Arthur the King (2024) Movie Script

Good luck, brother.
Keep your wits
about you, Michael.
Would love a little
competition this year.
This is Bear Grylls
coming to you
from Costa Rica,
and the 2015 Adventure Racing
World Championship.
Be waiting for you
at the finish line, Decker.
All right. Helen's with me.
Let's go!
Michael Light
is arguably
the best adventure racer
to never win a championship.
Michael and his team
are compelling contenders
along with defending champions
Team Arc'Teryx.
Why aren't they paddling?
Because they're weak.
Don't worry about them.
Just keep paddling!
No matter how good
Michael's team is,
he always manages
to come up short.
Some might say
he's his own worst enemy.
Michael, the tide's going out
to the ocean.
We'll be paddling like hell
for nothing.
Even Arc'Teryx
is sitting it out.
We could still win
if we're patient.
Helen, you're nav.
What do you think?
Leo, just shut up and paddle!
Trust your team,
Come on.
Come on!
It's salty!
Tide's taking us
in the wrong direction!
Just go with it!
We should turn around!
Leo! Just keep paddling harder!
Running out of water, Michael.
Can't paddle
in the mud, Michael!
It's okay, John!
All right, just keep going!
We're gonna pull 'em for now,
and when the tide comes in,
we're back in business!
This isn't the end! Let's go!
Drink this. Michael.
He needs some help.
An IV at the least.
-An IV? Are you crazy?
That's a four-hour penalty.
No way.
It's not happening.
Stick him in my kayak.
I'll pull him myself.
Are you outta your goddamn mind?
Look around you!
Look at your team!
You gotta be shitting me.
He's so weak.
Don't blame your bad decisions
on your team, Michael.
Yeah, the whole world's
gonna see this.
-I'm in here.
Oh, what do you have there?
It's for you.
It's pink. Can I?
Well, of course you can.
But just do my nails, okay?
Not my mustache
and my eyebrows this time.
Did you have anything
to do with this?
That's a beautiful color.
Yeah? You should see my toes.
I'm gonna get her
some coloring books.
When did she fall in love
with nail polish?
I have no idea.
Definitely doesn't
get it from me.
Your bloody socks
and muddy shoes
-are still by the door.
-Just went for a run.
You've seen worse, right?
Only when I was in training.
So you're allowed
to stay in perfect, beautiful,
amazing shape, and I'm just
supposed to get soft?
Your flattery won't work.
Then what will?
You going to work.
All right.
-I'll see you later.
-Where's the shirt?
The shirt? Which shirt?
The shirt
your dad asked you to wear.
I can't.
Come on.
Wear the shirt.
Mwah! I don't
even think he'll notice.
reinforcements have arrived.
-How's it going, son?
Wow. That's a busy day.
Oh, it was crazy, nonstop.
Think you might get
a couple bites.
Where's your shirt?
-Yeah. Your shirt.
Do you know
what it's like wearing
a shirt with your name on it?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Gotta wear the shirt.
Hmm. You know,
well, this is interesting.
All these signatures
have the same handwriting
and they're all left-handed.
Yeah, well, people don't want
to sign in, all right?
You're spamming them
with marketing crap.
It's invasive.
I'm not a salesman.
-Okay, okay.
-I show 'em the house.
I don't wanna jam it
down their throat.
If they like it,
they'll make an offer.
Can I have
my cards back, please?
Oh, my God.
-Here you go, Detective.
-Just look at that.
-Look at that.
-Cracked the case.
-Jesus Christ.
"I'll sell you a house
you can build a home in."
Oh, your mother.
Your mom came up with that.
-I remember.
-Yeah, me too.
People wanna
put down roots, Mikey.
You, on the other hand,
spend all your time
-trying to pull 'em up.
-That's not true, all right?
I have a wonderful family.
I have a home. I have
a lot of stuff going on.
There's more riding
on a marriage
than just a house, you know.
My marriage is fine.
Did Helen say something to you?
No, I know. All right?
Time out. Time out.
I know what you're doing,
because I did the same thing
myself in the service.
You know,
you're either chasing a rush,
or you're longing for something,
you're denying yourself.
It doesn't matter.
But either way, it's not fair
to Helen and Ruby.
You know, that's real easy
for you to say.
-Why is that?
-Well, you got out
of the military with
a chestful of medals, right?
I washed up mid-race on shore.
I didn't even make it
to the finish line.
Well, the grass in your yard
is only as green as you grow it.
You should put that
on your sign.
That's a good idea.
I'll get right on that.
You like the name
on your shirt, right?
You like the medals
on your chest?
What's wrong with me
wanting the same thing?
Where do you think
I got it from?
Just don't be selfish, Mikey.
She's asleep.
Well, that's good.
Steaks will be done
in a couple of minutes.
Couple of minutes
till it's burned?
It's called a sear.
Oh, right.
You're missing the view.
I'm sorry.
Look at this.
Michael, that photo
is three years old.
Yeah, well, my dad makes
it seem like it was yesterday.
-What do you mean "so?"
It has 182,000 likes
of me stuck in the mud.
Yeah, and?
And I raced for 19 years.
That's what I'm remembered for.
-Where are you?
-I'm right here.
No, you're not.
You're in a jungle somewhere,
beating yourself to death
with some magical finish line.
Well, that's what I do, okay?
Racers race.
I was a racer,
and now I'm a mom.
And, so, just like that
I'm done?
No, this is not
how it ends for me.
Oh, shit.
I burned the steak.
No, a perfect sear like always.
You know,
this doesn't define you.
Make some calls, Michael.
Just see who's out there.
Make some visits
and go get a sponsor.
-Are you serious?
Racers race, right?
Are these
friends of yours?
What's all this?
Silicon Valley
glamping expedition.
They pretend like they're
roughing it for a night,
and I make sure the s'mores
and pinot noir are ready.
What, and people pay for this?
I'm kind of a tour guide.
Don't look at me like that.
It's good money, man.
It's about time for me and Molly
to move out of the beach shack
and build a real house.
Putting together a new team
for the world championships
in the Dominican Republic.
Spare no expense.
-Michael, I...
-Chik, one more win
and you're the oldest
world champion ever.
Endorsement deals alone
are gonna get you and Molly
out of this shack,
and you can build
whatever house you want.
Not to mention
you get to put a medal
around your neck
in front of Decker Swanson.
He dropped you
the minute you showed a limp.
You have sponsors?
I will.
How's the knee holdin' up?
Don't worry about the knee.
I'll be fine.
I'm not worried about the knee.
I'm worried about my future.
Excuse me, sir?
It's getting windy,
and the sand
is getting in everything.
Is there something
we can do about that?
Hey, man.
Are the s'mores ready yet?
I'm friggin' starving.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Time to make the s'mores, Chiki.
I'd help you, but...
I can't do
anything about the wind.
Good luck with that one.
I'll see you soon.
when we look at your results,
we see a lot of top tens,
but not a lot of victories.
Zero, actually.
We're used
to our clients winning.
My sponsors always
were well represented.
Then why'd they all leave you?
Well, you'd have to ask them.
I'm asking you.
Well, had a baby.
Took some time off.
Look, this is
a very unique opportunity
for you at Broadrail.
I have a new team lined up,
which I'm very excited about.
First one there is Chik,
William Chikerotis.
He's a four-time world champion
that'll serve as my navigator.
He was with Team Arc'Teryx
for years.
Oh, we know. He's a legend.
And he's even older than you.
Oh, he can still race,
trust me.
He's even leaving his team
to race with me.
Michael, I mean,
we all know he was dropped
by his team, right?
Bad knee?
Who else?
Olivia Baker.
Daughter of the Hugo Baker.
Trains in Hawaii year-round.
One of the best climbers
I've ever seen.
Heel hook!
I can't hear you.
The hell you can't!
You're gonna have
to bitch louder.
You're the only one
that listens to me, Spike.
Excuse me.
-Are you Hugo Baker?
Well, I had a poster
of you climbing
the Half Dome
in my room growing up.
Actually inspired me
to climb it myself
a couple years ago.
-Michael Light.
-I know who you are.
She's pretty good, huh?
She would be if she gave
a whale's hump.
You got a spare harness?
I'd like to go say hello.
You've got a visitor.
Hey. Nice office.
Michael Light. Let me guess.
The Dominican,
and you need a woman.
I need you.
What about Helen?
Fully retired.
She's a full-time mom now.
Well, sorry.
I've given up racing.
-I've given up climbing.
Wow. I mean,
you could've fooled me.
Well, I do it for him.
It makes him happy.
Go make him happy.
Win a world championship.
Hey, Michael.
You gonna finish this year?
Yeah, I'm gonna finish.
And with your daughter,
I'm gonna win.
What do you think,
old boy?
I agree.
Olivia, you need to go.
Will you make
an old man happy and go race?
Would ya?
I need this.
And maybe you do, too.
Well, if the man says "race,"
then let's race.
I gotta run.
See you down there!
And my fourth here
is a young guy I found...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What about Leo Sun?
He was a part of your team
the last go-around.
Why not use him?
Well, Leo races
for all the wrong reasons.
Self-promotion, glory.
Well, what would be
the right ones?
Like, why do you race, Michael?
Leo has over 1,000,000
followers on Instagram
and almost as many on Twitter.
Leo's not a good idea.
I... I have to agree with John.
All right. Well, what is this
unique opportunity
gonna cost us?
Well, to do it right,
I need to get
to the Dominican Republic
at least four weeks early
to train and acclimate
to the heat
and the humidity, so...
You need four weeks for that?
No, I need six to eight,
but I'll make it work.
-How much?
How much sponsor money
did you get in the last race
when you only lasted one day?
Hey, um...
I'll meet you outside, Michael.
You know,
my senior year in high school,
I was cut
from the football team.
Three months later, I was cut
from the basketball team.
And then at baseball tryouts,
the coach told me that
I was just wasting his time.
So I left the field,
but instead of going home,
I started running.
All right? I ran 15 miles
in my baseball cleats
and I wore them down
to the soles.
Four hours later,
my feet were bleeding,
and I had a stress fracture
in my shin,
and I had to call my mom
to come and pick me up
because I was lost.
And the next day,
I did it again.
And again the day after that.
And you know what I learned?
I learned that
I could embrace pain.
Buckets of it.
All right? I learned
that suffering is a skill
and that I can suffer
more than anyone
-or anything else.
No, no. He wants
to know why I race.
You wanna know why I race?
Because I wanna show people
that I have
what it takes to win.
All right?
So you keep your money.
I'll find another way.
And then you'll know
just why I race.
And you'll be hanging
my picture right there
on the center of that wall,
I promise you that.
Thank you for your time.
He's crazy.
There's only a handful of people
who know what five days racing
the roughest terrain
on earth is like.
And nobody knows that
more than Michael.
Out there,
it is about surviving.
Tucker, he's a survivor.
Jesus, Michael.
I'm sorry.
Can't race on that.
And Leo has to be your fourth.
-They're counting on
the social media side
to justify the funds.
Oh, my God. Leo and I haven't
even spoken since Costa Rica.
Brother, that's the offer.
So, I'm supposed to be racing
for social media views now?
If you wanna race, yeah.
Oh, my God.
All right. Nice one.
Sorry, this is a closed set.
-Closed for what?
-It's a private photo shoot.
I'm looking for Leo Sun.
Chin down.
Never mind. I see him.
Hey, Michael!
-What's going on, man?
Wanna jump
in a couple of shots with me?
No. No, I'm good.
we're taking five, everybody.
Still mad about those
mud posts from Costa Rica?
That you posted
all over Instagram? No.
I'm not on it.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Right, right.
So, what's all this?
Oh, it's my new line
of outdoor streetwear.
It's called Restart. One word.
I think "Restart"
is already one word, no?
Well, in six months, Michael,
there won't be
any doubt of that, trust me.
It's all about brand now.
They'll follow wherever
the money goes, you know?
I thought it was about racing.
Well, there's a time
in life to move on.
I wouldn't know. Racers race.
Hmm. Winners win too, right?
Yeah. Would've been good
for your brand.
Would've been great
for the brand, but, uh,
I think I'm doing okay now.
So race with me this year.
I got everything set up.
Sponsors, Chikerotis,
and Olivia Baker.
All we need is you.
That Hugo Baker's daughter?
-Guy was a beast.
Well, she's in,
and she's as good as him.
How's Chiki's knee?
-It's good. He's ready.
You got it all figured out, huh?
-We're ready, Leo.
-Thank you.
Your sponsors said you had
to bring me on, didn't they?
-They want my followers.
That's exactly it.
But what happens to all this
when the fact that
you've never won anything
catches up with you?
I mean, is anybody
gonna click on someone
who's no longer relevant?
Tell me you blew it last time.
Tell me your ego,
and your selfishness,
and you not listening to me
cost us that race.
Yeah, Leo. I blew it.
And this year?
It's my team, Leo.
But I'm gonna give you a voice.
It's gonna be a loud one.
It always is.
Just don't show up
wearing makeup, okay?
How's the knee, Chiki?
Wishing it had been here
a couple of weeks earlier,
as you promised.
Hey. We're gonna
get in three climbs
over 6,000 feet
before the race, all right?
Three climbs, and we're
supposed to be ready?
Hey, get used to it, Chiki.
We're racing on a budget now.
My bag.
-Hey, everything okay?
-Yeah, fine.
You sure?
You got all your stuff?
-Yeah, we're good.
Hey, it's okay.
He said, "Damn dogs."
There's thousands of dogs
in the streets,
-and they're sick with rabies.
-Oh, lovely.
What the hell happened
to our training time?
Decker has been here for weeks.
Is this what I have to expect
with you in charge?
We're here now, all right?
Let's just make the best of it.
We're gonna be okay.
I need to check in.
Team Broadrail. Michael Light.
we gotta move. Shit.
Michael, this is
the easiest trail.
It's all good, all right?
They'll be ready on the day.
Just take a break for a second.
It's just like running
in a damn sauna.
Humidity's gotta be, like, 99%.
Chiki, how's the knee?
-You sure?
-All right.
-Just take it easy.
-Hey, Michael!
-Oh, no.
-Who's that guy?
That's Team Arc'Teryx.
Are those kids?
Hey, Deck,
what took you so long?
Kids, say hello
to Uncle Chikerotis.
-You remember him.
-Hi, Uncle Chik.
You know,
we've been waiting for ya.
Michael, I thought
you were retired, mate.
Kids wanted
to hike with us today.
-What's up, dick?
-Beautiful up here, innit?
I don't know about you,
but I just love
that thick jungle air.
See you, Uncle Chiki!
Hey, dick!
Your wife follows me
on Instagram, buddy.
I'm really glad
your dad made you come.
Yeah, he's a hard man
to say no to.
Greetings, and welcome
to the 2018 Adventure Racing
World Championship!
Fifty-four teams
have qualified this year
for the most competitive
and demanding race
we've ever had.
In just a few minutes,
you will receive
the first set
of your course maps.
Over the next five to ten days,
depending on how
you manage the course... will cover,
at minimum, 435 miles!
Remember, the soul
of adventure racing is
you get to pick
any route you want.
So choose wisely,
and get from transition
to transition
as fast as you can.
I just wanted to hear
your voice one last time.
You sound good.
I'm ready.
We're ready.
Ruby misses you.
I miss you.
I miss you both, too.
-Just come home safe, okay?
-I will.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
Adventure racing
is the most intense
team sport known to man.
Over the next five
to ten grueling days,
these athletes will cross
435 miles
performing a mix of disciplines
including trekking, climbing,
biking and kayaking.
Fifty-four teams
from 30 countries
have descended upon
this great island nation,
each vying
for the elusive world title
in what is certain
to be the biggest physical
and mental challenge
these racers have ever faced.
A unique feature
of adventure racing
is that teams can carve
their own distinct paths
to designated transition areas.
Where teams are forced
to change disciplines,
navigation becomes crucial.
In roughly
five days' time,
we will crown
the 2018 world champions.
Hey. Get it in. Get it in.
All right, come here. Guys...
Chiki's got a great plan,
all right?
We got some good climbs in.
We're ready.
Yeah, and he only threw up
once on the last one, huh?
-That you know about.
-Good luck, Chiki.
There's a steep section
in the second half,
so I think we can find
some shortcuts through it
if we're willing
to take some risks.
So, a sleepless first half
followed by a sleepless sprint
through a steep
and deadly second half.
Would you want it any other way?
Hell no.
All right, listen. We all know
the first rule
of adventure racing is
anything can happen out there.
No matter what we encounter,
we accept it,
and we embrace it,
and we keep going.
We push, and we suffer,
and we win.
That's gonna be
the difference, all right?
Who's gonna want it more.
We didn't come here
for second place.
We came here for first.
My dad is dying of cancer.
Olivia, when?
Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't wanna race,
but he insisted, all right?
I'm here because of him,
and every day here
is a day not with him.
So it has to be worth it.
For him.
All right. For him.
For us.
For everyone important to us.
-Yes. Yes, Michael.
-I love you guys.
We make our legacies
in the next five days.
It's my last chance.
This is your last chance.
Let's do this. Let's do this
for your dad, okay?
-Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
-Oi, oi, oi!
Three! Two!
Hey! Hey, where are they going?
I don't know.
The obvious route
to the first transition area
is this way.
-You sure?
who's the navigator here?
You are, Chik, all right?
A few more miles.
We knew the start
would be tough. Come on!
Jeez, Chik,
it's just a question.
You don't have
to be so sensitive.
Rubes, you wanna see
something cool?
Okay. Come here. Okay.
-Not just dots.
See, they're wearing trackers,
so we can watch
their every move.
That is Daddy.
Go, Daddy dot.
There he is!
Race Rockets, sixteenth place.
All right.
We're gonna get a quick bite,
and then we're on to the bikes.
-See the boxes?
-Yeah, yeah.
-It's over there.
Hey, hey, hey.
How long ago
did the leaders come through?
About an hour ago.
Team Arc'Teryx.
Oh, yeah. Of course.
Only an hour, it's not that bad.
Jungle meatballs?
No way! No.
Huh? You'll come around.
I'm too old to come around.
Yeah, people always
come around. Trust me.
Oh, yeah.
Tell me about it.
Tell me about it.
What happened
to you, boy?
All right.
Suit yourself.
You don't want one?
What happened to you?
You okay?
You don't look so good, boy.
Sure you don't want it, huh?
Go ahead. It's okay.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
There you go. Hey!
Look, somebody likes
my meatballs.
If I looked like that guy,
I'd eat them, too.
Hey, sorry, buddy,
the rest are for me
and my friend, all right?
All right. 20 minutes. Let's go!
-All right!
After the first leg
of the race,
Team Broadrail takes
to the mountain bikes
and finds themselves
trailing the leaders
by a considerable amount.
Fun fact!
Only part
of Christopher Columbus
is buried here in the Dominican.
The other part is in Spain.
Well, this place
cut him in half, I guess, huh?
Hey, Olivia!
You ride pretty good
for a climber.
You know, you ride
pretty good yourself, Leo.
For an Instagram model.
Chiki, looks like
your knee's just fine, baby!
Never better!
-Oh, he came to play!
-See ya!
He got some wheels!
Hey, Chik!
Oh, shit.
According to the map,
this is a trail.
What do we do now?
We climb.
-What, with our bikes?
-Oh, yeah.
Just follow me.
This is crazy.
Chik, I thought
you were all about shortcuts.
Yeah, but I wanna
get there alive.
Just breathe.
You know,
I think this calls
for a little selfie-time.
Leo, really?
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, Chik, you all right?
It's okay. You got it.
Almost there.
I thought
you'd given up climbing.
Old habits die hard
when you're awesome.
Hey! This isn't
the route on the map.
I told you.
It's a shortcut.
Everyone else has to go
the long way around.
-You sure this is gonna work?
-Not for a second.
Hey, what's "peligro" mean?
It means "welcome"
in Spanish.
-Oh, yeah.
Oh, there we go.
You have
your trolley, Leo?
We sure about this?
Well, it's adventure racing,
Oh, yeah.
How, uh... How long do you
think this has been here?
I don't know.
Don't worry. Chiki's gonna
be our guinea pig.
-Of course.
-You follow him,
and Olivia and I
will go up the rear.
Got it.
it's not that high.
Wait till you get out there.
I don't know, guys.
This looks pretty unsafe to me.
Only one way to find out.
-Are you ready?
-Let 'er rip, Chiki.
Come on, Leo!
Would you look at that.
The old man's got a set
of church bells for nuts.
Go, Chiki!
All right, Leo, you're up.
Let's go.
Hey, Chiki. Watch this.
This one's for you, baby.
Whoo! Whoo-hoo!
Come on, Leo!
You can do it!
Yeah, baby!
How'd you like that, Michael?
Hey, Michael!
How's my ass look, huh?
All right, Olivia, you're up.
You're next.
All right.
This is beautiful!
Olivia, I'm coming!
Here's Michael.
Oh, man.
Olivia, hold on!
I'm okay!
I'm not going anywhere, though!
I'm coming!
Too fast, Michael!
Hit the brakes!
Coming in a little hot.
another nice office, huh?
Yeah. I think I have to pee.
Well, you might wanna hold that
till we get you down, huh?
Look, can you spin around
and go hand over hand?
No. Cable's shot.
I've got nothing to roll on.
Shit. All right.
Well, I'm gonna have
to get past you somehow.
unfortunately, I'm gonna
have to unhook for a minute.
Wait, what?
Oh, God.
All right. I'm gonna
unhook my carabiner,
swing it past you,
and then hook it back up, okay?
Wait. Why? Why...
While you dangle
with your bike beneath you?
Well, hopefully, yeah.
Well, that breaks
every rule of climbing.
Well, it's a good thing
we're not climbing.
All right, you ready?
My wife would be so mad at me
if she knew
I was up here right now.
All right.
-You good? You got it?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-I'm good. I'm good.
-All right.
That was easy.
I can't...
I can't get close enough to you.
-It's too much of an incline.
-Well, maybe I can unhook
and shimmy down to you.
No, no.
The cable's too slippery.
You know what?
All right. I got an idea.
It's gonna sound crazy,
-but trust me.
I'm gonna swing you my bike.
-You attach to that, okay?
-Your bike?
What? Uh...
Uh, okay. I mean...
That's crazy.
All right. Ready?
Gotta grab it!
Come on!
-I got it. I got it. Got it.
-Good catch.
All right. There you go.
-There you go.
-I got it.
-Yeah. Okay?
You all right?
This will hold, right?
-Yeah, no doubt.
-Yeah, no doubt?
-Look, it's gonna hold.
-Uh, stop! Stop!
I'm sorry.
Look. You're gonna
have to release at some point.
It sounds like it's crazy,
but trust me, it's gonna work.
This is gonna put
a lot of force on your rig.
I'm okay. Don't worry about me.
Just take a deep breath.
Whenever you're comfortable,
All right.
Oh, shit.
-All right.
-Go ahead.
-Oh, God.
You sure this is gonna work?
It's gonna work.
It's not gonna feel good,
but it's gonna work.
I got you. Okay?
All right. I'll see you
on the other side, I hope.
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
I didn't think
you were gonna do it!
I didn't think you were
-gonna do it!
-But we did it!
-Holy shit!
-You all right?
You're out of your mind,
you know that?
Don't tell my dad
about this, okay?
I don't think
I would've done it!
Oh, God. Oh, man.
All right, all right. Let's go.
-I gotta pee now, too.
-All right.
-We got you!
-Got you! Come on.
Michael, don't detach
until we get her up.
I got her.
Hey, Hugo'd get a laugh
-out of that one, huh?
-That was a first.
Come on!
An impressive move
by Team Broadrail
to take the path less-traveled.
They've significantly narrowed
the gap to Team Arc'Teryx,
and they might be able
to conserve some energy here.
All right.
That's ten teams we just put
in the rearview mirror, Chiki!
Nice call on the zip line,
We're here!
Team Broadrail!
All right.
Hey. Tough trek comin' up.
-Get plenty to eat, all right?
-Oh, yeah.
Hey, that old Chiki sure knows
how to keep those wits, huh?
You'll be hauling his pack
in no time, Michael.
Do you guys know
that Dominicans eat more rice
than any other Latin country?
How do you know
all this random stuff?
There's this new thing
called the Internet, Chik.
All right, you wanna start
to embrace
the buckets of pain!
I need a bigger bucket.
Come on, guys.
We got a race to win.
You know what?
Yeah, he's gonna end up
paying for that later.
At our expense.
He'll be laying on the ground
in a few minutes.
Save your energy!
All right, Leo.
Check us in.
Sixth! Sixth. Broadrail.
It's over there!
It's here.
That wasn't
too bad, huh?
Now for the hard part.
Yeah, funny.
-Chik. Chik.
-Oh, thank you.
Hey, I think we'll need
more than the hour of sleep
we planned on, all right?
We've had five hours
in three days.
We really need more?
Take it easy, all right? Relax.
-How're we doing?
-Four or five teams.
-That's all I saw.
-Anybody head out yet?
Not that I know of.
Hey, guys. Look.
-It's Team Arc'Teryx.
You gotta be kidding me.
I thought we'd be
way behind here.
Yeah, well, we're not.
They're letting
everyone use GPS here.
If we're willing
to take some chances,
we can really put this away.
What kind of chances?
Whatever "chances" Chiki says.
Whatever it takes, right?
How much rest you need?
Thirty-five minutes, okay?
We're gonna take 35 minutes
to rest. That's it. Let's go.
Lay down.
-Olivia, you good?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
We're into
nighttime trekking now,
which could be
much more dangerous
for these athletes,
especially with the bad weather
that's expected in the area.
Hey, Chik.
Did you see the list of things
to watch out for on this leg?
No! Tell us, Deck!
Crocodiles, tarantulas,
and snakes. Lots of snakes.
You don't mind snakes,
do you, Chik?
You know I hate snakes.
must have forgotten.
Well, keep a sharp eye.
Oh, shit!
-Hey, you all right?
-What is that?
A snake! It's a snake!
Oh, man!
Yeah, it's a snake, all right.
It looks really poisonous!
-Shut up, Leo.
-You better move!
Looks real nasty!
Another fun fact.
During prohibition,
these trails were used
to transport alcohol
made from sugarcane.
I could use a pint
of anything right now.
What is it?
Nothing. Just twisted
my knee in the mud.
What? Well, give me
your pack for a little bit.
Take a break.
Hey. It's okay!
Give me the pack for a bit.
Take a break.
I've never given up my pack.
First time I've ever given up
my pack, man.
Then blame me for the lack
of training, okay?
Already am.
Guys, what are we...
What are we doing here?
Come on.
You all right?
-You okay?
Come here. Come here.
Let's stop here
and check our gear.
Oh, man. Sorry.
Michael, we're losing time.
I said let's just
check our gear, okay?
-Take it easy.
-Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Come on,
take all the time you need.
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm just documenting
this amazing journey.
You know what?
Actually, that's a good idea.
Let me get a shot
with you in it.
-Yeah, look at this light.
It's gonna be amazing!
Come here.
-It's cool, right?
The hell is the matter with you?
Hey, what the hell
is your problem?
What's it gonna be, Leo?
The phone or the race?
Are you stupid?
The phone is the race!
No, Leo, it's not!
Do you really think
we're gonna win this thing?
Are you delusional?
We are gonna win.
Even if I gotta drag
or carry your ass
across the finish line,
-we're gonna win.
-You're carrying me?
Who's carrying who, huh?
Who begged me
to be on their team
because they couldn't
get a sponsor?
No Leo, no money. Remember?
I told you what you wanted
to hear to get you out here.
I don't give a shit
about the sponsors.
You're here now.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna go home?
Go home. Walk!
-I don't give a shit anymore.
So sick and tired of you.
Such a friggin' liar.
-Did you know about this?
-About what?
Don't bullshit me!
Did you know about Chik's knee?
Yes. Yes, I did.
So Decker knew exactly
what he was doing, huh?
Yeah, you're so full of shit,
-Give me the pack back.
-Ignore him.
Give me the pack, Michael!
Ignore him!
I have the pack.
No, no! Give the legend
his pack back, Michael.
-You know as well as I do,
he'd run circles
around you with one leg!
-That's bullshit!
-Will you shut up?
-Stop it!
-We're not gonna win without
Chiki. I know that for sure.
There's a dog.
What are you talking about?
There's the dog again.
That's the dog
I gave the meatballs to.
-You gave it food?
Three days and 200 miles ago.
Look at his back.
It's been beaten.
You following us, boy?
That's impossible.
Go home.
You're gonna die out here.
leave the stupid dog,
-and let's go. Come on.
-I can't stop him
from following us!
We're already hours behind,
Chik has got one good leg,
and you're worried
about a stupid dog.
That thing will be dead
by morning.
Leo, nobody's
worrying about the dog.
I told you,
we're gonna win this.
Come on. I'll keep your pack
for a little bit longer, okay?
GPS stage is coming up.
I can't navigate from the rear.
I'll do it. I can do it.
Good, good. Now let's get going.
-Can you walk?
-All right. Let's get going.
-Go ahead. Go.
Come on.
Take your time.
Don't listen to him.
Is this thing telling me
to move faster?
Good job, dog.
Way to go, Michael.
Oh, great! More dogs.
Just what we need.
Look at him.
He doesn't even care
about the other dogs.
Okay. Lots of ups
and downs coming up,
but I can't...
I can't see a trail anywhere.
I was thinking,
through the forest.
Oh, yeah.
It's gonna
get hairy though.
Hey, Michael. Give me the pack.
-You sure?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
Yeah, over there. You see?
What do you think?
Well, we haven't
even gone a mile
in the last five hours.
I'm hoping we just cut
ten miles off the course.
Yeah, and that nobody else
has the balls to try this route.
Speak for yourself.
What is that? Is that a path?
It's the right
direction, guys.
What does it look like?
What do you think?
Looks pretty clear to me.
Come on!
Come on, Olivia.
Let's go.
What's your problem? Hey, move.
-You dumb dog!
-Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
-What the hell's goin' on?
-Michael, would you move
your damn dog?
What is it, boy?
What's goin' on?
What's he doing?
I don't know.
Whoa, whoa. You feel that?
Air. Breeze.
You feel it?
-Whoa, whoa.
Oh, shit.
Did that dog just...
Oh, shit.
-Damn it.
Look at that.
Hey! Hey.
I told you it was a good idea
to bring him along.
Saved your ass.
Extra meatballs for you,
my friend.
Thank you.
How about that, Chiki?
How did he know?
Can't believe I almost walked
right off that cliff.
Yeah, but you didn't.
Because of a dog.
That dog.
My wife lives
in a shack, so I can do this.
Is that crazy or what?
Well, she knows
what keeps you alive, Chiki.
We never had kids
because of it.
I'm pretty damn selfish
It will be nice to focus
on something else
when this is over.
Well, the ladies
at the mani-pedi place
are gonna love this.
Can you walk?
What are my options?
Well, the river helps.
Another trek over that ridge,
and there is another river
that we cross
that goes in between
here and there.
Doesn't look any easier
than what we just did, though.
Well, at least it's light out.
-How's the food situation?
A few bars.
It won't last us the, what,
five hours we have left
of this section?
-At least.
-How's that dog here?
-What do you mean?
How did that dog get here?
Look, this is where I fed
the dog at TA One, right?
This is where he met
back up with us.
Right there.
How the hell did he get
all the way from here to there?
Right? While we were on bikes,
and zip lines, and hiking,
and running, and climbing.
Now, how the hell
did he do that?
He must have wings
we don't know about.
that was my first guess.
Where you going, boy?
Hey! What're you doing?
Hey. We should go, too.
Maybe he's done
all for us he can.
Yeah, I hate to say it,
but it's one less mouth
to feed, right?
Yeah, I guess.
Guess we should just go, huh?
Save the food
for a couple hours from now.
Chik, how's the knee?
What are my options?
-Oh, shit.
Michael, he saved our lives.
All right? We'll always
remember that.
Wait! Hey.
-He came back.
Wonder what he was doing.
I guess a dog's gotta do
what a dog's gotta do, huh?
He's a gentleman! Good boy.
He's just like a bear.
He shits in the woods.
I think you've found
your new partner-in-suffering,
I thought you love pain.
I just love to hate it.
Something tells me he does, too.
Are you okay?
What is it?
Get him up here. Come on.
-We'll lay him down over here.
-You all right?
I think he's dehydrated.
-We got you. Okay.
-I'm fine. I'm fine.
We'll get him
some water.
Get some food in him.
-Got him?
-Pack. Pack.
A little rest right here.
All right, and then
I'll be fine, guys, really.
Lay down.
Come on. There you go.
Just give me some water.
I'll be fine.
-I need some water.
-Go slow.
Are you cramping
or light-headed?
I'm fine, really.
I just got a little dizzy.
Let's see if he can
eat something too,
if he can hold anything down.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
-You got something?
-You okay?
-All right.
-Hey, Chik.
He'll be okay.
You're gonna need
more than just that.
No. No. No,
IV is a four-hour penalty.
-I'm not doin' it.
-No, no, no.
Just eat a little bit of food.
See if you can
hold something down
-in your stomach, okay?
-Oh, where's my bag?
Where's my bag?
See? Ask and you shall receive.
Hey, meatballs.
I forgot I put these in there.
Hey, guys.
What do you think
he went through
before he met us?
Whatever it was,
it wasn't good.
Hasn't eaten
since I fed him yesterday,
but he just sits there.
Smelling those meatballs,
not begging, letting us all eat.
Like a king.
You know what?
Give me some meatballs.
There we go.
Look at that.
Look at that.
A meal fit for a king.
You know what?
I think we should
call him Arthur.
Arthur the King.
And Leo the Prince.
Get out of my face, Michael.
Let's go.
You gonna be all right?
I'm good. I'm good.
Let's go.
-All right.
-I'm good.
-Come on. Let's head out.
-Eat. Eat.
-Get it while you can.
-We'll catch up, all right?
-Yeah. Yeah.
Take your time.
Come on.
This is for saving my life.
Hey, Michael,
I think your dog likes me.
He's worried about you.
We're all worried about you.
I didn't eat the meatballs.
He saved me, okay? I owed him.
Are you crazy? You needed those.
How far to the TA?
Across the...
A mile up the river,
and then we're there.
Let's just get him
in the water and cool him off.
-Come on.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
-Hey, Chik?
Do the rules
say we can cross
-the river by boat?
-Sure they do.
Decker and I did it
in Costa Rica.
-There's a boat!
Senor, wait! Hey! Hello!
Arthur's looking as bad as Leo.
-Come on. Come on.
-Sit him down.
Hold on. Hold on.
You know what
your problem is, Michael?
Come on. Sit, sit, sit.
You don't listen
to anybody.
Drink. Drink.
You can be
a real asshole sometimes.
Yeah, Leo. I know.
You, too, by the way.
He's getting delirious,
-this guy.
-Yeah, no shit.
We need to get him
to the Transition Area,
otherwise we're in real trouble.
Hey, why don't you try
to stop that boat? All right?
Give them the war money.
Whatever they want.
Come here, buddy. You okay? Hey.
Not too much further,
okay, buddy?
Oh, God.
He's starting to smell
like rotten flesh.
This dog needs a vet.
Hey! Hey, hey.
No pictures of me like this
on Instagram.
Don't worry.
Nobody's worrying
about you on Instagram.
Just get us on that boat.
She's gonna take us across.
All right, great.
Help is on the way.
-Let's go. Come on.
-Yes, come on!
-Come on. We did it.
-How much?
No charge.
She saw us, and I think
-she felt sorry for us.
-Are you okay?
-Great job.
-Thank you.
High school Spanish, you know?
Drink. Drink!
-I'm okay.
-Don't worry, you're okay.
-That's a nice boat.
-Have some more water.
Open up.
All right. Come on.
-Get him on.
-Leo first.
Get him on.
Get in. Okay, sit.
All right, come on, boy.
Come on. Get him on. Get him on.
Okay. All right,
come on, boy. Get in.
Team Broadrail
has traveled over 200 miles
and they found a companion.
That canine is looking stronger
than some of the team members
at this point.
Hey, medic! We need a medic!
Here! Here.
I can get fluids in him orally,
but he really should have an IV.
No, that's four hours
we can't afford.
Well, theoretically,
we can just go.
He can rest,
and we can paddle him.
I can paddle. I can paddle.
-Hey. Where is everybody else?
-You're the first.
We're the first team here?
By a lot, from what
I've been hearing.
Team Arc'Teryx is next.
-Your idea worked.
You guided us. We made it.
We can do this.
Leo, hey.
-Give me 20 minutes.
-I got it.
-Relax, relax.
-I can paddle, I swear.
Now just look at me, okay?
Let me see you.
-You okay?
-I'm fine.
-I'm fine.
-No, no. Look at me.
Just give me 20 minutes.
I'll be back on my feet.
Just give me some water.
-How you feeling right now?
-I can paddle. I'm all right.
No, you're not. All right?
I'm not giving you
a voice on this one.
-Give him the IV, okay?
-Michael, no!
Listen to me, pal.
We've been
through a lot together.
And for once,
I am going to listen to you.
All right? Remember
you said "winners win"?
I need you healthy to do that.
I got you, Leo.
You're one of us.
Just calm down. Relax.
Guys, look,
we're gonna get
four hours of rest
that the other teams won't have,
and we get a healthy Leo.
All right?
Even if they come
and they go out right away,
they're gonna be hurting.
We can catch them
on a 14-hour paddle.
This is our time, okay?
-Excuse me, miss?
Do you have a vet here?
Somebody who could take
a look at this guy for me
when you get a chance?
we don't have any vets.
You gotta be kidding me.
-Hey, Leo.
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
No, no. Don't be sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you for trusting me.
We got this now. Okay?
Come on. Get the rest you need.
You come and finish strong,
all right?
Relax. Here's when you step up.
All right,
everybody get some rest.
Okay, buddy. Easy, easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
Oh, yeah. Easy.
Just cleaning up
a little bit, okay?
How's Arthur doing?
Mm, hard to tell.
-How's Leo?
-He's sleeping.
But he looks human again.
Well, that's good.
It was the right thing to do.
You okay?
When did you find out
about your father?
Eight months ago.
They, uh...
They gave him a year.
I swore that after he, uh...
that I wouldn't do
any of this again.
Not without him.
Maybe that's why
he told you to race.
What more could he ask
to leave behind
in this world than... than you?
Right? Doing what you both love?
-He was right to make me come.
-I'm glad you did.
-All right.
-Keep an eye on Leo.
-Get some rest.
All right? And something to eat.
-We'll be going soon.
Okay, buddy.
Hell of a last race.
Go get some ice on that knee.
Why the hell
weren't we here earlier?
The truth?
The truth is
none of the sponsors
would give me the money
I needed to come earlier.
Also, the truth is...
I spent 25 grand of my own money
for the time
that we did have here.
Out of your own pocket?
My wife's pocket.
My wife's savings.
My family's savings.
Helen knows about this?
Chiki, this is my last chance.
That's it for me.
That's about the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.
I know.
Helen? Really?
I always thought that
she was the smart one.
Yeah, well, she married me,
didn't she?
Oh, yeah. I forget this part.
That should have been
a dead giveaway.
Why the hell would you
put your family in jeopardy?
Just to win a race?
For a trophy?
Your real trophies are at home
waiting for you
to come back to them.
Now, that's a legacy, man.
-I got your favorite.
-Oh, hell no.
My last race meal is not
gonna be those damn things.
You'll come around.
I keep it for you
and the King.
Be ready to go.
No worries.
I'll be ready when you are.
You're so gentle. Wow.
Hey, PAW Patrol.
Gonna sit there all day,
or are we gonna
-go win this thing?
-Wow, Sleeping Beauty.
You're alive.
You look good.
How are you feeling?
Feel good. Feel ready.
Wow, look who's there.
They look kinda tired.
You don't.
You're looking strong.
-You ready?
-Oh, yeah.
what took you so long?
I was worried about you.
I thought you got lost.
Don't get excited, Michael.
We knew you guys had a penalty,
so we decided to go easy.
Make it a sporting race
to the finish.
I was just worried.
You know, no Chiki.
I thought maybe you took
a wrong turn. I don't know.
Huh. Don't worry about me, baby.
You know what, Decker?
-You look like shit.
Says the guy
who can't walk properly.
You carry the old man's pack,
like I said?
I needed some help.
What's the problem?
I was honored to do it.
Ah, the famous dog.
Looks even worse
than the rest of you.
His name is Arthur.
Maybe you all
deserve each other.
Yeah. Yeah, we do.
He's hurting.
-Out of gas.
-He's feeling it.
This is our chance, man.
All right, time to go.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, come on. You okay?
Come on. Come on, we need you.
You can do this. Let's go.
All right, guys, listen.
We got food, water,
and gear for 14 hours,
but only gotta be
out there for 12.
And then a short trek.
And by trek,
I mean run, to the finish.
-Damn right.
Okay? This is it.
This is the time.
It's an opportunity
of a lifetime.
We take it. We take it now.
All right? Hey, buddy.
Come on, Arthur. I need you.
I need you, King.
You're gonna lead the way.
All right. Let's go. Come on.
Come on, boy. Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Adios, Decker.
Come here. You have to see this.
Daddy has a dog?
what have you done?
Well, it's all come down
to this final stage
of these world championships.
Team Arc'Teryx
and Team Broadrail,
plus their mascot,
are neck and neck.
All right, come on.
Hey, conserve your energy
until we get to the kayaks,
-all right, Chik?
I got you, Michael.
We're good.
There's gonna be
one final push
-to the finish line.
-Come on, Chiki.
Then we're gonna see
who can endure the most pain
and take the crown.
All right.
Olivia and Chik in one.
Leo, me and you in the other.
We're gonna start off slow
and smooth,
-get a nice rhythm.
Once we get going,
we step on the gas,
and we don't let go, okay?
Hey, guys.
You know that you cannot
bring the dog, right?
Listen, we heard about the dog
and have decided
that it's not safe.
What do you mean? He's been
with us the whole time.
Listen to me. Okay?
Over 30 miles
of changing tides out there
in a boat that can barely fit
two people
is too much liability, okay?
Hey, Team Broadrail!
loser buys the beer, mate.
Hey, hey.
We can win this. All right?
Arc'Teryx is tired.
We've had four hours of rest
that they haven't.
We'll blow 'em away
in the water.
Remember why you came here.
-Let's win this.
Yeah, he's a survivor, right?
He'll make it back.
-Oh, yeah.
-Come on!
He'll be all right.
You'll be okay. You hear me?
You have wings, remember?
I don't have a choice.
You understand that, right?
This means too much
to too many people.
Arthur, don't.
Please don't.
You'll be okay.
You'll be okay. You're Arthur.
You're the King.
You can run this place.
It's now or never!
-Let's go.
-Okay! Let's go!
Go, go! We'll catch up!
Leo, stop.
-Leo, stop!
Keep swimming, Arthur!
I'm coming!
Leo, we gotta get him.
Michael, we are so close!
He's one of us, all right?
I'm not gonna let him
drown out here.
One of us.
Keep swimming,
Arthur! We're gonna come!
Let's go get him!
Arthur, keep swimming!
I'm coming! I'm coming!
Arthur, I'm coming!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on!
-Got him?
-There you go. Hey.
Yeah. There you go.
I got you.
We got you, okay?
Hey, I'm sorry, buddy. I had to.
No, don't be.
You don't know
when to quit, huh?
Michael, what happened?
Guys, I'm sorry. I had to.
It's okay. It's okay.
I don't know. We had 'em, Chiki.
Who the hell cares?
We should take care
of our own first.
I don't let
those guys win, not that easy.
Come on.
We can still make top five.
Are you gonna be able
to paddle with the dog?
Would be a lot easier
if he was a Chihuahua.
All right, let's go.
-Let's go.
-Come on. Yeah.
Let's get 'em!
Come on.
Come here, boy.
There you go.
How much longer, Chiki?
Four hours, if we're lucky
and the tide doesn't change!
Michael, how's he doing?
Not good. He's really quiet.
We can do it! Top three!
Top three, come on!
Michael, look. Finish line.
Here comes
Team Arc'Teryx to the finish.
A truly valiant effort.
You'd have to think
that this would be
a Michael Light
and Team Broadrail here
had they not gone out
of their way
to save their furry companion.
What a sacrifice.
We made it, buddy.
We're gonna make it, Arthur.
Come on.
Come on. Push.
What's he doing?
Ah, he's wiggling around
a little bit.
Think he might wanna
try to get down and walk.
Yeah, let's try to see
if he can walk.
-Yeah, yeah.
-Just for a minute.
All right. Easy, boy.
-There you go.
There you go.
If he can run,
so can we, yeah?
Guess he wants
to finish strong, huh?
Come on.
We did it!
You're amazing.
We did it! We did it.
Come here. Come here.
Oh, my God!
I will never forget this day.
You okay? You okay?
-How you doing?
-Pretty good. Yeah.
I can't wait to tell my dad
about this.
-Oh, man.
-I love you, buddy.
-Yeah, I love you too.
Hey, I don't know
about you guys.
-Come here. Come here, boy.
-I feel like we won.
Oh, yeah.
-Sweetest victory ever.
-Hey, come here.
Hey, Michael. One for us, huh?
Where the hell did you get that?
Oh, come on, Michael.
You know I always got a spare.
You gotta be shitting me.
Come on, let's take a picture.
Hey, that's dope.
Oh, look at that.
He's smiling for once!
Hey, this one's gonna get more
than the mud post for sure.
Good boy.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Hey. Whoa, whoa.
What's the matter?
Arthur, you okay?
What's he saying?
What is it?
He has major wounds from abuse.
And the wounds are not
just infected, but infested.
See that shell?
That's a parasite
that's eating at his flesh,
and what's underneath,
it's even more serious.
His teeth are rotted,
and we're sure that
every bite that he takes
is very, very painful for him.
We'll sedate him
to clean the wounds.
But at this point,
it's really about
making him feel comfortable.
Comfortable? For what?
If he's lucky,
he'll live a few days.
That infestation
is too vigorous,
and we really can't do
the kind of surgery
that he needs.
Well, what about in the U.S.?
I'm taking him home.
I really don't think
that he'll make it.
Plus, you'll never
get permission to take him.
Why would I need permission?
It's my dog.
I'm taking him home.
I understand.
But the agricultural board
at the airport
will never let him out.
Michael, he...
he should die with dignity,
and we can give him that here.
I need to call my wife.
I'll be right there, okay?
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm just gonna call home, okay?
I'll call home.
I'll be right back.
-How's he doing?
-Well, it's bad.
The vet says there's
nothing they can do for him.
They wanna put him down.
Oh, Michael.
Plus, I have
to get the local government
to give him permission
or something to take him out.
I don't know.
He's been through so much.
I really wish you and Ruby
got to meet him.
He's different, Helen.
He's a sufferer. He's a fighter.
Just like you.
If you could ask him,
what would he say?
I don't think
he has any fight left.
I'll call you back.
I love you.
Doctor says it's time,
so we'll give you
a few minutes to say goodbye.
I don't want you
to hurt anymore, buddy.
You've been through so much.
And you've done more for me
than you'll ever know.
Now you go out
like a king, okay?
It's okay.
Arthur, you gotta tell me.
Do you want me to let you go?
I'm gonna fight too, okay?
We're gonna fight together.
I'm gonna get you home, okay?
Let's go home.
I need to get him
out of here now.
I'm gonna get you home, okay?
Watch your step, buddy.
Hey, it's okay, buddy.
What's the matter?
Hey. It's okay.
We're just gonna go get
a little sleep for tomorrow.
All right? We both need it.
Come on.
Come on. It's okay.
What is it?
Are you scared to go inside?
It's safe, and warm, and nice.
I promise.
Oh, my gosh.
All right. Where do
you wanna go to sleep?
Huh? Come on.
We'll find somewhere to
lay down for a little while.
You don't know
what you're missin', buddy.
We're gonna have
to stay somewhere.
Where do you wanna go? Huh?
Oh, God. Finally.
All right. Come on.
Cashed in my entire savings
for that hotel room.
I'm not a dog person.
I never even had a pet.
Hey, Michael.
Michael, hey!
I've been lookin'
all over for you, man.
We've got a plane to catch.
I can't believe
you slept out here.
I wouldn't call it "sleeping."
Well, you can sleep
on the plane.
Come on, we gotta go.
Are you okay, boy?
All right. It's okay.
You all right?
Well, I've been better.
How is he?
Not good.
It's okay. Come on. Come on.
We support you, Michael!
You guys did this?
We all did this.
Thank you.
-Good on you, Michael.
-Thank you, guys.
Michael, go.
Thanks for calling us.
We were excited to help out.
So you got the press with you?
Well, yeah. We won, right?
Everyone loves a winner.
My God. You never change.
Can I ask you something?
I know what you're gonna ask me.
And the answer is no.
There's no way
we would've beat you
on that paddle.
I mean, that race
was yours to win.
Congratulations, old friend.
For what it's worth,
I'd share a pack
with you any day, Chik.
Let's get him out of here,
and have that beer.
Smile! You're live.
Comin' home, baby!
There we go.
Signing off right now.
Keep in touch.
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and subscribe.
Oh, What is... What is that?
I can't put him in that.
You think he's gonna sit up
in first class?
In the cage, or he doesn't fly.
No, no, no.
You don't understand.
He... He can't go
into that cage.
He wouldn't even come
into my hotel room.
He was terrified
to come into the airport.
This dog... It's not
that kinda dog, okay?
I can't put him in that cage.
I'm not gonna let him die alone.
He's gonna die
in that fucking cage!
I'm not gonna put him in there.
The dog either
gets inside the cage,
or he's not getting
on the plane.
No, please.
He's not well. All right?
Six hours in the bottom
of a plane is gonna kill him.
I'm just doing my job, sir.
Come here, buddy.
Come here. Come here.
Look at me, buddy.
I need you to be okay.
All right? I need...
I need you to be okay.
I'm gonna be there,
waiting for you
the second you get off, okay?
I'm gonna be there.
You're gonna be okay. Okay?
All right, come on.
Come on, boy.
It's okay. Go ahead.
I promise you
I'll be there, okay?
You be strong
for me one more time.
I'm gonna be there.
Be careful with him, please.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
In here somewhere.
He hasn't moved
since he got here.
Well, I'm here, buddy.
It's okay.
I'm here.
I'm gonna get you out of there.
I'm gonna get you
out of there, okay?
All right, come on.
I'm gonna get you out.
Come here.
I've never seen
anything like this.
Here they come.
There he is!
-There's Daddy.
Hey, Michael!
Arthur gonna be okay?
There he is.
Listen, this is Susan,
the vet from the clinic.
-Is he gonna be okay?
-Yeah, yeah.
Of course, honey.
Come on.
Everybody knows
about him.
-It's crazy.
You know people have been
sending in money to help?
Thousands of dollars so far.
Oh, my God.
We're gonna need it.
We have another mouth to feed.
A couple of meatballs,
he's fine.
Not that kind of mouth.
What... Are you?
Yeah, I found out
a couple days ago.
Why didn't you tell me?
-I was saving it.
-For what?
In case you needed
some good news.
You know you're gonna be...
-What? What is it?
-We need your help.
We're not sure
if he's going to make it.
-Can I touch him?
-Yes. Gently.
Hey. Hey.
I'm here, buddy. I'm here.
It's okay.
Yeah. Yeah.
We're here together.
You're gonna have
another brother or sister.
Come on, boy.
Come on.