Ask for Jane (2018) Movie Script

Are you okay?
They got the driver.
They got everybody who
was working tonight.
Oh, my kids, my kids.
I know, I'm sorry.
They kept asking
about the doctors.
I didn't tell them anything.
Our first night.
Please, please, please.
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hello no!
Don't go!
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hello no!
Don't go!
You can't have
a comfortable life
if you wanna change things.
It can't happen.
You have to be willing
to get arrested.
We have to be willing
to sit in the jail cells
no matter the cost.
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hell no!
You taking my picture?
What're you working for, huh?
The FBI?
Oppression brick-by-brick.
Yes, Gary?
Would you mind
getting us some coffee?
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hell no!
Don't go!
Hell no.
How's the protest?
Did Gary make you
get coffee again?
It's always the woman.
You notice that?
We go and protest so they
don't have to go to Vietnam.
What do they do for us?
No, thanks.
I'm gonna go study.
See you later.
What happened?
Can everyone just go?
This is embarrassing.
I was lying in my bed and
I saw her go in my drawer
and take a razor.
I needed a razor.
At five in the morning?
Are you okay, Pat?
She's upset because
she has to drop out.
Why does she have to drop out?
My parents are really religious.
I can't go home like this.
So don't go home.
Where am I gonna go, Janice?
They'll kick me
out of the dorms.
So get an abortion.
The mob charges like
three thousand dollars.
My cousin had one
and she almost died.
I heard about this one
girl who got an abortion
and the guy doing it raped her.
Can everyone just go?
It's fine, I got it.
I'll keep an eye on her.
How do you know this will work?
There's this girl in
this book who gets pregnant
and she's supposed to take
rat poison to kill the baby
but she takes too much and dies.
How do you know you won't die?
Because in the book
she's only supposed
to take a quarter cup but
she takes a whole cup.
I'm just taking a quarter cup.
This is scary, Helen.
You can watch me and make
sure nothing bad happens, okay?
Otherwise, I'll
do this on my own.
Hey, Patty?
Are you going somewhere?
I talked to my mom, so...
I'm going home.
She said they'd take in the baby
but they aren't paying
for college anymore.
Oh no, Patty.
It's okay.
I mean, it's life, right?
Are you sure you wanna go home?
You could stay.
College was supposed to
be my way out of there.
But there is just no way out.
You aren't gonna try
anything when you get home,
are you?
What did you say?
Hello, Nancy?
Hi, it's Rose from Biology.
I know you were in nursing.
Do you know anyone
who does abortions?
Real doctors, no mob guys.
Thank you.
Is that okay?
Can you wait a day or
two before you go home
just to see if we
can find someone?
Yes, yes, this is.
Yes, we can pay that.
Do you think we
could get together
a thousand dollars for Patty?
By when?
Let's see who's awake.
Which one of you is
the one that called?
Oh, me.
I told you to come
alone into the back.
No you didn't.
If there's more
than three people
in a room discussing abortion,
it's conspiracy to commit murder
which is a far more
serious charge.
Do you understand?
We can wait outside.
It's too late now.
Come on in.
Come on in, come on in.
Do you think he's a real doctor?
This is a doctor's office.
Yeah but it could be someone
else's and he might sneak in.
No, stop it.
In a couple of days,
you'll notice a heavier
flow than usual.
That's the miscarriage.
Any fever, any
infection, call me.
Now, you ladies need to start
keeping your legs together.
This wild behavior
just leads to trouble.
Doctor, if we had any other
friends that needed this,
can we give you a call?
I don't wanna see
any of you ever again.
Thank you, doctor.
The back door is that way.
Thank you.
I don't understand
what you're asking.
I want to take over the sex
education program, update it.
Clearly our kids aren't getting
the basic information
that they need.
Such as what, exactly?
What basic information
does someone need at 15?
Birth control?
We just had a student die
from drinking rat poison.
We don't know that
she was pregnant.
Her friend said...
I know what her friends said.
I also know that Sister
Ann Marie has been doing
our health eduction
program for 30 years
and in all that
time we have not had
one complaint from a parent.
Not one complaint.
So the first thing
Sister Ann Marie does
is to separate the
boys from the girls
and then she talks to the girls
about how they have to
protect their virtue
so they can save the boys' souls
and then just moves on to
cleanliness during your period.
Just makes me crazy.
You should just hide a
pamphlet about birth control
in the school library.
It's hard enough hiding you.
Oh, here.
Let me help you with that.
Oh, thank you.
I saw you at the
meeting last week.
Gary's pretty passionate.
Yeah, he's got some
pretty interesting ideas.
But I don't think we're
gonna get anywhere
with burning things down.
- Doesn't seem practical.
- No.
I'm Bill, by the way.
History major.
So how would you feel about
going to grab some
coffee sometime?
it doesn't have to be coffee.
Well, in that case,
yeah, that'd be great.
Doesn't have to be coffee.
Are you okay?
Not pregnant.
It took two days for it to
happen like the doctor said.
It's okay.
I'm just so happy
to have my life back.
I need the number.
What number?
For the doctor.
I wanna give it to all
the women in the dorm
in case they need it.
But he said not
to call him again.
He won't know that we're
the ones that gave it out.
Just in case they need help.
I don't think we should
give out his phone number
without warning people
he might get mad.
So you're okay with women
just dying because they don't...
Of course not.
But he could report
us to the school.
So what?
We have to think
of something else.
You did this on purpose.
You really think I
would do this on purpose?
That's what women do, okay?
They want a guy to marry
them, they'll do anything.
Why the hell would
I want to marry you?
Fuck you, Barb, okay?
Why don't you just put
it up for adoption?
I can't, that
would kill my mother.
Then don't tell her.
What, you want me to not
see her for six months?
So get an abortion.
What, you think I just
have an abortion doctor's
number just lying around?
I'm not gonna marry you, okay?!
That's the one thing I'm
for sure as hell not doing!
You two coming?
Oh, no,
we're organizing a walkout
tonight at the law school.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
See you there, Rose.
I'm coming.
Good thing you have that
abortion doctor's phone number.
For Bill?
He's Catholic.
How Catholic?
I don't know.
We've only been on three dates.
You two are gonna get
married and move to the suburbs
and have a bunch of babies.
Aren't you?
What if I did it from my room?
Had sex?
What if we had women call my
dorm room for an abortion?
We give out my phone number.
And we can tell them
to ask for Jane.
So my name wouldn't
be attached to it.
No one in the dorm
is named Jane, right?
It would be anonymous.
Jane Doe.
And then I could
explain about the doctor
and what to do and stuff.
You would do that
from your dorm room?
Just for other students.
It would only be a couple
of calls a year, right?
You have to go, you're
not supposed to be here.
I have to go, I'm not
supposed to be here.
Hey, can I drive you
home after break?
You know, I'd cut through
on my way to the east coast
and meet your mom.
That's a long way
out of your way.
Yeah, I know.
You know, I was also
thinking that maybe we oughta
get married sometime.
We've only been
dating for a few months.
I know.
Just thought I'd ask.
In case you met some cute
farmer over the break.
You can say no.
Just don't tell my
mom about this, okay?
It would be just between us.
I'm respectable.
Yes, this is.
Hold on.
You have to go.
I'm sorry.
Right now?
This is private.
I'm really sorry.
This is Jane.
You have to tell him.
No I don't.
I'll graduate in a few months
and we'll hand it
off to someone else.
Janice, where are your bags?
We have to beat traffic so
we can get to the airport.
Just a sec, Mom.
That that what you're
wearing for the trip?
Let me look at your hair.
Oh, you cut it yourself.
Have a good Thanksgiving.
Kill me now.
Looks like a movie
set from 1920.
That's pretty much
what it's like to live here.
So, Rose,
over the break,
how would you feel if
I picked up some kinda
birth control, condoms or...
I don't wanna pressure
you or anything.
Me, you're the Catholic one.
What? We're engaged.
Close enough, right?
I just thought...
I mean, I can too.
I mean, I can look into
finding some kind of...
Oh, there's your mom.
Oh, you're home!
And this must be the nice
young man who gave you a ride.
Yes, Mom, this is Bill.
Well, come on in, we'll
get you a cup of coffee.
Where you headed?
Pittsburgh area.
Oh, well, we won't
keep you too long.
You couldn't invited
him to stay for dinner.
If I had invited him to dinner,
I would have had to invited
him to stay the night.
He's not staying
under the same roof
as my unmarried daughter.
It's almost 1969.
He seems like a
very nice young man.
I would have no problem if
you married him at some point.
But you know how
these things go.
No, Mom, how do they go?
You marry and have children
and the last thing on your
mind will be your own career.
And I want you to be
able to support yourself.
When your father died...
I had a very tough time.
You can postpone all of that
as long as possible.
I'm engaged, Mom.
So I've gotten engaged.
And I was just wondering
if you would be willing
to write me a prescription
for birth control.
Oh, I see.
Well, I appreciate the honesty
but until you're
actually married,
I'm afraid I wouldn't be
comfortable doing that.
But we haven't done anything.
I'm just trying to be careful.
I think the best
thing to do is to pray
and if you really
can't control yourself,
you can always move up
the date of the wedding.
I know.
I just wanted to become a
teacher before I have children.
I mean, I want children,
just not right now.
Well, these things
work in mysterious ways
and you may change
your feels about...
Dr. Johnson, I'm 22 years old.
That's older than my mom
was when she married my dad.
if I was married and
I asked for the pill,
would you give it to me?
I would if you had your
husband's permission.
Tim, come here for a photo.
Just give me a minute.
If I knew what was going on,
I would've had you move
up the day of the wedding.
Sorry, Dad.
Let's do a photo
with the ladies, huh?
If I had known
what was going on,
I would've helped
you get an abortion.
That's it.
Smile now.
This is Jane, let me
get you the number.
Well, if you don't know if you
want to go through with it,
just call me back
when you decide.
Sure, you can tell me what
happened with your boyfriend.
Go ahead.
You're unemployed.
You're not gonna have sex with
me again until I get a job?
I just think we should
use some kind of protection,
if we know we can't
afford another kid.
Ha, ha, ha.
How old is that thing?
It looks like it's from
before Wally was born.
You're hurting my feelings here.
Come on.
Why not?
I'm just glad they
made it out in one piece.
All the riots and the
Democratic convention last year,
I wouldn't want to be anywhere
near a big city right now.
I set up a savings
account for Janice
just in case she needs bail.
Hey, where's Rose?
I'll go get her.
Tell her she's the
reason I'm graduating.
Oh, really?
Why is that?
Yes, I know it's a lot.
Sometimes they'll do it for less
but you have to give them a
sad story when you get there.
Just bring as much
money as you have
and I'll call and
followup afterwards, okay?
Okay, I have to go
graduate from college.
But let me know
how it goes, okay?
How much longer are
you gonna do this?
When do you move out?
On Friday.
Who's taking it over for you?
I don't know.
I mean, I'm sometimes
getting three calls a night.
Who can I hand that off to?
It isn't even just
students anymore.
You know who we should ask.
I want us to put
concrete stuff into action.
- Hey, Gary.
- Yeah?
Rose has some
suggestions for that.
We were thinking we should
put abortion on the platform.
Yeah, that's...
Like, our focus is on Vietnam
and the police state
and things where people
are literally dying.
People die from abortions.
The things is, I've been
helping women from my dorm room
and I was thinking now
that I'm graduating,
maybe this group could
help take it over.
Take it over how?
Do it!
You want ways for direct
action, this is it.
That's... Yeah.
You know what,
let's put it on the agenda.
Fuck him!
You know, if there had been
a female leader in there,
this wouldn't have happened.
They would've
taken us seriously.
Why are you being quiet?
Aren't you upset?
Where are we gonna find
a tough female leader?
Are you crazy?
I get in trouble all the time.
I know.
It's entirely possible
no one will show up.
I know.
On the other hand, if
more than three people come
and we're discussing abortion,
that's conspiracy
to commit murder.
I know.
Baby's asleep, so I'm
gonna go out for a bit.
No you're not, I'm going out.
I'll be back soon, I haven't
been out in like two months.
Hey, I said you're
not going out.
You're gonna wake the baby.
Hey, Barb!
Hi, we called
this meeting because
we want to get organized.
We believe in women's liberation
and we think that women will
never be fully liberated
unless they can control whether
and when they get pregnant.
That's what this
meeting's about, abortion,
so if anyone has a
problem with that,
you should probably leave now.
We're going to do abortions.
No, no.
We are going to create a service
so that any woman who needs
an abortion can get one.
We want to compile
a list of doctors.
Right and if any of the
doctors from that list
treat women poorly or
give them a hard time,
they get struck from the list.
But won't we get
in trouble for this?
So, as long as
you're doing anything
for this organization,
you will be referred to as Jane.
There are no Janes
in room, right?
How do you know you're
gonna find real doctors?
We'll hold interviews.
But right now I've
only got two names.
So we need you guys to start
collecting every name you can.
Do any of you know anyone
who's had an abortion?
Would you mind asking?
How're you doing?
Was that okay?
It was good.
What is it?
How do you feel about abortion?
If you got pregnant, we could
get married sooner and...
No, I meant that's what...
The phone calls to
my room in college,
it was women looking
for an abortion.
I have the number of
an abortion doctor.
I knew you were Catholic so
I was afraid to tell you.
Why, did you have one?
Me, no.
I found someone for a friend.
But I want to keep being
involved with that.
You could get in
trouble for this.
Rose, I love you
and I respect that you're
trying to help people
but this is your whole life
you're putting at risk.
I know but...
I feel like it's my
responsibility to help.
Can you promise me you'll
quit when we get married?
I don't know.
I mean, I wanna run for office
and this is a team
effort here, you and me.
Okay, I'll quit once they're
able to do stuff without me.
What do you think?
Well, I think it's illegal.
You could lose your job.
Yeah, if I walk
around asking everyone
for the name of a
good abortion doctor.
Right, so,
does that mean you
don't wanna help them?
Cause I wanna help them.
It's not that I
don't wanna help.
I just... 'Cause I had one.
Once, when I was 17
and the guy took all the
money that I had and...
And I almost died
from the infection
and now I don't know if
I can even have kids.
And I don't know if
I even want kids but
that guy took that
from me, you know?
Hey, honey.
So they're discussing
what they can do.
The tumor is in exactly
the wrong place.
I know.
they're afraid that anything
they do to remove it might
cause you to lose the baby.
But if they don't do
anything I could die.
Well did you tell them that
I have two kids at home
and that I want to live?
Yes but it's hard
to talk to them,
they don't wanna take the risk.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?!
I want you to do it.
I used to be a nurse.
I understand that there's a risk
that I will lose
the pregnancy but
I have two kids at home
and I need to be there for them.
So please?
Please, just operate.
We'd like to speak with
your husband outside.
It's okay.
Here you go.
Literally everyone I know
thinks I'm pregnant right now.
Thank you.
And here's mine.
Thanks, Barb.
Six names.
Anyone else?
Think that's enough start?
Has to be, right?
You're Jane?
We both are.
You're both Jane?
I'm not comfortable
with the idea
that you're gonna use me so you
can go out and get pregnant.
No, no, no, it's not for us.
Abortion is a serious
procedure and it's a crime.
I mean, why would
you look for a doctor
before you got pregnant?
So, do you have
your medical license?
Excuse me?
Your medical
license, we just need...
I'm the one who
interviews the girls,
they don't interview
me, you understand?
We're not planning
on getting pregnant.
Who is?
No one.
No one is planning
to get an abortion.
I've had it with this, get out.
But if someone didn't
plan of getting pregnant
and their birth control failed,
isn't it better that
they come in right away
instead if trying it home
alone with a coat hanger?
Which is why I
agreed to do these
because I've stitched up
women who've almost died.
Do you understand?
Yes, but we're just...
I take you or I don't
and I charge what I want.
That's the way I do things.
Then you're not the
right person for us.
So can we add your
name to our list?
I haven't lost a
patient yet, not one.
That's good.
If somebody says that
anybody died under my care,
they're lying.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
We don't have
anyone lined up yet.
Wait a minute,
you guys wasting my time?
Which one of you is pregnant?
No, like I said on the phone.
Are you guys working
for the police?
Are you working for the
police because if you are,
I will fucking kill you!
I will find out where you live
and I will fucking kill you!
Get out of the
fucking car right now!
You better not... Go away!
Oh no you don't!
You ain't fucking!
Get out!
Get out of the car!
Hey, you don't like cops?!
Someone is gonna call the cops
if you don't get the hell away!
I'm gonna find you
and I'm gonna fucking kill you!
He didn't follow us.
He could call and try
to track the phone number.
Rose, I'm from
New York, all right?
People who make big
threats like that
is because they can't
actually do anything.
I'm scared.
Yeah, me too.
So there are three doctors
willing to work with us.
What're their prices again?
One thousand, 800 and 750.
That's a year's rent.
It's extortion.
You girls okay?
- Yes, thank you.
- Yes, thanks.
How're you beautiful
ladies doing tonight?
We're not interested.
Interested in what?
Whatever it is you're selling.
Is either one of you Jane?
Are you the doctor?
You're the doctor?
Me, yeah.
Got my medical license
and everything.
I've been doing a lot of these
since my medical
practice got shut down.
Why did your medical
practice get shut down?
Because I was
doing a lot of these.
How did you get into this?
Money was good.
I live in a town where
my regular practice
could barley keep a
roof over my head,
so I did a few of
these, I got busted,
don't worry, I'm much better
at keeping it a secret now.
How much would
you charge, mister...
Charlie, Doctor Charlie.
Well, because Dr. Charlie,
we can't pay very much.
How many girls you
think it will be?
A couple a month?
We're not sure but
it could be as high as
two or three a week.
A week.
I can do 500.
You girls are awful organized.
Are you hookers?
We just believe it's
the right thing to do.
are you women's
libbers or something?
You got a problem with that?
I don't have a problem
with anything you do.
What is it?
Since I work at a coffee shop,
I can't always be
here during the day,
so I got a second phone line
installed it in my apartment.
This is an answering machine.
People call in and
then a voice tells them
to leave a message
and then they talk.
A voice.
Hi, you've reached Jane
at "Women's Liberation."
Please leave a phone number
where you can be reached
along with good times to call
and any other instructions
or information we
might need to know
immediately following
this message.
That's spooky.
If you want to break up with me,
this us what happens when
you break up with me.
What, you're not
gonna talk to me now?
Just take me home.
I still do consider
you my girlfriend.
If we're doing something illegal
we should think like criminals.
Like mob guys, how
would they do it?
I have no idea.
You know who might?
I don't really
know any mob guys but
if I did,
here's how they'd do it.
He knows mob guys.
We'll have two locations,
a place for the
abortions and a front
because women may show
up with family, friends,
so everyone but the woman
can stay at the front
and then a driver can take her
to a place for the procedure.
Also, this doctor
said that he wants
all the women to be blindfolded
when they get the
procedure done.
Well, that's rough on them.
His rule, not ours,
but all the doctors we
spoke to wanted it that way.
Janice said that we can
start with her apartment
as the front.
guess we should just be focused
on getting the word out.
The number for this has changed.
Can you let everyone know
that the number for
this has changed?
Everyone in Chicago?
Okay, hold on.
I'll give you the new one.
You have to go?
Right now?
It's a meeting for the service.
You said you were gonna quit.
I am.
We got 15 calls this week.
That's a lot.
So I was thinking,
instead of me calling
them all back,
we could divide them up.
Each of us could council
a couple of them,
make sure they wanna
go through with it
and set up the appointment.
What do we say?
30 year old mother of
four, six weeks pregnant.
I got a 20 year old
college student, three weeks.
Yours is easier.
Well what do I say
to a mother of four?
I mean, I've never
been a mother.
I don't know.
I hate phone calls to strangers.
Donna, just do it.
Yes, go.
I'm not good at this.
Edna, crackers.
Jack, honey, spoon.
Not fingers.
It's lunchtime, sweetheart.
This is Jane calling.
She hung up.
Well maybe it
wasn't a good time.
Should I call back?
Please call back.
Please call back, please
call back, please call back.
Please call back,
please call back.
Hi, is this Harriet?
This is Jane from
Women's Liberation.
Oh, thank God.
Yeah, I know, I was
nervous to call too.
I'm just starting this.
You know, we're here to listen,
so I can give you details
about the procedure
or I can just talk or whatever.
I just, I can't, I can't.
Can't what?
I can't have another kid.
I understand.
So, call me after eight.
I get home from work then.
That's my number.
Thanks so much.
Hello, this is...
Can I not say my name?
Can I just leave my number?
I'm gonna call back.
Hi, it's me again.
I just...
My family is really
well connected
and I was trying to get the
money to go to Europe for this
but now my father got suspicious
and he wants me to
marry the guy who...
You know what, let me
leave you my number,
I'm in Highland Park.
I don't want this one.
Super snobby, Highland Park.
I'll take her.
Okay, 19 year old not
even sure she's pregnant.
I can take that one.
So we do a procedure
called a D&C
and it's basically where
we open up the uterus
and just scrape it out.
I went to this doctor who
told me I had to marry the dad.
He basically said I was a slut
and that I needed
to marry the dad.
Yeah, that's not
always a good idea.
You wanna guess
where the dad is?
look, I have a pamphlet
all about the procedure,
so you know exactly
what to expect.
You should read it.
I kinda wish I had that
kind of information
when I was younger.
So this is your actual
house and everything?
We wanna treat women
like human beings.
And that's your actual
kid and everything?
Far out.
A couple more for tonight.
I know that you're
officially off duty tonight
but Bill just told me
his parents are in town.
Can you possibly take the girl
I'm supposed to help tonight?
Yeah, which one was it?
Highland Park.
Really snobby.
Okay, this is where
we ask for the money.
We ask you to give
as much as you can
on the assumption
that other women
may not have as much as you.
I don't have a lot.
Excuse me, and I don't
usually do this to people,
but aren't you
from Highland Park?
And you're telling me you
couldn't get together $500.
I'm not living at
Highland Park right now.
Okay, well wherever
you're living,
I'm gonna have to send
you home to get some money
because we have enough
trouble helping women
who are legitimately poor.
I'm not living in
Highland Park right now
because my parents
kicked me out.
I mean, I don't think my dad
believes in rape or something,
so I got together what I could.
It's not a lot but I'll
pay more later when I can,
I promise.
Just please help me.
Put this on before we get there.
I'm scared.
This way.
How're you doing tonight?
I'm okay.
Do you know how
far along you are?
I'm four weeks.
Are you sure?
Hey, don't worry,
you'll do great, okay?
If I hurt you, these
girls are gonna bust me.
They're gonna take
me to the police.
Isn't that right?
That's right.
You're in good hands.
So I'm gonna start with
a local anesthetic.
It won't hurt that much, okay?
All right, you're just gonna
feel a little pinch here.
Hey, I'm gonna hold your hand.
You have the antibiotics?
He gave you the
ergotrate shot, right?
That should make the
bleeding less bad.
Just do whatever he
says and you'll be fine.
You can take the blindfold off.
You okay?
I'm sorry I yelled at you early.
It's just, when you called,
you reminded me of my mom.
She works at Vogue.
I love Vogue.
I hate Vogue.
But I shouldn't have
taken it out on you.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you need any volunteers?
For your group.
Everybody, this is Linda.
She's gonna be helping out.
Maybe joining up.
So I have the cards because
I'm "Callback Jane."
I take down the messages
and then I hand them
over to "Big Jane."
That's me right now.
And she makes sure each woman
gets assigned a councilor.
We've got a woman
who's seven months along.
I'll take it.
You do them that late?
Nothing after the
second trimester.
But we still have
to talk to her.
Make sure she gets counseling
so she doesn't try to take
things into her own hands.
We've got a 23
year old, two months.
Do I have to take someone?
When people first start, we
usually have them at the front
just talking to the
woman and the families.
Do you think you could do that?
I think so.
Four months?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
We used a condom.
And then...
When I told him that I
needed money for this,
he said he can't because
he's buying a boat.
A boat?
He sails.
He was saving up for a
sailboat for the summer.
I hope you said what
I would have said.
My dad punched me in the
face when he found out.
So I'm gonna tell him that
it made me lose the baby.
It's the only way to
stop him from killing me.
I didn't have much money.
So I tried to do it myself
with a knitting needle.
I've got a tampon in
or I'd be bleeding.
I don't think you
should have a tampon,
maybe if you wanna try a pad.
That would be better.
Oh, honey.
Uh, Janice?
Oh, okay.
We can't treat you like this.
You have to go to
the emergency room.
But I can't.
But you could get an
infection or bleed out.
You have to come to
the emergency room
but I'll have a
driver take you, okay?
They'll arrest me.
So play dumb.
Say you got in an accident.
They'll stitch you up
and you can come back
here another time, okay?
I can't.
I'll kill myself first,
do you understand me?
Okay, okay.
She will drive you to our
doctor and we will see
if he can stitch you up, okay?
Hi, come with me.
Go on.
I - just want you to know
I know what you're doing.
Who is this?
You oughta
be ashamed of yourself.
What is it that you
think we're doing?
Getting rid of pregnancies.
Women are dying and
we're trying to stop that.
They made their decisions
and they can live with them.
Well, what if
they lose their jobs
or their places to live?
Well I think it's wrong
and I wanted to let
you know that I'm going
to report you to the police.
Well... Hello?
Rose, we have to talk.
I think we're in trouble.
Didn't expect that
I would be the one
picking out the
wedding invitations.
Ah, I'm sorry.
I've been busy.
What is that?
I'm hiding it in here for Janice
but I may keep it
in here for awhile.
What is it, Rose?
So, you weren't arrested yet.
Anytime in the next week.
I don't know how
I'll tell my mom.
She doesn't know anything.
Well, can you say you
don't know these women?
Can you say you had
nothing to do with it?
But it's...
I really feel that it's
the right thing to do.
What about the
rest of your life?
I mean, I'm running for office.
If this comes out about you.
I'm running in a
Catholic neighborhood.
I know.
I just don't understand
why you're willing
to throw away your
entire life for this
when all you have to do it quit.
I can't leave all those
other women to take the blame
when it was my idea.
Your idea?
What do you mean, "your idea?"
Oh God.
Jesus Christ, Rose.
The newspaper's gonna
have a field day.
I don't know
what's gonna happen.
Maybe nothing.
I'm sorry but I...
We can't be married and
have this hanging over us.
This is our whole
future on the line.
You say that I'm not
sticking with you.
Well, you're the one
not sticking with me.
You have to say
you're not involved.
I have to stick
by everyone else.
I can't do this.
You chose this
without asking me.
You could've asked me first,
you're supposed to be my wife.
I love you.
I know.
I can't do this, I'm sorry.
if you do get arrested,
just say nothing.
All right, just
wait for a lawyer.
Maybe it's time that we
get out of the shadows.
Announce that we're here.
What do we have to lose?
I'm not scared.
Are you sure that that's
in the best interest
of the women who come here?
You've been saying
it for months.
People need to know this exists.
So we'll tell them.
No, no, what've been saying
is that I think it's in
the longterm best interest
to change public opinion.
They're holding a big
protest this weekend.
So we'll join in,
hold up a sign.
An abortion service.
Okay, so you hold up a sign
and if you get arrested
it's a statement
but for the women who come
here, it's real life, okay?
They meet us here.
I'm not saying
everyone has to do it.
Is anyone willing
to do it with me?
Well, what the hell,
I'll bring my kid.
If you want a
pamphlet, let us know.
Yeah, don't end up like me.
Hi, Jane.
Hi, Jane.
That's funny.
What's funny?
Right there in the paper.
I wanna help them.
They're really good.
You're gonna be fine.
Were up to 30 women a week now.
A lot of them are poor.
Abortion was legalized in
New York State last year.
People who have 300 bucks
take a bus to New York.
So we're left with the
people who can't afford that.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I found a jumper on
the bridge on Michigan Avenue.
I thought I'd bring her here.
Listen, you know,
a lot of the guys, we know
what it is that you do here.
We don't have a problem with it.
Most of us.
But you can't keep
going like this forever.
My advice would be to lay low.
Lay low?
If you stick your head
out and give my lieutenant
any reason to arrest you,
he's looking for that.
You understand me?
You can... It's okay.
This is Laura.
She's 14.
I'm gonna leave her here, okay?
All right.
Hi, Laura.
Come on in, Donna,
close the door.
Take a seat.
I have something pretty
serious to discuss with you.
We're a Catholic community.
I understand that.
And I understand that
you have been doing things
that are not in the spirit
of the Catholic community.
can you clarify what I did?
A student said...
There's been some kind of rumor
that any students who wanna
can come to you and...
Get that.
Oh, that.
Yeah, well at least it's
accurate information.
You don't understand
what I'm telling you here.
You're fired.
Excuse me?
You're not keeping
with the trad...
No, listen!
In the last 10 years
before I started here,
we were losing five
or six girls a year
to dropping out or
mysteriously going to Europe
or to a home somewhere
for lack of this really
basic information
that they're not allowed
to have until when?
When they're married?
Not when it's a life
and death issue,
the way it is when you're 15?
You must've noticed that
in the last two years,
we have only had two
girls get pregnant.
That means that maybe five
or six girls where saved
by just knowing these basic
facts about their own body.
We got a parental
complaint, Mrs. Lisnewski.
So if you have some
kind of radical agenda,
I'm afraid you're going to
have to take it elsewhere.
We don't want those kind
of ideas in Lake Forest.
Now if you'll do me
the enormous favor
of taking that with
you when you leave.
Thank you.
You aren't returning our calls,
your mother's worried sick.
I don't wanna talk to you.
I'd like to know what
happened to the baby.
I lost it.
This is not how we do
things in this family.
This is not acceptable.
Turn around when I speak to you.
I was raped, Dad.
A lot of misunderstands
happen between good people.
He's not a good person.
He's been coming by the house.
He's very sorry.
If you would just sit
down and talk to him.
You wanna know something?
I am happy and if you loved me,
you would be happy
that I'm happy.
I would be happy when
I see you settle down.
This isn't the 18th century.
You don't have to marry
me off to some bachelor.
I'm happy right here
right now with my life.
And I may never get married.
And then what?
What will you do with yourself?
I'll have a life.
I'll have a career.
You and mom have
spent your whole lives
doing exactly what
was expected of you.
Now you're mad that I'm free
and I don't have
to listen to you.
But I'm in control of
my life and I like it.
That's always what people say
right before they
ruin their lives.
Jacqueline McKinna, nine weeks.
By the way, I don't know
if we need more volunteers
or what but I'm starting
to get complaints
from some of the Janes that
they're working too hard.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How was your first
night at the place?
Um... I need to talk to you.
I told you that I used to
work as a nurse, right?
You don't need that much
for it to be affective.
Take it easy, princess,
I know what I'm doing.
When did you graduate
from med school?
How old are you?
35, how old are you?
So you graduated
when you were 19?
Oh, did I say 54?
I meant 58.
He's not a doctor?
I mean,
maybe if he's doing the procedure
okay, it doesn't matter.
He's not a fucking doctor!
I don't know.
Where's she going?
Hello, Doctor Charlie.
Oh, here we go.
You're not a doctor?
You knew you were gonna
say something, I knew it.
You lied to me!
You're not a fucking doctor!
I'm better than most doctors
because I do this every day!
And you are out
of your goddamn mind
if you think I'm ever
bringing a single woman to you
ever again!
Let me get a second, all right?
You girls came to me.
Remember that, huh?
Have I hurt anybody?
Have I let a single patient die?
I'm nothing like the guys
you're gonna find out there.
What? You're in it for money.
You said so yourself!
Isn't that part of your cause?
Is that what this is about?
I make money because
I need to eat.
Let me tell you a
little something.
I've been threatened
for what I'm doing here.
Okay, the mob guys don't love
that I'm underselling them
and I've been threatened
with a bullet,
so I'd like a little respect!
You can't even admit
you did anything wrong.
Because I didn't
do anything wrong!
We're all criminals in this room
and that included all of you.
Let's go, we're leaving.
We can find somebody else.
For his prices, not likely.
Anyone we find will probably
also be a fucking liar.
Well, he didn't actually
hurt anybody, right?
We lied to all of those women!
We told them that
they're safe here.
And instead we took them to
some back alley con artist?
With a fake medical license!
I was sexually
molested when I was 13.
This 35 year old man
from my synagogue,
and I was 13,
and he...
And my mom got him kicked out
of the synagogue immediately
because she's this
tough Jewish woman
and I always
respected her for that
but when I needed to
talk to her about it,
she wouldn't.
She made me swear
never to tell anybody
because she knew I would
be treated differently
and she's right.
And that is bullshit!
Why is it that men
do this stuff to us
and we're the ones that have
to deal with the consequences?
Can I get a minute here?
Because I can tell
you the truth, okay?
I never really had a job.
I was always doing
something illegal.
When I was 14 I was
working for a bookie but.
I learned abortions from
these mob guys in LA.
They had a system
for their hookers.
Look, I'm sorry I lied, okay?
But, honestly, I could
make a lot more money
doing this for anybody else
and I like being apart of this.
So you're telling us
you're able to do all of that
without a medical license?
It's not that hard if
you know what you're doing.
So, can you teach it to us?
To all of us in the group?
Are you out of your mind?
Do you have any idea the
penalties you're facing for that?
Jail time you're
facing if you do that.
If you teach us, we
can do the simple ones
and you can do the hard stuff.
Why would you wanna
do that to yourselves?
There are women who
can't afford 500 dollars.
We're getting 30
women a week now.
If you take the tough
cases, we'll take the rest
and we can do it for
a lot less money.
Yeah but you're gonna
need to buy equipment.
You need medical supplies,
you need anesthetic.
I wanna be taught first.
All right, so our job
is just to get access
so we can tear the
amniotic sac, okay?
We start with a
shot of ergotrate.
It helps keep them from
hemorrhaging afterwards.
And it's four shots of
Zylocaine to help numb the pain.
This is a curette.
Kinda looks like a spoon, right?
What's it like?
I don't know.
Women's bodies are
always in men's hands.
I always went to a male doctor.
But this was us
doing it for us.
I don't know what
it was like for her
I know how it all
works in there now.
You know what's funny?
Midwives have probably
been doing this
for thousands of years
and they just didn't
talk about it.
Yeah, well, I wish they had
because it's a lot harder to
figure it out for ourselves.
I wanna learn next.
If we're gonna get
serious about this,
we have to find a different
place and a different front.
We can't use our
apartments anymore.
How do we pay for that?
We could charge the
women 20, maybe 30 dollars
just to cover the
apartments and the supplies.
Do we pay ourselves?
Like as employees?
I mean, this is work.
I got fired from my other job
and I was already spending
as much time here as there,
so, if you guys gave
me a salary... No.
Women's work is
always undervalued.
We're expected to just
do things for free?
This is crazy, no.
If we pay ourselves,
we're not councilors,
we're abortionists.
That's already
going to be the case.
We wouldn't make a profit,
I'm not talking about...
Do you know how much
jail time we'd be facing?
We're already facing jail time.
I think you're just saying that
because you're
unemployed right night.
Well, what about
you, you're pregnant.
Have you ever considered
how that makes the women feel,
to show up here and
look at a pregnant lady?
I think that it shows that
we're inclusive of all women.
I actually agree.
I don't think pregnant
women should be allowed
to work in this service.
Why am I just
hearing about this now?
Yeah, we're hearing
about a lot of things now.
Why didn't we know
Charlie wasn't a doctor?
How long have you
known about that?
Not that long.
Not that long?
How long?
You guys know all this stuff
and you don't tell us anything.
We're risking
everything being here.
I have a kid, I'm a single mom.
I'm not gonna risk her having
to grow up without a mother
because you guys wanna
do this for money.
I wanna stay.
Do you think I'm
making the right choice?
I think that's up to
you to decide, not me.
I am.
I just wanted to say that.
A couple of months
back I called you
and threatened to turn you in.
I'm so sorry.
I just...
My mom said that I would
burn in eternal hell
if I ever got an abortion.
I know it's a sin, I just...
It'll be over soon.
I still don't even
believe in abortion.
This is different.
They all are.
That really wasn't so bad.
Okay, here are
your instructions.
Take the antibiotics
all the way to the end
and you should be fine.
But you need to
check for infection.
If you show any symptoms,
go to the emergency room.
I thought you were going
to stick a knife in me
and just slice
around everywhere.
That's what I heard.
I really shouldn't tell
my aunt about this.
She is really religious.
But I just feel
like I was tricked.
I mean, he said he wasn't
going to have sex with me
and then all of a sudden
he was inside of me
and he said, "I slipped."
So you were raped.
I wouldn't call it rape.
He says he feels
really bad about it.
He wants to see me again.
I really shouldn't tell
my aunt about this.
She is really religious.
Okay, okay, after
I get off of work,
you and I are gonna
have a long talk, okay?
Can you stay around?
Is that?
Is someone tapping my phone?
Okay, well if this is the FBI,
I'd just like to say something.
I mean, I was,
I know a lot of you guys
were probably raised going
to church and so was I
and in church they made
everything sound so easy.
But it's not black and white.
And if anyone's listening,
I just wanna say,
if the sermons had been
more like real life,
I might be able to
take them seriously.
But as it is, we're
all just doing
the best we can here, okay?
What were you thinking?
I know.
Don't tell the
other women, okay?
I just, it made me so angry.
Because they could've
been listening for weeks.
And they're listening to people
tell the most intimate details
of their lives, you know?
It just made me so angry.
Oh my God.
You're turning into me.
You have your medications.
Is there anything else you need?
I need to go home
to my daughter.
She was at the hospital
today for surgery.
So what you could do
since you're first starting
is just work at the front.
Talk to people, make sure they
have everything they need.
Help watch the kids of any moms.
You said there's pay, right?
Not much.
You know but something.
I can drive you there.
This is the police.
Everyone stay where you are.
Do not attempt...
Everyone listen
to me, say nothing.
You're all under arrest.
Say absolutely nothing
until you see a lawyer.
Oh, Jesus, my daughter
is at the hospital.
Say nothing.
Just start with her.
She did this!
I told her it was illegal!
This isn't my fault!
Where is he?
Where the hell is he?
I don't know what you mean.
Yeah, sure.
He was looking for the doctor.
That's why he was
asking about a man.
Sorry about all this, you know.
I mean, to be honest,
you helped a lot of girlfriends
and wives of the guys here.
But somebody called
in a complaint.
Who called in a complaint?
Was it the FBI?
Somebody's aunt.
Brenda's aunt.
That sounds right?
"I better not tell my aunt,
she's really religious?"
I talked to that
girl for 45 minutes.
I guess she changed her mind.
I'm gonna smack her!
I'm gonna go to there house
and I'm going to beat her down!
I'm not kidding, Rose,
I'm gonna kill her.
She cried on me, I held her.
Turn right.
Guys, look, they're treating
the patients worse than us.
Come on!
Ladies, you know how to walk!
Those are pregnant women.
Yeah, and we're college
educated white girls.
Used to be a teacher.
So did I.
What subject?
I was history.
Where did you go wrong?
Where did you?
You're looking at 110 years.
110 years.
Would you like to make
a signed statement?
No, what, no, asshole.
I'd like to call my mother!
Excuse me, what did
you just say to me?!
That can't be right.
I thought five years
was the maximum.
No, it's five years
times the number of counts.
Oh my God.
Abortion ladies,
your lawyer's here!
Did you call your mom?
Not yet.
Well, this lawyer's
a friend of my mom's,
so she's probably gonna
be annoying as hell.
I love you.
I love you all.
Everybody talks too much.
You guys didn't say a
goddamn word to the police.
Not one goddamn word.
You are my favorite
clients ever.
Now, let's talk posting
bail, okay?
Who here has the rich parents?
I thought you were dead.
I had to call your ex-boyfriend.
I'm sorry.
He had to let me in.
Said he hasn't
seen you in months.
You're some kind of abortionist?
Nobody is gonna hire you to be
a teacher now, you know that?
I don't know how anybody's
gonna hire you for anything.
I wanted you to be
an independent woman
and now you will have
to depend on a husband
because you won't be
able to earn a living.
And I don't know who
would marry you now,
to be quite honest.
Mom, stop it.
No, I won't stop.
You don't know how
tough the world can be.
But you're about to find out.
And I'm sorry for that but
you did it to yourself.
I'm sorry... Why, Rose?
Huh, for some women who
weren't responsible enough
to take care of themselves?
These radicals have
brainwashed you.
Was it that girl,
Janice, from New York?
It was my idea.
You raised me to be
strong and practical.
And strong Midwestern
women do not ask
other people to
solve their problems.
Well, I hope you
are strong, Rose,
because you're gonna need it.
You're gonna need it.
I can't be there for you.
Not for this.
We didn't say a word about you.
Well, I appreciate that.
Still gonna skip town for
a little while though.
Glad I got to say goodbye though
and you can tell them
about me if you want.
They're not gonna find me.
We're not gonna say anything.
I don't even know
your last name.
It's Jane.
Oh, man.
Back alley con artist.
The best.
Apparently we are
"The Abortion Seven."
That's pretty cool.
It's not cool, we
shouldn't even be in here.
Yeah, does your lawyer know
that were meeting like this?
But we were supposed to
handle 20 women that night.
Half of them are still pregnant.
I thought maybe we
could make some calls.
I don't feel good about this.
We're facing a 110 years.
No one's forcing
anyone to do anything.
But it's not just
those 10 women.
Mary said she could
have the trial
postponed by a few
months, maybe longer,
because there's talk of a case
making it to the Supreme Court
but in the meantime,
the phone's ringing.
Oh no, no way.
All we're asking is if
anyone is willing to continue
to provide the same
services we did before.
This is crazy, the
police know about us.
The police knew about us before.
We helped their wives and
girlfriends, remember?
Yeah, this will directly
affect sentencing thought.
We're supposed to show that
we've changed our minds
and that we feel guilty
about our actions.
But we haven't.
Abortion shouldn't be illegal,
this is a political statement.
If we stop our work now,
we imply that it should.
I'm sorry but I have kids
and I cannot spend an
extra few years in jail
because you want to make
a political statement.
I understand.
If no one wants to
continue doing this,
I won't judge anyone.
We just need to know.
You always judge everyone.
Well I won't this time.
I swear.
I'm in.
I'll keep helping.
I'm sorry, I feel
like this whole time
we've been pretending that
we can just ignore the system
and we'll never get
caught or punished
but when you fight the system,
they catch you and
fire you and arrest you
and I can't play this game
and pretend it's
gonna happen anymore.
It happened.
We're caught.
I can't, I'm sorry.
I wanna stay.
Okay, fine, suit yourself.
I have a family that
I have to take care of.
I understand.
Maybe I'm stupid but
I never thought that we
were gonna get caught.
And when we were, I was just
waiting to regret everything.
But I don't.
Hi, I'm calling from the
Chicago Women's Liberation.
I'm calling from the
Chicago Women's Liberation.
Yes, the Abortion Seven, yes.
We were wondering,
we still have some
women who need help
and we wanted to know if
anyone would be willing
to donate a van and money
to get them to New York.
You would?
Why don't I give you our number
and when you call back,
you can ask for Jane.
I saw these women on the news.
They help women in
situations like this.
Yeah, the ones on the news.
They're still doing it.
I mean, they're white girls
but they do a good job.
They won't take all
your money either.
I'm feeling
a bit nervous myself.
Why didn't you ever
tell me you guys broke up?
Oh, I don't know, with all
the stress going on here.
You know, she's the only
person I've ever dated,
so I have to learn how
to date now, I guess.
I'm sorry.
Mm-hmm, thanks.
Excuse me.
Hi, I don't mean to be rude
but maybe you guys
should think about hiring
more black women here.
Because a lot of the women
that come here are black.
Yeah, I know, we've
thought about that.
You've thought about it.
We mostly recruit
women who come in here.
And we think we felt
bad about recruiting
people who are really broke,
which is most of the
women coming in right now.
And we thought that
if we got arrested,
the police might be
harder on black women, so.
All right, I'm just saying.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How'd it go?
I'm okay.
It hurt a little
but not too bad.
All right.
Let's get you home.
Actually, one second.
I just wanted to say that
if you need volunteers,
you can call me.
- Great.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Let me give you my number.
The Roe V. Wade case,
which was decided today,
uses the argument
that privacy rights
protect a woman's
right to an abortion.
I can't believe it.
So many women can
finally get help.
And this is good for us, right?
It might not be, we don't know.
Not for our case.
We'll see what Mary says.
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
They're protesting for us.
I'm proud of you, you know that?
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
Abortion is a woman's right!
A hundred and ten years.
I think that would
be enough time
to do some very good
organizing in prison.
But really, we could
do a literacy program.
Yeah, we could do
a crafts collective.
Job training.
Or we get raped and murdered.
What do you suppose abortion
services are like in prison?
Crafts collective.
Come on inside.
This behavior does not
reflect what I consider
to be the decent values
of the city of Chicago.
All of you young ladies
have been behaving in a way
that I think any decent
person would disapprove of.
Now, where are
the pregnant women
who were brought in that night?
Have they had their babies?
None of them have
had babies, your honor.
And how did that come to be?
We're not
really sure, your honor.
Are any of these women willing
to testify against this group?
Not at this time, your honor.
Not one?
Not at this time.
Well, is there any proof
of which of these women
actually committed
the abortions?
Not definite proof, no.
We have the equipment.
given that the Supreme
Court case of Roe V. Wade
has determined that this
procedure is no longer a crime,
and given that the evidence
against you is exceedingly thin,
I'm sorry to say I have
to dismiss the case
and all charges against you.
You are free to go.