Ash Wednesday (2002) Movie Script

We've got a love
that's called radar love.
Let me ask you something.
How much does this guy owe?
A couple a hundred.
A couple hundred?
That's what you brought me down
here for?
Hey, this cocksucker told Moran
to go fuck himself.
No one tells my cousin to go
fuck himself.
Guess not.
He thinks he's a tough guy just
because he's
the son of John Sullivan.
He thinks he can go and do and
say whatever the fuck he wants.
Thinks Whitey Smith and those
old-timers time
are gonna protect him again.
Not tonight.
I just want you to promise me
one thing...
that I'm the one who gets to put
the bullet
in this fucking guy's head.
You mean to tell me this guy's
old man, the John Sullivan?
And they're all right with this?
What they don't know, they
ain't ever gonna know.
I got it, kid.
It's for me.
OK, I got it.
Her, too?
It's all set.
He's there now.
All right.
Let's go.
I got to take a piss.
Me, too.
We've been here a couple hours
Now you guys gotta piss?
Bless me Father, for I have
I've done a terrible thing.
Gimme a hand here.
Hey, Murph.
Did you see the Johnny Carson
show last night?
Oh, no.
I missed it.
Who was on?
Dolly Parton.
Fuckin' A.
You retard!
He's got his own show.
Morning, gents.
Hey, Francis.
Murph was late again.
What's up, Murph?
I see you've been to mass
already, huh?
Yeah, 6:30.
You getting your ashes today?
Yeah, yeah.
I've got to take Grace and the
kid to the 10 o'clock.
Father Mahoney was looking for
you this morning after mass.
Said he had something to ask
Said it was important.
He say what it was about?
Morning, lads.
A word with you?
Murph, give the lads the usual.
Whitey, thanks.
Sit down.
What brings you in here so
early this morning?
We've got a problem, Francis.
What kind of problem is that?
You don't know?
No, I paid Brian Murphy
everything I owe him already.
I don't give a shit about Brian
I got a phone call last night.
Fascinating phone call, as a
matter of fact.
Do you know what it was about?
I haven't a clue.
Well, someone thinks your
is back in the neighborhood.
What brother could that be?
What brother could that be?
The only fucking brother you've
got, wise ass.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
You and I both know that's
seeing as Sean's dead.
Some people think so, and other
people don't think so.
Well who's not thinking so all
of a sudden?
The same fucking people who
him dead in the first place.
Do you know anything about this?
No, I don't know anything.
Don't fuck with me.
Maggie Shea says she saw him
over at Red Kelly's
on the avenue last night.
Now, you're going to go over
there and check
that out later, right?
Yeah, yeah, I'll go over there
and check it out after mass.
Then you'll come by and see me
and let
me know what you found out.
Because, Francis, you see, I
don't need this kind of trouble
right now.
And this neighborhood doesn't
need this kind of trouble.
Do you understand what I'm
telling you?
Now, don't fuck around with me
on this one, all right?
The best, lads. - All right.
Cheers, Whitey.
Whitey, take it easy, buddy.
Everything all right?
Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
Morning, Fran.
Who the hell is it?
It's your nephew.
Open up.
Don't worry, it's me.
I like what you did with the
Still looks like shit.
Don't start with the bullshit,
It's too early.
What the hell are you doing here
You're not thinking of dragging
me off to mass, are you?
No, no, I got a question for
How's your aunt, by the way?
Did she ask about me?
No, and she's fine.
She never comes by to see me
Hey look, she's probably just
busy, that's all.
Busy with what?
Want some toast?
No, no, I'm fine.
I mean, what do you want me to
She likes the suburbs.
What's to like about Long
Look, I don't know.
Maybe she likes you know the
trees and having a backyard.
Backyard my ass.
It's disgraceful.
Leaving the neighborhood to the
spics and the niggers.
One day there'll be no Irish
left here.
Then what'll she say then?
You know what?
Then she'll be dead.
Sickens me, Fran.
It sickens me.
Yeah, well, you know what?
I'll tell her you said so.
But, look, I got something I
gotta talk to you about.
Whitey Smith came by my place
this morning.
I don't know why your father
ever liked him.
Thought it made him look more
legit, I guess.
Whitey Smith in his new suits
and his phony smile,
off the boat, donkey prick that
he is.
Where was he for your father
the feds come down after him?
He's always been good to me,
you know that.
Helped me out of my toughest
jam, right?
That was guilt. Guilt for
abandoning your father,
letting him die in prison. What
was he asking?
He was asking about my brother,
Asking what?
He heard a rumor that Sean's
back in the neighborhood.
What, the shit-for-brains
doesn't know he's dead?
No, he knows.
He knows?
Well what... why was he asking,
Well I was hoping maybe you
might know.
Well, what do I... what do I
How a man rises from the dead?
Did they ever find his body?
They found an arm!
Didn't they?
An arm!
Yeah, but not the rest of him.
Sean was never found because by
the time
that those animals got through
with him,
there was nothing left to find.
Maybe a hand here and an arm
there, but that'd be about it.
God rest his soul.
Well, what do you think this is
I mean, I've got to go back over
to Whitey's and give
him some kind of explanation.
Go tell him Whitey that you
asked around the neighborhood,
and unless his ghost is haunting
the streets,
young Sean has not been seen in
Hell's Kitchen since 1980.
All right?
Hey, Red, how you doing, man?
I'm still here, ain't I?
Good night last night?
How you doing?
So what can I do you for?
Here to talk about your brother?
Yeah, yeah, I heard you had a
guy in here
last night who looked like him?
- Looked a lot like him.
But, I mean, you know, it wasn't
I know what Sean looks like.
I grew up with the kid.
So, you have any idea who this
guy was?
I never saw him before.
He was just some kid in a black
pea coat.
You know, he's off one of the
ships, shore leave, you know.
So you have no idea who he is
I have no idea.
All I know is it was not your
It's ridiculous.
No, I know, it's a little
because I had Whitey coming by
my place, asking questions.
I don't know what the hell it's
all about.
Don't worry about it.
It's nothing.
I don't know what Maggie's
talking about.
What do you mean, Maggie?
Maggie was tending bar.
She's the one who talked to him.
And she talked to him?
She swears it was him, but I
wouldn't listen to her.
That's interesting.
All right. - All right.
- Thanks a lot, man. - Sure,
All right.
Whitey, he's here!
All right, come on.
Francis, have you seen the
No, Mrs. Diaz.
What ghost is that?
Your brother's ghost.
I saw it last night.
He was here.
He came and he bought some
cigarettes and then he left.
The ghost did?
Yes, the ghost.
This ghost have a pea coat on,
by any chance?
Yes, like a sailor.
It wasn't a ghost, Mrs. Diaz.
It was just some guy that looked
like Sean.
All right?
I saw him, too.
It wasn't Sean.
It wasn't any ghost, comprende?
He was a ghost from the dead.
Yes, I was not the only one who
saw him.
Maggie Shea was here, and she
that she, too, saw the ghost. -
Maggie Shea.
That figures.
Put this on my account.
What the fuck are you doing
What are you talking about?
Are you doing this to get back
at me?
Fran, I'm not doing anything,
and I've
got no need to get back at you.
Why the fuck are you telling
anyone who will listen
that you saw Sean last night?
Because I did see him.
You realize what a fucking sick
thing that is to say?
You think I don't know what I
What the fuck is wrong with
Do you think this easy on me, or
or anyone who cared about him?
You go around telling people
back from the fucking grave.
It was him, and you know it.
All I know is he's fucking dead.
All right?
Now why don't you let him stay
Because it was him.
I talked to him.
Did I fucking hurt you that
I hurt you that fucking badly,
you've got to make
up a crazy story like this?
You didn't fucking hurt me.
You're going to get me fucking
killed, all right?
You think about that?
Did you fucking think about
Don't put that on me.
I know what you and Father
Mahoney did...
What the fuck are you talking
about, me and Father Mahoney?
You know what I'm talking
Do me a favor.
When it comes to me and Sean and
my business,
keep your fucking mouth shut,
all right?
Hey, Fran?
What if I tell people it wasn't
Will that make a difference, do
you think?
Maybe then you could give us
another chance.
I could tell people I just made
it up.
You're a sick fucking bitch.
Fuck you.
And another thing... you didn't
hurt me.
I was the best thing you ever
Hey, Mrs. Flanagan, how are you
Shopping for the Puerto Ricans
Yeah, well, you know, they're
family, right?
So they are.
But I hope you're not getting
too close to that girl, though.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry
about that, all right?
Yeah, OK.
You're late.
You know, it's good to see you,
It's already 11:20.
The groceries you asked for?
Don't mention it.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Where's little Sean?
He's at Teresita's this
Let's go. I don't want to be
Good morning, Mrs. Quinonez.
How are you?
Real friendly house you got
You been out at all yet today? -
I've been waiting for you.
Look, I'm sorry.
I had some things I had to take
care of.
But you haven't heard anything
kind of weird or kind of funny?
Like what?
Well, apparently there was some
last night in Red Kelly's who
looked a lot like Sean.
All right?
And he was just some guy in the
Navy having a drink.
But now Maggie Shea is telling
everybody that she
thinks it was actually Sean.
Why would she say something
like that?
You know, she's a miserable
who likes to cause trouble.
You know, I don't know what you
ever saw in that girl.
She's nothing but a filthy
Well, whatever.
I mean, I'm just saying, if you
hear anything
about it, that's all it was.
God is gracious and good,
patient, and rich in mercy
to those who call on him with
repentant hearts and lives.
Divine mercy is of the utmost
and the church calls on us to
implore it
during the entire Lenten season
with reflection,
with prayer, and with penance.
Remember, man is dust, and unto
dust you shall return.
Dear friends in Christ, let us
ask our father
to bless these ashes which we
will use
as the mark of our repentance.
Remember thou art dust, and unto
dust thou shalt return.
Remember thou art dust, and unto
dust though shalt return.
Remember, Grace, thou art dust,
and unto dust thou shalt
Remember, Francis, thou art dust
and unto
dust thou shalt return.
Remember thou art dust, and unto
dust thou shalt return.
Remember thou art dust, and unto
dust thou shalt return.
Hello, Grace.
Good morning, Father.
Francis Xavier, how are you?
I'm good, I guess.
Are you really?
We need to talk.
Meet me in the sacristy in five
What the hell is going on?
Is what I'm hearing true?
No, not at all.
Don't lie to me, Francis!
I am in this as well.
Hey, come on, Father.
Do you think I'm going to lie to
you about this?
I mean, I'm... I'm just as
confused as anybody.
Then why is everybody in the
parish talking
about this this morning?
Because you know and I know
that Maggie Shea is
a sloppy lush who's probably
just looking
to get me in trouble with Moran
because I don't want
to see her anymore.
I mean, come on.
You don't think it's any
coincidence that she
comes up with this bullshit?
Watch your mouth.
You don't think it's any
coincidence that she
comes up with this on the
anniversary of the shootings?
OK, look, I'm sorry, Francis.
I just wanted to make sure.
I mean, I don't want to you get
caught up in something again.
I would hate that.
You've been a good man these
last three years
and I don't want to lose you to
the other side again.
Don't worry about it.
You're not, all right?
It's not true.
Hey, Red.
Give me a whiskey.
Can I ask you a few questions?
You've got to be kidding me.
Your old man would talk to me.
Yeah, well, look where it got
Hey, Maggie, sweetheart, come
Fuck you, Polack.
I don't care what the rest of
'em say.
I still think you're a classy
Now, is it true that you had a
visitor from beyond the grave
last night?
And why would I tell you if I
had a visitor from anywhere?
Because if you didn't, I could
make your life very difficult.
Do you know anybody over here
who talks to the cops?
Not many, but a few.
Well you're not adding me to
your list.
What if I told you that if you
told me there
was some truth to the story,
that it would be very
helpful to me in putting Francis
behind bars for a long time?
What would you think then?
I think I'd still tell you to
go fuck yourself.
Francis Sullivan is a fuck, and
I hope they fucking kill him,
but I'm no rat.
Did he hurt you that badly that
you'd go and make
up a crazy rumor like this?
First, it ain't no crazy rumor.
And second, he didn't hurt me.
If he wants to fuck his
brother's wife,
that's his business.
But he didn't hurt me.
I can see why that might upset
Oh, piss off, Polack.
God bless you both.
Thanks for all your help.
Francis Sullivan, my old
friend, how you doing?
What's up, Moran?
I was hoping you'd tell me.
I got nothing for you.
It's a bullshit rumor.
He's dead.
I hope you're not lying to me,
What was that?
I said, I hope you're not lying
to me.
I've got God in my life now, you
I don't lie to anybody.
We all know how we feel about
what happened
at the Blarney Stone, right?
Well it seems to me like that
evened that score,
don't you think?
You know, that's what I was
But now I'm hearing all this
crazy stuff.
You seem like a smart guy to
I don't know why you're going to
believe that kind of crap.
You want to know why I might?
Because if your brother was
and you thought I had something
to do with it,
I have a hard time believing you
have come after me already.
Well, you know, I've got my own
for that, all right?
Oh, yeah.
I know.
I heard you found God, and
on the straight and narrow.
Forgive and forget and turn the
other cheek and all
that Catholic school bullshit.
You know what I think, Francis?
I think it's a lot of crap.
You watch your back.
Not gonna be Whitey's
neighborhood forever.
I've got a feeling Whitey might
feel differently
about that, you know?
You want to know what, Francis?
I don't really give a fuck what
Whitey thinks.
I don't believe in ghosts.
Look, it ain't him, all right?
The guy is fucking dead.
It's just some kid who looked
like him.
Well you remember the rumor
that the guy
they paid to do the hit was
never heard from again.
Wasn't heard from again because
no one knew who he
was in the fucking first place.
They brought him in from the
west coast.
Why would they do that?
I mean, let's cut the fucking
Why didn't Moron, or Moran as
you yank bastards would say,
just do it himself?
Jesus, you're a stupid fucking
That's the old way of doing
Sean Sullivan was from this
fucking neighborhood.
To have someone do the hit from
this neighborhood?
Can't do that.
As long as Whitey Smith runs
things around here,
everyone, including Moran, got
to play by his fucking rules.
That sounds like a load of
bollocks to me.
When someone fucks with you, you
take care of them yourself.
Yeah, well, I don't know how
they do shit in Ireland,
but this is Hell's Kitchen.
And we got fucking rules here.
Have you heard this bullshit
about Sean Sullivan?
Yeah, I just heard, too.
You find out what the fuck is
going on?
All right, we'll look into it.
Yeah, you fucking do that.
I'll call you after.
What the fuck does Big Bear
He wants us to go talk to
Frannie, see what's up.
Not for nothing, I don't like
that guy
Francis Sullivan either.
What is your problem with
He's the nicest guy around here.
Not like the rest of you
friggin' animals.
His fucking face bothers me.
Just relax yourself, tough guy.
Unless you want to get yourself
fucking killed.
Don't you know who the father
No. Who's his father?
John Sullivan.
That name ring a bell, moron? -
I haven't a clue.
He only controlled the docks
over here
for over 20 fucking years.
He ran this fucking
No one fucked with this man, not
even the fucking guineas.
He had the whole West Side in
his hip pocket,
and Frannie helped run the whole
Big fucking deal.
Ancient history.
So if him and his kid were such
"tough guys," such hard fellas,
why is this Francis working in a
shitty little pub for now?
Because after they killed his
brother, that was it.
He went clean.
I still don't like his face.
Yeah, well, you don't need to.
Just make sure he likes yours.
That day will come.
Murph, can I get a beer?
Francis, good thing you're
I've gotta talk to you.
What, is everyone telling you
they're seeing ghosts?
You heard?
Yeah, yeah.
It's just some guy that looks
like him, all right?
I wouldn't worry about it.
OK, but there's this guy here.
Been here all morning.
Reading the paper, drinking tea.
He say anything?
Not a word.
Got any idea who he is?
All right.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Hey, Pete, you cum-drunk
You still betting the gray
You're OK.
Don't worry about it.
Fran, what number you play
Same as always.
Yeah, same as always.
Now, you see, that didn't come
Yeah, that never comes in, does
Nah, but I was rooting for you.
How's your brother doing?
Hey, Murph, take care of this
shyster, will you?
Be careful, Paulie.
US currency, Murph.
No Roman coins, Methuselah.
It's all right now, asshole.
You can come out.
It's only me.
Don't call me that.
Oh, don't call you that.
Do you have any fucking idea
what you're causing me today?
Sit the fuck down.
Did you sneak out last night
while I was working?
- No. - Don't lie to me, Sean.
I got People all fucking day
telling me that they saw you.
That's bullshit. Who saw me?
So you did go out.
I wanted a drink.
That's real, real fucking
So you go to Red Kelly's?
What the fuck are you thinking?
This is life and death we're
dealing with,
and you sneak out for a drink?
Don't talk to me about life and
It's not like it's you they're
going to kill if they find out.
Hey, the fuck it isn't!
It's me, it's you, it's even
Father Mahoney.
And maybe even Grace.
You think about that?
If you needed a drink that
I would have brought you a
fucking bottle from downstairs.
I wanted some air.
I'm sorry.
So why not go out of the
Go downtown where nobody would
recognize you.
I figured it was close.
And besides, it's been three
No one recognized me.
Nobody recognized you, huh?
For a guy wants to go to
you're real fucking moron, you
know that?
So you talk to anybody while you
were out having this drink?
- No. - No?
No, maybe not even Maggie Shea?
Your old girlfriend?
Hey, don't be a wise ass, you
little prick.
I'm not kidding around here.
Yeah, all right.
I ordered a drink from her.
That's real fucking smart.
You talk to anybody else?
- No. - No, nobody?
- No! - No?
You didn't stop in the deli
maybe after that?
Yes. So?
So now we've got Whitey Smith
coming by my place
this morning, asking me what the
fuck you're doing
back in the neighborhood, huh?
And he's not going to be the
last one sniffing around.
Well, you fucking got me into
this mess in the first place.
Hey, I didn't get you into
I'm not the one who asked you to
come back here unannounced.
That's not what I'm saying.
But I wouldn't be in this
situation if it wasn't for you.
I'd be finishing up college,
living with Grace,
thinking about getting out of
here and getting a regular job.
You fucked it up for me.
So now you owe me.
So don't fucking give me a hard
time, all right?
I don't have a life anymore.
You're not the one with no
friends, living in weird towns
where you don't know anybody.
So I went out for a drink!
Big fucking deal.
I've been hiding out for three
You don't know what that's like.
I don't have anybody.
It's worse than being dead.
I just wanted to see the
neighborhood again, you know?
See people I knew.
I didn't think anybody would
recognize me, Frannie.
I'm sorry.
Let me do the talking, all
All right.
Let's go.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Fucking tough.
- What? - Tough guy.
- Let me handle this, all right?
- All right.
Fucking Mick.
Stupid ass, fucking Mick.
Hey, Murph, how you been?
How are you, James?
How's your father?
Good, good.
Still slaving away for the
sanitation department.
Nothing wrong with an honest
living, is there?
No, nothing wrong with that.
Yeah, we're looking for
Is he here?
Who's this?
Name's Coleman, John Coleman.
What, you heard of me?
Should I?
It depends, I guess.
On what?
Come on, Murph.
You know why we're here.
We just got to fucking talk to
Is he around?
I'll take a look.
Keep and eye on the register,
will you?
Yeah, a lot of good we'll do.
What the fuck you doing?
I'm having a drink.
Put it down.
When it's free, it's welcome,
you bollocks.
Ah, Jesus.
All right, go get in the
Yeah, who is it?
Fran, it's Murph.
Open up.
What's up?
A few of Moran's guys are here.
Which ones?
Burke and some other guy I
don't know.
They want to talk to you.
All right.
All right.
Tell them I'll be down in a
You just had to go out for a
drink last night.
Who was that?
It was Murph.
I got more guys in the bar
asking about your reappearance.
What the hell do
you need that for?
Because you don't listen to
what you're told.
Lock the door and keep your
mouth shut.
Hey, Burke, what can I do for
You heard the rumor I guess.
About the Sean look-a-like?
Some people don't think it's a
I'm one of them.
What do you want me to say?
You know he's dead, I know he's
What does Moran say?
He don't fucking believe you.
He wants us to ask
around, see what you know.
Is there something I can help
you with, pal?
No, I fucking doubt that.
You tell Moran and if he needs
me, I'm right here.
Poor fella, just like I fucking
Come on.
Let's go.
No, no, no.
I want to see this big fucking
faggot's got.
You're going to allow me to call
you a queer
in your own fucking pub?
What the fuck is wrong with
Let's go. - Don't worry about
it, Burke.
You and I both know what happens
to guys like him.
You'll see what I mean, kid.
Have a nice fucking life.
Have yourself a pop, Frank.
Anything I can help you with?
No, just drinking my tea and
reading the paper.
All right.
You let me know if I can tell
you with anything, all right?
You good and comfortable?
I'm fine.
Good, good.
So I'm going to end up getting
my ass shot off because you
needed a drink last night.
Maybe I should just leave,
Oh, yeah? And go where?
I don't know. I'll go get
We'll take off.
I'm not a kid anymore.
I don't really need your help.
Good, good.
Do me a favor, get the fuck out
of here
and save me the headaches, all
Get the fuck out of here. - I
don't want to.
All right, good.
Because from now on, you listen
to what I say, OK?
No more sneaking out for late
night cocktails.
Look, I already said I was
I didn't know.
Yeah, well, look, you know
I'm sorry, too.
Because now the neighborhood's
not safe for you anymore.
So what are we gonna do?
I got a friend who lives out in
Maybe I'll take you out to her
house for a couple of days.
We'll hide you there until I can
figure out how
to get you out of town again.
Just so you know, I'm not
leaving without Grace.
Yeah, well, just so you know,
she doesn't know the truth.
We never told her.
What do you mean?
How could you not tell her?
Because the less she knew, the
safer you'd be,
and the safer she'd be.
So she thinks I'm dead?
Well, if she thinks I'm dead,
then maybe she might've
gone with somebody else.
Has she been with anybody else?
Well how can you be sure?
Because I know.
How do you know?
Hey, look, don't start with me,
all right?
I get a lot of bullshit going on
right now
without you all of a sudden
playing the jealous husband.
Did you?
Did I what?
Did you fuck her?
What the fuck is wrong with
you, Sean?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
That's your wife you're talking
about, all right?
Hey that doesn't answer the
Who the hell do you think
you're talking to, all right?
I'm your brother. You don't talk
to me like that.
What, you don't want to answer
the question?
No, I don't want to answer the
because she's your wife and you
don't talk about her that way,
all right? - You didn't do
You swear?
You know what, Sean, fuck you,
You fucked her, didn't you?
Hey, look, I'm not going to
tell you again.
She's your wife.
You don't talk about her that
You got me?
All right.
I'm going to go out for a couple
Don't leave the fucking
I'm not leaving without Grace.
You and I both know what Maggie
Shea is.
She did not see Sean last night,
because Sean is dead.
So I have to ask you, out of
respect for me and my son,
can you please stop telling
that you think you saw his
espiritu or whatever?
Hello, Father.
What can I do for you?
Oh, I've just got a few
I thought you could help me
Well, sure. Anything at all.
I'm sure you heard about the
reappearance of Sean Sullivan.
Oh, yes.
Some people claim he's risen
from the dead.
Or that he was never dead to
begin with.
Now, you know that he was
responsible for the death
of three men here in your parish
three years ago.
Three years ago to the day, in
That's right.
It was Ash Wednesday.
And if I remember my catechisms
the ashes symbolize death, and
remind us
of our mortality and our need to
before this life is over.
Isn't that right?
Very good.
But, remember, the only
redemption is with our Lord.
But a lot can happen between
and that final judgment day.
I'm not sure I get your point.
Have you heard anything that
be helpful in locating young Mr.
if he is, in fact, back from the
No, just the same rumors that
you've heard, I'm sure.
However, if he has risen from
the dead,
I would like to think that he
would stop by the church.
It might put me in better
standing with the bishop.
Well, if you do hear anything,
please let me know.
As you know, there's a few
people out there who would
like to see him dead, again.
Did I do something to make you
not trust me, Francis Xavier?
What are you talking about,
You're not telling me
the truth about Sean.
What are you talking about?
Today is what, Ash Wednesday,
A day of penance, and you're
going to lie to a priest.
Francis, how long have I known
You think I can't tell when
you're full of crap?
Come on, let's go out back.
Hey, look, Father.
I didn't tell you because I
didn't want you involved again.
I made a promise to your mother
a long time ago that I'd always
be involved.
You know what? I'm a big boy
Not so big that you can't use
the help of Jesus.
If Jesus wants to help, that's
I just don't want you involved
Who helped you put your life
together when everything
went down three years ago?
If it wasn't for me, you'd
be dead or in prison right now.
So don't forget who you're
talking to here, Fran.
Now where the hell is Sean?
You know what, look, where he
is isn't important right now.
Don't jerk me around here,
Where is he?
I got him in my room upstairs.
Now that's not the safest place
in the world, now
is it, with everybody looking
But then again, nobody'd think
you were dumb enough
to keep him up there.
Does anybody else know he's
I don't know.
I got a visit from Whitey this
And a couple of Moran's guys
came by, too.
What in God's name made him
come back anyway?
I thought we made a deal.
So did I. But he's a
21-year-old kid
who's afraid of being alone.
All right, so I get a phone call
last night saying he's
back in town.
Then what am I supposed to do?
He's my brother.
I've got to put him up.
Well why is he back?
He came back for Grace, said he
wants to take her out West.
Said he's ready to settle down.
Well that complicates things
now, doesn't it?
Does she know he's still alive?
OK, then you and me, we've got
to get him out of here again,
and we've gotta do it before
Well, he's not going without
Well suppose she won't go.
What then?
A lot's happened between you two
these last three years,
hasn't it?
Well, she's his wife.
She'll go.
Well, then one of us has to
tell her.
You know what?
I think you'd probably be a
little better at that than me,
don't you think?
But I'll do it.
What's going on, Maggie?
With you and Francis?
I don't know.
You tell me.
Just answer the question.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
You know exactly what I'm
talking about.
Look, Grace, I know everyone
says that Sean's dead,
and we were all at his funeral.
But a guy came in here last
night, and it was him.
Now either he's back from the
or he was never dead to begin
So it just couldn't have been
some guy who looked like him?
It's only been three years,
I would know Sean if I saw him,
and it was him.
Well what did he say?
He ordered a drink.
And I tried to talk to him, but
he just got up, sat at a table
back there, finished his drink
and left.
I don't care what she says,
I saw him too last night, and it
wasn't him.
All right?
He was just a kid off one of the
ships, probably on shore leave.
That's all.
Look, you've heard the rumors,
Hey, zip it, will you?
No, tell me.
What rumors?
That it wasn't Sean's arm they
That Francis really killed the
that they sent to kill Sean, and
that Fran cut him up and put
Sean's watch and ring on the
dead guy's arm,
and tossed it in the river.
And that he and Father Mahoney
got Sean out of town.
That's not true.
Well that's the rumor.
It's not true.
He's dead.
Don't be a fool, Grace.
You know how Fran used to be.
Go ask him yourself.
Or ask Father Mahoney.
He's a priest.
He can't lie to you.
Is it true?
Grace, let me try to explain.
What did I tell you about this
I told you he was no good.
So he's alive.
How could you not tell me that,
We did it to protect you and
the child.
It was done to keep you safe.
To keep me safe?
You lied to me.
You told me that my husband was
and that I had to move on and
raise little Seanie by myself.
How was that OK?
He was OK with that?
No, no.
He's... he doesn't know about
little Sean.
Then why did he come back?
For you.
After three years he just
decides to come back?
I'm just supposed to run off
with him?
Where has he been all this time?
It wasn't safe for him before
It still isn't.
And now it's not safe for you or
the kid either.
Because if...
If certain people find out that
he's alive,
they're going to come looking
for him,
and the first place that they'll
probably look is right here.
So I think it's very important
that we get you and little
Sean out of the city tonight.
That's what he wants if that's
what you want.
Where are we going to go?
Wherever you want.
Where's little Sean now?
He's at Teresa's house.
He's playing with little Tony.
He should be back in an hour.
Regardless of what you decide,
better go get him right now,
bring him over to the church.
You'll both be safer there until
we can figure out what to do.
Look, Grace, I'm sorry. I'm
- Don't! - No, I am.
I'm sorry, Grace.
I couldn't do anything else.
Where you been?
He's been waiting for you.
Hey, Fran.
How's it going?
What did you find out?
It's nothing.
Just Maggie Shea and her big
There was some guy last night in
the bar,
he kind of looked like Sean.
And now she's going around
telling crazy stories.
Why would she manufacture a
story like that?
I don't know.
She's a bitter woman, I guess.
So he's not back?
I hope not.
This could cause me a lot of
unnecessary turmoil.
Now, I helped you and your
because I owed it to your
but we had and fucking deal.
Your brother was never to show
his face in the neighborhood
ever again.
Now who else knows he's still
Same as always.
Me, you, Father Mahoney.
The wife doesn't know?
I don't want a war with that
little prick, Moran.
But if your brother is back in
the neighborhood,
I'll have to look the other way.
Do you understand?
Because as your father said, the
wages of sin must be paid.
Get out of here.
There he comes now.
Well, Paulie, you sure about
Just telling you what I heard.
It's the word up on the avenue.
Your uncle said you just get
out of the service.
Marine Corps.
And this is what you want to
If you cross this line, you
don't go back.
Come on, Charlie.
This guy Sullivan killed my
brother, Vinny.
I want revenge.
All right.
Where can the kid find this
Irish prick?
I'll take him by the bar right
You see that bar in the middle
of the block over there?
That's his Gin Mill.
It's a shit hole.
He's got the apartment upstairs.
That's a shit hole, too.
He should be up there.
But if he's not, you go
downstairs, you talk to Murph.
Murph's the bartender.
He should know where he is.
What's this guy Sean supposed
to look like?
He's a chink about 6 foot 5
with flaming red hair.
How do I know?
Hey, pal, what's the guy
supposed to look like?
I haven't seen him in three
I mean, he should be a walking
compost heap with worms
coming out of his face.
What do they say he looks like?
All right. Look.
The word is he's wearing a pea
coat and a knit cap.
Like a sailor?
Like a seaman, exactly.
Trust me, no, this kid ain't no
Now, his brother, Francis, and
his friends,
they're like psychotic cowboys.
Rile 'em up, it's like John
Wayne on acid.
So watch yourself.
How are you planning on handling
this, anyway?
Don't worry about it.
I ain't worried. Semper
How'd she take it when you told
She was angry.
She was confused.
What do you expect?
You think maybe I should go
over there and try
and explain things to her?
Francis, as long as it's the
last time and you
both understand that.
What do we do with Sean?
Well, it's really not that
We've just got to make sure that
nobody else sees him.
And then we get the three of
them out of town
as quick as possible, and
that'll be the end of it.
You have someplace you could
Sean out of the neighborhood
Grace and I could meet you?
Yeah, I was going to take him
out to a friend's in Brooklyn.
I'll take him there. - All
That's good, that's good.
But you know what'll happen if
they see him.
Yeah, they'll kill him
And then kill you.
So you'd better be very careful.
Are you kidding me?
You know, I don't even want to
fucking see you,
you fucking son of a bitch.
How could you not tell me.
How could you not tell me?
Calm yourself now, all right?
How could you do that?
Don't tell me to calm down.
Do not tell me to calm down.
You lied to me.
You lied to me this morning.
I did it to protect you, all
Same reason I didn't tell Sean
I did it to protect you.
And what did you tell him?
Because I know you didn't tell
him about Seanie.
The same thing you're going to
tell him, all right?
How am I supposed to face him?
Did you even think about that?
Hey, all right?
Come on, you know.
We were there for one another
during a tough time
to help each other out, all
There's nothing wrong... there's
nothing wrong with that.
It was OK.
What's so OK about it?
I fell in love with you.
That is not OK, Frances.
Well, you know what, look, that
doesn't matter any more.
All right?
I mean, it doesn't matter.
What matters now is Sean is
back, and he's your husband,
and he's the father of your son,
and that's all there is to it.
All right?
That's all there is to it.
And you have to go back with
him, and you know it.
What am I supposed to tell him?
I mean, there's nothing to
All right, I mean, what we had
together is just for us.
All right?
That means nobody can ever know.
I mean, that means Sean can
never know, and that means you
and I go to the grave with it.
All right?
How could you not tell me he
was alive?
Look, you know, I mean, I meant
to a thousand times.
I just... I didn't know how.
I'm so disappointed in you.
Well, look.
What are you going to do?
Are you going to go with him or
You know what?
You were no good when I met you,
and you're still no good.
It's time to go.
What the hell are you doing?
You wear that last night? -
Well then put something else
I don't want to take a chance
anyone's gonna recognize you.
Put your hood on, too.
All right, come on.
Let's go.
What do you need, a formal
Get in the fucking car.
Let's go.
This is the place.
Come on.
Fucking girl said she'd be home
by now.
What, you don't have a key?
No, I don't have a fucking key.
All right, come on.
We'll wait in the car.
Ah, Detective Pulaski.
The usual?
Oh, no.
Your man has already taken care
of me.
Then I assume you're here to
talk to me about the supposed
reappearance of Sean Sullivan.
Amazing, isn't it?
Fucking guy picked a religious
to rise up from the dead.
Yes, well, those Sullivans were
always good Catholics.
A few folks around here might
disagree with you there.
But never to my face.
I've come by for one reason...
I don't want to see any more
bloodshed in this neighborhood,
and if we can do something to
prevent that, I'd like to.
Well as the poet said, you're
overflowing with excreta.
There's nothing you would like
than to see the blood of the
last Sullivan flow
into the Hudson.
That has nothing to do with it.
I'm just not a big fan of
murdering scumbags.
I like to see them behind bars.
The only bars I want to see the
Sullivans behind are mine.
Young Sullivan is well dead, and
I know that for a fact.
So how long you owned that bar?
A couple of years now.
What else do you do?
What do you
mean, what else do I do?
I'm there seven nights a week.
What, you don't
do anything else?
What, you got a problem with
No, I'm just saying you used to
have a bunch
of other stuff going on.
Like the king of the
Look, Sean, I wasn't the king
of shit.
Yeah you were.
Everybody thought so.
Well everyone didn't know shit,
all right?
Whitey Smith ran the
The old man worked for him, and
I worked for the old man.
The only thing I did was throw
the first 30 years of my life.
But, still, I mean, you could
still do something
with your life now, right?
What, are you fucking judging
me now?
I'm not judging you.
I'm just saying, you know,
remember when we were kids?
We had all those dreams?
We were going to start that
trucking company, right?
Use dad's connections, drive all
across the country.
Meet girls from California.
You can still do that.
You're fucking unbelievable,
We got people chasing us,
looking to kill us,
and you're talking to me about
fucking trucks and girls from.
You'd better get your fucking
shit together, all right?
This ain't make-believe here.
Yeah, all right.
Yeah, all right.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Is there something I can do for
you, buddy?
I'm looking for Sean Sullivan.
Sean Sullivan?
Sean's been dead for about three
Maybe I can do something else
for you.
How about his brother, Francis?
He's not here.
Not upstairs, by any chance?
Like I said, he's not here.
You got a bathroom.
You want to use the bathroom,
buy a drink.
All right. Give me a beer.
It's in the back.
Thanks, pal.
What was Mom like
when she died?
Well, she was pretty sick.
What was the funeral like?
It was a funeral.
People were sad.
I can't believe I wasn't there
for that.
Did you ever tell her the truth
about what happened to me?
But Father Mahoney did.
And besides, she said she
already knew.
You know, you could never get
anything over on Mom.
Unfortunately, after dealing
with the old man
for all those years, nothing we
could do
would ever surprise her, so.
How do you figure a sweet woman
like Mom
ever fell for a guy like Dad?
Power is attractive
And he was a good dancer,
That's what she always used to
"If only I'd never seen him
dance that night,
what a different life I would
Oh, yeah.
For a fucking psycho, he was
pretty impressive.
How come you always used to
think that Dad favored me?
What was that all about?
I don't remember.
What about Mom?
Who was her favorite?
You were her favorite, too.
See, I don't think so.
I think they both favored you.
I mean, why else would Dad ask
you to go to work for him?
He kept talking to me about
going away, going to college,
and getting out of the
Because he knew that working
for him and living that life
was the best that I was ever
going to do.
You know, but he knew that you
were too smart.
He knew that he didn't want you
your life being a fucking
asshole like the rest of us.
What's weird is that I wanted
to be just like you and dad.
Well, I got news for you...
unfortunately, now you are.
How do you figure that?
You've got to look over your
shoulder everywhere you go,
don't you?
I don't fucking believe this.
Yeah, I'll call you.
You sure it was him?
I'm not going to say it again.
It was him.
Son of a bitch.
I want you two to go find out if
this scumbag is still alive.
Personally, I think we're
wasting our fucking time.
This is all bullshit.
We're making ourselves crazy
over nothing.
She didn't see a fucking thing.
Fuck you!
No, fuck you!
Shut up!
Where the fuck else could
Frannie be hiding him?
I don't know.
We checked all the usual places.
But we're not going to find him,
because Sean is fucking dead.
I know a place.
Any time we got into a fight,
Fran used to go out
to Brooklyn to see some slut.
He didn't think I knew, but I
Thinks he's so fucking smart.
I followed him out there one
Jesus, She was a fat fucking
cow, too.
Jesus Christ.
You know, I wonder if this has
got anything
to do with the fact that Frannie
won't have anything
to do with you anymore, huh? -
Fuck you, Jimmy.
No, fuck you, Maggie!
I know what I saw.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up, You give these two
shitfucks the address.
You go out there.
And if you find something, you
fucking call me.
Where the fuck is this girl
Who is this girl, anyhow?
It's just a girl.
Don't worry about it.
Is she pretty?
Is she fucking pretty? I don't
fucking know.
I mean, you know, she's all
right, but she's no beauty.
Are you going to marry her?
She's just a girl I used to hang
out with.
I'm not going to marry her.
Don't you want to have kids?
Didn't we go through this
No, you never told me why you
didn't want to have kids.
Because chances are I'm not
going to be around that long.
What do you mean you're not
going to be around that long?
Where are you going?
Where am I going?
I'm joining the fucking Peace
Where do you think I'm going?
You're unbelievable, Sean.
I swear, you know, when we were
everyone was saying you were a
small one.
I must have been coming off like
a real fucking retard.
No, you seem smart to me.
I seem smart to you?
Thanks a lot.
Come on.
You want to go across the street
and get a drink?
Is it safe?
Of course it's safe.
It's only Brooklyn.
Come on.
You're old enough to drink now,
right, kid?
Very funny.
Days grow shorter
and the nights are growing
You grab a table in the back.
I'll get a couple of beers.
Feels like
we're running out of time.
Hey, buddy, let me get two
Why are you always defending
this guy, Sullivan?
Because I know Maggie Shea is
full of shit.
I've known Fran Sullivan my
whole life.
We did our first communion
together, confirmation.
In high school, we went to work
for his old man.
We even did our time together.
Jesus, sounds like you're in
love with the guy,
for fuck's sakes.
I'm jealous of him.
He got out of this shit.
He's got a life now.
Well, I have a feeling we might
take it away from him.
Hey, pal, if you need anything
else, let me know.
I was thinking maybe we could
go see Mom's grave tonight.
Do you not understand what's
going on here?
If these guys find us, they are
going to kill us, all right?
We don't have time to go see
Mom's grave.
Why not? We're already in
I don't give a fuck where we
are, all right?
Just forget about it.
You want to see Mom, you want to
talk to her, you go to a church
and say a prayer.
Why do you have to get so
pissed all the time?
Because you keep asking me all
these stupid fucking questions
about going out to see Mom's
and you know what's going to
You're going to end up going to
see it for real.
You want that?
So what's the plan?
How are we going to get Grace?
All right.
As soon as she gets to Father
Mahoney's, all right,
he's going to drive her out
When she gets here, the two of
you take my car,
you get out of here.
I don't give a fuck where you
go, you never come back.
All right?
I can't believe this is going
to work.
You know how much I've missed
her, Fran?
What does she look like now?
Is she still beautiful?
Look, I don't know.
She's your wife.
I don't look at her that way.
You can still tell me if she's
beautiful or not.
Yeah, you know, she's
Oh, man.
I can't wait to see her.
I've missed her so much,
So you're not going to go
unless she goes with you, huh?
I can't.
All right then. Do me a favor.
Stop asking me all these stupid
fucking questions about going
to see Mom's grave, and I
guarantee I'll get you
out of here, with her, tonight.
I wonder if she doesn't love me
I mean, we were 18 when we got
Everything happened and I had to
get out, you know?
It was a long time ago.
She was young.
What if she forgot about me?
She didn't forget about you.
Are you sure there was no one
She didn't forget about you,
all right?
What if she changes her mind
when she sees me,
doesn't want to go?
You know what?
Then I'm going to be pissed off,
because I had to get
my ass shot off for nothing.
What kind of a life do you
think you're going to have,
always on the run, living with
He's my husband, Ma.
I can't abandon him.
He abandoned you!
Say goodbye to grandma.
I'm glad you came.
He's not here, is he?
I have to talk to you.
Certainly, go on in.
What is it, Grace?
I put my wedding rings back on.
I wasn't going to, but now I
don't want to take them off.
And I don't know what that
because I feel really terrible.
Father, I'm so confused.
What if when I thought he was
I did some things that I
wouldn't have done otherwise?
Is it over now?
Then keep it to yourself and
on with the rest of your life.
I'm not sure if I can do that.
I'm really scared, Father.
I know he's my husband, but I
know if I can go with him.
You don't have to go with him,
But you should know that Sean
won't leave without you.
And you have to remember that
little Sean is his son, too.
I know it's a difficult
decision, a very hard one.
But you have to make one.
Whatever happened to the guy
they sent to kill me?
What do you think happened to
You killed him.
Look, I just did what I had to
What about the arm?
What about it?
You know that was the watch
that dad
gave me that you put on it?
Who gives a fuck?
If it wasn't for him, we
be in this mess to begin with.
How do you figure that?
Because if I never went to go
work for him
in the first place, I'd be
a real fucking different life
right now, and so would you.
What was so bad about working
for him?
What did you do, anyway?
You know that every time I walk
out of the bar
after work, my body tenses up?
You know, I keep expecting
someone to run up behind me
and put a fucking bullet in my
because they found out that I
killed their brother, killed
their father.
All right?
Every time I walk around the
I see people that remind me of
the terrible shit that I did.
You know Mrs. Diaz in the deli?
All right?
I killed her son because he owed
Whitey Smith
a couple of thousand dollars.
Red Kelly's father, Bill?
Me and the old man threw him off
a roof on the avenue
because ratted one of the guys
in Dad's local.
All right?
That's the kind of fucking shit
I walk around with.
You mean, you and dad killed
people together?
What did you think, I was
fucking helping
him with his paper route?
There's a lot of shit you don't
know, Sean, all right?
So do me a favor.
Stop asking all these fucking
Jesus, is that his car?
I don't think so.
- All right, should we go up? -
Why don't you go fucking knock.
I'll wait here.
Jesus, Burke.
Do you know what a Burke is in
No, what's a Burke in Ireland?
It doesn't fucking matter.
Just get out.
Fuck you, you bollocks.
Hopefully this
chick is home by now.
They're right fucking there!
Ah, fuck! Come on.
Let's go!
Oh, shit!
Come on, go.
Hold up a second.
Hold up.
I think I fucking got him.
Where the fuck are we?
All right.
Come on.
Now get in the fucking car, will
Burke, what the fuck are you
doing standing there?
Move your hole!
Fucking Jesus!
That motherfucking cunt of a
fuck shot me!
You just had to come back to
town, right?
You couldn't call or write a
fucking letter?
You fucked up, Sean.
You know, you fucked up big
Fuck you! I saved your life.
You and your fucking gambling
Did I ever ask you to do
anything for me, ever?
What else was I supposed to do?
You're my fucking brother!
They were going to kill you.
I'm one who gets to put the
in this fucking guy's head.
You mean to tell me this guy's
old man, the John Sullivan?
And they're all right with this?
Real fucking mad.
Bless me, Father, for I have
I've done a terrible thing.
Well, Francis and I came up
with a plan
to get Sean out of town that
We got him some fake ID, we put
him on a bus at Port Authority.
He wound up in Texas and he's
been there ever since.
I don't even know him.
How can I run away with him?
What does the church say?
I don't really know, Grace.
But I do know that Sean did it
out of love
and fear for his brother's life,
and that he's not
a murderer like his father was.
Or in the way that Francis was.
Why do you keep helping them?
I'll tell you something I never
told anyone before.
Maybe it will help.
I don't know.
When I was 20 years old, I went
in the seminary.
And I went in because a priest
in my parish
was willing to give me a second
I did a horrible thing.
I was young and foolish, but I
thought that I was protecting
someone that I loved.
And it was a mistake, but he
me that God would forgive me.
Take little Sean to the rectory
and stay quiet.
- OK. - Oh, my god.
So now they know.
Look, Francis, you can't bring
him here, then.
I mean it's not safe.
They'll think of that.
Is there someplace you could
take him just for a few hours
until I can figure out what the
hell to do?
I'll take him back to the city
to my uncle's, but you've
gotta talk to her, Father.
You've got to convince her that
if she doesn't go with him,
there's going to be a lot of
dead bodies.
All right.
Come on.
Let's go.
What did he say?
She's not there yet.
Is she OK?
Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
She's, you know, just not there
Let's go.
Come on.
You're gonna wait here.
All right.
Let's go.
Who is it?
It's Frannie. It's Frannie.
Open up.
Anybody else in here with you?
Who the hell a else
would be in here with me?
Seanie, let's go.
Get in the fucking room.
Come on.
What the hell do you think?
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
Is that you, Sean?
Yeah, it's me.
What are you, back from the
Look at you!
No, no, I was never dead.
I just had to get out of town.
You little prick.
I knew you weren't dead!
I knew it!
I knew it!
Sit down, sit down.
Take a load off.
What have you been doing?
Where've you been?
Living in Texas.
Working on a farm.
A farmer?
A farmer from Hell's Kitchen?
What do you grow?
Who gives a shit what he grows?
It's wheat.
He grows wheat!
Hey, hey, but you know, you
you ought to grow something that
you can eat, like potatoes.
Will you shut the fuck up with
the farming, all right?
We need your help here.
Hey, Jesus was a farmer.
Or a baker.
Shut your mouth and sit down.
All right.
Now, If anybody comes here, you
keep the door locked,
you don't let them in.
You've just got to make sure
that he can get
out through the fire escape.
If that happens, I want you to
go up to the roof,
crossover to the 10th Avenue
and make it over to the church.
All right? - Hey, hey, hey.
What about me?
What about... what am I supposed
to do?
What do you mean, what about
Don't worry about you, all
Why don't you get the kid a
drink or something.
Make yourself useful.
Whose freaking house is this
Just get him the drink.
All right. Come on.
Let's go.
This is going to be it for us,
I've got to go and, you know,
not going to see me again.
What do you mean I'm not going
to see you again?
I've got to get you out of town
as soon as possible,
all right?
I'm not coming with you.
Why not?
Did I not get you into enough
trouble already?
Besides, after you've gone, you
I've got to take care of some
to make sure this is over for
But what I need you to do is
me you'll take care of Grace.
- Yeah, of course. - No, I'm
You've got to take care of her.
Uncle Jim, all right.
No matter what, he doesn't leave
this apartment until you
hear from me.
No shit.
Why did this have to happen to
I don't know, man.
We're paying for the old man's
sins, probably.
No hug, eh?
Ain't gonna happen.
We're Irish, remember?
Can you believe this fucking
ballbag shot me?
Stop whining.
You only got grazed.
Good thing his aim wasn't
It was him, right?
You saw him?
You're sure it was him?
Me? I don't know.
I only saw the back of his head.
Was it him, or wasn't it?
Make up your thick fucking
Of course it was him.
Why else would they take off?
And besides, I got a good look
at him.
And it was him.
And that motherfucker is going
to pay for this.
You're fucking right he's going
to pay.
I don't give a fuck who his
daddy was.
Well is it gonna be you or is
it gonna be me?
I mean, what's the story?
Dear Lord, I don't know if what
I'm doing
is the right thing.
But like you gave me a second
help me to give these boys
another chance.
Please guide me, and forgive me
if I'm going against your will.
Father Mahoney.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
I was able to get him over to my
Uncle Jim's.
Kid and her still in the
She's agreed to go with Sean.
Good. That's good.
That's good, right?
Yeah, but Francis, this is it
for you and me.
Now that they spotted Sean,
there's going to be
more bloodshed and you know it.
And I can't be a part of it
After tonight, you're on your
Come on.
Let's get going.
Hey, Grace.
Is Sean with you?
He's actually at my Uncle
I've got the church van parked
out back.
I figured I'd drive them out of
state, put them on a bus,
and take them to wherever he
wants to go.
All right, well, you know where
my Uncle Jim's is, right?
Well, look, why don't you drive
over there, I'll call over
and he'll meet you at the back
I'll let you two say goodbye.
Come here, Sean.
Oh, there you go.
Let's just make this quick, OK?
Look, you know I wish it was me
that was going with you, right?
But it's just... I don't know.
This feels like the first time
in my life
I'm doing the right thing.
We're both doing the right
All right.
I guess that's it, then.
Come on, Grace.
It's clear.
Whitey, I know you were very
close with their father.
I respect that.
And I respect the way you used
to do
things in the neighborhood. But
that's the past.
The neighborhood has changed.
That kid killed my brother and
my cousin that night
in the Blarney Stone.
Shot them in the back.
Now, I know he was looking out
for his big brother.
But it wasn't his place.
And it wasn't your place to go
after Fran without my OK.
I might give you that.
But if that kid is still alive,
I want him.
And I don't want any
Otherwise, we might have some
real trouble.
I know we don't want that,
OK, I'll make you a deal.
But let me tell you, it wasn't
the kid.
Oh, fuckin' Whitey.
Trust me, I know.
A lot of people doubt that the
kid is dead.
Let me tell you, my own brother
was killed,
so I know how it is with you.
Here's what I propose.
If it's revenge, then do what
you have to do with Fran.
And I'll look the other way.
You'll stay out of it?
I give you my word.
But that has to be the end of
Or you'll experience more
trouble than you can imagine.
Well that'll be the end of it,
Call over to Sullivan's.
Get me Cullen on the phone.
Your name Cullen?
You got a call.
Just so you know, we normally
don't let people
we don't know take personal
calls here.
I got him.
It's me.
You know what to do.
Sean, let's go.
- Father, how are you? - I'm
fine, Sean.
Just get in the van.
Oh, baby!
I've missed you so much.
I missed you, too.
I can't believe you're alive.
I'm so sorry I had to go away.
I promise you, I'll never leave
you again.
Who's this little guy?
That's Seanie.
That's little Seanie.
Hey, baby.
Say hello to your daddy.
Who hit that ball?
Vic Wertz.
Indian first baseman.
Would have been a home tun in
any other...
How are you, son?
I've been waiting for you.
Hey, Polaski.
What can I do for you?
Answer a couple questions.
No, my brother is not back from
the grave.
And no, he wasn't drinking at
Red Kelly's last night.
And, no, I haven't seen him
So you've heard the rumors.
Yeah. I've heard the rumors.
That's all you're going to get,
Well, I'll be keeping an eye on
you, just the same.
You do that.
I'm only trying to help you,
I don't want to see you get your
head blown off.
You know, I don't need your
fucking help.
Never have.
This is some fucking
neighborhood, huh?
OK, Francis.
Have it your way.
Put your money away. It's no
good here.
Put that in the cup, Murph.
You know, Murph, I think we're
going to close
up early tonight, all right?
I don't mind staying late.
Nah, nah.
Let's just call it a night, OK?
Whatever you say, Fran.
All right, folks.
We're closing early tonight.
Get a move on.
Hit the bricks.
What do you want to do about
our tea-drinking friend here?
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it. Have a
good night, Murph.
Hey, pal, maybe you didn't hear,
but I
said we're closing up now.
Yeah, yeah, I heard.
Let me take a leak first.
You mean you've gotta use the
I've gotta use the bathroom.
Closing early tonight, Frannie?
Yeah, what can I do for you,
I keep hearing this rumor your
kid brother is back in town.
Rumor won't go away.
I told you before.
I don't know why you listen to
rumors, especially ones spread
by drunken ex-girlfriends.
You know there's this other
rumor, too.
They're having some trouble out
in Brooklyn tonight.
What the hell would I be doing
in Brooklyn?
It was you, you fucking cunt.
See, your brother killed my
brother, my cousin.
And now the question is coming
again as to whether that debt's
been properly settled or not.
Only by you, my friend.
Only by you.
You silly fuck.
You think you can make a fool
out of me
in my own neighborhood?
Because this is my neighborhood
I went to see your old friend
Whitey Smith,
and you know what he told me?
No, I haven't a clue.
What'd he say?
He said, "You do what you got
to do with Francis Sullivan.
I'll stay out of it."
Makes sense to me.
I mean, he sold out his yes man,
I guess he's gonna sell out his
yes man's kid.
George, it's OK! It's OK!
It's cool, it's cool!
I'm with you guys. - It's OK.
He's with us.
You took your fucking sweet time
there, didn't you?
I figured you were going to go
for him first.
Are you kidding me?
I almost shit myself here.
All right, Burke, give us a
Let's get these mutts outta
I can't believe that fucking
That was fucking genius.
Settle yourself down, all
We've got to get these two out
of here ASAP.
You got any big knives?
We'll cut them up.
Yeah, I got some.
We can take them both out in the
My car's out there.
Make sure you thank Whitey for
me, all right?
Don't worry about it.
He's wanted Moran dead for a
long time
All right.
Let's get them out of here.
Let's get him first.
I'm gonna need a fucking
chainsaw cut him up.
be my vision Lord of my heart.
Nothing else matters, save that
you are.
You're in my best of day into
Waking or sleeping your
presence, my light.
Please be my wisdom, be my true
I'm ever with you and you're
with me, Lord.
You're my great father I your
true son.
You're in me dwelling and I'm
with the one.
Please be my breastplate, my
sword to fight.
Please be my armor, please be my
Lord, my sole shelter.
Lord my high tower.
Please raise me homeward, power
of power.
Riches I don't need, nor man's
empty praise.
Lord, you're my inheritance
through all of my days.
You and you only, first in my
High king of Heaven, my treasure
you are.
You're high king of heaven.
When battle is done grant
heaven's joy to me,
bright heaven's sun.
Christ of my own heart whatever
Still be my. vision the ruler of