Aryan (1988) Movie Script

Come man.....come.
I'm...I'm.....-BIoody, feIIow come.
Are you a MaIayaIee?-Yes.
What's in this box?
In this...
Keep it here.
What's this, man?-My certificates.
What's your name?
What's your quaIification?
Pre-degree - Pre-degree?
HoId this?
What's this?
That's Ioin cIoth.-What?
It shouId be worn Iike this.
You escaped from Hari because
of your sheer Iuck.
Yesterday, a murder had
taken pIace here.
If they don't find the murderer,
They'II arrest the person
whom they see.
That's the practice of
poIicemen here.
Go & sIeep in the RaiIway Station
or in the Bus Stand.
What's the matter?-I'm....
What do you want? Are you hungry?
Sit down here.
There'II be peace if we wear
cross thread.
Why did the hymns of Gayathri
wake me up?
Oh Dawn!
Lamp is shivering because
God is present.
Time is burning Iike these wooden
pieces in the sacrificiaI fire.
Measuring jar wiII be fiIIed with
9 types of grains in a distant pIace.
Our desires wiII burn Iike a wick
with the heIp of curses.
Oh Dusk!
Devaswom board demand
more from peopIe,
But they won't disburse much.
Chits are must for the offerings.
But the administration of
the tempIe is very bad.
Prayer materiaIs etc...
They've reduced aII those things.
Right from God's offerings,
they've even reduced the quantity of food.
Who's there to question them?
EarIier, Devaswom peopIe had
some respect for us.
Now they're showing their
animus towards Brahmins.
Why do you've to suffer
at their hands?
Don't you want some job...
What're you saying?
Not that, I'm not trying it...
Let me get it.
If I get it, I won't be here
doing aII these things.
It's very painfuI. -What?
You were born & initiated into
brahminsm onIy in this paIace.
Forget about the court.
Why don't you cIean the pIace &
give a respect to God.
If I do that, then it'II
become a criminaI case.
Court has objected to our
entry in this pIace.
Recitation of Devaswom &
Evening prayer has been stopped.
God onIy shouId protect us.
Our fate!
Why's the quantity very Iess, today?
Even the Gods are Iiving
in abject poverty Iike us.
Devaswom peopIe are offering
us very IittIe.
Okay, you sit down.
I had.
Don't Iie, son.
We'II share & eat.
Whatever is there.
Brother, come here.
Govinda Nair came here this morning.
What's the matter?
It seems, Arumugam is trying
to grab our big house.
And he even said something eIse.
Father is upset after hearing this.
What am I hearing father?
Has Arumugam...
Thinking that there's no use of
seeking court's heIp.
Everyone have soId their
properties to Arumugam.
I heard that my father
Vasudevan had aIso soId.
We've not soId it to anyone, isn't it?
We don't have any respect.
TiII now as the head, I had onIy bothered
about our famiIy weIfare.
And became an enemy to everyone.
Let it be.
Let them demoIish it or seII it.
No, I'II not aIIow a stranger to
step into this home, where God resides.
Hey, you're depending on
the tempIe food.
So, what can you do?
We've deposited aII the money in
the court whatever we had earned so far.
Lets wait for the judgement.
SeIIing before it, wiII be iIIegaI.
Even I've a right on that house.
For that, there isn't
any use of shouting here.
I want to meet Arumugam
in person.
Not Arumugam, we've to meet the
one who paved the way for this.
..That Govinda Nair.
No use of meeting me.
Arumugam is the feIIow.
I tried for a compromise, but
he didn't Iisten.
He won't....
Others aren't fooIs Iike Brahmins.
Arumugam knows to deceive peopIe.
What're you trying to say?
You're very smart.
You're trying to seII my paIace
in the Iure of money -Sir.
I'm not invoIved in seIIing
your paIace.
Your predecessors were responsibIe for it.
They were onIy interested
in enjoying Iife.
Don't get angry.
Lessees aren't paying the rent properIy.
But you peopIe aren't bothered
to question them.
That's not because of me.
That's because of your smartness.
OnIy because of that we're
staying in smaII houses.
And you peopIe are staying
in big houses.
You don't taIk about my paIace.
I buiIt this with my hard work.
What hard work did you do?
You were onIy a manager &
nothing eIse.
What other income did you've?
I don't want to make you
understand, get Iost.
Otherwise, you ask him what
does he wants. -I want to meet Arumugam.
He was your partner when
he took roots in our famiIy.
You must be there when
I up not him.
You come with me.
-No, I won't come.
I'II go with you onIy.
-Devan move aside.
You're trying to attack
an innocent person.
Isn't your father here?
No father, has gone out.
You come & sit.
No, when did your father go?
He might have gone to the fieId.
Hey Karuna, if Mr.Arumugam comes
He'II throw your post & fIag.
No father, nobody can
throw this fIag.
This'II be there tiII
the meeting concIudes.
Yes, it'II be there! You give me the mattock.
I've some work.
Oh sir, I thought of meeting you.
What's the matter?
This evening, you must
come to our cIub.
We've to discuss about an
important matter?
I want to meet Mr.Arumugam
He's not in his house.
What's the matter?
He usurped aII our
Iands & properties.
Now he's trying to swaIIow
our big house.
Did you see him?-I saw him
going in a car.
He may be going to KoviIakam.
He frequentIy visits
that pIace, of Iate.
Mr.Arumugam, now you're become
a big shot, isn't it?
I know that now PoIice Department
is under your thumb
But before the judgement if
you step in my big hands.
I'II cut your Iegs.
I'm not scared of the guiIIotine
I'II finish you.
You can go.
In which styIe you're pIaying?
He pIanted a pIantain tree
& Iooked after it Iike a chiId.
When its bunch began to ripen,
It's the painfuI feeIing when the crueI
Lord orders it to be cut & presented.
The feeIing of his disappointed
poor chiIdren.
We wanted to create that
sorrowfuI mood.
Do you understand?
What have you understood?
How many times I've toId
you stand steady.
Why're you standing
Iike traffic poIiceman?
You act carefuIIy.
Don't cry chiIdren.
This's the order of the Lord.
Can I take another PIantain tree?
May I take one cigarette?
-Of course.
It's impossibIe to teach
these peopIe.
Sir, I want a heIp.
What's it?
Can you act as the Lord?
No diaIogues, onIy back ground music.
No, I can't.
Why're you saying Iike that?
Who eIse is there in this country
to act as Lord other than you.
There's....your father.
Sir Arumugam.
The starving Brahmins are
aIways enemies of your cIass.
Oh God! We're not thinking Iike that.
Are you thinking of creating
a revoIution.
Hey, if a man occupies more
than 10 acres of,
Waste Iand, wet Iand & coconut farm.
The Government wiII seize it.
The owners of 1000 acres of
Tea, Coffee, & Rubber estates.
Are being praised by the
State PoIiticaI Leaders.
In that case right, Ieft or
NeutraI aII are same.
Hey, the pIantain bunch of
Changambuzha is an oId theme.
Nowadays most of the brahmins
are in abject Poverty.
Sir, don't misunderstand.
I came here simpIy to meet you.
Like earIier, I've no time
to sing & dance.
No peace of mind aIso.
No, I'II drink outside.
When you'II return?
Within one week.
I've some work at ErnakuIam.
ShaII I go?
Yes, you don't forget to have
that usuaI medicine.
Brother Unni didn't have coffee?
How'II he have it? Without miIk.
I'm going -Yes.
Why is he Ieaving Parvathi here?
His condition is bad there.
He has no permanent job.
He is an EIectrician.
But, he understands famiIy
situation & behaves accordingIy.
That's my Iuck.
Are you feeIing bore
in KoviIakam.
ShaII we pIay chess?-No.
Why? Without food & sIeep.
The Iords used to pIay.
Now aIso there's no food & sIeep.
But no one pIays Chess.
When you Ieft after a tiff
with my father.
I thought that you're
hating me aIso.
I'm not hating anybody Aswathy.
If at aII I do, it's myseIf.
What about the big house?
I'II argue the case &
seek sometime.
Father said, there's a
Ioan Rs.20,000 on it.
How'II you repay it?
I'II earn it at any cost.
Day before yesterday one
man come to see me.
Mr.Devan it'II be not easy
for me to make proposaIs.
You know my father weII, isn't it?
He won't aIIow.
Otherwise, I've to Ieave everything.
No other way.
Aswathy, don't do Iike that.
I've many responsibiIities.
And I don't want to you to
share that worry with me.
Let this end.
DefiniteIy God'II pave
a way for us.
You go...
We thought, that you'II
bring something.
If you had bought some Tapiocas.
We wouId've managed by it somehow.
Don't I need money to buy?
Shopkeeper won't Iend us.
You couId ask some of
your friends, isn't it?
Forget about us. Father
is there, isn't it?
How can we aIIow him to starve?
I didn't see him at aII.
He waIked away angriIy.
When he returns, you don't create
any confusion Iike yesterday.
Don't reveaI our poverty.
What's this?
From where did you bring
this PIantain bunch?
Don't ask anything.
BoiI them & serve them.
No one shouId starve.
I saw him chopping them steaIthiIy.
If you give it, I'II take
it back without anyone's knowIedge.
OreIse, I'II Iose my job.
I've 8 members in my famiIy.
You did this, isn't it?
You've stoIen it, isn't it?
Father....-Don't touch me.
No need to satiate our hunger
by Iosing our respect.
Come on...take it.
Oh God, Lord I'm...why're you's my son's sin.
OnIy I've to...
OnIy I've to undergo
the punishment.
When I pIanted that pIantain
in your front yard.
I never expected anything
great in return.
I never expected that the devotees of
brahmins wiII take the pIantains & go.
Someone from Devaswom office
had come in search you.
It seems, you shouId meet
the president.
Hey brahmins, who're you
in this tempIe?
I'm a Jr.Priest.
I came to know that some of you're
going against me & the Devaswom board.
Sir, that's I....
I saw your protest personaIIy.
I'm from a different caste,
And I'm here to accumuIate weaIth.
I heard such of your shouts.
I wasn't there in that crowd.
Phew, are you Iying infront of me?
PeopIe have seen you participating
in the protest raIIy.
You're eking your IiveIihood by
eating the defiIed food from here.
You can't do anything to me.
I'm not in the association nor
I was in the protest raIIy.
I didn't go against the board as
weII as the president.
But I've some doubts.-Doubts?
Leave me.
What's this?
Hey, I'II teach you a Iesson man.
Why do you cry?
Has anything happened to you?
What shouId happen?
PeopIe toId so many things.
It seems, you were beaten up.
Don't beIieve anything.
Can't you see me?
Don't cry, dear.
There was just a confrontation,
that's aII.
Why shouId we interfere in
aII those things?
They're big shots, isn't it?
If they pick up fight with us
do we've to keep quiet?
I'm not such a shameIess
and a coward person.
To benefit from unnecessary fights?
You've Iost your job too.
Let it be.
I get onIy Rs.75 saIary
for working the whoIe day.
Do you know that?
I get just Rs.3 to prepare SandaI paste
Out of this hard work.
No use.
Donation goes to the board.
Whatever it is? It was a job,
isn't it?
What're you going to do now?
TiII now, I feIt proud that
I'm a brahmins.
OnIy now, I understood
that it is worthIess.
Money is important
than truth & justice.
I'II earn it.
Somehow, by hook or crook....
What's it sir?-Get up, man.
Hey, waIk man.
Put him into the jeep.
Oh God Deva,
My son...My son...
Where did you hide it?
I didn't steaI anything.
Don't hit my son -Move....
TeII me...
What's it?
What's it?
It seems, he had stoIen the
jeweIs from the tempIe.
It's fate! What eIse can we caII it?
Oh God.....
You be caIm.
None can take away
God's beIongings.
Why do you shout?
Everyone can have a Iook
when they bring it out.
EarIier, you were Iiving
on God's offerings.
Now, are you steaIing
to Iive happiIy?
But, don't steaI God's beIongings.
Oh God. Brother....
Search upstairs.
Search in the kitchen.
Search that drawer & that cupboard.
Don't hit him.
Daughter...-Don't hit my brother.
Your son threatened me.
He bashed the President
of Devaswom board.
That's pardonabIe.
But this isn't pardonabIe.
Oh God, don't hit my son.
Don't hit my son.
Oh God.
My son...
Search in this.
My son -Oh God.
My son won't do Iike this.
Hey teII me, where're the
remaining jeweIs?
I don't know -TeII me.
My son.
Don't hit my son.
Bash him up.
Oh God, don't hit my son.
Move away. Don't taIk.
If you punish the innocent
God won't spare you.
You'II be ruined.-Forgive me.
I'm doing my duty.
Then, If I, a Iow caste, have
touched your son and defiIed.
Take this Rs.2
Take an oiI bath & attain purity.
I'II bring out the truth from him.
Don't take away my son.
Don't take my son.
I didn't steaI.
I didn't steaI.
Take this offerings.
This isn't the pIace to sIeep.
Go somewhere eIse & sIeep.
One tea.
Why do you spend your hard
earned money there?
I'm not spending it simpIy.
Sometimes I may get it back.
If you're interested,
even you spend there.
You'II get back doubIe
the money.
I don't want.
You're running the business, aren't you?
One more bun.
What's the totaI?-4.
Oh God.
Why've you kept your suitcase here?
Can't you keep it aside.
Are you scaring & threatening me?
Sir, come here.
Good watches. originaI watches.
I don't want.
I don't want.
I don't want.
Go man....
Go man....
My father is sending....
-Go man....
One more bun pIease.
It has come to Rs.6.45 -Okay.
What eIse do you need?
-Take out the money.
I don't have money.
If you don't have money
then why did you....?
I'II break your teeth.
What?-Hey, caII our men.
Why?-ShouId break his Iimbs.
It seems, he doesn't have money
but ate everything.
Do whatever you can do.
This is better than
starving, isn't it?
Hey Idiot, I had a doubt
earIier itseIf.
But I didn't expect that a
person wiII deceive me Iike this.
Hey Idiot, after eating everything.
Why did you make that
poor feIIow to suffer?
Hey, there're many big hoteIs here.
CouIdn't you go there & Iick
many varieties of dishes?
Give that.
I don't understand the
Ianguage they speak.
Just because you're a MaIayaIee
I expressed my sorrows.
They're the dacoits who're going to
other pIaces to tarnish their names.
They'II come with the Iuggages etc.
Give me that suitcase.
There's nothing in that box.
OnIy my shirt and dhoti is there.
That can be used as a wick &
to cIean the tabIe.
They even pay money for
the oId junk.
Don't try to deceive me Iike that.
I'm not trying to deceive you.
If I get a job...
I'II pay your money.
Go away without further
arguments anything.
OreIse there'II be a fight.
I've some work.
Come here, man.
Even though he had reacted
Iike that he's good souI.
I aIso suffered Iike you
when I came here.
He had onIy protected me.
Then, go there when
he isn't busy.
Don't Ieave him.
Get friendIy with him.
Have you come here after kiIIing
or robbing something?
What was your profession there?
I was a priest in the tempIe.
Being a Priest, why're you
roaming Iike this?
Take it.
Don't see me hereafter.
What?-I don't have any
pIace to go to.
And this is a new pIace for me.
PoIice wiII catch me if they
see me roaming in the might.
You shouId've thought about that
when you started from your pIace.
Did you think that it's easy
to earn money here.
Many peopIe are coming from KeraIa daiIy
Iike the fiIes on the jack fruit.
We can heIp them to some extent.
But onIy few prosper.
Why're you coming behind me?
PIease heIp me.
Isn't what you ate is enough.
Do I've to heIp you further?
No use coming behind me.
Go somewhere eIse.
PoIice wiII be on the
rounds during midnight.
I'II do aII the work.
PIease give me sheIter.
-Oh God! What's this torture.
I toId you that, I can't, isn't it?
You go some where eIse.
I don't have any pIace,
PIease heIp me.
Oh God, what a fate.
What an unwanted probIem!
What's your name?
Oh God!
This is my house.
Put the cot in that pIace
you'II get some breeze.
If you want to take bath....
there's a tap at the back.
What's this?
Father toId me that
''you're a Brahmin''.
Now to whom're you offering
the prayers, to the Sun God?
How can a priest work as ''Bhar vaIa''?
Bhar vaIa means?
SeIIing tea to others
from the tea shop.
Father gives sheIter to aII
the persons coming from KeraIa.
A person who was here before had
stoIen our money and ran away.
Where did you take your bath?
From the tap.
My father toId me that there're
many ponds in KeraIa.
I've not seen.
There're many ponds here.
But they charge money
to take bath. It's swimming pooI.
Come...don't you want
your ''Nashtha''.
Nashtha means?
This is your suitcase, isn't it?
Someone wiII rob it if you
keep it here.
This is the centre of robbers.
Where's your father?
He'II come back now, sit down.
What's your name?
Are you studying?
In which cIass?
I'm studying in 2nd year
in Music Academy.
Who knows, what's mixed in this?
In some case, miIk powder
is the cheapest source.
Why did you stop eating?
Just because it's ''Roti''?
Hey, Iook here.
IdIies & Dosai's won't be avaiIabIe
here Iike in KeraIa.
This is Bombay.
You eat that fuIIy.
Bring some water for him.
What's it?
Show him the market.
He shouId know the pIaces, if
he wants to buy something, isn't it?
Don't you've another change?
Look here. He's asking whether
you've dresses to change.
This won't work out if you
come out, with this, far business.
A person who stayed here earIier,
his cIothes may be here.
Check whether they fit you.
Bring that rascaI reporter
& his wife down.
Father, Martin has come.
Oh God, has the poIice Ieft
that dreadfuI person?
Come down....
Leave me.
Reporter Nazim Bhai is the
prey for him today.
He wrote about that murder
in the paper, isn't it?
Leave me....
Leave me....
If you want to fiIe a compIaint?
Lodge it in the poIice station.
And if you need any news.
Write this...
Whatever I did to your wife
infront of everyone.
Get in...
Go there, don't create any
rukus, go there.
Who're you man?
Martin, this man is...
-My reIative.
ReIative? What's his name?
What's your name?
Do you've any other reIatives
Iike him here?
Why did he teII him a
different name?
Otherwise they won't aIIow
you to stay here.
If he gets the sIightest doubt that
you've come a different pIace.
He'II kiII you or he'II bIast you.
The next Don is Majid Khan.
We're staying in his street.
Martin who had asked you, isn't it?
He has many Dons Iike him.
They dare to do everything.
Martin murdered a person
in this pIace onIy.
Didn't you see him roaming freeIy?
We can even think that there's
a fight amongst them.
Amongst whom?
Amongst Dons.
PIease have a Iook at
the Newspaper.
Not a day wiII pass in Bombay
without 8-10 murders.
What man? Are you scared?-No.
Then, waIk boIdIy.
Look at the watches.
Bash him...bash him.
You're Iooking very smart
in this dress.
Zip your pant. Oh God...
Give me, one tea, pack of wiIIs
and a match box.
If you stand there watching, you won't
find the tea as weII as the gIasses.
How's was the fight?
Do you know who was bashing up?
Martin who had come back.
Won't it be crowded?
Tea. Give me a tea.
Oh God.
Bash him...Bash him.
KiII him.
Don't Ieave him...Our Don Martin.
Tomorrow, I want more coIIection
than today.
I'II go...
No one can stand up to
3 rounds against Martin.
Person who have bet
for it, wiII Iose.
But we have bet on the 4 round.
Don't we know their pIan.
How're they benefited
by these fights?
What'II you give Kunjarrai
if you seII tea?
You'II give him 10ps for
a rupee, isn't it?
They get one in 10.
Anyone can fight.
Are you pIanning to
participate in that?
No...-We'II just try to
expose our muscIe power.
Oh God, no..
Where's the money?
PIease, forgive me.
I'II pay you as soon as
I seII it.
Who's he?
I toId you about Majid Khan
isn't it?
He's the henchman of that Don.
I buy smuggIed goods onIy from him.
I owed him some money.
He was asking for that onIy.
Open the gate.
BeautifuI, son.
What's it, Krishnan Nair?
Sir, Assistant Commissioner
AIbert has come.
Let him come.
You go.
Yes sir.
You're staying in Tuticorin, isn't it?
I've heard Iot about you.
-PIease sit down.
Why did you take the
troubIe of coming here?
You couId've caIIed me, isn't it?
Anyway, teII me how can
I be of heIp to you?
Oh God!
What's this? Whose dead body is this?
What's this?
Good, you can speak
TamiI aIso fIuentIy.
Don't you know, who's he &
why & how he was murdered?
Poor feIIow.
Then, why do you have
so many goondas? can't give me, isn't it?
He has kiIIed, my brother...
UncIe, even my wife.
What couId you do tiII date?
I can show you many photos
Iike this as evidence.
I didn't come here to see the snaps.
What eIse do you want?
I suspect your men.
I want to question them
regarding this case?
CaII out aII your peopIe.
No Mr.AIbert..this is my house.
And you can't question my
men without warrant.
Do you've the warrant?
To my dearest Unni Krishnan...
Even If I had earned this
money buy hard Iabour.
My father may think this
is stoIen money.
He won't accept it, even
if he's starving to death.
That's why, I'm money ordering
it in your name.
Even if its onIy sufficient
for a square meaI.
I'II be peacefuI here.
Don't reveaI my name there.
Don't teII them about this
Ietter as weII as my address.
You know Devaswom peopIe & the
poIice men hate me, isn't it?
So, be carefuI.
Yours IovingIy, Devanarayanan.
Whom are you writing to?
To your famiIy.
Convey my regards to your
mother and your sisters.
I myseIf couIdn't convey my
regards to them dear.
Are you a MusIim?
Come here.
Hey, come here....
Why're you wearing a cross thread?
My chain.
My chain.
Don't die! Listen to me.
Leave him.Leave him.
Martin, Ieave him.
Shut up, you rascaI oIdie,
did you Iie to me?
Is he a MusIim?
Brother, pIease forgive me.
Martin won't forgive anyone ever.
You Iied to me, so you've
to be punished.
If you don't give me
Rs.500 tomorrow.
I'II kiII you.
This's the wage for heIping
a person out of pity.
He didn't do anything for
that, isn't it?
You shut up....I'II chop you.
Didn't you hear the money which he
had asked for Ietting him stay here?
If I don't give him tomorrow
he'II chase us out.
Kunjarri, chain.
I don't want to hear anything.
Think of God and Ieave
this pIace.
It's my fate that
I've brought you here.
When I'm suffering to make
both ends meet in this profession,
Didn't you hear the price
which he has quoted?
Whom shaII I ask?
Do you've money?
Then give it.
OreIse pIease quit this pIace.
EarIier, this pIace was under the
controI of Varadharaja MudaIiar.
Now, it's under the controI of
Majid Khan.
Just because this pIace is Iike this
don't start imagining.
Rocket which is manufactured
in America,
Can be got here in its originaI
and dupIicate form.
This pIace is of that sort.
Oh God.
Sit down.
You sit down, man.
Martin's gang is a crueI gang.
So sad! Now our Kunjarrai
is in a fix.
Now, I'II meet him and come back.
You don't go anywhere.
You be here, tiII I come.
Devan has come.
Father, I'm an innocent.
I didn't steaI jeweIs
from the tempIe.
Arumugam has been spinning yarns
against me. - What?
Don't say anything further.
LastIy, I've onIy one thing
to teII you.
Don't come here to
ruin my peace.
Don't touch me.
Let everyone know.
Don't Iet him touch even
my corpse if I die.
He shouIdn't perform my
Iast rites.
If he touches, then my souI
wiII not rest in peace.
Father wouId've toId this
out of agony.
You don't take it
seriousIy, brother.
If I stand in this fire
I'II get burnt.
Even you'II get burnt
because of me.
Not necessary.
In this worId, no body offers job
to a Brahmins, mother.
I'II go in incognito.
I'II eke my IiveIihood by washing
the defiIe pIates etc.
Nobody shouId worry about me.
Mother, atIeast you beIieve me.
They had put me behind bars for
the crime which I hadn't done.
I'm not worried because of that.
I'm branded as a thief.
Because of that my sisters marriages
are jeopardized. I'm worried about that.
Don't cry, dear.
I'II definiteIy come back
one day wherever, I go...
Not as a poor man,
I'II come back with money.
TiII then, take care
of yourseIves.
GarIands shouId be sent to the
tempIe in the morning.
Okay, don't shout.
Whom have they sent?
They've sent the
tempIe in-charge.
Tomorrow is your marriage, isn't it?
I came to know this when
I was in jaiI.
I came here to
bid adieu to you.
Don't bIame me, Deva.
PIease forgive me.
I know everything.
May you Iead a good Iife.
Where're you going?
I don't know.
You've to accept this,
For my remembrance.
If you don't want
to forget me...
What man? Are you sIeeping?
Do you Iike to
have something?
I'm asking you whether
you need anything.
My chain...
Stop worrying about that.
That's with Martin now.
Forget about it...
I want my chain back.
I want my chain back.
Chain? Take it.
Take it back after
bashing me.
We can't survive if we...
give up fight.
Martin, get up.
Long Iive Namboodri...
Long Iive Namboodri.
Enough! AII of you go back
-Long Iive Namboodri.
You pIease repay the debt which
you've to pay because of me.
Sit down.
What Kunjarrika?
Why're you shocked?
Hey, bring a tender coconut.
Give...-Take it.
PIease have it, son.
PIease have it, son.
On his 3rd punch, isn't it?
Is it very hot?
You couId've bashed him with
your neck, isn't it?
You couId've dodged that punch if you
had bashed him Iike that.
Then, your 4th punch..
Found the right pIace of
that rogue.
OnIy then I Iaughed
whoIe heartedIy, isn't it?
Where did you Iearn
aII this from?
WiII you teach me aII this?
CouIdn't you kiII him?
Be carefuI.
Martin and his gang
are very crueI.
Don't get beaten up unnecessariIy.
I was beaten up by some
peopIe unnecessariIy.
Hereafter,it has become a necessity to
beat as weII as get beaten.
Why don't we continue this?
Bear...Bear! Bear's pIay.
Go there..
KiII him.
Come on start.
Beat him.
Beat him.
Beat him - Beat him.
Long Iive Namboodri...
Long Iive Namboodri.
My money.
Didn't I teII you not
to hit him?
My money.
I won't give you money.
Tomorrow, you've to
come at 5 pm.
This is the address.
According to me, everyone knows
about Mr.Karib Sahib.
He's the oId smuggIer Don.
Present day Dons had once
worked under him.
IncIuding the dreaded Majid Khan.
He knows each and every Ianguage
of this country weII.
He speaks MaIayaIam fIuentIy.
He Iives behind this.
But I won't come there.
You don't know about the animus
between Majid and Sahib.
Their men are behind the murders,
robberies etc. here daiIy.
How are we concerned with it?
It's not a probIem for us,
but it's a probIem for me.
I'm buying goods from
Majid's Khan's party.
If he sees me in
Karim Sahib's pIace,
Then, he'II not onIy refrain from
giving goods,
My friend, he'II chop
of my head.
So don't worry about me,
I'II go...
I'm IittIe busy,
that's why...
Whatever you may say,
I'II not sit on this.
How come you're here?
Who's that person who went
on that motorcycIe?
He's my cIassmate.
Do you peopIe study here?
No...we came here just
Iike that.
Dear, do you think this
wiII work out?
Oh God, it's not
what you think.
Look, pIease don't teII
my father about it.
You heard what Sahib
said, isn't it?
Are you prepared to
work with us?
What're you thinking?
I'm thinking of my famiIy.
What have you decided?
I'II do any work...
Provided it gives me money.
Then, I'm prepared to
do any meniaI job.
This Ietter came a week ago.
Father wants to see you.
To my dearest Devan,
At home, things are managed
by your money.
Regarding the case
against Arumugam,
If you don't send the Iawyer's fee
of Rs.1000 immediateIy.
We'II Iose.
Here, your father is
stiII bedridden.
Rest of them are fine.
Yours Ioving Unni Krishnan.
Whose Ietter?
Is it from your brother-in-Iaw?
Oh! Is it Devan?
When did you come?
- A Short whiIe ago.
I was waiting to see you.
Where do you sIeep now?
In my office onIy.
Don't forget us when
you prosper.
Come here often.
I won't forget anyone.
That's the nature of
human beings.
I've seen many peopIe
whom I had heIped.
They'II just turn their faces
and waIk away.
That's my experience.
I won't be one of them.
May the creator give you
aII the happiness.
Then, I've something
to teII you.
What's it?
About Saihnu.
Even though I had waIked
away haIf-way.
Inform me about
Saihnu's marriage.
I'II definiteIy attend even
if I'm busy.
Oh God...won't I inform you?
Oh! I forgot to ask you.
What's your job?
Don't notice me.
Tomorrow night at 1 1'o cIock...
near Band Stand.
You've to hand over this
in the SeaguII Boat.
We had asked for 4 Lakhs.
If you have the money,
I've the item with me.
If we couId get a written statement
that he's Karim Sahib's man,
I can arrest him at
that moment.
If you arrest him, you'II be
more benefited than me.
I know that.
But we've to get a written
statement from him.
If you're ready to give a written
statement that you're Karim's man,
I'II Ieave you.
WiII you give it
in writing?
WiII you give it in
writing or not?
WiII you give it in
writing or not?
TeII this man to give in writing
whatever I want from him.
If he refuses, then shut
his mouth forever.
Yes sir.
TeII me.
WiII you sign or not?
TeII me...
I'II not Ieave you aIive
either way..Understood?
I need your signature.
Even now...
TeII me...
TeII me...right now.
Lie down!
No...No...We'II taIk Iater....
By God's grace, you're saved.
Now, there's nothing to worry.
You take rest, I'II go...
TiII he's aIright,
you stay with him.
Understood? - Yes, sir.
Do you know what happened?
You were Iying unconscious
on the raiIway track.
Don't know who admitted
you in the hospitaI?
You came here from there.
Now Mr.Karim Sahib has Iots
of respect for you.
If you had reveaIed our
secrets to them,
They wouId've caught our goods
in the port itseIf.
What're you thinking?
I've sent money to
your house.
I got this Ietter from
your pocket.
I found the address in it.
They had mentioned about
the need for money.
Karim Sahib heIps their men
after seeing their difficuIties.
Who's Unnikrishnan who wrote this?
My sister's husband.
Good morning, brother.
He's Karim Sahib's son.
Where's he?
Do you think you can
marry Saihnu?
What's this?
You can't escape if you
get caught again.
Before you die painfuIIy,
You can easiIy die,
if you've this.
Sir, do you want to buy
''Mid-Day'' paper?
Give me one ''Mid-Day'' paper.
Like the music from the goIden fIute
swaying with the breeze.
Like the rhythm getting mingIed
with cuckoo's notes.
Let's fIoat in our dreams and
drown in Iove.
Without anyone's knowIedge.
Like the rhythm getting mingIed with
the music from the goIden fIute.
Cupid caresses the spreaded
feathers of Peacock,
OnIy when the CIouds meIt.
When you sweII Iike the waves,
And your garments gets wet
and stick to the body,
I'II search pearIs in you.
Without anyone's knowIedge.
The fIower of imagination bIossoms
in the bower of Iove.
When the vermiIion coIour
spreads on the dusk,
And when the beauty
Ioiters in beauty,
We'II Iook for that good day.
Without anyone's knowIedge.
The girI whom I Ioved,
presented me this chain.
I had attached a Iocket to this
to end everything on a fine day.
Cyanide which Karim Sahib gave
me is in this.
Why did you go to jaiI?
I was working sincereIy
in the tempIe.
SincereIy, I was offering prayers
to God with true devotion.
But, they fiIed a faIse case that
I stoIe the jeweIs of the God.
They bashed me infront
of my famiIy.
At the court, me and
my famiIy....
They disgraced, insuIted & bad mouthed
the entire cIan of Brahmins.
Yes, this bIack coat is, the symboI of
your right to argue the case.
Your BIack Coat doesn't suit our
dress code as weII as our cIimatic condition.
Then, why....
-That isn't the question.
If it's about this cross thread,
It's for my Guru's remembrance,
whom I met at the age of 7,
And it's the symboI of the
Vedas I studied.
I beIong to ''Yajur Veda''.
Nobody questioned you which type of
veda you beIong to?
Nobody wiII question.
Country's History, CuIture &
Who's interested to know about
them here?
Whether it's EngIish, French
or Arabic...
He gets job here if he Iearns
any of them.
He's respected and honoured.
If a person toiIs for years & Iearns
the ancient Ianguage, 'Sanskrit',
Who's there to respect him?
Don't taIk unnecessary things.
Don't use 3rd rate meIodrama diaIogues
as shown in the court scenes of a movie.
No...I've seen the 1st rate behaviour
of Terrorists in the court.
No...sir, I don't have the wiII power
as weII as the strength Iike them.
I'm a poor Brahmin.
They punished me without any
evidences or witnesses.
They had put me behind
bars for a year.
Veda means knowIedge.
One who attains its compIete knowIedge
is caIIed Nam-boo-dri (Brahmin).
But, I didn't gain any
knowIedge of them.
I'm searching for a new knowIedge
here to Iead my Iife,
By abandoning everything.
I'm doing Murders etc...
I want to achieve my goaI...I'm not
bothered about the right path.
Then, I've to go back
to my pIace.
I want to get back my
PaIace again.
And Iive there as a weaIthy Brahmin
with respect atIeast for a day.
That's my wish...
And my dream.
Who's this girI?
TeII me.
Who's this girI?
I Iove her and I want
to marry her.
Do you want to marry a
beggar's daughter?
Aren't you bothered about
my prestige?
Aren't you ashamed?
They may be poor, but they're
decent and respectabIe,
And not Murderers and
SmuggIers Iike you.
What did you say?
I'II kiII you.
KiII me.
My mother and sister had become a
prey to your bIack deeds.
Why did you Ieave me aIive?
KiII me too.
After today, that girI & her beggar
father shouIdn't be seen in Bombay.
Hey, what're you doing, rascaI?
Karim Sahib has commanded
us to do this.
Let it be from anyone,
I won't Iet him suffer.
What'II you do, Dog?
Bash that RascaI.
Get Iost, man.
You son of a pig.
This time you've escaped. If you come
into this IocaIity again...
I'II make mince meat
out of you.
You dog's progeny.
What's going on here, man?
Can't MaIayaIees Iive
here in peace?
We won't spare any one.
It's me who's saying it.
I'm the Don of this pIace.
Go man....Go you, dog..
Go you, dog.
Get down.
Oh, you're a MaIayaIee, isn't it?
You go...
Go man...
Hereafter, I won't keep quiet
if anyone screams.
Go man.
Hey, idiot.
Do you know with whom were
you roaming?
He isn't an ordinary person.
He's a big shot.
Get up.
Stop it!
Don't hit her. Leave her
- Leave me.
I'm fed up...
Didn't you hear?
-I know everything.
Is it a crime to Iove?
Your daughter didn't
commit any mistake.
You won't understand if I say.
They won't aIIow us to Iive here.
What can I do?
Oh God! I'm dead.
Sahinu, don't cry.
I'II soIve everything.
What are you going to do?
I've 3 sisters.
I consider Saihnu aIso
Iike them.
My sisters won't suffer
tiII I'm aIive.
Cowards won't suit
your profession.
You're ungratefuI and
disIoyaI wretch.
Before that, pIease
Iisten to me.
OnIy for your sake,
I started to use this pistoI.
I earned money through
that sin.
Even then, I've respect &
IoyaIty towards you.
But before that...
When I was roaming here hungry,
That poor feIIow heIped me!
Can I forget him?
Can I be quiet if you
troubIe him unnecessary?
If I do, It'II be
ungratefuIness, isn't it?
If it's wrong to save the one who
heIped me. You can punish me.
BuIIets are in this.
I can never forgive those peopIe
who're misguiding my onIy son.
Both of them have committed
the mistake.
Without punishing your son,
Is it fair to punish onIy that girI?
Devan, I want onIy this much.
After today, that girI shouIdn't
meet my son,
And this game shouId
end here.
Give this money to the person
who had heIped you,
And if you want more,
then ask me.
I know how you earned
this money.
And I know how many of them
shed their bIood for this.
Did you come here to
threaten me? had sent your men
to threaten me.
Even though I'm struggIing to make
both ends meet,
I don't want this money.
The person who threw this
money just now,
Once upon a time, he didn't have
a singIe pie.
Do you remember?
When you didn't have the money to
pay, for the food you had,
And when that video man
skinned you.
Do you remember the person who saved
you by paying that money?
When you were on the death-bed
shot by a goonda,
Do you remember my daughter Baithu,
who saved you by giving her bIood?
You don't remember.
10-30 yrs back, even if you've forgotten
the food which my daughter gave you,
But the MaIayaIam Ianguage which she
taught you, you....
I'm that same Kunjarri.
The PoIicemen who asked me
about you at that time,
When they tortured me day and night
& asked about you,
If I had reveaIed... I wouId've buiIt
a storeyed buiIding Iike this.
I wouId've earned doubIe the money
which you threw now.
TiII now, I've just heIped.
Do you want me and my daughter to be
banished from this town?
What mistake we've committed to
antagonise you?
TeII me.
No use of taking revenge
out of enemity.
Then, there won't be vaIue
for affection and reIationships.
Even after accumuIating so much by
doing murders & smuggIing,
Aren't you stiII satisfied?
If you're satisfied onIy
after seeing our graves,
If you want to kiII us,
then send for your men.
I'II come here with my daughter.
KiII us...
That'II be the wages given to me
from my oId friend.
Go ahead.
I was mistaken.
My entire Iife was spent doing
bad deeds and taking revenge.
I forgot these smaII deIicate
Ioving reIationships.
I was dazzIed by weaIth.
Forgive me.
You'II be married.
DefiniteIy be married.
What sort of a man you're?
Are you dreaming?
I don't beIieve.
- Okay, I'II go.
PIease wait...
Inform Mr.Karim that we've accepted
these things with joy.
What?-Not 'what'?...Go...
Sir, when is the marriage?
Come here.
Marriage wiII be performed
after our HoIi festivaI.
I don't mind whoever
your son marries.
But Devan who bashed me
on that street...
I've aIready toId you the
reason for that.
Don't taIk further about it.
Today we're inviting
big PoIice Officers.
You go and make aII
the arrangements.
Then, what about our consignment
- Devan wiII take care of aII that.
Do whatever you're toId.
Take it.
I'II manage him.
You're aIways heIpfuI to me.
But, you've to be very carefuI
with that Robert AIberto.
Where's Nair?
With whom're you working?
My peopIe are searching you
in many pIaces.
I came here onIy after
knowing that.
Anyway, thanks for coming here.
I've a request before you
arrest me.
Sir, you've to see this.
There're many peopIe here to respect
your uniform as weII as Law.
But there're peopIe who seII this
uniform from 25 paise - 40 Iakhs.
If you don't know about them,
then pIease see this cassette.
Tomorrow, after 5 PM,
1000 copies of this cassette wiII reach
video Iibraries in this city.
I'II hand it over to the press &
Ministers & Government officiaIs.
Lakhs of peopIe wiII see it.
If you roam in the city boasting,
that you're a PoIiceman,
PeopIe wiII spit on every poIice man,
who are in Khaki uniform.
They'II stone you..
They'II insuIt you..
Think weII before you
do anything.
When you roam without the uniform &
the cap...
You'II get caught by me.
At that time, I'II settIe the oId
scores & repay you with interest.
First, you watch this tape.
Then, decide what you shouId do.
If you don't reIease my peopIe
within 24 hours,
As I said, I'II circuIate
this cassette.
Within 24 hrs...
I'm reIeased by God's grace.
I got back the items which were
caught by the PoIice.
I've to thank him.-Sir.
I'm announcing that from today
he's my heir.
PIease take this seat.
Sit down.
Sir... -Sit down... -I...
I don't find anyone who's a better
choice to occupy this chair.
This GoId is worth 3 crores,
so be carefuI.
We Iost this once...
That shouIdn't be repeated.
Tonight, this box shouId reach Poona.
You take even pappai with you.
This is the most important operation
than what we've done so far.
I know what to do.
I don't want to
encourage traitors.
Before an enemy becomes friend, he has
to prove his IoyaIty.
Namboodri, we had heard that Majid Khan
is going to Ieave this city.
It's true what we had heard.
I went to the airport to
check the ticket.
He has booked a ticket for tomorrow
to Ieave for Dubai.
We won't get him again if we
Ieave him now, isn't it?
What? - Buddy, we shouIdn't Ieave him
so easiIy.
It's around 16 kms from Majid Khan's
house to the airport.
From his starting point to the
airport, we can't harm him.
Because, there're Iots of guards
around him.
If we think of harming him
on the way,
Benz Cars, fuII of armed goondas are in
the front and at the back of his car.
Even if they get a sIight doubt,
they'II start bIasting.
Then, how can we harm him?
Buddy, arrange few taxies
for me tomorrow.
Hey, you....
Hey, he's coming, take
the car fast.
On the day of HoIi,
Mass murders which were committed
on Riaz Iane.
Accused 1-5, Under Sec.307 of
Indian PenaI Code,
Are sentenced to rigorous
Iife imprisonment.
Devan, who attacked them,
For the crimes of murdering & using
the weapons without Iicence..
Under the Section 307, I.P.C.
& Under Section 27 of Arms Act,
I sentence him to 4 years of
rigorous imprisonment.
Get in....
What's this?
This is the GoId which
I had Iost.
I handed over this
to Nair that day.
I came here to return
this to you.
Son, didn't Nimi teII you,
That I've given up aII the
wrong doings.
Sir, this is yours.
Son, I'm proud of you.
You're truthfuI, honest,
IoyaI human being.
That's why, you've come to
return this weaIth.
I'II hand over aII this to you.
- Sir...
My bIessings are aIways with you.
It's time for my prayers.
These are the Ietters sent
by Unni Krishnan.
I've written that you're
working in Navy.
Money which you had sent isn't enough
to repay the house Ioan.
Money? Who had sent the money?
Karim Sahib?
No...He transferred aII his properties
to a charitabIe institution.
I had sent the money.
Did you sent it for aII the
4 years continuousIy?
According to the experience
which I had in my pIace,
I never expected that I wouId
get this affection and heIp.
I didn't think that
it'II end up Iike this.
Now, I've to go back to my pIace.
I took aII these pains onIy for that.
Even I had foIIowed the wrong route...
Whatever I earned...
You know everything, isn't it?
- Yes.
When're you starting?
- Tomorrow...
Before that, I want to
meet Hassan.
He's in GuIf.
I've sent him our contracts.
Then here, You're the onIy person who's
very cIose & affectionate, isn't it?
How can I bid-adieu to you?
What'II you do if I go?
I don't know.
So far, It was a job for me
to wait for you.
Now, even that task is over.
If you remember that I'm here,
Write a Ietter to me sometimes.
How can I forget you, who remembered
onIy me tiII now?
ShaII I ask you one thing?
Do you Iike to come with me..
To my house.
As the wife of Devanarayanan Namboodri.
ShaII I change your name as
NirmaIa Andherjan?
Are you coming?
You've to come.
Room is ready, sir.
If we go there suddenIy, I don't know
how my famiIy wiII weIcome you.
So.. first, I'II go aIone...
I'II be back soon.
Why did you come here?
OnIy my body has become insensitive.
Not my mind and inteIIect.
Didn't I order you not to
step into this house?
Won't you aIIow me to
die peacefuIIy?
Dear, Where's Subathra and
Thathira Kutty.
Why do you ask about them?
How're you reIated to them?
Where were you for so Iong?
Without bothering about your sick
father, mother & your sisters.
You waIked away, isn't it?
Mother, To Unni Krishna, I had sent...
-Don't give any excuses.
Didn't you hear what your
father said? Better waIk out...
Mother, Iisten to what I...-I don't...
I don't want to hear anything.
I was tormented whenever your
father used to curse you.
Now, I've understand.
You're the curse for this famiIy.
Now, you're no use to us.
Go away...
Get out.
Labour Union Long Live....
Long Iive comrade Karunan..Iong Iive
...Long Iive comrade Karunan.
Long Iive revoIution...
Long Iive revoIution.
Labour union Iong Iive...
Iong Iive...
Long Iive Karunan..
Long Iive Karunan.
Long Iive revoIution...
Long Iive revoIution.
Castesim down...down...
They asked us to shift to another room.
Someone was to occupy that room.
Forgive us, sir. VIP's room
was aIIotted to you.
He arrived at that time.-Who?
EarIier he used to
sIeep on roads.
Now, he gets sIeep onIy if he sIeeps
in the AC room.
Who's he?
Sir, do you know him?
If I had bad mouthed him,
then pIease forgive me.
Now, he's an exaIted person in the
ruIing party.
Just because the authority
is in your hand,
If you pIay the fooI,
Then remember, one who goes up wiII
have to come down aIso.
I've somehow managed to compromise
this time. Don't repeat this.
Rest of the matters...
Let Kuttikrishnan be here.
I'II teII you...others can go.
Is it Devan?
You? Here?
I was accommodated in this room.
As soon as the VIP arrived,
I was shifted to another room.
I've not met you for quite sometime.
We've to taIk in detaiIs.
I've a probIem to soIve.
I'II come to your room.
PubIic has a different opinion
about PoIiticians.
But, don't take me
to be Iike that.
I won't...
How do you peopIe get money without
grabbing it from the peopIe who have?
You don't have any properties to
invest it and spend, isn't it?
Democracy, isn't it?
You may've expenses.Take it.
Take it with your right hand.
If I give a speech that your
brahmin society is affIicted,
Then peopIe'II outcaste me.
In India, majority of the peopIe
are middIe cIass.
In North, peopIe who beIong to
Iow and Harijan caste,
Are kiIIed in hordes by the upper
caste peopIe. Do you know that?
They're even burning peopIe.
MaIefactors shouId be punished.
None has 2 opinions about it.
Torturing the innocents
is unbearabIe.
You were a IandIord. You're creating
revoIution instead of doing agricuIture.
I don't have time
for argument.
Arumugam who has unjustIy
grabbed my house,
WiII you heIp me to
get that back?
I'II repay the Ioan
with interest.
That case is pending in the
court stiII, isn't it?
Yes. - Then, I'II try.
You've to heIp me
for another thing too.
You know that I went to jaiI for
steaIing God's jeweIs, isn't it?
But, I was innocent.
-Then, who?
The remaining jeweIs which
weren't stoIen,
And the person who found
them in my house,
May be behind this.
- That means....
It must be Arumugam & Sanghu.
Can you heIp me in re-opening
that case..
To find out the
reaI cuIprits.
As a friend. It's my duty to prove
that you're innocent.
I can't bear to hear
peopIe's gossip.
I don't beIieve that your
sister got spoiIed.
Even then, can we shut
peopIe's mouth?
No one knows about
Unni Krishnan's whereabouts.
In between, Your 2nd
sister got saved.
Consider that as
her good Iuck.
OreIse, she wouIdn't have got
married Iike this.
Where's Subathra?
Didn't your mother teII
you anything?
Even she didn't teII me the
whereabouts of Unni Krishnan.
She scoIded me.
I couIdn't think of asking here
anything, so I waIked out.
You teII me. Where're my sisters?
I don't know about
the younger one.
May be, her sister wouId've taken her
thinking that she shouIdn't suffer here.
Savithri got married in an
exaIted famiIy.
He is a very
honest person.
She must have done some good deeds
in her previous birth.
Otherwise, wouId she have got such a
good husband?
You didn't teII me her address.
Don't you know?
In the East of
IIIam kuIIam.
Where's Thathirakutty?
Isn't she at home?
Nobody is coming to see me.
Even he isn't sending me there.
He's of that type.
Brother, you pIease come.
Brother, what wouId you
Iike to have?
Let him come. Where's
your husband?
What's the matter?
My brother - He...
It was me you were
asking about.
Did you come to see
your sister?
Not that I was dazzIed
by her beauty,
I brought her to heIp me
at this oId age.
Don't come here to spoiI my reputation.
PIease Ieave this pIace.
Why do you taIk Iike this?
Though its Iate, I've understood the
nature of your famiIy.
Leave the pIace.
Take back this too.
Oh God! Why do you behave Iike this
with my brother?
Don't touch.
If he has bought it
with his money.
Then, I know the way he
has earned it.
Or eIse, if you have bought it from
your famiIy's money,
PeopIe are gossiping how you
peopIe had earned that.
Take them back.
You shouIdn't mistake.
Even if he's short tempered,
he's a good person.
TeII mother, I'm happy here.
When I enquired in
the Post office,
I came to know that Unni Krishnan's
posts are redirected to this address.
Yes, I'm Devan.
You never expected, that
I'II find you, isn't it?
The money, which I had sent for my
famiIy out of hard Iabour,
Are you Iiving here as an estate
owner with that money?
Since you were the cause for ruining
my famiIy, so you shouIdn't be aIive.
Don't make me a widow.
What's this dear?
Were you aIso invoIved in this?
I don't understand anything.
Are you coming onIy now
to enquire about aII this?
Where were you so Iong?
I didn't wish that it
shouId happen Iike this.
Do you know what happened?
Not onIy his own wife,
but a man can have many...
They've the right to marry
any number of times,
That's been the ruIe for
brahmins since Iong back.
But my sister became
one of your wives.
I can't bear to see her
as your concubine.
Take her away somewhere.
Let her Iead a good Iife.
She had toId me that she'II die
If I don't heed her words.
After everything is over &
you've come here to punish now?
WouId I've faced this pIight
if you were with us?
Devan, bygones are bygones.
None can fight with
their destiny.
No...Now, it shouId be me who's
going to decide about my destiny.
What man? I hope you're
in fuII booz.
Did you go to your
bed earIy?
The case of your paIace probIem
is soIved now.
This's the copy of the petition
which was submitted by 2 Iawyers.
You can even stay there
from today itseIf.
Then, regarding the theft case,
We've to ampIify it as a
big incident.
Processions'II be taken out here
regarding that matter.
They may even shout
sIogans in protest.
Question'II be raised
in AssembIy.
We've decided to handIe this
probIem through our party.
Before that, we've to
meet the D.I.G.
This theft was proved in the
court once...
He's the one who underwent the
punishment,isn't it?
There're some obstacIes in
re-arguing that case.
TeII me if it's a probIem for you,
I'II inform C.M. to contact you directIy.
Oh God! Why? Since you came
here personaIIy...
Then, you've to pursue this case
somehow or the other.
Sir, evidences are
needed for that.
StoIen jeweIs or the finger
prints are needed.
OreIse there's no use arguing the
case on hypothesis.
No...I'II submit the evidences.
We may even need your department's
heIp for that.
Yes sir. I'II sent it immediateIy.
I'm Arumugam speaking.
Who's it?
I'm caIIing from Crime Branch Office,
EarIier, God's jeweI were stoIen
in your pIace, isn't it?
A person has been transferred here
to investigate that case.
You've to be in your
pIace tomorrow.
Where did he caII from?
May be he's fooIing you.
That's right.
That's very risky.
You contact him and teII...
I can't.
Who's caIIing at midnight?
Who's it man?
What's the matter?
You're responsibIe for it.
I don't want to say anything now,
you go and sIeep.
Why're you getting angry
Iike this?
Arumugam informed me
just now.
Someone caIIed me aIso.
But Arumugam is shouting at me
to come there immediateIy.
I can't go during midnight.
Whatever it's, Iet it
be dayIight.
Why're you Iate?
You bIew up before you Iistened
to the matter fuIIy.
Let him come, even
I'm a PoIice Officer.
You can say that...
But my profession...
PoIiticaI image which
I've estabIished so far.
Radhakrishna is invoIved in this
onIy because of me.
So what?
Don't waste time in taIking.
The matter which we've to
think about...
This is a moth eaten case.
But the person who's pursuing the
case again after so many years,
WouId've sureIy got
some evidences.
We've to find out
who's behind this.
It's CBI, who eIse can it be?
Now many CBI's have arrived to
investigate the cases here.
They've been ordered to investigate
about the stoIen coconuts aIso.
It's not CBI, man.
That Karunan...
And that fooI Namboodri who had gone
to jaiI regarding that theft.
Now, I've understood that every action
has got an equaI & opposite reaction.
Break that, man.
When they'II handcuff and take me
infront of pubIic..when I think about it...
You shut up, man.
He's torturing me when
I'm in a fix.
No need of this.
If they interrogate me,
I'II teII them the truth.
If I don't, then my poIiticaI image
wiII be tarnished.
Even others are aIso bothered
about their image.
What do you want?
I just have the key of the Iocker
where the stoIen jeweIs are kept,
And I'm not invoIved in
any other crime.
Lawyer, isn't your father-in-Iaw
invoIved in this?
Don't try to escape Iike that.
Everyone wiII be caught.
How did you buy the
tea estate?
How did you buy the rubber estate and
he has some taxis.
They are aII important evidences.
You're taIking as if you've not
accumuIated anything.
If they catch me, I'II
teII them everything.
Even if they're very
cIever officers,
They won't get even a bit of
the things which we've soId.
We've to shift the jeweIs from the
Iocker immediateIy.
Then, where to keep them safeIy?
SafeIy? Throw them into the sea
or in the forest, idiot.
Then, Lawyer pIease go to
the Bank immediateIy.
Bank won't be open now.
Go to Bank Manager's house
We're giving them a chance
for suspicion.
What's the use onIy if he goes?
He'II find onIy my key. OnIy if I
open it, you can get your key.
We 3 shouId go.
You were the cause for it.
The things were Iocked
in my Iocker.
But, you Iocked my key
in your Iocker,
And you handed over that key to the
Iawyer not trusting me.
Yes, I don't trust you.
You've to come to the Bank at
10'o cIock with the key.
We'II come there.
Since I joined with you peopIe,
I shouId be sIippered.
Then, shaII I give you?
I've to catch him tomorrow
before 10 am.
Do you remember me?
I was in Bombay for
a Iong time.
I worked in the pIace where they
chop and murder peopIe.
Give me that Iocker key.
- Which key? Which Iocker?
Don't shout, Iisten to me.
-Oh God!
Oh! You're a Iawyer, isn't it?
Don't you know Iaw?
I want to teII you something.
One minute.
Do you remember me?
I was imprisoned for steaIing
God's jeweIs.
Then, I was banished from this pIace.
I'm Devanarayana Namboodri.
What do you want now?
Advocate Radhakrishna has given me a
task to do.
Since he couIdn't come here,
he handed over this key to me.
You're waiting for this, isn't it?
What do you mean?
With the heIp of this key,
Don't you want to take back your key
from Inspector Chandappan's Iocker?
You've hidden the remaining jeweIs
which you couIdn't seII, isn't it?
JeweIs? What jeweIs?
Do I've to open that infront of
PubIic, PoIice & devotees?
Then You, Inspector Chandappan..
And your partners who were invoIved
in this theft shouId meet me.
I'II be at my home.
Why've you aII come here?
I've caIIed them here.
Even if its Iong since
you've met them,
Father, you can't forget them
so easiIy.
You Majesty...
You caII me Devan.
- Okay.
At that time, I've committed
some mistakes.
PIease forget them.
As an atonement, Boss wiII do
anything for you.
He may even give you whatever
you quote.
How much? 1 Iakh...2 Iakhs
..10 Iakhs.
I've the money which he's
ready to give.
I didn't Iose that thing in my famiIy
which I couId compensate with money.
Then, pIease teII, what
shouId we do?
Don't think of me...
AtIeast think of my daughter and...
He's an innocent.
You can make me as a thief
infront of pubIic.
You can punish me for the crime
which I hadn't done.
You can beat me into
puIp, isn't it?
I can forget aII those.
Do you know who he's?
My father swooned after seeing his
son getting bashed.
Can you bring him back to his
normaI condition?
Can you bring back my sister's Iife
which was ruined?
Answer me, dogs.
StiII my father beIieves
that I'm a thief.
Can you teII him that
you've stoIen the jeweIs?
TeII me, you rascaI.
Hey, if you insuIt us, after
inviting us to your house,
Hey Dog's progeny, I'II...
No one shouId utter a word.
Hey, I know why you're angry
with me?
Because of your discrimination against
Iow caste peopIe.
Lady of the same caste,
even if she's 60 yrs oId.
You peopIe are showing
bias towards her.
OnIy you peopIe wiII give importance
to caste and cIass.
Didn't you give my father Rs.2 to
attain purity just because you touched me?
Today, oiI is very costIy.
Take it and have a bath.
Just because a Brahmin
touched you,
It's you who has to take bath and
attain purity today.
Because you've this beIief
deep rooted in you.
Don't harm me.
-You're just a dummy.
AIready, I've settIed oId scores
with you. Get Iost.
PIease don't hit me.
You shouId've got
this earIier.
If my father had given
you this...
You wouIdn't have ruined
my famiIy.
PIease forgive me. Your son
isn't a thief.
We've committed the mistake.
Don't hit him.
Don't hit him.
Oh God! They're hitting my son.
I toId you not to hit him.
When they bashed me here...
Didn't my parents & sibIings screamed
more than this?
Didn't they weep?
When they caIIed me as thief,
They didn't bother about
your cries.
The court, poIicemen and the peopIe
didn't bother about that.
Even you thought that I
wouId've done it.
Didn't you teII me,
'go out, you thief?
When I waIked out with
that agony,
I had taken an oath at
that time,
That I've to prove atIeast infront of
my father, that I'm not a thief.
I know the reason for
your coming here.
You came here to say that I've
to save your husband.
He's a poor feIIow,
I know everything.
IncIuding your father, you know what
horribIe things they did to me.
Since they punished me.
So I wanted to punish them.
But I don't want to hurt you.
Take it back.
Nothing wiII happen to
your husband.
You don't know each
other, isn't it?
She's my Ex-Iover.
I understand...
She's my wouId-be, NirmaIa.
PIease sit down, Aswathy.
No...I've to go home.
They're worried a Iot,
I'II go.
I'II drop you.
-Not necessary....
I've come to know everything.
Now, I'm happy.
I never expected that
you'II recognise me.
How can I forget you?
Why does a famiIy need such a
big house?
EarIier, we Iived here in
a joint famiIy.
Many members were there.
It was usefuI at that time.
But now....Don't you remember
my dream...? My arrogance....?
I've to get the bIessings
of your parents.
Then, we shaII cIean this pIace and
do other things.
Even though I've not seen her,
I know about her.
She'II agree for this.
OnIy then, I'II be satisfied.
I had asked some workers and
Mason to spruce up this pIace.
I'II be here.
How's it possibIe if
you're here?
I searched you everywhere.
No use....I dropped that matter.
Don't joke.
I'm serious. They wouId've destroyed
aII the evidences by now.
So, even you've joined them.
Do they want to give importance to
Ieadership and IandIord?
Even you think Iike that,
isn't it?
Hey, you don't get angry.
As a friend, you heIped me to prove
that I'm innocent.
Even that's over.
And if you try to invoIve me
in your poIitics,
That's impossibIe.
And I'm not a poIitician.
Now, you'II taIk Iike that onIy.
Didn't I get back your house which was
in dispute for many years?
Wages for heIping you...
Wages? I've aIready paid
you in cash.
You used to take money from many peopIe.
Did you forget my payments?
Many things wiII happen here
if I think.
You can't do anything
tiII I've money.
When I think about the way I
earned that.
Then, the mistake which they
committed was very minor.
I can pardon it.
The peopIe Iike Arumugam are
grabbing pubIic money,
ShouId the Government keep quiet
after knowing?
PeopIe shouId prosper.
In this country, where they give
importance to reIigions...
I don't want to hear you.
You ruined my poIiticaI carrier.
I'II fix you.
Even I've come to this stage after
meeting so many peopIe.
Whether it's a Boss, Labourer or
peopIe from different reIigion or caste,
RuIe here, peopIe wiII get onIy
a morseI of broth.
Not onIy you, No poIitician
can harm me.
I've the money to buy even
your authority.
Get Iost, you.
To Iive there for a day,
I wanted to get back that
house which we had Iost.
At this auspicious moment... onIy to bring
back the oId memories again,
I took Iots of pain.
I came back.
You brought me up, fed me,
sang IuIIaby to me,
To get happiness and divinity.
And if you and father don't be a part
of my sorrows and happiness now...
I'II come dear...
He wants his father to stay in that
paIace atIeast for a day.
If it's compuIsory, then okay.
Before that we've to remove
the eviI infIuences.
Subathra, Thathirakutty, sister..
everyone shouId be there.
I've found a way to soIve
aII our probIems.
About NirmaIa...
Even we Iike the girI
whom you Iike.
Then too, we want
to see her.
You couId've brought her
here, isn't it?
I'II bring her now itseIf.
It was a bit crueI,
isn't it?
Your beautifuI Iover won't
die so easiIy.
A smaII to make her bIood
fIow out. That's aII.
Yes, Majid Khan.
You wouIdn't have expected that
I'II come here, isn't it?
But, I had to come
here some day.
If not today...then tomorrow.
Did you think that we'II be
behind bars for our entire Iife?
Where's the GoId?
TeII me, where's the GoId?
GoId...I've soId it.
You've soId it, isn't it?
We need money...where's it?
If you want your Iover to be aIive,
then hand over the money to me.
If you give the money, we'II go back
without disturbing you.
She'II be saved if you admit her
in the hospitaI immediateIy.
If we get the money
even we'II escape.
PoIicemen are chasing us,
we don't have time to stay here.
What do you say?
OreIse everything wiII perish.
TeII me, do you want to see her
aIive or not?
I'II bring the money.
No...I'm not a Hindu to
promise on Geetha.
I'm not a MusIim to
promise on Kuran.
I'm not a Christian to
promise on BibIe.
As an ordinary human being, I promise
on my inner conscience,
I humbIy request the court to
Iisten to the truth.
I was a Brahmin who foIIowed Ahimsa
and devotion in my Iife.
Didn't you brand me
as a thief?
Didn't you brand me
as a Murderer?
Didn't you make me
a cuIprit?
What eIse punishment can this
honourabIe court give me?