Ask Kirmizi (2013) Movie Script

My husband.
My wife.
These next two days
won't go by fast enough.
Hey, lay off the guy!
He isn't being conscripted here.
We're just a bunch of marketing guys
holing up at the Rixos in Antalya.
You haven't given us two seconds
to say a proper goodbye.
Zeynep, I can always stay behind.
Nutcase, what do I want with you!
Let my husband stay.
C'mon, enough!
You're making me jealous.
- My bag.
- Your bag.
- I'll call the second we land.
- OK.
And careful with the car, ha!
OK, guys. Let's see some hostesses
to get us flying for real!
Are they all blondes?
I'll save you the blonde.
Take your pick, guys.
- Whoa, babes like out of a book!
- Talking of books, shut that.
Look, count me out of this, please.
Guys, I'll kill anyone
who touches this blonde.
I'll check out the vibe
once we're there.
So long as the vibe
doesn't pass you up.
C'mon! There's five girls here
and we're four studs, plus Ferhat.
But listen, that blonde is mine.
Ferhat, how can anyone
not be into these dames?
Go on, pick one.
- This one.
- Not so fast, she's mine.
Look at you, picking a girl
whose face you can't see!
You mean, 'I've seen her from behind,
I'll just roll her right over.' Whoa!
- Fasten your seatbelts please.
- Hey, we're taking off.
Guys, enjoy flying.
- We aren't late, are we?
- No, c'mon, for the love of...
Leave the loving to Ferhat.
Tonight's about play, not love.
Ceren, you're with Emre.
Emre, get cosy there.
Whichever one of you is hottest,
get cracking on Ferhat.
Well? Where's my girl?
We rented a car, she's parking.
She'll be right here.
So you came from Istanbul too?
Renting a car and stuff...
Sure, it's kind of
a business trip for us too.
Let's forget business tonight, guys.
Here comes my love.
Hey, wasn't tonight about play,
not love?
Cool down.
My idea of love is all play.
But the choosing is done.
She's mine or you're mangled.
Let me introduce you.
Guys, Nazl.
- Nazl. Hi. Murat.
- Hi, Murat.
- I'm Emre.
- Hi, Emre.
- Hseyin.
- Hi, Hseyin.
- What are you drinking?
- Whisky.
- With two ice cubes.
- No, straight up.
Whoa, tonight is going to be so hot.
Ferhat Bey, your phone.
Ferhat Bey, your phone.
Ferhat Bey, your phone is ringing.
My husband,
I miss you so much.
Me too.
It's really noisy here.
The guys insisted on us partying.
Well, good for them.
Get partying.
Come back having partied,
rested and missed me, OK?
My husband,
I feel kind of weird here.
You feel weird?
How come, sweetheart?
Our bed is so big, my husband.
Yes. It's the first time
I'm sleeping without you, right?
I'm lost in the bed without you.
Anyway, I'm just jabbering.
Go on, get partying.
But miss me, OK?
Party, but miss me too.
I'm jabbering again.
OK, I'm hanging up.
Have a good time.
Good night, sweetheart.
I love you.
More than me?
C'mon, let's drink.
What are we drinking to?
- To play.
- OK, let's drink!
Get that guy charged, Mine.
Go on.
OK, we get the message.
So he loves his wife but...
That's life,
other halves get anxious.
Why are we talking about marriage?
Don't worry,
I won't tell your wife.
Being married
is bad enough in itself.
But being in love with your wife
is even worse.
You're married and you have
a woman like this looking at you.
Why don't you look at me like that
when we're making love?
Don't I?
No, you always close your eyes
in ecstasy.
This woman could turn you into a poet.
Don't you think?
Wait, I want to ask something.
Does anyone here write poetry?
I always wanted to,
but then I ended up in marketing.
- I'd say Ferhat Bey does for sure.
- What makes you say that?
Well, your silence
is a poet's silence.
Whoa, listen to that!
I did in the past.
In high-school days.
I have a hunch you still do.
You want to read poetry?
But no one writes it.
Like you said,
they did at high school.
You know, 'first love' poems
and stuff.
C'mon, read one. Some bull artist
must've written something.
C'mon, Nazl!
Go for it!
In the blind darkness...
Even in sleep...
The caress of your eye
burning my skin...
Tormenting my heart...
Your eyes when we make love...
Are so beautiful.
No one could write a poem to your eyes
more beautiful than that.
Come here, c'mon.
Why do you do it?
Do what?
Why? Are you going to
divorce your wife for me?
Is that the first question you ask
after all these years?
Look, honey.
I'm a hooker
and you're a good boy.
Whatever happened tonight happened,
end of story.
And then there's real life.
Whatever we are, that's how we act.
I mean things are what they are. OK?
Things are what they are.
Yes, things are what they are.
You don't even know
the price of a hooker.
My husband. Ah, were you asleep?
I'm sorry.
No, honey.
I couldn't sleep.
- I'm sitting in my room. It's OK.
- Poor love.
What's up?
Who was keeping you awake?
You couldn't sleep alone, could you?
Neither could I, so I'm finishing up
that kids' book I'm late with.
Anyway, get some sleep.
You have meetings tomorrow. Kisses.
You know what the punishment is
for stealing a woman from another man?
No, what's that?
So what are you going to do?
Kill me?
You think I'd kill you
over a hooker?!
But boy, did you move fast!
I'm sorry.
What's done is done.
Why not say from the start
you fancied her?
OK, I warned you off,
but I've fucked her anyway.
My husband!
What's up?
Did something bad happen?
No. Everything's fine.
If you don't answer with a kiss
and call me "my wife"...
...when I hug "my husband",
there's definitely something up.
No, there isn't, OK?
I'm just tired, that's all.
You're sure about that?
Nothing else?
Ha, there is something.
- I missed you.
- Oh yeah?
Then take me with you
wherever you go, OK?
I'm in heaven all over again,
my husband.
Don't ever leave me, OK?
Don't leave me without you.
To our love.
To you for being.
Come here.
I can't finish my wine.
Mind if I go to bed?
Right now?
I'm really knackered, honey.
OK, we'll go to sleep
in each other's arms. Sure.
Another kiss.
I want to be yours tonight.
Then they can't break us up.
My husband.
Can't you sleep?
What are you doing?
What is it, Ferhat?
Won't you tell me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
Really I'm sorry.
Sweetie, I said I was tired, right?
I guess it's that, I don't know.
It's OK, no problem.
Let me take a shower.
It might help.
Here, let's see if you remember.
Where did you get that?
I was tidying the cupboards.
It was in with your old boxes.
Who is she? Your ex?
Zeynep, for god's sake don't
at this time of morning!
What's wrong? Don't you wonder
where she is, what she's up to?
Is this some kind of interrogation?
Ferhat, for the love of...
Don't bring love into it, Zeynep.
Just don't, please!
Why not?
What's wrong with love?
What's up, Ferhat? I don't understand
why you're going so overboard.
And I don't understand
why you're being so in my face!
- Hello.
- Good morning.
How was Antalya, Ferhat Bey?
I mean the seminar.
Antalya is always nice.
Great. It went great, thanks.
So what's it like being back?
Great, ahin. You?
Can't wait for the next trip.
But next time you're fixing the girls
and I'm stealing yours.
Goodbye, ahin.
I need to see you!
I can't go on without seeing you!
I need to see you.
I can't go on without seeing you!
How come?
Isn't your curiosity satisfied?
Guess why I do this job?
Can you update these schedules
with my latest revisions...
...and e-mail a copy to everyone
who was at the Antalya conference?
- How's it going?
- Good, you?
Be sure to e-mail everyone.
And I'd like a printout for myself.
- OK, Dilek Hanm?
- Sure, Ferhat Bey.
- Good luck. Thanks.
- Thanks.
Please. I need to talk to you.
Get your head out of that computer
and let's get this finished.
I just spoke to Dilek Hanm,
she's handling it.
Listen, what's been keeping you
at that computer all morning?
Don't tell me...
Nazl here.
What do you want?
Honey, an urgent meeting has come up.
I'll be a bit late back.
Don't wait for me to eat, OK?
All right.
Ferhat, is it anything important?
Just a difficult client.
- Ferhat.
- Yes, honey?
Nothing. I love you.
What is the guy doing?
Oof! He's heading for an accident.
Man, just chill for a second!
God, what am I doing?
Why am I in this traffic?
Man, get off my back!
Is your wife about to give birth?
I'm over here.
Why did you wait outside?
I don't know.
I didn't want anyone looking at me.
Forget it.
Forget it. You're saying we forget it, huh?
Have you been able to forget?
Sweetheart, you'll fall!
What do I care?
I'm flying.
I'm flying to forever.
Come and get me
if you dare.
Kiss me
or you'll lose me forever.
What if I die?
Will you forget me then?
If they hexed me, if they tore out
my heart, I still wouldn't forget you!
That's fate.
Go back to your wife.
Keep her out of this.
I love her.
Go back to her then.
I know the way.
And every way there is to know.
How come you waited?
I didn't want to eat without you.
Even if you'd already eaten.
How did the meeting go?
What did you get up to?
I stopped by at Mum's.
Will you eat with me?
It's late, you must be hungry.
How's it going?
You've been moping
ever since Antalya. What's up?
- He's fallen in love with the dame.
- Shit, no! Ferhat?
Emre, don't along with this idiot,
you of all people.
Grab your axe! Even the fabled Farhat
failed to hack through that mountain.
Get off my case.
Love will hack you up
if you don't talk.
Listen to this:
Ferhat looks for Shirin on Facebook.
He sends a message, OK?
Shirin ignores him.
We're talking the Shirins of today.
Maybe it's not like you think, huh?
What do you say?
She's one smart hooker. You know
the circles she mixes in?
No, ahin.
I don't want to know either.
Don't poke your nose into stuff
you know nothing about, huh?
You stole the hooker from me, OK?
Ferhat, the whole thing sucks!
And this is our workshop.
Let me introduce you.
Our teacher and master, efkat Hodja.
Hodja, Burcu Hanm,
our new course member.
Yes, I'm Burcu. Burcu Deniz.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome. Good to meet you.
Meet the others.
Friends, this is Burcu Hanm.
Hello, I'm Seda.
- Hello. Looks great.
- Thanks.
- I'm Suat. You'll really relax here.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello, I'm Nazlgl. Welcome.
- Hello, Burcu.
I've always wanted to do this.
It's heaven. You forget
all your cares and worries here.
Even who you are, in fact!
I don't know what to do.
C'mon, let me buy you a coffee.
efkat Hodja,
OK if we take a coffee break?
If you bring me one
on your way back.
He's really caring,
true to his name.
He'll tell you the materials you need.
Soon as you get them, you can start.
- Can I take one?
- Sure.
I guess you aren't in the habit.
Right. I don't usually smoke.
Don't start, if you ask me.
Bad habits are too easy to pick up.
Forbidden fruit is sweetest.
I guess so.
Forbidden love, secret affairs...
Are you married?
Oh, sorry.
I'm using the familiar 'you'.
No, please.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- And a coffee for efkat Hodja, on me.
- OK.
- You?
- Me?
Well, what kind of life do you have?
Married or single?
No, I've never married.
My life is kind of complicated.
I... I haven't married.
But I was as good as married.
What happened?
Did he walk out?
He realized he loved his ex more
and left me for her.
So I was cheated on with an ex.
Don't tell me he married her.
- That's still anyone's guess.
- So it happened recently?
Very recently.
That's my ex,
but he's married.
We need to talk,
to talk calmly and properly.
Talk calmly about what?
If you want a secret affair,
I don't have time for it.
Nazlgl, please. I know I upset you.
But let me apologize. Please!
OK, same place as last time then.
See you.
What cry babies we women are.
It doesn't matter what we go through...
...if someone makes us happy
we can't resist.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I've brought it all back to you.
I have to go now.
- Burcu, I'm so happy to have met you.
- Me too.
Don't let anything get you down.
Life goes on.
Old runs into new,
there you go.
Who knows what we'll do?
- Bye for now. You are coming, right?
- Where?
- To the course.
- Sure. Sure I am. See you.
The coffee is on you
so I thought you could take it.
Sweet thought. The bill?
- Some other time.
- Can't I pay?
No, we don't let broken hearts
pay the bill.
And talk to efkat Hodja.
No pulling out, ha!
No. I just need to make a call.
I'm leaving now.
If anyone asks,
say I'm out with a client.
- I'll have my phone with me.
- OK.
How's it going, sweetheart?
Fine. You?
Fine, I guess.
My parents are coming over tonight.
I thought we'd buy the stuff
and go home together.
I mean I was just checking...
Honey, I'm running to the warehouse.
Can we talk later?
Don't be late back tonight, OK?
OK, honey. I won't.
You have a reservation?
I've seen her, thanks.
How are you doing?
Are you OK?
I hope you haven't been bothered
by other guys staring at you.
You look so incredibly gorgeous.
Just skip that bit, will you?
Don't talk to me like other men.
But I'm not like other men.
Am I?
Let's talk about why we met again.
All right.
We met again years later
and something happened between us.
But sure as hell it didn't happen
out of the blue, did it?
No, it was out of the blue.
It shouldn't have happened.
Or it just happened.
Look. That night...
I mean...
I really upset you.
I really upset you, I know.
I'm sorry.
But... I mean...
Especially asking you to explain...
You can't. No man can ask me
to explain myself.
When you showed up that night...
When you sho...
It blew me away.
I mean, I couldn't believe it.
But you made love to me.
WE made love!
WE made love.
Hadn't we missed each other?
Ferhat, what are you thinking?
That I'll be your lover
after all we went through?
Oh, excuse me!
I can't be your lover, can I?
Because you're married.
I can only be your mistress.
But there's more dignity
in being a mistress than an escort.
Yes. Yes.
That isn't what I meant.
You're still talking about the night
you met with a bunch of hookers!
If I hadn't gone offwith you,
I'd have been fucked by ahin.
Or someone else,
what's the difference?
Then you were in my face
with why I'm a hooker...
I was hurting too.
I was hurting too.
OK, let's not dwell on it.
Don't call me again.
Nazlgl, wait.
Nazlgl, wait, please.
I can't go on without seeing you!
This time it won't happen. This time...
This time what?
You know my number.
Call whenever you want.
If we agree on price, I'll come.
But I can't be your lov...
That's the treatment I deserve,
isn't it?
Sure, I'm a whore! You don't even care
what I feel as a person.
Nazlgl, wait!
Nazlgl, wait, please!
Wait, please wait!
What's got into you, dear?
I just dropped it, Mum.
Is Ferhat coming, dear?
I don't know, Dad.
He said he was seeing a client,
but he knows you're coming.
- He did that knowing we were coming?
- He's busy, Mum.
But he'll make it for dinner,
don't worry.
Nothing's wrong, is it, dear?
No, like what, Mum?
What do you want to be wrong?
He's busy
for goodness sake.
OK, dear.
Hopefully it's as you say.
Drop the 'hopefully',
that's how it is, Mum!
What's wrong with saying 'hopefully'?
Agh! Mum!
In the blind darkness...
Even in sleep...
The caress of your eye
burning my skin...
Tormenting my heart...
Your eyes when we make love...
Thought you could kill me,
did you, whore?
I won't let you touch my girl.
So what if I touch her, whore?
She's growing up a whore anyway,
isn't she?
She gives it to that ugly shit,
doesn't she?
What's it to you?
What's that supposed to mean?
I look after her, I feed her,
so I'll fuck her! OK?
- Mum!
- Nazlgl, no!
Stop, Galip. Wait!
- Fuck off!
- Stop!
- Fuck off out of here!
- Stop! Leave them alone!
- iko!
- Leave them alone!
Take him away. Break his bones
and dump him somewhere.
They took me
to some godforsaken place.
They had me dig a hole.
They said they'd kill me
and bury me in it.
I was scared. Really scared.
Then he turned up.
He said, "Don't worry,
I'm not going to kill you."
"But you're not
seeing that girl again."
"From now on, it's just me who..."
I guess I passed out.
Then they left.
Days, weeks, months went by.
I was looking out for you
the whole time.
That house...
No one ever came or went.
So I just sat on that red bench
and thought of you.
Forget it.
What did you do?
Forget it.
I don't want to remember.
I left Istanbul.
One day, without knowing where I was,
I found myself outside a tattooist.
Turns out I was in lzmir.
I went in.
I wanted something
to hold me by the arm.
Something to hold my shoulder
and keep me from going.
And the guy tattooed this crow on me.
He said crows lived a long time
so I wouldn't go anywhere.
It took me five years
to get myself together.
Then I decided.
I said if I ever loved anyone
like that again, I'd marry her.
I'd marry her
and never cheat on her.
I promised.
I promised myself, not some woman.
Then I found Zeynep.
We got married.
And you cheated on her with me.
Do you look into her eyes too
when you're making love?
I've never looked into anyone's eyes
since you, you know?
She's my wife.
We have to stop.
We have to stop
if you love your wife so much.
We can't stop now!
We should've stopped that day.
That day, there...
Go on, go home.
Go back to your wife.
You don't think
something's happened, dear?
No. He texted Dad
to say sorry, didn't he?
So he's fine.
OK, missus, enough for today.
You've worn the girl out!
Oof, and no one says a word to you!
OK, dear. Ignore your mother.
Good night.
Give my best wishes to Ferhat.
- Good night, Dad.
- Good night.
Burcu, how are you doing?
How I look.
Not that great
from what I can tell.
What's up? Did something happen?
Don't tell me...
He left his ex's bed and came back
in the middle of the night.
Oh, sorry. Well?
Well, that's it.
He had a key. He snuck in
and climbed into bed.
You mean you let him?
He hugged me from behind.
There you go.
That's probably what my guy did.
Hmm, right. You met up, didn't you?
What did you guys do?
Well, first we fought,
then he slapped me.
He wouldn't do that!
He did. Though actually
I did kind of ask for it.
The way you said that,
it's like you know him.
No. I mean,
he's your ex after all.
If he's missed you so much,
he wouldn't slap you.
OK, it was my fault.
I kind of provoked him.
Well, anyway, we fought.
Then he ran after me, grabbed me,
and he kissed me in the car park.
A woman misses that, right?
Still, you could have it worse.
At least he's run off to his ex.
What am I supposed to do?
But yours came to you.
Besides which...
He made you really happy.
How good is that?
Never mind.
No, it's not like that.
He really loves his wife too.
Anyway, we'll talk later over coffee.
That's such a great design!
How's it going? No harder than
illustrating a children's book, is it?
There you go.
- He'd love that.
- Who?
Him. You know, him.
Your guy.
I mean the ex.
What makes you say that?
No idea.
I have a hunch, I guess.
Look, I would know, OK?
I know these things.
No, it's just
you seem like you know him.
He really would love it.
And when you assumed he would...
Well, it gives you
a kind of old-world look.
You know, like in movies and stuff.
Exes go for that kind of thing.
Oof, I don't know.
Let me have a look.
Wow! you have to get it.
I mean, it goes with the theme.
God, do you look gorgeous...
That dress is amazing on you.
I got it today with a friend.
She chose it.
She said you'd really like it too.
She said I'd like it.
Does she know me?
No. Come in.
Who is this friend?
Burcu. I just met her.
But it's like I've known her forever.
You'd love her if you met her.
Let's meet some day then.
Maybe we have other things in common.
You were right.
He loved it.
Right, but I'm not so sure
about my guy's taste in women.
I miss him so much.
My husband!
Ah, Burcu!
You had your hair cut.
Well, I was bored.
When women get depressed...
It looks great though.
C'mon, come in.
I have a surprise for you.
Nazlgl Hanm?
Yes, that's me.
- The flowers are for you.
- Wow!
Who from?
Nazlgl, I should be going, dear.
Oof, my mother.
Here, you keep these.
If we take out that red one,
she won't guess.
Pretend you've brought them.
I'll explain later, c'mon.
You came at just the right time.
Now let me introduce you
to the number one person in my life.
Here, my true love.
My daughter, Masal.
And this lovely lady
with the short hair is Burcu.
Remember I told you about her?
Nice to meet you.
Lovely to meet you too, Masal.
Honey, you're so pretty!
I have to take a photo.
Here goes. OK, done.
Ah, it's come out great.
My mum, Necla. Burcu.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
I wish I could stay for a chat,
but we have school, as you know.
Be nice to Granny,
OK, sweetheart?
OK, Mum.
Mum, next time
ask Burcu round earlier, OK?
This time doesn't count
seeing as we're about to leave.
- Right, Granny?
- Well...
OK, OK. You'll have lots of time
to get to know each other.
Have a good day.
Burcu, I'm sorry.
What's up? Tossing out the red rose
so your mum doesn't guess.
Who are the roses from?
Here, a total psycho.
Ah! Not from him then?
Nine places I've been knifed for you...
But ninety-nine places
I wish I could kiss you.
What does that mean?
Well, it's that psycho.
My mum used to be a singer.
He was her boss.
When I say boss,
I mean her lover.
Anyway, he became obsessed with me.
He won't give up either.
I was just 17.
Ferhat and I were basically kids.
Not only did he break us up,
he forced me to...
Mum went crazy of course.
While he was on top of me...
...she stabbed him.
She stabbed him nine times
and still the bastard didn't die.
I wanted to die, but I couldn't.
I was pregnant. Pregnant with Masal.
No one knew of course.
Anyway, from then on,
every anniversary of that incident...
...he puts a single red rose
in with a bunch of 99 white roses...
...and sends them with that note.
OK, but Masal?
Mum thinks she's his.
But I was pregnant from Ferhat.
No one knew of course.
Well, does he know?
No, he doesn't.
- Aren't you going to tell him?
- No.
I don't understand the way fate works.
Why did we run into each other
after all these years?
But Masal is his kid too.
He really loves his wife, Burcu.
I couldn't do that to them.
Especially his wife.
OK, we met years later
and couldn't resist each other, but...
You know what we talked about
after making love the other day?
I said we had to stop
if he loved his wife so much.
- What did he say?
- He said we couldn't stop.
You know, this love is like...
Like walking to hell when you think
you've found heaven on earth.
- Do you wonder about her?
- Who?
His wife.
Would you like to meet her, say?
- His wife?
- No.
Let's say you met
without realizing it.
What would I do if I met her?
No idea.
I don't suppose
I could look her in the eye.
Say you really liked her.
Oof, I don't know. She'd cry
and then I'd crack too, I suppose.
- Would you be a threesome?
- How do you mean?
I mean would you agree to it?
You think she would?
No idea.
I mean, how would I know?
But I don't suppose she would.
So would you?
What does it have to do with me?
Well, you, me, don't we all
have the same story?
Oof! C'mon, drink up.
Where do you get these ideas?
My wife.
Sweetheart, what's up?
Zeynep. Zeynep, tell me what's up.
Are you done with the design?
We've lit the kiln today.
We can fire your first design.
Stick me in the kiln
instead, Hodja.
- They say passion is fuelled by fire.
- She's already cinders, Hodja.
I have a favour to ask you.
Go on.
I want you to meet him.
Well, OK,
but what am I supposed to do?
That's all.
I don't know,
you can give me some advice.
I'm tired of playing
the threesome game all on my own.
I mean this whole ex syndrome...
C'mon, you understand.
OK, sure. Tonight.
Can I ask you something?
Do you know the woman?
Me? Yes.
From Facebook mishaps and stuff.
Well, does she know you?
Like you.
If only you hadn't met her.
Shall we meet tonight?
I have a surprise for you.
No, I can't do tonight.
I promised a friend.
If we meet early?
Early evening?
I'll leave early.
All I'm asking is one hour.
Well, OK. But only one hour.
One hour.
You know what?
This place, this garden, the house behind,
they sold them all to our company.
I found the photos taken for the spec.
The guy who took them
got a photo of this bench.
This bench always turned up
in my dreams.
Nightmares, dreams of flying doves,
it didn't matter...
...this bench was always there.
Then one day she...
...I mean Zeynep, I dreamt I was sitting
here on the bench with her.
I thought my fate now is this girl.
Did you bring her here?
If only you had.
Then maybe
I'd never have run into you.
No, c'mon!
We can't make her
part of our fate.
Have a good evening.
You look great.
The hair's gone
but it really suits you.
What's up?
What are we celebrating?
Is Ferhat coming back here?
No. He texted to say
he was in a meeting. So I...
You thought you'd surprise him,
but he left a few hours ago.
So let's call him.
I know.
You know?
What do you know?
- Son of a bitch!
- Ferhat, no. Stop!
Hey, have some manners!
So you found the whore then.
ahin. So...
...that woman, in other words...
my husband's ex...
...Nazl... gl.
Look, I know her as 'Nazl'
without the 'Gl', the 'Rose' bit.
But don't think she's the prude
of her short name.
I mean, smell her
and she opens up like a rose.
Have you slept with her too?
Look, honey,
I just met her like this.
Well, she's an escort.
An esss...
An escort.
An es-cort.
An escort.
Is that it?
Do you think she's...
...better looking than me?
I said is she
better looking than me?
Look, Zeynep.
You're a beautiful woman.
God knows,
if you weren't Ferhat's wife...
So she's better than me...
...I mean in bed. Right?
Well, she's amazing.
Believe me, she's really amazing.
Better than me?
Zeynep, how do I know?
How can I compare you and Nazl?
I mean, you and I...
Mum, we're here!
I don't know what got into her,
she suddenly insisted on coming over.
Stay here tonight, OK?
Stay here tonight.
I'm going out anyway.
Your phone is ringing!
Zeynep, are you going to answer
or shall I?
Zeynep Hanm's phone.
Umm, sorry.
I wanted to speak to Burcu.
I guess you have the wrong number.
Ferhat? Burcu...
I mean is she...
Is she your wife?
Ferhat? It's you.
Zeynep, what have you done?
Zeynep, what have you done?
What have you done?
Ferhat, what's up?
Why are you standing there?
Zeynep, who is Burcu?
No idea. Who?
Why is Nazlgl calling your number
and asking to speak to Burcu?
What the hell are you doing?
Trying to find out what the hell
my husband is doing behind my back!
Did you find out then?
I found out how much
my husband missed his ex!
That all the time he loved me
he'd never actually forgotten her.
When she...
When she was getting dressed up
to meet you... know that dress you loved?
I chose it!
I told her you'd love it.
I said it gave her an old-world look,
that exes go for that kind of thing.
I proved to her that I know
your tastes better than she does.
Did that feel good then?
Yes. Of course it did.
While you were making love there,
While you were
on your way home...
...that woman was telling me
the details of how you made love!
Are you going to hit me?
Go on, hit me and finish it.
I can't, you finish it.
Hit me!
Go on, hit me! Hit me!
C'mon, come and get me.
Yes, tonight.
Look, it's the first time
I'm saying it by choice.
Yes, I've finally realized
you're my fate.
C'mon then,
let's live out our fate.
Ferhat, don't call me again.
I'm coming over.
No, don't.
No, I'm coming.
I'm coming down.
You surprised me tonight.
Are you ready
for more surprises tonight?
I'm ready for you every night.
Get in the other side.
I want to drive.
We're hardly going to make love
in the car, are we?
Suppose you get started
while I'm driving, huh?
Suppose you do the same to me?
But my head won't fit
under the steering wheel.
I'll make it fit.
Tonight, I'm going to take you
somewhere you never expected.
Somewhere you've never been before.
Whoa! The world has never known
a whore like you!
There, all done.
It's me who stuck you together.
So be it.
Love can be yours.
What the fck are you doing?
Couldn't you forget her?
I guess not.
- Did you love her very much?
- Yes. Very much.
Even more than me?
It's not the same thing.
Did you love her all over again?
Like in the old days?
When I lost her
I told myself...
...if I ever loved anyone... much again...'d marry her.
You promised yourself.
Did she tell you that?
No matter how much you told me,
it was her who showed me... much you love me.
That's why I couldn't leave.
Zeynep, love him, OK?
You too, Ferhat. I like Zeynep a lot.
Don't hurt her again.
Love our daughter too.
Take good care of my Masal.
I hope you have
a fairy-tale life together.
Come here.
I love you.
I love you over again.
I know.
But there are
two women in your life now.
You need to deserve us both.
I know.
What should we do?
- Let's go to the fairground.
- OK.