As I Am (2019) Movie Script

[Kai] I want to breathe the air
outside of this town.
The world I don't know.
Some place that understands.
That doesn't doubt.
Doesn't constrict.
That sees me as I will it.
Not as I am.
Sees me as what I could become.
Not what I would be.
[Sammy] Whatever you're
writing in there
isn't going to help you
out at Maths later.
You've been revising?
Yeah I did three hours
and I got one of them fancy
revision timetables
for my bedroom wall and
No mate, have I fuck!
[bike clanks]
Don't get violent, alright?
[Grace's Mum] Grace! Grace!
Grace come back here.
Don't walk away from me!
[door slams]
[horn beeps]
[Sammy] Hurry up mate!
Alright boys!
Are you coming mate?
Keep your voice down mate
me Mam don't know I smoke!
Well hello Sammy, Kai.
He's upstairs, smoking.
Alright Mam.
Where you boys off to?
We're just off to the library,
Mrs. Megson.
Oh well glad to see you boys
are taking your exams seriously.
Unlike my Craig.
Alright Mam! Fuck's sake...
I'm sorry abouther boys she's
had her claws out all morning.
Do your best.
See you later Mrs. Megson.
[Megsy] What the fuck are you
laughing at?
Yes Megsy?
What do you reckon we'll be
doing in ten years' time?
Well, I would imagine that
Kai here is a millionaire,
I'm gonna be an international
playboy, naturally...
and you, Megsy...
you'll probably be wanking
off stray dogs in the park
for a packet of Quavers!
Fuck off!
I'll tell you where I won't
be in ten years boys.
[Megsy] Where's that then?
[Sammy] Oh I'm with there man.
You know, I'm gonna move in
with my dad in London next year.
Oh come on boys.
It's not that bad around here.
Oh man you're both just
gonna leave me in this shit hole!
Oh for fuck's sake boys!
[Kai] You'll be fine mate.
I've got a maths A-Level in a
couple of hours
and the only equation I
really know is...
me equals...
My dad said when I register
to his place in London
I'm gonna get a BMW or an
Audi or some shit like that.
- You don't need a car in London
mate. - You never need a car but...
What's going on here boys?
[Onlooker 1] Are you alright
- [Onlooker 2] It came from the
roof. - [Onlooker 3] Right on the head.
Here Megsy mate
what is the probability of
getting hit by a statistics textbook
on a Thursday morning?
I dunno why you're laughing
How do you mean?
Your name's on the
murder weapon!
[Mr. Jackson] On the desk,
top left corner
it will be laid out for you
and please just remember
what we talked about today.
Don't rush into it.
Look at all the questions it
won't be what you want to see.
Don't panic
take a moment
and construct the vague layout
before you write it out in full
Any other questions?
Well, that concludes
our final lesson.
Alright, you're on your
own now guys.
Ah, Caleb I have that form,
I'll leave it in your pigeon.
[Caleb] Ah, cheers.
I just wanted to know if
read my latest short story yet.
I did.
You didn't like it.
No. No, it was well written.
It had no heart, Kai.
I mean sure it's
but it's all surface-level
stuff really
and your characters, and the
situations they find
themselves in...
it was all a bit manufactured,
to me.
Look don't be disheartened.
Just play to your strengths.
Write what you know about
not what other people talk
Yeah but sir people don't
want to read what I know.
People aren't gonna believe
what you don't know.
Do you want to be a better
It begins with that door.
There is a whole world out there
waiting to shit on you.
Let it.
Use it.
Now go on.
Go get shat on.
Thanks sir.
[Megsy] I got one for you boys
would you rather...
fuck a goat, and nobody
know about it
or not fuck a goat
and everybody at school
thinks you fucked it?
- What the fuck?
- Erm.
I think I'd probably just fuck
the goat out of pride to be honest.
Ah yeah of course you would
Why's that?
Sheep-shagging runs in the
family doesn't it?
Oh fuck off!
What do you want?
I mean, I...
I just wanted to say sorry.
For what?
I didn't mean to stare, earlier.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine!
That's okay.
I was wondering
You alright mate?
Shit yourself?
You know I'm only joking, man.
He's not bothering you,
is he Grace?
Nah. 'Course he's not.
I missed you last night.
You never showed up.
Uh, yeah my mum, she...
I had to stay in all night.
What a bitch.
Alright well I'll see you
after your exam, yeah?
I'm gonna...
see ya.
Never mind.
[excited breathing]
[exam bell]
Pens down. Stop writing.
Hello chicken nugget.
Show your findings with
a 'Venn Diagram'.
What the fuck is a
'Venn Diagram'?
Fucking hell boys I barely even
made it past page four me.
[Devin] We could steal Mr Hurt's
dog and make a ransom video.
[Rupert] A ransom video for a
Mate that's not even a leavers
prank, that's just blackmail.
[Sammy] Yeah but leavers pranks
are always so tame.
You know like handprints on
a tree and that shit.
Hang on you're in favor of
'doggy ransom'?
No I'm not in favor of
'doggy ransom',
I'm saying we need to
up the ante a bit.
We could fill the chapel with
so when they open it
at final assembly...
Like a whole wave of
well like water comes out.
Does anyone have any ideas like,
anything intelligent?
I wanna come back in ten years
knowing that everyone's still
talking about this, you know?
We need to do something
How about
we release three piglets into
the main school building.
[Rupert] Piglets?
Chang, I said something
No! We label them.
I'm listening.
[Rupert] How do we label them?
...and four.
Fucking hell, Chang.
That's not a bad idea.
- [Devin] I don't get it.
- Neither.
Well, they find pig one,
two and four pretty quick
then spend ages chasing shadows
looking for pig number three...
...which doesn't exist.
Okay this is mental.
Any pranks that don't include farmyard
animals or just animals in general?
[Kai] No one starts early
That's why all the pranks are
shit, there's no planning.
[Pete] Well what do you suggest?
We start now.
[Megsy] What are you doing?
[Kai] What's it look like?
[Rupert] What do we do with
[Kai] I don't know yet.
Something legendary.
Here you go mate.
Why does she like him?
Why does who like who?
Hang on a minute boys.
Party at Greg's place!
- Nice!
- Let's go!
Oh whoa whoa are
you sure about that mate?
I mean yeah, of course!
No I mean, are you sure
about that shirt mate?
I mean when your shirts are
making your boys look bad
it's just a bit inconsiderate
to be honest with you mate.
Fuck off, both of you! Are
you... [laughing]
Fine alright, we'll stop over
at mine on the way over.
- I'm not going to your house.
- Why?
What? 'Cause I'm high
as fuck, mate and...
...I mean look at Kai's eyes!
[Megsy] Your dad's a copper.
- [Sammy] Step-dad.
- He's still a fucking copper though.
[Sammy] Yeah and he's at work
you wreck-head.
Kai, bro.
Alright, okay. We'll wait
[Megsy] Come on boys.
Let's go celebrate my U grade!
That's when you
fucking cheer lads!
Watch your step dickhead.
Mrs. Bucktree.
I'm gonna go see what
Sammy's doing.
What up?
Do you know how much
trouble you'd be in
if my husband was here?
Hand it over.
Hand what over, Mrs Bucktree?
Give me the weed.
[tearing paper]
Yeah I'm coming mate.
[Kai] Buckers?
[Phil] Hello love, it's only me.
Shift finished early.
That bloke next door has
parked in my space again.
What's for dinner? I'm starving.
What are you doing, son?
Uhhh I'm...
I'm, I'm, just...cooling.
Yeah! I'm, I'm, just cooling
the meal, sir.
Right, I'm uh, gonna take a...
Nice one Buckers.
[loud party music]
My little Grace.
Where you off?
You're not leaving are you?
Well what you up to then?
I was... I was looking for you.
Yeah I bet you were.
[Sammy] Yo, man.
The fuck happened to you?
Where you been?
Things just got really
messed up at some point.
Yeah mate, tell me about it.
You know Dave took a
shit in the fucking shower!
Little fucking Dave!
It's a mess.
What things, man?
Okay, uh,
well why don't you fix 'em?
Because I'm scared, okay man?
Whoa, alright, bro.
Why did you come out here?
To try and make you feel better.
Yeah well you're just
making things worse.
- You're such a fucking downer.
- Oh fuck off Sammy!
What's your problem?
We're all scared you, dick.
What do you have to be
scared about?
Are you fucking serious?
Of getting stuck here!
You know it's alright
for you isn't it?
You can get out, you can
go to uni, you can move on.
I am fucked mate!
I am the idiot that
isn't qualified to do
much more than drive
a fucking milk cart
around this nothing town.
But while you are out
there living your life,
writing or... whatever!
I am going to be stuck right
What are you talking about
you're going to London.
My dad didn't care about me
seventeen years ago when he left.
Why the fuck would he
give a shit now?
I lied, man.
I lied.
We're seventeen.
We've got three days
left of school, ever
and we're at a great
fucking party.
This is supposed to be the
time of our lives man.
I have been waiting for this
fuck, we have been waiting for
for as long as I can remember
the start of a summer
we will never forget!
This is bigger than you!
So just grow a pair
and fix it, okay,
whatever the fuck it is!
This is bullshit!
[hard party muisc]
Um, have you guys seen Grace?
[groans, gasps]
[struggled breathing]
[Grace] Wait!
[kicks door]
Get the fuck off her!
[Grace] Kai! No.
What are you doing?
- [Kai] I thought he was hurting
you. - [Kenner] I was.
- You fucking...
- [Grace] Kenner No!
[Grace] Stop!
I'm really sorry about...
It's okay.
What the fuck?
[Stag bark]
[Stag bark]
[gun shot]
[birds scatter]
There's a coldness in conflict.
Direct and obvious.
And wants become needs.
And likes become loves.
becomes loss.
And loss,
How to choose,
when once the choice is made?
The latter will linger.
An ever-burning glimmer in the
only to be extinguished
by time itself.
And time decides.
[Kai's Mum] Kai!
Where have you been?
Do you know what time it is?
I was about to call the police.
No one has seen you for
24 hours and you just
stand there and what,
you just fucking shrug?
None of your friends have seen
you don't answer your--
What's that?
What, what has
happened to you?
Kai this, this isn't like you.
- If your dad was here he'd--
- Yeah well he's not.
He left this shit hole years
What's going on, man?
I slept with Grace.
- Fucking hell mate!
- Shit!
No. Not like that.
We shared a bed.
Nothing happened.
Your eye though.
- Kenner.
- Yeah.
- No I mean, shit look, it's
Kenner! - [Kenner] Oi oi!
[Megsy] Fucking hell, boys,
he's lost it.
That looks aggressive.
- Shit, do we run?
- Kai?
- Why aren't we running?
- Alright boys?
Where did you get
that shiner mate?
Although, I think it might be
a bit of an improvement.
Alright dickhead?
Alright Grace?
I need your help.
You're good at English, right?
It's just, some of the texts
are really confusing and uh...
If I come by your house
will you help me?
Let's have a drag on that.
Come and get it then.
Cheeky cunt.
Are you guys coming
with us tomorrow?
Yeah so a few of us are
going up the beacon tomorrow.
Should be a laugh and that.
Craig you still have that
rifle your brother had?
That was well good.
[Megsy] Uhhh, yeah but I'm
not really supposed to--
Oh come on mate.
Your brother used to always
bring it out for the boys.
Don't be a pussy, Craig.
It'll be a laugh, like.
We can shoot beer cans
when we're done with them.
Uh yeah.
Yeah yeah alright, alright.
Nice one.
[Kenner] Alright, boys.
Catch you later yeah?
Can I unclench my anus now?
Fucking hell!
You're not really gonna
bring that rifle are you mate?
I mean I guess so.
It'll still be hidden under
my brother's old bed
but I've not really used it
on my own before.
What if he slays you with it?
What if he slays me
if I don't bring it?
Valid. Either way,
someone's getting slain.
Hey, seriously though,
don't bring it if you don't want
he's not going to do anything.
I'm sorry have you looked
in the mirror recently mate?
Nah it'll be fine boys.
But I can't let my mam
know I've got it okay,
so you've gotta help me
sneak it out first thing.
- [Sammy] Yeah man, no worries.
- [Megsy] Nice.
[Sammy] Is it just me,
or is Kenner's dick massive?
[policeman] Oi!
[policeman] Stop right there!
[Megsy] Shit!
Fuck! Go, go, go, go!
Come here, you!
What the hell you doing
here, son, eh?
We had reports of public nudity
and a commotion on the roof.
You stink of marijuana!
Oh God, I'm gonna
have to search you.
You got anything on you you
shouldn't have, hey?
I hope not.
Hope not!
You're testing
my patience son!
Days before your final exams,
and you're getting high
and trespassing when
you should be studying.
You are smart enough to know
you're acting like a fucking moron!
What is this, hey?
What the fuck is this?
You're carrying knives
around now, are you?
No, Phil.
You've known me, forever.
I'm not gonna hurt anyone
with that thing it's a memento.
[PC Ward] Ward to Henshaw,
come in. Over.
Henshaw here, over.
Lost the two little fuckers
running west on Lansdown.
Have you got the stray
one in cuffs?
Henshaw? Over.
No he ran past me.
Last seen heading north
on Grayson Lane.
Green shirt. Over.
Copy. I'll call it in. Over.
Your mum let me in.
You know, for someone so good
at English you don't talk much.
I brought my stuff.
So what do you need help with?
What's this?
Ah, it's nothing, really.
Doesn't look like nothing.
Why are some of the words
I like to know the
definitions when I write.
Like, every word has its own
"Absolution, noun,
a formal release from guilt
or an ecclesiastical remission
of sin
impartedby a priest,
as in the sacraments of
Why is that one...?
Wait, are these your notes?
"The sequence of syllables
sound authoritative,
whilst granting an inherent
sense of divinity, and...
Step out of my mind.
Shall we?
[knocking on door]
I thought you two might
like some revision nutrition.
We're fine Mum.
Thank you, Mrs. Matthews.
Oh ignore him.
He's just embarrassed.
Why can't you be polite
like your friends, hm?
Thanks Mum.
Not so difficult.
So um,
how's revision going?
Better now, thank you.
I'll leave you to it.
Your mum is really nice.
A bit much sometimes, but...
I know the feeling.
Where's your dad?
He left.
No I mean where did he go?
I don't know, it was a
few years ago now.
That's pretty shitty.
Is it?
Well, just leaving.
Can't blame him.
I mean, this place.
It's not like you get to do
things twice it's your life.
Just ask this guy!
You believe that?
Well, Henchard's character is
a lot more complicated but--
The bit about doing what you
want because you only get one shot?
You believe that?
Yeah I do.
- What?
- I've...
I've gotta go. Sorry.
I hate the veil.
An oppressor of warmth,
you wear in secret.
Blinds my eyelids and rules my
Born from the scars in your past
celebrate the confusion of my
I want to exist in a place where
the softness you feel for me,
isn't something that scares you.
[Stag bark]
[Stag bark]
Where the fear of softness,
doesn't exist at all.
[Grace's Mum] Get out!
Get out of my house!
Go on!
Alright boys!
Get ready I'll pass her down.
C'mon Megsy mate.
Shhh it's a delicate process
Right. Here she comes!
Well that's just shit, mate.
Fucking hell, boys,
I thought this would work.
Mate, just pull it back up
and walk it downstairs.
What just walk past my Mam with
No, I mean like, stick it down
your pants or something.
Down me pants?
"Now Craig, now Craig, now
wait a minute, what's...
...what's that you got there,
"What's, what's what, Mam?
Oh you mean the big fuck off
rifle shaped object in my trousers?"
"Yes Craig."
"Yeah that's just my
fucking rifle Mam."
Hang on a minute boys.
What the fuck is he
doing up there?
Megsy mate, come
on just throw it, alright?
Look Samuel.
I'm no gunsmith
but I do have an inkling
that throwing a dodgy old rile
out of a second-floor window
probably isn't the best of ideas!
- Fair.
- Fair.
You'll just have to reach.
That's it, mate, keep it coming.
Just a little further.
[Kai] Shit.
Go back up!
[Megsy] Back up?
[chair breaks]
[body hits ground]
Oh dear.
[wood cracks]
[body thump]
The fuck?
[Kenner] The fuck happened
to you cunts?
Well don't just stand there
you bag of dicks, get in.
[Kenner] Try not to let too much
smoke out, yeah?
Fucking hell lads
you're gonna let it all out.
- [Grace] What happened to your
face? - [Sammy] Rifle.
[Megsy] Chair leg snapped.
[Kenner] Pull!
What's your deal?
My deal?
What's your deal?
I asked first, writer boy.
I asked second.
I hardly see you anymore.
I haven't been hiding.
Are you leaving after summer?
For good?
My mum says she can get me
a job in the salon and I can,
"work my way up."
That's cool.
Is it?
Is it what you want?
People don't just get
to do what they want.
You might enjoy it.
It could be--
I don't want to get stuck here
either, Kai.
[Kenner] Pull!
[Kenner] He strikes again!
Where did the time go?
It seems like only last summer
we were around each other's
house in a paddling pool.
In your green speedos.
That's right.
[Kenner] Another!
I haven't forgotten.
Though green was never
really your colour.
We grew up.
Yeah, well.
I think I've had enough of
growing up.
At least for now.
We're out of satanic babies.
Fuck's sake!
[Megsy] Kenner?
What are you doing?
I'm gonna get that little
- [Megsy] That's somebody's cat.
- [Kenner] I don't give a shit.
Kenner, no.
Fuck off Megsy!
Kenner don't!
Fuck's sake!
Fucking piece of shit.
[Billy] Maybe you left the
safety on.
Does it look like this
thing has a fucking safety?
[Kroc] Maybe the barrel's
Oh fuck!
Let me have a look at it.
To be fair, mate, it's his gun.
It's his brother's.
And to be fair he ain't gonna
be needing it anymore, is he?
What the fuck did he just say?
- Megsy, Megsy!
- Hey!
- What the fuck did you just say?
- Fuck off!
- [Megsy] I'll fucking--
- [Sammy] Get off him!
Oh my god, what the fuck!
Fucking hell, boys.
Right, I need a spliff.
Billy let's go up beacon.
What the fuck was that?
A "how not to" on gun safety.
You alright, Megsy?
For you good sir.
I say old chap.
Much obliged.
Master Craig,
it would be my pleasure
to fashion
you a doobie forged
from the finest Ganja
that could be procured
from the gentle soul
trading behind the bus shelter.
Go on then mate.
[Kenner] Right boys!
Anyone who can climb up behind
can have a spliff with me.
Why would we want to do that?
Oh for fuck's sake.
One must not simply concede
when ones honour is
brought into question Kai.
You're a dick.
Go up there and get it mate.
Go on Kai.
You used to climb up there
all the time when we were kids.
You should see the
view from up here mate.
You look like a tiny pussy.
Hold this.
[heavy breathing]
Glad you could join me mate.
Cheers, I guess.
Alright mate, don't lick a
horse gift in the mouth.
I'm fucking joking, mate.
What kind of a mug
do you take me for?
I just don't know you that well
Well I know you.
Okay. What do you know?
You're clever.
And you write.
And you think you're
better than all of us.
I don't.
You are.
You're better.
Better than me.
Better than him.
Better than her.
You're weak.
I mean. What?
Up here.
You want out.
But you're too scared of
I'm not scared of leaving.
Out there... ain't better.
There's nothing keeping me here.
Don't lie, mate.
You know people say you're
so intelligent, Kai, but...
...take a look around you mate.
Why the fuck would you
want out of all this?
You will leave though.
And she'll stay.
I've seen the way you look at
- Wait Kenner I--
- You know
you ought to be
really fucking careful mate.
I will die before I give her up.
I'm fucking messing
with you dickhead.
Funny fucker.
[Sammy] Shit!
And the door was open?
...she left it open?
Literally open.
- Maybe she was just fucked up.
- She didn't look it.
- Maybe she was letting the cat
out. - She doesn't have a cat.
The dog.
Shit man, I don't know, if it
was on,
you would have gone over there
I mean
you would go over...
So it wasn't on.
I don't know!
You overthink things, man, come
You need to get out of your
And besides, she's got
a boyfriend, bro.
If you keep pursuing this
it's only going to end
with you getting the shit
kicked out of you
by a psycho in a fur coat.
Look, it's not like I don't
see the connection, man.
Of course I do.
But we've only got a couple
days of school left
and after summer you're gonna
be out of here anyway so...
...forget about her.
Right, well, I have got
an exam to pass.
Take it easy bro.
How's it going?
[plastic fork snaps]
[Rupert] "Fork Amnesty.
Ladies and gents, it appears
we have a mystery on our hands.
In excess of 120 forks
have been stolen from the dining
The longer this continues the
greater the punishment will become.
Yours, Hurt."
[Chang] 120?
They're shitting it.
We've got more than
that in each bucket.
So what's the count at?
- 532 last I checked.
- Still not enough though.
[bang on table]
- What's not enough?
- Oh, uh um.
Not enough forks eh boys?
Come on man don't.
Fuck off you prick.
So you need more?
Well that's good.
'Cause there's a whole load
coming in tonight.
Cousin works in the kitchen.
Chong and I can help.
- Me?
- You mean Chang, dickhead.
Deploy the Asian.
No one's gonna remember his face
are they?
A blitz operation.
In and out with all the
remaining forks
in the blink of an eye.
[Emma] What are you doing later?
- We should celebrate.
- Celebrate what?
Are you kidding?
Um, only the end of exams,
the start of summer,
and... our new found friendship.
Um, yeah sure.
I'll see you later.
What's up?
Not much.
Who's your friend?
Look, dude.
I don't know what's going on
in your head but,
you have a boyfriend, so--
What the fuck are you doing?
[loud breathing]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy panting]
I have to go.
I'm gonna be late for my exam.
Will you come round tonight?
Wait a sec.
Can't have everyone knowing we're
getting it on in the supply closet.
Give it a minute.
Close the door.
What is this?
I can't let you leave until you
tell me what this means.
I've just got a lot going on
in my mind right now.
It's like this crescendo
of crippling uncertainty
that could emotionally devour
me from the inside
and it's...
...and it's totally hilarious
for you.
Okay, great
thanks for the orgasm, bye!
I'm breaking up with him.
I'll see you later.
Text me.
- [Hurt] Clear up your locker,
Evans, - [Devin] Kai!
[Hurt] and take yourself off the
school premises.
[Hurt] What number is your
Twelve, sir.
It's here, open it.
What's going on?
Rue's been expelled.
Got caught cheating
in his History exam.
Hurt's having him clear
out his locker.
Open it.
I can call for maintenance
and have it forced open.
Nothing to see here.
[loud clattering]
I knew you were a cheater.
You're a thief as well.
Believe it you're going
to see the Head.
This way, come on!
Call an emergency meeting.
[Devin] That was like a third of
the forks.
- We physically can't do it
without them. - I'm thinking, alright?
[Kenner] Fuckers!
What did you do?
I don't want to talk about it.
[forks tumbling]
[Dinner Lady] Hey!
[Dinner Lady] Wait!
Told you fuckers I had a
[Kenner] So!
What we doing with them?
With what?
With the forks you fucking
Oh um.
I mean we're just--
[Devin] Just...
...stealing them. You know?
For the bants.
For the bants?
[Kenner] Right.
That's cool.
All right then shitheads,
I need to head to my night job.
Oi Dev?
Cool if I borrow this, yeah?
What the fuck?
[Megsy] "Uh, yeah!"
What are you thinking?
I think I peed a little.
[Kai] Grace?
Are you, um...
How are you feeling?
This was a mistake.
Nothing happened.
This whole thing.
What do you mean?
Yesterday, when...
I was fucked up yesterday.
You should go.
- But, Grace...
- Leave.
What are you doing?
Write something, Kai.
Right, get up.
Get the fuck up, Kai.
Kai, Kai, stop it.
Kai, listen to me, stop this.
Unless someone's died
or is literally dying right now
I don't want to hear about it.
Stop it.
Do you have any idea
how many students
we get through these doors
as talented as you are?
Do you really wanna go out
you want to kiss goodbye
to the last two years
and your chances of going to
You have offers on the table
with great mentors.
Whatever is going on
in your mind, right now
you need to take a moment
and you need to ask yourself,
is it worth it?
Is it worth going back out there
staring at a blank
page until the bell rings
and that becoming your life?
In two days time
will it be worth it?
Two weeks from now
is it going to be worth it?
Five years down the road, Kai
do you really think you're
gonna look back and say
"you know what,
that pathetic self-pity session
that I pulled in my English Lit
final, yeah
you know what yeah that
was really
fucking worth it".
Do you have any idea
how lucky you are
to be good at what you like?
Don't you dare fucking waste
Now get out there and
put pen to paper.
[Mr. Jackson] You are gonna be
one day, at whatever
you choose to do.
Talent always prevails.
Passion and creativity always
They drag you out of the shit,
and they carry you to better
and I'll say "Kai Matthews...
...he's the proof".
A mistake?
So what you just woke up, rolled
over, and she said
everything was a mistake?
Pretty much, yeah.
Time to move on.
Or time to win her back.
Right, I've gotta go. I'm on
So you never thanked me.
Oh I, I really appreciate what
you did back there.
No, no. Not that.
Then what?
Gaining substance.
Experiencing the world around
Sir, it was a complete fucking
No it wasn't.
Hurricanes and terrorist attacks
are complete fucking disasters.
Hooking up with the second hottest
girl on campus in a supply closet...
...that's pretty badass.
But what about?
No you came out of it
with a story to tell
and the experience to tell it.
You're welcome.
[rock music]
This is it, boys!
Come on.
One more day.
One more day!
[water splashes]
[underwater muffled voices]
Hey! Time out, time out,
time out.
We pretend with fingers in our
Escapes path is labeled hope.
Why does it not hurt you?
- [Kai] The sign reads
destruction-- - [Emma] Hey.
You okay?
Hey. Hi. Um...
So you totally ditched me the
other day.
[romantic music]
After school?
Oh shit!
Shit, yeah, sorry, something...
...came up.
I hate it when that happens.
Yeah uh, I'm sorry.
It's okay I forgive you.
It didn't happen to have
anything to do with that girl, did it?
What girl?
The girl you can't keep your
eyes off while your'e talking to me.
This one right--
Because it seems to me
like she's spoken for.
Seems that way.
If I promise not to point will
you loosen your grip on my arm?
Um, sure.
Let's grab a drink.
[guitar music]
- [Sammy] Mate, don't do it!
- [Megsy] Quiet!
Craig you physically cannot do a
backflip even when you're sober!
Me Mam says I'm an athlete.
Oh my God! Oh Sammy!
So how come I never
see you around school?
Maybe you just weren't looking.
When did you join?
Like five years ago.
What, fuck off.
We had Science together for two
We did?
We were lab partners
in year 10, you dick!
Remember the experiment
where we had to test
the reaction for the
alkali metal with water?
Yeah, yeah I remember.
I transferred at the start of
this term
we don't have class together.
Oh my. Oh my God, you...
You are pure evil.
At least that's what they say.
Why did you move?
Expelled for lies,
conspiracy and or treachery?
God no, much more exciting.
My dad had to move for work.
Wait, people move here for work?
Jesus, where did you live
You're funny.
Oh shit!
No way!
Oh shit, dude.
Look at us, man.
What the fuck are we doing?
Playing in the water like a pair
of pre-pubescent fucktards?
No fuck this mate
I'm getting out and talking to
some girls.
No, no, no.
One more backflip.
What, no mate.
You haven't even come close all
- Please just one more!
- No, no, no.
We've nearly finished sixth
form and I'm still a fucking virgin.
Ohh! Fine, fine. One more.
I've got a good feeling
about this one bro!
Where are we going?
Somewhere no one will see.
[Stag bark]
[Stag bark]
[Emma] What is it?
Uh, nothing I just...
thought I...
saw something.
Saw what?
The Stag.
The Stag?
I mean I thought I saw a stag.
I'm sorry.
It's cool.
No, I...
I mean I sorry I stood you up.
Well that's also cool.
Because I guess it means
you owe me one.
One what?
I dunno.
[wood cracks]
Will you cum with me?
[heavy breathing]
I'm close.
[Devin] Help!!
[Rupert] Help!!
What the fuck was that?
[Sammy] Help!
[Sammy] Help! Help me!
Come on!
- [Sammy] Someone fucking help!
- [Rupert] Get him.
- [Sammy] Come on.
- [Rupert] Come on.
[Sammy] Megsy, Megsy!
[Iris] He can't breathe!
What do we do?
What the fuck do we do!
Someone do something!
Someone call an ambulance!
He's gonna die unless
we do something!
Does anybody know CPR?
Ah, fuck!
Come on, man, come on!
[sharp breathing]
- Am I doing this right?
- I don't know.
[Devin] Blow in his mouth.
- Geez, I--
- Blow in his mouth!
[air blowing]
It's not working. No, no.
It's not working!
Wait. Wait, stop, stop!
What are you doing?
We've got to clear his airways.
Come on. Come on.
- Come on.
- [splutters]
[loud inhale]
- Hey, hey, hey...
- [wretches]
- Ahh!
- Megsy, Megsy, Megsy...
[loud exhales]
[loud painful breathing]
[collective sighs]
[Megsy] Told you I could a
Fuck off Megsy you nearly died.
Or did die.
On a scale of nought to dead
you looked pretty
fucking dead mate.
I swear you better be
less of a cock-block
at the party tomorrow.
I didn't see you making
any progress with the ladies.
Yeah probably because I
had to spend the entire night
watching your shite
gymnastics attempts.
Alright, mate, alright.
Did see you emerging from
the forest with Emma though.
As if, mate, you couldn't see
anything through your tears.
Were you crying, bra?
Oh excuse me for shedding a
after pulling my mate's lifeless
body out of a fucking lake!
That's so pathetic!
[Megsy] Oh thank you, bro.
And thank fuck someone
was listening to Mrs. Chambers'
pool safety class in primary
You know instead of
bombing in the deep end.
Some things never change.
Oh did I cock-block you too?
Uh no, it was a joint effort to
be fair.
Sammy's high pitched squeals
are a bit of a boner killer.
Oh fuck off guys, come on.
[Kai] Not just me though.
Kenner too.
He was there with Lisa Silver.
[Megsy] Seriously!
Oh she is so fit!
Are you gonna tell Grace, mate?
She made her choice.
[Sammy] Lisa Silver.
I used to spend many a
night thinking about her.
Well no don't worry, mate,
this changes absolutely nothing
between the two of you.
You still got zero chances
with her, so...
I'm under no illusions
there boys, don't worry.
Besides, you know, nice guys
always finish last.
[Megsy] We're not nice guys,
We're just...
We're just guys!
We barely even finish.
No thanks to his squeals!
Fuck you both!
Next time I'll just let
him die then, shall I?
Do you remember that assembly
we had in primary school?
The one where Mr. Edwin
told us the story about
the time his headmaster
sat his class down
at the start of their
school lives and...
he told them that
by the time they graduate
one of them will have died.
It turned out that...
one of his friends actually did
die on the last day of school
starting a, petrol mower
or something.
That shit was nearly me.
Thanks for having my back, boys.
Not just today but
for all of school and that.
Cheers, boys.
[Megsy] Cheers.
[bottles chink]
[forks banging]
Alright, boys!
We go in under the
metal gate behind the chapel.
Oh for fuck's sake.
[Devin] What's he doing here?
[Rupert] Oh who told him?
Yeah I might've said something.
Alright boys?
[Sammy] Alright, Kenner?
What you...
What you doing?
I get it.
I help you steal this shit
but you don't want me
involved in the main event,
You fucking spineless cunts!
No, I just meant, like
what you doing?
Go on then.
Grab a bucket.
[Rupert] Hang on.
What about the NCD?
I thought we weren't doing an
How are we gonna
do this and an NCD?
What no NCD?
What's an NCD?
Naked Chapel Dash.
[Mr. Jackson] Naked what?
That's just school legend.
Leavers tradition not legend,
The hundred-yard naked midnight
between the chapel
and the main school building.
Across the cricket pitch?
[Devin] Yeah.
- [Chang] I thought that was a
joke. - Fuck's sake.
Come on, no one knows anyone
who's actually done it.
Yeah, 'cause they've all
left school haven't they?
My brothers both did it.
Two years and six years ago.
Any minute now a naked teenage
will come striding past your
left shoulder
and this year...
Ha ha ha...
This year, we'll be ready.
We're going to get them.
Yeah but, logistically
Come on guys, the forks and
the NCD on the same night?
Hold on dick cheese
you want to break
into the school
on two separate occasions, do
What's the matter boys?
You pussies afraid of
getting your little mags out?
- No!
- Yes!
But Mr. Hurt, it's already past
When have you ever known a
Year Thirteen to be punctual, Scout?
I think what Mr Scout
is trying to say is...
as much as we love
cheese, whiskey
and each other's company
how do we know the Naked
Chapel Dash isn't
just a rumor?
Trust me.
[scrambling on the floor]
[Sammy] Shut the fuck up! Shhh!
[Megsy] Shhh!
[forks crashing]
[Sammy] For fuck's sake guys!
I think it's time we call it a
Sh sh sh.
Did you hear that?
What is it?
Something's coming.
Something big.
[Chang] Sh sh shh.
[Rupert] Go, go, go!
Take a row.
[forks clanking]
What are you doing?
I'm calling for back up.
Eddie, Dave.
This is Hurt. You copy?
Copy. This is Eddie.
Copy. This is Dave.
Hurt, there is something
mighty strange going on.
What do you see?
But there's this noise, see?
[forks clattering]
Yes, yes, we hear it.
Whatever it is, it's getting
[forks clanking]
Sounds like something
[forks clanking]
Mobile One...
can you see anything?
Nothing's come through
the main gate, Hurt.
Well keep me posted.
Have you got the dog?
Yes sir. Eleanor is with me.
[dog barking]
She is not happy.
I haven't fed her yet.
[Hurt] Well get ready.
They're up to something.
[Rupert] What the fuck are
you looking at?
I'm not so sure about
these balaclavas, boys.
Well of course we're not
gonna show our faces, Megsy!
I'm not being funny,
but if someone told to me
to imagine a...
gang of marauding rapists
this is...
I mean yeah this is pretty much
what I'd come up with!
Pretty fucking menacing
if you ask me, boys.
[muffled laughter]
[Megsy] Nice one, boys.
Let's do this.
[Eddie] Oiii!
They're coming.
[indistinct shouting]
Shit! Ahh!
Let's see you
boys outrun the hound.
[dog barks]
Fuck! What the fuck was that?
Let Eleanor loose.
[dog barks]
- [Sammy] Dog!
- [Kai] Shit!
[Megsy] Fuck!
[Kenner] Rope!
[Kenner] Come on Chang
mate, keep up, son!
Ehh.. ohh!
[dog barking]
Come here, boy!
[dog barking]
[dog snarls]
[Hurt] Ohhh!
Dave, they're heading for the
[fast panting]
[dog barking]
[Hurt] Eddie! Eddie!
[car screeches]
[exhausted panting]
Kai, slow down!
Please! I have a stitch!
Take off the balaclava, mate,
it's fucking creepy!
- I can't remove it!
- Just pull it off!
No, I do not wish to show my
What would you rather
declare on a resume?
Public nudity charges or...
balaclava-donning sex offender?
[door opens]
My room's up on the right.
[floor boards creak]
So how was your day?
My, my day?
Yes, Kai, your day.
How was it?
Ummm. Strange, uh...
but good, pretty, pretty good.
Yes, I can see that.
I was expecting
you back earlier, than this
but as long as you're,
You mean for the exam?
Yes honey, for the exam.
I'll leave you to it.
[Megsy] Now that's legendary.
A proper leavers prank.
[burst of laughter]
[car door closes]
[Sammy] You should've taken
geometry bro.
[Megsy] It's just the lines.
Who did this?
[Dave] It was a cohort of
masked, naked lunatics.
Masked, naked, lunatics.
You're going
to have to do better than that!
Somebody had better start
I intend to make an
example of these vandals!
Thought you could get away with
hey Wong?
Come with me.
[exam bell]
Pens down. Stop writing.
He got the 'Wong' guy!
Thank fuck he didn't
recognise him!
[rock music]
[partying and dancing]
[fire crackling]
[Lisa Silver] Ah! My drink!
Who do you think you are?
Fuck off you elitist bitch.
I'm sorry, what?
School's over, alright, it's
I'm no one but now...
so are you.
[unexpected gasps]
Oh my God!
[Girl #1] What a loser!
[Girl #2] He is kind of cute
[Emma] Don't.
Don't pretend to like me.
I'm not.
It's cruel.
But I'm not.
I do like you.
What the fuck, man?
You want her.
Not me.
I'm not spending my
summer with someone
pining after someone else.
No it's--
No what?
What are you doing?
I like you.
Then tell me you want me
more than you want her.
You can't.
For fuck's sake!
[loud rock music]
[phone rings]
'Hey, it's Emma. Leave a
[high pitched beep]
[phone vibrating]
[phone ringing]
'Hey, you've got Sammy.
You know what to do.'
[high pitched beep]
[Stag barks]
[Stag barks]
Are you okay?
Not now.
Can we talk?
It was always you I wanted.
Just stop fucking with me Grace.
[Stag bark]
[car engine]
[car stops]
[door opens]
I've been looking for you.
Come with me.
Come on.
Get in.
I need your help with something.
[bangs car]
Get in the fucking car Kai!
[car door closes]
[car door closes]
[car starts]
I know what you've been up to.
Yeah I seen ya.
Saw me what?
Don't play fucking dumb, mate.
Come on mate you know I saw you
fucking that new girl in the forest.
Oh right, um. Emma.
Yeah. Whatever.
You see who I was with?
Well did you?
Lisa Silver.
What do you think about that?
About me fucking Lisa Silver?
I don't know, man.
Like aren't you with Grace?
My Grace.
You want to talk about Grace.
You know it's funny you
should mention Grace, actually.
Well she likes someone else.
You know she even tried
breaking up with me.
After everything that I've done
for her, break up with me.
Can you believe that?
Well that fucking bitch got what
she deserved, didn't she? Hm?
- Where are we going?
- I told her that he was gonna get it.
He needs to pay.
But she says,
she says she's not
seeing anyone else.
Funny that.
Lying fucking bitch.
We're friends, ain't we, Kai?
We're mates, ain't we?
Ain't we, hm?
Yeah. We're mates.
And mates, they have each
other's backs, don't they?
'Cause we're going
round his house now.
And we're gonna gut
him like a fucking fish.
You'll see when we get there
[car tumbles]
[flame and dripping fluids]
[painful short breaths]
I'm stuck! I can't get it.
I'm stuck!
Kai, I'm fucking stuck!
Cut me loose!
Help me!
[desperately struggles]
[car ignites]
"philophobia, the fear of
falling in love"