Aryan (2014) Movie Script

'The innocent emotions of the human,
which even the camera couldn't capture.'
'The one who is a scholar
in reading these emotions...'
' Kannada's respected
director, T. Rajendra Babu.'
'We salute you whole-heartedly.'
'You've gone very far away.
Your memories are haunting us.'
'Banned for two years.'
- 'Is it true that you consumed drugs?'
- 'You insulted India.'
'I don't wish to see your face now.'
'How many days will you be like this?
Take up this job, it'll be good for you.'
Aryan, please. Aryan.
Excuse me, you are holding the wrong way.
- Aryan! Aryan.
- Excuse me.
- Aryan.
- I am Arya.
Couldn't you hold the board properly?
Do you expect people to correct you?
Let it be. I am all in all, Azahga Rajan.
Your PA cum driver cum cook,
cum roommate...
- ...cum, you are welcome.
- Thank you.
- Shall we leave?
- Yes, let's go.
Sir, this is a super city.
But it is a very costly country.
Here you can find short skirt girls
and short circuit boys.
Tall tall towers, beautiful flowers.
Sir, this is a beautiful city to see.
Are you a Tamilian?
I'm a kind of English-Tamil-Kannadiga.
Oh, nice guessing.
Sir, mother is a Tamilian.
Father is a Kannadiga.
Wife is English lady.
I was born in Chennai.
I was brought up in Bangalore
and living in foreign.
- You are superb.
- I don't know if I am superb.
My life has no identity.
All mixed languages and
life is a wax.
Why are you feeling so bad?
Every human has an identity of their own.
Sir, you told the right thing.
- Sir, this is our boss's car.
- Come on.
Get in, sir.
Sir, this is our boss's academy.
Come inside. Hello.
- Hello.
- Welcome. Welcome.
- Where is the boss?
- He is in the chamber.
- Thank you.
- Alright.
Mr. All in all, you work in a
sports academy, then why are you so fat?
Just like that.
You can't ask me trade secret.
- Just look.
- What do I see?
You come with me.
Your stomach!
- God gift.
- Let's go.
Come on.
This is bound to happen
if you have a large stomach.
- All in all.
- Yes.
In our city,
the body brush looks like your hair.
Here, they use that to rub everything.
- Do you use the same to wash clothes?
- This is too much now.
- Let's go, hippo.
- Come on.
This is boss's chamber.
Mr. Surender Patil.
- May I come in, sir?
- Thank you.
- Hello Mr. Arya, come in.
- Thank you, sir.
- Welcome to my cabin.
- Once again, thank you, sir.
Two years international
champion and a very great coach.
Mr. Arya working for our
academy is a matter of pride for us.
Sir, you are praising me too much.
Arya, you are being formal.
Our academy students
will be benefited by you.
Arya, I have only one wish.
I have to get a gold medal for my academy.
That's my dream.
I will try my best, sir.
Don't call me sir,
call me by my name, Surender Patil, okay?
- Sir, it is not that.
- Again?
I'm sorry. I will address you as boss.
It is up to you.
He will take care of
your accommodation and food.
Thank you, boss.
Excuse me.
Somebody like you brought
me here in the car.
Are you both twins? Come on, tell me.
- Actually--
- I will tell him.
I'm an office boy for
office and driver for boss.
I'm a cook for guest house and for
the pent house I am the toilet cleaner.
So, my name is All in all, all in all.
- All in all.
- Azhag Raj, enough.
Take Arya to the guest house.
It is your responsibility
to take care of him.
Sit there and tell him
your life history. Okay?
- Arya, today you take rest.
- Thank you.
- I will see you tomorrow.
- Okay, boss.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
You shouldn't ask for respect,
but gain it. Let's go.
Oh my God.
- Let's go, hippo.
- Don't call me hippo.
Please, come. This is the guest house.
- Is it? I didn't know that.
- Joke?
Assume it. Beautiful.
- Is this your brief?
- Yes, boss.
We are staying with each other now,
so close.
You wear this, don't put it on the chair.
- I had put it for dry.
- There's another place to do that.
He is troubling me a lot.
I think you drink too much.
To be cool in summer and hot in winter.
What about rainy season?
I drink two 90s, Goa Feni.
- Joke?
- Assume that.
Look, All in all.
You can have 'All' in your name...
...but take alcohol out
of it and start drinking milk.
- Don't you drink?
- No.
In this city, if you don't do anything...
...then it will be difficult
for you to survive.
- Let's go, boss.
- I will bear it.
- Let's go.
- He has already started troubling me.
"What do you feel?"
"Who will tell you?"
"I will keep this bag here."
Boss, I will go and prepare food... get freshen up and come.
Okay, brother.
"Forget about your fears."
"We belong to the courageous family."
"Forget about your fears."
"We belong to the courageous family."
- "Cheating."
- "No, no."
- "Egoistic."
- "Oh yeah."
"Hard work always pays."
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"Forget about your fears."
"Just say, just say, I can do it, yeah."
"We belong to the courageous family."
"Just say, just say, I can do it, yeah."
"Working hard without wasting
time is the secret of success."
"Without taking shortcut, work hard,
only then you'll become genius."
"You need to have passion
to acquire something."
"You must have courage,
no matter what comes."
"Truth will always prevail. Prevail."
"This is our mantra."
"We will never lose."
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"What can you do?"
"What can you do?"
"You need the tactics
of bowing everyone down."
"The one who betrays the
motherland should be killed."
"This land is full
of customs and traditions."
"This is the place where great
scholars and philosophers were born."
"The mightiness and power that our land
has, anybody touches it, will shiver."
"Glory to Kannada."
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"Just say, I can do it, yes!"
"We will surely win!"
"Just say, I can do it, yes!"
"We will surely win!"
"Just say, I can do it!"
- Hello?
- Arya?
- Mom?
- Did you reach there safely?
- Yes, mom.
- Are you alright?
Yes mom, how are you?
I am fine.
New people,
new place, everything will be fine.
Mom, you don't worry about me.
My boss is a very good man.
He is taking care of me nicely.
I am absolutely alright.
Don't worry, mom. Love you, mom. Bye.
"I am a wonderful cook."
- "I put little milk and made juice."
- Good morning, All in all.
Oh, good morning, boss.
- Breakfast is ready.
- What did you make?
Bread, omelet, cornflakes, milk...
...then plums as fruits.
- Runs, chop, and lying.
- What does that mean?
Hen, vegetable and bucket, I mean, pig.
That is you.
You know that I don't like all this.
I know, boss. I know.
So, I made South Indian dish.
Idli, fritters,
chutney, and drumstick curry.
Beautiful... Actually, All in all.
Seeing idli in foreign
country reminds me of India.
Same here, boss.
When I see fritters, I remember my wife.
Why? Is your wife in India?
No, boss. She is here.
She is a pen plumber
in President's office.
- You should've brought her here.
- Brought her?
- Yes.
- What are you saying?
I am a celibate even
after getting married...
...I am single though I have a wife.
There was a small
tiff between us on the first night.
She ran to her house that
day and hasn't returned since.
Fool, you should've applied for
four days leave and took her to honeymoon.
That's the point.
Listen to me now.
When she has a leave, I don't.
When I have leave, she doesn't.
Boss, we both didn't consummate till now.
Don't worry. Put me curry. I am here.
Boss, what is this?
I shouldn't have told this to you.
Hey, I meant, I will plan something...
...and unite you both.
Oh thank God.
- This is locker room.
- It's beautiful.
There's a swimming pool at the side.
- There's a squash court and gym.
- Wow.
There's a track ahead.
Arya, I have worked
very hard to build this.
I've worked very hard.
It's been my dream.
Boss, I can know your effort.
- Wow, beautiful.
- Look, Arya.
Three thousand people
can accommodate here.
- Awesome.
- How do you like it?
Boss, I liked it very much.
Moreover, tracks are very beautiful.
You've fulfilled all
the needs of the athletes.
In future, I will try my level
best to get a good name to this academy.
- These are my students, Arya.
- Hi.
this is your new coach, Mr. Arya.
He is going to take care of you.
- Arya, they all are my students.
- Okay.
It is your responsibility
to take care of them.
- Okay, boss.
- Okay?
Don't forget the gold medal.
I will try my level best.
- All the best, Arya.
- Thank you, boss.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
"Ready for the game, girl."
"Come on, everybody."
Hamsa, that's the reason I tell you... have to come early daily.
Do some warm up exercise.
You have to practice, only then run.
this will bound to happen.
- Come on.
- I am sorry, sir.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- Here?
- Yes.
- Near the ankle?
- Yes.
- Here?
- Yes.
Yes, just wait.
Puneet, come here.
Give that to me.
Okay, done.
Relax. Just relax.
I will help you stretch, okay?
Sir! - Stretch it, move it. Yes.
- Okay? Feeling better?
- Yes.
Come on, get up. Come.
Thank you, sir.
On your mark!
Get set!
Come on!
Come on!
- Keep it up.
- Thank you.
Shweta, good.
What happened? Why didn't you run faster?
You were 3 seconds behind her.
If you run like this, forget gold medal...
- won't get an bronze medal too.
- I'm sorry, sir.
What sorry,
say that you are going to do it.
- I will do it, sir.
- Don't be nervous.
Be bold. Okay?
Shweta? Where's Shweta?
Hey, no!
It was very hot, so she put water.
- Hello?
- Hi Honey!
We will meet at 10 am in the coffee shop.
- I won't come.
- I know.
- I won't come.
- I know.
- I told you, I won't come.
- I know.
I know you will come.
Shweta, are you still angry?
Excuse me, give me two cold coffees.
I don't want.
I am withdrawing from the games.
- Why?
- I didn't like the coach.
Fire him. We'll hire another coach.
You are always interested in Hamsa,
crow, and chicks... don't have interest
for real talent.
Real talent? Where is it?
- Hey!
- Hello, excuse me.
- Arya.
- Do you know how to run?
- What?
- Arya.
- Hello excuse me. Do you run?
- Come here.
- Hey Shweta, let me ask them once.
- Arya.
Don't embarrass me.
Even I have real talent.
But you say that Hamsa will get the medal.
Baby, a sports woman shouldn't
be so jealous. It is not good.
Baby, it is not good to appreciate
some other girl in front of me.
Oh.. Keep it here.
Entire people in the
stadium know that I love you.
It is not a big deal.
Shweta, one shouldn't
do partial in sports.
You have to inspire and guide everyone.
That's a coach's duty.
If I show special attention towards you,
it is like I'm betraying my job.
Your attention should be
on medal and not these things.
If you wish to win a medal, then
it is my dream that you should get it.
- I'm sorry.
- Come, let's go for a spin.
Shweta's white house.
Hey, wait.
Keep your right leg and come inside.
- Why?
- That's tradition.
- Don't ask me why. Come on.
- Okay.
You won't stop behaving
like a monkey, right?
- Who am I?
- Coach.
If a coach imitates a monkey,
only then he can win. Okay?
- Make yourself comfortable and sit.
- Okay.
- I will go and call dad.
- Okay.
She is so fat in that, but now she's slim.
Welcome, Arya.
- Hello, sir.
- The great coach.
- Your house is very nice.
- Thanks a lot.
Actually, there are many more
houses like this in my daughter's name.
But my daughter likes
this house very much.
- Okay.
- Please, sit.
Shweta has told me a lot about you.
- All bad things.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Oh... good things too.
She is fortunate that you are her coach.
My daughter wishes to win a gold medal.
You have to get her that.
I love my country.
If Shweta desires to win the medal... is my dream that she should get it.
I will do it.
After Shweta gets a medal, you have
to give her a medal named nuptial chain.
Yes Arya, my daughter loves you very much.
I've never refused her for anything.
I've already accepted
you as my son-in-law.
The one who marries
my daughter should be rich...
...and wealthy, I don't think like that.
God has given me so much wealth
that six generations can utilize it.
I want a son-in-law who
would take care of my daughter.
Don't worry, dad.
He will take care of me nicely.
Me too, sir. Even I have so much wealth
that six generations can utilize it.
My mom.
- My mom means everything to me.
- Me?
Even you.
Shweta, I can't believe it.
- Why?
- Your dad accepted me so soon?
Dad's character is such.
He doesn't refuse me for anything.
I have a doubt. It looks like a dream.
If you have to get a girl like me,
such dreams are common.
Your father always talks about wealth...
...but I don't even have a coat to wear.
Come on, Arya.
You want my dad to refuse...
...goons should kidnap me...
...and you have to chase them.
- Then you have to thrash them.
- Yes.
My dad should see all this and then accept
you. Only then you'll believe, right?
Shweta, enough of your cooked up stories.
Your dad is a nice man.
I have to believe him.
So, we've got consent from my dad.
Now, we have to take
consent from your mom.
- My mom?
- That's it.
Nice... Excuse me.
Yes, come in.
I've already come in,
she is asking me to come in.
- Hello, aunt.
- Hello.
- Who are you?
- I'm your daughter-in-law.
- Daughter-in-law? What?
- Bless me.
- You mean, daughter-in-law?
- Yes, your daughter-in-law.
- Then Arya--
- He's your son.
- I know that.
- But you asked me.
Okay, come and sit.
Thank you.
- Aunt, your house is very beautiful.
- Oh, thank you.
So, would you like to have coffee or tea?
- Coffee or tea?
- Yes.
- I will give you almond milk.
- How sweet.
Arya, come here.
- Don't look stealthily, come here.
- Mom.
I know this is your doing. Come.
- Come.
- Mom, who is she?
I've seen her somewhere.
Have you acted in the
movie 'Sanju weds Geeta'?
I know that you are a good actor...
...even they know that.
- Sit there.
- Mom, I really don't know who she is.
- Actually--
- Don't you think you are over acting?
- Do you think?
- Yes.
- Come sit.
- Okay.
Why is she calling me as mother-in-law and
herself as daughter-in-law. What is this?
If you give your consent, she'll become
daughter-in-law of this house.
If I refuse?
Daughter-in-law of our neighbor.
- How mean!
- Ow.
We've been going around from two years.
Hey, it is two and a half years.
- Two and a half years.
- Two and a half years?
Wow, very strong love.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, mom.
Look dear, my son has accepted you...
...and even I have accepted you
as my daughter-in-law.
Wow, even her dad has given his consent.
Even he liked him very much.
- Whose children we are--
- I know.
You've come till the climax.
Balance, only marriage.
Mom, don't say that,
I'm feeling shy.
Enough. Enough.
Give me a grandchild soon.
I will not disturb you then.
Okay, mom. Come on, let's go.
- Where?
- To make my mom a grandma.
Stop it Arya,
can't you see your mother is here?
Dirty fellow.
Mom, I didn't ask for myself, but for you.
Go away.
Boss... boss.
Where are you lost? What are you thinking?
Give me your hand.
Boss, you are very fortunate.
As soon as you touched...
...look, that girl is running so nicely.
Only after you touched her.
Let's go,
it is time to give the diet chart.
I've made chicken and
rolled bread for lunch.
Don't you have any other thing to do?
- Come here, I have some work.
- You are always busy.
Excuse me!
Come here.
Hey, I'm sorry.
What? But me too.
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Give my bag, man!
Hey man! You want this bag!
Hey, you want this bag,
come on, and catch.
Now, you try picking up my bag.
- Boss, coffee.
- I don't want.
- Shall I turn on the TV?
- No.
Shall I make musk melon
juice by adding cardamom in it?
Okay, you don't want.
Why are you so dull?
Nothing... today while I was riding
my cycle, somebody tried to snatch my bag.
I don't have friends or enemies here.
In fact, I'm coming
here for the first time.
I don't understand why this happened.
This is all common here.
You can't roam alone.
They'll snatch everything.
Drug addict guys.
They can even murder
someone for money.
They attacked me twice
and took my under garments.
So, you stopped wearing
it and putting it on the chair.
- Joking?
- Forget that.
Don't you have plans to
get your wife and settle in life?
I have plans, but it is not successful.
Tell me, All in all... said there was some problem
at first night with you and your wife.
- What is that?
- First night, first time, I asked... wife whether I could
ask her a question with love.
She said, okay.
There shouldn't be any anger,
hatred, tiffs... magic, mantra,
flashback, between a husband and wife.
Even if it is there, then one to one.
We have to sit and discuss about it.
Now, I will ask you one question directly.
You give me a direct answer.
What darling?
- Are you virgin?
- What?
= Are you virgin?
- Rascal!
Oh God!
What happened?
Is this the question to
ask your wife on the first night?
I asked for confirmation.
But it went wrong.
Let it be...
don't you have a family flashback?
- Arya.
- Yes.
Hey... don't do drama now. What happened?
- Do you have any time sense?
- Why?
- You forgot that I am your coach.
- Oh.
You are my coach, only in the ground.
Here you are my boyfriend.
- Boyfriend?
- Yes.
Sit here.
Look, actually I don't
keep any loan before marriage.
- Oh.
- So.
- Okay.
- Is that all?
- Yes.
- Did you repay your loan?
How much should I give you?
- I want more.
- Oh, you want it with interest?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Okay, shall we sing a song?
- Yes.
Let's go and sing. Come.
Such a stupid joke.
- Hey, stop it okay.
- I just said song, you want to leave.
Is this a movie to sing song?
Why will it come? Why are you laughing?
Oh, she wants to leave
as soon as I said about song.
- What happened?
- I am angry.
- Coma.
- You just do drama. Come on.
There will be some nine thousand people...
...taking part... this opening ceremony.
There you see some emerging--
I heartily welcome, the sports minister,
Mr. Riyaz Ahmed... open the national games.
Hundreds and thousands of people--
I hereby declare the
43rd national games, open!
Now, we start the women 400 meters.
Please, get ready.
On your mark!
Get set!
Thank you so much.
"Guy, guy, what a guy."
"My heart is beating."
"Guy, guy, what a guy."
"My heart is beating."
"Women of Karnataka
are like flowers."
"Men of Karnataka
have a heart of pearl."
"Come and dance with me."
"I am Anna's son. Don't fear me."
- "Walk to your left."
- "Walk to your right."
- "Come forward."
- "Go ahead."
"Women of Karnataka
are like flowers."
"Men of Karnataka
have a heart of pearl."
"Mandya is full of sugarcane crops."
"I have settled in your heart."
"Who wants anyone else?"
"You are my friend and my partner."
"You are very happy and I'm very lucky."
"Guy, guy, what a guy."
"Guy, guy, what a guy."
"My heart is beating."
"Women of Karnataka
are like flowers."
"Men of Karnataka
have a heart of pearl."
"I know everything about you."
"You are very courageous."
"You are like a beautiful doe."
"I am will come after you unnecessarily."
"Why do you burn me with your eyes,
like Hanuman burnt Lanka."
"Guy, guy, what a guy."
"Guy, guy, what a guy."
"My heart is beating."
"Women of Karnataka
are like flowers."
"Men of Karnataka
have a heart of pearl."
"Come and dance with me."
"I am Anna's son. Don't fear me."
- "Walk to your left."
- "Walk to your right."
- "Come forward."
- "Go ahead."
Busy, busy, busy.
- Brother, there was a call for you.
- Whose?
- Shweta.
- Shweta?
- Yes, brother.
- What's the matter?
She got a call from the committee.
- Committee?
- Yes, she has called you immediately.
Excuse me.
Mr. Arya, you are a very good coach.
There's not a single black
mark in your career of 10 years.
Thank you, sir.
Because of your protg,
you and our committee has been insulted.
- Doctor, please.
- Ms. Shweta, you've been tested positive.
Yes, for using anabolic steroids.
I'm sorry. There must be some mistake.
Yes, it is you. The reports say so.
- Arya--
- Just relax.
If you have any doubt, here
is the lab report, you can take a look.
- Arya.
- Just wait, let me check.
Arya, how can this be true?
- I've never ever taken drugs in my life.
- Look--
- There must be obviously a mistake.
- Look--
You shouldn't talk like that.
You shouldn't talk like that.
Do you believe it? Tell me.
I just don't know.
Arya, say something.
Give me a minute.
Give me a minute.
As per the sporting ethics,
what she has done is wrong.
She has been banned for two years.
We are giving Shweta's gold
medal to the silver medal winner Hamsa.
Mr. Arya, you are a great athlete.
And a good coach too.
Why don't you understand?
You know all the rules and regulations.
Two years are more, please consider.
Are you her relative?
Why are you supporting her?
People like her should be banned
for life long and not two years.
- You are wrong.
- Law cannot be changed.
Right is right. Wrong is wrong.
Just relax.
It's okay, carry on.
Shweta, listen to me.
- Madam, please stop.
- Madam.
Madam, answer us. Madam.
Ms. Shweta,
is it true that you consumed drugs?
You insulted India.
Who told you to do drugs?
- Tell us, madam.
- Tell us.
Why are you quiet? Answer us.
Sir, please reconsider.
Do you have any enemies?
A sportsman works so hard to win a medal.
I know that very well, sir.
- Madam, tell us.
- Why did you use drugs?
Why are you quiet? Tell us!
- Sir, there's some mistake... please.
- There's nothing much to say.
- The meeting is over.
- I do understand.
You can go ahead, sir.
Shweta, you shouldn't
have left from there suddenly.
What do you expect me to do?
Did you expect me to get more humiliated?
Or I should've given
interview to the media?
- We have to follow the rules, Shweta.
- Rules?
So, you believe them.
So, you didn't answer my calls.
When committee people were blaming me,
you couldn't stand for me even once.
It has been proved medically.
- You gave them, didn't you?
- Yes, I did.
But I don't know what happened.
I still don't believe it.
I believe it. I know.
You are interested in Hamsa.
- Don't talk rubbish.
- What rubbish?
If you were so interested in her,
you should've told me.
I would've given my medal to her.
Shweta, don't vent somebody
else's anger on me.
Shut up!
If you like Hamsa, I don't care.
But why did you act to love me?
Why did you play with my life?
Why did you ruin my life?
Shut up!
One cannot be right when in haste.
Look, I am a sportsman.
I don't know these cheap gimmicks.
I've never seen Hamsa in that way.
Enough. I've heard enough.
Enough of your coaching.
I don't wish to see your face again.
You may leave.
Get out!
Why did I mistake her?
Boss, are you exercising?
- No.
- Are you practicing Kucchupudi?
No, I sprained my back. So.
Sit here. Sit here.
Take, have coffee.
What did you
do that you sprained your back?
While I was driving...
...some other vehicle rammed into me.
I tried to control and turned
the steering to the left... my neck, my shoulders are hurting--
Oh! Come, let's go to the hospital.
Hey, not so serious.
I'll be fine if I take one hour's rest.
That day you told
me about cycle incident... you say car accident...
...looks like your bad times, boss.
All in all, if these things
are in your life, only then it is life.
Look how fortunate you are...
- have a problem with your wife.
- Not my wife.
I have a problem with my mother-in-law.
- Who is new character?
- That's fresh.
I made my tell me that she
is a virgin on the first night.
- Were you successful?
- No.
My mother-in-law kept a condition
that we should consummate in her house.
That night,
I was waiting for my wife.
That night,
I was waiting for my wife.
The lights went off and the door opened.
I ran after her,
picked her, and jammed on the bed.
Husband darling...
Azhag Raj!
The electricity returned,
when I saw--
- Mummy!
- Dummu!
What's happening here?
Oh... mother-in-law?
Sorry... very, very, very, sorry.
Sorry, Dummu.
Sorry daughter, the power went off.
I came to his room to take candles.
He hugged me. He kissed me!
Oh my god, mom, why didn't you shout?
How could I shout?
He had locked my mouth with his mouth.
Oh God, it was so hot, you know.
- You cheat!
- Dummy!
What do I do? You both are of
same height, same weight...
...and same complexion.
Both are like national highway.
It was dark,
so I couldn't know in emotions.
I hugged her and kissed her.
You mother doesn't have a husband.
I will become husband for you both.
Double offer. Kindly adjust!
They both united. Good mileage.
Oh God!
You donkey... couldn't know the difference
between your wife and mother-in-law.
The same thing... the same way.
My wife scolded me and
threw me out of the house.
"One song came slowly and stealthily."
"Love has brought lots
and lots of happiness."
"Dear, there's a new desire in me."
"This story began with the eyes."
"Oh my love!"
"Oh my love!"
"One song came slowly and stealthily."
"Love has brought lots
and lots of happiness."
"These days, when you come close to me."
"It is like sunrise."
"It will happen when time comes.
Whenever you smile..."
"...there's moonlight during the day."
"My life is beautiful because of you."
"I want you to be with me all my life."
"Oh my darling."
"Oh my love!"
"Oh baby!"
"Oh my love!"
"Oh baby."
"One song came slowly and stealthily."
"Love has brought lots
and lots of happiness."
Wow! Look there!
"The way you walk on,
the fragrance of my body..."
"...will embrace your body."
"While going or coming..."
"...will keep my eyes on you..."
"...and wait for your endlessly."
"I don't want happiness."
"I only want you besides me."
"Oh my beloved."
"Oh my love."
- "Oh my love."
- "Oh my love."
"Oh my love."
"One song came slowly and stealthily."
"Love has brought lots
and lots of happiness."
Arya, if you need to win the game,
you should have a goal.
If you have to achieve you goal,
you need confidence.
You should have concentration.
I don't see both in you.
- What happened?
- Nothing, sir.
Arya, I can see on your
face that you are disturbed.
- Any problem.
- No problem.
I didn't practice for many days,
so I was practicing.
Anyway, how is health now?
I was suffering from stomach upset,
now I am okay.
Stomach upset means, food problem.
Food problem means,
All in all would've done something wrong.
You do one thing,
you come with me.
- Where?
- To my house.
You get fantastic food in my house.
Sir, please, don't.
Why you are taking trouble?
Arya, don't be silly.
You are my guest.
You are like my brother, come on.
- Come Arya.
- Yes, sir.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Why are you looking like that?
This is Arya, a very famous coach.
He has joined our academy.
He is from your city.
That's my wife, Shweta.
Come, Arya.
All in all has done something
wrong with food...
...and made him suffer
from stomach upset.
So, I brought him here
to have millet balls, curry...
...spinach, and pickle.
Is everything ready?
He should get mesmerized
by eating the food made by you.
- Come.
- Okay, boss.
- Please start, Arya.
- Yes.
- Daddy!
- Hey!
What are you watching?
This is my daughter.
- Who is this uncle?
- This uncle's name is Arya.
He is a coach in our academy.
- Hi, uncle.
- Hi. Come here.
Wow, what a beautiful doll is this.
- What's your name?
- Gauri Surender Patil.
Gauri Surender Patil.
Wow, what tradition even after being
in foreign country. Hats off to you, sir.
I like my country, language, and culture.
So, I named her as Gauri.
Arya... how is the food?
It is very nice.
My mom says that the one who has a nice
heart, food prepared by them will be good.
My wife's heart is like 24 carat gold.
One can know that by seeing her.
Stop praising me. Have food.
Her heart is gold,
but she is very haughty.
Sometimes, she herself doesn't
know what decision she takes.
Shweta, Arya is leaving.
Come out.
It's okay, I--
Thank you, madam.
The food was nice.
Nice meeting you.
- I shall leave. See you, boss.
- See you, Arya.
- Uncle.
- Yes?
When will you come again?
I will keep visiting you often, dear.
- Bye, dear.
- Bye, uncle.
"What if you don't breath
or feel choked..."
" it possible to live?"
"It is waste to live
if you forget your lover."
"No matter who it is, you love.
If they call you, accept them."
"Sacrifice is life."
"There's a meaning to life
only if we unite after forgetting."
- "What--"
- Shweta!
What happened to you?
- Nothing.
- Are you feeling okay?
- I have a headache.
- Do you want me to call a doctor?
No problem. I will take rest.
"It comes from the heart..."
"...and flows in love."
"It is brought up with love..."
"...let there be brightness
in your heart."
"It listens to your tears..."
" makes you laugh
when you are sad."
"Love doesn't die with death."
"Love is mother's affection."
"Love is God."
"It is a boat to the body."
"It is a devotee of god."
"Your life is complete if you have it."
- Hello?
- Boss, tell me.
Can I ask for a help?
Please, tell me, boss.
I have to leave for
a business dinner urgently.
Shweta is unwell and is at home.
It will be late until I return.
Can you please pick up Gauri
from school and drop her home?
Boss, you need not request me,
but order me.
Please, don't feel offended as
I'm telling you to do my personal work.
'Please, don't make as a stranger.'
- Thank you, Arya.
- 'Welcome.'
Boss told me to get her from school.
So, I brought her.
"There's a meaning to life
only if we unite after forgetting."
"No matter how we are, we finally
have to be buried in the ground."
Stay back. Just get lost!
"This is your second chance,
take a chance."
"This is your second chance,
take a chance."
Hello? Surender Patil here.
- 'This is call from Forte, Singapore.'
- Yes.
'Your friend Mr.
Arya has been admitted here.'
- What?
- 'Yes, looks like an accident.'
'He has got a head injury.
Might be a fracture.'
Oh my God.
'Nothing to worry,
you can please come over.'
I'll be there.
- Relax, you are okay.
- Thank you.
- Arya.
- Boss.
Doctor said, you had an ankle fracture.
What happened?
I don't know.
Four people attacked me.
We had fight. I hurt my leg in that.
Who would attack you here?
Boss, you don't worry.
I will be alright.
Okay... Anyway,
doctor said you can go home.
Let's go to our house.
Home atmosphere is good for you, Arya.
No boss. Poor All in all
is taking care of me nicely.
I will take rest in the guest house.
Arya, don't be silly.
- Please, for me.
- Okay.
- Your wish.
- Thank you.
Here. Take care... slowly.
Hey... it's okay Arya. Relax.
Arya, doctor has said that rest
is a must as you've a fractured ankle.
Until then you need
not come to the academy.
- I will manage.
- You are taking so much trouble for me.
Arya, no trouble.
You are my guest.
It is my responsibility to keep you safe.
- Thanks a lot, boss.
- Okay?
- Shall I inform his mother?
- No.
His mother is old.
She is thousands of
kilometers away from here.
Why give tension to her unnecessarily?
We will take care of him.
Sir, you are right.
"I got caught."
- "I got caught."
- All in all!
Where did you get caught?
Are you having an affair
with someone else leaving your wife?
Boss, I don't do all that.
Until yesterday I was 100 percent virgin.
- Even the same today.
- Why?
Don't ask me.
I've let go of liters thinking about it.
- What?
- Tears.
You should've tried again.
I didn't giving up without trying.
I told that the horoscope
was not good at home and...
...arranged for a sweet room in a lodge
and arranged for a grand first night.
I wanted to embrace my wife--
Darling, your phone is ringing.
Your mother would be
jealous and calling me.
- No, leave me.
- Come, darling.
You should receive it.
Please, receive it.
- Hello, who is it?
- 'I'm your mother speaking.'
- 'Azhag!'
- I don't have a mother.
- 'Scoundrel!'
- Mom, what is it?
'Hey, your father expired
by drinking liquor.'
He drank liquor. What?
- My father expired drinking liquor?
- 'Yes.'
Oh! Father!
- How did he die?
- 'He was suffering from loose motions.'
'He was suffering from
loose motions and died.'
- Oh, my father died.
- Darling!
- What happened?
- "What will I do now?"
"He didn't have fish curry."
- Darling, beloved.
- "My father."
- "He drank liquor."
- Listen.
"He died." Hey!
I will slap you. My father expired.
- "My father."
- Darling!
- "My father."
- What about our first night?
You left your wife and ran away?
Boss, this is foreign.
Wife comes and goes.
Once you die, you can come to life again.
I am making vegetable for you. Wait.
Yummy milk.
Drink soon.
Good girl.
Gauri, you have to go to school tomorrow.
You go to sleep soon. Okay?
- He is not at home.
- I know.
Then why did you come
here at such late hour?
I want to talk to you.
But I don't want to talk to you.
But I have to talk to you.
Didn't you hear me?
Don't you understand what I said?
I told you no one was at home.
- Just get out of my house.
- Why?
Why are you fearing?
I didn't come to break your family.
I had to tell you the truth.
I couldn't tell that in front of everyone.
So, I came here when
your husband is not at home.
- What?
- Why?
Why are you raising your BP?
Sit... Please, sit down. Please!
When you were caught with
doping case in National games.
You thought I was the reason... fought with me and
severed relationship with me.
I couldn't understand
how I was involved in this?
When I stood blank...
...what I saw was...
'You told me so many times that
I would win a gold medal...'
'...if I worked a little harder.'
'Anyway, I got a gold medal.'
'Do you think you are worth
of getting this gold medal?'
'Sir, what did I do?'
'I saw the complete footage on CCTV.'
'I have proof that you spiked it.'
'Why did you do that?'
'Tell me. Tell me the truth.'
'Tell me, Hamsa.'
- 'Hamsa, tell me.'
- 'Sir, actually--'
'Hamsa, tell me the truth!'
'I can't do, uncle.
I can't do that.'
'Listen, I am not angry on Aryan.'
'But he is not worth
of becoming my son-in-law.'
- 'But--'
- So, you have to mix the drugs...
'...and make Arya give it to Shweta.'
'You have to help me with this.'
- 'Uncle.'
- 'Please, don't say no.'
'If you do this,
you'll get that gold medal.'
'It's once in a life time opportunity.'
'Not only Shweta is my daughter,
you are my daughter too.'
'Please, if you help me with this...'
'...Shweta's life will be good.
Think about it.'
'Even when I knew that this was wrong,
I became selfish.'
In the greed to win the medal...
...I accepted.
Sports committee got intimation...
...about Shweta from her father.
- Shweta!
- Didn't I tell you, she isn't here?
- Where did she go?
- Far away.
She went so far that you can't get her.
Even her wedding got fixed.
She is getting married next week.
You! She is in love with me,
how can she live happily with other man?
Whether it is a man or a woman,
they fall in love only once.
They won't be able to
forget them until they die.
I know! So!
That's the reason, I uprooted
your love from my daughter's heart.
I made her believe that
you were going around with Hamsa.
The gold medal that my daughter got...
...I planned in such a
way that it goes to Hamsa.
You betrayed your lover
for other woman... daughter believes that completely.
She will never remember
you again even by mistake.
She may not remember me.
But Shweta got the gold medal
that millions of people aim for.
You snatched that from her.
- She will remember that all her life.
- My foot!
Not one, I can buy millions
of such gold medals for her.
You can buy millions of gold medals...
...but a real sportsman
wishes for applauds from people.
Can you buy her that praises?
- Look!
- Stop!
Remember this.
Shweta has mistaken me.
No matter which corner
of the world she is in...
...I will find her and tell her the truth.
I'm sorry.
I know... you are married.
You are my boss's wife.
You are mother of a child.
I won't get anything by telling
all this to you and disturb you.
When your father got
you married by deceit...
...I erased your name
from the book of my heart.
Because, no matter
how much I love you...
...after you are married,
you are somebody else's wife.
Keeping somebody
else's wife in heart... a big sin.
I had a wish.
Before I die...
...I should tell you the truth.
I think God heard me.
I saw you in the temple by chance.
When I was coming towards
you to tell the truth, you left.
I looked for you.
After seeing tears in your eyes...
...I assume that your hatred
towards me has subsided.
So many years...
...the truth was inside me like fire,
now it has emerged as brightness.
I am feeling light.
Even you...
...don't think.
Forget the past.
Cute child...
...loving husband.
Be happy.
I will be here until
the contract gets over.
Then I will return to India.
I have to go.
Because my mother is alone there.
My mother has no one other than me.
Bye. Be happy.
"I will wait for you in the way you take."
"I will stay alone
in my life without you."
"Memories, again and again."
"It is knocking at the door of my heart."
"I will wait for you in the way you take."
"I will stay alone
in my life without you."
Arya is not a good guy.
He is a cheat.
He got me trapped in the doping
scam so that Hamsa gets a gold medal.
I made a mistake by trusting him.
Take me away from here, dad.
Please, I beg you.
I have to forget everything.
"My desires have shattered."
"Solitude has become my friend."
"When the pain got more,
I hid it quietly."
"I forgot my existence. I became blank."
"What happened to
those cherished moments?"
"You stay happily wherever you are."
"If there's a re-birth..."
"...we will unite again."
"Let's live together.
I will wait for that."
"I will wait for you in the way you take."
"I will stay alone
in my life without you."
- Arya.
- Yes?
You are walking away
as though you didn't see me.
Sorry, I really didn't see you.
Today's my mother's birthday.
So, I came to the temple.
Is it? I come here every Friday.
- One minute.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Why are you quiet?
Actually, I am feeling very free.
I have cleared all the doubts that I had.
I'm very happy.
But it was my mistake.
Shweta, it is not anybody's mistake.
Time. Forget it.
I am very happy.
My boss is a good man.
You've got a good husband, cute kid,
I am feeling good for you.
He is very nice man.
I think I am not good.
Why do you say that?
I'm joking.
Shweta, you are not joking.
- What happened, tell me.
- I am serious.
I am telling you the truth.
Shweta, I know very well about you.
Tell me if you wish to say.
If not, your wish.
Love is born, but doesn't die.
I got married to the guy my father chose,
as I was angry with you.
After coming here, I learnt...
...he is married and has a daughter.
But it's okay. I love Gauri very much.
He too takes care of me nicely.
No regrets.
Forget about me. Why didn't you marry?
Arya? Arya!
- What?
- Why didn't you marry?
Who said, I was not married?
I have married my profession.
That's such an old joke, Arya.
I was joking.
I will marry.
Won't I get Katrina
Kaif or Deepika Padukone?
They already have boyfriends.
- You can't marry them.
- No problem.
I'll look for a new heroine.
That's it.
I think it is time to pick
up your daughter from school.
- Yes. Shall we?
- Shall we?
Why did the hen wanted to cross the road?
It is its wish.
No, because it wanted
to go on the other side.
Why does the bus stand in the bus stand?
- Because it is bus stand.
- No.
Because it cannot sit.
- Come on.
- You didn't tell me you were coming.
At least you should've called me.
I came to surprise you...
- ...but I'm only surprised.
- What?
What's so funny? What's the joke?
You ask him, he will crack a joke.
- What Arya?
- Just like that.
Arya, I have to talk to you seriously.
Since you've come,
something is going right.
My daughter is very happy.
My academy is doing so well.
And today, she is smiling.
You are really a magician, Arya.
Not like that, boss. You always be happy.
Because you are taking care of me so much.
This is all small things what I am doing.
Thank you, Arya. That means a lot.
Shall I get some coffee?
- Please.
- Okay.
Go, go.
Arya, since you've come here,
I've been wanting to do this.
Let's go out in the evening.
- No boss.
- Arya.
- I have to go to the academy.
- Who am I?
- Boss.
- You have to listen to boss's order.
Come on, let's make an evening of it.
Let's celebrate.
Boss, you've already drunk more.
I think it is enough.
Arya, don't stop me today.
I'm so happy that I can
drink all the liquor in the world.
You know why?
Shweta always used to
sit quietly and keep thinking...
...she was happy today.
In four years of marriage...
...this is the first time
she was laughing.
Arya, for some time,
forget that I am your boss...
- ...shall we talk like friends?
- Sure.
- Come.
- Yes.
Shweta and I are couples
only for namesake.
...but we are not real husband and wife.
Yes, Arya.
She feels proud about me...
...but love and affection..
she doesn't have that.
No boss... She really loves you.
Arya, I am drunk.
My life is perfect now...
...and is transparent.
Shweta was deeply in love with someone.
I don't know what the reason is,
but she left him.
I was already married.
One week after my
daughter Gauri was born... wife expired.
When I was mourning for that...
...her father got Shweta married to me.
I thought Shweta had accepted
to marry me willingly.
But for the grudge on her lover...
...and the anger on her life...
...she got married to me.
I realized this later.
By then, it was too late.
Do you know what is the thing that
my daughter and this world doesn't know?
Shweta is not my kid's mother.
My daughter is 4 years old now.
In these four years,
we have living in the same house...
...sleeping on the same bed... strangers.
Shweta is a nice girl.
A very nice girl.
But, my bad luck.
But I still don't know Arya,
if that guy is lucky or unlucky.
Anyway, I'm sorry, Arya.
I brought you here and bugged you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our most ambitious event is nearing.
We all have to work very hard.
- Okay?
- Yes, boss.
Excuse me.
- Hello?
- 'Mr. Patil?'
- Yes.
- 'I've got some good news for you.'
Your proposal
for sports academy New York...
...has been sanctioned.
- Okay.
- Hey, all the best.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Guys, I have a very good news for you.
I just got a phone call from New York...
...and we are going to be opening,
Patil's sports academy in New York!
- Wow!
- Congratulations.
- Wow.
- We all need to celebrate.
- Congrats, boss.
- Thank you, Arya.
- All my dreams are coming true.
- Of course.
Have a seat.
- Arya, I will go to New York for a month.
- Okay.
Until I return,
the competition would've begun.
It is your responsibility
to give gold medal in my hand.
100 percent boss.
This is not only your wish, mine too.
- Thank you, Arya.
- Good luck once again, boss.
Hello? Is it Singapore Airlines?
This is regarding flight to New York...
New York!
Passenger's name is Surender Patil.
I've already e-mailed you.
Is his flight on the right time?
Thank you.
Boss, flight is on right time.
- Thank you, Arya.
- You plan meetings all of a sudden.
You don't tell me anything about it.
- What do I tell Gauri?
- You pacify her.
You know how my work is.
I will return soon.
Take care of Gauri, take care of yourself.
- Shall I leave?
- Okay.
Have a safe trip.
And take care. Eat on time.
All in all, don't lock me. Leave me.
Leave me, I said, leave me.
Mother-in-law, forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
This is my last chance.
I will finish my first night.
Oh... leave me. Leave me.
Bye, bye. See you.
Take out the plug. Turn off the mobile.
Lights off. Candle on.
Start the music.
My wife is drinking wine.
Oh devil!
Mummy devil! Mummy devil!
- I am not devil.
- What?
I'm your husband,
All in all, Azhag Raja.
Oh my God.
- Dummu, I'm ready for the first night.
- I am also ready.
All in all, my darling.
The cot broke.
Cot has broken up, man!
Cot has to be broken.
First night should take place.
We have to beget a child.
I have to take to the temple
and get his head tonsured.
Oh, you!
You are too much.
I used to play marbles when I was young.
Hello? One sec.
- Sir, call for you.
- Yes.
- Hello?
- 'Is this Mr. Aryan?'
- Yes, speaking.
- 'I've got some tragic news for you.'
'Your friend Patil is no more.'
'He passed away in a car crash.'
Mummy, where's dad?
He will come.
- Uncle.
- Yes?
Uncle, why is my mom crying?
Give this to your mom, dear.
What is in this?
You go and give it to her.
Mummy, why are you crying?
Why did you come?
Why did you come here?
- Shweta, I--
- Stop there!
Don't take my name again.
You ruined my life for
your selfishness and your ego.
I? What did I do?
I know what you've done.
For five years, I had a dream
for which I toiled so hard...
...but you took away the
gold medal that I had got.
You framed me in the doping scam...
...and humiliated me in
front of the entire world.
You made me leave the country...
...and not face the people.
You even separated me from
Aryan who I loved the most.
Still you were not satisfied,
Arya didn't do any mistake... tried to get him killed. Shame!
The injustice that you've done to Arya...
...god took away your daughter's husband.
Enough! No girl should
have a father like you.
You are dead for me.
Go away! I don't wish
to see your face again.
Get out!
Sir... Please.
One minute.
Look, I shouldn't interfere
between father and daughter.
Forgive me.
Madam, you are making a mistake.
You are angry with your father,
I agree...
...but he loves you dearly.
So, he did that.
You didn't have a mother, he became
your mother, father, and a friend.
He didn't re-marry thinking
his daughter shouldn't be...
...ill-treated by his second wife.
It is a norm that every father wishes his
daughter to marry someone and be happy.
He did the same.
He has come here as you are alone.
If you shun him like this...
...he will become lonely.
There's no bigger enemy than loneliness.
You can get anything back...
...but the thing that
you can never get is...
...your mother and your father.
If you think your father is wrong,
forgive him.
Forgiving someone is a great deed.
God blesses the one
who possess that quality.
Dad, I'm sorry.
- Shweta.
- I'm sorry, dad.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me, dad.
I'm sorry, dad.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's okay, sir.
Don't cry. Come.
Don't sit quietly like this.
It shouldn't have happened.
It is futile to mourn for it all the time.
Your future, your child's future...
...the dream of getting
a gold medal to your academy... is your duty to fulfill it.
Look, life and death is common in life.
Brightness in darkness, land and sky...
...happiness and sorrow, victory
and defeat, this is the norm of life.
You are a sports woman.
You have to encourage everyone
in a sports man spirit.
Life is a game. Play it.
Be a warrior in your life.
Come to our academy tomorrow.
I will train you.
You have to be a gold medalist
in the SAP games this time.
Only then our boss's
soul will rest in peace.
You have to get back
the gold medal that you lost.
I trust you.
Have will power. Be courageous.
I have to see that
smile on your face again.
Get up. Come on, come on.
Come on, Shweta!
Come on! Yes!
"Forget the fear in you."
"We belong to the courageous family."
"Forget the fear in you."
"We belong to the courageous family."
- "Deceit."
- "No, no."
- "Ego."
- "Oh yeah!"
"Hard work always pays."
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"Forget the fear in you."
"Just say, just say, I can do it, yeah!"
"We belong to the courageous family."
"Just say, just say, I can do it, yeah!"
"Working hard without wasting
time is the secret of success."
"Without taking shortcut, work hard,
only then you'll become genius."
"You need to have passion
to acquire something."
"You must have courage,
no matter what comes."
"Truth always prevails. Prevails.
This is our mantra."
"We will never lose."
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"We will surely win!"
"What can you do?"
"Still in my blue."
"What can you do?"
"You are still in my blue."
"You need the tactics
of bowing everyone down."
"The one who betrays the
motherland should be killed."
"This land is full
of customs and traditions."
"This is the place where great
scholars and philosophers were born."
"The mightiness and power that our
land has, anybody touches it will shiver."
- "Hail to--"
- Hello sir, how are you?
All fine. Keep rocking.
- Hi Aryan.
- Hi.
Greetings, Salim.
- How are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
I'm fine.
You won in Islamabad.
But here... in your country, we will win.
Salim, go ahead.
Sports is everyone's property.
Even we are no less than anyone.
So, who is your special talent?
Shweta... national champion.
Yes... yeah.
This name rings a bell.
Isn't she the same girl who
got caught in the dope scandal?
Brother Salim,
actually something else happened--
Anyways, all the best to you, okay?
- Thank you. All the best.
- Good luck.
- Good luck. Yeah.
- Thank you.
Shweta, life is a race.
You get thousands of hurdles in that race.
You have to overcome all
of them and prove yourself.
See, you are a sports woman.
You will do it and you can win it.
Okay? Be bold, come on.
SAF game 2014!
Women 400 meters--
Tension has been grown at the moment.
Shweta, why are you upset?
- I don't know what's happening to me.
- Look.
- I am not able to concentrate.
- Don't spoil your mood.
You are not focusing.
Listen to me. Don't take tension.
Don't look there.
Look at me.
Shweta, look at me.
Forget it, why are you seeing there?
Look, there was some seconds
difference between you and her. That's it.
- You can make it up, okay?
- Still.
You will surely win it. Okay?
Come on, wear this. Look, be bold... focused. You will win.
Forget everything. Okay?
Come on. Come on.
Sit back and enjoy!
'She has been banned for two years.'
'Ms. Shweta,
is it true that you took drugs?'
'You've insulted India.'
'Shweta fails.'
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on, Shweta, you can do it!
Come on, Shweta! Come on! Come on!
And the winner is, Shweta Patil!
Boss, this is for you.
'Thank you, Arya.'
Thank you.
This credit goes to you.
Had you not been there for me,
I wouldn't have got this.
This is because of you.
Thank you, Arya.