Arzoo (1965) Movie Script

Look, Gopal is here.
Gopal, you've topped the exams.
- How can l believe that?
l've seen it. You've stood first.
Treat us to sweets.
Madam, hear that? Your son, Gopal,
has come first in the examinations.
Really? ls he here?
Bless you, my son.
Today you've done our family proud.
- By dint of your blessings, Ma.
All due to his blessings...
go and pay your respects to him.
You always said you'd make a doctor
out of Gopal.
Today he has become a doctor.
Wherever you are, bless your son.
lt's all right, son.
Let me offer you a sweet. Come.
You know, Ganga bought sweets
for you beforehand.
ls it? How did you know
l was going to come through?
l was sure. You have
never failed, have you?
Wait, let me fetch the sweets.
Sundar? Yes buddy,
by mistake l topped.
Party? Sure.
l'll treat all my friends.
Brother, sweet...
One from me, too...
- Sure, after you.
You were asking for brother Ramesh.
There he is. Go on.
Who rings the bell?
My obeisance, Your Majesty.
Welcome to the world of doctors.
Your humble old friend congratulates
you for topping the exams.
Dear friend, l reject
this congratulation.
Your Majesty, what's my fault?
- Scum! Do you awaken...
after the whole world has
offered its good wishes?
Bloody scum of an Emperor!
What do you take me for?
l was out buying you a present.
Bluffing? Or have you really got it?
- Of course. Look here.
What's that?
- Two tickets to Kashmir...
for you and me.
Tomorrow morning's flight.
l accept the present.
Damn thanks! Come and give me a hug,
or l'll take your degree back.
ls that so?
Then let's go for it.
Hey! Take the proper road,
else you'll break your limbs.
You're right, my dear.
- Moron.
Let me see the topper.
- You got to pay to take a look at me
l'm not broke, l can pay the price.
Look, two tickets to Kashmir.
Gopal, this time we must have revenge.
- Avenge what?
We lost the championship at Gulmarg
two years ago.
Forgot the beating we got with footwear?
- We were a trifle lucky.
lf we lose this time,
we're going to have it.
l have worked a way out.
- What way?
l didn't register our real names.
- Then?
Hello, l'm Haria from Jung Magiana,
not from Haryana.
Mr Haria, you are Napoleon Bonaparte.
Don't bore us.
Little master...
- Here comes another blockhead.
What's your problem, manager?
- Nothing. Your father wants you.
Coming. Gopal, let me go and see.
Ask Sarla to send some tea.
Mr Gopal, congratulations.
- Greetings and thank you very much.
Yes Father?
- You're leaving for Kanpur tomorrow.
- Contract tenders have been approved
You got to sign some documents there.
- But l'm going to Kashmir...
and you gave me the permission...
- l did, but this is important.
But what'll l tell Gopal?
- Let Gopal go. You can go next week.
That won't make much difference.
Tell the manager to book your ticket.
l'm not going without you, Ramesh.
Have the tickets cancelled.
Not possible, Gopal.
- No point reasoning with him, Ramesh
l'd pack my bags in a minute
to go to Kashmir.
Hear the cat speak.
- Ma, he called me a cat again.
Why do you meddle in between?
- And why not? She's long-tongued.
Gopal, no jokes. lf you go to Kashmir,
l can come over in a week's time.
What'll l do for a week without you?
l'm going to start working.
And what job that is! You turned down
lucrative offers, to join...
this charity hospital.
Can't they wait a month for you?
Whether they can wait or not, l can't
keep waiting for you in Kashmir.
Reason with him, mother.
- What can l say? Studies were tedious
So l want him to go out for few days.
- Oh yes, you'll always listen to him
Yes she'll heed only me. Now, are you
getting ready or must l box you?
l'm going! Don't kill me!
Can't you see?
- Sorry, but l didn't throw it.
l know your types in and out.
Kindly fasten your seat belts.
The flight is about to take off.
Kindly spare my seat belt.
You may please loosen your seat belts
lf you don't mind,
can l have that magazine?
Take one from the airhostess.
l was going to press the button.
You may do it.
Aren't you ashamed?
Why have you sat on my dress?
Sorry, but the seat's holding your
dress. l can help you if you want.
Don't bother, l'll do it myself.
Lady, l think l'm a problem to you.
l'd better change seats.
The kind of passengers they pick!
- Like you!
The flight from Delhi
is about to land.
My child is here. How did the exams go?
- Very well.
Uncle and aunt! When did you come?
- Just yesterday.
We are here to watch the championship
at Gulmarg the day after.
We'll take you too.
- No, uncle. l hate skiing.
Every lndian needs to be a sportsman.
Accommodation, sir.
- Our hotel gives you the best, sir.
Get lost! The gentleman puts up in
our hotel every year. l'm not lying.
Mamdu is a menace.
- Sir, l'm Mamdu. l'll take you.
Take me where?
- To heaven.
Not yet.
- l mean, the heaven on earth.
Heaven is my houseboat. Warm water
for bathing, toilet with a flush...
cold water, sea water...
- Let's go.
Here comes the houseboat, sir.
Oops, sorry.
Come sir. l'll get the luggage.
- Okay.
Take care, sir.
- Sure.
See, Heaven, my houseboat.
Come on.
Come on in. Look sir, this is
the sitting room. Quite spacious.
A sofa, telephone, radio... l change the
flowers everyday. Full of fragrance.
Come, let me show you the bedroom.
Come sir, come.
lt's Heaven, sir. New mattress,
for you to relax on. Look...
Nice houseboat.
- Of the poor, for the rich.
When the rich rent it,
l earn my bread.
l'll serve you well.
Everyone knows me.
They know me as Mamdu,
the owner of Heaven.
l'll serve you well. There's
a garden nearby. Like to see it?
- Let me show you, come.
Look, that's the garden.
Nature's beautiful... oh!
Almighty! l hope l don't die...
What was that?
- Love, sir.
Who is she?
- Savi, my love.
Are you in love, sir?
- lt's an affliction l stay away from
Not an affliction,
love is an intoxication, sir.
Love turns a land into heaven.
l'm in love, that's why...
l call my houseboat Heaven.
- Stop ranting about love...
and give me food. l'm famished.
- Love makes one lose his appetite.
Allow me.
- Let go of it. Else, l'll scream.
O'cruel one, when will you realise?
By Allah, if you don't give in...
you'll find my corpse right here,
So die.
- By Allah, don't say that.
Allah! Blast it! Good Lord!
By Allah...
you'll kill
this forlorn lover.
- Yes sir?
What's your last wish?
- What do you mean, sir?
Didn't you say you'll die tomorrow?
So l'm asking you your last wish.
Sir, you heard me?
- l heard everything.
Now tell me your last wish.
- Honest?
- l want you to get us married.
After which you will die?
- No, l'll never die then.
You're not going to die, anyway.
l know you in and out.
Don't you tell Savi that. Everyday
l tell her l'm going to die...
however l live to see another day.
Sir, it's a trick l use to woo her.
What would you know...?
- Not the sermon again.
To hell with you and your love.
Listen now. Tomorrow...
l got to take the 2pm bus to Gulmarg.
Meanwhile, will you show me around?
- Where?
The temple of Shankaracharya?
- Sure.
ln the morning?
- Okay. Now go to sleep.
Not again!
- Can't hook a girl without singing.
But she is away,
why are you singing here?
Come on sir. We're halfway through.
That's the temple.
Are you tired, sir?
- Yes. You don't get tired.
l do get tired. But got to carry on
for the sake of a living.
lsn't the Dal breathtaking?
lt also has lotuses, sir.
Look, over there.
The Chasm-e-Shahi gardens.
Whenever he used to visit this place,
Mr Nehru would put up there.
Whenever l think of Mr Nehru,
it moves me.
Yes Mamdu, even God feels the need
for good men.
Right sir.
- Let's go.
Our land is very beautiful. The people
here are beautiful too, but poor.
Delhi is nice too.
- Have you seen Delhi?
Yes sir. l worked there for
four months at the Kashmir Emporium.
Sir, won't you pay your obeisances?
- l'm in awe of the Lord, right here.
Go too near, and God gets irritated.
- By Allah, it beats me.
lt's time for the bus.
l've got to get to Gulmarg.
The Lord is near, and you run away!
Where are you off to?
- To Gulmarg Daddy, with aunt.
Yesterday you weren't willing to go.
- l thought l'd go. Aunt insists too.
Usha, make it fast.
lt's time for the bus.
Coming, aunt. May l, Daddy?
- Go on.
Take care, dear.
- Right.
Fast uncle, the bus is about to leave.
- Coming Usha. Your aunt...
still hasn't yet got off the tonga.
Lady, will you hurry up?
You'll miss the bus.
Hurry up, aunt.
Get my stuff down, coolie.
- The bus is about to leave.
l'm not travelling in this bus.
- The next bus is after two hours.
Whatever! l don't want to travel
in this bus. Get my luggage down.
Look at that idiot! How could he
get an entry into the championship?
Let me see him.
- See who he is.
Mr Sarju of Okhla?
Will that oaf win?
The clown stays put.
l know her, and also her temper.
You had no right to insult me.
- What...?
l never insulted you, lady.
- You said you know my temper.
Have you seen me in a rage?
Who loses temper? You or me?
Ask yourself.
- Who left the bus in a fit of rage?
Who left the hotel? Who ran away
from the temple? You or l?
You take to heart something
so trivial and avoid me.
Aren't you ashamed?
- Great! You blame me, eh?
Lady, in maintaining a distance,
l'm trying to be decent.
ls trying to insult a girl, decency?
l'm just trying to keep a distance.
- That's what is insulting.
l see. lf you say,
l shall bridge all gaps.
Oh! Who wouldn't die
for such simplicity, Lord!
Even without a sword she's deadly!
Let go!
Can't you help? Aren't you ashamed?
l'm hurt, l can't stand.
Don't scream. lt's a bad sprain.
lf you don't get treatment now...
you'll be crippled for life.
- Cripple, my foot!
Yes, an amputation maybe.
- l'd have my neck slit before that.
ls a clipple's life worth living?
l'd rather kill myself.
That's it. No problem now.
As if you are a big doctor!
- Aide in distress is a doctor, lady.
now go home.
l can't walk.
- Let me mount you on the horse.
Hope you want me
to drop you home too?
May l ask something?
- Sure.
You despise me, don't you?
- What...?
Only a madman can dare
to despise a thing like you.
l'm not a thing, l'm a girl.
- Pardon me...?
Right. A girl, a human being.
Human errors should be pardoned.
l see. Why don't you tell me
you're asking for forgiveness?
But you won't give me a chance.
- That's my complaint. You don't...
give a chance to apologise. ln no time
you pick up a stick or a sandal.
So l see, you have a complaint too?
- l'd have told you if l had one.
My heart's full of complaints.
- Then voice your complaints.
Shall l...?
- Sure.
O'beautiful blossom...
all l rue...
is that...
you took me for a stranger
That's my only complaint
Sometimes you evade me...
sometimes you make a companion
A wine you are...
you are fire and ice too
Fill my chalice with wine...
fire and ice
My chalice is empty...
that's what l regret...
That's my complaint...
o'sensuous blossom
She carries herself off with panache
She's got the attitude
Breaking hearts...
is a wont of beauty
Breaking hearts...
is a habit with beautiful girls
You have no sense of humour...
that's what l regret...
that's my only complaint
O'glorious blossom
all l rue...
is that...
you consider me a stranger
That's too much for the asking.
- You could've answered at least one.
l'll think and tell you.
- Thanks.
lt seems you've arrested Usha.
- l fell off the horse, uncle.
He saved me.
- Lucky girl. Know what?
The hero of Gulmarg has saved you.
You aren't hurt, are you?
- No, aunt.
Apply some turmeric and lime,
she'll be fine.
Thank you.
- Mr Sarju, in honour...
of your victory, l and my friends
want to give you a party.
You must come for dinner tonight.
- What's the hurry, Major?
We can have a party later.
- We're going back tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning...?
- Yes.
l've come to take a liking here.
- l'm sorry dear. l got to join duty.
So Mr Sarju, you're joining us
for dinner tonight.
As you wish.
The hosts are very interesting people.
- They are.
Won't you have a piece of cake
from me?
What's the need? Looking at you
just sweetens my tongue.
You've got a silver tongue...
but you're very harassing.
- Yes.
There's a bet going on.
You must decide on it.
Tell me.
- The argument is about...
where you learnt such brilliant
skiing. My wife says that...
you must've learnt it in Switzerland.
But l argue that...
the attitude, finesse,
the delicate touch in your skiing...
can only be acquired from France.
Right? Say yes.
- Say no.
Forgive me. Neither. Actually,
l learnt skiing in my village, Okhla.
There's no snow in Okhla.
- Who needs snow to learn skiing?
Skiing is an art of balance. And this
art l learnt handling the yoke...
while ploughing the fields.
- Are you trying to fool us?
Must l?
- You mean we're fools anyway?
Attention. One brandy on that.
- Coffee for me, also one for aunt.
Leave me.
The surprise item of the evening.
My wife will play the piano for you.
And my niece, Usha,
will sing for you.
The All lndian skiing champion
is present here, and you won't sing?
You will have to sing today.
- But uncle, l don't know to sing.
You won't sing?
That upsets me.
You have company, uncle...
it upsets me too.
Saw that? l was upset,
so she gave in.
She's singing because you're upset?
- Of course.
Then l'm upset.
Don't be upset.
Where are you going?
Wherever you go,
you'll find me there
Let's see if you can
dodge my eyes
Let's see if you can
escape my thougths
Try as much as you
can to hide...
you will be caught
l'll find you
lt's even harder
to hold back
Read my eyes
And do ponder over it
Don't go away upset
Wherever you go...
you will find me there
By Allah, hope this forlorn heart
doesn't die.
The chicken has me bugged!
l'm not going to spare you!
Stop, l say.
Allah! Where am l?
Mamdu, where are you taking me?
- How come you're there?
Wait, l'm coming.
Savi comes to my houseboat!
- Where are you taking me?
Let's go back!
- Why did you come here?
l followed the chicken.
Are you going back or not?
l'm not going.
- l know, you are a scum.
l'm not a scum!
- l'm going to earn a bad name!
l'm not going. Even l'll lose face.
- Are you going or not?
l'm not!
What are you crying for, Mamdu?
- l'm going to get a bad name.
Not you, l'm going to be maligned.
So l say, if you get maligned,
l'll be maligned too.
l love you, Savi.
- You're lying.
l swear by Allah, l mean it. l love
you from the depths of my heart.
Don't get worked up, Savi.
You have no family, nor do l.
Both of us are orphans. Allah's wish.
The chicken came to my houseboat...
that's Allah doing. You followed
the chicken, then we met.
How about getting married?
You're very cunning. You trapped me.
Not l, the chicken trapped you.
How about going to the priest
and having a quick wedding?
So you're all set to go?
- Yes.
l wish you had stayed back
for a few more days.
l wish too, but l'm helpless.
Orders are orders.
lf you ever come to Jammu,
please drop by.
Your address, telephone number...?
- The Jammu Military Headquarters...
has only one Major Kapoor.
- Okay. lf you come to Delhi...
you must meet me.
- Sure, but your address, telephone?
Strange! Forget Delhi, all over lndia
you'll find only one Sarju of Okhla.
Call me up.
- Sure.
Take care.
- You too.
Leave me.
Oh, leave me.
- Still coy? We're married now, Savi.
Sir! Salaam sir.
Mamdu, so you married Savi?
- Yes sir.
You're really an expert in love.
- By Allah, l did nothing.
Then how did you marry her?
- Shall l tell you honestly?
- An Angel of Love stepped...
into my houseboat and got us married.
- An Angel of Love...?
Like to see?
- Yes.
Come... come.
Come... look, the Angel of Love.
The number was right...!
Let me try again.
Who are you? Why don't you speak?
What's happening, sir?
- Someone else is picking up the phone
No answer. l wonder who it is.
- Must be a prankster, Daddy.
Sitaram, put the phone away.
Looks like the girl gave me
a wrong number.
Oh come on. ln love,
a girl never lies.
Let me try the number...?
- You?
Yes sir. By Allah, l'm Mamdu,
the expert lover. Shall l...?
Go on.
The number...?
- l'll tell you.
l'll take it.
lt's her, it's her.
Who is it? lt's Usha here.
Usha, Sarju here.
Oh, it's you... Salma?
When did you return?
Salma...? Who's Salma?
Not Salma, it's Sarju here, Usha.
Damn! You're Salma.
- What?
Yes, it's a ploy in love.
Her father must be around.
Crap. lt's someone else on the line.
- No, it's me. Usha.
Sitaram, take the cup away.
- Yes sir.
Salma, why don't you speak?
Usha, it's me, Sarju.
Why are you calling me Salma?
Well, as soon as you reach Srinagar,
you forget my name, eh?
How can l forget you? Daddy is here.
l was just talking to him...
that l met a friend from Delhi
in Gulmarg.
Oh, now l understand. Mamdu,
her father is hovering around.
ls it?
- Yes.
So lady, l'm your friend,
Salma from Delhi, eh?
You must've certainly told your father
how you tried to bash up your friend?
Are you taunting me over
the telephone? l can't answer that.
Had we been facing each other,
l'd have retorted.
Sigh! When will we meet, darling?
That's my question.
Get the gender right. You're Salma.
- Shut up!
Tell me, where are you put up?
- ln Heaven.
- Heaven's a houseboat at Naseem Baug
- lt belongs to Mamdu.
All right, l'll see you
at Hazrat Mahal, at six.
- l swear.
Bless you.
Sir, you're an expert lover too.
- ln fact, l'm becoming one, Mamdu.
By Allah?
- By Allah!
When you meet an old friend out of the
blue, it stirs a feeling, isn't it?
How do you l know? Your friend should
know. Guess she's a dear friend?
Yes Daddy, she's become
a dear friend of late.
lt's two to six,
and she isn't here as yet.
She'll be here dot on six, like
she said. Still two minutes to go.
She could come 10-15 minutes earlier.
- Can be late by 10-15 minutes too.
- lf the girl has some brains...
she will come half-hour late.
- Why?
Damn! That's the ploy of love.
Hear this from an expert lover.
Promises apart, the girl should
always make delay. ln the interim...
the boy should satisfy his appetite.
Finally when the girl arrives...
the boy should pretend and say,
My love, l'm hungry waiting for you.
Mamdu, she's here.
Allah, even after l gave him an idea,
he still stands there quietly in love
Usha, did you reach back safely
from Gulmarg?
Yes. And you?
- Yes.
How'd you know? Physically l returned,
but l left back my heart with you.
How'd you know how these two days
passed? As if they were two years.
Look, isn't the lake beautiful?
- Yes.
But Usha, your eyes
are even prettier.
l feel like drowning in them.
- Did you say something?
Not at all.
Shall we walk by the shore?
- Fine.
Where does this road lead to, Usha?
- Nishat Baug.
You think about the road, and
l wonder where life is leading us.
Did you say something?
- No.
By Allah, may not this lovesick heart
kill me.
Damn you!
Won't even let me sip the tea.
l wish l'd die under the shade
of your dress.
Don't say that.
Planning to walk it out to Delhi, sir?
Don't want a boat ride?
Come on sir, come on lady.
- Let's sit on the boat, Usha.
Lady, l'm Mamdu.
- l see.
Great, lady.
Great, sir!
Come on.
Your man is really nice.
What's on your mind, Usha?
- l still know nothing about you.
What'd you like to know?
My name? My family? My legacy?
No, l don't wish to know all that.
- Then what d'you want to know, love?
All l want to know is
how long will you love me?
Usha, man is not immortal.
One day he dies.
As of now, l promise
to love you until death.
Call that boat over.
- Fine, lady.
Why did you call that boat over?
- lt's late, time to go home.
l haven't yet had my fill of you.
- But go, l must. Right?
Shall l?
D'you really have to go?
- Yes.
Won't you stop for a while?
- l'll come tomorrow.
Know what my heart says?
- What?
Where will you sneak away
from me?
Wherever you go,
you will find me there
Oh, what intoxication is this?
Oh, what effect is this?
My heart is not in place...
and my eyes not in control
Leave after l come around
Stop for now, stop
Where will you sneak away from me?
Wherever you go,
you will find me there
Ramesh, may you live long.
l thought...
without you the valleys of Kashmir
would be like a barren desert.
But friend, hold your breath.
Blossoms have taken over the desert.
And l'm smitten with
a pretty blossom.
Ramesh, in three days, l have
found the love of three lifetimes.
l won't write more. if you want to
see her, come over at once.
You said, girls fall for our position
and our wealth. Remember?
But l have proved it wrong.
All she knows is that l'm Sarju...
from village Okhla, nothing else.
l have decided not to tell her
anything myself.
You will tell her someday.
Let her know the truth then.
Hats off to you!
You've hit a goldmine.
Yes Father?
- What's the matter?
Gopal writes he wants me in Kashmir.
- Good. You can leave after...
you've filed the returns.
There's some work for you in Kashmir.
Work even in Kashmir?
- Yes.
- You're seeing a girl.
- My friend...
Diwan Kishan Kishore's daughter.
Talks are on for an alliance.
Go and see her.
lf you like her, tell me.
Her photograph. Take a look.
O'queen of Blossoms...
Spring is your realm
Your deadly smile...
takes my heart away
And l'm lost...
in your eyes
Lips, like rose petals
The set of lips suggest a song
To those tender lips...
when love rises...
for me, it's fatal
O'queen of Blossoms...
Spring is your realm
And deadly is your smile
Sometimes willing...
sometimes hesitant
Sometimes ecstatic
Lovely eyelids...
when they close and open...
oh, the style is deadly
O'queen of Blossoms...
Spring is your realm
And that smile, fatal
The air is chilly,
and the clouds have come alive...
all thanks to your tresses
Every plait...
a thousand wine
Your stupor is deadly
O'queen of Blossoms...
Spring is your realm
And that deadly smile...
takes my heart away
And l'm lost...
in those killer eyes
Hey cat, are you through with
Gopal's letter? My friend...
has shot an arrow on target.
- How could he chose a girl...
without showing her to us?
- lf you have complaints, ask him.
l'm happy that he has chosen a girl.
She will be my daughter-in-law.
No way. Only after l approve of
the girl will he be able to marry her
My foot, you will! l'll
see her first, and approve of her...
and then you get to see her.
- Just because brother wrote to him...
he's walking on air.
- And why not? He's my friend.
He's my brother!
- Forget it. l've known him...
since even before you were born.
Why're you quarrelling with him?
Gopal must not have got...
an opportunity to write to you.
- How could he write to Ramesh?
Write to him Ma, and ask him to
send the girl's photograph at once.
Don't worry. As soon as l land in
Kashmir, l'll send you a photograph...
of the couple. Get it? But don't
write to him that l'm going over.
- He's smart. He won't let me meet her
l'll give him a surprise.
And she'll be left gaping and scared.
Won't it be fun when she asks
who l am?
My friend will embrace me
and reply that l'm his darling.
Then they'll keep fighting over
who's the real darling.
No! Don't you dare harass
my sister-in-law!
Look mother, she's already
shielding her sister-in-law.
lt seems after we get married
the cat will reign over our wives.
Absolutely! Watch how l exercise
control over them. The two of you...
will beg of me to get a glimpse
of your wives.
l'll tell you, it costs a price
to have a glimpse.
You'll always be a businesswoman.
lf you harass us we'll find you...
a squint or a cripple. Obviously,
you'll pay for a glimpse of him.
Mother, save me from the cat!
- What're you upto?
- Stop hitting my son, Sarla.
High fever, Mr Diwan. But not
to worry, it's just a cold.
Well, everyday she roams about the
Dal Lake with her friend from Delhi.
Anyway, l'll send the medicines over.
lt'd be better if she stays in bed.
Very well. Come.
- Mamdu, it's me, Usha.
Put me to him, quick.
Sir! Call for you from your love.
What's this? The doctor advised you
not to stay out of bed, didn't he?
Salma must be expecting me.
l thought l'd call her up.
Let me inform her.
- No, l'll tell her...
Go and take rest. Go on.
Who is it?
- l'm Mamdu from the houseboat Heaven
ls Ms Salma there?
- Yes, she is in.
No, she's in the bath.
- Fine. l'm calling from Usha's house
lnform Salma that she can't
come today, she's running a fever.
What is it, sir?
Anything wrong?
Yes Mamdu, she's running a fever.
She can't see me today.
Love-fever plus real fever.
Double fever!
But the thing is l can't stay
without seeing her.
Stop nodding and show me a way.
- l'm thinking, sir.
l'm Mamdu, the expert lover.
- So?
Salma! Salma!
- What Salma?
Salma is here.
You're going to be Salma.
Come on in.
Sitaram, who is she?
- The lady's friend.
Her name is... what's your name?
- Salma.
l see, Salma. The one from Delhi?
Come on in.
Look Usha, your friend, Salma,
is here.
- Your friend from Delhi. Salma.
Yes, it's me.
You...? Daddy, it's Salma,
my dearest friend.
But you shouldn't have come here.
- No, good you came, dear.
She was worried about you.
- ln fact we were worried about her.
He kept pestering me, kept asking me
to bring him here to see Usha.
He...? Who?
- Daddy, he...
My Father.
- Her father. He's so nice.
He loves me a lot.
- My Father is waiting downstairs.
Your father is waiting downstairs?
Why didn't you tell me before?
He wants to give her treatment.
- Treatment...?
Yes. He's a famous Hakeem
in Delhi. Right, Usha?
Yes, Daddy, he's very famous.
But l don't want treatment, Salma.
The doctor is giving me medicines.
Why don't you take him home?
Daddy, he is unwell.
Why don't you take him out
for a walk or so?
Her father is here, and you
want him to go away?
Let's bring him upstairs.
When l heard she's sick,
l was worried, Mr Diwan.
l asked Salma to bring me here
Let me see her. l'll pray for her and
l'll prescribe some medicines for her
Very kind of you. Salma just told me
that you are a famous Hakeem.
No big deal, but thank you
for the compliment.
l just happen to remember
a few remedies taught by my ancestors.
Where are you from, sir?
- What a question, Mr Diwan!
My Father lived and
died in Lucknow.
l migrated to Delhi,
and that's where l belong now.
And now the feeling is...
like the lover who can't imagine
staying far away from his beloved...
l can't betray the streets of Delhi.
You're also a great poet, sir.
- Thank you.
ln fact, medicine and poetry
go hand in hand.
Persian Hakeems were
also great poets.
- Yes. Like Hakeem Andh Khomeini...
like Hakeem Umar Khayyam...
Well Ms Usha, are you cross with me?
No greetings? What's on your mind?
Do you intend to send me away
from your room insulted?
Greet him dear.
- Bless you, live long.
l'm very angry with you!
- Why?
Why did you have to come here?
- Hear that, Mr Diwan?
You mustn't speak like that to elders.
- He shouldn't have come here, Daddy.
lt's risky.
- Risky...?
- Daddy, he has a heart ailment.
She's right. At heart l'm sick.
He has come to Kashmir for rest. And
look at him roaming around in the cold
lt worries us. Right Salma?
- Yes, he has us very worried.
Sigh! Expressing love for these kids
at this age seems a crime.
l'm expecting love from someone
who doesn't understand what love is.
Father, will you just keep reciting
poetry? Won't you check her pulse?
l forgot, child.
lf you don't mind, Mr Diwan,
can l sit near your daughter?
Sure, please sit.
- Thank you.
Not to be scared.
Show me your pulse, Ms Usha.
- On one condition.
- After you're through...
you'll go straight home and relax.
- l can rest in Mr Diwan's room.
Well Mr Diwan?
- Why not? Feel at home.
Thank you.
- No Daddy, he has to take...
his medicines on time. He's sick.
- All right, l'll go home.
But let me check first.
Allah! Strange kids!
Stick it out.
Lovely eyes, Mr Diwan.
The tongue is a bit dirty,
l'll give her some medicines...
it'll be clean.
So Mr Diwan, when do you
want her cured?
Sir, the day after is her birthday.
- Really?
For the first time in four years,
she is at home. This time...
l wish to celebrate it in style.
- The day after is faraway.
l'll cure her by tonight. But l'll
surely come for the birthday bash.
Sure. No birthday party without you.
- Fine.
Behold the magic of
my medication, Ms Usha.
Swallow only two pills from this,
and the fever will vanish in no time.
l'll come over tomorrow...
- Oh no, don't. l'll come over.
- l swear.
Bless you. May you live long.
May Allah teach you to love elders.
Right, Mr Diwan.
Sir, no one loves old men.
That's why men run scared of old age.
l'm not scared of old age,
albeit, l'm scared of loneliness.
lf you don't mind,
may l recite a couplet?
Not again, Father! Let's go.
- Don't be cross, child.
l'll recite it on her birthday.
- Sure.
- Bye.
Are you going to see the girl, master?
- Yes.
The girl will also see you, right?
Shall l get some make-up, lipsticks...
and talcum powder?
lt's going to be worth it.
No use going to Kashmir, brother.
- What's the matter, Sarla?
Brother Gopal is returning
the day after.
The day after? Who told you?
- Just got a letter from him.
His job in the hospital is confirmed.
He has to take charge the day after.
Excellent! The girl has proved to be
very lucky. He's got a job and a girl
But when will you get to see her?
You won't get time off from your girl
Sarla, you're real idiot.
l'm not going to see my girl alone.
Gopal and his girlfriend
will also be with me.
Wonderful, By Allah!
Hakeem sahib, won't you sweeten
your tongue on my birthday?
Bless you.
After you.
Where are you hiding, Hakeem sahib?
Tonight you must sing.
Are you trying to turn back
my age-clock, Mr Diwan?
l have told all my friends.
Come on.
My dear, you must sit.
By Allah, she looks so lovely.
Folks, my dear friend, the Hakeem,
will sing a song for you.
lf you insist, let me recite
a few couplets.
ln fact, l had recited this on
someone's birthday when l was young.
Must've been for Salma's mother.
Allah! Don't remind me of her.
My heart grows restless.
And my eyes shed tears.
- No, no excuses.
l just want to hear that song.
- All right, Mr Diwan.
Listen to the old man sing
about his colourful romance.
Shall l...?
- Go on.
May your eyes...
intoxicate many
May your lips...
seduce many
May your eyes...
intoxicate many
There something about you...
cruel one
Many a hearts lie ruined...
for you
May your eyes...
intoxicate many
ln my heart...
l can still bear many a wound
All you need to do now...
is to purge my soul
May your eyes...
intoxicate many
l'm the Storm of Love...
hold me in your embrace
May Allah...
make you even prettier
May your eyes...
intoxicate many
May your rosy lips...
seduce many
Bye. See you tomorrow.
At 7 tomorrow morning at the airport.
- What...?
But you were supposed to go
the day after, no?
No flight tickets to Delhi
available for a week.
lt was tough getting a ticket
for tomorrow upto Pathankot.
l'll take a train from there.
- But...
Don't worry, my love,
l'll return soon.
Daddy might see.
How long will l put on this act?
Someday we'll have to tell your father
Bye Usha. Do come to
the airport tomorrow.
What a party, Mr Diwan!
And the physician was terrific.
Of course.
Where are you off to so early?
- Salma...
Go to your room.
l need to talk to you.
To your room.
All l have to say is that you will
not see Salma anymore. Period!
Daddy, listen...
listen to me.
Open the door, Daddy.
l'll tell you where l am going.
l must go, Daddy.
Attention. The flight to Pathankot
is ready for departure.
Passengers are requested
to board the flight.
lt's late. Usha isn't here as yet.
- She'll be here any moment.
l'm worried.
- Go on, sir. l'll ask her to write.
- Yes.
You have a paper?
- Yes.
l'll write a note for Usha.
- She's here.
What kept you, Usha?
- Daddy is suspicious.
He didn't allow me to come here,
so l jumped off the window.
Sarju, you must meet him.
- The flight is waiting for you, sir.
Make it fast.
- Just a minute.
Usha, l'll meet him when l return.
- When? What do l tell him?
The day after is Sunday. l'll come
over for a day...
and fix everything right.
l'll wait for you.
You got delayed, so he wrote
a note for you.
Usha, l haven't yet told you
my real name. That's because...
That's all?
- Then you came.
Flight from Delhi is about to land.
Go on, lady. The Delhi flight is
landing. l'll hook a passenger.
All right.
- l'll send Savi to you.
And Mr Sarju will come
the day after. Goodbye.
Houseboat? Cold and hot water, phone
.... l'm Mamdu, Heaven houseboat.
- Yes.
But my friend had hired it.
- Yes, sir. Mr Sarju from Delhi.
Yes, he's the one.
- But he just left for Pathankot.
Pathankot...? But he had to leave
for Delhi tomorrow.
No seats for Delhi, so he left
for Pathankot.
Come to the houseboat, it's raining.
- No Mamdu, l'll stay at my uncle's.
At your uncle's place?
Then bye.
Usha, come for breakfast.
lt was imperative for me
to go, Daddy.
Even after l refused,
you went to meet Salma?
l didn't go to meet Salma.
- Then whom?
- Sarju? Who's he?
l met him first in Delhi,
then in Gulmarg.
He was the one who came here
disguised as the Hakeem.
You went to see that bloody impostor?
- lt was just a prank he played.
He's in fact very decent.
- ls this his decency? That...
he taught you how to defy your father
and jump off the balcony?
lt was my compulsion, Daddy. l wanted
to tell you everything in the morning
But you never opened the door.
l couldn't help it, he was flying.
l went to tell him that it was
imperative that he meets you.
Why couldn't he see me he said?
- He was going to Delhi...
for some urgent work. But he is
coming on Sunday to meet you.
What if he doesn't come?
- He'll come for sure, Daddy.
D'you know where he lives? Who is he?
What does he do? Who're his parents?
l don't know.
- You don't?
l never asked him.
- What...?
l never felt the need to know these
things. All l needed to know was him.
All you needed to know was his name?
Sarju? That's it?
Sarju isn't is real name.
- What...?
Then what's his real name?
- l don't know.
How did you find out that
it isn't his real name?
Before l could reach there,
he was writing me a note.
When l reached there, the flight was
about to take off. All he could say...
was that he'll be coming on Sunday.
He'll certainly come, Daddy.
Usha, you aren't a kid anymore.
l educated you, so that
you can make out good and evil.
l always trusted you, l had faith
in you. But l never knew...
that someday you'd break my trust.
That you trust me is what you merely
say in words. But you never really...
placed your trust in me.
And this l understand very well today
Had you, you'd still
have faith in me.
You'd wait for me to bring him to you
and l'd tell you that he's my lover...
and l'd ask you to scrutinize him.
- But Usha...
ls this what you trust you have in me?
Whom l consider my Lord...
you call him a vagabond, an impostor?
You don't even know him.
And what do you know about him?
Just the name... that too a false one
Someone who didn't tell you his
real name all these days...
what else can l make of him save that
he was a conman, took you for a ride?
And you call him your Lord?
On what basis?
No basis needed to call someone Lord.
You need to have a heart.
And the heart is never deceived.
No, you won't understand, Daddy.
Today l feel that no girl
should lose her mother.
Perhaps no one understands a girl
better than her mother.
All right. Today you have
made a mockery of me.
Years of sleepless nights
and restless days l spent...
only not to hear this taunt from you.
Usha, not you, today l have
a complaint against God.
For a daughter if her
mother means so much...
why didn't He take me
instead of her mother?
No Daddy!
- lf caring for his daughter...
is a father's crime,
then l'm your culprit.
So punish me, my child. Say more.
Give me some more taunts.
- Daddy!
No Daddy, l committed a mistake.
Forgive me. l got carried away.
Forgive me, Daddy. l'd never ever
say a thing again. Forgive me.
Yes? Who do you want?
- ls this Mr Kishan Kishore's house?
ls he in?
Tell him that Ramesh has come
from Delhi to see him.
l'm your father. Trust me.
l'll only do...
what is in your best of interests
and what'll make you happy.
One Ramesh is here from Delhi.
- Ramesh...? Had to come today itself?
Where is he?
- Unloading his stuff from the cab.
Go, unload his stuff, quick.
And bring him right here.
Ramesh is my friend's son. Unknowingly
l had spoken about an alliance.
But Daddy...
- Nothing to worry. Anyway...
Sarju is coming on Sunday. l won't
decide anything before he arrives.
Okay? But dear, Ramesh is our guest.
Take care of him.
Hello uncle.
- Welcome Ramesh. You were supposed...
to come after a few days...
- Yes. l was busy hunting a cheat...
so l couldn't inform you.
- Cheat? Who?
My friend Gopal. He fixed
his wedding here on the sly.
l thought l'd give him a surprise
and meet his fiancee too.
But he fooled me, he left
before l could reach Kashmir.
Usha, this is Ramesh.
- Greetings.
Ramesh, this is my daughter. Usha.
- l know her.
- l saw your photograph in Delhi.
My photograph...? Who had it?
- My Father.
We can talk later, why don't you
sit and relax?
Usha, ask Sitaram to clean up
the bedroom downstairs for him.
Why bedroom? l suggest, we put up
in a houseboat for a few days...
and see sights around the Dal lake.
What do you say?
Nice, but it'll take sometime
to organise everything.
Usha, go and make arrangements.
- Okay.
Lovely chill here.
l miss Gopal, the cheat.
Had he been here,
it'd have been fun.
- Where to?
To the station, quick.
- Get in, you'll reach in no time.
Keep his luggage in.
Like the mango fallen off...
before You set us apart...
God, l wish l were not born
Sardarji, you sing well.
- Know what? Whenever you get time...
sing and enjoy. Life is
unpredictable, may end anytime.
Sweetheart, my love...
this world is filth
Come, let's make a paradise
of our own
Watch it!
l'd like to say something
if you don't mind.
Go on.
- You know why l'm here, Usha?
- What's your opinion?
Daddy knows. He'll tell you.
- All right, l'll ask him.
What're you reading?
- Reader's Digest.
Let me see.
Let me see.
What's the matter? Why did she run?
- A photograph flew from the book.
l see.
He has bled profusely.
Can't say if we can save him.
He must be operated upon immediately.
No other way out.
Nurse, prepare for
the operation, quick.
lf we have any information about him
his family must be informed at once.
We've found nothing about him. Only
recovered a letter from his pockets...
written by some Sarla to her
brother Gopal. No address in it.
Besides, we got a photograph, on which
is written, To Sarju from Usha.
Don't know if he is Sarju or Gopal.
As for the wedding,
our fathers will fix it.
But l have a request, Usha.
- Tell me.
l'm going back tomorrow. Can you
accompany me to the airport?
Are you leaving tomorrow?
- Yes.
l'm going to the airport tomorrow
anyway. A friend's arriving from Delhi
Friend? From Delhi?
- Yes.
Well, at least for the sake of your
friend, l'll have your company.
And l'll also thank your friend.
He's out of danger.
- No, the danger has arisen now.
l don't know how he takes it when he
comes around and finds out...
on what we have operated upon.
- Must we drug him a few more days?
No, no use. Let's face it.
Give him a shot of painkillers.
Which hospital is this?
- Pathankot Civil Hospital.
Let me congratulate you. Despite
a terrible accident, you've survived.
Can l sit?
- Sure.
Minor injury.
l'm very sorry.
There was no way out.
lt was necessary to save your life.
Oh, what have you done?
We failed to find your name and
address. lf you give us your address..
we can inform your family.
Leave me alone.
When is the flight
from Delhi arriving?
The flight is on time, Daddy.
- Come.
Attention. The flight from
Delhi has arrived.
Excuse me. Any more passengers?
- Nobody is there.
No problem. He must've missed the
flight, or must've not got a seat.
Daddy he'll come, for sure.
Trust me.
Uncle, my luggage is booked.
Hey, all the passengers have left.
But your friend is not to be seen.
- He hasn't come.
Where are you going, Mr Diwan?
- Not me, my guest is flying.
l got some work with you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- What for?
For making a beautiful excuse
and coming here to drop me.
No, it's not true...
- No more excuses please.
l've got an answer to my question.
- Listen...
Thank you very much.
- Your flight is ready to leave.
Go on.
Brother...? Are you still
in Pathankot? What's the matter?
l'm busy here, it's important.
- What's so important there?
A minor accident occurred here.
- Accident...? Whose?
Gopal, my son?
- What's the matter?
Nothing... nothing at all.
You said an accident occurred.
Are you hurt?
No, l'm all right. l'm not hurt.
l didn't meet with an accident.
Then who?
Someone from a nearby village,
a landlord. He met with an accident.
l had to stay back for a surgery.
Are you saying the truth?
- Yes Ma, absolutely.
Come home soon after the surgery.
lt's very lonely without you.
No Ma, l can't come so soon.
lt'll take a month or more.
A month or more? Gopal, don't you
wish to see your mother?
l long to see you, Ma.
l pine for you, Ma.
But l can't help it. Until my patient
recovers, l can't come.
Your son is a doctor, after all.
- All right, as you wish.
Give it to me.
l know his tricks. He's lying.
Brother, why are you lying to Ma?
l'm not lying, Sarla.
l didn't meet with an accident.
Accident is a ruse. l know the reason,
sister-in-law must be holding you back
Which sister-in-law?
Brother Ramesh has
told us everything.
Silly, it was just a prank
l played on him.
Really? l don't believe it.
- Ask him his address.
What's your address?
- lt's a far off place, sister.
l'm going with the patient
to his village.
But don't worry, l'll fly to the
city and call you up every week.
Bye Sarla.
So you're a doctor?
- Yes.
lt'd have been nice to have
your family here at this juncture.
What's wrong in telling them
the truth?
Doctor, do you want me to kill my Ma
over the telephone?
How long can you hide this?
- No idea, doctor.
All l know is that my Ma cannot
bear this tragedy.
She'll die.
- You could call your wife at least
Thank God, l'm not married yet.
Then what was the discussion about
sister-in-law over the phone?
Doctor, it was a dream
... shattered.
O'cruel lover,
my heart pines for you
Tears that run down from my eyes
pine for you
O my cruel beloved, this heart
craves for you
The many splendoured paths
we journeyed upon...
now lies strewn with Maple leaves
in autumn's fall
Those very paths
pine for you
This garden
misses you
O cruel lover,
this heart pines for you
Tears run down my eyes,
in anticipation
When a waft of breeze
yanks my dress...
l feel your touch
Your kiss, l miss
O cruel lover,
this heart pines for you
Tears run down my eyes,
in longing
Still the lake flows, still
the sun lights up the place...
where we used to
share sweet nothings
The lake's stilled waters
pine for you
O cruel lover,
l miss you
Tears that run down my eyes
long for you
ls Usha here?
- Yes.
My child, where does grief
take you everyday?
Nowhere, Daddy.
l just sit by the Dal.
l see. Sit with me.
l need to talk to you, my child.
l know what you want
to ask me, Daddy.
But l have no answers to
any of your questions.
No dear, l'm not seeking any answers.
l know everything.
Someone deceived you.
You're not at fault.
But how long will you continue to wait
for the one who has betrayed you?
Look, Mr Rai has written.
Ramesh has praised you no end.
He's a nice boy.
Daddy, is it not possible for you to
send me to Delhi for further studies?
Still you intend to go
and search for him?
Fine, try it.
Now Doctor Gopal, you'll have
to practice walking for a few days.
l'm sure in a few days you'll be able
to walk normally. No one...
will notice that you have lost a leg.
When is he coming? Any letters?
- Received one yesterday. But he...
hasn't written about coming. All he
wrote is, he fell off a horse...
and sprained an ankle badly.
He can't walk properly.
Can't walk properly eh?
What makes you laugh?
- You don't know the fraud.
l'm sure the girl must be from
Pathankot. And l think...
he must be strutting around
with her.
See that? Today's men are all conmen.
What's wrong, Savi?
- Finally he deceived Ms Usha.
He promised her, yet he didn't come.
- He hasn't come? lmpossible.
Possible. l just met Ms Usha.
She has cried herself sick.
Allah! Why hasn't he come?
- All men are traitors.
No Savi, he is very honest man.
- Forget it. Today's men aren't honest
All right Savi, l'll go to Delhi,
l'll meet him and ask him...
No, no, l won't let you go alone.
l'll come with you.
Savi, my friend has written.
Roopchand is an estate agent.
He writes that finding accommodation
in Delhi is impossible.
l'll go over, find an accommodation
and then call you there.
Ma, brother is back.
Look Ma, brother is here.
Gopal, my son,
my darling you're here?
Did you forget your mother?
- Oh Ma...
l missed you so much.
l missed you!
- Really?
Really. When my leg was injured
and l couldn't walk...
l missed you a lot.
l wished l were a kid.
And you'd grab my finger
and teach me to walk.
Darling, you should've called me over.
l'd have given you my legs to walk.
But Ma, now l'm all right,
l can even walk.
You call this walking?
Ganga, heat some turmeric.
l'll give a massage, and by morning
my son will be all right.
Ma, you are so naive.
Ma, l'm taking medicines. l'll be
all right in a few days time.
How are you?
Doctor, some patient is here.
lt's brother Ramesh.
Yes, Ramesh.
Sonofagun! Are you sick?
- Why do you stand there?
Step forward, and give me
a hug, darling.
He has sprained his leg.
He can't run.
l see, so your leg is
painted with henna, eh?
Darling, here l come.
The two of you won't ever change.
- Never, mother.
Sit, while l bring something to eat.
Well, you conned me. Left Kashmir
before l could reach, eh?
You too went to Kashmir?
- You think l didn't?
The Conqueror of Kashmir sits
right before you.
Brother Ramesh has hooked himself
in Kashmir.
- Like you, he's also...
hooked to a Kashmiri girl.
He even says, he'll marry her.
Why're you blushing like a girl?
Won't you say who she is...
where she is and how does she look?
- Why not talk about yours first?
Let me see the one who hooked for
three lifetimes in just three days.
You must surely have her photograph.
Where have you kept it, friend?
l conned you.
- Nonsense, you're lying.
Why did you write that letter then?
- lt was to intimidate you.
Actually l was alone and bored.
l thought of writing something
to draw you there.
lt was nothing otherwise
Just a joke.
- Nothing really.
Swear by me that it was a joke.
- Are you mad?
Ramesh, we aren't kids to swear on
something and then lie.
lt's the truth. Else,
wouldn't l have written to Ma?
Whatever, but l'm not taking it.
l'm sure, in a few days, some lady
will strut into this house...
her face covered under a veil.
She'll touch your mother's feet...
and say, Mother, my bird has flown,
away to you, give him back to me.
All right, see her when
she comes to see me.
But say something about your girl.
- He doesn't talk.
Hasn't even shown her photograph.
- Really?
You must surely have her photograph.
- Of course.
ln my pocket lies
my love's photograph...
just got a bend..
- to take a look at her?
This isn't fair, Gopal. Not fair.
This one? She's my classmate.
So you've swiped my college, eh?
She's your classmate?
- Yes. She returned from Kashmir...
just two days back to
join college again.
ln Delhi...?
- As if you aren't aware of it?
Will you just keep quarelling?
Wont you listen to me?
Let me see it, Sarla.
- Give him Sarla...
let my friend lose his wits.
- Here you are.
Well honey, intoxicated, aren't you?
Yes Ramesh, really.
l'm still on a high.
Tell me honestly, how's she?
- Pretty. Very pretty.
Ramesh, you can't find
another girl like her.
She's fallen for me,
but she won't say it.
That she came to the airport to
receive a friend...
was an excuse she made to
accompany me to the airport.
And you know,
no friend of hers came.
And now she comes to Delhi
for studies.
l think she's crazy about me.
But she's mum. ln fact,
she seems so sad.
And why not? She hasn't seen me
for sometime now.
Sarla, my lovely sister...
help me meet her.
- A meeting? lt'll cost, brother.
You will be paid, but please
help me meet her.
Gopal, won't you tell her?
All right, l'll try. But how about
giving me an advance?
Fine, l'll give you an advance.
But tell me, will you help me or not?
All right! l'll help you meet her.
l know you were offered much more
by bigger hospitals.
But you still joined our hospital,
for which we're very grateful to you.
l must thank you, doctor,
for waiting for me so long.
Must wait for a capable doctor.
lf you permit, shall l join duty?
- Why ask permission? You're in charge
Let's go, Dr Chopra,
What is it?
- lt was fun!
Remove your shoes.
Let me tell you something interesting.
- Tell me.
You know Usha? The Kashmiri girl?
- What's wrong with her?
She has fallen in love with someone.
- Really?
With whom?
- With brother Ramesh?
Ramesh? Who?
- My brother's friend. Our neighbour.
But don't you tell anyone.
- Well, why not to our friends?
- Let's go and tell them.
What's this?
- Got to tell you something.
- Yes.
Really? Where is she?
- Let's go and find her.
We know you're a studious.
Let's go, come on.
When you fall in love...
the feeling is such...
crowd unnerves you...
and loneliness is friendly
How hard one has tried,
love has never been concealed
Love is a spell...
that makes you lose your senses
No one has control over love
Love is a mystery...
as unravelled as the lover's curls
Everywhere it spreads...
such is the fragrance of love
The sight of your beloved
makes you coy
Oh, strange love
Crowds unnerve you
Loneliness is friendly
When you are in love...
such is the feeling
The eyes tell a thousand tales
The wish lies stilled on her lips
Every breath kicks up a storm
And in the storm the heart sails
Desires keep welling up
Oh, this pain...
is killing
Defy, and disaster can be averted
But love is a disaster
hard to challenge
Eyes thirst for a glimpse
Crowd scares you
Loneliness is friendly
When you fall in love...
such is the feeling
Stop it! Why're you harassing me?
- Are we harassing you?
Aren't you in love?
ln love...? With whom?
- l know everything.
You've hooked Ramesh.
He's my brother.
He has told me everything.
- Ramesh...?
lt's all a lie.
What's wrong with her? She's upset.
- She's vain.
What's the matter with you?
- Yes. D'you know him, Sarla?
Who is he to you?
- He's the one...
who has taken all l had.
lt's for him that l'm here.
Sarla, see him carefully.
He said he's from Okhla.
Have you seen him anywhere?
No Usha, l know no one called Sarju.
Who is it?
- Why've you locked the door brother?
Come in Sarla.
Well brother, what happened to
the girl you found in Kashmir?
You believed it too? lt was just
a prank that l played on Ramesh.
- Yes, of course.
Really? She fell off a horse, and you
massaged her leg... also a joke?
She fell ill, you went to her in a
hakeem's disguise. Was that a joke?
Tell me honestly, who told you this?
- Usha.
Yes Usha did. On seeing the her photo
last night, you fell silent.
Just one question, brother.
Why did you cheat the poor girl?
Don't ask me this question.
Please don't.
For God's sake, forget everything.
- Really? You might tell everyone that
But maybe you've no idea
how hard it is forget.
How could you imagine that one word
from you will make her forget you?
Yes brother. Know why Usha is here?
Not for studies...
she's here to find her
Sarju of Okhla.
Brother, she's searching for you
in every nook and corner.
Why you ran away from her,
won't you tell her this much?
No Sarla, l never ran away
from anyone.
You don't know the truth, sister,
so please don't talk about it.
l know everything, brother.
l know the truth.
What do you know?
- Brother Ramesh must've surely...
written to you that he was coming over
to fix his wedding with Usha.
And just for your friend's sake,
before he could reach Kashmir...
you flew away to Pathankot.
- No Sarla, this isn't the truth.
Then what is the truth, brother?
Come out with it.
You think you're sacrificing your
happiness for the sake of a friend?
ln fact, you're sowing the seeds
of destruction in his house.
But l won't let this happen.
l'm going to tell Ramesh everything.
Don't you dare tell Ramesh!
lf you tell either Ramesh or Usha,
then upon my Ma l swear...
you won't see me alive.
- Brother!
Doctor, congratulations on landing
the job. Where are the sweets?
Shameless! You took charge of
the hospital, but won't you treat...
What's the matter, Gopal?
Nothing, Ramesh. Sit.
But why is Sarla in tears?
l'm asking you! Why is she crying?
Sarla, did he say something?
Tell me, what's wrong?
Nothing brother.
- Nothing...?
There is something. For the first
time in life, l'm being ignored.
All right, l'm going. Sorry.
- No brother.
Then what's the matter?
Gopal, for God's sake, say something.
Brother Gopal lied to us that
he never met a girl in Kashmir.
What he wrote to you was true. But he
has deceived the girl. He ran away.
Ran away? Why?
- Because he...
Don't Sarla!
- Oh, what do l do?
Don't weep, for God's sake don't.
Gopal, is it true?
l'm asking you! ls it true?
Answer me, Gopal.
Ramesh, don't ask me,
l can't answer.
You can't answer me?
Gopal, have l become a stranger?
- No Ramesh.
Your friendship is dearer
to me than life.
But l'm helpless.
You call me a friend, but you
know not what friendship means!
Even if my blood can come
of any use to you...
l shall shed every drop of my blood
for your sake.
lf your blood could rid me
of my anguish...
l'd have taken it,
without your consent.
Not even your blood can help.
- Then whose blood will help?
l swear Gopal, if someone has
come in your way, l'll kill him!
No Ramesh, nothing as such.
Then? Did the girl betray you?
- No.
Her family isn't in favour?
- Not that, Ramesh!
Then what's the matter?
- Oh God!
Get this clear, Gopal. Either l'll
have the answer from you tonight...
or l'll leave breaking
this friendship for good.
Tell me Gopal. Tell me.
Don't ask me, Ramesh.
You can't stand the truth, my friend.
We'll bear every truth, brother.
But l can't bear to hear my brother
being called the betrayer.
Sarla! l haven't betrayed!
Ramesh, l haven't betrayed.
Then what is the matter? What is it?
Brother, don't ruin someone's life!
l beg of you!
Don't ruin her!
Okay, Sarla. You want to
know the truth, don't you?
All right. All right, Ramesh,
l'll tell you right now.
l'll show you right now.
Sarla, face the truth.
Ramesh, witness the mockery
of your friend.
This is the truth!
lf you are keen to know the truth...
you must also have the courage
to withstand it.
lf your shrieks bring Ma here,
she'll die.
Sarla, for something you couldn't
bear to see just once...
how can she bear it, who would
have to see it everyday?
Now you know why l run away from her?
Now you know why l want her to be
married off to someone else?
Sarla, Ramesh...
l just have one request to you.
Don't let my Ma know,
else, the poor thing will die.
Gopal, you're a big doctor. Can't you
cut my leg off and fix it in yours?
What have you done?
Mamdu, l've been following you
from the station.
Did you receive my letter?
- l did, that's why l'm here in Delhi
But the police wouldn't let me wait
at the station.
Roopchand, did you find
any accommodation for me?
Mamdu, finding accommodation
in Delhi is tough.
Allah! What'll l tell Savi?
- Lost your wits?
My friend, l've found a room for you.
- Thank you, Roopchand.
For that you'll have to put on an act.
- Am l going to work on stage?
No, but you'll have to act.
Let me tell you...
- Yes?
Roopchand is here for the room.
- Tell him, no empty room.
But he's got a girl with him.
She wants the room.
- Ass! Why didn't you tell me before?
lt worked out. Be careful.
Roopchand, l've told you!
l have no empty rooms.
Why do you come to harass me?
No empty rooms here!
- You've been very kind to the poor.
The poor thing has come
with her brother from Kashmir...
for finding a suitor.
- She isn't yet married?
Where's her brother?
- At the station, with the luggage.
l told him, a man like the manager
Ashad-ullah can't be found in the city
On your request l'll give her a room.
Go on, call her brother.
How much will he charge?
- Whatever you give me.
Still, how much?
- Whatever you give, l'll take. Okay?
l'll give you two bucks.
- Two bucks...?
Just 2 bucks for a room worth 20?
You make me seem so cheap!
lt's costly here. l'm going.
- All right...
Here you are. Advance for 5 months.
- Won't you take the receipt?
Why receipt? l've never given
anyone a receipt.
And l never trust anyone.
No receipt, no money.
All right, l'll give you a receipt.
- Coming master!
l got to give her a receipt.
Get a paper and pen.
For the first time in life?
- Yes.
What's your brother's name?
- Mamdu, son of Mumtaz Ali.
Nice name.
Okay manager, we're going to
bring her brother over.
But why're you taking her with you?
Let her rest in her room...
while you go and fetch her brother.
- Seems right.
Go and take rest, sister,
l'll go and fetch your brother.
Let me take you to your room.
Roopchand, lock it from the outside.
- Don't worry, l've secured it good.
l'll be right back with her brother.
- Come soon.
- Who the hell...?
Mamdu? Welcome, welcome.
Where's my sister Farida?
- She's locked inside.
Why're you barging in? My sister
follows strict lslamic traditions.
- Yes.
Shameless wretch! Why have you
kept the window open?
Forgive me, brother.
l won't ever open the window again.
l'm not forgiving you!
l'm going to break your head.
Brother, no strangers out here.
Only the manager... he's a gentleman.
No sooner than you reach, you start
praising the manager?
How d'you know he's a gentleman?
Did you talk to him?
Not l, brother, he talked to me.
l see. if he talks to you,
l'll wring his neck!
He's a gentleman! He gave us a room
without taking a deposit.
Has he done us a favour? Didn't he
take five months' advance rent...
and give you a fake receipt?
- No brother, he's very decent.
All right, l'll see that later.
Now l'm going to sleep.
Brother, you're sleeping?
l'm famished. Who'll give me food?
You won't die if you don't eat
one night. lf you're hungry...
go out and drink some water.
All right brother, you go to bed,
while l go out and drink some water.
What're you upto?
Farida, l want to say something
to you, in private.
No one has ever talked to me
in private.
Farida, your brother is so cruel.
Even you're so cruel.
- What have l done?
You took five months' rent.
Besides, you gave a fake receipt.
Farida, if you come to
the garden with me...
l'll buy you kebabs from Jama Masjid.
There l shall give you a real receipt
l'll give this house to you.
Brother will be going out
after two days.
Then l'll come with you
to the garden.
Farida! My Farida...
my soul, my eyes,
my heartstring!
Mr Diwan, now that you are in Delhi,
Usha is here.
Else, she's been studying here
for so long yet she never came.
Mr Rai, she isn't keeping well,
so l come to see her.
lf you were unwell, you
should've sent us a message.
Uncle, did you send for me?
Usha, you?
- Hello Sarla.
Sarla, she wanted to see you.
Sarla, shall we go to your house?
- Home...? Why don't we chat here?
Take her home, dear, for a chat.
Shall we?
Sarla, has Gopal returned?
- Brother? No, he isn't home.
He's never there when it's opportune.
Know why l came away with you?
- Why?
To talk to you about my Sarju.
- Look Usha, l bought this new curtain
Sarla, l have only you to confide in.
Even you don't want to hear?
All right. l won't say anything
to you, anymore.
No Usha, nothing as such...
- You don't know what state l am in.
Sometimes l feel so stifled...
as if l'm being buried alive.
At that moment l feel like
talking about him.
And Sarla, who else do l have but you
to talk about him?
What's going to come out of it?
Why don't you understand?
He conned you. He has run away.
This is what l don't understand.
Why did he do that? Why?
l understand your agony, Usha.
But it is human to bear it.
No Sarla, only a stone can bear it.
But a human has a heart.
How can a human bear it?
No Usha, l've seen someone
who has borne it.
- Right here... in this city.
His wounds may not be so deep.
- Usha!
You've no idea, Usha, even after going
through an ordeal, people keep mum.
Then they might be angels.
But l'm not an angel, l'm human.
My wounds hurt.
His betrayal pierces me
like an arrow.
Usha, he might be under compulsions.
Why don't you understand?
Silly, you mustn't talk like that.
Who knows, what he'd go through
if hears such words?
What'd he go through?
Somewhere in Delhi, he might be
having a good night's sleep.
How'd he know that right in Delhi
there's a hapless woman...
whose world he has made desolate
and dark.
Usha, l have a brother. Dr Gopal.
You don't know him.
l haven't seen him,
but l've heard the name.
l told him your tale.
He was much moved.
He asked me to tell you that
it's no use crying over spilt milk.
And he bets that Ramesh
is a nice person.
Sarla, tell him that, for me there's
only one nice person...
Sarla, it's time to leave.
- Right, brother Ramesh.
Let's go, Usha.
Heard everything?
- Even now l feel that...
if you tell her the truth, she...
- No Sarla!
Then what's the solution
to this crisis?
Tonight, she came here for a while,
and you hid here inside the room.
Tomorrow, when she comes as
a daughter-in-law to our neighbour...
then where will you keeping hiding?
And when brother Ramesh...
comes to know, then what happens?
- l have found a way out, Sarla.
This week l'm leaving Delhi for good.
- Brother...?
Yes Sarla. There's a mission hospital
in Simla.
Where, three kids from Tibet
are being nurtured.
They need a doctor.
l had applied.
They have accepted my application.
That's it Sarla, l'm going there.
Besides, sister,
l have just one desire left.
To tend to the innocent kids
for the rest of my life.
Yes Sarla.
These children are orphans.
They're so hungry for love
and affection that...
they go mad with just a caress
from someone.
Doctor, more than your treatment
they need your love.
Mr Scott...
God has bestowed
immense love upon me.
l have come here only to share
that love with these children.
These children need doctors like you.
Geesha, tell the children that
he's their new doctor.
Daddy, take me to Simla.
Simla? What's there?
- Festival.
There'll be a skiing competition too.
l feel, he'll definitely participate.
Usha, how long will you wait
for the one who's still missing?
Until l find him, Daddy.
Why don't you hear me?
l've been calling out to you!
Why're you staring at me
as if you don't know me?
Forgive me, who are you?
You don't me?
What're you saying?
What's the matter, dear?
- Daddy, he's Sarju.
He says, he doesn't know me.
He's kidding.
Believe me, l'm not kidding.
All right, you aren't kidding.
You're showing your true colours.
l had a feeling
you aren't a nice man.
But l never knew that
you are a bloody fraud.
You don't know her?
Look at her carefully.
You destroyed her life. Like mad
she has been looking for you.
Swine! Fraud!
You've made us suffer so much...
l feel like breaking your neck!
- No Daddy!
Daddy, l know what
has happened to him.
People lose their memory
due to accidents.
Perhaps it has happened to him.
Sarju, did you meet with an accident?
He has forgotten that too, Daddy.
Sarju, look at me carefully.
l'm Usha.
Remember, we met in Gulmarg.
l fell off a horse...
then you carried me.
We used to roam by the lake.
You used to call me
Queen of Blossoms.
Sarju, you had even come home,
disguised as a physician.
l regret, l'm not the one.
You're mistaken.
- l'm not mistaken.
You're cheating me. Oh! l don't
understand what's wrong with you.
You were a skiing champion, remember?
- Skiing...?
Why're you pulling my leg?
l can't even walk properly.
l was born crippled.
The poor thing must've felt bad.
Sometimes even our eyes are deceived.
Maybe, but the soul
can never be deceived.
Daddy l'm telling you, it's him.
He's limping to fool us.
Daddy, stop him!
Stop him Daddy. lt's him.
Are you sure he's the one?
- Yes Daddy, dead sure.
lf he's the one, then it's no use
stopping him.
He has spurned you.
No use begging of him.
lt's no use, Usha.
- Forget him.
Rai Bahadur...
l'm giving away
the apple of my eye to you.
Not a daughter-in-law, please
consider Usha to be your daughter.
l've been waiting for
this moment, Mr Diwan.
Usha will marry my son.
What else can delight me more?
l always approved of this alliance.
You made the delay.
Couldn't help it, Rai Bahadur.
You wouldn't imagine...
what a motherless daughter's
father goes through.
Anyway, fix up an auspicious date
for the engagement.
Engagement? That's dated. Now that
the matter is settled, let's find...
a suitable date this week for
the wedding. Why delay a good deed?
O'cruel lover,
my heart pines for you
Tears that run down from my eyes
pine for you
O my cruel beloved, this heart
craves for you
Sarla, tell Gopal that l'm furious.
l'm marrying tomorrow...
and he hasn't yet arrived.
You will reach Simla at two...
as soon as you reach, drag him here.
And look sister, tell him clearly...
if he doesn't come, l'm not marrying.
You dig?
Sarla, it must be chilly on the way.
Take this shawl along.
Drive fast but carefully.
Gopal has put on airs.
l'll fix him once he comes here.
You act pricey on his wedding.
What kept you so long?
Everyone is waiting for you.
All right, get the stuff unloaded.
- Unload the stuff, coolie.
l'm a labourer, not a coolie.
lt's my job to bring in the stuff,
your job is to unload it.
who is that man?
- Careful when you address him.
He's our little master.
- No, he's Mr Sarju's friend.
Sir... little master...
Remember me, sir?
- No. What is it?
He's mad. Go on, sir.
- No sir...
l'm not mad. Aren't you
Mr Sarju's friend?
- Yes. You had come to Kashmir.
l'm Mamdu, l own the Heaven houseboat.
- Oh Mamdu!
l remember. What're you doing here?
- l work here, sir.
ls it?
- Where's Mr Sarju?
Away in Simla,
but he's coming tonight.
ls he coming here?
Then l'll wait for him here.
l want to ask your friend
why he ruined that lady's life.
He loved her, then he ran away.
- Yes sir.
Who is the girl? D'you know her?
- Yes sir. By Allah...
she's a very decent girl.
- Sarju is coming tonight.
Don't meet him. Tell him nothing.
- Why not?
You don't know, Mamdu,
his life is ruined.
And that could wreck havoc
in the girl's life.
After my wedding we'll go to Kashmir.
Help me meet her once.
l'll request her, l'll beg of her...
- You don't need to go to Kashmir.
Sister Usha is right here in Delhi.
- Usha...? ln Delhi...?
Yes, she's in college.
- College?
Could she be
Mr Diwan Kishore's daughter?
Yes, she is. You know her?
Yes Mamdu, l know her too well.
But brother if you don't go, by
evening brother Ramesh will be here.
And you know,
he won't marry without you.
No Sarla. Tell him that
you didn't find me here.
Go back, everything will be fine.
- What'll be fine?
You think you fooled Usha?
You're mistaken, brother.
She told me that she met you...
and that you refused to
recognise her on purpose.
Good. At least she'll take me for
a traitor and forget me.
That's what you think, brother.
But l don't think so.
You haven't seen
the poor thing of late.
She's a living-corpse, who's forced
to sit on the wedding altar.
Yes brother, of this wedding
l can foresee nothing but ruination.
No, you mustn't say that, sister.
Her wounds are deep and fresh now.
But Time is the greatest healer.
And a companion like Ramesh...
will heal all her wounds.
Ramesh will love her so much...
that he'll give her new reasons
to live and new desires in her life.
You will see Sarla, after the wedding
their life will be full of joy.
Joy, certainly.
And why not after a friend
has stabbed a friend?
No Ramesh, don't
get me wrong, brother.
l'm not getting you wrong, Gopal.
Mamdu has told me what l never knew.
And from your words l know
what friendship means to you.
You might build a Palace of Joy
on your friend's grave, not l.
No Ramesh! l ask you just one thing.
lsn't sacrifice
a principle of friendship?
Can't someone sacrifice for a friend?
- Sure Gopal, he can.
But why must you sacrifice? Why not l?
- ln fact l'm asking you to sacrifice
- Yes Ramesh. l loved a girl.
For the sake of her happiness
l beg of you.
lf you can sacrifice for a friend,
then marry her.
And fill her life with all the joy
that l cannot offer her.
So you want me to commit
two murders, Gopal?
You're still a layman as far as
friendship is concerned.
ln fact you still haven't
understood love.
How could you think after the
accident Usha will stop loving you?
Don't ask me. l know it very well.
What she said in Gulmarg
still rings in my ears. She said...
ls a handicapped life worth living?
l'd rather kill myself.
No Gopal, it's wrong, absolutely.
She still loves you...
Don't argue, Ramesh.
Why don't you understand?
A chasm has developed between us
l've lost a leg, Ramesh.
l'm not worthy of her anymore.
Believe me Ramesh, memories of love
can keep me alive.
But for God's sake don't ask me
to live at the mercy of someone.
Which memories of love can keep
you alive? The love that you spurned?
You remember just a few words?
But don't you remember...
that a girl didn't even bother to ask
your name, nor your address...
yet she submitted her
very being to you?
D'you also forget what you told me?
That, the body loses life,
but the soul and love never dies.
How come today the body
means everything to you?
A small part of it is severed, and
did you see love falling apart?
l ask you, had this accident occurred
after we married...
would you still have
deserted me like this?
Now you consider love and physical
beauty go hand-in-hand, don't you?
Then let me prove today,
whether the body lives or dies...
love always stays alive.
See for yourself.
Ramesh, don't worry about me.
Stop Usha, she might try something.
Go Ramesh.
You too, Sarla.
Ma, Usha ran away.
l've lost a leg, Ramesh.
l'm not worthy of her anymore.
What were you upto, Usha?
What did you intend to do?
Nothing. l was trying to become
worthy of you.
So that there won't be any difference
between us... nor any distance.
Forgive me, Usha.
Don't forgive him, Usha.
He has inflicted deep wounds
on love and friendship.
Don't ever forgive him.
Ramesh, don't get me wrong.
l wanted all of you to be happy.
- He's honest, Ramesh.
Not for himself, this man endured
the misery for the sake of all of us.
Oh, what have you done, Gopal?
Silly, why didn't you tell me before?
Forgive me, Ma. l couldn't pick up
courage enough to tell you.
l understand. You thought
Ma wouldn't bear it, no?
Silly, can such a brave son's mother
be so weak?
Look at Usha.
The poor thing endured so much just
because of your misconception.
Usha my child, come to me.
Come, let me see
the two of you together.
Bless you, dear.
May God preserve the couple.
By Allah...
may not two lovers ever part.
Sir, l'm Mamdu, the expert in love.
Didn't l get the two of you together?
Annoyed, where will you go?
Wherever you go...
you will find me there
Where will you go now?
Did you say something?
- No.