Asedio (2023) Movie Script

It's similar.
To what?
The sky in Savalou.
Yes, except for the sounds.
What sounds?
Tell me again how we got here.
We crossed the sea on a raft.
There were too many of us.
We were afraid to move
in case it capsized.
And in the middle of the night
we heard a noise.
An engine.
And a baby started crying.
The man steering the boat
asked the mother to make it stop.
And the mother tried.
But the baby kept crying.
The man picked up a gun
and aimed it at the mother.
He told her to either shut the baby up
or to throw it overboard.
And there were two babies on that raft.
But you...
You didn't cry.
Police! Open the door!
Antonio Moreno,
open the door, please!
Antonio Moreno,
open the door. Police!
Battering ram.
Alright, ready to move in.
This door is coming down.
If there's anyone behind it,
please step aside!
Are you Antonio Moreno?
- Yes.
- ID, please.
Sweep the apartment
for more people.
Antonio, I need your ID, please.
Antonio, your ID, please.
You need to
take your things and leave.
I'll need help
bringing down the suitcases.
Come on, guys, let's step on it.
I made plans later.
I know I shouldn't ask but...
Do you have a place to go?
Dani, go with him.
Puma 12-1 to Puma 11.
Bring the tenant downstairs
to talk to the secretary.
12-1, copy that.
Sir, we need to...
Mom? Mom?
Why are you sleeping in here?
What's so funny?
...even though her husband was
the devil himself.
The man had a bit of a temper,
and she complained that
he was never tender.
For over three years now
she gets letters from a stranger.
Letters filled with poetry
that have brought her joy again.
Who wrote those words,
tell me, who was it?
Who sent her flowers every spring?
Every ninth of November,
as always, without a card.
He would send a bouquet of violets.
- Violets...
Of violets.
Sometimes she dreams and imagines
how he, who loves her so, is like.
Most likely a man with gray hair,
a broad smile
and tenderness in his touch
In his touch, in his touch.
She doesn't know who suffers in silence.
Who can her secret lover be?
And so she lives, day in day out
with the thrill of being loved...
Of being loved.
Who wrote those words,
tell me, who was it?
Who sent her flowers every spring?
Every ninth of November,
as always, without a card,
he would send a bouquet of violets.
Of violets, of violets.
And every afternoon,
when her husband returns...
Mom, I can't talk now.
Later, my battery's running low.
Listen, I'll call you later.
Bye, Mom.
- Puma 1 to Puma 11.
- Standing by.
Proceeding with Order 16-11
at 15 Toledo.
Moving to the entrance.
Copy that. Backup unit 27
to assist with the removal.
- What for?
- Orders from upstairs.
Copy that.
Gear up, guys! Things look calm
but I don't want...
Fuck! Helmets on!
Come on, let's move!
Move, move!
Deploy! Everybody!
Get the fuck out! Get out!
Get the fuck out! Get out!
Stop! Hold up!
Let's move!
Let's move!
Keep moving, go!
Clear the area, goddamn it!
I don't want any fuck-ups!
Move it!
Advance, go!
Get out!
What are you doing, asshole?
We're gonna bring out the shotguns!
Dani, heads up!
Clear those kids!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I don't have anything!
Open your hand!
Open your fucking hand!
Step back!
It's my grandma's ring...
Hey, don't take it from me!
Beat it!
Clear out right now!
It's dangerous out here!
Come on, everybody inside!
Heads up!
- What were you thinking?
- Fucking kids!
Let's go!
It's a narrow space,
so we'll advance single file,
floors 1, 2 and 3, okay?
Shall we head to the 3rd floor?
Negative, you're backup.
Negative! You're here as...
Moving in!
One-way channel, let's go!
Puma 13,
no one comes in or out, got it?
Camel 27, Camel 29...
Secure the perimeter!
Come on, come on, move!
- Move, let's go!
- Move!
Move, move!
Come on, move, move, move!
- Come on!
- Always fucking with us! Out!
- Get out!
- Access points secured.
- Bastards!
- Stay inside your home!
Puma 11 to 12-4...
- Police! Open the door!
- The homes were empty.
F and G are empty.
F and G are empty.
- They made a mistake.
- Okay, calm down.
- Relax.
- The bank made a mistake.
- Calm down.
- They've admitted it, they're fixing it...
- Clear!
- Dad!
- Martita...
- Come here.
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
- No! No! Stop!
- Keep still!
Calm down, calm down!
Easy! She's just a girl.
- Listen, you need to behave...
- Please...
They're going to sort it out...
They'll fix it, okay?
No! Don't touch me!
- Let's do this the easy way...
- 1-11 to 12-1...
Reporting a minor in apartment 1-J.
- She'll come down with her dad.
- You need to leave!
We have nowhere to go!
- Coria! Coria!
- Coming!
- I repeat: people on the second floor.
- Don't touch me.
Copy that 12-1.
Proceeding to the second floor.
Hey, hey, hey! Jesus!
- What?
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Step back.
- Did you see that?
"Did I see" what? Listen up.
We're side by side but not eye to eye.
If someone's out of line,
I'll deal with it. That's my job.
- Understood?
- Yes.
- Carry on!
- Copy that, Puma 11.
- Don't forget...
- Come on, Dani.
1-11 to 13-2, clear.
We don't know how they got out.
Get that girl out of here!
Ma'am, remain in your home...
Thank you, but please stay inside!
Just wait until
you see what's in there!
Long live Spain!
Long live the police!
Head out to the hallway, please.
Things have cleared up down here.
Exit to the hallway.
- Clear!
- Okay, relax.
- IDs, please.
- Move, move!
Thank you, sir, relax.
Your ID, please.
ID. Miss, your head scarf.
I need to see your face.
Relax, sir!
I need to see her face.
Are you okay, trooper?
Please, please,
we need and interpreter in 2-G.
There's a woman...
Dani, go check it out.
The veil! Take it off!
- We need someone up here.
- On my way!
1-F, clear.
I can't understand you!
I can't understand!
What's going on?
Chewing my ear off for 10 minutes!
Take over, please.
Calm down. Do you speak French?
You need to come with us.
You need to come with us.
- What's so hard to understand?
- Calm down.
We're trying to explain
it to her, okay?
She has no idea what's going on!
- Papers.
- Fuck the papers!
Cut the crap, come with me!
Do you speak English?
- Calm down!
- You're coming with me!
There's a minor.
Get him downstairs, please.
- There's a minor!
- Calm down, please!
Hey, stop!
Let her go!
- Please stop!
- Hey!
Get her off me, goddamn it!
Keep still!
Keep fucking still!
Keep still!
Stop moving, goddamn it!
You're Superman, aren't you?
At least this one won't be
jumping out the window on you.
Ma'am, please, calm down.
What's your problem?
- What's your problem?
- What's that?
- Are you a comedian now?
- What did you say?
- Are you a comedian?
- Relax, trooper.
- No, you relax!
- Puma 11 para 12-1.
Prevent social services.
Another minor in 2G.
- Copy that, Puma 11.
- You, get up!
Get up now.
- This fucking kid!
- Goddamn it!
This is unbelievable...
- Hey, hey!
- This was an in and out procedure!
And here we make sure
that things are done right!
Come here...
Against the wall.
- What are you doing?
- What does it look like?
Then you explain how
you hit a minor to Social Affairs!
Whose side are you on?
Calm down!
Everybody's doing their job here!
Whatever. Fuck this shit!
And careful how you talk to me!
Lower your visor, trooper!
Do me a favor!
Is this fucking chick serious or what?
- Have you guys seen a black kid?
- What are you saying?
This is 12-1. Have you seen
a young black male,
white t-shirt and a sweatshirt?
- No.
- Negative.
No minors. They need to be indoors
or out of the building!
Police! Open up!
Police! Open the door!
Police! Open the door!
Clear the entrance!
We're going in!
Come on, Dani! We need
to seal up and get out!
Come on!
Clear the entrance,
the door's coming down.
Clear the entrance, please.
- Come on, Dani!
- I'm coming!
I'm coming.
Hurry, goddamn it!
Step on it!
Come on, everybody downstairs.
Come on.
What the hell's up with you, Dani?
You're making us waste time here.
You're a piece of work.
These people need to be downstairs!
Get them moving!
Christ! I don't want
anyone wandering off!
Keep the corridor clear, keep moving.
- What's wrong?
- I forgot my...
I lost my shoulder mic.
- Wait, I'll bring it down...
- No, not necessary!
- Dani!
- She's a real liability this one...
Come on, people.
This Puma 11. Finish sealing up,
we need to move.
We need more units
to extract the rest of the detainees.
Where's your manners?
You guys sure like to shake it up.
What was with that microwave?
A birthday present?
It was a piece of junk.
A beer, anyone?
Rivero, ears on the door.
You'll have to excuse me...
I wasn't expecting any visits.
Is this your daughter?
And where is she?
What is it to you?
With her mother, I guess.
Where did all your illegals run off to?
Half the apartments were empty.
Beats me.
Whenever you guys draw near,
they disappear.
Makes sense, doesn't it?
You've got some at home too, right?
Business is booming, huh?
Not bad.
And I'm just saying,
last month was paid in full.
What the fuck do you want now?
Look in the kitchen.
What's he doing?
What's he looking for?
Sit down.
Ramiro, we're friends.
And friends don't steal from each other.
I haven't stolen anything,
I swear on my life.
Don't bet on your life
because the math doesn't lie.
12-1, do you copy?
12-1, where are you? Dani!
- What's going on with her?
- Mind your own business.
Look, guys...
Showing up in force, kicking
people out of their homes
isn't good for business
or any of us.
So, please explain
what the fuck this this all about.
We're following orders.
Why the hell am I paying you then?
15 Toledo, 1-A 300, 1-B 300,
2-B 300, 2-C 500,
17 Toledo 300, 450,
450, 200...
Business is booming, right?
I haven't stolen a goddamned thing.
Where is it, Ramiro?
- Jesus Christ!
- Rivero, you piece of shit!
Fucking listen to me!
He's laughing at you!
- This is fucking bullshit!
- Stay there!
Where is Trajano?
I want to talk to Trajano.
You're cruising for a bruising.
I didn't steal anything.
- So, where is Trajano?
- You could care less about him.
- We want...
- First of all, shut up and...
- Wait downstairs...
- Shut the fuck up!
Let's see here...
Ramiro, hey!
Don't break my balls,
you fucking snitch.
- You think I'm the one that took...?
- Quiet!
Did you hear that?
Goddamn it.
No idea if they're coming up the stairs
or what.
Puma 11 to Camel 27.
Get going, we're about to leave.
Copy that. Have you seen Dani?
Seen who?
The girl, 12-1.
No, we haven't seen her.
Get going.
We can't be here all day.
This was an in-an-out affair.
- In-and-out, you hear me?
- Can you please shut up?
- It's getting hairy...
- Shut up!
Everyone is waiting downstairs.
What's going on?
Turn that off.
Puma 11 to Camel 27. No idea
about the girl. Get going.
Copy that, Camel. She was looking for
her shoulder mic. We'll wait.
Copy that, Puma 11.
There's a first time
for every rookie...
Seriously, get going.
We'll find her
and take her home. So long.
Negative. Not necessary. As soon as
one of my guys are free, I'll send him up.
HQ is telling us to hurry up.
Copy that, Puma 11.
Gentlemen, we need to hurry.
Come on, Trajano.
Care to explain
what all this is all about?
Showing up to my house like this
isn't good for business.
And you could have warned me
you were showing up to evict people.
The last thing we need now
is Marquitos showing up.
Marquitos is downstairs
with the van. He's none the wiser.
Where is it?
Trajano, you guys are
making a mistake this time.
Where is it?
The owner's gonna find it,
whether a shitbag like me has it,
or shitbags with a badge have it.
Shitbag without a badge...
City hall has sold
all the apartments.
This eviction is the first of many.
So the gravy train is history.
For all of us, but you especially.
Do the bosses know
how much you're skimming?
I just take my share.
The closet.
There's nothing here!
There's nothing!
- You fucking piece of shit!
- Relax!
It's there. Have a good look,
for Christ's sake!
Lolo, tie his hands.
Not too tight, it'll leave a mark.
It's all there, trust me.
Have a good look, I swear.
For fuck's sake...
It's there.
Come on.
- It's fucking there.
- Come on, Ramiro, on your feet.
Where is it?
Where, Ramiro?
There, it was there.
- It's not there, Ramiro. Where is it?
- It was there, I left it there.
Where is it, Ramiro?
Someone took it.
Someone took it.
Was it you?
Was it you?
Goddamn it, Ramiro, don't fuck with me.
Don't fuck with me.
- What are you doing?
- Quiet.
It wouldn't be the first time
someone kills himself after an eviction.
Come over to me.
Listen to me, listen to me.
You have two, three minutes
until you bleed out.
We can still apply a tourniquet.
Hey, hey! Tell us where
the money is.
And I promise these guys
will take you to the hospital. Where is it?
Ramiro, come on, tell me.
It's not there.
Ramiro, where is it?
Ramiro, let's go to the hospital.
Easy now, Ramiro.
Where is it?
Come on, where?
Ramiro, goddamn it.
Where is it?
It's not there.
It's not fucking there.
Where is the money, Ramiro?
You son of a bitch...
Come on, and we'll go
to the hospital... Ramiro!
Goddamn it! Let's go to the hospital.
Come on, come on...
You fucking piece of shit.
Fuck! She's filming us!
You, Lolo, go after her!
Move, move, move!
Go! We need to get her!
Get over here! Stop!
- Lolo, where the hell are you going?
- Hold still, goddamn it.
What the hell's the matter with you?
What's gotten into you?
12-1, do you copy?
12-1, where are you?
Dani, where are you?
This is 12-4. First floor is empty.
Heading up to floor two.
Third floor if necessary!
Camel 27 to Puma 11.
Any updates?
I repeat. Camel 27 to Puma 11.
Any updates?
Tell him you're coming with us.
Puma 11 to 12-1.
Puma 11. Dani, what the fuck?
Taking a liking to this place or what?
We need to haul ass out of here!
I'm with guys from Camel...
I'm still looking.
You guys get going.
You're staying?
Look, I can't delay any further.
Hurry up then.
This is no place to camp out!
Don't worry, boss.
We'll catch up in a few minutes.
Copy that.
Moving out.
The cell phone.
- I don't have it.
- Give it to me.
Give us the cell phone.
- Want me to frisk you?
- I don't have it! I don't!
This is totally unnecessary.
- Hand over the cell phone!
- I don't have it, I don't have it!
The cell phone.
I swear I don't have it.
You sure?
What are you going to do?
My boss knows I'm with you.
Give us the cell phone.
Give us the cell phone.
I don't know where it is.
No, no, no.
Open your hand.
10.66 euros an hour, right?
A cop's life isn't worth much.
And now you blood is bound to Ramiro's.
Marcos, make sure no one
enters or exits the building
until we're downstairs.
Switching to one-way.
- No, no, no!
- Come on, get up.
Find it fucking funny, do you?
- For real.
- Yeah, yeah.
She's a riot, this one.
What... What's...
What's gotten into you?
This fucking bitch...
Back off!
Back off!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Back off!
Don't move!
- You don't want to shoot. Put it down.
- Back off!
- Lower the gun.
- I'm not kidding, okay?
- Don't move.
- You don't want to shoot.
- Don't move!
- Don't move!
- Don't move!
- Don't move!
You don't really...
Marcos, this Trajano!
Did you see the rookie come down?
This is Marcos. Negative,
but this is getting out of control.
Residents want to
go up to their homes.
Make sure no one enters or exits,
And if you see the rookie, arrest her.
Everybody, listen up.
Check door-to-door.
We need to find her now!
Coria here. Second floor, clear.
This is Rivero.
Going down to the lobby.
Trajano, this is Lolo.
Lolo, where the fuck are you?
I know who has the cell phone.
The black kid took it.
5'2, white t-shirt and sweatshirt.
He got away but he's in the building.
All units, we need to
find that black kid.
- Where are your papers?
- Scumbags!
Turns out we are
smarter than you!
Talk to me in Spanish!
Hey, hey! Check it out!
Look, check it out!
Here, here!
We don't make trouble here...
Don't bring any more cops!
Here, here!
Take it, take the cell phone!
We don't want any trouble!
A kid... 5'2, wearing a white t-shirt,
sweatshirt. Seen him?
- Black.
- We don't hang out with that guy.
- With who?
- Undocumented.
The illegals.
Have you seen him?
- You want me to call in...
- Talk to Luki!
- Who's Luki?
- He calls the shots around here.
If something happens around here,
he knows about it.
Top floor.
This is Rivero. Third floor is clear.
No one in 3-J.
- Are you Luki?
- What do you want?
Is he here?
Why are you looking for him?
I'm looking for someone,
he might know where he is.
Show me the warrant.
No, no.
I just want to talk to him, okay?
We know our rights.
No warrant, you can't be here.
Get out.
The kid's a resident
and he's in trouble.
I just want to talk to Luki.
Where is he?
You're confused.
The evictions are one floor down.
Sorry, we can't help you.
I'm just looking for a kid,
I want to help him.
what's your opinion
on the police?
Police not good.
Not good.
Why are you looking for him?
Why is the van still downstairs?
I don't want trouble.
As soon as I find the kid...
You're the one wearing a uniform.
You're the one who should be calm.
We're supposed to be nervous.
But that's not the case.
Don't make me call for backup.
To ask for backup,
the first thing you need to do
is turn on your radio.
You didn't look very chummy with
your colleagues back there.
Do you want us to call them?
Hey, hey, easy!
What's going on?
Don't you recognize her?
You kick her out of her home
and you don't remember her face?
Tell Nasha to shut up
if she wants us to
help her find the kid.
Sit down.
What is it you need to tell me?
We were deployed for a removal.
We were joined by another unit
to act as backup.
And they entered a home
that wasn't on the list.
Which apartment?
This guy's apartment,
Stop it...
Do you have kids?
Isn't she beautiful?
What would you like her to be
when she grows up?
A doctor? A lawyer?
Or end up wiping
your old folk's asses?
A present.
Where is the money?
What money?
The money Ramiro skimmed.
That's it, isn't it?
Your friend enforces,
collects for the guys upstairs.
And like everybody else,
he always skims his share.
The game is up.
And your colleagues
won't settle for just a taste,
that's why they're here.
What about the kid?
They're looking for him,
they think he knows something.
You know...
...will be boys.
But I get the feeling that,
for white folks,
a black boy
is just some black person.
That's it. Did it hurt?
Well done, champ.
Go on.
Three doses a day.
Since two years ago.
Any idea how expensive this is?
- Where are you taking her?
- Handing her over to your unit.
Your friends will have better luck
finding the kid with her.
Then they'll leave.
We don't get the money
and you don't get the boy!
- I know where the money is!
- Stop!
This is Rivero. Second floor is clear.
Keep looking. Either we find him now
or we're screwed.
Anything on the rookie?
Not yet, but she's in the building.
She had no way out.
You should have checked with us.
Not now, okay? Not now.
I'm looking for a boy.
I'm looking for a kid.
A young kid, okay?
Enough, enough!
Calm the fuck down, okay?
Where is the boy?
I'm just asking about the boy, okay?
- Is that clear?
- No!
For Christ's sake!
Fucking black piece of shit!
Just tell me where the boy is.
The kid first.
In the closet.
Where's the money?
Trajano here.
Has someone fired their gun?
We have to call an ambulance!
Do you have a phone?
Somebody answer.
Has someone shot?
I'm Rivero, I have not shot.
The PIN!
Your PIN!
We need to call!
Your PIN!
We need to call an ambulance!
Enter your PIN!
- Is it really bad?
- Yes!
We need to call an ambulance!
I did it for them, trooper.
I did it for them.
No, no! Stop, stop!
My daughters.
They can't know what I've done.
They can't know what I've done.
They can't know.
Police! Open the door!
- Open the door!
- Police!
That fucking bitch!
This is Rivero.
What's the situation?
We'll keep searching.
What do you mean, nothing?
What happened?
I said we're still looking!
Talk to me in Spanish!
I can't understand!
Give me my cell phone.
Don't worry.
Give me my cell phone.
Tell him he has my cell phone!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Everybody out into the hallway.
File out one by one.
I want everybody in the hallway.
Give me. Give me.
Finders, keepers!
He stole it from me.
You stole something too.
No one steals from that house.
Somebody grab that kid!
Every family, out in the hallway!
Give me my cell phone!
Take the fucking phone!
The battery's dead.
Clear here too. Ask everyone
about the fucking black kid.
Five feet, white t-shirt and
sweatshirt, goddamn it!
It's not that complicated!
Come on!
No, no! Wait! Wait!
Police! Police!
- Police!
- Shut up!
- Police!
- Shut up!
Police! Police!
Police! Police!
- Shut up!
- Police, police!
What are you doing?
Don't help her, fuck her.
Let's go. Let's go.
Police. Open the door!
Police. Open the door!
Police! Open the door!
Third and final time.
Police! Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
Trajano, this is Coria.
We're on floor two of the northern block.
They refuse to open but someone's inside.
Something's up.
Breach that apartment now.
We can't waste any more time.
For the last time...
Police. Open the fucking door!
Let's go, goddamn it! Move!
Wait up!
Wait up!
This is Marcos! Things are getting
out of control here!
I need backup!
Can anyone come down?
Trajano, do you copy?
Requesting back-up.
Marcos, no back-up.
No one gets in or out.
Marcos, wait for instructions.
This is getting out of hand!
Come on, goddamn it. Come on!
Let's go!
Hurry up!
Move it!
Move it!
Come on!
Hurry! Faster!
We can't go!
We can't!
Leave me alone! Stop!
Leave me alone!
We need papers to stay here.
"Here," where?
You can't stay...
Here in Spain, dumbass!
No, no, no!
No, goddamn it! No!
Trajano, Marcos here.
I'm inside.
Trajano, this is Marcos.
The door's coming down.
Trajano, I'm in trouble.
Where the hell are you, guys?
Marcos here!
Don't move! Keep quiet!
go up to the second floor now!
Marcos, go up to the second
floor now!
I'm sorry.
Open up, or I'll knock the door down!
Open the fucking door!
Dani, I know you're listening.
Switch to the last channel,
just you and me.
Are you there?
That certainly got out of hand, didn't it?
You couldn't have looked
the other way, could you?
And a trooper is dead now.
A good father...
A good husband...
And a friend.
But you and I still have a chance.
What do you want?
What is it you want?
I want to go home.
Well, that's up to you, Dani.
All of this can stop
whenever you decide.
And you know it.
Your blood's there,
your fingerprints too, but...
We can make all that go away.
Chalk it all up
to an eviction gone wrong.
Dani, you took some money
that's not yours.
You stole it.
What do you think's going to happen?
That they'll praise you?
Ramiro was a scumbag,
a worthless piece of shit.
You know what he did?
He worked for the mafias.
Dani, what have you done?
Because you were there
and what did you do?
Nothing. You had your phone,
overhearing everything, your gun.
And you did nothing. Why?
Because you need that money.
Because you wanted that money.
You wanted to rob those poor people.
That's the truth, Dani.
I haven't robbed any money
from these people.
Dani, I realize that
you have your reasons
in doing what you did,
and believe me, I'm not judging you.
Because you have your problems,
I have mine,
these people have theirs.
But you've put your problems
above these people.
You saw that money and figured:
"Me first."
"Then everybody else."
And that,
trooper, doesn't make you
better than me.
You aren't better than us.
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Cervantes is dead and there's
nothing we can do about it.
But he could have also
died in the line of duty.
As a hero, okay?
A pension for his family.
Imagine what's going to happen
if that video is leaked.
The video and the money.
If it gets out.
Forget about me,
think about what will happen
to you and your family,
to my family. It's not just you, Dani.
It's not just you.
It's impossible to erase all of this.
Look, nobody's proud about
what happened here.
I'm not proud of what I did, Dani.
But we are the law.
And it's their word against ours.
And I'm sorry, but no one
cares about the truth.
A police force is far more valuable
than any one person.
And that's why, as colleagues,
we're here for each other.
Think about that money, think about
your mother. Think about her, Dani.
You want her to end up
in a nursing home?
Poorly looked after.
That's what's going to happen
if we don't work together.
That's what's going to happen.
You can count on it.
What do you know about my mother?
You know what your problem is?
You think we're here
to serve citizens.
Not true. We're not here
to solve their problems.
We take orders.
We work for the top brass,
not for those at the bottom.
And it's in no one's interest
that any of this comes to light.
Not you, me nor any higher-ups.
The big difference between
you and me, Dani...
Is that they'll have my back.
But not yours.
And what about them?
Who's them?
The woman and the boy.
Have they seen the video?
If they've seen the video,
this is a one-way solo trip.
And you know this perfectly well.
There can be no witnesses.
What do you say, Dani?
Dani, let's go home.
Let's go home, what do you say?
Come on, what do you say?
Go fuck yourself.
Open the door!
Dani, open the door.
Last warning, Dani!
Open the door!
- Mom! Mom, what are you waiting for?
- Dani!
- Dani!
- What's the hold up? Let's go!
What's the hold up?
Let's go!
Let's go!
Hurry up, come on!
Dani! You're really fucking up.
Open the door.
There were two babies on that raft.
But you...
You didn't cry.
You didn't cry.
It was as if...
As if you knew what
you had to do to get here.
This is where you belong.
Go! Go!
- Mom.
- Go!
- Mom.
- Go! Go!
What's your name?