Ashes in the Snow (2018) Movie Script

So, are we going
to swim or what?
We didn't bring
our bathing suits.
- Lina, come!
- No.
Not coming?
Have fun by yourself
on the beach!
Hello, Mama.
Take off your shoes
if they're dirty.
Careful. You'll hurt him.
No, he's strong as an ox.
I meant you.
Good evening, Mrs. Vilkas.
About time
you had a proper kit.
And no need to be sparing.
We'll restock it before
the Kaunas Summer Arts Program.
You like it?
Of course. Thank you.
I won't get accepted
to Kaunas Arts.
It's too competitive.
It would be a shame
if everyone thought like that
and no one applied.
They have to accept pupils.
I can't think
of a single reason
you shouldn't be one of them.
Where did you get that ball?
He was kicked out of class.
I'm watching it for him.
And why was Vidas
kicked out of class?
He was talking about hell.
Well, that's not a very pleasant
thing to talk about.
He said soon,
Lithuania will be part of hell.
Why do you think
he would he say that?
His papa told him.
Is it true?
Do you know what the other
professors and I talk about
all day?
Art is all perception.
In the end, we find,
it's not what you see
but how you see it.
And right now, I see
a delicious piece of cake
in front of me.
Thank you, dear.
We must also remember
that life is not a painting.
Life is not art.
It moves and changes,
and it has its realities.
And so through art,
may our realities
be illuminated.
Your own family
comes first.
Why do I have to
say that to you?
They are also family.
And we are
in a position to help.
But at what costs?
Would you have me
punctuate the risk
with every sentence?
I want you to be realistic.
How am I unrealistic?
By encouraging Lina to apply
to Kaunas Arts.
When you know
it might not even existing.
You're chiding me
for believing in our children?
She needs to learn
to get out of her head, Kostas.
She comes home every day
from school.
She goes straight to her room
and draws.
Yes, brilliantly.
With no previous instruction
She has no friends.
She shoos boys away.
Elena. Please.
We must think
beyond the walls of this house.
We must we must try
to help others
while we still can.
I have to go.
It came.
Something of a miracle.
We hardly got any mail recently.
Aren't you going to open it?
I'm going to wait
to open it with Papa.
Lina, you need to pack.
One cloth.
Things that you can carry.
Just stay in your room and pack.
- Mama.
- Don't be afraid.
Don't touch me!
Jonas, it's all right.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
You are the wife
of Kostas Vilkas?
Do you know where he is?
I meant to ask you the same.
They have him already.
They're going to
kill all of us.
Quiet, man.
Don't touch it!
Lina! Mama!
Boy or girl?
What's her name?
You must feed her.
- How many cars have men on them?
- I don't know.
The last five, maybe.
Can you get to them?
My Papa might be on one of them.
Yours might too. Help me.
It's broad daylight.
There's NKVD all over.
Say you find your Papa,
and then what?
- It's too risky.
- You're afraid.
You're not afraid?
Kaunas Arts,
then off to Palanga.
Palanga! Did you miss me?
You draw very well.
I insist. Please.
Take it.
Thank you.
I know your father.
I lead the music department
at the university.
He's quite the leader.
Do you do landscapes, also?
I draw what I see.
The people...
They must know
what is happening here.
Perhaps with your pen,
and "what you see,"
you can show them.
Is she still sleeping?
She's with God, Ona.
- You must let her go.
- Don't touch her!
She clings tighter and tighter.
She must drop it through.
She won't do it herself.
Can we agree?
For the good of everyone.
She's gone now.
She must be on her way.
She's with God now.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Know what this is?
Have you heard the story
of Jurate and Kastytis?
Jurate was queen of the sea.
And she lived at the bottom
of the Baltic,
in a castle made of amber.
Then one day,
she spotted a young fisherman
named Kastytis.
And he caught all of the fish.
Now at first,
this angered Jurate,
but soon, she and Kastytis
fell in love.
And they lived happily,
in the amber castle.
Until, one day,
the god of thunder,
found out Jurate loved
a mortal man.
And, in a fit of rage,
he destroyed the castle
with a bolt of lightning.
Shattering it
into a million pieces.
Over time,
pieces of the amber
have washed ashore. And...
if you find one,
it will bring you luck.
You keep that.
What happened to them?
I know this story.
Perkunas chained Kastytis
to the ocean floor.
He died,
leaving Jurate heartbroken.
She stills mourns him
to this day,
and that's why the sea wails
like it does.
Some say they made their way
to the shore,
like the amber.
And started a new life together
in Palanga.
No, no. No, my baby!
No, my baby!
My baby.
Where is your baby?
Come up. Yes, yes. Come up.
Let's go find your baby.
Let's find the baby.
- My baby.
- Yes.
She's back there.
What is her name?
Her name is...
Do as he says.
We must bathe.
Are we going
to swim or what?
We didn't bring
our bathing suits.
- No.
- Not coming?
The water is warm!
Have fun by yourself
on the beach!
Have fun explaining
where your clothes went!
Hey! Those are mine!
Come back!
Where do you think
you're going with those?
You have beautiful eyes.
You're naked.
You are all guilty of treason.
A crime punishable by death.
Instead, you will each receive
a life sentence of labor.
Simply put, if you do not work,
you will not eat.
Attempts at escape
are punishable by death,
but I assure you,
the attempt itself
means death in this region.
A signed confession
will yield a reduced sentence
to 25 years.
After which you will receive
full amnesty.
Upon signing,
you will also receive
access to an NKVD trade post.
If you sign,
you betray yourself.
There's nothing to confess.
I have nothing but time.
What is she saying?
She's saying
that we're criminals.
And that
she doesn't want us here.
I have some news for you.
The boy, Andrius,
he was caught stealing food.
Do you know where he is?
They bound him to a post
outside the officer's building,
and beat him.
But he's strong
and withstood it.
Here. Come on.
What do you think of Kretzsky?
Hm? Handsome young man,
innocent face, like an angel.
And still...
...if I snap my fingers,
he becomes the angel of death.
You read Russian.
It's not a question.
I know you do.
There is a post office
in Turaciak.
Its function is essential
to our camp.
I am offering you a position.
Translating. Out of the fields,
into the warmth.
You don't fail to amuse,
Elena Vilkas.
So bold.
So defiant.
Just like your husband was.
I know.
The pain.
It belongs to those left behind,
doesn't it?
Have you been
to the trading post?
Are there people
passing through?
What difference does it make
with nothing to trade?
Take something for me.
If you hand this
to someone,
and it finds a way to my Papa,
we may all be saved.
His name is on the back.
If someone were to take it,
and you told them to...
Get that away from me!
You stay away from me!
I'll report you!
Tell them we went for a walk.
When I get back to Kaunas,
I'm joining the partisans.
One day, people in Kaunas
will know my name
like they know your Papa's.
What do you mean?
I know he's helped
a lot of people.
Ah, there you are.
Where is Joana and, uh,
the other boy?
They went for a walk.
Oh, I see. "A walk."
There's dessert inside, you two.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
I brought some food.
There's enough to share
with your mama and Jonas.
And some things just for you.
Some paper and pencils.
Thank you.
Stay there.
It's amazing.
Where did you learn to do this?
- Art school?
- No.
No, but I plan to go.
Admissions Office.
I'm going to open it
with my Papa.
I think you got in.
And if you didn't,
it's their mistake.
You're brilliant.
You shouldn't use your words
so lightly.
I don't use them lightly.
Um, we shouldn't be out
this late together.
I, I should go.
I'll come by another night?
Do you want me to?
If you want.
Do you like him?
From the way you look
at this drawing.
It's how a felt
when I first met your papa.
Do you think Papa
is looking for us?
Of course, he is.
It's underweight.
He's asking why.
You are shaking.
I needed something
to trade in the village.
What's the point
if there's nothing to trade?
She has a map!
She showed me
her plans to escape.
No. No...
Pull the...
Where did you find
the materials?
Perhaps someone stole them
for you?
Very good.
you draw portraits.
I sit here before you,
you draw me.
Draw me.
All done?
Let's see.
The next Van Gogh.
Um, stop!
Merry Christmas.
Look inside.
Your drawing of Papa.
It flew out of the fire.
I found it in the snow.
Thank you, Jonas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you, Andrius.
- Merry Christmas.
A book?
It's in Russian,
so maybe your mama
can help you read it.
Thank you.
I had something for you, too,
but they burned all my drawings.
It's all right.
It's okay.
I'll draw more.
Good night.
Good night.
When this is...
When this is over,
I'll find you. Don't give up!
- No!
- Look after Jonas!
- He needs you!
- Stop!
Stop, please!
- Lina!
- Andrius!
- Lina!
- No!
- Lina!
- Please!
Mama! Ma, Mama!
Elena. Elena.
You need to rest.
There's a ship.
It leaves the day
after tomorrow.
It's the last one of the season.
After that,
no more in or out.
I'm going to be on it.
You and your brother
could be, too.
Come or don't.
Everything here will die
come winter.
Mama, you must eat.
You're so much like your Papa.
Full of hope.
When they see what you see,
they feel it, too.
There is something
I have to tell you, Lina.
Something I kept from you
like I kept so many things.
Hoping I was protecting you.
I'm sorry, Lina.
I'm very sorry.
Your Papa...
He was...
He was shot, Lina.
He helped hundreds.
Your cousin,
and our family.
You must remember what he did.
You must remember.
You'll tell Jonas...
when the time is right.
Trust yourself.
You are a leader
like your Papa.
Mama, open... Open this with me.
Mama? Mama?
Jurate was queen of the sea.
She lived at the bottom
of the Baltic,
in a castle made of amber.
Then one day,
spotted a young fisherman
named Kastytis.
Soon, she and Kastytis
fell in love.
Until one day,
the god of thunder,
found out Jurate
loved a mortal man.
And, in a fit of rage,
he destroyed the castle.
What happened to them?
There are variations
to the ending.
Some say they made their way
to the shore,
like the amber.
And started a new life together
in Palanga.