedded
in a dissolvable base.
We just need to wait a minute
for the base to dissolve,
and the nano chip to detach,
so that it will fit
through the needle.
Everything is going
as planned, sir.
We're making great progress.
I need results.
I'll keep you updated.
Laverne was injected with
the virus two days ago.
As you can see, she's
not doing so well.
Now I will inject her
for the second time.
Shirley, while she seems
fine, has been locked
inside the same cage with
Laverne since we injected her.
The airborne virus is
working its magic on Shirley
who's become more
docile and easily tired.
The serum takes an almost
immediate effect on the subject.
Give or take a minute.
What's going on?
That's normal.
It means the serum is working.
The other mouse's
illness won't affect her?
Once the serum is in
the system, the subject
can withstand being around
others who have the virus.
Immediate and complete immunity.
Now that the chip is
inside, and the subject
being so small, it should
reach the brain in seconds.
You can run the program sir.
It works!
It works!
sir, we did it!
You did it, sir!
You did it!
All your hard work and
it finally paid off!
When will the chip be
ready for mass distribution?
I can move over to the
factory this afternoon.
Have the first batch
ready in three days.
I'll map out the distribution.
We'll start in the Midwest,
work our way outwards.
Maybe send it to Europe as well
to start on that
end of the world.
It should spread like
wildfire within three days.
They'll be begging
for the serum.
And how long
will it take to duplicate
the chip in large quantities?
Now that we
have the schematics
it won't take but
a matter of days.
The worst
virus the US has seen
since West Nile and we
already have a cure.
Within six months
every single person
on the planet will have
this chip inside of them
and they will be under
our complete control.
I'm gonna make
arrangements for Markham
and his wife's
termination this evening.
We don't know if
he heard anything.
Why would he leave
in such a hurry then?
There he is!
Stop him!
Sir, we got him!
What's your name son?
Leroy, sir.
Get me feeds to every stairwell
and exit 10 minutes ago.
Same time.
What the fuck?
I thought you had him, over!
Sir we lost him.
He must've gone
through the vents.
Well find him goddammit!
Show me the hallways.
There, where is that?
West floor, Corridor B.
He's right near
the garage hazard.
You're welcome!
What's wrong Markham?
Card not working?
We're really gonna enjoy this.
Come on Joe!
There's nowhere it go.
Come on.
Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
Come on, come on, open up!
Craig, anything?
Come on baby,
pick the phone up.
Get to his house immediately.
And send Sharpe to her office.
I want her picked up
before he can get to her.
Come on, come on.
Mrs. Markham just arrived.
Pick up the phone, baby.
Pick it up!
What the...
Hi papi.
Okay, something
big is going down,
I can't explain over the phone,
but I need you to trust me okay?
Yeah, of course.
Meet me at the
airport right away.
Don't go back to the
office and don't go home.
I'm home already.
Baby get out of
the house right now!
What is it baby?
Baby what is it?
There's a man in our house.
I'm on my way.
Who the fuck are you?
You need to come
with me, Mrs. Markham.
I'm not going
anywhere with you.
We can do this the easy way
or we can do this the hard way.
Well I don't know
you and you don't
know me, so it's
easy to say that.
You don't even know what
I'm fucking capable of.
So you think that
I can't handle you?
I bet money on it.
You know how to use that?
You have no idea.
'Cause I know how to use this.
Get back here!
I have her.
Bring her out of there quickly.
Markham is on his way
and I don't want her
anywhere nearby until
he's brought in.
Got it.
You okay?
I'm fine.
We have to get her
out of here fast.
Come on, get her up.
Let's get her to the van.
No sudden moves Markham.
Where is my wife?
She's safe.
For now.
You gonna kill me?
Not unless you do
something stupid.
Smith doesn't want me dead.
All I know is he wants
you brought back in.
Are you tracking my
phone or my car or both?
You knew I was
coming here which means
that you're tracking
me, so which one is it?
My phone or my car?
Or is it both?
Does it matter?
I guess not since
when I leave here
I won't be using either huh?
Damn right, let's go.
Oh, you think I
was coming with you?
I mean when I beat
the shit out of you
and I walk out of here alone.
Beat the shit out of me?
That's what I said.
What, do you think
I came here alone?
You still think you're
walking out of here alone?
The way I see it, I still
have the advantage here.
How do you figure?
Smith wants me alive,
you can't shoot me.
Doesn't mean I
can't wound you.
You're not getting out
of here alive Markham.
Didn't anyone ever
teach you never try
to defeat a man when he
has home court advantage?
Yeah, but I was always
one to break the rules.
You gonna walk out willingly,
or am I gonna have
to carry you out?
His cell signal still
shows him at the house.
This is taking way too long.
Do you have him?
This is him!
Yeah, your guys
are still alive,
but they're indisposed
at the moment.
Why don't you come
back to the office?
Why, so you can kill me?
I'm not gonna kill you.
"I'll make
arrangements for Markham
"and his wife's termination
later this evening."
Does this ring a bell?
Where's my wife?
We have her,
she's fine for now.
If you just so much
as lay a finger on her,
you're fucked and
I guarantee this.
I won't have to do anything
to her as long as
your cooperate.
Seems as if you're the one
who should be
cooperating now, Smith.
Excuse me?
You sent Vaughn to bring
me in, not to kill me.
You want me alive
and you need me alive
because maybe I just
might have recorded
your whole conversation
with Craig.
Maybe I have files in
my possession that can
bring you and your whole
stupid little operation down.
I'm on to your games,
don't fuck with me Smith!
Your wife's life depends
on this, Mr. Markham.
I will kill you,
I will fucking
rip out your throat
if you fuck with her.
Looks like I hold all
the cards now huh?
I can cut you in on this.
Guarantee your safety.
Because I can trust you right?
What do you want?
I want my wife back
and I will get her back.
You don't know where she is.
Try tracking me now, you
corrupted piece of shit!
This conversation is over!
Don't you hang up this phone!
That some of a bitch!
He's onto us.
He ditched everything
we could use
to track him, that
smart little fucker.
Well that is
why you hired him.
Thanks for getting
here so fast.
No problem.
How can I be of assistance?
Markham knows everything
and he's now on the run.
That is unfortunate.
Do you know his whereabouts?
We lost him.
Currently trying
to pinpoint where
he may be and where
he could be going.
I'm not too sure
how I can help then.
He's not like the other guys.
He's a trained fighter.
You're the only
person I know who may
be able to match his skill set.
We also have his wife.
She'll need to be
interrogated for information.
In a timely fashion.
Get his whereabouts and
bring him back here.
Your usual rate will be tripled.
I hear the wife's
a lot like Markham.
Cocky and a fighter.
And where is she?
Time is of the essence.
I understand.
It'd be best if you go now.
How you doing brother?
Good, how are you doing?
Is that it?
Yeah, that's it.
I'm gonna pay with cash.
Whatever, it's cool.
Here you go.
Keep the change.
Hey you!
Come here!
Wake up, Mrs. Markham.
Might wanna save your strength.
You lost quite a bit
of blood from that
head injury, and
depending on how the next
few minutes go, you
may be losing more.
I'm gonna take that gag
out of your mouth now.
Don't scream.
You're miles away from anyone
who can hear you anyway.
You have no idea who
you're messing with.
When Joseph gets here
he's gonna fuck you up!
He doesn't know where you are.
This place isn't on any map.
It's just you and me.
You're not like the others.
That's putting it mildly.
Well then you're smart enough
to know how this is
going to go down.
Your husband has
fallen off the grid,
and I need to know where he is.
Well I don't know where he is.
I've been otherwise preoccupied
if you can't tell, you idiot.
You know where he might be?
I'm not a mind reader.
Get out of my face!
Don't do that again.
Do you know how
many bones are in
the human body, Miss Markham?
And I know how to break each
and every one of those bones.
One at a...
Break 'em now.
Come on!
One at a time?
Can't do shit!
That should
mellow you out.
It's me.
Did she talk?
More than she knows.
Who are these two?
What do you mean?
Markham and his
wife, who are they?
How'd you find them?
Markham applied
like everyone else.
What's his background?
You know this.
He never had
training as an agent?
Whatever training he had, he
obviously got it elsewhere.
Yeah, well your
vetting skills are lax
because his wife is
capable of the same skills.
She put me in a
figure four headlock.
Now she's sedated, but she
revealed something beforehand.
"You have no idea who
you're messing with."
There's something in their
past that you don't know.
Markham went through
rigorous background checks.
And yet here he is,
on the run and able
to take out four of
your men at once.
You missed something.
Or he's really good at
hiding things because
I guarantee you these two
are not who they claim to be.
Keep on trying to get
information out of her, yeah?
What are you hiding Markham?
Come in!
We got him!
He just used a
credit card downtown.
Thanks, thanks!
So you wanna close your
accounts, Mr. Markham.
Yes sir.
Well you've been
a valued customer
for more than six years.
If you don't mind
my asking, if you're
thinking of banking
someplace else...
Oh no, I'm not
gonna be banking
anywhere else, it's more
of a personal issue.
Yes, I understand.
Well we'll be very
sorry to see you go.
Do you know how long
this is gonna take?
Shouldn't take
more than an hour.
No no, that's not gonna work.
I'm in a huge hurry here.
I need you to please
get the money sooner.
Okay, well we'll
do the best we can.
Thank you very much.
Who are you?
Fuck off.
I don't have time for
these games, Miss Markham.
Then kill me.
That'll happen later.
You're much more valuable
alive at the moment.
Well you're not gonna
get anything out of me.
How did you learn that move?
I was a gymnast.
Bet you're great in bed.
And I bet you're not.
If that's how you
get your kicks,
you probably have mommy issues.
We all have mommy
issues, Miss Markham.
It's what we do with
them that defines us.
If you ask different
people what their
idea of pain is, in the
most excruciating sense,
almost all of them
will reply with
anything to do
with their mouths.
Toothaches, root
canal, gum disease.
There's a reason why people
hate going to the dentist.
So I'm gonna give you one last
chance to answer my questions.
It'd be pretty stupid of
you to start with the mouth.
Fucking moron.
All you need is your tongue
to get the point across.
Where's your husband?
All right.
Who really needs all
those pesky teeth anyways?
Come on, move it!
Do you run this place?
What can I do for you?
Do you recognize this man?
Excuse me...
Do you recognize this man?
Excuse me sir, can you
please stay on the other side...
Do you recognize this man?
I said I've never
seen his face.
I'm the one who opened
up this place tonight.
I know every face that
comes through here.
He bought something from
here about 20 minutes ago.
What's going on here?
You know what,
I've not seen him.
I'm sorry, okay? I
have a bar to run here.
I have a business to run here.
I wish I could help you.
I'm from the United States
government, and if you're
lying to me, you could be
facing serious charges.
Why do I have a reason
to lie to you, okay?
This is my bar.
I'm sorry, I've never seen him.
He's not here.
We just got another hit.
This one's in Bridgewater.
Let's go!
Come on.
Have we loosened
that tongue any?
Still got some fight left I see.
Wait, stop!
I need to get an exact location.
What the hell?
What is it?
Another one of
his credit cards
was just used in Spring Creek.
That's impossible.
Spring Creek is
over an hour away.
A fourth one was just
used on Clover Hill.
He's using decoys to send
us on a wild goose chase.
He's keeping us preoccupied
and off his trail.
So what do we do?
He's gotta be close to home.
He said he wasn't
going to use his car.
And he's not stupid enough
to use his wife's either.
He knows we'll be monitoring his
credit card usage, so
he's in need of cash.
A lot of it.
So he's still on foot
and in need of cash?
What is the only other option
he can use to get
that kind of money?
Drain his bank accounts.
And we only deal with one bank,
so which branch is close to him?
Sir, it looks like he's
already in the process
of getting his funds
released as we speak.
I'll be right there.
Looks like your husband
just saved your life.
We found him.
Good luck bringing him in.
I don't need luck.
Okay, take a right out of the
parking lot and
go two miles down.
And you're sure
there's nothing we can do
to keep your business
here with us, Mr. Markham?
Leland, when I decide
to do business again
you'll be the one I come
to, I promise you that.
Well your loyalty is
very much appreciated, sir.
Appreciate yours.
Mr. Markham.
You can keep the briefcase.
No, it's okay, I
prefer to take mine,
but I appreciate the offer.
All right sir, we're here.
We're too far away.
He's all yours.
Bring him in alive.
Copy that.
All right fellas,
let's rock and roll.
Thank you again for all
your fast work Leland.
A pleasure, Mr. Markham.
Hey don't shoot!
We need him alive!
Hey get off my bike!
Son of a bitch!
Oh yes.
Going somewhere?
Do you really wanna do this?
Remember, you're the one who
brought this upon yourself.
We never would've
made in time Craig.
Just stand by all right?
All right, come
on, what do we got?
I ran the Markhams's
images through
the global database
and found this.
Meet Travis and
Jasmine Cunningham.
Military officers
until six years ago.
And then what?
According to records,
they died six years ago.
Start from the beginning
and tell me everything.
They both joined the
military 10 years ago.
Whirlwind romance
ensued and the two
ended up getting married.
Top of their unit in every area.
Someone took notice
and had them join
a highly classified
group of soldiers...
Who were turned into
trained assassins right?
Jesus, God!
They went on a mission
together six years ago.
There was an explosion,
bodies were found
along with hair and
teeth that matched.
They were presumed to be dead.
That's how they play the game.
Create new identities and
just start over right?
And what better way to
work than for the CIA.
The very essence of discretion.
So what do you want to do sir?
We'll just have
to force his hand.
By going public.
The fuck are you doing here?
What the fuck's
wrong with you?
Oh god.
Baby, baby!
Figured you could
use a cold one.
Yeah, I could
definitely use one.
How you feeling?
Hey, I'm as good as can
be all things considered.
I got that bullet out.
It wasn't that deep.
Yeah, I owe you one.
I'm impressed.
Yeah, just put it on the list.
Oh man, 10 years and this
place hasn't changed a bit.
You have though, old man.
Who are you calling
old man, junior?
You know, I wasn't sure if I
was ever gonna see you again.
That was the plan.
Have a seat.
You gonna stare at me all day?
You don't know how
good it is to see you.
Think I got a
pretty good idea.
How's mom and dad?
Dad got a promotion.
So they're going to
an Alaskan cruise.
Mom's pretty excited about that.
Good for them,
they deserve it.
You know, it took them a long
time to get over losing you.
I hated doing that to them.
I know.
Did what you had to do.
Yeah, a lot of good it did me.
So what's going on now?
Well I went to work
for the CIA in the
science department right
after I faked my death.
Everything was going real
well until two years ago,
my boss's boss handpicked
me to help in the
creation of a virus, its
antidote, and a nano chip.
I was led to believe
that all three of them
were created for
different reasons.
But today they were tested,
after I completed it,
and I found out they were
created for one specific reason.
And the bullet
wounds tell me that
it's probably not a
good specific reason?
No it's not.
See, they wanted to spread
the virus worldwide,
making it mandatory
that the antidote
be administered to each
individual with the virus.
Otherwise if they didn't take it
they would die in
about a month or so.
But what the people
would not know
is that the nano chip
would be within
the antidote embedding
itself into the host's
brain allowing
complete mind control.
They tested it on mice today.
And it worked.
Fucking government.
And they used me for it.
And now it's...
It's my fault!
That they kidnapped Jasmine.
And I need to get her back.
You still good at hacking?
Dog good at finding a bone?
I need you to hack
into the CIA's mainframe
and download every
piece of information
you can on Project Red Chip.
All right, I'm in.
Deputy CIA Director
Roland Smith has
reported at a top secret
government building
30 minutes ago.
It is with sadness
and great disgust
that I must report
that one of our own,
Joseph Markham, also known
as Travis Cunningham,
has turned traitor
to our country.
Cunningham has used our
resources against us
and created a deadly super virus
that attacks the
immune system resulting
in death if not
properly treated.
He's armed with the virus,
considered highly dangerous.
If you see him, do
not approach him,
but contact authorities
Thank you.
news just reported...
Do you know what you just did?
Made your husband
sit up and take notice?
You're scum.
This is Smith.
I bet you think you're real
clever about pulling this shit.
Ha, I figure.
You've been fucking me all day.
Now it's time to
return the favor.
I could never have
pulled it off if it
weren't for you and
your past indiscretions.
Doing this caused you to
fuck yourself with what I...
You don't have shit!
Or you would've
exposed me by now.
Maybe I was just buying
time, you ever think of that?
Maybe you were bluffing.
By portraying yourself
as a US soldier
who faked his own
death to go AWOL
on his own country,
then infiltrate
the CIA just to
create this deadly
super virus to unleash
unto the world.
That makes you a
home grown terrorist.
And there is nothing
Americans consider worse
than a home grown
terrorist, so listen to me.
If you try to tell
anyone that I was
behind this plan, no one
will ever believe you.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
I'm done playing games
with you, Mr. Markham,
or Cunningham, or whoever
the fuck you really are.
This ends.
Tomorrow morning I
want you in the lab.
10 AM.
That's not gonna happen.
Well if you don't show up,
I'm afraid your wife gets to
be turned into patient zero.
You listen to me
here, you motherfucker...
I'm done listening.
I want you in the
lab tomorrow morning.
10 AM or else.
Don't do it!
Put my wife on the phone!
Why not.
This may be the last time
you can speak to her.
Baby, are you okay?
Oh my god.
I'm alive.
Baby, I'm coming for you.
No, if you come for
me now they're just
gonna kill us both
and unleash the virus.
Of course I am,
I'm coming for you.
Baby no, listen.
Either way they're
gonna kill us both.
If you stay away
you can at least
clear our names and
bring those fuckers down.
Please don't let me die in vain.
Baby, please remember
that I love you so much!
Remember I love you!
How touching, how touching.
Just know if you don't show
up, your death is inevitable.
If we don't get you, some
vigilante probably will.
By this time tomorrow,
you will both be dead.
So what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Die trying to save my wife
and let the catastrophe
happen anyway, or save
billions of lives?
Hey, do you still have
your old contacts?
And more.
Does a shack of rooms still
look like a command center?
Like you said man, 10 years.
Nothing's changed.
Well you think you got in
you to pull out an all-nighter?
You got a plan?
I mean it'll take some
doing, but I think it'll work.
Whatever it is, let's do it.
Well it's about time you
got a good idea, come on.
All right.
Come in.
Director Smith.
Vice President Parker
is here to see you.
Send him in.
Mr. Vice President.
Now you wanna tell me what
the fuck is going on here?
Sir, I tried to
handle this quietly,
but this Markham
situation snowballed
into a cluster-fuck
of epic proportions.
I had no choice...
By going public,
are you crazy?
I know you're upset, but you
have to see the
bigger picture here.
I wouldn't have done it if
I hadn't thought it through.
By all means, clue me in.
The virus is going
to be transmitted
regardless of who
introduced it right?
While we were hoping for
the element of surprise,
the people will now
know of its existence
prior to it being released.
We've put fear out there, sir.
People will be begging
for the antidote.
And by placing the
blame on Markham?
It will cover our
asses and make us,
and you, look like heroes.
You should've
come to me first.
I wanted to sir, but
things were happening
so fast and I didn't
want anyone to link us
to this problem if
things went sour.
Good, we've come too far
for this to backfire on us.
It won't, sir.
Now that the world thinks he's
a traitor, no one
will ever believe him.
Once he and his wife
are taken care of,
it's smooth sailing
from here on out.
Within six months the president
will be impeached
and you will take
your rightful spot
in the Oval Office.
It's getting late, I gotta go.
All right.
I wanna hear good news
when we speak tomorrow.
Expect nothing less, sir.
So is
everything ready?
I completed what I had to do.
You got what I need?
It took some effort, but
I finally got everything here.
There's some pretty
crazy shit on here.
Yeah, I bet there is.
Well we got a couple more hours,
why don't you get some sleep?
You deserve it.
Looks like you need it anyway.
No no, I do this
on the regular.
I don't wanna miss
this golden opportunity
to hang out with my
one and only brother.
You know Frankie, I really do
appreciate you helping
me out like this.
You're the best brother
anybody could have.
I mean you and Val are the
only family I have right now.
It's family, man.
It's what we do.
It's what it's all
about, you know?
I got a question for you.
Is this really how you
want to handle this?
I don't have a choice.
You sure you wanna
go along with this?
There's no turning back.
I wouldn't miss
this for the world.
Well we need to get
in there and be quick
at what we do and
efficient, all right?
There's no messing around.
Hey there!
Hey, you having car problems?
Yeah, you know, I've been
stuck out here all morning.
I just can't get the
damn car started.
You mind giving me a hand?
Yeah, it's the darnedest thing.
It almost started,
then it wouldn't.
I just don't get it.
We can take a
look at it for you.
My pop was a mechanic.
Not gonna hurt
you, I just need
your clothes and
your van all right?
I'm in the back alley going
through the back entrance.
Are the prosthetics all right?
They're holding up all right,
your boys did a great job.
you're in position.
Now bring us home.
Are you awake?
What do you want?
I got you a smoothie.
I heard what Slater did to you.
And figured something
fluid would go down better?
How thoughtful.
I'm so sorry this
happened the way it did.
Are you?
You gotta believe me.
This is really not my plan.
I never wanted you
guys to get hurt.
Yet here we are.
You knew this was gonna happen
from the beginning right?
You knew this
is how it was gonna end.
So let me get this straight.
You got paid to come into our
home and to have us trust you?
And to lie to us?
That was my job, Val.
What could I do?
"What could I do?"
Oh you're such a
friggin' coward!
What, are you afraid of what
the boss is gonna do to you?
You and Joseph are
like family to me.
Well you're dead to me.
But the only comfort
that I get in all of this.
Smith is gonna do
the same thing to you
that he's doing to
me and my husband.
You'd be a fool
to think otherwise.
Get the fuck out of my face!
You make it so sick, I
can't stand looking at you.
You're such a piece of garbage.
I didn't want to.
Please, you gotta believe me.
You gotta believe me.
Get out!
I'm sorry...
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
Okay, I'm in the
lab, it's clear.
Number one is set.
Copy that.
Slater was taking
way too long.
Look, just get her out of
there and bring her to the lab.
All right,
everything is all set.
Now remember, if
anything happens to me,
I need you to release
all the information
on the flash drive to the media.
You're my last line of defense,
so keep an eye on things.
It's already in progress.
You're covered man.
I know you'll make it work.
You always have.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Do I now you?
I've been working
here for a while now.
We should probably take this
in there before
someone sees you.
Let's go.
What can't you do?
Shut up, traitor.
I didn't wanna have to hurt you
despite what you
did to me and Val.
You don't have
to 'cause I'm not
gonna tell anyone you're here.
Yeah right.
I swear on my family's
lives, I want you
to get Val out of
here and go far away.
I can't live like this anymore
knowing what I did to you.
To Val.
This isn't business
as usual for me.
I'm just a lab geek.
All these lies, all this murder.
When I first started
on this project,
all it meant to me was
more money in my pocket.
A chance to provide
for my family.
Like you wanted for your own.
It wasn't until we
were too deeply into it
that Roland told me the
true nature of the project.
Well then why didn't
you say anything?
'Cause I was weak-willed
and money hungry
and lacked a backbone.
I was the perfect employee
and I went along with it
because he threatened
my family's safety.
As long as I did what I was
told, they were gonna be okay.
When our families
started getting close
I didn't know what
was in store for you.
Why do you think I
tipped you off in the lab
not to hand over the final
equations with your schematics?
I know you don't think
you can trust me,
but I swear to you
I won't say a word.
Well I'm gonna have to
knock you out to make sure.
Do what you have to do.
My pleasure!
Hello Joseph.
I'm sorry, I think
you're mistaken.
My name's not Joseph, it's Tom.
I work here.
Cut the bullshit.
I know it's you, Markham.
Okay, you got me.
Well done.
Not quite sure why they
sent you after me though.
'Cause Slater couldn't
get the job done.
So Roland had him taken care of.
He wasted too much
time on that bitch
called your wife instead
of looking for you.
Let me tell you something.
Right before I came here.
I went after Slater Bad.
I located where he lived,
then I tracked him down.
Let's see what you got.
Looks like your husband just
signed your death
warrant, you bitch!
So you showed up huh?
Course I did.
I want my wife.
You want your fucking wife?
Now's when I'm
gonna get her back.
Come on!
Any final words?
I got a plan.
I know.
Of course I was
coming for you, baby.
Stand behind me.
Later Smith!
Raven James reporting live for
Broadcast News Network here at
a top secret CIA building where
two explosions were
just reported by
an anonymous source
only moments after
the CIA received a
mysterious bomb threat.
It's been confirmed
that there were
five casualties on site.
Three were found dead
at the blast site
and the confirmed identities are
CIA's Deputy Director of Science
and Technology Roland
Smith, and wanted
fugitives Travis and
Jasmine Cunningham.
The fourth casualty, Craig
Stern, was found dead
with a self-inflicted
gunshot wound to the head.
And the fifth body
is unidentified.
Sociopath and known
assassin Slater Bad,
who had eluded
authorities for almost
a decade, was found
dead at his home.
It is confirmed that
Slater Bad was hired
by CIA's Deputy
Director Roland Smith.
Further investigations...
It was just revealed
that Deputy Director
Roland Smith of the
CIA was the culprit
behind the virus and
not Travis Cunningham.
Smith was working in collusion
with Vice President
Louis Parker who planned
on using this
simultaneously to oust
President Perdomo
and create some kind
of super army of
controlled citizen.
Heated arguments
have occurred all over
the country as the
nation is split in two
by the actions of
these unlikely heroes.
While some believe they
betrayed their country
by faking their deaths,
many have already
forgiven them for
giving up their lives,
in actuality this time, to save
the lives of billions of others.
Now this is living, baby.
Sure is.
You know, Dr. Camillo did a
great job on your teeth, baby.
Yeah he did.
You and your brother
are geniuses.
I really didn't want to,
but I have to say it.
Nonsense, we couldn't have
done it without you, baby.
You did your part
by staying alive.
Staying alive?
I was barely staying alive.
Yeah, but you did and
that's the important part.
Yeah, if you say so.
I got a surprise for you.
Where'd you get hold of that?
I emptied out
our bank account.
We're set.
Oh my god.
So what's next?
You think they're
gonna figure it out?
That's why you're my hero.
And that's why I
love you, Mrs. White.
That's why I love
you, Mr. White.