Article 370 (2024) Movie Script

India was on
the threshold of independence.
But the fire of the Hindu-Muslim partition
was still spreading everywhere.
Out of the 565 princely states,
almost everyone had decided
to either join India
or the new country of Pakistan.
But the future of some
places was still uncertain,
like Jammu & Kashmir,
where the population
was mostly Muslim
but the ruler was Hindu.
Maharaja Hari Singh always
wanted to be a part of India.
However, Prime Minister Nehru
was not ready to accept his accession
until he agreed to hand over
the reins of Kashmir
to his close friend
Sheikh Abdullah.
Capitalizing on this
political tug-of-war,
Pakistan launched
an attack on Kashmir
with its army and tribesmen
during the dark of night.
Compelled, the Maharaja
accepted Pandit Nehru's condition.
But before the Indian army
could completely drive out
the enemy from Kashmir,
the Indian government accepted
the UN's ceasefire proposal
and stopped the war with Pakistan.
As a result, one-third of Kashmir
fell into Pakistan's illegal possession.
Taking advantage of the fact that it was
the only Muslim-majority state in India,
Sheikh Abdullah
demanded a special status
for Kashmir from the Central Government.
This led to the birth of Article 370,
which gave Kashmir
a separate constitution,
a separate Prime Minister,
and a separate flag.
Unknowingly, we had established
a separate nation
within our own country.
Making full use of this power,
since the '90s, some Kashmiri
separatists, Pakistanis,
and terrorists have made various
attempts to break India...
right from wars to jihad.
They even went to the extent
of massacring Kashmiri Pandits
and expelling them
from the Valley.
Moving forward to 2015,
social media gave a new
facet to this old conflict.
And a new star of the mujahideen
emerged from this changing panorama,
Burhan Wani.
He captured the hearts
and minds of Kashmiri youth
through his viral instigating videos.
The situation kept worsening,
and the Central Government
in Delhi began to believe
that the time had come to rectify
a historic mistake made 70 years ago.
Listen up! Please, listen to me!
Please, take your seats.
Please, sit down.
Otherwise, I will have
to suspend you all.
Chairman sir, the entire nation
stands as a witness today.
What is going on in Kashmir?
Thousands of innocent people are
being arrested without any justification.
All telecommunication
and internet services
have been suspended.
In my view, they are launching a
deliberate attack on democracy itself!
Please, sit down.
What are you doing?
Kashmir, once believed
to be paradise on earth,
has sadly been reduced to an
open-air jail by this government.
- An open-air jail!
- Settle down, please!
Please, return to your seats.
Otherwise, I--
Tell me.
Are you absolutely sure?
Sabia had booked a slot
for a pedicure session.
Your name?
Maleeha, from ZamZam Parlor.
Someone from
the parlor is here.
Alright, Mom. Send her up.
Do you like this shape?
Why didn't Rukhsar come?
You know Eid is just
around the corner.
Siddiqui ma'am's
appointment went on too long.
You have a lot of dead skin.
You haven't done any
treatments recently?
Can you give me a bucket of hot water?
I'll fetch it for you.
Thank you.
You also have ingrown hair.
Did you use a razor?
You shouldn't be using one.
After this, shall I wax your legs?
No, thank you.
This is enough for today.
How about getting
some nail art done?
It's a popular trend
among youngsters.
Here, take a look. I have
some great designs with me.
Please have a look at them.
Careful. Thank you.
Did you like any of them?
Let me know if you
need anything else.
That's it. Thank you.
Your mother doesn't know?
Who are you?
Don't stop, keep swiping.
Go ahead, and take a look.
Cute nickname.
Your anklet is so beautiful.
But this design isn't
available in Kashmir.
Where did you get it from?
Tral Market?
or Kotli Bazaar?
But that's across the border.
Listen, I think you should leave.
I don't know anything.
I haven't even asked anything yet.
Please leave.
Burhan isn't a terrorist.
He's a Mujahid.
So, no matter what
your army or forces say
the entire Kashmir supports Burhan.
Sabia, if I leave,
the ones who will replace me...
won't be as kind.
He is seeing four other girls as well.
Two in Kupwara,
one in Sopore,
and the last one from Rawalkot, PoK.
Think about your parents.
Your father's a heart patient, right?
Think about when
the police will drag...
you out of here in front
of the neighborhood.
How will he feel?
Don't put your life...
or your parents' lives
in danger for a fake love.
Where is Burhan?
Khawar sir,
I've got intel that Burhan will
be in Kokernag at 06:30 p.m.
We have to act now!
Listen, it can be a trap as well.
I'll need to confirm
with Jibril before proceeding.
Till then, no action.
But, sir, my information is--
Hello, Chauhan?
Military Intelligence
has eyes on the house.
We can't get full 360
coverage all around.
The north axis is a no-go,
too many houses.
If anyone even
peeks out by accident,
the whole operation
will go bust.
So, the most important thing here--
Zooni, we've already
spoken about this before.
I've been tracking him
for six straight months.
I had to see it through.
What's the estimate
of the count inside?
They're throwing a big feast
for Eid, probably 20 to 25 people.
Including women and children.
Okay, these are the entry points.
Here, here, and here.
Major Kumar, from R.R.,
will lead the operation.
His team will enter
from the southern axis.
Wasim, yours will
come from the east.
And mine will
come from the west.
Balram, you'll be with ma'am
near the north wall.
Observation only.
Everything clear?
- Roger, sir!
- Roger, sir!
Let's go, boys.
You don't have Khawar's
authorization, right?
Burhan has slipped away
from us twice already,
thanks to Khawar and his
"informer" Jibril's back and forth.
Trust me, he will be there for sure.
There's only one way to find out.
Sierra one on perimeter.
Sierra two in position.
Sierra one commencing breach.
Zooni for all stations.
Periphery looks clear.
Nothing's going to happen. Keep calm.
Ground floor clear.
Sierra two moving in.
Zooni. Contact. Out.
Cover me.
Sierra one for all stations. Hold fire.
That's him.
Boys, we got him.
Sir, we got him.
Zooni, you have no idea
what you have done!
Ma'am, Burhan Wani
has been shot dead
by the security forces in Kokernag.
How did this occur
under your watch?
Ms. Aafiya,
there are certain things
that neither you, nor I can control.
What about the ISI?
Were they not aware that an operation
of this magnitude was taking place?
They were not.
I just spoke to Brigadier Pasha.
We are on the brink of an uprising,
similar to the Palestinian Intifada.
You have been saying
that for a long time now.
But they always retract their
support at the last moment.
Then why don't you
propose a plan of action?
It is convenient to make grand claims
while being safe here in Srinagar--
Mr. Abdali, have you forgotten
that you are a guest in this house?
We all mourn the death of Burhan,
right, Mr. Abdali?
And what about you, Ms. Aafiya?
In that case,
shouldn't we unite to...
ensure his sacrifice is not in vain,
instead of fighting among ourselves?
We should ensure that
this spark turns into a fire.
If we can maintain the anger
caused by this event
within our people today,
I truly believe that we may be
closer to achieving our freedom...
for the first time since the 1990s.
The news hasn't spread widely yet,
so it would be wise for us...
to shape the narrative
of how this news is circulated.
Moving forward, we will release
a new calendar every Wednesday.
The Strike Calendar.
It will specify the mosques
in different areas
that will play
the Pakistani national anthem
and identify the houses
and localities that will be locked down.
It should be treated
as a royal proclamation
and must be implemented accordingly.
Stone pelting should
occur every other day.
Young or old,
ensure that everyone
is equipped with cash.
Encourage stone pelting.
Make sure those Indians
do not experience any respite.
Burhan's sacrifice will not go in vain.
The date of his funeral
will be marked in golden letters.
Burhan was much
more than a Mujahid.
He also happened to be
the son of an ordinary headmaster.
We should take advantage
of this information.
People worldwide will observe
the event on their mobile devices
when the next Commander
of our Freedom Movement...
a new "Burhan,"
will declare war against
India in front of the world.
Revolution will come!
- We are ashamed, Burhan...
- Your killers are still alive!
- We are ashamed, Burhan...
- Your killers are still alive!
Zakir Naikoo.
- We will keep fighting!
- We will keep fighting!
The time has come.
The Indian army may think...
it can treat us however it wants,
but they don't realize...
the price they'll have to pay for it.
This game demands bloodshed!
Your defeat is inevitable!
A Burhan will be born
in every house now.
How many Burhans
will you eliminate?
There is only one response
to Burhan's sacrifice!
Al Jihad!
Al Jihad! Al Jihad! Al Jihad!
What message do we
have for the Indian infidels?
- Kashmir will become...
- Pakistan! Pakistan! Pakistan!
What is our relationship
with Pakistan?
There is no other God but Allah!
- What do we demand?
- Freedom!
- What is our right?
- Freedom!
What will we take by force
if not granted?
- Freedom!
- Freedom!
- We demand freedom!
- We demand freedom!
We demand freedom!
Following the demise of the renowned
Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani,
widespread incidents of violence
have erupted throughout the Valley.
Sopore, Anantnag,
and Downtown have witnessed
clashes between security
forces and protestors,
resulting in numerous injuries
to children due to pellet guns.
Some have been admitted
to nearby hospitals.
Burhan Wani, the son
of a poor headmaster,
was fatally shot by security forces
and intelligence agencies
on the night of 8th July in Kokernag.
In the past two decades,
the Kashmir Valley has not
witnessed a demonstration
as massive and violent as this ongoing
rebellion against the Indian Government.
Who authorized this operation?
Was Khawar notified about it?
Were you aware of the estimated
number of total terrorists present?
Sir, I only had information about Burhan.
Were you aware that women
and children too would
be at the target location?
I presumed so, sir.
And what did you "presume" would
happen if any of them were shot?
We killed Burhan...
without a single
innocent casualty.
No, you have not!
You have not killed him...
you have elevated him to a martyr.
Kashmir has its own
system and rules.
You very well understand
the risks of going against
this established protocol, don't you?
You have no respect
for the chain of command.
You have bypassed
my direct orders.
Furthermore, you involved the security
forces without obtaining any approval,
despite the information being
both sensitive and unconfirmed.
Because of your arrogance
and stubbornness,
all these years of diligent efforts,
negotiations, and the pursuit of peace...
It's all gone.
Kashmir is burning today, and...
it is all because of you.
You and only you
are responsible for it.
You are transferred to Delhi.
Effective immediately.
A curfew has been declared in Srinagar.
Stay indoors, don't venture outside.
It's time for your flight.
We'll have to move.
- Good morning.
- Hi, Brinda.
I had some questions about Kashmir.
The press conference
is taking place inside.
What are you doing out here?
There exists a notable tension
between Ms. Parveena
and the PM's coalition, correct?
Why hasn't Jammu and Kashmir's
Chief Minister,
Ms. Parveena, taken a decisive stance yet?
Instead of asking me,
you should direct that question to the
PM's party president or Ms. Parveena.
This is the PMO.
We are concerned with national security,
not party politics.
Of course, but you would agree
that Kashmir's political stability
currently poses the greatest
security concern for our nation?
Everything's under control, Brinda.
You would have known this if you
had attended the press conference.
Sixty people have lost their lives,
and over 7000 are injured.
Is this what the PMO calls
"having control"
over the situation in Kashmir?
Excuse me.
Good morning, ma'am.
PM sir is waiting for you.
Yeah, Chauhan?
Did I wake you up?
You didn't even call
after going there.
How's Delhi treating you?
Today, I am responsible for the
security of the Minister's second wedding.
You know what?
Sometimes, you have
to take a few steps back
to make a significant leap forward.
I am confident that you will
come out of this stronger.
They've knocked me down
to the ground, Chauhan.
Just hang in there, Zooni.
Just hang in there.
Take care.
In the past few weeks,
the Prime Minister met with six
separate delegations from Kashmir,
which included village heads
and school children.
The Prime Minister's outreach
program towards Kashmir
has been ongoing
for the past two years.
However, since the death of Burhan Wani,
it has gained new momentum.
Is the intention behind
this new political approach
to reduce violence
and tension in Kashmir?
Or is there a possibility
that the government
is planning to take a
major step in the valley?
How's your father?
Still as stubborn as you.
Article 370.
I thought the PM was busy
stabilizing the Valley!
Even you attempted to remove it
during your tenure.
I tried but clearly failed.
That's why I have come to you.
So that, we can
succeed this time around.
what is Article 370?
A temporary provision...
that can only be removed with the
approval of the Constituent Assembly
of Jammu and Kashmir.
But that assembly was
already dissolved in 1957
after the formation of the
state's separate constitution.
Without a Constituent Assembly in place,
where will the approval
originate from now?
There must be some loophole
that allows us to transfer the powers
of the Constituent Assembly
to another assembly.
What about the State Assembly?
As far as I know,
there is no provision
for such a transfer of power.
Even if we assume that the power
can be transferred to the State Assembly,
which political party in Kashmir
will support it?
Will the PM's coalition partner,
Ms. Parveena Andrabi,
provide her support for this?
Look, getting support from
any local party is not possible.
This leads us to the next option
of passing a new law from Delhi.
However, you should be
aware that for the past 70 years,
the people of Kashmir
have been influenced
to link Article 370 with religion.
They have created a perception
that if Article 370 is abolished,
it will take away your rights
to practice Islam.
They claim that you won't be able
to perform namaz five times a day,
and all mosques
will be converted into temples.
Moreover, people from other religions
will take away your daughters and sisters.
NIA in Kashmir?
The ID and the
police will simply refuse to cooperate.
Kashmir is their turf, ma'am.
I don't think they would
accept any other agency.
I understand your hesitation.
But the PM is very clear...
about preventing a recurrence
of what happened after Burhan's death.
And for that, we have decided that
the National Investigation Agency
will be the apex body
for all terror-related cases
in Kashmir from now on.
We need the best
intelligence officers
with on-ground
expertise in Kashmir.
We require the nation's
best financial experts,
lawyers, CRPF, J&K police...
and I'll need a little more sugar
in this coffee.
Got it, ma'am.
If there's nothing else,
let's get back to work.
Yesterday's on-ground report from Kashmir.
We extend a warm
welcome to Delhi, sir!
Our entire team is here to assist you.
In this scorching heat,
a Kashmiri is being greeted in Delhi.
- What a welcome for a Kashmiri!
- Welcome, welcome.
- He's Mr. Qureshi.
- Okay, okay!
You are the security in charge
from ID, Delhi, correct?
I am Mohsin, his PA.
Jalal sir will first go to his hotel,
and then to the PMO.
I remember seeing
you somewhere before...
You must have seen the reports.
It is a complete mess.
You should have negotiated with Burhan.
Like how the Central Government negotiated
with Mast Gul in the '90s.
However, your agencies
consistently carry out
major operations overnight,
without even bothering to inform us.
This cannot go on.
I will make it clear
to the Prime Minister.
I will not be a puppet CM.
Ms. Andrabi,
let's put the past behind us.
The PM now wants to focus
on the future of Kashmir.
And what about its present?
Sitting here in Delhi,
- you all think that everything is--
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're meeting at the Western Court.
- Yes, of course.
- Sir.
For sure. Okay, bye.
Sorry, sorry, I got stuck in traffic
on my way here from the airport.
I am not accustomed
to traveling in cars without
the official beacon, you see.
Oh, you're here as well?
No wonder Kashmir
seemed so calm today.
Yes, of course.
Just like your speech is
contributing to maintaining peace.
I'm sure you're also itching
to give a speech or two.
But she cannot give any speech
or statement because of you.
Don't mind, Ms. Rajeshwari...
I suggest that
we restart Track Two
diplomacy with Pakistan.
I will personally lead the delegation.
Naturally, you will.
It's been a while since you
enjoyed nihari in Pakistan, hasn't it?
Mr. Jalal, Ms. Andrabi,
the PM is ready.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
So, please remember what I said.
Of course.
Thank you.
What did you say your name was?
Haksar, sir.
Zooni Haksar.
You are not, by any chance,
the daughter of Kabir Haksar
of the J&K Bank, are you?
Very sad. It was really unfortunate.
He was a good man, your father.
You know,
I strongly believe
that no matter how big or small
the problem you're facing is,
suicide is never the answer.
Nonetheless, you made
the right choice by coming here.
India is a safe place
for you to be in.
Over there, in Kashmir...
no one knows...
what might happen.
Hi, Zooni.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Why Mumbai?
I had applied for a few jobs.
Hopefully, I'll be able to put my
Economics degree to some use.
Don't you miss home?
Family? Friends?
Ma'am, if you don't mind,
why are you here?
To give you a chance to go home.
There is a crucial assignment,
and I want you to return
to Kashmir for it.
No, ma'am.
With due respect...
I'm done.
Zooni, I am not sending you
to work under Khawar.
You will be joining the NIA.
There won't be any need
to report to the police,
the ID, or the local government.
You'll be given a free hand
at the NIA.
You will report directly to me.
You will lead a team of your own,
with the primary objective of
putting an end to violence in
the Valley and bringing some stability.
Forgive me for being so blunt, ma'am,
but it doesn't matter if you
send me as an NIA officer,
an ID officer,
or as the CM of Kashmir,
it will not make a difference.
Terrorism is a business.
It is a commercial enterprise...
and it has nothing to do
with this drama of azadi!
But it has everything
to do with "money."
If America provides
Pakistan with billions
in funding to locate Bin Laden,
Pakistan will feign efforts
to search for him,
but ultimately refrain
from capturing him,
as this will allow
the continuous flow of funds.
A similar situation exists
in the Valley as well.
Out of 29 states,
Kashmir receives the maximum
funding from the Central Government
for peace, order, and development.
However, for years now,
the influential politicians,
corrupt bureaucrats,
and affluent businessmen in the region
have been exploiting Kashmir's
conflict-driven economy
to line their own pockets.
They may pretend to pursue peace,
but they won't allow it to prevail.
Moreover, due to Article 370,
they control almost every institution.
No matter how much
evidence we gather
or the number of cases we file,
their special status ensures
that none of them
end up behind bars.
They have held
the entire society hostage.
I had a schoolmate
named Shivam Kumar,
a brilliant student,
and a topper throughout.
Do you know what he does now?
He works as a janitor
at Habba Kadal!
Because Article 370 prevents
the Scheduled Castes
from taking up a government job.
If a Kashmiri girl
marries a non-Kashmiri,
her property is taken away.
And let's not even discuss
the rights of the Hindus.
Why is it that only the children of
the poor shout slogans for freedom,
take up arms, or throw stones?
Meanwhile, children of
Salahuddin, Parveena,
or dreaded ex-terrorists
like Yakub Sheikh study
in top foreign schools,
earn prestigious degrees
and acquire top positions.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but corruption
is ingrained in them now.
Getting rid of it is impossible.
Despite our best efforts,
we cannot take any action against them
as long as the special status persists.
And they won't let
us touch Article 370.
Kashmir is a...
lost case, ma'am.
We should forget about it.
Just out of curiosity,
if you had to redo
the Burhan Operation,
what would you do differently?
I wouldn't have
returned his body, ma'am.
Wait until June.
Breaking news for this morning.
The esteemed Prime Minister
and his party president, Madhav Patel
have made an announcement.
Citing persistent political differences,
they have decided
to retract their support
to the coalition government led
by CM Parveena Andrabi in J&K.
Despite previous denials
from sources within both parties,
this move has come as no surprise
to viewers who tuned in
to my Prime Time show at 09:00 p.m.,
where I had predicted
this very possibility.
From this evening onward,
Kashmir will be under Governor's rule.
Neither Jalal nor Andrabi
can come to power.
I acknowledge that this
is not an ideal situation,
but it marks a starting point.
Get ready.
The rest of the NIA
team is waiting for you.
Ma'am, I have a request.
I require two more people on the team.
Okay, send me the details.
I'll see you tomorrow,
at 08:00 a.m. sharp.
And keep a brief ready for the team.
And as per your special request...
Your team.
Special request.
It feels like I have walked into a trap.
Let's get down to business.
Following demonetization,
ISI's cross-border funding
was significantly impacted.
Violence had gone
down considerably.
However, unexpectedly,
it is on the rise again.
Yakub Sheikh's network has
grown faster than ever before.
But we've had a breakthrough
on our end recently.
In Anantnag, last week,
an incident involving
stone-pelting occurred,
during which cash was
distributed to minors.
The investigation
trail led to a maulvi,
who, upon interrogation, revealed
a name to the security forces.
Shamsher Abdali.
He appears to have been
the primary source of their funding.
Abdali is one of the most prominent
dry fruit traders in the Valley.
Every week,
many of his trucks leave for PoK.
In fact, approximately 30 percent
of his business takes place via
the Uri-Muzaffarabad checkpoint.
In the 1990s, he was arrested
while working for the ISI.
However, in 2005,
he made a deal
with the Central Government
and was released
from jail after assisting
in the capture
of some important terrorists.
But we have now received
information indicating
that he is once again working for
the ISI under the pretext of trade,
facilitating their financial transactions
in Kashmir.
See, the BSF and the army
are conducting extensive patrolling
on all tunnels and cross-border routes.
So, cash smuggling is definitely
not happening through those routes.
What if there is no cash?
Over invoicing, under invoicing?
Somewhat like that.
Can you explain it
in layman's terms, please, ma'am?
Okay, let's assume...
that one walnut is worth
the same as one almond in value.
Wasim from PoK wants almonds,
and Chauhan from J&K wants walnuts.
However, Wasim does
not accept Indian currency,
and Chauhan does not
accept Pakistani currency.
There is no shared
banking system as well.
So, what would both of them do?
Classic barter system.
Okay, now let's assume I am ISI
and I instruct you not to exchange
one almond for
one walnut but two walnuts instead.
But why should I give him two walnuts
when I would lose
one potential almond in the process?
But what if I, as the ISI,
tell you that...
I will compensate
for this loss separately?
Now, Chauhan has an extra walnut.
Which makes it?
- Profit.
- Yes.
The money goes from
the ISI's pocket to Abdali's.
Now, by selling this walnut
in the black market in India,
Abdali is generating off-the-books funds.
- Hands up!
Down! Down!
- Fast!
CRPF! Hands up!
Stand up!
- Don't shoot!
- Stop!
Hands up! Hands up!
CRPF! Move back!
Move over to that side.
I said move over to that side!
Move! Towards the wall!
- Fast!
- Get them!
Get down.
Where is Abdali?
Take him.
Where is Abdali?
I don't know any Abdali.
We work for a contractor.
Check the boxes!
Check all the boxes!
Chauhan, I need cover now!
Abdali's black money
and his accounts.
- I found something quite interesting.
- Yeah?
Whenever the manager talks
to whoever about Abdali,
he uses different names for him.
Like, code-names.
Like what?
Listen to this.
Israfil is quite angry.
Because of your negligence,
three people were captured.
This is with PoK traders.
We need to cancel
the delivery planned for 3rd March.
Mikail has verified the information.
This is with local separatists.
Please communicate
directly with Azraeel.
I cannot make such important decisions
on my own.
Israfil, Mikail, Azraeel.
The Islamic archangels.
Aren't there four of them?
Israfil, Mikail, Azraeel...
And Jibril.
Could you please give us a minute?
Okay, no problem, sir.
- Please close the door.
- I will.
I know the identity
of your informant, "Jibril."
Zooni, listen to me very carefully--
I want Abdali.
Stay away from him.
What if I tell you...
he has been working
with ISI all along?
You are familiar with the concept
of a double agent, correct?
Of course, thanks to you.
On that day, your double
agent came very close
to successfully rescuing
the most wanted terrorist in Kashmir.
Yes, and we are still paying the
price for your "over-smartness" that day.
You have been establishing
your "back channels"
with these separatists and terrorists
for a lengthy period.
What benefits have you obtained
from these connections?
In 1996,
Kashmir was witnessing elections
for the first time in nine years.
The ISI planned
to employ local militants
to assassinate five
prominent candidates
and intended to spread false information
through foreign media
that we were responsible
for their deaths.
This would have led
to an international incident
and possible sanctions against India.
The entire intelligence system
had failed to capture the militants.
That's when I utilized
Abdali as a means
to persuade them
to abandon their plan.
Do you have any idea why
my back channels exist?
Because when all other options fail,
my back channels
are the only thing
that bloody works!
How did you manage
to convince them, sir?
By offering money, right?
That would be considered
as extortion rather than convincing.
Abdali is useful and resourceful.
Thirteen years ago, I facilitated
his release from jail,
and he has been
my asset ever since.
If you haven't harbored suspicions
about him for the past 13 years
based on the perception
of him repaying a favor,
then perhaps he is not
your asset, you are his.
Get out of my office.
Give me Abdali.
Don't make me call Delhi.
Mr. Abdali!
The army is here.
Arrange for a grand welcome.
Wasim for Chauhan.
Stone-pelters. 150 to 200.
Hold them off.
This is a CRPF convoy!
Step out of our path, or I will have
no choice but to open fire.
Please step away.
They aren't regular stone pelters.
This is a planned mob.
This is a CRPF convoy.
I need immediate backup.
Lalitpora Village.
Four kilometers away from the highway.
Backup is on the way, sir.
20 to 25 minutes!
Twenty-five minutes are more than enough
for them to get me out of here.
Asset car switching
to an alternate route.
Reverse and exit.
Hold the doors, hold the doors!
We won't be able to
hold them out for long!
Free Abdali!
Please step away.
Back off!
Wasim, this is getting out of control!
I'll have to shoot.
Back off!
Stop it! Step back!
Step back!
Move! Move!
Chauhan, we didn't
have any other option.
Had you not tied
Abdali to the jeep,
it would have resulted
in either our deaths
or a child dying by our bullets.
This way. Easy.
This is Mr. Haashim.
The headman of
the village in Shopian.
He has been actively campaigning
against stone pelting
and militancy for many years.
In addition, he has successfully
rehabilitated numerous
misguided children.
These are for you.
Fresh apples, from my garden.
Thank you.
I have a request to make.
Please don't punish the entire village
for the actions of those children
who engaged in stone pelting today.
What are you saying?
Don't be worried.
We won't take any such action.
This is unfortunate but true.
Children often become
involved in stone pelting due
to the allure of money
or under political pressure.
Who pressured them yesterday?
The local MLA...
from CM madam's party.
We are constantly forced to beg
for even the most basic necessities.
In return, we are compelled
to participate in strikes and processions
as directed by those in power.
Today, we are under "Governor's rule,"
but tomorrow that may change.
The same individuals
will return to power,
making it risky to fight
or oppose them.
In Kashmir, being a friend of India
is more dangerous
than being an enemy of India.
Education Ministry?
The decision is up to you.
Commerce and Industry?
You can decide that as well.
Mr. Jalal,
I must say you are displaying
great generosity today.
The occasion calls for it.
Once our government is established,
we will even deliver a joint speech
at Lal Chowk.
Mr. Jalal, do you remember...
how the formation of
the government got stuck
over the finance ministry
between our fathers last time?
Let's leave the past behind
and move forward, Ms. Parveena.
So much water has flown
down the Jhelum since.
A new Kashmir is on the horizon.
Just imagine the unease
in Delhi when they hear
about this progress.
Listen, Mohsin,
fax the coalition letter
to the Governor in Jammu.
I'll call you back, sir.
Call a doctor!
Things are going
according to the plan.
The government will be established
by this evening.
The Governor's rule
will come to an end.
I am just a little concerned about Abdali.
You worry too much, Mr. Jalal.
You forget you have
Yakub at your service.
Once the government is established,
we will decide
who will remain in jail,
and who will be released.
The fax is not going through, sir.
Their machine isn't responding.
Zooni, he is buying time.
For what, ma'am?
He will spend a maximum
of one week in the hospital.
After that, he is all ours.
Zooni, there's a development.
Jalal and Andrabi
are forming a coalition government.
If that happens,
then all the work you have
done up until now will go to waste.
I suggest you bring Abdali
to Delhi via an air ambulance.
- Delhi?
- Zooni,
I can't explain everything right now.
Just trust me. Please.
Copy, ma'am.
Sir, the Chief Secretary.
Hanif, what the hell is going on?
Listen, don't play games with me.
Otherwise, you will be the first one
to lose your job
once we establish the government.
You understand?
And get the damn fax machine
working right away!
- Javed!
- Yes, sir.
Find out where the hell
the Governor is!
Shit, he is a snake,
this damn Hanif!
Neither his PA nor his press secretary
nor any other staff
is answering their phones!
You know what?
I'm going to put this online
- and tag the Governor.
- Yeah.
Let's see how he stops
us from forming a coalition.
Zooni, he will never
return from Delhi.
I don't think Rajeshwari ma'am
is telling us the whole story.
The PMO is definitely playing a big game
that we may never find out about.
I am going to Jammu and Reasi
to seize some assets of Abdali.
I'll see you on the 15th.
See you.
NVN News brings you a
major breaking news update!
Following recent reports
of alleged buying and selling of MLAs
in Jammu and Kashmir,
the Governor has officially called
for the dissolution of the assembly
and the implementation
of the President's rule in the state,
effective from next month.
As a result
of this significant development,
the aspirations of numerous
prominent politicians
to establish a government in
Jammu and Kashmir have been shattered.
It is important to inform
our audience that during
the period of the President's rule,
re-elections will not be conducted
until the political stability
and overall situation in the state
are to the satisfaction of the President.
This can often take weeks,
months, or even years.
- Morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
What's the update on Abdali?
Stable, ma'am.
We'll handle him from now on.
the decision to give jurisdiction
to the NIA in Kashmir,
the crackdown on the financial networks
of Abdali and his handlers,
and the imposition
of the President's rule...
It's all linked, ma'am?
Linked to what?
Are we...
abrogating Article 370?
I have to light a lamp
From burning dreams
I have to forget one wound
By receiving another, it seems
- Well said, well said.
- Well said.
No one is forced
To keep the bond alive
I've opened the door of my heart
Go where you strive
- Well said, well said, sir.
- Well said!
- Thank you.
- Good one, sir.
Amazing! Superb!
Since you left
for your special assignment,
we haven't had the opportunity
to listen to your poems.
Do you think I came here
to recite poetry to you?
Actually, CO sir informed me
that Tribhuvan returned
from his village yesterday,
so I assumed he must have brought some
choorma with him.
Yes, sir!
Red van,
- please maintain a distance of 50 feet.
- Let me have some as well.
Red van!
Red Van!
Please maintain a distance of 50 feet.
Eat less!
Aren't you getting married next month?
Your wife will leave you
if you keep at it like this.
- Come on, sir!
- What, "Come on, sir"?
Chauhan? Where are you?
I am currently
returning from Jammu.
I am with the convoy.
- Hello?
- Is everything fine in Delhi?
I saw the news.
I'm saying, you were right.
There's something really big happening.
Hello? I can't hear you.
Your voice is breaking.
- Zooni?
- I'm saying...
you were right.
There's something really big happening.
I can't discuss it over the phone.
- When will you arrive?
- Zooni!
Let's speak properly
once you're back, yeah?
Chauhan, your voice is cracking. What?
Let's speak properly
once you're--
We'll unite once more
But for now, just let me go
We'll unite once more
But for now, just let me go
I'll seek the divine
And make him craft a new fate
With this new fate
Of mine, I know
We'll meet at
Some point for sure
But for now, just let me go
We'll meet once again
But for now, just let me go
All set to go to Kashmir?
Yes, ma'am.
Are you going to be okay?
Chauhan will never know
what he died for.
Chauhan's sacrifice will not go in vain.
We've got a lead on Pulwama.
It's Yakub Sheikh.
Oh, dear! You have a high fever.
Oh, my!
Prayers are not enough,
you need medicine.
I won't have it.
Why are you refusing?
Just take a little.
This will help alleviate
the fever and your cold.
Look, the fever has already subsided.
Move! Step back!
- Wait! Give me a second.
- Where are they taking Father?
- Calm down.
- Where are they taking him?
Oh, dear.
The man giving the call to prayer here
has an off-key voice.
We are in Humhama, right?
What purpose did the mask serve?
Who all were involved
in the Pulwama incident?
Who brought the RDX?
Which locals helped you?
Quickly write everything down.
"NIA. National Investigation Agency.
Government of India."
NIA hadn't even been established
when someone last tried to arrest me.
A week-long curfew had
to be imposed throughout Kashmir.
You cannot even touch me.
A single scratch...
and the human rights activists...
will rip your investigation apart
and throw it in the Jhelum.
You are nothing
but a two-bit terrorist.
Got it?
You only dress well.
Your face flushes when you're angry.
But the anger is justified, I suppose.
You have suffered significant losses.
How many died?
Wasim, take a break.
Got a cigarette?
Send over some tea.
Are you Kashmiri?
Hey, are you a Pandit?
Or are you from our community?
Damn, I wish there was some tea
to go with this.
But I'll make do.
Zooni, what are you doing?
Good, at least there is someone
intelligent in this unit.
Even if that someone happens
to be a girl.
That boy is quite emotional, isn't he?
It's good that you gave him a break...
to calm down. Right?
Stay where you are, Wasim!
Zooni, this is Kashmir, not Delhi!
I don't care! Get out!
Mattoo, take everyone
and go downstairs.
Wasim, I said get out!
- He will die, Zooni!
- Get out!
- Shit!
- I won't spare you!
Pull me up!
Did you hear me?
You are a freedom fighter,
aren't you?
So, get ready to sacrifice yourself.
Stop this joke.
Pull me up.
We sent empty coffins from Pulwama.
Their family members
couldn't even see their faces.
Who all was involved, Yakub?
Pull me up! I said pull me up!
Tell me quickly,
my hand can slip anytime.
Naikoo! Naikoo! Naikoo!
Zakir Naikoo!
Please, please.
Naikoo was the mastermind behind
the whole plan.
He is directly dealing with the ISI now.
For the past year...
he has been involved in establishing
the entire network of Jaish-e-Mohammad.
Where did the RDX come from?
From across the border via
the Kathua Tunnel.
What was the plan?
In the past,
the highway would be closed to
regular traffic during convoy movements.
Nevertheless, for the ease of the public,
CRPF had relaxed
that rule a few months ago.
Naikoo saw an opportunity
in this situation.
Upon learning about the troop movement
on the 14th of February,
he immediately put his plan
into action.
Who was the suicide bomber?
Adil Darr.
He was a 20-year-old kid.
He had been incarcerated for engaging
in stone-pelting activities...
but was identified and set free.
Set free by whom?
Listen, Zooni...
I had no idea about it.
I thought he was just a kid
involved in stone pelting.
It was supposed
to be a small favor, that's all.
Forty soldiers.
We lost 40 of our men
because of your "small favor"!
Who called you?
Who called you, Khawar?!
What happened?
Can't remember?
Or can't say it?
Or was the person
who called also your asset?
Every time! Every time!
Every single time,
we have a breakthrough,
somehow you are always there
to just screw it up for us!
Thirty years.
I have dedicated 30 years
of my life to the ID!
You have no idea
what I have done for my country.
My methods have always produced results
in crunch time.
It is just that my back channels--
Say back channels one more time
and I will drag you out of here!
It is because of people like you
that we are still stuck where we are!
We haven't moved at all!
But I am putting an end to it.
You are suspended...
effective immediately!
Indian Government claims
to have conducted an airstrike on Balakot,
Pakistan, in the wee hours
this morning.
They also claim that more than 300
Jaish-e-Mohammad militants
were killed in this airstrike.
According to sources,
the government took this action
after forcibly detaining
and interrogating
the renowned separatist leader
Yakub Sheikh.
Pakistan has sent its entire mujahideen
leadership underground.
ISI has suffered a setback
like never before.
But the Balakot strike
is a temporary victory.
What we need is
a long-term solution, sir.
Should we proceed with
the decision you had made?
Should we abrogate Article 370?
Sir, with due respect,
I feel taking such an extreme step
in the Valley may not be advisable.
Especially after the Pulwama attack.
Pulwama is the reason for continuing
rather than aborting the mission.
The sacrifice of our soldiers
should not go to waste.
But if we go ahead with this,
how many more sacrifices
will we have to make?
The Burhan episode still haunts us.
Not to mention the backlash at the UN.
The global order
is currently very fragile,
and other countries might--
We cannot compromise
our sovereignty based
on the perspectives of other nations.
Sir, it's simple.
If we want to pen down history,
someone, somewhere will have
to make history.
Sir, we are already facing multiple
challenges here.
Like the Khalistanis,
Maoists, and Tribal separatists.
We are simply not prepared
for this right now.
And what are we banking on?
Will the abrogation of Article 370
solve the problems over there,
in Kashmir, overnight?
You're right, sir.
The problem of Kashmir
will not be solved overnight,
but the answer also lies
in the statement you just made, sir.
In the same sentence,
you differentiated Kashmir from India
and you didn't even realize it.
For 70 years, this idea has been so deeply
ingrained in our minds,
that sometimes we speak about Kashmir
as if it isn't a part of India.
revoking Article 370 might not be
the ultimate solution
for the Kashmir problem,
but it will be our problem, sir.
It will be India's problem.
Look, please try to understand
my perspective.
We are one country,
we cannot have two constitutions,
two prime ministers, and two flags.
We will abrogate Article 370.
But not by force.
We will do it through the existing
framework of the constitution.
It won't be an easy task.
Obstacles and...
opposition are inevitable.
But we must prove them wrong.
We will introduce the bill
to revoke Article 370...
during the last two days of the upcoming
parliamentary session,
on 5th and 6th August.
It will be your responsibility
to ensure the bill's approval.
Kashmir is the crown of India,
an inalienable part
of our cultural heritage.
The land of Kashmir
has suffered immensely,
and we will not abandon it
to its current state.
Jai Hind!
We are live with three-time former
Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir
and an eminent leader,
Mr. Salahuddin Jalal.
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
What are your thoughts on
the current situation in the Valley?
This year has been
quite challenging for us.
Many assurances were made
but remained unfulfilled.
There were false promises,
betrayals, and backstabbing.
They didn't spare anything.
Are you referring to the imposition
of "President's rule"
or the arrest of Yakub Sheikh?
President's rule, of course!
Sudden, unnecessary,
ridiculous almost.
Regarding the arrest of Yakub Sheikh,
I think we should let the courts decide
whether it is right or wrong.
Let's shift our focus
to the Central Government then.
As always, Article 370 was mentioned
in their manifesto.
is the only bridge
that connects Kashmir with India.
If this bridge breaks,
we will be separated forever.
And the Prime Minister recently said--
Listen to me carefully.
Even if this PM becomes the country's
Prime Minister for ten straight terms,
he will still never be able
to revoke Article 370.
And you mark my words carefully.
Long after this current
government is history,
either 370 will still exist,
Kashmir will no longer
be a part of India.
Do you know the source
of this confidence?
This file.
I get it every day.
Stone pelting, militant encounters,
grenade blasts.
These incidents contribute
to their growing confidence
while causing our morale
to crumble.
But not anymore.
The fate of this mission relies
on three fundamental pillars.
If we follow them to the T,
then we need just one opportunity
to remove Article 370, and not ten.
Number one, "secrecy."
Apart from the individuals present
in this room
and a select few core members
at the PMO,
even the Prime Minister's PA
should not be aware of our plan.
Second, "legality."
Since the process of removing
Article 370 is a closed loop,
we first need to figure out
what the constitutional path is
to resolve it.
the toughest...
On the morning of 5th August,
when this article will be abrogated...
Jalal, Andrabi,
separatists, and hooligans
will try their best.
They will exert maximum effort
to instigate the people of Kashmir,
especially the youth.
They would want violence
in the Valley.
They are thirsting for a bloodbath.
The Prime Minister has given
strict instructions
that on 5th August
when this bill is passed,
not a single drop of innocent blood
should be spilled on the streets
of Kashmir.
Then and only then will...
this mission be considered a success.
What's the update on Prompter 14?
Ma'am, all teams have been set up
in separate wings.
Make sure they don't communicate
with each other.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning, ma'am.
Give me the summary report.
Sir, the 1975 copy.
Make sure
there are no inconsistencies.
Thank you.
We've discovered something
interesting, ma'am.
Chatterjee sir?
As you know, ma'am,
in Kashmir,
any modifications related to Article 370
require the passage
of a constitutional order
through Kashmir's constituent assembly.
To date, four constitutional
orders have been enacted
to implement four changes.
Yes, ma'am.
1952, '54,
'58 and '65.
But the constituent assembly
was dissolved in 1957, correct?
Were two constitutional orders passed
without its permission?
Yes, ma'am. 1958 and '65.
- How?
- That's the interesting part.
The 1965 order was a routine one,
employing Article 367
to change some basic terminologies.
- Article 367?
- Yes.
Article 367 empowers
the President of India
to interpret any article
of the constitution.
And what about '58?
How was that enacted?
We are still working on that.
Preparation is the key here.
We'll have to pre-empt every
problem beforehand
and be prepared for it.
Let's think about what is
the worst-case scenario that can happen.
Pakistan could launch an attack on us.
It could result in a war
between the two countries.
And if things escalate,
our neighbor will do what
it always does.
They could threaten us with a nuclear war.
A few years ago, a rumor spread that
to seek revenge on Baloch rebels,
ISI contaminated their villages'
water supply.
To do the same thing
in the areas around the LoC,
it will take them a maximum of 12 hours.
Terrorists could target
the Amarnath Yatra.
Or worse, the pilgrims
can be taken hostage.
Some countries within the UN would also
like to settle their scores with India.
If they all join hands,
they can impose some crippling
sanctions on us.
Sorry for being late, guys.
My driver misplaced the car keys.
There are thousands
of government drivers in Kashmir.
If they decide to go on a strike,
or take the keys and disappear,
the entire bureaucracy of the Valley
will be left sitting at home.
And most importantly,
we need to make a list
of all those people
who can create problems on 5th August.
Terrorist sympathizers,
radical maulvis, and anyone
who has done any activity against India.
And we will arrest each one of them.
That list will run into hundreds.
No, not hundreds. Thousands.
Siddharth, please give me the original
document of the 1954 constitutional order.
Here it is.
Chatterjee sir, please look at this,
and read the reference
to 1954 in this 1958 order.
"Sub-clause (d) shall be omitted,
and sub-clauses (e) and (f)
shall be re-lettered
as sub-clauses (d)
and (e) respectively."
This implies that the
original sub-clause (d)
of 1954 was deleted and sub-clauses
(e) and (f) were renamed.
This means that the original document
of the 1954 constitutional order
should have included
sub-clauses from (a) to (f).
"(a), (b), (c), (d), and (e)."
It ends at (e).
This means that this isn't
the original copy of the order.
And the original sub-clause (d)...
which was deleted,
is intentionally being concealed from us.
Are you suggesting
that the deleted sub-clause (d)
does not appear elsewhere?
That's correct, sir.
It is not found in either of
the constitutional orders of '52 or '65.
Only the '58 order includes it, sir.
we strongly believe
that this deleted sub-clause
holds the key
to solving all our problems.
However, to do so,
we require the original copy
of the 1954 order.
And the Home Ministry doesn't have it?
No, sir.
My team has thoroughly searched
various locations,
including the Parliament Library
and national archives.
Sir, I'm afraid that this document
may have been destroyed.
No, that seems highly unlikely.
A sensitive document like
the "Constitutional Order"
cannot just be torn and discarded.
However, if this clause
is truly significant,
it may have been intentionally hidden.
If that's the case, it is likely hidden
in a location where
it is difficult for you to access it.
Excuse me.
- May I help you?
- Greetings.
I'm Professor Heena Qureshi,
from Government Degree College.
This is my assistant, Afzal Baig.
He is pursuing a PhD.
I am his guide.
Ma'am, there was a...
There was a government program,
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
Could I get its file?
You will find it in this section.
Okay, ma'am.
But please be careful.
- They are all important documents.
- Yes.
Please ensure that the documents
are safely put back
once you have reviewed them.
Okay, ma'am. Sure.
Yakub sir was grabbed at his residence.
He was subjected to mistreatment while
in custody.
I know it is risky,
but if we intend to maintain the momentum
following the Pulwama incident,
we must once more instill fear...
in their hearts and minds.
It's not even in this file.
Looks like a major mix-up.
It says '54 but also contains
the records of '57.
Yes, take a look.
"Year 1957, C. O. 54."
Check the year 1954.
Could be a cataloging mistake.
I think the same mix-up happened
with our document as well.
"1954, C. O. 48."
Check 1948.
Sorry, ma'am.
Dropped it by mistake.
Ma'am, we got it.
You'll get a copy of it
in the evening.
Go ahead!
Ma'am, Prompter 14 teams
are ready with their plans.
Okay, make a list of
potential receivers.
But until I give you the go-ahead,
keep them on standby.
Ma'am, we just received
this from NIA, Srinagar.
Nisha, what's happening
with the Amarnath Yatra?
Ma'am, a joint statement has been
issued by the Army, CRPF,
and J&K Governor.
They have decided to cancel it.
What is the official reason?
The statement mentions
that there is a terror threat.
Security forces have recovered
some weapons
from a hideout near
the pilgrimage site.
1952. The first Constitutional Order.
This was a very basic legislation, sir.
A new position was established
in place of
the then Maharaja of Kashmir Hari Singh,
known as "Sadar-e-riyasat."
Like a president.
And the position of the Maharaja's PM
was transformed into
the PM of J&K State.
1965. The fourth Constitutional Order.
It brought changes to
the terminologies established in 1952.
Similar to other Indian states,
the president in Kashmir
was replaced with a governor,
and the prime minister
became the chief minister.
But something very interesting happened
in the two interim constitutional orders.
1954. The second Constitutional Order.
Knowing that one day,
the constituent assembly
would come to an end,
a clause was included in this order,
sub-clause (d)...
which handed over the powers
of the Constituent Assembly of Kashmir
to the Legislative Assembly of Kashmir.
Including the power
to abrogate Article 370.
We've established precedence here, sir.
So, this has already happened in the past?
Yes, sir.
The provision was approved by
the Constituent Assembly itself,
as they voluntarily transferred their
powers before it was dissolved in '57.
So then, why is this provision
not available today?
This brings us to 1958.
The third and the most crucial
Constitutional Order,
in which, the sub-clause (d)
of the 1954 order was not just deleted.
It was expunged.
In fact, every trace of this sub-clause
was eradicated.
So, this path was intentionally
closed in 1958?
Yes, sir.
Tell me something,
if this path was indeed closed
in 1958,
then how were the roles
of Sadar-E-Riyasat
and PM changed to Governor
and CM in 1965?
Article 367, sir.
It gives the President the power...
To interpret the Constitution, right?
To consider Sadar-E-Riyasat
as the Governor.
To grant the Legislative Assembly
of Kashmir
the status
of Constituent Assembly, once again.
Yes, sir.
We will have to use a combination
of this established precedent
and the powers of the President.
If we can give the power back
to the Legislative Assembly...
then this will definitely stand
in court.
Yes, Brinda?
I know something's happening.
Something's always
happening at the PMO.
Please be more specific.
When the Governor's fax machine
broke down,
I thought it was a technical error.
But then when you guys canceled
the Amarnath Yatra...
based on a routine threat,
that's when things caught
my attention.
And on top of all this,
there is heavy movement of
the army on the LoC.
If Pakistan keeps instigating us,
we won't keep quiet either.
Oh, please don't tell me that.
I've been covering foreign affairs
for 20 years now.
You are not going
to war with Pakistan.
My source tells me,
you are preparing for something
really big in Kashmir.
Are you going to pass a new bill?
Something that creates a
law and order situation?
Something that, maybe,
changes the special status?
The PMO will not dignify
this kind of gossip
and rumor with a response.
It's always so good to see you.
Don't miss my show tomorrow,
Prime Time at 09:00 p.m.
Good day.
What should we do, ma'am?
No idea.
But she shouldn't go live tomorrow.
Sir, India is planning
to do something huge on 5th August.
Chauhan would be
very proud of you, Wasim.
All set.
Let's go.
NVN News is bringing you breaking news.
Since this morning in the Kashmir Valley,
the NIA team has started raiding
the homes of several separatists
and militants.
There are reports of seizing several
crores of rupees from these houses.
Not only that...
but almost all such politicians
and separatist leaders
in Kashmir have been taken
into custody.
According to sources,
former Chief Ministers
of Jammu and Kashmir,
Salahuddin Jalal and Parveena Andrabi
have been placed
under house arrest as well.
This whole drama that you see...
This is unconstitutional.
What is the Indian government doing
in Kashmir?
We have to stop this.
We need to mobilize our people
and take it to the streets!
Are you suggesting that I further
sacrifice innocent children
for the sake of your political gains?
I'm sorry, Ms. Parveena,
but we will not continue
with this approach any longer.
I have personally spoken
to the authorities in Delhi.
Any resources or assistance
that we need,
we will request directly from them.
We no longer have any intention
to beg for these provisions from you.
There are also reports of phone networks
and the internet being suspended.
We have always respected
the Indian flag,
but our body and our soul...
reside in this!
The administration has
also announced the imposition
of Section 144 throughout the Valley.
Ma'am, the arrests are
in progress as we speak.
Our units have taken control
of every valley in Kashmir.
What about Naikoo?
Nothing on him, yet.
But I assure you, we will get him.
All telecom and internet services
have been suspended.
Only satellite phones are active.
The curfew is in place as well.
Best of luck.
Best of luck, ma'am.
Can we trust this information?
Who is your source?
Khawar, sir.
He is working for us now.
So, what is our plan?
From Kargil and Batalik
to Uri and Akhnoor dagger,
we have our troops
heavily deployed everywhere.
Sir, we've placed landmines up
to a distance of three kilometers
along the entire LoC.
Gentlemen, let's ensure we give
them a crushing defeat.
Delhi can't treat us like this.
You let them know...
that if they really want to stop me,
they better show up themselves,
and not send their foot-soldiers.
They were planning to,
but I put a stop to it.
You and I are both Kashmiri.
So, it should be easier for me
to make you understand, right?
How dare you keep me
under house arrest?
You have no idea about
the repercussions that will follow.
The Valley will be engulfed in a fire...
that will remind everyone
of the events of 2016.
Once the article is revoked,
those who have been causing unrest
in the Valley for years
will face the consequences
and will be left begging
for forgiveness from the people.
It didn't take long for Abdali to squeal.
After a few whacks in Tihar Jail,
he turned into a government approver.
This is his signed confession.
It includes all your offshore accounts,
fake transactions,
and most importantly, scams.
From the Ujala Scam
to the J&K Bank Scam.
It's all there.
What a bloody nonsense.
Those cases have been closed
for a long time now.
If you think you can corner me...
This is Kashmir, madam!
I very well know how to...
fix things here.
Of course, you do.
Kabir Haksar.
You framed him, didn't you?
To ensure the scam's investigation
doesn't implicate you.
According to the rest of the world,
my father committed suicide.
However, both you and I are well aware...
that it was a planned murder.
And I will make sure
that you bloody well pay for it.
There are security forces stationed
outside for your protection.
It is advisable not
to leave your house for your own safety.
This is the safest place
for you right now.
Otherwise, no one knows
what can happen to you at any time...
in Kashmir now.
Okay, so after your opening statement,
- we'll go straight into the debate panel.
- Right.
Maulana Hassan
and Mr. Mishra will be joining
the panel as well,
so just make sure you push both
their buttons at the right time.
- Yes, of course.
- Yeah?
By the way, what did the PMO say?
Very nervous.
What will be the
Prime Minister's response?
Will he convene with the army chief
to strategize a punitive
action against Pakistan?
Our sources indicate that a high-level
security meeting is presently taking place
in the Prime Minister's
parliamentary chambers.
NVN News will exclusively provide
comprehensive coverage
addressing the questions surrounding
the Kashmir situation.
Sudhir, Pan to the convoy!
Quick! Quick! Quick!
Looks like the PM is here.
He is going to exit from gate number four.
The Prime Minister is on the move.
- Hi, Bijoy.
- Don't go live, Brinda.
We were wrong about 5th August.
Something else is cooking here.
Bijoy, calm down.
I just got a copy of the bill
from another source.
It has nothing to do with
the special status.
Instead, they are going
to pass legislation
that will override the Indus Water Treaty
between India and Pakistan.
Please, double-check your sources.
I'm 100 percent sure.
It's a detailed bill of 200 pages.
It's not a rumor.
Check your mail.
Brinda, we have a problem.
Yeah, D.K., I know.
The treaty, right?
What? Treaty? No, no!
I just got a message
from a source at the Home Ministry.
It says Yakub Sheikh is going
to be hanged on 5th August.
- What?!
- Yes!
There is no bill.
What the hell is going on?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
We have been receiving reports
about various plans of the government
concerning 5th August.
- How many?
- Fourteen.
All of them are equally detailed
and credible.
Brinda, we should cancel
the program.
We need more time
to vet all the information.
No, no!
This is the PMO strategy.
These are all decoys.
They want us to doubt our story,
so we back out!
We are not doing that.
Hello, everyone.
I'm Brinda Ghosh,
and you're watching Prime Time
at 09:00 p.m. on NVN News.
What's going on?
We'll be back
after this commercial break.
Goddamn it!
Mr. Madhav Patel is expected
to be here any minute now.
There's going to be big news.
It seems that
Mr. Madhav Patel has arrived.
- Mr. Madhav!
- One question, sir!
Mr. Madhav, one question!
Khawar had provided this information.
Their military forces initiated
mobilization but stopped abruptly.
Where's Khawar?
He's not answering his phone, sir.
Do you even realize
what mistake you have done?
Let Zooni know that the trap is set.
Activate all your assets.
Create a ruckus as soon
as they introduce any bill, motion,
or resolution in the Lok Sabha.
Yell, shout, and break
the tables if needed.
Do whatever it takes
to secure us a day
to devise a strategy
to prevail against them
in the Rajya Sabha.
Thapar sir, the Home Minister
will first visit the Rajya Sabha.
- He's coming here?
- Yes.
But their majority is
in the Lok Sabha,
So, why is he coming here first?
passing the bill in the Lok Sabha
should not be a challenge.
However, as we lack a majority
in the Rajya Sabha,
it would be wise for us to prioritize
that it is passed there first.
By doing so, we can catch
the opposition off guard
and prevent them from formulating
strategic countermeasures.
You should reach out to every
opposition member of parliament,
who is willing to put national interest
over their party.
I, myself, will personally engage
with the third-front parties.
Get me visuals of Downtown Srinagar,
Kupwara bus stand,
and Sopore Khas, as soon as possible.
Initiated, ma'am. On your screen.
Give me screens
two, three, five, please.
- Copy!
- What's happening on Tral Market?
Every 15 minutes, I want a report on
all the activities taking place there.
- Updating ma'am.
- Zooni!
Where are we on the--
What is it?
A call was intercepted
on the dark web.
What call?
From a rogue ISP.
Outside Kashmir.
Where exactly?
Aabpara, Islamabad.
I think it's Naikoo.
Listen to me carefully.
The Governor needs to die
to demonstrate to the world
that India lacks control over
law and order.
Don't worry.
The king of Gupkar Road
will not see tomorrow's dawn.
Wasim, redirect all the nearby units
to the Governor's House.
Contact the ADC and put
the special security force on high alert.
Chairman sir,
the entire nation stands
as a witness today.
What is going on in Kashmir?
Thousands of innocent people are being
arrested without any justification.
The government is depriving them
of their civil liberties
and human rights.
Chairman sir, in this modern
era of the 21st century...
All telecommunication
and internet services
have been suspended. Why?
Kashmir, which we believe
is the paradise on earth,
has tragically transformed
into an open-air jail!
An open-air jail!
Keep silence, please!
Chairman sir,
what type of democracy is this?
What is this government doing?
In my view, they are launching
a deliberate attack on democracy itself!
- Keep quiet.
- No, no, no! Sit down.
Rumors are suggesting
that we are going to war with Pakistan.
Did they think about the effect
that will have on our economy?
There's also a rumor circulating
that Kashmiri Leader
Yakub Sheikh is going to be hanged.
Chairman sir, I am warning you
we will lose Kashmir forever
because of their stupidity!
update on the security
at the Governor's house?
Additional forces are moving in.
They are being immediately relocated
from Gupkar Road to the Governor's house.
But why would they attack
the Governor's house?
If anything happens to the Governor,
there will be chaos.
But in the end,
the blame will be put on Pakistan.
Zooni, the call we had intercepted,
mentioned the king of Gupkar Road.
The king of Gupkar Road...
What is the update
on Jalal Residence?
Security there is minimal
because the forces are being shifted
to the Governor's house.
Kashmir was witnessing elections
for the first time in nine years.
The ISI planned
to employ local militants
to assassinate five prominent candidates
and intended to spread false information
through foreign media
that we were responsible
for their deaths.
This would have led
to an international incident
and possible sanctions against India.
- Wasim, Mattoo, turn around.
- What?!
Zooni, go again, go again.
Naikoo's target is Jalal,
not the Governor.
His men will be certainly monitoring
Jalal's residence.
So, listen to me very carefully.
Please, please sit down.
Mr. Thapar...
Mr. Thapar, this is exactly
what I have been saying all along.
Critiquing the government without
understanding its actions is futile.
Now, the honorable
Home Minister is here.
Please, let him speak.
You might get your answers.
So, please, sit down. Please.
Yes, Zooni, talk to me.
- it's Jalal.
- What?
The intercepted call
was intended to deceive us.
I remember Khawar telling me
how during the '96 elections
ISI planned to assassinate
popular candidates
and blame the Indian Government for it.
The objective was to provoke
sanctions against India.
Are you absolutely sure?
Absolutely certain, ma'am.
Jalal is the target.
Honorable Home Minister,
the floor is yours.
"Respected Chairman,
exercising the authority bestowed
upon it by the Constitution,
the government intends to declare
that once the existing bill is
approved by the parliament,
receives the President's signature,
and is officially published
in the government gazette as of today,
the fifth of August, 2019,
none of the provisions of Article 370...
will be applicable in the regions
of Jammu and Kashmir!"
Settle down.
"In addition to that,
the government also suggests
that after Article 370
is rendered inoperative,
in order to promote stability
within the state
and empower minority communities,
Ladakh should be separated
from Jammu and Kashmir."
- Chairman sir!
-"And both the regions
should be granted
the status of a union territory."
Engaging in such actions with the people
of Kashmir is an act of betrayal!
This is cheating!
The repercussions of this decision
will have a significant impact
on the nation.
No, we will not allow
any discussion on this matter!
They must immediately
revoke this bill!
It has already been done!
Please, listen to me. Sit!
Boys, Ganderbal safe house.
Let's move, let's move.
Go for Zooni.
What's the update
on Jalal's residence?
We got the asset.
We'll meet you at the convergence point.
We are discussing a serious matter here.
This is a matter of national security.
Please don't make it political.
Chairman sir, this matter
is no longer just political,
it has now taken on
a deeply emotional aspect.
Do you see this empty seat?
It is designated for an esteemed member
of this House, Mr. Jalal.
A sitting MP of this House!
Do you know why it's empty?
Because the government
has confined him under house arrest!
And he is crying for help
on national television,
but no one bothers!
Brother, they are bringing
the king of Gupkar Road to your location.
Chairman sir, we have not been able
to contact him since last evening!
Who knows what the government
might have done to him?
Chairman sir, I'm afraid
that his life might be in danger--
What are you saying, Mr. Thapar?
What are you even saying?
I want to assure you and this House
that the government will not let
any harm come to
Mr. Jalal. Not even a scratch.
Convoy ambushed.
- Reverse and exit!
- Reverse it!
- Reverse and exit!
- Go, go!
Man down!
Rest assured, I promise to you,
this nation, and this esteemed House
that not even a single
mosquito will be harmed
in the Valley due to our actions.
This is not possible!
Chairman sir,
I have also studied Article 370
in great detail.
There is a very basic,
fundamental problem with
the proposal of the Home Minister.
Let me explain.
Article 370 can only
be rendered inoperative
by the Constituent Assembly of J&K,
which no longer exists!
So, they do not have
the power to do it.
You do not have the power to take such
a step through parliament.
You are right, Mr. Thapar.
You are absolutely right.
Parliament does not have
this kind of power, sir.
Allow me to remind you,
in case you forgot...
that the President has another
equally significant power,
granted by Article 367,
to interpret the Constitution.
This power allows him to transfer
the powers of the constituent assembly
of Jammu and Kashmir
to the legislative assembly
of the current state.
Consequently, if the Government
of Jammu and Kashmir desires,
it has the authority
to render Article 370 inoperative today.
How can you do this?
Mr. Home Minister, perhaps you are
forgetting the fact that you...
yourself dissolved
the Government of J&K.
You dissolved its Legislative Assembly
and imposed the President's rule there.
In the absence of a functioning
government in Jammu and Kashmir,
who would have the authority
to render Article 370 inoperative?
No, Mr. Thapar sir,
it's you who is forgetting something.
That's why I would like
to clarify one thing for you
and all the other part-time
politicians present here.
Whenever a President's rule
is imposed in a state,
the powers of its government are
automatically transferred
to the parliament.
So, this very assembly is the
Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir,
and it is also its Legislative Assembly!
The power to render
Article 370 inoperative
lies exclusively in our hands.
Moving in!
Mattoo, eleven o'clock!
Moving up!
Target the blue van.
All stations.
Protect asset at any cost.
Moving in!
Moving in!
Where's the machine gun fire coming from?
Do you have a visual?
Eleven o'clock skyline, right window.
Wasim. Mattoo.
It's time.
Boys, spread out
Go! Go! Go!
This is a blatant violation
of the Constitution.
We will not let them do that.
We will approach the court!
We will challenge it!
- We will challenge it!
- Yes, we will!
- Who does he think we are?!
- Please, hear me out.
Please, stop.
Mr. Thapar,
you can indeed take this matter
to court and challenge it
if you so wish.
It is your constitutional right.
However, I would like to take advantage
of this moment to bring
to your attention,
as well as to the entire nation,
a significant matter
that should be acknowledged.
The proposal of transferring the powers
of the Constituent Assembly
of Jammu and Kashmir to
the Legislative Assembly
of Jammu and Kashmir,
which you vehemently oppose,
has previously been put into effect...
in 1954.
And this action gained approval
from the Constituent Assembly itself.
Constitutional Order 1954,
sub-clause (d).
It goes like this.
"References to the Legislative
Assembly of the state
shall be construed
as including references
to the Constituent Assembly of the state."
This action has been
previously implemented,
and it was carried out
by your political party.
What nonsense!
Furthermore, in 1957,
the Constituent Assembly
was dissolved,
while in 1958,
the specific sub-clause (d)
mentioned earlier
was deliberately deleted,
effectively closing
any potential avenues
for future governments
to amend Article 370.
What are you saying?
- What are you saying?
- Your party is responsible for it.
I am telling you,
your party has done this.
What kind of an accusation are you making?
- Your party has done this.
- Not at all! What is he even saying?
Why would any government
or prime minister do such a thing?
For the same reason, Mr. Thapar...
that caused the partition of India.
For the same reason that resulted
in the suffering of Kashmiri Pandits.
For the same reason that still obstructs
the implementation
of the Uniform Civil Code
in our country!
Respected Home Minister,
have you thought
about the international fallout?
A direct resolution against
us could be passed in the UN!
And did you take China
and Pakistan into confidence
before taking this drastic step?
After all, the consequences
of this decision
will also affect their share
of Kashmir as well!
Their share of Kashmir?
What are you trying to say?
What are you implying?
Do you not consider PoK and Aksai Chin
as a part of India?
How can you even say that?!
I am just stating the facts.
I am telling you the ground reality.
There is no need
to get emotional about it.
Why shouldn't I get emotional?!
What are you saying?
How can you even say that?
Why shouldn't I get emotional?!
Listen carefully, Mr. Thapar,
the entire Kashmir,
was, is, and will always be
a part of "India!"
How can you even say that?!
We are ready to give our lives for this!
- How can you even say that?!
- Victory to Mother India!
- Please! Please!
- Victory to Mother India!
- Please, sit down!
- Victory to Mother India!
Victory to Mother India!
- Down with dictatorship!
- Down with dictatorship!
- Revoke this bill immediately!
- Revoke it! Revoke it!
- Revoke this bill immediately!
- Revoke it! Revoke it!
Please, sit down.
Otherwise, I'll have
to suspend you all.
Give me an hourly update
and keep tracking the Rajya Sabha.
Honorable Prime Minister,
I prefer not to argue with you.
I'm sure you understand our obligations
as the opposition.
We are diligently carrying out
our responsibilities.
You may have successfully
persuaded the third front,
but please do not assume
that it will alleviate your challenges.
Regardless of the circumstances,
we won't resume the session
in the parliament.
The bill hasn't even been passed yet.
These images are
from the constituency you represent.
Today, the entire nation...
is in jubilation as
if it were a festival.
Mr. Rohit, please do not become an
obstacle in the path of national interest.
Irrespective of whether
the parliament functions anymore or not...
the country has begun marching forward.
Go on now.
The Rajya Sabha
is expecting your presence.
The voting process will start now.
For those in favor of the bill,
kindly press the green button
labeled "ayes" within ten seconds
of the bell ringing.
If you oppose the bill, please press
the red button marked as "noes."
In case you prefer not
to take a stance,
press the third button, colored yellow
and labeled as "abstain."
The voting time starts now.
This time, don't return the body.
Ma'am, we got Zakir Naikoo.
Jalal is safe.
Okay, the final voting count is in.
Abstain... One.
Noes... 61.
And ayes... 125.
Which means the ayes have it.
The ayes have it.
The ayes have it.
The motion to make
Article 370 inoperative is hereby passed.
You are witnessing historical pictures
of a historical moment,
straight from the Parliament of India.
Today, the Central Government
has abrogated Article 370
and laid the foundation
for a golden Kashmir.
Perhaps, very few Indians
would have imagined
that they would have the opportunity
to witness this day in their lifetime.
It is incredible! Unbelievable!
In a true sense, an undivided India.
To the viewers who are joining us today,
let us inform them--
In my prayers
I seek to be yours
For without you
No one else endures
In my prayers
I seek to be yours
For without you
No one else endures
Like the wind that freely blows
And the vast sky that forever shows
This love we share will never end
Even if I'm not here
It matters not in the end
Our love will forever transcend
For what will remain
Is the story we hold
Of you and me, cherished and bold
Our India, a land so grand
It will forever stand
Even if death is fated
We won't be separated
Our India, a land so grand
It will forever stand