Ascension (2021) Movie Script

Now recruiting,
jobs at a foreign company.
Factories and dorms
with air conditioning.
Standard uniform is required.
Seated work available.
Hiring now, free ride to the factory!
Dorm and food provided,
no health test required.
20 yuan ($2.99) per hour.
You can choose the job you'd like.
We have jobs where you can sit at work!
Dorms are 3-minute walk from factory.
Four people per room,
includes air conditioning.
Four to six people.
No more than eight.
Come here!
The easiest work you can find!
Two more spots!
Sitting and packing.
No physical exam, interview or test!
We are making new phone products.
This is a standing job, no sitting.
It's for the new Huawei phone,
their new P20 smartphone.
You cannot bring your personal phone
with you to this job.
Standing job with standard uniform.
Earn 220 yuan ($32) a day at Foxconn!
Come work with us!
Car accessory factory!
Sign up with us for packaging vape pens!
You must be 18 years old
and no older than 38.
Don't come if you're even
just one day older than 38.
No hair dye.
No ear studs for men.
You can't have metal rods in your body.
You can't go through electronic
door with an illegal record.
Secondly, people with
color vision deficiency,
or over 1.75 meters height,
don't come.
You must have complete fingerprints.
- Can I get hired with a criminal record?
- No. And no tattoos allowed.
- What if it's a small tattoo?
- No.
What if it's a small tattoo on my back?
I don't know.
Be as non-tattooed as possible.
I'm going to do a roll call,
say yes when you hear your name.
Grab your luggage and ID,
get on the Huawei bus.
It doesn't matter how many days
you claim you worked.
Only the manager's word counts.
The manager will decide
how many days you get paid.
The factory manager?
What else do you need
a factory manager for?
He's a little thing.
What do you mean by "little thing"?
He's the boss!
Why don't you ever buy the boss lunch?
I buy the boss lunch
right after I get paid!
I don't want to buy the boss any meals.
Are you saying if I don't pay for him,
he won't allow me to work here?
We all plead to buy his meals,
so he can pull some strings for us.
You've got to open the backdoor.
You're so good at pulling strings.
Are you going to tailor 30 more pants?
We could earn an extra
10 yuan ($1.45) for that.
I think I've done 30 pants already.
I'm sure I got through 30 pants.
I've definitely done 30 pants by now.
It's not hard to finish 30 pants.
He complained it's a lot of work.
He's saying it's hard.
He only trimmed 20 pants,
but claimed it was 30.
He was just boasting though.
Look at this.
The stitches are too tight.
It's too dense.
The loose one is like this.
The loose one is too loose.
The dense one is too dense.
It was done by two different people.
By two different people.
These two people are different.
They're inconsistent.
Which version should we use?
The dense one?
The dense one is ugly.
The loose one looks better.
The dense one is too dense.
- Copy it down.
- Copy what?
She didn't work 10 hours on the 15th.
That's considered overtime.
That's overtime.
She didn't work 10 hours on the 15th.
If you keep talking to me at this rate,
it'll be evening when you're done.
This is the record of the hours
we worked on the 15th.
- What's the date today?
- It's the 18th.
- That's it, right?
- Yes.
That idiot is always asking
this or that.
See this?
This fabric won't listen to me.
The fabric always listens to people!
See how soft it is!
I can't see any of them at all.
You guys talk about ghosts every day.
If there were really ghosts,
none of you would dare to work here.
Is it haunted here?
You can't see them.
The boss has hung up
a feng shui sword, you see?
A feng shui ornament is hung
in the packaging department.
So how could ghosts come in here?
It's all rumors.
Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts all day!
We don't need this, idiot.
It's not even the right color.
It's defective.
You need to re-do the work.
He heard that
the clothes will be sent to USA,
so re-do this work.
Don't get your slobber on it.
Work faster!
No more chit-chat!
Or I will sell you off!
Come, paint the areola for
your own doll. Do it yourself.
No, just use the light brown color.
Liu Ding!
Liu Ding!
Is the head ready for Number 156?
The client called and asked
to narrow the skeleton frame.
Use the light brown
paint for the areola.
Hold on,
we need to paint the areola first.
There's only one nipple so far.
We need both nipples finished
before we can paint the areolas.
This nipple was supposed to be
a deeper pink.
More like a rose tone.
Let's try the Number 3 pink.
Number 3 pink.
This private part hasn't been trimmed.
Give me the scissors to trim this.
Next time,
don't make this mark too hard.
It's cracking, it must be fixed.
- Are you wearing perfume?
- Yes, I put some on this morning.
- I can't smell it under the mask.
- I can smell it.
Your nose is so sensitive.
What type of nose do you have?
A rabbit's nose?
More like a dog's nose.
- Don't hurt yourself. I'm scared.
- It's all right.
What you did won't work.
I need to fill the larger hole.
This area is still empty.
Did you try fixing it?
Just fill it up.
- Did you use the iron?
- Yes.
The iron isn't hot enough.
400C isn't enough?
See, it's not melting.
The fires can burn everything down.
The rivers that can wash the world away.
Steam rises to the sky
like a mushroom cloud.
A fire dragon rises from the remnants.
The fire burns rampantly
spitting scorching air out.
While it moves, it brings steam,
like water springs from a big well,
very spectacular.
Which is stronger?
We'll see in a minute...
...To find a girlfriend for you.
I'm telling you.
- Do we send out the doll today?
- Yes, yes.
My back is sweaty.
You should wear fewer layers.
I wish I could.
But I need to wear all this work gear.
If I don't wear gloves,
my hand gets a rash.
The powder irritates me.
My hands get a red rash.
My skin gets all bumpy.
Mine doesn't get itchy,
just full of bumps.
It takes a week to go away.
I love my company.
I love my colleagues.
I love my career even more.
My fate is tied to the company's,
my glory bound to the company's.
I'm a member of the company.
I've been assigned
a role in this company.
I have a great responsibility
for this company.
This book you hold in your hands,
the company said that
the boss had spent
a lot of time creating it.
Please read it often.
Don't just read it
during your training.
Then toss it out and get rid of it.
Each article was carefully selected.
Some are work-related rules
you should know.
They will tell you
how to behave at work,
and boost your working efficiency.
Hello, Zheng Jun?
Hi, Boss Zhou.
I had a stomach flu this morning
and felt sick,
so I took an hour for sick leave.
I saw that you haven't seen
my request time off,
so I wanted to give you a heads up.
Okay, I will approve that later.
Okay, thank you so much!
Get up!
Right dress right!
Eyes front!
When your hands hurt, don't give up!
I want the max strength
from each person!
Everyone shout.
I can see some mouths not moving.
Too quiet, shout!
When you feel uncomfortable,
and your arms get sore...
you must keep up now...
because that's the limit
we're trying to break through.
No pain, no gain.
Swing and shout!
Keep it up!
When you have troubles at work,
use today's spirit to fight it!
The problem can be solved,
no matter how hard it is.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Welcome Class 19107 to Yuan Da City.
I'm Zhou Ling,
from the human resources department.
Let me introduce the leaders
who are joining us today...
Hu Chunhui, the deputy CEO,
and the manager of company, Ke Jian.
Hi, everybody!
Tang Bisheng, the Koneti Corporation,
deputy manager.
Long Qizhi, head of
the air conditioning department.
Wong Xiaohe, the head of
the recruiting and training department.
We hope you can carry on
the merits and traditions
of the upcoming company cultural
training and real work environment,
and set some new records.
Stand out!
Behave myself!
Follow the order!
Behave myself!
Follow the orders!
Eyes front!
One! Two!
One, two, one!
One, two, halt!
I will now escort those just registered
to the campus building
to input your fingerprints.
Then I will show you your dorms.
Buying is a choice,
one we don't have to make.
So why do we still buy things?
In the old days of China,
there were not many resources.
We call it "the planned economy."
You couldn't even buy certain things.
Today is a new age where
every day we have new products,
hundreds of thousands of them
that have never been made before.
So we are dealing with one question:
Why should people buy from you?
And why buy things?
Because you're a brand.
"I trust you."
"I like you."
"I'm your loyal fan."
Why do you come to my class?
Tickets aren't cheap.
We're big fans.
You're my fans, right?
If you have as many loyal fans as I do,
your life will be good.
Because we're in a fan economy era.
If you have a large fan base,
you have everything.
You have to be a "Star Boss".
Otherwise you're a boss without fans.
That won't last very long, right?
You're a dead boss.
So what's the name
of this program today?
"Star Boss..."
"Monetize your personal brand."
Is knowledge worth anything?
No, it isn't.
Knowledge must be monetized.
Today, knowledge is found everywhere.
You can find all kinds
of links in your browser.
Are they useful?
Even if you can memorize
300 ancient Chinese poems,
it's still useless if you
don't know how to monetize.
Hi, I'm the founder of
Mister Ox Dating Training Club.
After this workshop, I decided
to earn 2 million next year.
And then make 30 million in three years.
It's all right.
He's not a very outgoing person
because he likes arts.
After the two-day training,
I decided to earn 10 million next year.
And earn 30 million
in the next five years.
My decision is
to make 10 million in a year,
and make 100 million in five years.
After the two-day training, I decided
to earn five million in three years.
My three-year goal is to make 50 million,
and my five-year goal is 100 million.
...100 million in one year,
and 700 million in three years.
After the two-day training,
I decided to work to death.
So no matter how ordinary you are,
you can still create your own brand.
Place in clean water and count to five.
This cloth can do public dancing.
Count 2, 4, 6, 7, 8...
It's OK, don't be nervous!
Let's start over, listen to me now.
Listen to me now.
"Soy sauce and oil
are really hard to clean,
"but we can't cook without them.
"What do we do with greasy plates?
"Use our cloth, clean in one wipe.
"You only need water to finish the job."
Forget the tedious things
we used to say in sales.
Just keep the flow.
Pick what feels smooth,
keep it flowing.
Get it?
I can't even wash the wipers.
Life is short,
when you look back, it's late.
It's not easy to live a life,
when you're old,
you realize that nothing is valuable.
You're rich, you're poor...
At the end, you're old.
Whether I'm good or bad at talking,
this is a new era.
Smile for the new era,
don't be glued to the damn phone.
Cherish our parents, wife and kids.
1, 2, 3, action...
Life is short,
turn back and look, it's dark.
It's hard to live and you get
nothing when you're old.
You're rich, you're poor, you get old.
Reformers, entrepreneurs,
you all get old.
Whatever you do,
open your mind, even if you fail.
Don't be afraid to try,
it only makes things harder.
Listen to more music,
listen to Peking Opera.
Don't be angry,
the enemy is ourselves.
Let's play games, let's watch,
let's keep our families happy.
The only enemy is ourselves.
Don't be disappointed,
don't be depressed...
My bad.
Okay, start ever.
Actually, "observe" comes first,
then "compete"...
- "Bi" and "Li".
- Exactly.
- Did I say it wrong?
- You say "observe" first,
then "compete."
Don't worry, it will come to you.
Our new towels come in different colors.
We have them in purple, blue and pink.
And this blue one, all kinds of them.
If you need a colorful cloth,
we got you.
Hello, good afternoon everyone.
Hello, I am Taobao
livestreamer "Jade Face."
Hello, welcome our new cuties.
Good afternoon
How's the weather there?
Here it's raining. Just a drizzler.
Coupons are worth 10-20 yuan,
just for Taobao's mid-year
June 18th festival.
I prepared this for you especially.
I didn't let my bangs down today
so you can see my huge forehead here,
which lights up the whole room.
The room is brightened up
thanks to my forehead.
You can see this side is brighter
after I applied the foundation.
It has better gloss
than the other side, see?
Many of the cuties like to buy
pretty stuff for selfies.
This case looks great in a selfie.
I didn't realize my relatives
watch my livestream, too.
My mom watched my livestream
yesterday and "liked" it.
I asked her,
"Why don't you talk to me?"
Many babes here don't talk to me,
you just click "like".
I see my ranking has
increased by over 100.
Cuties help me go up, go up!
We're not just some random people.
Babes watching my livestream
will have exclusive benefits.
Here's another cutie
upgrading to "loyal fan"!
Hope you can all become
my "true love fans".
I wish you happy 6/18!
In a few days, you will have
so many packages delivered.
My arms will also be worn out
from collecting my packages.
Remember to follow me, cuties!
Welcome "Eternity"
into the livestream room.
Welcome "Tapioca-Dancer"
into the livestream room.
Welcome "Mister Gui"
to the livestream room.
Welcome "Stone Flower"
to the livestream room.
Thanks, friends, for your "likes."
Check out this popular 3D night light.
It has three types of lighting.
It's a great gift for your husband,
wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or your kids.
Wearing shoes is like living in a home:
the more space, the more comfort.
The room is the space around it.
It's the material of the shoe sole...
This is like a glue stick.
These are stray hairs
here in the front.
Comb them with your fingers,
and then glue them to your head
with the hair stick...
to get a neat and perfect finish.
Your hair is so rebellious.
Wrap it once around the lower loop,
and bring it up.
Then tie it,
the bottom stays at the bottom.
Then cross the two,
and turn it this way.
This side goes through this hole.
Who wants to be my model
for the hair tutorial?
There is a saying that
every Chinese woman
is a pretty Chinese business card.
So every Chinese lady,
let's present
the prettiest image of China!
Let's bring the pride of
China's 5,000-year history
to show the world
the prettiest smiles.
Hello, everyone.
Good morning.
It is nice to meet you!
This is a kind of exercise
for your muscles.
If you practice this continuously,
it helps us to control
facial expressions
Let's do our warm up dance
together with music.
Today, we'll learn
business reception etiquette.
At work, how many teeth
shall we show when smiling?
- Eight.
- Which eight?
- The upper eight teeth?
- Correct.
- Sure?
- Yes.
Some people are silent.
To be clear, it is the upper eight...
Eventually you will look
gentle and beautiful,
yet reasonable and clear as a person.
How high should one wave?
Normally it's just one fist
under the armpit.
And if you're far away,
you should raise your hand
a fist higher than normal.
When you nod just enough
to touch your fist,
that's the most appropriate
angle for nodding.
It's for angle searching.
If you want to hug someone,
you should get ready 5 to 7 steps away.
When opening your arms,
the action should be standardized,
the right arm higher.
For example, if I'm going
to hug you from here,
don't say, "It's been a while
since I've seen you."
Don't walk in from of the one
you want to hug,
then suddenly open your arms.
That's abrupt.
Anything else?
Teacher Ji, I'd like to ask if the
strength of the hug should be strong
or just gentle.
It might feel perfunctory.
How strong should it be?
This is a very good question.
Sit down.
In practice, the hug isn't led by us.
Because for Chinese people,
in business occasions,
we don't really like to have a hug.
Chinese don't like
physical contact with others.
So if a person hugs you tightly,
then you hug the person tightly.
If the other person hugs you gently,
we also hug her gently, right?
In your actual work and life,
if the other person wants to hug you,
your basic courtesy
is to return the hug.
Hugging isn't particularly
common in China.
The principle of hugging is that
you cooperate
when someone hugs you.
Yes, Mr. Ji.
I have a question.
Hugging is okay in normal office places.
But sometimes I am invited
to drink with a client,
and the client appoints
a subordinate to hug me.
I see, the client sends girls.
When they send girls,
I usually refuse to hug them.
I don't know what to do at this moment.
This is a very practical question.
I think if you give her
a high-to-low hug, it's no problem.
I suggest that if she opens
her arms to you, you just accept.
But don't fully hug her like this...
In this age of internet,
either you influence me
or I influence you.
Either you're overwhelmed by my ads,
or I'm overwhelmed by yours.
What's your fucking problem, Tang Sha?
You get it wrong all the time.
What are you doing?
Are you a clown?
What are you doing?
Have you ever done
one movement correctly?
Have you ever gotten it right?
You're unbelievable.
What are you doing?
Take it back.
You stay there.
Take it back.
Pay attention to where you're standing.
Are you protecting the person?
Let's find out who's slow.
The last one to finish
will be punished.
Don't waste it. Ready!
Not good.
Have you seen the viral video like this?
Try to copy that.
- What the heck?
- Report!
Where are you pointing?
I've killed your boss.
How many times have I told you
about physical blocking?
Did you two do that?
You allowed too much space between,
so I could kill your boss.
"You died, Boss, but we got away."
I'm gonna shoot you.
It hurts a lot.
A bee stung me.
It fucking hurts.
Is it supposed to hurt this much?
I'm looking the bee up.
Bring me an ice pack.
What's wrong with the girl?
That's nice.
Don't move!
The car crashed and people died.
Count it in your heart.
Count one to five in your heart.
- Understood?
- Yes!
Don't wobble.
Go! Start the beating!
Align the plate with this water glass.
This should align with the steak knife.
This fork is about a finger's
distance from that glass.
27.5 plus 6.5 equals what?
Let me calculate.
27.5 plus 65...
92.5 plus 25...
Then plus 55.
Like a Swiss army knife,
a butler may be stretched
out and used like a tool,
as a knife, a wine opener, a match...
Very versatile.
Has anyone seen the show
"Downtown Abbey"?
It was a very popular Western show.
Many people in China
grew wealthy overnight.
Our society today is so focused
on material gains.
The new Chinese elite
send their children to
top schools here and abroad.
They go abroad to shop,
and have money to drive nice cars.
Now they want butlers.
I had a student from Beijing who graduated
two years ago and is now a personal assistant.
His first daily task was to squeeze
out toothpaste for his employer.
That was his role.
He squeezed it into a cup,
and it was ready to be used.
You may not have any time
for your own life,
or time to be with your family.
Please repeat...
My Lords...
Ladies and gentlemen...
Dinner is served...
The dinner is served,
the lunch is served.
Why do we teach you
to use a fork and knife?
We aren't making fun of you.
You must practice
the formal Western way.
Some dishes can be stabbed.
You can do it that way.
Our clients are mostly rich people.
They tend to do whatever they like.
They take out their bad mood on you.
As a member of the service industry,
you have to act professionally.
I hope you can remember that.
Since this is just school,
you can make mistakes,
but you cannot make mistakes
after graduation.
You can't show a sour face
to your employer.
They are the person who pays you.
No matter how he humiliates you.
Be obedient when facing him.
You can curse him behind his back.
But when facing him, you have to
pretend to be obedient, okay?
Do you understand?
We are ordinary people.
That's how we see ourselves.
That's what I told my son.
We said, "Maybe you're an ordinary man
your whole life."
And that's fine.
But you can still enrich yourself.
Think about what kind
of person you want to be.
That's your job.
Don't debase yourself to make money.
Make money the legitimate way.
- I think Big Uncle Xi is really good.
- Yeah, he is.
Foreign countries accuse China
of denying human rights
because they see China
as a dictatorship.
But there's still so much
economic inequality in our country.
So the poor must first
focus on survival.
If you can't survive,
how can human rights exist?
It's just all for show,
made-up slogans politicians invent.
Regular people like us won't buy it.
We should just focus
on making a good living.
Please turn around.
Please turn around.
Our water park wave facilities
have state-of-the-art designs.
And in our park,
no matter your budget,
we always serve with genuine passion
so you can feel close
to the sea and sunshine!
In order to maintain
a clean, tidy, and ordered
appearance and environment
please do not litter, lie down,
bring pets, or play water
in public areas.
Let us be enlightened citizens.
Thank you.
Shit, the Blind Monk is coming.
Yasuo the Unforgiven.
You are so lame.
You're as lame as a motherfucker.
You can't even conquer
the silver game.
One more Sausage Chops for A8.
Sausage Chops spicy or not?
Why did I lose again?
This cigarette tastes bad,
the other brand is better.
Okay, thank you, Bro Lang.
- Who ordered it?
- Me of course.
You have enough power.
The vampire is an easy kill.
What are you doing?
Just kill him.
A featherless phoenix
is worse than a chicken.
A featherless phoenix
is inferior to a chicken.
You can touch the sea creatures gently,
but don't take them out of the water
because if we take the starfish out,
it'll die sooner or later.
If you've been captured on camera,
bring out your sexiest moves!
How many of you are ready for college?
I know how exhausted
you all must be after exams.
Let's make a huge splash
and wish them all accepted!
Best of luck to all you applicants
to get a good score and therefore
go to your dream school.
Here we have roasted ham
from 48-month-old pigs.
It was marinated in
European pear liqueur and rum.
We mainly make French desserts.
And we made some improvements
based on that.
First, have some cheese.
In between, you have berries.
The sourness of the berry will balance
the cheese's sweetness.
It has rich flavors.
French dessert often focuses on layers.
It was air-dried for four years, no?
- 48 months.
- Right.
Try the ham with wine.
This is called the "King of Hams."
Our butler should come
and introduce this.
The outer layer
has salted caramel flavor.
In the middle,
there's a vanilla ganache.
And chocolate on the bottom.
So if you want it to be sweeter,
cut the caramel off the top
and eat it with the rest of the dessert.
Take a look at this glass.
Look at its shape.
We often see glasses
with the same width.
But this angle is meaningful.
Many Europeans have big noses.
When you drink, your nose
might touch the mouth of the glass.
Out of cleanliness and dignity,
they designed this type of glass
so no matter how big your nose is...
You'll be fine.
This is a traditional European bell
to call your servants.
Call your servants.
- Hold it here, right?
- Right.
Hold the head? Or the neck?
Either way.
- Sort of heavy.
- Each has a unique sound.
Mine is high-pitched.
- Mine is...
- Yours is also high-pitched.
You should hold the top.
Yours are all high.
Only mine is deep.
The main purpose of it...
Houses in ancient Europe were so huge,
you couldn't yell at your servants.
- Right?
- So rude.
So normally the master
has a bell in the house.
In nearly every room.
How do servants know which
room the ringing is coming from?
Probably based on instinct.
Here, honey.
Our first meal
after we return from Xinjiang.
Why do you visit Xinjiang so often?
To research ski resorts.
A boss wanted to start
a China-Swiss friendly ski resort.
So I went to help him.
- Have you been to Xinjiang?
- No...
- I do want to go.
- I can bring you next time.
- I don't dare go.
- Why?
- You think so?
- Don't worry.
There were people in the group
who felt the same as you.
- The media says bad things happen there.
- I want to go to the U.S.
There are fewer people going to
the U.S. because of the trade war.
But to be honest,
I like the U.S.
In terms of freedom
because I long for freedom.
Personally speaking,
I'm a young patriot.
For the most part,
I love this country.
Though not in a cynical way.
I think China has grown much stronger,
especially in recent years.
China's a confident global player now.
Because our education is better.
Especially those born after the 80s tend
to have Western-influenced education,
unlike previous generations,
who lived in a closed era and
had limited access to global affairs.
It's the same in any country.
The government doesn't want people
to be too smart or too dumb.
Humans are moving forward,
but there has to be a balance.
No matter how politics change,
the aspiration to acquire more knowledge
and information can't be stopped.
There's tons of information
in this digital age.
And people want to explore the truth.
Rather than people figuring out themselves,
the government should just tell them.
A wise governor should know the line.
Now let's welcome Chairman
and President Mr. Zhen Chunying
to show us what a cutting-edge
cosmetics company looks like!
Let's give an ovation
to our President Zhen!
Dear JALA family, welcome back home!
I'm not sure whether you've noticed,
I've gained some weight.
Anyone noticed?
I love hearing the truth from you.
China has the single biggest
consumer market in the world.
But our per capita consumption level
is far lower than the U.S.,
which means our
possibility for growth is big.
When China's consumption
potential is fully realized,
our consumption will be at least
five times more than America's.
We are not as easily
defeated as we once were.
I believe in the next
round of competition.
China's native brands must win.
This is an era where good
people can make money.
People who are dishonest
and have no contract spirit
will never succeed in this market.
Economic growth results
in wealth redistribution.
Along with growth
comes a social phenomenon,
which is wealth redistribution.
And wealth only goes
to whoever deserves it.
There is a saying that
China is a fair society.
If your wealth doesn't match
your intelligence,
society will have hundreds of ways
to take your wealth away.
I believe hard work will be fruitful,
and dreams will come true.
Dreamers are undefeatable.
Let's get one with you looking here.
Turn your face that way.
Turn more, look up, turn again.
Chin up. Okay. One, two, three.
Okay, perfect.
Let me see. Great.
One more time.
Good, good. Walk towards me.
And look at me.
The hat, the hat again,
it's covering your forehead.
Once more, swing harder!
1, 2, 3... Nope, no, no.
Bend over and swing your hair harder.
It's so hot here.
- I'm dying under this sun.
- Let me see.
I featured your leg here.
Looks amazing.
That's good.
One, two... fix the hat.
Okay, nod along, yes.
Give me a big smile.
Big like "ha-ha."
Let me see. Great.
This looks beautiful.
- My legs are on fire.
- Good, we got it. Good burn.
They burn, but it's worth the pain.
Your legs look amazing.
- Ow, my legs.
- Good, you can go change now.
Let me see where you can go.
Oh god, I can get a heat stroke here.
Let's go somewhere else.