Aruvi (2016) Movie Script

The media is not being
allowed inside..
It is still not known to which terrorist
organization does Aruvi belong to.
- Gandhi road, Besant Nagar
- Ok madam
Tell me your details
Look here
- Do you know him?
- I don't know
- This is the girl's father.
- Please sit down.
Shakeel, The media is going frenzy
Yes mam
Play safe
I'll do it that mam.
Is the Ambulance here?
On it's way sir.
Wait! Wait!
You media people please
don't create commotion.
The investigation has not started yet.
We are taking them to the hospital.
Get them inside.
Get in.
Get going
Don't stop anywhere
Get going.
I just thought it would rain.
What are you doing in the rain ?
Come inside
The curry is done,
I turned it off.
Why are you getting wet?
I can do it.
Aruvi sweetheart, what
are you doing here?
Shall we play a game?
Aruvi sweetheart
Daddy is here
Beautiful isn't she?
Come and catch daddy
Don't cry.
I'll be right back after
marking my attendance.
Get going, I'll take care.
Kukotti Kunnatti
Sweet pudding
ARUVI - "A Stream"
Sweet little pudding
ARUVI - "A Stream"
Gobbled up shared
ARUVI - "A Stream"
Makes life sweet as the pudding
Kukotti Kunnatti
Sweet little pudding all grown up
Stop daddy, It's working
Sweet is the sugar I gobbled up
Go & check
Adorable cuckoos haven
Yes, It's working
Adorned by the water falls
Enough daddy, It's working
Kukkotti Kunnatti
Climb not the banyan tree
Pluck not the mangoes
Climb not the mango tree
Pluck not the coconuts
Kukotti Kunnatti
It's too deep, I'm not coming.
Look here, daddy is here.
Your footsteps they flower
Your sight so blissful
Havent you an eye of blazing sun
Havent you another of heavy downpour
Like an infant born
Daddy, It's hurting me
And a mom reborn
Too much lice
And a mom reborn
And a mom reborn
Think not of your poverty
For you are my deity
Shall we play a game?
You give me endless unexpected wishes
He's playing with the tape.
Don't bother your brother.
My unspoken wishes you fulfill
A good heart is fortune granted
Take it
A good heart is fortune granted
A good heart is fortune granted
Don't be afraid, It's just the sparklers
My good life is awaited
My good life is awaited
Look at dad. Okay?
Move a bit to your right.
Look here
Stop smoking, it
has a bad odour.
I won't smoke any more.
Load it.
It's getting late
Shivadhanu, aren't you ready still?
Aruvi, you little brat, what are you doing?
Are you coming with us or not?
In the city
there will be parks and beaches
and everything there is.
Keep it there
Arrange it properly
I don't like it here
Call him.
They are calling you.
Aruvi's father?
Yes sir.
Where is your house?
At the housing board
We've been here for almost 15 years.
You saw the graceful dance of a peacock
That makes you want to say your love is here
You saw the graceful dance of a peacock
That makes you want tosay your love is here
You saw the graceful dance of a peacock
That makes you want to say your love is here
I love you, Aruvi
I want to be with you forever
Dinesh, I don't like you at all
I'll tell my dad if you
continue doing such things
Shabi, let's go
You saw the graceful
dance of a peacock
Please erase my
name, I won't talk!
Shabi wait!
What? Get lost.
Do you have an extra napkin?
Can't you get your own things?
Get lost.
She's asking for a napkin to me
I yelled at her
He looks smart!
How did you bring it?
Buffalo! You haven't even studied
Make some tasty curry
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Click soon, silly
- Thanks, Koushik
- You're welcome
It is my grandfather's.
Real gun.
Some great Japanese General gifted
this to him during World War II
Give me some
Make me laugh
Get lost
Forget her, she's always playful!
This is how someone
should ask me out
A plain card
And when I open it, just three
words saying 'I love you, Aruvi'
The feeling when you read those words...
That is love
But why plain?
How could you describe
love with words?
Don't worry you'll be alright.
Teacher said it was compulsory, pa
I asked you to get the money
ready by Monday, didn't I?
Did you study?
Shabi, Mitochondria is
sure two-mark question, what's the bet?
2 Rupees?
That's cheap, never mind.
Where is your home work notebook?
- Sir..
- What 'Sir'?
- Sir, I forgot to bring..
- What 'forgot'?
MCC sir
UG Psychology
I don't know why, Ashok
I miss you a lot these days
I think I've fallen in love with you
But I'm in love with Divya
Jessy please come home
I'll tell you when you come
Are you mad?
Don't you know that he's hitting on Divya?
You're just nuts
Why would I propose if I had known?
Who is she to text my boyfriend?
How dare you?
Aruvi, let go.
Why did you drag me out Aruvi?
Truth or dare?
You know what?
Hell with your games !
Father, meet my friend
Aruvi, this is my dad
Aruvi, welcome!
- Wine?
- No way.
Adjust it.
- Cheers dad!
- Cheers!
- Dad!
- Tell me
It's my friend's birthday party
Mom wouldnt let me go
Get 300 bucks from mom,
but return by 10 p.m, okay?
Thank you dad.
I started
I did!
Mojo is calling you, go.
Are you gonna puke?
Are you going to?
Why did you switch your mobile off?
Sorry pa
Do you know how long
we have been worried?
Hey! Aruvi, wait!
Have you been drinking?
No, pa
Tell me the truth
Nobody drinks at your house?
- No way!
- Why not?
My father hasn't even touched a
cigarette till date for me
I wonder how you drink and make a mess
Do you like that guy?
No way, nothing before marriage
What if I get pregnant?
That'll be end of it!
Why are you laughing?
Everything changed
What happened? Sweetheart..
Tell me..
I don't know, dad
I brought you up so well
and this how you repay me?
Let go of me.
You still don't believe me?
You don't trust me right?
I want it too.
Happy birthday Aruvi
I'm coming.
What Karuna? Is it a gift?
What is it?
Did mom say something?
Don't believe anything mom says.
Why are you doing this to me?
- He's my brother!
- Come here!
Send this wretch away
somewhere, we don't need her.
Let's just think she eloped.
- Karuna didn't even wish
me for my birthday.
- Shut up
Is it that important?
Okay, it's not important.
Kill me then.
She's speaking ill about me to him
- I didn't say anything wrong.
- I wasn't talking to you. - Aruvi!
Aruvi shut up.
Come here.
If you were innocent you would have
committed suicide when I didn't trust you.
You wouldn't be fighting with us.
Look at you.
Isn't it obvious?
We can't tolerate this any more.
Get lost.
- Dad
- Bye
- Aruvi
- Bye
Come out
How long will you take?
What would the rest of us do?
Did you see a green
coloured panty somewhere?
That's your bag right?
Can I check?
You know Geetha?
Her green panty is missing it seems
She's been creating a huge ruckus
What can I do for her missing panty?
She brought the whole place down for that
She has been cursing the panty-thief
You should have heard
what she said finally
She said 'I can't look up
everyone's skirt, please return it'
Emily is afraid of none
I told her clearly
"Look Geetha, Emily minds her own
underwear, and doesn't steal..
she isn't interested
in others' panties"
Wasn't I right?
Where is Arulmani sir's office?
Women self help group (NGO)
They'll teach you tailoring in ten days,
then you can do it yourself.
You'll be paid 3000 Rs per month
Make sure you don't
take unnecessary leaves.
Thanks sir.
[Yours truly]
(A famous TV Show)
Within a concrete jungle
The oven is on the road
Amidst the untidy crowd
Is the cheer of life
The cheer of life
The cheer of life
The heart has a thousand desires
Desires know no boundaries
In a world of money, life ceases to exist
Money is not the way to happiness
Lets travel to the
place less traveled
Lets taste all that
kindles our taste buds
If its a crime to live
in a world of crimes
Take it hard on the
one who blames!
The heart has a thousand desires
Desires know no boundaries
In a world of money, life ceases to exist
Money is not the way to happiness
These men!
They may even overlook an
Aishwarya Rai (Actress)
but they never fail to
ogle at a transgender.
Are we that beautiful?
8000 Rupees
Father had a heart attack
It'd be really helpful if you lend her
1 Lakh Rupees for father's surgery
- Sit down.
- I'll return it somehow.
Don't worry at all
There is a god above.
Isn't it?
I could only manage so much.
Would they allow me to visit dad?
What the hell?
You think you can join
us by giving money?
I can take care of my dad.
Our relatives are coming.
You please leave this place
without causing any trouble
Words of love are uttered
not only by parents.
There is no god to rescue
at times of distress
Oh fools who trust
these useless gods
Worth earning for this tasty food
Learn to travel around
If its a crime to live in a world of crimes
Take it hard on the one who blames!
Emily Run!
You know where all he pinched me ?
With wheels on our feet
Blindfolded with eyes wide open
Our loss of honour
We willfully forget our loss of honour
We forget willfully
We spin like a top
We run with a narrow vision
Have we explored the skies?
Have we scaled the depth of the hearts?
"The terrorist Aruvi who is
under medical attention... being interrogated
by Shakeel Wahab IPS.
She is just getting better.
Don't investigate for long.
as informed by the Joint
Commissioner of Police, Pushpalatha.
All information about terrorist Aruvi
are yet to be disclosed by the police
We have a few questions to ask you.
One hour is all we need,
answer the questions honestly.
What's your name?
Mother's name?
Father's name?
Are you related to anyone?
Al-Umma, Naxal movements, Maoists?
Hey! What's so amusing?
Answer him properly
Do you have links
with any of them?
How many passports do you have?
Where were you trained?
If you confess your cadre, you'll have no problems!
If you don't, we'll have to handle differently
I don't want to lay my hands on you
Why don't you try?
How dare you speak like that to sir?
Get out.
Get out!
Are you feeling better?
There's slight pain in the
arm due to the bullet wound.
I want to ask you a few
questions about the incident
- Name?
- Balaji Subramaniam
What work do you do?
I direct a TV show, Sir
What show?
New views... New dimensions
In a brand new stage
"Yours truly"
There are thousands of problems
And solutions, a hundred thousand
For the people who seek change
Everything told here is the
truth, and nothing else
That Uncle forcefully made
me watch porn
What's with caste?
For having entered the classroom,
they feed my kid faeces.
I am a prostitute! I accept it!
But I'm ready to take
up a job if offered
That's truth, we don't
need her any more
I will even tolerate my
husband's demise, madam
But hundreds and hundreds
of Indian fishermen die everyday
Does anyone have the guts to question it?
If our silver star's
movie isn't released...
Hard earned money, madam
2,45,000; I've lost everything now
Am I a machine to offer myself whenever he wants?
I'm Lord Veerabadra
I am the almighty
I want my husband and my love
We are the seeds that are looking
for the roots of the problem
The stage that cures your pain
Over here, in "Yours truly"
The government has made
the whole society addicts
They've opened wine shops in
every street instead of schools.
The youth are murdering their own mothers
for refusing to give money to drink.
It is only a namesake General Hospital
Just because we refused to pay a
bribe of 300, they let my kid die
But I cannot help falling in love
Why did you kidnap my daughter?
She came with me willingly
The media ripped the issue
of the girl raped in Delhi
In the same country 2,20,000
farmers commit suicide
Which media reports that?
She is a woman who ran
away to marry a low caste
Why should I not kill her?
Every student graduates only with marks
Do they come out with alternate thinking?
Right in front of my eyes
my 10 year old daughter
was taken away by 17 srilankan army men
I could do nothing about it
I've lost everything for one
morsel of rice in the refugee camp
Let us enquire and decide
Everything told here is the
truth, and nothing but it
Is it okay?
Or is it a little too much?
It is okay
Play the final one liner again
Let us enquire and decide
Everything told here is...
Anyhow, show it to
the director once.
Please come down. The tranny
is creating a ruckus.
Something is really wrong.
Please come.
There is lot of work.
Fine, I'll ask it to come here.
You handle whatever it is.
Hey Subash!
The baby shower function set is confirmed.
Make sure everything is ready.
Please, I want to
meet the director.
Peter, Sir
It came in without listening
- Get up!
- Wait
- What is your name?
- Emily
Your number?
Fine. We'll call you. You may leave now.
Who are you?
He is the Director's assistant.
Are you his mouthpiece?
Are you not the director?
I asked for the director and you have got him.
He will also be a director soon.
If you have any problem, take a
paper and write all your details
mention police cases if you have
any filed and send it in post
Yeah, he'll read your post
and call you if your problem is interesting
Get up! You heard him.
Leave now.
I didn't even hit you.
Why are you crying?
You say you'll enquire and investigate
but you're not even listening to my problem
You're only keen on shooing me away
I won't leave without meeting
the director, ask him to come
Look, first stop crying
The director isn't here
Tell me your problem I'll do what I can
Three sex hungry men
cheated and ran away.
Cheap buggers.
Okay, we have a shoot tomorrow.
I have your number
I'll call you when there's no shooting
When will you call?
I'll call you.
Leave now. You heard him.
Get out soon
Off you go.
Three men? For a tranny?
Sorry madam, I was caught up with something
What have you done, Peter?
What happened?
I asked him to sew gems
I asked for yellow ones and
he has sewn orange ones
Tell your director I that I can't wear it
Madam, I fixed it already
Everything's ready for tomorrow's shoot
Oh, we have shoot tomorrow?
Sorry, madam
We have shoot at 8 AM tomorrow
I confirmed it with you
Oh ok.
What matter for tomorrow's program
The other day we had a pregnant woman who
was kicked by her husband in the stomach
- Hello
- How are you?
Thanks for coming.
Come please
What in the stomach?
Kicked in the stomach, she cried
because she had no baby shower function
We have planned to do that
function for her in the set
Costume has to be good for that function
Inform your director that the
blouse has to be perfect
Okay, bye.
Tell me, Amirthavalli
Oh my god !
Tell us your name and
where you're calling from
It's been one and half months since
my wife gave birth to our kid
And hence I'm confused about how to...?
What's your confusion?
You want to know when to start
your next, is it not?
Yes, Madam
Wait, the doctor will speak to you
Was it a normal delivery or a caesarean?
It was a caesarean, doctor
A minimum of two month's gap is advisable
It depends on your wife's health
You can begin again soon, thank you sir
Before speaking to this caller
we were speaking about
increasing the power.
Before we continue, let's go for a break
Cut it!
Can't see it's online
And you walk in just like that!
Move the fan a bit.
Go closer to her.
Sorry, sir
We have a small problem
We planned to go to shoot
with that pregnant case
Yes, we did
Go forward
We planned to do the baby shower
(exclusively for pregnant ladies)
Yes, we did
The delivery happened
Tomorrow's the shoot and
now you're telling me this
What can I do about it, Sir?
You're questioning me?
I don't care what you do
Day-after-tomorrow's telecast
should go as planned
- Understood? - Yes.
- Get out of my sight
Baby ready?
All the bangles
shops are closed.
What do we do? I've got 3 sets at home.
Would that do?
Listen, that won't do. The baby shower set up is
canceled. I'll keep you posted on what is required.
The shoot is canceled?
The shoot is not canceled. Only
the baby shower is canceled.
- Now hang up. I'll update you.
- Sorry bro.
How did the transgender
get three men?
I'll ram you into the ground
Get lost
Why are you angry?
Is the shoot cancel?
Please go, I don't want to talk
Check if it left
It left long ago
Catch her, I'm coming
- I'm not calling her back
- Just do what I say
Dear viewers, as prescribed
by our doctor...
if you have this special sambar.....
everything will function properly.
Isn't it Doctor?
Yes indeed. Do not forget to add a little
too much of the special ingredient.
Correct Doctor.
What is it?
A poor transgender
Three men ruin her life
She is now stranded
on the streets
There will not be any telecast problems
We can proceed with the shoot.
It's interesting.
A man transformed to a
woman, ruined by three men.
Get ready with this story.
I told the director
about your problem.
The director has agreed
to shoot your story tomorrow.
Tell me, three men cheated you, then?
Not me, they tricked
my friend Aruvi
- Old man, you got a light?
- Here you go.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
You never let me tell anything.
You were keen on shooing me.
Sir thought it was me who was cheated
That was my doubt all along
How would three men
do a transgender?
You guys can't even provide a lemon tea?
To hell with the production team.
Good for nothing. And you
claim to be a manager?
I feel like giving you a tight slap.
What is it?
Stop staring at my face!
What is wrong with you?
Now tell me.
Sir, those 3 men who got cheated...
Err, I mean the 3 men didn't
cheat the transgender.
Actually the victim is a girl.
Don't you know the difference
between a woman and a transgender?
How are you going
to make movies?
Look at your face!
Are you kidding me with the telecast
scheduled for day after tomorrow?
I don't care if it is a man or a woman or
a transgender. Get ready with a story.
Madam has been informed of shoot
at tomorrow morning at 10.00am.
If there is no shoot
when she comes...
Nothing sir.
They don't let me
eat peacefully.
Oh god! Madam is already scheduled for
tomorrow 10 a.m shoot .What am I gonna do?
Send that girl to my room
- Ok sir
You may get in.
Come in.
Did you eat anything?
Do we have biriyani?
Get 1 chicken biriyani.
What is it?
Two. There is one more person.
Make it 2 biriyanis.
Are you the victim whom the 3 men cheated?
This will be aired in the television and the whole world
will watch it. I hope you don't have a problem with it.
"The 3 beasts who cheated an
innocent & beautiful girl"
- How does that sound?
- Super sir.
Get everything ready.
It's late and I have to get those
three to come for the shoot
How did you guys come?
Please don't worry about it.
It's fine.
If you want you can
stay in the dub suite.
Tell me who those three people were,
what the problem is and other details.
Ok Sir
You don't have to sir me.
You can call me Peter.
Is it them?
Don't worry.
It's just an acceptance agreement to take
part in the program. It's a simple formality.
Ok Peter.
Hello, we're calling from
the show "Yours Truly"
You have ruined the life of a girl. Why
would you not turn up for the shoot?
Make sure your picture doesn't
appear on TV
It was your problem only
when it was between yourselves
Now that she's here, it's our problem
I've been waiting for your
call for a long time now
The call didn't get through
Will you be here tomorrow?
Are your daily chores
more important that this?
That girl has lost life because of you...
Aruvi, that guy looks
very smart, doesn't he?
Shut up
He looks good, I like it
Is it wrong to say that?
What would you do if she
goes to the police?
Sir, Please do come
What happened?
Two of them agreed. Only
Dheekshidhar is refusing.
This is his wife's number.
Peter tell him we'll tell her
and he knows what will follow.
Peter sir, please
complete your meal first.
Stories are ready. I am planning to make my
own short film and then go to next level.
There is this short
film show that's...
Hold on for a minute.
I pressed the button by mistake.
I spoke to the Iyer. He agreed to
come tomorrow. You may go to sleep.
Hey Subhash
Wake up.
Good morning.
Why are you late?
Change of plans.
The baby shower is canceled. Now, its a story
about an innocent girl who got cheated.
- Make 3 photocopies of the script.
- Fine
Make it quick Baasha!
- Jayashree, status?
- Is this position ok?
Yes, it's ok.
The TRP ratings would have come...
Take printouts of it and
place it on my table.
Good morning sir.
- Has madam started?
- She is on her way.
Ask that girl to come to my room
Madam, the director has reached.
He is waiting.
The director wants to meet you.
Sit down.
Don't get nervous in the set
All those who cheated
you will be here.
If any one of them talks ill
of you, don't spare him
Ask him if he has taken
women for granted.
Madam is like a goddess.
She is so godly
When you talk to her if you feel
like crying, dont hesitate.
You want to cry on her shoulders?
On her feet?
Do whatever you feel like
Prostrate at my feet.
Go ahead. I say it for a reason.
Greetings madam.
Good morning madam.
- Paapathi!
- Madam?
Call Peter.
Ok madam.
Madam, Script.
- What did I say last night, Peter?
- What happened?
How I can wear it if it's so loose?
You want me to keep adjusting
it during the shot?
I'll inform them. Give me a minute.
Why did she suddenly open it up?
I should have studied
engineering as my dad advised.
Get the costume ready
There's some problem with the
costume, she'll be here.
How long does she want?
Looks like you have
trimmed down sir.
- Shall we start with the pooja?
- Okay.
Camera, ready?
Lights off
- Madam, ready?
- Ready sir.
Someone is whispering sir.
Rolling sir
- (Phone rings)
- (Phone rings)
Sorry Madam!
Whose phone is it?
(Phone rings)
Sir! That's the microphone!
Beer bottle
I must not find you inside the sets.
Get lost.
Switch off all your mobile phones.
Ready madam?
Rolling sir
Saahithya Wet grinder presents 'Yours Truly'
Co-sponsored by Malavika Mobiles,
exciting offers that blow you away.
Dear Viewers,
We don't know what kind of a
society we are living in.
In this 21st century,
Women have achieved in all aspects
Man and woman are equal. We believe
that there is no more patriarchy.
But in today's program, you will
see the height of male chauvinism.
Today, in our program, we have an
educated, beautiful and young girl.
She is now abandoned and homeless.
The tears of this girl makes
all our hearts skip a beat!
We are the branches that seek
the roots of the problems.
What is the solution to her problems?
Lets get started with our program.
(Phone rings)
(Abuses) I had asked you all to switch off.
Whose mobile is it?
Sir. It's madam's phone.
Bring that girl here.
How many times have I told you to
put it on silent mode? Give it.
Your are on next. Be confident.
I am not coming to the airport.
I am at a shoot.
One minute.
What time will it get over sir?
Its only a single episode.
We'll finish it by 4.
Please wrap up by 3.30 sir.
Got some work at home.
OK. We'll manage.
Fine I'll be there. Meanwhile
you go pick her up.
Also, I have to change
Srini into another school.
No no no. I am going to put
my kids only in Billabong.
Ok see you soon. The shot is ready.
This is Aruvi.
Look here dear, you don't have to be nervous
while taking to a famous artist like me.
Consider me as your own sister and
share your problems. Ok? Sitdown.
Lip gloss.
Aruvi, Make yourself audible
Ready sir
Peter, where are those 3 men?
They are ready. They are sitting inside.
We can call them when required.
Ready. Silence
Ready madam
- Roll
- Rolling sir.
Sir cut, cut.
- What's your name?
- Aruvi.
Ready sir.
- Roll
- Rolling sir.
Beautiful name.
You look beautiful too.
When you sit on that sofa, you
must speak only the truth..
You must not lie
So tell me.
Why are you here?
I had a small misunderstanding
with my parents.
So I moved away and now I
am staying with a friend.
Friend? Girl friend
or boy friend?
A transgender madam.
Nothing wrong.
These days transgenders are
treated badly in the society.
Madam, you are getting
into unnecessary matters.
We'll talk about
that some other time.
So tell me.
What happened?
3 men, madam. Initially
they were good to me.
They cared for me knowing that
I was away from my parents.
I never expected they
would do this to me.
They made use of the situation, got
closer and finally cheated me.
Who are those 3 men?
How do you know them?
One of them is my
classmate's father.
Then a healer who performs his
Upanyasa healing in the temple.
Finally my boss, who gave me
a job when I was struggling.
What are you saying?
I can't believe this.
Dear viewers...
Is it possible for a girl to lead an
independent life away from her parents?
Looks like the society says 'NO'.
She is unable to fight back.
In the name of love and affection and disguised as a
dad, brother and honest person they have cheated her.
The 3 men are here.
Let's analyze and investigate.
This is Saahithya Wet grinder
presents 'Yours Truly'
Co-sponsored by Malavika Mobiles,
exciting offers that blow you away.
We'll be back after a commercial break.
- Ok madam
Where is Subash?
Where did you go without
offering tea here?
You told me not to
be inside the sets.
Being logical is it? Go.
Get us some tea.
Get ready with those three men.
Peter come let's explain
madam what to be done.
Madam, here is the next part.
Madam, the three men will be
seated.You have to fire them.
Ask if they take women for granted.
If we trigger their anger, we can
then turn the tables on this girl.
Logically, if she has been with three men,
then she definitely is not a holy virgin.
Fire her too. She will cry.
She will blame men.
The 3 men will get aggravated.
One of them might even slap her.
Don't mind. Let the quarrel carry on.
We will step in if it
goes out of control.
Till then, please fill
up by pacifying them.
Try to get their emotions out.
Sir, please wrap it up
and leave me by 3:30.
Ok madam.
She charges 30,000 for the
4 hours she spends here.
What is it ?
Sir. Coffee.
(Abuses) I asked for tea.
Don't forget. Please do not use the
name of your political party.
Hey Peter !
Get out of the frame
Saahitya wet grinder
presents, 'Yours truly'
Tell us about yourself
Greetings madam.
My name is Arulmani
I am in the real estate business.
I am a secretary of the party VMK
I do a lot of social service with the
intention of helping the needy.
Madam, enough of his stories
- So, you are into social service.
- Yes madam
Having done such good things,
how could you cheat a girl?
Aruvi and her transgender friend
came to my office seeking help.
I enrolled them in the tailoring classes.
And paid them a salary of 3000.
She was regular for three months.
Suddenly one day, she said that her father
was ill and wanted to do a by-pass surgery.
She wanted a lakh for the operation.
I helped her. I have never
seen her after that.
When a helpless girl asks money for her
father's treatment, you could've refused.
With what intentions did you help her?
I am not here to nod at whatever you say.
I have never asked about
the money till date.
We know why you helped her and why you
haven't asked the money from her!
- What do you know? You call a man of good status and insult here.
- Please keep quiet.
Dear Viewers, lets listen to the other two.
- Greetings.
- Greetings. Sit down.
Tell us Swamiji. You look saintly.
(Chants a slogan)
I am one who sees happiness
and sorrows alike.
I am a follower of Lord Balaji.
Venakatapuri Shri Bhadri
Sheshadri Dheekshidhar
I do Upanyasams.
In our history, spirituality
and medicine are intervined.
The Americans have learnt half of it and invented
reflexo therapy, touch therapy and many others.
All these methods use
touch as a form to heal.
I do this part time using the traditional methods.
OK Swami.
What links do you have with Aruvi?
She was a peaceful girl.
Every Friday she would visit my
temple and have the sweets offered.
She would listen to my preachings.
She was very pious. One
day she was teary eyed.
I told her that all humans have stress.
The reason for stress is the
imbalance in our chakras.
I told her that you might have some
imbalance in the chakras or hormones.
I told her that she will be alright if she
attends 10 sittings of my classes, free of cost.
She also attended.
She just attended 4 classes and
finally she made me come here!
In the name of spirituality, is it not wrong
to have an illicit relationship with a girl?
I never did anything wrong.
We do not have any illicit relationship.
I just applied my therapy.
What do you do in the name of therapy?
She accuses that you
hypnotized her and raped her.
If the doctor stops using the knife
for surgeries, can there be any cure?
By God's grace, I am doing whatever
service I can for this mankind.
Doubting me is as good
as doubting God himself.
You are very tactical. I
will get back to you.
You look worried right
from the beginning.
Tell us about yourself.
Please stop sobbing and tell us.
I am Joseph Mohandas...
I am an executive manager
at a Ford showroom.
My wife died in an accident
5 years after marriage.
I have a single daughter, Jessy.
Do you know Aruvi?
My daughter, Jessie has
stopped talking to me.
Your sin is so grave that your
daughter has stopped talking to you.
Do you know Aruvi?
She is my daughter
Jessie's classmate.
She was staying at my house saying
that she had issues with her parents.
She is also like my daughter.
She is like your daughter. Not your
daughter and so you misbehaved.
What kind of a person are you? Don't
you need to be moral at this age?
Circumst...Situations... Drinks....
I am not able to hear
clearly what he is saying.
Ask him to speak audibly
Is he telling a story here?
He is already ashamed here..
You go ahead sir...
Look at the camera and tell...
Sorry sir! We'll go for one more.
We are running through,
please go ahead.
Sir, one minute.
Papathi, glycerin.
- Sir, I'm ready.
- Run through
- Rolling sir.
- Action
Why are you crying like an infant?
You misbehave with a girl your
daughter's age. Are you human?
Do you realise the legal
punishment for this?
Madam, lets go for a break.
Dear Viewers, I am unable to control
my tears thinking of the girl's plight.
She has approached us for a solution.
This is 'Yours Truly' sponsored
by Sahitya wet grinder
Co-sponsored by Malavika mobiles.
Exciting offers that blow you away!
After this commercial break.
Cut it.
Super madam.
Jeyashree, Ask the girl to meet me
- Ok sir
I was thinking something..
Do you know Vijay
Sethupathy (famous actor)?
He is a good friend of mine.
I'm planning to do a film with him.
Do you know the place Neelankarai?
That's where the Producer's office is.
There is a role of heroine's friend. I
am looking for a face just like yours.
Are you free on Saturday?
Give me your phone number.
- Tell me.
- 7884542501
I'll call you in the weekend.
Let's see how it works.
Centre the table Basha.
Others come out of the frame.
Madam same mood.
(Abuses) Stop sleeping
and start rolling now.
Rolling sir.
Aruvi. I have spoken to all three of them.
They talk as though they
haven't done anything wrong.
What shall we do? Can we lodge
a complaint with the police?
Let's not do anything madam.
Let them apologize for their mistake.
How dare you! Why should we apologize?
- Keep calm.
- You threaten to jail us and she wants us to apologise.
Are you kidding with us?
I'm sorry Aruvi.
Having done all wrong and you apologize!
Does everything get over if they apologize?
You have come here asking for justice.
7 crore people are watching.
Ask them whatever you want to ask.
They are all yours.
I do not want to ask anything.
I wish to say something.
Go ahead and tell
whatever you want boldly.
I am suffering from AIDS.
These are the certificates stating
that I am HIV positive and my medicines.
The receipts from where I took
shelter and my skin patches.
I have been suffering for 2 years.
Since they have had sex with me,
I doubt they also might be infected.
I have had immunity
problems from my childhood.
Two years back I was admitted
at a hospital for Malaria.
They diagnosed and found
that I was HIV positive.
The nature of transmission was not known.
The counselor said that it might
have been transferred accidentally.
People around me thought that
I got infected due to sex.
My parents and my brother
only know about this.
They also did not trust me.
There were lot of problems
happening with my body.
I couldn't attend college properly.
My family thought that I was a disgrace.
I was asked to leave the house.
I stayed at Jessie's house.
I couldn't stay there also.
I then stayed at an NGO camp.
That's where I meant Emily.
She was also HIV positive.
Please ask them to get diagnosed soon.
The sooner the better.
Sir. Its rolling. Please
call out for a cut.
Cut it.
15 mins break
Why do you ask me to do a
show with AIDS patients?
What if she had touched me?
It is not contagious by touch.
Don't worry madam. Please.
Why did you bring her for the
shoot without a case study?
She told me everything, but this!
Shut up. Damn it.
I would've become the fourth guy!
Madam. Thanks for supporting transgenders.
- Get lost. Look at your face.
- Your face is worse than mine!
Sir, the episode is going good. TRP
is off the charts. Let's continue.
We have invited doctors to our sets
to diagnose these three men for HIV.
They will conduct the tests. Lets wait for the
results. Until then, a short commercial break.
- Your name?
- Aruvi
- Age?
- 24
- Blood group?
- B+
Sign here, sir
Sir, it's already 1. I have to leave by 3.
Yes madam. Once the results are out,
we'll question the girl's motive.
We shall end the episode mentioning "to be
continued...". You can have you lunch and leave.
Sir, Please sit inside the room
- Where is the doctor? Inside?
- Yes he is waiting.
- Why are they sitting here and weeping. Take them inside.
- Ok sir.
Aruvi has been tested positive.
Serious AIDS condition.
All the others have
been tested negative.
How is it possible?
Either of them could
have been safe.
Besides that, one needs body cuts.
God is not that rude.
See you sir!
- Please inform all four of them.
- Okay.
My family watches all episodes everyday.
Your program is awesome.
Did you call me?
The result says that the
three men do not have AIDS.
Don't giggle.
We are not going to tell
anyone about this result.
Lets continue with the emotion and
continue the episode for the next week.
We will reveal the results in the next
episode and end it on a happy note.
Let's tell them the truth.
They are all terrified.
Shut up.
Go now.
Your Highness! Go tell madam
that the shot is ready.
Ok sir
Let's go for the take madam.
Be furious on the girl.
- No need of the jimmy head sir.
- No need of the jimmy itself!
- Roll.
- Rolling sir.
Dear Viewers, There has been
unexpected twists in today's episode.
This girl has tried to infect these men with the most
dreaded disease of AIDS through her relationship with them.
The tests are being conducted and
before we get the results...
We have with us the three men
and the cruel minded Aruvi.
Let us talk.
Tell us.
Welcome to the world of AIDS.
All you three are going to die.
Shut your mouth.
Why did you do this?
Like in the Hollywood films, some bomb
or virus must destroy all humans.
What are you talking?
Are you insane?
Why do we have to live like this?
I understand.
Please take your hands off the mic, madam.
I understand that you
are mentally disturbed.
You can get cured at some
psychiatric institute.
Do they admit AIDS patients?
You have put the life of three people
at risk. Are you fooling around?
You speak so casually.
Sorry ma'am. Tell me.
Speak calmly and I'll answer.
Touch up.
Please do not sob so loudly. It
is picked up by the microphone.
Don't piss her off by talking like this.
I asked them to apologise
But she is furious on me.
I am calm and she is the
one who is screaming.
Am I screaming?
She wants to bomb the
place, and spread viruses!
You bring some maniacs
and take my life out.
OK Madam. Cool
Lets go for the take.
- Roll.
- Don't keep barking sir.
- What is your problem sir?
- Test result?
Please sit down. We'll let you know.
Don't take our lives!
- Sorry sir. A minute.
- Ok madam
Rolling sir.
Madam, rolling.
I know!
Miss Aruvi. You have ruined
the life of three men.
Why have you spread AIDS to them?
I didn't spread it to them.
Two of them had raped me.
They dug their own grave.
What can I do for that?
Why didn't you tell them
that you have AIDS?
I didn't feel like telling them.
What an answer is this? Had you told
them, they could've been saved.
How is it? I'll kill you!
You seem to be addressing her like a child.
I am not. Am I not questioning her?
You both please don't
fight unnecessarily.
Ask them to apologise.
You can answer the
questions I pose.
What sort of a girl are you?
You are brute.
Why do you ask them to apologize
as though you are a holy virgin?
Citing your dad's illness, you
got laid for money, isn't it?
I don't trust in the
concept of being a holy virgin!
What can a girl do if she is cornered?
He touches his daughter's
friend when she is asleep
He hypnotizes and uses the
patients who trust him
He touches the girl who asks for help.
How do you expect
them to be treated?
Spit on them? Slipper them?
Use pepper spray?
But whats the use? Will
they spare me after that?
Won't this politician finish me off?
Would he have helped me with One lakh,
had I told him that I have AIDS?
I did what I could.
Do you understand?
Instead of making these men apologize,
you question a girl's chastity!
What kind of a woman are you?
I'll break your teeth!
How dare you talk like this?
If you die, should all
the others also die?
Do you know what is life?
Do know the value of life?
Madam, no problem. Let's go for a break.
Madam, let's go for a break!
Let's go for a break.
Do you trust in God?
If you had trust in God, you would
be scared to do something wrong.
You would've realised the value of life.
You don't have a family and
so you are being like this.
It is disgusting.
Dear Viewers, I cannot
even look at this girl.
You might not trust in God
or obey your parents.
Isn't there a society?
If you have to live in this society
then you have to follow its rules.
Only then you can live
happily like everyone else.
Don't you have any intentions of
living happily in this society?
I am asking you. Why are you
being so staunch? Answer me.
What is happiness in life?
Are you all happy?
Can you be happy if you
live by the society?
What has this
society taught you?
Don't lie, do no wrong
Don't question others, trust in God
Can we be happy by following all this?
If we have to be happy in this society,
It is not enough if we
follow these rules alone.
There is a much bigger responsibility.
A family, two kids, a content family.
A salaried job.
Three meals a day
Own house, a normal TV
An LCD after that or
an LED after that
Or a home theatre after that
A Car, a bigger car if
we already have one..
After that a luxury car
Schooling for kids
A private English medium school,
definitely not government school
DAV or Don Bosco, no
Even you said, "I'll put my kids only
in Billabong (An international School)"
For a happy family, once in a week you must take them to the beach
or restaurant or a shopping mall or a movie in a good theatre.
The ticket costs 120.
All crap movies these days.
A family spends Rs.1000 on a movie
and there is nothing in that movie!
But it is our fate
to watch that movie.
Apart from this, clothes and
shoes whenever required.
You can buy how much ever you want.
We are bound to buy them.
You don't have to think
what you have to buy.
Wherever you are, you are surrounded by
TV, radio, newspaper, internet, mobile
roads, surrounded by shops, advertisements
with "exciting offers that blow your away!"
All this is for money!
The society says that I will respect
you only if you are rich. Simple.
Work wherever you want, snatch from any
ones plate, flatter anyone, be a slave...
.. be corrupt..
..kill or coerce or rape any one...
..fool as many people as you wish... a multi crore scam..
no one will penalize you..
Because, there is only one
rule in this society..
The society will respect you
only if you make money.
If you don't own a house, you
have problems with your wife.
Your relatives won't respect you.
Nor will your parents and siblings.
You will not get a groom
or bride for your child.
Where will I earn? For whom should I earn?
18 sets of clothes, an own house, a 4
lakh worth car, a crap movie for Rs.120...
...these are not my wants.
Whose needs are these?
It is for some rich bosses in the world
and his slave bosses that govern us.
For all the rich pigs to prosper, they need
a big market and India is that market.
We have no choice but to buy their
products with so many ads around.
We toil everyday and buy unnecessary stuffs
We forget why we buy them
for and we keep toiling.
Only then will all the rich
people be happy in this world.
God has created us
to keep them happy.
To die fulfilling the wants and needs
of the societal standards makes a family.
Only then the society will
accept your family and you.
If you accept all this only then
you can be happy in this society.
To live a life like this
you all can die of AIDS.
Dear Viewers, the topic is
getting heated up here.
You are watching 'Yours truly' sponsored by Saahitya Wet grinders,
Run through
Run through!
Run through. Let's go ahead madam.
Shut up. I am talking
and you start to leave.
I have answered your question.
Ask them to apologize to me.
Sir. Get this girl out of my sight.
Make her sit down.
Please sit down.
Madam sit down please.
Why are you talking to me Peter?
Follow that girl
A camera on madam.
They are moving away.
Jayashree. Make her sit down.
Hey! Get out now.
Go for a close up.
- Sir please stay sir.
- I am leaving
Sir. What is happening?
Get out I say!
Get out I say!
Look here dear
Daddy is here
Aruvi darling
What are you doing here dear?
Its my grandpa's. Real gun
There is no place for such
atrocities in this house.
Aruvi is also like
a daughter to me.
Don't worry
How is it? I'll kill you!
I'll heal your stress
There is no illicit relationship
Someone like this
Prostrate at my feet.
Are you free this saturday ?
Share with me as you would
share with your sister
I have AIDS
Why do you make me do
shows with AIDS patients?
Look at your face.
Why do you bring such people
and take my life out?
Get out, I say!
I am speaking here and you scream!
How dare you disrespect me? How
dare you scream? Scream now.
I dare you to scream now.
Ask them to apologise now.
Yuck! I can't see a damn thing on
the frame. Move aside all of you.
What are you staring at ?
Peter.. Move them aside
from the camera.
Idiots! Standing like an idol infront of the
camera lens
Useless fellows!
Don't you all understand?
Emily, bring Subash, driver
and the security inside.
Lock the door when you come.
I want all your mobiles and ID cards here.
Right now!
Are you all dumb?
Do you all want to get killed?
Tie it
Here, you have it.
Subash. Just a moment.
Hand it over to them.
You three are HIV negative.
The director and Peter hid this from
you to make this episode interesting.
You don't care about
anyone's life.
All you care about
is the episode.
Why do you get grumpy?
I know the difficulties
of this disease
An HIV positive person
never intends to spread it
For what you did to me, I wanted you all to
apologize in front of everyone on this show.
It got completely messed up.
When my HIV condition was revealed,
all of you saw me with disgust.
That irritated me.
AIDS is not a dreadful
disease as you all think.
It's a chronic disease like blood
pressure, heart problem and diabetes
This disease is a large business by itself.
To keep a huge amount of cash flowing, it is not the
disease that is to be killed, but the patient.
Only then one can earn from it.
I do not have any intentions
of hurting or killing you.
Your mobiles are here.
You can take them and leave.
You bloody wretch!
Stop there.
You think we are dumb?
You come and say you
have or don't have AIDS
Some one here is dying
from your gunshot.
You walk away with a
simple sorry (abuses)
You are so timid and you
threaten us with a gun?
- Give it!
- Let go of her!
- Give it
- Stop it you scoundrel !
Why are you doing this?
You loafing tranny!
Take that!
Who are you messing with?
Where do you think you are?
Shall I shoot?
Do you want to die?
Did I shoot him by
holding a grudge?
I said I was sorry.
You thrashed Emily mercilessly.
This won't work
This won't work
Get up
Get up
I could shoot you and leave
I have no fear
I don't have
anything to lose.
I don't care what
you talk about.
Make me cry
or die.
Aruvi let's go.
Say something.
You heard Madam right?
Say something
Don't shoot
You have 5 minutes.
Make me cry, or die.
(murmur) She said she'll let us go
This grown up idiot pulled
her again into this.
Say something
I can't think of anything, madam.
I have a family.
I'll try, please don't shoot
I'll speak.
Rajini gets kicked out of the
house, in the movie "Muthu"...
When I think of that scene...
What's that noise?
Please check what that noise was.
Subhash? Security?
Police Station?
Sit down
When you sit on that sofa, you
must speak only the truth.
You must not lie
When did you last cry?
About 2 months back
Tell me why you cried.
I'll spare you.
One day
One day
My cousin Maari called...
Don't cry while you speak
One day, my cousin Maari called
from my home town and said
The granny who sold Paniyaram (Indian
delicacy) was in a serious health condition.
The doctor said she'd
die that night.
He wanted me to meet her
if I was going there.
Who is that lady?
In my home town she's someone
who sells Paniyarams.
I've known her since childhood
Her name?
We never asked her and
she never told us
Everyone knows her as the old
lady selling Paniyaarams
She has a pleasant smiling face.
She had big eyes and she always
keeps talking about something.
When I was in elementary school
I'd spend most of
my time with her.
Buying something and eat always.
One old lady, fed the entire village.
During the harvest season
Kalathu dosa
Kalathu dosa?
Kalathu dosa
Two dosas with jaggery
sandwiched between them.
It's very tasty.
I used to relish eating it
She accepts our money
without even counting it
Okay, then what happened?
That night I thought
about it and slept
Just as I feared
Maari called me in the morning
and told me that she passed away.
He said we could complete the
funeral rights if I came
I went to the village
We took care of the funeral expenses
The funeral procession till
the grave was a grand affair.
Generally, in our caste
We bury the dead
But that day
They were preparing to burn her
I asked them why
The kitchen flames have
been her life all along
So, the old lady wanted to be fed
to the flames in the end.
I felt very heavy upon hearing that.
The entire village gathered
We set up the pyre
and burnt her.
With wood above and below her...
...the old lady was like the
Jaggery of the Kalathu Dosa.
The sight of it had
me filled with tears.
It burns
That was when I cried last.
Blazing fire
Until ashes are what remain
Oh Sinner, thy sins
They emerge
A tear drop amidst nowhere
That changes
My soul
- That bar shop guy is inside?
- Yes sir
Leave now. Everyone!
- What is the name of the office boy?
- Subash
This is Ravichandran
Do we have signal? Can you hear me?
Whom do you want?
We are from the telecom department.
We need to check the cable point.
ok come
- Who is it ?
- Some cable problem nearby
The curtain is open but
nothing is visible.
No one should know that the
police are watching over them
Okay sir
Subhash, Bring that beer bottle
Spin it
I cannot let you go that easily
A game.
You can leave from here
only if you play well.
When the bottle stops
and points at you,
you will do as I say.
No matter how crazy it
is, you will do as I say.
For the first mistake, I'll shoot at the wall.
For the second one,
your head gets shot.
Don't hide yourself behind the others.
Come this way.
The seventh tables,
without any errors.
If you make one mistake
I'll shoot around you
If you make a second mistake,
I'll shoot you in the head
The seventh tables?
The seventh tables
You have 1 minute time.
Ok Madam.
Seven 1s are 7
Seven 2s are 14
Seven 3s are 21
Seven 4s are 28
Seven 5s are 35
Seven 6s are 42
Seven 7s are 49
Seven 8s are...
8s are...
Seven 8s are...
Seven 8s are...
Seven 8s are...
Seven 6s are 42
Seven 7s are 49
Seven 8s are fif..
Fifty six..
Seven 10s are 70.
Stand back.
Subhash spin it
Don't know who is next
If it is the security, he's dead
Do you know the seventh tables?
Come here
The bottle you drank from
has become your enemy
I'll name a film
You have a minute
You will act out the
film, understood?
Come here
It's very tough
How do I act this out?
Give me some other movie
"It's there but not there"
Don't bluff
There is no such movie
The first one was better
I'll enact that one
Whom do I act to?
Not the director please
Even if he knows, he might not
answer, just to get me killed.
Come here
Find out properly
Your time starts now
Is the movie new or old?
How many words?
Vadacurry? Jilla? Villa? Billa?
Singham? Shivaji? Endhiran?
Who is the hero?
Turn this side and do it
What? Do something.
Car race
- Accelerator wire in the mouth..?
- Vijay (star)
Thalaiva (movie) right?
Hero "Vijay"
One word
Not thalaiva
Pokkiri? Villu? Thirupachi?
Gilli? Puli? Kaavalan? Kaththi?
Kuruvi? Youth?
I'll say something
I've named most of his movies
How is the movie?
Vijay's movie and a good
movie, how do I find out?
Thuppakki (The Gun) (movie)
Act properly
Quick, time is running out.
Wings, helicopter?
Vijay, helicopter, saving people
Are you sure it is a Vijay movie? Not Arjun or Vijaykanth?
I don't know, sorry
I'm not able to figure it out
You said it isn't Thupakki (The Gun)
Yuck ! What are you doing?
Nanban (movie)?
Madam, Can I use the wash room?
I have work
I said I had to leave by 3
Bring tea for everyone,
you can leave
I thought you'd die
Alas! You escaped
Madam, Shall I spin it?
You love me crazily
Propose me.
This is the flower
Hi Aruvi
I'm Peter
I have to tell you something
You're very beautiful
Someone as beautiful as you
No one could have seen
The IG couldn't be reached.
Peter is this how you propose?
Do as I say
Assume that I'm the producer
You have 3 minutes
Narrate a good emotional story
Say it
In a village, the village
head is an old guy
Respected all over
The whole town celebrates him
There's a murder in that town
- The people suspect him and he's heartbroken
- He is dead for sure!
If he goes home, everyone seems
suspicious and despise him
Like the movie Muthu he
gives away his wealth
He goes to the
forest to live alone
- Nonsense story
- When he's old and waiting to die
He thinks about how happy
he was with his people
and regrets dying alone
He writes a letter to everyone
pouring his heart out.
He takes a photocopy and sends it.
A nice guy in the
town gets the letter
The music gets loud
He reads it
He takes his bike
Goes to a tea shop
Gets a cigarette and smokes
How happy the village head was
What all he'd done
for the village
His good deeds seem
to flash through his mind
He stubs the cigarette
He calls everyone
He rents a bus, takes everyone and tells
them where the village head lives
The village head is happy
to see them and sheds tears
Everyone makes him feel happy and
he's blown away by their love
He's smiling
The frame freezes
And we inscribe, A FILM BY PETER.
Peter, what kind of
a story is this?
You said you wanted a
story for a good movie
This story is bullshit!
You narrate an old fashioned story now?
With a village head and all
It was my mistake to
ask you for a story.
Don't you write stories
that are realistic?
Why can't this happen?
Please go back to your place.
Give everyone
Go give it
How come she's serving tea?
- Take it.
- I don't want.
Can I leave?
Sit down.
Sit down, you can leave.
Come here
Come, sit down.
Sit near madam.
Hey security, Hit the girl with your stick
- We all can escape
- Shut up, We'll get caught
Come here.
Caught! Go.
Give me the stick
Why do you need it
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Madam, I'm 62 years old
I can't even walk properly
- What harm would I be?
- Sit down
Madam is your wife. She has been in an illicit
relationship with this man for the past 3 years.
You've come to this
show, 'Yours Truly' seeking justice
Ready, roll
Ready, roll
Rolling sir.
For the people who seek change, Yours Truly
Sponsored by Sahithya wet grinders, co-sponsored by
Malavika mobile, exciting offers that blow you away.
Tell me
You're very beautiful
You look smart
Your husband also looks smart
What is your problem? Tell me.
Are you kidding? I said I had
to leave, why do you do this?
Dumbo, she's asking you
Open your mouth and speak. I'll tell you.
She's Nagalakshmi
I got fooled by her complexion.
This is good for nothing.
This was working at
a photocopy shop
That's where these dogs met
3 months back I saw the texts in her
mobile while giving it for service.
Do you know what messages
they've exchanged?
What is this?
- A good husband
- No one has the rights to talk about me.
Don't get angry
Explain yourself when asked to
Tell me
What else? Get us a divorce
She'll realize only when
she begs on the streets.
Why did you foil their marriage?
We are colleagues and we
never crossed our limits.
What do you mean by not
crossing the limits?
Keep calm. I'm asking you Nagalakshmi
Did you not cross limits?
Good Lord!
I don't know anything
Don't lie
We know, you aborted
the baby last month
I had no idea
Open your mouth and tell her
Don't hit her
No matter what you
can't hit a woman
Why are you blinking?
I swear to God
I am in no way related
to the abortion
What is he saying?
Is it not because of him?
How many men are there?
I mistook you to be homely.
You seem to wander a lot!
Stop it
We guys are talking our lungs out
she isn't even entering the fray.
Listen to me, divorce us
We can't jump into decisions
Nagalakshmi what are you
willing to say, tell us
- It is all my fault.
- Touch up
- Madam
- Give me the cloth.
Ready, roll
Rolling sir.
You have a good husband
Accept your mistakes
and ask your husband
for forgiveness.
Do you have a problem with
her being with her husband?
It is a little saddening.
Let her do as she pleases
7 crore people are watching
He won't intrude in
your life any more
Today shall be a new beginning
You asked her to apologize
She isn't listening
I don't want this,
he'll thrash me to death
- Let me go with him
- That's it, it's done
Take her
I've been noticing
you keep hitting her
Look how she aches for me
When she has decided
to come with me
Hereafter we will
stand for each other
There's nothing for
me without her
Tell her to let go of everything
and ask her to come with me
Let her go for shoots or anything
I'll take care of her food,
juice and including touch up.
Come Shoba come sit on this sofa
Step out for a minute.
Subash, Do you have the
number of the bar guy?
I'm calling from studio
Inspector.. Inspector..
A call from inside the building..
Hello. Who is inside?
Will you open the door or should
I get the force to do it?
There are 20 people
held at gun point here.
Like the cops from movies if you try to
break in, your every step means a death.
The IG is on the phone
after meeting the CM
- Have you informed Chinnappan sir?
- No sir.
People have already
gone to the spot
Tell me
I asked you to inform the CM's PA.
The patrol has left. Go
to the spot immediately
How can you suddenly
put barricades around?
Greetings. What you
are watching is...
Get down. What are you doing?
Please take her away. No one should stand here.
Please don't form any groups.
- Don't allow the media past the barricade.
- Okay.
- I asked for the site map
- I'll get it
Home Minister's PA
I just spoke to the
higher authorities
The problem concerned
with this issue is
The Central Government is not willing
to call for NSG (National Security Guard)
They are suspecting
20 people inside sir
If we are unable to tackle
and there is any casualty
The problem would become bigger
The minister has spoken to the
commissioner Shakeel Wahaab I.P.S
He was serving in
the NSG for 6 years
In 1999
In the BGT Campus, there was
a terrorist hostage crisis.
He was part of the core team
- Sir, you put in a word
- I'll take care of it
This is Pradhusha live
from Chennai for NDTV
Sources say that a telephone call
has been made by the terrorist
Breaking news is pouring in
In the studio at Mylapore,
Velan Nagar 3rd street
A private TV channel show's
20 or more participants
are reported to be held
hostage by terrorists.
Anandaraj reports live from
the site, let us talk to him
How is the situation?
The situation is quite happening
People have started crowding the place,
they are scared to hear news of terrorists
- An important development.
- Tell us
A government vehicle with a
higher authority is passing by.
Let us see if we get any info about
the hostages and the terrorists.
Stay tuned with me
for further updates.
- Sir, Pushpalatha.
- Office in-charge? - Yes sir.
Do you have any details
about the hostages?
We are collecting the details.
The site map is available.
We have full details
of 8 hostages
Director Balaji, artist Shoba
Parthasarathy are amongst them.
We are collecting details about
the rest of the hostages.
The show's host Shoba Parthasarathy is being held
hostage. Family and friends of the hostages...
My house is right
behind the TV studio
I heard a gunshot!
I've spoken to Nirbhaya Menon
(intelligence department) in Delhi
I don't know which
terrorist group she is in.
Not much information.
Just give me 5 more minutes.
Hurry up, quick.
Madam, Nirbhaya.
As far as I know it can't be
any terrorist organization
It could be eastern groups
Shakeel is there isn't it.
I will speak to him Ma'am.
Sir, DG Nirbhaya
Menon is on the line
Yes mam.
I just arrived
I'll let you know. Thankyou.
Call to that number.
Aruvi, pick up the phone and talk.
I'm not asking who you are or
which organization you belong to
We need to know that the
20 hostages are safe
Too many gunshots, we need to
know how many are dead or alive
Everyone is safe sir
How do I believe you?
Who are you, which organization,
what are your demands?
I can notify the government
based on what you tell me.
Let me know if you have any demands.
Do you have any?
- Why are those people standing out there?
- Funeral sir.
We are running out of time. We have
to get in and get those idiots out.
Clear this right now.
What are you all doing?
Didn't you all see how furious
the commissioner was?
Clear the funeral first.
Why are the media here?
Tell me, what is
your say in this?
We have sent a warning through
the Centres intelligence
Tamil Nadu is under
terrorist attacks
What he says surprises me
The State Government
is responsible
Who do we blame?
- Don't talk without understanding.
- We blame you..
If the hostages are safe
You ask if Tamil cinema
actors can go save them?
Your plea has been heard, you will now
hear DSP's music from Ajith's Veeram
What kind of a society do we live in?
Everything has resulted in terrorism..
My name is Aruvi
I don't belong to any group
I don't have any motivation
No hostages are harmed
I have only one demand
I'll tell you my
demand in a while
Fulfil it
I'll surrender in the
next half an hour
Can you hear me?
I've sent you her photo,
find out who she is. Quick.
We don't know her demands
Pass the information to
the Defence Minister.
How many times? You fool!
Move, clear the place
I asked you to stay away.
Sir, the photo..
Post people out there.
Clear them out!
I'm scared Aruvi
Surrender yourself
If the force gets in
they'll fire you.
Call them again and tell
them youll surrender
What can the police do?
They would probably imprison me
I'm an AIDS patient,
they can't do that
I can only be kept
under medical care
Connect the TV
This woman is named Aruvi
aged 24
She has studied Psychology
at MCC, Chennai.
She lives away from her parents
and there's news of her having AIDS.
To know more about her our reporters
are there collecting information.
Complete details will
be available in a while.
Special Officer Shakeel Wahab has
indulged in police brutality.
You are now viewing
footage of the incident.
A heated argument is taking place between
the media and the police on the spot.
There's another caller on the line.
Hello, who and where
are you from?
This is Sabapathi
from Myladuthurai
Tell us Sabapathi, what are
your views on the incident?
The laws and punishments
should be severe
Women like Aruvi
don't deserve mercy.
Like the Gulf countries, we
should kill her by pelting stones
Thank you for sharing your views
We have received an update.
A CRPF vehicle is headed
to the spot.
You are watching the live feed.
Sir, I was trying to reach you
Just to know...
Sir, I'll just call you back.
Sit down
We have covered up the area
Don't worry
Tell me how many are there?
Tell me
My phone is on
I cannot speak
I was told to give this to you
Do you know to read Tamil?
Read it.
Mutton biryani
It's a list of food items
Read it.
6 mutton biryanis, 3 chicken biryanis, 4 mutton chukkas,
4 fish finger and 4 curd rice
It's a long list
She gave this?
Yes sir
And a chill beer
One minute
I gave it to them and I ordered a
beer, check if anyone needs other drinks.
Subhash must be here in a while,
everyone can eat and leave.
We'll surrender.
Everything is here
Who asked for foreign brand
I could only get local brand, is that okay?
Oh flag of peace
that touches the sky
The high flying kite, is that of love
With lamps in our hands
We search for light
In the horse ride called life
The horse loses it's way
Who is that who
predicts the future
Come relish the beauty called
life while death awaits you
I'm 2 streets away
from the scene
The green building where the crow is, is
where the terrorists are holding hostages
We have information that Special Action
Commandos from the CRPF are here
It's been about 6 hours since the terrorist attack at
the local TV station, we're 50 metres from the site.
Nevertheless let us be alert
We don't know how powerful they
are or what their plan is.
Tear drops in them flowery eyes
Fuels the soul
drenched in emotions
The search never ends
Nor the song
There are the colours of fun
and then those of abyss
Witness God through life
For the clutches of
death are inevitable
We're nearing the target
Fitting the door blaster sir
Sir, waiting for your command
Arrange the vehicle
Sir, moving in to rescue the hostages
Don't! Stop it!
The media is here, don't do anything.
It will be a huge issue.
Take her away.
The crisis of many hours
has been resolved
The terrorist Aruvi has been arrested
We don't know where
she will be taken
Our reporters are looking
for information everywhere
For more info, stay tuned.
According to the current update, the
hostages have been freed from Aruvi's grasp
- Your name?
- Joseph Mohandas
- Age?
44 sir
- It's Nambu, a Japanese pistol used during World War II.
- Whose is it?
Her grandpa's
Media people please do
not create any commotion
The interrogation has not started,
we are taking them to the hospital
Both criminals are AIDS patients
One is in a serious condition and can
be placed only under medical attention
Only after we produce them in
court we can say any further. Thank you.
T4 cells are dropping
out drastically
There must be proper
intake and care
There's nothing in her system
Culminating condition, let's see
She is stubborn and
highly nutritious.
She will live many years
That wretch went somewhere
and brought back the disease.
Aruvi is not guilty of anything.
The twilight is all that remains
But the heart longs
for the sunrise
Will the eye of dreams
close without witnessing it
Or be gone, it's purpose unfulfilled
As a loving heart embraces you
the sorrow of your mind thaws in fear
How long do I have doctor?
You're fine, don't worry
about anything and be brave. Understood?
Your name?
Since the offenders are AIDS patients
the Court has ordered that
they be under medical care.
Just give this to her
And if she needs anything,
don't hesitate to call me.
unable to enjoy the chill breeze
Do I look ugly?
No, you look fabulous.
What's with you?
your breath is always aching
and longing for something
whatever relationship we had
does it look shrouded by smog?
This is life
even pain is an experience
if you ask for more
you will even be
blessed with boons
the body that experiences
love, lives longer
It burns
It's burning real bad
Jessy right?
Should I wake her up?
Let her sleep.
the body that experiences
love, lives longer
I don't like being here Emily
I guess I'll end up dead here
It stinks here
Take me somewhere
I'm afraid I'll die
feeling trapped
Take me somewhere please
Nothing will happen to you Aruvi
The doctors are here
Where do we go?
I'm there for you.
Nothing will happen.
Stop worrying, close
your eyes and rest.
I want to see my dad
Daddy is here
I'll take you dear
Daddy is always there for you
I don't like it here
Aruvi is missing
There, that's the building.
Look at dad, okay?
We've taken all the tests
Aruvi is HIV positive
Always iPad, keep it in.
- Shut up your highness
- Don't talk to me like that
-You know what guys? I won't go to that shoot any more.
- Really?
- Dad?
- No mom, FB.
A new video message received
Someone A R U V I
Emily, come here for a minute.
We're shooting a new scene
We removed her because of complaints.
Wait, I'll call you back.
I wanted to talk, that's why
I don't know if I'll be
alive when you watch this
I don't know what to say
I was a brat as a kid
I used to make my brother cry
Hit him
The puppy I left in my home town
Parameshwari who was crying
with her stained wet skirt
My school friends
I don't know what
they're doing now
I wanted to get married
and have a kid
How I should bring my kid up
I longed for it
That child's face
I can't think of anything else
I'm scared
I've been here so long
that the thought of
dying and leaving here
I fear that I haven't
lived the right way
It doesn't matter if there's pain
It doesn't matter if
there's suffering
It doesn't even matter
if I can't swallow food
I wish I could live
a few more days
I miss you a lot
My thoughts are filled with you
I didn't do anything wrong
How do you live without me?
When you asked me to get out
I had no one but Emily
She is never idle
She never listens either
I don't know why
but she loves me a lot
She asks me what I want
If I want this or that
She would insist that I ask
But, I've never asked
her what she wants
After my demise
If any of you name your
kids Aruvi I'd be happy
That Aruvi
Tell her not trust anyone
or anything blindly
Tell her to reason everything
And tell her to be kind to
all, it would make me happy
I don't know what to say
I had a lot in my mind
but I keep forgetting
This morning I had
really bad cough
I was scared I'd die
That's when
Before I got into
another coughing fit
I wanted to tell you all this.
I wish I could see
you all once more
That's all
If I ever made a mistake
Forgive me
One cigarette
- Okay sir.
- It's just Peter.
Okay Peter
Peter, you love me
Propose to me.
Narrate a good emotional story
He goes to a tea shop, lits
a cigarette and smokes
How happy the village head was
All his good deeds seemed
to flash through his mind
He stubs the cigarette.
And the music gets louder.
Is this Aruvi's dad?
Yea. I saw it.
Yes, let's go.
What time?
I'll be there in the morning.
- Where is Andalkudigal?
- It's right up here.
Shall we spin the bottle?