As You Are (2016) Movie Script

Thanks for coming in, Jack.
How you feeling?
Yeah, stupid question
I guess, all right, look.
What you're going through
is unimaginable,
but you're gonna have
to let me in a little bit
so I can do my job, all right?
Will you go on a date with me?
Why do you think I should
go on a date with you?
I think I'll erase that.
Once the Assyrians,
not the Persians...
Hey, mom.
Hey, baby.
How was school?
It's good.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I mean I guess they'll
have to meet eventually.
I'll tell Jack.
Okay. Bye.
How'd you like to go
out to dinner tonight?
Sounds great.
Remember that guy,
I've been telling you about?
The guy from work.
The bouncer?
No, he is a security officer.
He has...
He has a son about your age.
And, uh...
And they're gonna come
pick us up at 6:30.
And honey,
just don't call him
a bouncer, okay?
Would you look at me?
He is a security officer.
I got it.
You better
oh, and could you wear the
brown shirt with the buttons?
Yes, I can.
Thank you.
Hey, gorgeous.
How are you?
Good. I am good.
This is my son.
Hey, Jack. Tom.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to finally meet you.
That's my...
Mark, come on out.
My son mark.
She is Karen.
Hey. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
He's starting capital high
this week.
Maybe you two should hang out.
Yeah, sure.
Nice to meet you.
My tummy is rumbling.
I got the place.
What? Great.
Avenue. Come on, lets go.
Capital high. You like it?
It's all right.
He hates it.
Yeah, I heard it sucks.
Where'd you hear from?
I don't know, I just heard it.
So, what's your
favorite subject?
They have Chinese?
It is taught by real China man?
I mean she is from Philly...
Do you play anything, Jack?
I've never been
really good at music.
I play guitar,
should learn drums.
I could teach you.
Yeah, that'll be really cool.
Maybe start a band.
Yeah, I think I saw an
asteroids machine out back,
you wanna go play?
Yeah, that's a great idea.
Let me give you some...
Got a couple...
Mark has the money.
You just keep the change.
You have money on you, right?
This is going well, don't you think?
So, the asteroids are outside?
Ah, man, I just couldn't fucking
handle that shit any more.
Yeah, I feel that.
You smoke?
Aren't they gonna be able
to smell it on us?
They wouldn't notice if you
smoked it right in front of them.
They're in love, man.
So, where you from?
Yeah. I just moved here.
Where were you before?
All over. You know
we moved around a lot.
Why you just coming
to school now?
I don't know.
Paperwork, I guess.
Stay right there.
Some room over here for me?
Yeah, I think
I can squeeze you in.
You sure?
Mmm, yeah.
You're alright.
You want anymore?
No, man, I am fucking
high already.
Fuck it.
You wanna go back in?
You stoned?
So, are you just some kinda
Holden Caufield suburban tragedy?
I fucking hate that book.
Yeah, you will.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, Jesus, hey,
we're right here.
Do you have to do
that in public?
We probably have 20
minutes until we left.
Well, we ran out of quarters.
Yeah, he sucks at asteroids.
Can I get you guys
a dessert menu?
So you guys clicked immediately?
We were into a lot
of the same stuff.
Like what?
Like music and stuff.
What's your favorite band?
I don't really
have a favorite band.
But I mean I...
We listen to a lot of like...
Nirvana and GG Allin.
Stuff like that.
I got to tell you
I never really understood
the allure of those bands,
they just seem so angry to me.
Well, who isn't?
Would you
consider yourself angry?
No, I mean what bands
aren't angry.
Fleetwood Mac.
No, okay, I know, I know
I am dinosaur.
Hello, Jack.
What's going on?
You wanna go to your room?
It's right here.
Yo, we're gonna...
Yeah, sure, okay, great.
Okay. See ya.
Be good.
Yeah, this is it.
Cool, man.
Sweet record player.
Fucking Melvins.
Love that band.
That's my favorite.
I dig the wallpaper.
Do you mind if I...
Check out your records?
Oh, yeah, totally, cool.
Screaming trees, rising.
Oh, mud honey. Nice.
Man, you got sweet taste,
you should
definitely learn drums.
Thanks, man.
I got you a present.
Yeah, sure.
I get a check every
month from the government.
Besides that,
I have some...
Security gigs.
Tom, what I am
basically trying...
To understand here
is the relationship
between your son and Jack.
Uh-huh? Can you tell me a
little bit about that?
Don't know what
there is to tell.
Eat up. C'mon, let's go.
I like your shirt, mark.
Really? Me too.
You were supposed
to burn it, right?
Yes, sir. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Burn it. Yeah.
He doesn't hate everyone.
Just me.
Jack, you ready?
Let's roll in.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thanks, Karen.
I love you.
I love you.
Have a good day.
It's fucking great, man.
So, yeah, so, basically
like what you want to know,
pretty much any fucking tune,
any rock beat, right,
it's all four-four which basically
means your counting in four, right?
So that'll be like one, two, three,
four, and just speed that up.
You got like...
Don't look but I think
those guys are staring at us.
What guys?
I just said don't look.
Those guys?
You know those guys?
Not really.
They're looking at us
or they looking at you?
Yeah, I think that'd be us.
Maybe they don't like Satan.
They're coming over.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
What the fuck
was that about, huh?
I mean, it's just like...
You know if anything makes them
question their fucking stupid lives,
they just wanna fucking
punch it in the dick.
And the worst part,
is that we live in a place
right, that doesn't give a shit.
It actually encourages their
meat head bullshit, you know.
You know what I mean,
and you know it without
a doubt, right?
That asshole's daddy is just
fucking winging on his mommy...
It's a cute story.
Why don't you
tell me how it ends?
I don't know.
You have to let me know.
Aw, I have to let him know.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'll call the cops.
Hey, let's go.
What do you mean?
Well, I mean this
in the best way possible,
but you just don't seem
to be their type.
I mean you're good at school,
your family life seems...
Pretty together and supportive
unless there's something
I am not seeing.
No, I mean my home life is good,
I am good at school,
but I don't really see
what that changes.
It doesn't change anything.
It's just that...
You don't seem to kind
of fit into their profile.
You know what I mean?
I mean you're a good smart kid.
They're smart. Really smart.
And really kind.
I mean that's why I liked them.
When we were in there I swear I can
feel your nipples getting hard.
Did you give her tongue?
Dude, what do you
think I am rookie?
She's there.
You alright man?
You seem very...
Just nervous about the test.
What room are you in?
- 216.
- "216."
Sorry, why the fuck
are you taking it?
I don't know my parents want
me like, to practice...
You don't have
to take these for another year.
What room are you in though?
Fuck, you guys are both
in the second floor.
So I can't cheat off
either of you. No.
Good luck.
Thank you. You too.
Gonna be okay.
You just have to take these papers and
then head over to your assigned class.
Okay, give me one second.
Jack, Jack.
You got my calculator
in your bag, right?
Come on, man.
Yeah, actually
it's in my locker.
We'll be right back.
I see a fish.
It's swimming.
It's swimming.
I see a dick.
A big gross weird dick.
Oh, my god.
Look, look, look.
Oh, yeah.
See that?
Yeah, that's weird.
Balls right there and you
got the skeleton
is... in a big head.
So gross.
I see tits.
Cloudy tits.
"Cloudy tits."
Full moon.
Not that I can think of.
What about music, video games?
But they're kids.
All of their music
sounds violent to me.
Not in an unhealthy way.
Did they ever
show any interest...
In firearms, knives,
that kind of thing?
Alright, now, what is the first
thing we need to remember
before we start?
I don't know,
don't shoot each other?
Funny. Put those up.
Alright. Let's see here.
This one, here,
don't point at anything
or anybody
unless you wanna kill
them, you understand?
Point it to the ground.
You don't want to kill me,
do you?
I didn't think so.
Marks in line.
Come on back.
Alright, you wanna give
yourself a nice wide stance.
Okay, keep your
finger right here.
Not on the trigger,
right here, alright.
Put the other hand on the butt.
You wanna hold it tight,
right, keep it close
to your body.
Bring it straight up.
Look through the front
side, keep both eyes open,
Put your finger on the trigger,
don't close your eyes.
Just like that.
Your turn.
What I wanna want you to do is,
I want you to breathe in,
and exhale,
you pull the trigger.
That's my son.
Now you're turn.
Alright, keep your stance wide.
Now you wanna be strong,
your arms wanna be strong,
I want you to breathe...
It's okay, alright,
keep it down, you are done.
Go get them.
Drunken cowboy.
Hey, you wanna try?
Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah.
Let me load up, alright.
Hey, mom.
Hey, how was your day?
It was great.
We shot shit.
What, did you hit anything?
What, that's not true.
Is this your target?
I mean I didn't get...
Yes, you did.
What about you? Is this yours?
I did pretty well.
Is that your first time with a gun.
Yeah, it is.
Ace shooters we got.
Mark shot the best you know.
Bulls' eye right there.
Bull's eye, best shot.
We're gonna go.
See you, Karen.
They had fun, huh?
Missed you.
You're the fun.
I have been thinking...
How you said...
We're like... A
family now, you know.
Go on. What? Did I say
something like that?
You did. Yes.
Did I?
And I just...
You wanna shack up?
I wondered if it maybe...
We may?
Maybe you want...
Move in? To move all
of your things here.
Are you sure?
Wait, are you sure?
I don't wanna...
No, no, I am sure. I am sure.
You make mark very happy.
You, barbecue.
Set up that first.
Hey, guys.
How about this?
Is this okay for you,
little lady?
"Little lady"?
What are you?
Cave man?
Yeah, I think I got.
Maybe you wanna put it down I can
make you a nice warm dinner.
And get you a beer.
I don't know what kind
of woman your ex-wife was,
but this is my house,
my rules, you do the cooking
and cleaning, bitch.
Get me a beer, woman.
Fuck you.
That's what I like.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come out and help
us clean the stuff up.
Hey, come on, now.
Let's go, it wasn't a question.
Hey, I almost had him.
No, you didn't.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Come and get this new
bunk bed out of here.
"Bunk bed"?
Where do you think
you were gonna sleep?
Planning to stay up all night?
And paint each other's
toe nails.
You got it?
Yeah, that's what I like to see.
Team work!
Whoa, slow down.
I got you a beer.
I got you a beer.
Whoa, don't fall, don't fall.
Winter was sort of like a dream.
How do you mean?
First, everything was good.
You know, good
like it hadn't been...
In a long time...
We felt like a family, you know.
But it didn't last,
did it?
It did.
You know it did
for a while, yeah, it did.
Was there a specific
moment when it ended?
You're not gonna believe
me when I say this, but...
I think I should
take an art class.
That maybe a good idea.
Which one you wanna take?
I really don't care.
As long as
there's no one this crazy.
Of a police report,
stating that a body
has been found
in Kurt Cobain's Seattle home.
Initial reports
about the body...
Hey, what was that?
Male in his 20s,
with a shot gun wound
through the head...
Oh, no, fuck this.
Sarah, you have
to pull over the car.
It hasn't been
confirmed yet, Jack.
Pull over the car,
please right now.
Will you please pull over the car?
Yes, yes. Alright.
- Three days.
- This follows...
Jack, what's the rush?
Jack, come on.
To attend a drug...
Back to the music now
on 1027 wb2x Albany.
So I guess he did have
a gun after all.
No one's asked me yet.
To prom.
So? Why don't you
just ask someone?
It's not how it works.
You'll be fine.
I mean someone
will definitely ask you.
Can we just go and get high?
I actually wanna make
it to senior year.
Lets rock and roll.
See you, Sarah.
Yeah, see you.
Hey, you know what?
I just thought...
You should ask Sarah to prom.
No, I shouldn't.
Yes, you should.
No one's asked her yet,
and fuck, she's really
bummed about it.
She'd cheer up
about the thing...
It's not a big deal,
you just pick her up,
you wear something nice,
you dance a little.
Tell her she's pretty.
At the end of the night,
you make out a little bit.
What is it?
I've never kissed anyone.
Shut up.
What the fuck, seriously?
Come on, Jack, you've kissed...
You must've kissed someone.
No, I've never kissed anyone.
It just hasn't happened for me.
Holy fuck.
You're serious.
Don't fucking laugh.
Fuck me, Jack.
What have you been doing?
I don't know I just haven't
found anyone I want to kiss.
It's not...
Don't fucking laugh at me.
Fuck you now.
You've never... not
even your fucking hand?
That doesn't fucking count.
So you only kiss your mom?
Shut up.
Jesus, Jack.
I suppose I better
teach you how to kiss.
I am sorry but are you...
I am too high...
No, no, you shut up and listen.
I'll go through the basic, the
basic things you need to know.
First don't use too
much tongue, alright.
Nobody likes that.
Number two.
Vibe it out right.
Take it slow.
It's all about feeling,
and follow her, alright.
How she feels, and third,
close your eyes, otherwise
you'll look like a rapist.
Yeah, fucking obviously.
Fucking what do you mean obvious, Mr.
I've never kissed anyone before.
You're ready?
For what?
I am gonna teach you to kiss.
You're fucking with me.
I'm not.
You're fucking crazy.
What is wrong with you?
You sound fucking high?
Me? You just
fucking kissed me.
No, no, no, wait.
Hands in the air, bitch.
What the fuck.
Fucking sweet. Come on.
Let's go shoot some shit.
What about your dad?
What? He won't be back
for another couple of hours.
He won't even notice.
Come on. You wanna go?
Alright, lets do it.
Come on, lets go.
This is a terrible idea.
You see it?
Okay. On three.
One. Two.
Oh, fuck this.
Hey, you talked to Sarah?
About what?
She was talking
about this place,
out somewhere near Leeds.
It's a huge quarry.
You wanna go?
How are we gonna get there?
We drive, Sarah's
parents have like four cars.
Hey, dad.
Hey, tom.
What the fuck are you doing?
We were just...
Those are not supposed
to be used like that.
Clean them up.
Put them away.
Yeah, sorry.
Come here.
Did I not tell you and Jack
to clean this shit up?
Yes, sir.
Then get to it.
Yeah, I'll do it later.
I just...
No, you do it now.
Fucking asshole.
You okay?
Fucking ass.
Again, again, again!
You're mad man.
Fuck me. It's slipping.
Oh, dude, that was fucking
awesome, man.
It looked awesome.
Let me hit it.
Oh, intense, man.
It was like... You're
just hanging on the edge,
and then you jump off
and you're like,
fucking stuck there
for decades, and then...
Back to reality, man,
it's fucking awesome.
You got to come?
No, I-i...
It's a little cold
right now, maybe later.
Dude, come on, what the fuck.
I would come but if we'd done earlier
maybe I am not gonna do it right now.
No, man, we both know
the story you wanna tell,
is that you swam across
that lake with me,
and jumped off
that fucking rock,
and that is fact, Jack.
I will, I mean, yes,
you know that
it would be a story
I wanted to tell...
I am not gonna...
Well, fuck you, then,
okay, alright.
Come on, buddy.
His voice is way
better than Lane.
Dude, how can you take yourself
seriously when you say shit like that.
What do you mean...
That's not even the best
song in the album.
That's not the best
song in the album either.
Alright. Alright.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Shut up!
How was school?
They called.
They said you've been
absent for three days.
Where have you been?
I am sorry, mom...
You haven't been
going to school?
You wanna be a fucking idiot
for the rest of your life?
I don't wanna hear it.
You do it again, you don't
deal with the both of us,
you deal with me.
Sorry, mom.
No, it's okay, baby.
Oh shit, Karen, you can't baby...
I am not...
He needs to learn
some discipline.
Go to your room.
I'll be back later.
Here you go, Jack,
I guarantee you.
Worst cup of coffee
you'll ever have in your life.
You want cream or sugar, man?
Uh, no.
You're ready to continue?
And look, I am gonna ask you
questions, Jack, I...
I just wanna emphasize,
this is just so that I can get,
more of a understanding
of the relationship
between you guys, okay.
It's not to get you in trouble.
Do you understand?
Were you guys using drugs?
Jack, you can be honest, okay,
it's absolutely normal behavior
for any child going through
parental separation
let alone living
in a small town.
No one expects you
to be a Saint.
I mean...
Yeah. Sometimes.
What kind?
I mean was it mostly weed...
Or was it hard stuff?
It was mostly weed.
Some alcohol.
You like getting high?
I mean, don't worry, Jack,
I went to college in the '60s,
I saw it all.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah. Of course,
I liked it too.
Back in the day.
Fuck it!
What the fuck.
So stupid.
So how much did you guys
smoke in a normal week,
you know, two-three times.
Four, five?
At first...
Only yeah, two, three
times, yeah.
And when did it start
becoming more frequent?
I don't know the spring time,
That was around the time...
Started having a lot more
trouble at home, right?
Yeah, but I don't think that had
anything to do with anything else.
No vegetables please.
How did your parents take it?
Well, mostly they just
psycho analyzed me.
Poor you.
I take it, tom and Karen
weren't too thrilled?
Excuse me.
No, they were not.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Oh.
What are you doing?
Come to the tunnel now.
I got to go.
What the hell was that?
I have no idea.
We're not hungry anymore.
Thank you.
We're so sorry.
Because they fucking suck.
What are you doing on the floor?
Yo, you're sketchy.
What is that?
Get down, get down, look at this.
Where did you find this?
Shh. Shut up
and listen.
Excellent camera work.
Great sound and lighting.
And even a good soundtrack that
matches up with the action.
The performers,
especially Paris,
the best of all girls
I have ever seen.
Brad Williams.
What movie is that?
Oh, my god.
Wait, when can we watch this?
We are not gonna watch
this, you're a girl.
This is a movie for men.
You guys aren't men,
you're boys.
You get like a boner,
after you see like
a picture of a single boob.
That's just not even true.
That's true.
It's kinda true.
Like I have to deal
with shit, I bleed...
Out of my vagina...
No! No, no, no, no. No.
Fuck, man, why
can't you kill us?
Go Paris!
Yeah, no, yeah, I...
Mmm-hmm. Just stop sending me
fucking collection notices.
Hey, gorgeous.
You okay?
Um, no, not exactly.
Can you tell me...
What this is? Do you
know what this is?
I was doing some research.
Into what? Into Jack
joining the marines?
Without a word to his
mother, without even...
Stopping for a moment to realize
that you have no right.
That's not fair, Karen.
I mean I was gonna
talk to you about it.
"Talk to me"?
Talk to me?
You're gonna give me
a heads up, no thanks, tom.
He needs some structure,
some discipline...
You think he needs
a little discipline.
I mean apparently he didn't
inherit that from his daddy
and you don't seem
too eager to teach him.
It could be a good idea.
I do not want my son
to be some kind...
Of jar-head moron who goes around...
What! What!
I was a jar-head moron.
It would be a privilege,
for Jack to join.
It could even teach him
how to be a man.
Instead of a nervous
little fucking girl.
I don't need this shit
in my house.
In your house?
Yes, my house.
You're house?
Yes, my house.
I thought it was out house.
I thought we were a family.
No more? Yeah, you
little fucking bitch.
Hey, mark.
Can you... yeah...
Yeah! You like that?
Oh, yeah!
Hey, wake up!
Take that!
Wait! Wait!
Jack. Jack!
Hey, mom.
You alright?
Mom, you wanna go to bed?
You wanna go to bed?
Yeah, come on.
Lets go.
Do you wanna cuddle?
I got to go to school.
You're such a good boy.
Do you want
to go to prom with me?
Jamie west already asked me.
I told you someone
was gonna ask.
What'd you say?
I said yes.
That's great.
How's your mom?
She'll be fine.
He's probably just
running a little late.
What time is it, dad?
I am gonna go.
Can I have the keys?
I can drive you.
No, it's fine.
Aren't you supposed
to be at prom?
Yeah, I guess I got
left at the altar.
Can I come in?
Oh, no, yeah, of course.
Wait, what happened?
I don't know, I guess
Jamie just never showed up.
Probably took Katie or someone.
I am so sorry.
What the fuck.
You have anything to drink?
Yeah, orange juice, do
you want some milk?
A drink, yeah.
That... that will
be right by it.
Jamie is an idiot,
don't even worry about it.
I'm going outside.
So he cornered me
in the cafeteria,
like we barely hung out,
we skated like...
Twice before. He's been at my house once.
I barely know this guy.
But he comes up and says,
"we have a mission."
So I... we both
run up to the...
To the janitor's closet...
My parents are a little bit
crazy, so I apologize in advance.
I was wondering about
how mark took the split
between you and Karen.
I mean from all accounts
he and Jack had become
incredibly close.
They lived in the same room
they were best friends,
they went to the same school.
So how did mark feel about being
pulled from school?
What do you want me to say?
He hated it.
He hated me.
But he got over it.
It had to happen.
He came to realize that.
I put him to work.
When you say it had to happen
you're referring to you...
Leaving Karen's house?
Was that more to do
with you and Karen
or it had more to do
with Jack and mark?
No, no! I... just fuck.
I mean... yes.
Yes. Karen and me.
That's it.
Are we almost fucking done?
Because I got a million
other things to do today.
Yeah, I think she liked it.
Where did you bring her?
Washington park.
Were you aiming for the ground?
You know, what we called her
when we went to school there?
She got caught fingering
herself in science class.
Shut up!
Through your fucking
anatomy lesson.
I swear to god.
Oh, my god.
Fucking bull shit.
I sweat to god. The whole
class could fucking smell it.
What the hell, man?
What are you gonna do, huh?
Fuck you, man.
I'll call the fucking police.
Know to flop?
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, shit.
It's Jack.
I guess that's Sarah.
Hey, Sarah.
How you doing?
Hey, what?
Too good to say a hi
to an old friend.
Sarah, let's get outta here.
Yo. We gotta go.
Mark, come with us.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Sarah's pretty cute.
You think?
Oh, newspaper.
Hey, what's going on?
Clinton. Oh.
Did you ever...
Fuck her? Did you
ever fuck her?
No. No, man,
it was just...
We were just friends, you know.
I fuck my friends.
Well, I think she
is a little young for you.
Fence. This is our dice.
Lucky dice.
What about Jack?
Your brother, half brother,
something like that?
Oh, we got something
in here, man.
It looks pretty...
Oh, my fucking god.
Bro, it's spinning.
Oh, my god... I don't
know what the fuck...
Give me this thing.
What the... oh, shit.
Yo! Someone's
coming out.
Someone's coming.
This is me, man.
Ah, very nice.
All right, man, good night.
See you later.
This here is detective Erickson.
He wants to know what
you've been up to tonight.
Good morning.
Okay, Sarah,
we're almost done here,
and I thank you for being
so patient and so helpful.
Just a couple of more
questions, okay?
When mark was gone
you and Jack, started dating.
Yeah, we did. Didn't
really workout though.
It was kinda nice...
To, you know, around be
together for a little bit.
How long did that last?
Not very long.
Who called it off?
You don't love me, right?
Sure I do.
But you're not
in love with me though.
No, I don't think so.
Yeah, I don't think so either.
Well, we tried.
Do you mind if I
tried with other people?
No. Of course not.
I really want you to be happy.
I want you to be happy too.
Jack, help me fill some of
these holes in, will you?
You and mark stopped seeing each
other after he and tom left.
But obviously he found
his way back into your life.
And what brought you
guys back together?
We just ran into each other.
One night after the gas station.
And tom had said he wasn't allowed
to hang out with those other guys.
It's just kind of the same
shit he pulled with me.
So I guess mark was kinda...
Actually he was lonely.
I don't mind the actual work.
I sort of like it.
It's just...
It's just he wants
me to, you know...
Fuck that.
So I've just been like...
You know, getting
out every night,
trying not to be around.
I felt... felt bad...
For running away
the other night.
Things got pretty crazy.
You hear about it?
Yeah, I think
everybody heard about it.
It's pretty cool.
I've been thinking
a lot about...
Told you he'd be here.
Race you.
Not fair.
Hello, Jack.
How's it going?
You tried to drop in yet?
Not today.
I don't know, man.
Today is the day.
What are you writing down?
Hey, Jack, with all due respect,
I am asking the questions.
And how did you hear
about the accident?
Jack called me.
From the hospital he told me...
What did he tell you?
He told me about the accident.
And what did he say...
Exactly what... can you
He was... he was crying,
he was upset, he said...
He said mark had fallen...
And hit his head.
And that he didn't
wake up, he was uh...
He was... he just didn't
know what to do.
He said he just fell down,
it was a freak thing, you know.
Was mark a good skater?
Yeah, I mean
he was better than Jack.
But it was common
for him to fall a lot?
Yeah, I guess it's part
of the thing.
What thing?
So when he had the accident...
I didn't see it.
But you know what happened?
I didn't see everything.
Sarah, I need
you to tell me everything,
that you saw.
Exactly how you saw it.
Okay? And you need
to keep in mind,
that if you lie to me,
you could be in a lot
of trouble.
Even for the littlest things.
What are you guys doing here?
Good to see you, dude.
What's up?
Is something wrong?
We just thought
you should know that...
Me and Sarah are together now.
We thought it'd be best
if you heard it from us.
You know...
This won't change anything
between us, I promise.
You just said you know
we could date other people.
I am gonna let you
guys talk about this.
Are you fucking kidding me?
No, this is a fucking joke.
Listen to me,
Jack. Listen, listen.
I know I mean I've seen him
drop in a 100 pounds,
no problem,
I don't know what it was. It
was different about this time,
but he just... he couldn't...
He just...
You wanna know something, Jack?
I believe that what you're saying
for the most part is true.
And that is a courtesy,
that not a lot of people,
are willing
to extend to you right now.
Do you know what that means?
It means that I am just
about the only friend,
that you have left.
And when I ask
you something, Jack,
I want you to tell me the truth.
And so for the last time,
I am asking you,
what was the fight,
at the skate-park,
I am gonna let you guys
talk about this.
What the fuck is going on?
This is a joke,
are you fucking kidding
with me right now?
Jack, Jack, just listen.
Alright, listen to me.
I know how you feel, okay?
And I never lied
to you, alright.
I just... I can't
do this anymore, okay.
Thought of being pointed
out is just...
Is too much.
What the...
No, no, Jack.
It'll be easier this way.
Okay? I promise.
What do you mean easy?
What about you said before?
What about fuck everybody else?
We are who we are right?
So then what fucking changed?
Jack, it will be easier this way.
Damn you!
He's going to be okay.
Oh, my god.
Listen, I am gonna stay
here, keep tabs on mark.
You should bring him
home, get him cleaned up.
Will you call us?
Of course.
Okay. Okay.
Let's go home.
Coming. Coming.
Yeah, what do you...
I got... we got some food.
Can we come in?
Yeah, yeah, of course,
come on in.
Yeah, sure, sorry.
Just... some kind...
It's fine. You don't
have to clean up.
No. We just brought... oh!
I like this place, it's cozy.
Please, you don't have to make me feel
better about it, it is what it is.
No, I just meant it suits you.
I don't know
what you mean by that.
I didn't mean anything.
Jack, he is in his room.
If you want to see him.
I don't know if he is awake.
I am probably...
I'll just go check.
Why don't you heat this up,
and then...
Yeah, sure, sure,
microwave over here.
Yeah, come in.
What's up?
You just dropped by or?
I just wanted to stop by
and make sure you're okay.
I am cool.
How you doing?
How you feeling?
Like I got skull fucked
by an angry rhino.
Better, actually.
Better. Bored.
What about...
Ah, you didn't.
Yes, my savior.
You need a light?
You wanna sit?
Your dad's not gonna smell?
This guy's head is way
too far up his fucking ass.
He smells shit.
Here you go.
You mind if I rest my head?
No, not at all.
I am really sorry.
I don't remember anything, man.
It's weird.
Do you want some more of this?
What are you doing?
Come on.
You owe it.
And I owe it.
And I think we owe his
parents an explanation.
And that's all that
I am looking for.
No, I wouldn't... never...
Have done anything.
But you keep lying to me.
No, I didn't.
Do you understand, Jack? Do you
understand what my concern is now?
I would've never done
anything to hurt him...
My concern is that you've been
lying to me the whole time.
And why am I supposed to believe
anything that you say now?
He was my best friend.
And he is dead, Jack.
Look, look.
I understand that what happened at
the skate park was an accident.
I mean you were angry,
you were pissed off.
It's understandable,
maybe mark lied to you.
Maybe he didn't, but it's
understandable, do you understand,
what I am saying?
We get that.
But the woods, Jack.
What happened
at the woods, Jack?
What happened at the woods?
It's good.
I don't have any plans yet.
No, she had to pick
up extra hours.
See you soon.
Okay, bye.
Are you okay?
It's okay.
Please. Just... don't, Jack.
Why not?
I wish you were a girl.
How do I look?
It'll match your lipstick.
Come on.
Let's go.
I would like to see a lawyer.
Help! Help!
Help! Somebody.