As Night Comes (2014) Movie Script

Baby. Hmm?
Close the blinds.
Close the blinds, please.
All right.
Don't move, just stay right there, okay?
Motherfuckers, man.
I'll be right back.
What the hell, brad?
Oh, new york, new york,
and our friendly
neighborhood blood suckers.
Whoa, dude. We don't want any trouble.
You guys lose your way to
the local halfway house?
That's droll.
That is very droll.
Didn't you get the memo, bradley?
We're on the guest list.
Very cute.
Funny, 'cause I don't feel very cute.
I heard about your little
kickback with my friend sean.
That is never going to happen again.
Not ever again.
Get the fuck out of here!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys.
Nobody's fighting here tonight.
Billy, we told these
freaks they have ten seconds
to get their asses off your property...
Ricky, what are you
even doing here, man?
Hey, billy boy! What's happening?
I hope you don't mind I
brought the whole family.
Us being such a close bunch and all.
You remember julie, of course.
And, uh, kit.
The baby-sitter was booked.
Couldn't leave him home
alone, so, you know.
Dillon, John, Ozzie, and
our newest bundle of joy.
Enough of this bullshit!
Get off billy's property.
You're not fucking wanted here.
Dude, they could call the cops.
My dad is the cops.
Whatever, man. If my parents come home
and shit's a mess, dude,
I'm gonna get killed.
What, man, we're just supposed to act
like they belong here or something?
Brad, that isn't a new coat of paint
on daddy's corvette, is it?
Hey, fuck you, ricky.
Ricky, man, just be cool, dude.
Cool? Come inside, just...
We're cool.
Cool as ice.
Dude, just chill.
Fuck this.
Brad, man, be cool. Please, man.
Remember, you've got
to behave yourselves.
# Turn that motherf... #
# yes, I came to shut it down #
# and my people run this town #
# we light up when sun goes down #
# all the haters runnin' now #
# I don't think you understand #
# I am the fucking man #
# and I think I'm taking over... #
# that's my plan #
# got it locked down I'm hot now #
# from jersey in my town #
# from ej australia I
approved I'm not a failure #
# but back to this party
damn, this girl is fine #
# look anywhere on the map #
# and the world is mine... #
Whoo. You got the tickets, man?
I wanna get some gobstoppers.
Thank you. After you, boys.
Thanks, rick.
I appreciate it big, homey.
I heard that you and
sarah got pretty chummy
at billy's party.
It's not like that.
Personally, I think it's great.
I think that this could
be the start of several
new shocking developments
in the life of sean holloway.
You know? Like what's next, though?
The football team,
weekend trips to her parents' cabin.
Polo shirts.
What's the big deal?
You're dating
But julie doesn't go to cheer camp.
What does that mean?
It means don't forget
where you come from.
Enjoy the show.
Can I get extra butter, please?
Can you grab a drink, too?
I'll meet you guys outside.
Yes, it's fine. Thank you.
It's fine.
What's up, destiny's child?
How are you?
Uh, are you going to
the bonfire tomorrow?
Oh, um, I have to go get... seats.
You don't need him, sean.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't abercrombie & bitch.
Ricky! What?
Are you gonna let him
talk to me like that, sean?
Yeah, sean, are you?
Oh. Well.
It looks like it.
You know, sarah.
Isn't there something that
daddy could be buying you
from the mall right now?
Like a tiara?
What's up?
Awesome, sean. Awesome.
Awesome, sean.
Oh, oh, you guys are tough, yeah.
Yeah, tough.
We were there for you.
What has she ever done for you?
And I'm not talking physically.
You don't know anything about that.
Bros before hos, dude.
Girls like sarah don't
care about guys like us.
But one day, one day she will.
Now let's get some seats.
Hey, hey, asshole! Get it together!
The fucking tv's broken, man.
Figure it out!
The fucking screen!
Movie's not working. Fix it!
Fix it!
Hey, what's the matter with you guys?
What's the matter with you?
What the fuck?
Listen, that's a
40-year-old movie.
I want this vermin out of my theater.
Goddamn, all you care
about is zombie movies.
Get out!
Fuck off.
I know how to fucking walk.
Watch your mouth.
That's the stupidest
thing you've ever done.
Did you take your meds?
Oh, I'm touched.
You being so concerned
with my mental health...
Did you?
They're never gonna mess with us again.
Do you see?
No one in this town respects us.
Not the cops, not the teachers,
not the gangs, no one.
Ricky, how are you, brother?
I'm good.
The boys inside?
You safe?
This is sean. He's with me.
All right, you're cool.
# We don't need your problems #
# problems, problems #
# we don't need your answers #
# answers, answers #
# you justify excuses... #
# this is the freak show #
# there's nothing wrong #
# this is the freak show... #
# there's nothing wrong #
# nothing wrong #
# there's nothing wrong #
# this is the freak show #
# there's nothing wrong... #
come in.
Welcome to candyland.
Hey, man. Take a seat.
You got my money?
What the fuck, man? You're short?
I treated my friends to a movie.
That's funny.
'Cause I got a call
from the cops telling me
that some kids set a cherry
bomb off in a movie theater.
Wanted to know if they hung around here.
But you wouldn't know anything
about that, ricky, would you?
But if I go down, you go down with me...
Come on... you little prick.
Is he taking you out
with him tomorrow night?
Sean's been invited on
our little adventure, yeah.
Is that what you're
calling mischief night now?
What's mischief night?
It's this local holiday
that people like ricky here
take a little bit too seriously.
I mean, I can't talk.
I used to celebrate it back in the day.
It's more of the tradition,
a rite of passage...
It's customary to pull pranks, you know?
Tp houses, egg cars, shit like that.
But this fuck,
this fuck likes to
outdo himself every year.
What do you got going on this year?
Anything crazy?
Who, me?
Just remember what I said.
Don't attract the cops.
Back to business.
I've got a lot of hungry
customers out there
on that dance floor.
No less than 200.
All right, boss.
Oh, sean, sean, sean, sean.
Come back here.
Take a seat here.
Hey, man.
I heard about what
happened with your father.
That is some heavy shit
to go through at your age.
Just want you to know
my door is always open
if you ever need some cash
or something, you know.
I could use you.
You know, these kids...
I try to help these kids.
Some of 'em would be
dead if it wasn't for me.
Anyways, fuck.
Go back to blondie out there.
Whoa... sean, sean, sean.
Remember what I said.
That door is always open.
So are we clear?
Meet up here after school tomorrow.
What are we doing tomorrow?
You'll find out.
Just tell me.
Can't. You're the new kid.
Still don't know if we can trust you.
Bullshit, you trust me enough
to almost get me arrested.
All right, calm down.
Like I said, it's a rite of passage.
Okay, and after tomorrow,
everything will be peachy.
Good? Yes.
Good. Sean, you cool?
Feeling some bad vibes here, boss.
Sorry, are we... boring you?
What? Are we too small-town?
Not like the peeps from the big apple?
Okay. Yeah.
All right.
Is this what you want?
You're always treating
me like I'm crazy.
Maybe I should jump.
Ricky, be careful!
This is what you expect, right?
Ricky, come on, get
down from there, man.
No, come on, man. Do it, jump.
Say I'm not crazy. Come on, man, say it.
Ricky! Get down!
Say it, say it!
Ricky! Jump!
Say it! Fine!
You're not crazy.
You're just a fucking asshole.
Maybe I am crazy.
Time to get up. Go to bed.
Where's your... Where's your father?
Dad's gone, mom.
I can do it myself.
Where were you?
With friends.
Oh, that's good.
That's good.
I'm gonna take this.
You were always so
good at making friends.
Yeah, I know, mom.
Good night, mom.
Good night, baby.
Gladstone, someone
scratched my dad's car.
Oh, no.
I'm so sorry to hear about that.
Lindsay said she saw you do it.
She said she would recognize
that awful bleach job anywhere.
Ouch, girl!
You need to get someone to
trim those claws of yours.
Hey, ricky.
Ricky, you're gonna
pay for it, all right?
Or what? You gonna call me names?
You're only tough when your
freaky friends are around.
Ditto, bradsy.
Look who we have here.
Mr. New york, new york.
Ho, ho, almost didn't see you there.
You're not so tough for someone
from the big city, are you?
What's your problem?
What's my problem?
Look who grew some balls.
Yeah, it's probably 'cause
he's got that little-boy
crush on sarah.
Ooh. Yeah.
We heard about that.
You better stay away from her
or we'll finish what we started.
All right, guys, come on.
Why don't you guys go inject
some 'roids or something?
You know, leave us the fuck alone.
Ricky, you know I could squash
you like a fucking grape...
Well, bring it on, donny and marie.
Hey, my dad is the deputy sheriff,
and all y'all better remember that.
Ooh. Look at this guy.
Oh, john wallace, right?
Oh, you know my name.
I do know your name.
I also know you have two charges
of petty theft and a conviction.
Ozzy parker. What's up, v-neck?
You got out of a charge of burglary
and a charge of assault, nice work.
Rock star.
Ricky gladstone.
Remind me what it was again.
Was it two charges of petty theft?
Charge of assault.
And why not some arson, huh?
Jeez, donny.
Do you not have anybody else
that you can gossip with?
Listen, ricky, don't think I don't know
about your little hideout, huh?
The underground?
Well, I am shaking in my boots.
You should be.
'Cause I know there's a
lot of underage drinking
that goes on there.
Not to mention a bunch of drug use.
And I feel like it
might be my civic duty
to report that kind of
behavior to my father.
It would be the last
thing that you ever do.
Come on, douche bag.
You guys aren't worth the effort.
Gutter rats.
And you will pay for the
damage to my dad's car.
Sarah. Wait.
What, sean? What?
What, sean?
I just wanted to say I'm sorry...
For, you know... yesterday.
Save it, sean.
You have your friends and I have mine.
It just won't work. That's not true.
We're not that different.
Yesterday it was like I was looking
at a completely different person.
That wasn't me.
Oh, what happened to the
guy I met at billy's house?
Look at this.
Mr. Hayes gave it to me.
He thinks I have a shot.
I hope for your sake you do.
Did you even do your
homework assignment?
I wrote a poem about...
Your dad?
I have to go.
Hey, sean.
Still feeling blue?
I'm fine, dude.
If you say so.
I know you like to do
your crying on the inside.
Shut up.
Don't shoot the messenger.
I just thought you might want to know
that I heard sarah talking to amy.
Turns out Sarah's really
happy that she met you
'cause you're the convenient way
for her to get back at her dad.
I understand he took away the car.
Yeah, whatever.
I know.
I mean, to use you like that,
it's gotta suck, but it's
like I've been saying, man,
girls like her, they don't
go with guys like you.
And I can't stress enough
finals are just around the corner.
The majority of the material
will involve the rhetoric vocab,
your favorite, I know.
It will be loosely based
on "romeo and juliet,"
another one of your favorite topics.
I picked it myself 'cause I
knew it would make you happy.
So I hope you've been doing your work.
There's a lot to know.
Can anyone name me the five
canons of rhetoric writing?
Kevin, what about you?
Wanna take a stab at it?
I guess not. Okay.
So I'm gonna start you off here.
Number one... invention.
Arrangement. Then what?
How about style?
Then we have...
Somebody, somebody. Come on.
And lastly, delivery.
You guys need to let this sink in
because it will be on the quiz.
So make sure you know it.
Invention, arrangement,
style, memory, delivery.
Whatever you gotta do
to make that sink in...
Get it done.
# I've got the right words... #
# I've got the right words... #
what's your name?
What's yours?
Well, sean, I'm sarah.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I hear you're from new york.
Yeah. What was your house like?
I lived in an apartment in queens.
I don't know, I just...
Kind of belong there.
Must be hard moving here.
It's not so bad right now.
You know, I've seen you around.
Yeah? Mm-hmm, yep.
Uh... ricky!
Yeah, he, uh, he's not so bad
once you get to know him.
He just acts a little crazy sometimes.
He's not crazy.
He's, uh...
He pretends to be
so people will be afraid of him.
What do you think ricky would say
if he saw you with me?
I don't care.
# Walk out that door
never turn back again #
# walk out that door #
# don't even tell my friend #
# just walk out that fuckin' door... #
now, to last night's homework.
I asked you to write a poem
that you felt represented
the person in you no one sees,
based on the aristotelian
theory that in each one of us
lies something more than
what our peers perceive.
In some cases, something much darker
than what we would like others to know.
It was your job to consider
this while doing the assignment.
So let's see.
Sean, how about you?
I didn't do the assignment.
I'm sorry. Speak up, sean.
He said he didn't do
your dumb assignment.
Why not?
Probably because it's a
complete waste of time.
And why is that, ricky?
Well, I mean, there's a good reason
nobody hears about the darker side.
They couldn't handle the truth about it.
Do you agree with mr. Gladstone, sean?
All right, that's all for today.
Don't forget, study
that shakespeare, people.
Wait, sean.
You stay.
Sean, I don't know if
you did your homework,
didn't do your homework,
your dog ate it,
listen, I don't even care.
Frankly, I'm worried about you.
Now, judging from your past assignments,
I can see that you are
a very gifted writer.
Your "declaration of art" essay
was one of the best
pieces that I've seen
from a student in years.
Do you still have the application
for that literary scholarship?
Well, you're failing the class, sean.
It's only october.
You still have time to turn it around.
Listen, those guys you hang around with,
especially ricky gladstone,
they ain't going anywhere.
You are.
Are we on the same page here, sean?
All right then. Go.
You want to crash,
crash. I won't stop you.
Just know... you can be something more.
I just can't want this more for you
than you want it for yourself.
Oh, and sean, I happen
to know that tonight
is what the kids refer
to as mischief night.
I'd hate to see you do something stupid,
something you'll regret
for a very long time.
Hey, what was that about?
Mr. Hayes doesn't know
shit about shit, okay?
When he was at school,
dinosaurs roamed the earth.
One minute you tell me how
excited you are about the future,
then the next minute you
don't care about anything.
Who are you?
Well, if it isn't daddy's little rich...
Shut up, ricky!
You like him?
Do you have any intelligence at all?
Look, I don't know what's going on
between you and the prep princess,
but it's gotta stop, okay?
I have big plans for all
our futures starting tonight.
I'm not going to let them be ruined
by some dumb fantasy you have.
You're not like them, sean.
Who am I like then?
Who am I like?
You're like us.
Now come on. Let's go.
If you're not too busy
ogling the cool kids,
perhaps you'd like to come and join us.
Good boy.
Get in here.
What the hell you doing home?
Just gotta grab a couple
things from upstairs.
Thank you.
All right, I'm heading out.
I'll be back in an hour.
Wait a minute.
I saw a nice scratch on
walter's 'vette today.
Some freak at school
keyed it or something.
Who the hell was it?
Ricky gladstone. Just a punk.
Fucking kids.
Wish I could drag 'em
all down to the station.
Get out of here.
Get out!
Oh, is this the underground boys?
What's up, douche bags?
This is your little hangout, huh?
Pussy! What are you going to do?
Go back to your little hobbit holes.
Get a little closer
with that, huh, pussy?
Dude, try it. Come on.
Try it out, do it. Fuckin' do it, huh?
Do it, bitch. Fuck you.
Take your little bitches
and walk away, huh?
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Enjoy the underground, douche bags.
Fucking pussies!
Whoo! Fuck you!
What was that all about?
Forget about it.
hey, comrade.
Is everything in order?
Still need to take the
truck over to anderson ranch.
Good. Very good. Where are my manners?
This is sean holloway.
Sean, this is patrick.
So this is sean holloway.
Sean... I've heard so much about you.
I didn't mention sean's a little new.
Don't take it personally.
You never mentioned him before.
Well, patrick's sort of
of a well-kept secret.
Hey, baby. Where are you going?
You seem excited. I am.
# And the real criminals scallywags #
# are you ready to testify? #
# are you ready to testify? #
# let's go #
# are you ready to testify? #
# come on ##
anybody home?
I guess not.
I'm going to wait outside.
Sean, wait.
Consider this your official
welcome to the neighborhood.
I don't need it.
Well, as true as that may be,
you never know.
Mischief night is upon us.
Whoo! Whoo!
Be a good boy.
Tell julie her presence is required now.
Just fucking do it.
If we could set up a perimeter, uh...
sheriff's department!
Everybody down on the ground.
Down on your face, right now.
You, face the wall. Cross your ankles.
That means you, missy. Fuck you!
Keep your mouth shut.
Shit on your fucking
grave, you bastards!
Hey, ricky, get out here!
We gotta go! Where's julie?
They got her.
What the fuck do you mean?
Donny's dad!
Sit. Stay down.
It's on, let's go.
Let's go.
Get up there.
Come on, let's go.
All right, let's go. Get up.
Let's go, get up.
What do you got? It was a hell of a tip.
Underage drinking, narcotics. Good.
We have to wait it out. Are you serious?
Hello, ladies and
gentlemen. Yeah, ricky!
Thank you to sheriff chapman
and his band of merry men,
who have been kind enough
to grace us with their presence.
As it may have occurred to you,
everywhere we go, there
are misunderstandings.
Cops breaking up our fun
and letting the rich kids go.
Is this really justice?
I say nay!
You say that we're menaces to society.
Well, let me set the record
straight once and for all.
We don't behave well
because we're individuals.
Menaces to society?
Corrupt, I say.
And it takes the extreme
to end corruption.
We must wake the people up from
hypocrisy and self-deception.
God damn it! I want them down here now!
We are the new thinkers.
We are a new generation,
and maybe we just want
to be left the fuck alone!
I want everyone up there.
Drag their asses down!
I want everybody up there.
Ricky, come on, let's go!
We can begin.
Move! Thank you.
# Couldn't get higher #
# with you riding in your car #
hey, hey! What are you doing tonight?
# she's a lion ready to eat you #
we're here.
So what's the plan?
We're going to pay respects
to our good friend donny.
Send him julie's regards.
How do you propose we get in?
We're going to make him come to us.
what the fuck?
Donny, where are you?
Come on, donny!
Where are you?
Where are you, donny?
Hey, what the fuck?
Get off my truck or I'm going
to kill you, stupid motherfucker.
Get off my motherfuck...
Hey, donny. Fuck you!
Oh, really? That's not very nice, is it?
I'm going to fucking kill you.
Are you? Are you?
I'm going to fucking kill you. Are you?
What's wrong?
Can't you take on a few freaks?
What is this all about? I'm sorry.
Oh, for what? Being rude?
Or was this your idea
of causing trouble?
Oh ho, I'm disappointed!
Where are your balls? Come on!
Come on! Why are you doing this?
'Cause you're a tattletale, donny,
and I don't like tattletales.
Come on, what's wrong?
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? I'm sorry.
Oh, guys, he's sorry.
Julie's in jail, but he's sorry.
Oh, so maybe we should leave him alone.
Yeah, maybe we should leave him alone.
Come on.
Come on, let me hear it. Come on.
Fuck. Please.
Come on. I'm sorry.
Oh, you're sorry. I'm sorry.
Oh, sorry. Should we leave him? Yes!
Come on, let me hear
you say it one more time.
I'm fucking sorry, ricky!
He's sorry.
No. No.
No! No! No.
No. No.
Please, no.
Please, no.
Please, stop.
Please. Please.
Batter up.
Please, no.
No. Please.
No! Ahh!
Stop. Ricky, stop!
Stop, ricky, stop! Stop!
Ricky, we can't just
leave him here like this.
I'm sorry.
Now we can get back on schedule.
What's the address again?
3317 snyder drive.
Who's that?
You didn't think donny was
the only high school elitist
getting his due tonight, did you, sean?
you look so yummy.
Give me two seconds, all right?
Try 5150.
Idiot had it written on his wrist.
Call patrick.
I can't believe how perfect this is.
Patrick's at the gate.
You know how hard it was
for me to get this shit?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck?
What the fuck is in my pool?
Is this fucking blood?
What the fuck is this shit?
You put fucking blood in my pool?
Correctamundo, bradsy.
I'm gonna fucking come up
there and kick your ass.
What are you waiting
for? Come on, bradsy.
Come here, you little bitch.
Come on, bradsy. What
are you waiting for?
Yeah, come on.
Pour blood in my pool.
I'll show you some fucking blood!
I'm gonna kill you!
No, let me show you. Oh...
Not so tough now, are you, bradsy?
That hurt? Brad's down.
Come on. Let's see your pretty face.
He's down, boys.
One punch and he's shit.
Where's your little gay nametag?
Where's your nametag, bradsy?
Do it, ricky. Come on.
Come on.
You got a nice house here, brad.
No, bradsy,
come on. Stay with us.
Easy we go here buddy.
All right, bradsy.
Let's get you some fresh air.
He doesn't look so good.
Fucking jock piece of shit.
Fish out of water.
Got you good, right?
Aw, looks like you might
need a tampon there, bradsy.
You guys are sick.
We are not sick, sean.
They're sick.
They're the ones who prey
on the weak, and hurt people.
Hey. Let's go.
Yeah. Come on.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, can you meet us at the bikes?
We got a stop to make. Done.
And you.
We're gonna go and get julie.
And if you say that's
not the right thing to do,
maybe you're the one who's sick.
What the fuck am I, a babysitter?
This is so stupid.
God damn it.
They fucking never let me do anything.
All right, sean...
I'll distract him.
You get the keys and spring julie.
Me? Yeah, you.
Hey, who's out there?
I said, who's out here?
Shh, shh.
Sean! Get me the fuck out of here.
He's gone.
Where's ricky? Outside.
Yeah, man, we got a situation down here.
What the hell's the problem?
It seems the siren won't shut off.
That was fucking wild.
Look at them. Well done, man.
Hell yeah.
Nice work, sean.
Good job, everybody.
Now, phase two.
Which is?
First we're taking you home.
What? I'm not going home.
Look, baby, I think it's best if
you sit this one out, all right?
I'll come back for you later, I promise.
It's not fair.
I don't know what's going to
happen, and I need you safe.
I don't care if it gets a little crazy.
I'm saying I want you
safe and protected.
I'll wait for you to come get me.
Good girl.
What about you?
What about me?
Gonna call it quits now?
where's that boy of yours?
Oh, it's not like that.
He's probably out partying
with his little friends.
Yeah, dirt bikes...
I'm looking forward to this!
Hell yeah, patrick! Me too, my man.
Let's get this shit down, boys.
what are you gonna... what
are you doing with those?
Oh, if you must know, we're
going to spread a little love.
You can't do that.
Oh, really, we can't?
Quit being so fucking dramatic!
All right, boys.
Viva... la revolucion!
Sarah, I don't have time to
explain, we have to get out of here.
What are you doing here?
Right now, we have to go.
What? We have to leave right now.
It's dangerous. No!
I am not going anywhere with you,
certainly not after... Sarah, please.
Now. No. Stop.
Hey, where's your car?
Get in and get out of here.
What are you going to do?
I'll find you later, all right, just go.
Go. Get in your car and drive.
Just get out of here, okay?
Right now, go, go, go, go!
What are we gonna do with you?
You could have hurt innocent people.
For the last time, you one of us
or you one of them?
I guess I'm one of them.
You don't know how upset this makes me.
Pretty awkward being held up like that.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, ricky.
Untie me.
Let me down from here.
You know...
I had high hopes for you.
I did, because I figured
that you would be the guy,
the guy that got what
we stood for, you know?
The guy who knew what it was
like to be on the outside.
Ricky, please don't do this.
I was wrong.
I was so, so wrong
because out of everyone,
I thought you would
have my back, you know?
And yet, here we are.
You're fucking crazy.
Don't do this.
Goodbye, sean.
I know what you're gonna do.
I don't think you do.
You're headed to the school.
That's what I'm going to
miss most about you, sean.
You always did know how to surprise me.
Fold out, boys.
Ricky, this isn't a fucking game!
Untie me!
Ricky, stop!
This isn't a game, ricky!
You can't just fucking leave me here!
Don't fucking leave me here!
Take it out now.
Move, move, move.
Come on.
Come on, hurry up, let's move.
Hurry the fuck up. Fuck!
Come on, come on.
Get in the fucking truck.
All right, move! Go,
go! Come on, come on!
Sure you don't need any help?
Patrick is going to
take you to his place.
Don't do anything until I get there.
I'm right here.
you stay put till ricky gets here.
I'll be damned, dude.
Nothing ever stops you.
You're a little like me that way.
I'm nothing like you.
You do know, sean,
that what the boys did to you...
Wasn't my idea.
They were after blood.
Peer pressure, man.
You know how that can
be in high school, right?
Okay, it was my idea,
but it wasn't personal and you
of all people should know that.
You're one of my best friends.
I'm not your friend.
Ouch, dude.
That hurts.
You know, after all we've
been through, that hurts.
I mean, after everyone
has tried to pull you down,
from donny to brad,
and then what sarah said about you.
Look, I... I should confess.
That wasn't entirely true.
You gotta understand.
You have this colossal
force inside of you.
Have you ever heard the
saying that sometimes
it takes extreme behavior
to change the world?
This place isn't a school, sean.
It's prison.
They teach us to be like everybody else.
You and me, we're not like anybody else.
No one.
Not patrick, none of the other guys.
No one.
You've seen the dark side, sean.
Tanya, where are you?
Come here.
I'm talking to you, come here.
Come here, all right?
Don't you run from me. Oh, my god!
Don't you run from me!
No, no! Get back here!
No! Don't you ever run from me.
No, please, stop.
'Cause I own you! Please stop!
Do you hear me? I own you!
Get your ass over here.
Sean! Get your ass in here.
Sean! Get in here.
No! No, please, stop.
Stop, please.
No! No!
Hey, ricky?
Where are you?
Come here. I just want
to talk to you, son.
Come on.
Don't you run from me.
Get... get back here, sean!
Get back here.
Get up.
Get up, you little worthless
little prick, you...
Who the fuck are you?
You know, I think you
should leave him alone.
Alone. You think I should
leave him alone, huh?
It looks like you boys...
Need to learn some respect.
Oh, and I suppose you're
just the man to show us that?
Let's find out.
Let go of me!
Tell me.
Do you like beating kids?
Fuck you.
He's secure, let's
transport him to county.
how many times have you visited
your father in the hospital, sean?
You were my friend.
I wasn't going to let that
creep keep on abusing you.
And how do you repay me? Huh?
You call me crazy.
I'm not crazy, sean.
You really need to be
on your meds, ricky.
My meds?
Why is it that when
somebody has a thought
that doesn't fit in
with society's ideology,
they fucking sedate them?
Pills, sean.
Pills don't change anything.
I dumped out what the
doctor prescribed, sean.
And I replaced them.
They're just fucking candy.
You see?
There's only two types of
people in this world, sean.
People like us...
And everybody else.
You need help.
I don't need help, sean...
Join me.
Join me, we'll burn this hellhole down
and get out together.
I can't be any part of this.
Then this is goodbye.
And I just hope that you don't realize
how sad your little life is.
I am destined for greatness, sean.
Obviously you are not.
Ricky, no, no, no.
Don't, don't, don't, don't do that!
# all of my words #
# are hitting me harder now #
# and time will only tell #
# where we're going, how
we're gonna get there #
# I know that you never had it easy #
# you spend your time #
# trying to make a better life #
# while I was spending mine #
# making up bitter rhymes #
# but I know, I know, I know #
# if I ever had brothers #
# oh, I hope you know
that you were always them #
# and I wish you the best #
# and I wish you the best #
# these songs are filled with
things that I didn't expect #
# and I know I said some things #
# that I already regret #
# but I hope #
# you know that I mean it #
# when I tell you that
I'm always on your side #
# and all of those words I wrote #
# well, they've already died #
# and I know, I know, I know #
# if I ever had brothers #
# oh, I hope you know
that you were always them #
# and I wish you the best #
# and I wish you the best #
# we won't always be together #
# but, oh, the songs
we'll sing in heaven #
# it won't matter how we end it #
# 'cause we'll all be
together and we'll be singing #
# we won't always be together #
# but, oh, the songs
we'll sing in heaven ##
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# if I lock my words #
# and leave them #
# in a silver box #
# and keep it #
# if I run, run, run #
# if I fall, fall, fall #
# the more I run, run, run #
# the more I fall, fall, fall #
# but #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words #
# I've got the right words ##