Aryan: Unbreakable (2006) Movie Script

Aryan, I think today's fight is going to be tough
Why? Are you fighting in my place? - I'm not joking. I saw him practice
Don't worry. Once I break him mentally, he'll forget all this practice
How will you break him mentally? By boxing? Or by debate?
You won't understand these technical details
Such overconfidence, Aryan? This is not good
Stop the sermon. Check if Neha is here. - All right
Hello? - Neha, where are you? You're late
Neha! Neha!
Driver, let's go. - The lady is going out, baby
Neha, listen..
Damn! This girl will give me a heart attack someday
Aryan, I don't need to tell you..
how important this match is for us
You can go to the nationals only if you win this one
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Inter College Boxing Competition
The final is between Raj Khatri and Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma has been the champion for the last three years
If he wins again this time, he'll represent Maharashtra at the nationals
You better look at me when I'm talking to you
Where's she? - I phoned. Must be reaching
Finals of the Inter college boxing competition. Aryan versus Raj
Both the boxers checking out each other.
The public is very excited.
C'mon Aryan
Raj and Aryan facing each other once again. Raj attacks this time
Left, right.. Aryan is backing off
What has happened to you?
Where's the concentration, dammit? What about your combinations?
Don't lose focus
The competition is getting tougher. Many people have gathered.
There seems to be some problem.
Aryan, don't lose focus
Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting for you
I'm so sorry, I'm late, baby
Go, get him, tiger. - You better pay attention..
to what I'm saying!
Aryan and Raj are preparing for the final round
Raj got a briefing from his coach.
And the final round begins. Ladies and gentlemen,
the final round of the Inter College boxing competition
Raj is leading.
But we have to see that it's the last chance for Aryan.
Aryan and Raj face-to-face.
Aryan versus Raj.. a great punch from Aryan, and Raj is down
Will he get up? The referee is counting
Aryan seems confident he won't get up. Let's see if this is the final shot
Raj is back on his feet! Aryan still confident
Raj is back again
Raj facing Aryan.
Aryan is still aggressive.
Raj has fallen back.. Aryan seems quite aggressive in this round
Raj delivers a right, Aryan ducks and is back with an upper cut
One more upper cut and what a flurry of punches!
And that's a right hook. Is that the final punch of this tournament?
Raj is floored over there! Aryan looking very confident
Will Raj get up again? Will this take Aryan Verma to the nationals?
Will he represent Maharashtra.. ? And that's the end of it!
Aryan Verma has won..
..this tournament, ladies and gentlemen.
Simply sensational.
What a comeback! What a comeback in the final round!
This guy Aryan.
"Aryan Verma's unbreakable streak continues"
You say that you are hot.
Come on and show me what you got.
Are you worth me or not?
"Look at me once, my love"
"I swear, I'll hold you in my heart"
"Look at me, once"
"I swear, I'll hold you in my heart"
"O my beautiful sweetheart, take my heart"
"I want nothing else in return, just give me your heart"
"Why are you far away from me, my love?"
"Without you, my heart is so helpless"
"I worship you for no want, "
"I consider you god, you are my pride"
"Why are you far away from me, my love?"
"Without you, my heart is so helpless"
"O my beautiful sweetheart, take my heart"
"I want nothing else in return, just give me your heart"
"When you are with me, "
"I see hues of love everywhere"
"Why should we be afraid of the world, my love.. ?"
"since we love each other"
"When you are with me, "
"I see hues of love everywhere"
"O my beautiful sweetheart, take my heart"
"I want nothing else in return, just give me your heart"
"Look at me once, my love"
"I swear, I'll hold you in my heart"
Watch your upper guard. Good, very good
C'mon, move your feet
Your footwork.. that's good, very good
Your hands up
Here comes my tiger
Everybody! Listen to me
This is Ranjeet. Just joined college
I saw him fight in Delhi last month
He is very good. Great potential
And he's going to be in my team for the nationals
Sir, I will not let you down. I will work hard
You will have to work hard
If a boxer is overconfident, he is as good as a loser
Never be overconfident, okay?
Come on everybody, back to work
Ranjeet, the nationals are only three months away
And I want your full focus only on your training
No distractions at all, understand? - Yes sir
By the way, you don't have an affair going, have you?
No sir. Not at all
Even if you have, forget her. Just imagine that..
Come in
Good morning, sir
Where were you yesterday? I kept looking for you
Me? Why were you looking for me?
Yesterday's win was very important for us, and all the credit goes to you
Me? No, I don't think so
Aryan, I think you must bring your girlfriend to the gym everyday
She will train you, you won't miss out on your romance either
Am I not right?
What are you saying, sir? Are you angry with me?
Aryan, what you did inside the ring before the girl showed up..
made me feel ashamed of myself
Before an ordinary boxer, you had lost your confidence..
..your focus, everything
Dammit! That bout should've ended in the third round itself
You've made a mockery of my training and my coaching
And I don't think you are interested in the nationals
Sorry, sir. It won't happen again
Inside the ring, you must only see your opponent's face
And your punch on his face
If you want to become a champion,
keep your punch to yourself, not with your girlfriend
I don't want to see that girl around you. Is that clear?
Yes sir
Now go, get back in the ring
Hi Aryan. - Hi
Ranjeet. I saw your fight yesterday. You are outstanding
Thanks. The coach was praising you also
And congratulations. You've already been selected for the national team
We'll train together, I want to learn something from you
Pleasure. Take care. - Take care. Bye
Table number four. - Yeah
I'm bored, baby. Shall we go?
You ask me everyday, and everyday I tell you that..
..I can't leave before nine
Jugs is upstairs. Why don't you go upstairs? I'll join you soon
Promise? - Promise
Thank you.
Yeah. I know.
Hey Mark, someone is taking my pictures over there
Well, fatso?
Don't you ever take a photograph of my girlfriend again
I'll smash you
What's up? How're you doing? - Not bad. How're you doing?
You're looking very beautiful tonight. - Thank you, Mark
Take care. Bye. - Bye guys
Why are you so scared? I christen you again
Scared fatso
I'm not scared. Look at that blackie
He thinks he's Salman Khan
I'll smash him
Wow, Jugs! These are mind-blowing. Who took them?
I took the photographs, who else? - Don't joke
Who are you praising? - Jugs' photographs. Wow
I've been telling him to take this professionally. He'll be a sensation
If I don't become an engineer, dad will kill me
I'll talk to your dad
You will reason with him? - Yes. I'm your friend
What will you be doing? - Boxing
After college? - Boxing
You will starve to death. What will you feed Neha? Boxing gloves?
I'm talking about your career. - I'm also talking about my career
I wish to become a boxer. - If horses could fly.. ?
I'll be as great as Sehwag and Sachin. - That happens in cricket, not boxing
Dhanraj Pillai, Michael Fereira, Geet Sethi, Leander Paes..
are they cricketers? - Good research
But boxing won't feed you. You'll lose a few teeth, that's all
Right, Neha
If my teeth break, let them. But I won't shatter my own dream
All I know is that if I'm sincere with my boxing, I'll earn money and fame
I'm born to be a boxer
I can't think beyond that, I don't want to achieve anything else
Aryan, when you talk like this, I feel great
Why? - Because you're a fighter
Aryan, when you talk like this, I get dead scared
Why? - No wonder you are scared fatso
Hi Deepak. How are you? I hope you all are enjoying the party?
Aren't you having anything? Waiter, serve them
Manju.. - Devika
How are you, sweetheart? - Thank you, darling
You've organised a great party for Chirag
Come on, Manju. You are my best friend
And Chirag is like my son
Devika aunty, where's Neha?
Wait for a while, she should be on her way
Kiran, I remember very well. I saw a thousand girls before marrying
I used to go for the final selection and then run away
An ass would never appreciate saffron
At least don't call my wife an ass. - I meant you
No need to laugh, your wife is coming
I was saying that, Infotech is profitable scrip. I'm not joking
Hello. - Hello
Kiran. - Yes.
Excuse me. - Excuse me. Wife calling
This girl is strange. She is not here as yet. Look Kiran..
I haven't organised this party for any Manju, I don't want to do any charity
All my friends' daughters are present here, while my own is absent
Call up and find out where she is. Do you understand that?
And do it fast. - Okay
Neha, you are.. - I'm getting bored, baby
Why don't you make it fast and scoot? - Get into the habit
I don't have servants like your father. - Fine, we'll be shopping together then
Not together, only you
What will you do then? - Enjoy
Male chauvinistic pig! - You're always hitting me
I love you. - I love you too
Oh shit! It's daddy. - Answer it
If I do, I'll have to go. And I don't like to leave you
I don't like to leave you too. But if you don't go,
your mom will get to my house. Come on, you got to rush
Okay, bye
Take care. I'll see you later
Sexy, isn't he?
Aunt, promise me I'll find Neha here next time I come
Of course, son. - Thanks a lot, aunt
Bye Kailash. - Bye
Bye. - Bye, Devika. - Bye.
Another new car. - Bye.
How much? - 19
Neha! - What's up, dad?
Stupid girl, where the hell were you? Didn't you know we had a party here?
Chirag and his parents just left waiting for you
Thank God, I'm saved! It's impossible to tolerate Mrs Chopra
And her American model Chirag.. he'd either talk about new models of BMW,
Oh yes, that's what he was telling me. - Always harping about America
America flunkey! - I know
And his mental level is.. - Found time to come home at last?
Forget his mental level, fix your mom's mental level first
I haven't seen an irresponsible girl like you. I strictly told you,
to be present at tonight's party. I also told you that..
I had organised it especially for Manju and her son
All the daughters in the world were here, and my own daughter was missing
Everyone was asking only about you
Because of you I had to speak lies at my own party
And you had no time to even call?
Mama, I had chemistry practicals
Shut up
If you miss one chemistry practicals, the world's chemistry won't change
You've spoilt yourself going around with loafers
Especially for that good-for-nothing Aryan
Don't say anything about my friends. - See how she defends them?
If you can't do much, at least control your dear daughter
My child, control yourself. We've given you a phone, you must call
You can't get a boy like Chirag under the sun
And here's a careless girl who can't see him
All the girls love him. And you.. ?
If you lose him, you'll regret all your life
I'm tired of you both. I'm just so sick of you both
What have I.. ?
See how mummy speaks to me? Am I a ten year old kid?
I feel very insulting, you know. - My little darling
Now I get it. It has hurt my daughter's ego
Dad, how long have you known me? - Not that long.. about 18 years..
and three months. - Have I ever done anything wrong?
No. Never. Who says?
Then why does Ma finds faults in me and my friends?
She even finds faults in me. So what?
Dad, jokes aside. - Okay, okay
You must meet Aryan
He's a great boxer. He's going to be a national champ this year
Really? - Yes
Then I must meet him. When will you introduce me to the champ?
Really, dad? - Yes
Oh, no.
He's not home
The key to his house
Listen.. - Yes Mrs Braganza?
Tell the boy not to make much noise
He watches TV till 2 in the night, we can't sleep
I'll complain to the cops. - Okay, Mrs Braganza
Listen.. - Yes?
Come here
Do you love him?
Yes, Mrs Braganza
Don't marry him
He's so dirty. He stinks
Oh, God.
Forget love, had I known before, I wouldn't even have spoken to him
He'll spray cologne, but he won't wash clothes
Mrs Braganza is right, he stinks
You are more of a punching bag than a friend. Hi
Hey guys! - Come here
But Aryan, you said the maid is on leave
I'll fix you now, fatty! Do I look like a maid?
Sorry, Neha
Hi. - Hi
Neha, that's Ranjeet. - Just joined college,
got into the national team rightaway. And this is Neha
Aryan's.. - Maid
Right. - Ranjeet, what will you have?
Omelette? Scrambled? Or fruit?
Scrambled eggs. - For all the exercises they do,
you get hungry. - So?
Anyway, sit. Be comfortable. - Okay
Feel at home. - Thanks
You know what?
Papa has invited you over dinner
Papa invites me over dinner? Or your mom invites me for a thrashing?
Sorry.. wanted some water
You won't have anything? - Nothing
Have something at least. Eggs. Scrambled, boiled.. ?
I'll leave now. See you at the practice tomorrow. Okay?
Bye.. bye. - Bye
Bye Jugs
Bye, see you. Take care. - Bye Neha. Take care
What's our programme for Valentine's today?
To each his own. - Meaning?
She's waiting for you to leave. - And you?
He'll go with me. Now will you leave? Or shall I see you off?
But I.. - Get up
Aryan, look at her. She's throwing me out
Hello? - Hello?
Hello? - Hello?
Hello? - Hello? Hello?
Who's that girl in your house? - No girl, sir. It's the maid
I thought you are at it again
Not at all, sir. No girls for another couple of months
That's right. You have promised me. - Yes. Promise, sir
All right. Be at the gym at 6 am tomorrow
Sharp at six, sir. - Bye
What the hell.. ? It was the coach
Hey Neha, listen..
I've heard what I had to. You've promised not to meet your girlfriend
Neha, my coach thinks that you are a distraction for me. Please
Where are you going? Oh come on
I love you. - Please let me go
I don't wanna talk to you. - I got a gift for you
Show me
It's Ma's. She would've wanted you to wear it
Good evening, Mrs Braganza. - No room in your house, eh?
Do whatever you want to in your house. Shameless
Bloody loafer! How dare he!
"It's a beautiful day"
"It's a beautiful day"
"It's a beautiful day"
"You are with me, "
"It's a beautiful day"
"it's special"
"Your eyes say something to mine, "
"in signs"
"in signs"
"Eyes understand only the language of the eyes"
"How two hearts meet.. "
"I just found out"
"I just found out"
"Look, a love-story has begun"
"Can I kiss you tonight?"
"Can I hold you so tight?"
"Can I make you all mine?"
"Can I make you smile?"
"When I look into your eyes, get the feel you love."
"Because if you look into my eyes you will know. I wanna be your lover."
"I wanna be your lover."
"When I look into your eyes, get the feel you love."
"It's a beautiful night"
"It's a moonlit night."
"It's a beautiful night"
"romance in the air"
"The night urges us to make a promise"
"Let's make it"
"Take me in your arms, and whisper something to me, my love"
"Intoxicate me tonight, "
"says silence"
"says silence"
"Swear that you will never leave me"
"Can I kiss you tonight?"
"Can I hold you so tight?"
"Can I make you all mine?"
"Can I make you smile?"
"Can I kiss you tonight?"
"Can I hold you so tight?"
"Can I make you all mine?"
"Can I make you smile?"
"Going to hold you, kiss you, touch you."
"Come. Let me feel your body."
"Oh, my."
"Going to hold you, kiss you, touch you."
"Come. Let me feel your body."
"Oh, my honey."
"Going to hold you, kiss you, touch you."
"Come. Let me feel your body."
What are you doing? - Nothing
Coming out to eat something? - Go on, I'll join you
I'm outside
Come on! - I'm sorry sir
I tried it for the first time. My mistake, sir
Come with me. - Forgive me, sir
If I forgive you, I can't be unfair to honest players
Boxing is not my profession, it's my life
In my career of 20 years, you're the first pupil who dared to take steroids
After my report, you will never be able to box again
please don't do that. I promise, I won't do this again
Sir, if you complain, my career will be ruined
I promise, I'll never take steroids. Please forgive me, sir
Forgive me, sir
I won't report you. But you will be punished for this
And the punishment is, you are out of the national team
No, no sir..
don't do this, sir. Please! It'll ruin my career
Don't do this to me, sir.
Don't do this to me, sir.
Ranjeet, the coach never enters the changing room. Why this time?
When you were taking steroids, did anyone see you?
Someone might've squealed. - No dearth of envious people
Forget it. You'll give it back
What are you doing? - Nothing
What have you done? Don't you have brains, duffer?
Wasn't it an easy task? What are you paid for?
Who told you to use your brains?
Couldn't you have asked me? Bloody idiot! Stupid
Neha? Come in, sit.. come on
What's up?
Dad.. - Go on, I'm listening, dear
Dad, I've committed a grave mistake
Goodness me! My daughter has committed a grave mistake
Let me hear
I'm sorry, dad. I made a huge mistake
What happened, Neha?
What's the matter?
Tell me
Look, if you don't tell your daddy, how will he help you?
I'm feeling scared. Tell me, what is it?
Speak, child. - I'm pregnant, dad
Neha, whatever you have done is not good
I want to meet Aryan
Dad, don't meet Aryan
He's not capable of taking these responsibilities right now
He's very ambitious. If he finds out,
he'll forsake everything for my sake
If he loves you, he should do that
Please dad, just try to understand
I love him dearly
I don't want to see him at a crossroad where he'll have to choose..
between me and his ambitions. - He is at the crossroad
And he himself is responsible! He can't run away from this
In fact, he should be standing by your side right now
And if he doesn't, I'll think.. - Please dad
Neha, I'm a father. And nothing is greater for me than your happiness
Besides, marriage doesn't kill ambitions
He can pursue them later. Yes, if there's a problem..
we are around. Who does all this belong to?
But right now, if he's using his ambitions and dreams..
to escape from you, then he is very selfish and self-centred person
No dad, he is not selfish, he's a fighter
He'll never accept help from anyone, even if he breaks
If it happens, I'll never be able to forgive myself
Please dad, I beg of you
Hey, here.
What? - What?
Where are you going? Come back. Come back, fatso
Where are you going? Forget it
Why are you so glad?
Just kidding
It's been three days, Neha didn't call. She's not answering my calls either
The two of you have got into the habit of staying stuck
She must be busy. You must give each other some space
Get it?
Excuse me.. Dr Chandra? - Straight
Kiran, I've seen Neha's reports
Your daughter is definitely pregnant
But if you want, in a day or two, we can go for her operation
Excuse me.. can I help you?
Aryan, when I found out, I thought of calling you first
Then I don't know what happened.. maybe I just got scared
You didn't even tell me? - I didn't want to disturb you..
You took such a big decision without asking me?
Aryan, be practical. I'm doing this just for the sake of your career
My career? - Hush! Speak softly
Of course, Aryan. I don't want to distract your mind from boxing
What the hell are you talking about? What about us?
This is for us. Aryan, I just got scared
So this is what you think about me? - What do you mean?
Am I so selfish that for my career I'll let all this happen to you?
Nothing of that sort, Aryan. I know you can't live without boxing
You love it. - To hell with boxing!
What have you done?
You love me? - What's all this, Aryan?
You love me or not? - Yes Aryan. But this is madness
Do you trust me? - Yes, Aryan
Then we shall get married. - But Aryan, it's..
Nothing is dearer to me than you. I love you
Mama, you?
I never imagined you'd humiliate me like this
I had such dreams for you. You shattered them at one go
Mama, please sit. I'll explain everything to you
What's left to explain?
It's so obvious
Neha, you still have a chance to make good your mistake
It's not a mistake, I have married. - Your marriage is your biggest mistake
Doings things like a married woman is not marriage
What does he do? What's his future? I just don't bloody understand why..
Mama, I love him. We love each other
Love alone doesn't feed you for life, Neha
He'll get a job soon. - Regardless, he has found a maid
Stop it, Mama. Please don't say that
Don't be an emotional fool. Within six months you'll forget all about love
You won't even realise
Look Neha, I have spoken to Dr Khanna. There is no problem
Just come home with me right now
Mama, please try to understand. This is my house
Look, it's human to err. But he is a fool who stays with his mistakes
Mama, at least meet him once. - Enough of your nonsense. Come with me
I'm not coming, Mama. - We can talk at home
Come on
Ma, meet Aryan
Aryan and I will be very happy in this house
You could never be a daughter. Will you really make it with him?
Do you trust me?
"I had to go to my beloved's"
"And I'm at my beloved's"
"I had to win his heart"
"And I've won his heart"
"All the happiness is yours now"
"Give me your sorrows, "
"my love"
"my love"
"my love"
"my love"
"You had to go to your beloved's"
"And you are at your beloved's"
"You had to win his heart"
"And you've won his heart"
"All the happiness is yours now"
"Give me your sorrows, "
"my love"
"my love"
"my love"
"my love"
"You came into my life, as I loved you"
"You came into my life, as I loved you"
"May the journey of life pass in smiles"
"Sweetheart, "
"I could die for your love"
"May my blessings bear fruit"
"You are the moon, and my heart.. "
"is bathed in moonlight, "
"my love"
"my love"
"my love"
"my love"
What will you call our son, Aryan?
"Have mercy on this house of dreams, Lord"
"Have mercy on this house of dreams, Lord"
"Cast away all the evil, Lord"
"With all my heart I have done the preparations"
"All night, all day, I pray to ward of the evil eye"
"My love is worship"
"May my faith never dwindle"
"My love"
"My love"
"My love"
"In my embrace, let me play with your hair"
"Let me adorn your forehead with the hues of love"
"My love, why do I feel.. "
"as if you personify true love?"
"Now that you and I are here, "
"let's unite, my love"
"My love"
"My love"
"My love"
Sir, we're ready. Only waiting for Neha
Will someone call her?
The star has finally arrived
Samir, I'm so sorry
Please forgive me. - Why? Stars are always late
Hey, get a chair, coffee, juice for the lady. Anything else?
Samir, there was so much traffic.. - And we fly here?
Sorry Samir
Do I have a choice?
You're so pretty, I can't bring myself to scold you
Let's get the show going. - Let's roll
Let's roll
Hey guys, this is Neha. Welcome to Channel V's Crazy In Love,
the show where you share your feelings, solve your problems..
and play your favourite songs. So let's see who's our first caller
Hello? - Hi Neha. I'm Deepu
Hi Deepu. Where are you calling from? - From the phone booth
I mean, from which city?
Dehradun. - Wow! They say it's a beautiful place
Yes. - Tell me the song you'd like to hear
I'd like to hear "Kaanta Laga"
It's a very romantic song. Would you like to dedicate it to someone?
Yes. - Someone you love?
Yes, I do
Being in love is a fantastic feeling, right?
But my family is not happy with this relationship
Why? - Don't know. They think I'm very young
How old are you? - Eighteen
You are an adult. I think you are old enough to fall in love
This is the age to fall in love. - Really? That's what Ramesh says
Ramesh is really intelligent. Absolutely right
By the way, who is Ramesh? - Ramesh is the one I love
Deepu, how old did you say you are?
I think this time you should listen to your parents
And this song goes out to Ramesh and Deepu. "Kaanta Laga"
What happened, kid? It's your birthday, why've you pulled a long face?
Papa, I told you! I want to meet Ranjeet
That's all? He's coming to office tomorrow, meet him
It's my birthday today, isn't he coming for the party?
He's a very busy man. We'll meet up, okay?
But since he's my friend, he's coming to my office just to see you
Your friends must be coming, get ready for the party
Amazing. From rags to riches
Ranjeet Singh. Once again the favourite for the All India Boxing Competition
His record for holding the title thrice in a row..
C'mon Superman, let's get ready for the party. C'mon
Hi. - Hi.
Papa, I'm so glad you've come. - I can't refuse your invitation
Papa, my friends. Hi
This is Tonal.. Preeti, that's Rohit, and that's Shalu
Hi Shalu. How are you? You all are looking nice
You look handsome too, uncle. - Well, obviously
Papa.. Mrs Braganza. - Hello Neha
Hi, Mrs Braganza. - I've heard lots about you, lady
You remind me of a couplet
When you bathed in the sea, you must've set water on fire
We were not cared for when created, but you must be God's VIP
Thank you. I'll recite a couplet now. - Sure
You came, Spring came. - Wow
You came, Spring came
You came, Spring came
Wonderful! Amazing. You're a great poet
Truly, you exceed my expectations. Awesome. I loved meeting you
Where's Aryan, dear? - I'll find him
Yes. Quickly.
Tell me something, Mrs Braganza. Is my daughter happy here?
Of course, very happy. She also keeps us all happy. God bless you
Really? I'm so happy
Come here.
Where are you running?
Aryan, come out
Please come out for a minute. Papa is here. Come out
What happened? - When these two get into the mood,
they forget the world. Me too. - Really?
Where are you running? Come here.
Neha, I hate buffet parties
Please Aryan. You'll meet my friends
I'm interviewing Ranjeet tomorrow. Ranveer will go with me to the office
C'mon, Neha! - Coming, coming
Come on
Wow, wow! You're looking gorgeous
Thank you. - Samir, my husband Aryan
Husband? You're married? And you didn't even tell me?
Shut up, Samir
Samir. How are you? - Very well
Guess who's playing tonight
Who's your favourite D.J?
He's here? - Yes. Harry
I want to meet him. Please. - Come on, let's go
Please Aryan, two minutes. Sure?
Two minutes, promise
One beer, please
Harry, this is Neha. She's a big fan of yours
Really nice to meet you. - You just made her day
Thank you.
I'm so excited to meet you. - I'm excited too
See her? - Who?
Neha. She's too hot. Samir is a scoundrel
Wonder what magic he weaves
No. Really. I mean it.
But how do you do it?
Aryan, where have you been?
Come, I want you to meet someone. Come
Harry, meet my husband Aryan. - Hi
Hey man, you have a beautiful wife
I'd have gone crazy if I had a wife like her
Wasn't tonight's party fun? I had a blast
I hope you didn't get bored? - No
How do you find Samir? - Felt like you two are very close
That's why our shows are so great. Shoot with is fun
Neha, I'm very tired
Let's talk for a while, I'm in a romantic mood
I got to wake up early tomorrow and go to work
I too have to go to work. - I'm not a star like you
If I'm late, I might even lose my job
Papa, I'm so excited
I know, darling. He must be coming now
Really excited to see Ranjeet, eh?
Excited, eh?
What'll be your first question to Ranjeet?
Hello! Ranjeet is arriving. I hope you are ready?
I'm ready, sir
Sir, Mr Ranjeet is here
Ranjeet, how are you, friend?
So good to see you. You've become a great boxer
No boxing for me after marriage. I work here now
I'm taking your interview today. And meet my son. Come, son
Ranjeet, come on champion. I've been waiting for you
Two minutes
Let me introduce you to Ranjeet. India's number one boxer
So Ranjeet, you are champ now. How does it feel?
Feels good, of course. I've got what I deserved
I'm a born champ. And I've proved that I'm the best boxer in the country today
There's someone behind every success. Who's that?
Who's behind your success? - I don't know about others
But yes, I'm the only one behind my own success
My hard work, my efforts, my killer instincts, that's all
A coach plays a very important life in a boxer's life
How much credit do you give to your coach Ranveer Bagga?
He's not my coach anymore. And I don't need a coach
Because I'm the best, I'm the greatest, and I'm unbeatable
So you're sure that this time too you'll be the national champion?
Any doubts?
I promise my fans
Whoever comes inside the ring this time with me, will not go back one-piece
Won't leave in one single piece
Great. It was a pleasure having you with us, Mr Ranjeet. Thanks for coming
That was Mr Ranjeet Singh, the three-time national champion in boxing
Coming up next are highlights of the India-Pakistan cricket game
Please stay with us
Okay, cut
Papa, he's gone. - No problem, let's go
One minute
Believe me, I support you completely.. - Ranjeet, wait. What's the hurry?
Your biggest fan is in my house. Come on, give him a photograph, buddy
Listen Aryan, I'm not your buddy, I'm not your friend
Don't cross your limits
Do you know him? - His girlfriend was amazing
Had she not married, I wouldn't have spared the bitch
Are you all right, Ranjeet?
Aryan, Ranjeet is a celebrity. Everyone will favour him
Is it sensible to brawl with him and risk your job?
To hell with this job! Cannot handle this anymore
Mr Aryan, your credentials are quite impressive
Congratulations. You can join our channel from tomorrow
Thank you very much
Mr Sethi, meet Mr Aryan. He'll join us from tomorrow
Thank you very much, sir. - Aryan Verma from Far Sports?
Right. - Vikas, he...
Please wait outside, we'll call you
What's up, sir? Any problems? - What kind of people do you entertain?
You don't know about his reputation. - But sir, his credentials are very...
He's out of his mind. He is rude with the celebrities he interviews
Do you know why he was fired from Far Sports?
Because he got into a brawl with Ranjeet.
Jesus! This man won't even let me die peacefully
If not for the fear of You, I'd have killed him long ago
Who the hell...?
Will you break the door? Coming
What is it? - Papa wants ice
For booze?
You're lying
Get out! Get out!
The poor lady will bring it herself now
I won't let you behave like a goon anymore
If I don't give you ice, will you break my eardrum?
You quit your job and sit at home just to harass me
Look at the father and the son. One drinks while the other makes drinks
Dammit! Here's the ice
Mrs Braganza, when did you come? - It's been seventy years
Why do you care? - Good sense of humour, no?
Why did you bother? You could've called me
Reduce the volume
Why did you...? - Not yours, the TV's
I've gone hoarse screaming my lungs out
Sip? - Jesus! Will you give me liquor?
Devil! You are Satan
Ice-ice, baby
It's you, Mrs Braganza! - I came to give ice to the blackmailer
Blackmailer? - Your rascal Aryan
He did not turn down the volume until I gave him ice
Where's this pretty girl is trapped! - Thanks for the ice, Mrs Braganza
Okay, okay
Hi sweetheart, hi Ranveer. What match is going on?
You had a job interview today, right? - Just missed the job
Meaning? - Because of the Ranjeet incident
I'm so sorry, darling
May I say something, Aryan?
Instead of running around, you can join the fast food's job again
You quit, they did not fire you. Just have to issue an apology letter
Apology? What for?
Aryan, please try to understand. Searching jobs, tension, rejection,
how long will you bear them? You will get frustrated sitting home
Don't ever call me frustrated
"Aryan! Aryan"
Get the ball! No run! - No run
Aryan! - What happened?
Come upstairs. Ranveer is weeping
Hold this.
What happened, son? What is it?
Ranjeet will hit you, Papa. He will thrash you
No, he won't
Go to sleep.
Papa will sleep beside you
My tiger, nothing will happen to me
Nothing will happen to your papa. Go to sleep, my tiger
Go to sleep
"Jaideep Malhotra. The Black And White Melange"
Thank you. Thank you so much
These are the fruits of my last three years' hard work
It's a pleasure to have all of you here. Thank you so much for coming
Enjoy yourselves, have a great evening. - Good luck to you
Excellent. - Absolutely brilliant
Aryan...? What a surprise! I can't believe this
What a surprise! After years
How are you? How is Neha? - I'm fine, she is fine too
And...? - He's four now
Wow! So good to see you, buddy. I'm so glad
Shilpa, meet my friend Aryan. - Hi. Nice to meet you
Pleasure. - This guy was god in college
He was my hero, everyone's hero
Forget it, it's nonsense
Keep chatting, I'll see the guests
You got married and you didn't even tell me?
Married? Haven't done that mistake. She's my girlfriend
Had I married, she'd have been my wife and someone else would be exhibiting
My career has just begun. In college, you used to talk about passion,
boxing, follow-your-dreams, and it'd go above my head
But whatever I've achieved today, is only because of you
Because of your motivation. - Mr Jaideep
Hey Shirley.
Your photos are fantastic. Beautiful. - Thank you so much
Have a great evening, enjoy yourself. - Thank you
You've grown so confident. Where's my stuttering friend?
Cheers. - Cheers
A bit of success gives you lots of confidence
Anyway, tell me about yourself. What are you doing these days?
I was with a sports channel. I quit. It was so suffocating
How do you manage your household? - Neha's doing very well in Channel V
May I say something, Aryan? Please don't mind
It's very good when both the spouses are working
But when the wife starts earning more than the man, things start changing
And the man's ego hurts, and he can't take that
Tell me honestly, are you happy quitting boxing?
Neha is a nice girl, but you married in haste
Aryan, I got lots to do today, I'll be late
The food is in the kitchen, warm it before eating, okay?
Are you listening, Aryan?
And you have to go to school. C'mon. Bye, darling
Stop shouting
Listen Aryan! Back off
Ranjeet will thrash you, Papa
Hi. This is Neha. Sorry, I can't take your call right now
But if you leave me a message, I'll get back to you. Bye.
See Neha? Samir is a scoundrel
You're looking gorgeous
You have a beautiful wife. I'd have gone crazy if I had a wife like her
Two minutes.
Hi. This is Neha. I am sorry I can't take your call right now.
But if you leave me a message, I'll get back to you. Bye.
Thank you so much, Samir. You are too cute
See you.
Aryan must be waiting. - See you
It's pouring so heavily. I'm completely drenched
I'm going to fall ill
Did you eat anything?
I'll get something
These channels really make you slog
They really make you crazy.
Where were you? - I told you, I'll be late today
You told me nothing. - Of course, I told you
You mustn't have heard, you were sleeping
But I've woken up now. Who came to drop you?
Samir. My show's director. We had been to his party
But he stays in Worli. He came to Versova to drop you?
Just sit quietly when I'm talking to you
Ask what you want
Did that man come all the way from Worli only to drop you?
Only to drop me. Any gentleman would do the same in this heavy downpour
Has he ever dropped you before? - Never needed
Why are you asking?
Because you are my wife, and I have the right to know everything.
I understand
What did you understand? Am I blind? Can't I see anything?
Weren't you glued to him at the party? - Samir is my colleague, my director
How could you even think like that? - I can't? And you can do everything?
Stop it. You aren't in your senses, you don't know what you are talking
I'm sleeping, we'll talk tomorrow
Where are you going? Come here! - Aryan, stop it
You're hurting. Let go - I know you're hiding something
Hiding what? - About you and Samir
I hope you haven't gone crazy? I've loved you, I've married you
To hell with your love! To hell with your marriage
I want to hear the truth! Are you sleeping with him?
Aryan, what do you want to hear? - Are you sleeping with him?
Fine, I am sleeping with him, I am having sex with him. Are you happy now?
One and a half month at home has chewed up your brains
That's why you're thinking like crazy
Aryan, I understand you are struggling
But why are you suspecting me?
Neha, open the door! Open the door!
What are you doing, Aryan? Ranveer will wake up
I don't care! Open the door!
I'm warning you! - I won't! Go to sleep, you're drunk!
Bloody bitch! Who do you think you are? - What is wrong with you, Aryan?
Are you trying to take undue advantage of my joblessness..
..and have fun outside?
What haven't I done for you? I sacrificed my career for you
And I did not sacrifice? I fought with my parents
I left home only for you. I'm doing a job just because you are jobless
One of us needs to work to run the kitchen
I'm doing what you should be doing
And you're hibernating at home! You just need some bangles
She went to her mother's
We're somewhat on the rocks, dad. I'm really scared
Give him some time, dear
When he starts thinking, he'll understand and retain his composure
He can never retain his composure!
I knew it from the very start, that chap was not worthy of this girl
But the two of you took a lot of time to understand that
The sad part is, time never comes back
Relationships based on ignorance and foolishness...
cannot bear the burden of reality
Love, romance, amour... are so childish
One has to be practical in life. - Devika,
what kind of a mother are you?
Are you looking for your victory in your daughter's defeat?
Look Neha, life didn't give me a second chance
But you will certainly have another chance
After all, you are my daughter
"Moments lie shattered, "
"as dear ones have warred"
"Before reaching our destination, "
"we have lost our way"
"Moments lie shattered, "
"as dear ones have warred"
"The hands that I made, "
"have abandoned me"
"Moments lie shattered, "
"Moments lie shattered, "
"Bound hands, "
"cursed fate..."
"what else can the shackles of destiny do?"
"seems distant now"
"You are cross, so am I! It's a dark night of sorrows"
"Before dreams could come true, "
"one by one they all shattered"
"Moments lie shattered, "
"Moments lie shattered, "
"May this silence not flare up like a storm"
"May this rift not turn into separation"
"I fear I might devote to grief, "
"I might fall in love with loneliness"
"The patrons of sorrows have robbed me of my happiness"
"Moments lie shattered, "
"as dear ones are cross"
"The hands that I made, "
"have abandoned me"
"Moments lie shattered, "
"Moments lie shattered, "
Yes? - Is Neha in?
You are...? - Tell her it's aunt Braganza
From where? - What have you got to do with it? Move
Goodness! Such a spacious house
This is the first time I see a beautiful house like this
When you are so rich, why did you marry that broke?
Tell me something. Have you dumped the boy or not?
Good. He's learnt a good lesson
He doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep
Doesn't switch on the TV either. Sheer peace
I can pray and sleep peacefully now
But I just can't do that
I can't pray, I can't sleep either
This boy had completely spoilt my habits
I can't hear a sound from there
I heard only once
His cries
He cries a lot, incessantly
Like a baby
I don't know about other things, but he loves you a lot
The madman just loved two things in his life
Boxing and you
For you, he even quit boxing
But if you abandon him, who will take care of him?
Left, left, right, left, left, right
What has happened to you? Where is your guard?
Get your hands together, on the face
Practice left, right and left combination. Come on
What's the matter?
For the last few days, I and Aryan have been living separately
Problems have cropped up between us
There are problems in marital life
Sir, Aryan needs you
Because of me, he married early
But he had to forsake his dream of boxing
Not just his dream, Aryan quit boxing and shattered my dream too
Anyway, let bygones be bygones
I can't see him as a loser. He needs to get back in the ring
And he needs you. - Neha,
four years of a boxer's career is like an entire lifetime
And Aryan's crucial 4 years are past. His return to the ring is impossible
Please don't say that, sir. If you also...!
You are his inspiration. - Inspiration?
Did he ever inquire about me in these four years?
Did he even show me his face? - What are you saying, sir?
In these 4 years, it's impossible he hasn't remembered you even for a day
Come here, son
Touch his feet, he is like grandfather
Aryan's son?
Bless you, son
What's your name? - Ranveer Verma
Come here.
Are you preparing to fly, Aryan?
At least you remember my face
I was afraid, you must've forgotten me
So tell me, how's your married life? Enjoying your married life?
Not that easy, sir
Nothing is easy in life, buddy
I hear, you quit your job
Yes. I'll find another
Sure, you'll find another job
But you won't find another dream, Aryan
You've still to pay my fees
I'm here to take it, son
Sir, I can give up my life for you
Not your life, Aryan, I want the nationals' trophy
The nationals will begin in three months from now
And you're still eligible for it. - Sir, I haven't seen a boxing ring...
in three years. Forget the ring, I haven't even done a push-up
Then start doing it
What are you saying, sir? In these three years, my zeal, my strength,
I have forgotten everything. - You'll get them back, I'm with you
But I don't have confidence in myself. I've lost faith in myself
But I trust you
I promise you, Aryan. Whatever you have lost,
you will get everything back in the next three months
No, I'm scared, sir. Today I should be a practical man
I should think about my son, my wife and my responsibilities
And my dream holds me in good stead. I could've become a national champion!
If I lose there too, my incomplete dream will also shatter
Will it make any difference?
Mark my words. An incomplete dream tortures you more than a shattered one
Trust me, if not for me, if not for yourself,
you must do it for your son. Show him what kind of a father he has
Whether we achieve anything or not,
a son should get his father
Let's do it
"Got to touch the skies"
"Got to touch the skies"
"Got to show the world"
"Don't turn back"
"Don't back off"
"Got to achieve the goal"
"The attitude has changed"
"Got to touch the skies"
"Got to show the world"
"Don't turn back"
"Don't back off"
"Got to achieve the goal"
"The attitude has changed"
"My heart is not in place without you"
"For you, my paths pine"
"We are roses of the same garden"
"Got to touch the skies"
"Don't turn back"
"Don't back off"
"Got to achieve the goal"
"The attitude has changed"
"The sun has grown even more glorious"
"It shall gather more fire..."
"and raze everything down"
"Got to touch the skies"
"Don't turn back"
"Don't back off"
"Got to achieve the goal"
"I'll create a sensation"
How do you feel after reaching the nationals' finals three times in a row?
I deserve it
This time, your opponent Aryan, is a first timer in the nationals
His luck has brought him this far. He doesn't stand a chance
You seem to be very confident. - Because I'm the best
He can't take me on. I'm sad for the audience
Before they even take their seats, Aryan will be down on his knees
Thank you. That's it. That's it.
We're anxiously waiting for Mr Aryan,
who will be taking on three times national champion Ranjeet Singh
Mr Aryan will be here any moment... and here he comes
Mr Aryan,
It's God's grace that she is here. Here you are
Thank you. - Sometimes I look at her,
sometimes I stare at my house
Wonderful. I must say, you are a very good poet
I agree with you
My husband doesn't think beyond business
Ask the person who has to tolerate it
He doesn't think beyond shares
Wonderful! Amazing
You know Neha, in the States, there's no time for laughter
I'm thinking of settling down in Mumbai after finishing studies
But I don't have a friend here with whom I can share my feelings
I really feel sorry for you. How could Aryan do this to you?
Forget him. Start life afresh
I'm with you. My parents are with you
Manju, you are my only friend whom I can trust completely
You know everything about Aryan
Boxing, career, marriage... he's a failure everywhere
A complete bloody loser
Neha is a kid after all
And that swine made a mother out of my daughter so early
I feel like turning him to the cops, but...
whether a person falls in the muck, or the muck falls on him,
it is the person who gets dirty
We're anxiously waiting for Mr Aryan,
who will be taking on three times national champion Ranjeet Singh
Mr Aryan will be here any moment... and here he comes
Mr Aryan, you have made a huge impact. You are the dark horse
Do you have a word for your fans?
Fans? I don't know about others,
but I had a fan,
my wife Neha. But she is not with me today
If she is watching this, would you like to tell her something?
I'm incomplete without Neha, and my victory is also incomplete without her
Neha, I really love you
I'm so sorry
Sit down
Mama, will Papa lose this one too?
Come back
Kiran... Kiran!
Papa, I love you, love you! - I love you too, my child
Don't worry, we'll reach in time
Ladies and gentlemen.
Good evening and welcome to the finals of the All India Boxing Competition.
Welcome to the finals.
Today's final is between Ranjeet Singh and Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma is a first timer at the nationals,
and incredibly he's reached the finals. It's unbelievable
But in the final, he's facing none other than...
the three times winner in a row, champion of champions Ranjeet Singh
It's the same Ranjeet before whom,
no boxer has crossed three rounds
The final has ten rounds, but it remains to be seen...
if Aryan Verma can reach at least the third round
And ladies and gentlemen, here's Ranjeet Singh
It's a heavily crowded final today
Aryan Verma is making a comeback after four years, it's really amazing
He has reached the final, but it's not an ordinary thing to face Ranjeet
Is this precedent for Aryan Verma's lucky month?
You know the rules of boxing. I need a clean fight
I need a clean fight. Now shake your hands
Good luck to you. Now go back to your corners
The referee has signalled the start
Aryan Verma in the blue corner, Ranjeet Singh in the red corner
From the screams of the audience you can gauge how excited they are.
Aryan Verma and Ranjeet Singh both facing.
Showing some good footwork.
And Aryan Verma has taken the initiative to throw some jabs.
And throwing a few more.
Aryan Verma on the back spot. Is he going to get a good fight?
Aryan Verma is moving in.
Aryan Verma throwing a few more jabs.
Both the boxers are getting warmed up.
Aryan has moved in.
Don't you think he is showing some aggressiveness?
The bell is gone off. I think this round definitely goes to Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma has had a good start.
Aryan is showing a lot of promise. How far he goes remains to be seen
That was very good, Aryan
Now listen carefully.
Damn this traffic
Get off and run. Or, you won't reach. - Okay
The second round is about to start..
..and the boxers have worn their gum-shields
Ranveer Singh is giving Aryan last minute tips
And here it goes. The second round begins.
Aryan Verma is moving around the ring.
Ranjeet Singh looking at Aryan the way a lion stares at his prey.
He is not moving in yet.
Aryan Verma is still throwing a few jabs.
Ranjeet Singh is keeping his cool.
He is waiting for the right moment.
Ranjeet Singh.
C'mon Ranjeet
Aryan Verma is still moving in.
Throwing a few more jabs. Taking Ranjeet Singh out.
Keep it up
Aryan is on the ropes, Ranjeet is moving in aggressively
He's got him there! He's throwing a few punches left-right
Aryan is in a lot of problem here. He's ducked again
And he has gone back.
Ranjeet is moving in aggressively. He doesn't move in very often
But when he does..
Aryan Verma better watch out.
He does it again.
Stop, stop
Go back to y our corners
Aryan, listen to me carefully. You have to change the combination
Left hook, right upper cut
You're doing very well. Keep it up
Left hook, right upper cut. Understand?
You're doing it very well
C'mon Aryan
Get him!
Go for it, champ
Ladies and gentlemen, the third round is about to begin
We thought the match would end before the third
But Aryan Verma has shown some real good qualities as a boxer
Ranjeet has shown a lot of aggression, Aryan has shown some cool
Ranjeet is moving in again
I don't know how far this fight will go because Aryan is showing good spirit
C'mon Aryan
Ranjeet Singh is still focused on his opponent.
He is waiting for the opportunity to move in and get him out.
Aryan Verma showing some good footwork here.
Hold him!
Stop... stop!
Ladies and gentlemen, this fight has reached the fourth round
Oh my God! Aryan Verma has got him down
Ranjeet Singh has fallen down for the first time in this tournament.
It's incredible!
It might move in any direction.
Nobody can say where this fight will go.
Aryan Verma is showing some great expertise.
Ranjeet Singh is getting aggressive here.
Oh, my God! The crowd's reaction is tremendous.
Here goes the bell.
This round is definitely going for Aryan Verma.
This is going to be a great fight here.
What are you doing?
Watch your footwork
What happened to you? Take him out in the next round
You can do it
Fifth round is about to begin. God knows how many more rounds to go
But Aryan's fighting spirit and Ranjeet's aggression is worth watching
This is a magic treat for the audience. They are totally loving it.
Let me tell you. No matter who wins.
Definitely this is moving towards a grand finale.
Oh, he's got a lucky punch. Oh my God! He's got a lucky punch
Ranjeet is bleeding. For the first time in this tournament we see him bleed
This is very humiliating for a champion
He is showing some aggression here.
Stop. Stop.
Back in your corner.
Oh, man!
"Can you feel it?"
"Can you feel it?"
It's okay, son. Come on.
Round eight is about to begin. Ranjeet is bleeding
Aryan Verma has performed really well.
Go, get him.
Come on. Yeah!
Come on.
Another one for me?
Ninth round is about to begin.
In this round Ranjeet Singh had knocked down Aryan Verma.
This is something he should have done in the third round.
But he gave him a chance.
The joy of victory can be seen on Ranjeet Singh's face.
Aryan Verma performed really well.
Son, only two rounds to go. I know you can do it
Give it your best shot. Okay?
Oh, man!
Ranjeet is getting aggressive. Aryan Verma is completely gone.
He is hammering Aryan Verma.
The referee is stopping the boxers.
Break. Break.
One. Two. Three. Four.
"If I had to rise someday, let it be now."
"Rise above my fear. My lord, show me how."
"I am never far away. I am never ever far away."
"Just reach out your hand."
"I will be there."
"I am never far away."
"I am never far away."
"Just reach out your hand."
"I will be there."
"Rise, rise, rise so high."
"Together we will touch the sky."
"Rise, rise, rise so high."
"Together we will touch the sky."
Son, we've reached so far, it's enough for us
You gave your best shot, you did your best
I have no regrets
No matter who wins, you've given your best
Oldie, move it
Sir, I'll win this fight
Then listen, son. This is the final round
We can't win on points. You will have to tire him out
If you can tire him out, only then you can knock him out
Son, full blast
Come on, Ranjeet. Come on.
Hit me
Hit me!
Hit me!
Hit me!
Hit me!
He has got him. He has done it again.
This boy is back. This boy is back.
Come on.
Papa. - Get him. Get him, Aryan.
Another one for me?
Get him. Come on.
Mind-blowing! Ranjeet Singh is down
Oh my God! Ranjeet Singh is down
For the first time in this tournament Ranjeet Singh has been knocked down
But if Ranjeet Singh gets up on his feet, he can win this tournament
He's leading on points. There's no way Aryan is leading on points
But Aryan has shown some great skill. He is a source of inspiration
The man has come back from the dead
There's no way he could've come so far, but he has shown some skill,
some determination, he's awe-inspiring
Come on!
You have made me happy!
"I stand in your eyes."
"I stand in your eyes."
Superman! - Yes. Superman!
"I stand in your eyes."
"All you out there."
"Join me when I sing."
"Get out there. Show them what you got."
"All the good stuff."
"You know what they say?"
"Let's do that. The only thing."
"If I had to rise someday, let it be now."
"Rise above my fear. My lord, show me how."