Artik (2019) Movie Script

Right it's feeding time!
Right, come on, don't be shy.
Come on, hustle hustle, there's
starving kids in Africa.
Here you go, come and get it,
the faster you eat the
faster we get to work.
We got to get the runts out
The search needs to
extend past just the boy.
I know, I've heard it before.
I was reading that
they says here that there
must be a fallin' of hope in
order to find the justice in
You can't have a hero
that's lost all his hope.
It's about the testin'
and then the rebuildin' phase.
Bein' rebuilt, that's justice.
I can't even read this.
It'll probably be some TV drivel
I can't take this.
It's right where you put it.
I'm tell you it wasn't there
That boy's got a mind of his
Okay, it's not me you're
fixin' on.
Blamin' the boy like you'd allow
next to this science experiment.
Best be weary of that temper of
it's gonna getcha in trouble.
I know it's around the corner,
but them plants are gonna
need taking care of.
Yeah, I got the boys out there.
Gotta clear out the dead roots
It'll be a good season, don't
you worry.
I just don't get why we're
not flyin' yet, ya know?
There's islands out there
and plants and, animals.
We could cash in the crop
and we can take the boys with
You can write your own books,
it'll just be peaceful all
around us.
You know the walk between
justice and family is a thin
We're doing a good thing.
So for us we got to keep
our heads in the game.
Well, did you win?
Ah, Fliny always says don't be
to use yourself if you
ain't got the means.
I guess you did just
that, so take care of it.
I know you found us
some good out there boy.
How many miles?
No matter, it's our night now.
City targets is our territory.
That's a hell of a shot boy.
Pack up.
I have a felling something drew
us here.
Give it more punch, try it
Hey man, need some help?
We can't figure this engine.
Do you know the F series?
I've worked on a few but this
like a '70 and they're kind of
She's a hand-me-down from my
He never mentioned all the
Ain't that how it always goes.
The gift that keeps on giving.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I guess the real gift is.
Is not human.
Built from the ground up like a
This one here hid behind his
Behind his money.
Only traveled by night.
Flew through the darkness
to save an entire city.
It didn't work though.
It never does.
You are weak.
You didn't even make it
through the first round.
We're gonna play a little game,
you're gonna pretend that
your life isn't already over.
You know we're not out
looking for trouble,
we just know that unless
you can be rebuilt
you are not a hero.
It's not our call who the heroes
its whoever can last.
And you definitely did not.
I feel like I'm talking to
One day you'll be in charge
Fliny and I will be on the road
The markers are getting better.
You're learning, every
time you're learning.
You're looking out for your old
There you go.
Kick it, go ahead.
That's right.
Put it out!
There you go, that's my boy!
Kick it!
Let's go, kick it, put it out!
Put it out!
There you go, kick it, go ahead!
Marking your territory like a
stray huh?
Whoa, afraid of strangers kid?
I don't blame you,
probably don't want to
get another one of those.
It's pretty impressive.
Listen if you're gonna do
this got to have a flow to it.
It's like music.
You ever listen to music?
It's alright, it all
sounds the same anyway.
Look, you just got to be
careful out here doing this.
Alright, you got to keep your
hands clean
cause you don't want people
catching on.
So, look you're already
destroying the wall
you might as well not
get your hands dirty.
You got to be smart about it.
Guessing breakfast was
a couple days ago huh?
God, slow down I got more.
Did your parents give you a
I'm guessing they don't exist do
But you got owners though right?
Everybody's got someone who owns
Where your keepers at?
See the problem is if you're a
I'm gonna have to take you home
those keepers are gonna want you
Hey, what's your name kid?
They call me boy.
Boy Adam, that's your name?
It's what the owners call you
isn't it?
I have to go home now.
What you go a curfew?
When it's nighttime.
This place looks pretty empty,
you sure those keepers
got a place for you?
Out here with the wolves huh.
Hey, that big farm right there,
that you?
Well we stay out here
much longer we're gonna be
predators meat so you best
get yourself back inside now.
Come on, bring 'em over,
bring 'em over, bring 'em over.
Come on, come on, come on.
Colin, you got to crack the
There you go.
Oh damn.
Y'all need to get bigger ones
than this, you're looking sad.
This is it.
There ain't no escaping what's
We got a new spot, I'm branching
out into the waste lines.
We've seen here,
I want you to find me something
And maybe we'll find a good
house guest.
Questions just kept coming.
And there I was.
In the shadows, searching.
And this was everyday.
No answers.
Again, and again, and again.
Until one day I asked
myself the right question,
is it really about what's to
I mean there's hints sometimes.
You ask yourself questions like,
"How is it possible for
them to do this to me?"
Or better yet,
"Is the common denominator
me all these times?"
Really what you should
be saying is it's not for
me to understand, but
it is for me to accept.
I don't know.
Maybe it's not their fault.
But I'll tell you one thing,
it's sure as hell not mine.
And it's not yours either.
If you continue to search,
you will continue to fail.
Right, I'm gonna get off my soap
Whose ready?
My name's Holton.
What's up Holton?
Wasn't alcohol for me,
it was the people that
used it that made me toxic.
I've always found myself
gravitating toward problems.
I think deep down inside,
whether I like it or not,
its what I'm always chasing.
I know like you said it's
not on me to understand,
it's on me to accept.
Al-Anon is for those of us who
are dealing
with the people who have the
problems, and it's funny,
I think sometimes it makes us
think that we don't have 'em.
I've always been straight edge,
I've never had a drop of
not a cigarette, nothing.
I've never even been curious.
But if all you ever knew was
would you ever be able to
I think the way I grew up
and some of the things that I
things that happened to me,
made me want to go against that
grain and live a clean life.
But it also left me toxic.
So that's why I'm here,
I want to be able to trust my
and live my truth and
let it guide me everyday.
Hey man, that was good today.
You're opening up.
Yeah, I'm just trying not to run
from the problem anymore you
I figured you'd crack me
Yeah, it takes some work
but we all come uncorked at some
I'm with you there.
Its good to see a new
face in group by the way.
My name's Karlhin but you can
call me Kar.
Yeah, I'm Holton,
I've been coming here for a
couple weeks.
Sorry, being too formal.
Well I guess this is what the
looks like when you grow up
straight edge.
Yeah this is pretty much
what you would find there,
coffee and some sugar,
some shots of cream.
That's better than letting the
make your choices for you though
isn't it?
It's true.
Al-Anon isn't about separation
it's about guidance
through accepting behavior.
And that's a tough lesson to
But I guess time has wised us up
Well just that when
you've had a breakthrough
you're gonna want to keep it
Come back, don't abandon it.
Well you're a real straight
shooter and I appreciate that.
I'll see you next week.
Sounds good man.
It's a veggie patty.
My brother'd skin me alive
if he heard me say that.
Well, it helps clean the
poison out, clears my head.
No meat, no alcohol, no friends,
no fun.
I'm a clean soul now.
I can't have friends.
That's what I was told.
Listen, whoever owns you
is creeping too deep inside.
You're not letting the
man in here shine through.
Hey look, I made something I'm
proud of,
you ever do that?
Look, this here's a list.
It's a book but I make lists in
helps me figure things out.
You see anything I put
in this book comes true.
All you got to do is write it
That's how I make things I'm
proud of.
Know how to do that?
Well good, your owners are
doing better job than I thought.
This book, it helps me to
it helps me to craft and
it's all kept in here,
it doesn't go anywhere
else, it's for my eyes only.
Any thought, any idea I ever
I let it rest in here cause
it helps to get it out.
Cause when you write things
down it takes what's in here
and makes it real, does that
make sense?
The boys have taken to bed,
I suggest you do the same.
The boy's heading back soon
and we got another visitor.
Always bringing trash in here
like that.
You've got to be my
favorite little hoarder.
Watching you flirt is
like watching a car wreck.
Well it's an early start
and I ain't got much flirtin'
You drew these?
This wasn't exactly what I meant
when I told you to write things
This is something else.
What are these drawings of?
Things I see.
- Hey Kar?
- Yeah.
You have a second to chat?
Yeah, sure, shoot.
I was just thinking,
this process we talk about,
these proceedings, you
think it's possible to get
someone out of it while they're
in it
or would they have to grow up
with it
and then recognizee the
Okay, you're either asking for
a friend
or you're sharing outside of
It's a boy.
He's a good kid but it seems
like there's
some broken support beams at
Is his family not around?
Well that's the thing,
he definitely has owners
but seems like they're sort of
leading him sideways a little
So you think they're users.
Either that or there's something
that happened in the past.
I mean there's a lack
of social cues in place.
So you're his lookout.
Something like that.
It's always difficult
when children are involved,
would there be an opportunity
to talk to the kid or?
Would you think that
would be the best move?
It depends, is it dangerous?
I don't know that yet.
I see.
Well all I can tell yah is
guests are always welcome
and the door is always open.
Alright, thanks for your help
Appreciate it.
Anytime Holton.
Take care.
It's easy, see.
That's it.
So one every two spaces over.
You see germs are a boy's best
but dirt's my biggest enemy.
This way them feet of yours
won't be tracking in dirt
and seeds and all kinds of
It'll finally be clean for
once when the season starts.
Well come on boy, it
ain't gonna bite you.
Go in and grab that.
There you go.
Take that mallet.
I'm gonna give you a countdown.
I want you to come down on it
as hard as you can, you hear me
Do it again.
Come on boy, hit it.
Do it again.
Yeah, good boy!
Hit it hard!
Feels good doesn't it.
Go get another one.
He showed these to me.
- Oh Jesus.
- What?
You think it's serious.
Yeah, this is abuse and neglect.
How long did it take
him to show you these?
Like a week.
Where can I find them, the
Eagle Valley, they got a farm
out there.
You gonna help me with
this big fancy dinner?
Y'all earned this one.
It's just for gathering during
the season,
I'm gonna stuff you like kings.
Go round up the boys, go on.
Oh hello.
I was wondering if I could have
a word
with you for a minute?
I run group out in Etna and
I just came by to extend an
Okay, you'll have to excuse me,
my name's Karlhin, you can call
me Kar.
That's not a name, that's an
That's true.
I guess my parents had a
strange sense of humor.
You selling something?
No, no no no.
Your son, a friend of mine
received some drawings
from him recently and
they're pretty explicit.
Maybe I should just show 'em to
Take a look at these.
I'm sorry, I'm not
explaining myself very well.
I'm a counselor and honestly
I really just came out here
to tell you about the group
that I run and reach out.
You know in situations like
not that there's any kind of
I'm not assuming there's
any kind of situation
but I felt it was best
after seeing these drawings
to reach out and maybe even meet
your son.
What seems to be the problem?
Oh, no problem at all.
I just happened to be in the
I'm spreading the word about
a meet and greet that I run
that helps families in need.
Excuse me, I don't think we've
been properly acquainted.
I'm Artik.
I'd shake your hand but I'm
in cooking oil and kid germs.
Oh, no problem at all.
I appreciate you sparing me.
I'm sorry about Fliny,
she's a bit touchy
around people she hasn't
dealt with before.
I understand.
These meetings are
about the neighborhood.
No, is your son at home?
Yeah, yeah, the whole family's
Well a friend of your son's
something to the forum that I
A friend of his?
Huh, yeah.
The boy is more of a
conversationalist than the other kids.
I see.
Well these drawings,
I just figured I would pass them
onto you.
Ah huh.
He's being reading a lot of
Oh I see.
We're fixing to get supper but
Of course, I didn't mean to
I was just in the neighborhood
and I figured I'd stop by.
No no, it's okay.
No reason to be sorry.
No no, thank you so
much for talking to me,
I can come back
and I'm really sorry for
the misunderstanding.
If that's what works for you
Have good night.
Please apologize to your wife
for me.
Fliny is a bit jumpy.
Enjoy your dinner.
Would you like to join us?
We have enough fixings to go
and you can come look in the
Might ease your mind.
Oh um, yeah okay, sure.
That'd be nice.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure.
Fliny likes to cook for a
small army.
Oh, well I appreciate it.
I appreciate it a lot.
It's not everyday.
Goddammit Artik!
Not in here.
We just laid out the dirt
how we gonna get this clean?
Come on, come on, get back.
Hi Kar.
There you are.
Allow me to introduce
you to my magic workshop.
This is where the research is
It's kind of like a melty barn.
But I'm afraid because of the
I'm going to have to get my
hands dirty.
Whose this friend?
The one who knows the boy?
You may ask yourself, is
my mind back in control now?
I think that's probably the
of where we're all heading.
I like to keep my surroundings
What's your connection to the
No more chances.
You're gonna have to forgive
me for what's coming.
Wait, wait.
Are you the new speaker?
Hi, Sarah.
Holton, it's a pleasure.
Yeah, Kar's out all week.
He didn't mention being out.
Actually we were expecting him
do you need a meeting?
I mean any of us are here,
any of us could do it.
No, no thank you, I appreciate
I just needed to talk to him.
Well we'll be here all week,
so let me know if you need
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Oh shit.
Hey, it's alright.
Come on.
Come on.
Lets go.
Right here.
I take it you are a friend of
the boy.
It figures.
I don't what your connection is
to the boy
but this land is mine and you
are marked
the second you take a foot on
What are all those kids doing
out there?
Why are they all locked up?
Sometimes being locked
up sets a man free.
Where's Kar?
You're gonna tell me what
your connection is to the boy!
Whatever it is you fear
most it's coming for you.
I'm writing story about
finding something that's pure.
The story isn't over.
Purity exists in this world,
the problem is the drivel,
these heroes could not save us.
That's not real life now.
The story I'm writing, that's
I don't like that we're
having more visitors.
He knows something about the
Tough shit, we got to get rid
of him.
Something about the
boy that we don't know.
He can still make mistakes.
Okay, I'll take care of the boys
and we'll take care of the
and you take out that trash
that's been stinking up my barn.
I don't know what's coming to me
but if it gives Adam a
better life than go ahead.
I have to protect the boy,
which is why I'm going
to give him your gun.
It's something to remember you
Words and threats, it's all I
Real torment comes from within,
that's why these boys listen to
Cause deep down, you're
the one relying on them
and they don't need you.
I'm telling you that you
chase purity and I live it.
And if that's what you're after
don't you come take mine away
from me?
Come on!
Let him free!
Let him free!
Why is he taking so long?
We need to try something new.
I need your help.
I need the alcohol.
We were saving this for leaving.
Go on, take it.
The normal methods aren't
going to work.
What does a man without
fear fear the most?
So the boy says you don't even
that's good because the more of
poison that goes in yah,
the more you become the
little blueprint you ran
away from your whole life.
You're gonna have to open your
mouth boy.
Come on!
I want more!
Come on, I'm ready.
Bring me more.
Get up boy!
I got something for you.
There, that's more comfortable.
Oh, there you go.
Not a bad view right boy.
Ah you're thinking it again.
The boy has his own free will.
He's coming into his
manhood, ain't yah boy.
I almost forgot, this isn't for
This is for you.
I can't toast myself.
This one's for me.
And this one is for you boy.
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?!
Someone's got to teach the boy
to toast before having a drink.
Leave him be.
I don't see no problem with
sharing a good time with the
No I definitely don't
see any trouble in that.
Top it off for you.
Now this is what adults
have on a good day.
Stop it.
One, you raise it up high.
Raise it to him.
And now you take a drink.
Go on.
Adam, don't drink that.
He has his own free will.
One more, now you got to
keep it in this time.
Now its gonna have a
little bit of a kick to it
but I ain't sent you wrong yet.
Come on, I ain't even
putting up a fight.
It ain't fighting,
this is how your mom and dad
play after a long day at work.
Someday if you want to grow up
you're gonna have to take a sip.
We ain't got all day.
There you go.
Again, drink it up.
Give me that!
Hey, hey!
Adam, stop it!
Goddammit, leave him alone!
Stop it!
You watch this!
Drink it!
Dammit leave him alone!
Hey, hey!
I'm gonna make you feel what he
just felt.
Go out and prep the tarp.
Bring the CAT around,
get a shovel, dig a hole.
Go out and dig a hole
boy or I'll make two.
I was thinking maybe
that friend of the boy's
really is the one that
I've been searching for.
A true hero.
Pain don't bother him.
He actually moves like he's
living in
some state of constant
Then I had an epiphany,
that when anger comes so does
the truth.
That's when I realized
when something happens with
the boy that upsets you,
you're not pure inside.
I left your friend out there.
And soon you'll be able to join
Make it stop!
Get away from him!
Oh hey, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay sweetie.
Come on, give me the gun, hmm?
Come on.
Come on sweetie, give me the
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun!
Come on, we got to get to the
Here, give me the gun.
Go go!
Come on!
Get you!